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What's In The Box (03/09/2019)

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What's In The Box (03/09/2019)

"All right, ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to double toasts. What's in the box? I'm of course, DJ malls at I'm here with my co pilot that I like to call him Christian Torres. How're you doing today, sir? I'm doing very well. Thanks for coming toasties, ridiculously packed show. Do not miles dude. We have a super Pac show and listen sorry for the delay. There's always a delay in our ends. I promised one day. We'll get our shit together. This is episode thirty four what's in the box person. Can you believe it? We are older officially than Jesus Christ himself. How do you feel about that? Take that Jesus is suck. All right. I'm gonna walk that back. Here's our hot take. Anyway, I am DJ day malls. And let me go ahead and put this beautiful thing that Mr John Taurus's made look at us in our animated form. You can always go ahead and find us on our Instagram pages at music and Christian dot monster. And don't forget to hit us up. We will we answering emails as we always do each and every week at the end of our show, so hit us up. If you have any questions or concerns to what's in the box DT at g mail dot com. Once again as we were saying, we have a super super busy show. So let's just go ahead and jump into it before we jump into. It are my manage. Let me go ahead and just find the toasties and the Chadha tat tat. How are you guys doing? Let me go ahead and just put you there on a bigger screen. Bam. Bam. Bam. Bam. Bam. We're gonna let the music play just for a little bit longer. And of course, while I do that. Go ahead and go through double tosa dot com, which is the official merchandise store of double tosa dot com. Where you can go ahead and pick up all of your fancied DT apparel other than give shout out to Carlos Carlos into building. He's an amazing toasty fan. Not and more importantly, good friend. I was to show you off Carlos. But I realize the camera is not there right now. So. Carlos is here. Just when you guys now, but they will see Carlos later, that's the best part. So you're not really here for me miles. I get it. You're all here for Carlos. You're gonna have to be patient. You'll get Carlos at the end. So now, let me go ahead and shut this damn music off. Hold on. That's always a part. I forget, okay. So let's go ahead and talk about Bruce Lee Christian. We haven't really spoken about Bruce Lee that much on this show, but there's gonna be a show coming up called warrior that is inspired by a Bruce Lee and everything kinda dealing with his life and all that stuff. So let's go ahead and play one of the latest trailers for warrior, which is going to be premiering on Cinemax. The right one. Do you really wanna find out? They're twenty five thousand Chinese living in the city and more coming every day. You do what you have to disavow five spot a hundred different ways berry. Someone has to start fighting back. You want all Hilty? Cities powder. Wanna war? Let's give. Okay. Let's go. That the whole time. Could for business. So. Finding America's so far. All right. It is coming out on April fifth Christian. Did you see that one move or they're just like they like twist the wrist, and they bring it up like this. I don't know why that should just looked really painful. Just hear things cracking the moment, I see that shit happening. Even at a trailer. Anyway, how do you feel about this trailer Christian? Why he'll fooled because you sold me on this as a Bruce Lee like movie, and I was like oh shit under the dragons like one of the greatest martial art films ever. So I was kind of on hype about it. This is certainly not like a Bruce Lee biopic. Right. This is definitely something more akin to like, an original ideas story that he had which is kind of cool because there's a little like television, Bruce Lee history, or whatever he came up with the idea of fhu that show from the seventies David Garrity was on but they stole that shit from him. And they did not give him credit for it. So it's actually really cool that you know, years years decades after he died, they're still kind of going to him for a source material that makes sense. Yeah. Absolutely end up. Let me go ahead and just up pull that up right there. So it's going to be a ten episode crime drama based on a story Bruce Lee conceived decades ago, it says here it is based during the set of the brutal Tong wars. Of San Francisco's Chinatown in the second half of the nineteenth centuries following the protagonist who's a martial arts. Prodigy who immigrated from China to San Francisco under mysterious circumstances, Christian and becomes a hatchet man for one of Chinatown's most powerful tones, which is a Chinese organized crime family. So now with all that being said the trailer does look captivating. I do love how the marketing this show. Who's who's a director? Justin lead directors from fast and furious like that's supposed to really have this big meaning meaningful impact. But for what this is if this is even kind of remotely crazy with fast and furious in terms of action, I'm on board with it. You know, I'll take this and Bruce Lee with everyone just kind of revisiting all these. Just reimagining all these old stories and just artists and books and all that stuff. I haven't heard the name Bruce, Lena wild. So this is based on the writings of himself, even if it's loosely adapted already Lewin treat, but yeah, it's coming out on Friday, April fifth at ten pm wherever you are. And that's pretty much it so Kristin do you have any last-second things you want to talk about with the warrior, real quick? But you said that Cinemax. Yes, cinemax. Okay. That's interesting. I mean, it's the people who own HBO Cinemax, but they are two separate channels. Right. And we've seen recently Showtime, really try to assert themselves and the premium channel kind of conversation. Same thing with stars. They've gone out and got stuff like American gods versus evil dead. So it's kind of cool to see Cinemax trying to get a show like that. They've tried a couple times in the past. But I haven't really done it. But yeah, this looks really decent actually like the action looks for network. And it looks exactly like someone who directed fast and furious, but not one of the really bad ones. One of the better ones. So yeah, I'm kind of excited about it cautiously optimistic and you said, it's April. Yeah. April again, a very stack month. I know we didn't do a little March calendar out there like like you did for us in the past with you know, January and February, but April is going to be curious to see what's the things that you end up putting on there because there's too much homework. We got for the month of April not to mention even next week with what we got in terms of shows and content. So, but you know, keeping in the martial arts and cinematography and all that great amazing stuff cinematography what the hell my talking about. I'm going to be talking about anime next Christian. Guess what one punch man finally has a release date. It is coming exclusively to who. Low who-who coming exclusively Hulu, ironically. While the show is already being showcased in net flicks right now and crunchy roll. So it is kinda surpri. That we are going to see this show only being offered in Hulu and the release date for that is April nine so for people who don't know the story of Saitama key, the enemies with one punch, and that's pretty much it. He's a pretty much big satire off of all the pretty popular Shonen characters like Goku Naruto and all that stuff and so much more as you can see their season two begins April twenty nine teeth. I know Christian you don't have that much to say on it. But do you know just a little bit of about one man in general or no, yeah? No. I told you I find him interesting. Because isn't he secretly clinically depressed? Like because he's so strong. No one is a worthy adversary. Therefore, he's just really sad about everything or am. I wrong. Yeah. Yeah. Pretty much he trained so hard every day. Carlos. I'm not sure if you know it, but I think his story is like he does one hundred pushups run ten miles, and that was pretty much it one hundred situps. I forgot. Left out one hundred one hundred. And. Yeah, because he's just so strong. He can't find anyone to defeat him. But but I think as funny as that novelty was about that story and how short it was. I don't think the creators didn't even know how high praise it was going to be received. And he's like shit. I didn't even think about making a season two. This would just kind of like a wanted done story is supposed to be like six chapters or twelve chapters in the manga, six episodes of for the show. So there was a three year hiatus because they loved it so much the fans the creators like fuck, I gotta come up with more of this. So I'm curious to see how this novelty is going to continue if it's going to be more satire or more satirical. Or it's gonna be something even a little bit more serious because you know, how how well can this candle LASSO Saitama being the best when there's really no one to really compete with. So we'll have to wait and see for that and jumping on over to the next enemy story. I wanted. A quickly show off that there's a report listing here Christian that one piece is now going to have a live action show on Netflix. So says a Netflix has already showed a listing. Although there is no images of the one piece live action, but the full now the full synopsis has been shown here that monkey d loopy who the main protagonist here set sail. With his trusty crew to find the one piece treasure and become the ultimate pirate king. I know again that does not mean anything to you Christian. But if there's anything death, no top me. If they can do it with that. No, no way in hell. Are they going to do want peace proper? The fact that this is even a thing blows me away because this shit. I can already see poorly. Poorly executed. Well, do me a favor because I I'm really ignorant about this. When air bender was going to be turned into a Netflix thing that it's him so far fetched because was really fantastical. Anyway, you can buy into that. What's the story of one bee's? Like is it very fantastical as well. Or is it very grounded. What's the deal with it? Because what I was going to say to you. And I'm glad that you're about it is like just looking at that. That's something that seems so inherently animated that a lot of it's humor comes from that. And if you try to translate it, it's just not gonna make sense. So what's what's the actual story of one piece? So the story of one piece follows Lucy, which I was talking about is pretty much synopsis like I said, two seconds ago. This one guy he wants to be. Come king of the pirates, and he has to find the one piece treasure and through that duck for he goes through the adventures of facing, adversaries and facing government, and political stripe it and all that stuff. But the thing that makes it so magical fantastical is that all these people who have weird abilities. Right. There's people who can turn to is. There's people who can turn into magma. There's Lucy who's the main protagonist is a rubber man because there's these devil fruits. Right. So soon as someone eats devil fruit. And they don't know what abilities are gonna eat from eating it. They gain a new power. But the biggest sword with that. Although they all want become pirates and find the one piece treasure the one double edged sword by eating a devil fruit. Is that you can't swim. The moment. You touch water you're pretty much just couldn't become really weak and not to mention the elements that deals with it. Right. So, you know, even if you have an ice ability some guy with fire. I'll have the advantage. But that doesn't mean you'll necessarily will lose right away. So it's based more on the willpower of the person, and how long they had the the devil fruit power. But again, I I'm worried because if I think about this death. No, I think is probably one the best like enemies out there. And it was just an animated that was so great Christian because it was based off of intellect intelligence and wits right with death. Right. Pretty much just hang out in the background. And I don't know how they fucked it off as much as they did on Netflix. When the movie came out, I think Willem Dafoe did a great job. But if we're gonna get, but it's also very short and simple story. So that's why are you so surprised by that in general only because like named good anime adaptations because I don't think they really exists and some people are really going to bat for a leader, which I haven't seen completely fair and honest about that, but you know, ghost in the shell wasn't good. I mean, there's a bunch of these animator -tations where I think once you take it out of its original context. It's it's the same thing with comics. You can sometimes make comic adaptations, really good. But there's something about them being two dimensional being on the page that makes it really hard to to get everything the same way. You know what I'm saying? Yeah. I don't know. That's that's a really good question. Because I don't even think as someone who loves enemies as much as I do. I don't think right away. Man. I would love to see this live action. If anything I wanted to be more on the route of what my hero cadet Mia and dragon ball was doing right with their at the ethical releases. Just make a really really good. You know, enemy in in the ethical run and don't make a live action for wall because I don't think it necessarily works. I mean, we're still jumping over that hurdle of good video game movie. Although I think detective Pika chew will be the first one without a doubt, people are gonna say awesome. Yes. I love the I won't do that actually brings up like that appoint let me ask you this. Which is what you rather them do like CGI photo realistic at these right because they could just make three d like you saw into the spider verse. Right. Yeah. So like three d versions of that anime caricatures, but still like in a three dimensional world, which you rather that because at least still animated, and they can stay true to that sense of humor. Yeah. And again, it's one those things like the video game conversations. I remember a lot of people were talking about the last of us which was very nitty gritty down to earth story that could work in a live action movie. But seeing these cut scenes, look, so amazing as they are. Are and I'm a fan one. I ready played it. So why do I even -sarily have to experience it again? But two more importantly, you know, I think that bridge with anime because n may is just so crazy for what it is. And this is someone who loves n main general, it's like, I don't know. I don't really have that desire to see something live action with it. And it doesn't really reinforce my case or love for an may when I tell someone home ban. You really got dragon ball z or you gotta check out Mike Iraq Demio because these are really emotional stories that although they look. Silly in the beginning or just the appeal caters to younger audience there really is something motion and serious. You can get out of these stories, but I don't think that argument that argument immediately is gonna be thrown out the window. You see a live action movie of some guy stretching his arms like rubber man, while all dealing and fighting with some guy who has ice powers who can move as fast as the speed of light. Right. And. It it. Just sounds like a recipe for disaster. Not to mention one piece is the longest manga right now currently with four hundred and fifty five issue sold. And it's I mean, it's I can see why they're doing it. Why Netflix is going to do it because it's the hottest thing right now in terms of manga in general, but for that to work in a live action piece. I don't think is going to happen at all. So so there's my two cents about it. But I'm curious to see what these toasties had to say jet was saying the thing is goes into show and debt note would have work if they had a much better script. I also agree with that. Because again were just much more grounded. So we'll have to wait and see something I wanted to quickly bring up, you know, I didn't even know where we're gonna talk about this for as long as we have in Christian. So let's go ahead and talk about something you are passionate about 'cause you have read this book, and I haven't and that is right here. A thousand years of solitude is coming to net. Flicks. The book by. Gabriel Garcia Marquez. Will be shown off in net. Flicks is going to have its own TV's Ono is it going to be TV series, or it's going to be movie Kirsten TVs? There's let me let me to do a couple of things it's one hundred solids thousand years so fucked up miles, but it's okay. It's only something I love it's fine. Yeah. So this is by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. Who is like they consider him defy their magical realism, you may know this about me, Robert. But I wrote a comic book and more than that. I wrote a magical realist comic book, and it's because I am so indebted and in love with this writer