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Ashley Bozeman

"You're listening to the revision. Pat podcast a weekly showcase of the world's black graphic designers designers and web developer through in-depth interviews. You'll learn about their work. Their goals and what inspires them as creative individuals? Here's your host Maurice Cherry. Hello everybody welcome to revision bath. I'm Ariz Cherry. And before we jump at this week's interview. I just want to remind you once again about recognize recognize design features essays and commentaries from indigenous people and people of Color Now the theme for this year is fresh and the deadline for submissions is April thirtieth another. It's only just a few weeks away so for more details including how to submit your essay as well as our rules visit recognized dot design. Now let's talk about our sponsors facebook design. An abstract. Facebook design is a proud sponsor over vision path to learn more about how the facebook designed community is designing for human needs at unprecedented scale. Please visit facebook dot design. The episode has also brought to you by abstract design. Workflow management for modern design teens spend less time searching for design files and tracking down feedback and spend more time focusing on innovation and collaboration like glitch but for designers abstract your teens version controlled source of truth for design work with abstract conversion. Sketch design files present. Work request reviews collect feedback and give developers direct access to all specs. All from one place signed your team up for Free Fourteen Day trial today by heading over to. Www DOT abstract dot com. Now for this week's interview I'm talking with Ashley. Bozeman an art director at the Martin Agency in Richmond Virginia. Let's start the show right so tell us who you are and what you do high so my name is Ashley Bozeman. I N an art director here at the mortgage interest located in Richmond Virginia. So as far as like title magical roles so basically I were in the creative department added creative Ad Agency. I'm usually paired with a copywriter and together. We are the ones who were briefed and tasked to basically come up with ideas for campaigns commercial. Social Coast really anything. You can think it's our job to basically come up with that creative idea. And then specifically as art director at my job to rematch like visually. So how does that look? Who is being represented you know? What a colored choices where the style choices cinematographer no working with directors and things like that but we basically just. We're the ones who control. Everything looks whereas partners on our copywriters. They're the ones who control the tone of voice and what that sounds like and scripts and things like that so together. We're the ones kind of The big brains behind You'll see on TV as far as like commercials and things like that is sounds like your work is a lot of against like meetings and sort of heads down work sessions Yes definitely a lot of meetings but it's also a lot of consenting so it's just like. I was briefed earlier today. We'll get a brief and then on you know. Look at our calendars hanging time. Report like two or three hours on on our schedules. And then we'll just find room in the office and literally. Just sit by ideas that are large. Kinda lost the that? We're not sure clients whatever even by or do and Ideas that also fit the brief exactly so we basically will just kind of get together. Just kind of brainstorm different ways. We can kind of find the best solution for that. Problem in the brief can be solved or or something to be showcased in the best way possible. And now this this brief document that you get this coming. I'm assuming this is coming from the client. Or is this someone else's kind of putting this information together for you? Yeah so internally. We have our strategists so our strategists are the ones who have worked with the client and then they were on their own research and insights to develop a kind like. Yeah just kind of like a resource. It'll give US INSIGHTS. It'll have like actual problem. They're trying this all. It'll have a target demographic about win. Were trying to do said thing. Having a time line may be important events that are happening around that time to that then they kind of all like compiled together to kind of create. This kind of like you know. She usually like about five or six page long document that we can also thin used to kind of go back to to kind of make. Sure that whatever ideas we do come up with. They fit the brief and they set that target off and they fit the platform that they asked US create on. Yeah it's kind of a mix a lot of desktop internally but they definitely have to use bindings and have these conversations of clients to make sure that has to go now from what I heard you were the first black woman. Higher there as a creative in the history of the agency is that true yes. So let's actually pretty crazy in really crazy. Considering I started in two thousand eighteen remember beginning on twenty eighteen and I think I didn't find that out probably like at least like a year a half a year and a half maybe into my career here but so it was kind of like a shock but I think also to something that was also really exciting and I think that like my friends and like my parents. Especially my Mama's China heightened me up about where I think initially I felt like kind of scared. You know you kind of you're worried like okay. I don't know who I really asked to be the first but something. My mom always says is slow. Somebody has to be the first. So can you so? I think that things like that are also just so important when it comes to just kind of remembering like your place and then again knocks take it as a negative purchase. The know that light. Hey this is pretty exciting restarting things and you know somebody has to do it. And all of us are more than capable in being that person who are some of the brands our clients that you've been able to work with. When I first started out I primarily was working on land lakes butter so I know a lot of unnecessary facts about butter which is so funny with create is located especially in the AD industry like everybody knows wild things about wild like a random begs like. It's just so interesting so I know a lot of things about Aaron were combined for almost a year and then last year. I did a lot of work for discover card okay. I'm a little knowledgeable actually in credit cards. So that's kind of exciting this year and at the end of last year too. I been on more Oreo work. Which has been fun and exciting and then a lot of different other things as we were pitching or old old navy Out that Sun and that was really fun and like so many that they literally have go back and forth and working on on. Penske now I've done. Ups Ritz crackers. That worked on that for a while. So there's definitely a lot of ran for the had the opportunity to tax year which has been fantastic but then also to. We also just have a lot of brands do that on. I'm excited to hopefully touch this year. Like door dash on Carmax and things like that so yeah it's just kind of changes in. It's nice because I'm never just one thing usually on things so that meant especially when you have like a mind. That's like literally all over the place it's nice to be able to debris your energy into other pat path rather than just one. Is there a zero specific type of client? You enjoy working with because I would imagine in an Ad Agency. You're working with like you just mentioned all these different clients. They're in all these different. Industries is a lot of variety there. Yeah they are. Yeah there is. It's interesting too because I think I find that. Like not that almost changes. Sometimes I think there's been parts of every client that I've worked on so far that I really really have enjoyed a really rely. I think Oreos really fun because they are kind of design having an I do love to die and they also really love big ideas. So that's kind of like a really fun place to kind of come up with these larger ideas but I think also too. I really love projects that are used their platform to kind of spread a larger message. And I think that that's something that's really nice because it's kind a few and far between a lot of times. People just want to make sure that the brand or their products place. I which I totally understand I think at the same time I also love. Love love when a client can tap into an issue that is relatable for them appropriate for them and they want to do something about it and I think that's really fun. I think that's what gets me most excited when I get free. Unprecedented that now. I have to ask this question because you spent a lot of time talking about really sort of kind of the great things about your job and what it is that you do but what still worse thing about being an art director of the Agency. Say the worst thing would prob honestly. I think you can ask any our director this. I'm pretty sure the same thing I think. The death of every art director is making comes in making conce literally just the art of basically intense hours of voter shopping and searching for images and like. Let's say like you've come up with this grand idea you said Okay. We WanNa make a truck that has like a slide on the back of it and of course every client is just like okay. I don't know if that means that looks like so again. That's our job so now we have to find truck. I'm going like getty and search will be saying. Find the perfect trump than photoshop. That trucks make oreo brand. Let's say and then like like a giant Lindmeyer find another image of sly that still fits and then still have. It looks somewhat realistic. So I think that part can just be just such a time consuming thing because you can search for pictures for hours and you can get like stuck in like this whole hours and so. I think that that might be the most difficult part. Because how can you move fast but then awesome make something look as Nice so I think that's something I've really worked on this year to my speed with an offer to my craft and making sure that those two things go together so that can just be a little time consuming but like I said I think a lot of art directors. Feel my pain when it comes to making gump's so like when you're working together with the copyright are there it sounds like you're also kind of designer to like there's not designers that are in house that are helping out or you're kind of yes we definitely we have a whole super super talented design team and we also have a very super super talented studio art teams studio art so that's people that world warned so be wants to kind of help us with those cons and can help us get things together and make sure the images are perfect in the files of perfect for the sentinel ought to be unshipped to whomever and then our designers or more so like bill kind of sitting contract intensive sometimes with Zoe. Be in the brief. It's big enough. They'll be in the brief fasten southern they know that they're kind of like concept and thinking about it design life. We're as we're kind of focused on still the imagery but also to the core of the idea. That's still a big part of our job description as well so we shop people who can help us out but nine hundred ten they have to kind of you know they still have plenty of things they have to do on their own. So it's just I think it's an art director. You have to being multifaceted but I think a great art directors also great designer and vice versa. So it's an interesting role Kinda dips into a bunch of different things was designed kind of a big part of your childhood growing up. You grew up in Milwaukee from what you told me before we started recording was designed kind of a big part of your growing up see no not necessarily designed but more so just art. It's interesting I'm five and over. My parents are superstar. My Dad Engineer. My Mom's always been great at math and science and so I feel like I came out and I was just like this little light. Hey let's draw so I just always thought likely what happened? How did I get that gene? But it's fine. I think what's interesting too is now that actually like sitting here and talking about it. I think because of my dad's job we moved around quite a bit and by moving around like we probably lived around almost every three years so I was constantly going to new school in new states and trying always like the new kid but I think I found comfort in our. I think that was something. That wasn't reliant upon somebody else so if I were to move like that summer or something like I still draw. It was something to keep me occupied. It was something that I really enjoy weight seeing a picture and then trying to you know then bring it to paper saw. That was something I think you know. Kinda like all kids do but then I noticed that. That was one thing that I really kept with so my kept with her throughout middle school. I catch throughout high school. I didn't actually through college which I had been realized like. Oh maybe I should have majored in art. Maybe they should have been thing but I still took like. I literally take an art class every single semester and other only one semester. I didn't and I literally can feel the difference on. I just didn't feel the same. So that's when I realized okay. This is probably going to be a part of me forever. So yeah we're your parents really supportive. If you're going into art like that. They wonder they were and I thank them all the time. And I'm just so appreciative. They've always been super Always been very supportive in that. I always say left or right. After I had graduated from Hamson I had gotten a degree arm in public relations which are still really liked. But you know I just. I don't know there was something about where I was just like. Okay I basically many deliverance out. That said okay so I'm job hunting looking for PR job right you know. I'm willing to take our classes on the side because I think there's something really important to me so I was looking for jobs in different cities and I looked in Atlanta and so of course I was probably looking at the art schools before looking at the jobs but so that tells you right there but I found Google search. I was like looking through our school and then up popped up to different things. It was the Portfolio Center. And then the great circus and I remember reading because as I was doing like the job search or like as working descriptions for the PR JOBS. It was interesting because aren't director. Never be that far. Because it's still all in communications and so I would always see that job position that job role and I'm just like wow. That sounds so limit without any sound. Right up my alley. But I don't know how you know. How would I become art director? That doesn't make any sense like that's really cool on how people get into whatever. Once I found the circus I was looking balance. Basically I was just like oh. This is the two year program. Learn how to be an art director. I said that sounds what exactly what I WANNA do. And so I remember. I had like I found it. I thought about it like I prayed on it and I sent my parents really long text morning and I was just like hey. I found this school. I wasn't planning to go right back to school. Brat found the school in Atlanta and I been there and I think I think it's legit. I get this thing. I really want to do something I'm really interested in. What do you guys think? Basically and they just like I mean okay crazy girl so like that's fine. We're like okay so like I was like I was the one who is like really stressing I don't know. Hopefully it'll be okay with it. Xyz maybe you assign and so for that. I'm very thankful that I just now it's hard I think it's hard really for anyone to kind of Tell their parents stock especially after we just spent on this money in a four year university that Hey I'm gonNA propose school where Awesome Mind You. You don't get a degree in just certificate end. It's Kinda crazy it's like okay. So we're about more money back in the schooling. You technically don't get another degree in China. Explain them Look like still like. There's like a ninety nine percent like placement ninety five ninety nine percent placement rate after graduation. I think it'd be great. So yes. They helped drive that way ever since then and Even before I am still now so for that. I'm very grateful another fats on very much so a privilege that I don't take lightly so I wanna go back to the the creative circus but even before then you kind of glossed a little bit over the fact that you went to such a prestigious. Hbu FOR UNDERGRAD went university. Yeah those were some of the best years of my life. So far I bat where actually gain to be Ashley I think. I've grown up in predominantly white institutions places in schools. My mom was the one who actually really pushed for that. She was very adamant in. Hey I know that like obviously like we couldn't help like by school edition so much like what you were in high school and stuff. But she's like if you decide to go to h you just now that this is probably one of the only times your life you'll be super on many beautifully like educated Brown and black just like you and you just won't necessarily get that opportunity anywhere else and the more I thought about. It was interesting. I was a little nervous that was actually going into Hampton. I was worried that maybe I wasn't quote unquote. You know I didn't necessarily have a lot of black friends growing up and I you know technically was almost faces necessarily didn't know all the music and things like that. Of course I was still like with my family and stuff but you know it's still not the same if you don't have like a core group of friends and stuff in high school and things like that so it just whether fame and so I was a little worried about that but honestly turned out that there are a lot of Ashley at Hampton and it was fantastic and I think I wonder about La but that fear was projected. Fear that had. It was never anything that actually happened. They were so place for me as a place to someone who grew up in all black schools entire life. Actually that kind of flowing into Hampton was more way more than I thought it would be but yet Hampton was an incredible experience. I have lifelong friends. Bridesmaids probably made of honors. Like I just have some of my best friends. I'll have for the rest of my life and I just love author to I think the two I came into terms of also celebrated just who I am and also being black and like how much like how much power there isn't that. So Hampton taught me a lot of that. Well that's really exciting. An interesting to even Consented into some of the art to I notice growing up actually drew more white linen. More people who probably were of a black ethnicity and it was interesting. The kind of thing on my sketchbooks up change to buy just being introduced that also like again. It's important to know like what's important to child even just growing up as a teenager. You know what you see. And what's your perception something and how much that affect you but it was crazy how that was affecting on art and how. I never really drew. Girls necessarily look like me but now like he asked me today. That's all I do. It's very very very interesting to see how just that influence. But I think that it ha- hormone and I think that. I think that that was probably the best decision I could have made. And that's one of the best students I've made like flat out in line twenty six years. So you're making an interesting point there about HPC's I mean so. I went to me you also. I went to Morehouse and Hvac us. In general are I mean and maybe this is just a speaking as they're very warm comforting like opening spaces. Everyone I don't know if people that don't know the Hvac you experience or just aren't familiar with ABC's in general really see that but like it's unique sort of family thing. I think one just among students and alums AD particular school but also between. Hec You graduate. Students and alums of other schools like we see like a certain like kinship and other people that went to ABC News. I don't know that that kind of makes sense or not but but it's interesting 'cause you said your mom kind of really wanted to go there to soak up that culture. I'm curious to know like because Hampton has such a a well-known designed program. I mean we've had several people on the show who have graduated from Hampton. Went onto graduate school. Actually you mentioned the creative Circus Nikita. Pope she's a happy Grad. What was the program like therefore you like? Do you feel like it really prepared. You got out there as a working art director as a working designer. Yes so I think what's interesting. Is I think most well I was seventeen. Eighteen year old slowing into college. I think I knew that I wanted to be kind of creative. I knew I like things that were more like thinking based in on creation base. But I don't think I ever really knew how to fully get into it and so with that being said I think some of that it was also two of my own misunderstanding and kind of almost like canceling out completely. Where I think maybe I probably in those for years I look back now and I wish I would have learned photoshop. Illustrator Adobe Suite during Hampton rather than trying to learn it at the circus and so I think that was almost kind of mindless misstep and like not maybe taking full advantage of all the programs that were there currently Hampton as I was Kinda more so just focus on like just fine art and destroying painting and things like that so looking back. I'm just kind of line man if I will have only really known that like when here and what make him then I absolutely would have set it up that way but I think I know it's not just a lot of people I think it's just like you realize you're just like Oh. Shouldn't this was an option this a path and like working back? I would have done some things differently as far as like my track and like kind of like for me. Jury definitely my minor. I think that they have a great self program and I do have friends and I do know people who have successfully gone through the program. They're doing great now still too. I think I just wasn't like for sure for sure just yet. While I was at the end it wasn't able to fully tap into all the resources I think that's probably like I want to say a regret but I feel like that's a regret for sometimes. I think people that are are at school. They don't feel like they've gotten a chance to really utilize all the resources. Sort of one of those you know. Hindsight is twenty twenty kind of thing look back and realize how good you had it in a way but I mean what what you learn happened though at least kind of propels you forward to then go to the creative circus. Oh yeah absolutely and I think to Hampton. I think also one a big one a really big takeaway that I got from. Hampton is learning how to just work with people. Really come into your own. I think I feel like that. That was almost like I think. Collagen generally comes at the right time and it always feels like it and I'm sure that end right on time but it definitely prepared me to work with people and professionalism and kind of again like you were mentioning earlier but since a community that now I carry into when it comes to Here amongst all employees here Martin but on also especially are black employee number. And that's something that I really lean into hard because I think it