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11: Missing Sports? The Bennett Brothers, Pele & Siggi Talk Shop

Mouthpeace with Michael Bennett & Pele Bennett

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11: Missing Sports? The Bennett Brothers, Pele & Siggi Talk Shop

"You wake up. Wake up a wake up. Wake up a I said what wake up you're listening to mouthpiece Michael Bennett and Pele Benny all right today. I get the opportunity to introduce somebody it. He's he's a baby brother but the same time. It's kind of hard to be the baby brother. Actually bigger than your bigger brother He's a Renaissance Man. A published author on several books animator a super bowl champion a pro bowler the voter husband and debt. Martellus Bennett and also his beautiful wife. Sigi. She is a great chef even though she doesn't have a chef line a Turkey burgers. Hurry pelley Turkey burgers. They they balanced right now. She's a wonderful mother. A mom influencers and a great sister-in-law and just overall great person so fans get tuned into Martinez Bennett on our show. Mouthpiece today without people are so nice Michael which are over that and his wife I was like. Oh he just stop there. That's all I get us for Tele Jute things like that. I don't don't think intelligence says morning. Define me find until you're on so is being a animator and being influenced her and learning about the thing that you want to do within your books and stuff as a young black kid. What was your inspiration for? I knew I remember you. Writing Stories are like one of our punishments as a kid a mom used to make stories and shit like that and all kinds of UH. Recycle pediatrician differ shit. Like that and you just always rice stores you always Creighton as a Kid. Like what was your influence on into this moment. Right now were you like a actual animator. Actually put out stuff like well. So it's interesting because my creativity takes place in nineteen ninety six to two thousand and five. So that's the time period I Usually right in the application and I think that's mainly because that's the area where my childhood took place at the time where I was really coming into. My own is a child so the Venice the fantasized version of my childhood. When I visited I right So for me. It's really about growing up when I would watch things or make things. Willy Wonka was the biggest influence only ever in my life. I like what's your biggest influences? Always Been Willie Wonka. And that's because watching Willy Wonka. He may chocolate and everybody was in. The world won't fight for this chocolate. Everybody wanted his chocolate. People were lying by getting tickets. People were fighting everybody. Chocolate everywhere and chocolate changed. People is but I looked at his chocolate is more as magnificent creation that this guy was creating and then when I meet will he walk as is a century out. We're guide a lives in his place as Columbus which is a whole another story about Lupus and are too will have open up as personally sung songs airtime. Someone did some shit wrong in the house. Like yeah I would love to own Lupus like a bunch of people in chocolate but the idea of the chocolate factory and people want to go there and see how he made this and wanted to taste is they made me. WanNa make chocolate and dumais chocolate. Just I had to figure out what my chocolate was. A my chocolate is our books. You know what we're seeking as as as a wife you know sometimes you you supporting your husband as he moves from the NFL to up the nose how's it been watching him transition from the NFL to you. Know he's been crazy stuff the whole time. How do you support how do you keep? How do you keep that going? Honestly I feel like our transition wasn't a transition. It was just natural. It was like the easiest thing ever because it was what he was supposed to be doing. All along He's the only person I've ever met. This says like football with my side job. He was like yeah. Football's my side job. But what I really like to do. Is You know this long list of the never ending resume of all the things that he does but the transition was so easy because he just had never seen him so happy and at peace and actually doing the things that fulfil him in life daily and not have to have the added stress of going to his day job. So it's easy to support it because the happiness in him is so like apparent now like I remember so many days of him going to play football and there is no there is no joy there. There's no joy they're like they're they're days there were but there are more days when it was like a drag or you know something he had to go do. Despite loving the game there was so many politics or injuries things like that. That took away from it but now he just gets to do what he loves. All the time it dis. Oh No I love that. You said it like now because you are already doing as you're playing football transitioning like you said is not a transition so do you think that not are you happier but how does that look now that you guys are out like. How's the relationship got closer you know? Sometimes we only talk about retirement people apart or the first thing they have after new sex gopher margaritas right like we have migrated Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday afternoons on yours. We play right. They belong to someone else so you can never leave work and play. Well you know what? I'm the office today once you let's go to me here and let's have lunch or let's go do whatever. I. Let's go to museum this afternoon for lunch. You'd never get the option for ten years of your life is like doesn't exist so for us as like you get to start date dating again. Yeah right so you kids or a school you drop the work like all outlets have breakfast together right or or let's go walk to the coffee shop for a little