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"brian bill ayers" Discussed on CBS Sports Eye On College Basketball Podcast

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"brian bill ayers" Discussed on CBS Sports Eye On College Basketball Podcast

"And I do not think you'll have a situation which the incidentally I even allowed to do this by the federal government, but to would even want to do this because it wants to see what comes out in the truck person trial. And then the other three assistance whose trial will begin in mid April of twenty nineteen. So you're right. It hasn't been a good week overall. Do you like? I don't really know where to go here. I mean, I can. I can stop here for second on on Kansas and Arizona because they're Phaetons and I haven't even I really tweeted about it, but they're Phaetons. Both schools are like interpreting what's happening in this courtroom way differently than the rest of the country. Like, you know, at Kansas, they're saying, see, TJ guess Nola says, Bill self didn't know, and Kurtis Townsend didn't know and nobody knew, but you've also got TJ saying, you know, in a report I told Bill self were like, we're. Here to help, you know, like. Perhaps he just meant like with, you know, encouragement in in whatever, but like we're here to help coming from TJ gas Nola. Means a certain thing, I think. And then at Zona they're like, okay, the eight and got some money, but it came from a Dita's and we're Nike school and and standing up saying, see, they're still nothing that shows we did anything wrong. And I know there's still nothing that technically in undeniably shows that you did anything wrong, but best I can tell every single person who's caught on a wiretap is saying airs Ona's buying any anybody, hey, Nazeer little zonal pay Brian Bill Ayers, Ono pay. Andrea eight, and they end up with with with with the Andrea Eytan. And by the way, I know that the only money connected eight at this point, it's fifteen thousand dollars that TJ Nola gave lar- nail his buddy, which is the funniest thing in the world to me like just learn just getting fifteen thousand dollars from TJ when de'andre junior in high school. But I mean, so what are we assuming that Adidas gave deandre eight and circle fifteen grin? And then he went to a non school for free. I mean, maybe maybe, but like you wouldn't believe it about anybody else. If if if that's what you believe, if you're Zona fan, you wouldn't believe it if the same story was about UCLA just sort of flies in the face of common sense that he'd get fifteen thousand dollars from Adidas and then go somewhere other than at Adidas school for zero like that. I don't know. I didn't know it would be approve anything but like that doesn't really make sense. And the idea that you know you could be getting Billy Preston, dodge charger, TJ gas Knowle's involved in paying same thing. Desouza involved like really be completely in the dark. Again, it's possible nobody will be able to prove this stuff what somebody did and did not know, but it sure looks certain way. I guess that's my point, certainly. And there was a moment on the stand with guests Nola where he was asked about Nike and Under Armour and the nature of their business as it was similar to what it was doing guests Nola was doing and. I don't have the question in my notes that was asked to him, but the nature of the question was basically getting at, you know, at at certain times, was your opinion, in your opinion of your colleagues in the and what's what's been referred to as the black ops group, which was a handful of this employees that were in the know to varying degrees of paying players in their families. All right. You know, was it your understanding that this was happening at Nike under armor, and this created a competitive environment to recruit players and Gasol obviously replied, yes to that. So it stands to reason that any of the players that have been paid and and have been said under oath to have been paid or their families have. If they wound up another spots, you know, you'd have to be. I'm being generous with my language. You'd have to be completely naive to think. Stop here. I'll ask you the question. Does it make any sense to you? Because here's what we know matter-of-fact has Nola gate the Andre eight and circle of friends specifically Laura now who I love fifteen grand because it make any sense the Andrea eight and then went to a non Adidas school for free, make any not stand to reason perish. It just doesn't make sense. It does not. It doesn't..

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