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"brian catton cesaro" Discussed on Stacking The Box, an NFL Podcast

Stacking The Box, an NFL Podcast

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"brian catton cesaro" Discussed on Stacking The Box, an NFL Podcast

"I active football player. So i play with several guys. Were never comfortable enough to go public. They were great teammates. An obviously very talented. So you know you're in locker room you probably get a sense and you're not trying to pry someone's life but like you see it right and like and i know that you probably don't feel comfortable to do this so i thought that was a pretty common by warren. Yeah i mean even if you look like just the typically there's gotta be other guys in the locker room and it's got to be tough if you put yourself in those shoes like you see how a lot of guys react. I would never want to be around gay guy. I can't be locker room and it's like he don't like you another guy but he don't even like you so stop acting light. That's the reason just because you you don't feel safe are you. Don't feel comfortable that's on you. That's a personal thing. He's not bothering anybody. If he whatever his sexual preferences right that's a look in the mirror moment. Yeah i think. I think it's great. I looked warrant warren said. I think that's awesome guys. 'cause you get out of the league and you re you learn about these guys are like oh he was gay may wore knew that dernley in league like he was or maybe it was but it's great to have somebody come out especially might be tough to sound like a good lag apply at playing really well because it's easier for While he's playing well right. It's got big money. He's going nowhere so And and given back the way is a huge courage so appreciate you chiming in on it. What let's go back to the field where we get outta here. Why are the dolphins in the playoffs. This year i know. It's june the twenty second but You guys Big dreams going on down in their miami dreams. Always you know super bowl and win it but one game at a time. Kind of what we've got engrained goes flora as like you take one game at a time. You don't have to worry about the back end of the season. You know you just one at a time. So that's our goal when when week one and then. Just let let those dominos fall from there. Always great to see you mac. Thank you so much mark appreciate you. Let's let's connect again down the line here and Best luck the rest of the off season and have a great great season. Absolutely i talked to you soon. Thank you to mac holland's as we continue stacking the box. This is a fun opportunity. We've got our guys from on the thin side. Paul pick in junior. Brian catton cesaro. Cat and paul are with us here as we look at the upstart dolphins. Y'all in Any to a panic over there. And you guys you guys by the way. Thanks for joining us. I've seen there shaking their heads. I think these paul shaking his head. No no no not not panic. Not based on anything. That's happened recently. that's for sure. I'm very very much of the belief that if if it weren't for two things last year than the narrative on onto a would be completely different number one if if it weren't for justin herbert going one spot later and setting the league record and touchdowns for quarterback and number two. If to a weren't pulled in two games against the raiders and the broncos i think he would be regarded as having a positive rookie year but those things have thrown that narrative often..

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