and this book. As you know, the city in my comic is called solar that the name of the book is one hundred years CNN knows this all of that. So it's like a really important thing to me. This really is like the, you know, the book of Genesis when it comes to literature for me. And it's one of those things where I honestly think it's such a bad idea to adapt this because it's a perfect novel. But they were smart enough to go out there and get Rodriguez Garcia, which is his son. And he's already a television writer he wrote on in treatment, which was a really good HBO show. But I also think just the fact that he is so close to the work that it's going to like he knows not to be precious about it. He knows how dear this is. And I don't think he's gonna fuck it up. So they're going to do this in a long form position. And I think it's the best possible version of that with the best possible creative people, and I'm just so excited about it. And I can't tell you and on paper. I can't really even describe the ply of them to say, it's the rise and fall of a family in this really weird magical town called Macondo. Oh, so. You go with one hundred years of history the life and death of children and grandfathers everyone. And then you just get this giant, you know, kind of story about how the how the world began and how they they named things at the beginning. You know, it's so fucking beautiful your Spanish man, you should've read this. I'm really depressed than you have read this. Listen fun. Fact, you know, I just learn how to read like a year ago. Right. So. Listen I posted on Instagram. I made it known to the world that I'm like once a month for twenty nineteen. I'm gonna read one book Christine gave me the hardest book in the world to read because it had more than one hundred pages, and it was pretty much the TV bible, which thank you for that. Because I did take a lot of shit out of that. But with my crazy life in my schedule. I'm like, I'm gonna read some other self help books, and oh that one hundred and fifty pages. Oh, and there's pictures involved. Okay. I can do that. So so you can't give me a lot of shit, man. I don't know if this this book had a thousand pages, you know, and I don't know if it's a self help book, but I'm sure there's a very important lesson to be said with this book and kind of what it meant for you jokes aside. So yeah, I'm excited to see this. And whenever I see you passionate about something. Then it at least tells me, I should at least brush up on my information on this Christian. If you said it already, I already apologize. Is. But it says here that's a series. We'll be set and filmed mainly in Columbia, and that the author himself to refuse to make refuse to sell the film rights because he believed the movie would not have worked for this book. Oh, no, listen. There's absolutely no way this kind of goes back to the enemy conversation. The problem is you're taking long-form exposition and putting it into two hours. If they would've made this into a movie, this would be a piece of shit we've seen that because they did it with other. He has another book called a. Love in the time of cholera, which is another really great book. But they made it into a movie and it spans years decades. There's no way you're going to be able to pull that off. So yeah, the fact that they're doing this long form is the only way that can happen and marquess himself was I will never sell these rights to movie, and this is before the big Netflix. Boom. You know, like we're still in the infancy of television is considered equal to fell. And so now, you have these really ambitious projects coming and dude, I just cannot tell you like, I'm so happy. Netflix exists because this would not be made at HBO or anywhere else. This is too big of a risk. You know, what I mean, they're going to have to sink so much money to shoot this on location to make it a period piece. I really do. This is the most exciting project outside of watchmen for me this year. So can't. Yeah. That's all. I got sorry. Go ahead. No, no, no. You're all good. Let's go ahead and talk about a CW. So Kristen it has been announced earlier this week that CW has announced thirteenth season finale dates for all their shows. I'm just going to go ahead and read them all down for each and every one of you black lightning. All American legacies. Crazy ex-girlfriends Russell Russell New Mexico. Supernatural arrow, the flash Riverdale, supergirl charmed DC's legend of tomorrow and dynasty and Christian. Let me go ahead and tell you when the fuck did the CW dominate everything with DC stuff on their network. This is this is quite the juggernaut of stuff for DC. I'm curious to know because we're going to be talking about supernatural here in just a second. But with the DC stuff is there any indication of all these shows ending because DC streaming services the thing. And you know, now that they're running amok. They kind of want to have all their stuff exclusive to their. Stuff or is there? No most or is there. No more stories happening with each of these stories right here. Like the flash in the aero. Yes. This gets confusing because CW's is owned in part by Warner Brothers to begin. With Warner Brothers owns DC. You know what I mean? So it's not so much like they licensed the characters off in a marble, Netflix fashion as much as they gave it to the little brother network. You know what I mean? So I don't know if they want to do that. Now also think that what they've created at the CW for better for worse. No, you're not a big fan. I haven't watched too much of it either myself, but that first season of aero was really groundbreaking, man. And the fact is they built an entire universe that is more functional than the DC cinematic universe was in at times to be honest, more functional than the marvel universe. So I think that we can't talk about you know, I don't wanna make an understated about how important and how big of an achievement that was. But they're only canceling aero for now. And maybe that's just because it's run out of creative juice from all accounts. You know, I don't think this is going to be a Jessica Jones punisher Luke cage situation yet. But I might eat my words, but the only other thing I'll say this, and I'll turn it over to. You is listen we're the throws doom patrol right now being wonderful still just being better than it has any right to be, but that's because its own tone. It's so singular that don't you think if you brought the CW people over it would be a weird mesh of towns. Yeah. No, absolutely. I think it would be a weird Metcha shows not only that because if I wanna reference her book real quickly seeing Buffy kind become the the first of its. Shows for the w where you kind of deal with the teenager stuff where it can be serious. But not really, right. I think seeing the arrow in the flash, and even supergirl, they all fit well within that mold even with the superhero name behind it. It's something everyone can want. It's not the best show in the world. But it certainly isn't the worst show show in the world. Either still I would say leagues above better than the Walking Dead has. But again, you know, what you're getting with the CW show. So how does that translate with DC? I don't know. It's too early to say because titans for what it is. I think people have been okay with it. Right. Going back and forth but do patrol which we're gonna be talking about as soon as done here has been doing really phenomenal. And I don't think DC, although they are doing to more nitty gritty stuff because they were going to have a swamp thing. I know that's going to become a show later, and that and they said that's going to be a hard are how well these guys would translate. Onto the DC streaming service. But Nevertheless, I still think it would be cool for defense just to kind of get all their d- things in one little house. So there is that real quickly and supernatural Kristen this show has been going on for fourteen seasons. Believe it or not I've seen a few episodes. Ironically enough at a gym. I don't know because I guess whenever you want to feel better about yourself. Sure. Let's turn on supernatural. So I can feel motivated right? I don't really know the concept of this show. I know something like angels and devils, but although as as much as I'm going to miss game thrones, we had eight seasoned with it Walking Dead is going on nine. I don't know any TV show. And I'm talking live action not like cartoons. Not like the Simpsons family guy where you have fourteen seasons of something where you're still that invested and maybe on the wrong. To say this because I don't have no emotional attachment to supernatural but fuck, man. At some point sooner or later, wouldn't you get bored? Watching the same thing. I don't know, man. This is like, I don't know. It's like sports athletes. Hey forever. And then they just stick around 'til they're old and they're still good. And you're forced to be like, okay. You're fucking good. I get it. You know what I mean? Yeah. For better for supernatural been around for fourteen fifteen years now. I mean that is ridiculously impressive. No matter. What network a matter? What show and what I've heard is that it isn't some giant dip in quality either for the most part like, yeah. There was a lorry run. But now, it's still doing good stories. And that's the thing as long as it's still going, and it has dedicated audience. I keep going do what you want ours live action like this is kind of a big deal, especially because it's more predicated on like drama than something. Like, it's always sunny, right which has been on for years over a decade at this point fourteen years as well. It's going into. Yeah. So it's like it's been around for a long time as well. That's a comedy, you know, Mary with children, I think one eleven or twelve seasons. But again, it's comedy. So yeah, this is kind of a big deal, man. And I know you're not a big fan of it. But it still think that's a huge achievement. Right. Yeah. No, absolutely. Despite what high may feel about that. I mean, listen they would. Have been doing this show for as long as they have. If there hasn't been a fan base that big, and I think that's just something you can agree even on the corporate level. Right. So this shows still making people money. You know for the executive then gal, let's keep pumping the shit out. Let's say you have to say Jackson. Here says supernatural needs to hurry. The fuck up and end. And then we have Ryan. Walter Tsin saying the DC universe app is not available in Canada. So shows like titans air or Netflix in season. Three of young Justice airs on the network called was that say. I can't see tell us to the latter of which I've been enjoying immensely so just a some food for thought over there. And now, let's go ahead and talk about do patrol. Kristen. I don't know when this streak is gonna end of our luck is this good or is this some phony shit. Let's go ahead and play the preview trailer of episode four called Colt of doom patrol, and we'll be right back with our quick little review. You come with us during the. All the way off now here pissing me off more than she. I am being a good person. And you're ruining this moment for me so shop and the stupid week. All right do patrol and let me go ahead and just find this intro. Kadhem fucking cake mother fucker I spent all night baking it for you shit. Oh, man Christian. Listen, I'm going to say this. And this is my quick little nitpick with doom patrol after. Watching the latest episode here called a cold this show is full on fucking crazy. Now, some people might be turned off if you weren't already with the crazy Fantastico elements of it. But right now, this shit just full blown fucking crazy. And there's a point when I was watching it. I was here thinking to myself. I don't know how on board. I'm gonna stay with this. But then I keep on seeing character moments of Brendon Frazier, and Matt Bomer, and I'm like fuck, I really like this show Christian. What is DC doing? How are they doing something? So well with the property not a lot of people including myself have heard about and they couldn't do it as well. With titan. Why think I think what you said is is number one that it's something that is not as well known by the mass public. And I think that that's actually a good thing. Because people are allowed less precious about it. You know, what I mean people have in their head what Spider-Man supposed to be. And if you stray away from that people get really shitty about it as we saw a miles Morales stuff early on. But because this is kind of more of an unknown property. The you're allowed to go into more of a blank slate. And I think people are just digging on the vibe, you know, what I mean, this is my credit card here with this credit card after the show. I'm going to be subscribing to DC because that's how much fuck in love this episode. And here's the thing, man. It's thirteen episode count. So we're not even halfway through the season yet. We're only four episodes in. I'm like you. I'm waiting for the shoot a drop. But this every episode gets increasingly weird and on top of that they're still servicing most of the characters this time. I said most because I'm gonna be honest man, a love Rita, but I feel like they're not they're not advancing her character at all. Right now, they're focusing on that Bomer focusing on on Brennan, Frazier's character and all that stuff pitch. Perfect even crazy Jane's getting some moments. But that's my only criticism of a right now. But listen man, there was a giant fuck into what a an oracle that was a Spanish fire, priests horse woman singing fucking eighty songs, you know, what I mean horse with no name. It's incredible. It like it might be the weirdest fucking batch. It thing in the world. But it knows what it wants to be. And it's telling that story so actively van so again each week it gets weirder. But stays grounded within the characters. And I'm just like, I don't know what show on TV's doing better stuff than this show right now. And again, I'm a hipster asshole. And I hate everything according to half of you. So if I'm praising it that has to say, something, right? Yeah. I mean, listen this week. We have some guy right here to the left whose meeting with the crew because he's like, listen, the the end is near and we have to stop some kid, right? Because the episode started Christian with some kid turning eighteen. And he pretty much had tattoos all over his face. And his parents are these people to the right? These characters I forgot their names. But I do like the concept seeing it in live action. I couldn't find an image of it and live action. But yeah, pretty much their son is going to destroy the world because he's been a raised by his crazy, psychotic mother. What's satanic spells and rituals and all that stuff and through that we see the the characters trying to figure themselves out still we see robot man with the crazy Jane over here like a like, a father daughter relationship, and she's kinda a bit weirded out and not in the creepy way would just trying to figure out just how to be open and accepting right because she'd been kind of closed off. So when we see Brendon Frazier, which I think does the best job who can relate to most of the audience because the moment something weird even happens. Just like bread. Frazier. I'm like, okay. There's a blue fucking horse talking right now. What's happening? Else? Seeing this right now, we feel blue fucking talking horse hockey right now, I don't know Abadi, and I really loved that. And then we also see which I'm gonna just peg the show just a little bit cyborg in this role trying to act as the leader because he's trying to rescue their Charles Xavier here, which I forgot the name of the guy. So so while they're doing that Matt Bomer character is still trying to figure out fuck. I'm kind of stuck in this situation. I don't know how to leave this group not saying I necessarily want to I just want my own life back, and I think because you still get those touching character moments or something that you wanna relate with the character. It still makes for a good show. And again, despite the crazy for for what we see here. You know, I can't recommend this enough. If you're a superhero enthusiasts and just the fan of DC, but but that's pretty much it. I totally forgot to mention with the last girl real quick. She's adding more stuff to the group. Although you are right. I don't see strong things are doing with their this episode show that she is a valued member of the group, and she shouldn't just leave the rest of them. So, but that's my quick little review four doom patrol was there any last-second things you want to touch up on before we hop onto the next sore here Christian yet to things very quickly. So the kid turns eighteen the kid is also a book the book of the unwritten. And that's when he turns eighteen he can open up this eye in the sky that will destroy the world that's important because that's literally how this episode ends ends on a cliffhanger. But more importantly, I just wanna say my favorite job of this whole thing is that there's a point where they steal the kid and fucking fat Constantine. I know he's