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Tim Long

"We're ready to go. Are you in the market for you. WanNa create one sure. Well we'll throw it to you to your obviously GonNa create it. I'm guessing you're going to do it when we say to deal with high analogous and I'm Julia Prescott. And this is Ralph springfields. Hi Hi Sean. Sing your song. 'cause I made a I I wrote a check my ass cash expression. I've never used in any case on earth until now using Using openly with that I made an online debit account. Thank you thank you for the year. Twenty twenty nine twenty twenty ladies. You leave your theme song to me and then as always happens my bluff call drooled old emphasis alive show. We cannot go back we cannot so back to podcast magic all right. Let's just jump into it. You've already heard his voice and you've heard hurt his name but I'm going to introduce him. He is the writer of Twenty nine episode of the Simpsons. Please give it up for Tim. Long give what in the in the phrase give up what are they. What is the it like? Give give up your ability to not clap. Okay you're gonNA give that away. Refrain from opping. Everyone listening into this in traffic to start clapping. All right. Hi everybody would treat to be here. Ya Not specified Sunday. This is a live podcast but is also skype with everybody listening. So your Sunday dinner they look delicious. Were so excited to have you as our guest. Thrill this spinoff podcast because you are very accomplished person and we'll get into all the different parts of your career that are non simpsons related. But you're also a delight thank. You couldn't be a big fan of the to. Oh you both as people and as writers not very hard. Because I don't want to be a bigger fan I feel comfortable at my level of adulation. It'd be time consuming. A huge fan of us. People isn't podcast tricks to seize and has as writers and again as people so four different ways. I'm a huge fan. It's enough that's good. I I appreciate it and I'll accept that sure so tim. You have been on the show before we had a great time and this is for any new listeners. We were called. Everything's coming up Simpson's entirely. I don't like to think of it as a as a just a modification of that that podcast died from its ashes was born much more sophisticated endeavor. Still Simpson's related different people. I'm I'm probably composed of completely different molecules. That I was. Yeah today that I came on that podcast. It was fine but we've grown. I appreciate you saying that because I feel that completely. I banish the thought of that person that I was when we gathered in my home seem greater the time she put she had had her issues and I'm glad she's dead. She's sorely lacking in alcoholics. Then now I'm a lot taller. Hey a real thing. I've grown an inch since I said wait. What is that happen when you stop drinking? It happens when you actively work on your posture and and it turns out. It's bad to not stand up straight to very confident when you stand up straight. Yeah it's weird. Can I share something with you. That was a weird kid. Logic thought I had for the longest time I guess so do it anyway. It's my show I thought for the longest time that when women give birth they shrink like their posture. Like in there may be that information. I think I just heard if anything. They looked taller compared to. Maybe I heard somebody. Ah I don't think it was my mom but some woman who had children be like. I lost an inch of height when I had my logic back in the day when women have twelve or thirteen children eventually actually they would disappear himself like homer folding his face into himself. Yeah I just thought that was true and just believed did it and I remember one time just casually saying that to my aunt and she looked at me and I still feel that heat she gave to the of like who the the hell told like. I will never make that mistake again. That's so weird. It's weird but I don't you find that whenever somebody disabuse you of a false notion both grateful at a little sad because it just means a dumb and be that just sort of like one of the sort of comforting truth by which I live my life is now gone so comforted by the fact that women got smaller with the day. I remember the day that I was told. Santa Claus doesn't exist. Dan found out that women don't shrink when they give so both happened today. I'm glad Olga Santa Claus didn't exist thirteen motherfucking the believing in God long. Before I knew I was too old to believe in Santa Claus because I was already saying like sarcastic nasty. Thanks to my mom like when she explains like San well when I got you that trampoline I said Santa got it for me. I honestly think uh-huh held onto it as Ammo for that just relation. It's just like you know if they're not gonNA come forward about their Li- does feel like there's kind of a bittersweet moment for all kids where they don't believe in Santa Claus but they don't want to hurt their parents feelings because parents do God. Well you just happen absolutely Jim thing. Yeah well yeah I mean it's like an alley and I are both children of divorced and like if you WanNa talk about filling pulling your parents emotional void baby we gotta make sure everyone's okay. Okay right yeah and I don't know you don't have kids do not at. My parents stayed together a little. Sometimes I wish that they would split. There's that too I would have been very surprised to learn that you have kids because I can do a friend and they've never come up just like the parent. Yes psychopath seven children. You know I try to keep it separate from my work and it's like friendships and also my personal life. Well it's I ask only because I think that people may be assumed that you have to live the life that you right and I think that for a lot of You know the people were really surprised that fleabag is an autobiographical for instance and that of course has tinges of sexism but right there's also an idea that if you're writing about a family maybe have you have to have kids to understand the perspective of Bart and Lisa which is of course untrue if your child of parents wow my parents at one point. We're well acquainted with each other through their various actions of acquaintance resulted in me and my sister. That's the best explanation I've never heard. It's pretty hot Rod Springfield after dark the way. Yeah but yeah we've all the simpsons the reason it's so successful Apart from the fact that all other television is terrible is that it does happen to certain universal emotions. We've all been in a frustrating family. We've all both loved and hated are siblings parents and It's thought that hard to figure out. I mean the the Hillary and the details is what makes it intermittently hilarious but for the most part I think everyone will get it. Yeah yeah and that like it. The you know all of the jokes in all of the absurdity that you know the show goes to won't work unless it's grounded in some sort of truth. Yes some sort of story blinks relatable. Yeah Yeah I mean by far I mean. Usually the best shows are ones that you can describe in a sentence even if that sentences outlandish you got the simpsons the sentence well. This actually happened one time when Yao Ming was on the show I if we go the content I wanted. Well this is actually sort of contravening the mandate of the show which is talk about things outside of the simpsons but I did a show called Palmer. neds Hail Mary Pass. Were homer taught the famous athletes to perform a celebratory obnoxious. Celebratory dances after scoring. And so we wrote the way like we do with a lot of these episodes