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Brad Davis  MLS and USMNT Star Appointed as St. Louis Scott Gallagher Club Director

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Brad Davis MLS and USMNT Star Appointed as St. Louis Scott Gallagher Club Director

"Hit a home run and get pre-approved for your next refinance or home. Purchase at the home loan expert Dot Com. Enjoy the podcast this cardinals broadcaster and Chinooks Shopper. Dan McLaughlin Chinooks would like to thank everyone during this difficult time. That includes those that are working in the stores as you can imagine. During this time Sh- NUKES. Employees are putting in long hours around the clock to best serve our community so the next time you're in schmucks tell them thanks and that you appreciate them. Let them know how much we appreciate their efforts because we will all get through this together. Saint Louis Scott Gallagher announced that former. Us Men's national team player and an MLS. All-star Saint Louis Native. Brad Davis says the new club director and he will lead the Missouri Boys Program as well as Saint Louis FC Academy played locally Shamanee then at Saint Louis University third overall pick in two thousand and two in the draft in Brad. I guess it's Coming full circle for you. You know you played in the program. Now you lead the program. Congratulations gotta be exciting for you know. It is first of all Dan Thanks for on. I really appreciate it. It is this is a really exciting time for me personally in my family and I look forward to getting back into a club that basically gave me the foundation of go on and have the career that I did so to be able to kind of look back on on. Everything is my careers. Now come to an end and I've moved on to the next phase in my in my life being able to Kinda reminisce On everything like I said is pretty. Surreal out to have the opportunity to come back home to Saint Louis And be a part of Saint Louis Scott Gallagher and the tremendous tradition and history that it has with the staff that it has a again. It's extremely exciting. It's GonNa be a great. It's a great opportunity A great fit and you know we look. We look forward to get In getting our heels dug in yeah you played for the Gallagher Program. It's well known here in Saint Louis Really Nationally. Now you're the head of that. What does that mean to you? I mean back when you're a little guy you're not thinking about this but now you're running the program. What does that mean to you know? Honestly it's like I said it's it's a little bit surreal. I don't think it's all kind of hit home yet. I mean I've had buddies and friends. Obviously that I grew up with the system that are still in coaching now. in in different roles in kind of just reminiscent on it and go through different pictures of stuff when you know we're ten eleven twelve years old in a gallery and a forest planet soccer park and all that so this is It's in my blood it's in my DNA into my family's DNA. And like I said to be able to get this opportunity to To come back and try impact and give the experiences to the next generation that I was fortunate enough to have Is it's GonNa be Great. There's going to be challenges that lie ahead but we're GONNA hit him hit him face on and continue to push the program forward. You mentioned the name. Brad Davis in Saint Louis Legendary in soccer. So what what are you try to do with that name value? And then you as the head of the club. What are you trying to do? And and take gallagher to the next You know the next I guess Steps you can take it with Trying to develop kids for the national team and maybe even MLS team. Yeah so it's It's really about getting in there Getting down into the weeds with staff. What a tremendous staff with a tremendous structure in foundation is that has already been Laid out there for for for so many years to really get in get into the weeds with a staff Really trying to find out Positives I don't like saying negatives by like to say you know looking for places where we can. We can be better. We can grow and be stronger But until that happens you know. I'm just kind of working remotely having conversations right now but it's really about getting in there looking at the structures. Winning continued to challenge each other. We continue to push each other to be better on personal and professional levels You know really get hard on on the on the culture and being collaborative Everybody needs to be open. Open minded ready for You know New Ideas Ready to collaborate ready to work And see what we can what we can do. There's always there's always opportunity better and that's what we're going to try continue to to do like. I said we're going to be respectful about it. But we're GONNA push each other personally professionally and give these kids the best opportunities the best platforms in the best pathways that we possibly can Bradley. We've seen that. Soccer is really exploded The last ten fifteen twenty years is Saint Louis still the hot bed for talent soccer wise that it once was or where do you think? Saint Louis Fits in that landscape. Absolutely think it is You know you can. You can look right now. You know the players that played in the past overseas players played in the past. Mls players that are currently playing MLS Players that are currently playing in different European leaks. I mean they've consistently put out the players that have gotten to the highest level And it's because of of what they've been able to do. It's because of the staff. It's because the commitment Destruction Foundation in a passion. It's always been there in the Saint Louis market the support from You know people of lay that foundation the supporters of the of the US L. side in the fans. I mean there's just something about Saint Louis when you go go there. It's the family friendly. Soccer is a pulls on heartstrings. And it's just at a every base layer of anybody that That you talk about so I for sure think it's still sitting. There is a top hotbed in all honesty. In my opinion the sky's the limit For this club with with what it's got already and as you mentioned with. Mls coming into the market here In a year or two. That's just going to add another element in Saint Louis that these kids haven't had and I think it's going to be a tremendous opportunity in your. I really look forward to it you mentioned. Mls coming to Saint Louis and you offer a great perspective on this because you played and you a top player. What do you think fans whether you're soccer fan or not? What can you expect from an MLS team being in your hometown? It going to something that The fans are going to absolutely jumped on. I mean I've been asked. This question will be absolutely shocked. If if This team wasn't wasn't selling out wasn't revered wasn't lunch you know from from the get-go this is your you've lived in in. Saint Louis For a while. Now you've seen you know. Mls talks come in and go away. You know Now we have the the team and now finally. Mls is is coming there so now it's up to the up to the city you know it's up to the community of we know that The ownership group will start putting everything together Getting talent lined up and things like that but for us now as a community of Saint Louis and everybody. That's been a part of it. We've been kicking and screaming and asking for it for a long time so this is really our opportunity now to show to show that support and You know Kinda got to help put this team on our backs and and and really make it part of our community one of the great players. It's ever come out of Saint Louis in soccer is Brad Davis. He's now with gallagher and he's going to run the the kids program if you will but also have a hand in St L. F. C. And when you think about how soccer deals with the virus are you paying attention to what they're doing in Europe and some of the other leagues and then. How do you try to make sure that you do that? With the safety of your players and the kids that WANNA play this summer. Yes this is some stuff that we're going through Aussie right now again. It's it's a very Touchy sensitive subject. The last thing that we want to do is go out to the field and put anybody in any type of danger whatsoever but we also understand that parents in in kids need to get back to regular life soon as as soon as possible. So we're starting to see I guess some of the restrictions be a little bit lenient but that in my perspective is still more economy based this isn't You know just go. Up Puts a youth players out on the field. So these are all things were analyzing. We're looking at right now trying to get the State and local municipality Rules and things like that but we absolutely want to get these kids back out on the field I believe it will happen sooner than later. but until those full processes are put into place in all the rules are are laid out. Because they're still some things are a little gray The last thing. We're going to do until we know for sure as go put kids out on the field and put them in any any type of danger but those conversations are going on right now and I looked to have players back out Sooner or later it's great news. You add the ultimate honor of representing Our country and playing for the national team but yet the national team has struggled on on the men's side. Brad why do you think that that has been the case over the last boy? I Dunno you know ten twenty years. What what do you think that is a man? I think it's I think it's multifaceted. Thank A little bit of it. Is You know the the leadership that has has been in there I think a little bit is the structure from You know Us soccer from from a top from from the top down. I think we're in a very unique position right now in. Us soccer were almost starting from from a clean slate. In is much as I You you hate to see a country like ours in this type of position I think it it almost needed it needed a restart button. It needed a refresh button and I'm hoping that Berhalter is a guy that can come in really create a culture really create something that all the players by into I think we went through a phase where it was you know. We had certain coaches that you know. brought certain players in over and over and It was kind of the same thing over and over. I think we're now getting to a place where it's different players. Younger players are getting different opportunities. They're rotating ups getting getting guys in and kind of setting a standard rather than it being just the same group of guys over and over again. coming in so Again I I hope I hope Greg is the right guy for the job but really it's just a culture in a stander needs to be set in I think he's he's. He started that that process in. Hopefully it'll be a positive thing moving forward to the future but I also look at The youth side of the game now with the The DA Now folding at growing into different Leagues and In different structures a kind of sent the through soccer world. So really being able to Get that out in the open and try really create And kind of like said reset The youth the landscape is an opportunity that sitting here right in front of us and I think some of the moves in some of the decisions that have been made. I think we're going in the right direction. And now it's it really. It's up to us. You know the leaders the youth programs the clubs and things like that is it continued to push continue to make it better and continue to set standards and cultures within that we can move our players onto the next level when they get there. They're going to be prepared for my final question for you. Brad Davis my guess. One of the great soccer players to come out of Saint Louis. Now Running Gallagher What would it mean to you to see a kid? Ten or fifteen years down the line who you helped and your coaches helped. All of a sudden represent the national team or play Down Market Street for an MLS team here in Saint Louis have you. Have you thought about that and what that would mean to personally? I am not Thought about that yet to this point used ask the question again So yeah so it's exciting. I mean I I was blessed. I was fortunate I had so much support to be in in help to get to to to get me through My career the way I did. So now we've moved on this is not you know about A me or anything like that. This is about our next our next generation like I said I've been fortunate enough to have some special moments in it would mean The world for me to be able to pass this knowledge Some of the knowledge some of these experiences is down. And and you know that's what I'm really beginning to find myself Passionate about So these these kids now are going to get the opportunities that you know. We didn't even have when we were younger growing up in now they're going to be growing up with a professional team players. And all these things to to look for so again. The platform is now. Their processes is smoother a streamline As we can with with with with the knowledge that I've been able to gain with the opportunities that I've had to be able to bring these kids. Prepare them sooner rather than later because now they're going to have the opportunity to go in look players and have the opportunity in the full pathway to be able to stay in their hometown. Buffet wants you to go from the youth game. All the way to keep professional ranks. If that's something that they want to. I know a lot of folks. Look up to you here in Saint Louis Privilege to have the chance to visit with you. Congratulations on the job. And Best of luck with Gallagher. I know you're GONNA knock it out of the park. Thanks so much. Thank appreciated yet. Mclaughlin here to tell you about the hometown automotive family. I trust the most the loop Hughes Automotive Network and you know they are saying Louis loop us has been a part of Saint Louis for over seven decades. They're proud to support St Louis in the surrounding areas with cars youth. Sports and charitable efforts. Fourteen brands ten locations just visit views dot com to start shopping today wes.

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Big news in the ETR family! Plus, Mount Rushmore for Dynamo, D.C. United & Toronto FC


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Big news in the ETR family! Plus, Mount Rushmore for Dynamo, D.C. United & Toronto FC

"You're listening to entrance is driven by continental. You feel enough for that matter. I feel a lot better. Bob's extra telling me see exactly how I find out what's going on in the MLS lawsuit. Maybe this podcast isn't me a little bit as well. Because of the experts from yet path everybody up here. Every single day goes into the office into the laboratory to try to cook up some great stuff for you guys swine From Brooklyn New York. You are listening to extra time driven by continental from bed. Stuy Andrew. We you with my partners in soccer from Brooklyn Heights. David Goss from Clinton Hill. Pk Galen car and from Long Island city Queens up in the clouds mattdoyle boys. What's up? How you feeling how you doing. I'm happy to be back. It feels kind of normal somewhat normal not normal at all whatever I feel. I feel fortunate right now. I just watched. Kaelin's personal life crumble. In the back of the shows we got ready to record Katherine in and around. We've got sick. People are less for sure at out. Say This doing this podcast twice a week. Taking up seventy five percent of my living quarters in utter silence. We're making sacrifices. Everybody's making sacrifices for this show. We're here for you. Look some news to get you started. We have so much to talk about today. That is based on the past. And that's kind of the way it's going to be. We're doing our Mount Rushmore for every single team in major league soccer. Maybe even circling back. Get some of those extinct teams. Chievo suicide get Chili's on the board fusion mutiny. We might get to those today. We've got three four you the Houston Dynamo the fighting Kaelin cars. Dc United and then Toronto. Fc will run through those will choose the best team of all time from those teams in the end of all this whenever that might come. We'll have a bracket to crown that team the best all time team in. Mls history. So we'll get to that. We have some good mail from you as well but the the news. We all know what's going on. We all know why we're here why we're not in a place as we normally are with nineteen the Tory them on team. Training has been extended to Friday April. Third players have been expected to remain in their local markets. But they can now requests to leave by car in certain circumstances and also the suspension of play which happened on March twelfth with fields. Like two lifetimes ago. I mean I can't even. I can barely remember that happening at this point this week. It's extended the suspension play in guidance with the CDC the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention To set a target return of May tenth which is more than a month away so still some waiting to do for live soccer but at this point That's honestly that the most important thing in the world before we get going. I just want to because I feel like this is the community because so many people have reached out to me because this show honestly is like a family to me and all of you have reached out to me and asked what you can do for my family. And so many other people by twitter and otherwise Look last Thursday was the most normal. I've felt during this pandemic the same time. My wife was very sick. I was sick before that. She tested positive for cove. Nineteen in case. You hadn't seen that way reason. I said it we would have suffered in. Silence was because people need to understand that this can hit them that. This is very serious that this isn't something happening in a universe. Far Far away that can never reach out and touch you and your family or your friends. Wrap your head around. There's only one way we're going to be safe. And if that's what we do the best thing for each other you know continue to social distance continue quarantine if you feel sick continued to do. What's being recommended by? All the agencies and scientists and medical professionals out there who are risking themselves for other people who have this disease and make no mistake. There are a lot of people that do. We're all in New York City. We see the news. We see what's happening. I was fortunate it was if I had. I can't get tested like so many other people It was just a three day bug from my wife. It was much longer for my wife. It was days and nights of worrying that it was going to accelerate. Don't think because you're young and healthy. Don't think because the odds say it won't be you that it can't be That's what I'm trying to to tell you here is that we have to do what we have to do. Is Starve access to each of us for this virus. You don't WanNa play the odds you don't WanNa look at your parents. You don't WanNa look at your partner. You don't WanNa look at yourself in the mirror and say uh three out of one hundred. What can happen. It's not going to be me. I know it's painful. I know people are struggling. I know that financially. This is different that our society is different that this is boring and hard and all those things just trust the science sacrifices you gotta sacrifice. We're all doing it. We got a flat in the curve. We need herd immunity for each other the herd so stay in socially distance. Quarantine yourself support the people around you. Just WanNa say thank you one last time to all you guys on Chris Karen other producer on this David. Kaelin doyle everybody a major league soccer. They've really support me And everybody who listens to show. I truly do think it's a family of feels like a family to me. It's the best thing I do every week. Workwise And I'm really happy to be back. So my rambling spiel. We can talk some soccer. We have fun androgynous. WanNa say I. I second everything you said. And because we're family. I want you to know that we are one congratulating you on announcing that you're GonNa have your second baby boy so big. This gives us permission to name that child after the fourth addition to the Houston. Dynamo Mount. Rushmore so your ballot. Potentially Stuart Holden or Josephine Gronya in your apartment. Oh Wow you know. What in Gwen? Yea has a ring to it. I'M NOT GONNA lie as a ring. You E- beyond for the book. I'm hoping what I'm hoping for. I WanNa six in an eight. That's what I need in about twenty years from now double pivot. We'll let these other kids out there. Pull the strings be the number. Ten's we'RE MESSING PEOPLE OUT BABY. We're getting into the fifty fifty. We're moving the ball to the right places. We have iron lungs this. We'd be clan until you're thinking soccer may not be right now it's all about trucks. So what if it's an engineer or whatever. It is fine but I'm very happy here. Happy that my wife is recovering. Seems to be okay Happy about the new edition to come soon in July. So thanks for that Dave do this. Let's get into it buying rushmore. And the greatest of all time is twenty fifth season. We have no actual games to talk about. So this is where we are reminiscing. Bantering having fun and we'll start with sort of the ground rules here for spots. We've decided their offer players. There is a coaching spot. You can explain how that coaching spot is being honored as you eat boost. Maybe I time there's an observation deck. That will be the coach David. You can't start getting for an hour you can't you can't tell us it's not even lunchtime yet. It's like eleven. Am I skip breakfast? On March Twenty six thirty day go into their You should have known better. You should again but that'd be four players of course being erected and then when you walk up the trail to look out on the Mount Rushmore of Your Club. You stand an observation deck that will be named after your number one all time coach and then at the end of this we will decide the greatest team to go into the bracket maybe like a bench is a GM or something. Yeah so yeah something like that. Like in the in the background snack and outside of the spotlight for that one. We saw your tweets. Everyone as we put out for nominees. Thank you so much for your contributions. Read some of those thanking the clubs for jumping on board as well as we Do our best to celebrate these folks that really made him less history who set the foundation or these clubs as well as our league before we get to this. Can I just have a real quick aside about Mount Rushmore leaning towers in look? I'm a big history guy. I used to think I only read history books about humans treating each other badly and then I realized that that is just history is just the history of humans treat each other badly. That's the current that flows throughout and that applies to the US government. Of course. Look if you don't know the history of Mount Rushmore. Why this is an issue of the Sioux nation? It's because basically the bland was taken away from them. They signed a treaty thought the ad the land that was gold discovered in the Black Hills. And then what do you know? That treaty wasn't honored. It got taken away from them. Trade was supposed to be in perpetuity. Perpetuity means forever. It was not forever and then of course you know about customer and wounded knee in massacres in displacement and reservations and then in nineteen twenty seven some guy from Connecticut rolled up. And chiseled a bunch of presidents in their sacred ground. So yeah you'd be pretty frustrated too. If you were Su- this I hope educating you I didn't know this whole story so built on land the US government took from the Su- black hills are considered sacred ground and the monument. Celebrate some folks who did not so great things native Americans. There you go. It's not great. Don't love the history of it. Do Love the way that it can help frame this conversation but now you know will remind you. There's some bad history here. Let's just call it. The four spots for the Dynamo Response Unnamed Mountain that is going to honor these great great individuals entailing We'll let you get a started. After I lay down the foundation for the Dynamo you remember. They started in two thousand six. They moved from San Jose. Earthquakes were supporters shield winners in two thousand five. They were already a very very good team. And then the Dynamo one in Wisconsin their first two seasons two thousand six two thousand seven. They were runners up tailing. I know this always comes up. Doesn't eleven two thousand twelve unless cup runners up in La against the galaxy one? Us Open Cup. We were there for that in two thousand eighteen. An awesome moment at bbn. Compass Stadium and they were Super League runners up in two thousand. And let's go know your history for member your history. They've also made the playoffs. In eight of fourteen seasons so start at Robertson stadium went to. Bbva Compass Stadium. Yeah that's the long the short of it to get out your Chisel Kaelin who number one. Who's going up on? Who's going up on the on the honorees I for the Houston Lanham Act? I've been agonizing over this list in general. I have to be honest but I will say that the the first choice was pretty easy with the Brian. Ching the big Kahuna On my favorite team mates and close friends but Yeah I just think from. The first day of the club came near the first game. He's four goals in the so the announcement of what this was going to be in Success that would be that would be built By that group but led by branching. He's still number one in goals all time for the club although Mara notice We'll have something to say about that. Pretty soon Which makes us list so hard. Because you've got guys like that sneaking up instill a ways to go but Yeah Ryan through that first season. He had big moment big goals to six year bicycle. Kick of course the MLS Cup MVP with the winner that we just watched the replay of animals youtube classics the other night Yeah to go to back to back championships than sticks to the club represents the club at the World Cup For the men's national team than continues to carry the team forward into this next generation of success. I would say in eleven twelve going back where I got to play with him. Up Top so And then on just beyond that off the field he did. He was a champion in the community as well building houses for people in need. Ns still a huge figure in the club. I would argue that in. Houston he might be on the Just like General Sports Mount Rushmore you. Go through a law. Xuan Nolan Ryan. If you were to go through Houston. Is that big of a figure around town? As far as people know who he is. He's helped make that club. Relevant from day. One and usher into a new stadium so Brian. One of the best guys. You'll meet to And a good friend of mine. Of course so yeah easy. Easy easy choice for number one. But I wanted to make sure that we a- I think Brian chain he sort of this confluence of the two factors. That can get you into this position. Writers both on the field which is individual and collective. But it's also off the field like you have to have legacy and that's part of this exercises who was able to build a legacy as a player but also as a person in a personality within cities and you really have to combine the two to weasel your way onto these sort of two. Yeah exactly to that point if you go to. I know Brian McBride Teammates has has a pub outside of Fulham's ground in In London and We haven't seen a ton of that happened in. Mls Yet but shing he's got. It's only five right across the street. I went back for their home opener. Sold out against you know L. A. Galaxy in cheeto and before and after the game everybody goes to pitch twenty five so he's like fully entrenched himself as a fixture of that community and. I think you'd obviously his. He'll be there for a long time and just toss out not necessary for this conversation but over forty caps. Kaelin mentioned went to those six World Cup. I always remember the bee he drew of course in the. Oh seven final that brought the US back into it against Mexico and him land in playing the way they played in that second half got the US back into it which leads to the mini fabric. Also I had those moments at the national team level for everyone in mls to root for but also dominated for the Dynamo. And when I start my expansion club fictional expansion club in Hawaii which we make it to at some point courses ownership group. Don't know I don't know if we need to get to that. It seems like extra. I'm just glad I'M GONNA take that up with you guys later doyle you gotta you gotTa name here necessarily has to be on this thing. You know it's weird because with these These top four players for each club I tend. I think towards going with guys who spent the bulk of their career with the club. Or at least a plurality of their creek Wayne dear sorry did not he was only with the Dynamo for three seasons but in those three seasons he was consensus. Probably the second best domestic attacker in the league behind. Only Landon Donovan I don't like Brian. Jing was Mr Dynamo but I don't think anybody at that. Time was arguing that Brian. Ching was actually. The better player was D. Rowe who was the better player? He played the number ten at the point of the diamond. Sometimes he played As a second forward off of Ching He scored game winning goal in the two thousand seven. Mls Cup and when you think about this player I mean he had better numbers later in his career one season with Rondo and then one or two seasons with D. C. But when you think of Dwayne de Rosario You probably think of the Houston Dynamo and I think that's correct. I think that he was the best player on the team. That won back-to-back mls cups And for those of you who You know came to the League after D. Rowe retired or after he when he started to decline Go back and find yourself. Some some highlight reels because he has spectacular highlight reel as anyone in league history. Some of the greatest goals this league has ever seen And he had like a Clint Dempsey. Or Clint Mathis levels like he was. He was the Canadian Clint Dempsey in how he presented himself on the field. An absolute legend of this league in an absolute legend for this club. And when you start a new team and you want fans to come in. That was what people wanted to see was like sauce on the field depot. Played The game. The right way was fun to watch. Robertson would rocking jump when he was on and for me players like that. If you can do it in big moments it means it's real. It's not your up three zero in the middle of the summer and you mega guy. It's MLS Cup finals. It's like yeah I'm just GonNa like re Boehner right here. Take this Guy One. V One for no reason. It's just who he was and I got into the League and when I got into the League watching it was like Oh my God. This is what soccer is and this is how I watch. I just wanted to see him between the lines. Like I wanted to see those moments when he picked up the ball and maybe his back was the goal or maybe was on the half turn and then two steps later. He's in a position that nobody should be shooting from. And he's putting in the corner or five steps in past like two dudes and you just like. Give me the celebration. And that's the other thing like you talk about icons they're more aspects to showing your personality than just banger. And I think the dwayne understood that and still understands that unlike him showing who is what he's about and how key can bring that out on. The field changes the way people perceive him. And like I can still see the Is there a more conic celebration in the league than the like the slow? The D. Rowe. There's not these elites might be you know step on. Agassi has allowed to now. Yes similar to go. He's got a ways to go to Majuro. What alleged and we all have seen the free kick goal. I mean he did it for San Jose and then he became really serve the shining light with the Dynamo so during the era. Sorry Oh the second name on the list. I think the top three or pretty easy dave in. I'm GonNa Guess where you're going but what you do the honors while doyle started off by saying long jetty would be most of what he would double back on so Brad Davis fourteen years and mls nine of them with the Houston Dynamo. He's third all time in assists in MLS history with one hundred twenty three hundred and five of those were for the Dynamo Forty. Three of his career goals were on that team. He was on the team through all of their. Mls Cup appearances so he has that experience and he was an MVP candidate for the second two in twenty eleven and two thousand twelve one to a World Cup well in twenty fourteen You can talk to Kayla we were. GonNa talk about it later tonight but plans chains but he was the the Fulcrum for those in twenty eleven. Twenty twelve the attack went through that left side. That was the way they built their back line to have court overlap over hammer on their lap under him whatever they needed and he was consummate professional for the team leader for the team and I think helped bridge from one dynasty to another whether you call it better not because I don't know you don't win if you call it that I would because my teams don't win. I don't care was that guy throughout the whole thing and had one year at the end with US Casey. Which is a weird moment. But I think it's ignored and he's a Houston Dynamo legend guys. Brad Evans I mean it's just like just rolling through Casey just to get a European and I wanNA understand like the brilliance of Brad Davis from your perspective seeing it every day seeing on on game day but also just seeing it on the training field. I mean he had made Watching these old Mls Cup performances in Brad. Incredible talent even early on with the metrostars but I think and through San Jose and then came through with Houston. But that's where I think. In some ways he was it was off. The conversation was always about right like those. Were the the big names on the team. And it was kind of like Brad and Mullen and some of the other guys around it in Stu emerged. Jeff Airman smothers. Let Brad really stepped forward and played a little bit with a chip on his shoulder. I think that was part of his game. That was always wrong. Always served a great ball But I think some in some ways he served such a good ball that similarly to almost to David Beckham people seem to only define him by his service and specially on like a dead ball and Brad had so much more to his game from the run. A play we. We switched to a four three three and he would play inside in our best central midfielder in crater in the middle of the pitch in possession. people think that pieces with our Dynamo teams that we would sit in. And just repetition repetition repetition. I've never had such a short step peace training than Donald. Lay The ball out and be like take a couple of set pieces over here. Set up a fake wall or even if we use actual second team players in the wall nobody was nervous because you knew it was going straight over up until the corner him and then he would say something tally hall about it. But it was like Oracle is take a corner. Kick the same thing with it in Bobby Basel spores are. I think we're good and that was just. He was just so talented To be able to do that became player A winner at whole mentality of the team was that way through through list of guys I got to play with chicken and Brad specifically but yet Brad. I think third all time in assists stands out to me analysis history just behind Ralston And land in sight. I think in some ways Brad is still underrated and so he was just such an obvious. A choice for this. This sort Pantheon of of the Houston Dynamo grits. I like that Word Pantheon. So the Pantheon. Three of four completed branching twenty or sorrow. Brad Davis one spot left and a lot of deserving candidates over the years for the Houston. Dynamo you're talking best eleven over the years you have Rico Clark. He was Aaron. Oh six and there for a long time even came back and retired as a member of the Dynamo which absolutely love to see Eddie Robinson and for those of you that missed the Eddie Robinson experience. You'll back and watch that 'cause that that is that is how you play old Troy Dayak in the same kind of Bradley. That's how you play this old school. Mls centreback in a mess. You up been a be sort of a physical presence. GonNa be in your head. He was best eleven. O Seven. Jeff Cameron no nine to Holden in. Oh nine as well. Both of them a little bit short they moved on at. Brad Davis got that thing in two thousand eleven but paddock didn't get one. Pat Onset has to be in this conversation Kaylin. I know you've struggled a no. You sort of like soul searched this process so dig deep inside of yourself. Who are you nominating or this fourth spot in the Houston Dynamo Pantheon Slash Mount Rushmore? While hoping we can do coaches says add to this the now have to make any tough decisions An active of course is deserving Building building not franchise but yeah. You rattled off a lot of the names. I think had on said Should definitely be up there. As far as his his him leading them to two titles. And if you look at the his performances in the big matches especially in the finals on with penalty saves What an incredible goalkeeper he was Ricardo Clark Rico. For me on stands out. I think he's second all time appearances for the club. STU holden. Yes a short amount of time but I can tell you His his talent and his ability and his impact in during that time. Even I was laughing at the rewind via binary steps up in an era when all this like this young kid looks nervous and then he just took something about steel. I think the other part of it too is used from sugarland. Texas grew up in Houston's hometown boy. has come back throughout his time in injuries and Rehab in Houston and then of course continues to go back S. Ambassador and has done a lot of charitable work. There's mom's still at every single Houston Dynamo game and brother played for the club as well. So he's up there. You mentioned Bobby Boswell alongside Eddie Robinson. Bobby is on the best leaders I ever played with. I think he's a little tough for. Just because he slit I think in a lot of ways with DC united as such a big figure for that club as well too and Wade Barrett was a longtime captain as well as interim head. Coaching was assistant for a long time under Mesa. That's that's the list I ultimately keep getting drawn back to the bone yet. Boniek twins cody of all my goodness. Thank you know we may need wins? There's like they operate one two of them together. may need their own Statue but yeah. Boniek as well. I mean he came in two thousand twelve and has been such a fixture of that. I think he's second all time in assists Just behind Brad Davis which We've obviously talked about him. And I think also as far as like ushering forward this next era dynamo players and just they call him President Day. has been one fixture there. But I I'M GONNA go back to Ricardo Clark as my as my fourth. I think when you look at his he was best eleven in two thousand six. He actually didn't play in either. Mls Cup final injured in two thousand six. And then I think suspended for two thousand seven and but I just think when I look at his His time with the club stayed with them all the way through two thousand nine where I think he left just before the World Cup to Europe Went on played in the World Cup in two thousand ten and then came back in twenty twelve When I was there and then went back to molest cup again. They're just a two hundred fifty three appearances for the club. Think that second all-time and Just a just a leader. I think in his own way at quiet leader and still involved with the club. So I I think Rico to me Another player that I think has been underrated As far as his ability and an impact in his career but I think he he he when I think of Houston Dynamo. He's one of the people that I think of so I would give it to Rica and also. Let's put the Cherry on top of that. Which is didn't plan analyst come because he was suspended 'cause he kicked Carlos Rees who was on FC Dallas at the time which we don't condone violence on this show when you're gonNA get suspended might as well be a star player of your team. Maybe a cult hero in Houston. Yeah privately in a Houston watering hole. But you I mean I think it's an PAT. I mean. Pat Onstad was great. He won a lot with San Jose yet. He actually played more for San Jose than he did for. Houston I when I started thinking about it was it was pat onstad. It was Bobby Boswell. I thought about Cameron in stupid. Because they're both such towns players but they both moved on so quickly neither one really had a defining moment with with Houston but in the end. It is Rica Clark. He was there for the start of that diner. I mean he was. He was there in San Jose before they were even the Dynamo and he was one of the keys to them. Launching is one of the best defining clubs in the League for that time and then he came back I think going to try to be a big part of building this next generation for the Dynamo via the academy. So I I think that's the right call L. Add Matteo his son to the future legends list too because he is a there you go in the academy speaking of so. I think we all agree on. Rico Clark we got the four we got rico. We got brand chain. Brad Davis Reindeer. Sorry I we have the dumb kinnear observation deck and the Bony Twin Snack. Stand so does real quick is it? Rico Clark we be is it Ricardo. We is it Rico fitting that in I don't. Hey Hey rico. I don't hate him. You are welcome. We talk so much. We'll put it out there yet. She's still going for lake and river and I told her that I've used name the kid after a body of water. It's not happening Rico. All right so we got. We got our Pantheon for the Dynamo. What's the best team in Dynamo History? Who's going into the bracket who's competing to be the all time greatest is it. Is it six is it? Oh Savon both. Those teams are champions. You Know Champions League final. You know seven. What's your argument about sex over seven? I don't think I have one. I think it is to me. Oh seven you could argue. Oa in the regular season but they didn't get it done in the playoffs so to me. It's Oh seven but I just think across the board. They did more almost want an open cup in those six as well oil. You're you're maybe in the best position to sort of make a final vote on this. Yeah my my gut reaction was oh six because they had like that was the team that just won the supporters shield in San Jose the previous year. But they actually got deeper in. Oh seven because I think it's stupid came into his own a little bit more. Some of those younger guys started stepping up So I do think Oh. Seven is the right one. The right call they. Did they finished second in the West behind chiefs. Usa. They finished third in the shield standings. Three points off winning. What would have been their second shield in three years? They did win back to back unless cups. And I think it speaks to the depth of this team that they played that MOLEST Cup without branching. They won two thousand seven. Mls Cup without branching who did not play in that game and they actually came from behind. Taylor scored I think twentieth minute. And they got second half goals from says`my Weijia swingline and the Deroga- game winner. So I think the two thousand seven two thousand seven Houston team is the best. Houston team of all time yet to drive. That Brad Injured in that season as well to A big opening to really he started to really push on. I think starting to catch the eye of Europe also so yeah. I liked it all. I don't know how we're allowed to do this. Or what? The rules are in time and space but like one of the lousy was on the bench for that team. You didn't for like seven more years but team led the Reserve League in scoring that year. I was watching the final in on the bench for that team. Dempsey was coming off at injuries Dempsey Llerena wits on one side and then it was a stool holding Chris. Wand Allow Ski I think James Riley was on adventure. There was a bunch like the benches on both of those teams in one. I've been watching all these. Mls classics in general. The Benjamin General are predicts even like Andy Dorman a Banjo player. goes on to be best eleven. Thank you thank you for the Andy Dorman reference. Absolutely yeah all right so Houston Dynamo also shot up for still being in Washington classics in Two Thousand. Six was like wow. It's incredible kissling. Do you WANNA make any argument for two thousand twelve. No I don't those those out. Yeah no we're going to go through the Twenty twelve twenty eleven separately. But I will say like those early those those early teams where a big part still had a big influence on on our group Yeah and like those guys those All due respect to those early teens because they set the standard so when you showed up you knew that was like what what the standard along with dom career who I know her sidestepping coaches. But when you look at like best interest no other choice for for Houston. Domke near was now usually the end. Like along with Bruce. In and Jason Kreis The best coach of that era and singing and Jackie speaking bruce. That's to DC united and were observing from the Bruce Arena observation deck Lang setting the scene. For what is one of the if not the BEST CLUBS IN MLS history? Trophy case is absolutely chock. Full for DC united. Yeah I mean look how it went for them. You had ninety six ninety seven ninety nine two thousand four. Mls Cups you had Supporters Shield Ninety seven ninety nine two thousand six two thousand seven. You Have Three Open Cups Ninety. Six eight two thousand thirteen. You've got the CONCACAF Champions Cup in ninety eight. So that first three seasons for Dis United the bouncing stands Bruce harks Pope Etcheverry Merano Ideas are say on and on and on. I mean you could go to that entire team in just not run out of names to call out Let's get right into it and they're two guys that we've decided has to be on their pantheon on their Mount Rushmore and oil. Let's get started with the Oslo yet. The best player on the best still the best dynasty this league has ever seen. You lifted off all the stuff. They won in those first four years. He didn't even mention the Intercontinental Cup which is short lived and I wish they would bring it back the MLS Cup champion played the Copa Libertadores Champion in ninety eight it was Vasco da Gama like Janina was on that like the junior was on that team bunch of other great guys at like watching. Dc united watching an MLS team Goto with the Copa Libertadores Champions It was spectacular. That team for four straight years was spectacular. Diablo was at the heart of it. He's one of the definitive Classic South American number ten in that he he could not move and absolutely carve you up. You didn't have to move just playing the ball and you surround with three guys. And he would just turn his hips a little bit like not even touch the ball and like eliminate one defender because he sold it so well and he was so at home with the ball and then of course carve you up with these perfect threw balls but he was also more than like he. I've been going back and watching ally. The Games from ninety six nine hundred ninety eight. He worked hard off the ball to like as soon as defender turned his head. Diablo is moving. Diablo was going to exactly where that guy did. Not Think he was going to be and presenting himself so he always found the volume so much space to give player of that quality. That much space. You'RE GONNA get hurt And the framing that I think really works is to understand that he came over in his prime he was twenty six or twenty seven years old when he signed with DC united and he had just ben top three finisher for South American player of the year and this was before there was this complete mass exodus of South American players to Europe finishing top three for South American player of the year and then coming to MLS That's the type of thing you know. We have players do that now. We cover that like Plunkett for EVOLA DOT COM for months on end. Because it's still such like high the Marco Etcheverry was that was the mold and I as long him day. One Fan of this league. I was waiting twenty years for us to get back to signing that type of player than we finally did if you drop them into. Mls now he would still be an MVP caliber player. And he would do it like Marco Etcheverry in DC is like Joseph Martinez in Atlanta. He meant something in a really big in really freaking cool way to that fan base into that cities sporting culture There is no one else like. Dc's had a lot of great players. There is no one else. You could have started this list here. Those first four seasons three MOLEST Cup wins in those seasons for Marco. Etcheverry in case. You're like Oh yeah. Yeah Yeah Twenty. Three starts for goals nineteen assists in ninety six nineteen starts three goals in eleven ninety seven twenty nine starts ten in nineteen and then twenty two four and seventeen. I mean he was doing whatever he wanted Dave. I still remember when we did the extra time. Live with Marco with Hyman Merano and just feeling like in awe feeling like I could like this was a person that I I just interviewed David. Beckham that impacted me more than Beckham thing. By far he just had something about him. There was a swagger still just ingrained in Marco Etcheverry and I was trying to imagine the whole time what it would be like to share a locker room with this guy what it wouldn't be like to watch him do what he was born to do. On a daily basis in what a wonderful thing it was he was an absolute legend. Actually made a mistake here. I had two names. We actually have three names the go on an Ceylan. I'M GONNA go with the second one throats. I think. This one's obvious high may Marino on top of the scoring list for so long until Landon Donovan knocked them off. But you can't think of DC without including memorandum. Yeah absolutely a hundred and thirty three goals. I think that's now fourth all time And one hundred and two assists I think he's one hundred hundred club. I think is rare that you have any others in their code landed. I think men as the only other one who's one hundred hundred. Yeah injured assists got about fifty young gave up the penalty to count book. Cook Hundred Ten Thousand Club. One hundred goals ten thousand shots right but yeah hi. Manning was there from those early dynasty days of course and and then also I think he dipped out for like a year and then the metrostars her got her played like one game destroyed that teams chemistry in cap space for a year and then went back to DC. Went back to the home. So if you're if you're a great hero can't play villain at at the rival club account for something extra there. Then it goes back to DC. I played against him in the supporters. Shield teams that was six seven for DC when he was there just killing it. And Yeah he's mobility may be a little bit limited then but when I talked to a the best when all of our centrebacks I can promise you who are now managers whether C. J. Jim- Curtin and these guys like they knew how good when you hear centrebacks talking about strikers With the reverence that they talk about him You could never. He never rush at any point in time. It seemed like you get an extra moment or two in the box Or at our just when you thought you. Maybe hadn't surrounded. He was always able to find a way out very cool finisher in around the box and yet just incredible qualities from from High Mansa. Yeah I mean it's the numbers speak for themselves but I would say he's. He's also one of those guys that had a little bit of style notched his game. That young young fans should should definitely look up some. Hi Raina does two out of three. There's a third Davidson. It's pretty obvious one too. I'm excited about this on because I played center act growing up. My hero was Eddie Pope. So I'm lucky. I'm fortunate that I get to be the one who gives his catch One hundred and forty three appearances for the club struggled with injuries towards the end of his time with DC. So as up. They're crazy in those numbers but came out of college got drafted and then immediately was a starter for this team won. Mls Copy Nineteen Ninety six. You mentioned all the trophies. The he basically scored in every final that you mentioned. He scored the golden goal in Nineteen ninety-six hundred six to win the first ever MLS Cup. He scored an open cup that year to win it and then he scored in the CONCACAF. Champions the winner in nineteen ninety eight. That's for a guy who also one defender of the year in one thousand nine hundred ninety seven and was two time best. Eleven lockdown starter immediately. Spent his first year with the Olympic team. A little bit and back with DC united sudden have as many appearances in that first year but obviously was there in the final and then went on to be I think the greatest centreback back in the US national team history started in every game in the world copper on started in. Oh six ninety eight as well for the team. Eighty two caps lead the players. Union is that type of Guy. I actually ran into him when he was put into the. Us Soccer Hall of fame. Which is a thing that I don't even know exist anymore. Because it's not the national soccer hall of fame. He got the award add game I ran into him in the concourse came and congratulate like no one knew who he was. Which kind of drove me? Nuts you just walking through the concourse area and went up was like hey man. I'm a huge fan. Like congrats and he was the nicest person I've ever met and talked to me and talked about soccer in defending and all the things you do and So I've always been a huge fan of his. It's the First Jersey I bought and I he I think was the best defender on those great dis United Teams And was there long enough unfortunately also spent some time with the metrostars because it was just chaos back then everyone played for Crete teams. Were a lot of these guys But yeah he's just. He's a legend off the field and alleged on the field. Let me just add a couple of things For Marino if you want the best comparison to a starting number nine in mls today it would probably be ever like whatever did last year for NYC. Hyman Marino did that for like ten straight years. Well with one a one year break for for DC united and then for Eddie Pope saying he's the best defender in. Us history actually sells it short after the ninety eight World Cup. He had legitimate offers from fine art from AC Milan. And this is when Syria was still arguably the best league in the world Am Borussia Dortmund. Who had just won their only Champions League legitimate offers from all three of these clubs and he turned them down because like to him having the chance to build the league here and make a long-term mark here which he has unquestionably done was maybe the most important thing so any poke not just on this list for DC united but for us soccer and less as a whole he's basically the defender version of Landon. Donovan then in that case would you name the defender of the Year award after so? I would consider it but it's it's tough because the thing that the reason why. We don't remember as much of Eddie. Pope is because he spent so much time her. He just didn't have that durability and you could say that. His apex was higher than any other center back in league history including guys like Carlos Bocanegra But if you compare it to like Chad Marshall the defender of the year award if it's going to be named after anybody. It should be named after Chad Marshall. but what? Eddie did I specially those first four years like I. I don't think it's been top yet. And if you've talked about longevity you gotta go back to high as well. I don't think we mentioned it. But he came when he was young. You kinda talk about Marco as this sort of paragon. This is what we want. This is what this league needs. Will this era of young STAR SOUTH AMERICANS IN HIGH MEMBRANE? Was that before Miguel Iran was that it was just that he stayed here. His legacy was bill here and the move didn't necessarily come not because of talent he definitely had that you have to acknowledge all these could stay. You could say we'd be that. Dc united invented the blueprint that Atlanta. United are only now using but I. I wouldn't Daniels. He had been in the northeast he went to Brown he probably had watching those DC teams. We got three out of four from the Bruce Arena observation. Deck we see Marco Etcheverry being chiseled in the sky. We see Moreno Eddie Pope in the now it gets real hard is number four. As a laundry list of folks we talked about the John Harkes of the world the Jeff F. Goose's of the world. I think you can throw rowdy as our say in here. He scored thirty eight goals in three years for them but he probably through ready ready. Do Freddy Adu. Bill Hamid probably has to be there and then the elephant in the room. Here is been awesome. If you're talking about combination of Onfield off field in the Community Co figure coach I mean how do you choose then? Christian Gomez who might gut my soul says should be here how do you how do you make this decision? Day what would you way this on? What is most important to you as we try to in vain. Probably choose a fourth for DC united. So I would say for picking this. I would go based on. We got incredible reaction on social media from all the fans a lot said Ben Olsen and I think that's where you have to lean because cult-figure matters but I'm with you we be in that in my experience I was a huge Christian Gomez Fan. She was the South American ten that I came into the league watching and him and Hymie Marino and you mentioned before the show Luciano Emilio those guys getting done Andy on the wing. Those teams to me where peak teams in mls and I loved Christian Gomez but if the fans are saying Ben Olsen. He was rookie of the year. He was the type of player you wanted to watch when he was healthy and now he's been around the clock second longest tenured go genetic last now at this point. I think you have to lean that way. The the argument for Gomez is a great one. Because he was there four years they won. Mls Cup and to support shields in his four years when he had the keys to the car. That's really really good. Ben Olsen two hundred fifty games as a player with DC united. Probably twice that many as a coach now Are Closing in on twice. As many as a coach now we remember him. As a hard playing gritty not much flair winger wide midfielder slash central midfielder. I three years before he did his ankle He I mean it to to borrow the words of DC United Fan From from back in the day he was the winger. We've always wanted in never had tidy on. The ball could combine centrally as much as go one. V One creative in brave. He could have been the guy to break the mold and I would argue with some of that but I would argue also argue. That expectantly was breaking the mold Before he did his ankle injury that he suffered with Nottingham. Forest like that derailed. What would have been hundred twenty cap type type MLS Kerr US national team career. And if he had stayed in in mls he would have been best eleven probably like three or four more times he Mvp in ninety nine as well to having the big the big moments as well He was always the player for later on his career. But I think in some ways that injury also revealed something about his mental strength right in like Adapted his game in the same way that maybe you would see or a club like Manchester United. I noticed comparison but like a Ryan Giggs type character called hero but has adapted his game in became more outside but Benny became more scrapper. Even later on in his career was brought that personality to his teams Yeah I think when you look beyond like beyond the pitch the I think part of the reason why all the fans love him so much is just. He's really a different type of person is a different type of coach and the ways involved in the community. And there's really a part of it not something you see much in professional sports period so I I would put a Christian Gomez was incredible Mdc is also one of the possibilities to pick from certain bill not even. We're not even mentioning. Well Bobby Boswell had eight great years for DC United During two different eras like the. This team was Carlesimo Jeff Agoos like it's almost too much Ryan. Nelson is a guy who kind of gets forgotten in the shadow of Eddie Pope in those early years but was like alleged animal last one one one and then went and did it elsewhere and then came back in. Let's say coaching workout for him. As well as some other returning players in major league soccer we have people throw his name out there of course bill meade from DC united fans. But I think Kevin Payne we say I said John Harkes okay. It was only there two years. I'm fine with it. I'm just saying that's what that's the level of lists we're talking we're Diaz. Arce can't even get a sniff says name You know you know this dude was like the man I think. Kevin Payne deserves a shout here. I know we're not doing like executives. Kevin Payne definitely deserves a shout for building. And sort of shaping ultimately the most successful Bob and Lee history from the very very jump which I can only imagine at that time in the wild wild west are were unanimous here is it Ben Olsen. Are we putting him up there? Yeah I think so. Yep Yeah it hurts. It hurts me to Dave Christian Gomez was who I finally got started on. This league is like a difference maker. Mvp player champion. But I think for everything that been Olsen is done. He's there now comes. Even the hardest part probably. What's the best team? What is the best team in the history of this? I it's actually ninety eight the ninety eight team. didn't win the supporter shield because the galaxy ran away with it. The Galaxy scored like ninety goals that year But they finished second. They didn't win. Mls Cup because Bradley had just masterful Job Chicago fire team counterattacks DC to death didn't win the US Open Cup. Because Bruce didn't really care about the Open Cup at that point in my opinion but they warn the CONCACAF Champions Cup and then they won the Intercontinental Cup against Vasco de Gama and again that was played at a neutral site so it's not exactly representative but that Vasco da Gama team might still be the very best team that any. Mls team has beaten in any competition. They were loaded And so to do that to have guys like high may like Diablo of Roy. Lassiter was on the team by that point signing and Pope Mosa in Goose Richie Williams. We haven't even mentioned who was probably the second or third best team in the entire league for the first half decade having all those guys in their prime on that team right in the midst of that run to me. The Ninety Eight D. C. Team is the best of that bunch. Even though it's kind of ironic they didn't win. Any of the domestic titles at your. You know whose name we didn't mention in all this Roy Lassiter I. I didn't hear that name mentioned too much. Bobby convy Eskandar. It's but you also you also have. I think we're doing this across all of this but when guys move teams like it's Or Lassiter wasn't a DC united player through everything a similar. I think that partially affects the way Bobby Boswell went down. Doyle said like he was great to separate time. He had been there for twelve years and had his peak Houston Years in D. C. And was part of that all the way through. I think he'd be on this list. So it becomes tougher. You start talking about great players but also club legends club icons and that's where you sort of have that little difference on the one thing Doyle said. I. I fully get the ninety eight argument and I think it's correct. I'm GONNA make a similar argument for Toronto. Fc coming up but the problem for ninety eight was the cod. Caf champions was in August and the intercontinental was November. So you can't connect it to ninety seven where nowadays if you were to win CC? L. Like Elliott? Were to win. See sale this year on the normal tyneside. You wanted it to last year's team and I don't think you could have done that with those. Dc teams Can we in good conscience give a greatest of all time to the team? That didn't do what the others did. I mean ninety. Seven Ninety six ninety nine. You're talking about doubles. You're talking about Shields Cups. You're talking about opening cops. Nmls cups. I mean I understand that. If you're just GONNA run out there that ninety eight. Maybe oil is a team that you think would would win. Had the best regular season as far as just results go may ninety nine was ridiculous as well a but can we give it to a team? Can we put them in the bracket for greatest teams of all time when they aren't the team? That has trophies. If you were going to give it to a team that has the actual hardware which would have been. I mean I would give it to ninety seven. Yeah NO DISRESPECT TO THOMAS. Wrong and who had a great a great run a coach in this league. But I'm giving it to the team. That's coached by Bruce. Ninety agree with oil. That's where I would have leaned for going with a team that won. Mls Cup if that's what we're picking through so I agree. I think you Kinda have to do it. I think you have to give it the team that WanNa know your team trophies. Jalen always have been always will be half sack race culture yeah nineteen. I didn't get that nine hundred. Ninety seven DC united I think is going to be our entry and of course there are at large it should be ninety. S National T. Memory it was a loss as well to Germany. Sent the guys. What can we say? Maybe Ninety Eight. I'll get there for the for the at large we'll do reveal for those like the NCAA tournament but ninety seven DC united two thousand seven. Houston DYNAMO I two entrance into the greatest of all time. Greatest team of all time high. Do we have seven seconds for me to mention one more thing sure? Sure we mentioned Kevin Payne Doyle talked about the model of South American players. And hymie Merano Marco Etcheverry. Kevin Payne gets a lot of credit for not just going there for players but allowing the culture in the stadium of fans. Because a lot. You here is we want more Latin American fans in stadiums. We want them to feel comfortable and have a Latin American environment. And all these things and Kevin Payne was the first is money where his mouth wasn't build that culture and protect it and allow it to grow and all those things and we don't mention him all the time but I think he deserves credit for that and where the bouncing stands at our Mount Rushmore for this favorite Dr Stadium. Ever I mean there's just standing in it when it was empty after it was well already decrepit. Let's say as far as I know was an honor walking through those tunnels like you're in a haunted house kind. You know the kind that gets your like your nervous but you're excited that was. Rfk The bathroom but there was one bathroom right in the Dugout Closer to the worst one so you did not want to go to that one. So you have hockey late. If you are subsitute barks at halftime or whatever was do I have to take the risk and go all the way back to the locker room or do I use the dugout bathroom. That's just not rate and if you are wearing white as the road team if our into a walking out our K- I mean the pitch was always amazing. I remember playing on a young player animals on the wings and being right on that bouncing sideline of the Bar Rafa and just being just like wow. This is amazing especially because of the quality of those sides even throughout the you know mid-2000s when I was there are the Pantheon for DC united. They're Mount Rushmore. It has been decided by extra time. Marco Etcheverry I may Merano any Pope Been Olsen the Bruce Arena observation debt shoutout to Charlie Davies as well just for He went back to the club and had some big moments there too. So you know obviously are our fellow podcasters. Not here today. But one of my favorite memories was scoring those those two goals back after. Also trying to jump in the car and it'd be unlocked icon guys. Also I feel like that was like a little bit passive aggressive of Kaelin for not mentioning him when we did the Dynamo segment. But I'm good firm. Kaelin CAR GLENN. You all the love. I mean I'm sitting right here. Jeeze Josephine Grinder. Was He played for Byron Munich? Sort of some starting. I Love Jessica producing owners here in New York produce also referral out that DC. Such good club that there was a year in which own-goal four goals with their top goalscorer. And they still want open cup that year. Your DC make sense except that they have history. Can we just shut up the legend? Louis Neil. Yeah there it is there it is. There's the shadow all right Toronto. Fc Irate. I believe our our good friends over spitting fire pod will be doing. A mount. Rushmore was just to players on it. That'll be Taylor. Kemp and Chris Korb so keep an is saying. That's where you make a mistake because there are three on it and the third is Chris. Korb's Shin Guards Honors is getting in my text messages saying. Hurry it up. I'll get this started for Toronto. Their Mount Rushmore. Their Pantheon it has to start in my opinion with Michael Bradley. You can't talk about the modern era of Toronto C. Which is to say the era with any success whatsoever without mentioning Michael Bradley Name. What he was when he came to Toronto Was I think in many ways more than what most other if not all American players had accomplished that time in Europe and otherwise I mean what he does for the national team the big moments big also what he'd done at the club level all due respect to everybody else who did it for years and years deserves a laundry list of guys who went to Europe made a name for themselves but I always thought what Michael Did was unique in a lot of ways because he didn't go to someplace comfortable in stay there. He didn't go someplace where language was going to be easy for him. Went somewhere at an age which we were accustomed to seeing American players going to earn vein when he was a teenager any learn. Dutch and he scored goals any. He became a big part of that team and then he didn't stay he moved. You went there much Gladbach. That didn't work out as long as maybe you might expect it. But he had some big time some big years at one of the biggest clubs in Germany. You learn the language again. He integrated himself into the culture again than did it all over again in Italy so when he arrived he was coming off some Rome teams. That were really good. And he was a big part of it. Becomes sort of a cult hero became a team. That was frankly bad. They were trying to buddy big deal but it was bloody bad. Here's just awful. Just a joke you know whether it be the final day of the regular season against the Red Bulls missing the playoffs whether it be just years of famine and in the fans still showing up when I first started falling League Toronto. Fc was the team that was like downtown that was cool that had supporters. You know them in DC in a Lotta ways And they maintain that for a lot of years without any success and then Michael got there and he really helped establish what became a championship. Winning Culture Any became part of the city. You see it in their teeth. Oh you see it. In the way that they treat him and think about him when he is a copy done. He's he's the man And you cannot start their Mount Rushmore. Their Pantheon without having his head chiseled in there so Michael Bradley the first one in the second one and they've got to be the atomic aetna. I know that I don't have as many years as doyle's can get mad at me for peak player at their time in. Mls is still thinks passenger because the best player in MLS history when he hit the ground running in fifteen sixteen. He could do things that no one else could do holds net. Who did he say Carlos Vela? But yeah of course and you can say that. But it's still an argument. It's not locked down that what Vinko did for. Pfc Wasn't as good or better with the players around him and the system around him. Then what then what Velez done? But he was. Also I think a Game Changer. In that to calm his age at twenty seven twenty eight years old from you. Venice where other Champions League teams were dying to have him. He chose to come to Toronto. Create something new create something different and in my mind. That's still is. I know Beckham has his law. It's what has led to where we're at now. Which is you don't sign over thirty DP. You're signing guys were difference makers who can be around for a while who then you can build around and create great teams not just three D. Peas and pieces around them. I still go back to him. Flying to Italy for a Euro qualifying game coming back getting off the plane coming off the bench and scoring a Banger to help them clinch a playoff spot. Because that's how much it meant to him. He had twenty two goals and sixteen assists in his first year in. Mls and won MVP And I think Bradley set a culture. You know as a captain and coming I but I think GIOVINCO was. The quality was the class that took it to a level. Which was this team is going to legitimately not. Just be a great. Mls THEY'RE GONNA challenge in the region and eventually we hope that MLS clubs are challenging around the world and a lot of that started for me with Gingko coming and with the quality that he played with And I always loved him as a player in Italy I was thought he was a great player was too bad that he was behind delpierre. Oh for so long. Kinda got stuck with the comparisons because he was a UvA guy in the size and all those things But I would i. I'll watch highlight reel any day of the week and just sit there and enjoy it. I think that Valla has surpassed him what he did. Last year is like we've never seen anything arguably Joseph has as well but that twenty fifty yard that twenty fifteen season in particular and then following it up the way he did in twenty sixteen before following off a little bit for his final two years he was he was the league. Hadn't seen anything like that twenty to sixty Than I think. Seventeen fifteen in year two along with with Bradley and this other guy about to mention he elevated what has been the worst team in history into what we now think of in Tam era as one of the guiding lights one of the best teams in the League and Jovanka was a huge part of that if we were doing Pantheon individual seasons that twenty. Fifteen season is a pantheon season. Go ahead David. I just wanted to throw in the. Us Free Kick as well. Yeah The Tigers. Free Free Kick is one of the all-time Great. That's a part of it too. And that's the piece that I think if you were to make an argument between the two any any wanted to go with Vinko is the fact that he's one. Mls Cups and then. Also I think the run in the Champions League as well Has is is a differentiator in the case for for Jamaica in this case It's funny you mentioned those guys because he had some of the like sort of incredible plays that That La- has but he's got a little bit. He's a little guy but he has more of the just Martinez personality. As far as High Gideon guys faces at it actually means monitoring learn confrontation CA. Yes I mean he's gotta be up there for sure And I think that's when I look at it. Tse As complicated club to do in a lot of ways. Because they're almost their existence is has been sort of like bifurcated in these two completely different eras where they don't actually even look like the same. The is like one club that had like all this new energy and was this expansion team a lot of MLS expansion teams but their history completely shifted really at inflection. Point that we already went through with Michael Bradley and enjoy I think third name on the list for me which would be a star so that's To me it's those guys are men. I wonder if Where like where that it starts getting complicated like most useless the Ford Z? Get One more thing in air. Which is when you were in Mexico or watching Mexican media or anything like that around the TSE Seattle Ron and this I think is BS. But it's the way they saw it they didn't they also. Mls isn't growing CFC's degrading. This Vinko Magic. That's how they saw Mexico and they saw him as a player who was outside of mls whose ability was on a different level hence we heard the rumors that Egress Monterey Club. America all want to sign him year after year. That just shows you the level that he was perceived outside of Josie Oath road some of those rumors soon not as strong doyle. Make the for Josie at I mean the case for Josie is we don't talk about Jamaica having an MLS Cup. If not for Josie Jovanka wasn't the best player certainly in the two thousand sixteen run which obviously they lost Vinca wasn't the best player. Michael Bradley was in the Best Player. Nobody else on. That team was the best player during that playoff run. It was Josie. Altidore if you go back and you watch that that Comeback Against Montreal Josie they had no way of handling him. He utterly dominated that playoffs. Twenty Seventeen He was injured Through most of those playoffs only really got healthy near the end But who had the series winner against Columbus in two thousand seventeen it was Josie? Who had the game winning goal in the twenty seventeen? Mls Cup it was Josie and look we all know the not when Joseph. He's only he's been there. This is the sixth year. He's played more than two thousand minutes once. He just can't stay healthy when he stays healthy. His goals per ninety with Toronto is I think higher than Madonna via's was with with NYC AFC and the difference between those two guys is that Josie actually did it in the playoffs. Josie has been in like we saw it last year analysts. He's walking around. He's got to get on the field for twenty minutes and MLS Cup dragon his leg around. He's still scores. A goal. Josie has been win healthy in. Mvp Caliber Center forward in this league. and it. It's a shame that he hasn't been healthy often enough to to make that unquestionable But is it is there. There is no argument against him. There's no real argument against him being in this Pantheon for Toronto. Fc All right from the Greg Vanney observation deck. I think that's a pretty safe assumption right. Yeah yeah comes. In Aaron Vinton Mo. Johnston are close. Sorry not enough. The Aaron Vinter Restrooms Greg Vanney Changes Club. In a lot of ways he provided structure he also provided a focus on youth that he brought from US USA. So Greg Vanney observation deck. You see Michael Bradley. See Sebastian GIOVINCO. You see Josie authorised staring back at you and here's where it gets hard mean. Moa Do built their training center. So you got to throw in there. But then you're kind of picking and choosing you go back to the old era and some of the guys like Danny Dick. Kyo Kover monds or Terry done field. Or I don't know Jim Brennan or maybe even Torsten Free House and in co-star you don't you don't you. Don't bring back anything from that era you say. Thank you for trying to save like guys like Darrow. Had some bangers those clubs were now doyle. What is the greatest moment in? Tse history between two thousand seven and two thousand fifteen old easily. The seat cushion moment. And who's going to Danny dickey Out Aka Rushmore dickey out? She has his face No I'm not rush. Mark for every club derosario. Now like you have to you. Pick a four. If you're going to pick a fourth player you pick a fourth player from this last five years and to me it comes down to two. It's either Justin Morrow who's been arguably the best left bag in the league Will he was certainly the best left back in. Mls for the decade of the twenty minutes whether it was early on with San Jose in the last five six years with a Toronto FC. He was second in defender of the year. Voting in twenty seventeen and fullbacks never come close to winning defender of the year. He was fantastic that year The other the other option would be Jonathan. Sro which is like. It's a little weird because he hasn't been a full time starter in its progress. Hasn't been linear but damn in the biggest moments he's been really really good And I think the fact that he is a homegrown player That makes that maybe pushes him over the top. That's where I would go get. Outta here with discussions of guys from now. Nobody from the first seven or eight years all due respect the MOA do era. I'm rudy the Toronto. Fc Version Joao. Plata he was good he was good in CCOO. I'm just saying Oh my I I think Danny Dicko for sure has a case because when he came to the Beginning at the club actually funny story he came in trained with the Chicago. Fire in preseason in Florida when I was there and I was hoping we can assign him I don't know what happened or if Toronto had allocated this whole I don't know how it all happened. I didn't have to Toronto. And then ironically the first game. The opener for Toronto was at home against Chicago fire and I was. I was playing the game with at win. That seat cushions all came down in August us. I don't know if it was yet extra motivation because maybe it didn't work out with fire was supposed to. That's a whole piece of history. That actually asked him to hit extra motivation because they hadn't scored a goal motivation. Who we done with we go into Soria. We go and Kyo. I go with US Oreo. I think to Doyle's point this new era. What this club has done just not for themselves but also pushing the league forward and then I think Osos emergence as star there with them and with the Canada national team. I think for this Canadian clubs having a homegrown player means something a little bit different than even for some of the other Mls Clubs in the states as far as their pride and Yeah I think also especially when you project for. I think probably already but especially when you look ahead. I think he's out. Take out though for him. I think those well summed up. I agree with everything. Kaylin I thought with Doyle said which I really locked in on his. He plays begging the biggest games. He wasn't a starter in two thousand sixteen in the Best Game. He played of his pro. Career was the final at that point and then that was twenty seven. That was two seven thousand seventeen right and then he comes back and I thought he was the best player on the team in eighteen which was a tough year and I thought it was the best player in the playoff run this year or maybe one find whatever it is so I think. He's carried the team when Josie has been her and when Michael hasn't been at his best at times I agree everything about being a local guy and I also think over the next three four years like we're going to see that he is going to entrench himself at the top of all the appearance. Last you know maybe a sad stuff like that all right there you have it. Are Pantheon. Mount Rushmore this as we observed from Tim Leiweke Visitor's center because you cannot talk about the bloody big deal and the shift. This club made without Tim. Leiweke timber switching. Go also has a little fog. A shout in here for a changing percents. He gets shout. Who gets a quick shout about absolutely when I got here? It was crazy was just it was an adult so he scored the always remember what happens in. Seattle right but FRY at shout as well too For that club. Although it's it's exactly the case of run some that no one from that. Era deserves a shout at goalkeepers anybody who was abused. He was abused in everything he made him the man he has now been seeing stuff in. Freiburg. We get to see all right there. You have the four Michael Bradley Sebastian Giovinco Josie out the door and for us. Jonathan a story. Oh Greg Vanney is our coach. I think the best team. We need to argue this. It's gotta be two thousand seventeen. It's gotta be trouble. I guess maybe you could carry that into Seattle but even standing on its own twenty seventeen. The treble had you know it was the greatest team of all time at that moment regular season wise in the cabinet. With all the things you're supposed to cap it with which is championships binal success. I mean it's it's twenty seventeen no discussion but for the sake of the bracket I think you have to put the eighteen sea seattle run in with the seventeen team because they did things other teams hadn't done in seventeen years. You're Canadian bias is showing look at all the jerseys. On the fact that I got Lawrence on a pillow my wife spill hang out with but I will just say you add because we didn't mention it but Victor Vazquez was a part of that and was one of the cleanest players in the League and change what they were able to do You talked about mark. You don't Gado as well who borderline national team player that was in and around those teams Stephen Beta shore in just Moro both part of those groups. You're missing the name. It's no you missing. The name drew more drew. So yeah so. Those are going to be probably. I think they're going to be in the final four for the best teams All right we got air producer. Honors says that the export is going to be quote absolute. Hell why are you doing this to me? I may have made that quote up But we'll get to your male co from Beka we also have stuff from Shannon about MS books for people to read while they're bored on quarantine. Doug Bradley had a good email about the all-time. Mls loathed eleven. So if you have candidates for the loathed eleven let us know if books that Shannon should read specifically about. Mls history in any memories from the US national team or otherwise cinema away for a one zero six zero mls extra time minimalist soccer dot com. It's been a pleasure being back with you guys. We've done our first three mount rushmore slash pantheon slash alltime teams. I'll have cameron draw some names out of a hat. Suicide our next three so look forward to that. Hashtag content very very soon. That's IT FOR US. Enjoy your weekend. Everybody stay safe. Do the right thing. We're thinking about all of you and your families in your friends. We hope everything is okay in your neck of the woods stay. Nba For pray for cameras relations. Yes also hope that you and your girlfriends are able to pick up the sacrifice Moore for this show than any of us. Exactly you guys until next time.

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(Episode 167) "Midnight Express" The True Story of Billy Hayes.

Monday Morning Critic Podcast

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(Episode 167) "Midnight Express" The True Story of Billy Hayes.