not Constantine. But let's be real. He's like a. Fucking trench coho. Yeah. He's constantine. Right. He's like we're going to burn them. And then I think James like, we don't burn children, Brendan Fraser's like or books, and he's both of those. And for some reason that was the funniest fucking joke. I ever heard. So thank you patrol for being just as weird as you want to be while being true to yourself and also being funny and dramatic what you have to be people. Seriously, like go watch it it is. So well well worth it for now. And I'm just like you. I'm suspicious waiting for it to stop being rape of right now. It's been pretty unimpeachably. Great. So go check it out. Sweet. So next up something we don't talk about as much with the streaming south YouTube premium or YouTube originals are thing Christian, and we're going to get more and more of that Cobra KAI just came out with the second trailer or first Raillard four season two. Let's go ahead and play that and we will be right back with our thoughts. Inner peace. Focus. Balance. Can learn the secrets of Okinawan karate true karate by joining the Yagi team. Although it's not about the money. It's about the karate. Defeat. Not exist in this DOJ. Oh, you're for Ruta wick crew. Over is about being bad ass. Remember, it doesn't matter who anyone was before they stepped into this Goja all the matters is that we all. Oddy? I know how to be Cobra guy. I did it thirty years ago. I can do it again. Cut. Great. Just make sure the Cobra KAI snake comes in at the end. All right. Went to really pop. So. All right. So April twenty fourth all episodes will be out. It's not looking like, we'll get epizotic. They're just going to dump the whole load off of us Christian. Listen, so Cobra KAI here. I was expecting more of a comedic trailer. But it seemed much more grounded in serious than I anticipated. I know you won't I don't want put words in your mouth. I haven't seen Cobra KAI myself. But I do remember when we've talked about Cobra KAI in the past for what's in the box. It has been not only a well received show, but one of the best YouTube originals shows out there so looking at this Christian. Let me throw the ball back at you. How do you feel about this and do care about a karate type story? Well, yeah, I care about John. Right. That's cool. I have no problem with that. Like that Bruce Lee show, you showed earlier my bigger problem with this like the karate kid, at least the first one is really amazing, really great movie. So it's a little sad inning. Keep going back to the well here. It's also weird that they made Ralph Nacchio the bad guy like in the show considering he's a good guy of the trilogy. So again, very confused by that. But whatever I've heard it's decent. And you're right. It looks way more dramatic, and I don't want to say Shakespearean while referring to fucking Cobra KAI. They're going to take my literature pass away. But it does right. You have these opposing forces. You have a lot of like misplace honor and stuff like that. So the trailer actually didn't look terrible except for the part where they'll be in Cobra KAI is means being a bad ass that was pretty fucking dumb. But yeah, man, I don't know. I mean, it doesn't look terrible at all. And I've heard good things. So maybe we should get on this and other big show in April for sin. So again, Mark that town for your April calendar of TV shows we have to want. I have made it very clear on my social media that listen, I have YouTube premium because I fucking hate ads. I cannot stand ads and I didn't realize how much more enjoyable my life has become without having ads that being said now, I have no excuse to not watch this. And maybe I'll go back and watch these in one if everyone is going to be clamoring about this show in April, although April will be a busy month. So ladies and gentlemen, that is Cobra KAI the season two trailer. Carlos I was asking Carlos while the trailer was playing in the background that he's a big fan of the show, and he's looking forward to this very much. So that is that Cobra KAI and let me see what else do I have here. Okay. Next up. We have a leaving never land. So christian. We've talked about this previously. I am going to play the trailer. One more time for those of you who don't know. And it's pretty much talking about in dealing with. Michael Jackson, and I guess the whole molestation cases all throughout his musical career. Let's go ahead and play that trailer. It is out on HBO. It's a docu series. And we'll be right back. Everybody wanted to meet Michael or be with my call. And then he likes you. Seven years old Michael asked do you and the family wanna come to Neverland? We drive in and get about oh you problems. You were in Neverland was a fantasy the days where filled with magical childhood adventure experiences. Playing tag watching movies eating junk food, anything you could ever want as a child it's like Hanno with a friend. That's more your age. Just kid things. They would just doing kid things. He just came across his loving, caring kind sown. It was easy to believe that he was just that. Storybook never fairytale Halloway. Today's your birthday, so congratulations. I love you. Bye. Five. There's no thoughts of this is wrong or anything like that. Told me if they ever found out what we were doing he, and I would go to jail for the rest of our lives secrets will get you up. You feel so alone. I wanna be able to speak the truth. As loud as I had to speak the lie for so long. All right, man. So something pretty serious. I want everyone to know row quickly that Corey and Martin we'll be having their own thoughts and opinions on this, and they're going to be focusing much more on the documentary itself. We will be talking about it too. But we're gonna be talking about some other things. You know with it because there has been some big news from the Simpsons creator saying that he's going to pull the Michael Jackson episode that they did way back when I think in the early to mid nineties Christian. So I'm gonna let you take it over from here. I don't know if you wanna talk about that I or we just kind of talk about the documentary as a whole, I let's go duck first. And then we'll go Simpson's. If that's cool with you. Because I do think it's important to kind of talk about the documentary itself. And kinda like these societal response to it. So you can start that any way you want to man. Go ahead. Yeah. Yeah. Let's let's go ahead and show off Michael Jackson here. So listen, the the big thing everyone wants to know is is he guilty. Did he touch kids? What what was this whole facade or was it really true? And we have to victims here. Wade Robson and the other guy, I am blanking. Al I'm so sorry. James safe safe? Chuck. Okay. Thank you and listen. And just right off the bat. I think this documentary is very one sided, and I think they Vilnai's Michael as much as they can. You know, without even saying when when he passed away or came to my attention that after he passed away that you know, he Michael Jackson was mentally abused. As a kid. He didn't really have a childhood right, which which kind of related to his childlike nature's playing with kids in general. Right. So you know, I wish they kind of talked about that. But even though it was one-sided and making Michael Jacksonville in. To me. Anyway, that's what I got out of it. They really did a great job of just going and detailed these victims here with how Michael not only molested them. But you know, the following day when he would be done giving these kids dude, these kids oral sex the following day. They're going out there buying toys. They're playing in his carnival, or whatever the hell he's doing with them going to the zoo. And then it's kind of a creepy rinse and repeat cycle from there. And it's they they do a good job of showing how graphically detailed he went out of his way to molest these kids, and it's hard to get out these victims because Michael Jackson was the biggest thing in the world. And I was saying to you in Korea earlier in the week when we were gathering collecting notes for this story here that. Listen if Instagram was thing back in the eighties. Michael Jackson would be fucking Kylie Jenner times. Ten no doubt about it like his his autonomy. So what he was and how he was perceived to the whole world is really powerful, you know. So when you have a young seven year old who looks up to Michael Jackson now and not even knowing anything about sex. You know, how do you get away from that? You know, how do you get away from that? And how do you even picture him as a villain when the whole world views him as a hero? So listen, man, I I'm going to start this with a preamble because you said the story like two or three times the last week. But you and I were ten generally linked on the day. Michael Jackson died you were out with a friend of mine the minute eat died. Both the hour. Like, we gotta go. Find Christian man is he's going to be a fucking Iraq. I love Michael Jackson's music. The first time I ever bought was a dangerous enemy, and I remember my mom literally sitting down and making read all of the lyrics notes with her. We went to the whole out front to back. I love Michael jets that needs to be stated because people are going to use me being some fucking white Knight Astle who wants to tear down somewhat. But I watched his documentary. And I'm a little mad that you're like it's one sided with what do you mean? It's one sided like everyone else's come out in defense of this guy. Who like yes, there's no actual evidence. The first to admit that. Okay. But this isn't a situation. This isn't about law. This isn't about conviction. We're asking a question did he do this? Or did he not do this? And for me, it comes down to who you believe. Leave. I watched that documentary, man. I watched them as they fucking went through all of it. I saw them fucking visibly get ill. I believe them. More importantly, I believe their story. I think that there's so many people going out there. I wanna give a shout out to a guy to an art note earlier, the on the children of the toasties, we're fighting about this a little bit respectfully. But it's the idea that he's like, well this guy they did it for financial gain than I'm like. Well, no way. Rub. Son was very successful and didn't need money from anyone. So that's a bullshit argument. I want to know why the the immediate response is to try to tell kids on different sides of the world who have the same experience. Why were immediately going to call them wires? I that's my question here, you're not doing that necessarily. But what I'm trying to point out again is like this isn't about whether he goes to jail or whether he doesn't go to jail. There's no evidence for that. I'll be the first to admit that at that point. It becomes who you believe. And I listen to those people, and I believe them a lot of these people who have not. Even watched this documentary, by the way, are like he didn't do it. He didn't do it. That's fine. You can believe that. But listen to the his accuser's story. And then make your decision like look them in the is much as you can during a documentary looking straight down the pipe of the camera, and it's just like look them and listen to their story and tell me if you believe them, that's all I want from people. But like Jesus Christ man people have really broken my heart this week because no one wants to believe them. They wanna think it's all inflammatory, and that you said you had a completely different experience. Right. You think people are like fuck. Michael Jackson forever, right? Yeah. Yeah. It's weird. I think this is what's going to make this review? So interesting because I've been hearing the camp of. Yeah, he is gross doubt. And earlier in the week. I was doing a corporate gig and no joke. I went to one of the coordinators, and I'm like, and you know, older group from thirty to fifty year olds and listen, Michael Jackson for corporate and wedding gigs. Anything? Michael Jackson is gonna be a bona fide hit on the dance floor. I was actually scared to play him Michael Jackson track. Because I didn't know if people were going to give me shit because of the documentary, right? And in a weird parallel to our Kelly are Kelly's always talking about fucking songs. Okay. I'm not really playing are Kelly, and let's be real for a lot of to even watching this. You only play one fucking are Kelly song, and it's nation. So that that's already thrown out. Michael Jackson hit after hit after hit after hit. Right. Like, it's kinda crazy. And I didn't know whether or not the play Michael Jackson. I did play one song. And when I knew it got a good reaction. I was happy. I'm like, I don't wanna push my luck in that play anymore. So the bring it back full circle to. To your point Christian. This is what the documentary shows is he guilty. I think one thousand percent he's guilty. Guess what? He's also dead. You know? Whether or not these people are looking after money. I don't know. I don't know. Wade Robson's life his face looked so familiar, and there's a point towards the second half of the documentary or partout were just like, yeah. You know, I kind of went on with my career as Michael Jackson did his thing. And you know, I just was Corey AGA for for some some some some small groups here and there, and then you see Britney Spears, and then you see in sync. And I'm like oh, fuck, dude. I remember seeing this choreographer in the nineties, man. He was the biggest thing ironically enough, though, none of this would have happened. If it wasn't for him moving from Australia to America because of Michael Jackson and the relationship he had with Wade when he was so young. So that was really a mind blowing well mind blowing it's just pretty fascinating to note. And another thing I also want to mention too, and then we can kind of go into the Simpsons of it all Christian just a second here. But they also did something at the end of partout where they asked listen we're done talking about Michael Jackson. We need to talk about how neglectful both of these mothers were right. And I thought they did a good job while though it did drag a little bit for me for the documentary with this. How much do you blame the mother for not knowing like, how can you how can you possibly be this oblivious and not know when you're hanging out and Michael Jackson's giant mansion that your son is maybe even two or three rooms away. Right. Wherever he was in a closet within a closet and Michael Jackson was not sleeping over with your son. But he was also. You know, having sex with them. Well, this is this is my fucking point man, which is like people are like, well, there's no evidence, and I'm like, there's no physical evidence. But there are witnesses like the oath four trial went to trial because there was enough evidence. That a judge was like, okay. This is permissible. Let's go to trial. You know what I'm saying? Like this this situation where like no one fucking knows. No one ever saw anything. There's plenty of corroborating evidence in terms of just testimonies. Right. Like what beyond the fucking weather? He fucked these kids or not because holy shit. He totally did just what about all the other weird inappropriate behavior. You told me you felt sick while watching this documentary, and I thought you were being a little bitch. And then I watched a documentary and literally felt ill after part one. Because when the when they start going into all these details, and they just keep pushing it on them as fucking children get discussed it by this. Yeah. What about what about every like defense mechanism like he'd have like doors and rooms with bells? So you would hear people came in like, it's just. There's so many weird details to it that it was like this pervasive. You know, the pattern of abuse, man. Like, he built Neverland as a place to abuse children. And I know that you're trying to say like, listen, he didn't have a childhood and like Michael's victim. Absolutely. Does not excuse the pedophile. And no like an it's so fucking weird. And so disgusting watching this. And so the the last thing on a take bridge with you a little bit is just like you said that you didn't like partout as much part one. And that kind of made me mad because part one I mean, that's that's like that's the crime. Like if what I said the other day about true crime that you wanted. I have a problem with some true crime because they focus on the killer and not on the victims. And that's what art one is part one's all about the Astle who did the fucking crime part two is how he broke these people, you know, and I was so I was very interested in how he feels about his parents both of them Bill about their parents about how it affected their marriage, how it affected them fathers growing up all of that is like incredibly fascinating. But that's the. The point of the whole the whole documentary. It's not about whether he did or didn't do it. It's like he did it. And this is how it affected the, and I think that there was such a God damn powerful. Watchman? I was a little disappointed that you didn't. You didn't like the second part is much. Yeah. But, but you know to that point. I think over all I it's