reminds me. So Much Hampton so. It's something that I I really kind of latch on to really try to run kind of just. I don't know just really attach myself to because it really feels like home so when you ended up going to the circus and you were here in Atlanta. I'm curious like what was that time like for you because critics circus. I'm thinking trying to line it up. So this is like between twenty fifteen twenty seventeen. What was that time like in Atlanta for you at will? Anna was a great time so it was interesting because Atlanta necessarily wasn't necessarily but I realized that I had really made a home out of Atlanta. Monetize like those two years up and I had. I miss it almost every day but I think my time. Their wishes such a whirlwind was probably the best way to explain it. It was like anything I've never like I've ever experienced for. It was just. I just call this crazy to uber. Camp Circus also set up by quarters. So it's pretty much year round and so that was something new I think also too. That was mine. That's the biggest city that I loved and I you know I lived in my own also to kind of just going off and doing something that I personally never knew of anybody doing before leaving to take that chance was also really scary and so I think what I was like twenty two. I think I just turned twenty three the day before matters in class and it was just a crazy time but again like just another kind of where. I've learned so much and I got to be just so creative and that's that's something that I missed. Were like any restrictions. Were barely like any life can't do that. You can't use those calories you can be that like everything was open for grab. It was time to actually do things and even rush stress doesn't easily work as we were all those things all the time the whole two years at the same time. I think that I still may incredible. Incredible friendships and experiences again. Kind of like for Hampton. I think that plays in my lifeless stay with me forever to I think that was such a big big important time as far as my career development and also mind development as creative. I really think that that was awesome. The time and I really fell in love with design and kind of digital designing graphic design and digital art and how to kind of like transfer my like traditional skills and kind of put it more into like this modern day like age so this squirrel but it was fantastic and again. I think that that was also a great choice that I'm very happy I did. Yeah now when you look back over your career look back over your education etc. Who are some of the people that have really helped like motivate and inspire you throughout the years Yeah so I think a lot of times when I think about those people a lot of times they are just people of discipline just so kind and a lot of transmits friends. It's friends family. It's really everybody in between so I would say that first off of course you know my family always super scored in always have day one. Mary thankful then I feel like I. I had my my Hampton core group friends. They were always supported him in tears or super stressed out about a project and always pick up the phone always being like. Hey we don't really understand one hundred percent but we know that you're doing right thing to just keep going and then as I got circuits. I've met amazing credence. Who are all like just an passed a console? I'm learning from them every day. And it's really nice to also go through this journey at the same time and kind of hearing similar stories and I think that's something that's warm powering than I think. People may not realize but having a group of people who are doing similar pretty much the same thing as you but different places. It's it's really cool to see us all grow all over the country. I have some really fantastic fantastic co workers who have now turned to friends who have now turned to family and a lot of those people here. Martin. They are like brothers and sisters are like big brothers and sisters and tours and I just am so thankful for all of them and I think that they are really singlehandedly. Helping me navigate career which is priceless so I just learned so much from each and every one of them and I'm so thankful for the progress but I think it takes a village and it's been taken a village so there's a ton of people that I have been blessed with. I can help me out with that. Do you have a dream project that you love to work on one day? Yes acting like I'm not a hundred percent. Sure what that is but as far as like a name but I think like I said I would love. I think my dream project would be visually stunning very well-designed and then also to it would be for a it would be a bigger it would either be for like a non profit it would be a either some kind of announcement. I'll also always like dreamed may be doing like like design or art direction or like an art museum or even like awesome washing a lot of music videos lately Music video or and then too. I think awesome dream is to We're GONNA Mooney one day so I think it kind of like it expands. It's definitely like it can be anything from like a book. I take beautifully like well are directed. Well laid out book overweight. Like helping out to say that I was able to help out with like even like Pixar film if I could be in the room to help out with like art direction or you know our color things like that like. I think things like that just really excited and on those kind of projects to I think were how offer to remind me a while on my job and I and and I'll come back to our being leaked something and I think that that's what I love. The most is just physically making something not silent being art director. I love coming up with ideas but also really really love making things. Yeah Yeah I have to ask since you mentioned a music video. Which artist would you work with me? Obviously I love me on anything. She and drop of a dime. She called me right now. Runs LA or wherever she but there are some really really really cool artists out here that I really love so I recently watched Rian. Her name is the Turia Monet. I believe yeah yeah she just had a music video drop for new song moment and visually beautiful. It's such it's such an amazing God the art direction. It's fantastic like things like that. Absolutely were preparing a heartbeat. And also to other watching on Brent Faez he also has some really cool art seeing kind of grungy our direction which I would also be nearing the end to and obviously salons also does a great job few difference and even to people also say don't sleep blonde even some of the rappers like Claire Cardi. He also does a great job as far as like his editing team. Kind of like I love the effort. That's being put behind a lot of these music video just so visually engaging and it's just interesting because we don't necessarily have that like one of six apart or MTV like you know playing music video out of your way to kind of watch on. But I love the still putting the effort behind them. Even if we're not being watch all the time that's true that's true. You know like I think you think that we're Kinda guy on some aspects it has and I think people that's why maybe we don't even have this meeting music videos consider basis. We think we should but I think I love music so much instead of being able to tell a story in you know within a song I think that would just be such a fun challenge. And you don't kind of like an you take that story so many different ways as people do and find meaning purpose for everything but I think that that would be something really really fun to do. I am seeing how the music videos now for certain. Artists are certainly. It's bringing me back to the heyday of the nineties. When we had like hype Williams videos that you have I really don't videos by missy and everything and it's like have you get so enthralled of course you loved the song but then visuals along with the song you know. It makes each video like an Vince of sorts. I think we I feel like we have to really give it up to Michael Jackson for making video releases and a bit like a prime of it. People used to tune into. I remember as a kid tuning in to watch black or white OR TUNING IN TO WATCH. Remember the time but like yeah now. There's really Kinda don't see. That feels like the big thing. Now is a surprise drop Yang say did it of course and everyone else's is tried to find some way to get your attention really quickly so it's not only yes. We want you to look at the video and consumed the music. But it's it's really about gathering your attention for a period of time. Yeah and such to how you felt like that. That's how I felt in Atlanta when she drop lemonade. I bitterly remember that night and I went over to my friend thousand at HBO AND IN. We'd all brought stats. Eat and watch and I just remember like just touching my mom. Oh my God do you see this whenever never right? I think that was fantastic. And I think other they'd also just goes to show like the true craft and then like the again that wanting to make something again. This is nothing she ever leg necessarily had to do but I think a lot of it for her is to is just just like Michael. I think it's that wanting to tell that story. Go that extra step like yes. I made the song in yesterday. Blair you're saying in performance but now it's just like I want to bring to light visually and that's really really exciting. And I think you don't see that necessarily time but all that site is lemonade. Like that was an event and I just don't remember him the last music video since then. That's really felt like an inventor third. I don't know like I feel like my memory. Manolo Jog right now but I think you might be right. I mean you know videos come out all the time but it's like they get shared on on twitter something. You Watch Vivo Lincoln. You're like okay. Then you go about your day like it's not really something that you really are tuned in for or anticipating because artists. They like they want to surprise you with it. It's like Oh surprise. I put out a new music video. And you're like Oh okay and you watch it. And then know I know and match live incur idea like a visual armaments fantastic and then to also see all the songs from bigger story which I think also too a lot of that disconnect storytelling and the art of doing that. Which is really fun whether you're telling your own story or you're entrusted to share someone else's story right. There's a lot of power and there's a lot of connectedness that comes in you know being able to kind of bring those words in most experienced fly And I think we're also fortunate to be at a time where technology is also accessible enough. Where you don't necessarily have to have the huge studio in the crew in everything I mean. People are shooting great music videos on iphones with gambles like the tech and the heart where I should say has gotten a lot more accessible for more people to really get into it right. Yeah exactly so. It is really cool to see how how quickly things move every Dan and then people talk about that all the time but really things move so fast and so it's just like you're just trying to riot ride away. I would say fifteen seconds but I feel like it's less than it is now. I mean you're you're starting to see artists. That are like even. Actually I read this article and I'm sort of plugging war cheer for a minute. But I read this article on glimmer. Which is my my employers glitch but we have a lifestyle publication glimmer and one of the recent articles is about how artists like manipulates. Their songs and their deejay says to make sure that they're getting like the maximum amount streams and everything like that so it almost feels like the music is not inasmuch about expression as much as it is about just charting or getting numbers arbitrary success metric. And it's good that you have the artists that are sort of outside of that. That are more interested in creating experiences. Like you mentioned salons you match beyond say I think John Elmo Day is like another artist tries to do that? Like distrust the elevates was. She's doing pass. Just you know a track or EP. You know she wants to make it like an experience. Exactly and match. Lot is artists. Like that that I I really latched onto and I really respect them in their path. Because I think that that's just like the definite by the definition of a true artist's like you just legitimately WanNa make something for the sake of making it and expressing yourself and I think that that's so exciting and also to especially when you do despite maybe low views or doesn't necessarily may or may not help streams or whatever I feel like a nice day and age you're really taking the time warner music videos a lot of time. You're just doing it out of artistry back especially really nicely. Well you know not not just awesome like we're just blowing this giant budget. We are giving this quarter of a million a million dollar budget but outside of that. We're actually like using it to actually sit down and craft a story those at artists. I respect the most. What do you wish you would have been told about the advertising industry when you first started? I think I wish I would've known how quickly things move. And how things should things as far as like projects almost to like making me here today and gone. Mar it very. It's such an interesting thing on. It's such an interesting on career choice because you are investing yourself. So like my creatively panel. emotionally a little bit and mentally straining physically. You can be very tired. So you're putting all his energy and then into a thing that's not even necessarily always research so project can still fall through. Budget can be like. Oh we're not going to do this or they can be like. Oh we're GONNA hold it's for later or will. We don't have the resources to do that right now. We're GONNA go hand table it. There's just so many factors that go into everything and way more factors and I think that people realize every time you see a really good commercial on TV. Now I actually like applauded and I I respected because there are just so many factors that played into having great work. Get out there. So it's just kinda part but that's something I really respect. How do you make time for joy? I may time for joy by. I think keeping to the things that I still WANNA do. Regardless I've learned that this job can be very stressful. There can be a lot of projected stress. It can be very like Russia's restlessness this but I think what gives me joy at the end of the day and then I go home and sleep is my relationships with people friendships with people and knowing how much does matter to me and so we'll bring me. Joy think is doing whatever I can to maintain a and to kind of commit myself or be commended to still honoring the things that I still love to do inside and actively making time for those things so it can be kind of tough. We feel like you're super swamped. Have a lot of things going on and a lot of projects but I think it's possible just like a little cranny. A lot of things are possible. Just like okay. We'll let me move around so I can kind of absence face and also to what I've been realizing lately she's sometimes solitude and sometimes also like just kind of taking a step back and just kind of finding joy and peace in awesome replenishing yourself. I think a lot of times to Lee way are the outcomes. Will we define ourselves by the outcomes of our project and a lot of times a lot? It's not because something fell through allowed comes. It's not our fault it's just it's external factors so I think it's important for me to also find your way into other things and I feel like maybe I do find more control in any kind of putting more my some of that same maybe not more but at least some of that same energy that I put into for work things that I will still put in or side project or if I want to like a I call them paint parties by paint. Carney's it's just me painting on my floor by myself so Arado. I really do think that there is joy on all around us. I think it's just are sometimes kind of feel scheduled or like our responsibility but in living in a world where things are so crazy and things do move around so fast schedule. Misao thirty or trying to keep up a thing. I just WANNA correct. Well Hey if I have to schedule time for me to like live in if I put on my calendar go have fun been less do but I find joy my friends and also I find a lot of joy going to concerts to seeing live music. So that's something that I don't think I'll ever get tired out so I'm always at somebody sponsored. That's something I can keep up. What advice would you give to somebody that wants to break into the AD Industry today? I'd say okay cool. I'm glad that I'm so happy enough. Seen in As an option I think that there are resources and I think also too. It's interesting now they'd be like the game is really changing. As far as the way that recruiting sculling and I think agencies even Martin is researching and finding new ways to recruit in buying talent. It's interesting a lot of times. It's Kinda just in almost always felt like this kind of like secret. Almost she said. How do you get into that? How do you do it but I think eight now trying harder to be more present be more president places like on? Hvac US to go to more to A whole plethora of high schools and middle schools and to career fairs. Which I've been to both on kind of helping those after sending Masa very passionate about but I think that it's definitely possible. I think it's able I think portfolio school are a great great great and a great end to the AD agency life. They really are a great pipeline to kind of get in the door but outside of that just really tapping into those creative screens working on your craft your scope and then just feeling confident in concept and kind of coming up with ideas. What's lovely about ad agencies to is what we tell everybody is that there's usually a place for every type of person here even if it's not in creative there's usually some kind of space that everyone fits into and so with that being said. I think it's just viable just again even if you're not department. I think there's something to be said to be around so much creative energy and in such a kind of flexible like environment. I really truly think and I know a lot of people out there too the way but I feel like this is like legitimate like what I need and I feel like I always tell people to in your in your hearts. If you feel like you're meant to do something you might as well just start. Now as you're you're GONNA end up doing it anyway because it's not going to go away so you know kind of just like all right. Well we'll start now. Let's just start now. Yeah but there's a place literally for everyone and I think that's what I love about most about my job. Nobody no two people come at the same background same trap. It's just different incident but there's all these different people but they all have space and so I think that's something to be said. Where do you see yourself in the next five years? It's it's twenty twenty five. What kind of work are you doing? Or working on Twenty twenty five at that point escalate. They're probably champ of probably be either in Yorker La. I read be working on sound really really cool potentially like lifestyle brands whether that be like like a target or do like like an interesting media company like a refinery twenty nine or what's essentially even maybe even trying out what it's like to be an art director at a magazine company like L. or avenue or any of those and am I able to empower people there too. I'm excited because I think by then my creativity we'll have branched out something that's still art direction but I think might be a little different. And so that's what. I'm trying to figure out. Now what is it? I love creating on now I love making what are other ways. I can explain that to you and also to have inside Rodrick by then mental blow up and then I can just be an entrepreneur rationalize allies. You just never know. And it's just really exciting but There's so many opportunities to be creative but in different ways so I'm excited to really explore those out in the next time years. Nice we'll just to kind of wrap things up here. Where can our audience find out more about you about your work on line? My folio which I'm working on updating currently my portfolio is actually dot com some Chili Y. B. O. Z. M. A. N. dot com and then. My instagram is Ashley. Sierra Y. C. I. E. R. R. A. So those are the two places that I am most especially like insurrection. But I'm usually always around always like always now I always answering him every. Dm or anybody. Whoever wants to chat or had any questions too about kind of just getting started at something love to do and I love to get people excited and you know just talk about it as a career but left out any way I can. I that it's so important to still reach back and I know that I've only been doing this for two years but there's some way I can help. I definitely right. We'll Ashley Bozeman. I WanNa thank you so much for coming on the show. Thank you for sharing your story about sort of what? It's like being a young black woman working in the advertising industry and then also sharing like the things that inspired you know we have people. I think really a all ages that are listening to this show. We'VE GOT STUDENTS. We've got captains of industry etcetera. We try to hit just a lot of different points of creativity and design and everything and so. It's always good to kind of hear from the perspective of someone that's kind of. I wouldn't say like just starting out in it but you've been in for a while. Yeah but I mean to to get the perspective of like what is it like for you now at this stage. I mean twenty twenty for all intents and purposes the future in a lot of way. It's good to know that you're at a position where you're able to craft the images that a lot of people see when it comes to representation for a number of different brands companies et Cetera. That's a really sort of big mantle to hold so it sounds like definitely you have the creativity and the skills to make happen and I'm going to be really interested to see what you work on in the future. So thank you for coming on the show. I appreciate it. Thank you so much for having me this past sake it was lovely to talk to you and yeah just thank you so much for having me on the spot worm and hopefully the vessel upwards is the author big big thanks to Ashley Bozeman. And of course thanks to you for listening you can find out more about Ashley in her work through the links and the show notes revision path dot com and of course thanks to our sponsors for this episode. Facebook DESIGN AND ABSTRACT. Facebook design is a proud sponsor for vision path to learn more about how the facebook design community is designing for human needs at unprecedented scale. Please visit facebook dot design. This episode is also brought to you by abstract design. Workflow management for modern design teams spend less time searching for design files and tracking down feedback and spend more time focusing on innovation and collaboration like glitch but for designers abstract is your team's version control source of truth for design work with abstract. You can version sketch design files present. Work request reviews collect feedback and give developers direct access to all specs. All from one place. Sign your team for free. 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GSMC Entertainment Podcast Episode 180: RIP Black Panther

