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"brenda allies" Discussed on On the Road with Mickey

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"brenda allies" Discussed on On the Road with Mickey

"So much. And i've kept everyone i keep it but i've kept everyone and i just love how to always do that because it's such a just such a nice thing to do for people. No that's one of the things that that always exceeds my expectations for me. I just love when they do special things for you know. There's kids having birthdays there and people having anniversary that kind of celebrations and it just adds to the fun so much so. That's the first one good. That's a good one. Brenda allies so When next one the next one took place in the magic kingdom as well. I think not all of these took place in the magic kingdom but But this one took place in the magic kingdom and just for the a little context it took place pre sourcres the magic kingdom days back at the fire station that used to be you saw. They always had the patches of the fire. I took up alliston. All you did. And there's one in their from wake county and anyway there's They have all the patches but they used to also sell books and things like that in there and one day we were just went in there. And we're looking around and sophie was looking at some of the books and she solid book that she wanted and and it wasn't that bad. I don't even remember what it was now. But we went to go To go pay for it and the cast member was like i'm sorry but the But the system is down and and we can't process your payment and we're like okay. Well we'll come back. It's not what i mean is the system's down and you don't need to come back because we're going to give you the book and so they gave us the book itself. Sophie loved the book. And i wish i could remember what it was but it was was a little kids book from you know for like a six year old or seven year old type and she just really liked it and so i actually had forgotten this and cindy reminded me of it because cindy never forgets anything. Oh wow and then as a as a follow up to that just this past july. I had a An e gift card. And i had loaded onto my phone so that i could pay for stuff with the gift card and we went.

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