"It's impossible to imagine a more exciting says Roller Barrick. Rick Sweet called it a colossal child months before its release get stunned and overwhelmed especial preview audience. It's the movie they couldn't wait to talk about. But movie is Midnight Express. He was twenty the euro American boy up against a system. He didn't understand spoken language. He couldn't speak left beyond the help of his parents. And the power of the United States government and yet he triumphed his name. Is Billy Hayes In a in the new my next guest is a a writer and actor and a director his Book Midnight Express the movie by the same name each iconic in their own right a belated happy new year and a big thank. Thank you for taking some time to my next guest. Billy Hayes Billy. Thanks for being on the show today. Pleasure indeed a good happy new year to you and all of them too. Yeah and I have to say I just I I look at your life in. There's it's the ultimate word. Why start so the one part of your life? I couldn't find anywhere and I know about Marquette Marquette. I know about journalism I know about Smart Guy. How `bout before? That born New York Long Island Kid. Tell me something in between green and I could fill in that gap of time will. I was actually born in the Bronx and I live there for the first seven years of my life and then my dad was actually born in the Bronx. Lived there too so we had a lot of history and I one of about seven. Dad moved out to the suburbs of Long Island. Because the Bronx does get into a really the tough place and he didn't want me to go bad for prize. I grew up in Babylon and I loved. It was a wonderful place. The girl it's by the ocean by the beach. I ended up becoming a nice to swim like a like a CEO. And I became a lifeguard. They used to lifeguard at the beaches over the nets for me. That was everything after lifeguard is pretty much downhill. That's the pinnacle of life. You're making three eighty five an hour back then. which was don mazy about money? I'd go to the I go to work on my motorcycle in my flip flops. Them work at the beach and I just. I love that and then off off to college college off at times. I've heard you say this. And I was born in seventy three but oftentimes I hear you. You talk about this and I I can only imagine what it's like but I get the point because I feel like the seventies and eighties could apply to this to some degree boy. The sixty seem like time to be to grow up into the time to be living living in a massive difference between what we're going through today. Yeah well again. I feel very lucky. I'm obviously kind of prejudice. Since I I did go through this exercise born forty seven so I became a teenager in nineteen sixty so literally those of my formative years and I I love the sixties again. College High School was Great. Life is life is so easy for me growing up. A Long Island is a great place to be. I was so lucky to have wonderful wonderful parents than it was. Everything was easy until it wasn't but I love the sixties it. It sort of changed for me. Everything turned around in one. One Thousand Nine hundred seventy obviously with getting arrested and then halfway through the seventies. It flipped again when when. I'm lucky I'm really lucky. What I've not really really lucky up until about nineteen seventy that I wasn't I don't there's so much that we're GONNA get into act asking if it's none of my business then you just tell me that can handle? How did you have a great report with mom and Dad? Is that something you really close to them. Growing up as a bond. Yeah so that's why I didn't even realize how lucky I was until I saw the folks another kid soon realized you know there are people who they don't even like the Paris the people who hate the parasite. I can't understand that that makes me so sad to think that people don't have that link because I was really lucky guy. My Dad was solid. Did he know he grew up in the Bronx. He worked at Metropolitan Life Insurance for forty two years. You're talking about a solid steady dude and kept working his way up the ladder. He was the guy who everybody depended upon and turn to for decisions he was very rational logical and he always told the truth and I was so so lucky to have him as a father and my mother was just pleaded no the world too much all. She knew his people and love so I had it so good and I think their support and their kind of teaching the things for myself and to stand on my own two feet helped me in good stead when things got that unfortunately I force them to be part of that whole thing which was the worst part of prisons putting them in jail with me but they gave me such a good background than I had such good support at home home so I knew I wasn't alone inside guys who are in prison and they don't have anybody they don't have anybody that they can depend on the outside coup. That's really yeah. Yeah and that would make a lot of sense and you know you gotTa Marquette Gray. School journalism is is there anything in particular that fuels that for you bill years something that you know what. Let's see where this goes. I know you wanted to experience life. You WanNa get the most out of your travel around one point but what what spurs that. I just always wanted to be a writer. I could read before I ever went to school. My Dad taught me to read and write and stuff. I don't know how old I was but I never. I can't remember time I couldn't read. I always read. I love books. I love the the magic of books and things and just I thought I'd love to be a writer. I mean you don't have to wear any particular close. You can dress the way you like. Nobody tells you what to do. You GotTa right so I started but I've always wanted to do that. So Marquette the edge of going to a journalism school was a big factor for me and it was a Catholic like school which dad liked I was raised. The Catholic Church separated it about reason puberty like this. None of this digital men in the Sky Sky Works for you. Okay but please but I went to the school anyway because that phone numbers are good choice and I loved everything I read about it and at that time I used to India fisherman. I used to get up every morning. Like four am and go fish for trout and stuff. After April first in the season and Marquette was up in Milwaukee and I would read field and Stream magazine and feel this wonderful fishing in Milwaukee. I always thought for some reason. I'd like to go there and got there and of course you know how many times I went fishing fishing once you get to college like this stuff to do this. All those women life never fished marquette a great school because they had they provided a good education and I actually got to like it quite a bit. It's really I mean a lot of details. Second have you ever gone back there to speak at all. Yeah actually I escaped in the seventy five came out seventy eight somewhere around there. Seventy we seven summer. I'd have to look at it. The actually I got an invitation by some kid at Marquette to come and speak at the school and micro I I would. How did you get my home phone back in those days? I tried not to have that happen science. So many weird things with phones people golden and such but this the kid finds me back to Marquette and I got to speak at the One of the local theaters where they used to also have classes and in a special two for one knight's on a Friday Friday night. You and you with your date and such so I got to go back and gre- connect and for the first time in a while. Tell my story and I got to say to the Marquette crowd and some of my old friends were there so it was a nice reconnection and it started out actually in doing a series of lectures which I did a hundred and thirty lectures over. What about maybe three year? Three year period. Three eighty six The midnight express experience. I'm sorry a Hollywood and beyond did it all across the country and all across Canada and that I loved because I love colleges and the energies are college school so I got a chance to speak can tell the story and you know it's it's weird. Had always has been therapeutic for me to talk about all list of like I said most most guys coming out of prison. Don't tell the world I just been five years in jail Blah Blah Blah. It's I never had the option when I stepped off the plane was is a press conference. There was there was a book and then a movie and now I'm doing one man show fifty years later looking at it from this perspective and telling the story which of course is very interesting for me just as a full circle coming around but it. Obviously it's Cathartic for me. I've been talking about consistent. Therapeutic is a perfect word because I can definitely see being therapeutic. You know expressing yourself just getting off your talk that would make complete sense is to me before we get into this situation itself. Are you a traveler before then. Are you going around the world. Are you guys always on the go. Oh yeah aw yeah so so that that will play a huge part into what kind of comes up next ironically and I have to say this but my next my next guest this weekend is a cast member from the Shawshank redemption. I said how ironic is that. Well I have I have billy coming on talking about the prisoners escaping and then against Shashank coming onto the world's a funny place I gotTa Tell You I'll give you another click. I walked into trader Joe's yesterday which is up the the street from me where I live in Vegas here and I was. I was walking by the desk. I heard someone say they want to nail and I clicked my head around. I said that's the Dietsch. Each electrical from they said the Shawshank redemption. That's the place. He got the postcard from. Yes they watch today. Oh sure second yes. I literally was talking about Shawshank yesterday so so for those listening in many. There's some people maybe Iraq. Maybe they're a a little younger. That's okay they haven't heard your story but it is to say your stories in amazing story might be a bit of an understatement. It all starts. Billy does a star are in on October. Sixth seventh seventh was when I was arrested. Dicey places that got this excite was actually arrested on October seventh thanking set. So I told you I told you off Air I said look I'm GonNa make this interview different this part. I won't just briefly for those who had not heard this in October seventh unfolds. Just briefly talk about what happens and then we'll go from there in October. Seven thousand nine hundred seventy. I was arrested at the You stumble airports. I had two kilos of really good Turkish. Has she taped around my body and I was trying to get onto the airplane the PLO it just blowing up. Some hijack jets out in the in the desert new Jordanian desert a few days earlier. So I figure airport security would be on alert. I went out there the day before for him. Watch people going through customs. Nobody searched at customs the next day. When I showed up at customs I actually was going to watch people get off? I was going to go up onto the observation nation deck and watch people after customers to be able to watch people that costs the number of those as it stand up above. It was going to watch them get onto the airplane. But I didn't. I went back to you fumble so hook up with this English girl who was fleeing belly dancing back then instead of watching people get on the plane once again. Lovely lady leading me a straight the next day. I went through customs at the Hash taped on the my arms. Nobody got checked accustoms. They put us on a bus and the bus took us out to the plane and when it was I stopped looked at the window and there were soldiers surrounding the plane. That was a desk. Set up in front of the boarding raft with two cops on each side were apparently. Here's where they were going to search urge people and I've got two kilos at had of Hash plaques taped all over my body it was you know I tried the bluffed my way past the cop and I had a book in my my Yoga Book of putting it back in my shoulder back eventually. COPPA search me hit the platform the my arms and they were looking for terrorists. I mean you know. They're out here looking for mad bombers wire but explosives and here I come and idiot he hits hits the flex flex for the moment. He's thinking it's explosives and I'm standing there like a fool and the next. Yeah it was the beginning of a very long five years of prison route. Initially I received a lower sentence for years in two months and then after more than three years in jail I was counting. I had a calendar is counting out the days. Fifty six fifty fifty four days before I was supposed to go free they suddenly gave me a retrial and sentenced to life in prison which was like the ceiling of the room. I'm sitting at falling on my head right now. I wouldn't have been surprised. So at that point It took me another year and a half or so but I was able to eventually get transferred to an island prison and I escaped off the island again swimmer and her life's core escaped. They'll see island swim out and get a rowboat and rowed that to the mainland at Asia. Minor and then ran around through Turkey for a couple of days. I got myself back to Istanbul. Dyed my hair in a fleabag hotel in his stumble by way to the Greek border and was able to swim across the river that separates Turkey and Greece eventually get into Greece where actually Greek soldiers in the middle of the night when I wandered through what was totally restricted military zone Turkey and Greece. How have a very restricted military zone between them? So the Greeks arrested me essentially in the middle of the night and kept me a little room in the woods for two weeks while they decided what to do with me but I knew they treated be so nice. I mean anybody who has escaped from. Turkey is very welcome in Greece. They eventually they took me a little room in a little while in the woods for actually twelve days. Well he figured out what to do with me but you know I could do twelve days thin on my head after five years in jail. I know this for Big GonNa let me go. So the Greeks eventually deported me as a literally as a bad influence on the youth of Greece. which is the same charge against socrates bad influence on the youth or briefs which I love and I I was able to? Eventually they make my way back to to New York and got off the plane at Kennedy Airport where there were a hundred reporters asking me questions and it never stops up so it was a very strange transition from what I had like five years of being underwater essentially in jail and suddenly when I break the surface. There's there's all the media and I expected a nice quiet return. Home is what I was Kinda hoping for it right that you have described it better and I'm gonna a jump around a little bit here one of the things I did want to talk about and it's been driving me a little bit crazy because I've been going back and forth. My own head is one of the. I mean it's a phenomenal. We're going to the movie in a moment but with in particular though I wanted to talk about a little bit about Oliver Stone because I've been going back and forth about this I know there's there's a very fit for those. Those are seen the movie midnight express in the courtroom. You basis your care your character. I should say Brad Davis says you know you know half half the country pigs and all this other stuff when in reality your reaction was. I almost think it's just you're one of very few people are GonNa have the actual reaction you basically sent him summarizing here. You can crack me bill. You said I don't agree and I forgive you versus pigs. F Your country is that That is just. That's one of my biggest problems with what the differences between the book and real life and what they did in the movie. I under Thelma filmmaker myself. I'm a writer I know why you do or don't do things but that's really for me. That's the biggest change other than the escape which in the film was like an afterthought the heavy killer guard which I didn't do and then skip out the door in his clothes. I if it was that easy to take as you know I told you. I escapes often island in a rowboat and the storm made for Hollywood one of my biggest the first time I'll know not. Oliver is the first time Alan Parker put being a little room and at Columbia's Studio Nutty Columbia offices in New York like on fifth avenue somewhere little tiny screening room. That's the first time I saw the movie by myself. It is dark arched Ellen. Corker was Daddy. This will do you think. I said I couldn't breathe sweating like I said. I love the film by Rope. What happened to the escape? Getting myself. Busted was look worse thing I did in my life and I put my family and everybody who love me but I got myself out that rowboat gave me back my life. Prison prison says your loser. You're a loser you believe that. And you're done getting out having the ores in my hand escaping getting free. It gave me back my life like I wanted to see it in the movie. It wasn't even there it. I thought for sure this just like made for Hollywood escape and I figured if they made that people would say is good movie accepted that made up. Hollywood Indyk I. I didn't have to make anything up. They didn't even use it. They had me skip out the door and killer guard. That was a big problem for me in terms of the difference of what they did. But that's I can almost get away with that. I understand just and why he would do it for the money. Shooting in escape at night in the C- in three days are running through Turkey Lake. I think about these things and I said what happened to my robot. He's as a billy or forty five minutes of this film. Would you cut out to have dinner the audience we gotta get the matter. That theatre had enough of this well as I still make it. That's his choice to you do that you know maybe. He thinks he's made the film he needs to make. But the courtroom scene I mean they purposely use the opposite of what I said I said I said I you know I've been in jail within three years. I can't agree that hugh loss change from one country to another and one time period another and after more than three years. I can't agree. You're going to set the data more prison. I can't agree with you. All I can do is forgive you that the other. Screw your sons and daughters and whole nations you have you can edit. This could nine be honest. Absolutely just let it go absolutely but I mean it's just it's crazy for me because the whole film that powerful media and the whole world saw Billy Hayes. I say fuck Turkey for fuck you. Fuck you sons executor's they never be say. I can't agree with you all I can do is forgive you. It would've changed you by life. Because the Turks saw that I think that's the scene that inflamed the whole world against Turkey. This movie Turkey's tourism dropped ninety five percent when midnight express came out. It was devastating for them in so many ways it still is frankly. It was a really hard thing for them to deal with. They've got their own own stuff that they need to deal with and they do they don't but that's a whole nother issue. I'm not talking politics. I liked Turkey. I liked the Turks with great. You know like the prison. I didn't like the legal system awesome but the people like it a little bit fight made. Maybe you don't know but this was my my fourth trip is when I was arrested I made three successful hash runs prior to getting arrested. I had friends into our gate at circus girlfriend. I Mean I love to stumble and then I got busted but I couldn't write about that talk about that when I first got back right right when you talk about in. This is why I'm so mixed with this. Because I feel like I let me ask you during the screening. Did you bring up to Allen Park Green. Oh Hey what what this court scene I know you mentioned the robot. Did you ever mention the court scene like hey this is not what it happened. Well I didn't get that many chances to do that to turn. Once it was finished I mean they had their film. I thought about it. Wasn't that important using me to promote it which you know this is. I'm happy to promote it. I'm part of this. This is my story and hopefully the film does well and I do well. I could use somebody I mean in jail for five years. Everybody in the World Buddies starting with dad but that changed nobody was really nobody would acknowledge or who or why I mean I think at one point I asked Oliver something about it and he said well you know this is what you would have said if you've you know the next today how did you feel the next day. Did you curse them out. Just like what I said you think I said the next day has nothing to do with what I said that day in front of the world and that's what the world knows so when I think when the audience in the theatre. I think they empathize with the character with me with delays and day cursed out the Turks. I think the whole world was against the Turks because of that scene and the Turks were certainly against the character they saw the screen version of delays. Because of what he said and what he did he killed a guard and he said talk your nation. No I didn't I said I forgive you. Oliver Stone said that but you know what Oliver Oliver skipped away with all of that he. He hasn't had to deal with any of that. Did they put the Interpol warrant of my arrest. I WanNa escapes and not when my book came out when they saw that they should the war of the twenty years. Here's where Miss Reaction it's because it's not fair to you because you know you have to deal the brunt of that like you mentioned you have to deal with the reaction but but his crew credit but the movies dark and up to that point your character actor is gone through you. Sorry you have gone through L. In that movie and I and I know they haven't done the Turks of service and we'll we'll we'll get to that in a moment but I have to tell you if I was was in your situation and they said we went to fit. You know we've gone for fifty four days left to now you're basically forever you know. Throw away the key. See I got to tell you I would have said go fuck yourself like I don't know if I want to send it to the degree that Oliver Stone Road. That's a little harsh but I absolutely would of said somebody else interview said you know what you have to go back to that prison but listen at that point. When you're saying life I mean life is basically this is how I would see life if is just over at that point for me would be like taking it away from me? They've they've they've absolutely fucked me out of the rest of my life. I've gone from fifty four days to like I. I would have said everything under the Sun told him to go. Chevalier doesn't shine however it's easy for me to say that because you. I mean while Oliver Stone's winning an Academy Award Award for his screenplay which was great. It's just not completely accurate. And it's also not fair to you. So that's where my conundrum kinda start. It's like well now fair to you but definitely the reaction I would have had right but now what we're talking about is you reaction is valid and just as Oliver say you you know the they took your life away we just as my reaction was valid but not in front of the world in the courtroom and not in front Turkey. Think about this just been sentenced to life in this country and you now say to all of them I fuck you. I fucked your sons. I fuck your daughter's that's so stupid I mean logic logic. It'll say that you don't do that if you have a brain in your head because you're going back into the president here so there that does that point of view this second one for let me is I. I learned some things about myself so I needed to learn that I need to force them to prison to learn stuff very hard but I had learned things with things that were valuable to me that I learned about myself in jail at who I was and how I deal with life and how I deal with reality and things that are presented to me you know stuff happens. We decide what that means and how we're going to let that affect us or not so. I was learning a lot of things about myself. Well it's easy to be. It's when the pressure comes down that the things you learn the tested been against reality and you find out that they're really valid or not and we change our ideas that we find something else while these ideas were very valid today because forgiveness is the only thing the only way I could approach him at the scene in the courtroom. Though I mean I'm saying that I mean I. I was not happy with any of the stuff that went down. I was so angry at thirty in the nation. They're fucking legal system at all. But that's not what I said to the court. That's not what I said head to the world and that is what they said in the movie so for me. That's a problem for me. One just Personally individually digitally and also. I think just. What responsibility does a filmmaker have to the subject of the film these make and in this case I think they had responsibility for me to me to my character to not say the hundred eighty degree opposite thing what I did say I guess? They didn't think that would be dramatic. Not Enough Yeah I I completely completely agree because I think that paints you in a fair way and I have to say kind of said something next question what you just said you know I. They had people on the show that have had their lives made into stories. You know Vince Papa. Invincible the rookie. Jim Morris Yawn Schlick man civil action. You know the movie about pollution your life. You know. There's so much you want to ask you. When does it and I guess this question is also partially for you as a as a filmmaker somebody who's involved? When does it become not okay? Okay right so Oliver Stone goes on makes nice beautiful screenplay it's well written screenplay it's no no offense here olives terrific writer the NFL man. I think some of his worst films are better than most people desktops whole nother issue but as a writer wrote a great script would separating truth from From from good writing. I guess my next question is when does it become not okay because it really puts you in a way it repetitive and I want to be a negative interview. Because I don't want to. There's so much positive. Came out of this. You know. When does it become not okay because it really puts you in a very difficult position? 'cause you reaction and we you and I probably have a similar beliefs on religion but your your reaction was very. I don't WanNa say religion it was very you took the high hi road. And then he took the road above the ultimate high road. Like I don't agree and I forgive you. It's beautiful reaction so winston become not. Okay windows windows windows. The product become okay. Let's let's reexamine this year. You see what is a fair question. Oh it's very valid. I of course a big big fan of Delson Mandela who came out of came out of prison after twenty six something years and said if you leave prison and you don't leave the anger and bitterness behind you're still in prison. Well that that concept I get that and that so it was so valid from me and it's valid for most guys go into jail. I I mean it'll break you in ways that you just don't get fixed to you'll get stronger in ways you didn't know about it forces you to to deal with a lot of issues that you know. We just kind of blight lead float by in our life like life and death and all that stuff will live forever suddenly. You're facing it and forced to deal with it in a way that I certainly didn't have to. Life was so easy for me. Twenty three years old I was happy and healthy and strong and good looking on top of the world so good for me and then it's suddenly got really bad for state of a Lotta stuff in life and some of the stuff that I learned is still valuable to nick is again. Prison was the worst and the best thing that ever happened to me. And that scene in itself sort of negated what I'd learned again and I say jokingly but I really mean it so makers weren't interested in what I found found a lot of stuff in jail. They didn't really deal with that element that coordinated which which I can understand sort of you know that's their choice. I think might have found some other things equally good than what they put in there but again that's that's for them but they didn't want to deal with any of that stuff so you know it would be interesting to see what midnight express. We're look like in twenty twenty as a movie. Don't don't you think Oh do we're talking to some folks about that right now we've been talking for a while now but who knows we might even get something together. The story itself. I mean my first book. They they bought the book and they made the story based on the book in the book. As I mentioned to you I couldn't talk about my first three trips Christmas legal at but I made three trips fire prior to this. Well they they were very interesting and I succeeded each one of the MM only known for my my my successful Hash mogelijk trips known for the bad one where I got busted so I mean there's a whole lot more story than certainly them open on the screen and the escape was made for Hollywood and they didn't even do it so there's a whole bunch of stuff that hasn't been told you realize you're real escape is almost it's like a better version of the ending of Papillon. That's almost sensor that it's kind of way I said the other than that made up ending like you know. Aside didn't have to deal with it because they didn't do that. Yeah yes so let me ask you. If you and that's such an interesting point you bring up. People don't realize that they watched the movie by the way A- As a movie for let's put the truth side again. Well there's there's a lot of truth in Louis but as a movie is just phenomenal movie as just so well done in you know taking away from anything any or all of it. I mean Brad Davis gave his heart sold Music Georgio. Morodor's music is incredibly. Alan Parker is an amazing director. He's a you know. He's like a renaissance man. He's also so full of himself and kind of despised by by a lot of people around but he doesn't give which is kind of part of his charm but he's so talented. I love his movies. I was so lucky to have him. Do you my story. Yeah phenomenal job. In obviously it's a classic but you know what the funniest thing and I was looking through this today and I was dying to tell you this like. It's funny the next movie. He did after Midnight Express. The next movie he did. After midnight express was fame. You couldn't get further away from a movie about a dancer to what you went to Qatar. One eighty right well again. As a renaissance man. He was the one before was the chocolate. The factory guy. Willy Wonka movie. Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah. Yeah so yeah. You're right and he did the wall. Then he did Birdie Mississippi the sitting burning Chris Credible. Do you think you mentioned and people don't realize this that you had gone and this is what I would love to see in a new version. and Ah they ever did a new version too because this is with appreciation for the for the first movie but I just think I would have liked to senior debt. Show me your death like a lot of the stuff. You're talking talking about what you went through the the human part of it the relationship part of it not making all church to look like they're just assholes like yes so oh my problems to yes the fact you don't see a single good Turkey in the whole film ridiculous overall impression. That's so not valid to my experience. I had Turkish friends again. I liked. I like Turkey. What are basic city and they mentioned? You know you mentioned this to you. Were there three or four times before you got caught. What do you think think would have happened if you never got caught on October seventh? What would have happened to? I think he would have ended for you. It's a tough question because it's a what if it's a yeah. Yeah but I actually know the answer who good. Oh I know the ends of IDA smashed up against the wall somewhere else because I was just free. Rolling is taking no responsibility for anything. I thought I was invincible. And if it hadn't been there it'd have been somewhere else. I mean prison forced me to stop it and take valuation of WHO. I am doing the where I'm at. What responsibility means all kind of stuff and I wasn't thinking about any of that night? Prison was the worst and the best thing. That arap Mitch forced me to grow up before me to find out things about myself. I discovered my the reason for being in jail. I you know when I get out I wrote. I get home on a Friday and Monday. I was talking to literary agents and I was working recommend this book. I didn't want to do this. Forget jail eventually write about US sometime down the line probably. I'd still be procrastinating. Fifty years later I was forced to do it. I just you know I. I didn't. I didn't know what I was going to do here. Writing this book happened Bill. Where'd you I thought I read this? I didn't write it down but did you go somewhere there. was you went to Greece. USC You escape degrees. Which I would've I definitely would have preferred that ending because I think it would have been really cool to see you in that robot? anyways I guess you'd I wrote to the mainland in Asia minor and then I spent a bus back to. He's stumbled the dyed my hair and then if another bus to the Greek border and then they swim across the river into Greece and then I spent twelve days in prison there and then I got get out and I flew and eventually I spent my first days in Amsterdam I as a freedom my first five days I believe in Amsterdam and then I got on a plane flew to New York so how was was Amsterdam enjoy enjoyable. Maybe that's a bad word but did you find it was impossible to ever just find com on this in this huge mess you've been in Amsterdam provide any type of a reprieve for you. Everything the reprieve from me. I'm not being facetious. Glue once once my once a once. I swam across the river. Not Degrees. I knew you free. I know they'll never send me back. I know eventually free but I'm still locked up in his guys around me and I didn't know guards and such and I'm not out out once I got to Amsterdam and stepped off the plane and went to those customs line with all of the other free men and the guys just stepped my passport stamps. The passport ask for God now with With black hair the hair that I died myself at the Motel Room when the American Council Salonika was contacted by the Greek. Saying you know we've got William Hayes here in our jail. They eventually came out and then we connected it. Took a little while for them and the Greeks to figure out what to do but eventually eventually as I said the Greeks deported me but They took a photo they took out on the street and took a photo in the American Council. Got A new passport and it was the black care. And that's the picture on the passport so when I landed in Amsterdam the guy stance my black haired passport. I got on the bus and took a bus into the city. And it's like I was free then. I was the first time I was really free. And I knew. So I love them Saddam. I spent four or five days there. My idea was the whole time I was in prison. I had a dream that one day I'll get out and I was gonna go to a beach in uh-huh Morocco south of robot where I'd never been to because I've been in Spain all around Europe but ed been there but I knew of it and that was my dream and I'd be just find a woman who just wanted to gives make love and lie in the sun each fruit and not talk so much. Just lie there and get Tan. When I got out literally that beach there was uh some kind of a revolution going on Morocco had barbed wire across it and minefields? They were fighting battle right there. Where Bob you know my expectation was to go to this beach shows again for me? Expectations always lead me astray but The place I wanted to go with having a battlefield but when I got Amsterdam it was it was having to cover. You have written three books express mid that return and then demand I suppose letters I which is the collection of the letters. I wrote home to people in our I had I was a writer. I had a Lotta time the thousands of lives. They kept them all and I gathered them together and use them to write midnight express and and put them in a box in the attic for thirty years and eventually they sort of came down on my wife sort of looked at them and next thing I know I was putting them together into this into this book. The letters which is a very interesting process just emotionally to read what I said what I thought as somebody back then. Twenty two twenty three twenty four four years old. It was very humbling actually and embarrassing but Cover the cover of the book is the photo of Van Gogh's painting prisoners exercise. which I don't know if you know it but it's a famous painting? Circle the prisoners and a stone courtyard circling or calling in the foreground of the painting is a blonde haired prisoner staring out at the viewer. Well I dyed my my hair. My first morning at Amsterdam I went down. I found some guy any cut. My black hair indicted blonde again and I walked out and they wanted the street street and I found myself at the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam and I wandered in and suddenly facing me. Is this huge painting of prisoners. Exercising and this blond-haired prisoner. I just dyed my hair blonde blonde haired prisoner staring out at me. It's like holy. Fuck I knew that painting anything. Sodas stunned me somewhere. I knew I use it and I use it as the cover of committee express letters. Wow you're speaking of letters when you you got and I hope I read this correctly. You know who knows what what you read but I read that some of the letters. You've got some of the stamps released in acid when you got him in jail. Is that true or false It's it's close it's I actually loved psychedelics. I decided Alex in college and I love psychedelics and I had them sent to me on my letters but we kept him cellblock with a lot of different foreigners bureau kept all the foreigners that kept him one place. Turks mixed the middle so all of these wonderful letters would it come with stamps from foreign countries and the some whoever's up in the office some stamp guy up there would feel the foreign oren stamps but you have the little sticker says tall. I'll be on the go onto letters here. Yeah I could fit about ten tiny kits of of windowpane acid underneath that. Have Your own sticker so I would have acid sentence of the prison. They somebody up again Would steal the stamp but the some philatelists up the office we take the stance but they didn't care about our of Janaka so we were able to trip in jail which was a very interesting experience. Oh you had deep and I and I wish I remember where I read this but it wasn't just like OK allies scholarship you a meaningful trip where you kind of I. I don't WanNa say come to realization moment but you had a big a big realization. And during one of these instances right one. That's kind of famous for a lot of clarity clearly in my ring with that billy had I I had an acid trip and I was sitting are bunk and meditating and I felt this enormous glowing ball rise up out of my chest an open up. 'em Out of my chest this this light eight of love again. I'm tripping now but this is what I felt is light of love flowing out of me. And all of the the mangy cats in the cell block. We a lot of cats in jail gathered up around the on by BLUNK and sat on my bunk purring along with divide. The was this great. I love coming out. Let me and my tears reporting that my face because I realize this is my reason for being which sounds trite. But the truth doesn't know it sounds SUV very meaningful Trista. Truest thing I know in life was is that emotion that my hands in front of my chest right held on talking to you. Is that emotion. The vibration that comes out is is love. And that's that's what I kind of. That's the guy that I follow now in my in my life and my choices and the people I tried to associate associate with is to follow that five and it's led me to my wife and everything else that's good in my life is following that vibe and that came out of being in jail I sort of had to be down in the depths. Define what was the most valid truth that I know because religion I think religion is the source of most most human misery. And you know invisible men in the sky and in the name of if there is a God please save us from the things men do in die name because in the name. God there's been so much misery but love is real. That's the only thing I believe and so everything else is secondary to that and that came out of prison again. It's it's the worst and the best thing that ever happened very powerful moment in in your beautiful wife bring into in a moment humanity cans invisibles. That's a great thing that happened along along the way for you to pretty incredible. I can't at the height of Hollywood hype in Hyperbole. I met a woman who is just the most solid. Gosh she's at the center of my heart. She makes my heart thing. We've been together for thirty nine. Years is pretty special special stuff you know. Let me ask you. What was the toughest part free? Because there's a lot of iconic photos just amazing all the photos at that happened during the time you're going through all this what what hurt the most host outside of the obvious. We were like well. He was in jail stupid but but there are certain organic like when I watched this movie right so I just lost. My Dad had recently. I remember watching his dad. We talked about it all the time. Like what you could have been feeling. We analyzed it. We come from the hatred point of view or the darker you. You know. We're like we're like you know what must he'd been feeling just analyzing your emotions. I get good feeling you were very close to your mom. Mom To me if we reversed if you're interviewing me and I went through mine would've been missing my family. What was it for you that hurt the most? That's literally that is the heart star jail. It's this act that I put my family and as you know I have a really wonderful supportive loving my mom. My mom went to sleep every night with pain in her heart for her son. My Dad had to deal with all of this public. Shame and humiliation and the pain of having his son away. Hey I mean that was the my brother and sister Coslada deal with you. Know what happened to your brothers and my name is in the paper and that was the worst to jail for me because once I was young young was healthy. I was confident the myself so I just I dealt with prison after awhile. You just deal with it and but the fact that the guilt if you back out of a driveway and you moms there when you break your leg. Oh my God. That's horrible thing but from that day on you'll be more careful in her leg will. He'll never healed every day. Yeah it never healed and they had to how to deal with that until I got out right covers really hard. Were they around or much of your family around to see Brad's Rad's performance in the movie itself. Yeah they had told mom you really. Maybe you don't have to come and see this. But she wanted to see it. She said it was hard enough. You live through that. How bad it was heart was really hard for her to watch it? 'cause it's all to watch we know regardless of whether they did okay so they did that. It's a really tough to watch. So it was hard for her but she watched I got through it. She never had to look at it. And you're in your report war with Brad Brad. Brad is seen for everything I've seen. Unfortunately that Brad passed from from AIDS which is just so sad but you know he seattle Asmi Brad very good. Do just a solid human being bread and I had obviously a special relationship these playing. May they coward but I met him on the set in Malta when they brought me over there to do some publicity photos for three days they kept me in Brad apart because he had been in my book a million times. He had underlining stuff they thought. You know maybe it wouldn't be so good for the actor to see the real guy because he's still in the middle of shooting but Columbia wanted these publicity. Bolshevik island bargain hated. This idea. By the way he hated. It'd be being there and they literally you know the Columbia higher ups force D to meet Brad and they had an on camera they use it for their PR stuff. But they kept me apart. The three days from Brad and I was on Sports Saint Elmo Malta a place where the the the the prison was shocked and I wondered around and some reason I didn't see Brad. I didn't see Brad Than One day. They David Puttnam. Call me and he said really quick. Let's and you took me up some backstairs and they can and they had a setup and they had a camera on and lights and on the bunk. Mike Blunk brads Brad was sitting there. They didn't even tell him. They brought me up the back stairs and David Puttnam sort of said if I have to do this. I'm going to do it right. And he just pushed me room and Bradley. That's how we met. It was like Whoa and bread looked at me and he looked around the guys you know. They told him whatever they don't he said this isn't fair. This isn't fair. Meaning like you have this show you something in the middle of the but I looked Brad. We had this is connections. Is it that. That's it doesn't matter. I sat down with the muck next to him. And we just had this connection and we kept this connection and once once shooting and such and he lived in L. A.. And I was in la. We became friends and being friends with Brad is an amazing experience. It's he's you never know what's going to happen next especially if like no matter what you do in your life all of sudden he'll show up and whatever red plans you had they're gone. You don't know what's going to happen next. You wake up two days later somewhere. Something just happens. He was amazing but then then he got sick. You know he was an overnight success. He was an actor for twelve years working working working but suddenly began as overnight success overnight at ten and when he walked out the next morning morning we've walked out together from the next morning yesterday the premier and he couldn't get down the lobby. I mean there were one hundred people. There were cameras and like screaming. Brian I mean I went out to take a run. I have to go out the back door and run literally in my tracks. Get away from all these people say no no come come. The camera. Like brand is not a runner also with all these people it never stopped for him and he he he did not a stop switch in anything and he just sucked everything up as all life in suddenly people offered of everything take and he said yes. Yes Yes yes yes sex drugs rock and roll whatever was yes yes yes more more more and he just rolled with for a couple of years until you know he was married and had a daughter and he can. I don't know somewhere whether he realized he stop this and he stopped drinking in went into a if you stopped drinking. He stopped going crazy but he got sick. And you know Hollywood talked about helping people with AIDS and taking care of our own. That's bullshit if you're sick you don't work so he had to keep it quiet and eventually died which yeah it's it's the sharp yet he did when a Golden Globe for portraying you and that you know he he you know when he was. I swear aware you know not not knowing. You're seeing you my God. You really felt like he was going through everything you went through. It was one of the most amazing performance ever seen in my life. He he gave his heart and soul. Let's see you know Reenen. John hurt or on the other side and Randy Quaid and the music and and Chris Bennett singing. That song as the breaks is my heart so I was very lucky. Guy Could have been anything the rights away. They could have done anything so what they did. Do was a pretty amazing film L. And I'm very lucky to have that happen in the movie did win to you know Academy Awards one for screenplay Oliver Stone One for the absolutely phenomenal music by Giorgio Moroder. I mean the theme is one of the best teams in the history of cinema. Yeah and then Melena Menara one for costumes. That's right yes AH Shinola Thera- you're right so let me ask you so we look at you had for a while you had a a one man play. I use that I was just going to ask you that. So how does that. You're doing internationally. I was watching interview. Had I think it was Lebanon and Dan Bright really fun to watch. I gotta believe a one man show for you is awesome. I in a couple of ways because one year very enthusiastic guy. You're a great great storyteller. You get a chance to rectify some some misnomers and I gotta say a two questions one. How do you like it into how exhausted are you? After an eighty to ninety minute performance. I love doing the show and as you say you know I wrote. It gives me a chance. Chance to an actor. It's such a joy usually you do something and at the last performance you've suddenly discovered. Oh there's something I should have thought of twenty thirty forty shows ago but now the done this over and you never do it again. I have a chance I've done this show. I think three hundred eighty five they got so a number maybe three eighty four times over the last five six years now and it's always a new and fresh had real for me. Can I love the energy back and forth with with an audience. And it's a chance for me to be all that I am into give whatever I have to offer. That's this play is for me and the fact that I'm I'm lucky enough to be able to keep doing it. You know. We have months in between were performances. Sometimes depending on what happened I was supposed to be doing June and July in South Africa. Arca forty two shows which I never been a south at the very last minute. The producer data guy down in South Africa. Apparently the had a stroke. How inconsiderate of him and the and the whole show fell apart but God idea whether to go to Africa? But you know there's other things isn't that we did a performance here in Vegas live about a month ago and we're in the process of trying to set up of doing the show on a semi regular basis here in Dayton because you crowd crowd come and go so we'll see how that works so bill let me ask you. How is this show setup? Is there like so you do your thing. Is there like I feel stupid pursue Israeli. QNA as their goal. There's a stall on the stage. There's a screen and we have some music in the background. We have an image of sort of a Charro skewer image of Istanbul skyline across the back. And I walk out and I talk and do seventy three minutes. Which is pretty much where the show is down two now and then I don't even leave the stage? I just thank you. Thank you and I do Hyun a for about twenty minutes but the audience which I love and early on visit theory interesting part of the show especially for me in the in the director and the producer is in. The people would ask me questions and I'm thinking my head. I answered that question but also realizing well but obviously they didn't hear the answer. I didn't say it in a way that they got it et Cetera. So maybe I tweak things a little bit which is a dangerous thing. Also but you're thinking audience feedback but the truth is I learned a lot in the early stages and incorporated the show. But now I just love to talk to the audience I I love the QNA. After you're going to question even after all these years throws you off balance billy that you're like Holy Shit. I was not expecting that no again. I used to say jokingly asked asked me something I haven't been asked because I've been everything Muslim amazed every once in awhile. Something that'll be. Wow that's very interesting now that maybe I haven't haven't heard or thought of that before every once in a while every once in a while I'll something will flash and I'll realize. This is something that I've really good memory. I'm used to be like read something pretty much. I memorize it right away. kind of stuff in those days are gone. I'm seventy two now but I I can't remember stuff every once in a while something will flash in and I'll realize. Wow aw not only happened. I thought of that in thirty forty fifty years. But I'm trying to think did I even remember that in when when I was writing kickable one of these books. I'm always coming back. Something happened the other day that was like Holy Shit I completely and forgot about this idea. Percents was windy and when I came out it was like there's some. There's an incident something that happened there but it literally literally blanked passed me and I never thought about it again in all the Times I spoke about is in the course of the escape. It was a place where I was sitting on a rock on the Asian shoreline. I'd slamming it was in the boat and I swam and by running up the beach and I I sat down on a rock and I turn my face up to the sun. Well Ooh a month or two ago. He spent three or four days in the hospital for some my whole life. I've ever been sick. I had diverticulitis which is factor of not having a certain diet because I eat everything and nothing bothered me and my yoga made it through. I needed to change my diet. Someone in the hospital for three days and when I came out Wendy was there of course since and she was coming to get the car and I was standing outside in front of the hospital. I leaned against the little railing there and turn my face up to the sun because I didn't hospital for three or four days. Whatever you don't get Nissan and I had the flash of when I was running on the beach in Asia Minor and I sat down in these big rocks and I turned my face up to the sun one and I totally broke down in tears on this rock? I mean Sabi I can barely even say it now sobbing on this rock and then sort of sucked it all in and then kept running because I was still in the middle of the escape but that that rock with the son of my ace all this emotion in came out and then I forgot about it. I didn't write it in any of my books I've ever set in any of the many many many times I've talked about the escape. I realize I never for that. Incident slashed away from me because suddenly I'm running again and I've still got three more days to get out of Turkey but sitting at hostile in in front of the sun I had that flash and that kind of stuff for me every once in a law that was particularly one I really. I never thought about that moment. But you have so many of these moments hole puncher. Yeah I have to ask you in the midst of of wind things were worse for you. I mean obviously anybody that has a heart would have a breakdown and I know you don't want to see what a break is. This is a breakdown. Inaccurate word at one it was most everybody Jalen when for instance has a breakdown but you know what nobody gives a fuck I unless unless it affects other people. It's like yeah suck Tuck it up. My my lowest point was when I was in the process of doing one of an early escape attempts and I went to this mad the house to try and get a crazy report and didn't get the crazy report but I knew that I go back to the madhouse again. I knew I would be able to escape over the wall. This place and I bribed the Dr to get there and I knew I'd be able to do it again. I set up my friend my oldest friend in the world coming to help me and he was getting a car. And you're getting a false passport in Germany is working. Can you get the money. And we were setting up for him to come down. And then he scenario the telegram from my dad saying that he was he was killed. He was found in his hotel room in Mannheim with connect- through his justice. Bend that pretty much was that was the bottom for me. Not only fucked up my life and my folks so my parents and my brother and sister but now I just got my best friend killed and that that was the low point to prison for me. Is there truth Anthony to the Rumor Where Your Dad Sends Twenty seven hundred dollars in a binder. which which is your I want to say your way out that is yup? Yeah yeah well. After Norman died I gave up on the scaping. I still have another two years and we seem like forever but after he died when I sort of came out of this funk I was in few months I realized realized I'm still alive. The Sun's Shining. I'll finish my time. I owe this to my family that you know people kill themselves all the time in jail too but that started out like what about the people that you leave behind. So that wasn't an option finished my time. And what's I turn the escape. Switch off all the good stuff that I learned that I found swirling around in in prison sort of came together during that period because I was counting the days I the years and I was counting the days till I went free. Well it's easy to be all balanced Mela when you know you're going free. Suddenly I was looking at the rest of my life in prison. Sentence got changed and the switch came back on but some of the stuff stuff that I learned in that period l. me true it was good for me. Yeah I was just GonNa I was just GonNa ask you use. What kept you going because we live in a society eighty today billy where depression and mental health and suicide is on skyrocket? You know it's so so you know in your situation to hear that somebody your situation found a way to keep going. You mentioned a little bit of it. The specifics of it. You're right you're if you took your life it would have left. A lot of people behind people loved you. You're a good human being manned mistake. It happens to all of us. So is there anything that really catch you going outside of what you mentioned. Is there anything you haven't mentioned. Yes really specifically is the is one of the other proselytizing points. I'm always making. I discovered Yoga just before I was arrested. I knew it I literally had. I N Gars Classic Book Light On Yoga in my backpack while I was being arrested and I've done yoga every day for fifty years in jail. I A- certainly was really into doing my yoga and it keeps US physically healthy but emotionally me. I mean I was twenty three to twenty eight. I was incredible physical shape emotionally. Oh my God and the Yoga kept me balanced and if you're not balanced jail oh you make unbalanced decisions in that usually leads to something really bad so you need to stay balanced and stay focused and I needed that. Especially when Norman died said I was just sort of going through the motions with the Yoga. Nothing better to me anymore and then I kind of pulled out of that but it was the yoga that I still did that. gave me again focus. It helps it helps create a an inner balance that leads to everything else in your life and I used. I used that balanced yoga practice to keep me strong physically and emotionally when things got really bad and I still do it every day and for those of you listening. Billy looks phenomenal. Like you say seventy two. I want to see a birth certificate. You look fantastic. Sticks likes a lot of that is you know you're obviously a healthy guy. You paid people. Have people have sworn to yoga right. People have kind of your. Yeah my last question to you. Is this your place called riding the midnight. Express with Billy Hayes. My last question to you is what what are you. What's your the big takeaway on this like when you speak to kids and in college in high school in your one man show? What is the one thing you want people to take away? I mean you mentioned a a little bit earlier what's the big takeaway with people who look at Your Life who look at midnight express. What's the one thing you want them to take away? My message is usually do. Would you like and know what you're doing knowing what you're doing means you take responsibility for your actions because you're going to have to deal with the consequences. I found found out the hard way. I didn't take responsibility until suddenly like I just fucked my life everybody around me. You want to think about what you're doing and breezing freezing. Just take a breath before you make a decision take a deep breath and let it out and think about. What is it that I'm going to do to take another another deep breath and think about? Maybe there's another alternative to this decision. You know this is all happening in real time but decisions happen in fractions of a second. But if you're tuned into yourself in terms of not reacting but thinking before you act it'll save you so much grief take it from someone who knows uh-huh and start doing yoga. You're never too young or too old to do yoga. He is the incredible Billy Hayes. If you haven't seen midnight express you are absolutely. I'm commanding you to see ceiling. Thank you so much for coming on the show today. Thank you my friend I appreciate it. Thanks a lot Um hum it over and over in the only the Komo news thank you the. Yeah I am it took it in an I don't know new they do l. uh-huh yeah Yeah the yeah the ATHOL uh-huh yeah the talk yeah And and and and and uh-huh Yeah uh-huh the.

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Animal Talk  Kevin Richardson The Lion Whisperer  Episode 104


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Animal Talk Kevin Richardson The Lion Whisperer Episode 104

"You're listening to the PODCAST DETROIT network visit. Www DOT PODCAST DETROIT DOT com for more information. Talk take seven so you're going to cut this into a budget will punch said broadcasting from coast to coast and around the world. It's time for animal. Talk with some of the best doggone pet people on the planet. Dr Brad Davis Devi Emmett Chief of staff for the veterinary centers of America. Donna four near our animal behaviorist. Brian Bar check wrangling. The reptiles and I'm Jamie Flanagan here. It is animal talk whatever. The problem is Pros like The guy sitting across from me ready and willing to help you up. I'm Brad Davis Anthony Veterinary questions. You might have okay. Then we have the brightest of the bunch. I'm Donna and I'm here to answer any training question. My Name's Jamie. I JUST WANNA make sure everybody has a good time. He is the hacksaw. Jim Duggan of radio is helping you with your pets. That's what we're here to do. The website Animal Talk Radio Dot Com. 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Or what's the other one over there at the top? One the Dangerous something or other. I rang a Tang island thing island untamed and UNCON- still growing up safari or untamed and uncut Dvd's to give away to To say that their friend recommended this need to monitor Who GETS THE FIRST THREE PEOPLE TO BECOME Our friends on my space. We broke a thousand friends today on we Past the one thousand threshold before the show's over two thousand. Wow we'll see so Thanks for all the people who Friend US recently and Have joined joined in the fray and Are watching a you stream that TV or watching listening on US web talk radio DOT COM. We appreciate you being around big day. Lots of stuff going on. Of course Brad is back from England. We're GONNA find out all of your channels and What happened there and you were able while you were there. You Got Prince Charles on the phone for us and we did told us and we believe you can. Yeah and Coming up today Brad. I know what a big backstreet boys fan US backstreet And can you name them Can I name the backstreet boys us? There's well yes sir happy. Dopey Kevin Kevin Richardson Kevin Real. My God Kevin. Boy Yes on the show today. Kevin Richardson although It's not the factory point. He's not a back. He went down the Amazon. And now this is this is This is another Kevin Richardson. Actually because I got very confused when I was googling and try to get more information about our guests coming up our guest today is Kevin Richardson. The Lion Whisper. This guy is off the hook. He is very cool. He's written a book called part of the pride he's My life with among the cats in Africa and he's got a movie project. He's working on a feature film White Lion. He's going to tell us all about those things. And coincidentally enough Same backstreet boys and actually doesn't look too far afield from that person. Either so actually. I hope I'm hoping Kevin's got a good sense of humor. That's I just let's just say that so Yeah you know I I. Don't I'm a little leery about that? So but that's coming up in Right at the I mean probably about five minutes from right. Now we'll be talking to Kevin. Richardson You know what I'm Gonna I'm GonNa Betcha that's Kevin calling in now and You could you. Could you quit with the backstreet? Boys crap already So yes we'll we'll talk to Kevin very shortly and We will have him on and Talk about All all his stuff plus we have Some phone calls coming up. Your phone calls going to help you with your pets. And I'm GONNA just Get your emails. We got the email questions that come from the website animal. Talk Radio DOT COM. We always like to respond to your e mails and help you out. our digital posse As it were so we will get your email questions. the tweets if you At our twitter animal. Talk Radio on twitter. You can tweet in your question as well so all sorts of ways to get a hold of US digitally and like I said coming up right after this break. We'll be talking to the Kevin. Richardson Lion Whisper GonNa find out if he likes that or not or Just because the Horse so popular in marketing people just pushing that. Nah everything's a whisper. Yeah like you know. It's like every scandals gate. Yes everybody's so I'm GonNa Guess. Probably not all right money on that so Kevin's coming up after the break in your phone calls as well Jamie Donald Duck Brad animal talks America's pet show. Has Your Fight Open Dumbo? Well Donna can bring out the Einstein in your dog an animal talk whatever. The problem is pet professionals standing by ready. And Willing to help you with your pets end Speaking of Pet professionals boy Just not necessarily pets but Truly an animal professional our guest today on animal talk has a new book Part of the pride my life among the big cats of Africa he worked As a custodian at To South African animal parks and Really just he got in there. He became part of the pride and enrolled with the big. Cats also has a feature film white line Coming up he's GonNa tell us about that and our guest. Today is Kevin Richardson. Kevin welcomed animal talk. Thanks very much for having me on your show Kevin So working as a custodian at To South African animal parks What what did you do as a custodian? I mean we know you you you became interacting. What is the job of Custodian? I'm sure it's not Roll around and wrestle with them so what was initially was your job. Yeah exactly it's a progression. If not a single event thought about eleven years ago got the opportunity to meet too Little Land Cup at authority to deny impact on my life but Boy was wrong. It started with these two cubs and You know I I just used to visit them as a volunteer really and The NFL park although the relationship that was developing and Offered me in part time employment From there became semi-permanent and ultimately permanent. We buy was in charge of really looking off to the welfare bill. The the lions at the talk and and not only that in sourcing new predators for the Puck as well so Are these parks that People can people can visit and tour through and see the animals can the can people interact with them. These parks the two different parts of actually breaking away from the one park You know not not anything bad. It was just time to move out to start at each AFL that The one talk. Is that kind of talk. We by Large checks people can come through and Lines in these the semi wild conditions Not everyone in in South Africa and get get on national park with chocolate. I some distances away so provides an opportunity pretty close to the city for people to see lines natural habitats. That's the one talk And then the puck which was developed about three three and a half years ago was for specifically actually for the filming of a feature. Film Watt Lion and ultimately within Monde. When when the phone finish that I'd be able to have a sanctuary to keep the animals that works closely with right so I I do you train these animals or or they're just they're living their lives and you're just kind of interacting with them. That's that's been the interesting thing is that I never went into any Job With these animals thinking that that's going to be my profession. I never wanted to be a animal. Wrangler animal trainer. That's not really what I do and not really my passion but it was something in it when working with the Lions and basically these two lines grew up in seventy dollars working with about sixty lions You know the col- cold come in. When people saw the the relationship that was having with animals saying well could you get these lands to maybe we walk in front of a screen for commercial? There was that element that came from us that ultimately You Know A. I'm not an animal trainer. Answer didn't have that kind of Akron I was making inroads into these animals. Lives and certainly looking at a new angle. Est These animals are GonNa live in captivity. How could I enrich? They love how could you know man and beast especially of this nature get along in captivity? So that that I love these in my opinion miserable was beloved in zoo top environments. And how can we enrich? They live so that it's all going to live in captivity. That can be the best possible off That so how much SPANDEX and sequences involved in in what they do Kevin not a whole lot. All right good good Just kidding but Lions are not the only Critter you've worked with out there you've You've dealt with just many hyenas and what else have you Other predators read it. What else are you Working with fascination really Laws in the in the big cats and those You know the Carnival of Africa Tron STICK TO AFRICA. 'cause that's indigenous from So yeah we we've spotted HYENA BRANA NIP. It's articles Say any of the the cats that are carrying Africa With is and then obviously the dangerous carnival is in a special one Holds a special place in my heart. And so that's that's a very interesting interesting animal in him. Really trying my best to change people's perceptions will throughout on them. Well Yeah I mean yeah. People think of Just Just Big doggy rats. Right very dirty and Just Pretty Donna. What's what is what is the stereotype? Yes scavengers. That was the word. I was searching for So these these guys aren't Dirty Rotten scale scavenger. It's not at all I mean it's it's it's completely the opposite. In fact. In a lot of areas in southern Africa Hyenas up to seventy five percent of what they eat and in fact all More Successful than lions even so the fact that that makes such a villain in phones is why they've probably got the negative wreck they the lion's closest competitor In the wilds of Africa. You're gonNA find lines living normally find the spotted. Iena incredibly resourceful. So yeah I mean if it comes across a caucus out the he's not gonNa say no kind of lucky human aching take away the nearest foster foodstore selves as a scavenging top. Three different But yeah having said that I mean a lot of the time you know re- research researchers found that's as such efficient unto They they can take on the prairie quick inconceivably quickly So a lot of people that ever get to see them taking don kills and if all assume that everything that you have are now Kevin. I've seen several Videos on Youtube of your interaction with the animals and There was a cheetah that You know charged and rolled you over and then Then you got up and he was looking at your face and the the worst part of it was is that their tongues are really rough You know I made the joke about the SPANDEX and sequence earlier and You know the Vegas Boys you know. I mean really knew their animals and interacted with them and yet still. There was a a big. Oops with one of them are you. Are you ever afraid of that? That big oops. Of course. There's always a risk in everything that one does especially when it's controversial and especially dealing with the things that can kill you lines can kill you You know away over. The years weighed out the pros and cons and I always like to tell people you know kind of like flying an airplane you know. We don't see policies not just jump into these crazy machines and on killed himself. We all know the risks involved in flying engines can quit and things can full of plans is good as they made. And it's normal human era. That's you know in in flying. Say you start with a bucket full of luck in a bucket empty of experience. And you hope that one bucket full up with experience by the time. The bucket full of luck runs out when work with the cats. Start with no experience and you start with all the being overzealous and all the Raver in the world and as the years go. And if you haven't been killed by these animals and learn something then Y'All are so Kevin Richardson or guests here. On animal talk author of part of the pride my life among the big cats of Africa. Also the feature film White Line now in the book. Part of the pride are people going to Fi- have you had any close calls or people going to find that in the book. Or what will they find in the book? Exactly that You know I've I've been lucky listener early on okay in the thought me a lot. at Certainly there are a lot of close calls and as you experienced does Old Act you try and limit those close Kohl's You Bet as you quite rocky say yes. You're you're working with animals that Cooled unpredictable but that's adult book Is that lions on these men. These mindless manages a lot of misconceptions out there For example if you guys with these lines when they fit in that hungry they're gonNA eat about that very logic people assuming that he's Lonzo not associating with me You know some miracle. I'm going in there every day and You know they they not seeing me as food. the other one is this from a very reputable scientists having trust on television talking about my and said well one day. Kevin's going to catch them in a bad mood. Now if I haven't caught one of these lines in a bad mood every eleven years worked with about sixty of them very intimately and maybe I'm doing something rock. Yeah so eleven years So the luck. Pale is still Still working for you. That's a good thing. You just you even though yes. This is a much bigger animal than I. Typically work with it still comes down to you. Understanding the cues and the way that that animal is communicating with you to know. Is this a bad day? And then you you instinctively know by reading the animal and watching the animals so I think a lot of Yeah Okay. Experience like you were saying it. It takes a lot. You have to pay attention to what the animal is telling you and when you can aptly read that animal then your chances go way down for harm and isn't it about relationships. In the more you get to know. Subject than an individual data that is different to humans. You you walk into a room and you see a bunch of humans immediately connect with Without is why is that The other thing is is you control room full of your friends. You know you know size in a bad mood. I wonder why I need a gop to all at him and say hey listen. Why University in in practice this. I'm thinking of those lines. They give you so many signs probably more you walk in with. It's not any of the lands of the leopards. Hyenas animals that a little bit trickier to work with because You know the the lipids are solitary animals and you know the product animals and the clan animals. They generally more tolerant of Animals is coming in flopping down on top of them even when they are in a bad mood on. What used to that. You know you gotta you gotta work each slightly differently but it does. Wall comes down to reading behavior. So Kevin do you like the the the label the Lion Whisper in the beginning And I said I really liked for because not really what I do but then started to realize that by being associated with it It it it is doing something different to what other people are doing. So and and that's that's a positive association so I'm over the years I've extra grind to you know still didn't like mine didn't say people will say five years ago. You said one thing and not today you said another and it's a progression older all the time that you working with these animals every day you learn something every day that teaching something you might have said something on on Day One lions and Mark Twelve Year Twelve Kevin Richardson the author of Part of the pride the feature film White Line. Kevin I gotta ask you. The question is why. Why are you doing this? I mean besides okay. It's cool video that we get to watch you go. Wow needs And you get to have that need experience. What's your goal? Why why are you doing this? Why are you working with these animals? What's your ultimate goal? What originally started out as just enriching to animals lives became a lot more than that when You know you would say hey. This is very different So initially I didn't want to have all this media hop into media ancient But ultimate gets come in and you know you gotta deal with the afoot to myself many years ago. How do you put a positive spin? And how how? Can this benefits Lines in the wild and after we actually get the would out there that things are not so great in southern Africa and infecting Africa. With line. Numbers you know having declined from three hundred thousand twenty three thousand this decade And the big problem is is that there's always this Jostling between scientists and the wild lines and then the captive people. After this is nick activity between the two And instead of working together to try and Um say hey this is how we can troncon lands as a whole ways in fighting in one of the things that I'm trying to do you know. Fortunately for you know the Internet and the media is that you've gotta reach tiniest Mazing how quickly how many people you can reach on the Internet out. People seeing me interact with these animals. Obviously get in full king and GET PEOPLE. Geez is going to get eaten but what it also does is gives the opportunity to say. Hey you mentioned effect Lonzo. I need down to twenty three thousand. The suddenly you planted a seed whereby you can make a million documentaries banging on about the place of the line but if people on. Straw church and if they don't care about it and I'm not going to happen so So are lot lines in the in the wild. The are are they endangered or are they in trouble. The endangered they'd been moved off in in. You know the problem being at these consenting yet threatened any of Africa now and okay That's of grave concern. It's mainly due to habitat habitat loss human encroachment and The his the hunting and the and pitching and and that kind of thing and Disease does come into too but not as a as a great in the long. What can people do if they're like well? Yeah I've seen the lines. He works with then If there was a way I could help. How could people help lines in the while? Basically what I'm doing at the moment is setting up a web sock and that'll that'll be my own website. But I'm starting to link-up my boss Help ensure that What at the moment undiluted research in Botswana on criticism? And you know it's all have links to that and people can pick and choose. I'M NOT GONNA put on the you know we've sought a here. They've had the choice. Is there because one of the one of the groups that I work with is called defenders of wildlife And they they're pretty much everywhere they they look around at any species that's endangered in jeopardy and try to raise awareness about that. Have you looked into working with groups like like the defenders to try to get them on board because I know I've adopted penguins Family of Penguins for in donate and my nephew. I adopt him a wolf every year he gets to to say he's he's part of the help there and I and I recently saw that they did add lions onto their list so I was wondering if this was a group that you have potentially been working with very interested in getting those details in Toronto Cup with them They've they've been wonderful. They've done a lot of work. Because what you're saying about the you know the the way. The lions are viewed in South Africa's kind of the way wolves are viewed here Their their habitats are being destroyed. Their being kicked out of everywhere. And so it's it's along the same lines of for our wildlife what we're dealing with and and groups like defenders have been around for a very long time and and they've taken a lot of different at like. I said any animal for them in particular. You know any animal that's in jeopardy Even if their numbers if they're not on the endangered list but their numbers they see a drastic decline. Like what you were saying with the Lions that they're a group that usually tries to get in and work a either try and get those from your look them up. I'm sure on them on the net and you know it. It's happening more places than just South Africa Even here in Detroit this weekend are lions. Were destroyed once again It was miserable and horrible. And we're used to it though so they Totally different animals different altogether so Kevin Richardson You have the movie the feature film White Lion What does white? What's the goal of White Line is it Is it because you said it was shot on one of these Same Sanctuaries Is it so? Is it really a documentary? Is it is a documentary about you and your interactions. Or what is it exactly actually A lifelong dream of the become like my father that he's the you know. I taught in the new century An awesome old boss at the Old Line Park at twenty twenty five dream to make a feature film showing really what it is like to grow up as a lion. The male line in the wild documentaries I need take sigmund salvage the catch them in very very young. And then you know we over the past couple of pages and next thing. These beget nails. Just living off the females and having this laugh of luxury he actually wanted to show how tough it is for a young male. Lan born into the walls of Africa to make it to become that Milan. It runs the King of jungle And then and then. He threw a spending in the works and said well. You know it's GonNa make it even more tricky if it's June fourth journey if it was what that's a fictional story but it's based on the true and It actually follows the life of this lion Trying to make to become the adult And try and into the mix of things is will the lovely things advice will lock the trophy and You know that kind of thing. So it's a lovely family family tile At all ages and it just gets people looking at lines in a different way from the perspective and Kind of like a real loss line can on it so all right so right. The the book part of the pride my life among the big cats of Africa that comes out through that came out this month of Kemba. Okay and so that's available. Work people find The book part of the pride my life among the cats all the online sellers. So it's everywhere okay and You're the author of that. They look you up Kevin Richardson. They'll they'll find. You is the author okay. Brilliant and The film itself White Line When is this going to be? Is it released when when people see this and work and they say yes? I've I've been on several trips previously to seek decided we're going to release it We'll try Leah. I we WANNA see out as the We'll say home Turcios South Africa South Africa often December early next year in Australia. And then judging on the you know obviously this the success in performances of their hope to come to the site and then release it okay. Excellent so we'll look forward to that. Please win when when you go to do the the release Get a hold of again. we'll get a whole or we'll see it coming up and we'll get older you. We'll talk to you again about that for sure. Just to remind people of the work you're doing and the really cool stuff and hope your buck keeps keeps going until then. What ABOUT ECO-TOURISM BRAD? Our vet here Took a trip to Africa. So you were an ECO. Tourist went and He actually called any at a satellite phone. He called in from the the middle of the wilds of Africa. And we could hear the beasts in the background How IMPORTANT IS ECO tourism? Because usually you think of tourism as a negative thing towards you know wildlife and and things It is how. How can you make eco-tourism positive thing for the Lions? I think it's a hugely important Ecotourism and we got twenty ten coming up. We'll cup okay In June next year for South Africa. I let you'RE GONNA start quoting Dom de to World Cup. Okay all right good cups. South Africa's that's a big sporting event and You know as extremely important than getting all these farmers come over park and We hope to be open this Sanctuary that setup for all the lands at our work with we have to be opened up to the public then as well just shy them a little bit about what I'm doing and lit a lot of people with locked to take Picture and they look at it and they go well that that's what they read into. But not a lot of signature Tomlinson the process of re when people get to see me actually at the sanctuary working with the animals and they really realize that is method to the madness. Kevin what do I just lost? People Want to get a hold of you or find out what you're doing. Do you have a website? Or does the sanctuary have a website where they can See what's going on and keep up with you and your adventures as I say that is going to be a website. I for me personally. I don't know what is going to be cold yet. Along the lines of line whisper is in the interim. If is any questions or people want to know that can get me on the white line which sought the view. And that'll that'll link back to me all right. And what's the what do you know what that is? Wwe OUGHT WATCH LION MOVIE. One word Okay there you go. Brilliant all right. Kevin Richardson that was I it's fantastic it's it's just wonderful. Do you get the backstreet boy. Joke a lot at all. It was on the You know Milwaukee one of these emails one day and said well. They realized Kevin Richardson was site talented. He could sing any works at Lyon. That's right it's a nominal your keyboard. Yeah you got the whole you know because if you just google you know Kevin Richardson you. Images of both of you. Come up and you. You don't look that too much far. Afield it's dark haired. Guy's the rugged I fight with lions. Look Kinda going so cool so I'm sorry I just had to do the backstreet thing to you. All Right Kevin. I'm GonNa put you on hold for a second. Because Donna has a little bit information she wanted to share with you so if we can put you on hold for just a second we're GonNa go to a break on the side here to Thanks so much for being with US and White Lion the movie Dot Com. Check it out. We'll be right back more. Animal talk is your starfish. Becoming a diva. I'll give 'em Talka- call and the email is Jamie at Animal Talk Radio Dot com good way to get a hold of us Just kicking email through that way and We'll help you with your pet. All sorts of digital meeting media going on or Queen of the digital media is over there. Wrangling it. All in we got the tweets in the twitter and the my space and the facebook All the stuff going on and we had a contest going on the first The first person Actually I two people who can get Three other friends to add as a friend on my space we will have a DVD growing up safari or The dangerous one. It's untamed and uncut. It's it's it's two hours of people getting bits and and torn up by stuff. It's career I still haven't seen I can tell you how many how many times in that video it's like. Hey Watch this nobody's good. They're both Series untamed cut and growing up safari. They're both series From the Animal Planet Growing Up Safari. It's actually Speaking of kind of ties into our last guest there. We just talked to a little bit. Kevin Richardson About Hyenas and And it shows hyenas not being so hyannis not being so such heinous creatures portray the bum rap in Cartoons well throughout every fairytale are evil in horrible creatures are not so yeah so it's It's actually it's a that one is The growing up safari charming. That's the AW factor if you like that one or The UNTAMED UNCUT. If you're like yeah. Let's see somebody get messed up so Both of various both rhetoric entertaining onto ends of the realm with animals So if you get three friends to join our my space page Or even throw it out there to our twitter people You've three people to join our tweets and say hey I I'm tweeting you now because so and so told me Three your friends to join the tweet toward the my space we'll we'll get you a DVD and Have Fun with it so You can give us cough than my space Animal Talk Animal. Talk Radio on the twitter and We'll get through that way. We like to answer those emails When they come in and help people out in Brad we have an email over there. We wanted to help somebody with. I don't know if we want to but sure dear animal I just read the three percent of the people in the. Us shower with their pets. Do you signed Mervyn Curve is very afraid of Putting this to me I just started curry. My Cats Kirby is a very very very water. Phobic so if if if you're in the restroom he'll come into the bathroom when you're in there he will push the door open if it doesn't it because it doesn't always latch all the way shut so He'll like push the door And I don't know if any of you guys because we do the show from my house The studios here at my house and If you've used the restaurant of curbs ever barged in on you but He'll do he'll do that and If you just reach over and turn on the Faucet he goes running showers still stuck with the door while they're going to say that you did show the door so Just ruins the video but but but He Will Not. You will not come in the shower now Now what about you Brad? No no no you. Don't take the birds in no well. The one time to the cat and I didn't have a wash cloth but all right but then but Ba My life. We'll take the McCall and really the shower because they love it they just think it's the greatest thing ever in the shower and oddly enough the the the mccaw. My favorite animal yes. There's a camera on remember that animal it's an Air Horn with others. Yes that's what it is and It's scared to death of the water bottle of water bottle. It scared to death that goes hiding and goes away so often carrying one of those but taking in the shower hog heaven. Okay thousands shooting at at once. This is great one. That's not enough but the loves loves loves doing that now. I bet you've had the dog in the shower with you No no no you. She's much cleaner than that. Yeah I mean okay. Here's here's among other issues. But let's just look at the fact that they're covered infer right And what happens when you bay the dog okay? I've taken my dogs to into bait them. I go to one of those self dog wash places where it's got. I'm not using my tub to put all dog hair. So yeah so you're washing a dog. Your hands get wet from washing the dog. And then you end up with dog hair all over you so can you imagine showering again. This is among other things which were just not gonna go there being a big issue too. I mean guys have been in locker rooms and I'll tell you there's a lot of guys in there covered in for as well. I don't know about that. And Wow but that's alright no and helping you with your pets and Jamie Donna. Dr Brad. Animal Talk. It is America's pet show. Do you wish you see line was A or B Lyon. Well animal talks tutor. Just give us a call and We got the pet professional standby ready and willing to to help you out. Whether the problem might be. We have the twitter out there. Animal Talk Radio on twitter and we had a question posed for today all right. Our twitter question today was Paulo what did you what you throw their people We asked today if People take their animals their pets pets. Dogs whatever on vacation with them or if they do the boarding or sitters wondering do okay So read you just took an extended leave. How many days we OUGHTA the country Ten days ten days so you have a Menagerie at the house. How many how many pets do you have at the House Gosh there's four real animals and then a bunch of birds. So what did you do with the these animals while you were gone? Well the ones still very young so he can. We thought it wasn't good for pet sitter to do that. So we send we had them stay at my wife clinic and The cat stayed around the house. We have someone come and take care of him. Okay so a combination of boarding you. How lucky you have a clinic that you can board them in. Yeah and the clinic. Stay Open while you're owning a boarding facility. Hell yeah so their gums. Keeping head Typically you go with a pet sitter that comes into their habitat and helps them out I'll do that too. We If I go on vacation and I've taken Kirby on vacation I've I've flown with Kirby The cat had him Stowed in the overhead compartment. No unknown no but I did have to put him under the seat. I did where my feet are In those little screen. He's looking at it looking at me like seriously dude. Absolutely really really me my own somebody gum popping so but if we don't take him We did when we went to Ireland for two weeks. The first time We tried letting someone else take him to their house and That your hand No No There was a friends of my sisters and You know they thought well you know is the summer and they're like hey we should get a poppy. So they're they're they're babies. They're babysitting my cat over their house and they get a puppy. That didn't end well for anyone or any carpet. Concern Kirby Kirby Kirby Kirby Kirby let loose with all over that house and Kirby's not a an accident kind of boy. Oh Yeah Yeah more guy so yeah so there you go after that we We went with the if if we don't take her with us on the vacation We have a pet sitter. Come in what about you? What's out to yeah and we have the dogs though so usually we'll go with My wife Colleen's dog We'll go to one of her relatives because the dog needs to visit day a cat and get away with one visited day a dog. You gotTa have two visits a day minimum Yeah and So so yeah at least and and So we asked Chichi and zone you know she would just get bored depressed and you know the two of them would. I don't know what would happen when we came back to trashed house. That cat dog cartoon idea came from somewhere but So yeah so we we we board. We'll boards Oh and Kirby still has the pet sitter. Come in spoil him here mine. Go to grandma's yeah yeah they used to They used to stay at the house and one or the other sister would come in. Take care of him Because I travel a lot or this year has been a very calm your for me but but normally I'm gone all the time and when it really comes down to it all my family like for example. Almost the entire family was up north at one point so If in a pinch will will actually go in and help them stay at bradstock daycare But mostly I have family to stay with stay in their own home. Where people responding to on the tweets Most people like having somebody come into the house and stay with their animals overnight. Okay and that'll do it for another installment of animal talk. Thanks for being with us and thanks for supporting our sponsors. Make sure you follow us on twitter. Animal Talk Radio and of course the website Animal Talk Radio Dot Com. We'll see annex time on animal talk.

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A Big Trump WIN? | Guests: Christopher Rufo & Dr. Karlyn Borysenko | 7/9/20

