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"bragman bregman" Discussed on The Twelve Six Podcast

The Twelve Six Podcast

09:02 min | 1 year ago

"bragman bregman" Discussed on The Twelve Six Podcast

"The funnel at this level is so small like it starts out. So big, you know with thousands of people in the minor leagues. And then by the time you've gotten to this level you've either played with or against just about everybody in the league. So there's not a whole lot of strangers there. But I was talking about being a good team at the other day with somebody and. I think what it really came down to for me was the ability and the willingness to sacrifice something, you know, sacrifice. Whether it's an older guy sacrificing the comfort of having to talk to younger guy, VR a younger guy. Having sacrifice your comfort carrying the beers. Or doing all the grunt work and paying your dues that comes with being a being a young kid being a rookie. But all of that stuff in total just means being able to give up something of yourself for somebody else in the clubhouse, and it could be something. Smaller something big. But that stuff builds up start to build this capital of being a good teammate. And after a while just kind of becomes imbredded into who you are. And that's when you get them tag. That's when you get the tag of. Hey, this guy's a good clubhouse guy. And I think we menu both were fortunate enough to see that in Brian McCann when he came over here. It was a different between him. And and BELTRAN the two guys that yes, they were veterans. Yes, they've been able to do some amazing things in this game. Great players. But besides that things that they were able to bring to a team that are not quantifiable that are kind of just this. I dunno unspoken aura about them is a huge deal. Oh hundred percents a huge deal on one of the things that made that situation. So unique is BELTRAN McCann were already best friends. They came over here. They played together New York, right? So them being so super close brought everything like closer together. I remember in twenty sixteen. We can't I came up to the big leagues made my debut. We go off for my for golfer. My first stretch with the team. And it's like there's an American stretch. There's a lot and stretch. Yep. I show up to spring training and twenty seventeen after signing BELTRAN and McCann and that offseason. It's giant stretch with everybody and stayed that way the whole year we had team dinner after team dinner together. And it wasn't like the Latins were sitting in one corner, speaking Spanish and all the American players were sitting around the rest of the table, speaking English. It was like intertwined. And both those guys you can't you can't Quant exactly what you said you can't quantify what that meant to our team. Right because. Here's the thing. Yuli Yuli gurriel who speaks. I don't know. He speaks a lot more English now than he did. But you can't tell me that in another clubhouse Yuli gurriel American player's gonna feel comfortable enough to go up to him and ask him for hitting tips. Like, a what did you see at the play there? Right. No. That doesn't happen. Like like, you have to you have to build that comfort to be able to ask each other things and be able to be close enough to figure out like, hey, I want to ask you L. Why? He's so good at hitting a high fastball. Right. Like am. I gonna make the effort am I going to make the effort to try and learn Spanish enough to where I understand what he's saying to where I can even ask him, and he in he make make that just make that effort. And that's what our team does we make we make that effort. And even if you don't speak Spanish having somebody else having a good relationship with somebody else who does speak some Spanish like having they having career having other guys who can also bridge that gap between some Latin players in between. I mean the combination of. Guys, we have in this club houses is outrageous. And I think it it's affected are winning. And our successive last few years as much as anything. Yeah. It's it's a fun. It's a fun place to play. It's a fun place to be right now. And I know you're focused on winning. We're all focused on winning this year. And you know, having that ugly taste in your mouth at the end of last year is not something that anymore. No. And I feel honestly like this year twenty nineteen we have the same. We have a different hunger about us. We have our ring. That's cool. Yeah. It's unbelievable. And we're riding high last year. We're rolling in. We had one hundred and three games. And then boom shutdown season's over you lose. I think everybody kind of looked around and was like, I'm pissed you agree. L doesn't have a second. Ring. I'm pissed Carlos Correa. Doesn't have a second. Ring. I'm pissed calling. Mccue doesn't have a second ring. I'm pissed. Justin Verlander, doesn't have a second ring Reich like, and I know the Astros phrases. Here's take it back. Let's let's go back this. Let's get let's get another ring. You know, when they when they first came out with that, the slogan, I saw at first on your on