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Flag-wearing man throws Molotov cocktail into Austin Dems HQ

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Flag-wearing man throws Molotov cocktail into Austin Dems HQ

"Authorities in Austin Texas a man threw a Molotov cocktail into the headquarters of the county Democratic Party in an incident captured on security video a man wearing an American flag bandanna threw the incendiary device into the Travis county Democratic Party headquarters at about two AM on Wednesday according to the Austin fire department no one was in the office in a small stack of papers was set on fire but was quickly extinguished by employees of a neighboring business the party chairwoman said a note was left with the politically motivated threat Boston fire captain Brandon Jennings says the man in the video was also suspected of vandalizing a Travis county administrative building a few hours later I'm Jennifer king

Headquarters Of The County Dem Travis County Democratic Party Austin Fire Department Austin Texas Brandon Jennings Boston Travis County Jennifer King
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"Some necessary skepticism as they'll step up in class and while the win against west virginia in their season opener was nice. This will clearly be the stingiest defense that talia tag ovalles loa and his triplets on that offensive side of the ball will encounter no doubt about it and this is one of those games where it's like is maryland for real. Can you put them in the next tier of college teams because coming into the year. You're like yeah. This could be a team that fights to be in the top fifty and we know the talent that locks lease brought in but kenny put together. When i look at this one it comes down to a couple of simple. Things can maryland match iowa's physicality that's been really questioned. The turps haven't been able to answer against other physical teams in recent years. And you go back. It's like north wet -gars northwestern and rutgers bullied maryland last year. And then you go back to my clock's lease first year minnesota nebraska just ran marilyn over you in a few weeks back in. I i know you were. I think at dinner but got i watched the illinois game and it was like in the second half illinois turned to the power run game and just kind of shoved it down maryland's throat on a few drives. You have the blue chip linebacker brandon jennings who maryland flipped for michigan. All signs point to him being out in the turps front seven so the key for me past the point of maryland. having to match iowa's physicality is how you go about doing that. And i think it's forcing iowa into playing a style. That's not as physical as they'd like and the way you do. That is play with elite. So maryland's offense into a you mentioned at the top. They have to get out in front. They have to play with elite. That's how you're gonna pull off this upset. That's how you're going to stay within this number force. I would rely on. Its passing game with spencer peaches. Who right now. Who is delivering a negative five total. Epa through four games. It's the ninety fourth best quarterback in the country. You don't want iowa pummeled with a hammer on the ground. You want them forced to throw the ball through the air. And i think that's kind of an interesting point to as i go left here and my thoughts but it's like we understand there's multiple components to a football team right special teams defense but in twenty twenty one like offense. Is the one thing that's extremely predictive. And that's where iowa is lacking right now because of quarterback played patriots. Did come around a little bit fought back from behind last week against csu. But when i look at this again it comes down to maryland offense producing early. You have to get out to a lead as much as i like. Iowa's defense in their secondary's arguably top ten. When you have guys like riley moss and jack horner. They haven't been tested yet. Either at maryland is by far iowa's largest test to date. The offense is. I was played so far. Have an average efficiency rank of seventy six. They have an average. Epa parang of ninety seventh. So this isn't just a test for maryland's offense this test for the. I would defense by far the best quarterback in the most speed iowa's faced right. Spread iowa out. Make them defense space. Something they're not necessarily great at. They do have a tendency on defense to try to cover wide receivers in the slot with with linebackers. Get baby to his legs. Gone a little bit early. This is strength on strength maryland right now. They've moved to number one in passing success. Rate among power five programs. So this is. This is good on good but american getting out to that lead and then force i to throw has a far better chance of covering pulling off the upset like you. Don't want tyler goodson just running down your throat. We have seen baby to at this point. Just be one of the best quarterbacks in the country. It's it's really staggering. He's the only quarterback actually in the country with at least one hundred fifty drawbacks without committing. A single turnover worthy passed..

maryland iowa talia illinois brandon jennings west virginia rutgers kenny marilyn Epa nebraska riley moss minnesota michigan spencer jack horner csu patriots football Iowa
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"Hoops hype podcasts. On today's episode. We have a special guest. I'm joined by one of the first players to go pro overseas Guy was human highlight. Mix tape waiting to happen. And he put up some big games in the nba. With the milwaukee bucks and the detroit pistons and other teams as well it's brandon jennings brandon appreciate you hopping on the line with us. How you doing brother good good. What's that michael was on. Good man i california just chilling right now relaxing enjoying this weather. Good stuff man. I know you were just seems like the other day you were just at the milwaukee bucks parade when they won the title so nice to see you doing well out there. yeah yeah. The parade was crazy That whole bus experience have been winning. Two six The parade some. i'll never forget. I think i about thirty beers. So i'm still recovering but that would be you live in life and it's good to see One of the other things you're also doing is you're doing an nf t- drop and you're collaborating with ball is life So for the listeners that are tuning in and the readers as well that are looking at this. Transcript on on hoops hype. What are some more details you can share about that With our audience. It won't do it. it would block party The digital or you can collect Collectibles on the platform. And things like that. And and i just i just felt like my business partner You know we just don't like it was best to start it off with a high school highlights balls life. You know they have everything to my own down You know since. I was like you know in the eighth grade all the way to high school and so is this something that you know. I felt like where the world is going right now digital art and everything like that. So we'll be able to you know sell. My high school highlight take also be able to give some personal surprises. Well you know it certainly picked up lot. We've seen with the nba with tap shot with their doing so You touch on some of those like high school mix tapes and some other things is. Is this going to be like a one time. And if t drop or you're gonna try to do more stuff with nfc's and tough crowd. Yeah yeah so The birth will we're going to do is is school highlight and then we're on a tough crowd in which is my clothing lines Where where people can dress their avatars and talk clouds lows and you also get one of one piece from tough crowd. That people won't ever be able to get And then we're going to bring my fifty five point game against steph curry Not against i'll like that against that period but against You know the golden state warriors my rookie year and it'll be able to come with a jersey in a pair of shoes were that's what's up Like touch on you know we've seen nba tap shop kinda get in that and f. t. space For you like what made you kinda get into it and go in with with black party to do your own and not drop with fifty five point game and some of the other highlights from high school that you're gonna have coming up. Why did you feel like block. Parties committed to helping empower brands From a deeper connection with the fans and things like that so me and my business partner that we were just saying like there's going to be a perfect opportunity with this platform that they had to launch tub crowd ball this life partnerships like that. And then we'll be able to you know just the cell like you know the physical product to you know like you know with the balls life you know you get the tape that comes with it and we all makes sense is it all makes sense to just you know being too Lost this you know..

