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"brett ohl" Discussed on MyTalk 107.1

"Com dishing out huge mission time caroline hudson registered a mission an today's top pick is all on team in young adult and bone health i bet our listeners would never guess that an old story about and now hole this was actually a study can pick just something important about our guy at an bone how well probably not but as a qb mama i know that what i feed samoa is very important to keeping are healthy starting in nineteen thirty two francis pot injured studied the effects of different diet time cats and the health of their offspring yeah doctor patterns are found that after just who generations of feeding cats and diet rich in a hole melk those cats where the healthy as well caps that were fed more process food on their opponents became brett ohl robbery and easily fractured after just who generations we may not be cats but what that they're pot injured his taught us is that we need to eat diet better nutrient pennants and not processed in order to support our bone health now without quality protein and enough of it your bones will suffer later in life we do need that protein for good bowman health and they will become brittle just like hot injuries caps now if you were worried about your bone health or your child spun health then make an appointment with the diet tissue at nutritional weight and wellness the schedule an appointment call six five one six nine nine three four three eight if you have questions for me or caroline today give us a call in the studio at six five one six four one one of seven one speaking of it pero tiene and real foods just pena giving a recap when i was in high school not a stress fractures i was not eating protein.

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