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Fresh update on "brian cashman" discussed on Joe & Evan

Joe & Evan

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Fresh update on "brian cashman" discussed on Joe & Evan

"It's almost all just Does it matter anymore? For him? And as much as met fans may look at winning with the Mets is something magical Theywant in 1986. Not exactly the droughts that the Cubs and the Red Sox have had. But, yeah, I mean, you you would think that they will be in play for everybody, including top general managers like Theo website or even the guy in the Bronx, Brian Cashman. Then I'm not even sure what his contract status is, and I don't ever see him leaving. Mario and New Rochelle. What's up, Mario? I do, and I can't. I can't drink the Kool Aid here with the somebody's gonna buy them. That's the reason being is this No ticket sales. You don't know what the revenue is going to be for this team. You don't know whether it's a good business decision, so no, there's no fair is going to the to the stadium usually generated. But don't you think an owner is looking ahead and not just 2020? They're looking at 2021 2022 there's a hope that there will be people back in the stands. Evans. The business stands right now. Evaluation. The business based on ticket sales is not the same as it was a year ago it two years ago. You can't value the business the same way without no, I get that. But what do you say that? That guy these guys aren't going to buy the team. They're obviously bidding on the team. So what do you even suggesting with that? They won't get the number they're looking for. Is that really what you're coming down with? Is that your point? Well, my point is, if you're going to buy it, it shouldn't be bought for the price that was being Found it. But it's like when you're selling your house. Okay. I sold an apartment once the apartment I lived with in Queens in Long Island City. And I remember when I put it up. I had an idea of what I wanted to get. This is what I'm looking for. I didn't get what I wanted. You know what? I got the highest bid. That that's ultimately what I did. And at that moment I was going to sell it because I was buying a house and the only way I was going to pull it off, is working on both of the exact same time. So if they have to sell, if you believe they have to sell, and your point is well, they're not worth $2.8 billion. He'll be worth whatever the highest bidder is willing to pay. And if that ends up being $2.8 billion that's what they're worth, because seven different owners your group's bid on it, and that was the highest number. Jimmy out in L A. What's up, Jimmy? Die, Evan. Thank you. Ah, couple points regarding Cohen and as it relates toward the Johnson, Um, about Cohen, first of all conditionally acquainted with him because we're both from great neck. And we both packed about 50 years ago. We went to summer camp and school together. Not that I was friends like that. You know, I do hand on his brother, so I hope he does by the team. And he's a fan. You know, I really think you know you look at a guy like Robert Kraft. He was a Patriot season ticket holder. What working look at the organization which of the franchise And you know my point and he was thin and he cares about it. He has a he understands. Stole a za Mets fan. You know, That's the thing about Woody. You know being that he's 20 years into his stewardship is the owner of the Jets. Woody what the team for 606 150 million. He's made his money back Atmore. But the thing that Woody and his and his brother could say that they care about winning. They really don't It was a business investment for them for the Jets. They really didn't care what the thing about what he is that they just Average enough tow win, you know, and ah and and make money. They've never really cared about really going that saying they didn't care, but you know, really having the white people in place to run the football part of the organization. And that's critical. In my opinion when you're running a team. Is that You can have the business people, but the critical part of an organization is is, you know, because it's the product you put out on the field, Absolutely. Court or the ice, you know, and the rest will sell itself. I think Cohen gets back Would he has never gone that no business. He's put business before the thing, Woody. You got to put the proud you've got to put the money into the product and you got to make the right decisions as to who's going to run the football Now, Jimmy you you hit on it, and it does relate to what Naff said earlier about going after a guy like through Epstein. You gotta hire the right people. Of course, that's what it comes down to. It starts there. We as met fans or those that are met fans myself included or dreaming of the big spending, and the big spending helps. It doesn't guarantee anything, but it helps. And it would be a far cry from what we've seen. Over the last. I wouldn't even say 20 years because the Mets have spent before and I've always said that really since the maid off thing hit, they've spent a lot less and we could go through what they've spent. It's irrelevant now because there's probably gonna be new owners, but it starts with hiring the right people. And when you look at why and how Woody Johnson and now Christopher Johnson have failed as the owners of the New York Jets it starts there. The right people. Think about who's had the power and control. Making player personnel decisions and the coaches that have been hired over the last 15 years. It's been bad and it starts there. And the hope is when you have Ah, smart businessman running your team that they're going to be smart enoughto obviously realised that and hire the right people. That's the hope we'll see if he could pull it off when you go to Burton Tampa Hebert Going on and what's up, baby? How are you? I'm good Alias and a couple points. First of all course. You know you want to go with Steve Cohen, like you're saying you've got the money and he's a fan. So you can't beat that. So whoever has the money You don't want Alex. Can you imagine who he's going to college inequalities? Friends from BALCO? First of all, First of all, I got to be fair. A rod was not linked to BALCO. That was Alex and J. Lo constantly. And we Owner in the NFL. All right. Is it the best? I wouldn't say that? One thing Jerry is he's the center of the universe. And there were times where you like it, but a lot of times. It's probably very obnoxious of your cowboy friend. And if the Mets are about to win the division, I'm not even going to say the world serious because God knows that may never happen. But if they're about to win a division, something I've seen You got to admit it would be a little infuriating every five seconds. The camera starts flipping up on a Rod and J Lo would become now I get winning matters the most. If they're winning. The division were mostly happy. But that won't be the case. I assume With a Cohen ownership with Harris Blitzer ownership With Really most of these groups. They will be the center of the universe. I assume that was Steve. Though you never know what Steve called. Maybe you will be, but with a Rod and J Lo we know for sure..

