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"brian jamerson" Discussed on The Babylon Bee

"Can buy there or you can head to Barnes and noble and you can buy there or you can purchase the audio book. I haven't recorded yet but it'll sound something reckless this okay so good previously was about yeah. It's called blackout. How all black America can make its second escape from Democrat plantation? Oh Man Spicy is very spicy of its flexible cool very awesome so it's already on preorder ams okay cool. We will also include a link in our show notes for anybody wants to check that out and candice who wanted to thank you for sitting in Los Angeles traffic for like yeah. We know you have like an hour life and schedule so we appreciate it so much. Thank you guys for having me right here. Folks the exclusive interview Candido in and we just like to remind you that we disavow everything that everything's disavow all right. What do you think that kyle the Candice Owens interview? That was our big interview yet. I think are most well known person. I was a little nervous about it because she is she is so many leagues above us and the weird it's just weird when somebody walks off the Internet into a little room with you and they're real now yeah and also like she started off with very serious looking face and I wasn't sure if she's going to laugh that was the scariest part because we had a plan to start with those funny stuff yeah and we weren't sure if he's an lap like she was like stone faced and she started laughing. She started laughing very hard. I was good so it was good acting on her part tack. We were funny. Bake laughing fake laughing. Yes great now is awesome really enjoyed it all right. We're GONNA do some hate male but not really hate mail order. I love love man. We're going to do well. We may have a couple couple hates in here but we're gonNA read podcast reviews from itunes echoes we love when you guys write reviews and we don't acknowledge you often enough because people that rate and review us on itunes. Yes you very special to us yeah so this is you love you. The most out of everybody. This is going to be an extended pitch for you to review us on Itunes or any of the STIG knowledge. There's some very well written reviews on here. They deserve. Let's probably GONNA be the most recent ones because I don't have time to scroll back through the very beginning apple's so weird. It's like if you're if you're accessing anything apple not on an apple device. It's impossible to find all right so here's this is I like this one five star review view from Brian Jamerson and he says often the Babylon is often fairly funny. Often is the name of the title of the review often and that won't be is often fairly funny. He's not very enthusiastic but I do appreciate fairly. I'll take fairly funny often fairly funny. I'll take it he means these are stories. Oh Oh no he's talking. This is a five star you often the Babylon be that was the whole review done that I'm just going to pick around one laughed so much amazing control of the structure covering story the topic and reader explaining in our podcast hate mail. This is Keri K. O. Hate mails particularly hilarious satire and sometimes serious. I laughed so much I had to reconsider listening while driving. Thank you carry five Star Review. I checked with snow pts and this isn't even satire. Articles goals great all caps podcast very good the which I probably agree with that the articles are highlight every time I read one hilarious. Keep it up. He's like Hey podcast is great. I love your calls the yelling and then at the end of this when they say these guys know about short circuit and Johnny five and I like that finally we found our person who got our Short Circuit Reference Short Circuit Great Movie we read some bad ones too was a good one a good bad one is careful paluck sixty. One says be careful Q. I don't know whether q at the end of that is that like reference to some conspiracy the humor humor is a little bit forced like it was supposed to be the main thing right thinking Christians. No the main thing is Christ Jesus not trying to be clever. Just over fifty percent of the humerus fine over fifty percent is fine. I don't understand. Is it a one star review. It's a two star so if over fifty percent it's fine shouldn't be three-star. You can't do to an probably he. Maybe he wanted to do two and a half right. Thinking Christians know that the main thing is Christ Jesus agree not trying to be clever just over. We're fifty percent of the humerus fine. He saying half are jokes are evil. I think is what he's saying. This is from This is a person who was mad about the bridget episode. Oh he does swab. Batmobile usually recognizes the potential for satire in the hubris of others this episode declines into the tired critique of older generations Ethan Kyle and bridget to you need some friends slash role models in their parents and grandparents humor satire insider timeless if you look be better be that was the one that we were making an old people I think so yeah I felt bad with that by that one. 'cause we all appreciate people. I'm not making fun of it. I love old people. I like reading criticisms myself yeah. Na does as to how she like. What did we say about people I don't know did we say something about all? I hope people we love. You and I'm sorry this review volunteers like senior centers I will I will be better fantastic. This was really cool. That's a good one five stars. This is like ex cop but the Babylon be that's mecom. It's good earth just do a couple more here. Holly Luhya Land Master after twenty nine eleven said every word is like a delicious bite of a chick-fil-a Sandwich to my eardrums. Here's a good one five stars lives dead with with the guest appearance of Ben Shapiro personally destroying lives in a house fire with the stinky leg and an epic mash up of facts and logic destroying all the libertad sand castles. It's truly beautiful castles efforts snowflakes Adam heard sand castles. It's great how about this one care current ninety six says secret messages await. I played this podcast backwards into my pleasant surprise her the entire gospel of John read enthusiastically by these two white dudes. I look forward to hearing the Bible read in its entirety subscribing now so listen to it backwards I like. How do you say Babylon backwards Ebner Alabama so here's one that says here's one that says you need more editing to stars editing editing editing? Take your forty eight minute podcast and edited down to fifteen minutes. I was these people always fascinate me Liz to a fifteen minute. I look at the top podcasts casts out. There are any of them three hours long in our in our they lack headed down. It's just people his snazzy fifteen minutes soundbite like nobody nobody. There's some nicely edited ones but I think it's mostly like the ones that are shows or audio dramas or whatever those are but yeah if a conversational podcast yeah. This is a conversational podcast if you don't what conversations in fact that's what we tried to warn people at the beginning right. This isn't like the site. This isn't satire articles and we're not going to try to pretend like we're being fake like where parodying being podcasts as I be really hard to pull off or just us and basically we were just lazy decided. We tried it though we we actually did it. It was not funny. We really tried to do like parody news stuff written stuff. That's took a long time to work up and it was not as good as us just talking which maybe just says that we are horrible writers anyway. That's the show all right well. We love you and write a thank you and right at some great amazing. Maybe you'll be featured will read words so we're GONNA go into our subscriber portion now. So if you are a subscriber you get to keep listening if you aren't then you will be thrown into the outer darkness darkness where there is weeping and gnashing of teeth so that cloth and ashes if you're dressed for.

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