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"bradman israel" Discussed on News Radio 1190 KEX

"About stuff like that? Why who who is it that, you know, who's privy to this information is that what it is a new someone from the inside? Yeah. From the inside. And then who knew this that wasn't. That was not the best performing stuff names zoo. Since late March shares in zoom technologies so called penny. Stock whose ticker symbol is. Mm-hmm. Jumped twenty seven thousand percent. On March twenty I assure of technologies traded less than a penny. Although none traded hands that day. It's a stock show dead. Nobody's trading it. Right. Nobody's buying it. But here comes zoom video right there. I PO the hand in their paperwork and public offering zoom technologies shares rose to six cents the stock hit a high yesterday, five seventy six. Now from less than a penny to five dollars and seventy six cents. That's a heck of a lot of money made. If you if shares thousands and thousands of shares penny what's that, right? Thousand bucks. Yeah. That's put in a thousand you you've made. What did I say twenty twenty seven thousand percent? Oh my God. Yeah. Trouble is those things don't last today. It's traded everybody wise. How stupid are people with their money. Like, oh, Susie. You gotta get into to jump on zoom. A penny stock goes to five five fifty or whatever I said it was today. It's back down to one sixty five junior's been doing some day trading. Just it's crazy. The people wouldn't know, you know, if price. Indicate any might might have confused. But we're there people that got out at five seventy there were and made a ton of money. That's why I guess the stock market's not for me. I remember the same thing with Twitter Twitter to right. Oh, yeah. That sounds like a comedy a radio show the Twitter Twitter, noon to three on great. Great when snap Snapchat came along another snap company. You know? Why are we thinking these things guys come on? That's I'm working in here. I leave it up to you guys to get into it. And keep me waiting for collusion to take off. Be rich Benjamin Netanyahu who was visiting the Golan Heights today, and he talked with reporters, and he said, you know, what I'm on a name a Golan Heights community f Donald Trump. So. Place to live. You know? That's the kind of he was up there. He was rodent riding ATV up there just kind of enjoying that that whole disputed area in the Middle East. But but so happy working with the president said, we'll name a community after these things maybe you shouldn't say out loud because Twitter, then picks up on things and people on Twitter and not the nicest people in the. The breaking news. I mean to come up with the how do you name a, you know, a town. Maybe maybe the prime minister thinking, you know, Trump is real something like something very straightforward to go along with the rest of the Trump portfolio. There's Trump golf courses from towers and Trump hotels, he's getting rand Israel. He says he plans name a community after Trump correctional at the internet the internet's going further than that. You know, maybe a sound like Trump thin skin. Good. Infuriates her Israel, would you like to live in Dumbledore Israel. Yeah. Sure. Dr hater is really. Bradman Israel premadonna old. Yeah. That's just that's just for starters. Euch ZUM has just ticked up to one seventy one. Just talking listening. Guys, the name of it was Uhm communications, not zoom technologies. So get your money out while you're still well, you're still up while you're still ahead. And then and then this is from ABC action news in Tampa. Here's a here's a story about a poor kid in school who hates her teacher. None of us ever had a teacher. We we hated right. We always loved our teachers did you really liberal, Mike. Here's. You could tell me after here in this story. His daughter used to love school. But after they moved to Springhill that all change after the first day daughter came home crying. But we got her to to tell us that the teacher was mean, and she was very loud. His wife went to the principal at pine grove elementary who they say explain the teacher who's been with the district for thirteen years was naturally loud. Yeah. Teachers loud and the kid, you know, kids tiny kid in Tampa suburb, and here's this little school. And the teacher this kindergarten teacher is just naturally loud. That's how they explained it to the parents and their daughter needed time to adjust. Okay. So you wouldn't you say you give it time. She'll she'll get used to the teacher she'll bond with a teacher weeks and weeks passed every single day was the same came home crying every morning. She would cry that she had to go to school after confirming with the sheriff's office. It was perfectly legal. Uh-huh. Uh-huh. After after confirming when the sheriff's office that it was perfectly legal. What's dad doing hit a tiny recording device in his daughter's hair to find out? What was happening? Maybe it wasn't the teacher. Maybe other kids were bullying her. Maybe there was something that nobody knew about what they captured in a six hour period shocked, then you're ready. All right. Okay. Teachers, you guys you guys. Listen this kindergarten teacher talking to the kids. Talking about some kid put milk in the backpack in spilled all through the backpackers leaking out.

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