we wrote. We've put in parts for a whole bunch of celebrity athletes hoping that we get just a couple of them and we ended up getting all of them. One of them was Lebron James in his first season season and he came in and it was. I think it was the only the second episode of the Simpsons has ever done aired after the Super Bowl and he came in and he said Oh so this is going to be on after the Super Bowl and I said yes and he said you know I love it. I I've watched the simpsons super bowl special every year. It's been on every year after the Super Bowl. I actually look forward to watching the simpsons and I was like the Brockton just lied. He was eighteen at the time in his freshman season. And I thought why are you trying to why doing that and I thought I. I'm on the one hand I thought. What a weird useless is he trying to impress me and then I definitely impressed me? And that's great but yao-ming came in. Then he came in with his English was pretty good. I certainly arguably better than my Mandarin. Yes so I don't I don't WanNa the first his command English but somebody said his one of his handlers came in and said Yeming wants to know what this is about. I said okay. The whole ideas. HOMER has decided to open this business where he teaches athletes. Do Crazy. Obnoxious dances and you want to do this. You want to be one of these guys. Just crazy obnoxious dances after score and so that's what he's GonNa teach you to do. And then he sort of looks at me and he speaks days later and the translator says to me. No what is the simpsons cash. It okay and I was like well. There's this guy he's home. Earning so little poorly and boil boy. He's a creature of impulses I'll tell you and he loves to drink alcohol and food and I'm sort of acting out. Marge sees a little bit of a school but she is crazy moments to then leases the smart one and don't get me started on smart. He's a real skin so there's a family family with a lot of problems but a lot of hard to and then we got through this sweaty description. He just looks at me and goes why they still have no answer to that question. Why whow how often does yeming saying why come into your head? Had when doing anything well right now. We're learning that's amazing. I just wish that you could time travel back to pitch the simpsons and the way that you should I I couldn't I mean I was. I was like looking at me and was looking at me and normally I love that but just how do I describe the essence essence of the world's most popular TV show. I just my favorite part of that was and don't get me started on what's going capacity. I mean don't get me started on Bart that scam. I mean you you. The two of you are very young problem. You're not old enough to remember the initial phase of Bart Fever. People lost their fucking mind over Bart Simpson when I when I was in college. Okay that's how rask Super Yes in prehistoric times when it was so it was so cold as person I've ever met. I turned it on you. Nelson eat help but yeah I saw this show for the first time in college and I just thought Oh my God I hope they let me watch this again. I thought there was any sort of barrier to entry to watching it but I'm just so excited but now I write for that happy. That's yeah that is that's the m night Shyamalan to that. We all live absolutely all my dreams. TV and I'm still sort of down the personal question and feel free not to answer it. Do you talk about the simpsons much in therapy because that seems like something that that's that's a really good question confess that I go to therapy twice a day and Halloween. Your is in the last eighteen years. I don't remember bringing that up. When you said twice a day I was like very fifties New Yorker cartoon? Yeah basically that's that's that is an underrated fell. It is an underrated. Let's talk about that. Now and Bill Murray after a long sabbatical billboard didn't do a movie for like five years because he moved to Paris. Yeah Yeah I WANNA say after quick change right with what about average as quick change was one of his he he went from now. We're going way back to therapy. Okay don't worry don't you know it's funny because I you know when you write on the Simpsons Kim says when you're involved in any endeavour you tend to sort of downplay it you like. Yeah wait for the Simpson. You know people are going nuts for and you just like yeah whatever just like a job but then my therapist who intermittently makes it clear that he doesn't watch the show pisses me off. What are you doing just I cartoon? It's not a cartoon. It's an institution by which we govern our lives. It is yes yes it does come up. I don't I don't really use a so I don't use it as it comes up with anger about your therapist a little bit. Well that's a lot of a lot of it. Yeah and also every once in a while this is going way into another realm but I always I mean I. I like therapist because I love to talk as I hope. It's clear today about myself and I find I really work things out but every once in a while we have a crisis where all say what should I do in this situation like. This isn't about advice. No I think I really need advice here could you just. Let's be friends and tell them what to do. He's like no that's just not part of the mandate please. And then he'll give her some advice and it's so dumb going for a little while badger him into giving me advice and then he's advice is the worst friend could possibly have. Do you think it's bad on purpose. No I think he's just adult then then I love the Guy I really do. I think he's really smart and he's become a fixture in my life but just like it's like finding out that your parents are not Einstein and can't lift a car right exactly. Although you remember the human giants gets about that very thing in the world if I know that say service US where basically it's a furniture like moving but they the the way that the MOMS do. It is their son or alice trapped under suddenly. Get the strength draws the fridge on the baby and then this is part of the at one point they. There's one part of commercial show where they drop a piano on the baby and the mother says I'm sorry but this is my child so they have to quickly courageous effort adoption. She suddenly gets the super drink and she carries it. Yeah it's really kind of darkness. I crave it's really good I love the kind of conversation about what we think is going to make us happy and then realizing we may never be happy in the way that we wanna be happy but wouldn't most people listening right now. Think that if they got to have their dream job whether it's working on the simpsons or running a company. Whatever it is you suddenly? All of your problems would go away and it's really really amazing and one of the reasons we wanted to do. The show is to kind of get to know the riders on a more personal level Because you know we we actually have a chapter in the book where we talk about. Writers our book. One hundred things simpsons fan should know and to before they thank you for the quick plug and it did might've audiobook alerted us of its existence. which that's so weird weird but I accept except that this is the voice actors but we got an email? That said congratulations. The book is now going to be an audio book and Julian is Great. Here's here's our schedules. We'll come no comes out. Celebrity is real pretty. I mean unless you're like Malcolm God willer somebody. It tends tends to be somebody else but also could give a bitch a heads up saying Allie. Well there's You you know I wrote a chapter where I'm talking about. How I personally think that each of the rider should have like a monument