The Glenn Beck Program

2:05:08 hr | 3 months ago

A Big Trump WIN? | Guests: Christopher Rufo & Dr. Karlyn Borysenko | 7/9/20

"Let me. Tell you about real estate agents I trust DOT com. Service to you, I, don't know what I've got lots of real estate that I want to sell you and like you should Talia House from me. Oh yeah a really good point. Yeah, I've got houses that way you my house and you can see the sky. It's got like sunroofs like they look like holy cow in the roof. ACTUA-. Share. I was thinking about just being for sale by owner. Because I'm such a good talker. Read in stuff all. All that stuff you have to sign. I'm sure it's fine. TRUST DOT com, so people can really why not? No, you really can't. Well because their oppressors. They're trying to keep you down Patriarch Your House. Your House sold by. Somebody knows what they're doing. Or what you want to find a new house and get the right neighborhood and the right price. It's real estate agents I trust dot, com the best in our opinion in your area. Make sure you check them out. Do Your own homework. What you're about to hear. Is The fusion of entertainment and enlightenment this and The Glenn Beck. Programs. Are we about to see? A massive. Donald Trump win. Your I know nobody. Nobody is. Nobody is saying that I'm saying that. And I wanted I want to explain why and I think I think I have a scientist man who will back me up on that or I I don't know where he stands on the environment, ed or Or white people being the bane of all existence Bu-, he knows a little bit about politics. So, let me start there in sixty seconds. Is the Glenn Beck Program. All right. You don't want your blinds in your house to look like they haven't been changed since the civil war i. mean you know a mob could surround? Your housing is a monument and tear them down. It could happen to you. Fortunately blinds dot. COM has been updating and beautifying literally millions of customers homes for over twenty years. Now that means for two decades. They've been giving your windows that high end look without the high end price whether you're one of those yourself irs. Which I have which I'm really becoming more and more mean not a good do-it-yourselfer. But yesterday I was out I was out in the back forty. You know now was taken down all of the all of the the thistle. We've got. THISTLE FOR THE FIRST TIME! Could Heavens that stuff growth and it's like a tree. It's crazy anyway. I did that Ni- nice sanded the table down in the kitchen, and got some blinds dot com shades coming for the cabin and got to put those up. Probably won't do that one myself I'll leave that one up to my wife because that one will count anyway. BLINDS DOT COM can help even the not so do it yourself for like me. It's easy to order online free shipping. Right to your door. Still you got to remind me I have to tell you what they taught me about. I was measuring and they're like no. No just just just tell me what just put it all the way across and I'm like okay well. It's and she was on facetime with me. This designer and she's like no. No, that's not that way you measure and I'm like. Of course, that's the way you mentioned. She's like no, would you just? Look at the bottom of the tape measure, will you? There's something in the bottom of the tape measure I never knew was there. The completely changes the way you measure and your accurate. I mean it's crazy. It's crazy. I didn't know this. What does it little? Yes. It's a little. It's a little Elf known. Isn't that exciting now? Remind me I'll tell you about it because it's such a cool discovery. I mean probably most people are GONNA GO A. Dummy, but nobody Tanya didn't know about it I didn't know about it. My fifteen year old son didn't know about it, but. Anyway they over thirty thousand five-star customer reviews, and they guarantee the perfect fit for your windows. It's blinds dot com. Go there now blinds dot com. Ed Okay all right. I want you to hear me out STU K. Sure GonNa make a good case. Here been working on this one for a while. And I know you are stat man so I know that. I know that you're going to tear it apart, and you're going harsh mellow, but I'm asking you not to. At least let me have a few minutes of good feelings. Okay sure. All right all right. You know it. Make me feel good the Democrats and the Marxist not taking control of our country this fall. That would make me feel good. So, yeah, that would probably be a good deal. Everyone is everyone is looking at these polls I. I hate to dismiss bowls. But I think there's a couple of things going on first of all I. Don't think we've ever seen an election like this one. have absolutely no idea what is coming. The world could literally be on fire in an hour in an hour we could be in the missiles could fly and they've been. They've been launched by these genetic kibe rid half human half giraffe nation that we've all never heard of. Be! Surprised so. I don't. But yes, the health. May very well. Be Launching Missiles Point yes. Why would you classify them as people there half? They're half people half giraffes. You know you're saying Hugh. He rafts he rafts. xactly right. Actually right. We'll say this. If there's ever a movie made of this incident, no person should play the role of a Herath. Only harass gotta really the role of graphs absolutely absolutely. Lecturing my daughter last night because she played Olaf in in a play. And I'm like. Have you ever been snowmen? No, you're not a snowman and you ever really truly been frozen. Do you notice light to fall from the sky, and then be rolled up and have a carrot for nose. How dare you? How is she going to understand the specificity of the way? That snowman experienced its life? She can't. She can't she should be. She should be cancelled. Can't and that word should be used more often anyway? All Right, so let me compare. Nineteen forty eight. With the year two thousand, okay. Nineteen, forty eight. I believe. I believe the Republicans. Had the slogan. Are you done yet? But America was not. and. It didn't work out well for them. So Harry. Truman was considered to be buffoon. He was boorish to air. Is Truman is what they what they would say? In the mid term in Nineteen forty-six Democrats, lofts, both the house, and the Senate as Senate. Two Thousand Eighteen, the GOP lost the house. The rise of outright communists nineteen, forty, eight, they. The Communists were dominating the Progressive Party just like they are now in two thousand twenty. We have the same kind of thing party disunity in nineteen, forty eight, the dixiecrats and the progressives were going after each other in two, thousand, twenty, the never trumpers and the Lincoln project so so far, would you agree this is parallel men many ways? Sure. Some ways week. But over competent, overconfident opposition, nine, hundred, forty eight was Thomas Dewey big on platitudes. Everybody loved him supposedly. And he was Joe Biden. except. He wasn't in his rec room in his basement. The vice president the incumbent Harry. Truman had to fill a vacancy. He went with a safe choice. Donald Trump doesn't have a vacancy. He's sticking with his safe choice. Vice President. Do we made an abysmal choice? Earl Warren added nothing in fact. He hated, do he? In twenty twenty. I don't know it. Doesn't seem to be working out so far for him. Russian interference in nineteen, forty eight CPA USA infiltrated the Progressive Party. Allegations against trump and twenty twenty, of course, the economy, nineteen, forty-eight, excellent particularly after the depression and World War Two. This is the only one that really falls apart. Because I don't think it's going to rebound fast enough the opposition party dissension the Conservatives. In nineteen, forty eight cheesed off by the me two candidates losing previously land in Wilkie Dewey. In twenty twenty progressives, chiefs off because Bernie Sanders didn't get it in sixteen or twenty twenty. The race split the dixiecrats from the Democrats but dixiecrats leaving. Leaving cemented the black vote for the Democrats. Twenty twenty, the riots and woke kness could end up sending Democrats, and independents into the trump camp and keep gop leaders from defecting from trump. Immigration issue concerning European refugees. Twenty twenty same thing, but now overshadowed by Cova, the economy and outright revolution that we're having Age played a role in nineteen, Forty Eight the campaign style. Give Him Harry no-holds-barred Dewey was just really dull. Give Him. DONNETTE GIVE THEM DONALD HE runs out. You know with the big The big shows that he does Biden is not exactly what he used to be. He ran against Congress in nineteen, forty, eight. He lacerated the. Do Nothing Congress. In two, thousand twenty same kind of thing in nineteen, forty eight. The press hated Harry Truman, same debates in nineteen, forty eight. There were no debates. Twenty twenty, there may not be any debates. So Remember Truman? Is the Guy Holding the newspaper that says do we wins? They were that confident. Now there is there is somebody else who saying a similar thing. He brought up the Truman. Dewey thing but his his model, the primary models what it's called. That, he came up with in one, thousand, nine, hundred, five in his predicted correctly, all of the presidential candidates since nineteen ninety-five. He's giving Donald Trump a ninety one percent chance of winning in November. he said that over the last hundred eight years he ran the same model. He takes all of the opinion polls out. He doesn't care about opinion polls. All he cares about is. How excited is the base for the candidate? He says because Biden has nothing nothing going on for him. Except the opinion polls, but when you actually talk to people, everybody's like I don't want to. Vote for the guy. Yeah I'm going to vote for him, but. Is there anybody else? He says because of the way he performed in the early primaries is what his his calculation always takes into into account. He says that Donald Trump is going to win. Handily in the. Electoral College. And actually win with a bigger spread this time. Wow! It's not impossible. I think lot of what you said they those things do align I would still give him less than ninety one percent chance of winning the election at this point. Here comes, comes. On I think nowhere comes. He's GonNa rain on our parade. You'RE GONNA. Hide my mellow I got it. I. Know I was just I would point out first of all when you have an early primary model, which is when you have a those early elect early elections that happen before a global pandemic and global pandemic happens I. do think that it's GonNa. Be. Tough to take his gender revolution. On top. We've never had this. We've never had the I think the closest we've ever come to. This kind of situation is is the civil war I mean you just can't predict this at all because I. Don't think they're done. Everything has been so well coordinated that I have no idea what they have planned for the fall, but they're not gonNA be sitting on their hands right and you know there is a. I think there's an I think that's the reason why people are overlooking trump right now. It's this idea of well as polls look. You know frankly they do look terrible, but and they look worse than they did against Clinton. and. It's not really all that close that being said. He has how many things you know Donald. Trump even said about Joe Biden. Like there's no passion against Joe Biden right now, because no one has done anything to show him even in a negative light Donald Trump's son, what to campaign speeches three campaign speeches. So far, we've seen no development of this campaign so right now. What you have is people, a lot of people with a lot of passion for Donald Trump, and a lot of people with a lot of passion against Donald Trump I, mean certainly this election is to at its core. Be a referendum on the way that Donald Trump. has handled his first four years as a president. He's he's. He's a big enough personality. That's going to be impossible to make this this election about Joe Biden entirely, but still you know all he has to do is keep it close and once people start really thinking about this looking at Joe. Biden watching him have these moments where he can't remember the most basic thing or pronounce the most basic word. It's going to change a little bit, and we know that trump brings pressure and who knows what Joe. Biden does under that sort of pressure. Do you believe that? Joe Biden will be able to get away with not having a debate. I think that's what they're going for right now. All these conditions are very smart to do it, but do you really think at this time? The most important election this one really is and this one. Is this the end of the road for the Republic? I think. Do we. Do we really not have any debates between the two people vying for. The job of running our country for the next four years. We say now we don't need a debate really. Obviously I don't think that's the right way to approach it, but if you take yourself out of it, but put yourself as a democratic campaign aide. You do everything you could to keep these two away for each other anonymous stage of the what I'm what I'm asking you is. Will the average American except that? Under normal circumstances, I would say no I think the one. were. You'd have if you're the trump administration. Is that people because Donald Trump is such a big personality and so many people have had their mind made up on him already. There's less of concern about what the alternative is, and that's a scary thing to say but I really don't think. There is at least forty five percent of this country that sits back and says I don't care who it is if it's not donald trump now there's also forty to forty five percent of people who say I don't care who the other person is. I must have Donald Trump, so you get to a baseline pretty quickly. Those people in the middle. I think are interesting in that. The the. One of the good things about Donald. Trump being able to dominate the news cycle. He is that unique talent to do that more than any president in I think American history I mean he can dominate a new cycle, but it tires people out. And when you're in a situation where you have a global pandemic, and all of these other things, if he looks like he's handled these things really well when it comes to November, then I think he's got a real chance. If it looks like people have this impression that he's done this bad job or has been incompetent in his handling of this one big crisis, he's had to face not to mention the other. One's going on I think it's going to be really difficult. One of the reasons why and this is separate a little bit, but it's like the. The whole thing about masks, and taking all these precautions and not rushing to open, I understand it completely from a personal liberty standpoint I understand it completely from a from the standpoint of just like you know what I don't think they work, or whatever your personal opinion is from a political standpoint. I don't understand at all. Why wouldn't you take every precaution? Necessary I if even if you thought it was a one percent chance, it would make things better to keep this situation if it's out of control in November. Donald trump probably has no chance to win. So. Why wouldn't we do everything we possibly could? If you are a person who thinks donald trump I, it would be the better option going forward to to minimize this disease. Why would you risk going out all the time? Why would you fight? You know. Why would you shame? People who are or who are throwing masks on looking like does like ducks, Duck Basques that people were around. It's just I. Don't think politically it works. Okay. We'll come back to that because I want to talk to you about the Co Corona Virus numbers. Now it's so low. They've the CDC is saying. We're thinking about not actually We're thinking about downgrading, no more global pandemic. How does that narrative into what I'm seeing on television? Coming up in just a second Norton reminds you that privacy is about truly. Truly keeping. All of your documents everything safe imagine if all of a sudden, all the curtains in blinds were gone from your home. Anyone could peaking at any time. If they felt like it, you would feel naked. You would feel very insecure all the time, but that's what you're doing when you go out into the wild and Wurley world. Willie world of the Internet without a powerful software, keeping prying eyes away from your personal information and data, and that's why Norton three sixty is so important. You get real time protection against existing and emerging threats from cybercriminals. You're getting device security. You're getting a VPN with bank grade encryption to help keep your information more secure and private when you're online, also don't forget the password manager that securely create stores and. And manages your passwords. Credit card information other credentials. Nobody can prevent all cybercrime but Norton three sixty is a powerful ally for your cyber safety right now until July nineteenth, save up to sixty percent off your first year with an annual subscription at Norton Dot com slash back. That's Norton Dot com slash beck save up to sixty percent on Norton three sixty norton dot com slash back ten seconds station ID. A? You know. Maybe that's why we should go with. Konya. Konya says he's running. He hasn't taken any steps to do it. But. He said yesterday that he's just looking to maybe peel off a few Democrats from Joe Biden. But don't don't laugh at. Being elected but I think there's a lot of people right now. There'd be like why not. Why not? It's twenty twenty. Why not it would make perfect sense. Would it not? It would by the way I went back and found a I. Did Studios Kanye on Studios? America last night, and we found a clip new two thousand sixteen where I said the next president is going to be a Kardashian. We just have to hope Courtney now at that point I was not considering. Considering Kanye West. In a twenty twenty run, which is very odd I mean he did. He actually come out and say he was trying to peel black people off intentionally. Yesterday I read that late last night I. Don't know where I read. I mean it's possible. He came out I think he came out and said you know look. I appeal. A few people off of Joe Biden would be good. The bottom line is I think it's you. He was also critical of trump, and he he he's no longer supportive said he's taken the red hat off which now we don't have to think say he's brilliant anymore right like we're passed. That can we get past that now? Can we go back to when? Seen as of two years ago, can I early and people often look insane. That's what people say for example. This is the Glenn Beck Program. All right. It's taxis instill. Because why not it's twenty twenty. The tax deadline as I'm sure you know, got extended into July, and as a result is expected to a cause higher than usual rates of tax fraud being committed over the next few weeks. Cyber criminals are getting smarter all the time. Their technology is getting better. 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So here's the thing that's really gonNA hurt president trump if we can't turn the economy around the economic fallout from this corona virus is just. IS IS MIND BOGGLING? Thirty two percent of all households have not made their full housing payments for July yet. That is. A. Stunning about nineteen percent of Americans made no housing payment at all. During the first week of the month, thirteen percent paid only a portion of their rent or mortgage. This is the fourth month in a row that a historically high number of households are unable to pay their housing bill on time in full. Up from thirty percent in June thirty one percent in May, it's thirty two percent of all. U S households in July. We are just being devastated. Just devastated. I WANNA share a facebook post that I saw from a couple of people Brad and Angela Davis. They started this. This restaurant I'm sorry. What did I say? It's Ashley and Brad Davis. They started this this restaurant which had been a dream of theirs. and. It's called the. Friend and foe board game cafe, little sandwich shop in Plano and Texas, and they have you know the usual fare, but they also have like six hundred board games, so people can come and play board games with the family. I read this post and I think there's millions that feel this way. Why do we get up in six in the morning to drive seventy miles back and forth for a twelve or thirteen hour work day because we have no other choice. Frankly, we had an out. We probably would have taken it by now, but all of our eggs in this basket. In fact, the whole chicken is in this basket. With the three owners where every hat we are the general managers. The grill cooks prep cooks. The Baker's Baristas bartenders marketers the janitors just to name a few. We get up every day and we take a beating. We fight tooth and nail to make through this with no support from the government, thus far and we know there are many other businesses doing the same. With? Our thoughts have been focused on the business in survival for so long I. Do anything for carefree moment every fiber of my being stretched to the Max, but with that being said I'm fed up not just with our current situation. I am sick of the judgment anger, irrational behavior in sheer hatred. I am seeing I'm afraid to say anything about anything because. Inevitably someone will disagree and spew hatred rather than having a discussion if I don't post something I'm labeled. If I do post, something I'm labeled if I keep my mouth shut during a conversation I'm labeled if I open my mouth during a conversation I'm labeled. Nobody really cares about what anyone else has to say. Their minds are all made up and likely based on a mean headline or a one-sided source rather than array of reputable. Reputable, books or articles, we get flack his business for remaining open and trying to bring in customers with various incentives, even though we are following all recommended safety protocols. Nothing we do seems to be enough were expected to go a step further than what's required. We open it twenty five percent. You should stay closed. We sanitize all of our games. You shouldn't let people play games. We strongly recommend masks. You should, you should not. You should make it mandatory not by choice. Most business owners can't just throw in the towel and go find another job. It's not how it works. oftentimes when one is focused on to force to close their business, they lose everything because we have put everything into it the insured please stop stop judging people for what they don't post. Stop judging people for what they do. Do Stop. Labeling businesses as irresponsible for doing their best during this crap. Stop labeling people in general stop reacting to wrong with another wrong. Stop Hating your neighbor because they have a different worldview than you and if you aren't sure what your world view is, think about it read about it. Maybe you'll be able to disagree with someone cordially if you understand the fundamental differences. Amen this is that was that was written by Ashley She's married to Brad and they both happened to be on with us now they live in Abilene Texas. Ashley and Brad Welcome to the program. How are you? Thanks Glenn I. We're doing good. Just excited to be on your show. Yeah. Not, a problem. I know you are struggling just like like everybody else but Ashley Your. Your facebook post is what caught my eye your facebook post. What happened to get you to snap like like like that? Speak Truth. Yes, well really from the time we started working to open this business, which is about three years ago to now, things have been incredibly challenging. you know it seems like we take one forward and then three steps back at times, but the reason I made. This post is because I just got fed up with the unrealistic expectations that I was noticing from the general public. and the realization that some people actually expect businesses to go one step further than what is required as far as the code restrictions go, which is just ridiculous I think there's some businesses who can afford to do that for example like keeping their dining close or refusing businesses refusing businesses certain people. because they either have a second source of income, or they got a ton of money from the government. but businesses like ours just can't afford to do that, so. Whenever you guys have been. Sorry, but you've been. You've been operating on a sixty to eighty percent loss every day. You need what? At least a thousand dollars in sales every day. And so eight hundred two thousand dollars, yeah. Okay. And you're you said in your facebook post that the government didn't help you at all, so you didn't get the? Loan qualification. Correct I mean up to this point we have. We always received from. The government is a six thousand dollar advance on the economic, a disaster funds and we haven't seen any anything else from that. We were actually denied They claim that we didn't suffer enough of a loss. So, you know we made an appeal. We're going through going through a right. We're going through the process to try to you know. Get what we can out of that, but no, we have not seen anything from that or the P. L. yet. So, Brad. What are you guys doing to stay open? Well! We're working our butts off. where you know we're, we're we're putting in. You know thirteen fourteen hour days at the store we've unfortunately had to cut employees shifts. Way Back just to save on payroll. we've been praying a whole lot you know Y- believers were Christians and said we're just having a really lean on the fact, that God is good, even in difficult times and Just, trusting in that fact and just working as hard as we can. So. Are you guys making it with the restaurant at all I mean? Are you close to your eight hundred dollar minimum, or is it just? Not even close. Now we're we're at this point with the further you know we. We were starting to open backed up here in Texas and then the company numbers go back up and you know they put further restrictions on us, and so we're. We're operating at about. We're our revenues about fifty percent of what we needed to be I. Mean we're. We're pretty much burnt through. Our reserves personal savings to keep things afloat, and we're just at that point. Where like we can't, if we can't figure this out, we're GONNA, lose it all. I have been in that situation and it is the most stressful. Because there's nothing you can do. There's just nothing you can do, and when you have to lay people off and you have to make these decisions. How are you guys fairing as a couple? Well, Brad said. We're believers and we've really had the lean on the Lord during this time and you know. In all honesty, it's probably brought us closer together. which is which is a good thing, I know it doesn't always happen that way but we really make a good team. You know we have two girls. One of them is two years old. One of them is eight months old and so. We actually all her nate days. You know and Brad we'll go one day to the store and I'll have the girls all day, and then we'll switch, and we kind of go back and forth you know sometimes we bring the girls up to the store with us, and so we just kind of do whatever it takes Actually it's interesting looking at your post because you, you could definitely sense the issues that you're having with the business in the frustrations with the business, but the post is really more focused on how people are treating each other. Why did you focus on that? Well I, think you know there's a lot of things that that happened at the same time in our country, and I think though there are not necessarily related people are entangling them together and just really acting hatefully towards one another and it and it's coming out. you know on our social media posts and the decisions that we make, and so that's why I focused on not because that's that's kind of exacerbated everything. Brad. Are you worried that you started a board game cafe? Because that's going to cause something where you know, people want to kill each other over a game of monopoly increasing the stress. You know there are certain games that we probably want to customers like you're stressed out. Don't play this game to make it worse. So! What are you guys do I? Know you guys are now renting board games, which is a good idea. You're also delivering food you're. You're also making food for nursing homes, etc, etc is right. Yeah, WE HAVE A. Sorry go ahead! Brad! You've got this one. yes, so we're we. We implemented Gamer and all systems since a lot of people weren't comfortable coming into the store to play games, we said Hey. Let's make our games rental and people can rent a game. Bring it home to play it, and then we're doing a donate a meal program. which allows people to purchase Games I'M NOT PURCHASED Games purchase. Purchase meals, and then we deliver it to first responders, nursing homes healthcare workers, just distressful time for them, and it's a way for us to generate a little bit of revenue, and then also you know, get some food out there to some people who have a lot of other stuff going on and may not want to have to worry about lunch or dinner. Okay, so, how do people get involved in that if people wanted to donate? A meal to somebody, you're not asking for handout you're you're saying. We're GONNA. Charge you for something and we're GONNA. Do something good with it. So how do people get involved in that? Right, you can go to our website. It's friend and foe BBC DOT COM, and there's actually a link on there where you can click on donated meal I click on it. Pay for the meal that goes into our system, and then we can these certain numbers. We contact Fire departments police departments, hospitals nursing homes and says hey, we've got meals. We'd like to donate them. Do you guys and then we we problem and deliver? Wow I mean. Only in Texas or or in a small town in America would you be delivering meals to police, officers and the police officers would take them at this point. Thank you. So it is friend and FOE BE G C DOT COM. Thank you guys so much and. I, just. I do I. Wish you the very best. Land Can I can I say one more thing real quick? Sure. Yeah if when things calm down you know to bring you, and then you could call like Sean. Hannity Been Shapiro, and say I WANNA challenge. You guys to a board game. Let's go to Fernando. Okay All right, thank you so much. I don't know if I'm playing a board game or any game within, Shapiro. For friend and FOE BG see. That's board game CAFE FRIEND INFO BG. Dot Com. Go find it and. And help this company out by helping the police out in our our first responders they could use. A friendly face I think. All right our sponsor. This half hour is relief factor. I want to tell you about Gary. He lives in California. As if that wasn't bad enough, he's sixty two and been living with severe pain for several years now he tried all the usual stuff to get rid of it, but after a while, he just gave up. I can tell you from personal experience. That's what I did and millions of Americans. Feel like I just can't do anything about it, and there is nothing worse than being in. Pain. You're determined to beat. And you just can't beat it year after year after year. Alright. You don't have to live that way. Gary, didn't. He heard about relief factor. He hadn't tried anything in a while. He just been living with his pain. 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All Seattle city employees that are white have got to have got to go down and. Have some whiteness training. Not Getting I just. I can't believe it. I can't believe it had to get rid of your whiteness. You can't have Whiteness Glenn and to get rid of your weight is it's important to make sure you let go of your comfort and your belief that you should be physically safe because that is clearly what our country needs right now is is more feelings of uncertainty and more. More feelings of we might be physically heard or maybe mentally. Her also should get rid of some of your white friends. You don't need them all who needs them all who needs all those white people there unnecessary. Get Him get him out of there. I mean this is literally this stuff that's in here and it's. It was endorsed by the city. The guest we have coming up is just happened to do a records request with with the city to get the actual documents of what they were being taught and they are. Deal drop your job of the floor. It's incredible that in actual city is doing this type of thing. Well we have that coming up next. And boy, if I were in Seattle. I would be raising holy hell, but I don't know who lives in Seattle anymore. I mean are. Are you all Marxists? Or you just give up I. Mean I don't know which it is also good I ask for the prayers for a dear friend of mine Dom Theodore. Dom is a good friend of mine today and And tomorrow or big days in his life, healthwise and could really use the prayers Glenn Beck Program. Hey everybody knows pay pal, but did you know that they were teaming up with honey to save you money? Honey is the free online shopping tool that. Finds the best promo codes and applies them to your cart, and now it's part of the pay pal family. Just add honey to your computer and shop on all of your favorite sites like normal. When comes to check out? Just click the little. Apply coupons button when it pops up a few seconds later. 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Just north of Seattle was born in Everett was raised in Mount Vernon and I don't know what happened to Seattle I mean it is gone full-fledged, crazy Marxist, and they're starting to eat themselves, which it couldn't happen to a Nicer Group of people I'm going to start with the city council woman that we talked about yesterday, and how she's now in a feud with the mayor. Also there's been. A brave soul in Seattle, but decided I'm not doing this and walked and released some information about a new whiteness class that all white people have to take. The city won't talk about anything, but we have the documents. We have two people to talk about this coming up at a second, it is amazing so workers of the World Unite. and Go some place else while we take care of business as capitalists in sixty seconds. Is the Glenn Beck Program. So imagine you're Seattle worker and you have to go to one of these whiteness meetings. I mean just imagine being able to have some discrete ear buds. 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Have you heard of a car? Fifteen percents off your order now at by Ray, Khan dot com slash back. That's by Ray Khan. Dot Com Slash Beck fifteen percent off ray con wireless ear buds now at by Ray RECON DOT com slash back. All Right Christopher Rufo has been on the program before he's a contributing editor of the city journal the director of the center on wealth and poverty, and I wanted to start with him about this crazy socialist Seattle Council member that vows to replace capitalism with socialism. Welcome to the program Christopher. So! who his this Seattle city councilwoman. So Sh- saw has actually been in office since twenty fourteen, and she's a member of the Socialist Alternative Party it's an international Marxist Leninist political party with the goal of overthrowing the capitalist system and installing worldwide socialism, and in two thousand fourteen. She was seen as. A kind of token social who was running for city council, and it's radical platform and the moderates were in such firm control. People said you know this'll be a fun thing to have in the city of Seattle the most progressive city have an actual socialist. And for many years she was really relegated to sidelines the political power, but in the last few months she has become the de facto leader of the city council. Council and really the defacto political leader of Seattle and her She endorsed the Chaz Chop occupation She's pushing legislation now and its one vote away from cutting the police department by fifty percents and she is just passed an Amazon tax and she's not gonNA. Stop and she's made clear that if you resist her. She's GonNa. Send violent thugs to your house to your neighborhood to your city to get what you want. I WANNA play. Just this audio quickly from her here here's. She was a couple of days ago in Seattle, talking about Amazon. I am a message for Jeff Bezos and has close. If you, attempt again to overturn the Amazon Tax Working People will go all out in the thousands to defeat you. And we will not stop bear because you see. We are fighting for far more than this tax. We are preparing the ground for different kind of society, and if you Jeff bezos wants to drive that process forward by lashing out against us in our modest demands, then so be. Because, we are coming for you and your rotten system. We're coming to dismantle this deeply oppressive, racist, sexist, violent, utterly bankrupt system of capitalism. Police state. We cannot and will not stop until we overthrow it and replace it with a world based instead on solid daddy genuine democracy, n equality a socialist world. Thank you. She is a moron, but wow, why is this? Why is this being tolerated in Seattle? I mean I grew up in Seattle I just don't know what has happened are are that many people really so blind as to what is happening? Do they really want to throw the capitalist system out? You know it's it's actually I. Think yes, and no. There are certainly her die hard supporters. When she was running for office last year, there was a huge campaign against her, but she had red-shirted socialist on every corner of her district, they had bussed in from all over the country that were pushing her propaganda and encouraging people to vote, and she's winning the vote, and that's the thing that I tell people if you vote. Vote for the. You can't be surprised when she actually wants to do it. And the the the problem Seattle is that I don't think so on. There's really reflect the majority opinion, but the problem is that all of the activist organizations the political organizations, all of the kind of institutionalized power is moved further and further last, and they purge anyone who's in the center and keep going until you end up with someone like Shama want. She is accused by the mayor now of organizing and. Sending all of those people to the mayor's house which quite honestly. I mean good. I'm glad they were there, she. Oh, she didn't care about the people in Seattle on. Capitol Hill. She cared only when those kind of people came to her neighborhood. But did. She organized that I know she went, and she spoke there, and that was clearly a threat to the mayor of Seattle. It was I mean she led the March. She spoke out against the mayor by name. And then some of her kind of black-shirted Doug's spray painted the mayor's gate, her front house, and unless a direct threats against the mayor spray painted on the street in front of her house. So the intimidation is real, and and it's really been happening the last few years in Seattle. If you are a journalist, attack employees a political figure If you speak out against the most far left politicians on the city. There pellet paramilitaries so ANTIFA. Activists. We'll come after you. They'll spray paint your driveway. They'll put posters around your house they'll denounce you on on social media It's really got to the point where there is a real and credible threat to anyone who stands against them. Is anyone getting sick of that in Seattle. They are, but the calculus is is very challenging, so if you are. Let's say an employee at Amazon, a computer programmer or Microsoft If you go along with the crowd or even just tacitly except the crowd there's no price to pay, but if you stand out against them, you are really risking potentially catastrophic damage to your reputation. You're asking people coming after your source of employment risking ostracism. How does? How does Amazon and Microsoft not see that they are going to be eaten by these people? Well, you know Microsoft is very lucky and that they had actually set up their headquarters many years ago in a suburb about twenty five miles away from Seattle so there are actually quite safe their city council of Redmond very amenable to Microsoft interest but Amazon is really hit this inflection point where they're realizing that the kind of trendy moves to establish the downtown corporate campus. is now having some blowback because they're at the mercy of these radicals, city councils and Amazon has done something very interesting. They've pretty much stopped. any new employment within the city of Seattle they've signaled that they're not going to renew any of their leases for buildings. They don't own and the downtown core, and they're potentially shifting Ten to twenty five thousand jobs away from Seattle into the surrounding suburbs really as they kind of safety valve maneuver because they can really see what's coming down the line with the city council. Well I can tell you. Spray painting on the mayor's driveway no. Justice no sleep bitch. Seems like a direct threat. and Seattle. You are in for some sleepless nights if I lived in Seattle. I be looking for a real estate agent. I don't I. Don't know how. Quite honestly Chris. You're doing it, but thank God. Somebody is appreciate the the update. Let's go now to Dr Carlin Borissenko. Carlin is an organizational psychologist. Forbes contributor, she was I. Think Still I. Don't know what she would label herself. WHO CARES ABOUT LABELS? But she used to be on the on the liberal side, left side and she saw things going out of control and and decided well I. WanNa listen to the other side and she did She has a very open mind, but she is the one that found the white privilege tasks that she's going to be giving me on a Friday I have a feeling. That's test I'm going to flunk. But she also has looked into what is happening in Seattle with their whiteness training and is here to tell us all about it. We're going to talk to her in one minute standby. So around the BECA state You Know I. Don't trouble myself with online shopping. Who Knew Understand? No wouldn't dirty my fingers with something so pedestrian as a computer. Well I'm not entirely certain. What my username and Password! So why bother my darling wife seems to all of that in a fine job. She of it to she. She uses this thing. Hold honey. It ends up saving us a tremendous amount of money that. I liked to bathe in every night. Love saving money. Honey is a shopping online tool that will help that. Coupon Clipper. My grandmother used to be the one that would. Cut The coupons. My mom did as well now you don't actually have to. You don't have to have a mother, no or grandmother stop with that system of of oppression right now you can find an algorithm that will find the best promo codes and discounts, and who loves you more, your mother or an algorithm? Anyway, this algorithm is actually better at saving you. 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She works with individuals and organizations all over the world through her practice which is called Zen workplace to help them create amazing work experiences by combining organizational and positive psychology with mindfulness techniques. This is actually something that I would actually probably do in my own business, but I would hate myself for it. Just because of the description of it just seems so i. don't know earthy. You know what I'm saying. Carlin. And Curry. Yeah so you are here and you're going to explain this whiteness training that is happening only for white people in Seattle if you work for the Seattle city government and you're white. You have to take this training. Yet and it looks insane. It is and saying so. What happened is about a month ago. I got an email from an employee from the city of Seattle, and they're going to be leaving their job because they think all this is crazy. And essentially it was an email from the city, asking all of their white employees to spend a vacation day that had already been previously scheduled in this joblessness screening that was specifically for white employees, and they have a whole separate training, track or people of Color. So, what is if I'm a Seattle city employees? I show up. What is this training? What do they do? Well essentially they go through all while I you have to, of course, confess your internalized racial superiority as a white person, because at that is just not in dispute at all, and if you come to the training and say well, hang on, I don't actually think I have internalized racial superiority. Then you're expressing cognitive dissonance, which is further proof of your internalized racial superiority, so you have to the process of confessing your sins first, and then you to do you have to practice self, talk and affirmations that affirm your complicity in racism. Okay, so we're hunting for witches now in Seattle. Well, it's not even hunting for which which is because you're white. And found you. That's at this. You are a witch. Unless there is actually one out in this. If you do not identify as white if you have like a Rachel, Dole is al moment and identify as black. Even though you're white, then you don't have to do the training. You can opt out. Oh, my Gosh! I would be a black man heartbeat. Would be. You know I'm feeling my collar. My inner color coming onto me really strongly right now. Garlan idea I'm I'm beginning to believe I am black. The let you get away with that. Yeah, it's actually. The well, it's actually in the email that the city sent out to their employees that this is for all people who identify as white so it seems like a pretty easy out to me. Wow Okay so we get in. Can you take us through some of these things? Well any, so I'm basically. I'm going off of some of the documents that actually your previous guest got from the city Christopher, and so some of the things that they're. They're talking about in these. Are things like you know white people have to let go of things that that might make them comfortable in the work environment like any expectations of their emotional safety or even their physical safety, white people should not expect that. Their physical safety should be protected in the work environment they also. They also go through all the way way way. Wait wait wait. How is this? How is this happening from a group of people that needed a cry room in college. How is how is this? I don't feel safe anywhere. Being translated into now I have a right to feel safe, but you don't. It sounds like revenge. Well I I think that that's exactly what it is, but the reality Glenn is. This material has actually been around for a very long time, so one of the documents that the city of Seattle is using is this document that ten years old, that talks about the attributes of a white supremacist culture in organizations, and so this training is not new. It's just had a really hefty resurgence in the past couple of months. So. What what? Do you. What do you mean when I have to confess? Do they see you? Sit around and they? They go from person to person. And then you have to say how you were complicit, and is there a right answer on that? That is acceptable to people. Well the only acceptable answer in any of these circumstances is to bend the knee, and confess your sin of being a white supremacist, and so for for other examples of things that are talking about in this training are things like are white eight employees speaking up and contributing ideas in the workplace? That's that's a white supremacist organization Are they well? Let me ask you this. You have a staff, right? You've worked there. So yes, talking sort of higher you like an organizational chart. I! Want to say no, but yes. Yeah White Supremacist. Did they wipe the president okay. Now. Do you people to meet deadlines? I want to say no, but yes. I'm such a hater. Privacy right there, so so how does the city of? How does the city of Seattle get away with that when they have a hierarchy and and they expect people to meet deadlines? Well you know it's funny. It's like so I recently read part of the Book White Fragility and If anyone has not read that book, let me just save you the trouble. It's basically Robin Dangelo confessing her own racism for the entire. That's what it is, and so when you confess your racism, it absolves U. from the racism, so the city of Seattle is essentially confessing that. Yes, our organization is engaged in white supremacy, and through the OJ. Okay, they are absolved. Okay Carla. Will you hold on for just a second? Because I I? Want to ask you I think we should go to these corporations and the cities and say specifically. Specifically what are your crimes? I want to know your crimes I. Want to know specifics on what you as a corporation have done them. Lay. It all out there. Baby like to hear your response. program. So there's nothing more important to you than keeping your family safe. You know if you're a normal person, I mean if you're part of the Manson family, I can't help you. But with all the craziness that is going on the world, things can be a little bit shakey and I have a feeling. They're only going to get worse in the coming months. Please please think about having home security now I, I know because I've had home security for a long time, and it can be complicated. There's contracts it can be really expensive. That's not the case with simply safe I want you to go to simplisafe back DOT COM. That's simply safe Beck Dot com once you learn all about this fifty cents a day. Is All you'll. You'll pay for the twenty four seven monitoring. There are no contracts so you can cancel at anytime. The system belongs to you. You can use it without the twenty four seven monitoring just to alert you if somebody breaks, glass or or opens up door, whatever but you've got to keep your family safe. This is the best lease at least expensive way to do it. The best way, simply safe back, DOT, com, go to youtube and search for STU. We have the one hundredth anniversary episode coming tomorrow plus a special afterward. You don't WanNa Miss. Dr Carlin Borough Sankoh. She's an organizational psychologist. Forbes contributor. She was in her knitting group. Believe it or not, you don't look like a knitter Carlin. But I. Don't know what that means. Even I'm sorry for that stereotype Oh. My Gosh, so guilty today. I know I. Know So so you were in your knitting community and you saw the left, just starting to hammer. Niggers that disagreed online and you said you know I. Want to get out of my own little boxer. You went to a trump rally, not that you necessarily agree with Donald Trump, but you went you listen. You have an open mind. Were you ever for this kind of stuff where you ever into the? This stuff, they're doing in Seattle. Where where you have to admit that you're a racist to be, you know to be able to be aghast, whole or or recognized. Did you ever believe in any of this language? Oh, no I never believed in any of this, and and the thing of it is that diversity inclusion trainings have existed in the HR space for a really long time, and there are actually great trainers out there that don't believe in this stuff at all, but but this is really made a resurgence in the last year. It's become a lot more common in organizations listen, we can make fun of the city of Seattle and we should give in some of these documents, but the reality is that Glenn I have email from people all over the country whose organizations are implementing training exactly like this and some of the biggest. In the world actually just got an email from someone who works at a fortune, five company just the other day that are doing the same thing. I know I know several people that work in Seattle for one of the big tech companies, one of the very big tech companies. They're doing the same thing. They, they're doing exactly the same thing. So why can't we go to those in? Would this make a difference? Go to those companies and demand that they issue their their sins in front of the entire world, because all they're doing is placating giving money thinking. They're going to get off the hook which they're not. And, making things worse from for everybody else. Well I think I think we can, and we see so many companies that are coming out and doing that, but the thing of it is because the. Of, the thin absolves U. of the Seine that. That actually isn't going to fix anything and you hit on a point there that I think is really important for people to understand when I speak to executives of companies that are doing these trainings. They don't care about this stuff. They don't buy into this stuff at all the only reason that they're doing these trainings is to say to the mob. We did the training. Can you please not come after US now? That's the only reason and. And does the mob the except that I mean they're? They're they're Marxist. They're going to do. Their job is to take over your country or your company or destroy your company. Let me go over a couple of things. The internalized racial oppression, they say perfectionism individualism. In position arrogance paternalism, silence, intellectualism, control, violence, comfort, appropriation, cognitive dissidents, objectivity and anti blackness are all internalized racial superiority. What the what the hell. Can you help us through this list? Yes so let's just take perfectionism as an example, because perfectionism has always been one of their their chief kind of objections to the white supremacist culture when they're talking about perfectionism there, essentially talking about people completing their jobs or completing their tasks with a high level of quality. That's what it is, and so when if you're expected to have a certain level of output and you don't and. And you meet that then that's that's a white supremacist, expectation or take silence for instance I mean. What do they say all the time? Silence is violence so what they're saying that they expect white people to speak up in the face of their own white supremacy or comfort. Again we talk Sean that to white people should not expect to be comfortable either emotionally or physically within their workspace. Okay so wait a minute. Wait a minute. Silence equals death, but if we speak out. That's also considered. Racist is it not? Yeah it is unless you are speaking out who confess your racism, and then you're good. Can I ask you a question? What's what's real? The company's be like to work for what what happens to the teamwork if I feel like. I'm always. I'm always going to be a racist I'm I can't. You know I'm afraid to speak out and not to speak out. There is no teamwork that is going to be happening at any of these places. Actually hit the nail on the head. The one of the things I do with organizations as I actually go in, and I measure team resiliency to help improve it create better high performing teams and one of the key components of team resiliency is that team connection or to use another kind of HR Buzzword, the psychological safety that the team has does the team trust one another. Are they communicating openly and transparently? Are they able to engage in productive conflict? This training is directly contradictory to meeting any of those goal, so you know I bet you. My hippies and training is sounding a little bit more appealing now that we've compared it with. No I I did grow up in the West Coast did grow up in Washington state, so there's enough hippie in me that I understand those things, but I can't. I can't get on board on this because this. Wouldn't. This also lead to the an absolute in inferiority complex among white people if we actually took? These things to heart and did them, and we're constantly confessing sins that we had nothing to do with. You know there was a there was an article on medium that made the rounds I wanna say about a month ago. That I was it was an article appealing to white woman, not to commit suicide due to their white guilt, and so this is what you're saying is very serious. People are internalizing this. They are in a constant state of guilt in a constant state of feeling. As though there's nothing I can do to account for. For this awful sin, and that's actually part of the insidious nature of white fragility, the book by Robin Dangelo because she essentially says in the book that you will never be able to fix this. It will be a lifelong battle. The only thing you can do is sit in your discomfort and people like Robin Dangelo to yell at you about how racist you are, and that's all you can hope to contribute to solving this problem. It's horrible. It's awful. Carlin where we where we headed, and and how do we stop this? You know I think that the biggest thing that I've been saying to people. Is You have to speak out? People have got to start speaking up. They've got to start expressing their objections. Because imagine is everyone in every organization. That was doing this type of training that had a problem with it spoke up well statistically. That's going to be at least half the company. They can't fire half the company. People have gotTA start nobody's. Wrong. You know nobody's going to do it. Nobody's going to do it the. Scriptures talk about in those days. Men's hearts will fail them. I think we've misunderstood that that just means I think it'll be a time of profound cowardice I mean look at how cowardly we all are. Because we don't want our stuff we don't want to be you know we don't want. Take in from us. We don't want to lose our job, and I completely understand that, but it. It has to change. We are going down the same road X. almost almost exactly of nineteen, eighty-four or National Socialism in Germany the same thing. I I agree Glenn. The thing of it is is what we see over, and over again is the people who are able to defend themselves from this nonsense are the people who are speaking up who refused to give in us to bend the knee. They may go through a little temporary pain I i. You know the you may lose your job. You may lose friends your your business may lose clients, but on the other side of that there is a freedom that comes with speaking that I really wish more people understood. Perla, thank you so much. I'm so glad you're absolutely. You're on our side. I mean but Do we know that because? Are you gonNA take this. White Whiteness test tomorrow. Is that can happen? Oh I am fully expecting to fail. It's going to happen. What are the odds of me? Passing this Carlin I think they're pretty slim Glenn. So wide I even think he's. You know here. I mean I know that I do look like a marshmallow. Mean I openly admit I'm the whitest white guy you've ever met, but I don't necessarily think that's a bad thing. Would you pass it Carlin? I wouldn't either I definitely would impasse it because not only am I, but I'm a woman who's speaking out against this so I have cognitive dissonance about my own racism. Oh my gosh thought so you'll play the role of I mean you'll explain to me exactly. How bad I am because of these things in the. In the in the new, world speak. I am going to channel my inner Robin Dangelo. Just for you Glenn. I'm even curl my. Just like our and be great. All right. Thank you so much Dr Carlin Borissenko. A great friend of the show she will be on with us. Tomorrow only for insiders only for people who are subscribers to the blaze. I'm going to admit all my whiteness tomorrow. If you would like to subscribe, you can save twenty dollars with the Promo Code. Fight the mob, and that is exactly what we're doing. We're fighting the mob and we sure could use you standing up with us as we help. Empower you, you help empower us as well fight. The mob is the Promo. Code blaze TV DOT COM, Slash Glenn by the way tomorrow. There's a couple of things going on. I have this show that we're doing just for insiders. Stu has a special that he is doing his power hour, which could. You might. I'm just saying. Only one will be designated driver, and it's not going to be STU now. It's GonNa be a mess. By the end. There's absolutely no question about it and our one hundred episode. Right before that, so it's GonNa. Be quite a big day on the blaze. Right and also the D. version all fixed the sink and everything is all fixed on the special that we did restoring hope from the standing rock ranch that is also available. It was posted late last night. The HD version it is, it's stunning and I urge you to watch it I saw the results the last night of the people who have been watching it. I mean it's two hours and we're not losing anybody along the way it is. It's crazy how this is connecting with people and I'm glad. That it is also you will find on blaze TV special. We did last night. I want to go through in about ten minutes from now. Last night we showed you the COO. The COO against Donald Trump and the coup against our own nation. It is crazy. What is happening, but it is well documented and. It's I think you're going to be reading about this your? are going to be reading about this. Be Shocked when it comes out. How come I? Haven't heard about any of this? It's the deep state diversion. That episode is available now on demand as well from last night, and we're going to take you through that, so you're not surprised, and you can explain it to your friends. It is one of the most insidious things we have ever had to report on. That is coming up in just a few minutes also available now blaze TV DOT COM. Slash Glenn Promo Code fight the mob. 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Now this is a new study that has just come out. being accused of virtual signaling might sound nice to the uninitiated, but if you spend much time on social media, you know that it's actually an accusation of insincerity virtue signallers are essentially phonies, show-offs people who adopt opinions and postures solely to garner praise sympathy, or whose good deeds are tainted by their need for everyone to see just how good they are. Now new research, looking into the consequences and predictors of admitting signals of victimhood and virtue, has now been published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, the conclusion, psychopathic manipulative narcissistic people are more frequent signallers of virtuous victimhood, the so-called dark triad. Personality Traits Machiavelli ISM Narcissism and. 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Statues things that you don't like parks you don't like anything can be defaced except. For a mural that is on the street that says black lives matter now. We know this because there is a there's a charge. Of this this couple that went out and painted over the be and the L. I think a black lives matter and they have been charged now with a hate crime. With a hate. Crime. Pull down statues deface anything you want. That's not a hate crime. That's not even a crime, but if you over the mural of black lives matter, that's a hate crime. Hey, stew! Guess. who backed the candidate for that prosecutor? The district attorney guess guess guess who. Who got that person elected oh? Let me guess, George. Soros. Yes. I mean. There's only like twelve people and they all work for George Soros whatever you ask her a ask a question like that. I know it's either George Soros or Woodrow Wilson I know those are the only two possibly. The Glenn. Beck program. 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What happened during the Obama Administration to Donald Trump and his staff and is still going on is a coup. And the evidence that is coming out is astonishing. But. You're not hearing about any of it. Because Corona virus statues, they're burning down a city all of this stuff and it's all coordinated I believe by the same people. And if it's not coordinated by the same people in Washington, it is like one or two steps away. All right. You have to understand this and you'd have to be able to explain this to your friends now. I did a special on this last night. will probably go over it with another bigger chalkboard that is coming because all of these things that we put together on looking at the impeachment and everything else. All of it now is coming out and you're going to see this. Come out from attorney, General Bar and the final. Investigatory report here. It better be in the next month or two because this has to be cleaned up and solved. Especially before the election now the reason why I say that is, did you even know they tried to impeach the Attorney General last week? Did you even know let's do? The now Democrats. The Democrats filed impeachment. They tried to impeach the Attorney General last week. Now why why because they've always love this guy in the past, Joe. Biden talked him up. Everybody said Oh. He was ferry was honest. He could work with both sides now all of a sudden. Not so much! And why is that because Joe Biden and many people in the Democratic Party and in the deep state? Wait until you hear the information that we have now on on the intelligence community. It is the most egregious plot of an outgoing administration and. And I I hate to use this, but this is the accurate word traders to the constitution of the United States that are in our intelligence community and our Justice Department. It is a coup that they have orchestrated. Now. I want to use General Flynn as the reason as a way to tie all these things together because General Flynn. Still I was trying to remember yesterday. We thought originally General Flynn was guilty, right? We were not fans of General Flynn at the beginning, or if you remember the big thing. We didn't know happened behind the scenes, but the big issue was horrendous removed from the trump administration, not because of anything he did with the FBI, but because he lied to Mike Pence as both Mike Pence and Donald Trump both said publicly. That was really the issue when it came to the actual conversation with Russia, you know I. It was probably not a good idea I think was our take, but also didn't seem to be overtly illegal anyway. And the other part of his issue with an things like Turkey and stuff, those were bigger questions correct. Okay so. And I had had George Popadopoulos on last night. Yeah, and I. I remember thinking. This isn't a big deal, but. It seems smarmy. Yeah, right? Yeah! I think that was kind at the thought initially, and that was not. It was also kind of the defense in some in some circles of the trump administration, and that here's a low level and guy ensure. He went over and had some meetings, but you know it was it was. I can't hold trump responsible for that. Let me, tell you what we have now. And the problem is is all of this has come out in dribs and drabs the last couple of years and so you didn't know what to do with it. It's it's like looking at puzzle and trying to figure out what that Puzzles GonNa look like. See like five pieces. You need more pieces. Let me give you this example. The only reason why we knew about Susan writes Susan Rice's involvement is this is because of Senator Grassley. He wrote a letter to Susan. Right in rice, inquiring about a really weird e mail that she sent to herself as she was leaving the Oval Office on inauguration day the last time she was going to be in the oval, office, she laughed, and before the transfer of power. She wrote herself an email and. And I want to reread it. This is what she wrote to herself president. Obama began the conversation by stressing his continued commitment to ensuring that every aspect of this issue is handled by the intelligence and law enforcement communities by the book. The president stressed. He is not asking about initiating or instructing anything from a law enforcement perspective. He reiterated that our law enforcement team needs to proceed as it normally would buy the book. Now. What is she saying here? She's saying the president didn't do anything wrong. He didn't ask anyone to do anything he let law enforcement do what they were supposed to do. He didn't want to influence will. We didn't know what the context was. When Grassley sent that out, he's like what is this about? What what did you do? Well. We didn't know that all of it was about spying on General Flynn. The document that we got on from the FBI was. It's closing communication regarding General Flynn, and the date of that was January fourth twenty seventeen. The very next day Susan, Rice Joe Biden Peter. Struck and Obama are in the Oval Office. And they they look at the FBI. They've he saw day before that. They are closing the. Investigation because I'm quoting the FBI general. Flynn is no longer a viable candidate. The FBI is closing this investigation. And because he. They couldn't find. Anything couldn't find anything. So the very next day Obama calls his team in. And he says all right. What are we gonNA do now. We have handwritten notes now from Peter Struck. He's not on. Donald Trump side or general flynn side. So these are his handwritten notes. Biden is in the meeting and he brings up the Logan Act as a way to go after Flynn. A minute. The F. Just said there's nothing we're stopping the investigation. So why did Obama call this meeting? Obama was trying to stop general. Flynn so any suggestions. Biden says yes. Let's use the Logan Act the Logan Act has. Nobody's ever been charged with the Logan Act. It came out in the early eighteen hundreds because people could walk into England and say I'm here. Representing the President of the United States, they're like Oh okay. who were you well? Just trust me on this I'm George Washington. It's against the law. And because we had to stop people from just representing us, because there wasn't phone or communication like we have now we needed some. Nobody's ever been charged on this. They used it to try to charge. General Flynn. Because he had talked to a Russian ambassador. Well, he was the incoming NSA director, so this is normal that he talked about it. So they're trying to get General Flynn on something. Keep this in mind this is. Biden's idea. Now the F. B.. I. Closed the case, and that's why according to Peter Struck notes. Obama says alright. Make sure this a quote. Make sure you look into things and put the right people on it now. What does that mean? The right people and I thought you just said that everything was done by the book and the President Never ordered anyone to do anything. Will he obviously did? So, why was he? Why was he going after General Flynn? Well he had been going after General Flynn since twenty fourteen. Do you remember why General Flynn? was fired as the head of the DIA Defense Intelligence Agency. Do you remember why Obama fired him? Fired him, they said it was because of temp. A temperament is they just had different temperaments. That's not why he was fired. He was fired because he openly spoke to words radical Islam. Because of radical Islam he's said. That we were in a global war against radical Islam and its allies. That did not sit well with President Obama, and that's why he was fired. At that time they started to try to dig up dirt to destroy the credibility of Michael Flynn. This is twenty fifteen. They started paying Christopher Steele. The author of the debunked steele dossier to significantly compile what amounted to and I'm quoting salacious opposition research on Flynn. This is this is back in twenty, fourteen, two, thousand fifteen. then. When he joins the trump team. They know they have to stop him. They have to stop him. So He makes this phone call now. The only reason why you would know about this phone call. Is Because you. You saw that there was a an American calling somebody who is on our list. That was overseas the ambassador to Russia. We eavesdrop on all of those phone calls. But nobody asked for that other person to be unmasked. Nobody did. So. How did they know about that phone call? And General Flynn. How did they know? Well. You can't figure it out here because you're protected by law right. well the CIA could no, no, but the CIA can't reveal that information and they can't do investigations on anyone. Hey! What if you used 'em I six? What if you used the Italian Intelligence agencies. And you had them spy. What have you got Australia involved as well and you had them spy on the trump campaign and the trump people, because then they would know because they're of course monitoring General Flynn they're of course monitoring the Russians. So could we get somebody from M I six to help on this? Maybe the Italians as well. Oh, yes, we did, and we have evidence of it and it's illegal. The, rabbit hole goes much deeper than I even thought, and it has to stop more in a second by the way. All of this can be found at blaze TV. It's last night's Wednesday night special. and you must know this. It's called deep state. Diversion the coup. Trump we name names and last night's episode. If you're not a member of the blaze, please subscribe. You'll save twenty dollars if you use the Promo code fight the mob, but you get all kinds of stuff, not just this It is well worth your money. Fight the mob. Is the Promo. Code Blaze TV DOT COM. Slash Glenn more on this in just a minute. American financing nmls one eight, two three three four www dot and mls consumer access dot Org. So I'm here just with. The man on the street with the one and only Bernie Sanders. Hello Mr. Hello Mr Sanders. How are you I'm off going after the millionaires and billionaires. Okay. So Mr Sanders. Do you own a home? I own twelve homes and. Them lots of ice cream from the band under. Yes why we're doing. It. Just to just to just to the I know you don't feel comfortable i. See Sanders. I don't have an impression I. Don't right, so I'm just making you. Do it. Just, for the fun for me, not necessarily for the audience anyway so Mr. Sanders Nos fourteen homes. 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You could save hundreds if not thousands of dollars just call American financing and American financing dot net, eight, hundred, nine, zero, six, twenty, four, forty, eight, hundred, nine, zero, six, twenty, four forty American financing, dot, net ten seconds station ID. Thank you. Welcome to the Glenn Beck Program. We're glad that you're here. When, when we got the names of all the people that Unmasked General Flynn. I was on the air with. Lara Logan and she got the list and she saw a bunch of names, and she said here's why this is significant with Samantha? Power and everything else. But we saw name that we wondered it wasn't even a name it was. It was from the embassy. In Italy! And we're like. Why does the Italian ambassador? WANTS TO UNMASK General Flynn. Why is that? Well apparently, that's what general bar and John Durham have been curious about as well. NBC has reported now that Durham and General Attorney General Bar went to the United Kingdom and Italy in an effort to examine the contributions of foreign countries to the Russia probe. When they got back? That's when this went from an investigation political investigation to a criminal investigation. Barack Obama and Joe Biden. Used Foreign Intelligence and foreign intelligence. Actually colluded with Obama for an overthrow of the trump campaign and later his presidency. It shocking all the details. You'll find on last night's broadcast on blaze TV. Right Sometimes. Accompany comes along that only provides quality service, but also stands for values that you can get behind Patriot mobile. Is that company? They're not only a great mobile service provider, but they also believe in the same conservative colleges that you do X. Conservative causes. They believe in life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. They believe in the bill of rights. When did that become conservative right now? When you switch to Patriot mobile, you can either get a brand new phone, or if you want to keep your existing one, you get a free month of service. Patriot mobile will never charge you hidden fees and unlike big. Big Mobile they won't send your hard. Earned money to leftist causes are group's trying to destroy the country like big mobile does plans start as low as twenty five bucks? Their us-based customer service team just rated number one among all wireless providers call Patriot mobile now and switch nine seven two patriot, nine, seven, two Patriot or Patriot mobile dot com slash back. Tomorrow the one hundredth anniversary of Sudas America with a special happy hour power our make sure you check it out on Youtube. This is the Glenn Beck Program. Live from the Standing Rock Ranch I. You know what I really love about the Supreme Court. We I can't think of anything. That's weird Let me, give you a couple of rulings yesterday. The Supreme Court actually ruled in favor of religious employers. You can opt out of obamacare birth control mandate also religious organizations are exempt from the civil court employment discrimination suits so the little sisters of the poor I love this I. Love the fact that Obama was going after the little sisters of the poor. they They don't have to buy birth control. The nuns don't have to buy birth control for the people that worked for him. in Our Lady of Guadalupe School the justices same seven to two margin prohibited employment discrimination suits against religious organizations where the employee served religious function. I think that is I think that's incredible. the ruling in little sisters, employers are free to opt out of contraceptive mandate if they have a religious or moral objection. This the third time the court has ruled on this. And They have a ministerial exemption for anybody who works at a religious organization for hiring those two came out well. Now. There's a couple of others that have just come out. The trump tax records are not immune from subpoena. And that is Gorsuch cavenaugh jogging the majority which. Has got to be just driving from out of him. Mine Magin how Pissy is the the two guys. He named the Supreme Court both went against him on the tax records. Thing I think he's been fighting since two thousand fifteen. Now he's not going to be. He's not going to be happy, nor would I if I were the president and I fought especially Cavanaugh I just I stuck it out for you. However I'm glad. that. They are voting with what the law is saying, not trying to pay off a personal favor I think that is really a good thing for Supreme Court's credibility and Writer I agree with it is questionable anytime I. See Clarence Thomas on the other side of something I always want to make sure Oh, and read every word of it. But I mean it. It does seem that like the and they were correct also on the on the separate ruling on the same case, basically that said Hey, Congress can't just get these things because they want them because of separation of powers, so they said trump doesn't have to turn it over to Congress. He does have to turn it over to New York state because of their investigation of course major problem here is obviously someone's going to leak them. From the, New York state investigation as soon as they do as soon as they can, and that's going to be a massive problem. Basically, it basically means you're going to be seeing on the front page of The New York Times sometime before November. Yeah, it's it's. It's the same thing with Simon and Schuster i. just I think the. The Guy who took over from Caroline Reedy I think he is. He's just a bastard. The Guy but I think he's a I. think he well I know he is. He is a leftist that paid Hillary Clinton eight million dollars for a book that sold about four copies. And you know with this trump book. I can't believe the ruling is yes. She has a nondisclosure, but Simon and Schuster they made the case. Yeah, but we didn't have one. She gave us this, so we can print it. It's obscene what they're doing. It's a nothing zero of a book but it's obscene what they're doing. You know and that's the reason why bring that up is because I think the same thing is going to happen with the tax records. It's going to be leaked. If it was four a case, it should be taken, but somebody. If they leak, it should go to jail for leaking it. Yeah, that would that would definitely be my belief as well it it does it just you know these things don't matter right. Angle one of these things that comes down is is the same story. The New York Times. We'll print that and they will have no problem. With it, and they'll look obviously most cases. The freedom of the press is really important here. I just think that a lot of this stuff gets leaked. Intentionally to try to her political and. Look I. Don't know what his tax you know. records are good. A show doesn't mean that there's anything bad in there, but they're gonNA. Use them everything they candidacy. Oh, he was avoiding taxes and look how rich he is or not Ritchie his or whatever it is, they'll find some reason to use it as a as a political. Issue as we get into the election. Okay so some of the other rulings that came out and I can't even imagine the ramifications of this. There is a case and you have to hand it to the enterprising lawyer or George Soros probably funded this. That came up with this. Get Out of jail, free card. A guy raped a four-year-old in Oklahoma. Awful. AWFUL DUDE GETS convicted. He said the state can't convict him of that. It has to be the federal government because it happened on native American land. Will the state said No. It's not native American land. It hasn't been native American land for a long time. Well, it just went to the Supreme Court Gas. WHO GETS TO GET OUT OF JAIL? The four year old rapist listen to this one. It's really an incredible story and I don't know that I understand the full ramifications of it yet, but yes, you point out there's about a half of Oklahoma basically at one point was an Indian reservation, or at least that's what they claim. eastern Oklahoma this rape and murder of a four year old that happened in this general area. They somehow came up brilliantly with the argument that. Hey, this doesn't count essentially because it happened on federal. Reservation the an Indian reservation, the federal government would have to come in and prosecute not the state, so his point is not even that he's innocent. Though I'm sure he claims he is, he's just saying I was convicted in the wrong court and he was sentenced two thousand years in prison. So It was a you know everyone's house and year. Yeah, so what's interesting? There's this big ramifications. Here is half of the state of Oklahoma. Really a native American reservation essentially, that's kind of what the what the ruling says. So what happens with all the stuff? That's their do now. All the people that live in eastern Oklahoma. Did they all live on an an a native American reservation? Now I mean the biggest. Do they have to pay? Do they have to pay state taxes right? They have to pay anything. Yeah, they may not have what happens. What happens to all of the people that committed a crime and were arrested in that half of the state. That's the biggest sell those arrests. That's valid naggus direct effect of this. I would say like if you robbed a bank ten years ago and embiid in prison for the last eight years. You're sitting there with thirty years to go. You're walking out of this as soon as you can challenge right because now you were if you were if you went to jail under state under a state conviction and you were in this area. No, no longer. Should that be the case you I. Mean I don't know if you just walk out or you have to challenge it. I mean I'm sure we'll go through the. The courts again, but still like it looks like the you know. A lot of criminals are going to be able to get their convictions overturned because of this in a massive plot of land, and then after that like if you're a business and you're operating in Oklahoma I. Don't know what the effect of that is. Right me. You're right. Maybe you don't pay state taxes. The taxes back. Do you have to now deal with a new. Set of regulations that are totally different and are set by the native American reservation. So and does your house or your property value? Because if it's a native American reservation. You can't buy that. They didn't. You didn't pay for that. So. They own the property, so here's the. So in you know in the days. When everything made sense, this would go to back to Congress, and you would have the congressman and the senator from Oklahoma. Stand up and say okay, guys. We need to clarify this. This is an old thing. The state said that this was not Indian territory. The federal government never ruled on it in win eighteen ninety. So, we just need to. We just need a quick. Bill to seal this thing back up and you would have gotten it done. Probably in record time. That bills, not going anywhere. There's no one no one that is going to support a bill. That will be the most divisive they will use. The left will use this and they were going to now use this as. Funneling all of their money to break Oklahoma. In half. They will do they will. They will take this as an opening to be able to go in and say you know what you gotta give that land back to the native Americans, because it's stolen land, this is going to be a nightmare and now every other area that was theoretically once owned by native Americans is going to go through the court system. I'm sure and that's GONNA be challenged over and over and over again mink. Gorsuch is the guy who was on a on the conservative side that cited with this ruling. His point was basically look Congress. Congress didn't do their job. You know I mean like I. What Am I supposed to do? They didn't. They didn't pass the thing they were supposed to pass, so they're screwing up and I'm and I'm not John Roberts so i. just don't read into their intent and just rewrite it for them, right? That's kind of his. He's basically saying this is the way it was now. The Thomas and Alito and Roberts and caviar saying well. This should have been a decision, made he? He's on the conservative. The conservative side I would say on this. He's saying basically. Look it's not a federal government decision. It was done by the state, and it should be done by the state, so there's a disagreement there, but again you know it's five four decision. So this goes effect and I think opens up at a bunch of new ramifications. Look usually the idea that the conscious constitution is not a suicide. Pact brought up in certain situations like this. So that's not you know so life changing that our entire society gets overturned. I don't I don't think that everyone who lives in eastern. Oklahoma is going to have to. Walk to the border of regular Oklahoma and never see their home or possessions again I don't think that's how this is GonNa work, but there's going to be a lot of unforeseen circumstances tied to it and I was in that area right now. You'd have no idea what your future looks like suddenly, and this is I mean like we needed Miami. My future looks like. I mean I. Don't believe in Oklahoma I. Don't know what my future looks like now. By the way. I remembered what I liked about. The Supreme Court nope I still. Just still can't do it. Let me tell you about our. Our sponsors carshield. I want you to hold your thumb and forefinger about an inch of hard okay. 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Are customizable, their payments or flexible, and the rates start as low as ninety nine dollars. carshield helped over a million companies, our customers, which is why they're America's number, one auto protection company either coverage today see why carshield cars go further eight hundred car, six, thousand, one, eight hundred car, six, thousand, mentioned the Promo Code Beck, or visit carshield dot com use the Promo Code Beck and save ten percent. It's Carshield Dot Com Promo Code Beck deductible may apply. This is the Glenn Beck Program. Welcome to the program. We're glad you're here. We're going to have more on this ruling it's. As a obviously much more complex we're not sure how it works how it works. It may just work for the native Americans, because the rapist of the four year old a native American, and so he may have to be tried by. The tribe. Is it the seminole tribe. The creek because the creek Creek nation and these these guys. Because it was the Cherokees that were on the trail of tears, right? Cherokee they can go road I. Don't know if it's need the four wheel drive option for that I'm not exactly sure how that works no. No? No anyway. So when they got to Oklahoma, they had to give up all of their land east of the Mississippi Right. I'm just trying to remember. Yeah, this is what does he get an exchange? They got here here. This is what this is. Summary Real quick in exchange for ceding all their land east of the Mississippi River the US government degree by treaty that quote the Creek County west of the Mississippi Shelby solemnly guaranteed to the Creek Indians. Both parties settled on boundary lines for new and quote permanent home to the whole Creek nation located. What is in what is now Oklahoma? Although not anymore. The treaty with the creeks it was in eighteen, thirty three. The government further promise that quote. No state or territory shall ever have a right to pass laws or for the government of such Indians, but they shall be allowed to govern themselves. So, you know that language is pretty. It's pretty clear. And, of course, that's why you know they're. They're. The Conservatives are kind of blaming him for being too much of a of a textualist. Basically, that's taking it too literally and you go and I know it's a weird, although there's a different, that's a weird argument to make. There's textualist has served right exactly up. Although again you know Clarence. Thomas is on that side of the argument. as is Alito. And Roberts and and Cavanaugh so five four ruling on that one, but it's a big change in. Certainly, it's going to mean that you'd think thousands at least CR- of criminals many of them serious criminals will be. Allowed to chase their own freedom and may very well get it now. A rapist and a murderer of a four year old. The federal government probably does follow up and say he our now we are going to prosecute as the federal government. The question is a lot of those lower level criminals. I mean maybe not right. Maybe they are just going to. You know be let out. Who knows it's hard to know what the with. Go on this tomorrow. It also sounds like a good time to have American history about Andrew Jackson on tomorrow's program.

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Best of The Program | Guests: Dr. Karlyn Borysenko and Brad & Ashley Davis | 7/9/20

The Glenn Beck Program

23:34 min | 3 months ago

Best of The Program | Guests: Dr. Karlyn Borysenko and Brad & Ashley Davis | 7/9/20

"Hey the Thursday podcast from standing rock ranch. We've got a great show lined up for you I am going to. Face my whiteness, yes, by white privilege. We talk about this new course in Seattle that. If you work for the city of Seattle, you must take. Oh, my gosh, it's in sanity insanity. We have that we talk about trump's odds of winning is their nineteen forty-eight that is in the works by Harry. Truman beating Dewey everybody thought do we would win? Everybody starting think that Biden is going to win. Is this. The same kind of year is nine, hundred, forty eight, and I show you the comparisons and we have an expert. That talks about it as well a new poll or new algorithm that has been accurate. All the way back I think one hundred ten years. Only missed two two presidential wins it and he says that Donald Trump has a ninety one percent chance of winning. Have that as well? You don't WanNa. Miss a second of today's show especially. What's going on with the Supreme Court? All on today's broadcast and podcast. Tanya says he's running. He hasn't taken any steps to do it. but He said yesterday that he's just looking to maybe peel off a few Democrats from Joe Biden. A, but don't. Laugh at Conway being elected but I think there's a lot of people right now. There'd be like why not. Why not it's twenty twenty. Why not? It would make perfect sense, would it? Not You know it would by the way I. Found A I did studios. Kanye on studios does America last night and We found a two thousand sixteen where I said the next president is going to be a Kardashian. We just have to hope it's courtney now. At that point, I was not considering. Considering Kanye West in two thousand twenty run, which is very odd I, mean he? He did he actually come out and say he was trying to peel black people off intentionally. Denies the yesterday I read that late last night I. Don't know where I read Alcott possible. He came I think he came out and said you know look and appeal a few people off Joe Biden. It would be good well. The bottom line is I think it's. He was also critical of trump and he just he just he's no longer supporter said he's taken the red hat off which now we don't have to think say he's brilliant anymore right like we're passed that we get past that now. Can we go back to? seen as of two years ago. can I early in people often looking same. That's what people say for example. Best of the Glenn Beck Program. I WANNA share. A facebook post that I saw from a couple of people Brad and Angela Davis. They started this this restaurant. Sorry. What did I say? It's Ashley and Brad Davis. They started this this restaurant which had been a dream of theirs. And it's called the friend Info Board Game Cafe Little Sandwich shop in Plano and Texas and they have you know the usual fare, but they also have like six hundred board game, so people can come and play board games of the family. I. Read this post. And I think there's millions that feel this way. Why do we get up at six in the morning to drive seventy miles back and forth for a twelve or thirteen hour workday, because we have no other choice. Frankly, if we had an out, we probably would have taken it by now, but all of our eggs are in this basket. In fact, the whole chicken is in this basket. We the three owners where every hat we are the general managers. The grill cooks prep cooks. The Bakers Baristas bartenders marketers the janitors just to name a few. We get up every day and we take a beating. We fight tooth and nail to make it through this with no support from the government, thus far and we know there are many other businesses doing the same. With Our. Thoughts have been focused on the business in survival for so long I do anything for carefree moment, every fiber of my being stretched to the Max, but with that being said I'm fed up not just with our current situation I am sick of the judgment, anger, irrational behavior in sheer hatred. I am seeing I'm afraid to say anything about anything. Because inevitably someone will disagree and spew hatred rather than having a discussion, if I don't post something, I'm labeled if I do post, something I'm labeled. If I keep my mouth shut during a conversation, I'm labeled if I open my mouth during a conversation I'm labeled nobody. Nobody really cares about what anyone else has to say. Their minds are all made up and likely based on a me. My line or a one sided source rather than a ray of reputable books or articles we get flack his business for remaining open and trying to bring in customers with various incentives, even though we are following all recommended safety protocols. Nothing we do to be enough were expected to go a step further than what's required. We open at twenty five percent. You should stay closed. We sanitize all of our games. You shouldn't let people play games. We strongly recommend masks. You should you should not of. You should make it mandatory not by choice. Most business owners can't just throw in the towel and go find another job. It's not how it works. oftentimes when one is focused on to force to close their business, they lose everything because we have put everything into it the insured please stop stop judging people for what they don't post. Stop judging people for what they do. Do, stop labeling businesses irresponsible for doing their best during this crap. Stop labeling people in general stop reacting to wrong with another wrong. Stop Hating your neighbor because they have a different worldview than you and if you aren't sure what your world view is, think about it read about it. Maybe you'll be able to disagree with someone cordially if you understand the fundamental differences. Amen, this is that that was. That was written by Ashley. She's married to Brad and they both happened to be on with us now they live in Abilene. Texas Ashley and Brad Welcome to the program. How are you? Thanks Glenn I. We're doing good just excited to be on your show. Yeah! Not a problem. I know you are struggling just like like everybody else but Ashley Your Your facebook post is what caught my eye. your facebook post. What happened to get you to snap like that? Speak, truth Yes well really from the time we started working to open this business, which is about three years ago to now have been incredibly challenging. you know it seems like we take one step forward and three steps back at times, but the reason I made. This post is because I just got fed up with the unrealistic expectations that I was noticing the general public. and the realization that some people actually expect businesses to go one step further than what is even required as far as the code restrictions go, which is just ridiculous I think there are some businesses who can afford to do that for example like keeping their dining closed or refusing businesses, refusing businesses certain people. because they either have like a second source of income, or they got a ton of money from the government. but businesses like ours just can't afford to do that, so. When? You, guys have been. Going sorry, but you've been. You've been operating on a sixty to eighty percent loss every day you need. At least a thousand dollars in sales every day. And so eight hundred two thousand dollars, yeah. Okay? And you're you, said the in your facebook post that the government didn't help you at all, so you didn't get the EP. Loan Qualification Correct I mean up to this point we have. We always have received from the government as a six thousand dollar advance on the economic, a disaster funds and we haven't seen any anything else from that. We were actually denied They claim that we didn't suffer enough of a loss. So you know, we made an appeal, we're going. We're going through right We're going through the process to try to you know. Get what we can out of that, but no, we have not seen anything from that or the PP l. yet. So Brad, what are you guys doing to stay open? well, we're working our butts off. Where you know we're we're we're putting in. You know thirteen fourteen hour days at the store We've unfortunately had to cut employee shifts. Way Back just to save on payroll We've been praying whole lot You know we're. WE'RE BELIEVERS CHRISTIANS? And so we're just having a really lean on the fact that God is good, even in difficult times in You know we're just trusting in that fact and just working as hard as we can. So, are you guys making it with the restaurant at all I mean? Are you close to your eight hundred dollar minimum, or is it just? Not even close. Now, we're we're. We're at this point with the further you know. We were starting to open backed up here in Texas, and then the numbers go back up and they put further restrictions on us, and so we're. We're operating at about where we're our revenue about fifty percent of what we needed to be I mean we're. We've pretty much burnt through. Our reserves personal savings to keep things flow, and we're just at that point like we can't. If we can't figure this out, we're GONNA. Lose it all. I have been in that situation and it is the most stressful. Because there's nothing you can do. There's just nothing you can do, and when you have to lay people off in, you have to make these decisions. How are you guys fairing as a couple? Well like Brad said we're believers, and we've really had the lean on the war during this time and you know. In all honesty, it's probably brought us closer together, which is which is a good thing. I know it doesn't always happen that way but we really make a good team. You know we have two girls. One of them is two years old, one of them at eight months old and so. We actually alternate days you know. And Brad will go one day to the store, and all half the girls all day, and then we'll switch, and we kind of go back and forth you know sometimes we bring the girls up to the store with us, and so we just kind of do whatever it takes. Actually, it's interesting looking at your post because you could definitely sense the issues that you're having with the business and the frustrations with the business, but the post is really more focused on how people are treating each other. Why did you focus on that? Well I think you know there's a lot of things that that happened at the same time in our country and I think though they're not necessarily related people are entangling them together and just really acting hatefully towards one another and it's coming out. You know on our social media, Posts and The decisions that we make, and so that's why I focused on that because that's made it a. that's kind of exacerbated everything. Brad. Are you worried that you started a of Board Game Cafe? Because that's going to cause something where people want to kill each other over a game, a monopoly, you may be increasing the stress. Certain. Games it. We probably want to tell customers like you're stressed out. Don't play this game GonNa make it worse. So. What do you guys do I? Know you guys are now renting board games, which is a good idea you're also delivering. Food you're. You're also making food for. Nursing homes, etc, etc. is that right? Yeah, WE HAVE A. Sorry, go ahead Brad. You've got this one. yeah, so we're. We implemented a game rental system. Since a lot of people aren't comfortable coming into the store to play games, we said Hey. Let's maker Games rentable and people can regain, bring home and play it, and then we're doing a donate a meal program which allows people to purchase games I'm not purchase game to purchase meals. And then we deliver it to first responders nursing homes, healthcare workers, just distressful time for them, and it's a way for us to generate a little bit of revenue, and then also you know, get some food out to some people who have a lot of other stuff going on May not want to have to worry about lunch or dinner. Okay, so, how do people get involved in that if people wanted to donate? A meal to somebody. You're not asking for a handout you're you're saying. We're going to charge you for something and we're GonNa. Do something good with it. So how do people get involved in that? Right you can go to our website. It's friend and foe BG SEE DOT. Com and there's actually a link on there. You can click on donated meal. I click on it. Pay for the meal that goes into our system, and then we can polly certain numbers. We contact fire departments, police departments, hospitals nursing homes and says hey, we've got meals. We'd like to donate them to you guys, and then we, we prep them and deliver them. I mean. Only in Texas or or in a small town in America, would you be delivering meals to police, officers and the police officers would take them at this point. Thank you. So it is friend and FOE BE G C. DOT COM. Thank. You guys so much and. I just. I I wish you the very best. Land Can I can I say one more thing real quick. Sure Yeah if it when things calm down you need to bring you and then you could call like Sean Hannity Ben Shapiro. Challenge? You guys to a board game. Let's go to front ends. Oh! Okay. All right. This is the best of the Glenn Beck Program. Summers finally arrived. And you're like most Americans that means it's time to haul out the stakes and the burgers and the Bronx, and the the hot dogs in cranked up the grill. It's time to spend a little more quality time with family, and maybe even have a few people over for a gathering. Summer is the season for outdoor fun and outdoor cooking, and you're never going to cook outdoors on a better grill. A wreck tech grill I can tell you I love mine. Smart Technology controlled grilling surface is just the best. It's the last type of grill. You're ever GONNA to want to buy, but just don't take. Take my word for it. Check them out on social media. Wreck is the number one name and grilling. They're built like tanks. They're durable. They're solid and are on the front line of Smart Grill Technology so do the research people in the know choose wreck tech, our act, wreck tech far and away the Best Bang for your buck. Check him out on social media. Wreck tech built bike retailers Ford. Dealers so go to tech grills Dot Com right now our TAC grills with an s dot com. Okay, so Carlin. Bora Sankoh is an organizational psychologist. She works with individuals and organizations all over the world through her practice. which is called workplace to help them create amazing work experiences by combining organizational and positive psychology with mindfulness techniques. This is actually something that I would actually probably do in my own business, but I would hate myself for it. Just because of the description of it just seems so i. don't know earthy. You know what I'm saying Carlin. and. Yeah so you are here and you're going to explain this whiteness training that is happening only four white people in Seattle. For the Seattle city government and you're white. You have to take this training. Yet and it looks insane. I is insane. So what happened is about a month ago. I got an email from an employee from the city of Seattle and they're going to be leaving their job because they think all this is crazy. And essentially it was an email from the city, asking all of their white employees to spend a vacation day that already been previously scheduled in this weakness screening that was specifically for white employees, and they have a whole separate training, track or people of Color. So. What is if I'M A SEATTLE? City employee and I show up. What is this training? What do they do? Well, essentially they go through all while I you have to, of course confessed your internalized racial superiority as a white person, because that that is just not in dispute at all, and if you come to the training and say he'll hang on I. Don't actually think I have internalized racial superiority. Then you're expressing cognitive dissonance, which is further proof of your internalized racial superiority, so you have to the process of confessing your sins first, and then you to do you have to practice self, talk and affirmations that affirm your complicity in racism. Okay so were hunting for witches now in Seattle. Well, it's not even hunting for which which is because you're white. And we found you. That's that's it. You are a witch well unless there is actually one out in this if you do not identify white, if you have like a Rachel Dole moment and identify as black, even though you're white, then you don't have to do the training. You can opt out. Oh, my Gosh! I would be a black man. You know heartbeat. would be I you know. I'm feeling my color, my inner color coming onto me really strongly right now. Garlan idea I'm I'm beginning to believe I am black. The. Let you get away with that. Yeah, it's actually. That he well, it's actually in the email that the city sent out to their employees that this is for all people who identify as white so it seems like a pretty easy out to me. Wow, okay, so we get in. Can you take us through some of these things? Well, and so I'm basically I'm going off of some of the documents that actually your previous guest got from the city Christopher and some of the things that they're. They're talking about in these are things like you know? White people have to let go of things that that might make them comfortable in the work environment like any expectations of their emotional safety or even their physical safety, white people should not expect that. Their physical safety should be protected in the work environment they also. They also go through all the way way. Wait, wait wait. How is this? How is this happening from a group of people that needed a cry room in college. How is how is this I? Don't feel safe anywhere. Being translated into now. I have a right to feel safe, but you don't. It sounds like revenge. Well I. I think that that's exactly what it is, but the reality Glenn is. This material has actually been around for a long time, so one of the documents that the city of Seattle is using is this document that is ten years old that talks about the attributes of a white supremacist culture in organizations, and so this training is not new. It's just had a really hefty resurgence in the past couple of months. So. What. What do you? What do you mean when I have to confess? Do they sue you? Sit around and they they go from person to person. And then you have to say whoa how you were complicit, and is there a right answer on that? That is acceptable to people. Well, the only acceptable answer in any of these circumstances is to bend the knee, and confess your sin of being a white supremacist, and so for for other examples of things that are talking about in this training are things like our way employees speaking up and contributing ideas in the workplace. That's that's a white supremacist organization Are they well? Let me ask you this. You have a staff, right? You've worked for you. So. Yes, consort higher you like an organizational chart. I want to say no, but yes. Yeah White Supremacist. They wipe the practice, okay. Now do you people to meet deadlines? I want to say no, but yes. I'm such a hater. Like the right there, so so, how does the city of? How does the city of Seattle get away with that when they have a hierarchy and and they expect people to meet deadlines? Well you know it's funny. It's like so so I recently. Read part of the Book White Fragility and If anyone has not. Let me, just save you the trouble. It's basically Robin Dangelo confessing her own racism for the entire. That's what it is, and so when you best year racism in absolves U. from the racism, so the city of Seattle is essentially confessing the Yes our organization is engaged in white supremacy and through the OJ. Okay, they are absolved. Okay Carl. Will you hold on for just a second because I? I want to ask you. I think we should go to these corporations and the cities and say specifically. Specifically, what are your crimes? I want to know your crimes. I want to know specifics on what you as a corporation have done. Lay It all out there. Baby like to hear your response. program.

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NFL Week 8: Seeing Ghosts

Fantasy Theatre

33:31 min | 1 year ago

NFL Week 8: Seeing Ghosts

"There's multiple as only started them in one so I ended up losing in another league regret of the week on a last second Sony Michelle touchdown I lost by point six quarterback and running back no no no I can't do it so that cost me a W. so those are all my regrets this week so you're triumph of chase Edmunds is my regret lots more than three snaps or whatever he got that costs me a w I had another decision in another league where I played Sam Darnold superfly it was miserable seeing that thirty five thirty six points on my bench that cost me a w at chase edmunds and another league why didn't own David Johnson but because David ready to analyze some fantasy I definitely kept up with the whole time I was was gone my phone alerts keeping up with everything that's going on too too much it's like yeah yeah mister negative seven or whenever he had over Ryan Tannehill because I was already starting Derrick Henry that's like the titans off it sucks I was Mike how was your vacation you came back from Disney it was great except the brought back this head cold with me but I'm pushing through Xm popping the cough drops got the t ready David Johnson you you still think you're able to make that play it's hard to know Greg this is no you don't do you open you bring up the chase edmunds thing I assume you didn't have David Johnson in that league now what do you think you do there it figured out and you're like he's the starter I hate myself for some reason I didn't start David Johnson because that's what I did Italy Greg catching the ball there may be worth a stash but it's the new wide receiver to we ready I'm so tired of him already athletic man he's a good I mean he's going to be one of those week eight of the NFL season I'm Spencer foster this fantasy theater in the man on the Food Thanh tonight it's popping cough drops like Ben Wa congrats Greg well I mean only so couple of weeks ago I talked about how I started Gaughman Multiple Leagues and he got hurt and so actually hedge a little bit this week I had changed what's an pops me failed hey he's back of I. R. and I'm you know close to it but I'm here I'm here now he looks spry the other night sided for them to get a little more competition. Do you think that competition starts this week with the Browns No I mean it does have the browns are coming off a bye and it's like a team at all but it is so annoying to see them play and play these cupcakes weekend in week out and they don't get hurt they're just they're just a machinery league in one of our main leagues four in Twos I wasn't they all started fourth but I sort of chase him as on 'em just felt you ever just felt that call weekend this year I did tell people I was starting Josh Allen over Patrick my hurled league and technically I was right Josh Allen Acre Mayfield he he does best against guys like mahomes where he can he knows what they're going to do they're gonna be those those guys in the pocket and he he can he can predict that and he knows how to shut those down maybe they'll actually put up a fight the payers will actually have to try a little bit you mentioned Patrick Mahomes I don't have many triumphs this week but last is only like ran fifty plays or something like that so that was disappointing but yes yes Josh Allen scored more points Patrick Mahomes and you face Berry in your face Ah David Johnson's probably gonNA play but I feel like they're going to win this game by a lot and chase Amazon's GonNa Score and sure enough I beat him by seventy points that is so then what most people think just because payers have been steamrolling everyone but if one type of quarterback does give bill belichick problems dot the years. It is those mobile quarterbacks those screaming quarterbacks guys like Lamar Jackson and Golic Baker have given Belgium headaches in the past so I don't see them Brown's winning his game but it does David Johnson we don't know what his status is they they signed two running backs today I there's no way they signed two running backs and he plays this week that's what I was thinking now and it's just annoying it's so annoying it really is is this GonNa be the easiest schedule ever for defendants who from champion so far they have played site working so he came right off I don't know if you can expect them this week either but honestly I don't know I wish we would trade him point Omega Gas the Patriots of the word I'm so tired of the Patriots I am I am not a patriots acid is almost every I am not a patriots I liked bill check I like Brady I don't quick points for Josh Allen I mean that's that's great to have it just felt like he could have done a lot more matchup the dolphins actually won the time of possession in that game last week I bet that felt good heartfelt so that must have been your triumphs and how my triumph of the week manifield good facing an undefeated team number one team and L. Soda Good Weekday Right I mean they had a pretty good week top ten quarterback fantasy was I believe yeah yeah two touchdowns like thirty or forty rushing yards I mean he was fine and John I'm last week before the chargers game injured ankle before the chargers game and then he felt good to go and warm ups and then when he got out there and he had to block on the first play he was like this I wonder what a sprite hey he may be doing okay no offense I mean they're picking up everybody and Drawing People Josh Gordon went on I r today so who knows WanNa give them up you know don't don't make you closer than what the point spread show think Freddie Kitchens was in the lab do you do he'll probably cook up enough to keep it closed title yeah he had a great year but tight ends really thin this year and he was also very unhappy with the benching of Mariota he was Take the win take the w but mahomes you maybe it's just another guy who who went down although he they're saying he may practice again I mean we had a lot of injury what's up with Delaney walkers EC I haven't seen any news about that ankle injury so do Delaney Walker his ankle was acting up during the week he kind of injured the game correct how you say it because quarterback but at ten A. Hill opened up the offense baby he made. Aj Brad Davis relevant last week La Lots of injuries that happen I feel like that had happened in all year now all of a sudden so many people got mentioned Gordon went on I r Mahomes didn't go in zone did you speak to Berry I did did you say I told him how wrong was on everything and he told me doesn't care he has a TV show yeah he's Richard I'm not has basically his brown hit so playing him and John Brown a few leagues that was very nice it wasn't enough I wanna say he rushed in for like a cheaper version which is nice get his his flex so here we go from Matthew Berry says that Josh Allen will score more points than achievers I mean he's been what a three his entire career he's he's one of the Patriots blow up absolutely yes I'm saying that's what you want to be really good we so annoying God it's going to be annoying only scored more points less than Patrick Mahomes let me have this win owned four last week let me have a win win for my fantasy leagues I need this penis is that what it did it too much forcing yeah especially since you know had the the the the gumption the gall to start chase edmunds and a league he's heart for right well they say three weeks I looked way worse than a barely what is going to be David practiced a little today David Johnson Oh yes link admit you all twenty yards because that's forty Matthew Berry says Larry Fitzgerald will score more points than Kinney the party don't stop in Knowle's Kitty steals is now a full time player across from Hopkins and the raiders have given up the most twenty plus yard up five quarterback on the week feel free to let go of your Berries Berry okay that I'm a I can't believe you you're GonNa make me side with Barry I don't want to mention you ready for Barry sets Sure Hank go ahead Greg I want to see if the Disney taught you how to do it I did go by the ESPN ooh quarterback I mean I like Sam Darnold I do but you know he was seeing ghosts or whatever the story whatever he said see so I'm it's so is terrible I mean that's that TV show is awful try so hard to be funny and they're just not he's speaking funny Maddie Mary says the ball meanwhile we saw that just defense was and then you can run you can scramble on them Gardner. Dj Chart Conley DD star them all captions to wide receivers in the NFL. This season I won't sales over fits I am Mauling you matthew bearing deals this week fits his worst game of the season last week and now he gets the Saints Defense That's firing on all cylinders fits GonNa flop meanwhile Gimme Brandin cooks. He's absolutely nothing on the week but you know they get this week Cincinnati and he is overdue for that breakout game that he has you know somebody cover his children's is I am foaming at the mouth how is that Guy Richard Josh Allen is due for a rough game in Philly is Mad Josh Allen will have a bench on Titan game we'll threw three picks as the buffalo bills struggle to me he scores he finished top twenty every single year because of two or three games in this week is that game at Cincinnati Gimme Broncos big huge weekend over Michael Tom five receiver this wake here old targets eight targets from Tannehill last week Corey Davis Dillon with an illness in May not practice all the we should trade Delaney Walker Johnny Smith's our backup tight ends very good anyway don't get me started Titans Greg Yeah I don't think you should count on Delanie Walker in fact I think he's pretty dropped Ah Paulie gardeners last start of the year and you know what he is going to pull out all the stops one last ride for the mustache foes back next week mustache mountaintop as Garner pages this is the week this is the week it happens some totally with you there or at least I hope so come on this is the week come up Matthew Berry says miss this week how's that for big enough oh that's pretty big that's almost as big as Peter now what is that okay over at anyone he's GonNa let it all hang out this week I'll play mad more of a shoe he's got he's got he knows falls come back so what does he have to lose sure that Michael Thomas will outscore nearly every receiver on the week nearly every single one of them there's only one problem with that Michael Thomas has a problem with his Peter seems crazy they sound for Alfred more I think zags enter straight from the Saints Played One Week of the saints and he's now he's a he's a cardinal so he's going you don't you probably delete town because the cartels are coming what I say I say you know I'm seventy two against Berry in the last three weeks but sometimes when you walk over burning coal then you gotta breaststroke Auden taint the score more points than Aj Brown this week you know what you know what that's too easy greg that's too easy Greg Greg up until gametime. Aj Brown could see double digit targets against a very weak buccaneers secondary. He's going foot touchdown Oh yeah I gotta the boat is prediction of my year Dave Montgomery will score more points than Christian McCaffrey this week Yeah Yeah Yup I accept that as because we'll see this week if they can do anything because hammer's coming off a bye and if they can put us some points against Tampa when they were preparing two weeks that that will be a little bit more of a believer in Tannehill word one and that guy is Patrick Peterson Patrick will be shadow him all weekend while Teddy is going to the ball to God four-week that'll that'll be going again Tampa Bay this week man tennis based secondary horrible they are coming up that we're going to see if he can really do I was GonNa say I'm glad you brought brandin cooks because it's almost made him a regretted the week because a half him on a couple of teams are believed in this year but I didn't do that because I was like I don't care the Carolinas coming off a bye they're going on the road to San Francisco to that really nasty front seven we don't we don't know how good San Francisco is but we do know that front said the bristow. Aj Brown top twenty five receiver this week I gotTa Challenge Myself I like that you'll something like that one better than the the era of his ways from posting about it on twitter and unleash David Montgomery on the way yes Mr to carries himself from last week David Montgomery give me I really do I wish somebody would give maybe a fourth-round or form maybe you know the patient go to trade him to the Patriots now just probably competitive reasons but Gardner mints you this week he's correct about that hold your berries barry what's while Vince Young gaffer Miami you call a couple of weeks ago did you win that one I was very close close they both had bad games but the other guys no did anybody know that that's because it's not true but regardless play Walton Live better even just shut people down meanwhile mis- Mister too cute can only coach every other week Matt Nagy will finally would I call my decision to draft him Italy Yeah Mark Walton was actually legally adopted by the owners of Walmart the Walton family did you know that Greg we'll score more points than Mark Walton this week Melvin Gordon Conan's hold out this weekend absolute fail and that's exactly frank doesn't have rain that means he's not in his top fifty so I'm GonNa go. Aj Brown is a top twenty five to the Superdome Oh last week so he doesn't even have to leave tasks they signed him he's just stay there we'll stay there he just moved to the business longer than to us three will score more points than every running back in the league this week every single item number one of them was number one over every single person but you know what chase edmunds saints have a top five run defense in the League there's there's a lot of bad matchups this week for running back and that's why I do feel less liberal deeper to see who has the best matchup name eighty rose at six weeks ago whenever he was having the same problem he only coaches well every other week and this'll be that week David Montgomery Gimme David Montgomery there's little bit worse all right for my last Berry says you want you want it bold and I saved my boldest prediction for the very last one Matthew Berry says that Christian McCaffrey whereas breakout performance of the year this week would you rather play David Montgomery or say David Johnson sits and Chase Edmunds that New Orleans Montgomery Remark Walton over Melvin Gordon Melvin Gordon has had thirty six carries on the season not a single one of them has been longer than seven yards who cafe breakout performance. And that's David Montgomery this week you bring it this week Greg you're bringing it you do real work on Mary says Matthew Berry Says Melvin Gordon Take Okay facing that awful chargers d that's the problem so he has a really good match up the chargers D is pretty beat up that whole team Fox on IRA. The chargers are Loretta who we got I got a heck of a breaststroke Greg who we got knows that somebody I got he does not have AJ Brown I accept that it's both yeah what was Maga- setted Nagy said he's like I'm not an idiot nobody yeah after after the game he says that if he's not an idiot I mean eat it right in the middle of the so much better pleased Trade Melvin Gordon for anything please send them to Tampa send them to Philadelphia wherever please for yeah he's look really bad he looked very slow against the titan size wake that team was doing better before he got back which is headed up back they looked area and sanitary and never be able to use it again despite my reluctance to stab Joe flacco with an eating utensil he is done well done back in the late two two minute drill kissing did play a lot late in that game Johnson had four catches though so not completely used our the colts managed six and a half home against the Broncos I'd stick a fork in Joe flacco but that's assault greg and also John Coates at home at ten points better easily broncos trade of Sanders let's me know that they have given up on the year Duale but yeah he's he's doing nothing with the chargers a lot of people that spent money on tied Johnson and their FAB budgets on the waivers they're pretty upset you said that that you put that out in the the plug man and he may be fine throughout the year he wasn't a great college running back and he's only his first year so I mean we see if I think this week if he comes out and he does you know Edsall they added Paul Perkins to the active roster so now they got three active running bag so I think tied Johnson at least for this week very safely yeah he for this week I'm definitely from the Tennessee titans strew okay just waxed all my titan fanaticism some rate of make this pick as what fifteen or twenty carries the averages nearly four yards a carry it's probably his job don't keep they'll keep it because he's not the passing now back either mckissick will be the third down back and the screen because that's the key that carry on running out really doesn't fit with the Lions Melvin Gordon style does he is he is that they can drain the tackles carry-on needs a little bit more space and rational football fan I will the titans minus two and a half home those the buccaneers we talked about their terrible secondary but the one man any night game but give me the jets plus six at the Jaguars I guess it's possible to love men Shannon and like the jets yeah I could see this game actually being a she got like two yards a carry it's because Sony Michelle isn't good yes falls into the yeah I mean they were they were catching pass down to the one and only Michelle just rushing in or I mean the oldest please yeah so I can see both these teams coming out and actually doing some McNealy yeah I think mentioned has a great week I think Donald comes out in the office has something to prove here the movement on culture going to get him at least ten by at least in the colts defense and a few leagues I feel real good pick them up on season our defense is going to eat him alive now I'm a little worried because a door Jackson our second best corner will not probably not play this week this is the the hidden game of the week we're really going to do well that jets defense is pretty good against the run extra they only Michelle although score touchdowns he only was offense would be fantastic meanwhile I don't if it's so well fitting that Tampa Bay offense is kind of very similar so I wanNA see more that Seattle type of offense and he would be we need to talk about is of course fat Vince Young Yeah Fat Vince Young saw defense are you kidding me we have yet to give up more than twenty points so one of those receivers might get loose a few times but I don't think they score more than twenty I think we get to twenty four twenty six something like that more than enough yeah and if he stays mistake free after a quarter I'm going to get worried F- turn the ball over quickly if I was a titan span we'll get the cowboys jets they're not that deepens not as complex Adam Gates may actually remember to coach the offensive line this week we'll see hopefully but you know the jets plus six at he has a couple of rushing touchdowns sale had what three straight runs from the one yard line. I can't believe the Patriots did that I was sitting there screaming like Tom. Brady's at the jets plus six and my next one Greg Strip for this one okay I got a strip away by childhood leg devotion and Phantom Universe Greg Yeah ty Johnson yeah I I don't believe in for one week because he's been on offense but I wouldn't be surprised they brought us C. J. Anderson just like that Summer I know that my last one I got the panthers plus six at San Fran the Panthers Listen to pat down game in broke we go onto best bits sure I got your three Oh yeah I got one for you right now greg the over fifty one and a half has a lot of points but you know what the Texans little bit but anytime they played a decent team they scored around thirty points a game to beat the minus two and a half spread that I saw that at two two and a half a little bit more a little bit more interesting so two and a half yeah I don't and that was the Rams who foreign three panthers are easily the best defense they face this year think each team has problems scoring so six is a great a couple of well there's there's a lot of really big spreads this week so I may took a couple of them so I and this is going to sound terrible the lurking greg foreign to and coming off of by these are two very similar teams the forty niners have beat one team with a winning record possible that's possible but I think this game I really liked the panthers at four and two so I think if San Francisco gets the job done I might be a believer in San Francisco I think if he went to lions he would tear it up in that Bebel metal net right offense yeah bright absolute It yeah I think if he wants to pick someone who wants to go down go ahead for my next one I'm going to do my weekly over and under because I'm actually doing pretty well over unders in this week you give me Houston Oakland over under fifty one and a half and I'm taking fifty one and a half give me that that's going to be that's going to be a high scoring game on the week I mean thirty four thirty one easily cover that over one of the half I like that a lot hope to Sean Jackson points and that gave me closer than six yeah I do I do agree with that the jags definitely don't low anybody out good called there greg off stripped it bat what's opposite of Strip unclothed applied apply thank you for putting resume all right from last best bet this is why I could not believe Green Bay is getting five points a Kansas City much they're wearing Oakland has also put up some points they put up around twenty points every single game so they've never gotten shut out that Houston is nothing I mean they are not as good as they used to be so look at that twice either way Green Bay Aaron Rodgers is tearing it up right now the the I think when went out Matt Moore put up one Watson has five touchdowns as I definitely see that because yeah there's really no defense it'd be seen on that Field Oakland so that's why Kenny stills pick looks a lot better you know that over under line for me but it wouldn't shock me if the panthers won so I gotTa Take Him plus six six now Emma underestimating San Francisco a little bit okay tyreek Hill so they're not gonNA score points they're running backs are nothing they can't run the ball the Kansas City chiefs the packers defence is much improved the packers are going to win points a lot of points that number may actually cl- bit because people have seen the jets be really bad remember two weeks ago they were actually pretty good when they beat the cowboys so they'll do they'll get to twenty and then I it's it's it's no it's no doubt in my mind that Houston Houston thirty I love all my Darren Waller best ball shares I don't know you never know about James he put up a three interception performance and in lose that game for them I think we're going to know very quickly which you know very quickly usually what J. MR assume that's why they took it off the board I I don't think Matt Moore's going to be half bad in that Andy Reid system I like the packers to win I don't know if I'd be confident to bet that yeah I mean I wanted to believe in the chiefs a little bit more even without mahomes and I don't think there's any way mahomes plane but because he practiced today can patch weekend is take take the family out you know let them know you're still alive on a Sunday might be one of those weekends I mean for me I'm GonNa Watch it no matter what even in every week and what he put up three downs last week Aaron Rodgers six total six total yeah throw it but you were halfway there out doing something or have enough in my phone or something I'm driving and I have a head bone in my left ear listen into like the red zone while we're driving down the what is your what did you set up like on Sundays Houston making my put forty Oakland Oakland this is their fourth road game sorry the last five games they have been on the road thank you this is GonNa be there make or break actually down from my game of the week the only ruined the few games have teams with winning records facing each other this week is nothing jumped off the page that's about the only one the game on TV fantasy tracker IPAD iphone Red Zone Alma Three