something I think anyone who wants to know more about the sing in general, this topic should watch. I think you're right. This is something we're going to kind of go back and forth on because to me. I'm just of more fascinated around this this simple question on whether or not he did it. And that's why I thought part to drag a little bit for me because I'm like, well, we don't need to spend thirty minutes on you know, how how are both mothers negligent on this. I mean. Yeah. Definitely talk about it. I think they just went on with it a little bit too long. Although it is fascinating to know that you know, when this happened these kids their whole lives routines, not only for a chance to become, you know, I don't know choreographer or just hanging out with Michael, but both of them tell these stories about you know, they ended up leaving their parents or the fam-. Only dichotomy of it all just kind of like shifted all because of Michael Jackson, all for this opportunity to hang out with someone. And then realizing that, you know, not only did he molest your your your kid, the the families urrounded, not only word disgusted, but their whole lives alternately changed, right? Because of it. You know, it's kind of just the the be real. Just the throats some light humor into all this kind of like that major choice, and then he RPG game where it's like, listen, you go here or you go here. But you can't go back and from there your whole life is going to be different for for for. You know, the pros and cons of it. All you can't go back and these guys not only did they stick with hang out with Mike O or trying to pursue. Friendly relationship would just hanging out with Michael the family suffered and when the families go into detail about while my father committed suicide, my father, my other father did this. You know, the our whole family relationship. Just spunk out of control for this moment to hang out with Michael Jackson, and not only did we not get what we want. But we got the worst of the worst of it all to with Michael just kind of molesting these these kids. And these victims it's it was really powerful to see that. And I did like that part impart to write I just one more thing that we can get to the substance part of it, which is you know, again, I would just point out that you knew you aren't going to get an answer. When you watched one this documentary never said it had the the smoking gun rioted at the fucking OJ love of molestation charges. So like going into it you had to have known that. So that's my only beef that you'd be like one's more interesting than part two are two is literally the whole point. We we were never gonna prove Mike. Did it all we were going to do is give you the testimony of the people who are affected by it? So at that point, it becomes like this human drama about people are affected by this horrific action, but happens so I think that that's kind of a big deal. The last thing I want to say that we'd do the thing is the idea that people are like, well, wait ropes and changed his story. Why would they come out now, and they just want money and all these other fuck Kary bullshit takes on the subject and all I wanted to say about that as people have been abused? Okay. Especially when they're children. They are in that same mentality for years and years, I had a friend of mine in back in Florida, Robert or miles. Sorry. What's that was like six foot five by the time? He was seventeen is. There was like five threes. Other beat the shit out of him when he was a kid. And even though he was way bigger he was terrified of his debt that is just physical violence. We're not talking about sexual abuse. And so the idea that someone at the zenith of power is threatening you with legal litigation bubble, Bob. I completely understand why you wouldn't say something, you know, what I mean? And that's all I'm trying to say again, I watched the documentary. Listen to them tell their stories make your judgment call. That's fine. I'm not trying to tell you. What is what is? But I just think it's bullshit with people doing backflips and mental gymnastics in order to justify a pedophile which like any way look at it. If you want to say, you didn't fuck kids he still slept a bed with kids. He still talked to him for seven eight hours a day. He sent them faxes relentlessly. It's not a good look at best. That's all I'm saying. And there have been repercussions about this. So. Do you want to move onto the Simpsons part of this, man? Yeah. Absolutely. So let's go ahead and get too nitty gritty of it Simpsons executive producer, James L. Brooks announced that the show's nineteen Ninety-one episode stark, raving dad will be pulled from circulation because of its association with Michael Jackson. You won't be able to watch it and its syndicated reruns or in the symptom streaming app or on future DVD releases unless you already have a symptoms DVD Christian. And it went on to say here that Brooks told the Wall Street Journal that he and the rest of the shows creative team made their decision to shelve the season three episode after watching the HBO documentary leaving leaving never land. And he says, listen, I'm against burning books of any kind brook said, but this is our book, and we're allowed to take out a chapter. So with that being said, how does this affect you? Does it affect you? Do you think the executive producers of the Simpsons can do what he wants is he right about this? I'm kind of curious to know, your take on the subject matter is, you know, the Simpsons is very near and dear to me. Yeah. I feel really conflicted about this. Because one hand I think Michael did it totally. But on the other hand, he was not convicted of anything. That's why keep making that distinction. This isn't about whether he's guilty in terms of law. We're talking about if he's guilty in terms of public opinion. Right. If we all think you did it, but he's not convicted of any. So it's weird that we're trying to scrub him from that beyond that the Simpsons as an institution has had countless in countless guest stars who have had questionable pasts, right? Alec Baldwin's one. But the three pick three or four that are really big ones. You know, people like Mel Gibson, James woods, specifically, James woods and Dustin Hoffman to think about those guys for second. Mel Gibson antisemitic. Sure, but doesn't often is accused of doing some sexually inappropriate stuff. He's used one of the high ranking old guard Hollywood that was affected by the me too. But James woods was accused of trying to fuck amber Tamblyn, who's Russ Tamblyn daughter when she was underage, okay. These are people that are also questionable. And so I guess my question is if you open the store, which they have done now by removing by the way, one like a classic episode of the Simpsons. It's such a good episode. Where does it stop like are we going to go back? And are we going to remove everybody who's ever done anything ever? You know at some point they reference Matthew Broderick. Matthew product, kill kill the guy or killed a woman in a main. But that's that's okay. I'm asking questions benching Brown. Yeah. James Brown's beaten like a lot of women at domestic abuse. Not a great look. I just wanna know where the line is man. And so I guess I'm asking you like, what do you think about this? Because whether you think he did or not don't you think it's a little slippery of a slope. Yeah. I think. Here's the thing. I think the executive producer and people who come up with this show. They can do whatever the hell they want with it. So they wanna do that. Then go ahead and pull it. I think with the story like this. Whenever you tell the mass population were stripping something away. And none of you ever watch. It do you know, there's going to be people that's going to say. Oh, yeah. You know? And they're going to be on the case about that. So I don't even know this was even necessarily a rallying cry to say, hey, look at us. We're pulling this because you know, this documentary really affected me or this is just even more of a ploy to kinda give Simpson's some light, man. You know, that's where I'm kind of going with it. Like, I don't know. How popular Simpson's has been because I saw watching that ship. Way long ago in the past not to say, you know, I grew out of it. I just thought watching it. But, but you brought these interesting cases here with all these other celebrities and actors and all that stuff that. Yeah, you're right. If you're you're upset with the Michael Jackson thing, then you might as well, pull them out Gibson episode. You know, you might as well pull these guys who are you know, you said this guy over here had sexual relations with an underage person. Each apparently tried to come onto amber Tamblyn when she was sixteen or seventeen years old she came out, and she's been very vocal about it. And again, this isn't about trying to get James would locked up and fucking prison litigation is happening. This is just people finally telling their stories because they feel them Bolton to do. So the other thing about this like, listen, we have this this fucking prejudice against men when they come forward as victims. We saw it with Terry crews during all metoo movement. Yeah. Again, it's like listen only recently have women been able to come for. Forward as victims and be believed before they were immediately ostracized and come on, man. Like, we're we're seeing this shit already. And it's just like it took a long time for America America to get to the point where he would listen the people before judge them. And so this just another reason why I think these guys took so long to actually come forward, and that's a really important distinction. So yeah, I mean, just an offense. It's bad chains woods. There's a lot of bad people who have questionable moments, and I think that that's that's libary slope. And we got to kind of figure out how we're going to address this, and again, please don't take that as me endorsing fucking pedophile rapist or any of that shit 'cause that's not what I'm talking about. But I think James L Brooks, the producer of the Simpsons like you just said made it really elegant point which not for book burning right? And that's kind of what this is. We're trying to raise something from over happening. And I think that when bad things happen. You can either a race it or you can keep it on display to learn something from it. And maybe that's not a perfect analogy now. But I think that that's the better more proof boot. Yeah. So. So let me go ahead and ask you with that. And then we can kind of just end the topic here. So how do you feel about it? I mean, you think they should pull those other episodes, then because you know, those those people were bad and had horrible, dude. I mean, it's not even about the Simpsons is about like pop culture at large. You know, what I mean like this is going to be the first step. We're just gonna go out and start changing everything and taking everything back. Nothing's going to be sacred because guess what everyone's fucked up. That's the first thing. You learn about the world is everyone you'd like every movie you like every show you like somehow has affiliation is up, and that's fucked up, right? Bohemian rhapsody just won how many Oscars, and that's director molest kids to you know, what I'm saying. So we the academy just gave it a fucking Oscar at I'm sitting here. Just being like, yeah. I on in theory. Yes. Pull the, but if you do that, then you can go back and literally change everything. And again, this isn't with the burden of proof that this is just a documentary and testimony and. That that should be enough to condemn people in your own personal opinion. But I don't think it should be an to condemn someone's fucking legacy people using the legal argument or sitting here, not realizing that OJ got offer killing a woman, like the legal system, isn't infallible. And that's something that we need to remember mistakes or mate. Mom, and so it's about how we react to it. That's all. Yeah. All right, guys. So let us know in the comments down below. How do you feel about the documentary? How do you feel about the Simpsons executive producer pulling the episode and will it come back? Let us know what you guys thinking comments down below and thanks for watching us. Alright. Christian next up. We have here a trailer for killing Eve's. Let's go ahead and play this trailer. And we'll be right back with our thoughts. And then we'll get into emails in game of thrones. After this. Sometimes you will do crazy things. So. Are you in vernal so institute in each other? History of flamboyant is. Look at mazing. Can I take a picture of you and surround? No, no, of course, not get a real life. If she's alive you need to find her. This swell. You almost have control. It feels like I'm loosing my mind. Little bit. Idea is if you might have gone any feelings, no, no feelings crash, your heart and hope to die. Ooh. This is AMC did not know this was an AMC show Christian. Listen people in the past Christian has when we compiled are twenty eighteen best TV moments killing eve was one of them for Christian. Again. I have no emotional attachment to the show because I didn't even know what this show was until about two months ago. So Christian I'm going to defer to you, how do you feel about this latest trailer for this show? Yemen. Can't be more excited. Yes. He's one was one of the best prices ever had TV heard people ranting about it. But I didn't really commit to watching it. When I finally did watch it. It was just next level, man. The basic premise of the story is just a woman is working for the British government has tried to track down a serial killer and much like Hannibal did and as much when you try to get into the minds of these people sometimes it become like empathize with them and you develop this weird relationship it's not necessarily sexual, but it's from Mantech, but it's not, and that's kind of this this line. That it that it's walking throughout the whole series beyond that though that the lady plays Bela now forgetting her name right now. Jody Gomer, she Kamerhe. Sorry. She's amazing. She's so good stylistically. It's probably the prettiest show other than like, maybe mister robot terms of how the cinematography looks. I can't I can't talk about it enough, man. It's on Hulu right now. I think it's only six or eight episodes. So it's definitely easy to catch on. But all the early buzz is that it wasn't a one season in a wonder this is going to be a great show going forward. And. Yeah, man, I you gotta watch. What are you doing? You're slacking miles, dude. I don't know Olympic go back right here and say, we're where's it? Baby girl hollered boy fuck she's pretty attractive, dude. So any basic, she she speaks six languages in the show, and I guess real life, but changing God a workman black thing where she becomes so many different characters. She puts on a wig. She's a different person and do just it's like a tour of bracketing. So I cannot recommend this up to you. But also the toasties real quickly is this show. Not episode. How long are these episodes talking twenty thirty minutes we talking our lane thep Assad network hours so forty to forty five. Okay. It's not a full like premium channels, sixty minutes or anything like that. So it's definitely it's an easy bench. No much thing. Four days. Okay. Awesome. Alright. So people let's go ahead and answer some emails, and then if you wanna stick with us because we're gonna be doing another video talking about game of thrones season two as we were saying last week with Martin who joined us, thank you very much more in. We are going on the road not to wrestlemainia folks to Gema of season eight we are slowly approaching this season. So before we do that. Let's go ahead and quickly answer some emails that you guys have sent this door the Simpsons one from Ryan he says since we already talked about it. Okay. Got just let me go ahead and just delete it. All right. Ryan says here DC superhero girls. Hey, guys since you. Talked about DC shows. This one's not made for for that. But last night Cartoon Network premiere the new DC superhero girl series created by Lauren Faust, the woman who created a certain pony show wallet hasn't aired in Canada yet. It looks like it looks so much fun. It's gotta talented voice cast. And I've heard some good things about the first episode thoughts on the first trailer. Well, fuck let's go ahead and play it. Oh, say though, Kristen you probably wouldn't be able to hear it. Right play. Let's see what. Okay. Let's go ahead and play this. Got the volume up. Yeah. I do. That. As has become all too clear in recent months despite having the likes of superman looking out for her citizens metropolis is still in need of further super help narrate. But you ask for it. Come girls a hut. Speed of Todd. Do. She world. The. Juicy. What happened dude? I'm surprised as you are. Right. That was a trailer. Listen, I I think it looks good. And my watch I'm gonna be honest with you now probably Ryan like you're going to have to be are animated guy because we got way to April. We got like what nineteen fucking shows to watch. Like, I can't watching that. It looks cool to