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Fresh update on "brian cashman" discussed on Boomer & Gio

Boomer & Gio

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Fresh update on "brian cashman" discussed on Boomer & Gio

"You don't see people for a long period of time Allah Bryson's e Shambo, and then he comes back and looks jacked. You are surprise. What happened here in these three months? Is Person went crazy? We'll the opposite happened with one of the Yankees when I was watching yesterday and I see this man stroll up to the plate and I say who is that Guy Oh, my God. Luke voight Luke voight lost a ton of weight, and he does not look like the Luke voight, the big beefy drinking whole milk. Cracking open eggs, and just put them into his mouth, actually not even cracking them open with the shell, chewing and swallowing them. It's not the void that we knew is now is now more and now he's still like in shape and looking good. It's not like he's the look sickly. But like the big, super beefy crazy, luke void that we got to know. He decided that I guess he needed to lose some weight. Get a little more spelt in, and that's how he was going to attack this particular season, but it was. It was like really noticeable. Right off the bat. It wasn't like Oh I. Heard that he lost ten pounds. He looks different. Yeah, he! He's probably feels that you know he's got to. To, keep up with the Stanton's and the judges at the world, and he's got to get himself in shape, which is great, I I love that and the other thing too is just again just goes to show you. How deep this Yankee team is and how good this team is really going to be. This team is going to be off the charts. It was one hundred sixty two game season I. Hope they play the sixty game season I mean they are. They are loaded man. There are loaded everywhere back in the Bowl Penn starting pitching hitting DA, Ching fielding. They have players everywhere man got. Multiple players at multiple positions. Yeah I I. Know I mean this roster. It's just unfortunate when you say that. What's the first thing I think about is how? This season was supposed to be their season. You know this was always easy. But you know it's going to be different. It's going to be different I. Mean there's no you win a championship. It'll be a championship in a short and season and a pandemic, and it's just not going to be the same. It's not going to feel the same. You'll still celebrate it. But it's not like one hundred and sixty two game season not that it can't be fun as I've talked about from the beginning, it will be and people will be watching. This team was built for the long haul, and they were massive world series favorites over a long season. They're going to be massive world series favorites in a shorter season, but it just sorta stinks that this team ready to strike at this particular time in history. This is going on for them, but obviously there's bigger issues in the world than that, but I'm sure. That Brian Cashman's thinking about that. You think you'd think about like okay. They still have domingo her mom, who's on suspension right so they kept J.. HAP-. Jordan Montgomery's coming, back Hicks Back Voids lost lost. Some weight looks like he's going to be. Pushing he's trying to become a better player. James Paxton is back. Judge is back stanton this back I. mean the whole team is right now. The team is whole when you look at it and it's ridiculous. It's a ridiculous. And then you have guys who carried this team last year who are now sitting on the bench and may not even get a chance to play and. By the way one of my favorite players baseball is back indoor. Mikhail into I do. It's like it's a very odd obsession of that. You've got with Elliot. I saw something two years ago where every time he got into the batter's box. It was like you know he was. He was locked in man. Maybe. That's where the savage comment came from by By Aaron Boone like my guys are savages, the whole thing. But I I personally think that that guy is a terrific terrific hitter or I don't know about you. Know finding a place for him in the field whether it be left field or third base where he looks a little bit shaky, but you know for me I mean as far as hitting are concerned. That guy gets locked in, and he has just hacking away. You know it's strange. Even watching the Yankees out on the field on TV last night I still feel like there's a chance that this whole thing doesn't happen. I duNno, it's in the back of my mind that it's still I mean. You know which I hate to think that way and I've been more positive about this over the last week or so, but just even looking Anna last night knowing that Dj Lemay Luiz aren't there because they're recovering from covid nineteen. Just thinking about what the players are saying, you know, mookie. Betts said what he said Sean doolittle, there's been a bunch of players and others have been sick the Freddy Freeman Story. It's just it still seems like it's GonNa. Take a lot. To. Get this thing going exactly where it needs to be in the next three weeks. We're talking about now. I like though there are more players that are talking like Seth Lugo Aaron Judge. I'm born to play baseball. We know that there's risks were here play. We WanNA play I still I still hear more than that and and we're starting to see that from the NBA two now the White Howard's going Bradley beal going. I know Victor Depot backed out. There may be other injury aspects to him, not wanting to play other than covid nineteen. But it was also interesting. There was FC Dallas now as out of the MLS is basically been told to go home because of an outbreak of Kobe nineteen, as they get ready to start their bubble down and Disney and their tournament. Have a national women's Soccer League team, the Orlando Pride and Dallas FC a MLS team both sent home due to covid nineteen outbreaks. Yeah, and that's been the most effected League for Sure I. Mean the NASCAR see a positive test PG, a couple of positive tests. Guys dropping out here or there, but that's been the most. Could you see that happening in baseball gee? Could you see a team? COME DOWN WITH A. Big outbreak, and then all of a sudden..

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