like I think that the simpsons writers are so important important and crucial to society that there should be out? There should be statues. There should be a Simpson's Mount Rushmore. There should be something commemorating the because I just think they're gods but of course I also don't disagree but I also just talking about your but I also also a monotheistic system in knowing people whose work you admire you do remind yourself like if I worked really hard. This could be something that I strive for as well. And they're not just people who are born that way necessarily they worked really hard and diligently and they made it such that this is their lives and so The podcast is for people who both have a tremendous interest in in the entertainment world or just are kind of like who are these people. I've I have never even thought about a writer's name of the Simpsons. I just like what homer and marge do my. That was certainly me for a lot of my viewing experience love. I never once thought about that. There were writers. I just thought Marge. So great and homer so funny and I wish I could hang out with them. It's interesting to me. I think it I hate to harp on our age difference however I have to assume that. How old were the two of you when you first gain cautious of the simpsons slash became fans since birth was on your being silly but it was 'cause my dad's not four probably well? I was born in eighty eight. So is kind of like back around. I mean I'm as oldest Simpson's pretty much so probably around like five to okay so really when so you kind kind of caught it. When he was still and did your parents let you watch it? Yeah and in fact That was the last like bits of my parents. recollection of my parents being married before they got divorced of my dad making basically like vhs mix tapes of the first couple of seasons and episodes. And then I and this is gonNA sound really sad but it's actually quite nice when my parents got divorced and my dad moved out. I would watch that Simpson's VHS tapes over and over as has in a way a way to connect with my dad sweet and you and you just remember watching it from as early as you can. Yeah well my sisters are both like eight and ten years older than I am and then and my dad is young and my mom also of the simpsons so it was the simpsons Seinfeld and snl work constantly on and you'll never there was never sense of there are certain episodes. We can't let me watch. Oh my God no I so. The rule that my dad had was that I could watch anything in terms of maturity unless it was like graphically sexual Or incredibly violent. But however I remember watching like curiouser films as a kid. The rule was as long as it's written. Well I could watch it and so good because content Shouli like if something is well done. It's most likely not going about You you know edgy topics in the wrong way. And so it's kind of like well. They're going to have a good point or this is something that I could rationally discuss with my kid. And so you know I was watching a lot of adult stuff as a child but I feel like I got it went over my head. Yeah Yeah I feel the same way and like my dad really made a point on. My Dad was a stand up comedian in the eighties comic and I always say my joke is that I'm a second generation. Hollywood dream chaser my parents and then they pivoted and I'm here and don't worry I've talked about it in therapy. My Dad you know really made a point to educate my sister and I and not in a way where it felt like education Asian but he was introducing us to like the best of You Know Eddie Murphy on. SNL On like a Betamax tape brooks movies. Defending your life is one of my favorite movies of all time. He's sexy so sexy. We would watch don knotts movies and I was like a also very sexy I'm serious Albert Brooks. I'm I'm sure you've seen that. Yeah well done not the love. God You know tank. Yeah Yeah yes so Kirch. Those pastel those little kerchief. Anyway I so Similar to the way it was sort of like the maturity level being a little bit more sophisticated and I still to this day. I'm like I was an old soul back the highest honor. You could give me. I have to say like I grew up in a small town in Canada and a lot of people were very religious and they and they really made an obsessive point of governing. The he stuff that their kids could watch and read and look at and even people. I knew who weren't really just. Their parents were really strict about it and would want like check anything out before they read it or looked at it and I just I feel like I i. You know there's no. I don't think there's any real rule for how to raise your kids. But I think people who like restrict their what their kids can watch kinda suck. Yeah and I think it's sort of backfires my parents. There's for whatever reasons I just didn't care and I remember one time my friend and I were both. We were precocious kids with no other friends. And so so we decided we were going to read the world. According to Garp the book by John and we were so young. I think John Irving was on the cover of time or something. We're GONNA read this book. Yeah and so we both started reading it and it's got got some dirty stuff in it. And then his parents at some point said hold on we got to check out this book. I read it and said No. You're not reading it. My parents just didn't care. So so that felt like a controlled experiment and he's still he that kids doing fine but let's face. He's not doing his all night. Now what does make people to stay up is net worth mine is negative at this point just like you know television credits. Yeah a chat American citizenship Hey again things Let's take this opportunity during our break to Google that kid and we'll be right back. I listened to Bullseye because Jesse always has really really good questions. What did John Malkovich where he was twenty two? I don't know how to describe it. There's always that moment where Jesse asks the question that the the person who's interviewing has not thought of before I don't think anyone's ever said that to me or knowledge that to me that is so real voles interviews interviews with creators you love and creators need to know from maximum fun dot org NPR. Aw Judge John Hodgman ruled in my favor. Judge John Hodgman ruled in my favor. Judge John Hodgman ruled in my favorite on Judge John Hodgman. You're hearing the voices of real live against real people who have submitted disputes to my Internet court at the judge. John Hodgman podcast. I hear their cases I ask them questions the good ones and then I tell them who's right and who's wrong. Thanks to judge John Hodgman's ruling. My Dad has been forced to retire one of the worst day jokes of all time instead instead of cutting his own hair with flo be my husband has his haircut professionally. I have to join a community theater group and my wife is stopped bringing home wild animals. What's it's the judge John Hodgman? PODCAST find it every Wednesday at maximum dot org or wherever you download podcasts. Thanks thanks judge. John Hodgman I've a story worry about the first time I got free lunch at the Letterman. Show Oh yes. Let's dive into that okay so That was the first amazing thing to me. I actually we wouldn't. We'd have to I started at the Letterman show many any many years ago and We'd have to buy our lunch but if we stayed lay which we almost always did they'd send menus around and they'd say just order. Whatever you want than an hour later show up and I? I couldn't believe it. I just couldn't believe his delicious free Grub so much so that like once a week we wouldn't stay late and I would find myself lost like