me wrong. Yeah. You watch a lot of animation. You're just gonna have to be animation. Correspondent I I really like I just want to strap Ryan down and make them watch like Schindler's List or something like profoundly fucking depressing. Always watching cartoons. Like, why the fuck you? So happy guy anyway. Said I thought my love for anime was some next level shit. But look at this man, I I mean, again jokes aside, this it looks good. But I'm you nailed it. I mean fucking next week. A dude what the hell are we talking about turn up? Charlie. I know was a big show because you know, that's DJ pills to me, and I can't even find him my notes right now. But we have shit legit have four things that come out. It is stupid. Okay. Hold on. So we got arrested development. We got shrill turn up, Charlie. not to mention doom patrol reviewing season three of game of thrones. Yeah. And that just what I currently have not to mention the news topics that are going to come out for the following week. So we got way too much on our fucking plate. And with that said, I'm gonna Carlos hop in and join if you don't mind while I pull my notes here for a game of thrones. And then Christian you, and I can go ahead and start that. So Carlos thank you. I will let you take over you want to talk to the toasties people. Yeah. Go ahead. Kuopio? How're you been on doing fine? Thank you for looking. Good, brother. How you doing everything? Should. Oh, man. Oh, good. You know this. Yes. You know, keeping calm Washington. Birla can't made that up -solutely love. That's one of the few shows that I think is much better than on the comic books. Right. I'm glad you like it. That's pretty cool. What are you thinking of doing patrol? I like the dimple. I dig it a lot like the Sears. But it's like you guys were talking about. And I'm afraid that any moment going to drop the ball. And the whole thing is that DC has never had a almost perfect series like every other series. They have a flaw and with ERO, I think peak season to you. And after next on washing had no interest the same with the flash. Why do you think that is what do you think these superhero shows kind of fall off the wagon that quickly? I really know man for aero. They did so well with death stroke and with the flash even three spectacularly I just that their reliance same old tropes on the same fan. I think why doom patrol really shines yourself because his so weary so out there and every single episode something new and interesting, it's not belie on the same thing. It brings ideas that were not previously even consider four to table. That's how this. Like stuff like Lena tomorrow tomorrow sweet because of that because the first season generic it says he's into his really intrigue just knocked out of the part just because brings always new ideas to table. It doesn't rely on the same thing the same old tropes. Why don't we have Puerto Rican? Superheroes. That's odd. Looking. Puerto rican. Clark Kent, why aren't we there? We'll be honestly just hooking up girls. Just drinking. We William really care. We'll be the worst superhero. We would have never on time. What were you doing on which three from, you know, hanging with the girls and the Palm Beach in hot is, right? Yeah. We couldn't be bothered to save crime. Come on, man. We were we were at fucking thorough there today. All right. We were too busy doing shit. We could not be bothered man shit. You can pick compared to the cinematic university. You preferred the DC cinematic university errors. Now is a tough question because at the very beginning ID, not like the DC universe. I am a bigger DC fan than marble for people that know me, Verney Depp. I like, I always feel like I learned English my second language chew comic books and graphic novel. And he was all my house my uncle's. It was all about DC. So when sacks night or I came into the picture with Mana, stealing all this movies. I was enthusiastic, but then I was just disappointed and just doing care two point for a longest time was only wonder woman, the movie that actually enjoy Akron ago, so-so chess and looks good. But hoping Sam is good. The whole thing is that if we're talking which one I gotta say CW CDW believe now has been more consistently good than any other any other thing that this has done, right. Yeah. That's that's the thing. It's like when people try to like, Robert going, watch miles won't watch it sorry. But but that's the point. It's like, look, it's it's a consistent. Universe. And the fact is they've just kept expanding it. So you haven't watched a bunch of the new stuff or you just watch the beginning of the TV universe. I some of the new stuff limb black lining. I love. I the act is really good. I did not get with it. I was in Washington. I wait onto Netflix. I wash coupla up assaults on FOX. And then I'm like, wow. This is this skewed. This really really good in t- looks even better. That's the whole thing. While expanding do super has dementia. Men hunter Desam deep Kombi book cuts. I never expect it to see the Marshall men hunter beat them and be done. Really? Well, man, like, I'm like brought tears wind like I'm just hoping for green lantern because I always wanted like green lantern space GOP opera TV show. Cops in space that that's the one that always been waiting for and him and the flash just hookah be a body comedy. So that's right, man, lantern rebirth by Geoff Johns. Just please the depth that it'll be a perfect tation. It'll be but no one does it man. Let me ask you this. What about what about something like Gotham? Do I'll say this about got the man early on very not good? But then at some point they lost their goddamn mines. And it just became a web better show that you fall off of it or no I wash Goffin consistently is the ones. Oh, always on track with golfing. I saw the last three episodes last night. I saw them always on Hulu Menem. So happy stuff like that trial. Jim Gordon that Tyler street. Oh, man. Those river from the boots and brings us mile. They had Scarface they have the living dummy on the show recently in the last episode and they did him. So well, so FM well, dad, just just accurate believe what was seeing like. Wow. This is why I want it from the longest time and even go back and forth with Martin. And I always felt mar always tells me Goffin is might be one of the best. If not the best and my whole biggest problem was always the joker indices. They're going to call him. The is going to be the joker, Jim Rome. And they had the whole twin double of. And that was the one thing that always like I like, but are you willing to the joker? Just you know, if you're going to be doing and delayed. This incarnation of the show with the joker. Polls known only from the last runs of the joker in the family from the comic books, but also pulled from the telltale games a lot that I asked only love a door. And I saw 'em. Like, this is really good interpretation of the jokers something that have not seen like I never seen this except in the comic books. Right. Yeah. That's that's really really impressive. I think the problem I had with Gotham early on was that I wanted. I wanted it to be a show that wasn't about handing off to Bruce way. You know what I mean? Like, if I would've I would've pitch that show. It would have been the exact same show, except it's all about how Jim Gordon cleans up the streets of Gotham as a cop. And then negates the the need for Batman. You know, what I mean, Bruce, Wayne can go on to just be like philanthropic billionaire and he saves Gotham with his money because that's what he should be doing. Let's be real about Bruce, Wayne. He's fighting a war that does. No good. And he's got billions of dollars where he could make real change, but doesn't so that was always my issue with it. But you're right age. It just got so weird. But beyond that got so faithful to really minor parts of the comic that thank you know, it really separated itself. I know our boy Alan is not over. No, Allan likes. Got. He doesn't like ERO. Are. I never minded ticket. All that. But yeah, it's still really impressive. What do you think of that new bright burn movie? That's coming out. That's like have you seen the trailer for that the bright burn him, bright Brin? It's it's James Gunn. He wrote in a looks like a like the alien superheroes. Like one if superman was evil, right? Here's a Freeman out. We'll if you're from the comic book world, you'll read this. You had superman. Brit, son. You had the injustice coming book you had so much of this over the years, and you even have Alan more dig into it. That is something that I wanna see it because I never seen it done in film. But just as a concept I receive hundreds of times, execute us. So issue gun is going. To be weird. Hope we're is disgusting. I wanted something likes litter. I one I wanted it to go to the whole routes that he has from trauma from the old production company where he started I wanna see that. So that be cool regarded anything else that one about golfing that can really say a justifies the need for Batman. And the comic books that can never explain why do we need this? Mash view, anti person dress. I said bad because there's no there's only crime regularly crime donate to the police force. That's all you need to. That's it just be feeling tropic. But in the series, they actually explain no. There's a reason why we need somebody dressed as bad because those people were long before him, and they were driving everybody say and nuts. Well, his parents died in crime alley. You know, like it's cold crime alley. Maybe they shouldn't have gone to crime alley and they wouldn't have died. You know what I'm saying? I'm just saying let me think about the bit those too long. It gets kind of fickle. You're say, it's not a great or two story. But a food man, I totally feel you you also mentioned my favorite fucking comic. Book arc ever that superman, which is red sun read Suns perfect. It's like, it's it's another one. I wish that Hollywood had balls would just adapt because it's so bold. And for people who don't know just presupposes a world. Where superman lands twelve hours later, and he lands the Soviet Union instead of in smallville, and so he gets raised up by Stalin, and he like singlehandedly perfects, communism and all that shit. And then it's just so amazing right because lex Luther become president of the United States, another just fighting through geopolitical actions. Yup. An you have Batman also dies like counter insurgent against communism. Pegase? Instead of being killed by Joe show in the comic books actually, get killed by an assassin send by saw him because there were anti-communist communist party like they Breyer like, no this, so my blowing anyways Moss's reading so all of you to him. Carlos pleasure. Talking to you about. Thank you, very. Eating. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. So it's it's interesting. I'm going to have to figure out. I'm just going to grab a lot less images for for these upcoming things on top of if we stack them on top of what's in the box. So now that I am prepared Christian. Hi, guys. Welcome to hard game at thrown season to recap last week. We had Martin join us, and there's a few things that that we said and a lot of things we've also missed so now that it just you know, you, and I, and you know, your other guys out there to we're gonna structure this much more episodically Christian throughout season two. I wrote down more detailed notes as I went on with each following episode. So I think four this review. Let me just go ahead and give you a quick few bullet points with each episode. And then you, and I can kind of deep dive off those perfect just go ahead and stop me whenever we start. Because now I got a shit ton of notes and images to show off here. So. Before you begin? Let me just say quickly. And thank you Martin for showing up for season. One. Chris Harman will be with us next week for season. Three mystery guests for season four season five season six season seven I will be in Austin. We'll all be doing it together live, and of course, in Austin for the season eight premiere so yeah, you have a lot of us to deal with try to lobby for your favorite DT crew member to be in certain seasons. But yeah, go ahead. Yeah. Yeah. So listen, and before we start going episodically here season to like I said on last week's episode with Martin which you guys can watch right now that season to Christian for the longest time. And I fought you with this that it was my all time favorite season for the longest time watching this and even knowing what seasons one through four were to me watching them. Unlike the show is perfect the show was to fucking perfect. There's not one thing I hate while. I watched the show. Everything is perfect from just how the chess pieces are moved. Within teeth too. But just more importantly, how much more structured, and how much of a political drama this show was we do see sprinkles here and there especially more at the end of season two with the fantastical elements of the dragons of the white walkers and so much more. But before we see any of that, we just eat lots of character moments. And while let's face it who is trying to become a king here because the war of the five king Christian, and we can only have one. So now with that being said, let's go ahead and talk about season two episode one the north remembers right away Christian. We see the innocence of Sansa saving the drunk guy when we see her and Joffrey after the beheading of Ned stark and how they're celebrating all that. Tyrian comes out. He becomes the new hand of the king servcies not really about that chopper like fuck. And then we also see the introduction of what let's stop right there. So let's talk about king's landing forbid, so we see Santa poor little dove so innocent and she's an fucked up situation right now. Not. But tearing comes and saves the day with that. And how do you feel about just too early scenes of king's landing here? Yeah. Yeah. No. It's really good also liked if you pay attention for you glad people that is the guy in season four who helps her escape after a certain big event happens. So she's kind of buying currency later for life, which I really like also like Tyrian Tyrians awesome. He's also in the best position. He's been in. And he is making that known immediately like is interactions with us, but also interactions. Withdraw Frey where he's basically calling him a coward the minute. He walks out there to ease the bold and in a way that he has never been Bolden. Because for the first time, he's got some responsibility from his father. Whether that's good reasons or bad reasons, he's taken it. Of in good stride. So yeah, mad love that stuff early on. I just all of that was really good cool next cell. We see John snow and the introduction of crashed her and the whole incest the situation happening with that. We also see the introduction of Mila, Sandra. And now we see the different types of religion happening. Here night is dark and full of terrors. We also see the introduction of status who believes he is now a chosen profit through the whispers that misunders throwing in his ear all throughout the episode, but more importantly all throughout the season as we will talk about in a bit. We see rob just kicking ass knowing that he's winning wars. And he talks with Jamie with that dire. Wolf seen in the little seller camp, which I thought was super amazing and more importantly here. We get rob telling the Lancaster cousin the terms and conditions. He wants with his sisters reunited and that the north wants to. Have their own independent nation, and they just want to say kind of all this nonsense. Yeah. So let's go ahead and talk about that Christian. Yemen. The Robb stark thing is the most interesting just because you see him trying to make moves to not necessarily get people killed, but you already see the seeds of discontent back in winter fell. And that might be episode two's. I'm sorry, I'm jumping forward. But there's a point where we see brand, and he is very very bored. What he's taking like all the Lord meetings winter fell, and you can tell people are already like, well, they're fighting for Robb Stark's war being real shitty about it. But I that's important. I think just to show that like people are loyal because they're Bannerman which means that at some point years ago, someone or allegiance, and for some reason, we're still doing it, but people aren't necessarily happy about it. And they kinda see the toll of the war. That's coming rob start because of that is trying to be strategic as he can. But that kind of gets portrayed in later episodes, and I don't wanna get too far into that. But as of right now stark has the upper hand, he's winning battles. Jamie's getting the best of Jamie in one liners, which you knows hard so. Yeah. Robb Stark's killing. Man beyond the wall. Just like there's once I really wanna talk about quickly for short, which is meek Grasser. There's a part where I guess the Lord mar Mormon had thought the John was being a little insubordinate. Yeah. And he kind of liked those against the wall. Who am I I'm Lord commanders? Who were you get your Stewart? He's like do you want to leave one day will then