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"brennan menteur" Discussed on The Clapper Report

"So Just insane in saying that this team keep getting away with things like this But they did turn around a first round. Pick and a third round pick so Kind of a steep price but definitely a great return and to further solidify their spot favorite in my opinion thing with the lightning. It's like you know. We know that their first round pick is going to be deep right. We know it's going to be like twenty eighth to thirty second you know. Oh yeah so. You know i dunno. It's basically a second. But you know. But i mean this year straffed though i mean who knows 'cause complete crap shoot because a lot of prospects played. That's that's what i was gonna say to is like also giving away a first round. Pick this season. Specially late in the draft like tampa's pick will be i feel like it loses even more value considering the This season that the prospects have had you know you're losing a year development for a lot of these players and especially late in the early second. You're looking at players that need a couple of years to develop possibly you know so. It definitely lost a lot of alley that way in my opinion. And i'm sure a couple of other guys so Yeah i don't think it was. That bad i don't think it was that bad of a payout and bigger pretty good return. I would say yeah So a tree. That six for me is Brennan menteur to the florida panthers for the buffalo sabres. Sorry buffalo sabres brennan monster. We're going to florida for round. Pick this year You know. Aaron act bug went on i r and yet you know they need somebody in the back end top. Four brennaman tour is that you know I should pick them up from a fantasy team. Because i expected And pb one and everything he wasn't but you know you settle into a new system. Things look a little bit different right. I mean you know. It's a is a good fit for the panthers. I think To have back there again. 'cause excellence gone even the playoffs you know so to solidify their Death for the playoffs. I think it's a good move for them. Especially the low cost of a third round pick. Yeah i mean a third round pick You know we're going to be talking about the buffalo a lot A common theme. I think we could say now. Is that a. They didn't get a lot in return for some of these guys. And i would say brandon menteur. I feel like you should be able to field more than a third round. Pick for I could be wrong in that assessment. But i i definitely think that florida really needed to bolster up and this was. This was great. It was a good price for the modestly. Yeah next Another team that. That is a quite favored in the quest for a cup. This year is the colorado avalanche day They make a trade with san jose For a fifth round pick and great pattern when that to familiarize but they receive in return. Devin dube nick so great. Great well i would say he's a he's a very solid back. Oh you know what. I mean he definitely could be like a like a french starter for them and He's just going to be a guy that they're not really have to worry about him being in.

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