what can I half the money so I I called my dad and I said you're not gonNA believe this but this is giving us free dinner and he's like no they're not like what do you mean it's like you're going to. They're going to send you a invoice. I've run a business. There's no way you can run a business buying everybody free dinner so just set some money aside and I sent some money so I feel like three or four months until I realized it's not coming. I mean it's still could come twenty five years worth of free dinners but what. I'm starting to doubt it. That's incredible always. I never take it for granted so tim talk to us. And I know that you've explained this to us before but for new listeners. To the new show talk us through kind of how you got your start as. At writer and kind of how. I even found your interest in that field. Oh okay so. I grew up in small town. Canada I was just talking about how my town didn't have an elevator. They had grain elevators. This little town that doesn't Count Exeter Antero. Well not the grain would disagree toys. This isn't a podcast for Dan. That maybe the third incarnation nations. So I was always super into comedy super humor. I loved the original. SNL I loved Letterman in the eighties. I and I was just super in mad magazine super deep into all. I Love Zani magazine. Thanks the various publications so I was super into it and ah I started a humor newspaper in high school which I ran for a couple of years and so and then I went to college. I wrote a humor column in College and then I look college to go to the University of Toronto initially and then I moved to New York and I went to graduate school at Columbia because like this weird thing that I was going to be a professor of something thing because when when I was saying that you're the oldest person I've ever met I was kinda thinking like this can't possibly be the oldest. What was person I fifty larger than you? Are you supporting Elizabeth Warren. I've dated people all right. Just just weird terraced. I'm GonNa let it happen the because when you're fifty. I remember when my parents were thirty three and I thought well life has passed them by. You know that sound. It seems so old. Take a kid especially and then you find out that like like Jay. Sherman is thirty four. And you're just like what the at the at one point was thirty six. I think I think he's forty. Now forty-seven crazy. Yeah Yeah I mean even today if you talk to children which sometimes I do I volunteer sometimes sleepy camp. And when my can't you when my age age somehow gets out it's scandalising the whole cabin of ten year olds because again like I remember that experience of being that age and maybe watching watching the real world and hearing about like Oh this one person on real world twenty two. Wow what an adult and now I hear that and go they got married at twenty to rock the fuck they're covered invader in fetal like they're a baby but I don't think I finished my thought that I was going to say that. You seem very preface surreal to me. Everyone thinks that's what I was aiming for but it just seemed incredibly depressing and a lot aware who aside and do something and I and I was just drawn to just easier pursuits and so I ended up interning at the old spy magazine which is really funny magazine from the nineties and then the great thing about the the magazine was was on its last legs but a lot of people who ended up working other places were there. I don't know if you know the guy named Louis through Who runs who does? He's really funny documentaries in England but he was there at the time this guy named Chris. Kelly visible four Chris Kelly's but one of the Chris- Kelly's was there and he you want to work for Bill Maher at the old plucking correct show. It was on comedy central and he recommended me there. I went there for spell and I was a baby but I stayed there for a while and then I went to Letterman for few years. And then I went to the simpsons and I've been associated with the simpsons one way or another for well-nigh twenty years and now I'm a consulting producer now which means I only go in three days a week wayside from the slightly lighter workload I guess what. What is the difference from while you started as a staff writer? I'm assuming or start a story editor. Oh I started as an executive story editor all these titles reminds me. I people take it so seriously But it reminded me of a time that I was on the phone with my nephew who was like four years old at the time and I didn't know what the hell to talk to him about. And so I was like so You're in kindergarten now and he goes senior kindergarten man uh-huh because apparently the fault your junior kindergarten in the spring. You never heard that were kindergarten. I I love that whole thing about like I started off as C. story oriented but now I'm executives and of course that titled here. My mother was like so. You're in charge of the story. And you edit it now. What a stupid Sousse assumption? Executive story editor doesn't mean executive at the story. Mom I'll never recover from senior Kim upbraided by like a four year old boy. I love trying to make conversation with you trying real hard and he just said to me. I understand your story executive story. No also go into this a ton I read the terms for story editor is different. Even from even though it's still animation but like editor in like kids animation is a bigger title. And at least and all this and then you have a million different flavors of producer of super producer and television producer can be a a writer person who sort of runs post-production if buyers in movies it tends to be like somebody wrote a big check yeah yeah and I think also also in TV to a degree. I don't know there's some catch all kind of like consultant. t like truly they just like we're a part of the process at some point but they can be assigned producer in some way. Just gets topsy. Turvy I never paid attention to. I mean I was at a TV obsessive. Growing up almost never paid attention to credits. Yeah tune them out and to this day I don't give a shit then. The movie ends. I'm out bitch the crawling over people. Yeah so to sort of piggyback on Alex saying like you got to the simpsons And but then you know because this shadow is called round springfield right so you worked on the simpsons as a staff writer executive story editor. Sorry writer I actually. I mean I know the Sellman has the story about how. When he was a staff writer his parents thought he was the only one writing the show because he was the only person with that title? Right right down to something. Yeah but then how long into like working on the simpsons did you start to hate. Everybody hate everybody and want out and pitch other things work starts around on ten. AM So I'd say about fifteen. I became alienated by the process. Yeah which is really just another flavor of hating yourself absolutely yes. That's a good thing to get on the table. Who hates the simpsons hates thyself? You read that book does feel like in the Old Testament proverb. So you know I. That's one of my favorite lines on. The show is that he was sick of weird. AL's is sick of life. Yes yes yes but okay so you know. I think that there was always a culture. The Simpsons the people doing other things. I didn't really do any developed. I mean I I think I immediately started to like. Do you know occasional punch up and stuff because is there was a time when simpsons writers were so in demand to come in on a Saturday and just expanding afternoon eating sandwiches and putting up a movie with some Jerky never right before. I think I still. I