GSMC Entertainment Podcast

34:58 min | 10 months ago

GSMC Entertainment Podcast Episode 180: RIP Black Panther

"The girl but the day just be one without your Hollywood Vince. Golden State concepts that are ten podcast take care of that and all inclusive look up pop culture. Guys and welcome to GS MC entertainment podcast Rachi by the GS MC podcast network. I'm your host Cynthia and happy Monday everyone I. Hope You all having very strong start to your week and are off to a great start to your day I know I am and I've actually had a really nice weekend my family and I we decided to take a little day trip to lake. Tahoe. is about a couple of hours away from here Sacramento. And this was the first time we brought our dog. We don't travel a lot with our dog because he has major major anxiety and. To be honest, it's partly are far our fault as well. We didn't properly train him when he was younger three years old now you know we potty trained him obviously, he's trained to pray before he eats he's trained. You know, sit you know stay laid down like a typical tricks by he's not the best with other dogs. He's a very jealous dogs. So he's very territorial and protective of us and any dog that comes near US or whenever he likes sees a dog he starts like jumping a law and like sometimes barking sometimes crying just like I'll really anxious and I think it's because we didn't really expose them to other dogs when he was younger I. Don't know that's. I. Mean. That's probably why so it is partly our fault. So He's great with other people. You know there's no issues in regards to other people he doesn't buy earn that. But with other dogs, he's not the best. So we decided to bring him along to Tahoe at us for the first time and his three years this past Saturday and we were online. You know we're we're looking for dog friendly beaches and we found wine in the north part of Tahoe and Google told us that it was dog friendly wrote okay lit let's go. So mind you. We didn't leave Sacramento to like twelve. Okay which is pretty late to leave Tahoe hit traffic and you wanted to advantage of the sun. So hours already getting Kinda crabby towards my family because they tend to move a lot slower were an I'm more punctual like I like to be. You know like leads get there early because I wanted to take advantage of the sign in like of us being out there all day. And we didn't get to that. I beach. Until like three PM. And we couldn't find parking for the longest time. So we really didn't set foot onto the beach until four PM, which again is pretty late but I mean it was still warm and. This was the worst place I've ever been to in Tahoe. We get there. First of all, it is jam-packed scientists side. All Beach. So packed everyone was just parting. No social distancing happening like people are literally on top of each other and we had a huge Kayak. There was really no way for us to like even bring the Kayak. Like there was no room like there is no space for us and the dogs weren't allowed on the beach which was so annoying because the whole point of like us googling dog friendly beaches was to bring our dogs in the beach and the dogs were only allowed on the sidewalk. So we were utterly annoy like it was already four thirty by this time, and of course, we have sprint, which is like the worst service ever. I'm sorry if you worked for sprint but it is absolute trash and we were trying to find another beach close by the allows dogs and our phones weren't working. It was out of service, which is like a really frustrating experience for an hour. So my family and I were getting all crabby were getting at each other's necks, and then finally my sister was able to get service and she found a dog friendly beach. Thou was like about twenty minutes away. So we were like, okay this better be the last stop like we already stopped at like three other beaches was for residents only than we stopped at this terrible place I was jam packed side and then and then you guys serve raining. So there's like the odds were against us. I felt like ages wasn't meant to be on my way to drive back because at this point, it was already almost five. We had an even stepped onto the beach. Okay. Our dog was like probably the only one was having the most fun and all of us. Okay. So we drive to the secluded beach, and thankfully, we took the extra twenty minutes to get there because it was perfect. Nobody was there. We were able to Kayak peacefully dogs were able to be on the. Beach it was like our dog and like two other families were dogs and they were all socially distant. It was not packed was beautiful. Probably my favorite spot. I've ever been to in Tahoe and will actually be going back again this weekend. So. It was a really fun time. You know I still wish you would have gotten there a little bit sooner. We did get there around five PM, which is very late but we still meet the best out of it. You know we still took the Kayak out and we were there for about three hours. So I was still fine. Our dog had a blast like it was nice. So. It started off sour and ended up really sweet. So no complaints here. So, let's actually talk about I. Know You guys are like? Hearing my Tahu experience. So let's talk about you know the huge news that broke out unexpectedly Friday. And is the passing of. Chadwick both men actor Chadwick Bozeman who is mostly known for his very, very amazing role as the Black Panther, the marvel movie, black? Panther. I was in shock. Okay. I was chilling at home like in bed. I think I was watching a movie and. All of a sudden I you know I have I subscribed on my twitter up you know to get like news breaking stuff tweeted at me and all of us an I get a notification from twitter saying Breaking News Chadwick Bozeman dies at the age of forty three and I'm like what's Chadwick both men I was like literally I was like the guy from Black Panther like I swear the key so young and I was so confused immediately, I stop what I'm doing I'm on twitter, and of course, that's like the number one trending topic and I'm scrolling to tweets and I'm scrolling and his estate posted a statement on his twitter account as well as on instagram stating you know that Chadwick boatsmen unfortunately passed this evening from colon cancer that he had been battling silently since two thousand sixteen. And that is just Crazy to think about since. For the last four years, Chadwick Bozeman has been battling this illness silently. Public, away from the press. and. He was still in those last four years delivering performances movies he was out killing gave us black, panther, he gave us Marshall he gave us Jackie Robinson I mean. Strength. Strong is not even I don't know what to describe Chadwick and Bahamas beyond beyond beyond beyond strong like. So selfless of him to do all of that to. Put his body under that much stress in turmoil to be able to deliver action movies like think about that. Chadwick was going through chemotherapy. If you have a loved one who has gone. Through that, who has cancer the new understand and know how painful it is. To go through that mentally physically it is obsolete exhausting and for him to be going through that behind the scenes and then showing up in front of cameras and like you know trying to exude. An pushes body to the limits for these films for us the public to enjoy. Is. Just. Like I can't even put into words just. How grateful we are charity Bozeman and his amazing. And deep impact within the entertainment industry within the black community within little black boys and girls you know and we're GONNA get into more of his impact in the next segment but. Atia so tragic there has been so much death and lost this year. Especially, you know within the black community, they've been morning loss after loss after. Starting with Kobe. Bryant, back in January February I mean we lost Black Mamba and Black Panther in the same year like. Who would have ever thought? So it has definitely been challenging year and. Man Issues like what else is twenty? Twenty GonNa throw does because there's just too much like let me take a break. Let me catch my breath for a second because this has just a lot. We're GONNA come to a very brief break right now, and when we come back more on Chadwick men and his impact with Black Panther. Would movies to go see and check out the GMC movie podcast. It's your ticket to the latest movies whether it's a new blockbuster event, romantic comedy or action flick. This show has got it all covered they talk somewhat to go see now don't bother what's hot on Netflix and everything in between that's GSM podcast dot com back slash movie dash podcast when it's all about the movies it has to be this new show. Don't forget to like them on facebook and follow them on twitter visit GS MC podcasts dot com for more INFO. What's up you guys and welcome back to gs m see entertainment podcast. So for this segment, we're going to be discussing Chadwick Bozeman and why his In Black, panther have such a huge impact. Black Panther is the twelfth highest grossing ever film. and has been recognized by critics and writers as a watershed moment for Hollywood, and it absolutely is my boyfriend wanted we watch that movie actually twice in theaters and my boyfriend he is a Nigerian as well. Chadwick Bozeman is Nigerian descent. So my boyfriend was able to really connect to the film and you know there was a lot of. Artifacts, he was pointing out and like telling me like from what tribe it's from, and it was just really beautiful to see because he was telling me how you know him growing up. He didn't see any action movies or action superheroes that looked like him and it's He's twenty six other mean at the time we watched the movie I think he was twenty, four, twenty five. But just like the impact that this movie had and Chadwick Bozeman role had on not just like little black boys but on also grown black men. Chadwick Bozeman death at just the young age of forty three has stunned the movie world and just. Everybody in general. And it was a true original who shattered stereotypes and he won Legion of fans for his role and Black Panther I feel like that's really the role that set him off and took him off. But why was a film such an important cultural moment as well as a box office phenomenon. I. Kind of already gave a hint in regards to my boyfriend, but we're going to get much much greater detail right now. Most importantly. It was the first big budget superhero movie with a black hero director and a majority black cast. Okay. The significance was not lost on fans some of whom went to cinemas in traditional African clothing to celebrate its depiction of black heritage and the fictional kingdom of what Kanda. and. Excited particularly young people. Anybody, who went to the early screenings, filthy excitement and the interaction between audiences and what was happening on the screen. I remember when we went to the theater, it was like. So such good energy people were actually like clapping and like cheering on, you know the panther which is kind of. You know not comment to do and we'll be. With people make any type of noise like shut up, you fill me but not for Black Panther like it was such a cultural. Such significant cultural importance. and. The director He said the film destroyed. The idea that Hollywood couldn't make big money from films dominated by black talent and you know Chadwick Bozeman he absolutely delivered in terms of projecting the character in exciting people particularly young black people in terms of possibilities of a house society could be changed. In the cultural space of the film industry, it is undoubtedly a milestone. Okay. And the commercial success of the film. Currently, the twelfth highest grossing of all time was backed up by critics and many black writers who praised it as a watershed moment when it was released and two dozen eighteen. Rather than dodge complicated themes about race and identity. The film grapples head on with the issues affecting modern-day black life. Those of you know those of us were not white have considerably more trouble, not only finding representation of ourselves, a mass media and other areas of public life but also finding representation that indicates the our humanity is multifaceted. That's what journalists Jamile Smith and Time magazine row and regards to the cultural impact of Black Panther. The New, York Times called Black Panther a defining moment for Black America. Two years on. It says, it remains a cultural touchstone, the first major superhero movie with an African protagonist, the first star, the first star majority, black cats, and in Ryan. Kugler. The first to employ a black writer and director, which I think it's so important to do especially when you're telling the story of you know black African heritage I. Think it's important that the behind the scenes crew replicate what's going on Onscreen, right? Like you wouldn't want white people telling the stories of black people experiences, which happens very common in the film industry. Its runaway success showed the possibilities of black talent says the founder of the British Urban Festival Emanuel Your Agua As well as CIA twig Bozeman powerhouse performance, he told Sky News. The likes of exciting young actors such as Lupita Nyongo deny gear era and Daniel Kalumiya. So importantly, it was also hound by thirty four year old black writer and Director Ryan Kugler in only his third feature movie. The marketing of the movie was also significant. Disney who were behind the film this Saturday take the film out the traditional summer window put it in February, which in America is black history month and they really did think about the marketing and the cultural impact. The Star of the show was undeniable. However, it was Chadwick Bozeman performance as to Challah King of the of the fictional African kingdom of a condom thrust him into the consciousness of mainstream film fans around the world. Conelly Ola Day told Sky News that Chadwick. Bozeman launched a cultural phenomenon and absolutely embodies the character who first came to life and marvel comics in the mid nineteen sixties and the US civil rights movement. The tributes from his Hollywood peers testify to Chadwick bozeman talent. which unfortunately was tragically cut short by private battle with colon cancer as well as his personality. The war start Chris Hemsworth reflection that Chadwick Bozeman was one of the kindest most genuine people I've met is typical of the messages from across Hollywood as well as the music and political spheres. The dilemma now is how to proceed with Black Panther too. It was originally slated for release and two, thousand, twenty, two thou its charismatic lead. Calling a halt to the series was. Money, at stake appears a long shot. But Emanuel, on Yom, Ave says that they have a real decision to make you know, are they going to proceed with the filming and the production of black? Panther. Too with out their main lead or are they gonNA, have someone else take over? Some people will say leave Black Panther as it is as a testament to Chadwick or maybe they look for a successor is a difficult situation. You know like what to do next half of the people are saying you know leave it as is no need to mess up what already is I let honored Chadwick Bozeman by just leaving that first Black Panther film. But then there's other people who are saying you know we should continue on. In order to honor Chadwick Bozeman. They should continue on with the production and they should continue on with the filming and screening of Black Panther to honor Chadwick, and you know the work that he did in his role of the first movie. So. I'm not really sure what's going to happen with that but let me know in the comments guys what you guys think. You know what is the best decision? In terms of honoring Chadwick Bozeman and his absolutely impactful an amazing role as king to CIA in Black Panther i. don't know I feel like I'm kind of fifty fifty like I see both. I see both wise like why they should just leave it as is by also see why they should continue on that legacy and continue on telling that story and you know having another amazing black lead passed and majority black cast and black writers and directors. So we're going to come to a very brief break right now and when we come back more on Chadwick. Bozeman. Tired of searching the vast jungle of podcasts now listen close and here this out. There's a podcast network that covers just about everything that you've been searching. The golden state media concepts. PODCAST network is here nothing less than podcast bliss with endless hours of podcast covered. From News sports music fashion. Hooking. Entertainment Fantasy football and so much more. So stopped lurking around and go straight out to the golden state media concept podcast network guaranteed to build that podcast is. Whatever it may be visit www, dot gs, MC podcast, Dot com follow us on facebook twitter, and download on itunes soundcloud and Google play. Hey guys welcome back to GS UNSEE entertainment podcasts. So switching gears a little bit. But still on the topic of you know discussing an honoring Chadwick Bozeman we're GonNa talk about how actors Kiki, Palmer and Denzel Washington honor Chadwick Bozeman. Kiki Palmer Honors Chadwick Bozeman in a twenty twenty MTV VM as monologue which took place yesterday. and. In her opening monologue, the hosts, an actress remembered the Black Panther Star by calling him an actor whose talent and passion is a true inspiration to all the fans he touched and everyone he encountered and. You know again issues. So side, she continues to say. We dedicate tonight, show to a man who spirit touched so many he's a true hero not just onscreen but everything he did his impact lives forever. And this is Kiki Palmer's first hosting GIG since her ABC Morning Talk Show Strahan Sarah and Kiki was canceled. and. Paul. Mer announced she would be hosting the annual awards show earlier this month while having a one on one chat with Tree Jackson. The fictional character she played on the Nickelodeon Show True Jackson BP. True. I'm hosting the MTV Video Music Awards Keke Palmer says in the sweet clip as Jackson who has been promoted to see. Oh, replies the maze damn look who were like a big deal? In a statement Bruce Gilmer president of music music talent programming events for Viacom CBS media networks said, we're thrilled to have the multi-talented Kiki Palmer as this year's vm as host. Kiki is an energetic force and a quadruple threat with unmatched comedic way who will make this year show truly unforgettable. And of course, you know due to the Covid nineteen pandemic the twenty twenty Vietnamese would not be held indoors at New York's Barclays Center as previously planned. Instead, the annual event will feature live outdoor performances throughout the city with limited or no audience. Adhering to New York's health guidelines put forth a pandemic. ARIANNA GRANDBA-, and Lady Gaga who will be teaming up for an epic performance of rain on me led this year's nominations with nine nods each. Closely. Followed by Billy Bush and the weekend with six nominations. Along with the usual categories including you know video of the year artists of the year song of the year, best collaboration and more. MTV has added to new categories aimed honoring music created during the pandemic. Best Music video from home and best quarantine performance. The socially distance broadcast will also feature performances from bt s the black-eyed piece, the weekend debate he. Dosier. Cat My Luma and Cinco. Previously announced performers J Galvin and Roddy rich will no longer be taking part in this year show. So again, the twenty twenty MTV video music awards were aired from New York City yesterday Sunday at a p m eastern time, and let me just say that my favorite performance was by far khloe in Halley's they were the pre show and I need to talk to whoever does their costume designs and all of that because every single. And I'm not exaggerating when I say this. Every single outfit. They slay to the T. head to toe sleigh paired with those vocals Oh, my God like I get chills listening to them. They are so talented. It disgusts me. A disgusts me how talented they are. They are so young, twenty, two and twenty years old. Doing the damn thing giving us beyond say level performances. Okay. They got the little dance moves got their outfits the vocals pitch. They can do that in their sleep. Okay. Like they should have been the main shell. I don't understand why they're always appreciate Oh. I don't know they need to the main show they are the main attraction they are. The girls they are. The next supremes. Okay. You hit. You heard it here first. Okay. So That was just that was my favorite performance of the AMA's although that was the pre show they slayed they. They give it all okay. I'm obsessed obsessed with them. So kind of switching gears back you know on the talk of Chadwick Bozeman and does not Washington. I just found this out. You know since Friday when We all heard the tragic news of his passing. I didn't know this but denso Washington wants paid Chadwick Bozeman tuition. Okay I didn't know this. Chadwick men was to as the next Denzel Washington and the first one has remembered Bozeman as a gentle soul. Denzel Washington's Rep released a statement You know paying tribute to Bozeman who again, unfortunately passed and his statement was that he was a gentle soul and a brilliant artists who will stay with us for eternity through his icon performances over his short yet illustrious career. God. Bless Chadwick. Bozeman that was the statement that Denzel Washington gave. And on Sunday night, ABC aired the Special Chadwick Bozeman attribute, for King, following a commercial free airing of Black Panther. During the special feigned actress Felicia, Shod told the story of when she meant toward Todd Bozeman while teaching a Howard University when he was a student there. Felicia Rashad Rashad said she received a call that a group of her students had auditioned for and been accepted into the British American Drama Academy's Midsummer Program but would not be attending because they couldn't afford it. FELICIA was sawed shod same. I made a phone call to a friend of mine and he called me back and we talked about it for about five minutes and he said okay I got this money. And that friend was Denzel Washington and Chadwick. Both men gratefully recounted the story last year during a speech honoring Denzel Washington when Washington was selected to receive the American Film Institute's Lifetime Achievement. Award in two thousand nineteen. As fate would have it. I was one of the students that he paid for Chadwick Bozeman said. Imagine receiving the letter that your tuition for that summer was paid for, and that your benefactor was none other than the dopas on the planet. Chadwick Bozeman, added the he knew his story was not the only one of its kind and added that an offering from a sage and a king is more than silver and gold. It is a seat of hope Abud of faith. There is no black panther without Denzel Washington Chadwick Boatmen's Sam, and not just because of me but my whole cast that generation stand on your shoulders. A visibly moved Denzel. Washington gave Bozeman a standing ovation following his speech. have. You guys haven't seen that. It's so touching. You know just so sweet of empty pays respects to denzel like it gets me almost choked up because there's just like. Again so much loss and death this year and it's like. We just gotTa love on where People Y'all we gotta love them loudly loved them every day. You just don't know you know when's. Your last day was somebody and you just have to honor your people and cherish them in love on them and. I don't know how. Many more times twenty twenty is gonNA give us that hard lesson so. We're going to be concluding today's episode on the no of home. Honoring Childhood Bozeman and his amazing work through his very short lived. But is Denzel Washington. Said illustrious career. Thank you Chadwick Bozeman for your amazing and impactful roles especially with black. Panther, your impact will. Definitely live on forever for generations and generations little black boys and girls are gonNA. Look. At Black Panther and relate to you and. Honor you and for that we are so grateful. Thank you for being so selfless these last four years battling cancer. Silently. On your own terms and you know we will honor your name. And F- Cancer See. Guys. That's GONNA. Wrap up today's episode here at the GMC entertainment podcast. If you enjoyed today's Please don't forget to like share subscribe comment and I'll catch guys here next week. You've been listening to the Golden State media concept's entertainment podcast. Part of the Golden state media concepts podcast network. You can find this show and others like it at www dot Jesus MC podcast, dot com, download our podcast I tunes, stitcher soundcloud, and Google play just type in Jesus Mc to find all the shows from the golden state media concepts, podcast network from movies to music throw sports entertainment, and even Weird News. You can also follow us on twitter and on facebook. Thank you and we hope you have enjoyed today's program.

