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"brian bromberg brian bromberg" Discussed on Pantheon

"Ooh, that's a song snippet from Brian Bromberg Brian Bromberg, please hendrix album. Of course Hendrix fans will know the song. This is Patrick. Prince. Editor of Goldmine magazine, and this is the goal mine podcast. Proud part of the Pantheon Group of podcasts. And today is well, it's a sombre day as as this is the anniversary of the fiftieth anniversary. Jimi Hendrix passing my personal love for Hendrix goes deep by we're going to talk to a man whose love for Hendrix goes deeper and his jazz basis Brian. Bromberg ten years ago. Brian. Put out an album called Bromberg plays Hendrix the one you just heard a snippet song of. Attribute. It's attributed to the legendary guitars performing covers of his music, the instrumentals that have a prog rock or even hard rock type flavor to them and Bromberg does a fantastic job he. He did a fantastic job with this album. It's just him and a drummer but now he's rereleasing it because he remixed and remastered it with the powerful new track ABON ATTRAC- titled Simply Jimmy. Now Bromberg the reason why? While you have to hear it the reason why he does a fantastic job is like I said, it's just him in a drummer and not only is the traditional bay sound dominant throughout Brandon Plays Piccolo. Bass that represents lead guitar parts in a three hundred year old base for Acoustic backgrounds. There's even stand up bass for the mood. It's really remarkable. I never heard of the album when it was released. Ten years ago. But now through Mac Avenue Music Group like I said it is reissued. So let's hook up with Brian Bromberg to chat about the new album and of course, Jimi Hendrix Brian some interesting tidbits about Jimmy's life and as Brian knows many other jazz musicians, many older jazz musicians in the industry he has improved that Jimmy would have experimented with the Jazz John Rim self. So let's welcome Brian into the conversation. Hey Brian. So, the album plays Hendrix. Even though you released in two thousand ten. was there something about the production you thought it should be released again, remixed and remastered correct. Yeah I you know. I just want to good as they possibly can, and I knew I could do a better job you know and it's it's a really fun record its Arts in it. You know the plan is is really cool. It was just so much fun to do and I just wanted to sound. You know I just wanted to sell it as good as I knew I could make it. You know when I recorded it. I had a completely different rig in the technology has changed so much in ten years I mean it's just ridiculous how fast technology changes. So we were just able to make it sound a lot better from a digital standpoint with You know digital distortion and. Things like that that the human ear doesn't necessarily understand what it's hearing, but it's there. You hear it. You know even though you can't put your finger on it. So basically, it's It's like it's like a really dirty glasses. You can still see, but it's a it's a mess. You clean your glasses. It's like, oh, that's what that's supposed to look like you know basically I just took the I took the blanket off. You know you're cleaning up to sound better. How would you explain now for those who don't know the average listener the difference between remixed and remastered? Well, you do both every record you make you. You know you you have all the parts I mean. You know have car parts of based part. The the vocals singers to keep replaces whatever it is. You have all the parts that you mix them together. So everything is balanced and sounds like a band and. And then when that's when it's mixed, you then do the final stage which takes from that and visit the final Polish that you would do before you made your factor it or to release it it's just another set of issue and compression and You know it's like. You Wash your car and looks great. But then when you buffet and Polish it, it looks amazing. Right that's that's how I would say it just takes one more step up but you know these are really key important procedures that you go through because a good mix and a good mastering can really make record a bad mixing a bad Masri can destroy records It's even though it's the final stages, it's vitally important. In ways the most important thing because it takes, you know it. You know it. It takes what you did and just put it in the finest light. You can't you know. So I I I love that aspect. Of production because it's the final stages in our, you know it sounds like music you just want to Cassandra's good as you. Can. And you won't have as much punch in this much power. You know it's just it's just fun to. It's fun to do the final stage 'cause it's it's It's really powerful. It's amazing. What a little bit of each year. A little bit of compression does it's it's it's it's pretty amazing. The difference I mean night and day you know. Why didn't? I never heard the original two, thousand ten only heard a now quite impressed with the sound. So I didn't have anything to compare it to. What would be the? Bad. It's just you know. This, has just been. You know we did the best we could with what we had it. This is this is just warmer fatter louder rounder more air You know less knows less. It's just more space because the. digitals WANNA know ones, and zero's it's it's it's very unforgiving. It's like you hit a wall. You know there's no. Analogue is. Has No ceiling largest. It's just you know it's like it just it reproduces whatever it gets. Digital has a ceiling of frequencies and things like that, and you you need to work within the limits of hard. Binary math and turn it into something musical. That's why take sounds better. You know what vital records sound better because it's epilogue expat warm and lovely you know digital has been usually Ritalin pin is getting better..

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