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"brady ban rogers" Discussed on The Herd with Colin Cowherd

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"brady ban rogers" Discussed on The Herd with Colin Cowherd

"These are legitimate veterans, LeBron James and I think I think you're right people are overstating the west ally. I think it's the reputation thing, and people are are just fatigued with the warriors being so dominant that they're just not paying attention to the actual land. Let's be honest here Golden State last year in the regular season mailed in weeks. At one point, Steve Kerr player, coach, they, they lost forty. They lost by thirty twice. They lost by twenty half a dozen times. So they want another championship. So everybody's at Golden State. The Lakers biggest asset is when Golden State one, you're gonna fight apathy, Golden State, not gonna win, sixty games, Golden State's going about fifty four. They're going to rest guys. So that's that when Golden State one, that's the best reason for LeBron. To go to the Lakers because now you've got a team that's got back to back titles. Kevin Durant can be a free agent by the way Kevin Durant and staff have been hurt before. And also Houston is a worst team defensively last year so that don't get me wrong. The west is better than the east. But if the third best team in the east is now the Sixers after the Celtics in Toronto, the Sixers and the third best team is what in the west Oakland city. That's a pretty even match up. I get Dario Saric Ben Simmons full to begin play an and Ben Simmons and joy and beat, and you get. Westbrook and Paul, George. So if that's the third in each conference, that's that the those that can happen that can happen over the course of the season. Two, I know that there's gonna be some ex- some a lot of eyeballs, obviously on it, but not necessarily expectations. I don't think they're gonna win the championship this year, but you shouldn't be surprised if they make some noise. It is LeBron joy, ten with the news. Well, that's the news and thanks for stopping by heard. Lie staff came up with something. Interesting. The five, current hall of fame quarterback in the NFL right now are breeze Brady Ben Rogers and Russell Wilson. So those are the five current guys, in my opinion breeze automatic hall of fame Brady ban Rogers and Russell Wilson. Is it a coincidence now that Bree's has an awful defense Brady has no weapons on the outside. Wilson has the worst old line in the league. Ben, an atrocious. Defense and dysfunction. And Rogers, once again has a week roster. Though these should be the five favorites easily in the NFL. And right now, in fact, let me look at his again. Only New Orleans has a winning record and they only have a winning record because of a coin flip against Atlanta. If it landed got that ball. I the not Atlanta a one because New Orleans can stop anything. It is. It's interesting. Is it a coincidence or is it this that when you get one of these hall of fame quarterbacks, consciously or sub consciously teams. Save money elsewhere. Think they can overcome other spots right now. The five hall of fame quarterbacks in this league all have a massive deficiency somewhere on the roster. There's no worse align than Seattle, and by way these are not things that are sudden again, Wilson's got a battle line. Again, Rogers has a mayor roster again, the Steelers have a poor defense again, drew Brees in the last five years, three times at anemic defense. You know, he just they're not. It's not a coincidence to me there. I think there's something to be said that when you have one of these hall all-time hall of fame quarterback and you've been seeing it, they're all veterans and they've all they've all got major deficiency, and it's not just because you're paying them a lot because Brady's taken pay cuts for years and Aaron Rodgers. Big contract doesn't kick in yet, so you can't say, well, it's because they pay him a lot, Matt Ryan, making a lot of money. He's got a bunch of good players. So it is funny right now, the five hall of fame quarterbacks in the NFL are all dealing it some point on a roster with a major deficiency, and you wonder, do we take advantage of them? We've, you know, it's like in life. If you're married to somebody and they're a clean freak in the house is always clean. You become more of a slob because you can be, we tend to take advantage of people when we can just the way human nature is, but it is remarkable..

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