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Chadwick Boseman's death and faith: The power of purpose and the "two great days" of your life

The Daily Article

06:47 min | 10 months ago

Chadwick Boseman's death and faith: The power of purpose and the "two great days" of your life

"This is the daily Article podcast published by Denison Forum or Culture Changing Christians to receive the daily article directly to your email inbox week day morning visit the daily Article Dot Com. Now here's Today's news discerned differently. Chadwick Bozeman the actor who played the title character in the Oscar winning film Black Panther died last Friday at the age of forty three Bozeman drew accolades for his depictions of Thurgood Marshall Jackie Robinson and James. Brown, he died in the fifty seven th anniversary of the march on Washington and the day baseball honor Jackie Robinson in his memory ABC showed Black Panther, commercial-free last night I watched the marvelous film again, as well as the tribute show to Bozeman that followed one person said of him he played icons and now has become an icon himself and his legacy is one for the ages. The tweet announcing Bozeman men's death is now the most like tweet of all time in it is family reported Chadwick was diagnosed with Stage three colon cancer in two thousand sixteen and battled with it. These last four years as it progressed to stage for he filmed Black Panther in two thousand eighteen reprising the role in avengers, infinity war and avengers and game. The latter became the highest grossing movie of All Time He started last year and twenty one bridges, and then in the net war-drama to five bloods, we now know that he made each of these movies as his family stated during and between countless surgeries and Chemotherapy Chadwick Bozeman died of cancer but he died in faith Reverend Samuel neely the pastor. Who Baptized Bozeman as a child said, the arts were always part of his life singing in the church choir and producing plays in high school according to Reverend. neely Bozeman continued to live out his faith as an adult in explaining Jackie Robinson's remarkable courage. Bozeman quoted the fruit of the spirit of Galicians Five, twenty, two and twenty three and said I feel like it's because he had God in him that he was able to make it through this in a speech last year Bozeman thanked actor Denzel Washington for providing a scholarship that enabled him to study one summer at Oxford University he ended with this benediction. May God bless you exceedingly and abundantly more in what's in store than he ever has before? When well-known people endorse a product or position they lended their credibility. This is known in advertising as social proof. We care what celebrities think for two related reasons. One is called informational social influence when we are not sure of the correct way to behave, we seek clues from the decisions of those we admire or trust. The other reason is called normative social influence as social beings we seek to fit in with others when a celebrity endorses a product or decision, we are likely to follow their lead. So as to be accepted by those whom they influence, the Holy Spirit uses both means of influence to advance God's kingdom. Daniels wisdom and courage in the lion's den led the king to recognize the greatness of Daniel's God. The king then decreed that in all my Royal Dominion People are to Tremble in fear before the God of Daniel Likewise Peter Status as leader of the apostles undoubtedly helped persuade Jewish Christians that gentiles with whom Peter Shared The Gospel were accepted by God. It is vital to identify and employer influence for God's glory. Others are watching you today if you will trust Jesus in hard times and love those who do not love you, you're impact will be far greater than you may know, your witness is social proof for the Gospel. While we should employ social proof to influence others we should beware of its influence in our own lives. What matters most is not what others think but what our Lord says if Chadwick Bozeman had been an atheist, his unbelievable would have made Christianity. No less true. The fact that celebrity physician Dr Method is is a Muslim does not make Islam true. It is vital that you and I. Define and follow God's unique purpose for us whether others agree or not. This is a commitment. Chadwick bozeman embraced and encouraged in two thousand eighteen commencement address at his Alma Mater Howard University Bozeman quoted Jeremiah Twenty, nine eleven, which dates I know the plans I have for you declares the Lord Plans for welfare and not for evil to give you a future and a hope he then said. Graduating class. Hear me well on this day. You would rather find purpose than a job or career purpose crosses disciplines. Purpose is an essential element for you. It is the reason you are on the planet at this particular time in history the struggles along the way are only meant to shape you for your purpose. He added when God. Has Something for you. It doesn't matter who stands against. It God will move someone who is holding you back away from a door and put someone there who will open it for you. If it's meant for you if you are willing to take the harder way, the more complicated one, the one with more failures at first than successes, the one that has ultimately proven to have more meaning more victory more glory than you will not regret it. Chadwick bows men's death came too soon. But not before he discovered his purpose in life biblical scholar. William. Barclay noted there are two great days in a person's life the day we are born and the day we discover why? Has the second great day come for you. Did you know that the daily Article podcast is available on most major podcast platforms. It's also an Alexa flash briefing. Perfect for your morning routine. Consider subscribing to the daily Article podcast on your preferred podcasting platform and thank you for listening today.

Chadwick Bozeman Bozeman Reverend. neely Bozeman Jackie Robinson Alma Mater Howard University B Thurgood Marshall Jackie Robin Denison Forum Daniel baseball Washington ABC Alexa cancer Oscar Brown Samuel neely Denzel Washington Jesus Holy Spirit Oxford University
Democracy Now! 2020-08-31 Monday

