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"breslin jesse" Discussed on The Empire Film Podcast

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"breslin jesse" Discussed on The Empire Film Podcast

"The next year for release next year and incredibly, they've got the cast of the original movie back together again. So that is Abigail. Breslin Jesse, Eisenberg Woody Harrelson and this actually has bloom mind little given that she is now an Oscar winner Emma stone. So they're coming back and I really liked the first film. But again, this is film I've not revisited. I'm slightly scared if I go back and re re wanted the scales befall. My is really real question is, will they have another. Celebrity Comey. Oh, dot is the big question. I do wonder about that. It's these. No, I hope as well. It's the same writers. Rhett reason, Paul were the guys who wrote the two deadpool movies with Ryan Reynolds and same director Ruben Fleischer who has lined up this movie for after phantom fracture fem does well at the box office in received critically printing supernova critically. But you mentioned Bill Murray. He was an amazing you in samba land and he is part of the cast, didn't spoil him, but you go ahead. Did you not appreciate it? Bill Murray said celebrity, did you say the bitten somebody when they go to Bill Murray, stressed, opposites on be an is hilarious bit where he. Around this house and an end. Jesse iceberg kills them things real be. That's right. And then at the end they ask them TV any regrets. He goes, no. Well, maybe Garfield. You didn't spoil at bit. I didn't know came well, I'm glad no one's here to spoil that bit then because Bill Murray is part of the cast of, I can't believe saying these words, the Jim Jarmusch directed some becoming the dead's don't die, which when it when I I listened to it at this week I was pretty sure it was a joke and I'm sure it is a joke, but I'm everyone's on. So Jim Jarmusch is directing a psalm become ADI an stars Bill Murray. Adam driver khloe seventy Tilda Swinton steeper, semi and Selena Gomez here for this details released hip out next year. There will be no plots. The whole joy of Jim Darvish movies you go in and there's no pause. I mean, deadman a guy dies for three days. That's literally Patterson. I guy goes to work and comes home for a week. That's it. Literally, nothing happens is broken flowers at a. Coffee and cigarettes, people drink coffee and smoke cigarettes, well, that about than smoking coffee drinking cigarettes, that would be more difficult, certainly, logistically. But you know. There won't be a plot and I can't wait for it. Yeah, it's, I think it's gonna feel unlike any movie we have seen previously. So he say that and and leave it at that. And it's the steps while I haven't even mentioned Evan, Rachel wood. Sterling k. Brown who are in talks to join the cast of frozen to very exciting, exciting to frozen. Very couple of teasers came out this week. One is for God Silla to with which was quite frankly nothing. They turned up to eleven. They they did. They. That's good, but that I'm sure there's going to be a full teaser trailer by the time you're out, and it's gonna be full Akron one as well and glass. We know there's a glass panel at Sunday coming home this year as well. And there was some news as well about Mark Millar's. Mila world is has announced its first slate production slate at Netflix. There's two TV shows. One is based on American Jesus, and they're three films three films as well, including empress Huck and another one that that skip to my mind. So Sharkey bounty under Sharkey bounty hunter is another one's any relation to sharpen George, the private detectives under the, I guess. So lots of stuff happening in Hollywood is you just need to take a week off every now. And again, I thoroughly recommended and just let us catch up. Can head of resolve, but that's a movie news wrapped up in a nice little bow time. Now, for our second guest, hey, is a British writer who made his Mark on blockbusters in big fashion by co, writing two thousand thirteen ironman three, depending on what that is is my favorite MC film certainly has my favorite MC, you twist. And we discussed that twist and the character that is at center flat twist. Trevor Slattery in this interview, but drew Pearce for it is he has been spending the last few years dabbling with big budget blockbusters like Sherlock Holmes, three and mission, impossible rogue nation..

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