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"brandon gabrielle union" Discussed on State of Fear Podcast

"The. Corn loop that's not not not the official state foods are may originally called fruit smack. kool-aid laid was invented by man named Edwin Perkins who many small order business out of Hastings Nebraska. Though the fruits met concentrates to it was one of the most popular products, glass bottles often broken transit. Perkins and Vinnie Powder Concentrated Nineteen, twenty seven to solve the problem and kool-aid was born Perkins. You are the man Genius, Oh Yeah Nice Roy Rogers faithful horse trigger which I love. Yeah. Unfortunately. died of natural causes in nineteen sixty, which happens but you can still see him at the RFID TV in Omaha not a replica. The real trigger he's a stuffed mounted horse was displayed at the Roy Rogers and Dale Evans Museum in Branson Missouri Until Twenty ten when he was sold at auction where he brought a whopping two, hundred, sixty, six, thousand, six, hundred Bucks Nice Rfid TV use trigger for promotional events along with Rogers dog bullet. My Daddy Daddy stuff he stuff all of that all the ash it wasn't just Pearl Harbor. That was hidden during World War Two on April Eighteenth Nineteen, forty, five Japanese balloon bomb exploded in sky over Dundee section of Omaha. Fortunately, it didn't do much damage in the attempts kept hush hush until after the war was over whooped. Yeah. Let me tell the People Nebraska was like what the Hell's Nowadays be all SIMS. No kidding. There is a six foot tall statue of chef boy ar dee. Yes. I'm as right. No, he is not from there and yes, he was a real person. His name was actually pronounced boy our day. Oh. But yes. Until recently, Omaha was home to the headquarters of Conagra. Foods Inc a business that includes brands like healthy choice. Jiffy pop you ready whip. Slim Jims yes. Juve Brother and chef boy day dad the man behind the canned Pasta Mascot was actually hector. BRD. Bureau do. Day who was a renowned schiff long before his face Grace Kansas Spaghetti or Spaghetti now I'm sorry Spaghetti O's I don't recall his face ever being spaghetti does he was responsible for Ravioli beef Aronie stuff like that your spaghetti o's was chef boyardee. Spaghetti and meatballs. Forget in the made balls you know what? I'm saying now some famous Nebraska NHS include Marlon Brando. Great actor. Brandon Gabrielle Union Beautiful Nick Nolte who crazy. Fred astaire whose awesome. In an Ramsey who is awesome and amazing, and if you don't know who in Ramsey, she played mama for tally in the goonies. And Mama lift in throw Momma from the train. Yep She was an amazing actress she was yes I'm GonNa tell you what We'll before we get into the main story as always we do on this show, let's get into your weird news of the day. But before we do that, my brother, what's up man has a very special day. What's hit it? roadmender. Rolling. Care Latin. August.

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