Democracy Now! Audio

59:02 min | 10 months ago

Democracy Now! 2020-08-31 Monday

"From New York this is democracy now. Stand here today knowing. How versity education prepared me to play Jackie? Robinson. James Round. Marshall. The beloved actor Chocolate Bozeman has died at the age of forty three after a secret four year battle with Colon Cancer Bozeman best known for his iconic role as Kim to Challah in the groundbreaking Black Panther Superhero film his first leading role was playing Jackie Robinson and the film forty two. Beautiful. Number back. Chadwick Bozeman died on Friday we'll speak with cancer survivor author and professor. Candy Friday mark two years since he underwent surgery to remove tumors, it's day he calls his second birthday we'll talk about. Chocolate Bozeman, his fight against cancer racial disparities in healthcare, trump white supremacy, and how to be an anti-racist. We can't just talk about. Racism as original sin, we have to talk about racism as the original cancer as this original disease that has been killing American it. It almost prevented Americans from from from coming together and forming a union in at its founding. All that and more. Coming up. Welcome to democracy now, democracy now dot org the quarantine report I'm Amy Goodman protests are continuing and Kenosha Wisconsin one week after the police shooting of Jacob. Blake and days after white seventeen year old militia member killed two black lives matter protesters at least a thousand National Guard troops were on the ground in Kenosha during weekend rallies reports have emerged of. What are believed to be unidentified federal agents abducting protesters before detaining them with charges when asked by a reporter in New Hampshire president trump addressed the shooting of Jacob Blake Friday defending the police officer who shot him trump said people can make a mistake that doesn't make them bad. They choked trump is set to visit Kenosha Tuesday even after Wisconsin Governor Tony. Pleaded with him Sunday to reconsider Everts Road in a letter quote I am concerned your presence will only hinder our healing. I am concerned your presence will only delay our work to overcome division the governor said. In Portland Oregon one person was shot dead Saturday at a pro-trump Caravan Rally. The man who was killed was wearing a hat with the insignia of far right group Patriot prayer. The identity of the shooter is still unknown before the fatal shooting the pro-trump Caravan of hundreds clashed with anti-racist protestors who've been taking to the streets for three straight months following the police killing of George. Floyd. In the span of several hours early, Sunday president trump unleashed a tweet storm in which he among other things re tweeted conspiracy theories about the protests being a coup to remove him from office he also attacked Portland. Mayor Ted Wheeler. This is Mayor Wheeler responding to trump Sunday. It's you who have created the hate in the division. It's you who have not found a way to say the names of black people killed by police officers even as people in law enforcement. and. It's you who claimed that white supremacists are good people. Your campaign of fear is is anti democratic as anything you've done to create hate and vitriol. Beautiful country in related news an appeals court last week halted an order protecting journalists in legal observers in Portland from being removed by federal agents the number of confirmed cove in one thousand, nine cases and the United States has topped six million with the death toll over one hundred, eighty, three, thousand more than a million people tested positive over the past three weeks in the US. A number of states are now reporting record. Number of cases including. Iowa north and South Dakota over four thousand Americans died of Covid nineteen during last week's Republican National Convention. That's more than the total number of people killed in the nine eleven attacks. But president trump is attempting to downplay the death toll on Sunday. He Re tweeted a message from afar right website falsely claiming just nine thousand people have died from covid nineteen twitter deleted the original tweet saying it violates its. Rules in education news more than twelve hundred students at the University of Alabama have tested positive since classes resumed in August CNN is reporting eighty seven hundred total cases have already been reported on college campuses nationwide in Medical News, the Food and Drug Administration's approved the use of rim desa fear for all patients hospitalized with covid nineteen despite the lack of published scientific support. Meanwhile, the FDA has ousted top spokeswoman and a PR consultant. Just days after FDA, Commissioner Steven. Hahn apologized for overstating the positive results of using blood plasma as a treatment for Covid nineteen under enormous pressure from president trump who with others in the administration called the FDA part of the deep state. The FDA recently gave emergency use authorization for the plasma treatment. The FDA chief is now admitting the agency may also consider emergency use approval, for Covid, nineteen vaccine before phase three trials are complete. The number of reported cove in one thousand, nine cases across the globe has surpassed twenty, five, million more than eight hundred, forty, thousand people have died on Sunday India reported nearly seventy nine thousand new cases. The highest single-day tally for any country in the world authorities in Gaza have extended a lockdown amidst fears of a broader covid nineteen outbreak in the occupied territory in news from Latin. America Peru now has the highest number of deaths from Cova thousand, nine per capita in the world. Nearly twenty nine thousand people have died in Peru from the virus. Meanwhile, Germany more than three hundred people including many far right activists have been arrested, following a large demonstration and Berlin protesting against public health measures taken to combat the pandemic some protesters attempted to storm the Reichstag building Germany's parliament. Tributes continued to pour in for the beloved actor Chadwick Bozeman after he died Friday at the age of forty three after a four year secret battle with Colon Cancer Bozeman is best known for a psychotic role as king to Challah groundbreaking Black Panther, the first mainstream black superhero movie. He was also widely acclaimed for his portrayal of major historical figures like Thurgood Marshall James Brown and Jackie Robinson. This is Bozeman speaking alongside the Black Panther cast as they accepted the top award at the two thousand nineteen screen actors, Guild Awards. We all know what it's like to be told that there is not a place for you to be featured yet. You're young gifted and black. We know what it's like to be told to say there's not a screen for you to be featured on stage and for you to be featured on. We know what? It's like to be detail the not the head we know what it's like to be not above. In that is what we went to work with every day. Because we knew. That we would be around during season that it would make a billion dollars but we knew that we had something special that we wanted to give the world that we could be full human beings in their roles that we were playing. We could create a world. That exemplified world that we wanted to see. That was Chadwick Bozeman. After headlines will spend the hour talking about Bozeman Black Panther president trump white supremacy. With another cancer survivor we'll speak with Professor Kennedy? Ends of thousands gathered in Washington DC Friday in the fifty seventh anniversary of the march on. Washington. The get your knee off. Our next rally was organized to protest systemic racism and police brutality speakers included Jacob senior who son was shot seven times at point blank range in the back last week by a police officer in Kenosha Wisconsin. We've a whole day. We're. GonNa hold court. On systematic racism. is where we'll have court right now. Guilty. They. All of us. Don't. T. T. Racism. against. Trayvon Martin. We find him don't you. Racism against, George Floyd we find him guilty. Martin Luther King Junior's twelve year old granddaughter Yolanda Renee? King. Also spoke. Less than a year before he was assassinated, my grandfather predicted this. Moment. He said that we were moving into a new phase of the struggle. The first phase what's the civil rights and a new face is? Equality. Lebanon's ambassador to Germany Mustafa Deep has been tasked with forming a new government following the resignation earlier this month Prime Minister Hassan Diab mounting public rage over the devastating explosion at the port of Beirut that killed two hundred people and injured dozens. A deep has served as Lebanon's ambassador to Germany. Since two thousand thirteen has received the backing from the country's Sunni Muslim political leaders. In Belarus mass protests demanding the resignation of President Alexander Lukashenko continued this week in three weeks after what many of called a rigged election amidst a brutal government crackdown military tanks could be seen positioned in the capital Minsk at least nineteen journalists who work for foreign media outlets have had their accreditation revoked and to Associated Press reporters were deported. At least four hundred refugees are stranded in the Mediterranean Sea. European officials are denying rescue ships permission to come ashore. Many of those stranded migrants have been traveling on a ship funded by British street artists. Bankruptcy who's accusing officials of ignoring distress calls from rescue vessels in related news at least three refugees died this weekend when a boat carrying around twenty people caught on fire on the southern coast of Italy. In Mauritius tens of thousands protested Saturday over the government's response to a catastrophic oil spill. Last month discovery of dozens of dead dolphins and melon headed. Whales has compounded public anger and demands for an impartial investigation. Conservationists warned the spill from the Japanese. Fuel tanker and they walk Achio threatens protected coral reefs, and a number of endangered species in Sudan the government and. An alliance of rebel groups and four have signed a peace deal in the hopes of putting an end to seventeen years of conflict. The deal covers key issues around landownership transitional, justice, power shuttering, and the return of people who fled because of war. It also paves the way for this mantle of rebel forces and for members to be integrated into the national army. The. United Nations is warning the life of Congolese Doctor Nobel Peace Prize laureate Dr Dennis Mugabe is in endanger after he received a series of death threats Dr mcquaid founded. The Panzi Hospital in the Democratic Republic of Congo which treats women requiring surgery as a result of sexual violence. He's been targeted for his work before and survived an assassination attempt in two thousand twelve. And Pakistan torrential rains have killed at least thirteen people and submerged large swaths of Karachi. Pakistan's largest city, the record breaking rains this month or ten times the monthly average and the worst since record keeping began some ninety years ago last week over eight inches of rain fell in a period of just twelve hours all this in the midst of the corona virus pandemic. Back in the United States in Louisiana imigrants detained at the Lasalle and Jackson. Paris correctional centers are denouncing unlivable conditions inside the immigration and customs enforcement prisons after Hurricane Laura battered the state according to prisoners to jails have flooded with urine and feces don't have electricity clean food or water, and don't have air circulation forcing prisoners to sleep outside many in their underwear as Louisiana residents. Now face the long road to recovery from Hurricane Laura many also mark this weekend fifteen years since Hurricane Katrina struck the Gulf coast killing over eighteen hundred people and devastating the city of New Orleans. On Friday black organizers and leaders from around the country held a virtual black national convention, the event organized by the Movement for black lives featured conversations on issues including electoral justice, the criminal justice system labor, the climate crisis disability justice, trans rights, feminism, and immigration. This is North Carolina Activists Breen some bass who was arrested five years ago for scaling a thirty foot flagpole at the South Carolina capital to remove the confederate flag. We're trying to transform a system that was an a government that was fundamentally organized around are enslaved, right so we're already alienated him anyways from that but even beyond that, even when we elect someone who we can't consider comrade or someone who you know has has gone into office promising to put forward our agenda. Again, the reality is that the system that they come up against is so highly organized that if we are not organized on our and to both support them and to continue pushing, it will be very difficult for that person to do anything. Democrats have slammed the announcement by the director of national. Intelligence? John, Ratcliffe Friday that he's canceling in person correct congressional election security briefings just over two months ahead of election day the trump administration said the cancellation was in order to prevent leaks that written reports would be issued instead in a joint, Statement House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi, and intelligence committee chair Adam Schiff called the change your shocking abdication of responsibilities of the DNA and. In New York the family of Lean, Polanco the twenty seven year old transgender advocate Latina woman who was found dead in a jail cell at rikers island. Last year has been awarded five point nine million dollars to settle a lawsuit against New York City Polanco die from Aleppo uptick seizure in June two, thousand nineteen after she was left in solitary confinement for nine days lean. Polanco was held at rikers on five hundred dollars bail. And? Those are some of the headlines. This is democracy. Now, democracy now dot org the quarantine report I'm Amy Goodman. When we come back, we spend the hour with Dr Ibrahim ex Kennedy stay with us. King Cassini, King Country Kinko homeland king of the Food King of the former we live in again thinking by the shores Lewis Boosters, get proper king of the past present future my ss watching thinking that the. King. The King of the wisdom King of the Ocean Kingdom, the respect that king of the optimistic Jesus they go and get King of the winners district ingenious this week of. The product. Enemies mainly. Joyce. going. A wiccan that she teams did. Bring. Held, the king draft, a million tears I know several responsibilities put me here. I, don't back but I live old fashioned the last that I'm looking for. The right glass. Now ask some dumb about the spread across the December. By Kendrick Lamar from the soundtrack to the Superhero Movie Black Panther, this is democracy. Now Democracy now dot org the quarantine report I made me Goodman. Chadwick Bozeman, the world renown actor known best for his groundbreaking role in the two thousand, eighteen blockbuster hit block panther died on Friday at the age of forty three after a private four year battle with Colon. Cancer. News of his passing, shocked the public and sparked a wave of tributes to the man who played Jackie Robinson the first black athlete to play Major. League. Baseball Thurgood Marshall the first black justice on the US Supreme Court and, of course, Superhero King to Challah all while being treated for cancer. A statement shared on Chadwick Bozeman twitter said quote a true fighter Chadwick persevered through it all and brought you many of the films you've come to love so much from Marshall to defy bloods August. Wilson's my Rainey's black bottom and several more all were filmed during and between countless surgeries and chemotherapy. It was the honor of his career to bring king to Challah to life in. Black Panther Twitter announce the post was the quote most like tweet ever. Attribute fit for a king. HASHTAG WAUCONDA forever. Black. Panther is one of the highest grossing movies of all time earning more than one point three, billion dollars around the world. It's been called a defining moment for Black America, as the first superhero movie with a majority black cast and an African lead character, this is a clip from the trailer of Black Panther. Third World Country Textiles Shepherds outfits. Front. Doors. To. Gold it Eldorado. Tweet in South Dominica. Only. One. Home. See. The word. Treason. On the be the contract. and. You. Good. Food. It's hard. To Be Part of the trailer for Black Panther starring Chadwick Bozeman in two thousand eighteen bozeman return to his alma mater the historically Black College Howard University to give the two thousand eighteen commencement address. Still here today knowing the my Howard University Education prepared me to play Jackie. Robinson. James Brown. Marshall. And shallow. But what do you do? When principles standards that were still being you here at Howard. Close the doors in front of you. Sometimes. You need to get out now before you to really figure out what you which fight is. How you need the fighting. Bozeman spoke as he was fighting for his life very few people knew this at the time according to the American Cancer Society rates of Colon cancer higher among black people who are forty percent more likely to die from the disease Doodoo. Later, diagnosis and systemic racism for more we go to Boston Massachusetts where we're joined by the anti-racist scholar Dr either Mexican Andy who himself has battled colon cancer and on Friday celebrated two years of being cancer free. He tweeted Friday the anniversary of his operation for cancer quote I see August twenty eighth as my second birthday. Kennedy is founding director of the Bu Center for anti-racist research contributing writer at the Atlantic and the author of many books including stamp from the beginning the definitive history of racist ideas in. America how to be an anti-racist and most recently the Children's Book anti-racists Baby, Dr Kindy welcome back to democracy. Now on Friday I was so thrilled to see your tweet i. mean this was the fifty seven, th anniversary of. Of the march on Washington, which by the way that date was chosen because back in one, thousand, nine, hundred, fifty, five, it was the day until was killed but I was so thrilled to see you talking about this amazing moment. For yourself two years ago, talk about what happened and then the end of that night learning the news about Chadwick Bozeman. August. Twenty eight is always gonNA. Be. A. Second Birthday for me two years ago. I you know went under the knife. Literally all day long not knowing like many people who have staged for colon cancer or other forms of cancer. Whether that surgery would. Begin the beginning of my survival or whether they would find something that they didn't expect. I didn't know what was going to happen but fortunately, the surgery was successful fortunately. The surgeons did not actually see any more cancer fortunately, the pathologist when they took out I should say when they studied what the surgeons took out, they didn't see any cancer cells and so it was really the beginning of. A of my survival and and so I went to bed early as I normally do and I woke up in the middle of the night to the news that Chadwick. Had passed and at first I thought it was a nightmare. I. Mean You know like many people I was shocked. In, and then of course, I came to see that that it was real and then I saw that he died of colon cancer. And A my first thought was was why him? You know why not me And and it was really it was crushing it crushing because of how much he had given the world how much I adored him. Crushing Him because I know how beloved he was and still is and it and it still crushing. Abram. Can you talk about the racial disparities in healthcare well known by many for so long in this country, but particularly focused on now as a result of the pandemic, the number of African Americans followed by lots next people, the percentages. So disproportionate to population in the United, states who die of covid not to mention cancer in you right in how to be an anti-racist in the united. States African Americans are twenty five percent more likely to die of cancer than whites. My father survived prostate cancer, which kills twice as many black men and white men breast cancer dispersion kills black women. Can talk further about this. So Yeah I've had for colon cancer my wife. Has had breast cancer. My mother has had cancer. My father has had cancer my grandfather. died of cancer have an uncle. Who died of cancer and cancer? Like heart disease is there's also to racial disparities and just as there are with with Kobe nineteen deaths and we literally have and have had for quite some time. People dying quietly. Really, an epidemic of death in as a result of racial health disparities, and then we have an epidemic of people blaming those people blaming those black people blaming those Brown people for dying at higher rates as opposed to thinking about our system as opposed to thinking about what policies can change is as opposed to thinking about why is it that that that black people black men in particular diet higher rates from colon cancer because we're more likely to be diagnosed at a later stage what is happening in our society that is causing so much black death. Why is black death? So normal how can people allow black people to continue to die at police violence die of cancer Day In and day out year in and year out and not be outraged, and that's why so many people are outraged and demonstrating on the streets and I've been demonstrating months and they'll be demonstrating for years to this country takes black life seriously. I