bit. Yeah we always. We've always been very close like we prefer to be with each other rather than most people like. We're always together in the house but now it's like we're not like. I didn't think that we would be together even more. And like that's like now he disliked do our like like always together and it makes me think of marriage like to get better. No you don't I was like we're like we're so close and then I'm like damn we. We actually liked to spend all of our time together. Like it's it's hard for us like travelling because we're just so used to being like even with jet just like a unit like the three of us so it's like even when we travel. It's really kinda like hard on us. We're just we just like have our our our things like we just love being together. It's nice it's really cool. It's like with your best friend. You're just really with your best friend but like you were saying a lot of couples like sometimes they grow apart bartels always says like like you'd always joke but it was the truth and it was like a lot of guys don't know their wives or don't like their wives like when you guys are spending so much time playing football you some of these couples don't really really know each other on the deepest level. I thought you were going to come home and be good but now I want you to go back to work. Highest of life like the house of the life l. like the trials and tribulations. That's when that's when the real love commodity worse out that's before the divorce happens things and maybe that's what has all. Maybe that's why we have a stronger relationship because your NFL career was a highs. Nfl career was very rocky says Nelson and other garbage ships closer to the same reason why their relationship had very close because we went through a lot of life together. Yeah so like. Mary don't read experience a lot. Things like start traveling. We stores that say we start traveling together like when we started going to museums. It wasn't like I went to go visit museums. And she's like we had a lot in life. We grew together a lot of times. People grow separate Agai- like this person might get these interests and grow direction. This person goes in this direction. So say you do have like differences. I think what's beautiful about? That is to allowing that person to go in that space. Not keeping them in a box. So if you're looking that it's like okay. Let me nurture that unless you do that. I think that also applies to the kid. But it's all about keeping the box. I for like as an athlete. People try to keep keep the players in the bucks. I feel like your whole time as you've been like making a not a regular box making I boxed into a circle make it into whatever you WANNA do. I tell us that a black box away just for example like when you first America music on Youtube when I came out using you to people get mad got mad at players like why are you doing. Every player has a youtube channel. Everybody has partnered I was the first player athletes do later and I was. One of the first one was onto as we're okay. I was blogging for. Dow's morning news before anybody. Who's writing for anything? You know what I'm saying so like for me. This is what happened was I felt like I focus too much on the box. Sometimes right like I tried to prove that I was everything outside of the box right but the fact that I m athlete and I am a I am athletic. I am creative. I M this. What's makes me special so the most interesting thing about are you could buy a kit any toy but the box because it becomes it could become anything so your box could become anything so once. I realized like I'm in control of my box. No one could put me in my box. I can just transform box to be wherever I wanted to be. And that was a powerful thing and that was like A. How do you there you go to that stage? I think it was to realizing that there is no like a lot of times. You guys we try to separate. I'm a mom a wife. I'm a you know a party girlfriend. But no your mom who likes to part is zero. Single thing is you. You could be sexy and be a mom. Also you say you're a mom. Why do you have a no sorry about the jet heights me better than anyone? Societal structures and constraints. They're put in place. Make people put themselves in boxes so that they can be understood but the be truly understood as to be fully present and who you are all those things encompassed who you are. You're like no fear. Yeah because you have to walk into that knowing that it could mess but walking into your also you like I might fall but I'll keep going and I think that's scary in that part when people are like how do I make this transition or change into something else. Because they don't know how it's going to be perceived from others. A wife like the put wives in boxers too like they guy wife. You're not supposed to do she's not supposed to do that. Especially when your wife till athlete how do you? What are you doing to find your voices individual you during the fire your passions like because there's like a lot of people listen to the show that might be like in a place where they want to figure out. How do they go outside the box and create more like voice? I think for me it's on. It's an ongoing journey. Martellus and I are very opposite in that way. I always think like he has a very clear vision of why he went to what his purpose in life is and maybe he didn't know exactly what needed to be but he needed. He knew he needed to be creative. He needed he needs to make things. I've always been that person's like I like to dabble in this. I like to dabble in that. But it's that fear for me of like what if I fail so for me. It's always hard to like completely dive into something and put everything out there in like people and not be well received or something like that but for me I think in the last especially