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"brady vin" Discussed on Two Girls One Mic: The Porncast

"Tell me. Let them know that. I literally had to pause. I was watching this like max to my wife while she was doing actual work. And so. I like head to paul's and just start. Just scream laughing. The second he started talking because it was so putting spot on issues. like what. are you laughing at this. Poor that i'm watching for comedy reasons. Like this is what i'm doing. She's like you. Please just don't masturbate to this like just the one rule. I won't talk about it if i do. She's like no. I'll hear it in your voice. Listen to the episode just a joyous lilt while you're discussing it please don't do it. It sounds like a great marriage. Oh no it's a beautiful marriage. I i'm having like she's like that into your voice changing pitch when you're getting off like that. Sounds like a kill. You guys are gonna make it man. She's just like look. I'll hear it. I'll know like you'll go to a place in your head. And i'll no one else will but al no so don't do it. And so i- held star. I held strong. I just i made notes including the fucking. Tom hardy as any brock accent sports commission points. But if you've never seen venom it's as if someone visited new york or google york and heard a couple of clips of someone going to new york and or staten island and that's the accent. Tom brady tom brady. Tom brady is the king of weird voices in superhero movies. Like between this in bain like the man is justice. A lot. Now tom brady envenom would be fun. I would watch that. I would a thousand percent. Watch that. Tom brady vin. Komi even more fun. Yeah he would but like giselle has like possession of his balls and man essence. So i don't really think he could like get up on. You know. I'm pretty sure she keeps them in a tiny velvet pouch around her neck If you're a patriots fan please don't come murder me. I've done that joke bunch of times. It's not a new joke. It's not even my joke. Other people have done it. Let it go. This is like a new version of deflate gate. I think more people need to know that he doesn't eat tomatoes. That's so fucking weird. What tom brady doesn't eat tomatoes. Or any member of the nightshade family for leg. Weird health reason. Yeah he like thinks they're it's it's like gwyneth. Paltrow esque like wellness like it doesn't make any sense. Yeah that sounds like he believes in witchcraft. And then he thinks that it will dispel him. He seems like the kinda dude that would have like a dick his own dick scented candle or like a ballot. Check dick scented candle. He probably has a mold of his own penis and has gifted it to his wife. As just like here you go honey. I can't imagine him not doing that. That seems completely par. For course we're bored. I would expect of tom. Brady a person. I don't know but yes you know. Considering that clone a- willie was at one point a sponsor of this show. What if they they started running ads of. Hey if this is good for. Tom brady. It's good for you too. But implying tom brady has cloned his dick for giselle. Never explicitly saying it. I'm fairly confident they could get away with that legally..

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