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"brett britain" Discussed on Doug Miles Media

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"brett britain" Discussed on Doug Miles Media

"For many years and now on the bay news. We'll find out what he's up to lately. Adult not joining us today by telephone bill picture at all post offices picture there by the time the good section down your wanted somewhere. Everybody needs to be wanted. You know i actually did see your picture in place vixen farms of the orange grove restore down here. They had your book for them. The parents there not too long ago right. So your picture of a store. Air terrific people fruit farms. And you know if people haven't visited mixing fruit farmers. They really need to. I mean i hadn't been out for a while and they've added a tram tour and they have like a little Wild animal farm. Or what have you and inside the commercial for them. Really nice little free taste of a lot of this stuff. And i'm big on free days celta morale in college. We wait for pill. Grant union with would have delayed is giving examples on the weekend. And we'd have breakfast but greg over the bay newsline now. I just recently got on with the folks at bay news nine and bright house and just super-duper people and they offered me the opportunity to do a few things including They have an on demand channel for people who have the digital service people digital service channel. Three forty we put together a show called murphy's hotspots as a matter of fact we've got three that we've done and the latest one will be will be added in the next few days you can visit with me. Downtown saint petersburg. We visited ebor city. We visited sarasota. Saint armand circle. Were about to visit. Lakeland we're going to pasco county. Basically when we visit these places we kind of set the stage a little visual view of. What's going on and then Along with me there are contributors reporters who have specialty reporters who have gone out and they they do Special places are some great restaurants nightspots Places where you can get some wine good wine A little bit of this and a little bit of that and we put her put it all together. An eight twelve minute visit and we're calling murphy's hotspots and and so forth but a blah it's a lot of fun and You know keeps me a little bit in the game. I'm not quite ready for their for the shuffleboard. Get nothing. There's anything wrong with tampa bay. I up. I would expect the ultimate compliment. I mean troth. Girl didn't get any better than that. But as i told some folks as the temperature view and the saint pete times they interviewed me recently by going back to work. I said well. I went to see the doctor. And he they rent some tests and he diagnosed me having a very bad case of red fox in. That's right so. I was just not ready. I was i was brett britain. I have had in common bill monte who you can see on a bay news nine on demand and people one of our previous bill show i i saw on. I think i remember this woman three in the morning. Show back on w. tsp. That was one of the first that i know other than that being a new yorker. La of those types of interview shows which you did down here. That was a lot of fun push comes up. That's probably the best best memory for lack of a better word of all things. I did In broadcasting. I love doing that. Show the local morning. Talk is is kinda dead there really. Is it costs a lot to produce a local show and also. We didn't have the kind of traffic that you have a new york or you haven't in a And in those markets so we did the best we could what we have but You know we had dinner. Theatre was in its prime back in the mid east.

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