since retirement what I hear a lot in like feedback to myself like people are like. Wow you really are like very authentically yourself and I will say that like. That's something that having a partner who has always been authentically themselves has like that's influenced me greatly and it allows me to be whoever? I want to be whether that's okay. We're doing the gym like we're going to the gym. I'm inspiring people to go the gym or we WANNA do curly hair stuff where we WANNA chef. We want to do all these things but for me. It is an ongoing process of finding the things that I like and being okay with like I. Maybe that didn't work out quite the way that I planned it but at least like we got we have to try it so you must go to fill your no more. I am no like myself outside the box I have to do. I have to do it for myself. Like a campaign buddy L. So I'm GonNa highlight singing because obviously you know we've been in the family together for a long time so a lot of focus on you know the guys because of what they do but we do a lot and I'm not only saying as like wife's I'm like saying our family. I mean if Sigi I've seen her from the beginning. Starting a family you know before she even had a kid. So I'm like I've seen you also grow as mom as a woman to become you know like this evolve in grow more into like how not a role that I don't think it's like really a role you play like within your family because you were so many heads so you see her like juggle so many hats for her husband per moving for football. You gotTa have a hat for football. You GotTa have for your child you gotTa have yourself. So how do you? You're not talking about how he's going to run for yourself because you have to wear so many hats and I'm saying nothing you guys don't yes talking to you because you wear so many hats. Where do you find a space where you like? You can finally have like your own time. You're meantime like what is that for you. That's just for you. I think I had to create like I definitely fell like like some people. Don't know like Martinez are tell us move to La for me so it was like like yeah like yeah of course it helps his business to be in. Hollywood but it was really because this is where I want it to be. I feel like myself here. I didn't I felt like I was losing myself. Like in the suburbs like. I was living a white suburban lifestyle like Ma elect stay at home moms white suburbia. She's a station wagon. She had a labrador golden retriever. I have the driving the soccer mom car with one kid but I was losing losing myself. Because I I didn't feel like I like I wasn't in a place that inspired me. I wasn't in place. It was called all the time. I'm from California. It was called. It was radi that was your your bombarded by snow constantly. I didn't feel like there is people around me that had similar interests to me like yeah. I had like football friends but if you take football away like how many of those people who are you going to remain in close friendships with like I just didn't feel like I was reaching my potential where we were and some somebody else might look at that. You have this yet three acres house. You know your stay at home all day. You just take care of your baby and it's like for somebody else. That's everything for me. It wasn't enough as like moving to La has really allowed me to flourish even more. I think because I'm in a place where I can be with people who like the same thing as I like and just go do the things that I like to do. In part of that is self care for me. That's getting out being in the sunshine working out. You know eating right doing those kinds of things. I didn't feel like I could do that. In the space that we were in social to x for x also talk smell are also. There's also also there's two there's the MOMS does get it to communicate mob of credit because they say stay at home. Mom comes off as a derogatory statement when the house in a damn business could house. There's like so many different decisions that have to be made like you run your company. The houses accompanies of a well-functioning family is a fortune five hundred company. A family does not function. Well they've got bad business manager running a house so the kids are all time they do the things they need to do all these things that is a CEO row and in a great CEO thinks about the employees before they think about themselves. Because I there is a great deal. You put the business with yourself. What's best for the business and mothers do? So that's a whole different day but at the same time the mother fucker man have a a really fucking hard job as well. Absolutely gotta give every fucking day like we you guys think about this like every time you take a dollar out. We have to stress about putting a dollar back in stressful lifestyle going. Well we'll make this next two dollars to replace the. Don't take it out. This is the same person I'd be like this month so we can't do it. Just get it but but it's interesting too 'cause like growing up in seeing the stories that you did and now seeing like deer blackboard boy you brown girl all these different things that are coming out like is it hard because sometimes I feel like it. Nfl is such a a white fan base right so you write stories about do black boy. I feel like sometimes they can resonate with the stories like when we were at the NFL in Miami for a super bowl. They just look so uncomfortable. When you're reading the story at one thing that always catches mind our home until Pele. I was like those lady who was like the story. Be for everybody. You were like no this story's for their for black boys and the story. There's other stories that are for other people but this particular story is for that person. I thought that was a good way of answering the question. Because she said it. Kinda ru but you answered