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Episode Thirteen: Coach K Goes Crazy, Troubles in Madison, and the Pac-12 Update

Titus & Tate

1:07:24 hr | 9 months ago

Episode Thirteen: Coach K Goes Crazy, Troubles in Madison, and the Pac-12 Update

"We will be covering the story that America cannot get enough of the outburst story in the hour the The man who is in a fragile emotional state Mike chefs trouble in paradise Th the duties are eating their own down there in Durham It is it is been quite a sight to to witness backpedaling. Going on the apology. That's not actually an apology. We're going to be talking about that. We're going to be talking about the sky. Falling in Wisconsin is Constan in Madison Wisconsin in particular All sorts of things going on with that program with the badgered right now also just across the big ten in general Zeev Your Simpson's Simpson suspended. Dj Carton is now out. What's going on with all the stars of the big ten? Nobody wants to stay in the big ten people were trying to leave We're GONNA talk about we're GONNA WE'RE GONNA cover that we're going to do through the PAC twelve update has been chomping at the bit. See that every time with the PAXIL UPDATE I use that same line chomping at the bit because there's no other way to describe chopping. It's a big job because I'm Mike. What am I going to talk about now? We're going to cover that we're going to do a fun. Little segment companyman. We're bringing that one back. We're going to do that at the end. Yeah there's a lot to talk about college basketball if you do not listen to our Kobe Bryant tribute lascaux. You can do that. That was that was what we did. Last show didn't really touch. Didn't touch anything in the world of college basketball so We're we're a little bit behind on stuff we've got to catch up with and cover and we're going to do our best to get to all of it but I what are you doing. uh-huh all right eight is Thursday night here in Los Angeles We are a few days removed as I said at the top up from Doing her Kobe. Bryant show very somber. Show we're the saddest show. We've ever done. I still have lingering lingering feelings towards the whole Kobe Day like I'm still not over process. I was hoping like doing that. Show Would help me get through it and then like you kinda like put that part behind and you like move on with your life. Whatever still really really hard still feels? Fresh still does not feel real. The Kobe Bryant is no longer with us and as those thoughts kept percolating in my mind as the week went on I thought how are we going to do a show. Like how are we going to get back. How do you how do you shift from just the the tragedy tragedy? That was the Kobe. Bryant death and those that perished along with them How do you shift from that to what this show? This show usually is which is just nonsense about college basketball about the World College basketball. What could I? How was that shift going to happen is what I said to myself? And then the Duke Blue Devils played pit and we were gifted the greatest greatest thing ever like. I don't know how to describe it. That the bag man who is responsible for this new age of Duke Basketball All the shift of Microsoft Ski from trying to Emulate Dean Smith. Then he's trying to emulate Bob Knight. Now he's trying to be John Kerry the one. Do we like to call it. Yeah the Bagman of Self Jeff. Capel people brings his team to Durham the Pittsburgh Panthers. The Cameron Crazies are in support of Jeff Capable. Chaining for Jeff Capable. They're saying you are one of us. Sit with us you coach. GATOR loses his mind. Because he's a senile old man who has no idea what's going on and the fallout from this is it was tailor other made for this show taste. So we're back. It's good to be back and it is good to be back because coach K.. Losing his mind is something that they're they're like four pillars about the show. There's some that you can really point to is like this. Is something that we are about whether it be the FBI or coach K.. Or Kevin stallings or just basketball four pillars. And this maybe Patino maybe Patino no but that might be in the class who knows how many pillars there are but we'll figure it out but regardless coach K.. Losing his mind win the Cameron crazies. Were confused fused. Why he's losing their mind? This moment in time in a referee actually being coach K.. Side being his hold me back guy which is just almost two fitting to really even imagine because uses coach K.? Going after an official time is going after his own fans and you said he didn't say sorry and wanted to reiterate that he did not say sorry sorry he just wanted to make amends he he sorry but he I mean he did the Patino. He's like I. I'm sorry but I'm not he. He literally said. I apologized to the students for for that. But I don't apologize for the time like he went on this whole press conference His answering the press conference was hysterical. Let's get to it. I want I want to read the whole thing because it is hilarious and I typed it all out. I don't know if I made a mistake on that but I've never heard another coach's name yelled out in the middle of the first half when weren't a war with the team. Yes it is. It is war. Nineteen Year olds. Playing a sport for free is definitely worth. I thought it was something personal because I've never heard. And then he stopped she goes. I apologized to the students. I don't apologize for the time you shouldn't say that in the middle of the first half of an ACC game. This isn't some cutesy little thing where you know we can just bounce a ball around and you know giggle giggle. We've got some cuts fired. We've got the fight. We have to have people that are adamant about it and so once I heard his name again. I'm not going to say and he raises his hands as well. You please please tell me exactly what you're doing so it is a mistake on my part but I'd rather make the mistake and protection of my takes a pause my guy and then I just and then I went just just at the end of the half and said look. He's our guy you know. He's our guy so I apologize but let's think of a different cheer. You leave the guy alone so basically. I'm sorry that Eh Classic Classic Patino Move Classic Dislike Any coaching college. Basketball basically yes. I'm really really sorry. I'm not sure what I'm sorry for but you guys. I seem to want an apology seemed to be upset. Sorry you're upset. He's upset you are. It's very funny like as I drive around L. A.. You know the billboards always see the billboards were bill. Maher show is coming back and it. Sorry not sorry. That is the slogan and every time I see that it just looks like the Quintessential College basketball coach. Got The hair slicked back. And it's sorry not sorry. I mean we did it. It's it's your fault you changed something. I'm mad about it. I freaked out. I told you shut up. It's not even that I think what's getting. That's what he was yelling. It was terrifying. It's not getting almost what's getting lost because it's definitely not people on the Internet or dragon and I and rightfully so what is getting lost in translation to coach K.. Too many times can coach get dragged. Whether it'd be Dylan for us whether it be indefinitely I mean like just recently you. You know. There's been over the problem that he doesn't seem to understand is I don't think people really I mean. How old is he eighty nine now? One hundred twelve. Who knows how coach arrange it it? It's defensible that he doesn't understand what the students chanted and he's upset about it. Yes so that is not even necessarily what people are mad about that. You were yelling at your own students. It's even though they were. You guys are all line. You're just I. I don't know what that was about but no one's really mad about that. Were made that. You've lost your mind and come beating your literally beating his chest chest like Matthew McCartney losing his mind one of us and they were saying yes he is every single one of those kids with them because he's one of us every single one of those kids like I have no idea what's going on but I'm terrified for my life and then even then like he can't apologize like someone clearly had to tell them what was going on because like he knows his apology. He's made clear he kinda knows what was going on. which which is that that they didn't mean anything bad by at all and even then all you have to do is be like listen guys? I'm an idiot. I thought I thought they were chaining bad things about him so I tried to defend him And I was wrong. And that's it and then the story goes away instead. This isn't some cutesy little thing where we bounce a ball on giggle. What the hell does that even mean? He still stands by like I still think I'd do the right thing. In fact not only did I not do the wrong thing I was. I was just protecting my guy and and you should be applauded me for what I did. And then today the story comes out that he apologizes quote unquote. Who knows if he's actually apologizing? Sued the Cama Emma crazies by saying he was in a fragile emotional state because of the passing of Kobe Bryant. So everyone just lay off of his back He Kobe Bryant like seven games and and won two gold medals with them and for that reason him and Kobe were super tight. And he's just like he was yes he also went on to say. Basically there were about fifty students at sit in a line intense and they lineup for an important game against North Carolina every year. And it's chess COUGVILLE and they build it all out and they had these things go headline monitors and I think like they like basically they're like If you think of Your Hall Monitor Think about of your home honor. You know what I mean. Think about that so coach K.. went to one of those line monitors and said I want you to go gather up all those people freezing out in tents bring them into the media uh room and then I'm going to have a thirty minute just speech. Probably you know threats in breakdown how to cheer so he basically brings in the rescue bill fans they all sit down and coach K.. Shows them how to cheer proper leave plays clips of good cheering from assessable fans. Like let's go do all the classics I'm sure and improbably some old school ones that he loves. Jr can't read or whatever else he has to play and he's like this is how this is. How doing this is Duke Basketball? He's yelling at them. They're getting eating up getting fired up. That's not true. Because he said in his quote he says let's think of a different cheer. You leave the other guy loan so when Carolina plays in Cameron you look for. Yeah look for coach K.. To do the same thing when all the fans are chanting against North Carolina Coach K.. Is definitely going to say stop doing that. He's one hundred percent going to do that. Is is not a Hickory. He's gotTa do you. Think he's a hypocrite because he would be a hypocrite if they start chaining chance against Carolina and he doesn't say anything he's a hypocrite. Yes and we all know he's not. He's a leader of men. Dan Yes he's the prime example of what a college basketball coach should be. So you don't have to worry about that. This is the first time that we've seen the deviation between being the crazies and the crazy and it's and it's coach k. and it's the crazies and they're always in conjunction. They're they're like together. It's a beautiful dance between the two with them they're always seemingly on the same page in this first time coach K.. turned the page and said sit with us. disrespected to capable and apparently he was pointing to that used. Used to be mean. You know back in the day Jeff Capable and people would boo when he would come into games and coach K.. Didn't like that and ensure it probably happened. I pulled up a few articles that said it. Did he also hit one of the biggest shots. Even though they lost that game in overtime people remember him hitting the the half court shot and they show that every do Carolina game so cables head is good moments. They ask capable after the gambler aimed like crazy. She's like not at all. Yeah he's like he was like I understand. That code is upset about it but I got Zion. Winston come to do all right mic address. That's why they love. That's why the crazy one of us and the reason they want him. Threes crazies won't capable to go sit with them as they want him to leave his bag. I I bring the bag. Jeff Breeding the student section and. Leave it coach K.. Is Logan Roy. I think you know I. That's that's all I can think because I'm I'm looking at this cable has to be like what the hell is that like. Why why is he loses by Shire has to be on the bench? I think everyone. WHO's an understudy of coach K.? Is like looking at each other like this man is losing his mind. What do we do but at the same time? He is the tighten the the guy that cannot be defeated. What does Dr Evil? Always succeed number. Two Coach K.. Has No number two. You know what I mean. There's no guy that he can really point to and in fact his number two is coaching at Pitt. So he that's why he's he's saying he's one of us he wants to stay in good favor with Jeff cable for when the pit thing Jeff Cable knows where the bodies are buried. Yeah we got to be nice but do you think that all the all the people that her all k's disciples you think they all behind closed doors. When K goes in and go to sleep in his coffin it is? Do you think all those all of this IPAD. Do all of his disciples are calling each other being like this man has lost his mind. Who is Judas Judas? He's Grayson Allen when he comes back to be on staff in about three years. That's GONNA be. That's one coach K.. Will finally like that'll be the end of the lease but until then this is actually a great moment. This sparked coach K.. All we want is the fire higher. That's fire that means LID. I I still think that he's he said it last year when they were Uh when he was he he did the worst coach his career with design team zone. Just please out switch everything and you guys figured out off. That was fast across uh-huh that I think I said that he has entered the Joe Paterno stage of his career where he's just sitting there trying all the balls out trying not to piss his pants as he's sitting sitting there and that's really really What's going on? And he's looking at his assistance. Like up down. I think he's reached that point of his career. And I just want him to retire. Please retire they never. You're the greatest coach. I want to say something Nice about you. You are the greatest college basketball coach of all time. You are better than John would. I will defend anyone who wants wants to argue with me on. That show is the greatest coach of all time. I could not defend like the last three or four years of my. I cannot defend it. The hypocrisy is through the roof. He his whatever aura there was about him is turning into a punchline very rapidly it always has been for ut but those of us who are neutral fans It's very. It's very quickly klay turning into a punchline this is this is just another on on top of that song it hang it up the pro acting. Is that eventually. You break you now and with coach K.. Like you just said he has been acting as the one and done cool guy that is all about the NBA in those guys for quite a while now since about twenty ten But a decade a decade of keeping up an act and he finally cracked. And what I WANNA know is what he thought they said. No and this is why journalism I think is falling apart because if you're in that room and your journalists and he's like I thought they said something else the next Charlie rose's in there and not you know like let's say thirty years ago he would have said what would you say and no one else asked that question. Because they're just like oh he got confused as whatever but I don't know what could have really made him with US involved. You know I understand what could have set him off like that but obviously there's something behind the scenes with him in Cape or he's like they will never ever. It's part of the deal. I sold you capel. Who knows where the where the bodies are very defense? Did you read the last offensive. Yeah the Kobe think no no no no no no no. That was the Kobe defense. This is the tissue defense and I'll read it out. Mike said that he drops a tissue on the floor sometimes before practice every couple years and if he sees if anybody picks it up and if nobody picks sort of then he will host a team meeting and say why did we not pick this up Chitty. Starting he's like this is my floor. This is our floor stop it. This is the defense and coach K.. Is Basically saying that a tissue was dropped on the floor by having this Berge. Are you on Carolina's Carolina. Is that your sources tissue defense from Mike Ski. This is what he is saying. The the the moment being in that building being on that floor what it means to him. It means that even having SPEC like tissue on the floor should be picked up for the respect that you have for his court. This is my Mike or is this is my floor it period. This is our floor period and I think what the craziest guys lower floors your floors for God that this is his floor in and this is therefore and they thought it was their floor and not his floor and therefore there Laurie must acquit. Why was he paying attention to what the crazies were saying? Anyway that's the other part is like our coach. It also goes to show that he's always listening to what they're saying. Yes that's about is that now. He plays it. He didn't see that I didn't see that silences. Jr can't read. I didn't see that you did. The the Kobe thing is is honestly the offensive. Like that's what a horrible that. Of course you're distraught. That's fine but you don't WanNa mature man does and I can't believe this to a guy again. He was like one hundred and thirty years. Old Immature person is like like you. Keep that internalized. Even if Kobe was the reason you don't blame it on. You know when you're mentoring literally all you have to say is I thought I heard something else. I misunderstood what happened. That was a huge mistake. On my part. I'm so. Sorry to the Cameron crazies. And all the fans I appreciate take that. They support our former players and coaches. That's one of the great things I love about. Duke University is once you're in the Brotherhood you're in the Brotherhood for life. And I. It made the mistake this time but it really really John shires right yes all right. Let's give him for God's sakes like do I got to be the PR guy. Like what the hell. It's so obvious what you're supposed to say instead. He's like he's like I don't want to blame everything on Kobe. Like used to buy his fugate from. He's like I don't Wanna I don't WanNA blame it all nine eleven but it certainly didn't help matters like what any became the Professor Karma. No or he's like. How do I reach these kids? I do not know how to get to these kids. They don't understand escaped into the thirty minutes seminar. He gave the crazies. Because I feel like all the crazies deserve that not just the fifty that was. ESPN plus has the rights to that. They're gonNA air that as a four part documentary next summer. It's going to be cavers crazy. This is how to cheer coach. Eski it's It's like night school and when he goes beyond. ESPN they had all the walk ons trying out for Texas Tech. Yeah they're gonNA do that except it's like people learn how to be a camera crazy and coach coaching. It's like a twelve twelve part series. Shut up shut up perfect. Well look coach got us thank you good Big Win over pit though K.. So things are going well and Luke as we know One place that things are not going well is we have to talk about what's happened in Madison Wisconsin this week. Do you WANNA start with with Brad Davis in frenzy. Is he still a friend of the pro. We have to start there he is. He is a friend of the program. Okay I guess yeah. We can't turn our backs on him. No punched counter. Did you punch him. Did he kind kind of give them a light tap that he w- what are we calling my whole thing with this if you're going to nut punch and this is why I respect Chris Paul if you're going to doug bunch own it do who it claim why he did it or don't just just like let it be known the Yes. I don't have facet what I would do if I was Brad. I blame it on Kobe. I would say out the distraught and like slow motion is going to hurt a lot of guys that that played this way for Brad. Feel bad about that. So are we supposed to defend bread because bread We're not GONNA defend if you're new to the program Brad Brad Davison when he took five charges against NC state last year we had him on our show I it was I would say it was a great interview. View is funny interview because Brad was serious. He told us that he he gets his haircut by passersby appear he wanted me over. I was like this guy is all American kid This summer I go fishing a lot. I'm tagging Brad and pictures Challenging him fish thing we we have something setup he just doesn't know yet that AH next summer. I'm going to Madison and I'm going to fish with Brad and we're going to have a fish off with him and Mike Potter and the rest of the boys see at Brad is a friend of the program but this is indefensible. People who can't punch guys in the balls and especially he has a track record. He's dirty player. We all know this. I'm not mad. I'm just disappointed. That's what I'm GonNa say if Brad headed Dude Jersey on how much more coverage does this get. That's really the question because obviously is doing these things. And he's getting away with it. Because he's with Wisconsin you know they're they're gonNA take these charges and play this certain way and Brad Brad. We all Donahue Brad is but if you were at another school that was more you know hated. Guess you could say I will say we'll be taking it to him. I can't tell if I'm joking. I honestly can't tell if this chick I gotta hear it out of my mouth. I got to see what people think. I'm going to do the move. Where like I put the thought out there? And then based on how people react I decided joking. Not People get really mad at me. I'm really I was just joking. Yes this is a joke because I see people liking this to Grayson Allen tripping people and that whole saga with the grace announces. Nothing like that. You don't think it's anything like that. I don't think it's anything anything like that. 'cause everyone's saying it's worse and to a certain extent it is because Grayson Allen Grayson is good enough all racing good enough not to do those things that's true. That's the difference Grayson reason could be a superstar but grace's wasting his time doing these things. Brad Davidson is not turning point. I was GONNA make was bred. Breads stuff I I really think. Brad's mind he is just like not necessarily play. I don't think he thinks he's playing dirty but he is. I think what he thinks is that he's just like getting these competitive advantages. He's like you guys talk about John Stockton and how he'd like hold jerseys when guys are trying to cut like do all these little things and almost gets romanticized when you have a guy who as you said is not as good of a player like finds these little tricks to do whatever so I think Brad Davison in his mind he thinks that curling around a screen a good way to do that as grab a guys leg and then you're like well if I'm GonNa grab I was like is world is hit him in the balls and right before I do. He starts doing stuff like that. All of his dirty plays happened within the flow of a game. where I feel like he is trying to whereas Grayson Lake Lake? That's not a natural move to dislike trip guy. I'm not defending brand at all. I'm just trying to find like a caveat is that Grayson was good enough not to do it. Brad is not. Yeah Yeah yes we know what it means to do the little things so he suspended one game against Michigan State. I think he should be suspended. I think Yeah he's got a record. What else is there to say? I think people expect us to to rip the Guy Apart again. He was nice to me and I want to go fishing with them. I want I want him to teach me how to catch fish again heading today. What do we really need to do as far as ripping these kids? I mean. There's nothing that I've seen look sadder than just watching pack on the court. We don't need to be ripping we're going to be having a rough time. Well you know what you should do is if you want to defend Brad Davison just Just do the thing where he's not to say he's not getting paid so you can do it every once. And that's that's the move in which I guess. We could transition into the Kobe. King part of this with the Wisconsin thing because Gobi king who is Wisconsin's second leading score. He's leading score in big ten games. just decides right before the start of February right right at the end of January he decides he for a team that is solidly in the NCA tournament. Right now. A team team that is sort of really lost. Three or four needs needs some sort of leadership to get back on track all that kind of stuff decided to just up and quit and eh it has people in a frenzy the boomers quote unquote of the Internet are losing their mind this kid quitting on his team the cool kids of the internet or like hey man he's not getting paid let him do whatever he wants and I think that's what Brad Davis Institute he should lean on that partly because I if you say I'm not getting paid. I should be able to do whatever I want. Then everyone on twitter. That's a great point he brings up a creep. Wouldn't it be smart if you're you know how to come down and you know you're about to get Sanctions Games will take Louisville. Did Not Take the penalty themselves. They'll self imposed the penalty. If I was Brad I would've self-imposed the one game bank to lose Michigan State. We have an excuse for losing the Michigan State. I look like the good guy. I'm aware of my mistake. And then we move on. Yeah that would've been great. Host is imposing coby King self-imposed the fact that you wanna leave leave and transfer. It is bizarre with the Kobe. King we we. We gotta talk about this a little bit because the sky as I said it's fallen in Madison. Everyone is calling for the head. It started with the show. Walter tweet right. That was the one that well first of all coastal coby king breaks us on Instagram. He says after he puts his long post on instagram. He has since deleted his entire instagram. As of this recording yea deleted his account and I even just like the leaders account as he deleted as of this recording. Maybe reactivated it since since we've recorded this. But after spending it almost three years and the Wisconsin Program. I realized that this program is not the right fit for me as a player in person was part of the thing so I don't know what the Hell's going on I don't want to rip him too much because he's like you don't have to tonight right before we started recording. TJ Carton stepping away from the house deep program for mental health reasons and obviously. That's not something like I'm going to stay Phantom House. I would much rather carton as much as much as I want to win basketball games. I would much rather DJ carton place So I don't but I don't get get the feeling that that's what's going on with. Kobe came because he explicitly says like this. Just isn't the right program for me. I think it is just a case of him. Like over Wisconsin. I gotTa get the hell out of here. I thought I was going to play an MBA eh not on track to play in the NBA. And it's weird to me. How many people are defending him? Because they're saying the kid is doing what's best for him and I don't think anybody who it has a problem with it is is saying he can't he doesn't have the right to do. What's best for him? Because I think like no one saying he shouldn't be able to do this. You should be allowed to do. You should be allowed allowed to leave the team whenever you want. But at the same time. I don't think it's unfair. If you're kind of pissed off and say and like the kid just on team like I don't think Andy Katz went nuts on victim never gonna be. I saw that no I did not. Oh He wa- he went not cause. Any cats went to Wisconsin and the theory. Is that like someone. One of the coaches got his ear. And then just like say all this and then. He's like the perfect got it but then people were like kind of attack any cats. 'cause they're like let it's always a bad look. WanNa middle. Aged man is ripping a kid. Who's playing for free and just trying to do make the best decision for him and I agree with all that but like I don't know man is a guy that that played college basketball a guy that was in the locker rooms like I? I don't I don't know how you defend that really. I mean if that's what it is if that's if Kobe king is just leaving because he's like I've had enough and I'm leaving when when you're on an NCAA tournament team because this is kind of unprecedented eight NCAA tournament team second leading score. Like he's getting ready over again every unit into himself. Yeah Yeah which Brand Davies should have been should fit the through line that we just found out and this is. This is what coach K.. May Be Right. You're not arguing about the Act Act. Yeah you're arguing about the timing. The time is yes there you go the timing. Yeah so it's the timing not the act. It's the timing so not at halftime at the end of the game. You can say sit with us. I think think Kobe but then on the other side I mean I don't. I'm really torn on this because then I see the point to like. Do you really want Kobe. King stick around on this team if he's hitting every second he's there and he hates his teammates and he hates his coach and all that is that really what you want. You want him there. I guess not. I guess you want off the team right. It's just weird. I just like I. I find the reaction to it really weird especially I think. That's the part that I just find fascinating whenever these things happen because the players aren't get paid in that is on the forefront of everyone's minds lanes with the NCAA anything to do with. It's not on the players minds. It is thinking about all the time but anytime any player anything like it. We've got to appoint literally nearly anything anytime a player. That's literally power balance is now where it used to be speaking skills. Twenty four seven th the the players I can do whatever they want coming about. Student athletes you don't mean it depends on the attitude yeah So it it's it. I don't know it's a fascinating story but the to the larger point beyond what Kobe King ends up doing. Great Guard is does not seem long for this world. If you'd ask Wisconsin not not long for this his job. I guess I should say a little dramatic description Wisconsin fans are calling for his head though and and this is a AH. Kobe king is a kid from Wisconsin. As you said you brought up the show water tweet. Shall we go through that yes please. Zexu Walter. Who if you don't know he is discount? Double check he he was that moment Twenty Sixteen Twenty fifteen. Oh boy that was against Florida right. Yeah Yeah but then Florida hit. Yeah Yeah so sure celebration. If we all remember that so Walter tweets someplace for the name on the back of the Jersey. Some place for the name on which because Wisconsin does not have names on the back of the Jersey so exactly so. I think that might be the problem. That's the problem you. Hey just Niki in the back of my Jersey I will get drafted. It'd be hilarious if you had to get Colorado. That'd be hilarious that there was a team where like one guy got his name on the that. That should be an idea. Here's an idea for a brand for college basketball. Only allow one guy for whoever liked to the guy who's playing the hardest practice or whatever that's the honors. You gotTa wear your name on the back of schools. That don't have names on the bed and everyone else gets no name on on the baggage and you had to play hard in practice you earn it and that every every every before every game. The coach presented this week bread. David Brad Davis says Kobe gigs bad. Every week he's like Okay Brad. He's diving and breakfast. One shoulder tweets that and then who gems into tell the people a hero the hero unlike any other that we've seen in quite some time a guy that probably could be considered a rookie of the year candidate in the NBA. In a guy that goes by the name of Tyler Hero Ak Raft Tyler. And he comes back and he's busy like no one wants to play in that crappy system. That's why no one wants to stay in Wisconsin and Zach. Walters like yeah fair point. Yeah Tyler Hero. Who is from walkie had originally competitive Wisconsin before changes mind going to Kentucky then became the focal point of Kentucky's offense basically and went the NBA is now killing? It even said in there. I I love this exchange shoulder says but I always knew. You're a killer. I just really wanted you to come to Wisconsin. No no I says I admit I was one hundred percent wrong about you. Your killer but I always knew. You're a killer. I just really wanted to come to Wisconsin. Which showalter Pick Elaine here? You can't say I one hundred percent wrong about you. I always knew you're a killer killer contradicts contradictions but then hero says appreciate you. But I'd still be at Wisconsin as. Yeah Yeah we all know Calbury win. That room with him was like Tyler. Do you want to play Wisconsin. Three years no okay. We'll get that and Yes so so. There's that going on. The Wisconsin fans are upset. Because it's basically you have tyler hero as I said from Milwaukee you have Kobe. King King from Lacrosse Wisconsin other guys. That are instinct kids that are basically saying I want nothing to do with this style of this program this this old school basketball where. We're guys like Brad Davis Center exalted. That's not me. I'm out in Wisconsin. People are rightfully upset. So what's going to happen to Gregor. That's what everyone wants. No but what if Greg Guard represents the old guard which is what Wisconsin fans really want. which is the old guard and if they lead into then so? This is what Wisconsin basketball is. This is who we we are sort of like wouldn't Nebraska did with football or like and then leading into the two thousand which is not worked out. Well you don't want to do that but I could see greg guard convincing these guys especially if you casting that Kobe king is the problem. Greg Guard is not the problem. Wisconsin basketball another problem because again in the World College basketball. It's all about who has the best finger-pointing the thing to say at the right time and coach K. has not been able to finger point. Have the right thing to say in quite some time and he used to always have three things right and that's why we always thought he was. You know this mastermind this exalted person. Who Don't top of the pyramid? But now he's Kinda cracking Greg Guard. He's smart enough to get behind the scenes and play the media card to say. This is a Kobe King. Being problem. Not a Wisconsin basketball problem even though you and I sit here. We'll say something's going on there because we've heard this rumbling executive that way we've heard rumblings of Discontent within with players players within the Wisconsin We we've had. DM's sent to us. We'll put it out from Greg Guards from cards so yeah. I think there was a certain culture that Bo Ryan had. There's a certain color guard. And even though Greg Guard was a boron guy they they run things very very differently from what I've been told and yeah and I don't know it. It's it's GonNa be interesting to see what happens because if you if you ask them discounted fans it's time to move on but Greg Guard. I don't know I don't really feel like it's like I said they're you're GonNa make the tournament like they have a they have a team. They're they're not bad at I don't know I don't know what I'm trying to say I'm trying I'm trying to figure it all out because because like I don't think I don't think Greg Greg if you look at it from a standpoint of wins and losses like Greg Guard is not it's not like you definitely have to fire the guy but at the same time it it does feel like it's slipping away from a little bit so I'm not seeing what should happen. I'm just saying it's fascinating and I'm curious to eleven. There was also the Tye Strickland tweet. who was in the same class as tower our hero and he said what's done the dark always comes to light And there was a whole other layer. All these people were running with all these ideas because that class I guess he's twenty eighteen class right. How here so I guess? He was the biggest one class at a couple of other guys that were committed and they all kind of like fell apart when hero left and so a lot of Wisconsin people were blaming tyler hero for that. So there's a lot of layers. Here is just in the Wisconsin recruiting world. But you know apparently related back to guard the night for gun. This show. Walter responded when he de committed to Wisconsin when just said what are you doing. showalter's what he and so like there's a lot of layers of this story now for showalter even to be like. Oh you actually actually wear right. Let's even more daming. I think it's it's but but can you fire a guy for that you know what I'm saying. PR BATTLE WHO's in charge leading. The inmates run the asylum them so to speak If if you let people that like you know or Greg Gardner Guy and if you identify measure guy and people don't like him well is it a thing of like find find kids that will fit into that mold or do you find a new mold. I don't know it's fascinating because I I I'm glad I don't have to make also interesting. Because the transfer portal roll the transfer of Puerto itself right like basically is opened the door guys being able to make these decisions without consultation and there used to be like. We've so you have the shirt on right now given blue chips like you have a problem. You got to go talk it out. At least I get on my computer. I'll log into my instability DOT COM account. And I'll I put it on the portal. Guess WHO's calling me. Please he's GonNa Notre Dame you remember Southam ever heard of Mayor Pete come south always dude. I wish I was hungry. I wish I was. I wish they had the portal when I was at oh ooh that'd be entered the portal left. And right it'd just be it'd be living in the Puerto constantly that'd be hanging on the portal threatening that at practice not not like all right. Mark time for drills. Where did you to guard Evan? Turner one on one vulgar bitch beater the the mortal. How's he doing that? He's GonNa Hotspot he's got to figure it out. Oh man well poor Wisconsin Poor Greg Guard. It feels like sums gonNA come out what they should they should remind should fire. Greg Guard should hire Tony. Bennett from Wisconsin. He we we we need to hear about. Tonia say about this marquette is a it is Kinda Funny Tony Bennett is better at producing NBA players. And Greg Art which is fine because the knock-on Greg Guard is the system the Diet whatever. What have you and Tony Bennett as if you ask a neutral fan as the most boring worst brand of basketball in the world yet he just produced three NBA players and Malcolm Ross? Damn it wasn't necessarily all stars in the NBA NBA players lottery pig. It's pretty funny. 'cause yeah that's fine but Wisconsin all right. They'll figure it out it's time okay. Let's get get to the pixel of updates eight. We did it. We made it we year again. We're on the West Coast and we watch a lot of west coast basketball especially together now because we're coming to the Fox sports studios and night's Monday nights it's Thursday nights we're watching on these games together so we get a lot of basketball and this has nothing to do with basketball. This is the first star of the update the PAC twelve in red box. That's right America. Red Box have announced a major multi year partnership the DVD things as a woman has a three hundred eighty six million kiosks. And I'M NOT GONNA GONNA Factor Basketball Games on DVD. Which is the question? which is the question because to me? I hear that and I say to myself I I go to pack twelve And then I just just go to. The News. Rates are always see like press releases for the PAC twelve so I always try to see what the car literally Google Pac twelve and then I just go to news and then I read all the news updates on the PAC twelve This is part of my day that I I have to spend doing because again Carolina loss. Ohio twenty five points. This is what I have to do. anyways they've started this partnership and in the announcement all it does is basically say that red box has all these kiosks red boxes done all these amazing things. People Love Red Box then it comes back to PAC twelve conference champions great things about PAC twelve names all the other people of the pact. What worked with Coca Cola? All these bigger brands but doesn't say anything about the activation of this process. Other than the fact that red box in the back of a partner together which I think is assigned and the data. You know what they want to do with this partnership but you and I can figure it out which is we need. PAC twelve just hits every red box. You know what I mean. It's like do I. Don't watch Ford Verse Ferrario I do. I don't watch the two thousand eight UTAH. Ucla basketball game. PAC twelve classes classics. Red Boxes that I think it is. I think it's like remember when take the CD-ROM to download a program yeah yeah AOL disc and you put a computer. You buy like Microsoft Office on the disk. I think it's that's how you get packed called network. I think you'RE GONNA get a red box by one of those disk loaded into your DVD player dating system green bar five days later it's updated but you lost Internet in the middle of it so it all deleted itself I tell you subscribe to PAC twelve network. That's how it works perfect. I read box while that's happening. Pink List Rimi Martin We all know Remi Martin The drink but also remark the player he plays for Arizona State. He opened the package repacked. Twelve players you know yes. Yes one of my favorites. He's he opened the PAC twelve Was Six twenty point Game Street right first player to do. This is nineteen ninety six ninety seven there was three three or four guys so I don't WanNA listen them on. You know no one knows but anyways he was the first guy do that film that interesting and then Kyle Smith coach of Washington State cougars. They're having a great year under the radar they beat Arizona State and held Remy Martin to twelve points last night. Kiki keeping him from getting his seven straight twenty point game. Wow so congratulations. Nations cal Smith and the Washington State cougars and they came back against Arizona and I think they're the sleeper team in the Arizona. State Washington state Washington state Washington State Arizona State Arizona State to Washington State to house Smith and they ended Martin Street which makes me think. They're my sleeper team Washington State Cougar Klay Thompson Jersey. That the retirement. They have been winning coach K.. Gave a speech at the exactly undefeated since then. So that's That's the update every Martin leading to that. USC USC is one of four major conference team with five or more to road victories. The other three Baylor Kansas Seton Hall wow so USA. They're losing right now. Currently they're playing right now right now. They are playing sir. Nobody cares no. Here's they're playing. They're losing also packed with update. Let's just talk about bill. POLIAN UTAH PLAY UTAH. They're playing you you you you Richard and we'll talk about Utah At some point because they are a pack twelve team as well Bill Walton was on the broadcast tonight. We were watching the Washington. Jesus Christ it. They weren't playing their choir. Zona was playing Arizona. Arizona needed a road win Bill Walton in this know that matters. None of that matters. No matter still won't in this game opens opens it up. He basically says cats and dogs are searching for the Evergreen Future evalu- sacrificing discipline as cats and dogs are looking at wildcats vs huskies. This is the opening of this which will be great He he also continues to go on conference champions. He says it's all on the line tonight. And I wanted to know how many times has been all on the line in Bill One's John's mind in the Conference of Champions so figure that reminds me of my new thing I do when I watch ballgames people hate me for it but Whenever whenever kids try this one at home whenever there's like a close game and it's in the fourth quarter and they're like five minutes left and and it's third or fourth down just if if you're watching with a group of friends and it's silent just say this is for the game right here? Just say that I love. I love to see how many times I can say that again. I think this place. Take it out this this place for the game right here. Third seven down by six counterplay. This is for the. That's the game. That's why I noticed that do that. They'll say this is for the game and then it is for all the marbles in the team gets the ball back then like okay. This one's really for the game and then they caught and then and then it's really for the okay now. This time it's purely for the working poor you cried wolf but The boy do that. Yeah try or if you're how the Super Bowl this is the game right here will do it forty nine times or any PAC twelve game We did see that we also have the point of that Washington. This is my last point for update. Washington is in last place. Why the entire conference yes? They're in last place in the PAC twelve and they lost at home tonight against Arizona the Arizona Oh my God handed that was gave it away. That was brutal. Shown Forum is a lot of people were like. You know if you're a middle aged man. Don't call on television. He's like that was embarrassed. Here's a dribble the ball of the floor. What a loser? Jesus Christ back up. They Washington in last place. Bring the ball. I had I had a couple of notes for please number one. The Research Department here at Fox Nine I had them look at the stat because I was curious and they went to great likes to do it so I keep saying one guy. It's one guy that's the research department and I told him I would. I would say I told him I would say the a stat on air so I gotta do. This is the first time well last week is the first time because we have the same top four as last week in eight people the first time since two two thousand to two thousand and three the top four teams were west of the Mississippi River. The preseason poll twelve hour the preseason poll of of. I'm laughing because you just packed. Power Zero teams back to the West Coast. uh-huh read the preseason poll in the auto three season Arizona was one Kansas to Oklahoma's three in Texas was for that was the last time and we had for west of PAC twelve hour another perfect while teams speech. Sandiego state is one of those teams therefore You might remember tate. I had the game at new. Mexico circled as possible. Just because like I've heard about the pit New Mexico apparently has one of the best arenas and supposedly gets loud out but then the story comes out that John Lisle former Ohio State Guy Guy who I thought could have one big ten player of the year eventually has now at New Mexico. Jeff Goodman puts out a tweet John. Lyle did not go on a road trip with New Mexico. Instead hosted a party in Albuquerque where someone ended up getting shot. And you're just like I'm sorry what could we dissect which has happened there so anyway I had A. I had a circle to New Mexico. Maybe the crowd gets crazy. Maybe Road Games aims and are always tough. San Diego state jumped out to a seventeen lead and now twenty two now and bloom out. I think I think they're going to do it. I was looking at this looking ahead of the schedule. We have two two games that I now have circled or at Boise state and then. The finale at Nevada Boise state game is February. Sixteenth Boise State is number eighty nine on Kim Palm. They're going to be fine right. Like I mean Rogaine has to be a rogue and there's no way they're losing a home. They play Saturday. Knock on wood. Please Saturday they play Utah State. WHO's the second best team you probably? In the mountain west they already took care of business at Logan Logan. Utah things where Utah Status They already beat Utah. State and Logan. So you know you you would. You would think that they'll take care of business. Boise State Nevada. Now this is what the final two those are the final two. Those are the two that like I think. Think very funny because let me think about was remember that year boys you say it was like going to be number one in the country in football and then they played at Nevada and their quarterback was Colin Kaepernick and Nevada. Be Boise Boise. State field goal at the end. Yes and that was the reason that boys day didn't get to go to the BCS game and everyone was kind of like. Oh my God they blew it. I kind of feel like that's what's going to happen. Nevada go state. Yeah it's going to be Nevada or Boise state we one of those teams and it's going to be a game where you know. We're kind of like I guess it makes sense. They finally would lose but also interesting. We saw that they were going to be the number one seed in the West so Gonzaga it'd be the in the east. That will never happen right. I I I don't see that happening. Gonzaga has neighboring the Blueblood they're gonNA get at the bluebirds railway. There's no way I don't think there's any way the incident stop doing that. That was the only go Steve. Are you ready to start. Taking a Malachi. Flynn seriously as national national player of the year. Sure what he's he's averaging sixteen and a half five assists per game one thing. Put them in the list because what. Yeah they're undefeated. I think in my mind the the reason I haven't been mentioned in it. I didn't want it to be a thing where we're throwing him in the conversation because his team's undefeated because then the moment he starts losing all right get them get them the hell out of here but now I feel like he's playing so well and San Diego states playing great defense You know how much I love teams that play defense and have guard. That can get buckets. He's he's playing so well now that like I really do think could lose a couple of games and he would still be an all American right or at least a second team all the name. That's sort of the play away with this. Like pain. Pritchard right now is getting the notoriety because of the name recognition. We've seen him before. He's made the final four. He was younger then but now he's you know older older and Oregon basketball. Yeah people know who he is but I have to ask you about a team. This is it would be done with the pack of update. Can we bought up or do we need more practical. I had a couple there notes later. No let's let's get to them because I have a note about team that we will fuck it. Let's just get into it now because quickly This east of the Mississippi so it just get it get on a plane real quick and go back east of the city. This is just something I want to throw out. Because this is the gamesmanship once San Diego State to play and this is why it matters what Dayton is doing is genius which is is it's basically. Let's tease it out. As long as we can And then let's not do it. which is basically? Let's be team. That's all they might lose today. Let's watch watches Richmond game. Let's keep an eye on date you get all of America eyeballs saying every single throw the TV on lose lose upset alert capitalism upset alert. Because that's the only way to get eyeballs don't hasn't European he's like not yet or watch not yet. Okay now now. Oh obe- now crooked goes back crosses up throws up top dunks it. It's like Oh they got it and I think the grandkids real really Every time I'm watching I get some alert on my phone because I subscribed Dayton alerts and I'm like I love whatever I give my alert and it's like watch out here comes uh-huh Duquesne and I'm like. Oh what do canes involve pull my phone out and all of a sudden they look amazing and everything's working smoothly and I'm like how did this get here and I think that they're doing this. I I've reached the point where I will watch date and if on TV. I'm watching that game. Everything else. Dayton is my favorite team the country to watch. Ob Top is my national player of the year. Now I've Been Riding the Pain Pritchard Bandwagon van wagon for a while. I'm ready to jump not off the beaten. I'm ready to do both. Why can't we have both? But I I would vote for top now because I think I mean I tweeted as I was watching the dating in game like at a certain point. The excitement factor ways in having a great year. Luca Garza's having a great year. I cannot watch lagarde's well he's Lukin goaty. I just I think for me. It's those three guys and then I don't know other guys could get into the mix but I I haven't figured out who the other two would be on my all American team yet but Those three guys are the top three me and pain. Pritchard has been number one for a while now but OBI top I mean the the catch overtime he had the you brought it up the Richard. We're going to go back to the. Let's get back on the Mississippi okay. I know it's so one was the mountain trip is back yes I wanted. I wanted to acknowledge this the mountain trip trip plane at Colorado and Utah for those who don't know in the PAC twelve. You take like Padro trip so you go play the to Washington schools and then to Oregon's go there and the mound trip is always the hardest Colorado Utah one of the hardest in the sense that those two schools aren't really next to each other like most of the trips two schools that are by each other. They're not really that close. The altitude messes people up there. By far the two furthest away from like the rest of the clump of off teams in the PAC twelve. So historically it's been a problem for for teams to win because even when Colorado and Utah are very good teams always seem to slip up in one of those two games right But lately it has not been as tough date last year you might remember. Oregon state and Washington both swept the PAC twelve or both swept the mountain trip in the the PAC twelve. But this year no one has done it. And there's four candidates left we have Stanford and cal which is next weekend they both next week and take them out trip and flip flop and then in three weeks we we have. UCLA USC those are the four hundred. So in Twenty fifteen sixteen there is no no one swept that this'll be the first time since two thousand fifteen sixteen. No one's Montross Beck has beg and of those four teams. I'm not worried about any of them. Like Stanford Pros. David has the best best chance. He's been going on the road so I guess we could say. USC See. But I I really don't or maybe. UCLA CRONIN GETS Fox gets killed or tonight. Let's not say that and then I wanted to give a shout out. Maybe I should save it for the end. But we're at the updates. I just want to say this Our buddies exports Former ringer colleague. He had quite the week he first of well he had tweet. He made up the story about buying flowers at a la florist and luckily for him. Some lady claimed it. No kidding. I'm kidding Eh. Joking Zach He he was the guy who tweeted the thing about the flowers and lady came to them for free for that was exports. He's the same man he he's an Arizona state alum. He went to Tempe of the herb. Cindy grew yeah he went to Tempe Arizona State Arizona game. Asu is down twenty two. They came back back in one and beat Arizona. So you also had that to be excited about you. beat his rival but the real reason. I'm bringing him up so I could talk about Arizona State and Tate. Are you aware that they caught the Penis Manaf Tapie. Are you aware of who the peanuts man is no. I'm not the peanuts man. Is this guy in Tempe Arizona. Who was going around spray painting the words Penis man and that's a very standard font and an aerial in times new Roman wasn't fancy with it? Just peanuts man. And that's all he would spray paint on on various things all over the Phoenix Slash Tempe area area. The police have been on the hunt for him for a while. They arrested him. I believe last Thursday. They arrested him but the guy they arrested. His name is Dustin schommer. He says he told the Phoenix News Times on Monday. I'm not the original. There are hundreds of copycats with very distinctly different handwriting. So according to this man who they arrested there hundreds of men out there in Tempe Arizona spray painting the words Penis Man on anything they can find so what to keep an eye on that. So that's something we're gonNA. Yeah for sure. Let's just his bobby bags the penis man to be. I'd love to mark Godfrey resonate not know. ooh This could be what the story could be. We know that Tempe Arizona has like filler system straight to see me valley like they go down there there so like I mean it makes sense. This could be a phenomenon Boy Congratulations Zack scores. If there's any campus in America that there would be I tell you the peanuts man. Looses is Pity the other packed will note I had was Gilbert. Arenas he's GonNa coach now he's going to honor Kobe's late. A lot of people are honoring koby by Waren uncertain number posting something else gobert arenas is GonNa take his just like insane approach to the game of basketball and Coach like twelve year worlds and those poor guy. Turn that into reality show. That's what I'm seeing. All my little tykes would Gilbert. That would be great. That's all I had more notes than you did on paxil updates. Yeah I mean honestly. The updates is becoming a mutual joy because again. We're watching all these games it's dangerous. It's hard when we weren't watching games that popping up even though we were on the West Coast more watch I'm going to get more teams in the ACC and then they're going to get five and five so it's going to be a classic draw all right moving on you WANNA do companyman. Yeah of course we have to. We have to talk about Fox stuff. I was going to make the transition from Mark Fox. Two Fox defied doc. Does that go ahead. Okay so you guys just didn't hear remember Mark Fox who coached at Georgia That one time that they were good with Dr Leslie Trey Thompkins. Well He California we now and his name's Mark Fox. And how are you. We're Fox and this is company. All right this is companyman. We are contracted obligated to talk about Fox properties and things. You went on at Fox. I I WANNA start here at eight. The super bowl is happening. Yes were you aware that it's posted on the posted in the hallway here at Fox where there's a big picture picture Joe Book. It says in one thousand nine hundred four Fox hundred twenty-five real joe book to be the youngest announcer of Broadcast Network TV. NFL Games twenty five. He's twenty five and nineteen ninety-four. Yeah so there's Yeah I want to. Here's some profits with Fox with the with the broadcast ready. We'll talk. Show a picture or clip of Joe Montana Plan for the chiefs. Yes yes plus. One fifty knows minus two hundred gift. Explain to me how that works so if you bet one hundred you get one hundred fifteen okay all right you have to bet two hundred win one hundred you know. We'll Fox mention that. The Super Bowl is on groundhog's Day is one of the one hundred percent and they will also show Bill Murray at the same spot because he just went back to where they sat going. Lock me in on. I'm GonNa make my picks you say yes they're gonNA show yes you also see yes S.. We'll Fox mentioned the Super Bowl's on groundhog day. I'm going to say yes as well. Yes and you're GONNA say yes we'll Fox show highlights of non of mcnabb throwing up is one plus minus twenty five. Yes and I'll give you because Donovan mcnabb Talk to the chief team the other night because Andy asked him to. Oh so you're saying you're saying I guess I'm saying no I'm taking the no on that one and then finally. This is my favorite one. They had the rights of the footage. Essequibo uh-huh Department look it up We'll troy Aikman Joe Buck speaking Spanish at any point. No no I'm going to say no as well but God what a fun profit that is. Why why would they? Why would Miami? Oh they just they just start you about drops feel like yeah. I feel like that's a slippery slope up you're GONNA yeah. What could you possibly say? That wouldn't be offensive minus two thousand. Now here's the other game I want to play with you so fox also has the Daytona five hundred and February we have. WW smackdown is on Friday nights now and Fox and AH obviously have college basketball coverage so I wanNA play a game. I'm calling NASCAR driver smackdown wrestler or college basketball coach per I give you the name of a human being and you tell me whether he's a nascar driver computer down so yeah no cheating a smackdown wrestler or a college basketball coach ready. Yes Zach SPIKER NASCAR driver. He's the head coach at Drexel. Perfect so you got that one wrong. Great Scott Dawson Nascar driver. He's a wrestler bubba walls NASCAR NASCAR driver right love dead. Ross chastain NASCAR NASCAR DRIVER DUSTY MAY NASCAR NASCAR driver. He's the he's the head coach at Florida Atlantic. Okay John Morrison ooh NASCAR driver ever. He's a wrestler. I don't know any of the wrestlers. Whatever their names these have names like well I mean some of them still do purposely? Gentlemen names okay. No they'll do other ring names. I'm just trying purposely. Will what is not going to say Kane and undertaker tick price coach coach. el-ahmar Eric skiers coach as a coach. Adela Students Xavier Woods Nascar driver. He's a wrestler is pretty. He's a pretty famous wrestler. But that's okay a markle fly coach. He's a coach at Gulf coast. Heath Heath slater coach. He's a wrestler Bo. Dallas that's gotTa be a coach. That's a wrestler. Matt McMahon Man Nascar driver. Can I just say anyone. That is an Ath- Iraq. Stupid name. Matt McMahon coach coach. That is a code. He's the head coach at Murray State. Yes yes Cole. CUSTER NASCAR DRIVER NASCAR driver that Barkley Raid Ball Wrestler slurred head coach at Charleston. Said Okay All Right Barclay Ryan Blaney Ryan Blaney coach. That's a NASCAR driver. Okay Alex Bowman NASCAR NASCAR drivers Doug Boehm lot of Bowman's in North Carolina. That were driving bootlegging begging today. Duggar BAUCOM I. I believe how you say. His last coach the head coach of the citadel. Love it this is a fun went. John Smith Man. Puritan. He's the head coach at cal. Poly Okay and then finally the last one Mick Cronin it says here here. He's the head coach at Ucla. Head coach. Yeah Yeah you got one two three four five six seven eight ten right out of twenty. That's not bad. That's a good game. That's what we like to call it. The fifty yeah. Yeah that's my company NASCAR drivers. It's funny that's a fun segment NASCAR driver phoned down wrestler or college. But that's a good episode Soda Company Do you have anything else. No I learned a lot today about the PAC twelve. Learn a lot about NASCAR learned a lot about Fox. I will say I'm excited about the fact that we're we're GONNA be watching all these games together at night Mondays Thursdays Yeah. And it's GonNa be fun. I feel like it was surreal. Almost you know what it'd be like. This is actually going to be a schedule. Because we've been so we actually have a scheduled. The people are waiting for us to be like. We're GONNA take three weeks. We're not we're here. Please join us. Please Klum I've have a few shots number one. I WANNA shout out. LSU WHO has won nine games in a row very quietly nine games in a row for Lsu. They're undefeated SEC. In and I placed by themselves the only undefeated team you see. I don't know flying under the radar a little one the SEC last year tate. Careful we'll wait. Just be careful. Be careful be careful Out there I also want to shout out Indiana I you you might remember the state I had this idea to do. Historic shots of programs like instead of doing sit at halftime. Have Time doing like a half court shot. Why don't you show historic shot from showed Wofford show? Yeah and then pull someone from the audience and they could recreate it. Iu has taken my idea. Yeah I don't mean stole the idea because the guy who had the idea actually reached out to me they wanted me to come to Bloomington and be the first one to do it. I swear to God and I I forget why. Didn't I probably forgot to check the email next year. I probably just. I'd probably chicken now because I didn't want to miss in front of my out of the race. took the idea they did. The Water Chat Kentucky Fans. Were not happy they were roasting Indiana for. I don't know. Hopefully they do more shots. Hopefully it's not just the shots. Shotley reminds me like the Muslim thing where he recreates moments. where it's like Yeah just don't do the white for every time and and we'll be good. I also WANNA shout out our good buddy friend of the program. Michael Heaven Atti who is seeking to. He's currently involved in a trial against the United States government. I don't know all the details of it I just honestly. We don't want to talk about the details. We don't get sued what I'm saying. No but come on the podcast my palm he is is your gift. He is to have his google search thrown out as evidence. 'cause they're currently being presented as evidence in this trial and his lawyers are saying you have to throw that out. The Google search that he's trying to get thrown out is a search of the two words insider trading. Oh you know what I wanted outsider tree and then the last thing. I WanNa make a note of Miami Miami Ohio. Cancel their game against Central Michigan because the krona virus which is pretty shocking. That is ground zero for the CORONA VIRUS IN AMERICA OXFORD. Ohio while I will say this I saw someone send me a Chiron. Boundless said the Corona Virus is not related to drinking corona. I said to myself They're going to be a lot of people that are GONNA go down. You know what I mean th. This is Charles Darwin. Hey folks I catch the corona virus every Friday at five PM. I mean a little bit of lyme disease Aziz decided that's what I'm saying like what what is going on stop stop Corona this is their marketing. Or maybe it's good. Maybe like their novell crunch the numbers it'd be like take gain this much market exposure. Everyone talked about grown on a game. College basketball game was canceled because postponed because of the corona virus. But it wasn't it was an Oxford Ohio. said it was Kobe. Some games to watch you. Can you give me a thumbs up. Thumbs down okay. Perfect Crate Neville. Novo noon Saturday Fox sports one. Oh one on Indiana and Ohio state noon on on. ESPN ESPN thumbs down now. You don't care about Michigan. State is at Wisconsin one. PM on Fox thumbs out there. We go good. Texas Tech. Is that Kansas at four on Kentucky's at Auburn six on ESPN. I actually do watch the game. Yeah that'll be do. Because at Syracuse accused a surgeon. Syracuse team won five in a row. Just lost a Clemson by one. This is the Jim Boeheim. Buddy behind breakout game where everyone sees that buddies. Having a great year gyms having having fun in Syracuse. I WanNa say this if what is what is Syracuse is student section called the buddies that honestly if they don't old chant at coach K.. Sit with US during this game. I I don't know what they're doing but the the that's needs to happen that's at eight on. ESPN ESPN and then Utah State is at San Diego State at ten PM on. CBS Sports Network I actually might try to go to that game thinking about it. I feel like I need to go to a game down there. You Ah La Hoya some tacos with the surfer. Rosa San Diego was drawn to San Diego Right now. I want to go to a game. Sounds like a basketball powerhouse and then Sunday is Illinois at Iowa PM ON F S One also the super bowl losses are telling us we had the plug the super well. I don't know if you guys have heard about. It is a football game. That will be do care. Who Wins the Super Bowl? I saw they asked. McCaffrey like over the forty niners. Solomon Thomasson former McCaffrey. Yeah Yeah No. Like this Connor McCaffrey's he's got an ice pack on his nuts and the train originally like well. We have you thoughts on the Super Bowl every single time Yeah so I. I don't care who wins and it's probably the first time I usually always have a reason to care about someone but this time I'm just like both teams try hard. Yeah stay safe. I hope not probably cheer for the chiefs. Yes I think he did exist because I I think Kansas City fans. I don't know I like this. I want to read to win a super bowl read one but I also actually Zeno what. I'm GonNa four one enough Joe. Mind more shout out. I have to give a shout out to John Ralston. Who Do you remember the story that came out when mm-hmm that someone did this? Long reported by John Rousting tweets good coaches. Apparently that same outlet is now reporting that Rusty and has no longer contributing to New York Times in the New York. Times dropped him because he's tweet. Good luck to all the coaches. So thoughts and prayers are buddy John. I don't know what happened. I don't know why but What is wrong with saying good luck? I don't get it. I don't know the war on journalism. Continues John if you're gonna be not fifty eventually. Apparently there's there's a war between John Rouse in the New York Times. And if you're asking us where our loyalties lie you're not paying enough. It's not like that's it. That's the show anything else. They know we're good. We'll be back. We'll be back on Tuesday Yet have a good weekend against

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Animal Talk  Ted Nugent  Rewind  Episode 90


48:45 min | 10 months ago

Animal Talk Ted Nugent Rewind Episode 90

"You're listening to the PODCAST DETROIT network visit. WWW DOT PODCAST DETROIT DOT com for more information Broadcasting live from coast to coast around the world. It's time for animal talk featuring some of the best dog on pet people on the planet. We are here to help you feds as Jamie and today for flashing back to interview had with Ted Region. Honor of his birthday happen in this week. I'M GONNA jump back in time and talk to Ted nugent. Also in the show a fun fact or fiction and we talked to a guy guy from avid about your pet plus a fun getting back to fiction and a whole lot of just craziness. This is one of the episodes that has Marquan ascended and Brian Donovan and of course as always Dr Brad Davis Came Guy Away. So let's hit the show check in criminal district you minutes. We're going to be talking to Ted nugent. That's right Ted Conservation Right. Yep Animal Conservation and wildlife management with hunting and also will let them talk a little bit about his his new book and his new book. Is God guns in rock and roll cool beans all right and I'll tell Brady said you had a good story about avid well. The thing about having microchips is people. Think of them as just as a scanner but it really does hinder people from stealing dogs. A lady came into my clinic. She brought her pit bull in the pit bull taken down the street by someone else They had the dog. She knew it was her she said. No that's my dog. She said well. Let's go check. I have a microchip in them and The person said well you know I'm still want him anymore anymore. Anyway she gave him back. And so what is. It's a nice way to settle disputes as well as for legality sake and as well as forgetting them home. It's just it's A. It's just a great idea idea Brian Donovan. Why don't you introduce a very special guest? WHO's holding online for like a good introduction is is to actually a book review by Mitch Albom? And here's what he has to say about our next guest. I've known Ted for many years and I can't say I always agree with them. I can't even say often agree with them. But I respect him for this. The reason in a world where fame makes people fat and satisfied Ted continues to fight for his beliefs. He loves nature and as this book proves page after page he feels that living without passion is not really living that I agree with him on wholeheartedly. That's by Mitchell. Our guest is Ted nugent. Welcome to animal. Talk Doc. Well I feel welcome at animal talk because I just put a chocolate Labrador retriever. Named gods of Kennel with a happy smile on his face because he brought dad's some mallards. Hi and I'm Kaylin Pretty giddy myself. Because I love October. Well I bet you did you. Did you get Well it's postseason now. Well Yeah Right. Now it's Jesus everything it's grouse and woodcock and rabbit and squirrel and deer with the bone marrow and it's waterfowl season and this is really the heyday. I'm fifty two years old and I've never seen a more wonderful waterfall season in my life. I am celebrating. You know ten. I'm amazed that you're actually took the time out of hunting. Oh it is dark here dark. I got the dear hung up. I literally have a beautiful big Michigan. Eight point hanging in the burn right now and we had liver and onions for dinner tonight. So I'm going to be a little bit cocky tonight tonight because we put six beautiful green head Mallards in the barn tonight and he did such a fantastic job for just being a two year old. Chuck Labrador so. I really am alive in heaven as we speak right. Tell you you know. We know that you're very active with youngsters especially see with You know a gun enthusiasts and teaching responsibility. I WanNa do a little comparing contrasting. You know if you go to the pita. That's the people for ethical treatment treatment of animals and eating all right mistaken on there. Now if you go to their site believe it or not. They have a page That's that's directed torch schoolteachers were. There's actual lesson plans at teachers can download. Here's a couple of examples. I want you to tell me what the TED nugent lesson plans would be and how they would contrast with this. Okay here's a here's the first one compare the and this is kind of shocking but Lesson plan from Petah compare the Civil Rights Movement with the plight of laboratory animals. Is it ever okay to break. The law for a higher purpose is to be achieved example breaking into Labrador laboratories in releasing animals and What I want you to do? Ted Is How would this contrast with the Ted nugent lesson plan for teachers? Well first of all I wanNA thank salute all the volunteers for Ted nugent camper kids. That are listening tonight. Market Bright Right. Because even though it's called the Ted nugent camper kids the reason it's a success is because of all the dedicated families out there so for all the Ted Nugent camp for kids. Volunteers all the directors Chuck Buzzy all the crew in. Mostly the kids. Because you haven't lived to graduate from the Ted nugent camper kids. These kids are not only bright eyed and bushy tailed cock block and ready to rock. But they are absolute warriors for positive peer pressure in an example of what we do at our Ted nugent camper kids and you you can see and witness this and be a part of it T- nugent dot com in contrast to the way the FBI calls a terrorist organization. That's really what the people for. Ethical treatment of animals represent with their drink. Beer not milk insanity. That's insane. Well they're they're. They are insane to compare chicken farms to the Holocaust that killed six million human beings to compare breaking into laboratories Tories to cure human deadly diseases to the civil rights era to civil rights marchers in volunteers from the a great heroes of Rosa Parks. My greatest living hero of all times. I don't really know if I can genuinely respond in nugent conversion to they're insanity so what I will gladly do is to celebrate Ted Nugent camp for kids and how we teach children. That man is a conscientious thoughtful. Thoughtful intellectual reasoning Predator where we sustain ourselves with the precious renewable resources including wildlife resources including the resources on the farms. This great country the farmers do indeed tend to eat the world taken interrupting issue to break click. We'll be right back with Ted nugent here on the Animal Talk Radio Network and don't forget the checkout pet warehouse online at the T. W. HSE dot com. Welcome back to animal. Talk where we talk about your animals with your animals due to you. One eight hundred eighteen eighty six one eight hundred P.. E eight hundred eighty six. Don't forget check us out on the World Wide Web at Animal Talk Radio Dot Com and we are talking to Ted nugent. The Motor City Madman a positive force for change here in the United States. At least according to me I mean I'm a big nugent. And his new book God guns and rock and roll. I want to know where Ted Nugent camp for kids was when I was is ten years old. Ted I want an archery contest. I was very good and I still am a very good archer. Congratulations the mystical flight of the air was a discipline unto itself. uh-huh listen to this ten years old. I go the summer camp I win. The contest is about fifty kids here. I want it I want a denny maclaine album. I'm on my God. What what the Hell is that all about your brother of the mystical flight of the euro? Right here on animal. Talk Radio Network. I Yeah Heck Yeah sure and they stuck them with Demi McLean instead instead of cheese. Ugly Gentlemen Okay Let's see we've talked about Peter I was talking about the Ted nugent camper kids could because I'm real proud of. What are you doing? Chuck Buzzy Louis Creek Charlie crewmen all the volunteers. It's a five. Oh One C.. Three non profit. It's strictly volunteer organization. That Shimane and I began after the death of Fred Bear. Basically what we do. Is We teach these kids that God gave a certain gifts and certainly certainly intellect reason Compassion conscientious thought about how we conduct ourselves. And how we can benefit the world world around us and we teach these kids believe in themselves to believe in these wonderful gifts and respect these gifts from God so that they can be added to their family to their self to their schoolmates Mesa they're pals and ultimately the resources that bring us life the renewable resources that literally provide life for mankind and all living things and they go out there and they study Based on the volunteer effort are they study the history of man in wildlife and the abuses that we've subjected of resources to in the history of mankind and how we're celebrating today. The the the most wonderful healthy thriving population of waterfowl turkeys deer elk and bear and Cougar in so many endangered species now with more eagles to be found everywhere because people care and people who put their money in their heart and soul into where their brain is and where their mouth both is in our Ted nugent. Camphor kids teaches these kids to get high in nature to respect nature to wallow in the great spirit that provides us these exciting encounters widely they both game and non game. You're not just hunting scenario but ultimately is a coexistent A relationship with all these precious resources that that really really Do need our care and attention to habitat restoration that mankind has provided the Ted nugent camp for kids becomes positive peer pressure. With all the kids they hang hang around so they can get rid of the drugs and the alcohol and tobacco in and the gangs and the nonsense and the violence in our kids are the greatest kids in the world. You you know you really should think about having your own radio show. I mean this is good I will do it again but I I WANNA thank everybody in Detroit and everywhere. My radio show was so successful in Detroit for the two years that I put my heart and soul into it and it's because the people and I connect and God bless the people can know you'll appreciate this. We have a fifty thousand watt I channel in Alaska. That is listening to the show right. Now let me just say the Alaskan the last frontier blood brothers do families with them in a salute to all my hunting and fishing and trapping great outdoors disease. That's all of Alaska. I do have a question for you is arguably arguably the most articulate person a spokesperson for hunting. Let me ask you a question. I'll eat anything that you that you want the world baby. What about trophy trophy hunting? Now let me explain your hundred. That's very important. Let me tell you we are all trophy hunters because the very encounter is a trophy for the spirit spirit. Do not ever underestimate that. But you're talking about is the misrepresentation by the majority of media for many many years. I don't blame the media WHO's misrepresented this represented us as much as I blame the hunting industry and the hunting community for their failure to stand up. Because you know what a trophy is. I'm looking at a beautiful Caribou from the Brooks Range of Alaska that I shot with my bone marrow. Nineteen seventy seven and you know why that animals mounted on the wall because his flesh provided such pure natural natural high protein sustenance not just for the nugent family dinner table but for the very spirit of our family because that animal that I was in face. He's to face. I Two I heart to heart encounter. It represents so much to me. I couldn't throw the skin away. I couldn't throw the horns way. I kept the hooves which are holding an old bear. Reeker right now and let me tell you Margaret Brian Right here. Make it official in the animal. Talk Radio Network based on. What the Ted nugent? United Sportsman of America America Represent Safari Club international all the sporting organisations when we do mount ahead on the wall that is subsequent to the utilization of all that precious flesh the body fluids the high the skin we use the hoops. We used the bones. We use the teeth. We've always used that but in ultimate reverence as for that incredible beauty dynamic creation. We oftentimes have a taxidermist. Create this living art on the wall. So the memories of the wind the memories. He's with the spirit. The memories of the animals that got away will always be there will never write that animal off like some chicken like some other people. Do here here to express yourself on fire. Jaylen remember I got a bellyful of big white deliver. The next myrow found. It's mark and again my Labrador retriever. God's though he did so terrific on the nugent Mars tonight I literally. I felt like a child with his first Christmas morning. When those mallets came in and I I learned from Hen Mallard who landed right next to God's overnight tonight we let this hen come in and she was going she was talking the other side of the tools? You understand I learn more tonight outta call mallards in in when I saw some drake drake's coming in. She and I started going in tandem. We call these drake's in and I got a double and I was able to call in the next three three groups that came in and I got birds out of every group based on what this Little Hen Mallard taught me in the great tradition of Bengal and other great waterfall conservationist before surnames going down in infamy with the rest of the ducks you are making that noise with your mouth with my mouth. I called deer and with my mouth. I've called Moose with my mouth I've killed last year. I killed six Turkeys in three states with my own mouth so even a blind squirrel finds once once in a while guitar player can do it. And that's really what the trophy is. A trophy hundred brings home. He brings home an experience. He brings homes TMZ lessons in nature. Relationship so to learn from that Mallard is an indicator that even old over the hill limping guitar player. His let my level. Ah Wariness determines the trophy that I bring home every day whether I kill anything or not. It's that level of awareness that is optimizing hunting scenario. That we're really. I teach child even an old fifty two year old child a certain amount of accountability. That you cannot make excuses for because it's just you God in a Mallard Lord and there's no excuse making here an animal talk in general we talk about how to take care of animals properly and one of the reasons that we brought you on. Because I think people have misunderstood dismiss conception over hunters and fishermen to think that they're there to plunder life but but actually I think they realized how sportsman value that resource. And we'll do more to protect it then. Those people who sit Always sit in the chair and look and watch hunting and fishing shows and actually go out to sit there and are against hunting and fishing and thank you mark and Brian. I can't thank you guys enough on behalf of Ted nugent. United Sportsman of America and all the great conservation families in this country. Who Give a damn I salute? You and I would welcome you to visit our teen nugent. Dot Com site. We have a talk board. I'm going on at about forty five minutes. IT TEENAGE DOT com. We have a chat room. And let me make the conclusive statement. That is irrefutable in the history of the planet in your ear. Two thousand the reason we have more waterfowl than over seventy five years. More Turkey deer. Elk Bison Bear Cougar and many other wild game aims Beazley's mostly big game. Animals is because hunters stopped. We insisted on the end of marketing slaughter for the marketplace. We end we we the hunting community. We stood up and we stopped the bulldozer to save hunting and save wildlife and we only take the surplus we would never ever ever or allow regulation. That would allow any intrusion into the basic core population that guarantees optimum health and thriving condition for wildlife life and that includes songbirds wild game endangered species non game animals and ultimately gentlemen the hunters connect and the trappers and the fishermen when we monitor hands on the very wildlife habitat and not just produces targets. And not just dinner for us. But it produces the quality of air soil and water her for all of us and everybody's gotta learn to support hunting fishing and trapping because that's where the dollars come from to save habitat. Seems like every time we get done talking to say Amen but I live the truth. That's what my my book. God guns and rock and roll is on the New York Times bestseller lists. It sounds like I'm bragging because I am I loved it. It's like Damn Campfire isn't it. Hey I read the first two chapters on your website thank you. Can you only have to read one sentence to know who wrote this absolutely and Guitar Lick. You can't write the Guitar League type play because comes from someplace else. Listen ever since I saw you on politically incorrect. I had a question that I had to ask you sooner or later if it was legal would you shoot Bill Maher. Well can we be completely fantasy like for just a moment. No you know what. I'm only being silly because I am the world's funniest white man but I salute bill. Maher we also like Mitch Albom some other friends of of mine. We don't agree on everything but we agree that we would support each other to voice our own beliefs. And what we stand for so when Bill Marr has ted Nugent on. He hates my gun. He hates my hunting but I salute Bill Maher any politically incorrect production team. Because because I have a standing invitation I've been on eleven times and I have a standing ovation to show up whenever I can get my ass out there because they know that I bring a certain level of tweet. Check to and otherwise Insulated Hollywood community. And when I talk about God guns and rock and roll I merely represent the truth areas rock and roll legend and now author and the Book Is God guns and rock and Roll Ted nugent. Thank you so much. And you'll be able to check our website for ten nugent. Silence coming up. Thank you very much Ted nugent for being guessing I show Moscow Broadcasting Program complete. Enter win ready. Yes that is one big snake. We are on Yahoo. Still this is Animal Talk Radio Network and we're in the halftime show. We are in the halftime show. Aw for Dr Brad Thank you is that. Is that what you would really do whichever. How would you introduce Assan now Yeah it's like Here's here's some Van Morrison. Somebody asked me for. Can you grab me a beer when you're over at the bar just I'm pretty laid back. I'm the laid-back ain't back. Dj Guy But Mark the Animal Honda says a big reptile out. which got there? This right here is a A Borneo Blood Python also a short tail the things like four four and a half feet five feet long yes. He's four and a half feet long long and he is the big. And what kind of Python Burmese blood. Pipe economies they call the blood python slightly reddish in color. Oh this is good for the people who are at home checking off all the animals. They've heard on the radio see pictures of them on the website. That's what we do here say radio. That's right yes you know is is the largest Nathan. John Probably weighs about thirty five forty pounds pretty to me. Are the large snakes like Sports cars were men. Make up for something with them. Sardi Sardi I think I think you hit it right on the head Brad. Because when marks headache this allowance doing a personal appearance parents constantly out. Yeah well the thing is. He's got nothing else so he brings out the big snake to get attention at work. You know Special guests on the phone Richard Charge a rich can feel that. Make Talk Radio. Is it working. Can you hear me now. All right in Quebecer if that if a snake decided to attack and kill Mark. No one's taken an awesome. No one's going to be strong. Do you have any kill you know. Thank God what about that. Really Big One the nearly killed Ryan. No that wasn't my that was Mike Robertson discovery that almost killed brand offer while this is a truly entertaining halftime show. I saw kind of a cool one today. Kowcase what's what's that. It was a Another reason not to let your dogs run outside. You know we talked about neutering pit bull Intact pit bull got outside his yard and he got injured. The COP shot him. The bullet went. There were two halls one was in his chest. One was in the His foreleg and it turns it went right through. Didn't you hit a thing went right through much Yeah actually yeah your blood available to your transfusions dogs no I don't I don't I don't there's spiders special centers. Have things like that but we don't tend to do that. You have to hospitalize plasma or anything like that we just run in Sumi zooming running. IV fluids fix excessive blood loss. Or does it usually that. If it's just that much by the time they get there that's just it if the usually if you're gonNA do a transfusion you're in such deep trouble anyway. that it's not going to much good but a again can handle losing a whole lot of blood without a big problem. So how much blood does the. Let's say like a pit bull. Have how many pints or quarts or gallons or leaders or twelve gallons. That's right I have no idea I really really do. I think it's five leaders. You Call Sharon. She'll know she'll rattle it off. uh-huh uh-huh those things things that don't come up practice on a regular basis. No no the gentleman standing there holding his pit bull whose blood dripping right out of its chest kind of a neat moment pretty much cops moment But the cool thing is is that nobody else in the lobby. You know because people have to wait where you're dealing with the emergency. Nobody cared because the man with the dog weighed near three hundred pounds also and looked rather menacing like okay. He can go I I guess maybe the COP capless missed him. Who knows how sorry Brad he just rubbed up against you? I was GonNa say something very or you know. Hey distant till at the audience that we've had in let you know that We started talking with bill bonds about the possibility of a television can show including the animal truck. Crew buildings talked to him on Friday at lunch to do what it Obama's television show about animals. Are we going to train is wake built on doesn't wear. He doesn't wear a wig. Really you pulled it. Why was sitting across from in there really obvious when they're real or not really? Wow what would this show include include. Don't know yet that's what we're in the masses of Developing Oh man. Yeah said. Don't lunch with him and said Hey. I've got an idea so exactly. What sort of animal is that to pay he? He doesn't he doesn't wear apparently it didn't look like it unless-unless deaf and dumb and both is I mean. It's apparently his scalp has ear flaps it. Oh Hey we are one minute away from The next hour of insanity here on the Animal Talk Radio Network. Everyone likes I play on. My cat in a bag can donated to the doctor. Brad Davis Museum of Troy came. Let's try I thought he was calling us. No well yeah but He hasn't so let's just I I the number you gave me earlier. Yeah all right thirty seconds away. Shot Animal Talk. Is there to help you out. You realize that chameleons tongue is twice in blinked body. A chimpanzee lender recognize itself and Amir but a monkey can't a cornish. Game Hen is really a young chicken and a cow gives nearly two hundred thousand glasses of milk in our lifetime. Important information about animals is always here animal tomato quick going on here. You go one eight hundred eighty Lisa in this hour. We're going to be talking to Dan. Hanaway from state farm talking about dog bite prevention be insurance industry as Brian. Oh he says is an unwitting hiring participant in the pet industry. How much does it turn out to be in? doglike claims year brandon about two hundred and fifty million dollars a year and of that state. Farm alone absorbs eighty million of that every single year one million people each year require medical attention because a dog bites and I and the average about six thousand people a year will die in the United States. Do to dog bite. And let's go wolf dogs into this mix because we don't have enough mayhem yet. I guess you know so. It's a big problem. Big Problem Absolutely. We'll be talking to you. Mike Burns from the ABA chip people on On what the chips are for their chips are to actually leave. Be Able to identify your dog anywhere in the country. It's a micro chip that goes underneath the skin and Bryant. Brad has a very unique approach for using EBBA chip that And we're GONNA find out all about all of that. After we do factor fiction you die. And this factor fiction is being sponsored by healthy pet net dot com. Own Your own home pet shop. How does this work Bryan out? We're going to take three stories. We know oftentimes With regard to animal news truth is indeed stranger than fiction. Two of the stories are going to be true that we pulled off the news. Wire one is false also fabricated by Dr. Brad Davis doesn't mean he's going to read that story. Your job is to determine which story has been fabricated. Call eight hundred eight hundred eighty six if you have a hunch if correct you win prizes for your pet all right. I'll go first this time. Rodent tossing. Team Suspected Rosen tired. Independent Rodent tossing team suspects caged by car. If you want to grab a sandwich. During three words six teenagers ages are accused of tormenting motorist and rodents for the past several months by tossing guinea pigs and mice through open car windows. Police said the use students. You didn't at a local high school have been driving along the road. Since the summer. It started pulling up along. Motorists in tossing live animals inside said the police but they were arrested Thursday. It looks like they had some time on their hands and they were bored and looking for some Franks to play and the cops caught him. Police are not releasing the names of the sixteen to seventeen eighteen year olds. Because they're being prosecuted as juvenile's the you started up by throwing live guinea pigs. That one of the boys stole from his mother later they went and bought mice to use used as projectiles. The COP said panicked motorists everywhere. We're driving off the road trying to get away from the mice. One woman panicked after mouse landed in her car. Dr And drove through a red light. She only calmed down when she spotted a police officer with a big gun editor and pulled over in the parking lot and she said had that not happened she would have driven like a crazy woman trying to get away from the mouse that was in the car well. The teens reign of terror ended after one of the targets wrote down the license plate number. And they've now been brought to the mousy halls of justice at that that really pushes the boundaries of reign of terror. Nothing is good all right story number two out of New York City. UPI sports fans may have given the Sydney Olympics in a plus but an animal rights. Group feels they flunked badly. Pita people for the ethical treatment of animals levels announced at a press conference Monday morning that they were condemning. The outlandish almost criminal mistreatment of animals at the Games. Pita side of the opening ceremonies. Horses were ridden in formation. Asian in were five hundred. Pigeons were kept in a locked in small boxes for nearly two hours before the release to fly off as a flock. The group also rallied against the Games themselves including the equestrian Austrian events and the triathlon. Were divers use sonar devices to keep the sharks away from competitors. These sonar devices disturbed the sharks and interrupted their normal lives. The group claims aims souvenirs also raised. They're the largest selling souvenir at the Games was a change purse. With a Sydney Olympics logo on it made from kangaroo scrotum and marketed under the name Oh my goodness Kengo ruined claims this is an atrocity to life itself. Olympic official did not react to the charges I feel bad for the kangaroo. The Kangaroo did react thank you okay. Bark Third Story Bark Bite and stunned all in a police. Dogs Repertoire. London London Not Content with having police dogs by criminals law enforcement agencies in the United States have fitted dogs with stun gun muzzles but what they really wanted was dogs that could both bite and stunned criminals. Their wishes come true. Researchers in the United States have developed stunned muzzles which can be fired or discarded by Radio Control New Scientist magazine said on Wednesday stunned gun muzzle of Orange California has patented a quick release muzzle that also carries a radio controlled stun gun. The device allows a police dog to approach criminals and nuzzle up to them once. The dodge locates hates exposed flesh or thin clothing. Police officer can then activate the stun gun but if the dog could not find a suitable place to stun the villain the police officer can release a latch on the muzzle by remote control allowing the dog to bite the criminal. Attention you in the warehouse. We do have a crotch sniffing dogs come out now fen to go pick one of these three stories pick which one is the the fabrication an ally the absolute falsehood and you win prizes prices and more price for your pets. The first story is teens GONNA rate of terror throwing live rodents in cars ars Story Number Two sports fans have given the Sydney Olympics and eight plus but pita feels. They flunked badly and story. Number three is stun gun. Muzzles for police dogs pita just the headline here you go. I mean these are all really stupid stories and one of them is false and they should all be and that terrible coming in this hour. WE'RE GONNA be talking to Dan. Hanaway the dog bite prevention expert from state farm and Mike Mike Burns from avid chip. And maybe maybe not Ted nugent. And we'll be talking to Ted if he calls about Wildlife Management and there will hunting and wildlife life management and conservation. Maybe maybe we'll see. Let's go back to some emails brandon them and How about a couple of new store? Let's awesome all right What is Brad Davis? Say about Over the Counter Pharma Pharmaceuticals For for pets oftentimes. They're either too weak to do anything or too strong and they cause a problem. That usually either too weak or too strong has a rule. There's something else you say though there's something else to say by just natural. Yeah well the thing is that people do not read labels In three cat owners in Detroit area contacted the Michigan Department of Agriculture. To complain about problems problems with their cats After playing with dogs who had been exposed to bio spot One of the products us for Flea prevention yes They did not read the precautions. They have What's the Chemical Paranthan? Pirates yeah and of course this is something that's pretty it's also talked to people so people should be wearing gloves whenever they use bio spots strong unpleasant products. Read the labels for God's Sakes Common Sense Common but here an animal animal minimum. Talk we try to help you and your comments to be more common one. Eight hundred eighteen eighty six. Pick up the the phone and give scholar you. Listen to mark Brian and Brad here on the animal. Talk Radio Network. They're back and the tennis bone by happy. Dog Toys is Brian's Brian's favourite dog. Hey don't forget. We got that factor fiction. Hang out there where you can win. Prizes prices more prizes three stories that we just read before the break two of Emma. True false pick the live when a prize. You know we have ten new coming. Is that Ted. This is Ted. No Oh ted Boy George new now when we've got Mike Burns coming up from avid. But we have the three stories. The first story was teens is terrorized town San Diego specific by throwing live. Rodents in cars Story number two pitas upset at the Sydney Olympics Particularly at the largest selling souvenir veneer which is made from a kangaroo hoo-ha the kangaroo in Petah claims it's an atrocity to life and the third story is they've developed a stun gun muzzle missile to be used in police dogs now. Brad you said You watch twenty twenty. This week in Johnston astle went off on pita. Yeah about time that the media elite got to recognize their brass insincerity pita brass insincere. They didn't like it alliteration. On Kitty Corner Corner Kitty. Corner is being sponsored. Wanted by oester clippers from sunbeam. Can you stop this music. Yeah it's not. It's not the least bit appropriate for what I'm going to deal Actually this is the second anniversary of the death of a famous duo from Australia. It's can you and I wrote a poem I mean if you have something. I'm going to read a little bit of the story for years. They hold on series against glory. Glory Hallelujah. For years they'd been a familiar sight on New Zealand highways. The Black Cat Rastas and his owner. Max corker together on a motorcycle. Well here's what happened to them. Two years ago on this day Mexico in Rastas who he would ride his motorcycle with the cat on the handlebars bars. And they mysteriously get into ahead on Kalou. I have seen that on the animals. Funniest videos on animal planet. I've seen the cat writing hand. They died they both died. There was a head on collision collision two years ago. And I I wrote a little palm and honor of this mysterious head on collision that nobody really can can figure out to this day. And it's kind of an old is and you wrote the poem home and I wrote a poem head on Collisions Oracle and Rastas. Do you have anything Jamie good nothing. You've got Nelson. Okay do the Paul my I'll do the POM pom. Okay with Rascasse on the handlebars the wind in their face. This is how God meant for their lives to take place that fateful day will not soon soon be forgotten as folks gather round to see what went rotten. It seems as day the cat and the man shared Chili Con. Carney right out of the CAN. How could this have happened? Still your mind boggles angles. Well how can anyone see where they're going with. Can't do on their goggles. Oh at that last moment Max cordial what went through your mind. I imagine it was your asked us in your favorite feline a little Osh Max Corcoran Rastas for anyone down in Australia. Listening on Nyama who. Thanks for listening and good night but if you ever lose that you didn't you didn't have the poetry music I asked you for that earlier. It would've made a world of difference five minutes earlier. Well Oh by the way Joann was really really disillusioned by the fact that told him that. Cornish hens are actually small chickens. Actually Yeah Cornish. Hens Game Hens are not actually game hens. They are just a very very small chickens about five to six weeks of age and they know more than two pounds. So that's why you're now. How do you feel Joann? The bill of chickens. Yeah did you know that Brad. Yes I didn't know that I thought it was like that's just terrible. And you know George George. Washington's favorite horse horse was named Lexington. Napoleon's favourite was Morongo in. US Grant United States Grant Ulysses s grant the United States. What the heck did you know we have a guest? We listen three favorite horses Egypt. Cincinnati and Jeff Davis yes. I did Brian Wenjie introduce our guest. We've got lots of questions for this guests it s avid microchip microchipping. Something that we've kind of talked about for for quite a one. Why are you looking at me? Like that brand okay. Nothing not on the line with us. As is Mike Burns. Mike Burns knows all about the avid systems. And he's going to answer some questions and tell us how we can keep our pets safer through this Microchip System Mike Burns. Are you there. I'm here we'll I come from beautiful southern California. Now we're in Detroit. You had to say that in my mountain home and it's seventy degrees and sunny we're done now what can I say perfected that New New invention of yours about sending sending electrical current down the phone. It's yeah it's called. The shock jerk dog knows me. Well Mike Burns. What exactly is The avid microchip The microchip is a transponder. Big Name but all it is is a microchip in a piece of Bio compatible upload glass about the size of a grain of rice. It's injected into a dog or cat between the shoulder. Blades at the base of the neck where it remains for life life. You know for the sake of. I'm sorry my for the sake of radio in for the sake of you know being fun. You should have said that. It's an injected. Just like you said but it's the size of a toaster oven. You should've said that Eh. Well for the sake of radio and sitter that the microchip is a radio station without power. Okay all right. Canada pretty good segue and then when the scanner is passed over it it excites the microchip which reveals the unique numbers. That animal skinner excites brand a two. Okay now so ideally what would happen if Worst case scenario I guess is the dog is your dog is lost. Your pet is loss and it's picked up by a shelter through who has the Device to check for the microchip which we offer free to every shelter in the United States. Really yes okay. And then and then this is this is cross reference to a national database of Norris had called Patrick and available twenty four seven. Whenever a pet is lost? They you can call us twenty four hours seven days a week and how many pets Currently are fitted with the microchip We have over seven million on our database really in the the United States. And that's not enough It'd be album I it's not enough and we're we're global database and microchipping company but Quite frankly born more shelters are chipping their adoptive animals and their returns to owners. So we're getting more and more hits each day. Approximately three hundred calls a day into our database. You know let me ask you a question here. The just just kind of popped into my mind. This thing. This device checks for the microchip is offered free to shelters. What if you have a situation? I'm sure this has happened where. A shelter It did not bother to get this this device. They happen to euthanize an animal that had a microchip Is there legal recourse. The owner has With the with the shelter You know I I. I'm not an attorney. But in every state across the United States unfortunately in some respects animals are considered chattel personal property. Property and whenever suit is filed against whatever entity on channel. It's the worth of the animal. Now that's Pretty Damn Damn demeaning pardon my language but it is and what. I'm saying that foreign more shelters are understanding and Calling those for these free scanners and what we're recommending and what they are accepting. Is that just before euthanasia. The animal animal. They will scan when it comes into the shelter. They will scan into. We have a double test here. Hey Mike we can put you on hold for second where to go to a break. We'll we'll be right back with Mike Burns. You have any questions because the phone and give us a call. One eight hundred seven three eight one eight six here on the animal. Talk Radio Network. It took Kt Bird Foods would like to remind you that sticks and stones may break your bones but animal talk will never hurt you. Welcome back to animal. Talk one eight eight hundred eight hundred eighty six and we're talking to Mike Burns from the avid company. He might get a quick question for you. Obviously Rep dogs and cats are not the only animals that can can have an avid ship putting them correct. That's correct dogs. Cats mice bats fingerling salmon. Fish Dakota The what about killer whale Orca now that something because you know somebody you that runs away and it's tough have to find out what chipmunks well you know. The one that was in the movies right chipped by US and We by example on thinking going salmon. we'll ship them and then after they have their three years in the ocean and they come back up to their streams and rivers to Propagate we have scanners under the water and when they go up to providers and they get a hit on Scanners well we know which batches have successfully completed their spawning season. I'm still thinking about the The Lost Pet Signed for the killer whale black white. Take the Oakland raiders which Fortunately for me I like the Oakland Raiders beat San Francisco today anyway. Anyway had guys if I may the important thing about shipping for shelters Shelters to provide probably around seventy percent of the animals in the community and when they chip animals going out they're able to get hits On animals that are as they call them returns to owners and where before they are spending three to five days in a shelter if they're lucky eighty now. They're spending hours because if they get a hit on animal that comes into a shelter they call our database. We tell them who the owner for is and the animal spends hours instead of days in a shelter if you love your pet chip yeah. How much does this cost? It sounds too good to be true. Well if you go to a shelter typically typically the cost is going to be around fifteen to twenty dollars Your private veterinarian may charge a little more You know when I go to my private veterinarian. I love this sky. He's taking care of all of my animals. I'm going to spend a little more and the other thing is next time you go for a regular vet visit just the chip done. It's not that more expensive simple simple as that. And if you're a veterinarian doesn't Chip you know you can do that. No you know you know. We'll go and sent him a package and videos videos and stuff like that showing how can benefit his client. It is a great. It's a really great now. Brad had a good idea to to make a certain breeds. Once you're explaining debray well we always talk about The they talk about taking breeds like pit bulls and banning them in banning certain breeds. I think that's absurd one of the things that I've talked about in the past here in columns and that is that maybe making microchipping something. That's a legal thing where you have to make up your dogs and then whatever dog does something you can immediately access who the owner risk backseat in history and you can hold people responsible and when people are responsible for their dogs then you will have less trouble with the dogs as usual. You're at cutting edge and the more and more and more cities. He's getting out of this room tonight is going to be now. I'm I'm absolutely serious about this I worked for La City for twenty six. This year's there was the legislative analyst for the City Council also in the last twelve years. I managed animal shelters but one of the things they do is right. Sample ordinances for communities as in cities throughout the United States and one of them is dangerous. Animal Ordinance and if you chip an animal whether it's a pit bull or German shepherd and you and the animal bites there's no mistaking which animal has done it and more and more communities are doing that. You're right on top red while Mike we appreciate it. Is there a a number or a website. The site where people can get a hold of avid so then get more information. It's www avid id dot com. Are One eight hundred three three six six to eight four three and everyone will be able to go to our website at animal. Talk Radio DOT COM and be able to Get that information from our Pictures of the show section action. That'll be in there so they'll be able to get that too as to who you guys rooting for for the world series. I pretty much for the wedding readiness and read. Why don't when they have a pretty thick anthology? I'm such a baseball fan. It's scary what about you. Do you actually know who's probably gonna I want anyone who's Not New York. Well Oakland playing right now. Aubrey Mike Burns. Thank you very much being with us. Thank you guys. I appreciate the opportunity tired car that'll do it for another installment of animal talks. Thanks so much for joining us. Come on back next week for another lash bag for for you and of course like comments follow all business We need you to do. It helps out more than you can imagine so just hit that button leaves comment and of course you can always send your emails Jamie at animal. Talk Radio DOT COM and the website. Animal Talk Radio. Your Dot Com and until next time having exotic weakened. Kiss your wild thing for fun. Storm the castle await take the by.

