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"brian bartlett" Discussed on Strength to Strength

"The one may be overpowered by another two can withstand him and a threefold cord is not going broke morning. Everyone welcome to strength the strength. It's another day. The lord has made its rejoice and be glad in it strength. The strength is just another resource for the seeker and a source of encouragement for the children of god. Place where we come together shared Inspiration and encouragement. This morning. we have mike fisher with us from bedford. Pennsylvania's that right mike. That's correct and he's going to be sharing about prison ministries and before we get going and have a word of prayer holy father the only wise god we come before you this morning. We thank you for your love and your mercy. Thank you for your care over your children. We thank you that we nba children in calling father. Thank you for the blood of christ that has opened up the holiest of holies. We can come into your presence with gladness and committee your presence with singing we prayed. Lord bless are gathering this morning the with each each of your children that come on this morning pray for the seekers as well Bird lifted up. Truth would be taught. We pray that you would be with brother. Mike is he shares this morning that he would be comfortable and that he would share freely the thoughts that you laid on his heart a week could be strengthened encouraged about the work of the kingdom. That's going on is pray that your holy spirit would be here and guide each one of us and we asked jesus name. We're going to have a time of question and answer after better. Mike is done with his presentation. They'll be thinking about that as well. Mike if you could just inntroduced yourself than it's go ahead okay. Sure i appreciate being invited here to talk about A collection of things all related to prison ministry For the brian bartlett asked me to be here i'm here basically to represent lighthouse publishing..

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