you need to learn how to follow? And I was like, yes. Okay. Good is character moments because John is a fucking boy scout season wants to now is beyond the wall. He's playing a different game. And he's gotta learn how to do it the right way. I just love. That's yeah. And while the Lancasters are being freaked out because I totally forgot while rewatching this the landlords are getting fucked all throughout the season. Not only do they have to worry about rob start. But they have to worry about Ren Li Ren Lee has the biggest army right now in the beginning of this hell through half of this season teaming out with the Tyrol's. They are a hundred thousand strong Christian. So after Stanton his hears about his brother teaming up with the. Tyrrell's? He just annoyed because Stanton's knows this is his by birthright, and as soon as we see this episode, and we end up finding out that not rob sorry. Wind of finding out that Joffrey has sent an assassination out there. Because he's hearing these rumors about his mother and uncle Jamie here having some incestuous stuff with all that he's not about that in episode one with north remembers ends with Joffrey taking out all of king. Robert's Basser children. Was there anything you wanted to add with that? Or can I go ahead and talk about episode to keep it going kid? All right. So season two episode to the night lands. We begin the episode here with aria meeting, Jack and Harr we have a theon going to the iron islands in. All man. I totally forgot how interesting all of this was going to be because poor theon is here trying to figure out his identity, and we see a lot of that sprinkled in all. All throughout the season. Let's also talk about that the on. The first time he meets his sister. It's it's a little creepy here. Man. How do you feel about the scene? The first time you saw Christian. I was like fucking mad at him. But I was also like what are you doing lady like say something like she seems way to on board with it? Right. Because she doesn't say anything. It's not even like a stop. And I'm not I know that sounds shitty. And I'm not trying to make it sound like that. But like that will seem was weird. The previous seem to that where he's like fucking the lady in the boat. I really liked though. Because unless I'm wrong, this is the last time the Andre joy gets laid before it all goes wrong for him. Spoiler alert for later in the season. Yeah. This is his big moment going home. And of course, he's going home at the behest of the starts. He's going to try to get his father Belan to give him the navy and their ships and all that stuff and things don't go. According to plan almost immediately. So, but it's a very interesting thing because as far as the character, you do get to see the conflicted nature of it. He's wearing start clothes his dad doesn't like that shit. You know, he he he's not gradually enough. For him, and you can tell that the aunt is in between identities. And it's like a real sad thing for him. Well, he he he has his armor on. But he just doesn't like a Belan. How how pretty it looks? Right. He like, no we report we so or whatever their expression is. So there's that little quick tidbit. We see more of a status Amila, Sandra. Saying, hey, give yourself to Lord of the light. We are seeing. Now the introduction multiple religions in the season. And we will see more of that author at the season. Let me let me jump in one second here because this is one of my favorite scenes of the whole second episode because this is literally the fucking fork in the path, sir. This is the moment where she's like you need to give all of me over give all of yourself to the Lord of the light remember as she seduce the status. This is the moment. Think about it. This is literally the moment like you said RPG, go left or go. Right. But you can't go back by doing. This this sets off this is the first step in a journey that ends up with a lot of spoilers here. I apologize. Yeah. But this ends up with you know, like Stanislaus death Ren Lee's death is daughter being burned at the fucking steak. Yeah. Like his them in still being wiped out from the earth. This is the this the beginning of that moment, and again it so like we're watching the show. I know you feel the same way about rob later on. But you're watching it, and you're just like damn it. That's a pitfall, man. Don't do it. Don't do it. They do it. Anyway. Because you know, we have the benefit of hindsight of knowing how it ends for them. Never as well. A game of ga-. And I hate how you jumped ahead because one of the very last things happening at the end of the season is actually episode ten while Magus where Mila Sandra. Now looking at it with the lens that we all do she says by the end of this. You're going to be trae not only your brother, your wife, your family, your men and pretty much everything, you know, in love to become the king. And now go ahead and look into the light stainless. But we'll talk about that. When we talk about episode ten episode. Two of the night lands ends with a John seeing a white Walker because crasher is giving one of his sons before he is not doubt. So jumping into episode three. What is dead may never die? Now, we see theon fully embracing his identity as a great joy here. But again, poor poor theon because Faulk ultra out this do you pity him. And you're like he wants to be accepted into his actual birthright family, but guess what? His father was an asshole. He didn't do anything to bring him back. And there's great great character moments. I just wanted to bring out where the on is shouting at his father. And he's like, listen, you give me shit. You're the one who gave me away. You're the one who abandoned me don't tell me that. You know, I'm the worst here. When what the hell do you have to say about that and Belan being the bitch that he is he walks away. So that kudos theon because I love that moment. So that's something. I also want to highlight within episode three. But we also see here now Christian that Ren Li again with reinforce the fact that he has a huge army, and we are gained the introductions of the Tyrol's and oh my God. Baby girl Marjorie is so fucking fine. Mentally dormer is my wife the first time I saw her. I'm like I'm going to marry that girl one day Christian. So we see Natalie dormer looking hot as fuck. But not only that we also see the introduction of brand who is giant giant woman. And we see not only the introduction of brand of tars put how noble she is. And just kind of her relationship with Catlin stark here. So all let you go ahead and take it over from here. Dude. Honestly, I I really love pretty much every moment of this season. Just because it's all doing little character moments. But beyond that, we've already known a bunch of these characters think about how many characters get introduced just in these first three episodes that become fan favorites. Right jock gar grant tar even Gilly. Right. Like, we co totally glanced over her her first appearance in the show. Is there? It's it's like a pitch perfect kinda season. You're just seeing every every chess piece kind of get moved into place. The Ren Lee stuff is is troubling almost from the beginning. Don't you think just because it doesn't like he's got all the men, but there doesn't seem to be like a real competence or competence. They're not make sense Brienne is the the the only motherfucker who knows what's really going on YoM now in terms of the Cowan stark thing. It's like look the the starts are trying to get every ally. They can they can secure Belan that can secure readily they get to avoid war. And that's what this. Ultimately is about they want their independence, and they want to obviously get Sansa aria back. But they're trying to not get everyone killed and their thinking in this moment is like listen, if we can get, you know, triple the amount of people they have, and they know that we're coming. They'll sue for peace, and we can save a lot of lives. So I actually really like it man because again, it's showing rob being attacked Titian instead of being overly emotional or being young bullish. So I love this part of the season. So yeah, absolutely. We also find out in this episode that Marjorie knows her her good-looking husband is a well doesn't like chicks. So there's that scene where Marjorie is like listen d models for you. But for friendly, listen, man, if you need my brother in here, you know, long as long as I get a baby this is what's going to solidify this marriage and all this stuff because we end up finding out in the following episode jumping ahead that March wants to be not only the Queen. But the Queen and we also go back to king's landing in three with Tyrian. Cleaning house as the hand of the king. I do have this clip. I wanna play because it is one of my favorite moments in season two g and the Amish should be needed. Shoulda Shintoism dawn. But remember the Queen Musset net. To the Queen mustn't. No, I love conversations that begin this way. I plan to marry Princess must sell off to theon Grainger. T-o-n graduate. Forgive me, my Lord. But how he grew up award of winter fell. He fights for rob stocks icing. The UN's father, though, the stocks and will convince the boy to come into our side, Rachel can destroy the northern army from within and we can have his father ships. But remember, you must tell no one tell no one walked all right? And I'm going to stop it right here. This was Christian one my favorite scenes. We are seeing little finger. Do what he does best that is cleaning house. He's trying to figure out who's the liar. So of course, we end up seeing this. This little plan. He does where he says Marcella is going to be sent off and she might be married to one the Martellus one of the great joys. And I forgot the other ones and he's trying to figure out who is the the bigger liar. Here is various little finger cell. Pie cell so on and so forth. Great thing. I just wanted to mention and of course, going to quickly just to your point. There's a really wonderful scene where shavers gets to king's landing or whatever and Tyrian comes back to his room. And various is there and I loved that scene because there's a bunch of like veiled threats or whatever. But it ends with various trying to open the door to go to the small council. Tyrian says this line, which is like I am not Ned stark. I know how this game was played. I wanna love about this is the very next episode. They're not content just telling you Tyrian knows how the game is played. They show you that this motherfucker knows the planet like season two is honestly one of my favorites because it is peak period. It's Tyrian just kicking everyone's asked like, mentally, strategy wise, and is just so much fun to to cause we know it gets bad for him later on. This is really like our best victory lap for Tyrian were just like fuck. Yeah. You get it little man, you're the fucking best. Yeah. So now, let's go ahead and jump to episode four and that is Gordon of boned. We see the introduction of Roose Bolton who we all know to love and hate later on this season. But we're not in season. Three yet Christians right now I Bolton he's he doesn't forming. John listen. Theon is pretty much attacking winner. Phil, I can send my my son to go ahead and capture him, and he will pay for what he has done. And we also see the introduction of rob falling in love with tha Lisa and man listened rob is on a hot streak right now. He's on a hot streak he can love someone. But we'll we'll see what happens later on this season. Joffrey Maka Sanga Merrin, Trent ends up beating her Tyrian saves the day and also realizes and us that Joffrey say this man, he just loves people get tortured, and he probably fucking jerks off to that, you know. So we also see here to Ren Lii. And now Peter Bailey interacting with to what I got here. I got Ren Lee and Peter Bayliss interacted with Marjorie. Okay. So now we see little finger doing what he does best to which listen, though, he may be a bad guy. I just love seeing him work his puppetry on every. Character and he slowly figuring out what Marjorie Steele Ren lease deal. You know, what what what's happening over here with the Martel to stand with the Wren lean all that are ya Genry and Haapai arrive at Herron hall, and we also see the introductions of the list of people wants to defeat Christian. I'll let you go ahead and take it over from here. Again, just so many new characters that will go on to be loved how pies like beloved. He doesn't do anything. He's just really fat really adorable the whole time. But you know, he's he's still really cool. But even concepts within the show the list that is something that still goes on. We're still talking about oh is are you going to get everyone on that list? So this is still like most television shows are doing season one they give you all the groundwork that they need, and then they continue a lot of those storylines on which they're doing, but how much more are they adding on top of that many other characters in avenue narratives, all that stuff. So like, I'm absolutely loving all of that. I think that's really wonderful to speak to Peter really quickly at the scene from. I believe episode two or three and sorry to jump back. But I think the important thing because he is a village. You're right. But he is by far one of the most, entertaining and root root -able. That's not a words, but you wanna root for him coming Eric tres? Because again, he came from nothing. There's that scene where sir sees looking at his is like mocking birds digital MSCI. They have is like face off about oh veiled threats. And shit. Knowledge is power and powers powers. Power is power the thinks he's got her. She's like I'm ruthless. Okay. I got you way worse. But I love that. Because it's like he's putting this place still realizes it has to navigate this game of thrones a different way, you know. So he's one of the most exciting characters of the whole thing. Go ahead, sir. So we also see here to the importance of now Ren lean standards meeting. We we see how cold standards, man. He just like he tells his brother ones, stop stop doing this nonsense. You don't you can't be king. You have no background of any of the stuff of war strategical, military stuff. Let me do this and Burnley throws it back right at him. Even when he told Ned back and season one, listen man, people don't like you. You're great military strategists. And all that stuff you can get shit done. But you know, what the definition of a king is so one the people love, and guess what? The people love me. And I don't know why I wanted to do this rob ban, Dan thing. So. He he's loved and and we see cat trying to get in there too. She's like, listen, both of you. Where my sons, I wouldn't not both you with your heads together and say fuck it love each other. Okay. There's lots of interesting things I like here because why why are the brat thing is fighting with themselves. How listen I do hate you ballistic out the land of search right now. Let's go and figure out this shit. And even stand says, listen baby brother for everything that you've done. You can still sit on pardon my council here. If you bend the need to me, and you know, you have your men in the Tyrol's and joining me, so there's something I want to mention there with that Reynolds says a man without friends is a man without power. So something I want to know we also see Christian the introduction of Taiwian. Wow. What is seen? This is the no, no, no. We saw him back and season one mistake. But he's getting the stag that was which was also equally amazing scene. But I will say this the. These scenes with Taiwan or so my favorite of the entire series. Always with an aria. And I'm sure you have a note on that's all that you get back. But yeah, this isn't the introduction. But this is his season introduction. Yeah. Of course. So so we see Taiwan now arrives at Harran hall who are ya Genry and hop pirate there as well. Tearing knows the land so is sleeping with certainty. Something again, very quick. But something I very much enjoy. There's a point where even Tyrian says God making fun of you is not even entertaining anymore because you are such a bit. So I wanted to mention that Stanton does Davos sent Miller Sandra way to private island. I don't want you to talk about it. And the episode end with Christian what the fuck of blood thing came out of military vagina. What is that a shadow status? I believe which is not good, but yeah, pure evil. This takes us back to a couple of episodes ago where you have to give all of yourself over to the Lord of the light. So this is what that was. They can see something fucking purely evil and kind of weird. Awesome affect in the show, by the way because it did freak me out. And this weird evil thing has major ramifications for other characters. Absolutely. So now, let's go ahead and jump into episode five that is the ghosts of Harran hall and with the crazy baby coming out. Well, Ren Lee is dead. Here doesn't look good for Briatore thin lady star cured because they were the only ones there, and how the hell do they explain that? Hey. So this is a shadow monster that looks like Santa's ended up killing run -ly sound believable. If you ask me or