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"brendan units" Discussed on Mornings With Gail - 1310 KFKA

"Heartbreaking day as we remember former larimer county. Park ranger brendan unit. He was a good good man. Seven fifty now northern colorado's voice one three one thirteen ten kfi k. A. mornings with gail from the auto collision special studios front piece by angelini out of the greeley trip. And it's something that Well hits very very close to home for me. Windsor high school graduate renton unit again. A former larimer county park ranger will be remembered on the first anniversary of his death earlier. This evening with about procession at horse tooth reservoir unit twenty-seven a former us marine and windsor high wrestler died a year ago today august twentieth. Twenty twenty while trying to save two swimmers on horse tooth reservoir a during a storm. Now if you would like to pay your respects to brandon unit. You're invited to line the signs of the reservoir to watch the boat procession It's slated to begin at approximately six p m. the process will go from south bay on horse tooth reservoir to rotary park This is according to a press release from the lair. Mcafee department of natural resources. Mark kopplin is horse tooth reservoir district manager. He says while it has been one year since brendan was with us. We are continually humbled by his impact on our community and yes his comments. Saying that brendan will never be forgotten. Deeply resonate with those of us. Who knew brendan unit. Began to work as arranger with the county twenty twenty. He committed himself wholeheartedly to providing assistance and emergency response to all visitors there now. He was remembered during large and very well attended service eight days after his death. Larimer county park rangers and commissioners honor unit with the brendon. Hughes or with brendan hyun it day in the county in october the day was marked by the creation of the brendan unit community. Service award This is an annual honor to be given to an outstanding county employees who demonstrates the values that he did so well the values of selflessness honor and dedication commitment to community service unit was honored posthumously as the first recipient of that award now nominations for the unit community service award opened in july. Those nominations will be accepted until august thirty first. And if you'd like to submit a nomination You can access that online form on. Larimer.

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