want to go before we talk about what's happening Kenosha, the police shooting of Jacob. Blake what's happening in Portland happening throughout this country the issue of white supremacy and president trump i. want to go to the significance of Chadwick Bozeman. In Black Panther and what Black Panther met for show many not only in this country but around the world. I don't even know if I can. Even as you know, amy, I don't even know if it can even be described in words what what Black Panther. Men were too shallow men what many of those incredible characters meant what that what Kanda meant work? We're kind of still means to to black people. And particularly those of us who are really striving to be antiracist those of us who are knowledgeable about pre. Colonial, west African empires, those of us who know the reason why there's so much poverty for instance in in Africa is not because there's something wrong with with African people that that if not for colonialism. Trade there may be condo and and I think that. Black people. I think in the United States and all over the world for them to see themselves in greatness and in excellence for for them to see themselves affirmed. You know I think was just incredible and I remember seeing. Black Panther when I was going through chemotherapy had been diagnosed weeks before the film came out in like other black people who went to see the film and just as non black people. You know it. It gave me the ability to really step outside of myself step outside of my world in imagine what's possible and there's nothing more radical in critical to transforming the world. Radical immagination thinking about what is possible, and I think Black Panther gave that to so many people. I wanted to go to another clip from Black Panther print cherie as the little sister of King Challah. King of what conduct, she's also the chief technology technology officer responsible for creating much of what condis tech innovations in this scene, she's driving a car remotely from Uganda that the Black Panther that Black Panther is riding in South Korea as he's being chased. Remorse, driving system. Which side of the disease boss excess it's right. been taking bullock's chatting with Guinness. and. If you can talk also about the role of women in Black Panther, she's the chief technology officer and also. The idea of not using. Any Rick? Any resources natural resources. In in, of course, the great film director, Ryan Kugler Film for war. Like they're vibrating Ian. The idea of what a country would look like if they did not poor their money into weapons. So yeah. Mean as a as a father as a girl dad. The portrayal of of women. In Black Panther is almost certainly what I admire the most from the chief technology officer to even the the baddest person on the film to to me was the general and and so who was my favorite character and certainly my wife's favorite character and but then also I just want to again emphasize that that these. This is possible. We currently have a tech industry where women and in particularly women of color are far away underrepresented or imagine that it's not their place imagined that they don't have the intellectual capacity and these are all sexist and racist lies and and women, and particularly women of Color. Can Be the chief technology officer of the baddest place I should say the most technologically advanced sort of companies or places on Earth. That's possible if we can create that type of sort of society. So. It is astounding that. Chadwick Bozeman. Did. Not. Only Black Panther and Ryan Kugler wrote about this in his post this weekend saying he himself the director of Black Panther did not know about Chad's personal battle with colon cancer He wrote a moving tribute to Chadwick. Bozeman after his passing and he writes Chad was an anomaly. He was comma sure constantly studying but also kind comforting had the warmest laugh in the world and. Is that seen much beyond his years but could still sparkle like a child seeing something for the first time it's with a heavy heart and a sense of deep gratitude to have ever been in his presence that I have to reckon with the fact that Chad is an ancestor now and I know that he will watch over us until we meet again the words of Ryan Kugler. Now. In the film Black Panther, they actually speak. Show saw. The South African. Language and your middle knee your middle. Name. Professor Abram Candy is show say is that right? Salonen. And and and I'm I'm actually. I'm at the same time. Shocked that that Chadwick was able to. Still. Continue his craft particularly because it's so physically demanding on the body. But at the same time, you know I'm not shocked and and I know that. When when I was diagnosed. With with with colon cancer I was in middle writing to antiracist. And all I can think of was I wanted to do this before I died I wanted to leave this legacy I wanted to leave this critically important book. For people. So I was really thinking about ensuring that I finished this before I passed away and I. Wonder if that's what he was thinking to that that he wanted to give as much as he could to the world because he knew his time was short and it did not matter how uncomfortable it was. It didn't matter how hard it was. It didn't matter how painful it was to get out of bed. You know it. You know he he was thinking about what he wanted to provide for the world and it really just shows me his level of courage. It shows me his level of commitment and it really shows me how much he loved humanity that he gave so much to us during his last few us. La Lakers Star Lebron James Pay Tribute to Chadwick Bozeman before the Lakers playoff game against the Portland Trail Blazers by taking a knee during the national anthem and crossing his arms across his chest to give the what Kanda forever. Salute. This is Lebron James Speaking Sunday. About Chadwick Postman. Limited. In the sense that. You know given that type of. That type of power that's stage. and. Especially, in that industry, you don't see many black. Male female actors being able to Pro Nazi change. Him To be transcendent as he was you out on the fact that. You know growing up as a black she you has superheroes that you looked out to. There, weren't blogging. Batman. Superman. Spiderman and Solna Soul. For. Ryan Kugler. CAST himself to. Make Black Panzer. that. Even though we knew it was like a fictional. Story, it actually felt real. And actually fell why We finally had our. Radio, and nobody can touch us. So. That's Lebron. James. I. Also, WanNa add, of course. If you could talk about what kind of being a country what? African country looks like that's not colonized. It's fascinating because. That is possible and certainly before colonization. Some of the greatest most powerful wealthiest and most technologically an intellectually advanced. Empires in the world were in Africa. From from Ghana Mali and Song I remember over the weekend when I think it was Forbes Magazine stated that Jeff Bezos was the richest man that ever lived and a lot of people corrected him and said Oh actually Monson Mussa who was the king of Molly was reportedly even wealthier than just Basil's but indeed Monsell Moussa gave away a lot of his wealthy actually traveled on this massive pilgrimage to to to to Egypt and he gave him a so much gold in Egypt. Destroyed the economy and but people don't know these stories right? We're not talked about precolonial West. African, not even taught about Africa today you'd I. Remember going to. Africa for the first time in people asking me the weirdest questions you know about Africa and it just showed goes to show me how little we're talk about Africa and how much we're taught. About Europe and either were a multicultural nation with people who come from Africa amount American Asian European, and we're going to to really teach our children and teach our delta about all these different places just as we're teaching them about native American history and culture. Over we'RE GONNA focus on Europe and I don't think we should focus on Europe because that's a demonstration. To me of. Racism. I wanted to talk about. Jackie Robinson in the film forty two League Baseball celebrated Jackie Robinson, day Friday August twenty eighth on that day in one thousand, nine, hundred, thousand, five before the march on Washington on. August. Twenty eighth nineteen sixty three before Emmett till was murdered August Twenty Nineteen fifty-five that the baseball executive branch rickey met with Jackie Robinson and signed him to a contract. With the minor leagues two years later, he would become first black player in Major League Baseball where he wore Jersey number forty two. That's why in the midst of the protests this week for Jacob Blake The New York mets in Miami Marlins stood for forty two seconds on the field Thursday. Then left without playing the game leaving behind one black lives matter t shirt. On home plate well at Bozeman passed away on August twenty. Eighth Day Major League Baseball celebrated Jackie Robinson. The legend that Bozeman played in his breakout role in the two thousand thirteen film forty two this is a clip. You. Number on my back. Signed. been. I. I I say. Man. I'm Jacky proper since that would. Base I dodge depends. I'm just. Watch look in the mirror, a white man's game. Boy I made six getting us to. Maybe tomorrow while we're forty. And everyone should watch Chadwick Bozeman in forty two before we take on James Brown and then we're going to talk about what's happening in this country. Of course, it's all related. The history is integral to what's happening. Now, the role of major league athletes from the WNBA, the women's Basketball League to the NBA, two football players to what the Baseball League, Melby which is now down to ten percent African American still across the board recognizing that they have to speak up their significance this week and beyond Professor Candy. Compare this to Chadwick mean n even Jackie Robinson and even too shallow. For many people, particularly many young people they they see professional athletes, men and women as as as superheroes as heroes as their heroes and and so to see those heroes to sue those see those superheroes. demonstrate against racism speak out against police brutality. Decide that no, we're human too. We're in paying too. We're suffering to were outraged to and we want justice to so we can't play tonight we can't play today. I was just galvanizing for for so many people in affirming for for so many people. Now. I wanted to go to the two thousand fourteen film get on up in which Chadwick Bozeman plays James Brown known as the godfather of soul. Blade. Wife. remains. Tall because they would james round. Dumb as a bad free Mr. Brown. I think we've got more. Genius. James Brown Abram Kendy. I. Of, course came to know Chadwick's work through. Through his portrayal Jackie Robinson but. I actually really loved on his portrayal of James Brown and I. Don't know whether it's because I'm a student of power movement or I don't know whether it's because James Brown was such a fascinating complex sort of historical character. Old or whether that James Brown and particularly his song say it loud I'm black and I'm proud was. Many ways as galvanizing for black people and it's beloved by black people who loved themselves as Black Panther. But there was something about that film and I just think it's critically important for people to not. Sort of make it seem as if Chadwick only did Black Panther because he was incredible in in several other films and more importantly, he played these these incredible sort of characters in these complex characters in these black men in particular who triumphed. Over so much adversity during extremely difficult times, and until I can then see how he personally could could triumph. Over his cancer to be able to play those those final worlds. We're going to break and then come back to what's happening today. Of course, Chadwick Bozeman also played Thurgood, Marshall the first African American Supreme Court justice we're speaking with. Candy. The Andrew W Mellon professor in the humanities at Boston University bu the founding director of the BU. Center for Anti Racist Research. This is democracy. Now, president trump promises to go to Kenosha Wisconsin tomorrow the governor, the Lieutenant Governor are pleading with him not to come stay with us. No. No. Fever he won't, cheat nobody ride. Off. Radical, ain't. No. No. No On Nobody. Certain. No. Don't pay no mind. No. Don't pay. No. mind. To See. But Do the do Saint Oda the Devil by Reverend Gary Davis this is democracy. Now Democracy now dot org the quarantine report. I'm Amy Goodman, we're spending the hour with now. Boston University Professor Abram Mexican Day Founding Director of the Center for anti-racist research contributing writer at the Atlantic. Many books including stamp from the beginning the definitive history of racist ideas in America, which won the national book, award for Nonfiction and how to be an anti-racist. Well, as we said on Friday thousands gathered for the fifty seventh march on Washington and the National Law for an event organized by the National Action Network among those who spoke family members of victims of police violence. This is Jacob Blake senior. The father of Jacob Blake followed by George Floyd's brother felonious floyd and the mother of Brianna Taylor to make a palmer. We've. Court today. Head court. Systematic racism. is where we're going to have court right now. Says it's. All of us. Not T. Schism against Trayvon Martin. Wait find him guilty. Racism Against George Floyd, we find him guilty. Racism Against Jacob. Blake promote. To Douala if I had to name. A Lot. Forgive me. Headwind taken it anymore. I wish jaws where the seat is right now. That's much in for. A March George. For. Briana. For MoD. So. There you have the march on. August twenty eighth the anniversary of the march on Washington. We are going to turn right now. To. Ibrox Candy to talk about the significance of what has been taking place and president trump promising to go to show Wisconsin despite the pleading of the Governor of Wisconsin Evers the. Lieutenant, Governor, the first African American Lieutenant Governor Mandela Barnes. He says he's going to wish a Kenosha Wisconsin tomorrow. Can you talk about the latest Professor Candy from Kenosha to Portland to the Republican convention to the issue of white supremacy? In this country you've use the. Metaphor of cancer to describe what we are confronting in America today. So I mean, do United States. Is Facing. Form of metastatic cancer form of metastatic racism in which literally. Racism has spread to every part of the body politic in how do we know that we know that because racial inequities and injustices? Are All around us and and and we see the pain that stemming from that metastatic racism. You see the people who lives are being lost and then we have a president who's claiming that it's doesn't exist. You Know Justice Jacob Lake senior sort of charges America with guilty America particularly Americans like trump are saying no not guilty not racist and meanwhile you know so many people are dying of covid nineteen because of The administration of course, trying to look the other way or so many black and Brown and indigenous people are dying at disproportionate weight. All the while people are saying not racist all the while people are denying the existence of this of this spread and what happens when you you deny the existence of cancer of the spread of cancer a leaving certainly the spread of. Racism, it's only going to get worse and we see what we've. What we've been seeing this summer is it's only gonNA get worse and it's only going to continue to get worse until we face it until we admitted until we acknowledge that that indeed, we have racism that spread to every part of the body politic but then you have people who are aware of it. But then they don't want to get the treatment because the treatment is painful. The treatment has uncomfortable. Yes. The treatment is going to be paying for uncomfortable, but it's the only thing that's GonNa give us as a nation in as people the chance to live. You have the situation in Kenosha where a white police officer at blank range. Last Sunday shoots Jacob Blake. At Least Seven Times Jacob Blake whose father is also Jacob Blake and whose grandfather is also Jacob Blake he is the well-known. He was the well known pastor in Chicago who led the Housing Desegregation Movement and organization that he co founded called now has a. House in complex name for him. That Jacob Blake manner. The young twenty, nine year old now paralyzed Jacob. Blake grew up went to high school and Middle School in Evanston where his grandfather did his ministry and his civil rights work. And then you have cow rittenhouse, the seventeen year old who turned himself in I emphasize this because he was on the streets of Kenosha he. Gunned down allegedly gunned down to black lives matter protesters murdered them on Tuesday night. This is during the Republican. Convention the trump administration neither pence nor president trump mentioned this. He is illegally carrying a long gun and a are fifteen through the streets with his hands up in the air. The police do not stop him as so many protesters saying he just murdered people. Now he's been accused of first degree charged with first degree intentional homicide but he drove home to Illinois and turned himself in. That's what it took to get him to stop. Your thoughts he's a white militia member seventeen years. Old Wannabe. Cop. I. The fact that he's a wannabe cop. Demonstrates. The types of folks particularly the the types of white men. Who are currently attracted to American policing and so then the question becomes why are so many white disaffected, racist young men who want to shoot and kill get away with it. Being attracted to American policing but I think what's also fascinating. Is that it is improbable it is impossible. For a black person to be holding in. Fifteen and walking towards the police. And Rut walking away from people who are saying, they just shot someone and for the police to let them go on by. That is impossible. But as possible. When it comes to white people. Because even when my people. Are Armed they they seem unarmed even to police officers, but when black people on armed they're armed dangerous and I think that's fundamentally the sickness of racist ideas that that it allows for so many people who are and certainly not dangerous to die while so many people who are wade who are armed and dangerous and just shop people to go to their home and sleep in their bed and certainly to be harassed by the police. In response to Jacob Candy being handcuffed to his hospital bed, you tweeted Professor Candy Jacob Blake being handcuffed to his hospital bed. You tweeted an allegory of what racism has done to black communities paralyzed economically and politically fighting hard to recover but inexplicably still shackled. I mean like so many. People. Mean I was just you know outraged the he Jacob had not committed a crime. He was shot seven times in the back. He was paralyzed and then on top of that. He is being sort of chained to a bed as if he's the criminal and again, that's part of the problem is the black victim, the person who was unarmed and shot in the back seven times is still being framed by America or the by the state or by police officers as the criminal and because of blackness, it doesn't really matter. And I think that's what people are. So outraged by you know because his life does not matter even when he's. The victim of a hail of gunfire and he's paralysed. He still is viewed as somebody who's dangerous that needs to be shackled. How is the work of anti-racist protesters over the last decades over the last centuries? What do you think? People should be doing now in this absolutely critical period what some call the most important moment especially this election. In US history. I think first and foremost, no one should be fooled. By law and order rhetoric. Coming from the trump administration when when they speak of law and order. They're talking about the law and order of racism in black death that's what they want and and if you support law and order than you support the order, a black death and racism but I think more importantly, we should be joining organizations and supporting organizations that are challenging racist of racism and racist policy and white supremacy. Certainly, be thinking very seriously about about voting for folks who are striving to be antiracist but but even more than that, we should figure out ways to be civically engaged. Every single one of us has power with the power to resist we have the power to resist policy. We have the power to resist policymakers and one of the. One of the sort of guiding principles that anti-racist activists have sort of lived by for centuries for decades for years for months is that they have the power because racist power has been trying to convince us that we don't have power whether it's enslaved people or even people today who are trying to figure out what can they do in the face of this Juggernaut of racism don't think ever that you don't have the power and the way we have power is by coming together is by organizing together is by challenging off through our organizational strength. Would you call it president trump at supremicist? Our question and I mean anyone who in any way can make a case that he is not a white supremacist based on what he says in based on what he does and that he's not a racist and again I'm only stating this if someone is is is is pushing policies that lead to white supremacy there when you're white supremacist even next candy we thank you so much for spending this hour with US Andrew W. Mellon professor in the humanities Pasta University founding director of the Center for anti-racist Research Cecile our coverage of Black Panther Afra- future ISM.

