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"brenda jeremy" Discussed on Horror Fictional and True Stories

"Day five. Two-down brenda and jeremy something more than an accidental. Lightning strike was happening but the three of us can put effing on. James was crossed of a man lying helplessly in ospital bed and his parents post debt. Brenda jeremy victims of what appeared to be spontaneous combustion spontaneous combustion. This can't be real. What the hell is going on. I asked jenny in the waiting room. Outside of the burn unit. I just don't understand how someone can just catch on fire without anything to ignite it. Sarah light sounding a shaken as she looked as we thought that brooding over out carton nightmare we could see through the doorway that several nasa catholic next to the door to change his room. I was curious as to what was going on. So i got up at walter them as i approached. I could barely hear a young nest. Say forty seven hours. Then he said two thousand eight hundred twenty minutes. He'll be here soon but but but he's mouth by my entire body froze and a sense of panic struck me like baseball. Bats face counting down the end toward me and one who's speaking asked what the who's counting down james. I don't know what it means. But on friday he said some hours minutes just like you just said no one believe me then but i know what i had a now. You've had it to what i had. His mouth didn't move and he's in a coma. There's no way he spoke. I know that's what i was thinking when i had the first time now. Both his parents are dead. They burned alive. Something is going on and he is trying to warn us build east of the nurses studying at my site now with a hand on my shoulder in the most sincere sad tone. I'd ever heard she said honey. You need to get some sleep. You've been here for days sleeping in that chair. You must be exhausted.

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