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Animal Talk  Interview With Jackie Stallone (Rewind 2000)  Episode 93


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Animal Talk Interview With Jackie Stallone (Rewind 2000) Episode 93

"Broadcasting live from coast to coast and around the world. It's time for animal talk for some of the best dog on pet people on the planet. Dr Brad Davis Chief Chief of staff or the veterinary centers of America. Donna foreigners. Our dog trainer Brian Bar check. He's handling the reptiles horse. I'm Jamie Flanagan Mega Church but it has good Tom Here we go. This is a rebroadcast of animal. Talk from two thousand when we had Jackie Stallone hot and Jackie Stallone Mother of Sylvester Sylvester. Stallone had her psychic dogs with her. So it's kind of an interesting show. She's a unique character. And it's it's it's just a fun show. We got Brian Donovan and Marquan assume. You're them along with Dr Brad Myself. there's a little fun halftime in between the two hours and He will talk and Jackets Cologne. Yeah we're here. Welcome Ladies Ladies and gentlemen boys and girls dogs cats fish birds reptiles everywhere. This is your show. This is animal. Talk where we talk about what you do your animals let your animals to us. The most important number of the day is eight hundred. Eighteen eighty six one eight hundred. We E. Eighteen hundred six. Pick up the phone. Give us a call so we can make your world analogically weekly safe and sound. You can also emails questions at animal. Talk Radio Dot Com questions in animal. Talk Radio DOT COM. got a great show for you today. We have a very unique and very special guest in the first hour today show her name is Jacqueline Stallone. Sly is as mom loans. Mom and and and and Jamie. Jackie what is what is lies. Mom GonNa do for us today or she has Her to psychic dogs with Hannah and Rachel they're miniature pinschers to cited. These dogs have predicted everything. From presidential elections. Actions probably predicted that as well See the construction of prisons on Mars by two thousand ten. No they've been right every time of course Interview and article wouldn't be complete about Jackie. Stallone unless we talked about rump biology which that her day job and she said she does feel silly about the whole dog thing it seems to me she would be kind of immune to feeling rebel. But but we're GONNA talk to you about that. I mean these dogs. They predicted a lot of things they actually have. They dislike the. Hey Dr Laura according to a recent article if they could kill her they would own. They also despise uh-huh her stance against groin sniffing it It turns out that goes airport. Fuel talks they. Also Despise Secretary of State Madeleine Albright no sniffing approaches no drinking out of the toilet Monica Lewinsky and Darva conger hate them all the only only time those four people will be in the same we hope and in the second hour. WE'RE GONNA be talking to Dr Jane. Mix a veterinarian. I get your colored natural health. Animal Health. Expert or proponent. Would you say well I met her once. She's a nice lady very nice ladies and yeah. She's got some unique ideas I suppose. And she's also involved with healthy net shark cartilage. No really no. I'm just know that gets that. Brad's IRA start cartilage. Sharks never get cancer. Oh that's one of those lies to isolate merely halves my apathy. Hey We. We're very proud to say that. We're adding a bunch of new affiliates today here to the Animal. Talk Radio Network I'm just going to go down the list. Quick let everyone know. Hey welcome to the animal talk family. Ku L. Y.. Ulysses Kansas Fourteen twenty. Am Welcome Ulysses W. H. O.. P. Hopkinsville Kentucky twelve thirty am am Hopkinsville. All Right W. U. L. F. Hardens Ville Louisville Kentucky Lick Ninety Four Points Louisville. Keep them slugging. This is Radio K.. Okay be Ponca city. Oklahoma Kakapo K.. o Ok p Perry Oklahoma. Right William Perry apparently nothing. Komo a Rio Grande California. He's senior all right. Welcome folks Welcomed the talk radio network and of course that means anyone in the new affiliates. Elliott's Today who call in go to the front of the line and they get to try their hand at this tricky Trivia which is being sponsored at the by the salt water test kits from Red Sea fish farms Ryan. Is the water tonight. Me All right Brian. Tell us how this all right mark. Yamahana's is going to pose an animal related questions audience. If you know the answer or your thank you do pick up the phone. Dial eight hundred pet eight hundred eighty six. If you're correct win spec-specific prizes all right here. We go today's Today's tricky. Trivia is what unique characteristic does the Chinese crested dog and the sphynx cat having common What unique characteristic does the Chinese crested dog in the SPHYNX? Cat have in common two for one player at Ming's a recipe. Oh one eight hundred eighteen eighty six one eight hundred eight hundred eighty six. We had to take a second echina- just to explain to our new affiliates. Kind of what. Animal talk is animal. Talk is a call in radio talk show devoted to animals and pets. Brian Donovan than sitting to my left is an animal behavior. Animal Behavior Professional dog trainer. And he's been doing this for what now. Eighteen nineteen ten longtime the time about eighteen. Years has the number one selling dog training video on the market nipping. Chewing digging garbage rating won't come call dog training video. He'll be here to answer all of your dog training questions. Dr Brad Davis Devia Graduate of Michigan. State Veterinarian extraordinaire has clinics in the he wears out out of that again. Remember when you step into animal talk studios please check your self esteem door because it will be riddled bread. Brad is been in practice for many many years because he's old but he's here to take all your veterinarian veterinary questions. I sitting here at the microphone. Mark Dantonio Hannah's a fish reptile and pet product expert been involved with with Logical type critters and fish for many years as well as being the vice versa sales a number of product manufacturing company so we cover the gamut and in between all the information. We try to have fun because we know pets are fun. Animals are fun right. Animal News is fun everything about pets. Well there's a lot of things that are fun about pets. We try to bring that to the show we take the pet care and animal husbandry seriously. But we're little irreverent time so bear with this folks. Listen acquired taste apologies now Forever we're sorry right in front of me. FCS's one eight hundred eighteen. Maybe six one eight hundred eighteen eighty six. Pick up the phone and give us a call so we can answer your questions. So what's upright birthdays. We have So you know what's weird about the birthday thing of course each week. We do the birthdays in There's there's a common thread that runs through the birthday. Today it's heads of state and literary slash columnist journalist Types So we have Edgar guest. He's the writer. Syndicated columnist poet Also Jacqueline Susann Brad author author of the valley the dolls a county Chung That there are literary part and then now heads of state we have Benjamin Harrison. twenty-third president Rahi Right Heave Gandhi Prime Minister of India for from Eighteen nineteen eighty nine nineteen ninety one and Don King. Yeah movers and shakers interestingly enough. Jackie Stallone's dogs don't like any of them. He wants to throw them all in the river. Pretty ruthless those one eight hundred eighty six one eight hundred eight hundred eighty six. Pick up the phone and give a call. Hey don't forget every Thursday night at seven PM Eastern time. We hosted chat on Yahoo Pets. So you can go to our website. Animal Talk Radio Dot Com. Click on the Yahoo pets icon and be there there or be square also We are heard on yahoo broadcast so two members of your family who are not blessed to hear that dulcet tones of animal. Talk over their. I go to the Internet. We're there for everybody here on the Talk Radio Network Cayeux L. Y. W. H. O. P. wwl F. K. O. K. B. K. K. P. and K. K. O. M.. All welcome to animal talks animal. Talk Vegetable Soup alphabet soup here in analog one eight hundred eighty six year to make your world analogically safe eh sound nine. It's time for a doggy. Doo being sponsored by in the weekly Giggle ball from multifaceted international. I'M GONNA company with the Colonel Drum. Yeah well this dog actually the answer to An email questions. Your Brian in my male rat terrier is over year old. I had him neutered at five months survey so it sounds like she's doing everything right. He started to mark his territory. I have two other dogs one female eleven years old and another female a little younger than Apache. They all. They're all fix. What can I do to stop them from reading the House? Well we know that housebreakings are pretty straightforward procedure but marking can be seemingly difficult behavior to correct most dog owners understand. This is a perfectly natural method dog. She was a stake. A claim to property or your objects therefore it's a hardwired behavior that is very strong and some dogs because it's so natural. Most dogs who engage in this behavior seemed to do it almost as a reflex rather than cognitive AC back severely limiting a training approach. So what can you do watch carefully for patterns or situations which seemed to trigger the response marking is usually brought on by confusion inconsistency NC in handling our environment lack of confidence visitors or new pets supervisor dog closely in these situations correct quickly and we know a good correction includes woods loud quick and invisible as the elements which make a good correction. If you catch him as always delayed corrections. Do not work and can actually make the problem worse. So Oh you have. A hard wired dog was right to the brain right to the leg. Lifts and fire means it's instinctive. It's instinctive form to do that. Unlike the wire dogs that just drank a a lot of coffee okay. That was almost funny. That was your courtesy. You Jamie Well Bryan. We have a very special guest today. Went you introduce our our guest while our guest. Is this real exciting for us. You've seen are all over the place we've seen our Howard Stern. We've seen her on all the talk shows and her. Her dogs actually predict everything from the presidential elections to the construction of prisons on Mars by two thousand ten. Our guest is Jacqueline Stallone. Jackie how are you. I'm I'm fine. Where are we talking we are? You're talking to us in Detroit and new trade in numerous cities across the country. I'm very happy but Detroit the home face. We're here in Detroit in the motor city under. Then they're then they're nice to talk to you. It's what time We're where we're at right now. It's a little after seven okay. It's four o'clock here all right. We all swear now we program I animal talk. Animal Talk We talk about what you did your animals with your animals due to you were based and he traveled to do everyday about animal every single day. Astronauts ask your dogs. It's true kidding. I have a two movie stars. Guess what they have to Goldfish goldfish every day. If they go out for dinner don't leave. The Poseidon Adventure turned on the Goldfish. Won't talk to them. These for intelligent movie stars very famous. I can't give their name. Come come on. I can't believe it Conway Tim Conway. Isn't it famous famous famous famous comedian. That's a hint. Oh Aw Hey Jackie. We're not we're not psychic. So you gotta you gotTA shoot a strength after hearing then I sit there and they tell me about what what does go there to goldfish boy for fifty cents a piece. Do I think I'm way ahead of the game. Hey let's start out with Jackie. I have a couple questions for you here. We go. The your dog actually predicted that Bush would win the presidential election by a razor the thin margin of a couple of hundred thousand votes according to the dogs. They tell you to the major. TV show laugh. You haven't heard the last of these dogs. These stories did a major TV show for Brazil. They're gonNA start doing love column. Brazil now did the number of the lot of now your job Your dogs hate communism. How did you get that out of? I don't know they don't know the different communism. There's certain people's names that they've become absolutely violent when they see their faces on TV. Like who what do you mean like who will remember the Israeli situation that say the paper when they saw that on the news and when they they were I interviewed about whether Clinton would make a deal with the Israelis about the situation. Whatever it is you know dogs almost bit my husband's thumb on an MD.? We believe you could see them. They when Cloyne. The Dole didn't interview the other day with the Brazilian press and they bought some movie magazines. I seem to test them and asked what they thought of certain movie stars. Dogs predicted done John. Travolta's movie be a bomb Lord. One that comes up next week is going to be great. No I don't follow. These moves the dogs. Tell me dogs are Rachel and Hannah. Yes they are now. How how do they communicate this information to you? They're like channels. I think I mean this sounds very silly. I know you think so. But I'm not silly. I mean I have books. Written all astrology. Books that give them seminars around the world you know. My books are famous but never thought that I didn't with dogs talking to me. I know there are very few showers. When I go to Europe I've met a couple that are excellent? I do believe when I bought these dogs blur entertainment while look the television When they started show very strange behavior when certain people come on? TV what is this. So I'm sure they act as a channel. I don't know if they'd be able to channel channel with anyone except me. It's just like I don't know if I think you're probably especially tuned to them since they spend some. I don't know it's like the Ouija Board. Now for instance I if you can work for. Do you know how that works out. You tuned in takes two people but it takes two psychics to work a neat Ouija board say getting otherwise nothing moves. I would say these dogs worked through mirror. I worked to them. I never thought I'd ever do it. My Life hadn't planned on it. These dogs dance. As a matter of fact I heard a belly teacher starting dogs. That's true I'll tell you. Let me ask you a question. They hate Dr Laura. Now what are your. What are your feelings about Dr? Laura do you like it or I mean. I don't have time for this kind of program. According to a recent Article Jackie according to a recent article your you said that if your dogs could kill Dr Laura they would would really kill. I'm sure they would and like I say See Pictures of her or see her on. TV They just snarling because nasty disagreeable. Hey Jackie could you would your your dogs be able to give you a psychic impression. Maybe of of one of us here in animal talking. Don't think so. I don't think they work really. I mean they're not really a cloud. Yeah I mean they're not entertain. I'd have to be lying about sure. Sure I tell you. What Jackie can we put you on hold and come back with you right right very good and right after the break? We'll bring Jackie stallone to continue to talk about her psychic Gods Rachel and Hannah Miniature pinschers who you have made worldwide headlines Dinner. I guess we're going to be hosting a television show in Brazil of all place. That's kind of currently a ballet show. That's kind of cool. Yeah and they're going to be taught ballet. I mean folks. You never know what your animals can do. Don't let your animals be limited. Give them opportunity one. Eight hundred eight hundred eighty six. You have the opportunity to expand your pencil rising by giving us a call here on the animal. Talk Radio Network. If you'd like to talk to Jackie Stallone feel free to give us a call and ask her some questions about her dogs in about the things she does. Obviously Jackie is a huge animal lover and has been blessed to be united with two very very special dogs takeaway Brian. The dogs are Rachel enhanced in these dogs. They're miniature pinschers. Jackie Stallone's dogs have predicted everything from presidential elections to the construction of prisons on Mars by the year. Two thousand ten not only did her dogs. No that the Taco Bell Chihuahua is going to lose his job but they believe that it was a case of ethnic ethnic discrimination. Can you tell us about that. Jackie probably was that Kinda like Taco Bell. Didn't you somewhere Tacos and a human thing. I would have to agree with you. I think it was a little species intimidation there. I'm here. We had a dog superstar. Must have had the you know humans thinking we can't let you know You know I was reading on the What else out of town? That thirty five percent of the People Purina dog food advertisers thirty and the Consumer Digest which never lies they say like thirty five percent of the population the dogs and cats when they go to town coal and talk to their dogs. We believe that's very very accurate. Yeah we've seen those statistics People call back on their on their answering machines or have somebody hold the I call back and talk to my snakes. mytalk snake well. I can't be kidding snake. Pat's worm a come into your house. Yeah Jackie one of the things that that but You have resurrected as part of your your unique psyche. Gifts are our rump biology. I mean that is it gives okay. I couldn't understand. Yeah more of a psychic gift them reading your palm. What's their your palm is? They're the only thing psycho are these dogs and to be able to due astrology. We'll have done it for thirty five years. I went to school for fifteen years taught travel around the world and the astrologer for the for Russia for the royal family and relatives of the Middle East. I mean I do that. But that's based on knowledge of schooling. So Baras well biology the lines in the palms your feet. They've been there for centuries I mean you. Don't be a psychic. Someone has to teach how to read. It is still in the Middle East if you go to Saudi Arabia Arabia go to Qatar. These countries that allow doctors to see women's bodies women have to sit in a hand a powder and sit on paper roll the whole bodies and the doctors read the Prince of the feet. The hands are behind. You wouldn't have to have an application not really mean it still does. So that's how ah if they are. That's how they can tell a mad if he's a womanizer was a player has a flat behind considered. I'm not employer Moyer cheaters. Women Really yes. Wow let me ask you. Your dogs are obviously very close to you. And and they've been around they see what you do and you can check them a hell of a lot of good work do. Do Your dogs understand apology as well. I mean can they no not at all. Aw Jackie of you. Does this science transfer interspecies. Can you do either palm readings around policy with other animals other than humans humanos street. I think about it. I mean. Don't forget we're doing S. You could read your palm to have you ever had your palm read. No I haven't either. The Palm is controlled by your brain your brain controls the right palm your brain controls. The left you left side of your body is your pass always has been you know what you're left side of the face and left behind left arm left like a little bit different the ripe the right is the future. It's where it's going if you look at your two hands. See the different lines and left hand right hand. If you're right hand looked weak looking the lines a weaker then you let him what you came to the world. What you're promised your potential at the right head as the lines are all means that you were get you came to the world? These many gifts characteristics lived up to that you flopped took the wrong route The left side of Martin of Marconnet left side Saudi. Your brain now marks. The left side of Mark's head is enormous. What does that mean about his right hand and right hand look at album lines and detail okay? Let's let's get back to the the dogs now shirt behind your your left behind. Sheikh is where you were and the right is words going look at the characteristics on it. You can only see that for print can't see them naked. I look and they get bodies. I've never looked at anyone naked behind. Who wants to I mean pretty behold so well ahead Brian? I'll tell you what if you if you were to read Marx. You'd better bring your lunch now. How long have you known your dogs have been psychic about eight months? And they're only a year old so shortly got a little bit more about fourteen months. Okay so so they. They've been they've been psychic since they were puppies. Yeah now do you think all dogs up you see the pronounce behavior and now these dogs go to hospitals and the people. I don't people seem to be getting better. I don't know whether it's a placebo. But they WANNA see him but now these dogs were instrumental that now the passing laws and bills that dogs can go visit patients the hospital. It helps them. Sure it's a very well documented or do you think maybe the dogs have ability to do a little psychic healing laying out of hospitals. Do I mean for Heaven's sakes I gave semester investor two lamas for birthday. Someone gave it to me. What am I gonNa do with the townhouse in California? Two Lamas fest sent them his big ranch and he didn't Rama's than the horses and the dogs got jealous so he gave them a two for Retarded children they said. These children have improved. A message to these two lamas almost two dogs but they do the llamas. 'cause llamas don't jump on you and Spring and startling findings that people live longer longer and better with a pet. You're absolutely we. We believe that one hundred percent one hundred percent to animals extend people's lifespans the expand coach. If you were I mean how. Many coaches worship analysts believing that there were someone else a deep relative of fault or mother someone deceased. He's who's come back another form. I mean certain parts of the Middle East. I mean cats. If you shot a cat or a cat they behead you my mother-in-law's GonNa comeback a snake. I already know snakes lawsuit. My mother-in-law you'd know Jackie. Do you have any tips for dog. Owners to kind of challenge channel channel the pedder or create this connection the psychic connection with their I wouldn't I would just say just focus on you know I don't know how it happened. Just let these dogs look at TV. You'd be surprised. He's dogs have their own likes and dislikes on TV and they know exactly where they want cartoons they want drama when this movie star Montana about their to goldfishes soap focus they only want to see the post citing. Because it's a fishing the sit under a little town and Jackie and I can't believe it. Jackie we WANNA thank you so so much for being with us here in animal talk to. I think it's wonderful Give Rachel and Hannah Hug forest and you have a wonderful rest of the week. Okay thank you very much and you don't want you to fish like the Poseidon Adventure. Don't you fishing hunting fishing. We turn the boat over. We got you now that we're done with the presiding adventure. Oh man now that wacky Jackie has leftist. We're back to taking your animal questions. Hey do you have a dog. That's jumping up on people when they come to visit how. How about a dog? This romantic uncle Phil Romancing Phil's legs repeatedly telling you the Lotto numbers. Do you have a dog. It's maybe digging up the backyard backyard. How `Bout How's training problems? We can help you with those getting the medical questions. How about a cat? That seems to be having probably urinating or maybe drinking too much or quit eating any of those kind of things. Dr Brad Davis can help you with Haiti. got a fish fish tank for supper. Help be there. But if you've got an aquarium with freshwater saltwater fish reef tank when a breeder fish I can help you with that or I can help you with your reptile questions. One eight hundred eight hundred eighty six one eight hundred marks rump during the I lost my place several times. Don't don't worry I put in a bookmark. Watch after paper cuts state the nature of the medical emergency. And now it's time for dealt with our resident veterenarian Dotson bread and it's being brought to you by. Kt Complete Bird Diets. I get the follow decky. Stallone no problem. We're going to put the custom. You do having trouble drinking too much anyway. Our health tip is a quiz today. I had two dogs in my clinic. Serious trouble one was a male dog who was hit by a car with such trauma to the front leg that would have bled out without immediate care. He walked out the front door after in our treatment all sorts of very pregnant female come in dead on arrival. She had severe muscle wasting and appeared to have died of starvation. What are these dogs both have in common and that is your clinic yeah they they live in Garden City? Well they both were intact. Most of our hit by car. Dogs are intact males and this is another example and also the problems of being a finance paid female Dogar really numerous and very very dangerous often fatal. In this case the dog didn't eat enough. There's too many puppies and the dog did start to cheese. Talk to your dad about spaying or neutering your pet. It really is the best thing to do for your pets. Health absolutely one hundred percent in fact one eight hundred eighteen eighty six one eight hundred eight hundred eighty six. Pick up the phone and give a call so we can make you a world animal logically safe and a sound by the way we do want to welcome our new affiliates to the animal. Talk Radio Network. Today that's K. U. L. Y. Ulysses Kansas W. H. O. P. Hopkinsville the Kentucky W. U. L. F. Hardens Ville Louisville Kentucky K.. O K B Ponca City Oklahoma and K.. O K P Perry Oklahoma and Komo `Grande California. Lots of New People hanging out. Yeah and we should tell them that. Jackie is not a regular. Yeah no that is absolutely one hundred percent true every now and then you just have to stretch the bounds of animal. Dumb the dumbed. So you know. We'll we'll open the phones up to take your calls and your emails one eight hundred eight hundred eighty six. You can email questions at animal. Talk Radio DOT COM. Let's go to the phones and let's talk to Theresa. Hello Theresa welcomed Animal Talk. How're you doing today? Finally over you guys doing very good. We have a caller poll view today. And we're going to start with you. A polar coal see. The problem is is my my goldfish back home or speaking to me. Cyclically Insulate Jackie. The problem is Yankee. You can't even help us all right. Let's pull this together professional here right right then. We wouldn't have done that in. Who you guys? You guys will have fun with this with this deal here too. I'm sure I happen to run a foundation in Olive Hill. Tennessee for captive Bred Bulls and Wolf Dogs Nonprofit Foundation if his name is Eagle Wolf Foundation and I realized that there's some of you there that might be saying Oh Jeez and the role of the is but we we feel that just as you guys Jackie and our goldfish that not everybody should own a dog. That's one hundred percent fact and Dan exotic animals should be if you're going to own them exotic dangerous animal now dear. There's there there. An exotic dangerous animal. Are you talking about a captive born captive raised animal. That's treated like like a wild animal or are you speaking of an a canine species that has been hand reared raised and untreated. Like a family. Companion well you know what I'll tell you what no matter how much you treat is certain animals that have not been domesticated though as a family pet you do not remove that well component to their to an animal. Is this Brian. This is mark. Okay Mark I WanNa you know reiterate a fact here that at this foundation right now I have onsite a champion. ESPN obedient to who happens to be a dog trained. Well I'll tell you what we're GonNa put put you on hold. We'll take you right after the break. We'll continue this conversation. And we'll get Ryan Donovan involved. We give Brian to talk about the behavioral components of in a domesticated canine dogs compared to wolf. Who is related Genetically Wrong Wolf? I'm talking about a little doll okay. Then we'll we'll. We'll talk about that as well here right after the break. Okay put you on. Hold me right back Theresa and we do have lines open your first. The aquarium should be an explorer Marineland. Oh yeah here's our psychic. Pick pep boys. I believe my Borneo Blood Python speaking he saying rats more rats one hundred six one eight hundred so many beings inside the trivia question to do. Hey you know we have Jackie on everything becomes trivial nevermind. What unique characteristics? Terrific's does the Chinese crested dog in the sphynx cat. Having common kind of few moments left where you can win prizes prices and more prizes for your dog cat cat bird fish. Reptile whatever. Animal species specifics of the phone and give us a call. Eight hundred eight hundred eighty six before winter break. We were talking. To Theresa. Theresa Lisa is a proponent of Wolf dogs and wolves and one of the things. We've always done here in animal. Talk is that we we kinda take a position that keeping exotic species of animals is should be done by certain individuals and especially if the animals tend to be the possibility city of being larger animals or possibly a dangerous animal. And I guess the debate comes down to our wolf dogs dangerous animals or or are they are the enough of a component of dog and then the become a domesticated animal with an out cross of Doug Bread. Well I was going to ask you. We're talking about a dog that say okay Champion at behavior what What percentage Wolfe is the dog? He is he's a lower content lower crime. Yeah well I I I do believe that. The animal is Verified at approximately thirty five to thirty seven percent explained explains how can we be thirty seven percent wolf just out of curiosity where you have breeders that reputable breeders. Here's on my. There's no such thing dogs just like any. AKC registered animal that they know the lines of their animal's he'll be Gad who do but it's impossible to be thirty five percent anything genetically no. It's not wrong. Sorry sorry discuss it. I'm sorry I don't mean to sound rude but no it's not explain it to me just a little bit. I mean see because fifty fifty and then you go to twenty five. That's where the dog side of your brain is working deer and you're not a Wolfer so it would be very recent whether whether it's in recent theresa whether it's a dog or a reptile when you start doing a genetic across you can have a fifty fifty or a twenty five this percent split now. You can't do percentages less than less or more than that. It just doesn't work scientifically when you are breeding animals. Like this is fine. I should say I don't know anything about reptiles other than watch them. Fringes old me but when you breed wolf dog then you can get different percentages because certain teams go to certain art. But you're not really tie theresa rescue but with the The at the Route of time for this hour. I'll tell you what what to pick this up at another time. Give us a call back. And we'll pursue this further. Thanks for calling. And you're listening to mark Ryan and Grad Brad. Talk Radio Network. Someone like this. WHO's arguing? I mean you know. That's where the dog side of your brain is coming. That was dumb thing you know. I would prefer that those people come out and obviously anybody who's listening is giving that's kind of Russia's GonNa be. That's exactly what they are. And we've done a service with that. I think that's a good thing I don't I think that's a bad thing. I can't stand. Yeah Yeah Yeah well. Also we're used to dealing with the people like that you and I. We're used to hearing that. I mean I don't know how many times I've heard. The dog was ninety percent. Wolford or ten percent will and I was just genetically not possible. Already talked about domestication's across it takes off the rough edges of the species and makes something halftime. Show here on the radio network. We just kind of hang out with the microphones and whatever and getting ready for the next hour. All are ya who listeners. Thanks for hanging out and you're wrong and you're wrong point because people realize they were rational. That comes across. Yeah and I'll tell you what's the tape. There have been killed by these. We'll talk mark. I'm not I'm not arguing and arguing simply that this person's just an ugly sounding person talk to you and do we want to stay away from those kind of people altogether. Nobody to argue with someone like my dad can beat up your debt. You know you needed to set up the point. The point never got may yeah. We were argument for either side. Never got see. That's why I asked you. What what's this lady coming up? They said no she wasn't supposed to come on and argue this point she. She took it out well she was. She was just trying to gain awareness for the foundation that she's and she is helping to foster auster. The dogs are there are some questions I had but before I even got into like okay so you take these dogs and other people don't want all of a sudden we got into this thing. You know. Well that's her lost so she didn't. She didn't get her told her wonderful. You should control. She take time to be destroyed. Say Wow does she's make. She took took offence when making dangerous and they are. I mean I mean they got mouth they can buy yes exactly the fact that she did that she no. That one's an obedient change. Oh yeah that's right. All this has been on. That's that's okay. That's twenty five percent wolf dot. It doesn't matter twenty. Where does that take twenty five percent? Let's do because sometimes be thirty seven point five and five thirty five percents and they're always they always had these numbers. My favorite is when it's well it's only two percent wolf and things like that. So that's why I always like to. What percentage is it because if they say something like that you know the immediately don't know don't know and so they'll say thirty percent thirty five five percent but a hostile ably unless phenotype though? Yeah unless it's one hundred percents type is not as the the the conditions set forth by the Gina type or the the if you have like if you have a blue eyes that's detrick phenotype from the Gina type of whatever whatever the club is all the result. QB behavioral component or a physiological component. Really cool gorgeous gorgeous so dear sir how many arms have been put a perspective on a two is that she was talking about how they're just as good a dog. Well guess what there's dogs let's face it. I guess we're running out. I hope yeah. I hope that what she's doing is is taking dogs out of out of environment the Wolf dogs where they're not controlled it's controlled and you know actually called in before the show and asked how to listen on the Internet because You know he knew his friend was going to be on the reality as shoes argumentative. I'm reptile person and I admit that there's a lot of people in the community. Did you not the band. The ownership of any reptiles I don't think particularly Pythons Burmese. Pythons Anaconda all these big animals that are dangerous inherently dangerous. Here's by what they are and what they're capable of doing what happens rarely rattlers. Oh I don't think people should private ownership of venomous animals. No way shape or form. You're endangering your neighbors. Your daydream bring children. I do not believe. I think that shouldn't should be licensed and control and you should be trained Same thing with exotic cats. The big cats bears anything. You are creating a danger to yourself into the people around you whether you want to or not and remember to Wolf Dogs. You can't fix it in for. Rabies is not cleared for use in wild animals animals. No matter what as long as they have wolf in themself so if you vaccinate and they're still not going to be considered covered for rabies in most states. I don't know some in other words. I see at any kind of that you have. You are liable for any kind of an animal that you have in your house that they could do damage to a human being and and have one in there. That could do that. I mean this is. The ownership of animals is something we want to support to the nth degree the ownership of dangerous animals needs control speaking of Yahoo listeners. Thanks for hanging out during the halftime show here and the regular show is gonNA kick back in about two minutes stick around. The one thing we need to do is make sure that if we're going to impact this impact in a positive way because if we do not as people self-regulate then you're going to get muncipality's coming in with a with a big brush and wiping all out in creating huge breed bands and said abandon talks. That are wild animals. The ban rottweilers. They'll ban pit bulls band German shepherds because they look like a wolf not do and that's the thing you'd never got your point across. Never Yeah you never you never in. And she never got her point across. That was just ran out of time but it was it was it we senator senator. You set it up like you were taking a call and then she just ran off and got argumentative and it. Just lose all and I'll say this to I've been self-regulating since I was fourteen a uh-huh oh I don't want to we. Just we just did live appearance of Detroit and had a guy from the health department. Come let me know that. The city of Detroit hit Outlawed any snake over two feet long illegal to own in the city of Detroit where you were okay state. You're at the state fairgrounds. So you were in the city. Exactly it was twelve inches long was Oh really we all look. We're GONNA have to leave. Is that why we moved to the. Aw Worm listened thirty seconds here so Shut up every ladies and gentlemen boys and girls dogs cats fish birds reptiles mother-in-law's all you critters out there. Jim mother-in-law issues this week got mother-in-law issues this week. It's been going on for four years. It's like twice in a half hour here. You know what happiness is. Don't you love your mother-in-law's picture milk carton. One eight hundred eighteen eighty six one. Eight hundred five hundred eighty six. You know women don't like that because they all turned into mother-in-law service the one eight hundred eighteen thousand say we still have that tricky trivia hangover from last hour. We might as well run it all the way through this hour. What is the unique characteristic? Nick what unique characteristic does the Chinese crested dog and the Sphinx can't have in common folks. This is very obvious. They both have the ability to channel. Jackie Stallone uh-huh Channel Dog food. Really well goes in one hundred. Wow I haven't gotten one of those years. Don't get used to it right. One eight hundred eighteen eighty six thousand eight hundred eighteen thousand six. Hey in this hour we're GONNA be talking to Decker Jane Vicks. She is a vet extraordinaire. She's probably well known most well well known from her time on Pets Berg on animal planet and she's also written a number of books and has been involved in animal nutrition for years and she's a little bit into the I guess you'd call it new age health stuff some of that. I have a little problem with and some of it gets chicken soup. It can't hurt but you know we'll talk to her and a little bit and talk to her about healthy net dot com which is a unique set of situation of people could actually own your own pet shop at home and sell a pet products yourself. So everyone's did you ever want to own a pet shop right. I have a pet shop in my trench coat. I don't even know what thirteen that scares. Me I'M NOT GONNA petty. It's six twenty eight hundred eighty six. We're leaving the Zenati of this. I can get the cops in here. Nothing to see here folks Sunday night here all right and now it's time for one of our favorite parts of the show factor fiction and you decide and this is bringing brought to you. This is being brought to so you've still channel interior. That's the problem here. Healthy pet net dot com own. Your own home pet shop all right Brian. Well here's a factor fiction's all about we're going under read three stories Two of which are absolutely true. We know oftentimes at animal stories are indeed truth is stranger than fiction when it comes animal stories. This show's has been stranger than fiction. Two of them are true. The one that's been fabricated has actually been made up by Dr. Brad Davis doesn't mean he's going to read that story. Your job is determine which story is false. Call eight hundred eight hundred eighty six. If you're correct well you win spec-specific prizes all right here. We go when we start with the doctor. Brad Davis read the story. I this time bub. Oh thank Bubba Woah. Okay forget Dolly. The sheep has manian tiger is next Brighton. Tasmania the last known Tasmanian Tiger or thylacine died in captivity in one thousand nine hundred six but but it team of Australian biologists believe the animal's extinction may simply be a seventy year hickup Tasmanian Tiger. DNA has been found in a cloning project is underway hope for the rebirth. The Tiger not a cat at all but a striped Marsupial Wolf lies in the murky depths of a museum specimen jar. where a six month old via CPAP has sap reserve in alcohol? Since NI- eighteen sixty six Australian museum director professor. Mike Archer said he knew fifteen years ago. The specimen held the key to the returnable tiger. But it was not until Dolly the sheep was cloned in Scotland nineteen ninety any seven t that technology caught up with his dream. It became a matter of not if but when Archer said in April small samples of heart liver muscle and bone marrow tissue. You were extracted from the preserved pop and a small team of evolutionary. Biologists in Sydney began working to unravel the tigers genetic code not far away from Jurassic Park folks. WCHS AM excited Bring back those big lizards all right story number. Two a butterfly swarm injures eight in Mexico City. A lunchtime swarm reminders out of the car. Once time storm of monarch butterflies on a play school school playground caused injury to eight children after. They've panicked trying to get inside twenty-six a second grader for playing outside during recess at Havi Air Cabrera Elementary School in Mexico City when a swarm of monarch butterflies descended on the playground students and teachers panicked racing to the door to reenter. The building. Eight students were injured. None severely in the mad dash. Dr Mois Ramirez. You don't get hot in here. I feel a little voice. The Voice Ramirez a biologist at the University of Mexico City believes that there was a mass emergence of the butterflies in a field nearby and they were looking for a meal. He cautioned that the butterflies are harmless. There's no reason to fear. The butterflies are more scared of most of the butterflies left off the area within twenty minutes of the incident. You know Alfred Hitchcock had the burden. We're GONNA come out with the butterflies. Be quiet you wake. The Butterfly. Apply opens Thursday from dreamworks and they just kept fluttering. I wanted to these kids. Trauma is from now on the player. Ma It might be a sequel to cocoon or is it all right to this chimpanzee at the Madrid Zoo has given her companions a taste for turning fruit and vegetables into pure as what could be considered a scientific. I Knew Science magazine says the chimps appeared to be the first animals to mash food. Simply because let's be preferred the taste and texture. The networks have been much. I think Emerald Shave chips. You chimps chimps use various techniques to obtain food fishing for termites with sticks in the mountains but they have not been known to change the quality of their food. This week's week's edition. The magazine said the female chip. Linda had her teeth removed by a beach resort photographer to stop her from biting tourists. And shortly we after that when she came to the Madrid Zoo and ninety two she started to mash food. And it's taught this to the other chimps and the group. This may be a first in the scientific community chimps cooking okay so story number one okay there cloning. The Tasmanian Tiger story we number two butterfly swarm injured eight in Mexico City and the stories chimps learned to make taste your food puree those vegetables and fruit for a new taste sensation. One eight hundred eight hundred eighty six. If you can pick a live the advocation out of these three absolutely stupid stories. You can win arises more prizes prices and more prices here on the Animal Talk Radio Network. We're definitely here to give away stuff and we have that. Tricky Trivia question. What unique characteristic does the Chinese as crested dog and the cat heaven common also? We've got a caller poll today. In the I guess in honor of Jackie Stallone who was a guest in the first hour talking thing about her psychic dogs. Do you believe that animals have psychic abilities. And I'm being talked to you right now by mashed external home meal all right one eight hundred eighteen eighty six. Don't forget you gotta emails a question that Animal Talk Radio Dot Com. We're also available. Could be listened to in the Internet's if you've got friends family countrymen do not heal the dulcet tones of animal talk via the regular airway go to the Internet but animal talk. RADIO DOT COM. I am click on the Yahoo broadcast icon and we will come to your home. Avia the miracle of the worldwide web. One eight hundred eight hundred eighty six here. The Animal Talk Radio Network coming up in just a few moments. We're going to be talking to Dr Jane Ex and talking about her new book and we're also going to be talking about Healthy Patent Patna Dot com all that kind of good stuff so pick up the phone and give us a call at one eight hundred. Eighteen eighty six thousand eight hundred eighteen eighty six leasing blizzard. These`red leasing lizard out this sad man. They gotTa love those lizards time for her and her life is being sponsored by t rex the finest in reptile products all right. Today's her pipe is in response to an email question. It's an email answer this is from. STF AT AOL DOT COM. What are the most most popular breeds of lizards? Make a good beginning lizard for someone who's never kept a reptile pet. Plastic one lasting does do very very uh-huh I'm writing down my guess all right all right all right. There's probably two or three that I would say are up on the top number one. John Bearded Dragon. Oh shoot I put bearded drag queen. Oh my I had heard. I hadn't heard number. Two Leopard Gecko number. Three is any other Gecko species you can think of. Actually those are. You're probably the easiest. Most people tend to start with an Iguana as their first lizard pet because they're relatively inexpensive and easy to be had but the problem is with the Guavas they get very very large. There's lots of Geckos aren't there aren't one hundred species of Geckos Brian. Why can you and Brad species of Geckos? Well possibly the only lizard. That's actually born with glasses. That'd be the spectacle Gecko Case is there a comedian version. Yeah the shekels ah again if you plug them in the electric back if used them to put a finish on the outside of your house. STUCCO GEICO robotics the Meko not to mention the art deco and the sticky finger klepto gets. That's about enough of that Geico all right so if you're looking at the bearded dragons make great. PAT's I can't go back to the the the Iguana get very large. They get anywhere from four to six feet. Long Mail. Guan can be quite aggressive. They have very long nails. You have to create a very large enclosure for them and what ends up happening is a lot of people get this little lizard. That's six seven inches long. They're not expected to get six feet. Long it ends up in shelters tonight. So stay away from the IGUANAS. Unless you WANNA make the commitment to create a huge huge shelter for them. The bearded Dragon Reagan gets to be only about twelve to fourteen inches long and is a very very non-aggressive great little pet he'll even right on your shoulder or kind of hang on his shirt like a broach. They're great pets. Same thing with the Leopard Geckos just small ten gallon aquariums all you need to keep them. They eat cricket. So it's easy to keep those. Those are the two I would definitely pick I. Do they have pretty stable temperaments. The the bearded dragon. The GECKOS GECKOS embarrassed. Mr Hyde and Dr Gieco get hurt are the ones that like science fiction the Star Trek. Oh Geico we did that four years ago just like yesterday in. It's coming back from the dead. Aw I can smell that little one. Eight hundred eight hundred eighty six one eight hundred eighteen six. Let us bring our very special all guest on the show today and that is Dr Jane Mix. Hello Dr Jane. How're you doing today? Hello can you hear me. We can hear you now. Dr Jane how you doing today fine. You know I listen to some of the show and I applaud you for teaching people What animals to have what animals not to have so we can keep them out of shelters? Thank you very much. Yes well one of the things we talked about too is we were talking about earlier in the last hour which we didn't get the chance to frame we can bring Dr Jane and we had a woman who called WHO's involved with Wolf dogs and she immediately took took the stance that these are totally safe animals whether they are not what kind of leave that out. The reality is an exotic animals should be owned by a very special person in an animal that could be considered dangerous should not be owned by the general public in general. Wouldn't you say doctor Jane it's a fact it's not it's not even an opinion it's a fact I was working with the ASPCA Unofficially unofficially in placing exotic animals and they would go from home to home to home and you know. A wolf dog is going due to revert at one time. Another to its wild Routes you know our dog has been domesticated depending on who you read aid for one hundred thousand years or if you want to just go to the Egyptians you know you can. You can go back that far and you know we still have problems if you talk to. Brian domesticating them. So how can you take a wolf dog. That's first generation and expect knock have a problem. It just isn't going to work that's exactly the process of domestication is all about taking the rough edges off of an animal and so anyways. Yeah I I was above. That argument conductor Jane. I didn't even get involved in any way because you would probably lose because people like that you know they. They keep the animals until something happens. It's like the dog bites the child head off while you're right you're right Dr Jane. I've a couple of questions for you. What are the biggest dietary mistakes? People people make with their dogs and cats. Well I think I well I know. Number one is They'll try if an animal is picky and doesn't want to eat. It's dinner lunch breakfast. They'll try different kinds of foods or their adds something to the food. We talk about that all the time. And that's the most is common and you know what happened simply that the animal is not hungry. You know maybe it's hot out you know maybe you know Maybe they were. They picked out the night before. And we just can't get in our heads. They're not hungry. And what happens once you do that. Is You. Just increase them being more and more more finicky. Now why is that important nutritionally because nutritionally the importance. Is that eventually run out of good foods. That's right if you could relay. Relay this message to my mother. Would you like a sandwich. No I'm full and finally I just ate mom. Well how about a Meatloaf I can whip up the interesting. I think part you know let. Let's think of humans right. We're full you know. We don't want to eat anything we're full right. And then our mothers coming go ten we interest you and a homemade homemade. You know hot fudge Sundae and all of a sudden you say you know what twist my arm and I did it. And that's what we're doing with the animals and it's just not healthy state number two when you change food like that and you know rapidly. From day to day to day you can get intestinal upset. And even even though it seems to the owner no big thing loose stool or the animals. You know vomiting tomorrow. It'll be fine. It is a big thing because we now now know that the intestines are the largest organ. One of the largest and most significant organs in the body contain seventy percent of in our immune system and not only that was really. That was a point number two hold on a second executive Jane. We'll be right back after the break to continue this doctor ascertain next. We have that Trivia out there what unique characteristics to the Chinese crested dog and the cat have in common and we also have the factor fiction action. We read three stories to them absolutely true and one of them. Is patently false. A Les Lye made up by Dr. Brad Davis doesn't mean he's read it but it means it's ally so will pick the light and you win a prize. We'll recap those stories real quick. The first one is in Australia there. Cloning Tasmanian Tiger from a pup from eighteen sixty sixty six trying to bring the species back from extinction and the second story is lost by the Second Story of course is butterfly swarm injuries eight in Mexico City. He founded in that pile on his desk. And the third story is is chimps. Learn to make their food tastier by pure pure pure computer rating their vegetables and fruits to make a tastier texture and mix. Our guest is world. Now your child's of our guests is world renowned veterinarian. Dr Jane Vicks. How are you doing Dr Jane Vicks? I'm doing well thank you can you. Can you do me a favor and help us out with some email veterinary questions and I can. I mean we have a veterinarian here Dr Brad Davis but he actually. Oh sorry Dr Jane. He fudged his his diploma. US actually like a chevette candidate but he made it look okay here. We go deer animal talk like my dog has a problem of too much. Bacteria you've got mail too much bacteria in a small intestines. The vet has done lab tests on them and we have to give them Thailand Thailand in his food but it has not been working as toilet. His toilet comes out like water gets we we. Don't we do not EH. These questions time says ever been spoken on a white carpet it at the moment we are feeding him. Don't be more. Don't worry we're feeding. them is a fish in corn and has been on show call WASCO. AFC AOL efficient corn. And he has been on this from five. It could be a brand. I don't know and there is no improvement. Got Any ideas to help us please. That's called this bio says which means that biotic biotic is living and this means not living well. The intestines have to have a balanced between friendly bacteria and non-friendly When I just this made food and in my food I really Put a lot of time and effort and ingredients into into Making taking the intestine stay healthy because it's important number. One is acid docile and BIFIDA. That's the stuff that's found in yogurt. You Know There's a yogurt culture culture they tell women if you get a yeast infection use yogurt. They tell people that have been on a back antibiotic for a while if they're good. Doctors Unders to use yogurt. So you can buy whatever's in that yogurt culture from health food store and tacit off and bifida combine and that's cold friendly bacteria and I would take that three times a day and It's in my book. Which is Dr? Jane's natural care for a healthy healthy happy dog And the dosage would be you know. An adult is about one hundred and twenty five pounds so seventy five pound dog would take half half of that and then a thirty pound dog more or less would take a quarter and you would work your way that way you can overdose on it so you don't want to do too much. Watch the second thing that you want to do as you want to get those intestinal cells being healthy again. So you want to add glued Amine G. L. U. T. A. M. I N E sentence and that's a supplement that you can get at the health food store again so you would do your acid that you're probiotic. Arctic first and then you would wait a few days and then you would do your glued amine. The third thing you have to do as Dr Brad would agree with me. Is We have to rest the gut but you know at this point the intestines is sort of like the knee when you fall off a bike and you know how Red Brad wrestlers got on a regular basis but usually barstool. Doing I come from a long line of gut restaurants. Well well this I mean a little bit differently. I mean let's not too much in there so It's kind of like falling off a bicycle where you keep on falling off every day and your knee doesn't have a chance to hill so what I would like to see As I would like to see the dog on something very bland. I don't know what kind of fish that is on. But corn is not easy easy to digest so I would like to do something like potatoes. You know if they WANNA do mashed potatoes and fish one part fish to foreparts potato and a little bit of salt so yes shell sell a tutor down. Shut down the shooter is right so funny we have another good information. I'm making a note here. I'M GONNA give. My Docs from yogurt. Could see God knows I will never eat the stuff again there. We go Would you like to take another question. Yes of course okay. Can you give a second opinion on treatment of a Hematoma on a cats here my cat turned out to have a yeast infection yogurt. uh-huh actually garlic works very well in the ear by the way if if an animal has an ear infection if you take garlic and you mix it up and you get a little bit of oil on there and then you put it in cheesecloth. You know she's cost is is I don't know you know it has it right right. Thank you mark as a cat on like a kaiser roll or something now the only bad thing about it is it does smell a little bit like garlic. Okay Jeff golic would have been gone a just a little bit okay. Yes she says here. She's a little bit uneasy about having a general anesthetic. To surgically treated Hematoma. Thomason Hematoma knows what happens is the ear is like a pouch and I know that it doesn't seem like it when we look at it but it is and then when an animal dog or cat keeps on scratching their ear that They break the little blood vessels in there and that pouch fills up with blood. And the only thing you can do is open up the pouch and get rid of the blood and if you don't do surgery so that the pouch doesn't doesn't close again to be a pouch then you're going to have the same trouble. Chances are so My aunt is going to be the same as any other veterinarians. And that's going to surgery however let's find out what happened how the fungus came. Let's get rid of the fungus so that you know We don't continue with that problem and I always look at nutrition and make sure that the dog or the cat has an excellent nutrition because that's the foundation of everything and then I would like that animal on on systemic immune enhancer something like colostrum. Something like a straggler. Something like garlic but you have to be careful. Garlic like is poisonous to cats. Okay so in other words just some yogurt okay. Don't forget the garlic all right very good Jane. Thank you very much for being on the joke. Teller won the title of your book again. Dr Jane Natural Care for a healthy happy dog and also people would like to get more information than go to healthy pet net dot dot com where they can also check out the opportunities of becoming a provider of decker. Jane's dog food as well as other doctor gene products to themselves themselves into their friends and my book. And thank you very much and you all you three. Please keep up the good work. You a tremendous. Thank you very much Dr Jane. You have a wonderful night while come have a good night. bye-bye skin and you're listening to mark Brian and Brad here on the animal. Talk Radio Network. What unique characteristics is the Chinese crested dog and his thinks can't have have in common if you win? Prizes prices more Chinese crested dog Creston busted. Rusted as CRA. Now will tell you this. It's an outward appearance Orient in. It's very very obvious. They both have for what was the. What was a Jamie Jamie the callers Jamie? The biggest were stinks. Wasn't with this week's there you go. There ain't nowhere you can go there no nair anyway. Distinct folks folks and we have those factor fiction read three stories one of them is false fabrication ally. Two of them are true. Pick the lie win a prize liar. Liar Pants sunfire Brad Liar. He wrote it. He didn't read it necessarily but he wrote it. So let's go and review. Those of her story is in Australia. They're going to clone from a pup. That's been dead since eighteen. Sixty six they're going to clone a new as Manian Tiger bringing it back from extinction the wrong test story number. Two a swarm of butterflies ravaged the schoolyard. Oh Yard well. It didn't really scared frightened kids. It's like Mothra or some eight. Children were injured in Mexico City after a swarm of butterflies. eight hundred eight children injured every day at recess after a supplies implies sack he was a military complete campaign it was precise attack. They had the wing this third store. Anyway Anyway third-string picturing that in my mind a toothless Jim and the merge Madridzu has taught their companions to take fruit and appear to make a new tasty food sensation. It's considered a unique behavior of training other animals to actually cook a I. In the scientific ever community picks which one of these are false and call one eight hundred eight hundred eighty six and went rises prizes and more breezes take mat at back at that time for a kitty. Eighty corner is being sponsored by Oester. Clippers from sunbeam. Do Cats land on their feet or do they always land on their feet and if so how do they do it the answer. The first question is usually interestingly enough in New York City veterinarians coined the term High Rise Syndrome. I brought to us by Dr Brad Davis because he tested this himself and it's right to describe the injuries cats received from calling out of windows and high rise apartments. Although cats can survive a long fall the unofficial record in New York is eighteen stories. It behooves us to watch. That's out for open. Windows is cats can incur severe injuries. How do they do it? Will cats even very young kids have an amazing sense of balance when falling the fluid in the inner ear shifts shifts and the cat rotates its head until equalizers in the fluid is level the body automatically shifts to follow the head and the cat lands on its feet. It also helps at. The Cat is extremely Ajay. Allen is fluid muscles respond instantly. The CAT has thirty vertebrae five more than humans which accounts in part for this amazing agility. I thought it was a gyroscope open. Their head and Brad would agree. You could see the vets New Yorkers go coming up with this syndrome and you see both down there with with signs. The cats fall four point five. Well yeah but I think I think when people hear whenever I mentioned somebody always picture of the cat coming down like a one brothers cartoon where they reach the ground flip over land the way I mean. They're still basically without a skeleton immediately following the crash five. Let's goes to the emails Brian. All right. I feel Kinda bad bread. Didn't get to answer that question. Let's listen this one. I believe my so. You're animal talk. I believe my cat licked motor. Oil Office He appears lethargic. He is having trouble going to the bathroom. What can I do for him at home old given the email I would guess bury him? I want to thank God bread off no received. Yes we've received. Yeah so it's again. This becomes an emergency emergency situation anytime. You're dealing with anything out of the CAR As we know antifreeze is the most potent of all all poisons known just about anyone who well they think it's motor oil. Yeah but I'm saying. Is that things like that. Out of the car can always dangerous so to be honest with you really. Do WanNa get in get on fluids. There's nothing you're going to be able to do at home for the sand to a vet but generally when a cat appears lethargic. He's in trouble. Yeah cats don't show. They're sick until the really sick When you think about it as I always say if you have a tiger they hunt by themselves and cats are more like tigers and lions? They tend to be by themselves. And if you're a tiger when you're feeling sick and you decide I'm GonNa take the Dow from worth you don't work you don't eat and as you don't eat you die. And so a tiger will not show their sick until they're incredibly sick same thing with a housecat. They do not fake injuries. They do not fake being ill. If they're sick they've been sick for a while ago. Forget you can email us at questions. That animal talk radio DOT com. Um as well as check out our website Animal Talk Radio Dot Com all right here we go next question. This is from Johns girl at hotmail. Got Mail dear animal talk. My mom won't let me have have a kitten. What should I do? Well you get your mother down to explain to her that being deprived of the simple joy and companionship of a kitten will surely trigger a chain reaction of displaced aggression which will send you into a rage. The likes which will make your wish. He'd never been born throw a fit. They have a good answer for them for a snake. There you go one eight hundred eighteen thousand six one eight hundred eighty eight hundred eighty six pick up the phone and give us a call so we make your world etymologically safe and sound by the way next week. We're going to be having a very special announcement. It's a herbert illogical announcement. There has been a million dollar snake. Born there has been Bryan. Brad's give me the name of the person who's going to pay that so I can become a millionaire. There has been a million dollar steak born and we're talking about an animal talk radio network. Good go to our website animal. Talk Radio Dot Com Click on the Yahoo chat icon income and join our chance. Also an audio chat it means it is typed as well as you can listen to it. Live radio so it's almost like another radio broadcast and our very special guest. This is going to be Kevin McCarthy of NERD. It's going to be a reptile chat excellent. Hey Mark You know the the the e mail question of course it was a bogus answer and can we finish up real quick. We certainly can all right. The question was my mom won't let me have a kitten What should I do? We get this question in in all sorts of forms. My mom won't let me have what what should I do. They always wanted to go to bat for him. In the first step in any negotiation in mark noses taught me well is to find out what the other party wants so ask questions or for mom beg yeah. Mom probably has good reasons why she doesn't want you to have a kitten so ask questions don't protest. Don't get defensive just listen bringing home. A pet requires a big commitment. You also have to understand how to care for it yet to have the time. And you have to be considerate of everyone else's feelings in the household in how you know how they feel about the perspective pets so as much as I love pets of my daughter were to ask me for I would say no unless I knew she was willing and able to take care of it and she understood exactly how the care was to be done exactly exactly and that that becomes a a sticking point. I think that the parents should give kids almost like an assignment. If you want to own an animal than here are you have to read a book read a magazine. You have to prove to me that you have the understanding and knowledge of what you're getting into. It's a good learning experience if we can't I don't know how old the the email a person it is but If you can't if you can you might WANNA volunteer maybe get a job at a local Shelter Veterinary Hospital or a pet shop. And then you have plenty of contact attacked with animals. Sure and you'll learn a lot to some very good very good also next week. WE'RE GONNA be talking to author and actor George Plumpton. He's done everything his here's a new book which a collection of crazy letters to vets did get any of your letters spread crazy letters to back to. Oh I'm sorry decrease you reverse with Leonard pesto manifesto. Brad Davis Manifesto. I believe he wrote a book with crazy. Letters collapsed collection of crazy letters to beds while he thought you said you know crazy easy letters from vets and he's written several his attorneys written me several the one eight hundred eighteen eighty six. We're getting more emails brand share. Do Dear Animal Talk. What are the most popular is dear animal? TUCK emailing from my friend's name. I was wondering how often you can get a Green Anaconda. I'm a real snake freak and I'm just dying to get a baby Kinda don't get an Anaconda if you're you're CBS. Dangerous animal guys. They get thirty feet long and they moved back. I saw the movie. I will answer all the rest of the emails emails directly and Okay the Trivia. What unique characteristics is thinks cats and crested Chinese crested hairless? Oh and the fake story. Today it was the monarch butterflies. That was false there. Were there was no rampage on a schoolyard by monarch butterflies. I'm shocked I thought there was. Hey be sure to be here next next week at the same time. We want to thank our affiliates for joining us here and all of you be sure to check out our website and talk radio dot com always for myself. Brian read through here have an exotic weekend. Kiss your while on decastro take by.

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Animal Talk  Ceasr Milan 07  Episode 80


12:31 min | 1 year ago

Animal Talk Ceasr Milan 07 Episode 80

"Broadcasting from coast to coast and around the world it's time for animal talk walk with some of the best dog gone pet people on the planet. Dr Brad Davis Devi Emmett chief of staff for the veterinary centers of America Donna four near our animal behaviorist Brian Bar check wrangling the reptiles and I'm Jamie Flanagan here. It is animal talk it all right our guest today when it comes to where do I start when it comes to dog behavior in dog training. He's everything everything he really is. He's he's the host of the dog whisper on National Geographic Channel Fridays at eight PM they're into their fourth season right now a new set of DVD's or out now season to the entire season two is out and he also created a foundation to help needy dog shelters. He's a bestselling author he's written Caesar's way and the a new book out right now be the pack leader and he's with us on the phone and we're very pleased to talk to him again. Cesar Milan welcome to animal talk. Thank you guys is how are you oh great great and at right after your last visit with us you were featured on on one of my favorite television shows. South Park that was it was so funny it was like a week or two after it was the most delightful thing and did they get your permission or did you help with the voice on that mission. Ed Nice to me. Did you sue the pants it was you they. They weren't making fun of you. It was making fun of the kids behavior and I think they they really encapsulated your approach very well to the point that rehabilitated the worst kit in America and then you turn your back and then the mom and able ah go see that it is you're into the fourth season already or season which is which means more more challenge is thirty. Five new episodes is more than a hundred dogs that we're doing and of course more than one hundred humans were doing you know training and it's just. I'm very happy about this one because we we actually do follow ups. You know it's one thing that might then my audience always wanted definitely responding with be the pack the book and of course he's on four together. We we really going to give people the inside of about what it really takes to be a pack leader in the meaning and the ways ways of creating the energy 'cause a lot of people. So what do you mean about. You know this sort of energy. How do you create this gums that have energy so between the book and the show would definitely definitely would definitely you know make people understand what I mean I in. How can they created so. Where's the show going to take you the season twelve different cities eighties? which is you know for more than last year? Okay yes so how did how did it all start for you. How did how did dog training. How did you become the dog whisperer for. How did it start for you. What I think star all the way from Mexico you know race being race the way I was raised being respect for the Mother Nature I was raised by my grandfather and my dad they're buff incredible with nature and then when I was thirteen I wanna be the best during the war and it just feel good you know saying that and and from that point on I just focus in learning anything else besides what I knew about dogs. which is you know? I I I learned about grooming learn about bad tech. I learned about Kennels. I learned about a little you know and then and then eventually I started watching Alaskan Ring Tintin to go to America to to learn from these people because obviously these folks are incredible you know and then I saw when I came to America. The you know. A lot of dogs were nervous. Anxious fearful and people wanted to train the dogs instead. They're sending back into a normal state before they train them and so that's when I say okay we know these people actually need psychology which to me represents commonsense sense and eventually. I opened my dog psychology center you know and Los Angeles and I started using the pack because that's that's how why grew up. I grew up with a pack of dogs and I know that the pack and helped me better than anybody else better than any other tool in the world and so you know that's that's how it started and then it just snowballed with the books and the show and and now the second seasons out on DVD. Now people have seen the second season he is an on TV. Why would they want to buy the entire thing because I would because I got a crush on your Caesar. Why would someone else WanNa buy the DVD's. Why thing inside? I think you know I think you can go back and I know there are a lot of people have have the the the record them you know but you know then you can only recourse so so much you can always go back and Zayed. You'll see fierce tension. OC aggression or whatever and just you know think a frame by frame and study it and and you you know just watch it all over again. I know people that have watch one episode more than Twenty Times. Oh yeah absolutely there's some wonderful. This season season four starts off with a bang. I love the first episode it's it's incredible a whole apartment complex held hostage and you walked in and I I love it. I I watch every season. I'm a huge fan and and it's it's just wonderful to see this because you are doing such a benefit for dog trainers in animal behaviors everywhere. You're you're helping people understand that there's such a commitment involved to these dogs and we say that endlessly but it's nice to see that you're able to bring that to the screen and some. People Watch you work your magic and this season was just brilliant started off wonderfully w- thank you very much and you know I really believe in the pack of course and community is a pack and the apartment building is a pack of people but they they they didn't know how to work together. They were working against each other so they have to you. Know make sure you know the doors close and you know and somebody walks four in. Somebody works at three why they don't just make one whole happy. Pack uh-huh did more for that apartment community. Obviously they enjoy that walk and they felt it is possible. They just have to make sure they do it every day yeah that that's well. That's something Donna promotes again and again is the schedules and the dogs thrive on the schedules. the book. Caesar's way was hugely successful and and the new book be the pack leader what what people find in be the pack leader that they didn't get from Caesar's way well. I am responding to my audience audience more than anything you know with updates on dogs from previous seasons you know testimonials from the people that you know they actually follow through and you know and more insights than ways how to apply this sort of energy not just with your dog but in other areas of your life so a dog is a metaphor dog is a teacher that helps you due to get rid of fear and then you know because when somebody is afraid of walking their dog that's John they're not just afraid of walking their dog that also afraid in other areas they they work with their dog and to get rid of the fear that they can also practice that same feeling in other areas what they might feel fear and they're just wonderful because the dog because there to support how you feel and you believe and also they're always give you a chance you know so you can always make a mistake in the next day. You're going to try and do it. Do it again right in the very forgiving there even the moment so you know. Don't don't worry if you make a mistake today. Just make sure you go out there and give you give your best every single time and if you can do it yourself. You can always consult a professional somebody that coach you somebody that can support a remind you you know. I love for people to to be more family oriented and you know the husband and the wife going walk together and then you know if the husband has a problem. The wife has a problem. They help each other. I think this is a wonderful way to become com a unit because the pack of dogs is a unit. They don't see each other as different. They see one right. You know hopefully we can bring the Khansa back as a family and dog is a wonderful teacher of course I I learned so many less. I have a cat but I learned lessons from my cat in other people's pets. It's unbelievable the greatest teachers. I'm always learning something. That's what I love. You know the challenge always learning something this season for this this actually on Friday I'm I'm dealing with one of my worst case scenario because normally I deal with dogs. What afraid of sound afraid of site you know somebody would've had somebody would have big code or or a shopping cart or whatever but this particular dog he's afraid of smells. You know what I mean is like wow talk is free to smells. Elsa and her name is Lou and that's GonNa get to see how you know the pack and other and other approaches that we use this time we'd use a little bit of wholemeal petit not homeopathic remedies and we use acupuncture. You know to really help this dog because it was so frayed of you know smells. Normally dogs are very curious of you know so it was very challenging to me. I almost felt like I was gonna going to be able to make but thank you got all right. Cesar Milan the dog whisper author of be the pack leader Cesar you give back somewhat a lot to you and your wife illusion have have opened up the Caesar and illusion Milan Foundation tell us about the foundation and what it does is really set out for for rescue organizations. I've wanted to teach risk organizations how to create their own rehabilitation out to choose the right human for the right dog. You know what I mean. They don't they don't return their dogs back. DOC and that keeps saving lives because I know these people mean well but a lot of times don't have the right common sense. You know what I mean and to help them to have a nice setup you know like Kennel final with treadmills and in pools and things that what what are they can challenge the dogs you know and of course you know my biggest goal is to have psychology centers all all over United States. Every state had one absolutely now. Every state should have one psychologist center so it's really you know the foundation is really to to create what dogs really need an America dogs in America. I I've loved you know. People love them but really dogs. Don't have a place where they can be themself so we need to create areas. Where you know you challenge animals you challenge dog and you challenge the breed. That's wonderful. You let me know when you're ready to come to Michigan Right. It's a lot of lakes over over there over here for the labradors or the water dogs absolutely so this is the goal after after people finish walking with the attack then they do activities with the breed so if you have a cattle dog you know the psychologists and there's GonNa have sheep herding areas. If you have a water dog is psychology centers GonNa have you of course the pond or the pool whatever and after that all these breeds can mingle in at the dog park so when wants that you fulfill animal dog breed what you have is a com submissive dog so then you they can practice social behavior guarantee you when we know fights. You'll let me know when you're coming to Michigan. I'll yeah I'll be. I'll I'll gladly worked for all right so Caesar. There's so much there's DVD's. There's shows your books the foundation is there a one stop shop to get all the Cesar Milan information dot com sese for ask. Shit you know people can always you know there's so much us questions and everything all right right so Cesar Milan Inc dot com and there's a way of like sending you emails there and a lot of emails and we're responding wonderful. I I do it so it's Uh uh we're well into season for on the National Geographic Channel Friday nights at eight o'clock. He's the dog whisperer the new book be the Pack Leader Leader available now and I'm sure shooting up to the number one bestselling spot Not-i'm Caesar and thanks so much for taking some time and talking to us. It's not thank you guys appreciate it and we'll talk to you again soon. Thank you give them and that'll do it for another installment of animal talk. Thanks for being with us and thanks for supporting putting our sponsors make sure you follow us on twitter animal talk radio and of course the website Animal Talk Radio Dot Com. We'll see you next time on animal talk.