milwaukee bucks brandon jennings brandon nba detroit pistons steph curry michael california nfc golden state warriors jersey
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"He did. What yeah yeah And it was on. Yeah it was all your warriors. I'm enrico was. I wasn't there. I was in house in la. Okay with the clippers bucked Just that day though. That whole day was crazy. 'cause i was. Nba was following me. That day you know during the rookie thing. And i remember. I got to the game at four o'clock in the game was at seven thirty. Yeah so i got real early like feeling good and through the first half i was planning trash.

enrico clippers la Nba
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"Jenny's ice cream janis as unique flavors like brown butter almond brittle a butter cream ice cream with golden pockets of caramel and crunch and bramble berry crisp ice cream. That tastes just like a fresh berry. Cobbler topped with vanilla. Ice cream. all made from scratch. No synthetic flavorings are dis. Ice cream is great and jenny's makes it better find. Danny's one of a kind ice creams including gluten free dairy free flavors at scoop shops and grocery stores nationwide and online at janis dot com. That's j. e. n. i. s. dot com a call in all sports fans peacock live coverage of some of the biggest events in the world. Premier league is back on saturday august fourteenth and you can stream tons of matches exclusively on picot plus. Don't miss a moment of action with live coverage from the ryder cup. Nbc's sunday night football and more looking for sports talk. Peacock has conversations on the latest in sports and culture with brother from another the dan. Patrick show and the rich eisen show where all this more go to peacock. Tv dot com slash sports to get started peacock tv dot com slash sports. Hi i'm monica raymund. I'm a travel journalist. And i want to bring you on a road trip. From new york dean. I'll share the stories. That aren't in travel guides ready search for about the journey in your podcast app. That's about the journey. Point is a production of iheart radio. I just said i. I just felt like i was the clerk draft just felt like i was better just mentally physically and everything. They have learned that year. I just felt like. I was better than everybody thought it was going to fix. That was my best workout. Dantonio was there any point guard so that was one of.

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"And i just want to be part of the game. I wanna be. Don't know at. You always want the world series in various strong division. I want to say hey. At least we kind of your wet toe to toe when the draw okay I don't know where andrew is android still here. Yep okay yeah man. Mike is really really good. 'cause you're you're you're silences super silent the good mike as a good mike Anything else let's see. We are at the hour and thirty. Four minute mark I do have small segments sacking. Papa let me get one out of the way. Because i i've got a backlog here and i need to get these out of the way because they were topical by just didn't get to them guys so i got a playroom members forget. And he was very relevance. This summer it's brandon jennings body era go brandon jennings. Everybody played in the nba was a point guard. Areas played He well he was drafted out of lottomatica roma because out of high school four went or four. Goad college decided to go play. Italy get paid there and then get drafted by a team and the team that drafted him was the milwaukee bucks and while he debuted in two thousand nine tenth overall pick and over. His career played for the bucks. The pistons. the magic. The nix the wizards and then went back to milwaukee finished his career there and then put in the g. League played in. Russia and china went back to italy too so average fourteen point one points per game three rebounds per game. Five point seven assists per game three point seven percent shooting. And what does he currently doing. He's probably currently still partying with the milwaukee bucks right now. Made the all rookie team in two thousand ten. He claims some really. He played one really really really good game that kind of cemented his peak in the nba and it wasn't as rookie year Where he scored. I think fifty five points in a game so yeah that that was his claim to fame. It's it's a bucks rookie record like it's an nba rookie record as well. So it's it's really the like 'bout one super gigantic flash of brilliance and really his rookie season. Where he just he just peaked. He picked there and then he was mall right. I think so. And yeah and he did. Contribute to this milwaukee bucks championship team. Because he was traded to the detroit pistons. Four chris middleton so so there you go so the youngest nba player to score fifty plus points in the game. So that's why he has so. He holds a rookie record for that. And his claim to fame for the milwaukee bucks wasn't for being traded for chris middleton. It was because in the two thousand and thirteen nba. Play-offs the milwaukee bucks. Face the miami heat in the first round when the he had the big three and he claimed after going there after going down..