it so Jewish It'd be appointed like. Oh why are you not talking to my kids but whole thing is I look at our conversation and every conversation is not for every single person and I think artists make mistakes when they take they could speak to the entire world at once right so for me. I'm like I want to have this conversation with black boys so dear black boy this is for you. There's no doubt about it so when I had this conversation for them they also the thing is the black boys up to the fourth grade. Like seventy four percent a boys up to the fourth grade are up to grade level if you think about seven percent of the books represent kids of color. It's all people of Color Right. There's more books about animals. Our kids have color. So if you take you take you pull those out in anything about. This won't be mostly grow. Centric books are going to be black boys so if you think about not having black boys reading levels part of his not being able to see yourself in books from young ace. Oh what a book is so Brown right like the book is as Brown as it could possibly be if there was a shade of Brown in the world is in that book Ray so for me like I thought the Question Time I out this book as racist well is Harry Potter. All these other stories that have nothing but why people in those book racist there but once you start having a story whereas just solely focus on people have colored as world where why people don't exist. They gifts gets to a point where they feel like they can't be in that world. They want to be in that world right now. Racism though that I feel like white people get caught up in is the differences. When you're empowering a culture as different than saying my culture is the best in your inferior Like nothing you do is ever going to be good enough right enough. Speaking of the black power is not the same as like white. Supremacy is not the same at all. Stay with us. We'll be right back after this short break. 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Only a helixsleep dot com slash piece. Mom is white and your debt is so grown up so you you grew up an interracial household. How was that growing? Yeah kind of like my dad raised me for the majority of my life. But Yeah but how would they? How did they play on your role or your identity or like your outlook on life? Did it make you see like different size of understanding? Both cultures understand less. How does that play on You? That my my like racial identity has always been like an an area of difficulty. Because I think to me like I definitely had informed like how I grew up informs away that I see myself. I don't feel like I present to the world as a black woman. I don't see I don't I don't think that when other people look at me they see a black woman I in my elaine literally how I look I think the most people think them are tell us has is married to a white woman but like my black friends are mixed friends are like no like I see a black woman but to me that was growing up in Oakland California which is very culturally diverse but like growing up in black neighborhoods with black friends raised by a black father. And here's this very pale skinned little girl. That doesn't quite belong so it was always that sense of leg. I don't quite fit in in that in that arena either like I'm constantly having to prove myself that's how I grew up. I felt like I was constantly having to prove that I was black. I was the president of the Black Student Union and High School. That also reflects now that you have a daughter. Yeah she's looking at like we're joking about it because we're together and she doesn't understand and she's like she's chocolate. She says what it Blake say to you about me. When you're like your daughter asked you. You said that I was mixed and she was like what no he's white because they look at the skin color skin color acted to you. Know what it is. Yeah what I was seeing is that how do you reflect from how you grew up into now? Having a daughter you know like how does that work in the house and has a reflect on your experience for her like how she's going to grow up. Yeah I mean she's at. She's at such a difficult age with race like it's explaining race to her is very confusing right now because like you said they just look at skin color like she doesn't understand like that at a point in history and still quite a bit today like people are judged based on the color that may are and so. She's like no Mommy's peach like word is always like no mommy is black. They like about man color. Just the way that people are race was established by men to identify separate the people separate. But we just. We walked into the world. You don't get mad at Florida's read or Florida's blue yellow. A yellow rose is just as valuable as railroads like is just about the different colors arrangement so now teaching kid about color and then teaching the kid about race race comes with social constructs as the doesn't make sense right because his two people made it up like this is what we're going to do so it doesn't really make sense because it's just kind of like I get dead. Mommy's Pece Daddy's milk chocolate milk on yours chocolate but I see that but then like once you start putting race color and then you start putting race on like if you think about color. Why people are the minority. The majority of the World Brown world is brown rice at idea like the world is why is ridiculous? Right saying and it's just it's just like the whole race day because Jay is is super prow brown black girl. She's she's she's as black as they come as interesting because the way to work and the things that I create my characters or characters of color so for most kids like for her her first thing is like any word I bill. She sees tons of Brown kids so when she watched his show and she doesn't see Brown