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"brian brandon bosley" Discussed on KMOX News Radio 1120

"Saint Louis alderman, Bradley, Brian Brandon Bosley knows deploying the national guard in the city would have fallout. But as he tells Maria kina efforts to curb violence or not working Bosley points out St Louis is racially divided. Bring everybody together we want to have these conversations on race. But they have not been happening. It has not happened shit. We have not brought everybody together. So things still exists where there's a racial divide needs to do that. Who is the voice we all have a voice within the city is easier said than done, we all can't collectively come out at one time and get to yelling and screaming, but we need to identify the city. What do we want to work on? We got a lot of issues, but we home in on one one thing Bosley says the city is reactive not proactive as something happens would react to it. Get rid of that one problem of another one arise for has to be measures put in place so two or three years down the line from now, we said, hey, we used to have this city. That's not. There anymore. Keen on NewsRadio eleven twenty camel, Alex cable, news time is six. Oh four. This is Kevin calling with reaction from the police union. Jeff Reuter with the Saint Louis police officers association says his advice to the governor would be don't do it. Don't listen to nonsense go to Parsons, former police officer, he knows that this is a law enforcement job. And that you need to you need to put a full team on the on the field if you wanna do but crime problems. Reuters says Bosley and the other Alterman needs to get police another pay raise to staff department that is one hundred twenty eight officers short having Kaleen NewsRadio eleven twenty km x the man in charge of the police department public safety director Jimmy Edwards says he strongly opposes the idea of calling in the national guard strongly disagree with. Idea that the national guard deployed in north Saint Louis city against show. Former Circuit Judge Atwood's offered no hope for closing the city's pay gap city officers start at about four thousand dollars less than county officers, but he says to boost recruitment. They do plan to start seeking people up to forty five years old instead of seeking only younger candidates. A family is shaken after a gunman opens fire on their vehicle in north Saint Louis it happened Sunday afternoon in north granted liuqiu to your fairground park. A vehicle pulled up to another stopped at a stop sign and opened fire. A male passenger was shot in the hip. The female driver suffered minor facial cuts. Four children, including two girls aged seven and ten were unhurt no arrests have been made a husband and wife killed in Troy. Illinois house fire have been identified. The Madison County coroner's office says smoke inhalation likely killed Thomas and Deborah major on Monday morning testing for carbon monoxide alcohol and drugs. Still needs to be performed the state fire marshal and Troy police. Are investigating. What started that fire? Crews cores elected officials are opposed to better Together's plan for city county merger. But that doesn't mean the two sides can't talk about us and he council members invited both better together. And professor emeritus Terry Jones to answer their questions mayor berry glance says he recognizes Saint Louis as a region has issues if if nothing else, I think the better together proposal is is a wakeup call to all of us that we need to address some of the issues that are keeping Saint Louis from realizing his full potential, but he doesn't think reducing grief core to basically, a parks trash district will fix it better together as Mollie Dwyer spending about.

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