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"brett kabanov" Discussed on The Uncommon Christian Podcast

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"brett kabanov" Discussed on The Uncommon Christian Podcast

"I never thought a million years our our our our our out of home food purchases would go through the roof but it almost felt like you couldn't even cook at home until you just ordering so like just being able to be adaptable in those organizations are in the your home in any organization and having the confidence to say okay. We're gonna make decision. We're going to go this way. we're gonna trust. We may not have clarity nor we're gonna trust right right. Yeah absolutely. I think about There's a story that i think brett kabanov tells about where he meets mother teresa. I don't know if you've heard this story before. But he goes. He goes on this journey. And he's he's like i just need. I wanna find clarity. What i should do next. So he goes to mother teresa any and she says you know. How can i pray for you. And he said. Can you pray that god would give me clarity. And she says to him clarity's the last thing you need and he said okay well. Can you pray that god will give you the kind of clarity. You have like you know what you need to be doing. And she kinda chuckles and she says. I've never really had clarity. But i've had trust and so. I've just trusted that what i was making. The decisions for was what god wanted me to do. And he blessed me in it or if he didn't bless me. I trusted that that was a pathway to go. So i will pray that you will have trust more so than clarity. I think that has been a guiding principle in my life's especially during the season i may not know what tomorrow brings. I may not know after this interview. What what's coming in j- brass that. If i make the decisions based on the principles i see in scripture. And i've had for my life that god's going to be right there along the way. Yeah absolutely anything. That's what the pandemic is largely done. This is just pulled back the curtain and showed us that we didn't have as much control as what we thought we had. And so it's it's a lesson in entrust in and realizing that the church has been okay for two thousand years when you begin to go back and see what the church has weathered over two thousand years. This is really nothing now. A god's honest thrown in he's gonna do what he's gonna do so we just need to be faithful to god's on his throne. We needed. He's going to do he's going to do. We need to be faithful to that. That's good and so during the season you've had to you know she had a just take care of your organization not only take care of your family but take care yourself right and i found that when my spiritual reservoirs are running on empty my emotional mental and physical capabilities are severely impacted right. So what have you. What have you been doing this time to stay. Strong spiritually as got has been working in you and three you. Yeah i would say that you know in the during the during the month of april in particular. I don't even remember much of that month because it's just so crazy. And i think i was all over the place like i. I was carrying so much tension in my neck and shoulders. I was watching way too much..

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