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"brian antonelli andrew rich brittany" Discussed on WBZ NewsRadio 1030

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"brian antonelli andrew rich brittany" Discussed on WBZ NewsRadio 1030

"The expressway northbound right around the mass sabotaging snubbed the brakes and getting up into the o'neill northbound is going to be a bit of a crawl else we have this problem in the ted williams tunnel eastbound within that connector tunnel was a car fire earlier it's all been cleared up now for the problem is all this heavy residual traffic is still trying to make its way through at sketchy solid back to about i'd say fenway park at this point on the pike eastbound but pike westbound as just going to be slow through south boston trying to get into the o'neill northbound expects d'oro drive on the eastbound side to be back to about kenmore where the connector inbound lawmakers back to about the tobin merge expectancy delays to north of the city as you make your way on 93 north rep i won twenty eight and won twenty eight northbound at 93 that whole cloverleaf is still a bit jammed up otherwise were 3s doing alright 495 as he no problems there and you're looking pretty good on route one so far west of town the pike westbound stood okay i'll pass 495 and again right by to 90 eastbound i do see a bit of a backup though as you approach newton corner those right lanes south of town that expressway northbound still jammed up braintree to okay reports have in 2003 to be ice traffic wbz news time seven fourteen once again rundown of the fourday wbz accuweather forecast to pamela gardner taking us right through the weekend in a tuesday brutal gold as we head into the weekend forecast blood soon so milder air will return to us here new england overnight clear cold twenty two degrees in nearing knin saturday morning that's 24 degrees at 1901 veteran's day on saturday plenty of sunshine but it's deceiving only high of thirty eight degrees that would tie the record low hightech talent forty foul a partly cloudy mix of clouds and sun monday late shower 47 upper 40s for tuesday cloudy i'm wbz tv meteorologist pamela gardner wbz newsradio 1030 twenty seven degrees in boston the wind chill feels like a sixteen wbz news time seven fifty it is cold out zog hands were tied to thank the people whose voices you don't hear on our airwaves but who helped bring you the news every week they include writer michael epstein and done huff producer j bore sally ann nato means driving the train and master control this week brian antonelli andrew rich brittany chick.

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