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"brad heimlich" Discussed on Xtra Sports Radio 1300 AM

"So they're challenging offside on zone entry for this entire play. I was gonna say the overhead looks at the kick. Was not a kick off this sticking in. So it's gonna be a look at the off side. Zone injury. And we got our first look now, courtesy altitude television, and this, ladies and gentlemen, I'm pretty sure his off side and a guilty party. I think is Josh Anderson. Brad Heimlich video coach for the Colorado Avalanche may have something here. Are looks altitude television and on Pepsi vision. Which is hanging high above the icier Pepsi center. Very large video screen expands. Blue line. The blue line shows us that. Anderson was in early. Both lines many Andrew Smith, and that McPherson are looking at it. Now with the assistance of our good friends at the war room in Toronto. I also have looks the cameras that we do not have access to on our televisions. The decision has been made and McPherson is delivering the decision to Francis. Sharon, and here is that decision. Reviews on side. And we have a good goal. Let's something. Conclusive evidence. Maybe the issue here. And the crowd once again is seen the replay. And we're looking at it now. Both blue line cameras. Have been shown here. And it looks like Anderson was in fact into the zone before the puck was. That's interesting. There is a half smirk on the face of Jerry bed NAR and because. They lost the off-side challenge. Now the ads have to kill off a penalty. So it's fan Andric ghetto into the penalty box and Columbus will go on the power play. Again, looking at it. You see where the puck is. The explanation will come out on Twitter. From the National Hockey League may submit videos and explanations on every single coach's challenge in video review decision. They will try and get to that. If it comes out in time and read it to you. You can read it yourself a little bit later voice when you're done driving. He's never tax looking at your phone while you're driving. While Eric Johnson has the puck behind the net. Turns it over Dan Atkinson his down towards is as the apps. Clear went off the glass and in the screen in the faceoff will be in their own zone. An interesting series of events turns out to be Josh Anderson. His seventeen th goal of the season from Boone Jenner and dean Kuchen. Jen. Twenty nine of the third period. The apps challenge for offside. I would have done the exact same thing. And I would have thought they would have won that challenge. The overall opinion from most people in and around this facility, and I'm sure outside this facility think that that play. According to all the views is off side. Here's a one timer from Atkinson, say bike rube our thirteen on Andrew ghettos penalty. It's actually a pinch Meyer that he.

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