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"brian brokerage" Discussed on Bloomberg Radio New York

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"brian brokerage" Discussed on Bloomberg Radio New York

"You And that's a Bloomberg business flash Tom and Paul Karen thanks so much Greatly appreciate it Paul sweetie and Tom keen And we're you know we're here I just want a note on a data screen with corn You move the decimal point So 800 is you move the decimal point over to $8 the bushel And I did it in inflation study today and it's not grim as it spends three or four times since time began where it was like $10 a bushel Inflation adjusted in today's dollars But just to see that number on the screen is a shock And I would suggest a kid from Maria to Ohio I mean Brian moynihan has got to be glued to the price of corn as well She'll do some Marietta alley basic here Yeah I'm fortress moynihan He doesn't get the love of diamond Should moynahan write a 44 page in the report by the way Well I think his answers to analysts will be about 44 pages today There's certainly a lot of questions about how Like what's the lead question How are consumers going to fare up if the economy gets worse I mean what else is there to talk about The things the thing is people are spending more And according to Bank of America's numbers they're spending more on travel and entertainment But what does that look like as rates start to rise There's a lot of questions about what that means for Bank of America The training business did really well again as we've seen for most of Wall Street this quarter I think the expectation was trading was going to be really challenged this first quarter And it's not as strong as it was last year but definitely better than expected Yeah way better than expected You look at the equities trading desk and you're looking at a record which is very interesting given the volatility usually we see clients step back in that kind of volatility But Bank of America says it's because of financing clients What does that say under the surface Bank of America is credit suite steps back from prime brokerage is really stepping up here And it's interesting because people were kind of worried about the buy side and the leverage they were taking off She's just so good at the jargon Yeah What is prime brokerage Brian brokerage is the beating heart of a trading desk It is the part of the bank that really services hedge funds family officers Yeah they worked out for Credit Suisse right It's a dangerous business sometimes I've got something for you The biggest Summer of 1990 I was an intern between my first and second year of business school at Merrill Lynch investment bank Liquid yield option notes lines Do you remember those times Zero coupon You say that I.

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