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Revisiting Chadwick Boseman's Wakanda | Sound Only

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Revisiting Chadwick Boseman's Wakanda | Sound Only

"We have watched at listen from the mountains. We have watched with discussed seen as your technological advancements have been overseen by a child who scoffs at tradition. and. Now, you want to hand the national over to this prince who could not even keep his own father. Safe. Habits. Real. Not have it all. Welcome listeners. Sound. Justin charity. Peters, where your sound only co host report are cheapest darkest thoughts about twenty first century and the millennial lifestyle. Were talking about Rap Music Video Games anime youtube social media, and the wider Internet this week we're talking about the late Black Panther Star Chadwick Bozeman who died a few days ago at age forty three after a four year battle with colon cancer. Chevy Bozeman was. Jackie Robinson he was James Brown. He was Thurgood Marshall he was Challah. You was minore. And now he's no longer with us We're just now learning about his colon cancer diagnosis in two thousand sixteen the same year that Black Panther went into production, which means that like he never spoke publicly about it and also like you're just. I think a refrain over the weekend like all of our across all channels social media was just like you never know what someone's going through then. Dog this is like an extreme case of that because it's not just he never spoke about it. It was the fact that he will multiple rounds of cheap like he was. I don't know you've watched five bloods. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I'd like his. Spooky. So, Spooky. It's so spooky especially because those means character stormin norm is one of in Easy Company soldier of Fortune and the Vietnam War who Basically is the voice of reason from beyond the for all of this company base that like includes Isaiah with lock junior Delroy Lindo. etcetera etcetera etcetera. But anyway, he's just kind of like speaking from beyond the grave about how These people as black men are to conduct themselves. So that's just like very it's a lot to deal with like if you watch it again. Not, just as a spike Lee joint that came out during quarantine but like as a posthumous bozeman foam. Yeah and he walks to that movie with the Halo basically giving these these milestones about black pride and dignity and America and civil rights. And God is that there is no spookier performance. One could have either final performance before passing away age forty forty-three. Like totally undisclosed cancer diagnosis. That's a lot to contend with his legacy as an actor. which is a lot to say about somebody who is forty three, right? Yes. Legacies an actor. I Dunno shit. Yeah. It's difficult to it's he occupies like a strange space like in a In the black actor cannon again. As because he is. Like I was saying before like in public imagination he is like all of these different. Like his black historical figures because he was always, he was the bio pic actor writer. And I think about biotech actor like I think about like. It's just it's a mid-range jumper really is it's because it's it's like a long too because you need to be able to. You need to be able to replicate this person's like shortcomings in quirks and like their changeability as a person. But then you also need to distinguish yourself as like I. AM Chadwick Bozeman being Thurgood Marshall. But then you need to overcome the fact that Thurgood Marshall was light skinned and that was integral to his story and that you need to be easy to distract people from that. And you're doing this all in a kind of movie that's most easily associated with just like homework assignments for yeah. Yeah? Thing. Yeah. Yeah but even so like it's like, that's not like Denzel Washington wasn't really a bio-pic actor said deportiva was with bio-pic actor and yet like it's kind of like he was on his way into that like elder statesman important. We black actors like Repair Yard, right? Right. Totally totally and I think I don't know man. His cancer diagnosis, his death, eat all of it feels like so much information at once about an otherwise unassuming guy I think that's. Yeah talk them. He's not only private he's just. He was just a low key guy. He was the guy who as his role has got bigger and bigger right? Like I don't think there was ever a sense that Chadwick Bozeman as a celebrity scaled in proportion to that you like I'd never looked at Chadwick Bozeman listen to him do an interview and Think, oh, he's brand new now oh we. Yeah Yeah I like it's Blake again I close. Yeah. I. Mean like like like I was saying on air. This was I used to used to work at this like a just go to this one cafe the you know fake work for my laptop sometimes, and you say there long enough they stop serving coffee and started serving beer anyway Jiwa Buzzer came in there one time after it was announced that he got the Black Panther role and I was just behind them in line and I just started making jokes about Damn Nikki. You got to be James. Brown and Thurgood, by you can just leave Black Panther for the you know I like that was supposed to be that was my breakout role of and he was like there was no reason for it wasn't a funny joke. There was no reason for talked like this random person. But like he laughed at my terrible joke and flash those giant as white teeth and it was just he was just like a very. Like. There was any never ways that interaction could have gone I guess. Yeah I mean, I got my first my first job in journalism was at complex conflicts magazine I remember my first it was like my second or third day. On the job. Like seriously second or third day. I'd like an hour notice that bose was going to be in the office. This is during the press run for get on up James Brown. Incredible. They give you like hour notice because it was just like, Oh, wait charities written about Jane's round for the site before I. Think I'd written about James Brown's like a freelancer like monster earlier's something. And they were lay go interview Chadwick. Bozeman. Table between the video stuff he's doing in the office and I was like I haven't even seen the movie don't have the context for any of this. So I was like well I don't know if I can ask them questions about the movies we sat down we shot the shit about James Brown. We just talk about the music you know and like that's the kind of shit where it's like you're young you know you're interviewing celebrities for the first time each. Week and you just like are you interested in the same things that I am? Yeah. Yeah and I was like. But that's the thing it's sort of. I don't know sometimes assigned. It's fine to be a fan even though we're also like critics right like I feel like there's so many people that you look at it and say oh I met this celebrity right either for work maybe just on the street right anything. Oh. This person was horrible to me. I'm remember them is basically the rest of my life. Stare, at their phone, it's also just like the volume of people that have that sort of story about Chadwick Bozeman now. It's like it's it's not I would feel worse about the two US meeting about our personal interactions with as long as we have on this podcast if there weren't like. So many of those that came out in the. In, the couple of hours after the newspaper. Totally totally, and none of this is US trying to be like none of us the oppression that we knew him any better than we did we just had these brief interactions within glimpses of them but. Even those glimpses help you understand years after the fact why people feel absolutely shredded you know. Like people you know we lose famous people people who who mean stuff to the masses every day but there's something about how Bozeman that hits different and I think a lot of it is is that people think everybody has those little glimpses of somebody like him 'cause Chadwick Bozeman were talking before the echelon of the black actors that we black actors, echelon. The weird thing about it is Chadwick Bozeman. Is like if you're older cousin was one of yes. Exactly. Exactly like it just. Yeah just like all right you'll. Yeah, there's this backley as that was exactly what they is used as like is us as is. He is your older cousin that you know. kind of like pushes ahead on your shoulder groups you little too firmly being leg right has like a kind of disparaging nickname for you. Is. It comes Outta love though that's always ask you about school. You're not trying to talk about school. Talk about school like just once you were doing after school. Through you know. As true. That's true. The we bet not be hanging out with those. Little with those long headed what's the I dunno they always. Yeah. But you get what I'm saying it's it's the it's the energy though of like an older cousin. And that's why the absence feel. So pronounced. Yeah. I think it's those hints of Zenit, familiarity and then. Yeah I think I think the other half of this is just the fact that there's just this real mystery surrounding his cancer diagnosis and it feels like in the first couple of days after learning he passed away. I know so many people who turned into detectives who were like, sure how are we supposed to know this? Well, because like in I think honestly it's just A. Isn't that something? That's just sort of like inherent to Celeb- cultures that like there's somebody has done something fundamentally different than the way that everybody else their position has done it. So therefore, something had to have been seriously wrong and possibly a foul. Is just like a normal logical progression for. You know interested parties on the Internet. Yes. They're definitely in logical, but it's definitely not logical. Yeah. Yeah. It's just their little clips like I know there's the the Huffington Post interview from October twenty, seventeen So that's like a year maybe less than a year after his diagnosis where reporter asked him about bulking up to play its Jolla I'm Black Panther. And he said something like Oh is is more of a struggling your ever know maybe I live to tell the story one day and I knows another clip of him maybe like a year after that talking about meeting This is during the actual release of Black Panther some meeting two young kids. With terminal cancer diagnoses and he just sort of wells up and he just can't speak for a minute he's sitting next to Lupita onstage somewhere and then there's the one I remember is the instagram video. From April this year where he's talking about Jackie, Robinson and corona virus and sort of he's he's given like a PSA about you know how to take care of yourself during corona virus and public health funding in donations and stuff like that. But at all everyone noticed about it is that shower? Bozeman. Got Mad Skinny. He looked guard. He was on. Yeah. Yeah. I like it just yeah. Yeah. It was. It was rough looked like he was being eaten from the inside was it was it was very tough look but also like another, one of his last public interaction is the fact that people were just like. Will. The Hell's wrong with you like you know like making the Joe like he looks like he could eat you know or. So on so forth. When Really two movies a exactly. I see. I thought it was a matter of this is some conditioning you know he's doing fifty cents in that movie nobody remembers. visited. Yeah Yeah it's yeah exactly. Maybe it could have been some form of method acting as far as like. Is, concerned but also another thing that I remember was like. I don't know if you notice this trip before you you know exit twitter but there was like every time there was a new photo of Chavez buzzword popping up a red carpet heavy to do the condo salute, and it's as though like he was just like. His his eyes were just a little bit drearier. His smile was just like you know not all the way there that there wasn't a lot of conviction in the way that he did whatever and it was just like turned him into a fraternity pledge. And there's just kind of Y'all just just let that man rests like he's so tired. This is kind of like, yeah but probably for other reasons. I know people asked him about that salute and I think he he he was good natured about. I don't know I think he appreciated that he was in this role if you remember how Michael Jordan. So Michael Jordan's and Black Panthers Villain in that movie kill monger. Michael Jordan got tired of share real fat, Guy Very. Very very there is that one of you of the I can't remember what all she was with. It was like it was the Blau white late is she goes and she sat down data the did the will converse loot and he's just like I don't do that and she. What? Like yeah I'm not from Mukamba, but it was just really right. You know what is wrong with you lady wasn't a energy. Yeah He definitely did appreciate the moment though. He appreciated the moment and he appreciated the I don't know is the sense in which He had in a totally sincere. Almost kind of mind boggling way because we are ultimately talking about a marvel movie right He'd become this larger than life figure and that was he became a. Figure after having plead larger than life actual black. Figures. It's the fact that Black Panther became this exponential on top of the exponential for him. You, know. There that's like a that's a rarefied feeling that sense of Oh you've become. A. Black Panther is obviously a new character but you've become the ICONIC. You're the person people will think of when they think of this figure and people think of this figure a lot. In his you like as you Mr Jolla. But as you Chadwick Bozeman you an accident. Let's talk about the accident. Let's talk about Black Panther we gotta we gotta go back to a candid. We gotTA WE GOTTA sing this man. Proper visit to a con. We're GONNA talk about. Black Panther. and. The avengers. At one. And you could kill them. More powerful men than me have tried. But. If. I could get them to kill each other. I'm sorry about father. He seemed the good man. The data for son. Who? Has Consumed Neo. Consuming. Them. Done. Letting it consume me. Justice should. Enough. Tell that to the dead? Living. It's so funny that you bring up the access because last night I watched the figures that they they actually Netflix's sent out a tweet this past Friday where they were pushing the trailer back for or the teaser back for a message to the king, which is Chadwick Bozeman the action thriller film that they acquired the rights to think it was filed in two, thousand, seventeen but I watched it this this this this past weekend and it was like Berry. Obviously. He was using it as a means of working on his accent for for the actual. Black Panther. Moving. Because I mean on because I also watched the war this past week. When he listened he doesn't have he hasn't had the ball enough to to mess up the accent thing. He only has a couple of lines. But. You can see how is like working out the awkwardness of it throughout message, which is a bad movie by the way but he's like Barry I was remarking the fact that this one of those kinds of thriller films like. Equalizer or something where like it would have been like a slammer of like six additon action film five years deeper into his career because he's trying harder than everybody else is acting. But you know. That accident man. Hold on it but that's the thing there's like a weird char- like Black Panther. First of all, let's can establish the stakes or Black Panther because this this is neither. Bozeman okay. Do you remember this is a day on twitter we can talk about that I. do remember it was the day that the first full cast announcement happened for Black Panther and I remember it was shared as Who is probably in the Hollywood reporter to in the headlines and stuff but I'm on twitter was an image and it was an image with a bunch of headshots like you might expect with the casting announcement. But because Black Panther has every black actor who has never worked. You have like all you have every single black actor you've ever seen in a movie or TV show crammed into a single, Japex? File. To the point that I there was something very weird because it was sort of. You have forest whittaker. You Got Michael B Jordan. Guy Chadwick. Lupita and it just that movie felt like. First of all with semi. Angela. Is. Not Leave that out because I was also another thing that broke the weekend is like finding the interview, of Chadwick, Bozeman talking about how great it was to get to introduce his mom to Angela Bassett by was like one of the best things about being White Panther. Yeah. But that casts announcement was like it felt like he could have been made up he's like Oh light skinned on in this Dr. It was very like John. Witherspoon is in this. As in. David to also be in it. You know Chris Tucker, back. But. That was the thing. It was a kind of casting announcement that. That the thing in the beginning were Black Panther for me was that because I hadn't seen a war by the time, the Black Panther casting announcement happen. I kinda thought. Okay. The really seem to be selling. This is like a big black ensemble thing and I kind of felt like, oh, the overshadowing Chadwick Bozeman like is this less of a because the other movies like you watch the Spiderman same rainy movies you watch ironman and it feels like the pitch for so many of those movies especially on like the marvel side of things is that. The hero was the one carrying. The whole project in zero has all this sort of over the top personality and that's not who Chadwick Bozeman was, and that's not really how they were. So in the movie in the beginning yeah, we'll also I mean. I learned about Glad Panther. `Boy I'd learned about like most Comic Book Characters was in by Dad's shark to or from a sporting event like I was reading. Black. Panther. vol You one by Christopher Preece when I was like eleven or twelve, and I was like. Where the fuck is this movie at I was saying was saying but because I was a goody two shoes but it was like you know about ten fifteen years later like it actually exists in the world and like delivers on all of that height. But I take your point about the fact that it's like a big. It was being sold as a big on Samba movie. It felt like one of those instances where. You know like was one of us gets him like all right bringing everybody it like it was like one of those situations that felt like wake this is not just Chadwick buzzwords was coming out party. This is you know we're GonNa make this is black as possible like for an give everybody that never had roses roses when we can give them their roses and also we're gonNA try some things right into to further. The black that you're talking about is not just the cast it's also on the premise, right? So it's also in the premise. Yes blaming the movie right explain the movie real quick audible all the black people with iphone sixteen hiding in the Middle Africa Sh. Yeah I mean. Okay. It's. It's actually better if I don't get insulate the grain details of it, it is Blake in undisturbed. Almost alien level technologically advance surely black society that is like nobody knows about it just gets a live their lives blissfully in seclusion with all of the best gadgets and all the food that they could want the Bubba I mean the thing about what? I'd like to actually Tallahassee coats run of white panthers that she got into the internal conflict that. A nationwide that would have. But Anyway, this movie is about actually were conscious foreign policy like there their policy around four at eight, which actually you and I went back and forth at length about on the regular dot com don't we literally argued about the foreign policy of a made up country we really did combat really I do normally so. We. So I mean but like in that conflict there are. There's there's this basically to Challah who is like a? I believe you called Him Enough Burger of a ruler like berry like stayed and reserved and Mike ineffectual honestly. And then there is kill monger who in the comics is like you know exactly as studied in cultured as Charleena's but you know chose the dark I guess like and the the waterfall scene actually in the comic. the the the movie. The scene is like a couple of minutes but the waterfall battle between kill Maga to Challah last for a week in the comic, and they'd like throw each other through trees and talk about the constitutionality of power like. But. In the movie, You have Michael, Jordan Hawk and Chadwick bows been sort of like I can't even say dove because he doesn't really fly either like it's just he's just there and you know we're going to continue traditional on as it always has been. And I. Think what became was Like around the movie was logical conversation about whether or not kill monger was right in the same vein of like whether or not thanos was right. Right the radical versus the institutionalists you know. In terms of like. Just. As dramatic conceit okay. The nothingburger will leader who is the Challah. I think a lot of. My initial reaction that movie frankly is sort of. Myself at a distance expectations of the marvel movies because it does feel like the general direction of a Lotta. Superhero. Stuff. Is. All the heroes gotta be. They're all doing improv comedy. They. They like the exception to it I guess is the criminal and Batman movies right because. Batman is the uptight one and all the villains are goofy crazy all the personality but otherwise I feel like all these movie sort of set these expectations for how charismatic in a really bold. vivacious way the superheroes are supposed to be. So you get the Black Panther and it totally makes sense with the premise right in the sense that he's had, where is his character is supposed to be defined by like abdication like he's supposed to be a person that has given himself a lot of what he wanted in his life. Out of duty and that makes them like really cool and distant you know right right and never fist. But being put up against drunk again dramatically up against Michael Jordan who we do a whole another podcast episode about Michael Jordan in my thoughts. I like the best the best the best actually better than your entire like take down of his everything from his hair, which was startling like by a lot like mine time to like the shoes he was wearing in the piece that we wrote was outdone by a single tweet this past weekend from at written by Hannah who said, I can't believe that they decided to start kill monger like every predatory Organiz. L. Bars. That is but that's the thing it's. It's the style of Michael. B. Jordan. Yeah. But it's also Michael. Jordan's patent brand of overacting I would say it's like. Station for the fact that he's no longer the character that he was in the wire like it's just like I I am I've got muscles got a grill and I've no more bullying is what? Your characterization of Kilmartin, the comics surprising because the basically the character you know Michael Jordan is playing in in Black Panther he's playing to pock if two-pack had gone that role yet. Oh Wow. Yes it which is like. I mean, you know make sense after a fashion since the movie starts at Oakland or whatever. and. that. The movie does not only start in Oakland but specifically Oakland Nineteen ninety-two they try they don't actually say that it's pay the riots are going on but if like if you knew By then you know like, which is an interesting place for Disney property to start a movie number one. Yeah it just that. Michael B. Jordan's performance and Black Panther is the shiny object for me that sort of colored high saw a lot of the rest of the movie and I do think on repealing there's more of an appreciation for for what exactly like why check Bozeman is so suited to the role of Challah is specifically his statelessness is his sort of well I. I it wouldn't be as like I argue that like his performance child wouldn't be as good if it was a if Michael, Jordan's as kill Maga wasn't. So hilariously outright like 'cause. He looks. Charlotte looks unattainable. Cool. Next to. Chill monger who is just like Kind of barking with you know mom said you had to take me to energy. Energy to. Frankly am only LE LE lovely traps beautiful traps. Lovely triceps, beautiful triceps A set. So I got. Absolutely. Absolutely. But it's also I guess you have to. Again I I love you to talk more about the comics. About maybe the thing I underrated. Is How much frankly a movie with that premise with that with that black cast with that sense of. I guess what we call now in criticism ray unapologetic news. I know that? In a speech should have after the movie's release Chadwick Talks about how you know there's no black panther without Denzel Washington but I also this particular movie instead of attitudes surrounding it expectation surrounding it things imbued into the performances feel like they also don't exist that Obama, and maybe that's kind of what is being channeled through the Chevy Bozeman. That performance is the sense that like the reason that statelessness the reason that sort of aloofness is. Scans cool. Is it ultimately does? Is because that's sort of the quality that's like imported from someone like Barack. Obama instead of just sets the tone for a lot of I think conceptions of of. Modern black political leadership, modern blacks of establishmentarian political leadership. You know any longer is the radical activists. Yeah. There's like there's there's a high like value placed on his own child civility I guess. Otherwise noted respectability and that's a that's A. Phenomenal, thing about Black Panther is like there's definitely version of this movie where if the performances were load their different if the writing was a little different if they actually shot or location at Africa, like there is a, there is a much there's actually a much blacker version of this movie like a much more radical version of the movie but I mean, I saw this version in theaters five times to say. No but but it's like there's also more of disagreeable version to sort of what I mean right? Like there's a version of somebody trying to do is how it goes when does and Black Panther that would scan Moore's like Oh. This is the kind of respectability politics that I thought we were getting away from in this decade and there's something about Chadwick. And I think this actually comes through in his actual said when he's not in character as any of these people that he plays in these movies. Interviews that he's one of the you know he walks the line between being you know somebody who recognizes like. And I ranked myself among them. You know the Boozy brunch blacks. Would also being somebody you're with somebody who's lost in the sauce of respectability per se. Yeah Know the, crunches. Because I know exactly what you'd be. He was he the Howard come on. He is he is a vis, a boozy boozy brush black. What that was like a star reported of the NIGGA agenda, which is Leir. Absolutely. The is why he was like held such place I. Think Absolutely. Would've other of traces in his performance that we think. Are Interesting and stick with us and that are worth celebrating. Now you talk about the accent. But. You can use the accent as a way to talk about his actual starpower the fact that he got so much leeway for it. Yeah. That's it. You also got me she was forest whittaker fours which she. has drink a debate. Penta will now be stripped ille- that became like everybody said that before taking shots for like months like after that movie gave out was just also we go have a sub episode this episode about the last King Scotland and for of access. ow. Nicholas. Unbelievable. Data's in the yeah. I like I think that. Yeah I might try Bozeman accent in Black Panthers honestly. Perversely Testament to star power back because it's just. I was watching I was watching Society Chadwick Bozeman plates. Challah, which seems like a very strip a simple construction, but like it's important that you're not going to see the character. But to see the actor play the character like that's a distinction between a movie star Mike Person, that's just acting a role. and honestly, that's what that's what the energy would like the last seen when the. You know the quench the Black Panther jet is lifted off of the black top and in Oakland and he's walking up to it in a trenchcoat and it's just like it just looks like that looks correct. I don't know like. I think that there was. Like A. Hit cemented like his look. You know the specific Tavak buzzfeed looked the same way that like Denzel Washington has one which is like. A single with A. Bike halfway between the SMIRK and a scowl that lake turns into babies but you know exactly what look I'm talking about And Chevy Bozeman has one. But it's like he's slightly tilts his head back in like sort of squint is in as nationals a little bit and it's like his he's not saying anything but it's just like the situation is unequal like and it's He makes face at every movie he's in. He had look with he was an extra in like season two of justified when you was playing bike a street dealer that was friends with Lorenzo Tate who then shoots up through the hand so he can't become a magician bike he wanted to be. It's like it's air everywhere all the time he was working on that for a while. The accident and everything else about Black Panther physical kind of. Movie Magic I don't know how to even describe it with him because. To my point earlier, there's so much stuff in Black Panther. If it had been done a different way, the performance has been in a little different you imagine the sort of. Injured is Bora tensions that would have just spilled over would have been American blacks versus Africans life skin versus dark. We would. We were recruited all the people from all the debates about British black actors versus American black actor. There was a there was A. But. That's the thing. It's like take all of those tensions right that exist within and around the movie like Black Panther and I I. Guess I think Chadwick Bozeman is the only singular. Element of that movie that felt like it smoothed over what otherwise could have been a tumultuous said of disagreeable. It's hard to get black people all on the same page the way that Black Panther did and I really do think that's a credit to Chadwick's performance and also his public persona and I don't know I. Think those sort of hard depend on qualities about the guy that things that make him. Kind of underrated until it's too late and we don't have him anymore. Like they feel weirdly essential to why that movie. was what it was and is what it is. Ladies and Gentlemen Chadwick postmen. I know personally the your generosity existed pass what you have given on the stage and screen. Many of you already know the story that Mr, Washington, when asked by for this Rishaad, to join her in assisting ninety two students from how university who had been accepted to a summer acting program at the British Academy of dramatic acting in Oxford he gracefully privately. Agreed to contribute. As, fate would have it. I was one of the students that he paid for. Imagine, receiving the letter that your tuition for that summer was paid for. Your benefactor was another Dan, the dopers act on the planet. I have no doubt that the are similar stories, boys and girls, clubs and theaters and churches across the country where I know you have also inspired and motivated others offering from a sage and a king is more than silver and gold. It is a seed of hope. A bird of faith. There is no Black Panther without Washington. Not. Just because of me but my whole cast that generation stands on your shoulders. The daily battles won the thousand territories gained the mini sacrifices you may for the culture on film cyst, your career that things you refused to compromise along the way. Laid the blueprints foster follow so now. That he who has watered Be Water. Then he who has given be given tune. It is an honor to now no you. To learn from you. Enjoying in this work with you. May. God bless you exceedingly and abundantly more in what's in store. that he ever has before. God. So leg of the courses episode we more or less been trying to figure out why this particular celebrity, why Chadwick Bozeman in particular I afford or three feels like it does and especially like in a year really so much should he stuff is up you know what? I mean yeah. I it's and I mean I think we've whittled down a version of it hit the the place that he holes in public imagination kind of like the trajectory of his career, the place that he holds bike end. The you know t capital z culture but I think also like to your point about it happening during a year when so many terrible things are happening collective to order boarding is sort of I. Think it was I wanna say that it was Jones who said something about the Sandinista light really start for base like it's an outlet vow for all the interpersonal grieving that we have it done about all the terrible things that are happening around. Know stuff like Chadwick goes like this this person that you have a ship with through the screen. Yeah. But even then I think I think the reason why I'm taken back by house have. You know I mean I hesitate easier where like universal because I'm sure there are plenty of people who Just watch law and order and care about Black Panther five but there's a there's a sort of broad nece to the shock at Chadwick husband's death and a lot of it's obvious rates. He was young. It's the fact that we didn't know es cancer in the first place. But. I. Think. It's also just that sense of In undefined or of it's not just knowing him for the screen like especially in America right in the. country. That like produces many movies as much entertainment as America does like we have so many we managed so many relationships. At a distance obviously with so many entertainers and with Chadwick I really think there is something I. It really is a testament to the fact that guy really tapped into. Something about. Black identity. Frankly, you know what I mean even though there's plenty of people who aren't black who saw Black Panther in love Black Panther. Yeah there's. That the weird an Stewart is hosting mayor crying children holding. Black. Panther. Toys was a weird thing that was happening. Yeah Yeah. But like there's plenty of people that liked Black Panther but again it was it's like I was saying before it's like, yeah, that like you had just said as he represented something. On the important but way it was there was something comforting about someone like him being in that position? Yeah and I look I think even the hesitation on our part. Ray. There's something very complicated about the commodification of black shit for mass audiences, right? Yeah. There's something very complicated about it because his I mean like they can be in essence where you're tweeting exasperation like I don't know like I've lost and the after finding out the news of. We buzzwords passing and somebody else can tweet back at you about like a marble a quote from a marvel movie that he did and being like I wish he was president and neither one of you is exactly wrong. But one of you sort of is like it's like. It's Wrong. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. it's a very. Strange achey feeling like somehow. The most integral parts of the grieving process or like bypassed and that the instance where like a very you know public. Famous black person that has such and such cultural cachet dies Yeah Tola but it but I think even the sort of the most awkward said of. I mean, what America we we just certainly. This year and in all years have just a lot of racial discomfort instead of awkward. Racial Social Dynamics. And there's just something to the fact that no amount of. White, people doing weird, Shit. About Black Panther about Savak Bozeman can change the fact that Chadwick Bozeman is your older cousin. He wanted you. He want he wanted black people to see the movie. You know what? I mean. That's the thing about Kugler about that team is that Black Panther it's not just about the fact that it gets simplified so much to Oh Disney marvel they made a they made a big expensive movie with the Black Star, it's not just that they made a big expensive movie with the Black Star who won it black people to see the movie you know and he picked up from Wesley because it was originally like Wesley Snipes. Was the one who wanted to do and Wesley Snipes at the whole attitude was like I to just do the Black Superhero movie i WanNa do the black superhero movies so that the black people come and see exactly like he's just like I. Want I like I want to play this character a certain way and I want the world to look a certain way at with the music certain way because the people that I want to see it like things like this flake or I like things like this and the people I want people like me to watch this movie if it's like it's it's Saying before is like the. The same way that like I was reading Christopher, Priest's volume one as eleven, and then finally got to see the movie with like boundless incitement when I was. In My life when I was twenty, three, twenty, twenty, whatever it whatever. Is like the same energy of like Ryan cool getting to mess around with a property with lake a massive budget and was just like I want to make this exactly how I wanNA make it. and. To have. Black people in mind when you're doing something like that would you have rains over such a massive budget and such a massive project is like? He started the movie at Durres in Oakland riots of Disney property like that's not like a normal. That's like he got away with some stuff. He did he got away with put Michael Jordan in there with his to pock overacting just because he knew that we would have black ass arguments about Michael Jordan. and his speech about the slave ships. Give. For Real I to. America. Barry me with my ancestor, the judge, the sense because they do. It death. was better than average. You didn't even add those pauses those. Montas Puzzles. Movie there in the movie a lot like an I it was just like. Yeah, that was that was unfortunate. was such an Obama shooting dice with Malcolm in the barbershop portrait ask line took the movie on. Yeah it really was. It really was if la you should have got a quiz when you left the movie theater from like. A Nation of Islam attainment. made the right decision about the future on. You didn't you get a bean pile on the way in that's in a questionnaire on the way out. A federal here if people haven't watched spike Lee's lays we we define bloods on Netflix Stat. I think there are more. I think there's another movie coming out with I can't remember what it is, which can be in terms of. Movies released before his death The five leads is like the most recent. Chow. bozeman performance in that role is. there. Are I like I have like I have a lot of calls with the movie itself. But buzzwords performance. There's also a lot of Hoopla like around Linda's performance in that movie but like did Delroy Lindo performance in the movie is a masterclass like there are a lot of lake pulse pounding barry nerve ing scenes where he's speaking directly into the camera and it's Might Harrowing. just like as as like. In the same way that it would like be it's fun to watch somebody take a kick off and take it a hundred and five yards. So the house like those delory Lindo scenes are fun but Chadwick Bozeman. His performance in it especially with that context of his death is like it's I couldn't. Actually sit through it. But. I try to get this past week Ed. Oh Man I I, I watched it before release in the. The work he does is so slight movie to is not to is not a ton of Chadwick Bozeman in five floods and it has scenes feel so. They're just such heavy punctuation big said before like the Guy Walks around the movie but the Halo Basically Everything, sounds like every line he delivers in that movie. It's shadow ray like the I obviously the ideas that there's four black you know old black men going back to Vietnam and stormin norm is there you know? Is there any their partner who didn't make it? and. Everything he says like his final will and testament. Yeah. That really is a great way of putting it. Everything that he says every seeing that he has feels like it was designed to be like his soul scene of like visiting these people like from the afterlife to set them straight on their path. But everybody, there's like several scenes like that and everyone is like that you know what I'm saying yeah. abby choose, which are qualms are I I like five the lot I recommend people watch it. Watch all watch Chadwick stuff him. Yes. Okay. So before we get out of here, we need to pay proper respect. To the progress that shattered busby made on his African accent. You know from message to the cake to now like there was because there was I'm thinking specifically of black jeopardy at snl when kids obstinate asked questions about your friend care and brings her potato salad to the cookout and it's not good. What are you Taylor this cat and she is Caucasian. She has all those beautiful potato salad. Yes. Nova Pika Eka no pepper and she puts on unnecessary things that it's like raising. Yes. Say Oh hell knock headed keep your blend asked potato salad to yourselves. Mike I love your accent work on our on our podcast. Cherry pose. Me would be proud. I would hope set to. Offer this week this is sound. Only thank you to our producer Erica savant as. You'll hear from US again next year. Beggars.