always had for a long time. I had a little sideline writing magazine pieces since I've worked in magazines so I have a few pieces of the New Yorker and I should've asked you to write something for mad when I was there. I think sometimes gusted honored and delighted. Well died of mad magazine. I think you're overreacting overestimating the powers of pros is your second book powers of my pros. uh-huh and you're flexing on the on the cover. Yeah exactly it's my sort of a Valentine special. Saw the Michael Valentine's thing right. Yeah people investing where he sings the when the Punks break-in when your phone comes in and says this is squaring the square. Watch is this. And then he sings old time rock and roll they cut to the rehearsal with Michael Sheen as sort of above fosse type For he's probably my favorite five minutes of anything anything. Yeah I will go home and Rewatch it really five. Bolton's I mean. I love a figure in pop culture who can laugh at themselves to be really flexible. I will never be that person because I deserve to be treated to Feign for that. Michael Blinn you can do it. Yeah Yeah I would love to know more about the the projects you have done. That aren't the simpsons would like to talk about all right once you're embarrassed to talk about. I mean there. They're plenty in both buckets. I think mostly in terms of like TV and movies and stuff. I didn't really develop anything until I was at Simpson's for a mere nine or ten years. It's absurd it's absurd to talk with these people feel lucky as TV writers to work at a place for a year or two. Oh my God for six months for six six months and it's like oh my season. Yeah but yeah I was pretty satisfied with the simpsons for a long time and still am but then at some point yeah probably like nine thirteen years and then became a consulting producer only coming in three days a week. You know. It's still writing an episode every year. At least so I started to like developing shows that I did pretty well with that. I sold a show due to show time that I barely remember. Oh and then. I had a project with the delightful Molly Shannon. She's the she's the best and we remain the best friends that's it was so cool as for. HBO About a woman who had been another life and left the convent in our forties negotiate the world and it was just so sweet and great and of course they crushed. I started dreams that didn't produce it and then I had a pilot with Michael Chiklis at some point. It was not the commission was. It's not the shield. It was great. It was a an adaptation of a British show called Kuku which this is a mind blower at one point very secretly Andy Sandberg went into England and did a show called Kuku about a crazy American hippie? Who Comes to Britain and Mary's this young woman and invades his family's life? I think he did it just just over a summary those shows they're like six episodes. Come out so he did that and then I wrote the adaptation or I helped write the station. which was Michael? We'll check. Listen Cheryl hines or the parents. And the the crazy hippie was plagued by this guy named flew aboard trina flood. He's being the team. Coco world right now Elliott. Because he just shows up and does well He. He was part of the tour that they just did right. If you this is very specific people listening. But there's a venue called dynasty typewriter. During the week they have team Coco percents up and up at the scene of show that Moses storm hosts and he's very funny he's very very and he was great in the pilot. It was terrific and a tested perfectly and of course they didn't put it on the air right. But I did get to know these British producers who eventually ended up coming to me and about a movie that I recently produced my own segue self segue. So yes this guy's this guy named Dan Hind who's a producer of TV and film in Britain. The pilot didn't go and I just assumed that's the last I'll ever hear of him but then I did this storytelling thing in somebody's backyard yard. You know they'd be like we're GONNA do a thing for runaway teens and well we're GONNA have comedy writers come in Telefoni Story from your childhood Done stand up for eleven years. You're one of those things really two months before I was like sure I'll do that. And then this and then it happened and they're like You still good for Sunday. I was like Oh fuck that. That's actually still they'll go. Time has moved forward and you're confirming now and that was like what is the theme and they said it's about immigrants and I started thinking about it I was like okay and and I realized yes. I'm an immigrant. That's boring and so I told the story about this rather interesting French exchange student. I had when I was a kid when I was in high school as I said I grew up in a very small town. And of course I was like a snotty would be self-described intellectual surrounded by people hated me. I was so obnoxious loveliest town the world and I would just like. Nobody's read canoe so like I was not drowning in inattention female or otherwise so I thought of course the problem was everybody else and so at some point. I heard about this France Canada in Canada Exchange Exchange Program. And I thought well if I can't make a friend I'm going to import one and so I've never S- weird science of you might as well pay a playboy always centerfold at a picture of Einsteinian press which is always my favorite part of weird size. You Happen Kelly Le Brock. I'm the eighties to for so many. The reasons urged. Yeah and so I applied for this program and I got in and I thought well this kid's going to be exactly like me. He's going to be like super bookish and we're going to be fast friends. They're going. I speak French. Everyone's GonNa Wanna be your friend that we won't be their friends and so instead. I got a very colorful gentleman. who was very outgoing and fucked everybody not to to fight a point on it but he was just different than I expected he was a real kind of like? I don't throw around the term party animal. He was just like he was soaked in Cologne and he just wore all this he I remember that he wore the soccer jersey. This that Cox expertise and I was like what sportifs Q. and and he's quickly became the most popular kid in town both generally and with the ladies and I The stuck in many cars with him and girls who otherwise wouldn't talk to me and still weren't talking to because their faces were on my exchange burner and so I wanted burder him but then we eventually became good friends and so I told the story and and I I wrote it down and then just producer guy was would you like to try to develop as screenplay and I was like. Oh that's fun and I said I need to change the Myo names like absolutely not. We need character Tim Long. I'm like okay I wrote screenplays. I play and then much to my amazement. The character based on me is almost exactly like me. With a myriad flaws the frederikshavn student is very the different although he still shares that characteristic of fucking everybody and so I wrote the screenplay and shockingly somebody bought it and then we developed it and and I wrote a million drafts and of course at some point you stop thinking well this will ever get produced. They just you just not do the notes you send them home and of course when working with somebody in England like you finish your draft at night and then you cut notes in the morning never stops and then at some point they said okay. Let's shoot this and so I was like yeah right and so we attached as director. This game Dan Mazer was part of the Borat crew. Oh cool he's a he's a really smart guy and then we cast This