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"brendan harley" Discussed on WTOP

"Recruiter get a quality candidate within the first day Try zip recruiter for free At zip recruiter dot com slash trial that zip recruiter dot com slash trial This is WTO P news And it's 9 53 Veteran NBC four anchor Leon Harris is publicly apologizing for driving drunk earlier this year Decision that was easily the stupidest decision I could possibly have made And what I did that night could have actually caused someone else their life and for that I am deeply deeply regretful and apologetic for that Harris says he's going to take time off to get professional help He says he knows he let a lot of viewers down he adds that he appreciates the many messages of support he has gotten Harris was arrested and charged with a DUI in January after crashing his car along Bradley boulevard near river road in Montgomery county If you are spring cleaning this weekend and you're looking to get rid of stuff that is not junk don't throw it away Goodwill is happy to take it because it can help pay for free job training Cleaning out your closets can make a huge impact on people in our community in need Goodwill's Brendan Harley Goodwill a greater Washington is desperate for donations to meet the growing consumer demand for donated goods and low cost merchandise Andy says proceeds fund a GED program and job training People find jobs in the hospitality hotel industry We have a program in energy and construction And we also operate in adult charter high school There are 20 area donation centers Christy king WTO P news It is rare for a film to kidnap our attention and hold us captive until the end but as WTO's film critic Jason Frehley tells us that is the case with the new thriller windfall premiering now on Netflix A man breaks into a billionaire's empty vacation home only for the mogul and his wife to unexpectedly arrive for a last minute retreat Jason Segel oozes desperation as the kidnapper seeking life-changing money while Jesse Plemons and Lily Collins reveal cracks.

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