kids in it. I think she is. She's like Dad. There's no one that looks like me in his show we're watching Hocus pocus. And she was like Oh. I should call grandma Kathy. And should be as she could be a witch which Grammar Kathy and she was like I was like I was like ne-near probably be a better. Which though because she got a lot energy and she's funny. She's like many came via witch. Now's like why not because he's black dead and I was like what do you mean? She's like I've never seen a black witch and then she started reading all she's like. Dc or white. She's not naming on right now. Oh yeah she was right no buffs and the fact that she noticed that. Just think about what. You're saying like jet so smart so she notices that but then there are so many children that don't know that the issue notice it because of the things that create. So what did I do every single week? She woke up to a new black wished. I drew years one other words again. There's black witch about like arch our children before us like raising them in a family that socially conscious and like like you. We're all like act. You guys are all into activism and it's just like our kids have no choice but to celebrate their blackness or their or their Samoan culture or any of that conversation that we're constantly in our family like we're constantly talking about but I celebrate have probably had individually. We still don't know about each other that we had to face race color. Ism and I think it's so important because we're interracial couple people don't ever that when they see us they usually just assume like oh they're black. I'm like all four. Always say that it's like my responsibility. Also even though I'm you know of someone descent is a teach them of Polish culture but it is responsible to me to teach them of African American and African. Culture was really great. That happened yesterday. And this is why representation is an important yesterday when us talking about what you were. You says Moana Rice and Nashi got extreme and under understand exactly your culture. It can be because she watched the movie. So that's why kids being on screens and these different worlds by. Oh I'm just like whomever you don't sound like they're not like oh it's so beautiful. Your people were yeah. They don't themselves in a box. They get an understand of somebody else's coach. I think that's important because I feel like also within our sense of who we are. I think we've we've all been to different places. You've been in different things so you understand other people's culture while building our own kids identity. Be Proud of who they are. We also gave them. Understanding to other people are different. I think that's important apparent. Do because sometimes they go overboard and then they'll become on the left side really fast. It's about balance. It's about being proud of what you are. A big problem with other people are too right like I find. Other people are interested. Their coaches their foods. They're they're rituals those things like that. Those are interesting things you can learn something from those people right like I don't. I've never been to a Shinto shrine but when I'm in Japan I'm every trial I pray to the God of Baldness and he didn't answer my prayers. I'm bald right now. Japan when I look at that like when you travel the world. The the idea is that most people never get outside of their bubble to them. The world is small. I got a friend. Who was making straws right? Like PLASTICS PAPER STRAWS. Try to eliminate stuff in ellison but he was in the Mid West. I say people in the Midwest probably never even touched ocean. Do we care about what's going on in the rain forest fire people here that never seen in rainforest have no idea how to rain affects the world. Whatever they don't care because they see it right but that doesn't mean it's not your responsibility because you you should be educated enough to know what it or whatever. So I- digress. Now I think he does. They don't care about Dafa skin tied up in their six pack cans like they never seen a dolphin ever. They never saw. The beauty of the ocean makes me so I mean that relates back to racism as well as like is they don't like when it's like. Oh you got to do is pick yourself up by the bootstraps. What is white privilege? And it's like but do you guys know history like you guys actually don't care about real black history like do you know the thirteenth amendment like all these people not history. Because it's not right. It's not a an education though like I was like I was reading to the people people feel like they were education. I'M GONNA put that on a shirt education stupid. No because like I was reading this one book in his like a free free at last and his big book of different stories of people who was in the war in a lot of the soldiers who are in the Union. The first thing that they said that they wanted to do was create education. Get the opportunity to have education. I feel like if people understood like what they Esso's went through to get to the point of what the freedoms that they have now. They won't let those things pass by because like to to understand not to be able to re are re be an actual law that you share. You can't read or have this or have that and to have it and not understand the magnitude of what people been through. I think a lot of times African American kids. They don't get to know the history because the schools don't teach you. They'll teach the journey. They only teach the traumas of it. They don't teach the war. I mean the winds in the winds of Wednesday the Wednesday one or the ones that are undeniable wins. Yeah right the undeniable moments that they try to teach that they have to feel like they have to speak about these because otherwise. There's no way you can see bill in the rug but these