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Evangelism: Free Speech Laws

Romans Road

29:21 min | 6 months ago

Evangelism: Free Speech Laws

"Welcome to Romans. Road the PODCAST OF ME and he. Roman this where we talk about. Evangelism and apologetic send all kinds of Kristin Scott. Vandalism comes with its challenges believe it or not there are times when people actually want you to evangelize near their store or in their vicinity for many different reasons so from time to time security guards the police are called in and street. Preachers of Angeles can find themselves being approached by law enforcement. And if you choose to go to an abortion clinic and stand against abortion chances are pretty high that the clinic itself will become the police and you will be having a conversation happens all the time. So sometimes when you're asked to stop your vandalism and move it along it could be for good reason. Maybe you're blocking traffic and other times. Not so much. A lot of stuff happens out there. Where law enforcement or security guards? Just try to stop you for reasons that not legal or not just so to wade through that on today show. We're going to deal with some of the legal aspects of public evangelism. And since I am not an expert at law I went and found someone who is ladies and Gentlemen Today on the show. We have Brad Davis the president of Pacific Justice Institute. Brad thank you so much for coming on the PODCAST. Thank you yeah. You can learn more about Pacific Justice Institute and what they do it Pacific Justice Dot Org But today I just wanted to talk about a couple of different things to start out with. I'd like to Talk About Gospel. Tracts handing out Christian literature you know. There's an indoor shopping mall. Not far from me Brad and the Christians that I know if I were to ask them you know you wanna go there and hand out some tracks mostly. We're going to say you know what we can't go there because every time we go there's the security guards are gonna GonNa tell us to leave. And so my question is where am I allowed to hand? Out Gospel Tracts. And where is it illegal for me to hand them out? Where can I do that? Yeah well General Ed. You're free to Pan Out Gospel track Wherever you're in a traditional public forum like On a public sidewalk in a business area commercial area public area not in a a residential community standing in front of someone's home. That's a different issue especially if you're targeting someone in their home but generally speaking of sidewalk public places also in public parks. That's another traditional public forum and civic jettison suit of defendant a number a good number of ministers passers who have been criminally charged and prosecuted dope for public evangelism even though they have been in protected areas like A public park or on a public sidewalk. So there's no guarantee they're not going to be challenged but they are legally protected and We Pacific. Does this have a very good track? Record of defending ministers and pastors have been criminally prosecuted for vandalising across the United States. And unfortunately this has been relatively new. You know we've seen this kind of prosecution taking place in the last four or five so it's It's really taking on An urgency in a higher importance. And we've been defending people. All across the country Being prosecuted criminally even though they are constitutionally protected. Yeah depending on where I'm at. And who the officer is a lot of times either? We'll be told you can't do this. Or maybe the officer will listen to US. And they'll say well that's fine and then they'll go talk to the person that made the complaint but it seems to be. There's a lot of gray area out there as far as what we're being told and What you're saying is that happens all the time and you are in the business of defending the Christians passers different people who are confronted unjustly with those kinds of issues and now I wanna I wanNA say right up front if if people like thinking like Oh that was the point he said or what did he say here. I understood you know right on this point Feel free to go to our website and people can not only five Lille insider newsletter update once a week and a very short to the point. Basically scraper prayer support so I really Chris. People to do that Then also we have on online resource public evangelism. Qna content and it's very detailed very helpful And they can go to just go to T J I dot Org Cheaper Pacific J. for Justice for Institute dot. Org We also do our work completely without charge all across the United States and we're very unique. One reason we take on these cases so much is because other organizations legal moral they often they. They basically often cherry pick the high profile cases. We're very unique and we work hard to make sure that Ed that no one is left on the side of the road That if it falls on our mission statement we will represent them without charge all the way. Supreme Court is necessary. And that's a wonderful hallmark of distinction that we have lived by now for more than twenty years since our founding in nineteen ninety seven. Wow so you are much different than an attorney's office you. You are more of a nonprofit organization. So right yeah. We're we're reloaded. We have attorneys in occupying in nine offices in Five states we have a huge attorney network as well hundreds of attorneys all across the United States. We have cases in in Florida. New York I two cases in Dallas. Right now defending Actually Minister Three preachers of course to get involved in many other kinds of cases like deal. Churches like land zoning restrictions are vandalizing public schools and the workplace Some other resources. For example they have a book called Reclaim your school. They can download for free on how to evangelize public schools How parents can protect their kids. Who OPT OUT FORMS In public schools across the country for business owners. They have a training video called face in the workplace. Part one part two trains specifically how they can evangelize employees their customers their community completely without charge. So we're really involved in providing lots of legal defense At the same time we want he quipped them in power them to be as bowl effective with the Gospel as as they can't give God's place them and those resources available once again it completely without charge on our website. You'll have to sign in and they can have full access to those resources right now. P J I dot Org is wonderful and I have a feeling I will be spending a lot of time on that website. Because this is these are issues that come up constantly Let's talk a break. Let's talk about street preaching for a minute a while back. I was preaching outside an abortion clinic and I was told to turn my amplifier off at a little little speaker that I carry on me. I either need to turn it off. Or going to be sited Possibly ARREST ARRESTED. And what confused me was? This is a place where I'd been there many times before officers had seen me before. It's actually in a business district not a residential area and so my question is concerning sound apple vacation can ban sound amplification such as a you know a bullhorn or speaker system. What are the laws concerning sound amplification? Generally speaking the no and the reason is because when they have a standard application restrictions of they have to be specific as to the the noise level. So they have to be. They can't say okay. No sandson application above this many decimals. That's number one number two when they bring something against you they signed you up threatening take you down or whatever they need to have a bedroom they need to be able to measure the fact that you are in fact above that decimal level We had a case. Like this in I personally in San Antonio Texas where we Represented a pastor out there preaching. He's been criminally prosecuted by the law enforcement of San Antonio Shame on them They had this pending for months against this minister. And I flew in represented him. And we got the dismiss and one of the reasons was because They had no measurement They were just buying off the cops Which is outrageous another example. I had no paso dealing with pastor and this is about making you know how these things differ Passes a policeman. Said you can't stand over here that you can stand over there so he would offer. I just WANNA have this on record so I have a clear understanding. Look at this exactly where I'm at. I can't stand here that I can't stand over here and headed on cell phone video tapes often. Yes you can stand. Here is a great. Thank you weeks later. Different places over. Says you can't stand there. I'm setting up. I'M GONNA prosecutor prosecuted for data so Serving peace and we had it on video. Where he was destructed and we had dismissed so You people will be challenged but they do have protection and when it comes to sound amplification sound ordinances If you can have it on video save office right. It's proper clarification. What you're saying you're saying I can't have any sound applications. All is that correct officer and if they say yes no sound obligation all okay. Great I want this on on on video so I understand this. And I didn't check the law and myself and then I don't recommend you just be belligerent. Get arrested gwen check the law? Contact the civic destitute research. What is find out the nuances And and the Code Office. Exactly what towed if you can you tell me what code politely what? Code what provisions are we talking about so I can research this and really understand us to make never violate. What exactly code. Are you referring to for for my benefit? I really appreciate it. And then now you can get that on record and then we go from there. I don't want anyone arrested necessarily so the general rule is whenever they say no sound application There are usually a crossing the line and with regard to your First Amendment rights but Do not People get that on record absolutely code. And then we can research it. And see what exactly is being required mandated that we can assess that and see how they're forcing it and if it's constitutional or not well so in my experience it seems like. I can honestly say that police officers have one of the hardest jobs in the world and that's just you know keeping the peace. I imagined that from their point of view a lot of times. They're just trying to do whatever they can. Just to get rid of the complaints. Stop the friction going on and it's a whole lot easier for them just to say you can't have your application. Hear what you're saying is with any law there. There's some kind of specific thing that's being broken. And so if the officer doesn't actually have a decibel meter on them or some sort of measurement. Then they can't really prove anything and so that's that's great another thing that street preachers will be hit with once in a while is just the claim he's using hate speech and I know for me. Those are like dreaded words out there. If if I hear that word coming out me I I just think this is. This is about to get ugly. And I'm going to be accused of hate speech and I mean the the label hate speech. It gets put on anything that goes against what a person doesn't like the moment can my public speech be silenced. If someone else in the general public if they consider it hate speech what what are what are some aspects of of that. Yeah that's a really good question and unfortunately it it. It's a sad market where we are today and I did the intolerance actually we have towards the civil liberties By by a large segment of of our society unfortunately That there you want to use that word hate speech and silence. The Gospel Silence. Christianity Spread Nature Towards Christianity. Well the truth is In Canada versus Connecticut That was an important case where you know the court held that they can't forbid speak Just because people don't like it because they're offended by it. Offense people being offended or offensive speech is not Ground to trump truncates. Someone's concert for right to free speech and And so that's very important for people understand that That they They can engage in speech. Now can they use it to invoke a riot and they say this is sandy terrible. Let's all go and and kill them all. Let's right now get out and check out our Killala. Go you know. They can't do that. He can incite a riot. The Kansas site people To take specific action of that is illegal and and wrong harmful But generally speaking people preaching the word of God Christians. Don't do that. That's not our religion. Some religions are like that in the name of their God. They will kill and slit throats and stuff that that's not what Christmas do so He generally speaking is not doubt. Some states have adopted provisions like California. That say That you know they they say that. Hate speech Is can be a criminal If you're engaging in hate speech That is unconstitutional. We've challenge that and they quickly dropped the charges so there are states that are moving in that direction I testified before Congress With regard to hate crimes that sort of core live with that because Often involves a speech aspect and expression which may be irrelevant to the crime so So the idea of of speech and expression that's very you know being silenced because it's offensive because people don't like it. That's that's ridiculous. We had a pastor. He was preaching the word to San Diego County California Preaching The Gospel Reading Scriptures about sin. So He's reading scriptures and he's covered all the sin basically making it really clear. We're all centers covering all of a sudden well. One of the one of the verses mention was homosexual conduct and not orientational okay their own sexuality which is homosexual conduct and that was just one in fact the fact someone heard that they called the district attorney's Office for San Diego County and She was bringing criminal charges against him. She would not drop the charges unless you went through a lgbtq reorientation program. We're talking George. Orwell's nineteen eighty-four here and we said absolutely not our clients that absolutely not and we pushed it. And we're GONNA litigated and she and then she had the goal okay. This is a taxpayer. Funded District Attorney San Diego County. She had the goal then to wait till the last minute to drop charges. That's the kind of bullying tactics. We see in law enforcement in some of these cities We've seen in in San Diego. We'll see in the San Francisco Seattle major cities Houston Across the country where Law Enforcement at times and District Attorney's office at times can be Outright disrespectful and shameful and how they try to bully people All the way to the point where they know that they're going to be violating their constitutional rights. If they continue for the prosecution. They dropped the charges the last minute so we have been very busy doing this. Kind of thuggery by People who are often voted affirmed into office and And we need to to stand up to that but that's another topic. Yeah Oh that's so great that you guys are out there doing that. You know one of the most volatile places I know of whereas you can attempt to evangelize or or preach on a sidewalk. It happens in front of the abortion clinics obviously emotions on every side or running. Hi there my question is are my rights of speech evangelism any different outside an abortion clinic. What are the specific things around abortion clinics? That's a great question. The fact is that people have tremendous protection to preach in all traditional public forums including Pu- public sidewalks. If you're on the outside public sidewalk not the inside part of the parking lot right next to the abortion clinic entrance. But let's say you're on the outside sidewalk that that is run separates the street from the facility. Are you on that sidewalk? And you can preach and you can share You know I know I did some of that myself when I was in law school. I did some Sidewalk counseling The most rewarding work I've ever done. Actually in my life was actually doing that. It was one couple that I talked to and I share with them and then yell at them talked to us. I know why you're here. These people here in this abortion thing. Don't care about you they just want your money But there is a place here in town a crisis pregnancy center. That does care about you. Here's their phone number. You both No. I'm not gonNA keep going into. You both know what the right thing to do is. You're gonNA live with this for the rest of your life and Turned and not to be you. Know the issue with them and I heard that a car doors closed. And they're starting drove drove off and So I some telling you I I. We strongly respect the wholeheartedly. Those who want to Minister of abortion clinics. I have a matter right now. We're dealing with in Dallas Texas and I'm actually based. I'm in California office but I'm in Texas so I have to personally get involved these cases in Texas but We're going to bat for them and They cannot be precluded. The city may have that said the city may have a bubble ordinance saying you can only have free speech Outside fifty eight hundred feet From the circumference of abortion clinics or Sometimes you have a deal with public schools. You can preach but you're pass out bibles by tracks or whatever that have at least fifty feet from the school if you find one of those And says you can't be near this. You're inside the bubble ordinance. Set IT UP. Don't be belligerent Acid on video. They video tape officer. So I have a clear understanding for my record and I can research this and then contact us up Pacific. We'll look at it because I have stricken down some of the board Bubble ordinances as being too broad too large and unreasonable And so that's something that's very important. I think we're GONNA see some more court rulings on that as you move ahead with the Supreme Court Thanks to the president. Trump's appointments that are much more. First Amendment free speech oriented and and respecting than some supreme courts in the past. So I think we're making more progress on this as we move forward with future cases. That's great okay. So I have a pandemic specific question. Things obviously are are very different now. Part of that differences myself as a citizen. I really don't know exactly what the law says as far as me staying home so I understand that I'm in California. There's stayed home order in yet. Yesterday I was driving by Huntington Beach. I decided to stop and take my allowed walk there. I noticed there's at least a thousand people on the beach. The lifeguards are out. People are swimming. The parking lots are closed. There's but there's officers around and everyone's having a good old time. I go to another another city and people are getting tickets for for even attempting to walk on the sand. And so it just you know. It's very difficult. As far as as far as my ministry goes you know. Last week I was in front of an abortion clinic and the deputy comes to me he says. Hey you know I can give you. I can cite you for violating the state home order. He didn't do that. He basically asked me to stand on the sidewalk rather than where I was. I did I did with the asked and you know but but he but he definitely held that I can give you a citation for failing. Stayed home order over me right and so my question is what what what is what's going on there. What what are the right you know. What is the State Home Order? What does that mean for Bremen question? Yeah Yeah let me. Let me ask that question. Because I think it's very important what run out of time first off when you have a stay at home order they can issue those in states For a limited period of time They can't be for the next two or three years And the Attorney. General bars made that clear that this is not an indefinite rights and then they enslaved people in their homes. The reality is they have stayed home order. They still allow you to get out so you can go out to get groceries. You can get medicine Maybe some other provision where you can get out You know certain medical procedures appointments to Cetera. So let's say you're in that scenario like in California and you WanNa preach you WanNa go to traditional public forum. I YOU WANNA go and get some shopping. Done they pick up some medicine Have that with you okay. And then Winfrey on the public sidewalk. It's a lot worse than comes and says you can't be here staying home mortgage off officer actually I. I came out here and I up. Pursuant to the law. I went and got the groceries. I have some medicine and Amac the Let's say you're walking in preaching. I'm actually walking on my way to To pick up some some groceries over here you know you can have that is part of your parameters if you want to your defense and I think that's a really smart thing to do let's say you're even saying a phase one Where you have up to ten people suing your you know more than that you know that you have to make sure you're making real measures to to protect people cetera in that situation. You could what I would recommend in particular in that situation as well as stayed home. California is not a piece of truck and had like a sort of mark off a bubble around you of six feet and so It that way so people do start gathering start hearing. They can't come after you. You've made it clear. This is a six foot part. You're pershing people requested people to stay outside of the six zone They arrest people for getting too close to each other. You can encourage them say stand sixty two part. You're showing the US you're showing that you've made an effort to comply with right right exactly. So that's something you do in a situation like in California I would recommend or faith. One you can do that. Also some states like New York for example or New York City have required math not just indoors in supermarkets and places That outdoors all public places so you may need actually preach with a mask on people. Say I can't do that well. Actually you'll be surprised I I have an in ninety five. I got a year ago For outdoor work and I tested that for speech purposes. It's actually very fairly clear you can hear really well through and ninety five We even with ample without amplified speech. So I do not let that prevent you from From exercising. Your first night writes speaking as well As far as like the beaches go yeah. Cities can decide to say we're shutting down these beaches. Yeah they can do that. But if they don't like in Huntington like you mentioned In fact we are really at attorney in our Michael Peppers and watching that very carefully. He has up our southern. California office and And he's you know we discussed this and reality. Is You have free speech rights wherever allow people to walk and to be in public places? You have the right to speak. You may have to wear a mask. If they're requiring everyone asks you may have to say speed if they want us to be six feet but they can't discriminate against you because you're expressing in your speaking As far as golf track you. You have to do it in a way that you're keeping your distance so let's say you're you're you're preaching you. Maybe have those On a little Wall barrier is just put them right there and say making the Gospel folks brought over there. Over that Walberg you can be in Walkover pick up. Willie's practical give you the good news of Jesus you know so You know you want to be very careful and prudent on how you carry it out but yeah Huntington Beach As Open Game. That's fair against the beaches open. Bill Prefer Evangelism. That's good to know and Lastly in the in the last few minutes here the the big question the scary question. What happens if I actually find myself in a situation? Where as much as I've tried to comply and as much as I've tried to be reasonable I find myself getting arrested. You know what if what if I find myself in a place where actually do get excited or do get hit with a misdemeanor or actually get arrested. What what do what do I need to know in that situation? What what do I do right? I I is Say nothing if they're they're arresting you Charging you say nothing and if you're innocent it doesn't help you if you're guilty doesn't help you okay. That's number one number to contact Pacific justices to immediately no matter where you are the fifty states and you can even Have this information on your on your cell phone You can Encourage you to go to our website. They look at the resources we have beforehand Take a look at that That I encourage you. They're going to rush and they say look unless you stop. We're going to arrest you. Put out your cell phones the I will. I will see so I just want to video. Just what I'm doing wrong. Exactly the code is telling me that click on your cellphone start video and just say. I WANNA understand clearly. What am I doing wrong so I won't do it again and I know what my legal what legally I can do. What am I? What Code of violating? That'd be very spectacle. Get that information. You've got him saying you can't. You can't preach here at this place because it's okay. Thank you respect. That and I'm GonNa take a look at this and And and and confirm what you're selling and then then we've got we've got them making the threat ordering you're not to and then we can move in and take bringing without you having to be have criminal charges necessarily brought against you. That's the best way to go about it. And finally if you WANNA freezing shopping malls and shopping centers seven states including California. Allow that to happen. go to our website. You get information about that Pj I DOT. Org tremendous evangelism opportunities particularly in states like California. We're going shopping malls. We have to civic doses to have had tremendous success in this area as well but you need to understand what the limitations are pursuant to your state all right well that is great information and I will definitely be checking on your website on fraud. You're listening on the same Brad. Thanks so much for coming on the Roman road podcast. This is going to be a huge blessing to Christian evangelist. God bless our take. You enjoyed this podcast. Please give it a good review. Our night Tim's. This is the best way for others to notice Romans Road and give it a listen more Christians listening and learning how to Evangelize the more we glorify comfort here. If you haven't subscribed to this podcast please take a moment to do so now. On your phones podcast APP search for Romans Road and you find hit subscribe free by doing so you'll get all episodes past present and future then when finished hit over the living waters dot com for a huge collection of evangelism videos articles tracks and Resources to help share the gospel with those around you. That's living wars dot com. Thanks for listening to Romans Road. If you WANNA learn how to evangelize check out my book. Search and rescue available at any Roman dot com. I'm a website. You'll also find videos and other things to encourage you to preach the Gospel to your friends and family. That's Eddie Roman. Dot Com. See you next time.

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The Empty Bowl

36:58 min | 2 months ago


"They say in the eye of the storm. There is calm. Were, you can find serenity. What we hear on our show have the courage to imagine is. What if they made the whole storm out of that? My name is Justin mcelroy and I am a serial enthusiast. Before going to say that that that would be a rely opener I. Just I couldn't hold it back but back on. I'm Dan Bear I am a serial biographer. I tell I tell the life stories of all the cereals and not just life cereal either. It kind of feels like I've said that one before so many months keeping track of all the things that I've claim to be to send you hear a repeat. Please tell me. At it to the witty he, I just need to start putting all of these resume to keep track. Added to the work. this Mt Bowl. It's a meditative podcast about serial. what we want to create here for us to say space to relax to. UNPLUG from the stresses of the world and just. Think about cereal and nothing else for thirty minutes. You are worth that my friend, your mental state. Your mental health are worth that and this can be respite to you that as our goal. So please relax get A. Bowl of cereal if you like and the get ready for serial news serial reviews. And just some some nice chill? Damn. This This is a chocolate he beginning to the this. Yes yes for sure. So as we all continue to mourn the loss of Waffle Crisp, which I believe is a sort of bereavement that will probably never leave me. We can take some solace in the fact that eggo cereal which came back last year after being discontinued for for several years. They returned with a home style maple and a blueberry. Both of which were very good on there was always the question of whether they would keep going with the Eggo cereal line, and now we know that they are Thanks to the serial SNOB. We know that Kellogg's is releasing a chocolate eggo cereal. And the sounds very interesting on the surface, but it raises a lot more questions than answers. Because immediately, I have my thoughts where this is going to be sweet because I don't think we've ever seen a chocolate maple cereal before, but the more I read into it the more I look at the the box and the more I read Kellogg's has to say about it the less I can be certain at this is actually going to be a maple flavored cereal at all. How this is how colleagues describes it Kellogg's ago chocolate waffle cereal has the delicious taste and mouth watering aroma of Eggo all packed into an indulgent many chocolate waffle piece. Each piece is dusted with chocolate goodness that saturates the milk all the way to the last byte. Leaving, a bowl of delectable chocolate cereal milk the new Syria will be will be available at retailers nationwide in December. It seems like in description that they were really dancing around whether this actually has maple in it. On the box it only calls it a chocolate waffle cereal so I'm kind of fifty fifty this one because if it's just another chocolate cereal, that's kind of lame. But if we do get that historic fusion of chocolate and maple, this could be a real winner. Yeah that's interesting. I it seems like it's a weird mix to just have a serial piece that Is, chocolate but also supposed to be a waffle if it's just strange. Yeah you'd think they'd do like chocolate chip because that's generally when you what you think of when it comes to chocolate and waffles. But I, am not on the inside track of the the Eggo. Brainstorming Center. So yeah, I guess we'll have to wait and see for for four more months or so yeah, it'll be excruciating. I think about until them the the chocolate hits just keep on coming. Yeah. So in addition to chocolate cereal, quaker is debuting chocolate life cereal I don't know how much more can actually say about this because it just it looks exactly how it sounds. Yeah and I don't know what your opinions are on life cereal and James to hat. So Weird Dan because I feel like we have not talked about life much at all I was curious. If you'RE GONNA pick a base to work from Beit checks or life with your what's your preferred? Base. I'm going to pick checks one hundred percent of the time although. It does I. Guess Matter What kind of checks were talking about I think corn checks is a much more robust platform for flavor than rice checks but I guess that's kind of beside the point I don't know about you though. Texture wise. I think fresh this is cheap but I think fresh checks are better but I think once they've been swamped in milk for a long enough life takes on this like. Unbelievable amount of milk to a point where it just becomes like a slurry that is very satisfying to chew. And the sugar never seems to dissolve such just like grady sugar and like some very moist wheat that we find weirdly appealing I do get that definitely the the milky experiences good. But I usually think about dry and something about something about life just doesn't hit right when dried just because it's it's kind of like checks piece got paved over by a road roller. Like it's Kinda it's really flat and it Kinda just gives you this this. WIMP, chew rather than the crunch that I'm looking for but. I've recently had the overwhelming desire. Have my heart broken. That is unrelated to the next thing I'm about to say so Dan I hear there's a new license cereal on the way. Yeah. This is an interesting one because you'd think with the property as borderline universal as Pok Mon that it wouldn't take nearly twenty years to get a second POK Mon cereal but After the the around the turn of the Millennium. Obviously. Kellogg's came out with pokemon cereal and that despite being just you know kind of lucky terms rip off is one of my favorite. Old. Old School serious because there is so much heart put into the actual design a bit like they had this really thick and Bost Glossy HOLOGRAPHIC POKEMON serial title on it they also included bowl pales inside which were these little actual pokemon. Figures Pretty legit that you could put on the side of your bowl to accompany you while eating very cautious overall, very, very nostalgically ceiling experience for people who are about my age but. Now, it's not Kellogg's who is releasing a new pokemon cereal, but general mills and always seen from it so far is this leaks box art from Syria life on Instagram and Cereal life has leaked a number of general mills cereals before with one hundred percent accuracy. So I do not doubt that this pokemon cereal is actually coming out. The box is probably subject to change, but if you look at the actual core concept here. It's kind of a bit of a disappointment. It is is called Berry both cereal and the base cereal consists of just. Blue and red corn puffs with what looks to be. It's really unclear whether they're marshmallows. I'm just assuming that they're marshmallows ban little peek at you had in peak you tales that are yellow and interspersed throughout the serial. Great Real. Vivid primary color experience but kind of a downgrade from the original You know much more accurate lucky charms interpretation of so long ago I will say though it looks extremely it's triggering something in me this. This color combination looks extremely extremely good. It could be remedied because it's reminiscent of my favorite serial of all time smurfs, Berry Crunch which had this same color Palette was obviously leading into like the Berry Berry thanks very crunches more predominantly read but. It there is something that gives me hope that I'll be able to taste my favorite cereal time again that maybe it's flavor will be summoned up by by new, Challenger. I duNno, it looks pretty good. I gotta say. It looks very. We'll see I mean. I guess problem with Berry flavor description just because it can it can vary so much. Of A targeted strawberry cheerios or a blueberry cheerios. You know exactly what you're getting versus like I don't know this makes me immediately think of the Fye Blue Eyes White Dragon cereal that was just extremely disappointing in. Yeah. Real fruit flavor. So it's I guess we'll have to hold judgment on this one much like chocolate. Until we know more what other licensed General Mills Cereals are there I'm trying to think where where there had been at What I'm trying to figure out what we can compare it to. Write I guess the There was the tricks world tour trolls Syria. Go. How? Cheating and it's backed off the tricks license. Yeah. It just seems like I'm more I'm more used to Kellogg's doing these licensed product. Like Kellogg's is has proven themselves to be unreliable in. Yes. World. if not antagonised. Right. I, guess we saw the jolly rancher cereal if that counts I guess not. Property Oh we did see the minion cereal not too long ago that was. Stuff. I would stop looking if I. Personally now Dan you know that I can't do that. Yes, we do. We say about The men delorean Syria coming as well. The Baby Yoda cereal. That one looks. Kinda stretching it there. We can have hope if we want why not it's better than the alternative. Story this one is not edible but. It looks so good that you might wanna eat it. Edible. If you believe in yourself Dan Yeah. This is this is something that's been out for awhile but we're only starting to see the fruits of it. Now it's Kevin crunches mail away figurines. So Ah, for a while now cap'n crunch has been including codes inside the box to redeem online at crunch adventure dot com, and once you have two codes you send away for Cap'n crunch vinyl figurine and there are four different ones one I believe is exclusive to Cap'n crunch cereal purchased from Walmart but We're since it happened. So long ago since the lead time on actually getting the shipped and delivered to us. So long we're only just now seeing people received their cap'n crunch figurines and I kinda slept on this offer but looking at the actual figurines now that people are posting, they look pretty slick they are sizable they are vibrant in color and they are very much an. Accurate likeness of the captain unlike some of the more. caricatured. Images. We've seen him lately. I just think this is interesting because well, we'll just for the record, you only have until August thirty first apparently to redeem codes. So you might want to go on a crunch binge right after you listen to this but. what's interesting is that just just today Cap'n crunch return to twitter saying that he was sorry that he's been gone for so long it's been like two years or so since he had reliable social media presence So if nothing else I'm excited to see what this new reintroduction to the world cabin crunch can give us in terms of new flavors, new varieties, etc.. It's time for my favorite portion of the show where we get into. reviewing some of these new new offerings are things looking there. Let's start with. dunkin' cereals, which we both received his early right or are they out by now here I think they are in some stores right now but it's kind of a slow trickle to them on the shows. I guess, I'm interested to hear your thoughts, I, which did you prefer out of the Dunkin Caramel macchiato the Dunkin Mocha lattes, cereals, I, think I tr- I tend to. Now currently from before we get into this you're not a big coffee person. Coffee. Here Okay. Good. All right excellent. I knew it was one of those. Yeah Yeah Yeah you really narrowed it down I. Liked. Probably prefer the CARAMEL macchiato just because. I think MOCA LA say especially make mocha flavor and cereals is a much more well-trod territory I feel like the Carol. Left more room for the coffee flavor to distinguish itself I overall, I will say really liked both of these. I they're not It's not as strong of a coffee hit as I necessarily want I. I want it to be like. Tough I want more coffee flavor but the kind who everybody's there is good. I mean it's it's well realized lot more so than what was the last one of these? That was like the flat sort of cookie style pieces, Oh general mills, mocha crunch yeah very. Huge disappointment I think these come off much better. Yeah I would I would agree with you on all points I do think this is better just because they are much more Florida about the fact that there's actual Dunkin coffee in this, there is apparently one tenth the the amount of caffeine of a cup of coffee for per serving. So it's not like a ton but you know that you can actually expect something more real here and about definitely the coffee doesn't come across as the the forward note in either of these flavors, it does provide a very good complement to these dominant sensations Carl Makihata. I would agree is much better. It reminds me of the girl scouts caramel crunch cereal that came out a few a few years back from general. Mills. And that. Obviously, a lot of CARAMEL cereals. You'd think it's a very simple flavor to get right, but they tend to do them very, very differently intensive berry and just how much it hits but I think this is definitely on the right track of what a caramel should be. It's Golden Brown. Of course, it's caramelized and the sort of coffee rounds that out and the the marshmallows actually serve a good purpose here in in reminding me of the whipped cream that you would see. In a sort of sugary coffee beverage. The most interesting. Oh It's interesting that we have a Dunkin cereal that is not referencing doughnuts. I think that's very notable because the last time we got, of course was were little donut shape pieces that that is interesting. Classic serial was the original Duncan Duncan cereal from the eighties, and now we're getting to the drink territory and was about to say the local is definitely a little bit weaker just because it's more of something that you would expect. Yeah. But still it's leagues better than the crunch from general mills and it kind of reminded me a lot of count chocula maybe if he had grown up if that's something that ageless vampire can do on sort of settled down into a more corporate mindset and just drinks his coffee every morning and gets right to work in pounding out the cereal or whatever comes out her does turn his salary. Yeah I like these though I think well worth checking out and I shouldn't be disappointed because honestly you know you talked about coffee not being the lead flavor but I think that that's actually true the beverages. They're trying to emulate. So I think that is a fair. I mean it's a fair choice. If nothing else I'm impressed that there's an actual corn based cereal that impressed me. Yeah. It's a good texture to I for whatever. That's worth. It's it feels substantial. I would say for especially record sale. what's what's next another another licensed deal. Yeah let's pivot right from being impressed to being. Depressed I guess. Next we have fun fatty cereals no way expecting anything from fun. Fatty cereal. Bam. It's just. Obviously, if you listen to this podcast, you know that we're kind of overwhelmed with these vanilla or sugar flavored cereals that really offer nothing else except the promise of birthday cake, which is something I've stated again, and again just does not work in a serial context because it is not. Rich enough. It does not have enough layers of flavor to distinguish itself from like. You know literal sugared gruel and I'll admit I had a little bit of hope for a fun fatty cereal because. This kind of came out of left field. You'd think that because fun fatty is a pillsbury product that it would have come from general mills but there's kind of the WHO actually produced the cereal because fun ferry as a baking mix is licensed to a different company and it is ultimately unclear who actually produced a serial component behind this i. have reason to think it might be post just because this reminded me a lot of the timber birthday cake cereal, which was made unlicensed out to post but. Ultimately what you're getting here is a very, very intense smell of birthday cake, but a serial that really falls flat when it comes to delivering on that. Sure. There's notes of like fake vanilla extract in there and lots of sugar but. It just does nothing to elevate itself. So the level of. Any chocolate cereal, any fruity cereal, any peanut butter cereal, and just the fact that they need to tell me three times at least on the box. This is a fun cereal really just. Really, just reveals it as overcompensating product to begin with. Can we hope for anything better from a off limits cereal? Yeah. So we mentioned this and talked about it on the last episode just as a a news topic how this is a a very indies. Billing itself as a a counter cultural breakfast product that wants to sort of divert the norms of what you expect from the cereal industry bringing actual female mascots into into the four ray and giving us some more creative flavors than you might normally see, and we kinda talked about it after the show because we had sampled some. But now ready to dig into deeper and I'm interested to know which between Zombie Vanilla, Pentagon cereal and the dash cocoa coffee cereal you liked better. I I really actually liked dash dash infused with they make some pretty bold claims basically that turns your milk in the cold brew, which I would not go that far. but it does you know it has a genuine coffee this offi flavor. Yeah that we were I was talking about. That, sweet to cut the. It's sweet, but it's not that sweet to undercut the. The coffee ness of it I would say. Overall. It's it was a good effort that gets me excited about this this company in sort of like. What their future could be because I like a lot of what they're doing I got a can of. Blacks paint. Way. Interesting, which I've already used by the way. Thank you very much for sitting there. That I, forgot I ordered and needed for woodworking project tastes. That's very cool and I think the designs are cool and the vibe but the whole thing is like. Nostalgic in a way that they like a lot of cereal. Childhood favorites aren't anymore like. I think is harking back to how you feel that as a kid rather than you know moving onto the kids today quite rightfully. So I get it. Every. Generation has have their childish things but I was a little disappointed, just textually texture elite with these and I. Will State, whatever I as you want to do state whatever I am fumbling at Ella quietly but I would say a little bit one note for me on the texture and it didn't have that. sense of wanting to finish finish the the ball I would say. Yeah. It's super tough for like obviously any indie cereal company to try and compete with the big boys especially when it comes to your base grain, because you see lots of wild experimentation in terms of what that based grain is going to be, and I have to imagine that when you're a multibillion dollar company like General Mills Kelloggs, you can really really get straight to the good news and get that process super super rich cornflour or out flour and just start from there and it's a lot harder when you need to decide on that mix yourself and. I guess that would definitely be my main recommendation to to the folks at off limits listening to this is to experiment a little bit more with that. They have a very, very diverse blend of the flowers that they're using the base of this like there is there is and up, of course and all that but you really taste the coconut flour. I think more. Than anything and that was what stuck with me through both of the flavors. You're definitely right that like the the robust coffee pop and the Dash Cereal is so strong that almost necessitates milk in any context unless you actually like eating coffee beans amped I, actually dig that especially in the morning when you when you need someone to punch you in the throat. To go like it felt I felt that When I when I eight Dash Yeah I did kind of like Zombie one I think it was my preference First of all I think it's very, very interesting that they had these two sort of Yin and Yang type cereals. One that's supposed to hype you up and one that's supposed to call me down genius idea definitely The the Dombi has vanilla in Penn Don, which is supposed to be sort of calming ingredients that I it didn't really know anything about on what you get overall from. That is sort of this sweetened coconut cereal because of the coconut flour in it, and if you go in expecting that and you don't have sort of a vendetta against coconut I, think you'll really enjoy it plus the color of that one is just so weird because it's kind of like this. It's an unpleasant adjective but like a swampy yellow green and while it doesn't sound pleasant, it's pretty interesting to look at and it's definitely a break from what I'm used to plus like you said, the the toys and spray paint that you can get along with ordering this, make your worth at least one try in my opinion especially as we go forward and hope for for more exciting characters and fun out of off limits. Those. Are The serial reviews but now we're going to cross cross the streams. For a serial. Breakfast. Pastry. Combo. This is even beyond the boundary breaking that we usually do when we talk about pop tarts this a toaster strudel. It is specifically a golden grams s'mores Strudel You and I are both big fans of Golden Grams I don't think there needs to be stated too often just so obvious because it's a beautiful simplistic. Incomparable cereal in terms of what it provides to the Graham community and the Greater Graham, fandom So it was very exciting since we never really see new golden grams varieties of Serio, which might be for the best just because again, it's a very simplistic cereal that knows what it's good at but we see s'mores golden grams like cereal bars, and now we have the Golden Grahams, more toaster strudel and while. Ultimately I was very happy with this product. It did not deliver on the Golden Grahams Front like I would have liked so I was hoping that you taste it in the very very pastry shell itself but this is very very standard to a you'd get from any toaster Strudel the base sort of Shell is flaky Golden Brown buttery all that good stuff but it doesn't have sort of that golden grams kick instead a hundred percent of the Golden. Grahams experience has been infused into the little pouches of icing the include for you to serve spread on top of every toaster. Strudel. That stuff is so good like if you just tasting it out of a little pouch tastes. Like a concentrated like the concentrated raw essence or a golden grahams and milk experienced boil down to this this beautiful Goo that there's unfortunately not enough of. Yeah. Just sort of if you if you dug beneath the Golden Grahams Mountain and found a rich vein of this top Brown golden grams, stuff That's what you're looking at here and it was my excitement for this that led to a big disappointment on the inside of the toaster Strudel as well because you have these ribbons of marshmallow and chocolate feeling inside but you really really just hit. I guess it's kind of accurate to us more when you bite inside your while up with marshmallows. One hundred percent. It's not the most toasted marshmallow on nor is the the chocolate all that forward. But if they rebranded this as sort of like a long John Doughnut or like an Eclair toaster strudel I think that would be spot on. So. If you temper your expectations of what a golden gram smart toaster strudel will be, you might still really really enjoy it like I did as something less than that but still very, very potent and delicious. We asked you beloved listeners bar. What's bar snack or bar meal or what have you should be turned into a serial and this is what you told us. Hi Dan Justin. They says, Izzy. I think that the bar shaped cert- thought would be best converted into scenario would be tim dams. If you've ever done a Tim Tim Slam, you know that it already involves. So I think that making the Tim Tam smaller and. Putting a bunch of them in a bowl with milk would be a no brainer. Thanks. You in the. District I returned turned her receiver probably seven you arse. Varies. Usually it's. Grim Carter the nuts and chocolate chips and butterscotch Just as much swing condense moves you have important on top of the turns into a second career. Medicines fake it. I mean and Justin. This is Joel from Indiana. My pitch trip r-shaped food turned serial is Bokola. The Christmas of the Filo dough is texture unlike any other would be nicknamed satisfying cereal consistency. Combine that with the Nutty buttery honey and most importantly pistachio he flavors it would make for I. Think his near-perfect Cereal. Thanks so much for the show. Those are all excellent. Yeah. For sure I like those are all take them all to the bank I think that they're all fantastic especially tim damn desert begging for it. And I think seven layer bars is an absolute slam dunk well. But when when you first lobby great I just don't have a lot of. Faith right. now, I was going to say that when you I asked this question I'm like that's pretty obscure I. Don't know we'll get from that but like I think we got more answers for that question than anything we've gotten before. No Major, the creativity around here a lot of great voices two. Thank you. Have a question on hand or do you have. I have one if not. I would like to ask in a Dunkin cereals and the dash off limits cereal. What would be your dream integration of coffee into a serial. Absolutely well, you can go to Bowl. Dot Rest. And you'll see a little button there. You can click to leave us a message if you plug in a microphone that's ideal but not necessary just you know keep it. Keep it. Cool. I like how everyone is starting to develop a little bit of so. Our tone. To give it kind of a whispery vibe and it starts have this feeling of someone like. Come here I wanNA tell you about a serial up with. An idea for a serial come under the table with me. EMT brel accent if you will. Damn. Let's talk about cheese which I don't know that we've ever done on this. Maybe, cream cheese at some point. But I can't think of another opportunity we've had to discuss cheese. So, this is based off of a lot of people tagging us in the replies to craft of Mac and cheese fame. Of course, They did this really really cheap sort of marketing poll where they basically just put Mac and cheese for breakfast on the boxes of kraft Mac and cheese to sort of literally I. Guess just get people talking about the idea of Mac and cheese for breakfast I don't really know what they're going forward with that. I. Can't imagine that the the risk is too high just change their box a little bit because the product exactly the same. So whatever you feel about eating Mac and cheese for breakfast. I, guess too if you this is very much when we were talking about balanced breakfast before they show it in the image as sort of you eating Mac and cheese alongside and orange slices and all of these other badly things. Yeah. To try and make up for the experience but it made me question where in the overall cereal I'll cheese might have a place as an ingredient. Do. You have do you have an idea that springs to mind? So obviously, cheesecake is the first thing that comes to mind. Right think we might have talked about it before partly like in reference to the strawberry cheesecake pop tarts that came out not too long ago and it also been cheese Danish pop tarts before. But if we're talking about actual cereal, I think. I think you were on the right line of thought when it comes to cream cheese I think there's all kinds of sweet bagels out there. that. If you were sort of do maybe like a cinnamon cream cheese and raisin bran that could probably be a very, very good way to add a little bit of sort of Tang or richness to raisin bran, which is kind of really really dry and lacking in some sense Yeah. I think it would be a good Combo. One of my favorite combos is like Graham crackers and cream cheese and I know that's not a classic enough pairing probably to get a serial model after it but like the idea of grand pieces with a cream cheese flavored mar bits my cream cheese flavored Mar. BITs. Could actually be a really good component for a lot of stuff be great combo like peanut butter cereals or or anything like that I think could be a really Nice Nice edition. I can imagine that adding a creamy factor sorta like the emulating the cream in a Dunkin drink like you're talking about yeah, I can see that very much lovling up the marshmallow experience just because cereals obviously been around for so many decades and no matter the evolutions that it's gone through marshmallows are basically still just cereal marshmallows. So if we could get an alternative is the sort of a a snappy light cereal marshmallow that's a more dense in creamy cereal marsh move. That could be really really fun. I'm picturing cannoli cereal maybe. With a little bit of a Ricarda. Dispersed throughout Can you imagine? Can you see your way to a? Traditional cheese integration got chatter integration. I. Mean. If we're talking about like the realm of the honey bunches of oats cereals where we saw the chicken and waffles and the maple territory. Yeah. Yeah. If you're just going like full on shamelessness about it like I guess there's there's really no limit. I. Looked like different sweet cheeses in order to do research for the segment and they recommended blue cheese which doesn't Strike me as as we. How, but it me think of? Someone. Post is probably ideation a chicken cordon Bleu cereal as a sequel to sort of monstrosities that they've created already and. I mean, if you're GonNa do something that's outside the bounds of traditional Syria if you're going to go off limits if you will, you might as well go for broke. Sure. Yeah. Folks thank you so much for listening to our podcast. We hope you've enjoyed yourself If you would like to contribute to our show it, we sure would appreciate it head on over to bowl dot rest and You can leave us a monthly donation. It's just ninety nine cents Five Bucks, ten bucks whatever you can do. Half of that goes to keep seriously dot net running the other half goes to a local food shelter here in in Huntington West Virginia. And? We we sure appreciate it. Yes, and as always wanted to extend our thanks to some of the people who helped make this show possible emily per for doing are fantastic editing. Chris. Sub Risky for the fantastic opening tune of the sun scheduled to come up tomorrow and Brad Davis for the again fantastic empty bottle. New podcast art that we've debuted recently of the sweet sweet pink cereal beach. We all love so much. Thank you so much for listening Be sure to join us again next time. But until then. Dan Gilbert I'm just a mcelroy. Reminding or do we normally do our names Dan to be safe? To say for, and so you usually do this for me. I Take Care Disip. Damn, let me say oak. For Dan Bear just Vakarai be sure to join us again next time as always. Don't forget. To. Drink the milk I was letting you do it for me that time. I thought that was I shouldn't have hesitated. Don't forget to drink milk. There is campus I. got you.

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Greatest MLS team debate heats up + Charlie Davies on making it in Europe


1:02:33 hr | 5 months ago

Greatest MLS team debate heats up + Charlie Davies on making it in Europe

"You're listening to extra time driven by Continental. You feel enough that matter. I feel a lot better than Bob. Extratime me see how I find out what's going on in the MLS. Maybe this podcast is influenced me a little bit as well loss loss. Everybody up here. Every single day goes into the office into the laboratory to try to cook up some great stuff for you guys. That's why he's here. Welcome everybody to extra time driven by continental you know we sit in New York because we be tells you every single show. He's not here today. I am David Goss alongside. Charlie Davies up in Boston Massachusetts and doyle who I will warn you is having one today so it is going to be a long show. We've got a lot of debate coming up the greatest team of all time in the bracket the bracket setup doyle still pissed about and he's angry with me about eighteen other things so we're going to get to that all coming forward. We are very excited. We've got some great mailbag that talked about as well. We've got some things that we can do for the future that we're going to talk about and we've got a lot coming up at MLS SOCCER DOT com. You guys. Are you excited? Doyle's taking us about two hours to get here so you're excited to be with us. It's Jersey Week. Yeah what are you wearing? But as I got a t-shirt an usher. Let's hear why he doesn't have a Jersey on outta their all in the wash. All My Jersey on Yeah Van. Wash them yet. Delegates absolutely. Absolutely tell us about your collection of Jerseys. It'll red bull. WanNa AFC we're doing greatest bracket of all time. So that is the greatest team of all Time Double Winning Twenty Sixteen New York Red Bulls to with two adults in the starting lineup l. Afc which I got for free. That I could wear on vacation because I get sweaty and then everything else I got as a gift except this one a David Beckham. La Galaxy Jersey that. I bought a Dick's sporting good with a gift card that I think I got for a birthday. That's the where I live in where we're coming back to. It is Jersey Week as oil. Said you can go to. Mls SOCCER DOT com. You can go on twitter to check out. The bracket is released. Today it is the top thirty two jerseys and MLS history facing off round of thirty two starts. Then you've got the round of sixteen coming up on Thursday and the final will be Sunday may twenty four so over the next week or so you can vote on all of that and Doyle you already re my jerseys. What's your favorite Jersey and history by a mile it's the Colorado rapids St Flag Jersey. I think it was their Secondary Jersey in sixteen seventeen eighteen. The it's the one with the the yellow sorta torso and then the the bluish purple Sleeves like I think. Those are awesome Obviously has the The connection to home because it is the Colorado state flag those are like the early DC. Jerseys are great You know the the sporting KC Jersey had the argyle. I thought that was doped. There's been a couple other really good ones Houston's Last year the black with orange I thought that was shower but that Colorado State Flag Jersey Hands Down Far and away number one Alzheimer's. Mls is reminder. Don't Sira Doyle. Because he will say his and list all the other ones that Charlie to go second molly. Yeah I'm just GONNA GO STRAIGHT TO TAMPA BAY mutiny. Ninety six the hoop socks. The color way I'm all about it straight nostalgia for me so the Bay. Mutiny would definitely get my pick. I had to pick one Jersey of all time and apparently are not allowed to say anymore. And that's DON's out guns a doyle said mine which was going to be that Guy. Right there sporting KC. I love a collar. And I love a button so that Jersey which was I think. Two Thousand Fourteen two thousand fifteen along a little bit of pattern. I think those types are like it to look at but yeah laying in a collared when the mutton is not ideal. Yeah Oh Charlie. Distract me with the you don't own. It's like to play wait so you're telling. Obviously the greatest Soccer Jersey of all time is the Highbury Arsenal Maroon with the collar. You think that would have been tough to play. You don't like buttons with our got it. That's that's what I'm saying. Okay I can accept that Charlie bringing us his experience as a player. He will do that once again on Wednesday. Mls classics Remix goal of the year. He will watch. Every single goal of the belief is that correct e every single. Go the year with guest. Bara Brian Ching Mike McGee and Jimmy Conrad is alongside me so we're co hosting it together. Phenomenal the one thing that I'm shocked about out of all the goals of the year. We ranked them. You know what was our best? In in those eras. We did a early middle and recent the defenders Marcelo Balboa Jimmy Conrad were just annihilating the defense marking on these goals. I could not believe it. I said I thought you guys were a committee you got stuck together was all positive. There's nothing could have done to stop that. Even the best defender in the world of stop. No it was what what a trash defending that it's like. Are you kidding me? Yeah okay here we go but I also want to say I'm wearing a Jersey this jersey. Tse Not Typical of me to wear a Toronto FC Jersey. However it's IT'S JERSEY. It's a big week you talking about jerseys. And why they're important to you. This is Josie Outdoors Toronto Jersey. It was the first time we played against each other since you know basically two thousand nine because we're on the field together finally were on the field playing against each other so it was a it was a big moment for me. Just because of those those memories we created in two thousand nine so that would be a twenty fifteen Toronto setup. Let's IT J. labs off yeah right solid solid. Charlie looks like he's been working. He's filling out that Josie Jersey on the shoulders. One of the hardest parts of a Josie. Because he's got the pure Muscle Dwight Howard Kit. I have twin boys so I'm constantly lifting them up and push ups it so I'm trying to keep up but as you see he's still got. I got plenty of room up top. Those trump's Josie outdoor trapped. You gotta get the Mo- Do Workout Plan my twelve get on that. Moa Do workout plan. It won't be able to fit through the door. He's a he's literally active. I want to say that. This is from Obviously I had a knee. Injury came back played in molest game against Minnesota scored two goals. It was a huge deal for me. My career my family the whole team Saturated Jersey. So that's the one where here today for my Emma. Let's career obviously here is soccer player. That's great yes four m eastern time on Wednesdays. Mls classics Remix with Charlie. And all those goals scores and defenders ask Charlie. Do you have a favorite goal of the year in? Mls history when now he does he did a video about it or orange spoiler no might might as well let the cat out of the bag. It Darling Darling denied yes. Yeah just eleven goals and say the reason why for me. I had to choose it. You're not GONNA see too. Many people take to touch on the air before. Like you'll see bicycle Kicks Marsala. Bose was the best bicycle kick that I had seen it. And it's from a defender to just from from the Angle. The Distance. The the amount of power got amazing. And we've seen dear rose free-kicks and derogatory but with this goal at POPs out. He takes touch to set himself up. Another one. And then the the volley when you're gonNA see that again. It's it's once in a once in a lifetime. Yeah I don't think I'm going to see another player purposely juggle before varying side-netting. Just a fantastic goal. There was a lot of I remember that year. There was a lot of discussion between that and the hostile. You remember the era legal where he talks and he hits it blind. Upper Ninety like Thomson thorough in. I don't remember out. I think it was interesting because he chipped it he himself and then turn volley. Hey we talked about it. We talked about on on the video. Who said it? It's a great old man that that's worthy of goal the year. Yeah but I think it falls in the same year. As that. Norling DARLINGTON AGNI goal. So you can't give it to him but it's definitely a top five goal of all time nonetheless. Yeah I agree and the difference to me though is like intentionally with Naby in what he was doing like as soon as the that punch comes out and he's controlling you see him take the first touch. And you're like immediately something clicks in your brain. It's like oh he's doing something here and in credited to John. Strong nailed the call on that goal as well which elevated another level. That's one of my favorites. Darrow's free-kicks is incredible especially because we have the angles for it like every angle goes from top to that medium and lower. It gets just at the Mike. I just get like against better and better with that one and then like There's still like his first touching molest for the goal show. I'm looking forward to the show. Charlie the the problem with these goals are you have the great goals but then you have the big goals and big moments. So it right you know. It's it's hard to decipher because sometimes you see a great goal. But it's maybe the last goal in a four zero routing. You're like Yeah you know there. Wasn't that much. You know this operations Kinda like whoo versus game winner like Yeah Youth Minute. Everyone's needs you to come through you. Come up with a magical moment and everyone's just like running chasing you. Everyone standing up standing ovation. That's that's what I want. That's what I feel when you watch this video as well. Yeah and Charlie. Charlie obviously scored some Some great goals the one the US Teke like sure highlight but just the run and the way it happens in smooth finished as fantastic David. You're wearing a soccer jersey. What's your favorite goal? What's the Best Goal you ever scored? The Best Goal I ever scored was t pickup in Atlanta hosted by continental where we had cameras out and they resumed on be scoring chilly. He'll finish video of Wego. Oh but I ended up the Bernie but that was actually really good goal. Okay scored three goals in to actual goals in negative goal differential in my life but speaking of actual soccer we are going to talk about the great teams of all time but I the Bundesliga did return this weekend. I believe the Costa Rican League is around the corner. The k-league has started as well. Some countries are handling this pandemic well having the opportunity to open up and there were some Americans and Canadians former. Mls players on the field. We had some fans. I wanted us to talk about that. Thank you jake from New Paltz. New York shoutouts new and he says please me you'll be talking Americans and Canadians in the Bundesliga. This week on Hudson Valley Hero. Tyler Adams had impressive day at right-back. He seemed to be hesitant on Saturday. Looked like naggus. Men told Tyler the stay at home. Most of the game as Leipzig tried to attacked on the left side of field didn't get to watch much of the shocker game but it seemed like a rough day for both mckennie and obviously. Gio Raina who was supposed to start at pulled out in warm ups with an injury plus more Davies as you look good in the thirty minutes. I watched finally some live to watch doyle of the guys. He mentioned there. Who stood out to you? I think Davies probably had the best weekend He's so dynamic going forward but he also has the advantage of a plane for that buyer. Munich team that just has seventy percent of the ball and they are able to pull teams around create a ton of space and then they get him on the overlap and he could have five assists in this game because he's just constantly getting to the side of the box in pulling it back forcing guys to make plays was never super tich. Who made a bunch of plays? Actually did you ever play with Nevin in the in the national team camps? So Nevin came the Boston College for his official visit. And I was the host so offset into a Guam Florida. We can talk about that later. But Yeah I've known for a long time and it's it's kind of crazy to think that he's he's played at the highest levels. Played Champions League in in note has been one of the best defenders in in Europe at time so Incredible incredible career. He was good. It was good. Yes I mean he was was all back foot. Clearance stuff out By Munich and far better team Davis had a good game. But you still see those moments for buyer Munich. He's an incredible left bag for Canada. He has been bad at left back. He has actively cost candidate massive games against the US men against Haiti last year. And you could still see teams kind of trying to exploit that. I think he's going to get better at it. It wouldn't shock me if two years from. Now he's the best left back in the world He's certainly kind of on that. Course but you still see some of that. Defensive Frailties With Tyler Adams there were no defensive defensive frailties but there was nothing much going forward I think. Jake is right like he played a really conservative role wasn't really kind of overlapping full-back Tucking inside Being an extra midfield fullback a lot like how Gregg Berhalter used him a year ago. Wanted to use a year ago with the US national team. There was no good or bad to talk about it. I think maybe just one giveaway which he arena. It's a bummer. He got hurt. He would have been the youngest starter in Bundesliga history. I doubt no younger. Eric can start or maybe Americans okay so but it was. It was going to be his first start. He got hurt in warm ups. You saw him walking around afterwards. Smiling sounds probably just some sort of tweak taught soft soft tissue injury Darkman didn't need them because they just absolutely steamrolled Dzhalka. You Know Weston mckennie was in a tough situation Shelter were playing without their number six. Weston mckennie had to play as the number six and he struggles He did a better job when the games in front of him. I thought he did a better job of getting into an actually winning challenges his passing was. Okay you still too many risks and bad spots which just drives me nuts and I actually more blame on what he had to do. The last two years because that wasn't soccer that shelter plauged in seventeen eighteen in one thousand nine hundred desk out So he he he he tries to make plays can't like you can't make it that level unless you're a God tier soccer player. He's not the big thing with him is just as recognition is still too slow he just he he switches off and we saw like the for the first the third and the fourth goals he was a step and a half away from making the defensive play and you could be glass half full in. Be Like okay well. He was a step and a half away making defensive play. Maybe he'll given more time. He'll he'll make that play but that's also what he's been when he's playing his actual position as a number eight for the US nationally. If you look at what happened last summer in the Gold Cup he was a step and a half away from making the defensive play. And you're doing about Mexico final right. Yeah Yeah it comes down to to positioning tactical positioning. So you may think that you're you have a certain level of athleticism that will allow you to gamble to cheat and you think you can still recover because you you have that speed or the quickness you get to a certain level it's not. It's not quick enough or not fast enough. You need a better place. Yes you need to be more position to make those defensive tackles and I think over time he's going to learn he's gotta learn sooner than later if he wants to have immediate success with US team and with with shelter. I agree with that Charlie. And but the thing that concerns me more than that is if you look at the second goal she just has an off switch now she wasn't at all culpable on that goal. Because what happens is comes straight up the middle towards zone fourteen were Weston. Mckennie is and he slides it left to Julian Brandt who goes to the same barber as Andrew And then branch looks free. Pre CORONA FREE CORONA GRANTS SLIPS Barreiro through on the left wing and Guerrero does go angles and straight on goal shoots and scores okay. That would I mean anytime store? Got A goal good job but that was actually the wrong decision. Guerrero should've pulled back is once he was at the site of the box. He should have pulled it back to the penalty spot because the WHO was there all by himself. Because after WHO'd slip that passed to branch. He just keeps his run going straight to the penalty spot which is just fundamentals. Two runs right by. Weston mckennie TURNS AND WATCHES HIM. Go and doesn't track the run to me. That was the most disturbing thing about this performance from mckennie. Because if you're lucky. He's obviously a Bundesliga caliber player. But if you're going to be a central hub of central midfielder on a really good team. You can't have that `off-switch Annapolis because that's a goal against Mexico in World Cup while follow fire down in Costa Rica World Cup. It's that's a goal. You're giving up a goal. 'cause you didn't track a simple straightforward run. So I was. I was pretty bummed about Weston mckennie performance but couple mitigating factors one the first game in two months to everybody on Chaka's stunk. Yeah had a lot of people saying that he was the best player on shock. Like okay for Anywhere Var laws in threes. He was playing a new position. So and and that's all taken in the context of his last game before the break against Hoffman. He was amazing was best game. I've ever seen him play. So you know to give him a Mulligan in this one and hope that he comes back stronger Next week in Schulkin need that by the way because they're in tailspin the other conversation this weekend. That was big. I'd say for all of us on social media and American and Canadian fans wasn't how the performance is went but the fact that there's this many young players in Germany a big league starting for teams competing for teams. Some people argue that. It's always been this that you've always had good young players and players. Jonathan Spector played in Menus Academy always had guys going over and getting opportunities somewhat argued. Nothing's changed somewhat argues. Something has changed. Charlie you've been to Europe as an American you've had the experience what do you make of a West mckinney? Getting the start weaken a week out whether he always performs at the best level has something changed for Americans or Canadians or has something changed with the way they've handled the situation. Every every situation is different. Every person has every player has a different coach different which has a different mentality. But when you're in those big countries Germany France Spain England not so much England. But you have to submerge yourself in the culture you have to show a willingness and a desire to learn the language to learn. You know the food you eat to have those discussions to show that you care that you're you're trying the most and is it for every single foreigner. That's not in Europe. No if you're Brazilian people go. He's Portuguese an probably not going to learn the language we don't care because he's he's Brazilian he's GonNa score goals or he's GonNa be all these people on the dribble you put up with that. That's like the fun the that's okay. That's that's norm. But IF YOU'RE AN AMERICAN. The stereotype is you're a hard worker. You don't have the tactical knowledge or the technique. Because you're not you're in America from America you not in Europe and you still have to learn you have to you have to do all those little things right because in order for you to play over a young talented academy product that they're potentially going to sell in the future and make a lot of money from because they've developed them you have to do so many things right and you have to do so many things that much better to play over a younger kid. There has to be a huge difference for them to say. You know what we're GONNA stick with US American kid or play this young seventeen eighteen year old academy product. So you have to be that much better news to continue to push and that's the only way because you can never settle. That's the worst thing you can do in Europe is. When you're starring job you have five six good Games meet. Maybe even five six great games. Everyone's saying why would a player in you take your foot off? The gas is soon as you do that. And you have one bad game maybe to guess what you're starting to get substituted than it's the next. It's the next guy's turn and if the next guy takes off. And he's from France Denmark or Germany or Spain seal later because now they're gonNA give him the opportunities to make you've had your shot and you're not going to get it back until there's a red card or an injury that's just the way. It is in Europe as an American at so much more difficult. You have to do so much more if the train so much better than the next guy to get your chance. So a guy. Like West mckinney. He's he's trading. Well he has to be training extremely well because even when you has those bad performances he still in the lineup which means is learn the language. He can communicate with his teammates. He's well liked. The coach likes them and he does his job every single day and he came into it he lived in Germany as a kid. So I think one of the draws for him in what I've heard from. Fc Dallas people. We were never really gonNA keep him was. He was already fluent in German. And if a German club wanted to give him an opportunity it made sense for him because he had lived there because he fits in so quickly and like you said Charlie that gives him that half leg-up especially coming out of the Academy of they kind of feel like he's one of theirs is maybe got a little opportunity that the average American comes over at twenty two twenty three dozen have the perception that Shell could gives him in. I would say when you watch them. Play is all these mistakes. There's moments where someone plays them a bad pass and he has to react instinctively and he puts great layoff as a through ball. And you're like he does these things. That are impressive. It's the teachable stuff and the locked in mentality stuff that you still need to work on but you can see why they put him out there. Pulisic obviously went over to young age learned the language as Well Gossiping Grain. In the club. All those things. It's interesting to see there's a lot of promise there's a lot of hope there could have been. Raina and gotten hurt. What five you twenty two and under American players in the Bundesliga depending on what? Josh Sergeant Does later today which we won't know which we would all have killed for such a long time ago and now we just need them to develop and get their and Goss one thing that I think fans forget. Is the pressure. The pressure to win and succeed in perform in Europe is extremely high because it can be the difference between making millions of dollars for qualifying in Europe and playing an elite competition like Champions League or losing millions and millions of dollars by being relegated. So you have to perform every week because either way your club is chasing whether it's make Europe or stay in the League they need you to perform and if you're not doing it for one week or two weeks it's the next guy's turn. You might not get that shot again. Doll you ready to perform for me. Step up big right now. Arrogant talk about John Brooks. And Alfredo Morales. Do you want to now. John Works at an own-goal Alfred Relics Twenty minutes. It'd be good to see that amount American's playing at the top flight. I think a couple of guys play in the two Buddhist League as well doing baby Jillian welcomes children. Were some big soccer. Love deep in the Charlie fiction eleven there but I was GONNA say Doyle. We're talking greatest team of all time. The breakfast set we are onto the next round. We're voting on half bracket we have the fan votes to put in here. Don't forget going forward. We'll continue to have votes coming forward but David Scott in Skokie says I'm enjoying the bracket countdown but I'd love to hear more of a tactical breakdown of some of these matches. How do you think these teams play against each other? What strengths and weaknesses? What each present. You've done that a bit but I'd love to hear a little bit more. He also says he doesn't have twitter. So Eleanor Holmes Norton Style is going to be a nonvoting delegate here. He emailed us as you can. If you don't have twitter feel free to email us your votes as well and we'll definitely read them on the show and take them into consideration. No Andrew Abby here today as doyle mentioned the Bundesliga's back we've never seen spend Lars Bender Andrew Abby in the same room together so we don't know if he's one of those brothers but whatever it is he will be back on Thursday but without him. We only have three people here. Plus the fan vote is one extra vote so that's four votes so we could end up in a deadlock so unders will be are deciding. Vote which already means two thousand fourteen. Seattle has one vote in the bank. So we have to be very shore about how we feel when we get to those matchups. Let's start with the first matchup. It is twenty seventeen Toronto. Fc Against Two thousand one Miami fusion it was a one verse five seats. Pfc came in. I think is our number one overall seed. It was always going to be an uphill battle. The Fan vote is ninety one percent in favor of Toronto. Fc Of course a nice sixty nine points. Which was the record at the time? They won a Canadian Championship Shield. Mls competent in the next year they went to a CCA. Al Final which they lost on penalty kicks while I got covered in beer in Guadalajara. One of the great moments of my life. I won't complain. Is there anything you guys feel the need to bring up here in this matchup? I mean the better team won ninety one. Two nine is harsh on that on that Miami Fusion team which is littered with essentially hall of Famer Sniffer Mondo Goal Colosseum Osa. Pablo Mastroeni. Chris Henderson Frankie. Of course that was a great team. That was a great drake team but Toronto. Fc is the only team bet one everything they went up for in in the League outside the League that year and then they got closer to anybody else to winning scout arts winning rather. It's the right team won. Charlie's got the kid on. Charlie feels the same of course Victor Vazquez joining in two thousand seventeen which took them over the edge from not being able to score in the two thousand sixteen molest cup to of course winning it in two thousand. Seventeen Jonathan stepping into his role that year. Getting that little bit. Better Marquis Delgado on top of Josie GIOVINCO and Michael Bradley so they are still our number one seed they move on our next spot in the bracket was twenty ten L. Verse Twenty Fifteen New York Red Bulls who were the two seed in this bracket we can get into that if we need to ourselves. Fifty six points was second in the West. Twenty goals allowed. We mentioned lascaux is the MLS record and this is the team that starting in two thousand ten started in about August going through to April of twenty eleven was the final the first MLS team in it in that format. Losing of course Monterrey in the two legs versus the Twenty Fifteen New York Red Bulls who had sixty points and they won the shield beating. Fc Dallas on goal differential. The Fan vote was tight on this one. Forty nine point seven percent to ourselves fifty point three to twenty fifteen New York Red Bulls. Charlie start with you. Where do you fall on this? What's your thought process? This one is very close. If I'm going to pick a team in two thousand ten oursel- and the Sabio spindle a partnership with Havi Morales and Beckerman. The midfield ave was absolute beast. I just feel that this team would be well suited to play against his twenty fifteen red bull New York team. Immune the rebels going to press that possessed a possession based DACHSHUND. Sasha looked to just play those those threw balls penetrating balls and just win those turnovers in the back but this oursel- team can sit they can possess Beckerman and in Avi Morales on the ball the spindle and in Sarajevo. I think just too difficult. There's it's just a complete team from front to back and I would give them the nod. Even though it's it's very close that twenty ten team is not losing to this to this New York team. Doyle I think I give a slight edge to the RS. L. Team If you look if you look at their late season run the They didn't lose a game the second half of the season now. They didn't win back to back. Games either deserves the said they were juggling. Cc. L. Group stage. Play at that time I think if there is no group stage than they probably would have won the shield that year and they lost the shield to the galaxy. Who Lost in the plane game to Puerto Rico so had no? Cc All deal right. It seems like yes. There was a way to beat the RS Lt. And it's you you you just destroyed. Break the diamond with speed like that is the that is always been the the the way to to break apart any diamond whether it's some of the classic ones that they played in Argentina even DC united in nineteen ninety eight. That's up Chicago. Beat them on the counter and this our S. L. Team in two thousand ten in the playoffs against FC Dallas Dallas ran past. The just just blew him away. Getting out hope of fields. This twenty fifteen rebels team was great but they didn't have that they. They didn't play that type of soccer. So I do think I give the slightest of edges to twenty ten. But it's I mean it's a coin. Flip is really was it Sabio and Spindler Sabio n Finley Ravi Finley or is it. A is a spindle. It was yeah it was mostly. It's been because findlay was gone for about half the season at the World Cup. And then he didn't come did he come straight back to our. Did he think he went to Europe? Yeah because you're an Finley had gone and it's been the starts in the final for shore. Yeah Finley was there in twenty ten with our sal and went to Nottingham in two twenty eleven spins all had the starting spot over him either way. I think it goes to the point of those players that can stretch the field. Many give space underneath for hobby. Mohan Szabo to play and a lot of teams couldn't handle creativity against the red bulls with numbers. Drop deep. Because you didn't have anyone to play off of but you give Havi Moen Szabo. That's space to work together. When the Red Bulls get pushed forward and you just play long which used to them and they have that playmaker to create underneath and they have guys who can finish. Oh question mark obviously for the final spins Ella and his finishing when he got opportunities who. That's your biggest Achilles heel where you look on the flipside there. Some more Achilles heels at times for New York in this so they're is not handling any of those strikers Tommy and pernell slander on this show. Very good that you're so that's three votes. Here Yeah Damian. Parallel started but you guys still had twenty fifteen red bull's over twenty eighteen rebels as good Salvatore who have picked twenty two twenty ten. I think it would've been twenty eighteen red bulls. I think they're they're practicing their their ability to just ruin any type of build like they destroyed Atlanta United's filled up they again they broke that twenty eighteen Atlanta United States to the point. Where Tom Martino like? Screw this plan on the counter-attack I think they would have done that and more to the RS L. teams that as beautiful as they were and love. The diamond is beautiful is that they had no plan. B If you broke the diamond like they couldn't they couldn't play on the counter. So I think the two thousand eighteen red bulls if they had been seated would have gotten past this This twenty ten. Uh but the pony fifteen rebels who are a worst team that you guys seated incorrectly? They lose to this are although you you look at it and maybe not the right comparison. When they went down to Saprissa they sat back. They played deep. They scored off a set-piece. They played a different style at times when they went on the road to the way they played in. Mls Week in and week out and show they can do it to somewhat a high level they could counter with Robbie Finley Charlie with a lot of Ravi Finley Robby Robby Finley Ravi. Finley could is GonNa put you put you over the top of the mountain counter counter with them. Yeah all right whereas the final shock. Oh so isn't it's a cutback so I'll say this on. There's also voted twenty ten ourselves so that's four to one against New York Red Bull. So twenty ten makes their way through on this one and that takes us to the twenty fourteen. L. A. Galaxy or a two thousand Houston Dynamo of course. We picked this Ella Galaxy team as our number one galaxy team when we did the greatest team in the Mount Rushmore. And all of that Sixty one points a second in the West Seattle team that we're about to get to. They want him less cup. Of course Landon Donovan. And Robbie Keane no Beckham anymore at that point verse. Two Thousand Seven. Houston would fifty two points. Which a second in the West plus when he goal differential anything. Technically were the second best defensive team of all times in terms of goals conceded but of course they played less games back then just thirty. They beat the REVS IN MLS Cup. Final seventy three percent of the vote went to La Galaxy in this one over the Houston Dynamo. The galaxy fans have come out and voted hard. I don't know if it's that or if I don't know if this is that mismatch not it's a mismatch cool Robbie King Rose Aria Robbie. Keane was on another level in twenty fourteen. Give it to him. I've seen firsthand hand. I didn't close doyle. Give me some. Houston live here. That team was great. They played more attractive soccer than they're given credit for. Everybody remembers the Grit and grind. Domke your teams in to be clear. This team could still grit and grind but with zero at ten at it was Change in in India up top and when he's not a great ease robbing Finley level forward in this league history. That's how you got the Robbie I play with both. Don't do that on the books that Byron Munich for week don't suspect Stop Joseph in DC. Brad Davis still holding a olden. Yeah Yeah Wanda was on the bed Corrigan. Chorea Brian Mullen Richard Maroon. Rico Clark. Why we named the bench guys starters. Steve was really really good. The like this but this was essentially the grouped that one four. Mls Cups between well. We'll say three. Mls COPS and shield between two thousand three and two thousand seven. They were borderline dynasties the galaxy twenty fourteen galaxy actually were a dynasty. They worked and they had in Robbie. Keane they had the best player in the League in Landon Donovan. They had arguably the best player in history having maybe his best year. Twelve goals in nineteen assists that season and once land and got caught from the national team. Like there was no question who was GONNA win? Mls Cup that year by the way they played as a group and I will say this about this galaxy team. They were better than the Beckham Galaxy teams because Sarvaas was just doing all that dirty work. He was just killed people in central midfield. So you couldn't those Beckham Galaxy teams. You could sometimes play through central midfield because he gino. Were good but they weren't that type of defensive player but you had sarvaas in their we've clean marks on everybody's ankles team at his best as well so I like it. No disrespect to that. Two Thousand Seven Dynamo team. They had a lot of talent. Twenty fourteen galaxy. When I the one thing I have to crack on that Houston was not arguably dynasty back back. Mls Cups and shield the year after. That's a dynasty. She'll she'll beer before. Yeah we would think about them as dynasty if that shield hadn't happened in San Jose. This was the San Jose earthquakes gene that one cup in a one zero three shield in five and then moved to Houston or one cop in six and seven we would think of that as Dynasty Charlie. I know that we're you fall and I don't think it has anything to do with who you played against the error you played in and then the respect to take crt. I'm a huge fan of this Houston team. I'm Charlie the reason we were mentioning. The bench was we've talked. I mean all of these teams are great. All of these teams have very few holes in their starting lineup. A Houston group then. Obviously Wanda was Wando. That brought Stewart holding off the bench. Who's in their Mount Rushmore? As one of their best players for what he went on to be. Or maybe it was in there. Rushmore colder. Who's not in Houston's Mount Rushmore? Won't don't give me A? Don't they choose like that like he played for a different team that he would have been in the Mount Rushmore but like I said he was coming off the bench for just making stuff up. I'm saying that this is a deep team where they talent that has canarian cleaning that one to a central midfield that would battle as well and then you have legitimate game winners in D. Row Brad Davis and they didn't even have Brian Ching Cup final because he was injured so they started Jake and Josephine Gordon. Who's one of the greatest shockers history and they still want him? Alaska that steps Baby Rico Clark in that final either to say Yeah No. You're not because checked. Though so he was suspended they still have marooning. It was a great deep team But it was not not the twenty fourteen galaxy. I gotta look at Anders already. Know it's going to be the two thousand fourteen galaxy which is gonNA take it over the top all the fans to while I'm down GonNa vote for prosperity purposes for the Houston Dynamo. Two thousand seven. You're welcome bless Houston h Sam baby but once again galaxy. Go through and I'll just. Would you say that since best team the two thousand seven? I think so because of Stew stew stew had become legit that year and you didn't know before that if they were GonNa have an extra guy who could make those plays. I actually thought he didn't play enough in two thousand seven but yeah he'll tell you the same thing so curve really shocking. Yeah but like that. That team that was really really really good. And the fact that the again they'd be a really really really good In the final without Brian Chain and without Rico Clark and coming back from a goal down at Mentana saying mentality is a cliche but this this team had it up there. You you've done. Which is why they want so much. Let's move on to our final matchup of this bracket and one that is going to probably torture us. Definitely haunt me. It is the e twenty fourteen. Seattle sounders is the twenty eight thousand New York Red Bulls because as doyle said we incorrectly seated and picked on the New York Red Bulls Matchup That New York Red Bulls seem has the record. Had the record for points at the time with seventy one beating out Atlanta United. Of course four. The Shield plus twenty nine goal differential and for the sounders sixty four points them the supporters shield. They also won the Open Cup at the time. It was the record for wins in a season with which twenty seventeen Seattle then beat out and of course. You had OBA Deuce in Chad. Marshall who wants to get US started here by give you the Fan. Vote at in. Do that for you guys. the fan vote was sixty percent for Seattle If I put a Seattle Jersey on and ran for President I probably win the state of Washington. They're pretty good. Pretty good getting out and polling. Does anyone want spent here. I'm GonNa go twenty fourteen Seattle. I know doyle is all about that. Twenty eighteen rebel team but with Ovidiu. Chad Marshall Ozzy Alonzo Stefan Fry. They were just a it was a machine and I always think back to that final in thinking. Wow this galaxy team was able to knock off Seattle. Remember watching the semifinals and be like. There's no way Seattle doesn't win this like. They're they're just. It's almost meant to be but it's always. It's they're always going to have like a just an ashtray after next next to their name because they couldn't they couldn't win unless cup and that was such a talented team. It was one of those teams had everything to win but came up short. So it's always going to be held against him in this New York team lost to Atlanta. Who ended up winning so that both teams lost to number one in this bracket north. Our number one seeds argue for doyle as a supporter. Shield truth there. This is the ultimate matchup in his books. Which way are you leaning? It's it's tough because the definitive thing about Those rebels teams recite one piece short in attack like eventually every series. It all came down to Bradley wright-phillips And that was tough on him because while he's one of the all time greats he's not Joseph you're not Robbie Keane And he wasn't able to get them over the Hump and like that's what this kind of looks at. But then you remember what over? Martin's was in the playoffs and overcoming Martin's wasn't the playoffs was nothing. He literally did not score a playoff goal in his sounders careers in the biggest games for this team. didn't show up whereas if you look at the Red Bulls like yeah they. They fell short but they fell short to that Atlanta team which we all agree is one of the great teams of all time and they made a really really great run in the CAC. Tachograph Champions League getting to getting to the semi-finals against chiefs and then out playing chief us but they also fully foot fully fit Clint Dempsey. They did know for sure they did. It was and they were a great team but I just think if you look at it Going going into the playoffs. Both these teams have the same questions. neither these teams ultimately had an answer that they wanted to have So then you start looking at the other factors and the biggest factor to me is defense that sounders team. They had Chad Marshall. They had a really good defense. They gave up fifty Goltz. That Red Bull's team gave up thirty three. Yeah I'm GonNa vote on the OBA slander. I would say though. He did score in Open Cup final. He came off the bench against their score in a final which was a huge moment on the road for them. Obviously not at the level that a two thousand fourteen galaxy team is where doing it. In that moment we did at some point to something big in a big game The Missouri Goals Zero Goals Zero Assists in seven hundred playoff minutes for Oba. Yes not good. I mean that's that's the sample size. Let trap door go out on. But what when you look at the New York team outside of Bradley Wright Phillips who scoring Royer. Roy was huge in the playoffs that year and he was huge in in Japanese. Like play as well but royer is like like the same type like he was a great signing. But you're not going to be like. Oh Man we're definitely winning the series because we have Daniel Royer you know just like he's like a good third option. You had Kaku. Kaku had a really good year. I don't think he's quite at that level. I think in terms of Talat you look at that Sanders attack. You Take it ten times out of ten but that talent. That attack wasn't enough to get them where they wanted to be in twenty fourteen own. Osceola runs though. Throw in Chad Marshall at pieces. I mean who for sure? Who's GonNa who's GonNa Defend Marshawn setpiece on that team law marker ten park along the rebels the rebels in two thousand eighteen onset? These were amazing. They scored like twelve set-piece goals That year I like. I just think it does come down to defense. The numbers tell the story man like the. The rebels gave up thirty three goals over the course of the season. Saddle of fifty and stuff to go against that. I would say when you talk about matchup. What's interesting about these teams as they both have the way they played? They both seem to lose in the playoffs when it didn't work. So the question of ability to adjust. I think you would say coming into this. The rebels would make Seattle adjust where Seattle would hope to make the rebels adjust. But you're not sure if they'd be able to the way that they would set themselves up the way they played all year. It may have been harder for them for New York. If the Prescott broken how would they react obviously made the decision they did in Atlanta they struggled in Atlanta? That put them behind able to go to. Mls Cup which it seemed like they were kind of on the road to has said they basically broke Atlanta two months earlier and then got knocked out by them. So that's one of the things that kind of goes against New York where I just think we're talking pure talent on Seattle at some point and I know Charlie would shoot way hill fall of like if you're in if it becomes a battle and a fight and neither teams doing the things they want. Who are you going to take that big moment? It's going to be Ozzie Alonzo. It's going to be Clint Dempsey. It's going to be a guy like Chad Marshall. Of just yeah they're going to figure it out and create a moment in a tough game yes It's this is the toughest one. This is really hard. We saw the fan one. We've got Seattle vote on the fan one. Obviously we know what votes so one of US votes for Seattle. It's GONNA go Seattle Side Voting Doyle L. I'll take the twenty eighteen red bulls by a hair again. Is it's basically a coin Flip Charlie. I'm going twenty fourteen Seattle Boone at even half as not like and like you said it's by a hair like this. New York team was legit. I'm going to tell it tell. Ziggy story Twenty sixteen we recovering analyst Cup and this was right after ziggy had been let go by the sounders and We were sitting there talking. Just data you work with you for a little bit. Charlie like everybody knows. Ziggy was the easiest guy to talk to just love talking soccer. I mean we're talking about. He watched everything. You're watching what happened in the League and talking about the Red Bulls as I mean. What is different you know as press? It's like Bouchier plays but it's different because this trigger and that trigger the formation is all different and he goes. I WOULD WANNA play. I WANNA play against a team like that every single week. Let me play against that team every single week. So Twenty Fourteen. Seattle has a very confident that Schmid as their coach. Going into this match up against two thousand eighteen rebels. God I would love to see Aaron Long Chase Obafemi over the top on any ball. That's playing out of the back off the press. The other thing that'd be fascinating. You mentioned Royer what Lynn could do again. We know he did against his art that year in the world. Cup as like. Maybe you're not giving the attack. But if his role was shut this guy down because we think Chad can handle. Bwi isolated pretty tough match-up four New York so this one has gone. Seattle's way I didn't even have to vote. Someone have to anger. Our on shadow to go will sue. We are sorry to the New York Red Bulls for screwing up bracket immediately. The second half of the bracket is coming out for voting. Coming up honors. You can tell me when that is because I don't even know it will be on twitter and if you don't have twitter you can just email us or text us. It's coming on Wednesday. Obviously and we will read those emails. You guys ready to hear people complain about us. Yeah Yeah Oh shirk yeah. Charlie's therefore doyle's games a little hesitant. Doyle you okay. Normally you this. You're a little full. You're not as hungry today. Benjamin Waylon here and he said been loving the show love the quarantine podcast been a huge fan of MLS. Casey since two thousand four. When I was eight years old. Let's get into some info. My research is correct. There have been thirteen doubles in. Mls Twenty four year history. All of them made it into your bracket except for teams in two thousand five galaxy. Who finished ninth of twelve teams and only made it in the playoffs because of the expansion teams in their conference next the ninety six nine thousand nine DC united teams. There are so many good ninety DC teams. You guys included to fair enough that brings me to the glaring. Most obvious emission of the entire bracket. Someone wrote this for us so that I can. Then get into the two thousand. Kansas City Wizards not only did that. Wizard seem out your number three C. Two thousand Chicago fire in Supporters Shield but golden for the second tiebreaker. They also then went on to beat them in. Mls Cup seems to this. They had the best offense arguably history with Tony. Meola being the only goalkeeper to ever win. Mls MVP and defender of the year. Peter Vermes leading the way and yes. Chicago had a great offense but defense wins championships. And that leads me to my next point. Five revs over two thousand thirteen. Kc Okay maybe but to use the argument that the revs offense was better than SKC's and not even mention that s Casey at the best defense in the League. That season is inexcusable. Thirty eight allowed all on that defense went to the following. Us MNT January camp not to mention Aiko Pire who was on the bench. That's a lot of Kacie love from a Casey a stop there. Yeah it's it's a lot of Kacie love but I will say I think the most glaring issue in our brackets was the addition of Kaelin cars. Houston Dynamo and Charlie Davies New England Revolution. Subtracting that two thousand Casey Wizards See. That was our biggest mistake. And that is the worst thing that happens. But that's not how it happens has not how it happened that we didn't ask them in place of anymore. We just decided there needed to be playing around. So that Charlie and caitlyn would have a little bit skin in the game. Make the argument for those thousand fourteen. But we should have. Relegated are higher level at large bids to that plane game and allowed the K. C. Wizards to thousand in as at large rather than Kaelin Cars Twenty twelve Houston Dynamo Team. That grinded out a victory and got into an mls cup where they had like two shots scored one of a man now. That was twenty eight twenty nine twenty eleven twenty but not by much would give away either way. All of us didn't have a shot at going far in this bracket so relevant no. It's not a relevant. Charlie matters things matter. That's why you do them. I will say this I would probably pick your two thousand. Fourteen revs over the dynamo finance eliminate one. So you've got that going for Yeah one hundred percent a hundred percent since I. It's a hundred percent. What continue seems like a little. Bit of exaggeration outlast. One here Lou. I just want to say the Ben that was Benjamin who who sent that in right we benefit by not including the two thousand KC team. In there. I don't know if I would say that. They should have been in there over Chicago but they should have been one of the at large bids as always been stuff like this happens. It's under Psalm. One hundred percent Andre the mid on the producer under the bus. Yeah Yup he just. It's flyover country to him in. That's how he handles into. He tried to add six more sounders. Teams it is pretty amazing that the sounders went to three or four. Mls COPS and we didn't put any of those teams in our bracket. But I'll take on the best. I think the best sounders team is the second half of twenty eighteen sounders team. That's the one that had the eleven game win. Once they got Raul Ruiz ideas. Yep a guy went on a run. They were awesome in that second. Half and the only reason lost in the playoffs is because Marshall and Alonzo got hurt so anyway. Continue even over to. I guess you have Marshall Because Twenty. Nineteen you have Jordan Morris. Two thousand eighteen. You did not have him Chad. Marshall I think wins over that okay Final one to close out here. Luke from Waterloo has been loving the show. Think there are a lot of people wondering the same thing they'd be interested to hear. What are you guys used for all this research? What websites have you used for stats for historical things stuff like that? He also enjoyed Chris Anderson on the show. We always enjoy Anderson. He's awesome What do you guys use for anyone out there? Who wants to use everything I use? Mls wikipedia personal experience so That's that's what I use. I use I swear by soccer way. I do a lot of like Concha CAF Cup games. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines verse. You know whatever Antiga and I swear by soccer way as my official way to find everything but for these. Mls SOCCER DOT COM has been huge in. Wikipedia is always a nice glance. Oil wikipedia is gray soccer way. Transfer market is super useful. Stuff like that. We also have tools here. Courtesy of Optus for some of the the more advanced stats. I always have that stuff open but if you go to the front page of Ebola soccer dot com and you scroll all the way down to the bottom of the right in the black with white writing under media resources you see fact an record book it click on that and you get yourself like two hundred fifty page. Pdf of every fact N. record every box course in. Mls history Every journalist in the country that covers major league soccer is intimately familiar with the farm. And they want. Do like the pros. Do it you keep the fireboat been than you watch hours and hours of cat videos on you. Doyle actually printed his out so he has that as a book on his nightstand and he just flips through a few pages every night. I will put someone on blasts year a lottery. Search trying to find some box scores of the two thousand six PD L. Semifinals and finals during the West Chester Flames. Zing to the Laredo heat for long and PD OWL now known as L. League to no research available every link went dead and I couldn't find enough to get it together for my man. Chuck so shadow Tamila soccer dot com and someone step up for me and help me because the question I had would have been impossible. Charlie's you want the question. Yeah I'll take the question. Since two thousand six chester flames with Charlie Davies up top lost in the semifinals to the Laredo heat. The went on to lose in the final who won the final and who scored the game winning goal. Charlie looked like on instagram last week because seven. Pm Eastern Time. You can watch either. I'm always fire for the questions when it comes to to molest trivia is not as the comments are there to help you out is well. The thing is when we lost it was like I'm done. I don't care about you as a pedia. I don't care I'm heated is done. Why did you play for West Chester? I got coerced into playing for Westchester. Yeah because they had A lot of the region want. Odp guys that. I played with and so they said you know it's a great team. We're GONNA win Ricky Schramm who was at Georgetown. He won I think he won. Big East offensive player of the year. Luke Sager was one of my friends. He played at Stanford and transferred to Harvard so he would drive me so I stayed with him in Connecticut and then we drive down to to Newark Charles. All check was on team us at Harvard. Now works with Don Garber so a lot of a lot of talented players and we. We crushed it. We did really well Probably should have been in that final great memories. I mean you're talking about won the Golden Boot and PD here. Who was it me no. I couldn't find it. That was going to be one of the questions. I want to create. But I couldn't find it. I'll tell you this. The answer that Trivia question it would have been better if he played at DC one more year with Thai ship Elaine. He scored the game winner for the Michigan Box. Or the all time winningest team in history of the year before you so you didn't know him so I couldn't put that question together. That way sunset through American Gambians at you and you were not going to get that one either. No I'll nobody was going to get that one boot. How winners were John Cunliffe from boulder rapids reserve and Augusta fireballs Frederico baby gear. I remember him play when he played at Clemson in six. Yeah I remember so this if you want more of this because you do go on instagram. Mls account on Wednesday gain. Richard the top that for Rica Jane Venture Dane Matching. Mls Jin Richards going for next time. Acc question going. Come on Man Charlie already gave you like DC hall one one one more little bit of a trivia. What Emma lesser was in goal for that mid Michigan Bucks or Michigan Bucks Team? That won in two thousand six Steve. Clark there you go. Oh look at that. I know that I guess someone from Michigan who is about the right age. We got to leave a high baby ninety two weeks ago Charlie in Andrew. Eight out of ten last week. That's numbers that stats mic drop. Catch us on instagram on Wednesday night. We'll be back here. Don't forget to vote on the bracket that see that side right. Sirens Siren Arc de the next do.