your Twitter. And I thought it was years. I was like oh. Bragman bregman has made this is created this. And it's going to be his and then I saw the Astros. Didn't they stole it from you? I was I was I was walking through our office. And I was looking at the designs. We I went and shot something with them a little video about selling season. Tickets hilarious, we sold we actually sold tickets here in spring training lady came up to me. It was like, hey, you sold me my season tickets this year. I can't wait. I was like hell you worked. It was. It's very literal and figure players sell tickets. They do they do it both in the front office. I was walking through walking into the office. And I'm like, this is pretty cool art what what is this? And they're like, oh, yeah. This is our slogan drops drops in two days. So of course, me being a shit head. I dropped job the slogan the day before it's okay. There was no like big reveal party. I'm sure as you probably gave him as or gave the team as much traction on that as possible. So you are you're competitor. We know that you competed everything do you talked about your parents a little bit there before years from back back in Albuquerque. Did they grow up playing sports? Did they value playing sports as much as you enjoyed it? Or were they always was it always a struggle between. Yeah. I know you're really good at this. But we'd also like you to pursue XYZ. My parents, my parents are a lot different than I think a lot of parents are my parents, basically told me like you got to find something you love doing. And you got to sacrifice everything for it. And. You gotta love it. And when you love it. You'll put in the work my dad's never told me. Hey, you need to go take ground balls. Right. Hey, you need to go hit in the cage. Hey, you need to do this for baseball. He's said, I will do whatever you want to make whatever dream you won't possible in baseball, which which would mean like the flyest Arizona to plan a tournament or or drive me every single day for ten straight years to the baseball academy and Albuquerque like drive, but they never they never were like, hey, you you you need to have a backup plan either. They said like you wanna do this? You can do it is this your dream to play in the big leagues you will play in the big leagues. My dad like when when I was driving in the car with him. I always remembered like when I was like ten eleven twelve years old and we're driving a travel ballgame. I'd be like dead. I'm gonna play in the big leagues one day. I hear my here. My buddy say this to their parents when we were growing up and they'd be like, oh, yeah. Like, that'd be cool. Like you like you guys should do that. That'd be so much fun. And my dad my dad was different. He was always like, yeah. You are going to play in the big leagues. And you're going to be good. You're not gonna you're not gonna just play in the big leagues. And like Hugo he started like say that kind of stuff, and I was like I started to believe it. And then and then once like I once time was going on. I was like can I can do this. I just made team USA committed LSU, and I'm like telling my dad like all this stuff. Like, I I wanna get drafted. He's like what you're gonna get drafted like just keep doing your thing. And like you you're gonna do more than drafted. And I was like, okay. Then I finally started say probably like seventeen eighteen I started to like really really really believe it myself. And once I I started really believe it. It was like, wow. My my dad was right. Like, yeah. And and and who knows like any day could say that's their kids. But it made me believe, and I think like him believing my mom believing and saying you don't need a bag a plan. Like, yes, you need to take care of your school work, you need to you need to get good enough grades. So where you can play in college. But it wasn't all like. You need to get good grades. You can get a job after this. It was like you need good grades for baseball. Because this is what you love. This is what you love doing this. What you've worked your life to do. So you need to put all your effort into the house. Screw that up. Don't screw that up. Yeah. So you need to get good enough grades to get analysis you and you need to get good enough grades at LSU. So you can stay on the field. But it was never let's have a backup plan. It was always like this is what you're going to do for the rest like this. You're gonna do for the rest of your life. And they always asked me are you getting burnt out. Are you getting burnt out? I was fifteen sixteen because it was like every day. A lot to wake up a wake-up of five AM for three hours before school, go work out. And then after at one o'clock after lunch after fifth period. I'd go to the baseball kademi and stay there till ten PM at night every night. Holy cow. And my parents are like getting burnt out or you're getting burnt out Dini to stop for you need to take a break. My mom would always ask you wanna take a month off. And I was like no like this is what I love doing. I don't want to do anything else. But it, and it's like it's still that

