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"bradley goddard" Discussed on KGO 810

"Nice time with department political step too many six nothing cal three minutes plus on my parents have to pass the here's up ahead on brink and room down on the baseline gonna flip it back out Austin on the right wing that's fast down to Kelly Andre working gonna versatility no in June with the rebound Alan coming up left side going back to the middle in the paint stop in fact the way it is it's up to Austin he hasn't taken away by Brenchley in transition the way members contact from behind they could easily have been a call constant harassment Jones near the timeline listen up top faces up ninety one miles Jones the three couldn't get it to Jones Griffin left the place to go finds Carlson cut down one extra past Allan Houston house animated up sixty one games that was a terrific pass because it it looks like Carlson my charging to Bradley but he stayed under control of what is the charge pressure Boston over the south but on the left side back to Paris not cream gets it left wing he and Austin Plano game catch ninety shoot us back enough still bouncing little shake trying to find some room floater in the lane didn't hit anything Brad is going to put it back ten minutes our bodies Bradley Goddard to go down one second to go on the shot clock and then literally three players went down Carlson Bradley in the last one down Jones yes he's still down flat on his back we'll check on him when we come back time out on the floor fifteen twenty six to go in the.

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