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"breeder nikki" Discussed on Straight Talk with Ross Mathews

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"breeder nikki" Discussed on Straight Talk with Ross Mathews

"That thing Donna WanNa let hideout yes if she said what do that U. K.. We're we're giving me some marijuana. No okay okay so I found it interesting that you didn't want to go to the top of the arch you're dead so we're GONNA WANNA skydive no no and why Too much of a pussy understood. Cj with Donald. WanNa go dancing tonight long absolutely have you. When's the last time you went dancing all night long? Oh longtime ago. I think it's time you come to Puerto Vallarta and can go with that. I'll do you'll do it Donna. Donna one some of that Tequila had mellow yeah. Donna Would you ever want to go to a nude beach. Would you lay out naked. Absolutely enough dot interesting. Donald ally don't want it to some pipe. I been there done that okay awesome. You did thought about two weeks my sister on the way to deliver Nikki Hospital weeks ago. You did you do two weeks ago. Can you tell me about this. Well I I live with my sister. She's seventy eight and she's all crippled. Jackie yes aunt Jackie and And you take care of you help take care of her and we pot. We smoke pied She just gumy's kinds of crazy shit. That's wonderful along with their competes. Right UM WITH DONNA WANNA be on a nude beach with a black man that eats fried right chicken now. Now now that's offensive. Yeah and you should ask another question. I want to stand up for that not on this show. So okay move on Malone Donna Donna. Let's move on this past weekend. But would you want to have your own podcast called Hashtag Donna boy. Oh yeah no what about podcasts. Called Donavan Donna or Ya. Ah Donald Q. I'm tired understand. We made alive down. I'm exhausted. Don Don WanNa have sex whole hell. Yes yes oh ooh you do what you don't want to go on deeds. Oh you just WANNA have sex. I wish for Donna My saying this. I wish that Donna had like the fuck buddy. Would you be open to that Donna. Yes I do I have a girlfriend and she's like can't we just paid get fucked. Isn't that introduced Nikki. Walk me through your thoughts on that. And then you know I'm crass but someone the other day of the Charlotte of straight talk with Ross. which I thought was hilarious? I'm the proof is in the city. Now listen I think I think everybody should have have a fuck buddy. If you're not in a relationship we should there should be and I guess there's grinder and things out. There should be like an applet. F Buddy where you're just searching for people at any age any gender whatever. We're just like Wednesday and it's like what are you doing like. Oh do you want a Mama Mama you would if some dude was like. Hey Donna on Wednesdays we're GONNA GONNA meet like we're GonNa go to fucking I don't know old country buffet and then I'm GonNa take you home and have sex. You'd say yes well after knowing but yeah Yeah Nikki. I'll wait a minute. Wait a minute I have to reveal something I really don't know why Mr my see. Sometimes we do this like a fake real. There is a fuck buddy in my class and are you serious. You have a fuck buddy. Yep but you have a vibrator grader. Wonderful Donna WanNA WANNA Donna. You have this wonderful your love it. This is great raid inspiration. This is wonderful. This is concerned. I have to tell you I got it. Yeah how did you do you have a pocket rocket or as a whole like the brands. What do you do you endorse by the Yes? She's a spokesperson for this company. Paid many. Oh Hey okay. Very popular competent online and ordered it yourself. Yes but let me tell you. Yes so flipping flipping freaked out. I was afraid my sister's kind of out there and left feel little bit okay. Good Watch this box calm And Are you talking about Regina Right now out of this box watching title a package and my sister opened up and I thought how into how am I gonNA talk my way out of this one. I'm going to do an expose now. Walk you backwards a little bit so you didn't have ah vibrator and you're comfortable talking about all of this. You brought it up wait a minute. Yes had a really good one but when she came to town to move me out from the House to the apartment apartment I threw it away because I was afraid she'd find. Oh this is great by the way she could have given me recommendations on what brand new by so but let me then you say okay. I need another one so you go you. How how did you find Adam and Eve dot com? TV ON TV was a popular one. Okay so you go on and you're thinking okay. What in what were you looking for in a vibrator right Breeder Nikki? People wasn't a wait a minute. WHO's listening to this but nobody you don't have to worry got it totally anonymous? Look in that camera there in wink. All right go Let's say I I was looking for someone with powerful that could take me from zero to a hundred and this is the so and then. What kind did you buy like? Wait a minute. I'm trying to think of the name of it. It's pink and it's about nine in inches long. Oh just just below sea and it's and it's got ten speeds on it Same is huge glittering glitter's famous DJ. So you go from. There's ten feet from one to ten. Yes and what speed do you do. Go straight drape for ten. y'All my God like a young Ross Matthews well done on three full boyer so you don't even start at one and build it yourself at ten. I have to say we've had one drink just so everybody knows this is not just you know. We're not that we had one drink. Drink up on the hill. Are You mad. No I just didn't know this I didn't know I threw it away when you came into the first of all that away and not just say Oh there's vibrator later you'll see it on a podcast. What's different it's different? Okay yeah because maybe you weren't ready for that then. Nicky is a safe zone. I'm here to honestly it was kind of get more out and I was really looking a little more power little more. Uh I know what I'm getting you for Christmas. My God we should all. That's what we should get into the buying each other prisoners. Who should all by Donna? Boyer Sex Toy. I'm in Guy I made only gone not okay with that God. Ross you got. You'll be I want Donna Wanna I can be wonderful. Just take this to the next level. How do you ever use anal beads? Mom No okay all right ooh uh Alex questions asked my mom for five hundred. Wow you all uh speak to your mom's like this yes. I do C. J.. I do not talk to my mom that sex. No I didn't never do with my mom. I in like that. I've never gone into detail about my sex life with nets ally just lie deal. Lie Deal you have. Yes what do you remember the details like yes. We're GONNA get anywhere but you got the detail. What did she say didn't phaser didn't faze her at all? Were you nervous. No we were having wine and we were talking and I was like. I can't believe I just said that to you. And she was like I don't care. Yeah that's great. I just the thank you because I will never forget this asleep. I will never sleep or forget this moment ever in my life. Yeah well I insist on who you know. I wanted to play on the one I I did. I said I said. Can I ask your mom. Anything and Donna. She said Y'all all answer anything. Donna were you planning on making this revelation on the program. It's okay well. What really for everyone really domino word really phenomenal? I know what we got one but hours. How is that so I was great? Wow All right because in your house she feels about Nikki off. Okay well this song really long trying to get to the good part. Okay Everyone Donna. WanNa she wants a yeah Duh. Ah Walk that's you using a vibrator Da uh-huh be right. I don no no one yes she did Donna did she thought you don't draw She went there. Donna Donna WanNA graduate to a bigger vibration. The whole you right back at the.

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