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"brad beatson" Discussed on The Free Agents

"All to into thanks jaydee for covering me there. Well done to use her. And thank you to brad beatson longtime no dunks ran for sending that one in. Let's hear amir's thoughts on if you guys are going to get that one right. What about this a mirror. How do you feel about this. What do you think the guys are going to get it. The coups making three will throw them off. They'll think that it's definitely fake. But people sort of forgot that he he shot pretty well this regular susan. It was the playoffs. The maybe the recency bias will throw them off. They'll say coups. Making a three lakers pulling away doesn't sound like the purple and gold and they'll say this whole thing was fake attention to detail is like trying to get in our heads but no no no. I do wonder if he had done a better mark jackson impersonation would it made us li like actually think it was fake because he you'd be leaning right. He just sort of just straight up. Read it in a weird way. It helped it be believable. Don't that doesn't make any sense. Accents mirrors a busy guy. You know he. He is not not as board as i am. I don't think went and did a reread. He didn't do it pre read. I think that's clear. Jd no sense coming in fresh cold. Reid he'd heated awesome. But i'm pretty sure it was a cold. Yeah yeah because actually while we were recording. I got him to listen to the screen. Because i wanted him to screen the those lamar heard screaming. I want him to feel that when we didn't go through the mark jackson won in all fairness. I mean i called upon him last second he got in on it. He did a good job. All right let's move. You tune sucks to mark. Jackson amir blumenfeld road. See if it even. When i do jack it's easy to do a one line. Yeah garbage if you really start actually doing a full accent. That's hard anyway. we've got a few more next. We're going to utah as philadelphia and their broadcast crew. Visit the jazz on eight january monday. Ben simmons had a big forty two that night. If i remember correctly the sixers mark zuma f- and ala aljenobi they bounce around be zubov. Jd will play at v. We're tied with five minutes. Left to play in the third. The sixers have gone to their bench again and remember. They only have eight.

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