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"brady irma homes" Discussed on Xtra Sports Radio 1300 AM

"9.5 beat Villanova outright of five on my last six in college basketball. S so we're heating up there as well. And when the Super Bowl's coming gone, man, people need you to win in college basketball. That's my best sport. So, um so there you have it. Get on those two hardman props tell see any time touchdown. Minus 1, 60. Get on that, Um And last, but not least, couple fun Prop bets for you. They'll be more than four dog commercials play over the post. In total. The Gatorade on Andy Reid was orange last year. It'll be orange this year. And who will they show first Brady Irma Homes during the national anthem out with the old in with the new Get you some of Tom Brady being short first. I love it. You can also catch Brandon on believe in the football betting show on the believe podcast network. But as he said, more importantly, Brandon lang dot com Go ahead in Ah get in there like he said, And, ah, he won't do you wrong for the Super Bowl, And then as we head into March madness and stuff he's got you covered for that. Braden. Appreciate you, man. Enjoy the golf this weekend. Thank you, buddy. Be good man. And what Zordon Yeah, absolutely. My friend. There's brain and laying. Joining us here on drive time Sports. All right. Did you get all that? Matt. I told that he had to write all that down. So we got oranges, The Gatorade color. We got over four dog commercials. I got find that one. They will show. I'm I'm with them on who that will show first on the Daily show, Brady Yeah, they'll show Brady first. Um Hmm. Travis Kelsey to score touchdown and he loves McColl Hardman. Over. The 2.5 catches. Told you gotta bring Brandon Lang on leading up to the Super Bowl. So hopefully you got those down on and then we'll do much more betting talk tomorrow on the show as we delve into some of the other prop bets 5 to 2. 9872 your thoughts on It's interesting on the text line. It's Shawn Watson. Cost too much. My Twitter feed. It's no. You got to do it. Broncos country. You guys there, Thorne. Talk about next here on extra sports 1300. From the chief Vapor traffic.

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