milwaukee bucks brandon jennings Goad college nba andrew Mike mike pistons wizards chris middleton milwaukee Italy Russia italy china detroit pistons miami
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"Here right basketball. When did you see like oh shit like this is what i wanna do Probably thirteen years old. ed nationals. I think for a lot of kids is when you put yourself in those positions You know plan for sea Always planning in big game and playing against the best competition so winning the national championship at thirteen. I knew right then and there Yeah this is something. That i knew i could be good at it and and i say you know You know what i i. Ha- i had another at another point. Guard on this show. Shamgar and sham god like his story like we know sham got like a to high school in hype with like when he was walking me back through his story. I did not know that he took basketball seriously in like middle school. You know what i mean and you know to see like somebody's be so true to its culture true to like his. Like i feel like the like the same thing like growing up in compton right being around mike this shit you know what i mean right and then it gets to a point at thirteen years old and like okay. I know that this is what i wanna do. You know what i mean. Talk about talk. Just talk about like the environment right in like what. What made you gravitate to basketball. Well i grew up in a single parent. Mother home Just me and my brother My dad passed away when i was eight So it never really had a father figure so I was put into position where i had to be like demand in the house. So basketball was my way out I wanted to play football. But mom doesn't really rocking limited So but i just found a love for the game of basketball through an will mix tapes Working out with slapping back in the day. 'cause slab teacher knows how to do to trouble so once i found a rhythm and you know i found out that i mean you know i found myself comfortable and confident enough to you. Know play basketball. So i just knew it was a way out and like i mean you know. Just growing up like specially growing up out here right. It's like it's a way into you. Know what i mean. It's way and this way out in like you know you gotta have focus and i remember seeing you like so young i was like god damn this little like a. He is like he is locked in. He is locked in. Like why the only way i can put food on table like it was the only way i knew rent was going to get paid or you're not have i was really putting that position of you know you. You know saying young. Go play eleven twelve thirteen in you know. Yeah that was we win determined. That's how he's getting. You know food and so yeah it was for for my family dot but yeah but that's a lot of respect. Mike watching brown. You know what i mean. I'm a little older. You know what i'm saying. And i'm sure you watch me like china jig less it is. We're like we didn't have much. You know what i mean like. I'm watching like you. You had you had chill. You'll nuclear family but like you didn't have much like you know people think like l. a. Sweet you know what. I'm saying when i watch like l. a. Point guards you know for a long time like always feel like all of them. Do you know fresh prince of bel air. You know what i mean like. They've made it never ever like affiliated l. a. Point guards like the boys in the hood. You know what i mean. Our ministers decide like they probably play basketball too but we always got associated with fresh presser. There you know what i mean and my for you coming up like at thirteen you i would say you are the i do. The first point guard right. The first guard that had all the accolades you know what i mean. All the hype. You know what i mean. You're like you're like almost like similar. To what stefan marberry was to new york but then also similar to what sam got was to new york filled him saying. Because you had like weirdly enough. Like everybody knew brandon jennings. You know what i mean and you came up with some dove dues at the time like this talk about like at thirteen fourteen being nationally. Ranked how you know. How was it like navigate. Matt and mike you know because you still putting food on the table. You know what i mean and so you know it's at thirteen you know. That's the time when you know a lot of game violence to was big in the city so you know you got to gamble with that too. i was a big part of my life to just be an incompetent in gardena Long beach and all these things going these places so you know that was a lot of things that we have to fight to as young ends not being able to wear white t shirts and you know what i'm saying so they were just You know and then you know trying to you know. Play basketball you know. Make these tournaments. You know being away from my family traveling a just like seeing a lot real early and I take a lot of A lot of credit to the guys. Like marcus williams. You know it'll be pool. Derail right Trevor reason you know it just go on down because they were guys that we looked up to it. I was around and always kept us around. So you know a lot of that has to do with you know the older generation around. It's talk talk about that. 'cause like is weird because you know growing up in la like this l. a. Basketball scene is just like you know. Ivy china describes people. But sometimes i said don't registered. You know what i'm saying. Like how would you describe like that time right What was la if you could describe la basketball like what was in like you know what i mean. Because he was the top dog. You know what. I mean like l. a. basketball like for you. Yeah so around. That time i was fourteen fifteen and that's when ucla was cracking And you know. Social media is still wasn't big wasn't no cameras so it was just you had to know you have to be nice and at that time it was just like you know that was a big moment for me like those moments right there. Just being young watching You know you guys play. You know you don't want corporate gilbert arenas paul appears in the younger kids over here like trying to make our way so those are times where it's like man like you got to really embrace it. Soak it in and you know. Every time i left that. Jim i was right back in my backyard or where i had to do working on my game because i seen y'all like you know going going at each other and then like who. Who are you watching on. Tv at the time. Like as a young kid. You know it's like so. I always like a few people like you. Just fucked with invive with some of them. Do you know you were watching. The you're young A lot of sebastian's healthier Steve nash yourself gilbert arenas Matt jason kidd at Kobe of course you know the lakers of course You know tony parker man. A of a lot of people.

basketball ed nationals Shamgar stefan marberry compton mike gardena Long beach brandon jennings football new york china la Mike marcus williams brown sam Matt Trevor gilbert arenas paul ucla
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"Young. Yes we back. Happy funded tuesday..