anyone so we get that little finger again now is asking and prying Tyrol's figuring out what do you want here? What do you want here? And again, this is where we see the episode where arteries like I want to be the Queen. So that we'll see what happens with that later on throughout the season search interior needed prepare for the upcoming war. And what the hell do they do -tarian ends up discovering Christian while fire is the thing not only is it a real thing. But this was something that the mad king hat, and I wrote down here seven thousand eight hundred and eleven pots of wildfire is what ended up happening Christian. We have also been the electing Dinares storm born because listen, she was in Cartha, and let me go ahead and just say she looks good in blue so not. But but the interesting thing with dinar is because we've been collecting her throat. So conversation is that listen everything is looking dire for her after Cowdrey died. She's trying to figure out her identity, and she's just trying to figure out herself as a person, we we see lots of things happening with Danny in the season where she thinks well, you know, by birthright, I deserve the iron throne. And then we see not the not Zara Zoro who blah, but the second guy the rich guy questioning deniro's and saying, well, listen, why do you want the iron throne because given to me by birthright, really, do you know anyone in west robots going to support you do you have an army not to mention maybe you don't got chips. So can you know, make the ruts to me all day, but you're not gonna do anything because your situation is not looking good here in cart, the greatest city that ever was and that there ever will be. So there's something I want to mention with do you wanna go ahead and talk about the house of the Indian while we're in Carthage. Yeah. I was gonna say. I think that's the biggest part of it is like Danny story is taking place slower stretched out over time. So it's not as sexy to do episode episode. But her arc is very much about learning to be a manipulative. I don't want to even ruler because they're further seasons that are about our learning how to rule, but this is her learning how to corral support this is her learning how to play that game that game. She fails a lot in the season. Oh, you know, what I mean like she's not able to secure passage multiple times. But by the end of the season bobby's get into it. She kind of has learned to play the game much better. And now she's put herself at a much better at advantages position. So we end up finding out too that the guy is making fun of Jura more Mont here who's mister French zone and questions Danny's motives Joran, Danny speak Enda. Let me see episode end with Arias target dying. Because I forgot back at herring hall aria saves a deck. Regards life and also says listen, thank for saving my life. You get three wishes, and this is again, the introduction of more fantastic elements happening within game of thrones. Which is really powerful. Because now we get to see this great character that Deccan Hagar is. And what we see him doing later on season. Which is really great. And the episode ends with that one thing. I did write down here is are ya? If you know, that's Taiwian. Why don't you just say right now kill Taiwian, which she does later on. But Jack and says, well, he's already gone. So what do you want me to do that? Don't know why shouldn't do it when she was a squire, but we'll be talking about tie win aria just a bit. I also wanted to tell you hear that in episode five that the folks at king's landing are not receptive to Joffrey. They're throwing pieces of shit had him literally. And they're just rebelling because they don't like this. And then of course, we this guy over here. Pulling some mortar. Combat fatalities. So that is something I wanted to know too. There's a lot of civil war stuff happening within king's landing Christian. And that is the end of episode five Herron hall. Let's go ahead and talk about episode six the old gods and the new the on finally takes over winter. Phil brand is like, okay. He's waking up and he's like the on what's happening here. The like, hey, listen, I've taken over. What do you want me to? You have to respect me. And and you know brands like, okay why, you know, so. So I do like that. Again, we see more moments theon trying to figure out his identity. He ends up killing a Rodrick one of the loyal Bannerman of how start and then of course, now, we get more playful banter between Taiwian and Arya and Christian. I'm just gonna play just a little bit of this conversation that Taiwan Naria has. But man, this was one of the reasons why season two was my favorite season for the longest time because this is a deviation from the books, but it was a welcome change that even book readers can agree with. From the loan. Million men good. Amongst these bowls in a million bended repent than the tech from the F. The dragon filed. Oldest son's roasted alive within these wolves Igam tug, Gary them change, the lose. Have you child alive? Still knows his name three hundred years after death death on unto sisters. Was just biding his dragon. It was rain these to. Student of history. Rainey's rope excess. Send you road Vega. I'm sure I knew when I was a boy saying, you talk our was bright Loria. Shut of leery still social dock system. She's one of you take. Most goals move interested in the Pitti maidens from the solves Joan Q flowers. The most goes radiates. All right. So let's go ahead and stop right there. Taiwan is not only impressed with Arya that while you not only change identity to to kind of fit in with the situation that you're in. You're also very intelligent. Did you know how to read and there's moments and pockets that I love with their relationship that they have where you see are ya? Not only saying, well, listen, I'm against the grain of what a female should be in this world. But there's moments Taiwan's. Like fuck I kind of wish you were like my daughter. So something I really wanted to highlight an Christian was there anything you wanted to add to that. No nothing much, man. I mean, just you're right. It's a deviation from the source material. And I think it's some of the best original material that the show runners ever kind of came up with. But I I love how it plays out little by little and the of course, he knows there's there's that scene where she's talking about like, I didn't I didn't learn how to speak proper, and she's like purposely not making it an adverb, right? Like, the L Y at the end and stuff like that. It's just like Taiwan's too smart for that. But he respects it, you know, and it's. It's weird that I think this is one of the things game of thrones Zoe's trying to say is we're enemies, but there's so much that connects us as well. You know? Yeah. And so I loved that CNN. Again, the time was just got some shitty kids. So I don't blame him for liking aria, man. Definitely. So let's go beyond the wall. Here we get the introduction of g grit. John, snow and grit going back and forth. Getting a little up close and personal. And Ye great kind of making fun of John that listen, you can't fuck what's going on here. I don't know why anyone wants to become a man of the night's watch. And you know, we see a little bumping and grinding action happening, which I thought was pretty funny. But but again, we see these character moments of John that he wants to do the right thing by taking these valves and promises, but again eager destroying that practicality out of him saying that listen, you can have your cake and eat it too this world suck. So at least enjoy the small things in life going back to rob. We see more stuff that. Rob Foley in love with the lady to Lisa here from Balante. Right. And we also see cat finally being reunited with rob. And you know, cat saying, rob, listen, you can love her but do made a deal with the phrase. So just keep that in mind. Oh, yes. I will mom just say, well, I'm not going to break that bow. You know? So and the episode end here with Rick and brand leaving winner, Phil because you know, theon has now taken over and the Nares dragon stolen and heading into the house of the undying. So now, let's go ahead and jump into episode seven a man without honor. Theon is annoyed that fuck how did we let the to start boys escape? How did that happen? You know, not only that we see this beautiful wide shot of Herron hall and just kind of see the destructive forces of it. We're Taiwan ends up telling aria that this place used to be really indestructible had high castles high defenses. It was fortified and guess what? Dragons burned down a long long time ago, we see more stuff Christian. How did I forget this? The the moments of certainty and Tyrian while Tyrian is cleaning house back king's landing. We see not only a brother and sister relationship we see Tyrian trying to counsel. His sister wants a Marcella has left and she is being shipped off to Dorn. And there's a beautiful moment here where she's crying and Tyrian kind of wants to hug her and wants to touch her. And there's a moment where that awkwardness plays out where they both look at each other. And he doesn't know what to do. I thought that was just really great and really powerful and relationship is kind of my favorite thing. There's there's a scene earlier in the in the season, we kind of skipped over it. But it's it's it's like where they makes a joke about where we all know that you're fucking your brother, and she's like, oh, you're funny. You're funny. Not as funny as that. Joke when you killed our mom like just be really fucking shitty about it. Yeah. But still that relationship because like for better for worse their blood, you know, and it's in those small moments where you're just like damn it these broken people could be okay, if they tried but surveys way too fucked up. We also have here. Let's see. We haven't talked about the relationship the hound has would Santa. So there's a point again while this craziness happening within king's landing worthy. The hound ends up saving from becoming raped because Joffrey doesn't want anything to do with it after you know, he got humiliated, so we see that. And I love that relationship blossom because you know, for the most part, we don't know what to think of the hound. But being the servant to Joffrey. And we see great moments of the hound which I have a video clip of episode non which I will play for you guys. Played a Ron, but also has period now, she's freaking out because fuck that means now I can give Joffrey kids, and I don't wanna give him kids after everything I've been dealing with with him. Let's see we also have Jamie killing his cousin to escape and he actually does. So successfully there's all of that going back to the east. We see more mon- mister French zone here. Talking with this mummy woman about hey, you love, Danny. You know there. There's more to you than your leading on with her. So you should probably be a little bit more honest with her more months still kind of denies things. And of course, we see this big moment here in the east where Danny confronts, the twelve Ideo game villains back in Carthage and the crazy magic guy with a zero zero zero whatever his name is ends up defeating all of them. And that's a big w t f moment in car. Do you wanna talk about this moment? Just for a second Christian. Yeah. I mean, the Carthy again, I mean, there's not much to it other than be like, listen, this is all about learning pains for Danny? It's about getting or where she needs to get to. In the first place. And I just think it's also the introduction to some really fucked up magic two bags. We got like that creepy Charlotte and all that stuff that's going on. But yeah, it largely that whole arc is again. It's slower than everything else. The show everything else is kind of moving at its own speed. But it's I think it's probably the most important lesson that Danny's learned so far, right? Because now, she's you're also seeing her crossed the threshold between dot Raqi like nomadic savages of you will and then going into high society and not being accepted by society. Even though her family as they good repeatedly say is like a the highest society, they were kings and queens centuries. So I just I really love everything that's going on cars, man. I think it's the most informative arc of the entire show. Definitely so episode seven and with theon supposedly killing a brand and Ricken, but we all know, that's not the case. And then we jump into episode eight the prince of winter fell Yara finally arrives at winner. Fell and tells call Seon calls theon, the c word how can you let these stark boys run off or. No, she doesn't know that. She just like, okay. We'll bravo. You took over winner fell. But guess what? We're known for being great people with our fleets and battling in the seize the moment that these northerners here that you killed these these stark boys, they're gonna have your head so baby brother, we need to go back. Dion is like fuck that. I wanna stay here. Stay my ground. I wanna prove. An iron iron born. Thank you, our lows, and that I'm gonna stick to my ground. Although again, the thing that's so heartbreaking is that he betrayed rob. And he's trying to figure out his identity, but but he stuck here, and it really sucks for him. We'll see back at the wall here that Sam well discovers the horn of heaven, but whether or not this is gonna be a thing and season eight yet to be determined. But more importantly the introduction of dragging glass. And we end up finding out through exposition of same. Well, tall Charlie that one horn means what like white or not white walkers three horns is white walkers to is Wild Wings and one means like immediate danger. Rangers returning Rangers return. So we see a lot of that stuff happening. And let's see what else do I have here. Okay. We're getting closer to the war before episode nine Tyrian is freaking out. He's like listen, I need to. Do some serious shit here. And he's freaking out. Surtees acting very nonchalant. Rob is still winning the war despite the sprinkles of dumb character moments that we get with that. And although Ren leads assassinated status is right around the doors. And now we gotta deal with north. We gotta do what the Brad Theuns. The Lancers are not looking good here Christian. And we also see here that one of the dumbest things happening is, Jamie. Letting go of or Catlin letting go of Jamie here, and she was thinking, well, if I give away Jamie with the brand to king's landing here that you know, they're going to broker this this straight here to give back my two daughters because cat thinks that are ya in Santa are still back at king's landing. When we all know that is not the case. So we do see the introduction and the funny dynamic that is brand of tar with Jamie. We'll get a lot of that in season three. But seeing it happen and see two is pretty cool. And then of course, what else do I have here. This is a episode aid a girl that yet just more stuff with Talita and rob. And again, we're slowly seeing rob is falling in love. And we know that is not a good thing. Because later on he ends up saying, and now I'm probably jumping a little bit ahead here that he wants to marry this girl for now for always. And you know, what he when his mother's like, hey, listen, you need to keep up with your deal because this is what honorable men do. And of course, rob throws it back at her. You can't give me any any opinions here when you been messing up yourself, and guess what honors killed debt? So anything wanted to mention that. Now, man, I'm over here. Intimating this episode nine man, which are Boy George are Martin wrote. All right. So now, let's go ahead and talk about blackwater here. But before we do we see various in Tyrian develop a relationship, and we see that relationship blossom all throughout season to where he'd like, listen, man. I know there's this war. That's about to come out. But Danny has three dragons back in court, and she's got two generals that are not to generals. I'm jumping ahead that season three but more on is fully on her side. And just to let you know dragons czar thing and Tyrian says here that you know, what one problem at a time, which I thought was really great because there's a lot happening for him. And then we go into the battle of blackwater. We haven't talked about Davos here. I love this character so much Christian. You can tell right away the onion. Knight means nothing, but goodwill and faith to standards. He's a believer of hashtag team. Stand is all the way he believes in. Ause, but he doesn't like the relationship. He has the Santa's has with Mila, Sandra. We see his son over here. He's leading the fleet. And of course, we get these moments where these to talk about listen, we're gonna win this war. And when you win this war on your night, you're going to become the hand of the king. And I think a lot of us would agree that would have been awesome to see that would have been amazing to see. Fortunately, it doesn't go that way because we see Dallas at sun here saying, well, listen, let's let's not think the gods. Let's think the guide and that is the Lord of light Christian shea and -tarian are in bed and