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Brett Davis has never seen Jay and Silent Bob Reboot

Never Seen It

1:28:10 hr | 7 months ago

Brett Davis has never seen Jay and Silent Bob Reboot

"Serving in a world where every conversation is about what movie or TV show? You just see this is never seen it. Comedians rewriting famous movies and TV shows. They've never seen what is up everybody. Today's episode Brett Davis has never seen Jay and silent. Bob Reboot I'm here record the Intro Todd Sklar. I am not on this. He's not on this episode. He was just here hanging out. And so then we decided to do this intro. If you're listening to this right now when this episode comes out tonight we have a live show at the lyric theatre. We have Sara Schaefer. Solomon Giorgio Danny Jealous Dave Ross and a Gilchrist rob as people have been all over. Tv greedy from Todd. There will be at this show That's it lyric appearing at seven. Pm The day. This comes out which is Thursday march twelfth. So please come to that. Tickets are at lear. Ick IBERIAN DOT COM or Kyle dot com slash. Never seen it or you can google. You know what I mean so you tell. People were get tickets and you're just like they'll figure it out you can find please. Don't they always on twitter and an INSTAGRAM FOLSOM? Ronald people still use to wear both falls on instagram twitter. That's a riposte ticket links and if people come to the show tonight we can keep doing them. Not only in l. a. But other places We have one in Denver actually on the twentieth. That's a week in a day from when this comes out. Friday March twentieth. I won't be attached unless somebody wants to invite you. Denver but that's in Denver and lemon you can take us that Kyle. Dot Com slash. Never seen it. You can get that there and it's at the Denver comedy underground. It is Friday. I'm trying to really promote these. Like when people come to live shows because they're so fought off the best It is at the Denver comedy underground which is at Let me find the location. Irish snug You know what I changed my mind. I will get that show but Denver. That's Friday March twentieth. Come to that Now we've got a live show there and that's GonNa be so fun. Denver comedians doing it. That's like the best comedy scene in country right now is in Denver. So I'm excited for that and so come to that. It's eight o'clock on Friday March twentieth if you know people in la or Denver tone to come to live shows La Tonight Twelve Denver March twentieth. They go well. We send other places these numbers and they let us do them there and then we keep doing it. I like doing a live show So much but that's there. We go the twelfth in La. That's today the twentieth and Denver. I've been talking too long about it but I really want people to come out fall on instagram twitter. You can find the information they are. Kyle Dot com slash. Never seen it. I can't afford a domain just for the show so it's a sub domain of my domains are back They're cool and today's brought. Davis Davis has never seen Jay and silent Bob Reboot. I like when people do these. Very specific types of things especially a reboot of a movie. That also wasn't that long ago right really. I think it came out twenty nineteen but this is so fun. Pat Byrne also on your. He's so funny Brett you may know from the Special Without Brett Davis which was public access show in New York so so wonderful and he's just press one. He won the Andy Kaufman Award. He so funny so unique. He's never seen Jay and silent. Bob Reboot and I wanNA tell you. Brett wanted to write this. In the style of Kevin Smith. He worked so hard. And so it's important that you know this because you're like who would say these Kevin Smith would so he specifically wrote in the style of Kevin Smith like riding nineties movies with the vernacular and stuff like no homo and stuff like that that you don't really be able to say when the writing something anymore it's a loss cadence? It's for the better. What he's never seen Bob reboot and if you're still listening to this I'm GonNa make separate thing for this to introduce it but at the end of the episode way before this was ever a podcast when it was just a live show. I thought it could be a good idea for podcast in this. When I lived in Queens I had come over with some comedians and we recorded a sample episode of the podcast to try and send places to get this sort of like a pre pilot pilot where Brett had never seen dead pool. And so there's a bonus Brett Davis scene at the end of this where he's never seen deadpool. Alex plane that Again to put in a in in term right there but this is Brad Davis has never seen Jay and silent Bob Reboot. It's so fun. We're joined by Pat Byrne as well too great episode. You'RE GONNA love it come to live show tonight l. a? Come to live show in Denver on the twentieth And thank you very much. Enjoy it you ever talked to. People as their influences are sorry by me. My computer people ask you what your they're like. Comedy and mine are some stand ups but honestly a lot of if I'm being honest about the comedy stuff I laughed at the most growing up was looney tunes. Bugs bunny bugs bar. I love bugs bunny. I Love Marvin the Martian yet I love Daffy and then on Jackass. I watched jackass and I was like this at least made me think I could make comedy on my own. I hate anything that has to do with bodies or food jackass so it kind of just like cuts like the Stevo World of it ice age but watching them Skateboard in a loop. Sure and they meet. That made me think I could make stuff on my own. Say and then you know sometimes some stand ups and stuff but whenever you hear a comedian. I don't know if we're all like relatively the same age I think when you hear someone that I just was really into Carl and Lenny Bruce and prime and you're like what yeah when that weirds me. Oh it's like the musicians Jimi Hendrix. The cow is relevant to you and you understand there's influence and there's importance and stuff like that but nothing that they ever said. I'm just getting to the age. Where something George Carlin would have said could apply to my life and I was like sixteen. He's I saw him when I was in college and I think he is. As Cranky is my mom. Said he would be this. Chick set artless podcast. I think our court our interest separately. So we'll do this game involving my dad at the beginning and then we'll read the script and then we have a couple of other. We use those cards last game. I can't remember we did okay. And then we have a couple of games that we play And that's pretty much it. It's you know maybe our tops and we're good and go off the rails as much you want to go off the rails. The rails are are nonexistent. Grab grab instruments you want or grab grab one of these waters and take that xylophone if this is this thing for anything in. I'm trying to see where it would apply in this particular. And so then take anything you WANNA use for the whole podcasts. Not just the scene. Jingle Bells And so let's we aren't we're at the PUCK is we're doing it. This is never seen this podcast where I have comedians rewrite famous movies and TV shows. They've never seen before today in studio having never seen Jay and silent Bob the reboot particularly Johnson of reboot. Jay and silent Bob Reboot his Davis. Thanks for being here my pleasure. We're also join a student here right. Pat Byrne they haven't seen it either. You haven't seen yeah it'd be just come out just yet. It's pretty reason I mean it's it's easy to say we haven't seen it because it's out in theaters now. An Oscar screener sort of. It'd be fun if you made a movie like this. That you know isn't going to be if you put up Oscar Screener watermarks in your actual movie show in the theaters and stuff like that and it just says like this is not meant to be shared around. I just what parasite yesterday and those are invasive and take you out of a movie especially one with subtitles right. It's weird when they of your name on this. They made this movie for Bret God. It doesn't feel like it. We're also here in studio with our producer Rebecca Steinberg. She's here she has seen movies. So it comes in handy. Henry I have not. I have not loved Kevin Smith as a human being but I will not watch. This is spots. Is Jane Silent Store? And I didn't know. I think I was confusing this for. I've never seen any Jay and silent. Bob Movies I've seen movies with Jay and silent Bob in them dogma. Yeah but I. I haven't seen a specific titular J. J. Rey movie but I have and I haven't I was confusing this for what is the Keanu Reeves time traveling movie. That's also being remade intent. Bill and Ted. I've never seen any bill and Ted's Either don't know much it all sort of like falls in the same. I kinda missed not like Corny but like Yeah like cool corny comedies in the nineties. Yeah well I think it's worth explaining the context of silent Bob that Kevin Smith Maiden indie film in Nineteen ninety-four. These two like dudes outside of a convenience store is characters one was himself. Yeah it was all a clerk so this all of these movies and these characters come from clerks Well then they made a like a pretty broad the teen sex room. Comedy and Jan Silent. Bob Are in it. And that's mall rats and they made a like kind of semi serious indie Film Chasing Amy and Jay and silent. Bob like pop up in it the minute they made dogma which is really kind of broad like religious comedy. I like dogma. And they're also in it and then they're like now it's time for the victory lap. They may Jane a strike back. Which is where I stopped. That's I haven't seen a movie in that and you ask universe. I stopped watching movies. No I haven't seen a view. Ask Universe movie. You could almost call it the Jason mewes universe. Because does he do much aside from B. J. and these movies remember he was on the tonight. Show for like a minute of correspondent. Jay Leno's tonight show Jay Leno's tonight show. Yeah we're GONNA Jason Mewes. That is the Jason. Walking was the name of that one outside giving the pulse of the city. Exactly I don't I don't Fall Kevin Smith for just doing whatever he wants to do. He seems like a pretty decent lake. Positive Dude Yeah but his movies are not good. I like his I like his happy passionate. Phantom about things like that. He's super positive about all of the NERD. World that he is he's been involved with it since and kind of part of what blew it up and now he's still one of the positive ones and not the comic book stuff sucks now. It was only good when I liked it. You know what I mean. He's not like hips during all right. Saw the birds of prey trailer. I cried he's still excited. For the seven hundred thirtieth comic book movie as everyone was to see Spiderman two or whatever and I liked that sort of like a what they call gates wide open type of thing. There's no gate keeping with him and I appreciate that. Yeah Kevin Smith also named his daughter Harley Quinn in real life God Harley Quinn Smith Hollywood blinken. You'll Miss Ed. She doesn't say anything. She's one of the Lena Dunham's group. She's so she's one of the girls on the ranch. Yeah she's one of the girls crazy. She didn't say anything but she's there carly she's not say anything that's crazy. She was born yet. I love learning stuff about Jason Betcha about Kevin Smith Jason. Mewes the first thing I ever knew about Kevin Smith which is the entrance to his world. Is I liked screen? I was getting screenwriting class when I was in film school in Missouri and I started watching movies along with scripts and that was something that Filmmaker friend of mine said to do. He's like it really helped him learn to write to watch and he's like watch boogie nights. Will you hold the script and you'll understand how visually you can write for the screen. Watch this watch and then somehow amidst all these things I rented a Kevin Smith live I W W Q Toronto and I watched it and I was like this is. It's not stand up right. It's sometimes funny but then I remember someone asked him a question during the they're like. I wrote a script. We read it any host. No then the guy was like what it was like. I don't want to be mean but think about the avenue and the pressure you just put on me and I was like this is weird. Everyone makes me feel weird and I didn't see clerks for seven years but that was that was the only thing I knew about. Kevin Smith was not reading a script on demand in a theater in Toronto. Actually did that in college to Spike Lee. Really Speaking Wasilla. No no no chance suggest you know jump at it. Opportunity take it and then I raise my hand. He's like well. I'm actually looking for a job in film. I'm having a hard time getting my foot in the door. Would you give me a job? No and he goes like full screen. What school is a Montclair State University? Okay I've heard stories about Spike Lee visiting colleges and talking to film kids and telling them like just it not not at worthless but that he it has not much to do with film and mostly about various cultural things. They're ruining yeah. Excuse me Mr Spike Lee. I'm I'm a Early Twenties White Man Gotten curly in college. Yeah I think he may do the right thing for me. Do you have any. I mean I was doing it more as a joke. I think I had stopped going to classes and all my professors were there. They were like I could see doing it as a joke. But I I'm wow I also Garcia. Never heard that story working out and then of all the people. It'd be the kid who skips class all the time but shows great promise and then this this is how it goes on the way here that he saw his transcript. Recently you go ahead all the things that professionally do now I failed like classes for feel similarly video. Editing acting writing best student academically a failure. Yeah put in practice and I only had one film class that ever actually provided me knowledge in film making that of used. I don't everything I learned was from the guys I borrowed cameras from in the town but they weren't had nothing to do with the college and do you know what I mean. I mean almost these were the guys who are like. Have you heard of pavement and I was like okay? Listen to music. You know what I mean like opens up. Oh this is my cultural niche. Is these three guys who still make all of the film stuff in the college town? I was at the screen nine class. Oh I failed. I got to present ideas for the movies we wanted to make and the movies. I got to present like three three ideas. You're right Three vague treatments you pitch them and one of the one I really wanted to make was about three guys who remake Lord of the Rings. Try and make money. And this isn't like two thousand seven foreshadows too. Yeah and I was like how funny would it be if two years after this? They're like that made the most money ever. Let's make it. And so they remake Lord of the Rings on a shoestring budget to try and pay rent and then it just ends up with them getting sued by the state. And you know all this. I was so passionate about that. And then the other one was about like coping with my dad has twelve brothers and sisters and when their mom died it like fragmented their family because it became there's twenty years apart and everyone's relationships are very calm and so when their mom slowly died of alzheimers it fragmented their family because of the tangible fight for the actual physical things because they only owned thirty and then I position president. Those two ideas. I didn't have a third one. I riffed a third one and I was like the other ones about a road trip where two guys try and find this animal. They thought they saw and that was the one that teachers like. That's the one you have so I wrote this horrible hundred page thing over something. I wasn't passionate about. It all turned it in got an F. physical screenplay with a red F on the front. Yeah and it's like that's the most work until my life where I put way more work into way bigger failures. That was the most work I've ever put into something. I don't care about this. I can't believe this is what I landed on. And now here. I am investing. You can't fail in your adult life in the way you fail in college because like that's at least it's like an accomplishment whereas college like you wouldn't be writing this if you were assigned it. Yeah Yeah and I say it's so worthless is insane. You should have us back and read that script here hundred page script my goodness that would be no point in my life have Ivan inch towards the vulnerability that this is all the layers of masking. I mean you know me. The layers of masking over any actual like that's almost the vulnerability is knowing how much I hide it all behind actually any ernest ear or anything like that truly to the detriment of a dozen relationships probably both friendship and intimate throughout my life anyway. So that's Kevin Smith spent his whole. I'm Debbie page. I think we just read. Let's let's read the script you can cast it however you want this. Jay and silent Bob Reboot okay. Would you prefer to read Stage Directions? Role? I'm GonNa give you that because I feel like I've got Jay's voice okay down pat and then the other roles her kid one kid to Kevin FEDOR line and Dante Randal and customer. This is a real test of our theory of whether people enjoy something knowing the spoiler not get to experience it with that. I mean a in my mind's eye Kevin Federal Line has a top billing on the poster for this I'd love to do Dante. Yeah Could you be the kids And Kevin Federal Line. I guess could you be the the kids in the customer and Kevin Federal Line could be Taine Randall? Yeah okay that's they think an easy way to do it. Something's gotTa give phone would have written a phone seen if I had thought it's just one of those things you figure out on set photoshop. The posters I put the People's face. I'm so excited for this one. I looked at the poster and I'm like we got good faces. We got notable shaped bodies Okay and I think a caveat I. I'm writing this not from the voice of breath but from the versus looking. Thanks I think the word Homo comes up in a pejorative percents off completely performed under the guise that this is what I think is what you think Kevin Smith wrote. Yeah Great and then I got a little carried away and started writing really would like to see. I'm already here. We go Jay Bob Reboot never seen by Brad Davis Exterior quick. Stop Grocery New Jersey morning. Jason Bob Stand outside of small convenience store. We have close up of their faces which have deformed into grotesque ugly Fellini esque caricatures of the once familiar faces. We remember from the nineties. Close up on silent. Bob whose dramatic weight loss makes him appear like a withered old man. Wearing a Kevin Smith skin suit not unlike the old six flags dancing man from the old commercials. Close up close up on Jay. Whose face looks less like a punk kid. Now has withered wrinkled. Look now has a withered wrinkled. Look of a sixty year old. Construction worker is new teeth. A bluish white give the weathered face a slightly ankeny via valley vibe. He speaks his once. Youthful voice now sounding James Gandolfini smooch to the niche motherfucker. Silent Bob Nods in approval and I should mention that all Ajay's lines have the parenthetical shouting. Everyone wearing headphones. I'll just slightly shouting today's Day Bro. These fat cats in Washington. Dc New Jersey decide if the snooty Bucci's or could it be legal New Jersey. Then we'll be able to get high as mother focus but that the five. Oh getting in our grill all the damn time. Silent Bob Watson approval. And we're GONNA run Jane. Sound Bob's pipe dreams New Jersey's first-ever legal dispensaries island. Bob Knots and approval. Three eight year olds presumably sons of Kevin Smith's friends roll up on their hover boards. Hang with their smartphones. Oh Shit he comes little rascals. Sorry boys but my rule is not just trying to get some vape coils. We don't sell that Shit. That's bad for your health. Hit me with the all natural. Bob Light the majority puts it in Jay's grotesque mouth. You homos doesn't he doesn't he. Does he also put his dick in your mouth to kids? High fiving laugh silent. Bob makes a jerk off gesture. Come on little man. This is New Jersey. We don't pump our own grass. What's up with your face. Your mouth looks like Superman. Cgi UPPER LIP. Justice League reluctantly nods in agreement. Don't respect any benefits like Jersey girl. That movie was the bomb dot Com. J. Cyber Rave raise ever so slightly beneath the dramatic wrinkles of his forehead silent. Bob Aggressively nods in approval. You will losers needs to get with The Times. It was only one time to get with. And that's more stay in the time. So Bob begins to dance kind of jungle plays. Jay licks his finger in Panama Finger. Which is dance. I guess okay boomer. Let's go you guys gen-x pro. What's a Youtube silent? Bob Maybe these kids right. If we're going to open up pipedreams we need to learn. About what the millenniums are into silent. Mouths millenniums physically calls me acting with the nuance of Scooby Doo cartoon. Let's go to our man Dante. Interior Quick Stop Grocery Day. Jamieson Bob Walk into the quick stop groceries from clerks where? Dante's working register the age. Dante still has thin goatee. Is that the main guy a look. That was bad in nineteen ninety. Four half of the stores now vape shop. He's talking to Kevin Federal Line. Who was making a cameo Mr Line? You got your e CIGS. I don't have any paper. Spank mags here anymore. Can't you just go on the Internet porn on? The Internet now might have to make a little pearl jam. Later makes a jerk off gesture. You're playing with fire. Homo came out Pope Airlines big brief solo music. Playing with fire is the name of his album. That one's for the Fans Dante. Wondering all these Gizmos you sell here now. They had to replace the newsstand with vape liquids and accessories. I thought you guys would know about this kind of stuff. We're trying to learn about what the kids are into these days. Like I told you K Fed. Why don't you go on the Internet? That's not a bad idea Dante. Where do we find it? You don't have a smartphone. What's a smartphone you guys? You guys have about thirty years of catching up to do. Randall sells them next door. Dante breaks the Fourth Wall and looks into camera to say his famous line from clerks. Not even supposed to be here today. A musical sting implies. The audience may be cheering too much to hear the next race. Interior cell phone store. Randall is having a conversation with a disinterested custom. I mean Tony. Stark is an engineer. He has no prior knowledge of quantum physics let alone pin pin pin particle. So why is the first guy in in the avengers? Turn to when they want to invent the Einstein Rosen Bridge instead of say bill. Bill foster a fucking biochemist who previously worked on project. Goliath with Hank pipe dream. I just want to buy an Alexa Randall. You motherfucker well if it isn't tweedle dip shit and Tweeden. Don't fuck you homo Internet. Excuse me I said can I purchase Alexa? Who IS ALEXA? Does he have a fat ass? Because I want might WANNA buy ride to. You've never heard of an Amazon Alexa. No but I know that xena chick and I'd like to fill her cream. Cheese withered either old face attempts to make his tongue flap. But it just looks like he's having the saddest stroke ever silent. Bob makes a jerk off gesture. Alexa is the emphatic. Vote for the surveillance state. My stupid friend emphatic. Sorry and no I will not sell you a microphone to Jeff Bezos. Good Day sir. Buck you home son. Bob makes a jerk off gesture we these report record people's conversations under the guise of convenience then Amazon can plug into this live feed and learn everything about everyone. Not Unlike professor. X'S CEREBRAL MACHINE SILENT. Bob Nuts and approval. Hear THAT SOUND UP. All we need to learn about the last thirty years is find the cerebral machine plugging and then we'll be able to make our wheat dispensary. The first big business. When the sticky icky gets legalized but to get to it. You might have to kill. Jeff bezos. The let's jump on it like the sugarhill gang. Apache jump on it by the sugarhill gang. Plays Jay and silent Bob Dance. Though Jay's dancing pantomime fingering a woman from behind to be continued oh Princeton's kind of. Yeah yeah some freeze frame. Slow motion break dancers come out of nowhere with cardboard put on the ground. Apaches the way to go at the end of that. I know this song that's my contribution because even hurt the song or did you just write. This down ended up being a song. Yeah I'm shocked. Patchy parenthetical jump whole playlist which is just guess. What the for song the rest of them are. Other songs are at that point can also find it under Carlton Dance Fresh Prince Is that the song that's what he danced ten K. or is up everybody. It's Kyle I got to tell you about stubborn. Says NEW PODCAST CALL? Chelsea hosted by Chelsea Friggin Peretti Chelsea. Pretty like the funniest person in the world. She's new podcast here on star Burns. It's called call. Chelsea Chelsea answers. Listener calls live on air talks about whatever topic they want unless they're topic stupid and then she'll hang up on you which is probably just as fun to listen to his actual people calling in her friend inside. Kit Kool Kojak Chimes in mostly Chelsea just gonNA roast him for making noise drinking coffee on Mike. This Chelsea Pretty Call Chelsea. I A new podcast with Chelsea pretty. That should be enough to get anybody to listen They'll talk about everything from Chelsea's upcoming album awesome to the climate crisis. Now does awesome important to reality dating shows. Maybe the midway point there you can call in with the topic prepared at your own risk of ridicule and be sure to subscribe and download wherever you listen to podcasts. Call Chelsea Chelsea Pretty podcast. You'RE GONNA listen. Go listen I think it's I won. His movies probably feel dated to watch. Don't they yes it has to? I it is. I know that he's sometime. I don't know if he's still a large short-sea dust large short and the The Basketball Jersey Jersey's hockey hockey jerseys at large sleeves. I saw him one time in New York and a large Hockey Jersey. And I was like. You don't really see someone who look okay. It starts to feel like his stroke. If you think you're the only one hearing Apache he really looks like you think he would look. Yeah as weird as that sounds. That's exactly that's exactly Eddie. Seems Nice on the Internet. The people and the characteristic of Johnson Bob again like Brian Halloran thin goatee were also somewhat dated and like ninety four. Yeah Yeah it's like a lot of like Dick Jokes. Gay Jokes Fart Jokes Shit Jerks Etcetera. Yeah Yeah I think you nailed it in a time capsule since the last movie and like they haven't been aware of anything that's happening really lots of times it really. I mean I say that feels like what the movie would probably be about. I think is them. That's once again. That's the bill and Ted movie where their daughters and female. It's like the girls are the new villain Ted this I really think it's probably them freaking out about smartphones. Like the plot to the movie would've been in two thousand seven but somehow it's twenty twenty and the kids still say homos as a slur for sure well in Leonardo New Jersey where the quick stop grocery is still to this day. I think I think Kevin Smith owns that lot. So it's still there still an active convenience store and they're still an empty two stores next to it and that they use it for like a location but also like that one convened serves. The only one in the surrounding area keeps that local neighborhood going the only shop in that neighborhood in that part of kind of a rural ish but also sure town kind of middle class to lower income neighborhood. I think kids still do say that. I don't know if would be the specific slur affiliates very dated in the Ninety S. I questioned and then I was like Kevin Smith is writing for these. He's writing and it's not it's unreal. Children kids yelled at him in nineteen ninety-three probably sure kids would yell at him. Loitering type of thing is probably what they still yell. But yeah the shop still there which is crazy if anyone knows the specific slurs regional slurs tweeted. Us tweeted us any. We're GONNA start the slur bracket next week. We're going to find out the most prevalent sixty four top slurs. It was closer to Philly at the John. Jay W N really well that's not a SLURP. It's IT'S PHILADELPHIA. Talk for anyone like but also these things would be. John's like it'd be like how you are how you John's doing. Can I pick up one of these John's play? It's like it's just like that thing right there. Yeah like kind of what it means is also means you or that laptop or this mike or kind of like that because then it's so vague. I mean I don't like it at the slower book isn't quite vague. If it can apply equal opportunity insult it's not rooted in hundreds of years of oppression. Yes and a historically lighter heavy lorries just sorta like. I'm trying to be casual. Here's the thing I hate. Yeah Day today. Oh what do you show? I'm GONNA show you a picture someone who just cut you off. You let me know what comes to mind. Has Anyone here? Seen Janet say Jay and silent Bob Strike Back. You have so I think it shows in this because there's they there's a commonality. There's a thread in the sense of them. Not knowing technology because at the end of the movie of Jamestown pop strike back they are so unaware of what the Internet is even in two thousand and three or whatever. That movie came out that they're like what we print it out this list of all the people that you know. Somehow they got the addresses right of the people that commented on like negativity towards their movie. That the that we just saw so they go to their houses to punch them in the face like them or something so like they're so unaware of how it works. Then that this would I think be appropriate in that world and it should relatable thing so it feels like eras caught up is like a training video at a new job. Those corporate videos every remake them and so the everything was very old ties very different Asia and the behaviors. Just something your past. But you have to watch this. There's sort of living in this maybe two decades. I think I think it's also a worthwhile wrinkle to say that Pats on the best show. Let's I'm sharply and The one of the producers on it if you make was a comintern. That's right on like the Kevin Smith Message Board and he was his name was B. Buster. Yeah it was B- Buster and Y- and that's how he gave. I think he would make fun of Kevin Smith movies. Such a part of it that he wound up getting a cameo in the movie or something. I didn't know that I know I know he got. He Got Kevin Smith to call to call Tom on the best show just from provoking him on this message board he got. He Got Kevin Smith to call. Tom Which Tom was not even looking forward to but he was like well. I guess this is happening. It was all through that message board. He got a cameo. Didn't even know this is just something. It is such a Kevin Smith just specific existence in nerd culture. Which is now the most prevalent. I think film thing but it such he somehow just existed off to the side and I don't know if it's because also would've like a massive influence on independent film because clerks was such an insane success but it's so he doesn't come up he doesn't really come up unless you're talking specifically only about him it such a weird thing but he does. He's almost obsessed with this fans's fans are with him and it is. It does feel like He. He exists sort of like the lost message. Board world existed where everyone talked about in this one community and then that was almost ramped up to be more like bigger than the actual show this. He exists like an idea to take a side on online. Yeah I mean it was like Tarantino Kevin Smith. Yeah it was like the next year. There was like yeah. The turned away in these Kevin Smith. Making the funny independent movie that he made for. What like fifty thousand dollars. It was the Jersey new way up. Also we're saying that both PAT are from New Jersey and it sucks. The they're like they're so few people that like wave that flag and then just flag. There are all kinds of bad like so many people from New Jersey League. If you looked at a list of actors from New Jersey you'd be like Oh my God it's like half of Hollywood Serandon Meryl Streep the few people that are actually like Yeah Jersey or like Kevin read. This guy wears the Jersey old ones new ones. So what's the best movie to take place in New Jersey? I would say what do you think a because this. What do you think people associate I with them? What do you think is the best movie? Take Place in New Jersey for me. Missouri. I say this. Lot roadhouse is the best movie to take place in Missouri. I think roadhouse is perfect But now it's not a movie but Ozark is what people shove as Missouri now or honestly the wizard of Oz. Even though it's in Kansas. Do you know what I mean. They do like the you know what I mean. You're Kinda in there. But it's roadhouse the best one I agree and then I would say Ozark or unfortunately. Three billboards is what people will associated with it. I mean for sure the Sopranos. Oh yeah that's the thing we can't really call it. We can't really call it a movie but but can't we. I mean it's kind of like if I'm going to say you got. This thing is quintessentially. The I think that's what people know about. The state comes from that show. If bread hadn't said it I would have said it because it captures captures this. We use the term there sometimes but like a Jersey Anna of this mythos of like landscape and just story and people and like dialect and it's just all culture. It's it's weird but it's all their Sopranos Goodfellas takes place in New Jersey. Little Bit Probably. Long Island is all kind of it's a blurred line for like that you know the part. We grew up in his sort of that. Half at half an hour away from Manhattan sort of northern New Jersey East Jersey which we just call North Jersey. But it's it's kind of more specific than that but Yeah Jersey's condenstate you've got people of all different classes living there but all different people in there is the most densely populated state in the nation but cities beaches forest yet. Everybody sounds a sally and everybody say Yeah. Go ahead go go go you know. It's such a dynamic touches. All they love diners you ever. I don't even. We talked about Diners Today. On an episode which dynasty that one zero one three days in a row. I like that place is a Elliot's got some good diners. New York we as bad at diners. Not Compare to New York. City is terrible diners rate at diners. New York City is tricked by neon dollar eggs. Because it's off the G and the L my gremlins right by that one. Yeah talking about the Kellogg. The Kellogg Fellow Kelly's Diner Williams Brooklyn most disappointing thing. That's ever happened to me in any capacity had family die. This thing is the Kellogg diner because it's such a perfect location short cool. It looks charm fighting. It looks like what it it kind of looks like what you think. Living in New York will be like variety move there. I'm GonNa live in the thing from that show. I'm going to eat at that place. And then you get there and you like actually. You're living in the thing from no show and you're eating nothing. I couldn't agree more. Yeah it's it's a trick it's a trap what we eat out of necessity. Sometimes because it's like the only it's open it's open. We have no other option gyms. I like right down the street lobby. Hash Diner a restaurant. That's what New York does a lot a lot of these restaurants under the guise of just. Your menu is one page front and back. And because you're seating sucks doesn't make you a diner amen. Let's say Elliot's Diner. Culture is superior to a LOT OF PLACES JERSEY. We talked about diners on some so. That just came out and someone was like. Hey you can talk about diners without like. There's more there than that gets a thing. Huge part of the culture loved. Chris gathered just did a a free album about New Jersey where he perfectly dice sex. What makes it a diner doesn't and there's like a kind of like a fake diner thing where it's like you and if you're not open twenty four hours get the hell out of here comes or if they don't butter the toast in the kitchen if they just give you like a slob of butter and they expect you to have it melts like you're not a diner. Okay yeah people even tagging them talking about New Jersey Diners I know. He's the quintessential New Jersey Guy. Not He's not a state but I love diners. There's some good ones. What's your diner? Hate in Los Angeles. Nothing's open twenty four hours in Los Angeles twenty four hours. La is open till nine. That's the equivalent of over twenty four hours. One is but a lot of things are not a. Lotta things are even this three. Pm Close the bright spot. Isn't that bright spot just started being open late in? This is such an whenever whenever you come on. This is a specific thing. I Love Diner. I Love Diners and I love gas stations. I love going and being on the road and being like it's certainly a privilege of mind and never feel unsafe. You know what I mean and I'm like I love joint truck stops a truck stop in Iowa the eighty eight this the biggest trucks trucks to end the war. And you go in. And they're like there's a dentist here. That's an a movie theater. I love truck stops loved guesses I love going to create. I wish I had the time to just stop it. All the things they advertise wall drug drug. What's this you read my mind Walter? Biggest tourist trap of all time at all. They advertise free ice water for like eighty thousand miles. I talked to finally make it up to it and sure they offer you free. Ice Wonder about sodas any gas shot or any place on. Earth. Because that's the law. They have to water. And it's employed entirely by like immigrants like like European immigrants South Dakota. It's just a walk through shopping center. That has an animatronic dinosaur horse show and like right like a few different things that are just like it's in South Dakota on I ninety. I love this and you gotta go. If you're ever near there you'll you'll leave with a bumper sticker or a magnet or more. I would love to do such in-depth review of tourist traps. That's what I would like you. I went out of my way about seventy miles one time to see the world's largest goose and it was in Kansas and it was a statue of Goose and I was so I was like you. GotTa you gotTa Say. It's a statue south of the border to sounds the order on the east coast. If you're driving down the east coast. Yes see literally like huge racist landmark. Really Yeah and they say they have the world's biggest SOMBRERO and pretty excited to see how it's pretty this woven like and then it's just a metal thing on the top of like a phone tower. Basically Water Tower. I can't the low A. Lot of world's biggest prairie dog in Kansas also a statue. And you can't just look up the thing. There isn't a large statue of and make twenty foot tall world record. Yeah I think well drug has the world's largest Jack Elope and Statue. Of course it is now but that one's real museum of corn another great one o out to California in the Corn Cornell is made out of corn. If you drive from here to Vegas or vice versa. On the highway there is a thing there's the thing that there's that Arizona has the thing alien truckstop or whatever little alien yeah. I have I went there. I was driving. Mexico always wanted to go there. I always wanted to go there and we pass by this like what. I'm guessing is just a biker. Lodge It was it was a Los Bandidos was like the name of the gang and as our thing drove by they all were pulling out and then for days. We were on the same path as these. These bikers this is actually was in Arizona like the next day. We were like okay. We gotta go to Roswell and we go in Roswell in we pull in and we go to this Alien Museum. And it's like kitschy and like Kinda more rent and fun. Yeah and then like all the bikers also came in and like whatever mystique they had was like me like cut in half because they were at the crush penny machine. I'll biker gang. That's also like taking the Selfie with Alien Statue. Really like into it too. That's so fun I would love that. You always think that that's like a very Americana idea to just sort of road trip and stop it all the time but then anytime you're actually driving these things you're in a hurry. Missouri's are not. They're all porn shops. They still have. But you can Kinda I you can tell what is illegal in nearby states by what is right on the edge of the border and the state. You're in so if like in fireworks. Fireworks fireworks are illegal in Iowa but legal in Missouri so two seconds into this northern border Missouri Southern Iowa is a million and the same with like truck porn shops. I believe in cans are illegal but in Missouri. So you get right in the interstate and you just see like one hundred miles. We got pictures of naked ladies. Sixty is like your script is like sixty miles pullover and we got pictures of naked and nick. How you're on your phone while you're driving. What could this possibly offer you any right like? How could this business still exist? It's unbelievable let alone. There's always a truck or two or all these people put them over to somebody. They love it. It's it's the countdown that gets you all excited about everything. As far as like cool places to go wall drug and south border pretty disappointing but the coolest place in the world to me. I think is the city museum in Saint. Louis it is it is the best part of Saint Louis And one of the cooler Every city has the one tourist thing that actually is great. You know what I mean. Everyone's like you don't WanNa do the tour. The museum in Saint Louis is very very fun. It's not a museum by your traditional. It's like an adult. Yeah you get to go and slides and stuff right unbelievable. We've really got it so that's Kevin Smith's Rotten tomatoes Y- I loved. I Love Diners. I think that's how we got an all this right yeah Cindy's and Eagle Rock out there. That's good diners to Ambi is also an Eagle Rock. Just right on the corner from Cindy's basically anyone's aunt if you just look up someone's aunt's name. They probably have a decent Eagle Rock. Diner Kathies Barbara all right. We played this game the podcast. I forgot to even pull up. We got music and everything for over Games taking awhile. It's load and it's done. We play this game in the podcast called build the perfect movie. Perfect movie and how this works is you are going to be competing against other Rebecca. You WanNa get on this. All right three will be competing against each other to try and build the perfect movie. You must combine two movies from the category to build the perfect movie with that means. Is Your two movies rotten? Tomatoes scores must be as close to one hundred percent combined without going over surprises rules. Apply so for instance a perfect Robin Williams movie would be happy feet seventy six percent and RV twenty four percent. So you're looking at a perfect golden perfect hunterston. So you'll take turns you'll pick one and then we will review scores and then you get to pick accordingly for your second round so it makes sense sure. Hundred percent is possible. That over the first category is you're GonNa try and build the perfect first movie that has a sequel or a franchise. Does that make sense as the first movie in the series? Okay that has more than one movie in it and this is so loose you know what I mean. Gremlins fast and furious. Anything that is a can to jaws anything that is a continuation in this franchise. You'RE GONNA try and build the perfect one using to those And Your Rebecca played before you can go first background music Okay Jay and silent Bob Strike Back. Does that count as the first one because of their first one. Well if now that there's a Jay and silent bob specific sequel. I would say because it's not the first instance of the characters bits the first James. I like saying it's the first like a vendor's movies in the early sixties. Yeah Yeah Yeah exactly. Yeah good reasoning. All RIGHT ALL RIGHT BRET. My guess is going to be Troll and the whole nine yards. So we'll just do you. Which do you want first. Because then I'll give you your score just in case. Okay I'M GONNA go with troll. Then it is so hard to just this movie. Troll is just as crazy as troll too. I know they're not related to one another. But yeah everyone talks about troll two but troll is it's a weird man character. It's very very strange. Joe All right well I. I'm glad I'm glad Sony got. He got he got do some films before he you know. I'm happy that he got some acting. Work on record set but okay What about rock and Roll High School? The first one old is we'll go through the scores because then high number picks first rate all right. Okay Jay and Silent Bob. Strike back fifty two percent fifty two percent. You're looking for forty eight year. Call troll twenty five percent. Twenty five percent rock and roll high school eighty-one percent eighty-one percent. Fine okay. So we'RE GONNA start with rock and roll. Highschool always worried about that and it has to still be like first movie and it was the first one in any serious it could be. You know it doesn't you don't have to. It's any any first movie series again. You're going for nineteen percent or lower here. The first movie is usually the highest rate. So I'm I I have to find like a twenty percent looking for a nineteen or less so really bad movie any year really bad movie that they still made more of. Oh I got it turn. It still made movies about a bad animated movie. There hasn't been one time. How much work it takes to make those. There's always a nice part about Roger. Ebert reviews where even if it's the worst movie of all time. With the exception of human centipede he would write. I got I got one because you because you just said because you just said Roger Ebert Carnivore. It has to be bad. Is that a series Roger. Ebert gave it a thumbs up. Siskel Ebert Sorry Siskel. Gene Siskel gave him so much shit about it. Is there a carnivore? There's a carnival too. Yeah it's a hard it's claymation Harvey Mission Horror Movie. It was like early nineties late eighties but I cut you off kyle. He would always say people made this movie so it deserves a half a star at least because effort goes into it So he stayed long then. Like human centipede was like this. No one who was everyone who was involved with should have stopped it and like the only one he didn't give it all comes. Carnivore does not have enough reviews. Oh for tomato number. It does have an audience score with seventeen. Hundred user ratings. So would you like to use the audience? Score? Keep in mind. These are people who searched this movie out to give their opinion so there is a score from the audience. There's an audience score. I'll take it all right so now we're going with Jamestown BOB strike back. Fifty two percent Is hostile a series like the Horror series? I don't remember if there's also okay I'm GonNa go with the part one of that one. I've never seen it so I have no idea. People is my least favorite genre movie. I don't watch movies like that. Hostels now go. It's like the. It's the human centipede Jonah to. There's a second one of that too isn't there. There's a Lotta. There's a bunch of different edits of human centipede in this whole like a Human Santa Costanza. This was almost perfect. All right Troll twenty five percent seventy five I'M GONNA take back my whole nine yards and I'm going to replace it inspired by Pats rock and roll highschool with class of Nukem high. Yeah there you go. And that's my the equivalent of like a one dollars bid on prices or just like just another bad movie hoping. Yeah I'm the only one that doesn't go over I. I should have thought about trauma. So we have rocking high school. Eighty one percent carnivore audience score twenty six percent just over all man. I just really close. We're not going to cut it out of the episode. If if you had said Roger Ebert Oh it wouldn't have made me think of carnival which is arguably one of the worst films ever all right James Object back fifty two percent hostile sixty one percent movie fresh movie mine new in twenty five percent of Nukem high twenty percents here we are we wondering what his way on stage so I made the perfect movie. Also thank you a perfect movie. We'll see today is classics role. Hi Yep hi I think is a good control of new complain all right so we're GONNA do one more round all right. I have to think of what category will be. Someone sent me some good ones. But I don't know where it all here. Let's do movies prominently featuring an animal lover. Ub's prominently featuring animal And we will go in reverse order here since one nukem I okay and then who is second closest pat. You're barely over Yoga BECA. You really blew it on that one. I prominently featuring an animal. I'm GonNa go with dunston checks in. I'll go with a classic Babe. I in a series examples. We could've used true. Dunston checks in has a sequel. I believe so. Check it out to check out late. But I'M GONNA go with the new doolittle with Robert Downey junior stinker looks like a real stinker. Dunston checks in twelve percent. We got a lot of space to work with year. Twelve percent ninety seven percent. I know it's all right. I know some really bad movies now. Storm seven percent. I feel confident doolittle. Sixteen percent everything about this movie looks like a fake movie trailer from Tropic Thunder Insane Photo shopped animal. I mean clearly but it's like someone made it in an hour. I saw the trailer for this before. Another movie heavily featuring Animals Allen. Cats cats for the wrong reasons. You'RE GONNA love doolittle doolittle trailer where he's like comforting the gorilla and he's like it's okay to be afraid. The grill is just like WanNa do like it. Made me think it's not okay to be afraid Okay so we're babe you're up here. I with ninety seven percent okay. So what's the math you need here? I need to find the worst. All right or two can it? Can I just pick any movie? It has prominently feature an animal shit. We're so loose on this all right And be three percent or less you know. Let's go reverse over on this one. Can you guys are kind of in a similar place? So we will go was the lowest one here doesn't checks at twelve so we'll go there. I I'm going to say and I think there is a remake of the remake of flipper. And if not I'll just go with. Classic Clipper there's a TV series was the remake. It looks like it was on from ninety five to two thousand a flipper the movie movie flipper. Okay all right little. I think I'm going to go over. I'm trying to think of ones that are good but not too good You know the thing I was thinking about. What's an average movie prominently featuring an animal? Yeah too bad. I'm too bad I'm always thinking about I guess the I guess. Jungle book like the newer one. I figure it's going to be. I didn't see it but I feel like it's GonNa be higher circus director or something. Oh fuck maybe. That's that's fine. We talked about him so much circus just because he's awesome awesome. We always talked about the anti circuses. There should be some sort of motion capture Oscar. And she'll probably be named after him should be some sort of category for this giant blindspot. That awards have besides that stunts saying that there's not Oscars you know. What can I change? Mine you should. Yeah I'M GONNA change it to Keanu Jungle Book Eighty Six jungle book or Jon Favreau directed. Yeah does a ninety four. This jungle book came out two years ago. I remember it was. I remember now that people loved it interesting. Yeah Kiana that can peel Kano. Okay cool all right so babe here we are. The music has stopped no worries. The suspense is appropriate was. Can I ask a question? In my response you was there was there an Anaconda. Three had to have been yes. It does not have taught me the tomato meter. Damn I'm here. If you want there are few reviews for it There's there's enough for the math. Let me look this up and do this. I almost said jaws five because I think that's the worst jaws but I still fear that it'll be obviously over three percents. I'm cruel jaws Josh. Five revenge turn. Is it the return of the revenge? Looks like the return. So would you be able to do the math on on Anaconda? Thirty Anaconda three doesn't really exists. All Right Shark. Nato's are there. Okay wait a minute. Jaws the revenge if you wanted has enough reviews for shark NATO. Oh you might be throwing me. I don't now how few there's we'll tell you. The first shark. Nato is seventy eight percent. What's so that's the vantage point. How can teach US five jazz? John It's GonNa take me over but maybe not much. Johnston checks in twelve percent flipper thirty two percent. So here we are living in Brett world the forties the mid forties but it was the most we ever had four so forty four total. But you're in the game and just wanted to say the monkeys GonNa read. That's the plot of the movie. Yeah that's the way around. It's the tagline of the film rights. Just want to go back to back on the Post Attack Forcibly Cross Photoshop crite doolittle sixteen percent. Kiana seventy-seven percent. So we're looking at. What a ninety three. That's a good movie that that's the one that's one of the scores ever seen this. So now the murky riding the Dolphin has been eliminated. Babe Ninety seven percent jaws the revenge zero. I waited -gratulations impressive. Victory in the eighth grade a couple of ninety seven. That's like Combo Ninety seven. We rarely had anyone in the ninety zero zero percent. That was like me in double jeopardy crazy. You pushed it all illogical tension free and filled with cute with cut rate effects jaws. The revenge is a sorry chapter. A once. Proud franchise proud. I gotta say when Kyle mentioned. He didn't see jaws like baffled me but I also have not seen so many classic films that you know. It's for shame on me but it got me thinking. About how many terrible jaws movies there are and that's gotTA BE. It has to be the first one good really. The first one is is the you know. It's the only movie need to see but the the funny thing about the second one that everybody loves to point out is that the mayor in jaws one is still the mayor and jaws to the guy that allowed every happen anytime. There's like election year. There's always people joking like this is local elections are so important because the mayor can judge me still the mayor only returning character. I think he is. I think even like the people who live in the down all left. Yeah Roy Schneider is his name. Ya say anything. Yeah he's he makes a brief cameo because they needed like their begged them. But like yeah. That's the only it's like grease two. I think like the principles may be. The same principles are playing teenager. But none of the printers to acting all right. We're GONNA can't ninety seven zero. Maybe I'll watch just that jaws and report and then that's what I put into conversations when jaws cut US five and I'm just like when he returns y'all remember when he returns when we're talking about jaws at this bar when it comes up all right last thing. We're GONNA do here today. We got a game called guess what movie. Carlsbad describing having only watch a trailer and never having her love and be. Kyle's Dad described camping wash. Never heard so how it works is my dad's going to describe a movie trailer and you have to get some neutral word is Sorry if you guys are listening this is old old. Repeat but you don't remember. No one remembers okay. He's bouncing this tennis ball. Taking a phone call now. He's drumming and wearing headphones and telling the man in the suit why it's not going to work I. Isn't he wearing shoes now? Everyone is in suits. Everyone keeps saying that no one is paying attention. There's a bunch of guys I know in this one. We've got a bunch of quick shots of all of them. Here he's drumming. They're betting against America. The stripper has five houses. There's a bunch of guys I know but everyone of them has bad hair one of the most beautiful poems. That's how I feel after every single one of these stunning he. He should apply for poet laureate of whatever state he lives in Missouri. Post story Missouri Portland. I'M GONNA take shot in the dark and say the entourage. Movie is not the entourage. Oh this is not the entourage movie all right let me look. We get one guests each guest until you get. This doesn't end until you get it. This one's a reached but the computer wore tennis shoes. That sounds like a robot guests by one what he just said the little things. I'm taking the the metadata there. Yeah so familiar. Faces drumming. Tennis Ball Ball. I'm looping that under the blanket of tennis it's not a nothing's clicking for me I if there are hints I would love her. I will tell you the person that my dad foreshore recognized But he doesn't know his name. Is Steve Carell? Oh Oh oh okay. That's battle of the sexes. It is not bad really on the tennis situates. The get smart movie is not the get smart. Oh No anchorman Bruce Almighty No. I mean Evan Evan Almighty now I wouldn't have held you to that If you're like it's Evan I wouldn't have you bruce. Almighty movie was checking with the judges. I'm sorry guys you're looking for. I would love another hint because they feel like the most important line in his description is they're betting against America. I had a feeling that was the Muslim Portland but I couldn't. Oh the big sick. The big shore. Sure your America. He's GonNa get just for laughs. Yeah it is. The big short is a big short. Thanks for coming on. That would have never guessed it really now. Pretty good yeah. It's one of those movies. It's pretty good that they didn't see we'll just kind of go. You know go off. There's a few those every year that you like. That's pretty good money balls that pretty good that just kind of went away. I had a question though. Do you do just play trailers without audio on and have in record your dad or hasn't because there's audio he does it with my mom using the voice memo APP but it's basically him reading the notes from it. You know what I mean like. Watch write notes than read the notes back so I love it. That's great but then voice memo and it's become a whole. They got a good rhythm down to catch on a nice day to get get bank a few of them. You know what I mean. Yeah he doesn't. He's realizing the weight he carries. And so I think he's going to unionize Is what I'm worried about is implanting some sort of dad. Vio Union. Yeah But thanks for having never seen we'll my God thank James Draw. This was a great a great time. Thank you for being here. Pat Thank you for being here. I love it. I love the show on love this shrink up to the podcast for laundry. Yeah let them know. Tell National Lampoon Radio Hour. Those are two also audio base. Things I do. I've been told to plug when I go at other. Podcasts produced my podcast. I now I know uptakes fat anything. Sure I mean on the best show weekly with Tom. Sharply in. That's Tuesday nights nine eastern six Pacific. But it's also podcast the next day and we're bringing back the side podcast which I'm really upset about. Meet my friends the friends. This is a a recap podcasts on friends. But it's anything but it's a it's the fourth season everything goes haywire and this kind of a very Meta storyline of podcasts. I don't know how to explain it Brits but here it but That's coming back next week so that'd be great. Thank you guys very much. Thanks for listening everybody If you're listening you're in Los Angeles. I think this will have to come out after the Brooklyn show so I got. I've been plugging a show. That will have been done by the time the okay. If you're in Los Angeles we have a live show on March twelfth. And it's going to be the period so get tickets to that. I'll be postal falls on instagram and twitter and find the show there and get tickets. This show March twelve things a Thursday and it can be very leery appearing. Live podcast and want some fun guests out for that. Thank you so just by the line. Okay you've made it this far in the episode. Good for you. This is so we got a little special thing here before. This is ever podcast. If you listen to the whole intro first off thank you and second of all second of off. Second off is great. You know I'm back taught still here urbach getting back into the studio a week later to record this part of the answer so before any this podcast before we met star Burns before. Anita's going on in the show is a live show and I thought it could be a good idea for. Podcast is years you you know this is like six years ago. Maybe seven years ago it was just Mark Marin And that was the only one radio. Yeah yeah the close to being a radio. Show this yeah. This was going to be me reading the world's and trying to get people to freak out so Brett came over. Brad Davis came over. And he had never seen deadpool and he wrote a deadpool script and we read it as a sample podcast years before we ever started doing this show and I the Audio Fort Sill. It's cruder audio because I recorded at my house. And we were sharing. A couple of microphones amongst a bunch of people. And you're just in my room. The sound quality is not as great but I thought fun to share a predecessor to the whole show. Britain's has never seen deadpool. This is one of my favorite scripts that we ever had and we never even had it too. Here's a fun fun throwback I want to say twenty fourteen or something like that So enjoy it can't handle looking into this beating. We're not in Kansas City. Nobody is they've never seen it. I am Keiler is. This is the podcast where I have. Comedians rewrite famous movies that they've never seen and then we do a table. Read for you guys. I'm here with the Fancy Group of people. Brett Davis nickname any tynan delong. And Courtney McGinnis and on the keyboards. We have our normal musician. Today will be a they. Were GonNA be doing Fred Scripts for Deadpool Ba? I I want to ask everyone the worst movie that you've seen the most times 'cause when we're doing this podcast before we realized we haven't seen these Some of you a big prestigious movie like jaws or the Godfather something but I've seen maximum overdrive a dozen times or something like that and it's easy easily accessible you on the backgrounds. What do you think what's the worst movie you've seen the most times? I remember when I was getting either. No go ahead okay. Fine thank you. What's your name though? I'm Courtney McGuinness. Thank you insert fart noises. I saw the movie full findings. Oh God I just watch it for the first time like six months ago and I've seen it like four times since then it's on Youtube in fall. It's a real estate agent from Las Vegas. Nevada made this movie. And it is truly magical. Yeah I mean just the worst. It's amazing amazing. Thank you yeah. I think I've Seen Batman and Robin probably the most. Yeah that one's really bad Yes it has an Batman forever as nipples too but this one it's a little bit more prominent and And just Arnold Schwarzenegger's incredible yeah and it and Mr Freeze and also the first meeting of Batman and mister freeze damage says high freeze. I'm Batman so nick Manley Insert Vert now are you guys lawyer with the The John Cusak pecking sale. Movie serendipity seen it a More than more than a handful of times because I went through a phase where it was bad. I knew it was a bad movie but I thought you were. GonNa say different movie. What did you think you're going to say talking cat? I've only seen times man. I really liked that. That one's a really funny bit. Assume he's going to say a different movie. Your insert noise with that. This is the second episode. Everyone will be familiar with movies by this point. So we don't have to explain the concept again. Like last time I think mine is Jane Silent Bob Strike Back Yes like the worst fucking movie like Holy Shit Brian Oh Holler the just the most wasted cameos and in jokes and I hate it so much and I think it's a lot of dead pool probably comes from that influences. Were Yeah I think. I've seen the skulls at least ten times just because when I got a DVD player. It came with blue streak in the skulls. Oh Yeah couldn't afford any other movies so I watch. I like blue streak but I watched the skull so I remember McNamara and is one of their lap. Paul Walker's characters last name and I don't know anyone with that last name in real life. Oh my God so sexually aroused watching that movie and there's a scene where the girls walked by with hard nipples. My Gosh. It's all just take a moment to reflect on. I'll be playing the clip at this point. I'm pretty sure I could buy it for all of its. Copyright died off two years ago so frame by frame. Did you watch that scene? Yeah I probably pause that inject off if I had to be honest with myself not recently. I don't have a DVD player anymore. But I watched it a lot. I remember the Inter titles. Probably remember it. Now it's dom to dead at this point for memories to the podcast now. Let's get into it all right. So this is dead pool by Brad. Davis by Davis. Yeah I pick the movie with my name in the title associate. Begin the Nikkei exterior dark alley a group of criminals around an armored truck opening the door to reveal a bunch of teddy bears. The ripped the heads off of one bear or multiple bears. That's TYPO and put pour out packages of cocaine. The one criminal gestures to another load up their truck as they pass boxes over the here too loud crash on the roof of the truck. They look up to see dead pool. Hate joads mine of I hop in on this circle jerk I got a nut. Oh Teddy bears. They point their guns at him. He nonchalantly drops down to the ground. Dame's bats shake. The name is pool. Deadpool your ass as our grass ended. Deadpool pretends to check his watch. Oh four twenty. Deadpool presses play on a boombox which blurs the theme to Martin. He pulls out a gun and shoots the gang leader in the face. Blood splatters everywhere. Damn Gina Deadpool kicks another gang member in the face catches his gun and shoots him in the skull. Sorry not sorry holding. His body takes a Selfie with the remains of the skull. Pausing shoot another gang member in the Dick Gang. Looks down at his bloody crotch mccracken. He likes going peanuts. Drops the ground causing him to scream. Unintelligibly then grabs the severed Dick and holds it to his mouth area like Groucho Marx. I'm sorry I didn't get that. I don't speak DIKLA FAGGOT. Deadpool credentials give a blow job as these rush by the other members of the gang. He reveals a Catanha and cuts. Everyone's head off winning. Deadpool looks at carnage and dabs pulls out a flip phone honey. Can you pull the car around? Deadpool breaks the Fourth Wall and looks at the camera. Oh I didn't see standing there. My name is deadpool. I'm sort of a magnum cum bad ass or summa cum ghetto superstar. Oh who am I kidding? I just like saying come. Here's a story. I was dying but I got an offer if I took part in shady experiment for some Super Smart in Super Evil Douche Nozzles. I would become immortal so I did it. And then I became a superhero. No Ankle Ben. No kryptonite nothing. That would make me interesting. I prefer being self aware prick. Deadpool begins to do basketball tricks with a severed head as the Harlem globetrotter whistle. Plays the best thing about being immortal. I can break the fourth wall. Eight a coup feel exact Morris except. I still haven't had the chance to show Kelly capacity my oath face L. L. Office space. Does I can beat up bad guys without worrying. I'M GONNA die those being able to think of funny things to say like open bullet wounds style or Obama's fault before I kill somebody. I think Tony Stark say something cooler than that. I'm aware of Tony Stark. And the third best thing about being mortal sum forty one's fat lip Blair's the muscle car pulls up driven by ties with a few Bikini Babes in the back seat. You can stay in college as long as you want. Deadpool walks up to the window. Degree Tas is Indian. Best friend who speaks with a thick accent and dresses. Like a nerd. Hey ties you little pimp locking legs swapping Chutney with these hotties Hon dopey deadpool. They'll be like thank you come again. Thank you come again. You toss has a bit more of a thick accent can we? Can we take that again? Yeah tells you little pimp logging leg swapping Chutney with these hotties tonight? Hon Dopey Deadpool. They'll be like thank. You come again thank you come again. I'll say Taj is actually thicker accident They're they're Pooh. Nannies will be speaking Punjabi soldier. Boy Tellem deadpool turns to camera. What am I met He was a nerdy exchange soon. Then never let lose now. He's a nerdy exchange shoot. That's drowning in muff. I've never been so proud Hey Tonight's party will be lit. Have you finished? Your Superhero duties duties. Oh pitches we have some kegs. Pickup deadpool's about to hop in the car then stops grabs a teddy bear and rips open the head revealing the cocaine he dabs. I'm with COCO. Hey you might stop by Walgreens House. I was thinking of thinking of making shish kebabs aware of Wolverine Deadpool. Hops in the car is at speeds off leaving a trail of smoke in cocaine in the wind. Interior Dean's office. The Dean is pacing back and forth. His aides stands by nervously thunder strikes. He's throwing a party alert. The authorities to cast the aid the problem with that series that the authorities love deadpool. He kills all the bad guys so they turn a blind eye to his wild parties. How old is he anyway? I feel like he's been a problem for us. For years is a super-duper senior. He's been in college for seven years. Well tonight's his last night as a student here at fucks. Worth University Exterior Raider. Deadpool makes his way through the party wearing a Toga and wearing a mask a mask with a Straw poll. That goes into his coconut drink. He greets the guests as Tub. Thumping blares loudly queasy. Good to see you. Hey Penis breath you got a little. Mayo on your lips. I hope becky with the good hair. Go easy on that lemonade. Whoa MG K. Rapper machine gun. Kelly appears in high. Fives deadpool thanks for coming. I hope you do a track off of black flag later tonight and keep the dance floor open for Teenage Mutant. Ninja Turtle over there. I hear he's a party dude. Camera cuts to teenage mutant. Ninja Turtle. Break-dancing cow Deadpool CORRECTS him. Actually if Jumbo Wamba also I am aware of you Jason Mewes Anymo- Nakas doctor strange appear. Hashtag squad cut sue interior bedroom. Taj is making out with a sexy girl. I am Indian. I'm the master of the Kama Sutra. Whatever it's racist now. Let me get some massage. Oil Cut to exterior Raider Asha Ross. I love colleges blasting as Deadpool hops to the top of t s does deejay booth with a microphone. Hey Fram thanks everybody for coming for the for coming for the seven th annual bloated belly beer bash the battle Mia deadpool bitch everyone shares. I WanNa thank all my friends for joining me on this momentous occasion Blake Griffin Jake. Busy even all blew over there. Getting Jay owed cut to Stanley getting a hand off from two lesbians. He's getting close. The cops are busy with the pile of severed heads. I left them so this party will be lit all night. Long bird records stops. No at wants. This building is campus property and thus I have the authority authority. Shut this data. If I feel like it and I feel like it. Deadpool turns to camera. This is the part of the job I just hate. Deadpool pulls out his sword and slices the Dean's Belton Half. That's the best mighty deadpool can do. Flash MY JOSEPH BANKS BELT IN HALF. CaN'T BE BLAMED FOR TIMING FIVE FOUR. Three houses applied massage girls back and jumps on her back. He immediately sides off through the window. Exterior Razor Taj flies out the window head first and the deans but knocking him right into Stanley's Crotch is he chooses into the Dean's face excelsior. I also forgot to mention that The sign that says Foxworth University of the Swerve and -versity of breaks. So it just says fuck you and then. The crowd cheers as turned down for what plays the crowd is chanting deadpool's name as he dabs again. The Dean's dead body starts shaking. His toddler tries to remove his head he again. Hey Dean I hope they serve beer in hell spoiler alert. I'm insufferable laid by James. Plays as the credits roll. Wow we did. They made a movie Had A see where he does? The Fares dealer thing at the end but I took it because I really see. Does it in the movie? I I looked it up. It was like Deadpool Ferris Bueller. And there's actually. Yeah what are you doing here at the end of the credits of deadpool shows up in a robe like Ferris Bueller at the end of Chinese. I do that in a second. Revision of cool. We'll abby idiot. You're so good at playing James. Oh cool yeah. It's called Jimmy. You're dabbling so defensive defense mechanism. Don't hit my eyes. All right thanks everybody. Yeah see next year. I'm glad to stick on my dab jokes in there For it's not funny for another three years DAB jokes I I was GonNa say I love how the direction for all upset pools lines sarcastic parenthetical after his name every single snakes. You nailed it. Hey Buddy a podcast network.

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Animal Talk  Fred Willard Interview  Episode 109


16:53 min | 5 months ago

Animal Talk Fred Willard Interview Episode 109

"Broadcasting from coast to coast and around the world. It's time for animal talk with some of the best gone pet people on the planet. Dr Brad Davis Devi Emmett chief of chief-of-staff for the veterinary centers of America. Donna four near our animal behaviorist. Brian Bar Jack Wrangling. The reptiles and I'm Jamie Flanagan is animal talk. I'm excited to the zoo. Crew is excited rats. You should be very excited as well. Our guest today. We have a very very special guest on talk today. Fred Willard President visiting great. He has been on everything everything you check out his his bio. It's just simply I. It just dumbfounded it's phenomenal Just astounding how many things he's been on. We're GONNA talk about that in a second but bread. How was Your Week? It was just like just like any other. Any of the week is just more so we had a really neat little puppy today on absolutely vicious little puppy. That was just leave. This lunging at everybody. How old about nine weeks old? Oh boy yeah so that should be fun for years to come or at least until the trial but anyway but no. It's so that that's bad news there of course when you have a puppy that young but Jane what have you been up to Doing math here okay. Don't ask anything you know my weeks. Great it's just been. It's been phenomenal Homecoming Week at at the high school. So always just a lot of festivities going on with that so it was super busy with that sort of stuff but You Know Donna came over and we have the chance to talk It's just Just excited that. He's going to be on the show and just Sharing some time with him. The great thing about it with Fred. Willard is when you mentioned Fred Willard. Last week we started. We started just saying episodes of fernwood tonight back and forth tweets and we were yelling things like like rats. Leisure suits things back and forth amazing. The what a great career never got to be. He's never been headlining starboy from every yeah he was one of the was on get smart. He was a he just like one ninety eight earlier. Bits the best in show a movie. Wally and just Lots of stuff and the reason what he's excited about right now is Coming up on nick at night. It's actually tonight. At eight o'clock it was with us for the next hour. 'cause we got fred here but He's going to be hosting the first annual FIDO awards. And so we're going to be talking about that and we're very excited that our guest today is Fred Willard O he and Fred Willard welcome the animal talk. Thank you fred. You are just trying to go through the list of things that shows and movies. You've been involved with probably easier to list the ones. You haven't been involved a long list of those but I. I've done my share. Thanks but coming up Fred Willard. You're going to be hosting the very first annual fighter. Awards premiering October The fifth Sunday Sunny and I'm excited about it because I don't I've posted some things but if you're going to be fun and everyone loves dogs and I haven't been there for. I don't haven't seen any dogs. Yes so It'll be surprised to me on. Come Sunday Well Friday night we do. It'll be shown Sunday and it just sounds like a ton of fun over there on nick at night and it just really looking forward to seeing it and and you have ties to the pet world interest notably best in show every movie. That was that was fun and Since then you get a lot of offers to come They'll say we're doing a a you know a dog show you come and do something. You're crazy lines but I kind of Balk at doing that because it's I was playing a cantor. There you can get get away with a lot when you're a character just being host. Yeah they're writing the scripts. They'll probably have some athletes but some kind of Moving along I think that's what I WANNA do at the dog. Stars absolute some great categories to cutest dog. Best Dress. Best Voice and You you're not. You're not a judge but you would probably be able to judge fairly. Well you've done so much voice work yourself. I'll be very harsh on them. Then they have the the dog owner and look alike contest. That's going to be an interesting yeah to Hilton. Big Guys Guy is going to be. I think he's going to judge the most outrageous bill a present the most outrageous dogs. So how how are how are the winner is going to be deciding because we got our qualifiers here. How will the winds be decided by people are going to be able to? What Toco wait a minute? I think it's the audience right. There is gonNA votes. Don't know okay so fred again. Your animal connections go way back. And I'm a big fan from from way. Back and my earliest recollection very late night. Tv for a young man was Fernwood tonight I'm surprised. Always how many people remember that asshole? Good Lord it. It corrupted me and war to me and I thank you for that was that was a Very interesting show is just lot of people. Thought it was a real talk show. It's hard to duplicate it. Insent we try to keep it as as straight as possible so You know we never let wanted to let the audience think. Oh Yeah. They're they're being funny. We try to straight as we could just at the comedy. Come out and my favorite stick from that. One was That polyester leisure suits caused the cancer in laboratory rats and you had a little gauge of a bunch of laboratory rats with a bunch of little polyester suits on alien. I think the casting woman for that show so every zany character in La over the over two year period and We had some good in the writing was good and Martin. Mull was always great to work with Oh Yeah and you guys you delivered it so well it was just. It was such a great delivery with that. So we appreciate you spending some time with US Fred Willard hosting the first annual worldwide FIDO awards. Coming UP ON NICK. At nite Fred. You've done so much. Is there any show that like you know what I really wish? Because you've been on so many. I really wish I had been on that one. Got a part on that one. Is there something that pass you by the Ooh? I want it? That one I'm trying to think you know there's some shows that I like so much that I actually didn't want to be on them. Understand it now I got to do. I mean I love Frazier Kelsey Grammer S. But I never wanted to the on it but he called. They called me. They had special before the final episode. Where where I was played a psychiatrist. And he you know during his session then he turned around and psychoanalyze made and it was just perfect. 'cause I it wasn't part of the show is like a special things and also Seinfeld was such a fan but I never want would've wanted to be on it now. Another show I love is Larry David Show Curb your enthusiasm and I think I would love to be on there as my. I don't think I'd want to go. There as a character was like they. Richard Lewis playing himself dance and it would be very flattering to go on yourself on. Thirty rock. If I could go on his Fred Killer Dad would be a lot of fun and we got more with thread. Will it come up these toasting the first annual fido awards on Nick at Night Tonight Fred? Hang on you hang on. We'll be right back with more animals thoughts and have a chat with Fred Willard. We're talking to Fred. He is hosting the first annual fight awards on Nick at night and we're talking to Fred. He's just been on everything and we asked Fred Fred. What shows would you Did you did you not get on that? You wanted to be on a few of a mind you. He really wanted to avoid doing just to not you know. Enjoy the show so much he was still wanted to be a fan like Seinfeld and Few the other ones right read. I can't think of any show where I said. Gee I really wanted to be. We've done them all fred. I've been on some good pushing daisies on November. That was a very colorful part. I I play a magician and I it escape artist on the air and it was It was a nice experience. Really Fun Love. That show okay. Yeah it'll be. I didn't like it at first was opposite back to you was on last year. Came out and beat us in the ratings. Hey wait a minute ago now You know our show is off and now I can look at it objectively. Yeah that's a colorful show. So do you have any friends at home of your own? We have a cat then kind of adopted us and someone must have abandoned in the neighborhood because there's Kane is a started hanging around and it just fell in love with my wife and she just She one day. She said to me to get get get used to it. It's our cat now. I'm allergic to cats. Kathy Lee outside. She finally get used to it. It's our cats but it is very sweet. It's a really sweet cat does. Does the cat have any hidden talents? That you know probably can't because you're the host but the does she have any or any. He didn't tell us that my qualified I can see no but it's a very sweet cat. I remember one day. My wife wasn't home. The cat came over just sat next to it kind of cried and I thought well. What kind of annoyed in about two hours later? It's food dish was in Seoul. Bear call at me or and I came over name cried. I'll make sure it's got fooled. He's training you. Fred is what he's doing. He's doing a good job at it. You'll have your you rolling over for biscuits before you know. I love animals. You know they're they're just They depend on us. to You know they. They never complain. They can't express their discomfort. So you've got to really be aware of them and not take care of them so Have you had any pets? Because one of the categories coming up on the final awards is the dog owner look alike. Have you had a pet that you looked like? Maybe I did when I was a little boy. I had a cocker Spaniel. They're very cute. And I just love that little dog and I thought it wasn't too happy with it. Yeah dog almost got run over and read right in front of our house so they got a fun from family. Who was Had A farm in the family close woman came to our house and And they said they were taken out to him. I said can I come out and visit? You could come out anytime and I I never went to just OUTTA sight OUTTA MIND. I still remember its name was. Bingo was the what? Was THAT. Your first pet mike first and only pets okay until he never wanted to responsibly. But I love I think dogs are my favorite. I've never been a horse person. I've had to ride horses and I'm a little scared of him. Yeah you get up on a horse have you ever been elemental horse? I'll get up. It's a lot taller than you. You know when I first came out to Hollywood I took riding lessons. 'cause I figured Westerns crusty guy. Horses the stupidest animal in the world. It will walk right off a cliff. Jesus I'm up on every bone in my body riding bread. You've done a lot of voice over work and you've played a lot of animals. What what's your favorite animal to play. Oh boy what if I played? I remember I three times. I was on Jay Leno. I think I played a dog. Clinton was the president and they got a dog and I play the dog. And what else is funny? I can't you have one coming up next year cat tail. You're going to be involved with about that. I have no memory of having done that. I don't see these animated shows. They take forever you do it. And then they have to send it off to Korea or someplace the animations Larry boy two years later that thing comes out and see in a movie with Ben Stiller or Jeez and I don't know hey you say so the Internet. It's gotTa be Right Monster House with capital Harare and chicken. Little play space creatures. They're fun but there you're getting the right in the room with Catherine Hair. You do your lines but you have no interaction with the other actors so You know year and a half later you go to see if you meet the other actors like I just was in wally. And we went to the premier. And there's the Gorny Weaver. She did a voice and I was on it and I introduced myself. Doors Willard play and so oh that's great. Yeah so coming up the final awards. What category are you most looking forward to on the time doors? I'm making nine well. The most outrageous dog has any interest. I think the most fun will be with the dog. Owner look alike find out if that's really flattering to the owners. Look just like your bulldog. Uh skateboarding. Chihuahua can't that Boxes A pug and a Fox terrier ladder climbing Labrador retriever. And a deep deep diving laboratory. So yeah you're GONNA have a big tank. Set up on the stage or something for his laboratory died. We're going down through rehearsal for scrapping in a wetsuit man. Petric that Star for a couple of times. I saw some tricks that I I couldn't believe the these dogs and parrots would do so I think it's got to the point. It's going to be very competitive. You gotTa really have a an interesting trick to get on TV. Yeah Well Shit. Up and shake hands That's long right. Yeah that's old news. Does your dog and talk and read copy and doing impression impressionist does your dog to Jimmy Stewart. Everyone does Jimmy. Christopher walken brilliant line. This show really appreciate you. Taking some time to chat with US looking forward to going to talk to them very excited about this but does well so I hope they do it every year. Even if they don't ask me back to hose it it's still fun. You know. Dogs are fun. And they don't care they're not bothered with problems. We have take our minds off. What's going on? Seem the words go out and catch your dog and and if you had a dog treat them well that's my feed them. Make sure they're comfortable. That's the end of my message ban. Neuter remark their speech neuter. I'm sure they don't enjoy them down. Care luck getting imitation diving with the dog and thanks to painless. I did that on some show. I forgot that So you know so. You can't do you'll be okay. All right sir. Thanks for Thanksgiving me. The silly time here appreciate it. Thanks Fred thank you. Bye Bye all right Fred Willard. The man just kills me nick at night. The first annual fight awards that you Tibo because it comes on about a half hour from now so you're staying with us for the second hour animal talk and another half hour and this hour Of Your questions answered and that'll do it for another installment of animal talk. Thanks for being with US. And thanks. Supporting our sponsors. Make sure you follow us on twitter. Animal Talk Radio and of course the website Animal Talk Radio Dot Com. We'll see you next time on animal talk.

