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"Let's talk a little bit about and boy. This is gonna be fine. Only anderson as a tag partner. We know you're going to go on have great success with only as a as a just regular two men tag as a six man. Are you nervous anxious excited. I mean you're in the ring with all. He's no longer on tv. He's no longer just your boss backstage man. You're in the ring with him. I need your teammate. This kinda cool I was in all. I got to say for the first time up. Close what i'd seen as a kid and truly believe that this guy's an ass kicker and even you know dear in his scuffles with you know he's not gonna get much on the road warriors and brooks wasn't a bumper but he would have been smart enough to bumper out for only i think because he was the boss and he was writing the checks so that's probably how that went. But you know you just got it when you see guys like ronnie garvin and oli and wa who had just you know flare when he was asked kicking flare other than so much entertaining flair when he really wanted to beat a baby face up you felt it. Yeah you're standing on the apron you know colorado's a fan you feel it. Would some mail extras going on sure. And that's what i felt in oli was just it became real to me. I had i wished i would have had an inkling or premonition of what was to come another year and a half down the road but for that time. It was a learning process to share the six-man man battles continue. You're going to be teeming with brett wayne and man mountain dr. So did you in berry. Just hit it off right away. Yeah yeah barron got got along day one. Still a good friend today before you know what. You're back in canton ohio. Now it's a regular tag match you and only against the road warriors Scale of one to ten how rough was working with the road warriors when they were green. Probably an eight so somewhere in there. Everything was solid. Everything georgia they never caught me on my head. They never knocked out my teeth or they never hit me in a nuts. And that's the only three that i really had hitting not says no fun. You're going to bounce around a little as a tag team wrestler We mentioned earlier brett. Sawyer he's going to be teeming with you a little bit you'll even a team with and how about this for a one off. I don't know that you maybe even remember this. Maybe you do. But it's at the omni across from me is carl fergie. And he's gonna be taming As oklahoma boy. And he's going to be teeming with norman. Frederick charles the third from the united kingdom and your tag team partner here in the omni. Do you remember. No fella named ricky rude about that rude at the omni tag team partner with orn little preview for the dangerous alliance all the way back here in georgia championship wrestling july seventeenth nineteen eighty three and We've only got a handful of georgia events. Left you'll do one more tag match with the road warriors this time teaming with david jones. And then you'll get wins over. Tony's zane twice once in chattanooga once in columbus it also pick up a win over joe and that will bring your georgia ruin to a close. Of course you're going to come back in and make more spots but it's time to venture into another territory so your last spot here is the omni beat joe lightfoot. It's august twenty eighth but fast forward and southeastern championship. Wrestling is the new thing. And before you know what. You're going to be teeming with jerry stubbs. And that's what we're going to be talking about next week southeast championship wrestling actually. It'll be two weeks from now we're gonna do and ask aren't anything next week. Take your questions about georgia championship wrestling. If you've got questions about matt. Born paul lowering destruction inc. Oli anderson the way the payoffs work and really somebody. We didn't even talk about. Because i don't believe oli was the the only guy sorta running the show there in georgia. There's another fellow we didn't discuss at all but maybe we'll get into next week and My boy you may have a story or two right swan. We're talking about jim burnett. Probably who doesn't get his. Just do i don't know why i mean i'm guilty of it. I just did it myself. Everybody does a barnett impression. Nobody really talks about barnet's impact but boy he had quite the story to tell and we're gonna do our best to talk about. His interactions with aren't and georgia and everything else that happened in georgia championship wrestling and then in two weeks southeastern championship wrestling. Now you're getting to my neck of the woods dude. Yeah well. I can't wait. My friend cannot wait. It's a huge part of my life coming up for the pensacola territory. I mean pretty. Much life changing. If you've got a question that you want to ask about all things georgia whether it's paul ayla ring man born or anybody involved only barnett anybody along the way. Brian blair then fight We want to hear from me. Ask a question right now over at the orange show probably get some roadway or questions to if i had to guess and we'll be back in two weeks for all things southeast championship wrestling. Don't forget leave us. A five star review. If you think we've earned and tell your friends about your new favorite podcast..

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