other things that people don't really get to see on that scale they don't promote those stories those stories but those small stories are big stories in other people's lives. It's funny because then you got people saying like Oh domestication and proclamation like if the patient proclamation missed something to society then we wouldn't have to have their Jim Crow then Jim Crow Bean Jim Crow would admit something and then it's like then there would have been of rice. Cycle Civil Rights. Fighting for civil rights am fighting for freedom is almost two different things. It's like civil rights is like you know something that's us. Human Freedom is just wherever human is born with every her. Yes should be born for free. But that's I think that's an important people knowing the history because what if the people who had that message patient proclamation like yeah we free but we had to go through that stop. I think it's important that if they understand the history didn't they will never stop fighting. Never stop creating as like you like you still creating things because you know that there isn't a voice like that. What have you Ma'am just tired? Man There's no voice I feel a responsibility. I can get tired. I feel like I can't fail to. I feel like in a way I have to be able to tell these stories because not only am. I have to tell the stories that I need to tell right. It's not like a certain story to have like is is where because I have stories that need to be heard because I'm the only one I can take people to the places I could take a world builder. Our Bill Worlds. I'm not storyteller right. I bill world so people to visit and when you can visit world's fictitious world you come back realising your world doesn't have to be the way it is and we realized your what doesn't have to be the way to ask empowers you to realize that you can change your world but I think it also takes it back to reality because we know we are bookworm. Family and we left reading. Peyton is thirteen so she is definitely getting to the age where she can read more advanced young adult books. And so these stories that I'm you know all now I've changed al-Rida first and then I have a read it just so i WanNa make sure she can comprehend or or how communication and conversation with me but I think it's also where you get into a book which I always say is like a vacation in Japan. It is you get in there but then when you come out you are still in your own reality in so for me as a parent. I think that's so important where she goes into a book but when she comes back out we still have to teacher. What should is happening right now. You know it's like there's so much reality that you can't stay in the book though because it has a bubble and you gotta come out. So how do you deal with both? So here's the issue. Though right this is this is the Beauffret you dealing. What you reality here right? Wherever that reality your circumstances are well all the books and stories that people give kids of color are right back into the reality we can. He got game boys in the hood. You know see you tomorrow right back in and he gets shot. The kid kills bills a time machine and go back in time to stop her brother from getting shot by the cops. So we fed realities and then we read a book about reality. It's hard to get those fantasies fantasies. You need those because we have girls and it's like we have to look for those type of books than those stories and I feel like the books that I at least me is to the older generation because there's so much wisdom in their stories are different from what you're saying now where they're reading it but this is actually happening. You know in real life people right now. You know all the different stories so I like teaching teaching and giving the girls in creating a library for them so we started out with a few years now is literally creating a library for them that represents them so they have a section in the house where all those books are about empowering women of color empowering you know teaching the history of African American people you know taking all the way back to like the route so they can learn empower women of color and and in a in a world that you build like you can show you could build characters were just as powerful as real people in the world can empower you as a kid. You Watch Batman his his whole size. It's called a Batman in fact right so when kids go out and play as themselves. They don't feel as you know rollers. Yeah heroic but when they put a Batman mask on those same kids jump off a jump off something in jump off of right so now you give kids characters that look like they're those kids become more courageous in ways to now. If I'm going to be Harry Potter Harry Potter inspired a such a huge community of people to fight for what they believe in. Make friends those type of things. So I think we star Wars Star. Wars has of those closer. You Have Changed Course from those movie. Change People's lives right like I could call it like how many how many people you don't know who found out that they did. He was a neighbor. Luke I'm your father. Dale we'd be battle. Halter became my grasp cutting grass. We all angry as caretaker governor daytime but at night here. Hey extreme is he. Put the hat on that. He didn't take it off governor white white. Supremacist off yeah. But that takes me back to the question that she asked me earlier about Jackson won. How did I get to the point of the box right just to the answer? I went through a phase called. I called the Damascus phase. Ray So basically there's a period of time where each room are were into. I will have a different master to be around these people. Like I'll put this Martellus put that Mortello and I put this more tillerson. There's so many different. People is a fucking identity crisis so a lot of people have an identity crisis and Alain vigneault because we just have project and we can never be hold because we have to give people certain parts of us. So I started Damascus myself. Every time I met a different version myself so that I could just be the same person all the time and I went through that phase in New York say in Texas you could be a horse but New York. Qb UNICOR like the possibilities are greater. You don't sound like an for me. That's what our always loved New York for that period of time. 