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"brad hammy" Discussed on Mornings with Keyshawn, Jorge & LZ

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"brad hammy" Discussed on Mornings with Keyshawn, Jorge & LZ

"It worked out, it worked out real well, but the fact that a matters he thought I was picking up some on Santa Monica boulevard, and it just didn't. I'm like, no anything wrong with it. I'm just saying I'm just say because I was in the heart of it. I was in the meat potato people. I was at the industry. So so he thought she was out there. Eddie Murphy in potato he kind of made that we kind of made a little bit of a joke, like that, you know, I'm like, no minutes, my wife right here dog. And she got she I just check right here. That's good. Not that it's anything wrong with your met, fans, making sure that, you know, our listeners know that we're just saying that was in your bag, but the bag is fine. But it turned out to be good. No ticket, and it was, I believe is see this is the bad. I don't have a car with me, some flat tire. But. That's for sure. The seven point five headline offer so hard and I believe is what is name would harden. Yeah. Like James harden. Yeah, I think it was hard. I was kind of, you know, I heard it, but I was kind of big sure everything was good. But I got his card and everything and, and tell them I give them a shout out to the to the west LA sheriff's department. He go did go to the West Hollywood, Hollywood shares apartment. They was real nice and took care of brother. You know, it makes you and I'm getting a ticket. And that's right. No, they probably wouldn't even pull you over swerving in the lane, he wasn't swear relied just moved in. He was on a Friday night when you move like that. That's what he said. You know, you wasn't like I was doing this. I just happen to move 'cause I leaned driving. Now Malini learn the car. Drifts in the car. Drifts, you know, he's two cars behind me. So he's like, wait a minute. I got one of these driving drunk, you know, we home man. It's like Santa Monica has got all those little signs. They crossing every thirty I know like come on y'all. Can't walk through the light just in the middle of blockages pedestrian crosswalk. But for Shoka for south thought I was giving any be put on the curb the trunk open doors wide open where you going where you going where you're gonna find. I swear I thought I was getting ready to get the sidewalk treatment, I was west. How would I would have saved you? Happens. We'll tell them what's out there. I have came. Gotcha. Always somewhere. Never called me. I was playing basketball. Friday night is a group of guys that get together in West Hollywood. A play ball at a local middle school and night the gym. Okay. All right. Headline in the morning. You took it already. Job. Kate. Little of interest started picking Saturday as even different copy that business card. Just in case something comes you like OJ your friends with the police. Well. Come on now. Put those two things together. That's not what your Brent wants us all the. No. He's a very young eighty six. Okay. This is to put that out there. He tweeted he knew. I think I say you'll Brennan, sharp nails. Not worried about it around it up to ninety I love gillibrand. You'll Brad Hammy right playboy all American AME. He picked me he had me selected is in the morning. Overall pick gave me one his highest grades and history, grain. I no problem with yours. He's the golden rule treat people how they treat you. Right. I'm not no problems. I thought you.

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