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"And it was one of those things that i will. Never forget and to see and to relive all these moments watching the last dance on. Espn was the highlight of my year. This was hands down for me. The best and most personal thing that i'd watched all year. I fucking i cried. I laughed. i cried. And i loved the last dance on. Espn it is just. It is fucking perfect. And rebecca. I don't like i don't know if you you give a fuck about basketball but i'm telling you if you watch this. I think that you would think you would get something out of this. I mean i can certainly remember back in the day. I mean you'd have to be under a rock. Not be aware of the michael jordan scottie. Pippin denis rodman years. I mean even. I'm aware of it of the chicago bulls. So i i i know you've you've raved about it. It's definitely something that sounds interesting. I know a lot of people have loved this. This docu series. So yeah. I'm i'm i love that. It's something so personal to you that you got so much. Emotional like enjoyment out of it. That's that's great. I cannot wait to watch it again. If i looked to my right. I've got chicago bulls soda machine to my right. If i looked to my left. I gotta chicago bulls locker to my left. Like i've got so much chicago bulls memorabilia this like. It's one of the things that me and my family connected with growing up. Some of my best memories are watching bulls games with my family. You know standing up on the couch and fucking throwing her fists up in the bulls won and then just fucking like feeling like absolute shit. When they lost that that seventy two in ten season. I remember fucking when the bulls loss to the charlotte hornets and they lost their tactic. It was the tenth game that they lost. And i was hoping that they'd get under single digits for the year. But i mean god i just this brought back so many memories of that team i it just. It was an incredible fucking experience for me to be able to watch this from week to week. So the last dance is the best. Tv show that. I watched all year. And i'm telling you if you're not a fan of basketball. It doesn't matter watch this. I think that that there's so much drama in the series that. I think that it can bring in paul. I know you watch this paul right. Oh yeah yeah. This is one of my honorable. Mentions and i just finally became a fan of basketball. Just because brandon jennings is used to come to our school and to the kids. But i as what you're saying as someone who really has no history with basketball this was just compelling a compelling tv to the point where most made the pizza delivery guy in utah. My villain of the year was just a fantastic. Tv show. Well done and i grew up. Just being told to hate rodman because he was so different. But you really ended up loving rodman in the series like you get to see his perspective and it was just well done all the way around back in back in the old days when they first launched. nba tv. They used to have a call in show. There's at least two episodes of the nba tv..

bulls Espn michael jordan scottie Pippin denis rodman basketball rebecca charlotte hornets chicago paul brandon jennings rodman utah nba
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"Radio K. L. B. J, like Travis School District is getting the ball rolling to form its own, Police Department Superintendent Paul Norton says. Because of the size of the district and its continued growth, the school board feels this is the best course, looking at how we can best serve the safety needs of our staff and our students. That is our opinion that the best thing that we can do is to create our own police department, like Travis is budgeting $940,000 to get that department up and running. The district's contract with Travis can For three deputies who currently patrol the schools will expire in July. Frontline health workers are typically considered to be physicians and nurses working directly with covert patients. But the Texas Dental Association makes the case that they're at risk as well. Dr Matt Roberts says no amount of screening Congar Rinty, Their patients are not infected. We do work. In close proximity to the oral cavity where the virus can reside. It's good for us to be in that front line if you will of vaccination folks, so that's what we're open. For. The likelihood is that dentist will be part of that second round. Arson investigators are looking into allegations that a homeless camp was intentionally burned. Austin Fire Department captain Brandon Jennings says witnesses saw two women go to a gas station near 1, 83 and McNeil. They bought gasoline doused to 10 and then set it on fire. Higher, Jennings says. Luckily, no one was hurt. These two individuals were involved in a previous altercation with some people over there a verbal one no physical stuff at that time. The Jennings says he does not believe the two women were.

Travis School District Brandon Jennings Travis Police Department Superintendent Paul Norton Austin Fire Department Dr Matt Roberts Radio K. L. B. J Texas Dental Association Arson Congar Rinty gasoline McNeil
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"Do you see any of the turmoil with that? Coaching extension, not being signed just yet. All of that up in the air? Is that causing serious problems for some of those big recruits from Michigan or with I mentioned JJ McCarthy. It seemed like he by some of his tweets by some of the things that he had said to the media. He seems pretty steadfast. What's your read with some of those top guys in this class? JJ committed the Michigan home over a year and a half ago. He was rock solid. He was kind of the cornerstone of this class. Giovanni al Hadi over at. Uh, You know what? A sterling heights He was The first commitment, But you two look at that quarterback. That is your primary position. That is your That's your leader of your team. And JJ has been that for this class as well. Oh, great Recruit recruiter and the number one ranked prospect in Michigan's class right now. Michigan fans absolutely should be excited about him. He is a winner with a big league arm, but they do have some guys like I was mentioned just before I got cut off there some guys down in Florida that you know the linebacker Brandon Jennings Ah, four star guy, There's some questions about whether he's going to be able to stick their some people. Coming after Jamot Burrows, another kid out of Florida. Michigan recruits a lot, you know, nationally and late in the process. You do have some of these guys that After being committed for a long time, and, uh, you know, making changes staying closer to home. Just him hold joining us here. Josh covering college football recruiting in the Midwest for rivals. He's done it for for decades. Josh, you need to tell me like, you know, like I'm freaking out in some ways. Here, it being the The day before signing day and with the contract situation being up in the air, like Matt mentioned. We also saw the report from last week that if Harbaugh is being brought back, that might be probably be ah, bunch of his staff a bunch of his coaches, you know they would be on the way out. So you know everything's an influx and then Knowing that Harbaugh how much I mean, Here's a guy that decided to step out of the box and travel the world with with football players. He's climbing trees. He's birthing cabs, and now here we have this uncertainty, and it's kind of like, well, yeah, it's signing day. Everything's fine. It's not that big of a deal. Here's a guy that had signing with the stars like it was the Oscars is, um I reading too much into this is this You know, um I freaking out a little bit too much. Where you at with that? Well, it does seem like Jim Harbaugh has changed who he is as a head coach recruiter Over the years. You don't seem climbing trees and having sleepovers much anymore, And has that affected Michigan's recruiting. It's tough to tell, you know, you look at the numbers. I mean, they're still pulling in big time prospects. A lot of them. You know, I've mentioned a number of times that I don't think they're very strong in state, particularly, but you don't know they're not very actively recording the state of Ohio either. Just one commitment from the state of Ohio in this class. And that's kind of been a theme over recent classes. Ohio I mean, that's all the Charles Woodson and and Desmond Howard. You know Ohio's about feeder for Michigan for so many years that It's uh, it's tough to see Michigan not recruiting in that state for from a Michigan standpoint. In the meantime, they're having a have a major presence out East and obviously, it was talking earlier about Florida number of prospects from the state of Florida in the class. It's difficult to keep those guys committed for a long time to build team chemistry. So we'll see how that develops with this class. I think tomorrow will be a big indicator. Just how concerned recruits are about the future. Jim Harbaugh in Michigan. Uh, Josh him hold here with us from from rivals. You've obviously been covering this for a long time. Michigan. A big team in this Midwest I know has gotten a lot of your attention over the years. Some people out there have said, you know, there's always people trying to figure out what the reasons why are for some of Michigan's woes this season or in the past few seasons here. And something that people had been touched upon is recruiting. Whether it's not recruiting the state of Ohio. You mentioned only one recruit, but just our recruiting in general. People have said it hasn't been up to snub, but I take a look at it. And from last year's Michigan team. There are 11 players that were playing in the NFL are currently in the NFL on rosters. I saw a guy like Jordan Glass column is because the coal bin, but there were 11 players from last year's Roger. So some people are saying recruiting is the issue that we're not getting the guys we need to this and that. What is your assessment of Michigan's recruiting not only of this class but in the past few years. Yes. So there's two things the ones bringing in talent and then the other is bringing talent that complement each other and plays well together. I think one of the issues that Michigan has had the last couple of classes have been two of the most. Talent rich classes I've ever covered in state of Michigan. I've been covering for over 20 years, and Michigan has signed just six players from the state of Michigan..