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"bragman bregman" Discussed on ESPN Chicago 1000 - WMVP

ESPN Chicago 1000 - WMVP

11:18 min | 1 year ago

"bragman bregman" Discussed on ESPN Chicago 1000 - WMVP

"You get lost in the shuffle. Just a little bit on a Friday night. How about you saw the cabbage from? Bragman bregman. He got tired of playing afternoon games. I'm getting sunburnt out here were the defending champions were playing afternoon games. That's what's going to happen. As long as the Yankees Red Sox. I like I understand Alex. You're. Your frustration. But the reality is, you know, what welcome to reality. Yeah. When the Red Sox and the Yankees square off they're going to get the prime time slot all the time. Yeah. We're gonna talk to the football and Sega's some sad news just crossing here via the sun times. Former bulls coach Fred Tex winter considered the architect of the famed triangle offense passed away earlier today, the organization confirmed so that's a shame because he was he was the guy building the triangle, everybody thinks Phil. Sometimes you forget about the the you got you Bach and the defense and Tex winter on the offense. They were what they were the guys that the brains behind Phil Jackson, and Phil Jackson would always tell you immediately. The Tex winter was the one who was the architect of the triangle offense like you said dies at the age of ninety six today. Ninety six. That's nice a nice life. And yet. And yet if if it's you you always want longer you always want an extra day give me one more day w the bears are getting a lot of days because the bears right now are three and one they've had their time off they had their by. And now they're just gonna roll for the next eight weeks. Right. I'm sorry. More than that. No. No. No. No. No. I'm sorry. The next twelve weeks continued role in most of them are noon starts until they start flexing in a primetime because there's such a good team to watch. Well, Louis Riddick. He's all behind the Chicago Bears. He mentioned it last week with Waddle and Silvy and he was out again today, and I don't know. If I were saying vows using Sylvia's words, I would say double down. Yeah. He look I'm not gonna lie. I've I was enthusiastic class segment. Yeah. I think Lewis Riddick is about to one up right here. Yeah. I think he is this was Lewis Riddick earlier today from ESPN out with Waddle and Silvy his weekly hit with the guys you're on ESPN one thousand let's just hope and assume that Matt Nagy has a little bit of the same Osho going for him as far as how he treats by with house teams play as is mentor has had when he was in Philadelphia in Kansas City, and that they can come out of this by Lord ready to go. There's no there's no like type of attitude that their attention to detail sharpen their energy is good. And they're ready to ball. I'm gonna so that they're gonna play that way. I'm gonna assume they go down to Miami. They take care of business. I'm gonna assume that he keeps them focused to the point where they're not looking ahead to what will be a pretty big pretty big game for them. Regardless of what happens this week with the patriots when they play the chiefs. And you know, what there's another thing. I just thought about it as we're sitting here talking. Remember that gets to watch what is mentor does against this team a week earlier. So he has some things maybe he can steal from the chiefs in order to use in his game against the patriots. So is there's a lot of things that are adding up to as long as they take care of business against Miami. You're looking at one of the biggest regular season games. The bears have had in a long long time. And even then when people go well the patriots. You know, what like I said last week. I'm picking the bears the win the north. I think as long as Mitchell canal play. Let's just say I think you said it last week if he can play football football. How would you? How would you forecast that seems to be as long as you can do that? There's nobody they can't nobody. So. I'm interested to see how they play coming out of this game. This week weather. How did this by week, but probably can tell you. Now, I'm going to be on the fence about how I would pick and that patriots bears game. And you know, me I always give Bill the ultimate amount of respect is often mounted respect these bears real for real because they they have the formula. They could tell you on the ball they need to they can go up over the top as far as football that they need to they can play the short passing game and they need to. They can absolutely just terrorize your quarterback. They can stop the run. They've got linebackers that are just monsters of the midway type to me in terms of the versatility in the kind of physical skills. They bring there's nothing really not to like about this team everyone who points to what could they achilles heel team points to a quarterback. And I understand what I'm just hoping last week or two weeks ago was the unveiling of what this will resemble for now on the guy. Who can attack all parts of the field? Anything gets you at any time. And that you're not always sitting there going come on. You gotta be better net as long as he can be that guy who doesn't lose it hit the big play. I think the bears has turned the corner, man. I really do. So I'm all I'm all on the bandwagon. There is Louis Riddick from ESPN with Waddle and Silvy earlier today, he loves the offense the way it looked with Mitchell Trubisky and his love for the defense was overflowing. I love it too. Because he's sitting there giving them an answer to the question about how the bears are going to come out of the by. And you know, what did Matt Nagy take from his time with Andy Reid who is so successful coming off the bye. And as he's talking himself through the answer. He dons on him. They asked they have the patriots. But oh, yeah. The patriots are playing the Sunday night game, which is going to get a chance to study. And he starts talking him through the fact that he feels like there's a good chance. He will pick the bears to beat the patriots at home at Soldier Field. It couldn't work out any better for Matt Nagy to have his mentor in his former team. Team