'cause that's when we went through that. D- mask Face how do you see Martinez in the next five years growing and Martos? How do you see Sigi in next five years grown are doing are? What do you see her projection? You telling you putting it into the air. What's West the projection? I told him the other night said I would like for him to be in the circles of I liked for him winning an Oscar. He says it doesn't matter. It's it's happening but I would like to see that in the next five years but I even if it's not like winning the Oscar it's to me it's more. I hope for him to be recognized in his industry by his peers. And it's not just like you know the underground person like if you know you know but like I like I. I hope for him to like reach that level where he's like highly respected by his peers in the next five years for him. He's always like that. I don't think that matters to me anymore. It doesn't like for me. It's more about putting out the amazing work. It's not about the the you know getting the gratitude for it but I know that like would mean something to him are grew the other. I think the biggest thing for me in that aspect. Very nice of you to say Tim Burton to be like Yo last book you wrote. Also her one point I thought I wanted to build a billion dollar company right and then I realized that's not what I wanted. You know saying I just WANNA be able to make my art at a high level and be able to live off my art right like on me. I don't want to have thousands of thousand points. I just want to tell the best stories in for me. I realized like deer black boy like as far as writing goes structurally is as beautiful. Like I like the book but hate the project and the reason why I hate the project and I really hate reading a you know especially when I read it several times because for me I want to entertain his. Take them two different worlds black boy. I feel like it's almost like a bridge telling them that they could go to the other world with the same time reading it. It's not fun these kids I WANNA like. Laughter is what I want to hear a response. I want to build these moments where the family goes to movies or reading something together and they laugh together like now where you gotTa have this horror harsh reality conversation this conversation. I WanNa build stuff where you'd like. Oh it's coming out like we gotta go see. We're going to be funny. You know I want to. That's important. It was important. I feel like it's an important body work of my and I love the work but like but the experiences I want to create for kids to have around my work is mostly laughter and fun right like I want. I like literary nonsense. That's basically what I write Java Java literary says but in the next five years I will say that the the biggest thing is to. I think they'd say hardest thing is that she's GonNa build as probably going to be a a network basically where it provides almost like a concierge of coolness right where provis co term concert basically where not only is she liked doing her own cooking shows or whatever but she brings on other cooks stuff that she likes other fascist styles that she likes based like a taste maker platform so people could come get the best of the best of the best type of thing but she also gets the dabble in like this make up but she doesn't have to do all of the the content you know what Hi. You're really good at hair. Let me get higher to come in. High is established of the week. Let's get her to a makeover for girl whoever's member whatever things like that and then you build this network where now as like yelp for corners but with it is a concierge of cool people need right now and if we're talking about like football world you always need that because you never know where to go that actually for just the idea is to get a membership so now you pay a monthly for this information so if you go to Seattle these top style is this is the top if you need like a concierge service of instances wives of the League or whatever right so if you think about that in general that's fifteen hundred people but that's fifteen hundred people every year and I think that's also opportunity so that's like a gift bag for you know if it gets bigger and I was like I don't know on the teams you guys have been on but when we went to the guy. The giants was the only team that literally gave wise. Like oh welcome packet of like this is who to call for dry cleaning this is for landscaping services. Some of the wives have compiled for a hairstylist aligned. So I think the next five years for six she'll be should be not the influence cer- but the person the influencers getting goes to the person that you go to find the best influence right now. Influencers are so watered down right but who were the top ones that really know their shit and just so that way people could go get the best influence and not just any influence people who are pondering on retirement from something are leaving. Something are trying to do something new as a couple. What information would you give them too so just journey out and just doing be free from whatever? Whatever they're doing it could be from wherever job one thing that they want to walk away from. You guys have walked away from something something that you really dedicated twenty years too. I say one is to continue education and when I say continue education education of what you love rice interested in wishaw keep taking classes learning more. About what shops because the more you learn the more you feel you can actually build a business out of it right so I will find what is that you love and put time into it because like once you put enough time into it the you know there is something that you can achieve and then we make that decision. It can't be a monetary You know saying can't be by money right. It's not really about money you got to think about key. What's the price of happiness right like as more important to be happy? 