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"brian bolding" Discussed on Frankenculture Presents

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"brian bolding" Discussed on Frankenculture Presents

"Are they going to hook up as it. Is it just pleasing yourself because it's the same person as you legitimate questions. We have all the questions that need to be answered. So i don't have a lot of easter eggs for this one. Did you read an easter eggs down now. I i took like a funny like the funding. The funny was lucky was like i'd never stab anyone in the back. Oh yeah in. Moebius is like i've studied almost every aspect of your entire life. You've literally stab people in the back like fifty times literally. How he killed. Colson literally stabbed colson. And he killed. What does the the sex year here just with global. Here's a giant ball. I'm gonna push it through you The yeah the stupid spector was so sad when filc wilson died so yeah no he's liar but The only things that i wrote down is i saw The clock girl in the beginning. Who's like oh. How do you like teaching him. Whatever done in their leaving. She went back into the little computer right. It's had her looking angry and it said like you failed. Catch a very fast. I only saw from that youtube video. I watched so it's like a little. It's so fast. But i was like. That's pretty funny. She all mad because he was being told ebay. And then the number three seventy two which was like really big and bold to me when they were down at the library I guess that's significance. Is that issue number. Three seventy two of the comics is what introduced the t. a. Okay now. Because i was like dude so brian bold like why is it in. My face are saw. That and i didn't get that Seen other like he was in the recap of Like the different Like levels like floor shit like one easy or and none of it makes sense. No it's just so weird. It's not very like what's on supposed to be like real world. It's obviously a whole different world but it's just so weird like their own little language. Blessed be the burnt. Oh god raise be. That's what they say as well Praise yeah he's be. Oh my god why don't wear life. That is the commander the commander is. I mean i you have lightning my hate that actor now i don't wanna see that's like tall scrawny looking guy with a beard like i just wanna fuck in. I feel like. I've seen that all the actors are like. This is the nicest man you will ever meet. And he plays the worst character. He's still an ass then. I'm assuming right. He still the worst. Yes the spoiler. If you haven't seen handmaid's tale the last one of the last really bad things. I remember from that show. I think that's why checked out. A little bit is when i remember. He cuts off his chicks. younger punished. her by cutting off one of her fingers and then when the kids died when they killed the kids in the swimming pool. Yeah i checked out. Pretty i was like i was sobbing so many times. I like just checked out. Because then like i just know this is not gonna end. Well like whenever there at the Anything with aunt lydia. Also this is a handmaid's tale podcast either way. I actually haven't even watched all the way up until now. So i don't even know what saying but hate that actor though Yeah i mean. Yeah i mean what are their actor. Do you like immediately hate. Because they were such a d. bag. I felt like kway damn really felt that way. About bradley.

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