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"brennan marcella" Discussed on Xtra Sports Radio 1300 AM

"Fantastic is always coming up next. Brennan Marcella going to join us 24 7 Sports college football with him. Who's gonna come out on top Alabama? Or does Ohio State have it in him again? Another big upset coming up. We'll ask him can comment on CBS sports running Right now It's the latest sports update with Marco Poletti. See me? Yes. Sports flag can. Well, we got a shift in the college football landscape. Tom Herman out after four years of Texas Longhorns haven't taken that next step. So Herman finishes up 32 18, where Texas and according reports, it's Steve Starkey Zeon that is expected replace Herman in Texas. More college Football Bowl games, One games already started. That's the Gator Bowl is Kentucky leads NC State three Nothing That's about three minutes left in the first quarter. Meanwhile, national championship game We know that's all set. Ohio State behind six touchdown passes. 385 yards passing from Justin Fields punch their ticket to their first national title game in five years. Ryan Day just couldn't stop gushing about fields afterwards. The size. I can think of right now. I mean, coming off the game, some of the biased but for him to come in and play like this against his defense. Amazing was he was 22 or 28. Below throwaways interception. That was my fault. I should run the ball. I shouldn't put him in that spot. 3 85 6 touchdowns. Yeah, I don't. I don't know if there's a better game, but I'm obviously biased right now coming up the field after the way he played now we're gonna see what fields does for a non course was what his injury status is took a hit to the small of his back in his ribs with a helmet. Shed much light on the situation after the game. They didn't they didn't really tell me anything. I took like a shot or two, and then it's in and just just ran back out there, But I mean, it's pretty much my whole rights for. So that's that's messed up a little bit about here, but they don't really Give me a dime diagnosis. Now their opponent January, Levin's gonna be Alabama. It basically lived in the championship game Fifth appearance in the last six years alone. Devante Smith, another monster performance help them get their 130 yards receiving and three touchdowns. Meanwhile, the NFL Browns with another coaching another coach, testing positive for covert 19, so their facilities once again closed down today. Keep in mind Cleveland with a victory against the Steelers tomorrow is playoff bound for the first time in 18 years. Saints dealt a major blow out the Camaro does the positive for cocaine 19. So he's obviously out for the game tomorrow with the Panthers possibly commit their first round playoff game as well, and all the other running backs have deemed high risk. You're out tomorrow to college hoops. It's Texas. Afraid of Kansas. 26 22 1st half Providence Least. Creighton 24 18 in Missouri in front of Arkansas. 24 23 remarkable lady. Have a take The gym room show weekday afternoons on CBS Sports Radio..

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