playing the patriots the week before they do he know plays. That are run. He he'll he will know, exactly. What's being run? Sure. He'll say, yes. I know a play that is that it's it's a perfect crib. Notes. Class cliff notes version can take and apply to the very next week when they're at home. So the way this sets up the, you know, we you and I were talking about earlier before the show began. They've got this run of four games against the AFC east. We put it out there on the poll. What what the bears records going to be? I will be if they're not six two F this stretch. I'm going to be a little disappointed. I mean, I know that's a lofty goal three and one. But I don't think it's too much to ask. No. It's not the end the whole thing changed after the bears, Murph. And I were here the Saturday morning that the Khalil Mack deal half. Okay. We're here that morning. And it was it was the baseball for the side because you because you didn't quite understand how this could possibly happen. How the bears ended up going out and getting the guy. And at the time, we didn't know if they had to give up, you know, we didn't know what they were given up exactly to first row. Took like eight hours right for compensation to finally come. Come through some people thought it was gonna be a player. The name Danny trevathan was the name that was actually out there that some people had thought thought about, but you know, when he came we knew he was good. We knew the numbers you put up. I don't think anybody knew anybody could have predicted. He would do what he's done in the first four games of the season. Truth be told. I know a lot of our listeners out there are huge NFL fans. All you need to do is look at the popularity of the sport everybody is generally, if you're if you're a football fan, you're generally aware of who the elite players are usually on offense because that's what you do usually. But you still have an idea of who the top ten defensive players across the league. But the truth is that I don't until the guy until the defender is playing for your team. It's hard to truly appreciate what he brings to the table. And having watched Khalil Mack. Even though I knew he was a former defensive player of the year. And I knew how good of a pass rusher. He was until you see what he's capable of weekend and week out. It's it was it was impossible to appreciate you know, what else is weird to and a lot of times people you'll say it doesn't matter. What kind of guy he is? But what we've heard from him. And what we've heard from other people about him. And what Vic Fangio said basically saying he doesn't have what was the word. He doesn't have one ounce of prima donnas. That's where one not one ounce of supreme Madonna when you hear him talk. He just wants to win. And you always want your players to do that. And you know, he just seems like the perfect guy for this team. And when he when your best player has that attitude and brings that attitude all the time, that's where you're always hoping because then nobody can Slough off because they know that he's your best player. He's out there busting his tail and and you all want to be like him. We didn't get a chance to ask Robert Mays about it. But the guy that I'm really excited about and we knew that the bears were taking a chance because he was hurting colleges. Last year was Eddie Jackson and Eddie Jackson's done nothing, but just make place and the interception. He had against Tampa. He would have had an interception return for a touchdown. If Khalil Mack didn't jump off side and hasn't one little thing that he did wrong. They have very few defensive penalties this year. We just. Right. And no pass interference. If I'm not mistaken. I don't think they got one against Tampa. They didn't have any going in the only hit three of defensive penalties, which is pretty amazing for any defense in the NFL nowadays. Of course, the flags are flying all over the place. Not to mention, you know, when you're a defense that is look they're the best defensive football. And I mean the Jaguars have the pedigree. But truth be told the way the bears are getting home with Saks. They're the best team in football right now. Yeah. And say the best defense right now, and it's so much fun watching them play defense. And that's and that's the thing. And he just just the pressure that were gonna put on quarterbacks. And if you saw and I did I went back and I watched the Miami game the Miami Dolphins were winning and beating the Cincinnati Bengals who are three. It was a battle of three in one teams which you would have never thought you'd ever say about the Bengals and the dolphins heading into the season. And the authors were up seventeen nothing. And I thought Adam gates made a made a mistake when it was seventeen three in the third quarter. He went one four. Ford on third one. But instead of running the ball into the line or something he went with a deep pass to Kenny stills into the end zone, which was incomplete they had to punt the ball and then to defensive mistakes by Tannen two defensive touchdowns tannehill. It was getting rushed all over the place. There was nothing. He could do you know what though? And now the bears are going to be coming. That is just like most quarterbacks. But that is Ryan tannehill kryptonite is if you throw some legit pressure at Ryan tannehill he will make mistakes, and he has throughout his entire career. He lost his left tackle, Jeremy Tunsil. What is in the concussion protocol Tunsil actually practiced today? So they may get him back. We'll we'll have to wait and see. But still the bears that they're going to be coming from all directions. And it's gonna be fun. I think he's I think Leonard fled still going to have a little bit of a cast on this. And the question is when will the it's not just the cast. But also when the strength and let her Floyd's Hampshire actually return. But if that comes around anytime soon in the next month or so boy. Yeah. Yeah. It's gonna be fun. You may have heard a little bit about Jimmy Butler today when you come back. We'll talk more about it. It's Jeff Meller Fred opener. We're in for Jay hood ESPN one thousand.

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