this guy named Avin Hoagie. Ah I don't know if I'm pronouncing his last name. He was dauntingly. Good Looking Kid. Who's on the victorious? Oh Oh yes Disney or nickelodeon was one of those And he's also a show called now apocalypse which was on something on star anyway and he's also in the News Avi Movie. Oh cool does have he plays than double tap great one and then we cast as the Tim long character. This guy named Ed Oxygen Bowls. Who's Great Australian actor? And then we went shopping and I was just like normally screaming and I so I went to this inside Ed Breeze at seven weeks off and they were like sure which is great 'cause they're they're generally very good especially if it's your own thing about giving you the time off of course you know they'll pay you for the time frame but their father and normally screenwriters don't spend their time are on this at the whole time but I thought the director asked me you just come there for the whole shoot and I thought when is ever going to happen again absolutely going to stand there l.. Pitch Jokes and stuff and it and it turned out to be experience. And it's not. I've seen a cut and spoiler alert. It's not terrible. That's how stressed out where you though when you sign up. I cut like it is on the lake. Mary depressing but the performances are really. We have like great people. This guy named the only person you probably this got him Justin Hartley. Who's on US yes? He's added knowingly. Good looking I know yeah he's got that real. Ken Doll Type. Yeah he's very he's a beautiful man himself and he's a term. He's a great actor too and he plays this sort of guys he plays sort of the villain of the piece. He was great and of course movies. Take forever it just felt like after a lifetime of writing pilots and selling pilots but not producing pilots. It was great to actually get a thing that now exists essentially a feature. I've I've talked to other writers about and that's a round that I'm just now getting my toe into but I've been scared of running features forever because I think it feels like a on another platform because Because I went to film school and majored in Film. Studies feels like something to be studied whereas TV is a little bit more like it used to be back. When I was your age it was the thing that people did? They wrote SPEC screenplays. I don't think people do that as much anymore. Because there aren't as many platforms for the movie theaters. All either Superhero. Movies are tweet little. It's hard renee. Zellweger is Judy Garland. And I can't wait several months ago when I watched it uh-huh yeah nobody's GonNa say that I talking to other screenwriters and they say that Feature writing is just a hobby and you can't in any way anticipated being made and truly as you say like even with pilots. It is so hard you you've sold pilots and everything seemed to be like on the up and you had people attach stew had studios that said yes and still. It didn't happen and I think I have written many years ago I wrote three or four SPEC screenplays and that takes a long long time like they're hundreds and hundreds of pages and you have to revise and everything and nothing ever happened with him and I sorta gave up on that realm of writing so the lesson here is like give give up kids and they come to you speaking of lessons what do you think is something that you learned from the simpsons either through your own experience or someone actually telling you like this is how we do things that you carry with you and your other pursuits You mean my other pursuits says in like sleeping eating your other. They're non Simpson's I think that part of IT I. I think that I've developed a much thicker skin than I had. Sort of cost Unsuited to writing or really any creative endeavor when I started out because I took things really hard even if the even though people would say to you. Listen everything's getting it changed and and you're GonNa get notes saying there there. I mean there's a couple there's a few schools of thought in terms of how to deliver notes and the simpsons. They tended to be just very blunt about it. They just assume there was always sort of an assumption that you know you're good. We know you're good enough to be here. Your draft has a lot of good things about it. But we're not going to waste time on it. We're going to tell you what's bad about it Which is hard? I mean I try to say something. Nice up top like yeah like and then say well. Because they're usually as a lot. I mean people just need to put things in in context like your script is great. This is great and you did so many things. Well here's what we need to improve but people tend to get impatient with that especially when they've been around for awhile there's You know Mike scully. The wonderful Mexico we sort of have make good natured. Fun of him because when he loves your script he'll go on and on and say whatever when he hates your script he'll say a lot of funny stuff steph. Sort of like call your spouse. You're not coming home. No no no. We're GonNa yet me forever funny stuff. And it's sort of the way he would say to just sort of like like it's hard. Yeah I mean I feel very. I feel ultimately thin-skinned thick-skinned same time because you know it's hard not to divorce yourself from that emotional wellspring of like this is your livelihood and you in order to make good work. You have to put yourself on the page and really like just lay it out bear right but then when you don't get just that little kernel of good job right then you tailspin. I think you have to do I mean and it is. There's an you can sort of become very good at discerning. The difference between it's really good but we just want to address these things and this isn't good. We're just GONNA have to Brian Hunker down. You didn't do a good job like with this movie. I wrote it went through a lot of different incarnations and for various reasons I won't get into. We had to completely rewrite over Christmas. Um and that seemed like an impossible thing to do and so I had a conversation with my producers about December seventh or something and they said listen. You have to completely clearly rewrite this from scratch. We need to at least have something to work from so we need to totally do screenplay in three weeks and I was like you know that's GonNa be terrible and they're like of course just. It's going to be awful. We we understand him. Just do it and I'm like okay. Okay and so I would be staying up late and I was just I was writing. It was fast as I could because I also had a job and then I would send him pages. Wow this is not good. Bitch said it wasn't going to be good and now it's bad very scourging because I'm have no sleep and we all agree date was going to be terrible and now we all know already mad because of your life being diced up this right exactly so it's like you should take what you can get. It all worked out but but good. Yeah it's tough so I would say yeah. The less that I took was. Yeah try not to be the person that I am. which is what I take thing everything everything incredibly personally just you saying of like the mentality at the simpsons being like we know you're good? That's why you're here. I think that is the lesson I forget so much right. You know I I remember being in therapy and like Having like a bit of good career news that I shared with a friend and she said something like Well of of course. Because you're you're very nice and you work hard right. It was a very nice thing for my friend to say but my little lizard brain went. Why not talented? All all right and I told that to my therapist and she goes to