Michigan Jim Harbaugh JJ McCarthy Ohio Josh Florida football Giovanni al Hadi Jamot Burrows Brandon Jennings Midwest NFL Jordan Glass Matt Charles Woodson Desmond Howard
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"Or I mean, I. Caldwell is one of the winningest coaches and lions history, which is kind of said Well, leave them out of the category in a mic back. We had not had those guys in Detroit in a long time. Haven't found those guys yet, but continuing the worst coaches in Detroit sport. I'm gonna go pisses as well for my first one here, amigo, mo cheeks. Reasons I forgot about him. Cheeks was the guy Former player and coached, You know, longtime assistant. Then came the Pistons. The year that Chauncey came back. They brought in Brandon Jennings, and they brought in Josh Smith. That was Mo cheeks his first year half the year. Fired him, then actually fired and they actually wanted to become a big win streak. So it's kind of funny, So I think that's why Mod chic is on there. One of the worst in my life. The interim coach, was it, Uh, Lawrence? Frank? Lawrence, Frank, Okay? Nose in terms, so that was they hired him full time after that, And that was another disaster. So What is it about coaches that you could come here and just, you know? Crapped the bed. That's what happens. I know Mo Cheeks is not one of the worst coaches in Detroit's amounts history. He's coached half a year, but in my lifetime in recent memory with that much talent on the team coming in, he screwed it up. Also, Joe Dumars was still there, and they put Andre Drummond, Greg Monroe and Josh Smith on the same team. Spacing. They just don't have. We don't have that. So I think mode. She's deserving of that. Because he fielded that team so that that's just just horrid. Another one here, right? Yeah. This is gonna be a pretty obvious one. Rod Marinelli for the Lions. Oh, All time 10 and 38 record with the lines and lead the lines to unknown 16 season in 2008, And that was the first NFL team in history to go winless in a full season. You have to be a bad coach to go on 16, and that was a bad year. I mean, lions fans were showing up with bags over their heads, paper bags, grocery bags, whatever kind of bags and they it was. It was awful. I mean, showing games on TV. Yeah, you can even watch the games. And a gaze. Who's the head coach out with the Jets right now is like the most hated man in America. And I think that Jets team would be that 08 Lions team by 100. His is so bad, terrible it is. That team was one of the worst ever professional organized teams ever get Was that tell them that first year, I think first, they actually head Calvin and they have proposed. Kevin Smith was like the Russian boy, William, then Roy Williams Tristan of his career there. And now that married Alice comes out there and just could not get the job done. I mean, are you kidding me? It was so bad. He's gonna be the worst coach ever. Not in NFL history, but in Detroit Sports history period, and I remember going to a game that year is my dad's. Sometimes my dad's birthday falls on Thanksgiving, you know, and we went and they were playing the Miami Dolphins. And who was the quarterback? The line before Kitna. He would Oh, um Harrington. Joey Harry going Harrington. So, yes. So Joey Harrington was a quarterback of dolphins and he just smoked John Kane and the lines And in Rod Marinelli. It was it was awful. The line. Just the Lions were one of the most moving. They are cursed. Bobby Lane did curses when we traded away and said, As long as I'm alive, you will never win anything. Well, Guy's been dead for a long time. The lion still can't win. But for me the next coach, I'm gonna go tires and I'm gonna go to baseball. I will, say Alan Trammell, because off that she 1003 team is one of the worst. Professional. I mean, you think about is almost you think Detroit sports. What is it? What about Detroit? That is just so bad. They lost 119 games, and I think it came down to the last game because they were about to be the worst and I'll be history. And you know, they tied it on Lee losing 100 19 games. And after that win after that last game, it looked like the Tigers won the world. Syriza's Yeah, I mean, it was everyone was partying because they didn't They didn't. They didn't have the worst record in MLB extra, but they had the worst record in American League history. So Alan Trammell Tiger. Great. I don't get that Nothing could ruin and travels legacy with the tigers. But he is one of the worst coaches that this team has ever had. I mean, you can't forget. Before before Trammel. They had like that one year like 2002 years, like Louis poo holes. He was like, 95 bad. Nobody even remembers who he was. And, uh, we have Phil Garner. He was kind of a push. Yeah, Like early two thousands. They just opened up America Park and the team is terrible. Yeah. I mean, you had Larry Parrish. I think for a year he was he was tigers catcher, right and shit like that. Buddy Bell was trying to feel Sparky shoes the whole nineties. Early two thousands. Tigers coaches. There's nothing they could do. There is literally nothing. They could do that. Then, when David and browse key and Jim Leland came here, they said, screw up screw prospects through the farm says that we're gonna win now, and that's what I did. I can't think Jim well enough for what he did to this team and David Brows. He just got a job with the Phillies, yet only saw that said, Hey, don't he's the GM. He's the president of baseball operations. I don't understand that we use the G and the president of all operations. I don't know..