'cause YOU'RE GONNA be more successful as a happy person than you are ever going to be as a miserable motherfucker working for building someone else's dream a lot of people don't water themselves like they don't put time into becoming what they want to become. They picked it they put on. Whosoever is that craft is if you you WANNA one day opened up a flower shop. Will rebound flowers learn about flowers? Go by flora shots. Plan your dream out while you're doing whatever you know. Sansa like start. Making a plan other has plans are important. Not The do you have to stick to it. Like players change all the time like all ship Plan B. Plan C. But like having a plan gives you a direction toward your dream without a plan. Most people don't know where to go. How do I get to my dream and that is the hardest thing if you get in your car. You don't have directions. Damn you get discouraged about going anywhere you wait for you. Wait for the address. You'd like Damn I don't know if I can hear you won't go. You gotTa fuck you pull out a map or some shit and you've got to figure out like I said when you want the direction so why do why don't people try to plan out the direction to their dreams. I think it's I think I should run as you said that. It's like I think a lot of people are scared. The the money part of it is what scares people. It's like well. How do I quit my day job to go after my dreams? If I can't support myself you know if it's not if your dream isn't necessarily GonNa make you big bucks right away you know and a lot of people hold themselves back because they're like well. I still have to support myself financially so I think our telesis of like this can be your side your side Gig but people aren't willing to put in the hours for that. It's like a nine to you gotta come home and work on your dream until three in the morning and get up again at eight o'clock in the morning we're going to do it. You got put the work in because like when I was planning to League. My animation in my company was in London. So that there'll be days. I have to wake up at five to talk to them before I went to the to practice right but most guys wouldn't do that right like so I'm learning. I'm building off seasons where everybody else's travelled out Internet nickelodeon. I'll intern. I'll go cartoon network. I'll go to dreamworks. I go to Pixar go and I'm just learning all these different things job shadow. Somebody just any spaces and I'm learning the lingo. The jerk the jargon I don't know should they be say was going on then also people network wrong. You have to network for net worth you inches network to know people right networking for network. There's a totally different strategic plan if I'm interested in politics got to the BT awards makes no fucking sense for me right. Go to the governor's ball or inauguration or anything in politics does if I go to the presidential debate. I'M GONNA run into people who are interested in the same thing I am which gives me closer to my dreams of possibly me. Somebody that goes along the way you build those communities around your dream directions. People like people really giving it their all going. After it like I was I was leaving Martinez. Office one day in Burbank. He works out of the street from the Disney offices and I drove past Disney. And there's guys out so two guys outside with big signs you know I I was like Oh. Maybe they're just homeless. And then you read the sign sign was like will in turn like and they're like forty you know forty five year old men. It's like putting themselves out there story. Who knows what job they actually have during the day or whatever but like actually being willing to put yourself out there is the hardest part right and discipline the definition my definition of discipline is allow yourself to get what you want The snap snap at the my Angelo. She discipline is one of the highest forms of cell flow. Reservation is to relive that. Hey Yeah no but thank you guys for being on the show. Today was a lovely conversation. I'm glad we got the dig deeper into your personalities and what you guys passionate didn't WanNa keep putting it like. Would you guys took a bus spores borne so I just feel like? Do we actually talk about sports. As a family. Ruben beautiful thing. Is that the more time we spend together. We're still learning about each other roussel changing of just loving each other direction. You guys are going in. I think the most beautiful firing or yeah. I appreciate your guys. This is going to be the number one. Podcast show in the world and whatever mouthpiece check this out mouthpiece. Pele Michael Bennett. Hottest shown air right now next week. I'll talk to my former teammate. From seahawks super bowl champion pro bowler cliff April and his wife April about things about parenting and how to be married in America. Please describe to US or like us on anything that you listen to Apple Stitcher spotify. Whatever you're listening to get away from your family whoever you don't WanNa be around and make sure you rate us or give us a comment. Even though we don't talk about your comments give us a comment. 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