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"brian castagna" Discussed on SI Boxing with Chris Mannix

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"brian castagna" Discussed on SI Boxing with Chris Mannix

"Corona extra beer imported by crown import Chicago, Illinois. Time now for this week's picks brought to you by FanDuel tough week last week. Like most people, I pick Canelo Álvarez to win by decision, didn't go my way, Dimitri beeville really surprised me as you heard me talk about early in the podcast, but I'm gonna bounce back this week and I'm gonna do it picking an upset. The big fight this weekend, 154 pound title unification fight undisputed for all the belts, jamel Charlotte, Brian castagna. Now castagno is a slight underdog right now at plus one 78. I like castano to win. A lot of people are saying that Charlotte is going to be the one that adapts from the first fight between these two guys. I don't think so. I've seen castano fight some really good fighters and fight them in an effective way, whether it's Patrick techera, eris Lenny Lara, Michael soro, he's done well, and he was excellent at getting on the inside against Charlotte in their first fight. So I think he does it again. I think the fact that despite his in California and not Texas will benefit Brian castano and I think he squeezes out a close decision, which answers the next question of how this fight ends, castagna by decision plus 300 per FanDuel, I think that is the best bet to make this weekend. So, tough week last week, Canelo, I was going to say, let me down, but no, he didn't. He didn't really let me down. It was a great fight. Eddie dared to be great in that bone. But I didn't get the Canelo pick right. I'm getting this one right. Brian castano, by decision, upset over jamel Charlotte. That's my picks, brought to you by FanDuel. That's it for this week's episode. My thanks to Keith idec and geron and his for.

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