Detroit Lions Mo Cheeks Tigers Rod Marinelli Jets Cheeks Josh Smith NFL Joey Harrington Brandon Jennings Alan Trammell Chauncey I. Caldwell Pistons Lawrence David Brows Jim Leland president baseball
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"Have some growing up to do. Apologize to your wife or making our random women. I. Did you? Did you apologize for that? This is the issue with young artist and especially during this pandemic. I don't know who this guy is I've never heard his name I had to Google and look up, and I think a lot of. Out there. Google and look this guy up as well. After that snl performance, he would have become a household name for at least. Yeah. Yeah you could have been exposed to so many people we know how important Exposure is if I was his agents and his managers I would have dropped his you know how hard it is to get an artist on that SNL stage exactly. Yeah, exactly. It's just like so responsible and so stupid, why would you put it on social media like I tell young people all the time you're leaving a digital footprint you don't have to share anything I mean it was already irresponsible kissing random people during a pandemic I? Mean that hard but we really but quickly we do have to clarify this. He has an ex wife there co-parenting they are not together. So just want to make that clear. He's not kidding Brandon Jennings cares. Little. Yes. Yes. Hundred in the bottle anymore in college like you're not supposed to be happening right now that's saying but I mean he really screwed up a major like to your point us in a major major opportunity. SNL doesn't just like happen for everybody know And you know what kind of just shows that he didn't deserve to begin with because first of all even if he did not have the SNL appearance, wear a mask, how many have you not seen what's going on in the world where it's very simple random people don't large crowd. The rules are laid out for us day hoping the. Mask last night. By the way. The I appreciate that I'm going to skip over it because I'm not getting. Trouble but I loved it. You're right. It's very true Lebron as ex husband. Lenny..

SNL snl Google Brandon Jennings Lebron
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"Is definitely a great experience. Like I've had other trainers and. Ryan pays attention to details works on a lot footwork stuff and the way our body should move throughout the the workout. So. It is a great experience. Great Time every time. Though is making sure down working hard even if I'm tied I, WanNa stop. Let me push me every time so. Definitely a great guy to work with. Onto some really fun topics, we've ever players in the league I mean my favorite player hands down his car era I love his game his game is just so smooth in his hand. Best handled. All. Tom. com with needs healthy. He's the best guard NBA my. Shared. No goat with the Gold Lebron. By. skillset. like underdog. So Mugabe jrue holiday he's very underrated player alive town. Was skillset pretty high that thing has one of the best skill sets in the game. Not Awesome help these different player to his innards out debut this year the only player ever fifty points in his debut and was forever to do it on. This season. So, just like you're I'm curious how many players resting during the score fifty points against him novel club. Tim. RAY AGAINST OUR GAS Players did it Out says not actually out on the spurs played tough to score on. But on definitely Kobe Bryant Kobe. Deadly ai is tim done has been on the space for life. I definitely phase him in his. Cardi maybe there's one Nandy one man. Points on Tim dog in his name's urban. Out of everyone Kobe all those guys maybe scored forty. They never got the fifty one scored fifty seven points on the twenty five last press. That's crazy. Potman. His defensive schemes that make him put together. But he's just so quick. So crafty. So shifty. You know he has a million in one wasted to find his shot. You know which is why I love every time. I. Watch his Game I. Always I'm like wow. Go move more practice day. Regard Curry. Yeah. I mean. Not. Having a garden over the course of a game that I mean that's a different story that There's a big crowd and know that I might. Might have to go someone else. To Gordon one time just to see what it's like. Alad, loved that experience. Now Awesome and next give that guy that was the craziest anger breaker you ever saw from Kyrie. There's lots of from. Lots of fish. Wrong. I. Think he hit. a good time a new sixteen finals so I had A. Tough time checking Kyri for sure. But I think the most. Embarrassing one like when he really was when he hit on. Brandon Jennings friends, of Brandon Brandon Daiei Nine, the rookie sophomore game in combat up, and then he hit him with like a twain. Cross. That back in nitrile closeout Anita's lost his footing show right on his face. That was. That's one of my favorite to watch. Furniture share but he's just had so many like one of my fav- most favorite. Kyri moves that..

