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"brandon gas" Discussed on 600 WREC

"He calling for calm and stability following last week's unraced at the U. S. Capitol. Governor says This is not the time for finger pointing. She says she's urging all Alabamians to move forward calmly and with stability. In time, the governor ordering flags lowered statewide to half staff and honor of Capitol police. Two policemen died following the unrest of the capital. One died of injuries received in the violence, a second committed suicide. Easier way to sign up for covert vaccines in Alabama Governor Ivy says officials air setting up an online portal, she says the hotline for vaccines is bogged down. People should call only if they're eligible for the shots. Anyone who gets a busy signal should hang up and call back later. The Crimson Tide getting ready for tonight's national championship game. Some Alabama fans are angry because Steve Starkey Jin is leaving for the head coach position. A Texas social media has been a mix of congratulations and calls for loyalty. Nick Saban doesn't seem very affected one way or another. I think our coaching staff has done a really good job working with our players, you know, start Is the one guy that has shown great maturity, I think and how he handled his situation, You know, moving on to be a head coach, which is what he's worked for, and we're happy for him relative to the opportunity that he's created for himself by the great job that he's done for us here, But I have no complaints at all with the way our coaches have, you know, sort of handled the situation and I think everybody is wants to do the best job that they can for the players so that the players have the best opportunity to have success in the game against a very good team. Brandon Gas prices moving higher in Alabama, Triple A, says the statewide averages two away to Galan. Six.

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