before this just like they were together in the battle that Tyrian was going to be in season. One. Would you still love me after this? What are you going to do after this? And we see these introductions of not only one of the best episodes of the blackwater, but just kind of perspective on what war is right. And when you hear the. Horns sounding off in king's landing and Braun singing while you know, the hounded just kinda so angry about it doubled. His like, okay, we can place a music too. And then you hear the drums and you're like. Dunton's Dunton's it, and it is again, one of the reasons why I hold the season so high because it just so spectacular. We see the walled fire, and man, all the standards fleets are gone all of them Christian all of them are gone. And there's a moment where one the soldiers ends up telling STAN is our fleet defeated. What are we gonna do? And Santa's like we're going to keep on going. I don't give a fuck, and he's like the soldier to Stanton's hundreds are gonna die and Santa's as cruel as he is probably thousands. And then he just throws that line men. If you wanna win let's go, right? I'm butchering the line. But you get what I'm saying. And then we see when the most exciting episodes of season nine before I played that beautiful seen what the hound. I want you to talk about what did you feel when you're watching blackwater? Much episode one episode nine of season one where it's like this next level kind of moment beyond servicing a bunch of characters. What I liked is that you touched upon which is the idea the of war. So you see a lot of Tyrian having last potentially last moments with his loved ones. But even like when wars gone on there's a scene, I really love or sees like gathered her kids in the throne room. She's prepared to murder all of our kids just to make sure that our kids don't fall into the hands of the enemies, right? And have a much worse eight so yeah, I really loved that as far as the spectacle. It's like, yeah. Dude. An episode two of the season they showed that while wildfire farm, right? So that's that's like Chekhov's gun right there. They introduced that shit because you know, that's going to have to come into play later on. And they do it such a kind of amazing way. Yeah. Man. It's it's perfect doesn't that? Also, give us this is what interior goes into battle. And God what's his name it? Yeah. No conflict yet Padres. Yep. Yep. We also get the. Production of surpassed earlier in the season. And we end up finding out that he's a good wholehearted guy. And he's a definitely supporting Tyrian. Anyway, he and he ends up saving his life. But before tearing goes into battle, we end up seeing that the hound because we got it sprinkled and sees a one that listened him and his brother. You know, his brother screwed him, mentally psychology. What's the word? I'm looking for. I said psychology, psychological, ecologically. Thank you. Well. Through fire fire freaks them out at the moment. He sees fire. Even when he looked at the wall fire from the back. He's like I've kinda scared with all this and Joffrey ended telling him go back out there and fight. And that is not an to the hound tells this. Kings. God pa- gain. We must beat them back. They're going to take this city. You'll king city. Kings. God. The city. Fuck the king. Out and what the hound we do see him. When things are not looking good for the land throughout this episode that the hound actually ends up telling Sanga. You know, I can take the Dewinter fail. If you want. There's not anything good for you over here. And of course, onto tells him. You're not scared of me or I'm not scared of you. You're not going to touch me. And he's like, of course, not little bird little dove, whatever and he ends up leaving. And that's the end of that. We also see Joffrey again being this child. She has no idea. What the hell? He's doing. He talks big game. He can have all the fancy armor. He wants. But at the end of the day Joffrey is a bit. And we love to hate him. Because he does such amazing job all throughout that. We also see land. So also a bitch running away saying, hey, Joffrey, your mother, commend you at once. You gotta go. And then we get that that powerful scene where you know, Tyrian says listen guys don't fight for the king. Don't fight for the city fight for yourselves because if we don't stay on this is going to sack the city, he's gonna take your women. He's gonna take everything you love and your families, and let's fucking go. And I thought that was one the best scenes all throughout black water and not too. We see status. For as much men. He s he sacrifice status isn't a coward. Joffrey? He is getting in the nitty gritty in that war, climbing up the ladders, Christian and key is just going to town and destroying Lancer men left or right there. It's not looking good. And we see search running away with Tomen where she's about to poison him. And. God damnit. How did this happen Christian? The Lancasters were losing all throughout the season. And then of course, Taiwian coned with the Tyrol's saying we won. And that's how the episode ends current theme, by the way because if you remember Robert's rebellion, the ministers only showed up when the victory was almost assured. You know, what I mean so much like this in the eleventh hour Taiwan's shows up to save the day, of course. So after that we finally go into the last episode that is episode ten volume of Google this. And we end up seeing Tyrian waking up after being attacked from what happened from the events of blackwater. He thinks he's ugly. He thinks Shay's not gonna love him. And we see this relationship blossom, though, Tyrian has bad luck as we'll find out throughout the seasons with the getting into relationships with the horrors shea is not one of them or it. So it may seem for now he's into where she'd love you for who. You are. I don't care how ugly you are. This relationship is in about a currency thing there, there's some real genuine love. And then we see tearing kind of breakdown, he's not the hand of the king anymore, and it's really unfortunate. Because you, and I know and the rest of the audience members know that if it wasn't for Tyrian right now. None of this stuff would have happened. San would have eventually sacked the whole city while fire wouldn't have been into the picture, and it would have been a much different outcome. And of course, Varis ended up telling him, you know, the city, and the people will know that you saved us on. Fortunately, the victors. What's that expression? The guy's history history will not know, but I will know any fucking hits it so hard, and you're like, well, that's all that matters. Right. As long as someone lives to tell your story. But yeah. Like histories, not gonna know tie wins not gonna care the stories after everyone dies will not make teary and a hero. God people will know. And I think that that's kind of poetic Justice, right? Yeah. So next up we see everyone celebrating and getting their rewards. Give it up to little finger who brokered the deal of the Tyrol's meeting out with the Lancasters after Loris getting who super upset after Ren death. And of course, we see here. My wife trying to a pros the Joffrey, which I don't know why that's happening because that doesn't make no sense. But she says I want to become the Queen. And surprisingly Joffrey says well, sorry, I take my vows and odes very seriously. I'm married to another and that's the Sansa. And of course, you know, we see mass pie cell and sir Syed saying, well, we'll we'll listen. Let's let's let's rewind here. Sanga is a traitor, and you'd want maybe we can break the words just this once because it just so happens to be very convenient Christian that, you know, forming this relationship of the Tyrol's in the land of sorts. It's going to be more beneficial to us. So of course, saunas filing let go and we see her smiling. But that isn't until we see the little finger end up telling her that listen don't think you're free. Because now that you mean, nothing Joffrey is not gonna let go of his toys that easily and things might actually get much more worse for you. But I can help you out if you allow me to so we end up seeing that cat ends up telling rob don't mess with the phrase because if you mess up this relationship here of getting married with this random volantas girl that things are not gonna look good. And of course, rob ends up telling her, well, I don't care. I wouldn't love. I wanna fall in love, and this is really stupid to me. And again, we're seeing more sprinkles of. Of rob. Losing the grip when he held it. So tightly of him winning this war because now fuck he wants, you know, Jamie's gone. He's going to marry this girl. Go back on the fray word, and we end up finding out unfortunately in season three what happens because of that. But until then it's happily ever after moment for Robb stark. As soon as that, we see Brian Jamie, having more of their relationship, and I love how Jamie just constantly making fun of her where they're having the conversation, and he's like hold on have you ever had sex before. Wait. You're a woman like being a total Astle, which I love very much status is now totally defeated in angry chokes out Mila, Sandra and says what happened you know, what I was supposed to win this war. And she's like, well, the Lord alight says you did and I still see your future here. And again, when you jumped ahead above me, just a little bit you brought that line where she's like, well, listen before this is over you're going to betray your brother, your family, your Bannerman, and everything, you know, love for this cause but you're going to win so come over here. And let's let's look at the light. And they end up seeing the light. And that is the end of that part. Danny goes back into the house of the undying. And we don't talk about this. Much, and I feel like a lot of people forget about this moment Christian. But we see the flashback in the future events of her walking into winter fell. Where winner has finally come or so a Macy's anyway. And then we see that great scene of her and dro- go with the baby. And I didn't realize how emotional scene was and give it to you here for you to explain it further. But drogue oh was saying, you know, even if this was a dream. I'm going to kill the guy who wakes me up, and I thought that was super touching. Yeah. The whole scenes, really great. But I think again what it is. It's a crossing the threshold for her character moment like now, she can officially say goodbye to all that shit. She's also gained some agency while being in Carthage she learned how to kind of manipulate and play that game. And so it's a really important scene. It's like what could have been what will be again like the whole show is about four in the road about making a decision. And I thought this was like a really articulate and like cool interesting way for them to kinda show that but also it's it's the last version of old Danny in a young naive teenage Danny who didn't know how to do things. This is the moment pretty much going forward where she's not that. I any more. It doesn't make a perfect. She's still flawed. She still has to learn how to to lead into rule, but she's no longer like hapless little girl. She wants was. And I just thought that was such a great touch. Absolutely. We end up finding out that winter fell is now officially burned down gets knocked out after making that great speech. I don't know if it was this episode episode eight now, I think. It was ten the iron his his people actually give him up to Ramsay wind up finding out later seasons or in the upcoming season. But for now theon is wholly loss. Winner fell is burnt down the land sorts have one. How did we go from the beginning of season two were everyone was going to defeat the Lancaster? So well, they're on top. And they couldn't be any higher with the merging of families between them and the Tyrol's, and we also see going back to aria the introduction of Jacqueline Hagar and after the three wishes are granted. Right and aria and Gandhari Haapai escapes that we see Jack in Harare changes face. And he offers the coin and tells aria, hey, next time, you find someone from Valentas give them this coin and save Gulu's. And again, I love that like ominous music playing the background whenever they have those two people together, and we are gonna see much more of them in the later seasons. But I love. Again, the introduction and just kind of easing the audience born to this fantastical elements. I mean, the white walkers and the dragons are thing, but we see more magic happening throughout the many, different religions. We see of game of thrones. And then of court Berber Berber. Looks like I'm sucking. And dig I'm sorry. Yes. And guess what? Oh, man Sam well is fucking shitting his pants because here we go not only do we see season to end with the white walkers, but we see that army walking flows fucked because they don't come for another five seasons, folks. But. And that's how season to end with the white walkers, and there are threat, and we will tell you. It's really impressive about that too. Is that the show episode one of season one starts with a scene with the white walkers? But other than that, they're largely gone with the exception of you know, what what's picking up that baby right through ski. But for for the most part the show kinda makes you forget the white walkers or even out there, and then they end the season with this holy shit confirmation. They seem to control the weather to in. It was just such a such a great way to get to that destination. One of the random thing. I'm going to talk about the red messenger. The comet from the prophecy of the what is or high. Yeah. Yeah. So like that's really interesting to me because I think it's in the second episode, but I just like it because it is showing you owe the red messengers the red comments read best during this world and the easing. They call it this king's landing the Joffrey comet, you know, what I mean. But more than anything it's that everyone has their own interpretation of what it means. I think. Think it's says in winter fell that it doesn't mean any of that all it means that dragons have returned which is accurate. I so I love the app because it's telling about the larger prophecy and beyond that the season is just great because they introduced so many new people who go on to be very important to the mythology of the show. But man, we barely scratched the surface with the show. That's crazy really two seasons in season to slow on purpose methodical moving everyone into place like we get a big bub beatdown. But no one really loses status is still out there. So it's kind of like a reset for season three, and yeah, I'm just cannot wait to do more of these. Yeah. And before we end things here to again, just rewatching these seasons these earlier seasons just really reinforced the fact that like man, the the later seasons to me are just very unexcusable with the Schiller shows. They're just regular as TV shows they stopped being some of the best entertainment out there. One through three perfect seasons season four. I love a lot season five. She's six is good. But those first three specifically there is not a week episode outside of maybe the pilot it just all become some really wonderful elevation. Yeah. Yeah. So that was our review for season two game of thrones. I hope you guys enjoyed it. We will be back with season three with the one and only Chris Herman. So we can talk about the biggest thing that made game of thrones probably the pop mainstream TV show that it was one that that it was and that is the right wedding. So look out for that. When we talk about that next week. But let me know what you guys think about season two was there's something we'd left out with something. We should've added let us know in the comments down below. Thank you so much for joining us that was our wrap up and Christian. This is the end of our show, we stayed a little bit longer than usual. And guess what? I think we need to plan. More time to say to to give ourselves some leeway here because we're talking about a lot of game of thrones in the upcoming weeks. So again for everyone who has joined us the chat. Thank you guys so much for joining us here, you could have been doing anything else. Would you decide to stay here with us? Of course, go to double totes dot com. The official merchandise store of double toasted the pickup all the apparel. And all the fence stuff that we have to offer. And again, you can find me on Instagram at DJ, malls music end, you can find Christian at Christian dot monster. And don't forget the hit us up at what's in the box at dot com. Christian. Do you want any last words any last-second words here? Yeah. Game of thrones is cool rewatch with us. We're going to go through all of it. If you want more Christian in the weeks in between. Whereas my burrito you can find me on apple podcast a podcast called. Where's my rito? It's pretty funny. Check it out other than that. We'll be back next week cool. And that is the end of the show guy. So I will be back next week. Enjoy the rest of your weekends and take care.

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