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Reverse-Cast Unpopular Characters - Brett Davis Tries His Best

Dark Tank with Yedoye Travis

47:02 min | 1 year ago

Reverse-Cast Unpopular Characters - Brett Davis Tries His Best

"Forever Welcome to brain machine network DOT COM Bruin. Okay everybody hello. We're back in the studio. Welcome to another episode of Dark Dank your weekly reminder that I'm cool in you're not hey I'm your host Utah Louis Travis. It's good to be back here. We took a little hiatus For for a kind of A. I'm not even really sure how long it was just kind of on on and off and on and off again Because your boy is irresponsible and has a lot of other obligations in the world. Doing on a lot of doing too many podcasts. I'd say too many podcasts. I'm I'm here with my With my guests this afternoon to very funny. COMEDIANS Indians from New York City in New York City. They're based in New York City. We'll talk about where they're from after this break and Rebecca. Hey Laura Ramirez how you doing. Hey thanks for having me. Thank you for being here. How are you? I was doing really good today. Yeah Yeah that's great are you. I'm good. I'm pretty good at day yesterday where I didn't really talk anyone all day. What were you doing I was just kind of well. I was supposed to be writing but then I was. I was mostly playing smashed Rosenfield and I just found every video game in my house and I played it for a couple of minutes. Tenets wow I don't know how I did get your writing done no or you writing for A job yeah. Yeah my other podcasts What's your other podcasts podcast? It's a it's a show about anime for a for crunchy roll. Wow Yeah doing a lot. An anime content. You love anime. I love anime big anime fan every every black person does that. They won't tell you. Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah I know this unanimity fan. My brother was. Yeah Yeah you get him on the show probably. He's so funny. Yeah Yeah. He's the funniest person I know. Busy do comedy at all now. Oh May business you should tell them. Yeah I now would you do what do I do. Yeah I do comedy as a little joke we do sorry. I'm been dark. Tanked you've been DR tanked. He been tanked You any are you working on anything. Cool coming up what's going on in your Immortalize World I'm Music I made a music video. Premiering that that's very cool when as premier The circus We're GONNA do live premier and then a a music show Cherie at our wicked lady at seven thirty PM. Cra Do my monthly show with my friends in an amy That's On the twenty seven and then I'm taking my solo show to Minneapolis in November. And maybe some other places as a very exciting place Prince Prince from there been there have never been anywhere really so I'm excited to go. Yeah yeah that's going to be very fun. I've been wanting to go to Minneapolis for a long time and do shows out there. Cool like minutes. Oughta yeah waters of Lake Matt. Scott she pels get. It'll be great you're GONNA do Great are white for this episode. Hello Hey Brad Davis how you doing. It's on July. I'm sorry it's so bad yet. Yeah so I I didn't WanNA bring it up bring it up now. I'm actually doing fine. Now get into it now. There's nothing if you had if you had to. If you had a problem what Whoa to be I was going to bring up like Some tragedy or something. Yeah Yeah but actually no not do it. I have no tragedies to bring up. You have none. Laura's answer is so positive so on and to balance it out yeah we gotTA Balance Energy now. I feel like I feel we can do some positive some negative. Let's start with. What are you working on? What's going on what's going on in your life? Maybe we'll get into the bet stuff actually have no bad stuff. Nobody Wanna I mean there's always there's always bad stuff no no no no. That's okay okay now that stuff since we're GONNA leaguer. Nah I I don't know what am I doing this a anime podcast for crunchy roll. Okay that's cool gray. That's that's mostly. Tell me about anime. I was was avoid so miles ashamed. Yesterday says playing video games. Oh Yeah Yeah you think you're cute. You think what you're doing now is cute. I don't know Laura Louis that's that's Listen to this. What is this new direction? He's got one I just saw good. I had a Show on Sunday. Does that culmination of many years of stealing someone's name yeah nation. Yeah I did a show called Macaulay Culkin's show for years and years and we finally got him to appear on it. Yeah that's really setting how the show was good advice up pictures of everything shows not in it. Looks like a great time Outed had mccully. I feel weird to say in his first name. We call him Mac you call him at a weekend column. Okay okay okay. I'm not there on that Willie there yet so like he enjoyed the show. He had a good time he was he was in a bunch of bits and he was assist hanging out. That's good spirits. What is he up to now is he? Like does he have anything going. On in his He's working on a podcast rate now for crunchy role. Can we bring somebody else onto this. Can we animate. Oh Yeah what Ah name an animal student show about skurdal deep dive. I really hate having a podcast by really. Don't like it at all so many I I have to another one It's just the two. Oh it's just the two but it's too many I feel like it's a lot of time commitment in a lot of animator watch. What's your favorite anime men? I don't know it's a IT'S A. It's a something I'm not too familiar with. Oh Oh yeah I guess so you just start off cold with his podcast. You are like me as ocoee movies. So Yeah Yeah Yeah Miyazaki. But that's the most famous. Yeah Ah that's like saying later. My favorite band is Beatles is gingy Ito anime. No that's Manga right. I have no among is like the. That's like the It's like the precursor to a lot of anime so it broke. Rally is so jen. Gee He does like that horror. He's like he makes horror comics and then they make movies out of them. Yeah I mean if they make movies are they animated movies now but they're like live action but they're fucked up there's one called the spiral. Oh it's so fucking good yeah people just like twist into these spirals it's amazing. They're really making every time you do things we we lose. You like Games podcasts. Yeah they just leave this. What endoscope straight over to crunchy roll? It's really good. Anyone can do the like like resting Pika Chew but you do action pick anybody and do the basic well. Yeah Yeah I should learn more. You should now we should you know what's Pika Chew like having like a nice snack peak at okay. That's just human lip. Sounds though he has human lips didn't use it when they close up may do that Ren and stimpy close up on him. He's got a beautiful woman lips. Oh Yeah Yeah I do remember them. So my peak achieve body pillow has human lives. Yeah it's good now wear though Oh top and bottom and the back and the back of course you gotta get three just three lips or three sets ellipse three sets of lips. Okay okay with Z.. Y. needed clarification. Yeah right yeah so I maybe we should go ahead and get into this thing This whole this whole thing So I had a I had a weird thing today. My Dad doesn't really talk to me. He just is kind of communicates through suspicious on facebook and senator Sudan if you're out there if you're listening to the show you just call me. I'm not really on facebook that much anymore. So you could just call today and I saw this This thing you sent But you know just shoot me a techs next time But he he sent me a video that posed a I guess a moral quandary. Then I think a lot of black people have to face in their daily lives and I'm sure I'm sure you guys have dealt with About whether or not to use the N. word read. I'm sure sure Every day every day has question many times a day no Okay so so confirmation. I appreciate that and know that was joking. You joke easy to say no. No no I heard Brad say Middle Guy. Yeah okay You know I have the I have that problem my brother says it. Oh Yeah Yeah. But he's darker skin than me okay and are mixed so maybe you shouldn't do income. Wait are you mixed with a mixed with black okay okay. So that's what but because I'm light skinned I don't WanNa say it. That is understandable. Hannibal and I think a lot of A lot of people choose whether or not to say based on like just how they see themselves in the world and I think that's fine Brad on the other hand I appreciate your honesty. You should probably chill. My overall rule is Never say it on unless it's like a you so you need to say for some clinical purpose. We had. What a white person here that you know says it Um No really no actually you shit. I've thought about it. I can't decide if I want this podcast to be like Deliberately inflammatory or if I just I wanted to be like I mean to have this. You know a real conversation with someone may sway them. Yeah I just don't want like I'm not asking everyone now that you're here do presence here so I never heard breadth of your make a case for why you should say I do appreciate that now. I don't I don't I don't and have a the argument for that but just like if we wanted to do it like high school debates value take stands that you don't believe in if you had to make a case for why you should say the N. word ooh This feels like a trap. It is but all follow us because it feels 'cause fields because it's because it's a 'cause it's a song and it comes up on the Karaoke and you thought it would be flipped out okay. That's yeah you're not thinking. I think that's a that's acceptable. Well if you're so into the song you're singing into a screen you just like just Trinidad James is on and just you know everybody knows I one song you know Senate Dolgov would is the type of but if a wine in fact I feel like I feel like she does it after a wine but she liked uses the wine as an excuse like she was already planning on saying it and then she's like I got my wine I it's like talks wine cameo. She's what Cameo is Kim. You cameos at thing where like celebrities are on and you could send them money to say whatever whatever you want. Yeah Yeah we make her say. Yeah a map. I can download E it's on. It's just a website. Oh my God can yeah. I think she's on much money as she. She's like thirty bucks or something. Oh Dude I wanNA make her I want to host this show called the the nigger show and I wanna put her and I just WanNa like thirty dollars you pay for a cameo every week and then put it out as a podcast best great. That'd be great idea like Patriot content. That'd be great But no I did I did. I did a show a a few months ago where they did that. They had her Read off the lineup and nothing and hearing her say my name was one of the most jarring. Things insist that I've ever experienced in my eyes. Ahah right yeah really deeply uncomfortable. Because she's black all right and that's our show American artists activists author. Rachel Dole. Zoll book now for fifty dollars. Price is fifty in one day. Wow Wow wow. She's waiting for your call. Maggie price did go up. Yeah it's probably people are telling her to say bad things or something. Yeah yeah probably something like that another twenty if you want me to say the F. Word got us the fuck that one happy so on into payer fifty dollars a week and then put out a podcast. or It's you and her hosting. Yeah it'd be great to like record half a podcast and just have her just respond to it for thirty dollars so anyway. This video My Dad sent it addresses what we are talking about. It's by you guys. Remember Afro Man Yeah He apparently does not believe leave. You should say the N.. Word and so he made this is. What's up Mikka? Mega Mega Mega Mega Mega Mega Mega Mega. Uh Hey man. Don't call me. That wow what are you want me to. They don't call me Anwar. Yeah uh-huh for North Eighty third to taste top is the word. The word is traced Sunderland word. The now we know Spanish word Mr Mousy -ation occurred and there was the birth of the word Baba Zine hundred it was firmly established into rock to arena. Shame in it remains. It is within no matter who's using it abused in it in the lose the melting pot of soup racial slurs from all ethnic groups in were mistrust mistrusts rape humiliation total senate. He said what do you say rape idea. I believe he did And I feel like for anyone listening you should i. I should know He's at he's like. This is shot like parties where he's just surrounded by white people. Yeah it looks like you went to a Frat. It looks like you went to Joe. Hold hold the hold this camera. I'm going to shoot a music video right now. They don't know the words. I am just I look first of all. You could have tweeted this. It could have been a tweet and I feel like They probably has a lot of time on his hands. He probably does have a lot of time on his hands. And I you know what I do. Appreciate that he He did this right off. The heels of punching a white lady in the face on stage I think that's very fun you guys remember when that happened to know he punched a white lady. Yeah she Mets cool though yes she crept up behind him on stage. I guess like was dancing or something behind. He got scared. Yeah G. Any turned and punched her. which honestly who's to say wait? said she got on stage while he was performing I mean it's like you shouldn't do that. You shouldn't do that now. You shouldn't do that. Earl sweatshirt has done the same thing too. I guess a wicked dude Y but we'll have to stop getting on stop stops sneaking up on black people. Yeah it's fair. I feel like general rule of thumb. Don't sneak up on black people but I just it just seems like a strong way to start sort of video about not saying the N.. Word is to let me just Just to refresh everybody's number eight. Just Mega Mega Mega Mega Mega Mega Mega Man. I don't know if y'all forgot this. That happened. Just seems like like a weird way to start to like say a bunch of times and then say go. Maybe don't do that to me. I mean I I get it. That's fine violent beginning. It is a violent beginning but also like I don't know I understand where you're coming from but I also like look through the comments and it's of course just like a bunch of white. Why people agreeing with him? And you know I feel like the second Ma majority of white people agree with me on anything. I like Sorta to go back and just reassess my opinions. I mean I don't know this is is I don't know he post. He sent me. This today is from about a month ago. It says in the state of the facebook video. Oh Wow yeah I I just feel like we. We established black. People are saying Nigga. No Yeah I mean saying it yet. They've been yeah you guys say it. I don't jail was covered already. I remember when I decided not to but I have tried. Yeah Yeah I have tried ride and it fell not natural. Yeah but the moment that I decided not to it was in Middle School in Miami and a lot of people were saying it. A high school Miami that some Middle School in Miami and there is this other mixed girl Gabriella and I'll never. I'll never forget this moment. She was far away from me And she was in this group of girls like the popular girls and she was trying to be popular and I was a freak so I was like just staring at them and I remember her saying it to herself so that she could say it to them Like my n word and and it looks over so yeah rehearsing and I was like and then later would see her saying hang at you know Just more and I was like I'll never forget that and I will never do that. And that's when I decided. Yeah Yeah Yeah I feel like if you yeah if you have to rehearse any word is probably not a word for you The whole word of the day thing always bothered me for that reason Mike. Sure sure learn a word but let let creep into your vocabulary. Organically what he doing. Yeah yeah I I if I differ on the word of the day argument but I know that Snow over here talk about right. We're talking about the N. Word which you've firmly established that ease what I thought. I thought you mentioned that it was a joke but I mean just just to make things change just to make sure I don't know if it's that clear when industry never heard you not say the N. Word so say never heard distrup- it casually and I'm I'm not Unaware of it. Yeah have I said it during the course of the show comes on time. Yeah the video was playing with little whisper. I feel like you were just a little aggressive. The Yeah Yeah. I'm so I'm so sorry I just gotTa work on that. Yeah Yeah you should really like look into Your behavior moves around people of Color Cheese Ham. Sorry notes I appreciate that you wore all white to this. Do appreciate that yeah. It's a shirt not like a medicine. There's there's a hat also had two black Pants or black interesting. It was a message. Yes the Unity Messager unity between who lacks weights. How about the other people? It's all in between it's for another. We're not covering that today. You can only make one major statement with your clothes Reyat course I mean you. Pit like socks Brown socks deal. Color your socks or no gray gray gray or white white bread. I feel like we've gotten off on the wrong foot. No I feel like we really started In a weird place and I I I'd like to Reset Brett If I had to ask you What it what we're doing about all this racism in the world There's a lot going on. You know it still exists What are you what? What are we doing to solve it? You know 'cause I feel like we I feel like we're asking all the wrong questions. Were looking to the wrong things. I feel like black. People not saying the N.. Word is not really a solution. And so I think it only makes sense for me to turn to you A white man for real real tangible solutions to real tangible problems. So what do we do well in the name of Dark Tanka a it did come up with the you know I. I can't solve it. I don't think it's it's up to awaken. No you have to let the whole show always you have to solve it. I want I think I think I can address it head on and may be lit the spark that will eventually maybe grow to a larger fire. Here we have like forty minutes like how is there not enough time. I think it's enough time to solve racism. I L let me like just try. I'm just you know it's like doesn't have to be perfect but we can work out the kinks and I'll I'll just give it my best shot. Yeah you know I'm always seeing these things online Most recently with like Little Mermaid James Bond but but it always seems to pop up that there. Are you know More diverse castings for traditionally by characters right rank and in some people especially astles on the Internet. They they start start out in their life. Walking out of racism thing is just how I knew the character. But it's pretty much a racist thing So I want some sort of cannon fodder for the other side of that argument so what I WANNA do is I want to create a movie studio make real low budget movies. Churn them out like like the full like cannon style. If you know that that that movie company they were just making movies like once a month that Canon with one or two thing to end sue. Sudan's yeah they didn't really bad superman one okay got better And and what I want to do is I want to take a characters set Or are already not wait. That people don't want and make white versions of those characters. I apologize for yelling at you. Do you WANNA go again The same different. Thank you do the same. Do the same again too so yeah yet so throughout history. I'll I'll do it from the other side. I yeah. Of course history. There have been The characters that have always been appreciated by the communities that they are supposedly representing thing. So I wanNA take those characters and and moved them and make them wait and then when people are like oh either Salva. He can't be James Bond. Someone could argue. Well no no. We got midday. It's a fair trade. They've made about the same amount of movies and stage place. I WANNA come those. I appreciate you Meeting yourself just just to and clear I also think it's This is only kind is Kinda SANTEUIL but I I. I've heard a lot of white people call. Call her MEDAGLIA PADEAS Sir. Medea is the the Greek gods name is Monday right or the right okay. I've been studying being in Greek literature right by writing course of course. Here's your hair. What is my day actually do in like Bo myth and the mythology? Oh God of Famine yeah is that true. Yes I'M GONNA go ahead and we're just gonNa Google that just but but like now we can have like a black Zena because you know there. There's going to be also. It's like a tradeoff laid off. Okay okay so where were they the white mcadoo. If if that's what a people I mean I guess there already is a White Madera Mrs Doubtfire Mrs Doubtfire and also Madina the actual ramp. Well I got actually you the Mrs Dow who it is and now we. We just have Tyler Perry. I'd argue that Mrs Doubtfire is a is just a single father doing whatever it can connect to connect connect with his way or no. No no no. That's white big Momma's house. I'm still confused. That's correct actually. Yeah so that's taken care of the trade back big Mama. Our company's GonNa take these unwanted properties and just churn out the stuff way unwanted properties reasoning We'll have a committee you know I would define the term unwanted properties. Well let's say Our Community Eh Committee says my no. We don't need big Momma's house. We want to have like a wolverine of color. So we'll do the job and take take a take those properties that they don't want like a big Momma's house and we'll have like a white big momma's house already. Lying is back. Welcome back into the fold First of all big Momma's house classic Yakking. Big Momma's house two. Yeah I three players and seventy rifles. You haven't equals. Yeah the one with his son now the the first one is with his son. Okay Nathan. It's been a while. Yeah I guess they all our habits I don't I'll have to look at but okay so we'll we'll go the fundamental missile part of your plan. We'll take any of these. You lied characters that Martin Lawrence has done that and make sure and make those carry out white But he's still Martin Lawrence. It's in the movies. I mean those movies are still getting sister posterity. But you know we'll we'll do. These trades and our goal is not to make the biggest movie. We WanNa make the most movies okay. So we're just making a lot of movies and this plan okay. So if I'm not mistaken. Yes we're we'RE GONNA TAKE WE'RE GONNA take every black movie or we're GonNa take just just the ones that people the ones that haven't aged well so okay so you guys can take like biker boys with Teresa Warrants Fishburne. No cap and you can take was at one Christmas movie with these young fly You guys can have that okay and and you can have Non Every other black movie is great ourselves to that Just a traditionally black movies. We'll take these characters that were may be shoehorned in or or were just tokenism characters And and we'll we'll take those characters in the reboots. Those characters are portrayed by a white person. Okay Okay so wait now are we doing spinoffs with yes. Huge as doing full spin offs with just the token characters of but their way but they're white. Yeah so like like why Apu. Yeah we'll do away to Yeah y'all you're already have a voice actor for that perfect honestly up. This is his chance. This is his redemption. Yeah yeah so does the same breakout again. It does do the voice in mystery man does he too. Yeah Donaldson's have seen that movie. He's in so many movies and I. I didn't know that was him. Yeah different face obviously. Now he's the only personnel to just ingest Did he apologize publicly. Oh Yeah Oh wait. Yeah he did and then. He said he wouldn't stop doing doing. It is a no. He said Somebody brought up a good point. I think he has stopped right. There's just like someone. Is it someone someone else now. I'd have MS relations to nap at a he. He he was like. Yeah oh I don't know just be reruns or something or learn. If there's a new there might be a new person okay now. I didn't know that they were doing that though. That'd be cool. If they had the new person redouble the old episodes roads employed for the rest of their life. Exactly yeah be cool. We could bring him just as an EP on it and he can distance himself. Yeah but Jamie Kennedy. UNROLL or something something like that. David Arquette as Abu. I really hate that. I started this this show. I really deeply regret it. And I'm and I think the fact that it still is going despite that Just makes my in my life worse by the day. Yes so what do you have to say about that Sorry other episodes of lived up to this one. So just as white people in doing black roles You know I think I you know white Dolemite I don't well we gotta wait. We gotta see how that Eddie Murphy. The netflix old dolemite. Well sure yeah. The old Dole Mayan call it. Something like Amethyst or something. I don't know who is who is the WHO would be a good weight. DOLEMITE good white dolemite bad comedian John C Reilly Ninety minutes. AM after bad comedian. He's very funny. WE'LL GET BIG J. O.. Kherson the new way dull of dolomite. Yeah Yeah Big J. Honestly he's been looking for via Jalen. Might Yeah you it might sound like what Okay so what would be your dream movie till like Redo as a as a white movie. Well you know this is where the committee comes. Listen I'm asking your opinion This is your idea. Well Probably Birth of a nation. That would be hard a mobile epic. All the roles are switched. Apologize for Yelling at you. Sorry a very white movie Andy something like more modern like I don't know like Like Black Panther. Would you redo Black Panther. Well you know that's if Any of these characters people look back at Black Panther and say oh that character was a little was a little not great. How would you Redo Black Panther? We wouldn't Redo by historian class. Or scribe it wouldn't it wouldn't touch it but if you had you a high school debate roles icicle debate rules. had to change Black Panther for the wider So we're recasting black. The recasting Black Panther awake cat yes. That's what I'm asking you. How would you knew it okay? Let's start at the top but STU let's go shall is GonNa be the The guy from sons of anarchy blond guy. I don't know his name Sherri's stories going to be The the Blonde Girl From Big Bang theory Who Kelly quote? Yeah Klay We're GONNA get like Heather locklear Seemed a little dated. Don't you well. This is still at means this. Circum Yeah you know she could be Let's roll the graphics of the Yeah his kill monger. ooh We need a real powerhouse. Our House Danny Devito the taking your own. What's up on T.? We just put him on an apple box. He's regular in this movie. Yeah Car Her who who. Else Forest whittaker that could be like Zuri Yes zuri could be Kevin in James Great Perfect Do you guys remember all these out comics. Right yeah I mean I. I just liked that movie very very good move. I don't remember anyone's name in any movie or anybody. His full name celebrity wise except for Timothy Shalmi Timothy Hammett Timothy Shalam. Who would you cast as What's the what's the one white dude's name Martin? Freeman me Martin Freeman. What is his But his his character. Forget the guy's name all the time. It's just like good wake like yeah so we need somebody like funny. You need a good black guy so if you had to cast someone is a good black guy. Who would you cast chucky ducky quack quack? Checky now the person Chucky ducky now it's been it's been a while since we've seen him could be one of those kind of Tarantino Keno asks like just like Oh yeah great all right so we. I mean. We're working with the budget here. We have to understand of course course of court see. You're going to get heather locklear here. Just blow out your whole budget on Heather locklear And Danny Devito. Yeah and then and then just go straight to Shuki Duck. I Dunno it is asking prices. So you know. We'll see how the cards fall. When we're we're doing the budgeting but maybe you could get Bill Cosby or something new bill. Koch's he'd be like super cheap right now. Yeah Yeah he could play To Chaka. Oh yeah it'd be like Ghost Dad too. Yeah I guess he already did go stat one. Yeah I'm I'm GonNa say that's the one that's the one role we don't reverse cast. Oh that's the only one. Yeah Betsy he is still to Chaka. When I'm just I'M GONNA say he's? He's going to be the only African playing an African roll right right right. We're winning shows taking so when he shows up but the spirit plane he's going to be very confused. Yeah and that's something we just bring a green screen into the prison. Set it up and write ray of bang booms meal. Well now turns out when you die. You're black we're just taking him. He's GonNa be a franchise player. We're GONNA put out a bunch of cosby movies. We're releasing all plays sucks companies really that we're not trying to make art. We're trying to provide counter argument for you. Know these these assholes that are like other. You know there can't be a you know. Miles Morales is going to be Peter Parker right and to end in order to counteract that You just re re jumpstarting bill cosby's career again that's your okay Works for jeep. So I gotta say I'm out I think I'm out okay. And what do you think and you in okay. Yeah aren't GonNa make a Lotta money from this. You're probably right you're probably you're okay All of these over the top streaming sites. They're paying for the licensing so you know they just one content two right right right of course of course we will see these familiar if you had to pick a streaming platforms. Where would you go probably crunchy roll so down it actually when my gravity contact info before slee? Yeah I'll let me give you my card okay. So okay so your plan is your plan to solve races of mind you is to restart bill. Bill Cosby's career with an anime remake of fat Albert and the Kospi kits. Were going to or I am not saying look cruncher will must have puts out enemy. We're just GONNA get we're GONNA do Flash. It's GonNa look like homeowner it's but it's animated. Yeah that's intimate. Okay technically Scher. You know stitch just the Japanese worker animation fair enough. Yeah so yeah. We'll we'll do a fat Albert. Yeah yeah okay honestly really interesting Take on the whole subject work no just a resounding resounding no okay but I feel like I'm not totally off the table yet is there are any character that may be growing up like this sucks like I don't think this character represents me and never thought like that when I was little I was like. TV is a great but what about like growing up. Like you know you're now you're an adult and you look back and say Oh God that character is just to Just broad stroke On all like all the Latin maids inca lot of maids. Yeah but then it's also so funny like I'm like fuck but I remember reading an article about this woman who was like. She can't get any role except for Latin mayoral. Now like that sucks. But also that's fucking funny is hilarious. So we'll put out at Spanish language movies for the made as white. Wow Okay and then it's late and everyone else Giora Seniora and like like the they're just like would learn learn Spanish They're going to be bad. Yeah that sounds great. Yeah yeah they're like deliberately bad. I think they're just deliberately shoddy okay. I'm not casting for the best right. You're discussing for sheep she predominant Mohmed. Okay all right. So to sum it up and may remake That Albert and the Cosby kids streaming streaming now reggie role As part of my upcoming podcasts Amin America on eventual with an all white cast. Of course all the characters were white. But they're all the characters are white. Smoke Bill Okay yes so I yeah I gotta say I'm out okay. Laurel I wou if you had to invest anything idea what would you say invest. Yeah just ending. I think it's an amazing idea and I will give all my money to link you a real American American dollars. Yeah all of my American and my pistols and me Besiktas. Wow well look sounds like you got yourself begrudgingly deal I did it. Yeah do do you feel good about what you've done I do. I'm so solved it. Well this has been the last ever episode of Dark Tank. podcast cast with your guests Laurel Ira Ramirez and Tom and Brett Davis well. This is the first one. We're putting out Where can everybody find you on the Internet guys? I'm I'm at pile of tears and then at pile of tears underscore art sealer show. It's really great. If you're in Minneapolis. Minneapolis sear show in Minneapolis. And then I I'm at Brett Davis. Rip Is that on twitter instagram. That's across the board breath. Dave is dying or Ip Fraud Platform. Yeah Elia proud of you keeping it since brand system okay well. I'm pro at professor on everything. instagram twitter all that stuff Got My podcast out. Crunchy roll Anime in America ooh and And a nice little Cosby kids remake income. ANCHO And I'll be at the ABI. It laughs comedy club in Seattle September. Sixty seven But this is the funniest thing that I'm ever GonNa do so I guess don't even worry about that Thank you guys has. There's been an episode of of Dr Tank keep it locked. Keep it loaded lookout for the. Aw I'm so happy. This is over now the N.. Word Hey catch US next week. This has been a production of forever in the brain. Does she executive produced by Brett Bowen Joselito. Late and Alex Ramsey for more original podcasts. Visit Forever Dog podcasts. Dot Com and subscriber shows on Apple. PODCASTS spotify forever. In get your podcasts. Keep up with the latest forever dog news by following us on twitter and Instagram at forever dog team and making our page on.

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Animal Talk  Krissie Newman Pit Road Pets (Rewind)  Episode 101


1:10:36 hr | 8 months ago

Animal Talk Krissie Newman Pit Road Pets (Rewind) Episode 101

"You're listening to the PODCAST DETROIT network visit. Www DOT PODCAST DETROIT DOT com for more information. Talk Take Seven. So you're going to cut this into a whole bunch of a bunch of said there's a music that means it's time for animals on some of the best dog on fat people on the planet here to help you depends money to Jamie just making sure. But he has a good time. Animal Talk. It is America's best show and today it's an animal talk rewind. We'RE GONNA go back in time in two thousand six taken aback now. Here's the interesting thing. Ryan Newman is a couple of weeks ago on the track major accident. Just Brash. The car off to the hospital critical condition and over the weekend. He's walking out of the hospital on his own on Wednesday. Amazing were so bad. Ryan is a friend of the show. He and his wife Chris. Big animal advocates. Big Animal. Lovers actually wrote a book called pit row pats and we had. Christiane talk about pets and all the other animal advocacy. That suit them do so. We're going to go back to two thousand six hundred to check out our conversation. Chrissy Newman Harangue for Ryan. Newman we're so glad he's feeling better and making his way out of the hospital and doing well. Friend of the show Ryan Newman Christie. Newman's pit road cats on animal talk. Let's do this and we help you with your pet. Whatever the problem might be. We have a professional standing by to help you out sitting across from me. I'm Dr Brad Davis. I'm answering veterinary questions. That you might have and next to me Donna. Plumber and I'm here to answer any training questions of course standing by For any of your reptile questions scaly or creepy things fish. Whatever you got our buddy roar from reptiles safari dot org. He's here to help you With reptiles fish as well three one. Oh Yeah my name is Jamie. I just only time WHO. Let's guy in radio Eight hundred up on the show today. We're talking to Chrissy Newman. Who is Chrissy Newman? You might say lower husband a lot better than you know her. That's right I gotta say well. Who is because he knew who is Christine? I'm sorry I didn't know you were going out for back. So but Chrissy Newman. Yes her husband. Ryan Newman Number Twelve Nascar circuit. He is They they created this Ryan Newman Foundation. And they've Come together and they. They raise awareness for spay and neutering and donate money to charitable causes Spay and Neuter as their main awareness as their main cause if they do work for and they've come up with a nice coffee table book called pit row pets and So we're GONNA talk about Christie About the foundation and what they do and why they do it and and about the book as well. That's coming up and Ryan he finished what Fifteenth. Today fifteen out in. Mis Rain shortened race. They're a bit again the whole way. He would have one that I have no doubt laugh. Laugh laugh laugh laugh. Oh my gosh. What's going to happen next and John was a little difficult to follow. Don't worry Jamie if you've been there. What would you have done ten surprised by that really you real low anyway Brad? You've been I was your week. Oh well you know I had it a little bit of a disappointment though I want. I got a new. Tv about a brand new TV and it was I wanted to get one of those fancy Hdtv's but I made a mistake about an adhd TV changing channels on US reduce seconds. It's terrible mercy. I know it's me by talk. Radio DOT COM. Yes kidding relative calm right Jamie you wrote it. It was great and For Your Nascar plates you can send them out Jamie an animal talk radio dot com just Yeah and we're GONNA have a Lotta fun today and we're GONNA take some calls we're GONNA help people with their pets and What I had something else in store. Oh yeah that's right it's National it take your pet to work week day as coming up. It's coming up on Friday on fast approaching June twenty third. It's the national. Take your pet to work day and People you'd be amazed one in five corporations People were surveyed and one five corporations Say It's okay to bring your pets at work early and The major companies big places And the majority of the People Paul believes that. There's a lot of benefits having their pets at work Fifty five million Americans believe that having their pet at work lease more creative environment. Wow they These millions of people they believe having pets in the workplace decreases absenteeism. This isn't a bit yet. The bill coming about fifty million people believe having pets in the workplace. Help Co workers get along better or at least you know the natioinalist. They've got your pit bull there. Then they're not gonNA come around so can work either way could work. Well yes. Thirty eight million people believe having pets in the workplace creates a more productive work environment and Decreases the degree smoking in the workplace and better relationships between managers and employees really? So yeah so there you go and Lots of benefits to it. There are other more. Jamie well actually. There's some cautionary not really. Yeah well actually a dentist this now. This is true. A dentist in Washington state voluntarily surrendered his license. And there's a new at the end of this A dentist in Washington state voluntarily surrendered his license after the health department discovered. His pet cat was allowed to roam in examination. Rooms and instruments used the mixed dental impression fabrication material. Were also used to clean up after the cat. All right so here So for all those people who are already scared to go to the dentist. You've just created a new wall or your your doctor in general Yeah so A- and the word of the day today is fantastic. We Post. Yeah we all right. The order today is fantastic will come up later. So as you're reading signs that your your your. Your doctor has brought his pet to work. While you're eating the magazines in the in the Waiting Room. There's white splotches all over the covers. All right The do okay all right. The waiting room is bare. Here's the waiting room is bare except for a small stone castle in the corner. Sign that your doctor brought his pet. The work When it's time to produce a urine sample your direct to a large box of sand. The this message flavored lollipops. That's a good sign that your doctor brings his pit to work Those are power bars under the desk. That's a sign. Dr Raises. Pets work whenever you visit your shrink. There's an extra voice inside your head and whistles a lot and it tells you a pretty boy Sign your doctor brings his pen to work. It's you don't remember that last call and ask colonoscopy being quite so scaly yeah and Getting into the stirrups involves a nurse giving you a leg up into the saddle while another holds the bridal and the top sign that Your your doctor brings his pet to the office as you drift out of as you drift out of consciousness. You think you hear who's a good anesthesia is. You're in good anesthesiologist. Signs here Dr Pepper. I work with them. All right eight hundred two. GonNa be with your pet do you. Do You remember pee. Wee's playhouse and the word of the day I'm not going to scream into the microphone on our plan on taking your pet to work. That's our caller poll for the day. can you take your pets work and you plan on taking your pets at work on Take your pet to work day on the twenty third June June. The twenty third coming up here on Friday so Let us know even if you don't have a pet question. Do you take your pets at work or do you plan to for the special one off day Give us a call. Let us know and of course. We're happy to help you with your questions. Jamie Donna Dr Brad. It's animal talk as you're quite open at Dumbo. Not Bring Out Feinstein and your dot on animal talk and just making your world a happier place bread We're going to talk to you and emails is what I was trying to say. No yes emails. Over there We have our website animal. Talk Radio DOT COM. You can go visit our website and There's lots of cool stuff on. Their bread has some cartoons on their which are very entertaining. the PEP parade where you send us pictures of your pets and we put them up for you to show off the critters that make your life so much happier and There's a frequently asked questions and you're able to send in your questions to us via the email so you sip ship those in. We'll answer those four. You we get through to a few on the weekend as well which you get over there okay. Dear Animal Talk. My puppy is named Roscoe but but he nipped so much. I'm thinking of changing his name to Nipsy. He's a Boston Russell. Terrier Boston terrier pup. How can we get him to stop nipping and assigned Bob? How old is the puppy? That would be the question that I would have because if we are under fourteen weeks of age you can do. What's called the rollover exercise? In which case you would put the puppy on his back and you would have your hand up high between the two front legs and you want to keep your hand in that position so that he cannot bite you and you hold him there and you give them a big mean no each time. He struggles to get up. While you're teaching. The puppy is to relax now. It's a very hard thing to describe Without somebody seeing it but there should be a trainer in your area that can do this for you. once we're over fourteen weeks really. What you're looking at doing would be considered more of the loud quicken invisible where you're making a big scary noise that interrupts. What the puppies doing and when he stops and kind of looks around like hey what was that you then say good job and then divert him into something. That's more appropriate like chewing on a bone or playing with his ball Anything other than chewing on you. So it's two different things. If they're under fourteen weeks you can do a rollover which is a natural type of correction that the Momma dog would do to them or after fourteen weeks allowed quicken visible so it just depends on the age. Okay of course Those emails we take care of those at Animal Talk Radio Dot Com our website And put together by Mark Hicks over prime branding. Great web works. Check that out but I got an email sure. Do Air Force do dear animal. Talk A me. Why are flea collars? A bad thing my vet stop carrying them and won't recommend that I don't use them anymore. We've used them since I was a little kid doesn't say if it was on the pets that I'm assuming and it says that I'd like to get one flea collars for my dogs. But I don't WanNa do something bad. What do you think and the Sign Roger? It really is the same thing I mean. When when they pulled lead paint off the store shelves I was upset. You know I miss you miss you do. It'll be okay They got rid of it. Because it's harmful to your pets actually actually can be a little bit hard. And there's been so many other breakthroughs and so much stuff that will well. Who's going to answer the question? I was just you know joke leaps and bounds advances in the products. That work just It'll blow your mind. They're fantastic and these products are there's front line in advantage. They're both really good products. And they're like coke and Pepsi. I mean there when you go in most the clinics don't carry both have one or the other but the belt do a fine job either one. You get a Advantage frontline for that matter coke or Pepsi But the thing is The the thing about the The thing the thing about the flea collars is they never really did that. Great a job and They would involve. You'd have to flee dips and flee Baz and all that with the new products. You don't have to do that and they're not toxic you don't care about the kids getting Getting part of the The collar in their mouth. You don't care about the dog having a reaction and they were in the wrong part of the body to fleas. Hang out at the back end of the body and these are in the front end of the body which isn't where you want them so so it didn't. It didn't do very much good as a matter of fact anyone who's given who who's around when we were doing flea baths and dogs would tell you that one of the first things we would do before we give the bath is to remove the flea collar and hang it up till we give it back to the person after the baths but it didn't really do much mud. Did you guys use a lot of flea collars and we didn't. Yeah they're they're completely pass a it would be like Let's even less than buying a phonograph. Because there's some arguments that there's a reason to have vinyl record ATTRAC- attract yeah it'd be like an attract. We like buying. It is nice but no eight. No eight tracks those other so it was like buying an eight track player. That's sort of passe. And dangerous and not very good okay. Income not dangerous. They can be if they're captain Antonio love what else. What else would you put in and El Camino? They'll really all right. Hey I'm just meeting today. We have a picking on a woman from Taylor earlier because she lived in Taylor and I was making fun of around here. I was just not being nice today early. Boy and a little better place Coming up we're going to talk to Chrissy Newman Author of the books. The coordinator of the Book Pit Road. Pets look at Nascar's top stars and their pets like Ricky Rudd Ricky Rudd and it would not expect to be a Cat Guy. But Ricky Rudd has cat. He's he's he's got lots of Ca Canada. The Pettis are in there with the ponies. Don't give them all away. Pettis into ponies right the guerrillas and the fish. We'll talk to Chrissy Newman about her book or husband. Ryan Newman Nascar driver and and Your calls and of course your emails as well when you visit our website. Animal Talk Radio. Dot Com and bread. Did you have another email or do your animal talk? You've got mail My Bet wants to do an ultrasound on my dog wants to check out and see if a mass in the abdomen really is something bad. What is an ultrasound? And why would he do that and not an X-ray And this is a sign betty. Brad what can you tell Betty? Betty the thing about ultrasounds. There's a different ex- ran an ultrasound would be like if you take a picture of a building versus looking around inside a building. What an ultrasound does rather than using x-rays go through things that actually the the sound that comes back appears in is an image so it's actually using sound that's why is an ultrasound is using sound to make an image just like doing a Sonogram for a baby with this would it They're doing is. They're looking inside the organ or they're looking inside the mass to see what it's made to see if it's fluid filled to see if it's actually a tumor and see what is coming off of what part of the body. That's what they sound like when you're using one they sound just like ours didn't well well you get that added in later. Oh that's the extra feature we didn't pay for. Yeah that's a standard talk. What it does it gives them an idea of what they're up against And gives you a better idea of what the prognosis and just the plain old x Ray? All right eight hundred is going to help you with your pet and after this break we're GonNa talk to Chrissy Newman and talk about her book. Pit Road pets. Eight hundred two five nine nine two three one. It's Animal Tom. You'll selfish becoming the diva call. Eight hundred fifty five. That's the number to call eight hundred and Coming up on Friday coming up on Friday. It is Take your dog to work day national. Take your dog to work our question to you. Our question to you is Are you going to take your pet to work? Do you take your pet to work. Do you have a place? That's conducive for that. And let us give us a call and We'll be our caller poll for the day. But you don't have to have that pet question if you want to chime in on that Do you believe that people say there's is just all benefits for taking your pet to work just So much so much more of a better place happier times more productive people Just better all the way around national. Take your workday What about taking your pet do you take? I mean you work at a vet clinic. Do you take your pets into the clinic or they stay home. My wife does take sorry dogs in every day. Can't go with you go hang out every day. Oh you're wearing the shirt now style and and Mona They go things bulldogs going with her to stay in her office. And they have an exhaustive day of snuff napping at work yes yes and then they come home and generally nap at home. Yeah it's a long drive. You got the commute really. Yes it is and But they But every day she has my. It's it's kind of a pain in the butt. It's worse than bringing your pet to work. Sounds like oh you're in a vet clinic that's great but then the thing is you're around a lot of other pets and there's not as much cage space as you'd like and there's now where do you keep them and they tend to hear. Your Voice and get loud and Barky and you know just want attention. So so I've I've I've not a big fan of bringing and also and you can tell me this. You've you've written clinic for a long time when your dog makes noise at a vet clinic it sounds louder than any other animal of that class. And it aggravates you a little bit more. Because it's your own dog you can be in an exam room and they'll be sixteen beagles and back there barking and Yapping is but if you hear your dog go you hear it. It echoes dogs voice. Yeah but it just also it's off. God He's driving everybody nuts. You know that sort of thing anyway you would you take your your pets or no I've taken my cat to work ahead to show off my my very talented smart key Quinn. A very smart cat. Yeah she plays fetch and she puts her toys back into the little peek. A price cap. Box Shell so stocks poodles very well Who Doesn't Mike? Coworker brings her poodle in To work every morning. He's still in the process of being housebroken. So He's been coming to work with her so I brought Quinton while. Jr was there and She decided that he looked like a pretty good. Pray even though. He's a lot bigger than her standard poodle so she has no fear. The Cat has absolutely no fear so if any if any of them leave the house it's usually when I I've taken Kirby to work with me a couple of times Into School When I haven't Didn't have kids and then. I've taken him to the radio station. I've brought them to the radio station before I met. Kirby always scary though because there's so many wires in so many places it's not radio studio is not Kept Child Safe War pet safe whatsoever and he has a propensity for chewing wires. So not always the best idea to bring the freak along with me but You know what are you going to do that is another call? We're going to help you with your pet. And of course he would visit our website. Animal Talk Radio DOT COM and We help you with emails through that And of course we like to scour the news and see what's happening I would wait. I would wait just a little bit and we like to end and Gail you with those stories as well. We do have some email. Well yes we do. Have that silly silly lad but Yes you can always send us an email Two questions at Animal Talk Radio Dot Com. Okay dear animal talk. Was this fan. Mail flounder should I transfer my cat to the vet? Doing need to use a carrier or is it just okay from the ride free in a car and this assigned Elaine? The safest way for any animal travel is in a in a Kennel of some sort. It keeps them from you. Know if you have to put on the brakes quickly Get into an accident anything like that. You know that there safely in a container where. They're nothing bad's going to happen. Dogs do have Seatbelts that you can do. But I'm a big fan of using the Kennel. That's the best way to go. See if it's for all involved no No Pillowcases. You could use a pillow case but bad thing. It's not a bad for for cats. You can't get any carrier. Put them in a pill and carry mine and they feel pretty common cause dark. And then if you're holding them they can feel you hold them and stuff too but Edges always cracks me up. Put Him in a case like any anything. The biggest thing is the safety of the animal. That's the most important thing and I we had. This situation occur with one of my coworkers. Turning out of the clinic with her big German shepherd in the car didn't have a seat belt harness on didn't have anything like that she got hit. Your and poor dog was very traumatized after that as was she but he ended up hitting the dashboard. So it's the safest for for the pet to get them to get them anywhere. Ideally they should be in in some sort of secure either. It's a harness seat belt or Kennel speaking of safety. I had a question from client today that I wanted to ask you about on my had a client who had a kitten and the kitten Decided to do what you're immediately going to recognize the Ken decided be fun to sleep. Inside the reclining chair and the kitten is in serious physical trouble right now after the chair reclined with the Kitty inside. Much like As as you're picturing it's just not a very pleasant thing what I'm getting is. How is the second time the cat has been in that chair? At the first time it escape would just scare this time. It didn't house. Is there a good way to stop a kitten from climbing into a chair like that too high? Because there's a there's a couple of ways that you can do. This works on cars too so in the wintertime. After you've just stopped your car sometimes. Crawl up in to the engine to keep warm animals critters. Bang on it. I mean seriously. Just start beating on the cushion. The car Y- car you can also do this with the cushion. Not The cat the cat. No no no but no but what would be the thing about this? This was a child. This was like their four year old jumped up in the chair tilted. It back and so they can't teach a child hit the they're going to miss time. Yeah Yeah Oh yeah yeah. Yeah the the other way to keep them away from. This is actually using some some type of aversion therapy which works quite well with cats double sided sticky tape and newspaper all around the chair so the four year old has to stay away from it for a little while every time. Kitty approaches it. The paper's GonNa get stuck to their paws and cats really hate to have things stuck to their paws and then it'll chase them through the house until it finally comes loose and it won't harm them. You can. Sticky paws is a another way to deteriorate from being around that area as well scare to scare your cat. That's what you need to do things every year some gets in a chair. I've never heard that one before we recliner. You know exactly I was talking about and then and then we had. We had that happened. And then the Wall washing machine and the dryer always never leave those open when you're not dealing with directly with them because cats will learn to go inside and eventually you're gonNA throw laundry in and Matt realize cubbyhole. They love the cubbyhole. Especially if you were left a piece of peace or two of laundry on there and then it's really nice to curl up on until the until the twister straight-sets yes seriously and the am in Kansas. We had a cat. I jumped out of the water from the washing machine and the water was already in the tub next to jumped right into the hot water. In the IT's fine but it took a lot of work to get better so just be careful on things like animal ties back your dog. The dog is digging the Rose Bushes. Well animal talking. Call Eight on like I promise. We got off on tangent but We have a guest today Her husband number twelve NASCAR and Chrissy. Newman they come up with a pit road. Pet our guest today was on the track for a law degree. Now she finds herself on the Nascar Circuit Married Ryan Newman. They've created a foundation called the Ryan Newman Foundation and put out a book called pit road. Pets Ladies and gentlemen welcome to Animal Talk. Chrissy Newman Chrissy welcome. Talk thank you very much. Thanks for having me so Chrissy. What was the motivation behind The the foundation and then Which ultimately ended up creating the book but we found ourselves spreading a little thin on different charities that we've been wanting to help and we decided to start the foundation to concentrate on a core group of charities that were close near and dear to Ryan in my heart and animal. Compassion and welfare is one of the biggest things that I tend to focus on his little wildlife and then we have Component which is scholarships the kids that are in involved in racing in some capacity in our going to college all right and Really what is the goal of the foundation? We just WANNA start in our own backyard and we do a lot of work with humane societies and. I'm currently working with the humane society and Hickory North Carolina to develop a new low cost. They knew to chronic a new shelter. That's no nonprofit and no kill and Our goal is basically just the starting our own backyard helping the charities and the people that we can and then spread ourselves throughout the nation. And and just help where we can and do what we can to help animals and people it so much. It's the education it's it's getting the kids aware and people wear that They they should spay neuter their pets the the the backyard breeders flooding The the market has were With pets when there's so many great critters in shelters and in rescue societies just waiting for their forever home and I it seems like that's what you're what you're after the foundation now and I think people don't realize how much thing and neuter time can Decrease the animal overpopulation problem. That we have here in the southeast. Yeah it it is. It's just I mean everywhere. It's just so prevalent so you have some free critters at home you have What digger bar and socks? That's your is that your little posse at home is there. Okay so What one one year critters at it had a little Run in And he's only has three legs now yes That's bigger and she was bitten by a copperhead snake almost a year and a half ago and developed a fungus infection that typically Dogs and horses can get in her tissue. Destroy the tissue in our legs so we had to have for like how how. It's that's what she's doing fine now right. She's got the you'd never even know what she hasn't missed to be run with the pack. Yeah that's fantastic so putting the book together because you and your dogs are featured in there but it's pit road pets it's not necessarily all dog because it was it Mr Rudd has some his cats in there and the Pettis. They have their ponies in there with them. So it's not just Dogs it's All kinds of critters in the book. Well not everybody can have a dog or cat but some people have goldfish and consider them their pets that we wanted to incorporate everybody's animals no matter what they were. How Harry or Scaly or anything that they were involved with this project people very excited about the project. I was actually overwhelmed. On on how receptive. Everyone was to Having us in their homes with their animals and taking pictures of them. And everybody's been very supportive of the book and has loved the Book and we're just excited that it's out and that we've gotten such a great response from everybody was fantastic. Yeah the roads. The roads and their cats are just a fantastic. It's it's a great book. It's called pit road pets and Nascar STARS and their pets. How many people did you ultimately get involved in into the book? There's forty nine people with their stories and pictures it's fantastic and And the proceeds from this book are going directly into the foundation and yes One hundred percent of the proceeds from The book or go into the Ryan Newman Foundation. And we in turn donate one hundred percent of those Percy's Out to different humane societies The one Hickory the Humane Society of top county is going to be a big focus to help them with their new spay neuter clinic to ask the guy and people. What can I do the problem so big but when you start at home and you start close by. And hopefully that'll trickle down trickle across. I think it's fantastic What you do and So so what's what's next for the foundation Well we're GONNA do fishing tournament. December sixteenth off of landing in Mooresville North Carolina and That will help our wildlife side of things and We are also currently in arranger boat raffle with NASCAR car and people can purchase ranger but raffle tickets to the foundation on their website. And we've got a couple of other things that are pretty cool that we're working on yet. So they'll be announced fairly soon. And then there's a big dinner that we're going to have Atlanta for speedway children's charities and a place in Griffin North Korea or griffin Atlanta call Noah's Ark so we'll be raising some money for them as well all right in the. The foundation has a website. It's www dot. Ryan Newman Foundation that work and then pit roads pets People can can be purchased the book there. And we'RE GONNA FIND. Purchase the book pretty much any bookstore. is also a NASCAR DOT COM but any bookstore. Amazon.com borders books million new name. It they should have it Chrissy. I really appreciate you taking a couple of minutes to tell us about your book and and thank you so much for the work that you're doing with the pets. Thank you for having me. I really appreciate it because we have a great afternoon. Thank you take care. Bye Jiffy task young lady just simply wonderful having her And good work. They're doing and we're GONNA do some good work for you. We're going to help met with his dog in Omaha in just a second when you and your call when it's animal talk have all your monkeys gone to Clarksville. Well give animal talk call and we got Matt Listening on. Kfi Be Matt welcomed. Animal Talk doing excellent. Thanks for your patience. What's going on with your dog. Well two years old and basically what's happening is is. She's digging holes are fence and getting out okay and when I tried to do is Is get her to We put up the invisible fence right and that that stopped her. But I'm kind of hoping that I don't have to do that anymore. Well the depending on the invisible fence that you have most of them work a automatic tone that emits from the collar. That tells the dog to stay away from this area. So when the tone disappears the dog feels that we can go ahead and cross this area so that may not be the best option you can test and see how the dog handles it by. Just not turning the system on but having the dog still wear the collar and kind of Weiner off the collar does she dig anywhere else or it was just at the fence just four or five places in the fence where so dig underneath and get out or being jarred by that time and The big is is we have. We have shut the fence off just to see what she'd do. Sushi figures out. It's off she digs and she's gone and you'll need to keep that fence on so that that automatic tone is always there to tell her to back off of that area. Here's here's a thought and a question Matt. Where are you when your dog? Is doing the digging and getting out? What were usually in the house? I mean we've got a pretty big backyard and she likes to run and play and stuff and So like I said a lot of times. We'll we'll let her outside to go the bathroom and we're doing our thing inside the house and the next thing you know the neighbors Collins saying oh jasmine's over here It sounds it could be a matter of boredom too because there and she's played with everything there is to play within the backyard. And now it's time to move on so One you know you need to keep an eye on her and I thought maybe you're keeping her out there while you're at work getting out That will that's good but so Just maybe a couple more toys something to keep her interest in the arts so you know while I'm she's going to be out here and I may not have my eye on her every second we're going to put out the Bouncy ball that she loves so much or something something to keep. Yeah My my concern is is what happens is a lot of toys when she's playing with them get within that Reactionary gap where tone goes off. And then she can't get it. She sits there. And you know you try to put stuff out there to let her play with. But she's so hyper that she throws her toys all over the place and sometimes they roll too close to the fence and then she can't go back. Yeah that's not unusual since she is trained with this fence though. It really is looking like you're going to have to keep her on that fence so that she can always hear that tone to let her know to back off all right man. Thanks for the call thank you. We've got another hour of animal. Come and thinks of Chrissy Newman. Come out coming by. Talk talking to us about The pit road pets and Congratulations to her husband. The mis today taking place and Thank you for your calls. We're going get to the more of them very shortly here. On Animal Talk. We have a professional standing by. Who can help you out sitting next to me down and I'm here to answer. Training Questions The gentleman on the far side of the table. I'm Dr Brad Davis. I'm here to answer any veterinary questions. You might have if you have a question about a reptile or fish. Some something scaly or aquatic Our boy rourke at reptiles safari dot. Org He's standing by to help you out with those and my name's Jamie. I'm just here to make sure everybody has a Fonzie of radio and I'm stuffed up today for some reason. So I'm biologist me amy. I needed puffer right now. Henry winklers going to call in on that. We're going to help you with your pets. That's what we're GONNA do and Collar poll today We have a caller poll out there because Friday. The twenty third is bring your dog to work day and People say there's just lots of benefits. People are more productive to get along with their co workers. More they get along with their bosses more. It's a more creative environment. There's less stress and So bring your pets to work so as national. Take your pet to work day and Do you take your pet to work. Have you ever taken your pitch in and do you? Do you have one of those fantastic find companies that will allow you to take your pet to work. Give us a call if you want to chime in on that. We Have Lynn in Idaho with a problem with a Cat Lynn. Welcome animal talk. I just wanted to Talk to the lady who was talking about a cat meeting carrier in the car. Do you Does how do you do? You have a couple of cats. Several years ago in in Idaho Sun Valley Idaho. A cat was loosen. The car and went under the gas pedal on the break and a CIA. An eight year old child was orphaned and the cat died. Wow Jay another other pointer that it is really important to have like nothing carriers. Yes because the cats love to crawl around and get in the dark spots and it's up under there and so yeah I get scared and they get scared and if they can impair your driving they start grabbing. You going nuts. They get something everybody down the car they jump on it. There's endless possibilities for problems. Yeah yeah that's it. I take my work would type of job. Do you have houses? But he just hangs out by. The car is fantastic. All right all right Lynn. Thanks for the call and Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there. Happy Birthday Yeah but And all the pet dad's if you don't have any biological children but you've got some free children and you take care of him while you're a nurturing caring person and that's what the day is all about celebrating that so And marketing like abby. Father's Day to you. Thanks for Taking care of little ones in your life and we're gonNA take care of the little ones in the little ones in your life The Prom having with them when you give us a call and we like to have a little fun along the way and play a few games here and there and do one right now as a matter of fag back door fiction you decide to take it out. Brad's going to tell us. We have three facts about three to those facts are fake. One of those facts is true. If you're the first one to call in at one eight hundred with being and tell us on the air which is the true fact you will win a fabulous prize. Fantastic fantastic Donna. Ladies First. Oh All righty facts number one which is seen There it is firm at their beck number one. The most common group of dog to win best in show at the Westminster dog show in. New York is in the nonce non working group. Thanks to the numerous wins by Poodles Learn Bred Bank Number Two tiber whales which looked like a cross between a dolphin and a killer. Whale Migrate East and West. Along the southern coast of Africa. Not North and south and third bag is a Weddell seal. Once had a dive link recorded at seventy three minutes underwater. David Blaine would be jealous Tiber. Whales Oh eight hundred to five nine two three one two of those facts false one absolutely true and you'd tell us which one is the true flag and we have a fabulous prize for you or your pet on this father's day so give us a call and take a shot at that fact or fiction. Brad we ever website out there and you come up with these crazy cartoons. Where'd you come up with them? Usually I'm loaded in Houston but they are very miss here. Something here something and I think or I hear a word and I just think on comes up. They're out there. They are very punny. And so you gotta go to the website and check them out. Brands Tunes Very Nice Group on his time but very funny lowest common denominator of Comedy Puns. Yes and this is punch you look at south. It's like a punt this the funds. You don't even have to think that much. And that's all at our website. Animal Talk Radio Dot Com. Visit our website and There's other there's information there's photos of us and the things in and around the show. There's your pets On the pet parade when you send them into US and send your photos us And of course a place for you to send us your e mails and also a list of all the guests that have been on the show and topics and things we've talked about on the show. Chrissy Newman from the earlier. Our author of pit road pets or husband. Ryan Newman Nascar driver number. Twelve human came in number fifteen today at the Michigan International Speedway They came up with pit road. Pets mobile link up to the her sight on their When we had Cesar Milan talking to him you know there's links to those sites and things so You can visit those and of course always find the links to the rebroadcast of the show. You can always download it to your pod For the PODCAST. For All the pod people out there and the cat people and that's great for people we talk about who go to the kind of people go to the the animal conventions because they debate what we sat on the show. It's a great way to have that right there so you can just You can just who incorrect and that's That's the podcast is a newer deal and it's all put together by our friends over at the I. Radio now dot com it's I radio now. Dot Com is the place to grab those those podcasts as well and your questions live when you dial the phone number and of course the factor fiction out there same number. Gets you through to to work on that and Do we have one of those emails there that we could take. Yeah sure your animal talk. You've got mail. I work for a corporation. And they're always asking me to think outside the box. Unfortunately my cat does think outside the box a lot. How can I stop my cat for missing the edges of the litterbox not with number two as much as with number one? We just have bad aim. That's what it sounds like this assign luster. Yeah the easiest way would be to get a hooded cat box or the clever cat box where the come down from the the top loaders. I call That really cuts down on the mess. If they've got a hooded one available or find one that's a little bit higher or a little tent they have Wins the the automated? When I have has a little tent that goes over letterman. Yeah let me not. All cats tolerate that. But if your cat will that'll be the psalm mixed for you fan. We'll talk BAA. Does your cheated. Never Win Talk. It's animal talk and we're playing a game. It's called back or fiction. We have three facts. Two of them are false. One is absolutely true. Gets the true fact and We have a fantastic prize for you. Eight hundred five nine nine. Two three one in the first fact would be act one. The most common group of dog to win best in show at Westminster Dog. Show in New York. Is The non working group. Thanks to the numerous wins by poodle. Sake you poodles number two Tiber Whales which looks like a cross between a Dolphin Killer Whale Migrate East and West along the southern coast of Africa not North and south and our third fact. The weddell seal once had a dive length recorded at seventy three minutes underwater. Weddell so Put them in a globe in in in downtown New York and and you could be a TV show. David David Blaine using their water for all right. Eight hundred fifty. I don't know not long enough. That was a raffle at. What are you clutching? Actually I have a story that relates. It's not part of the news but I have a story that relates to your question. Oh what is the question of the day is taking your dog to work. Yes colorful today. Yes is It did take your dog to work day on Friday. Have you ever taken your pet to work or do you plan on taking your pet to work on your work? And this from East Point Michigan. A judge has been ordered to keep her dogs at home. A stage additional agency says the dogs places in the home and is ordered. A suburban Detroit judge to stop bringing terriers lurch and Lizard into court. The State Court Administrative Office an Agency of the Michigan Supreme Court this week contact at each point district. Judge Marine Redmond about the dogs They said animals don't understand. The court proceedings are not to be disturbed core serious places and respect for the court needs to be maintained dogs and other pets can inject a note of informality that is not appropriate She's been bringing the dogs to work since two thousand and four She says the dogs bring calm to the tense courtroom and attraction for schoolchildren. Which again you want to try to see how many school turning get to come to court. And she says police officers and attorneys also enjoy the dogs. I'm sure they do and the employees honor dog and he let go of my finger now. She said the employees love having the dog. It brings a sense of happiness. Everybody who frequents the court knows pet friendly workplace and so but she had not take her dogs to to to the to work. And that was a good stenographer you tended to give the the sentences in dog years All right it was very reminiscent of news bit. It was like a news because the new study with a stupid communism. And she's not allowed to bring her dog. Yeah and actually. I could see that being disruptive in a courtroom. Would you know if the dog stayed back and chambers or something or with the secretaries or clerks or whatever you know yeah fine but not not in the court room itself if there was a preceding sounds like something from a bad movie? It really does. I if I'm if I'm if I'm you know looking at some time for doing a crime you WanNa be distracted with Fred. The bird on his show turn to the judge with his sleeping bloodhounds at his feet. So it sounds like you. Picture like If you have a courtroom with dog front like Joe Pesci ub saying utes somewhere. I thought immediately of my cousin that so there is a there is a level where that silliness and of course like let's say you know if your surgeon he can't be bringing the dog the work you know table scraps but no you can't do that But what I'm getting at is Miami. People can bring their dogs bringing their pets too. And have you work in a factory or online someplace again? Not a place conducive to take a pet. And what pets can you take? What about What if you have reptiles in scares the person around you? If it's going to be disruptive but it'd be interesting to see if you take to school. I had long hair. And he's to hide sitting in the back of where a big big shirt that had a hood on it. So you'd hide in the hood and then when he had to go potty he'd crawl out to my shoulder and I walk over to the nearest potted plant and he'd walked down into the potted plant go potty and then come back. Open the door to the weird world. His name was Wendell. When does my reds name Donna to talk to a matter of time? Short-circuiting jumped on the fast. Will you take your pet to work on your take the pet to workday coming up this Friday? Big Big national thing now. Big National thing is father's day that's going on today. Happy Father's Day to all our dads out there and Yate gay for Dads and of course you can always visit our website. Animal Talk Radio Dot Com. You can send us emails from their meals and we'll go for the emails you gotTa Animal Information there. What do we got deer animal talk? Was this fan mail from flounder. How afraid do I have to be of my dog getting worms? I've heard that worms can be a problem for my kids as well as the dog. The dog can give the children worms. Is this true? What can I do to prevent my dog from getting them? Thanks a lot and the signed Rhonda all right. Well this is it heartworms or is it intestinal or are there different kinds of worms intestinal worms? Kids can get really and roundworms kids can get and Not to mention the one celled parasite's Giardi in the city but they can get that for many anywhere to get that from the environment but Ramses hookworms children can get it and yes yes. They can be blinded by them. Yes the Ken because what happens. Is these worms get in the GI tract of a of a kid and they have a map for a dog and they end up going to the wrong place. It's kind of like being in Toronto with the Chicago Map. You're to find the loop no matter how often you drive around right so but again it's It's it's pretty easy to prevent these parasites Hartford. Hartford hard not hard but harvard. Plus our guard play soccer plus plus of course the Cajun Flavor are card plus the plus is takes care of the intestinal parasites prevents the parasites. They can cause problems for kids and we'll go but But again this is one of the things that As a new deal for vets to fear about lawsuits because of a child gets intestinal parasites. And you don't recommend that you that you have the dog on heart worm you can be sued and not just stay Not just a pet lawsuit. We're talking about a child being blinded. That's a gigantic thing and I'm not belittling the child being blind but I'm saying it's not a good thing for anybody involved ugly situation so yeah and And these and these parasites are in the Environment. Just about everywhere. That's why parents always tell the kids. Don't walking a field barefoot really and and going one step further. Here's your statistic that you'll be telling everybody at work tomorrow okay. Seventy five percent of the population of people have intestinal parasites. Seventy five percent have intestinal parasites mostly tapeworms or or or or pin worms. Something like that. But seventy percent have intestinal parasites in this room. You think well there's three of us here is the fourth person probably had them. Rich rourke nurse she should be Rec for a hunting dog pointing is rude. Yeah Give Animal Talk. And of course we have hanging out there. We have that factor fiction. We have three facts. Two of them are false. One is absolutely true. You guess the true fact and we have a fantastic animal talk prize for you and the first fact back number one. The most common group of dog to win best in show at the Westminster Dog. Show in New York. Is The non working group. Thanks to the numerous wins by poodles and number two Tiber. Whales which look like a cross a dolphin and a killer whale migrate East and West along the southern coast of Africa. Not North and south of the third fact is the Weddell seal Once had a dive length recorded at seventy three minutes underwater. Seventy three minutes underwater for the Whitfield Art. Two of those are false. One is true. Guess the true facts and We'll hook you up with something very cool for you and your pet. Aj Madonna Dr Brad. Its annual talk. We like to have a little fun along the way. It's time for the bad animal. Joke of the week boost all right time for the bat animal joke of the week of you'd like to submit a joke field three ascended to Jamie animal talk. Radio DOT COM Dr Brad Jaja. What is yellow and smells like Bananas Jamie? I don't know and smells like bananas. Lucky vomit catering over here. It's no joke submitted by our very own Donna. Plumbing it wasn't just it's not my joke. I can't take full credit for that. That was actually. My father's joke used to tell me when I was a kid. That was the thing there you go eight hundred two five nine nine two three one going to help you with your always Take bad animal jokes to sentiment in sharing with everybody else jokes about and We have rock on the line as well. Rourke hey how you doing. Excellent work Glad you're here did you hear that Bad Animal Joke. You know that would have been my question. I'm sitting here with a spider monkey ring tailed. Lemur and a big. They'll just tell me you just went into a bar with a rabbi. And you've made my day got an e mail question for you. We gotta and and some other stuff but first we got mark in Omaha. Who wants to take a shot at her factor fiction? We've got those three facts hanging out there mark. Welcome to animal talk. Hey has gone. Excellent mark Before we get into the factor fiction. What kind of pets do you have? I've got a chocolate lab. Several okay and coming up on the twenty-third Friday. The twenty third is take your pet to work day Will you take your pets at work? Can you take your Pets Award? I? I'd I'd love to but I'm a house arrest officer and I don't want her driving around and traffic and jumping out and getting hit by cars and stuff like that all right but Yeah right okay. So we're gonNA recap these three facts for you and You can take a shot at here. You go back to one. The most common group of dog to win best in show at Westminster Dog. Show in New York. Is The non working group. Thanks to numerous wins by poodles bring number two Tiber whales which looked like a cross between a dolphin and a killer. Whale Migrate East and West along the southern coast of Africa not North and South and the third factor Weddell seal once had a dive linked record recorded at seventy three minutes underwater. Which one of those is the true fact? I think it's fact number to the Dolphin oils. No Mark Sorry. Thank you mark so I have to read. That Long. Backed really appreciate it. Appreciate your joke is Brown and smells like Bananas and Oh good good. I like that one mark. I appreciate that. Thanks for the call. Old Bananas Bananas Star Trek the sequel was better than the train really was down to a fifty fifty on that factor. Fiction backed one backed one sees. I find it again. Okay fact one. Most Common Group of dog to win best in show at Westminster Dog. Show in New York. Is The non working group. Thanks to numerous wins by poodles and the the next one a weddell seal once at a dive link record recorded at seventy three minutes underwater. They guess which one of those is true and win a fabulous prize for you and your pet but we have on the line. It is take your pet to work day coming up on the twenty-third but rourke pets are your work. So you're you're always taking a more working with them so that's a kind of a redundant question to ask you. You are pets. Twenty four seven animals and pets twenty four seven. That's that's one hundred percent correct. I'm actually on vacation right now. Excellent the beautiful santee Cooper Lakes in South Carolina Lake Marian surrounded by alligators out. Here we had twenty nine at one count yet. I'm still sitting here with spider. Monkey retailed lever and a baby pot-bellied pig. Those are some travelling partners right there. Where's the reading? The bottle fed. You have to take them with you even on Asian Jamaica twisted Bremen town musicians thing going all right. We got an e mail question for you if you want to give this one. A shot deer rock. You're having new mail in your inbox. All right do snakes have teeth and snakes have teeth. Yeah well how do you think they chew their food? Actually snakes don't chew their food this well but that's a great question and I'll tell you why snakes are actually defined by their dentition first of all. The typical snakes are called a glyphosate. They have solid bone teeth and they use those to grab prey and hold them from getting away. Then you have the pistole glyphosate snakes which have solid teeth but they have hollow rear fangs. And they're called rear fanged or mildly venomous snakes such as boom slacked in mangroves snakes. Then you have the Celente glyphosate snakes. Which is the enemy of the snake kingdom because they have fullback fangs. Those are pit vipers in vibes. They have solid teeth but their fangs. Our Hala to deliver the venom. And then you have like cobras the day and those are short fixed. Fangs that are hollow and they deliver the Venom through that mechanism however they also have solid. Tease take grab their prey much. Grab and the Venom. That's right you can when you can grab your food knits alive. You know. There's not a McDonald's on every Corner Burger King out there in the jungle you gotta grab it and hold it and that can be difficult and some snakes are born with an eight two and that's how get out of the Ray. Snakes have teeth I gotta take a quick break. More quest more your calls coming up and more your questions. And that factor fiction animal talk is your frog on his last legs give animal talk. It's golic bumper music coming in their springsteen song called part man part monkey springsteen was just He's on tour to some last night. Shoe phenomenal show out of control. He's is the whole folk folk music seeger session thing unbelievable. It was like being a church revival and it was crazy. It was good. You know you you know it's rock and roll when there's a tube in the band so all right. I digress Animal Talk Yeah. That's what it is going to help you with your pets. That's what we're Julia wanted to take a shot at the fact or fiction. Julia listening on. Kfi Be welcomed Animal Talk Julia Collar poll for the day. It's take your pets at work. day on Friday. Can you take your pets of working? And William yes both my husband and I both take Our dogs to work he. He owned his own business as well as I do. Oh very cool. That's so much and it adds to Your Day Really. Does it really does? And all my customers really enjoy my little dog and they all like my husband's dog so excellent workout really. Well all right. Julia we factor fiction there. We have two facts. Let's recap for you really quick. Okay fact one. The most common group of dog to win best in show at the Westminster Dog. Show in New York. Is THE NON Working Group? Thanks to numerous wins by poodles and the second fact is a Weddell seal. Once had a dive length recorded at seventy three minutes underwater Julia which one is the true facts? I think back number one is true. You know I'm sorry shirt really down. But the poodles did win but There's another one that the military got my blue. What's going on with your dog She's she's about six years old and she's had problems her whole life and she was a puppy when we first got her. I found out. She's making bad knees bad hips and ever since she was a puppy. We've had trouble but Just yesterday my husband call was out of town and he said when she's breathing out. She makes a really loud rasping almost coughing noise every time she exhales man. I know that they have sometimes pomeranians have a problem with collapsing trachea. But I didn't know what that could be or what's going on. Well certainly could be collapsing trachea. Usually that's inhaling as much more than X. hailing inhaling is it's an active process pulling in air it's an not an active process pushing air out it just releases you don't have to push out of your body it just comes out naturally But something is it is it a snarky noise Or is it something that we're just seeing a lot of like like a? Is it like an engine like a car? That has a bad muffler. Would it would it? How would you describe it? It's real? It's very raspy. I don't really know how to explain. A couple of things that could be going on and again it's impossible to diagnose something like this over the phone as you can imagine but what we're dealing with more than likely is either backwards sneeze where they started smoking and they bring up they they snark air out. They can't do that sound. That does that every now and then all. This was all day long every time she acts hailed. Okay then this could be a little bit of an infection or a problem within the Trachea. The larynx the voice box And so what we could be seeing is a little again a little bit of a Raspy nece caused by that and possibly even a lung problem more than likely it's up higher because of how deep you're saying this is usually the higher pitched the further down it is but I would deaf. This is something you're obviously someone who's on the ball. You obviously Take care of your animal. You're just rattling off Just just you're not just saying it's that thing with the problem with the thing you know what's going on you know all the term so obviously take pretty good care of your critter. I would definitely get things checked out. I think this be anytime you get into a breathing problem. It's worth getting a stethoscope on the chest to see what's going on and allergy problems. You have allergies as possible. Usually allergy show themselves for the skin more than they show themselves through the through the respiratory system. It could even some aspiration. Pneumonia we could have An inhaled some drunk some water so quickly in the warm weather that we got some down the trachea Something like that's very possible but I tell you what it's really worth getting a quick exam done. Just get the best to take a quick peek. And hopefully they'll just say nothing here. You Go Man. Everything will be fine and everything will be. But it's what's worse is if they say you know what these long sound really loud. What's going on here and made me take a picture but anytime you have a breathing concern. It's it's well we're checking up for it gets OUTTA hand. Okay when she does sleep Kind of strange. Her nose runs a lot. Salim like a puddle on the floor and she's just a little six thousand dollars. Yeah that's definitely were taking because that could be anything in the nose from it could be anything from And I'm not trying to scare you. There's certain words you use and people get scared and they don't hear anything else you say okay could be cancer but it could also be a fungal infection. It could be just a bacterial infection. It could even a foreign body. We could've snuck off the floor that stuck in there like a needle or something like that. I think it's a real worth getting things checked out. Okay all right. Good luck to Jim in Omaha listening on. Kfi BE JIM. Welcome animal talk. Hello what's going on? rourke if you're paying attention what's going on with your Snakes here well. I have three snakes Corn Snake Plains Garter snake and Brown water snake and always been giving them bottled water and once in a while the bottle of water were full have fish and feeder fish. I wonder if I could use. We have core. I mean in the waters he pronounced for mean here in the water here and I have Chemicals remove the court. I mean so I was wondering if I could be coronate the water I give it to the snakes that D- coronate or harm snakes. All right well hang on to that thought for just a minute. Jim and Rourke answer that for you as soon as we get back from this break. We'll also get to your questions as well and we have jim listening on Kfi be. Jim had a question about his next. He has a couple of different kinds of snakes and had in the past gave them bottled water to drink any at a question about Some water in a tank. And if it's safe for them to drink it if it's a certain types of chlorination in Iraq did you catch all that yeah and you know this Jim guy sounds like a real serpent of file and that can be a good thing. Look Jim you're going the extra mile and giving him the The bottle of water and that's commendable because you placed their safety and well-being above the bulge in your wallet. But let me tell you my friend. Snakes are some of the strongest reptiles and if it's the water's good for fish. It's good for snakes. You don't have to the coronate. The water for snake tap water is just fine. What we can drink they can drink but like alcohol in moderation all right so Gym where you catch that. Yeah all right then. Answer your question for you yeah. Excellent Jim with reptiles. Will you take your pets to work date and take the pet? The Work Day. I couldn't on a cruiser. Then they'd get hot and all that. Yeah Yeah that'd be if you're out on the roads. It's definitely not the weather to have your pets in the car. That is for all right. Jim Thanks so much for the call. Thank you all right and was Laurie still holding. John was still lorries bomber. All right so we're GONNA ask Lori about her pets but All right so rourke your nursing a Lemur. How's that work exactly well. I'm actually using a bottle because I'm not built for nursing cooking visual go and it was freaking me out a little bit. Hey how about that guy in the cruiser I thought they used to beat the citizens with rubber hoses. And now they're using snake- SNAKES. Um Mercy all right rourke well thanks so much for chiming in. I'm glad we had Some people that Got Some help from you today. Enjoy your vacation and have a good father's Day because I know your father all cruise right brother we'll talk to you soon and That's so much fun too much fun with that guy. All right. Here's a question That came through. I have a baby raccoon. And we'd like to have them vaccinated but no vets in my area will let me do it. Can I order the vaccine to do it myself? Yes you can. You can order it all. You want to do anything. Sued Taraf repellents constant by a draft. But it's one of those things that Really aren't Whether you vaccinate your your your coon for Lepto it won't protect against Lepto. It's not made for coons. It's not the wising and you're putting yourself in danger. Moving wild animal really I mean are there any truly domesticated raccoons no for all the people who deal with with Pets and dogs. Don't WanNa do it but you do. Leave the wildlife wild all right thanks. Christi Newman for Chiming in Ryan. Newman number twelve And his wife. Chrissie pit road pets their coffee table book from NASCAR CAR. -gratulations Ryan Coming fifteen today out an mis and It's a good way to go. Thank you for your calls and of course. There's always Evan Exotic Week and kiss while thing for me. Decastro take provide. That will do it for another episode of Animal Talk. Thanks for being with us. Don't forget like subscribe comment on I tunes or wherever you found as it all helps. Thanks to Sam or new intern for all the work. She's doing of course. Thank you for being here again until next time. Evan Exotic Week. Kiss your wild thing for me.

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Fiat Chrysler Withdraws From Renault Deal

WSJ What's News

11:28 min | 1 year ago

Fiat Chrysler Withdraws From Renault Deal

"Whatever you and your employees are working for ADP, designing better ways to help you achieve it from HR talent, and time management to benefits and payroll. That's ADP always designing for people theat Chrysler withdraws its merger offer for Reynaud is actually is weird because Fiat Renner deal has fallen apart. Posse, and sinks into a bear market investors, every sort of reassess thing, the post specs global growth, US arrest at this southern border rise sharply in may. This is what's news. From the Wall Street Journal. I'm Kim Gittleson? Let's get started. Now before we get in terming story this morning, Fiat Chrysler is decision to withdraw its offer to merge with the French carmaker. Renault, here's what you missed arrest at the southern US border rose sharply in Maine, US customs and border protection said they apprehended one hundred and thirty two thousand eight hundred eighty seven people that's an increase of over a third compared to April the figures were released as Mexican officials met with vice President Mike Pence, and secretary of state. Mike Pompeo on Wednesday, although the meeting broke up without a deal on proposed tariffs. Mexico's foreign minister Marcelo abroad said he was optimistic that tariffs could be averted optimistic because we have a good meeting with respectable respective position from both parts talks are set to resume today, and the global grounding of Boeing seven thirty-seven max has upended air travel, but there's one little notice corner of the aviation industry, that's benefiting. From the problems companies that rent out planes and staff from London are aerospace. Correspondent Robert wall has more. So, of course, the max grounding has been a real burden not just on Boeing, but also for the airlines since specially going to the busy summer season, they've built their schedule. They've sole tickets and suddenly, the planes, they were going to fly them on are not there. So in Europe, in particular, a lot of the companies to avoid canceling flights have rented planes from these wet, leased companies companies that rent not just the planes but on very short two bases. Cruise so pilots, I've been crew and, and the actually aircraft and that's what's keeping them going. In fact, one of the wet Lisa companies told us their phones were ringing off the hooks. When the max grounding happened, you know there there, there, there's a premium price. So this can be many, many thousands of dollars per hour. Separately are amid seek calmness. Scott McCartney got an exclusive look inside a Boeing flights. Simulator. He went inside with two American Airlines pilots who are trying out a fix to the software flaw that likely led to two crashes he writes that, while the proposed fixed tested, well, in the simulation, he observed, there are still many hurdles ahead before the max returns to the skies and federal investigators are examining whether Pat Haden played a role in the national college admissions cheating scheme. Mr. Hayden is a former university of southern California director and NFL quarterback according to a person familiar with the investigation. Investigators only became interested in Mr. Haden, recently, a member of his family said that he hadn't been contacted by federal authorities. Now, our main story this morning, Fiat Chrysler has decided to withdraw its offer to merge with the French carmaker Renou, according to people familiar with the matter. The company decided to pull out after the French government resisted, the deal due to a lack of support from Nissan. Nissan is in an alliance with Renault to find out more. I rang up Nick cost of in Paris, who's been closely following the deal. So Nick, what happened what happened? Good question suit, essentially, what we have is deal between we have FCA proposing to merge with Reynaud. However, Renner has been in tonight's with Nissan for twenty years, and therefore shares of many parts platforms is fairly integrated with Nissan, now, the French states decided that it would not back this deal without the explicit approval and without the explicit support of Nissan and Nissan. Has not really been involved in negotiations. Nissan, essentially abstained on the votes and said, we need more time to study how this would affect business and for the French state that wasn't good enough. They wanted me Santa vote. Yes. And so, different states, proposed delay said let's try and work with Nissan to try and get them on board and will reconvene in five days and at this point, John Alcon, who's the controlling shareholder if he at Chrysler decided to pull the deal of pool his proposal, and so the deal Fennell has fallen apart. What has the Chrysler said, well fee Chrysler fuse, and the deal is, is not possible with the with the French state at the moment, because they've been in negotiations with the French state for the past week, different state has been asking for a number of concessions, for example, once a board seat on the new entity. It wanted a four year term for the news CEO of the. Company, and he wanted that to be Reynaud chairman. There was a number of other things. And so see at Christ is essentially saying, we've had enough of the French states demands, this has become untenable, and we can't do a deal when east conditions, and what does the failure of this deal mean for the car industry in Europe? And in the US, does it help rivals, like maybe Volkswagen, perhaps, I mean, it's very difficult to tell at this stage in the US, this would have meant said Nissan, getting together with Chrysler in a way, which which would obviously bought brands like ramen Jeep closer closer with the Nissan's. So that doesn't seem like it's going to happen now. I mean what it means I guess, for the car industry is, if you speak to end this most of them think that Fiat Chrysler needs a deal right now and because then they haven't invested enough in future technologies, I'm so we'll see who they end up with whether it's another French call maker of maybe Paju, or whether you know, as you said, someone Volkswagen. You can find our latest updates on the fallout from the failure of the merger at WS J dot com. Capital. One knows life doesn't alert you about your credit card. That's why they've created Iino the Capital One assistant that catches things that might look wrong with your credit card, you know catches over tipping, duplicate, charges, or potential fraud, and then sends an alert sear phone and helps you fix it. It's another way capital. One is watching out for your money when we're not Capital One. What's in your wallet? See Capital, One dot com for details. On to markets oil has officially entered a bear market with the price of US. Crude falling by more than twenty percent from April peak. So what's caused the slide? Our markets editor Quinton web, explains the most immediate causes unsee this being a bit of a build up of oil stockpiles in the US helped caused the latest sell off, but the big ecause really, is that investors every sort of reassessing, the prospects for global growth amid rising trade tensions, and various other signs of economics slowness, and as that happens oil, which tends to be highly sensitive to economic activity has fallen very sharply. I think for investors. This is another sign of how various different markets a moving to reprise their assessment of economic prospects. So we have things like gold has rallied very sharply in recent days. Treasury bonds rallied pushing yields, Dan, very St.. Cheaply effectively markets sort of pricing in an environment of low growth, probably lower official interest rates, the prospect of kind of extended trade tensions a slowdown in global trading volumes. I think what oil is telling us is really part and parcel of that border picture. And now this guide, here's what to look forward to later today. Beyond meat will report its first innings is a public company after the closing bell last month that had the best first day performance of a public company in nearly two decades. Its shares rose over one hundred sixty percent during their first day of trading. We recently reported that beyond me along with its rival and possible. Burger is struggling to meet no pun intended demand as fast food chains. Add meatless options to their menus, and many of you wrote into our question yesterday about whether you decided to forgo, an NBA that was in response to the news that several schools like tippy business school at the university of Iowa were closing their traditional two year degree programs. Many of you said, yes that the expense and time commitment had turned you away. Brad Davis wrote every time I look into going back to school. I find an employer who doesn't care if I have an MBA, thanks to so many of you for writing in. And that was a lone piper playing a lament on the remains of Mowbray harbor at seven twenty five AM local time. That's the moment the first British soldier landed on gold beach, seventy five years ago remembrances of the seventy fifth anniversary of d day continue in Normandy. UK Prime Minister Theresa may, along with French president Emmanuel Macron, laid a wreath on a new memorial for veterans. Here's a little bit of what she had to say. Credit be moving to be hit looking out across speeches, where one of the greatest battles of freedom. This world has ever known took place, and it is truly humbling to do so with the man who was there that say it is all of all of us to share this moment with you. Finally, we want to leave you with the DJ day memory of British soldier, Harry billings. He was just eighteen when he took to the beach in France at ninety three years old. He's one of the last better ends making the trip to France today. Just a warning. His memory is quite graphic. Now, see this is one thing sticks in on on. Right. With blood human blood. I will bet ties they're all about. Still see that. Nighttime, too. That was what it was like. You had to being made to be there. That's what's news from the Wall Street Journal. Thanks for listening.

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