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"brent brent bozell" Discussed on WMAL 630AM


05:45 min | 2 months ago

"brent brent bozell" Discussed on WMAL 630AM

"Founder and listen you have said for years that you know so much of what they are mix what they choose not to report on is is a huge display of their buys you issued a statement though here today or yesterday I should say that goes well beyond that this is no longer a mission you say this is outright collusion CNN is colluding with the Biden campaign it we should have an in kind donation recorded here I repeat for thirty years this man has been in public office for two if you're going to kill me if you're CNN what you're saying is that throughout the time he was a senator what do you ever have a conversation as CNN's thank you know we thank you yeah the hope that a woman should be culprits that the whole time he was a vice president nobody circles of this in our network we do have a video of this nobody in the last year we don't we have this somehow we all know this and yet intercept had it somehow they couldn't bring her to get the video we have to get the video now merry best the leopard that is deliberate and if they say anything NFL MLB Crockett so if they see anything otherwise they are flat out one you know I think there was one senator that they actually pursued a story similar to this on back in the nineties you've been at this longer than I have but senator Bob Packwood I believe Brent Brent Bozell in recruiting if I'm wrong he was a Republican wasn't a the M. we do this we will all this happens often because we have lost out a bit because he's seen a a controversy or scandal that involves a Republican in the recently they label him as a Republican and since you're right there Israel through the ball correct yeah good luck finding the party in Philly another politician listen I skipped over one aspect of this I talk about how other Democrats haven't been challenged on this the women who were supposedly in the shortlist to be his running mate have been challenged on this is one other aspect your proposal Joe Biden has been asked about this I mean he does do one or two media appearances from his basement there in Delaware you would think you would think that a reporter even if it's giving Joe Biden the opportunity to exonerate himself it would make news if a reporter said listen there are these allegations there's corroboration not from her mother calling Larry King in nineteen ninety three Mr vice president what is your defense here what will you have to say that's news worthy brand and no one's asking him the question in a member of the story came out in one public on this amount Juanita Broaddrick by the late shades of Juanita Broderick with a credible accusations of late against Bill Clinton and they dropped the property market the displacement out there for months that the other day CBS I believe with CBS with Joe Biden twenty four minute video and embed twenty four minutes they did find time to ask him about a sexual assault charge well I guess we don't care about this anymore we don't care about believing women we don't care about the me that but the fact of the matter is we do we just care about it in a way that it's not a a unilateral partisan issue that's only used to beat up Republicans we care we care about it to the extent that twenty four hour access right now about thirty two years ago you had Clarence Thomas with his accusation which he was also dedicated and yes let me get this year or early last year PBS within an hour long documentary bringing it up again yeah Hey wait another who I know and again it was a long time I get good just jog my memory here that high tech lynching against Clarence Thomas the most unfair process up until bring Cavanagh that I've ever seen in modern times the United States Senate who was the chairman of that committee that attacked Clarence Thomas those look look look at Europe it reaches a place right yeah that's Joe Biden believable I've probably got to leave it there we got a laugh at it because it will just drive you insane otherwise as well right this is what you say thank god for Donald trump's therefore host people who think she tweets too much yeah sometimes the only way the story is going to get out that's right and I'll tell you this white while you mention that I guarantee you president trump we'll talk about this during the campaign maybe even during the debates and that finally will force the media to talk about it he absolutely well no other candidate would have that that that instead we look at we didn't with Hillary Clinton and ends in her position on abortion which couldn't be more exclaim get the partial birth abortion this is a story no one would touch in the media and Bill Clinton went right after her on it yeah I mean I don't front and go okay well after her on anything else right after people women but something all right we'll leave the proposal always good to talk to you I get you in the family staying safe through this insanity there everything's well my wife still hasn't killed me okay every day is a blessing for us every day that's a given that Rodriguez.

"brent brent bozell" Discussed on The Editors

The Editors

03:39 min | 1 year ago

"brent brent bozell" Discussed on The Editors

"Cards here. We have a atheist or agnostic, classical liberal extremists. And the right. Honorable Chelsea, w cook, we have a French just Catholic and. Alexandra and a post liberal, curious Catholic and NBD and a dog ID nonconformist and, and your humble host here. So Michael, we discuss this, the seora pieces. You've got an just an incredible amount of attention. We're now in the second week of the French, she's picked new cycle news cycle. Yeah. So French uranian wars, we talked about the specifically we got some of the deeper she was last week. But, but we spent a lot of time defending David, I think even people who are sympathetic to Sohrab broader argument, don't think the piece was fair with the guard, David. And I think sore hasn't defended the, the things he said, specifically about David. So anyway, let's let's put that aside. And explore what are really legitimately some fascinating issues. Maybe a little angels dancing on the head of pin in terms of their practical application, but are are. Interesting which is one reason controversy has gotten so much attention. So you're, you're at least sympathetic to what so rob and others in that camp are, are trying to get at and wouldn't call yourself a classical liberal. So explain a little bit. What, what you find appealing about this worldview, what some people who might be a quick to reject. It might be missing. What's your take sure, you know, this is a thing that's been part of the Catholic, intellectual scene. For a long time national review is gone through experiences. You know, jousting with it. When L Brent Brent Bozell founded triumph in the seventies and criticized his former pedal, Bill. Buckley from it. So this is kind of been out there and basically. You know what you found at in that revolutionary airy period in America than in France were guys, like Thomas Jefferson, Tom Paine. And many of the leaders of the French revolution arguing that the purpose of, and this is in the declaration of the rights of man in France. The purpose of all political organization is the defense of liberty and Catholics. Don't believe that I don't believe that I find that it's actually like almost a total ising claim their other political goods. We searched for, including the common good, which isn't defined, which I would define exclusively as everyone recognizing everyone else's negative liberties, or something like that, something really nerdy. So I don't believe the purpose of all political organization effort is the loosening of restraint on human action. So that that's kind of the basic of where a lot of these Catholics start from. And so they can be critical of. You know, they might say something, this all started with kind of like this hypothetical, which isn't a hypothetical which is drag Queen story hour at the library and one attitude is hey, these this parents, this community is kind of four this event and they've organized it, you know, if you don't like it don't show up to it..

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