Kyri Tim Kobe Bryant Ryan RAY Brandon Jennings Brandon Brandon Daiei NBA Gold Lebron Anita Curry spurs Alad Gordon twain
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"Gotta get some charismatic stars. So think about charismatic star in the NBA Kyle Singler. Yeah. We're thinking, maybe. Kyrie irving. That's a good one. Yeah. Okay. Here's the cash right now say Steph curry a great one action, Anthony Davis, bro. Lonzo ball. Just because he's teammates maybe poll by Mariana vich until bovines air. You gotta add Tobias bow by to- by a great sitter. That's a great cast. What about yours? All right. Well celebration, and then you got I Blake Griffin's thrown in there because he's got a space Kim shoes on the funniest guy. And he's got a space game shoes aren't with Jordan over there. So he's already there. Russell westbrook. Another charismatic guy takes if he takes the offer. I think he could very well. Just before himself think he's too worthy of beyond space games. Not the biggest fan. Russell westbrook. Nicole yokich? I like him. Thank you get in there. Somehow, maybe I'm trying to think of guys that has been taking it. Here's if the accept the call right declined it. I'm hearing a lot of guys are declining the casting role right now. Yeah, they might have no choice, but to go with Langston Galloway Brandon Jennings in there and then get every former player in there. Lastly, you're going to get some old school with some throwback with Dwayne Wade going to get in there. That's a good one could could debate fill the Bill. Murrow yet may lay room. Yeah. Lebron? That'd be nice a reunion again. China entertaining definitely race jab to is set to release June.

Russell westbrook Kyle Singler Kyrie irving Langston Galloway Brandon Jenn Mariana vich NBA Steph curry Blake Griffin Dwayne Wade Jordan Murrow Lebron Nicole yokich Tobias China Anthony Davis Kim
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"Like, no, I think that I think he does think that not only is he gonna lose out on players to Clemson or these other schools potentially because every run comes to an end Kirk. It doesn't the gravy train don't last forever. And then this XFL situation next year where they're going to start taking kids regardless of age. I mean, not every kid can. Do make that jump. But there's gonna be some that do I guarantee you that it'd be a couple not a lot. It's the same thing with the NBA. Remember, though is going gonna be a mass exodus of players from college going straight to the G league by now or remember when Brandon Jennings decided, you know, what I'm not going to go to college, and we'll play any wells. And we look at the way that their careers have panned out so terri- Ferguson did that. Absolutely. So there are guys who may do it. But I think is going to be or less. I mean the opportunity to play college in look, maybe this is just because of Megyn George I had the opportunity to go to college. I had an opportunity to leave early. I decided to come back to score early. And for me didn't work out. Yes. I got drafted in third round played eight years. I have great career after football. I play you know, in times in which you know, the teams I play for weren't the best. But I was always at the top. And I was able to have a long lasting career. And a lot of it was because the skills learned in college. Everybody's situation is different though. And. That's what Nick Sabin and some coaches have to realize, but I think what he's trying to say is f- for kids who make any motion decision because some kids feel like they have to like, I gotta go because I gotta do this for my family got to do this in. Sometimes like, my mom said you was broke before you went to league what you gonna do for. You can do it another year. Right. And I was like true because the NFL is going to beat here for you. It's going to be there, but dole out and have another year in college earn your degree do all those things. But that was my situation. I don't know what's different for other players. So it's it's hard because I understand what saving the sand and people automatically are going to link him with oh he wants him to come back. But with the kind of players that saving his recruiting, George, honestly, I mean, it's just the next man up mentality. How many years like, oh, they just drafted five guys into the NFL and get here comes the next five. You know what I mean? Here comes to any tag at it stand quarterback point at some point that gravy trains, going to I know. Reason. Listen stop. Okay. There's a reason he saying what he's saying is all I'm saying no plays. You go down to Alabama everybody. And we already seen it. Yeah. I've been there. I've seen it. I've seen it. I coming up next. I guess we'll still try to track down Steve Levin at some point. But you and I we'll talk about Rick Barnes UCLA. Then moves like it could be happening. Plus. Former USC great juju Smith Schuster all sorts of shapes thrown at him by Tonio Brown. Former Steeler teammate and current Oakland raider I wanna get.

terri- Ferguson NFL George Steve Levin Nick Sabin Brandon Jennings Clemson Rick Barnes NBA Oakland Steeler Smith Schuster football USC Alabama Tonio Brown eight years
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"What the injury depends what the injury willing to take that risk because to play I have nothing to give you they have to give you I have nothing to give your family. They have nothing to give your family. But we're so. You know, it's unfortunate. What happened is? I odd. We we, you know, we feel bad for him and his family of Duke family here, you know, at blue devil nation. We feel terrible. I never want to see a kid waste his dreams. It it. You know, I know he'll house back from his like nobody wants to hear that. Nobody wants to hear that. Nobody wants to see coach K walk up to a podium in intil be how sorry for keyed with a prophecy future that just derailed it because. Oh, golly. Oh, jeez. We really need you to win another title force. No. But that's not what I'm saying. What I'm saying is if nobody's talking him into it. Nobody squeezing him. Nobody's doing anything other than he decides. You know, what I came to Duke? I'm healthy. It was it was a weird freak thing where my shoe mouth function. I wanna play Jay. But that's my point is in your trying to coax him into it. It's not coach K going eight, man. I need you out there. Hey, we really need another championship. But he's on Williamson decides he wants to do that. But what if he okay that? I can't I can't take my buy there because he's not gonna he's gonna do it. Just for the sake of doing the coaches are going to have to tell him we need you you're helping to do it. He's just not gonna wake about the bear with this. I feel good. I'm gonna go play. No. He's that. Because it's too much at risk. He has a family to think about his parents. I can promise you his parents are not telling him to get back on the court. Probably not probably not half to gate you've won the plane there. There is no what two at all. There is. No would there is none I serious. There is a war to is much as you use it in why go in the first place because you had to another option. He could go to Europe say, Gordon, you go to a bunch of Europe as an eighteen year old American kid or seventy year seventeen eighteen seventeen eighteen year old kid going to you have to try to play bass. Football four away from your family, your love woods, it a foreign country. All this totally different. Raymond. James, right. Yeah. But Brandon Brandon Jennings did it, but branding jigs did get any better playing overseas. He certainly stocked. It rise by plague oversee Brandon Jennings a one and done kid excuse me, scratch that had the rule not been a place where you had to go be a one and done. If you could if the rule were still you could come straight at a high school with Brandon Jennings have been a straight to the NBA kit problems, probably so, okay. And he's probably would've wait where he went in address..

