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"brad chip kelly" Discussed on Titus & Tate

"Out you know what i mean to was great and do interact with it because it was. Pfc a you know. They're trying to be cool and straight onto that are they. I think i saw it because it said like do basketball liked it. You know what i mean. It was like you know you have it on on these. You know all the people who run these accounts have to like laugh at themselves. Quote unquote When you get it's the literally world series mindset when you get dunked on. You have to clap for the guy that you have to lab. That's how the internet works. Yeah because if you don't if you do anything other than like give a standing ovation to the guy that just dunk on. Everyone's like well you're butter big man exactly Shots do for not saying mcnabb and also found out. today. I was like oh great Speaking speaking literally world series. I want to I wanna shout out. Brown's berg my hometown yes As we have learned as liberal theories progress state browsing might have actually been the third best team in the world and not enough. People are talking about this. Ohio plays michigan and literally world series championship. We don't talk about what happened. Who won doesn't matter both could strike. Both teams tried their best. That's all that matters. They had a lot of folks. Try their best They're both from the same region. The great lakes region as we know they play each other in the great lakes championship. Usually only one makes it but both made it because of the international team this year. Ohio on their run to making the lakes championship game. They knocked braundsberg out taped by one run. It was two to one so. I'm doing the math here. And i'm saying like ohio could have smoked all browser smoked. All these other. Everybody else you could you what they should have done. Three great lakes teams in and browse. Birds probably third best team. Hang the banner in the town. In fact i'm going to get on my flight. I'm gonna go hang a banner in town that says you should third best team in the world. I also like. I think it's i think it's rigged. They were both in it. Like you said this is what region. I know that we had bill slots in it feels like if feels rigs from that sense huge win for the big ten now. A national david mix instead of the day ohio and michigan and the title game also the bucks. Nba championships of suck haters the big back in a big way for the big thing. Yada jaanus noted big thing Yeah what else is there. Any other shutouts. Honestly the only thing i was gonna shout out was the fact that carolina football info bolandian or college football coming back this weekend. I know i should probably do it. Over the next show You're going to be in madison wisconsin on the ground football college football charlotte wilder nye. The podcast cheat on tate with we are doing a college football tour with fox and We're our first stop is madison for the. We're we're doing a show. Friday night madison at a bar. So if you're if you're a badger fan or student or what does he practice. Come see us come have some. We're gonna guess ago. Yeah he should. We're coming to a. We're coming to columbus week too by the way so put down your counter. You buck as listening or for for ohio state oregon and all all the coeds. All these campuses. Jim cunningham is on the way know. You've been patiently waiting for jim. Pentagon show up. So i'm glad he's gonna be there. I'm so convinced. Jim took the job for the store owner and had nothing to do with us. So i'm excited for him to live. His life is out on the road. Jim gets the job at fox. And i tell him like he was living all the way on the east side of la. And i as you know. And i told him dude. You got to move 'cause the fox studios more on the west side. You don't wanna do that. Commute all the time. Whatever so he goes on moving. I'm gonna move from my place. Where are you moving. You should move over the west side where you and i live eight. Jim ends up moving still kind of east. He's like an hollywood. It's still like i was at his place. He's still in hell. Yeah and so. I said something like jim why like. Why would you not move to west side so you can drive into the studio. We could make it easy peasy and he goes because i he goes i. We're gonna be on the road so much. That kinda doesn't matter where i live and i was like jim. That's for like three months. And then what and then i was like. Oh you're just doing the two months road show chance at the end of the road show Rubble we're gonna be traveling so much like yeah for two months when you talk about it. He wanted me to clarify. That is not hollywood. It's east west hollywood Which which to me says a lot like hollywood But but verification ed's I'm actually going to go to A friend of burke we love on the show. I'm gonna go to the ucla lsu game on saturday. So we're we're yeah. Yeah i'm gonna go. That's why are we putting my. I read the like i watch. Ucla this weekend. And i kind of fell in love with their offense wine. And i and i want to be this is the first ever played is three. Ucla and lsu. And i feel really upset. You know what i mean. Ucla football with jordan. Brad chip kelly advisor the ground. I'm gonna be boots on the ground for ucla. Football's ascension so by the way speaking of ucla. I saw i saw footage from the practice gym recently and they have a massive picture of the final four team with the confetti in the trophy and everything hanging up in the practice gym and gut reaction immediate reaction bad vibes. I don't like it. It felt like very san diego. Stadi- felt like you bring that whole team back. You gotta wait. You gotta wait until those guys are gone before you start putting stuff up the high-grade i hate that. I hate that every day. They're going to practice. They're looking at themselves celebrating the championship. That they did. They went to the fire i do. I'm scared that zone. Yeah they celebrated the That's the worst bar because the way they look at it they're like hey jalen Amazing shy we would have wanted overtime so they kind of already celebrated i don't like it most. Yeah they're they're also they're also like they're the type of school that's like re tweeted people. They're like yeah. Those one of the most watch games in sports tweet that don't proud of that that people celebrating this it. Also there yeah. They're about to be a football school. I mean that that's the that's the hard part about this right. You can't be both unless you're a florida. Ohio state texas. Like you gotta be lucky to be both both youtube. Serious tape frazier l. A football fan and your head chargers caves. Let people know dude. Let them know what's going on because The chargers are gonna be great. It's just in herbert season. I do love ucla. papa. I i i love the great offense bryant. That's i only care about the trenches. Just show me your deal on in your whole line. I'll tell you how far he can go. A thought is There is a shutout again to joseph naked mark Had a lot of fun. Yakov develop shot up to the stevens family for voting three to one and whoever whoever told me a..

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