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"breckin bruce" Discussed on WIBC 93.1FM

"One point shots were fired in the area specifically on the parking lot on multiple shots. She isn't sure if those shots were fired at the officers. Another person was shot and killed late Thursday night in the area of 38th and Arlington for Children killed in a fiery crash in Wayne County Thursday. Inessa Acosta, 15 years old Quentin McGowan, 13 Breckin Bruce, eight, and Trenton Bruce, six, all killed when a semi slammed into the back of the car there Or writing in which was sandwiched into the back of another semi in front of them. State police say the semi driven by Corey Withrow didn't slow down in time coming upon a construction zone along I 70 with rose in the Wayne County Jail, charged with reckless homicide and driving while on drugs. President Trump threatening to pull federal funding from school districts that don't open up for the fall semester because of Corona virus concerns. HHS Secretary Alex A's are telling Fox News. We must reopen schools health risk to them of not being in school. You'll are out definitely outweigh the risks of being back at school State Superintendent Dr Jennifer McCormick firing back at the threat on Twitter, saying, If there was ever a time school's needed federal support, it is now. Education doesn't just help a student achieved a degree, says Su else. Berman, the president of Ivy Tech, We don't always recognize what an important role We all of education play in being a provider, or at least a connector to services of American, she tells inside Indiana business. That's why she believes it's important for students to return to the class from this fall with safety precautions, of course, coming up why football practice is at a standstill in Fisher's That story and more next on 93 w Y D. C coming up on Tony Cats today the second end Mint Free speech and you And Joe Biden's campaigning about Joe Biden. That's coming up in three minutes. You've had extra time and now, Eric Berman reports. It's time to get your taxes done. If you still haven't file state and federal tax deadlines were extended because of the pandemic, Indiana Revenue Commissioner Bob Brenna says flattening the curve of the Corona virus also flattened the curve. Incoming tax returns. About 200 to 400,000 returns air still out, but that's a fraction of the taxpayers usually wait till the last minute. We figured out how to continue operating all of our systems and services. So we have been here for Hoosiers throughout, admit processing returns and refunds, while others, including the IRS got down a lot of their operations, which has created an enormous back walk. Three more months. Still wasn't enough. You could request an extension, but you still have to pay what you owe by Wednesday. If you can't grimace says you can call the department. Asking about a payment plan. Eric Berman, 93 WNBC Mobile need doctor found she wins a horse race. That story coming up. Ah, mom and daughter from Indiana were part of a check fraud scheme stealing unemployment benefits from Washington State, says the federal government. Chris Davis. Reports rose and as a real low and Andrea Rene pit Linsky were money mules, says the federal government. U. S attorney Josh Minkler says the two would get unemployment benefits from Washington state that they didn't deserve. And their bank accounts and Fort Branch Then they would cash the check before anybody detected it and Shen part of the money to the person who was orchestrating the scheme. That guy is known on Leah's William Lewis. He has not been arrested yet. But the mom and daughter from Indiana have Chris Davis 93. WNBC Mobile News President Trump considering pardoning Roger Stone on Fox News Thursday, Trump was asked if he was thinking of pardoning stone or commuting his sentence. And he said, I'm always thinking Trump claims Stone was treated badly by the judge overseeing the case. Stone was convicted of witness tampering and lying to Congress football player has tested positive for Corona virus at Fisher's high school he and the team mates he's worked out with will all be in quarantine for two weeks. And the Martin, whose daughter attends Fisher's high school, tells Wish TV The school district is doing all it can I think that Kids are.

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