you think it was implied. Took you're correct but sometimes I need it but it's hard I. I think you know to not get that validation because it feels so good and yeah that's how we like set up the foundation of why we pursue creative creative careers because in school. We were told. You're brilliant you know in some degree and you don't get that when you're out in the real world yeah and if you do. It's sort of like intermittent morsels and it's the same reason people that'll las vegas. What does it irregular reinforcement right? It's like you go to the craps table and you win. You don't win every seven time but you win the third time then the time the nighttime and it's like you can't predict it so he just keeps putting your money down and it's the same thing with writing you just don't know when you're going to get that more so love this is great Or like wow thank you so much we really love this and the other thing is there's a million things I've learned and is one of the frustrating things is that you have to work work hard but no individual piece of writing is coral the quality of it is never correlated with how hard you worked. So there's lots of things that you sort of dash off off and that people love and there's also things you worked really hard on. Nobody likes it just a there. I guess there's a rough correlation because if you didn't try yeah as always you. There's always that school thing of like leaving the night before because you don't WanNa put yourself on the line or whenever you can't really do that When you're professional writer but you just have to know that that like you'd never know how things are going to succeed any individual thing? It's it's much of it is left up to chance and I had somebody once told me that like when it comes to writing you just have to keep sending soldiers up the hill with the understanding. That many of them will be franked. Yeah that's a great analogy and get advice Yeah it's it's hard. I mean I we were talking about the bachelor and Bachelorette before this a podcast because tense obsessed and and he taught me some less. It's it's no I never seen it. It's great I recommend it but I often think of you know the the morsels. Validation as you say that you get so intermittently as a writer sometimes when I'm in between those places I feel like I'm trapped in the Bachelor Mansion of my mind and you would get more if you watch the show but like when you watch the bachelor. The contestants are trapped in this mansion. Okay don't feel bad for them necessarily early but we're watching them slowly. Go insane because they are not seeing the person that they are supposed to be falling in love with and they are we we catch them in and like those times between seeing them on a date or between the cocktail parties. And that to me. Yeah I feel the most that way when I don't get that validation and I'm like well maybe I'm a bad the writer. Oh well maybe my constant thought is like well. I turned in a draft and then I didn't get an immediate applause break so they must have figured me out and now now they've read my writing and have changed their mind and then they give me one rose and I'm in love with them and they were in love with me and and we are going to have babies. That's yeah yeah no that feeling. Well I think if there's one thing that one benefit to being the oldest person who ever lived I like it was so the French Revolution was but I feel like the longer you right. I mean. I've been in almost every situation now and so I've been in the situation where I've had to wait a long time to get some feedback can wondered whether it meant something. Yeah it usually doesn't or at least it means it usually means nothing related to me. I've had tremendously good feedback. I've had some pretty lousy feedback back. I've had feedback. That was positive but wrong. I've had feedback that was negative. But right like you know all the permutations and so it tends to give you a little more even in Kiel like you like your soul is not on the line with every single thing anymore because you just. You're just tired after a while. You're just like okay for better or worse I'm just gonNA. This is what I do. I'm not GonNa you know nothing unless I literally punched my boss in the face today. I probably won't be fired. Did make him spill or one of your Bassa spilled their coffee the other day the. Oh my God that was so terrified it was really well so you are talking. Yeah and we're sitting there talking about your episode And just shooting the breeze and I turn around. And I bump into somebody and it's James L. Brooks and he's carrying coffee and he. He looks startled didn't he. He looked really we start building. Good deal on the floor and they were both looking at each other and I thought oh I guess I need to go into sales now to go back to right. That's worked out. But then he laughed and said you ov- I said okay. I didn't realize it coffee left his cup. I'm sorry to tell you that. Oh my God but it seemed to work out. And I'm I'm I'm going to slash have depending on time line to wreck your episodes so oh I feel like I still have a job I mean. Think about the timing of that just a moment. I stepped back and bumped into my husker winning boss it just just adds to the story. Julia has never announced Out Loud on a microphone that she's writing episode of the Simpsons so time Julia Julius writing in an episode aired one of air. Yeah it is airing in October twentieth story Julia. I mean that feels like its own other. We've been here. I rode episode for October. Twenty twenty. It is ars thirty one. Xxx I maybe somebody online. I spilled the beans online months ago. Because we you're releasing these in the new year but a listener to this year. PODCAST message to be with the screen cap that they changed the wikipedia page ritual ready for the simpsons of horror episodes. But then they wrote that my name was Juli Prescott so that kind of canceled out the analogy for my career of things being like so great and then like yeah but it is truly a dream come true and yeah we just had the table read which went well it went really well. Yeah Company how good for me but it's good to hear you say felt very positively about it. Now how many table reads of the have you been to. I've been to two or three. Yes three you know the thing that you can come to as many as you want the placement. Yeah if you insist it might seem weird okay. Well then that's good enough for me not not to go figuring out we'll figure it out but yeah I mean you when you go to enough of them you realize that some of them go great and some of them go not so great. I had one. That was like doc. Didn't go well. I've I've had twenty thirty them and so some of them have gone back like gangbusters and in some no gangs were busted. It just happens and one time Jim Brooks came to a table. Read and his guest was senator. Amy Klobuchar Oh my Gosh WHO's weird people show up to cause he's a big you know? He donates to a lot of political causes. I think she was You know she was running for Senate in Minnesota and was like kind of coming to La As they do to scoop around for dough and so she was the guest and this episode just died and it ended up. I won't say what episode it was just fine and and being on television but every time I see her I will watch the democratic debates and she she hasn't been a really prominent candidate. But it'll be like Elizabeth Warren. The urge Biden. What's going to happen with him? And the club so bear it becomes so personal to me. I like I like her a lot. I like almost all the candidates but if she's the president I have a slight