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"brandon brandon graham brenda grant" Discussed on KYW Newsradio 1060

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"brandon brandon graham brenda grant" Discussed on KYW Newsradio 1060

"Angry that ex cop amber Geiger was sentenced to just ten years for murdering her neighbor in his apartment the eagles getting set for the lowly jets but the birds are dealing with a lot of injuries and recapping our top story a Philadelphia school building that houses Ben Franklin high in science leadership academy will remain closed for the rest of the week because of this best us that's all ahead in the next fifteen minutes good morning I'm Carol McKenzie Brandon Brooks ten o'clock when at the editor's desk was the eagles had an extensive injury list yesterday to in fact most of the season and a break it all down with spring break Dave you ram with the voice of the eagles Meryl Reese Hey guys good morning yes the voice of the eagles Meryl response by Duncan good morning Meryl most notably on the injured list yesterday to Sean Jackson not practicing because he's rehabbing his abdomen how concerned are you about potentially no dish on Sunday against the jets what whatever you don't have to join Jackson you are missing one of your greatest weapons but there I don't think there's any reason at this point to be overly concerned it it has not been an I an injury that's that's needed any kind of surgery it's in a domino spring it's one that from what I understand will just get better with rest so where in terms of having him this week I think that is almost impossible but I think that of the fact that they've had the ten day break since the last game and then you don't have another game for another week I think there's a chance that he could be back within the next game or so in corner Sidney Jones limited because of a hamstring issue he's day to day corners already shorthanded on the roster Maryland pass defense isn't great either the pass rush certainly needs to get going that's been an issue as well if they can't get going how the birds compensate you always the pressure and the people who have to step up for people like Derrick Barnett and Brandon Brandon Graham Brenda grant's having good season he always does he goes a hundred percent he makes plays and you need from. metal circle and that's Fletcher **** Fletcher **** is still healing in injury you still not a hundred percent but I thought he played pretty well in Green Bay eighty at one point he won out but he came right back and he is a valued guy who injury or not just goes added with everything he has he's a terrific football player and I think in a in a short time you're going to see the full Fletcher **** well Meryl thank you very much for the time looking for to your keys to eagles jets tomorrow morning guys voice of the eagles Meryl Reese..

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