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"brett right weinstein" Discussed on The Rubin Report

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"brett right weinstein" Discussed on The Rubin Report

"You're like the Jordan Peterson. End Up Contractors. Basically you're telling them to clean their room. You must be very impressed with my light angry. Though it is I mean come on. That is a professional expensive light in grade right there really. Is it really really as Nice. You'll love this. The Guy who hung this whole entire grade which needs are huge. You can imagine how heavy all these polls on and everything. I didn't know who got referred to him by a friend. A guy shows it my door. He's about sixty years old. I swear my life his arms in a sling. He's wearing a Tommy Bahama shirt and flip. Flops he goes. I'm Joe. I'm here to hang the grid and he did this entire thing. Basically with one arm and flip flops. Fifteen foot high ceilings with the system of pulleys that created with one arm. WHO's now on a fifteen foot ladder with flip flops? Sixty year old guy. It was incredible people. People don't realize people work hard. You know I listen. I come from construction world so I I understand working hard and US understand like the number one killer of men over ladders and flip flops flops. It's not a good not a good combination. The Nation all right. Let's talk about this movie. No safe spaces because I felt when I watched it a couple of weeks ago I went to the premier here in L. A.. And you were there and you. You did this with Dennis. Prager and Jordan Peterson at Lindsey. Shepherd was in it and Brett Weinstein was in and had their hiring was in it. Basically I felt it was like a Ruben. Report Reunion show. I was very pleased but there was one guy in it that I thought always really incredible and I want to throw to a clip. There's a reason that every time one of these professors or TA's whether it's Lindsey Shepherd and Canada or Brett Right Weinstein in Washington. Why are they all lefties? Who then say one thing that upsets the left and they're purged? It will come for you. I mean I mean that's if if there's someone that's watching this right now. That is a hardcore progressive. That's going man I.

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