bias against her because if she's the president I'm going to be reminded every day for four years of really on the worst thing that could have happened to America right here. Yeah I WANNA go back a little bit too. I loved you talking about your experiences writer in sort of like setting yourself up for the flow of it but you know with fat in getting a thick skin. I think that a lot of people you know think that that translates is to just not like being able to enjoy the process of this industry. Yeah how do you find a way to celebrate things worth celebrating. That's a really good point and I think it applies not just to writing but to life I I think that it is. I mean. There's so many different things that go into making you a writer or a creative person and I feel like just pure intellectual Machine power is one thing but I also think it has a lot to do with character and temperament mhm and you have to. I think you have to be able to absorb disappointments really well. Because I've had I've had so many of these phone calls where somebody says that pilot you wrote we loved loved it and it will not be made or are just the way life. Is You know like if you want to have this. Sort of getting serious and preachy. But I really think that if you WANNA have a meaningful life yeah and you have to have a lot of bad things happen to you have to have contrast addition to things that will make you a better person. Yes you need to around and like. I generally do believe that if you if everything you do succeeds. Then you're not taking enough risks and so you're boring and you're boring. Yeah Yeah and nobody wants it. There's that great line in broadcast news when somebody says what do you do and every single one of your dreams come true and Albert Brooks says. Keep it to yourself. That's what makes it. I think he's got a wife now. Now you know whatever. And that's the moment he got married before you were born but I think the temperament temperament thing is is super right on. I think that you know that goes into you. Know prepping yourself to get that thick skin to work in Any kind of career or creative or non but usually with creative careers. You're taking risks. You're putting yourself in line. You're being vulnerable. Yeah and just sort of like except that a rejection of a project objective and idea that you have is not as personal as your mind wants sometimes. Both the victories and the defeats are very arbitrary. Yes and also and go with that that. I think that you know you're talking about when things go well. I think you have to take a moment to enjoy it like I have this thing that like something good happens to me I pour myself a nice Genitalia Glenn Skin and I cut up. Your baby absolutely are flying a plane because you just have to be like yeah. I don't know how it happened happened. It was always some combination of talent hard work and circle and luck luck but you just have to sort of like. Oh well that was that was. I had a stinging defeat yesterday. Okay and I had a stinging victory today. Yeah Yeah and I think that there's also a place for if you have the stinging defeat to still. Take that GIN and tonic moment. Comment right terroir alcohol. Whether it's a defeat or victory or anything else from that big jug of Hendrix henricks. I'm so glad you brought it up. I was GONNA say that intervention I was Gonna say that my Go-to for bad days and good days is Karaoke I feel like what's your song. Oh I'm so glad you asked get out of my dreams. Get into my car by Billy Ocean. Get into my car. Isn't there a spoken. Can word part in the middle O- Dream Lover. Oh my God. I wouldn't do that tally. Thank you that's amazing. What's yours accomplished musician? I it's I think because I sing outside of fun. I don't like Karaoke but when I do it I like to do something on the funnier side. It's not like look at her. She could sing. And it's like I always do little girls by Blanco. Oh I don't know that Song I love little girls. They make me feel so good. You know I long for yesteryear I do. Yeah yeah I ain't going go is cancelled. You heard it here. First Elson is thinking about how pop up unexpectedly in the Rodney dangerfield movie back to just one of the best ways. And I'll tell you this so funny. That's another movie. My Dad was like here. You go kid going to see that movie when he said you don't know shit about Kurt Vonnegut and he's talking to von against the funniest thing yeah. There is a really great era for like Celebrities of that ilk appearing as themselves in films it was like that and bill and Ted and yeah all the Oregon don't bill necessarily because Lincoln wasn't playing himself but I guess that sort of wacky guest star. Yeah sort of the trench. Tim is because at the show. I'm curious about Either professionally or personally something. You're excited about that. You're looking forward to. Oh Oh I'm looking forward to a NAPA later this afternoon I wake up at eleven. Am to come to this. podcast going. Oh you know there's always great things. There's amazing episode of the Simpson's covering up normally say that. But there's a couple of episodes that I just watch as an amazing episode with Michael Rapaport playing this. Ah homers protege at work it's SORTA who is at the table ready for any sort of. It's sort of like the mirror image of Frank. Grimes where is this guy at work. unaccountably we just loves homer man. I think I have one joke in it and I just watched it and I wasn't even there we did the screening but I just watched it and it was the funniest fucking thing in the world. I really look forward to. I feel like every once in a while my enthusiasm for the simpsons renewed and they've gone to work another project during this rain. Just excited to you. You don't move into the next thirty years of the simpsons. I know that sounds like a press release but it's true off the Disney version version of it. Yeah I honestly think that Disney it opens up a whole other realm of being snarky about the overlords for it for so long so now it's like this whole other wellspring all relationships curdle intern hair. Oh Yeah I'm sure it just give it a good six months so we used to close by asking what simpsons character actor you but now that Disney everything what Disney princess her you. Oh Gosh I've definitely the Little Mermaid at that moment where she becomes human woman. Yeah and you just see her feet and then she's on the beach and then you realize that the funny crab is looking at her naked. Yes that's been the craft stereo unmentionable. Thank you so much for coming on the show. I really enjoyed it. And is there anything coming coming up. Specifically you'd like to plug or any social media movie coming out It will probably come out next spring called exchange hell yet either come to a streaming service nervous or theater near you probably both and any social media or anything you need to plug. I think I'm all social media twitter person for a while. And then he got taking the checks stop coming the blue checks. Yes mentioned much for asking when you finally at Julia Prescott on all the things alley. Where can people find you? Thank you so much for asking. You can find me at allegations and all the things and you could find us at Simpson's pod Tennessee Mallett. Everything's coming up Simpson's at Chino Dot com for doing a seriously. I'm Mr Tim Long on twitter message. Instagram but I but I love parasites devour other people's people. Even if you don't tweet anymore people can go back and retroactively like you're some gems rant. Springfield is production of maximum. 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