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"brad blaney" Discussed on NASCAR America

"You on the wrong side? What was the 30s and 40s you picked? What was he in? Elizabeth Atlanta test years ago that your dad and those guys put the left on the right and right on the left around the one lap, put a big lap down and said, and they left, right? In that the old story is that how that goes. Yeah. So if you intimidated everybody else, they were like, oh my gosh, we can't keep up with Earnhardt. Oh yeah. You can go out there and do that on Friday. You can already start the mind games a little bit. There you go. Big brands calling it Kyle Larson laying a lap down right at the beginning of practice. All right, ma'am, looking forward to seeing you this weekend. We'll see you Friday in Phoenix. All right, Brad Doherty joining us. He'll be on the pre race show all week and long when we come back. Mike Bagley from SiriusXM NASCAR radio he'll join us here on motormouth. Here's the championship four for the Cup Series this weekend and Phoenix those four drivers will race for a title. How did they earn their way in? Well, let's look back at the Martinsville race. After 34 events and almost 12,000 miles of racing, it's all down to a little half mile track in southwest Virginia to decide who joins Kyle Larson in the championship for I don't think you're ever safe unless you have a win. So we know that. Yeah, I mean, look at just how quick it can change. It's going to be tough. You look at any of those 5 guys that were racing against on points essentially. And any one of them 5 can win. So it's gonna be about a championship four race today just to get into the championship board. We got a chance to point our way in just depending on how things go and hopefully we can just be good enough control our own race and be at the front going for the win. You're the best guy under pressure I know. He's smart here, keep our nose and vendors on it. Somebody be watching the head. Green flag is in the air and mauritian hardens will Virginia. Already contact. Chase Elliott got into the back of the 19 of Mark trex junior. He slid up the racetrack. Denny Hamlin had to start at the back. He's actually below the cut line right now. Brad Blaney running in 7th place. Travel here, but I'll get you fixed up. Dating Hamlin's been alive. You have the 12. Right in front of the 11 of Denny Hamlin. Let on the break. It was a great run and if you laugh on my fan, the ball throw on an autoload, I'll turn to all four seconds. I'm still in all over career buffer Ryan Blaney. Damage now he has gotten contact from Austin Dillon. I don't even know what to do here. He's in a month with position struggling right now, the handling of that race car. Plenty of time to try to fix it here. From the get go, we're struggling getting to turn into two thirds and ready to track bar. That made it loose everywhere, except where I wanted to turn and put that bag try something else and at least closer, but all we're doing is compromise and at that point, as the running right now on the track, it's the 19 of Mark trex junior who is above the cut line and now Kyle Busch's below that cut line. But we did gain on it. Zero years. How about either out here? 18 has been dragging this whole group bag really bad. And shoveling all day in here Jones making contact all the way down the straightaway. This is going to be the fourth time that Chase has swept the first two stages in a race and with that chase Elliott now has locked himself in to the championship four. Kyle Busch got busted for speedy, gotta go to the back. Another half the race take care of himself will start working way forward. Pretty much went zero. I would think that I didn't really talk too much about the point thing, but we're about 14 or so out. So when the 12 car Brian Blaney Tyrell there got a left high rush. Because I don't know what to say about that. It's probably a lot of news. We know we're always gonna miss the other mystery kind of the head scratcher we're not really any different than how we've been here in the past and we've been really good. Just one really the right combination today. The water coming out of the 19 car saying is overheating. Get your radiator back. It's been on all day. Everything must be taken to 22, even got in track position here, but it just does not look like they may be at the speed. We fall hard to season. We just weren't fast enough. We were fast enough throughout the playoffs and then today kind of was another example of that. Now, the 11 fighting for the lead with a 19 and Denny Hamlin takes the lead here at Martinsville. We weren't winning car, but we were third fourth place car all day long, and that's where we ran and everything's going smooth and then you know the two in 18 come up there in the front kind of out of nowhere and I got some damage running out of the two car. Big damage to the 19 car, the left front. Huge, huge damage. Every spot that 19 loses is a point to the two car. Brad Keselowski knows exactly the task ahead of him. Gotta raise denying got loose and spun him out, I just all I could do to hold onto the car and feel bad for chase and he got caught up there, at least he's still good for next week. Tricks up the track. This is gonna cost him even more spots. More spots more points for Trent. He could be out of the championship board now. Like, oh damn, we're in big trouble here and then they say we're out. Just dig deep, just fight back and do all we could after that. It's Kozlowski and Kyle Busch up there into the championship board. We had a Hail Mary opportunity there at the end and just in materialized. So all in all, just proud of the effort we slung everything and anything at this thing today and just couldn't really make it come alive. For the lead moment actually gives him the bottom and Denny's gonna retake the lead. The 11 around. Didn't want to race this there. We had a good clean race. I moved up as high as I could on the racetrack to give him all the room I could. And he still can't drive. This is going to get crazy. He went to the bottom, fire went to the bottom also. That allowed the 19 of two action rolls to the top. Got a little break on that last restart, you know, a bunch of guys went to the bottom and I seen the hole up there and I was like, I gotta go for it. Put ourselves in a position and just wasn't quite strong enough there at the end. Checkered flag is out. Alex Bowman will win. Denny Hamlin not happy with the way Bowman raced him. Championship four going.

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