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"brendan original" Discussed on The Auideo Show

"Own stuff and we'll we'll start ideas for gris folk and then we'll kind of send them around people And that's how we did a lot of the first album actually Mostly self produce. We worked with a couple of different producers for a few tracks on On giants but on this latest record rarest birds. We work with one producer. At a different studio in Venice the producer's name was Alan Likley. And he has this. Awesome Home Studio Right there in Venice beach pretty close to this other place actually and That's where we we made the entire record basically on the beach. Not a big deal. Yes yeah we don't we don't take it lightly where where we live. I'm envious man. Just say I'm so happy here and I'm originally from Pennsylvania. I've been Los Angeles for about ten years. Okay yeah there's I mean there's plenty of There's plenty of stereotypes like negative. Stereotypes set are not true about for the most part. It's it's been It's it's home to me and and where we all met As members and where we've made our lives out here did you all meet about ten years ago then or yeah almost Adam. I actually out of everybody in the band. He and I were in a different band together. I And this was probably. Yeah like nine ish years ago give take And then after about a year two of he and I playing in a band together actually with Brendan Original Bass Player. Grateful to He started writing songs with Frederick and Sebastian. Kinda like a side project writing team and along the way they wrote the struggle.

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