Brandon Brandon Jennings Williamson Duke Jay intil NBA Europe James Football Raymond Gordon seventeen eighteen seventeen e eighteen year seventy year
NBA proposes lowering draft age to 18 amid Zion Williamson injury backlash

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NBA proposes lowering draft age to 18 amid Zion Williamson injury backlash

"Design injury reverberated all over sports and in the league. And allow players tweeted about it, including Danni who simply put it with four simple words, go play in Europe. What is he trying to say there, he stating the obvious? But the difference is if you look in the mirror it's easier for Luca to play overseas because he grew up there, and he gets a chance to do it while he's thirteen fourteen fifteen years old as a high school prospect the best trajectory overall. And I said it this is what ninety eight percent of players actually, do it is to go to college. I know the ideas should be like tears, Ferguson. He went over school. He went overseas. Everybody forgot about Brandon Jennings. Did it as well? There have been players that have done it. And it is available to you. I'm not going to advise the player to play in the G Lee. No. So if you got a chance to go to a major college play big time basketball, get better every day be on a big state and increase your market value. The last time I checked how much do playing at the university of Michigan being a member of the five help value would not be sitting in that chair right now if you did not go to Michigan B member of the fep also Zayn Williams win played for Olympia, close or whatever we would not be talking about right now, if he exploded a shoe playing in Madrid, we would not be talking about the exposure that comes with the college system, and you know, the broadcasters that broadcast those games like us make it such that it is advantageous for a high school prospect who go to college instead of other option, those days could be separate but equal they're gonna be people argue with what you just said and talked about why the player brings value to college and not the other way around. But those things don't have to be mutually exclusive. The thing is out of high school. You should be allowed to enter the draft. Go to college there should be. So former revenue share says that doesn't take place at least holes in coverage. So now all we do is debated for publican sumptious.

Danni Ferguson Luca Brandon Jennings Europe Basketball University Of Michigan Michigan Zayn Williams G Lee Olympia Madrid Thirteen Fourteen Fifteen Year Ninety Eight Percent
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"I'm calling me finding him the whole time. This tiny, Tim. Wow. What did you say? I mean, I I didn't say much obviously, I kept going. At least it could have been like, Scrooge or something. I don't know. But not I mean, no nothing is good from that play. I don't think. And not a certain point, she stopped. She dropped with the Tim, and I rarely started call me tiny. Okay. Defense. Is there any way she could have just been so still wrapped up in the play? That's it's just the name that she used. You know? I honestly, I think that's the question. You're going to have to ask her. I have no clue. Why don't why don't we do that? Then Brandon you mean tiny, Tim. Jenna T you remember? Oh, Brandon Jennings is on the other line listening. Are you kidding me? For her Jenner. You still on the phone? I am how many shades of red. Are you right now? Dollar million. A whole rainbow. Read I do not remember saying that Brandon. I thought I remembered everything that happened that night, but I was wrong. You must've said it like thirty forty five minutes. You don't remember this that he wanted me to call you MRs it the whole time. Mrs crash. I have. No, I have no idea. What drunk me wanted to do? I thought it was funny. Maybe maybe drunk me thought. It was hilarious. Yeah. It wasn't funny. Say anything about it. You didn't like. No, I didn't stop. But I laughed into the pillow a couple of times. But you could have like, I don't know said, hey, you all meet a coffee, and then like have a conversation about it. Instead of just ghosting me. Like, I thought, you know, like, whatever you don't want to do that saying again, that's fine. But I don't wanna play tiny Tim, scratch it in the bedroom. She has a very good point Brandon. I'm sorry. I'm I'm a pretty honest person is just is what it is. Like, we add a connection. And now, we don't have a connection. I'll be on like, I don't feel that great about it. Well, then you're obviously like kind of a debt inside jerk. Arlene, just like have a connection and then be like, Nope. Nope. Never happened. Like what like you either have a real connection or you don't or you're dead inside. What's your office? Brandon. I would love to ask if you will go on a second date with Jenna. We will pay for it. Oh god. I don't think I could sit at a table and look in the eyes of the. So that's a no, you know, honestly, it's just too weird. For me. You know, like we were these characters in this play. And then we go back to my place, and all of a sudden, it's training him. And MRs cracker hanging out in bed. Naked. Weird. But an interesting continuation to the whole thing. All right. Well, Jen, I'm sorry. You didn't get your second date. Yeah. I'm not sorry. And you know, obviously, this jerk doesn't understand like what happens when you get wasted and have some fun sometimes you get wasted. And you hook up with tiny, Tim..

Brandon Jennings Tim Jenna T Mrs crash Jenner Scrooge MRs cracker Jen Arlene thirty forty five minutes