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Chadwick Boseman, Who Died at 43, Brought Joy and Taught Us About Ourselves. All While Quietly Fighting for His Life

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07:09 min | 10 months ago

Chadwick Boseman, Who Died at 43, Brought Joy and Taught Us About Ourselves. All While Quietly Fighting for His Life

"Chadwick Bozeman who died at forty three brought joy and taught us about ourselves all while quietly fighting for his life by Stephanie's a character. Actors aren't our friends or family unless they happen to be literally our friends and family yet those we love to watch become kind of kin. We revel in one role and look forward to the next almost always assuming there will be a next the more we see them the more familiar and welcome their faces are we come to have so much invested in them that we can't bear to imagine them suffering in real life? Chadwick Bozeman who died on August twenty eighth at age forty three had reportedly been fighting colon cancer for four years for people closest to him must have known. But those of us who merely loved watching him in movies didn't that means says we watched him play and emphatically robust Superhero in twenty eighteens Black Panther or the augusts Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall in the twenty seventeen martial or a charismatic Vietnam War squad leader in five bloods released just a few months ago his body was pushing against him to a degree we can only imagine. That makes his vitality in every role, even more remarkable and the reality that he's gone far too soon. So incredibly sad. Bows men had done a few movies and lots of TV before we saw him as Jackie Robinson in the twenty thirteen movie forty two when Harrison Ford's branch rickey the man who will sign Robinson to the Brooklyn dodgers thus breaking the color barrier and Major League Baseball flings racial taunts at him to test his temperament. Both men's Robinson doesn't just listen. He seems to absorb the words through his very skin letting them hurt without showing it because even if Robinson knows it's imperative to not show it to not feel it is to be super human and even Robinson Great Assi was was certainly human. In. Just one scene Bozeman imparts a sense of being that's familiar to black people through multiple generations in this country. But that white people need to be reminded of again and again being black in America has often required muting your anger even as you're turning it into a force field. In two. Thousand Sixteen Bozeman made his first teasing appearance as Black Panther the super hero guys of two Challah, the Regal and insightful ruler of Wauconda in Captain America's civil war. Just that flash of him opened a portal into a improved Marvel Universe for twenty eighteen. Black. Panther was the Marvel Superhero movie both for fans and for people who can't stand marvel superhero movies a spectacle that could stand alone and stand tall largely because of Bozeman. Superhero movies aren't great vehicles for actors because at some point, they've got to put on that mask Bozeman had a face. You just wouldn't want to cover a great movie face alert and open and. Nearly, all great actors are attractive in some way. That all are as beautiful as Bozeman was. Even, in his sleek Black Panther guys and the movie had the good sense to show him mask lists as often as possible bows men's bearing was majestic and electric spike Lee new it pudding his resplendence at the center of five bloods Bozeman plays stormin Norman, the fallen leader of a group of five black Vietnam vets who have never forgotten what he taught them. This character is the embodiment of one of the five bloods central ideas that America is a country that Hanley feeds African Americans into its wars asking them to fight for a country that has done wrong by them at practically every turn. Bozeman Norman isn't just a symbol of this idea it's in his marrow yet he still loves his country and urges his men also even in their justifiable anger to hold their love for it close. As bozeman plays him Norman enfolds the frustrated uncomplicated devotion recently expressed by Los Angeles Clippers coach Doc. Rivers in the wake of the shooting of Jacob Blake. It's amazing to me why ricky loving this country in this country does not love us back. The amount of screen time Bozeman has in defy bloods is relatively small. He appears only in flashbacks, but he's the movies true north as magnetic to us says, he is to his men. We haven't yet seen the last of Bozeman performances. There's more to come including his turn in the upcoming Moreni's black bottom adapted from August, Wilson's play but very soon, the performances Bozeman left us with will draw into a closed circle. Let's think for a moment of that circle as the spotlight and in the center of it, there's movement and life because Bozeman was a dancer to his astute physicality was yet another of his great gifts as an actor. Playing James Brown in the two thousand fourteen bio pic get on up bozeman gave one of the finest performances of decade period and possibly the finest in terms of pure physicality Brown's body moved in ways that must have surprised even the good. Lord himself and Bozeman conjured every signature move not as mimicry but as a form of spiritual connection. He pulled off Brown's kitchen aid smooth mashed potato. His deductor defying splits his delightful pantomime cultivated over decades of falling to his knees in exhaustion after a long performance only to be brought back to life by a loyal assistant. Usually longtime cohort Bobby Byrd played in the movie by Nelson Ellis rushing forth to drape a royal cloak around his shoulders. We know now that Bozeman worked to his limits, and then even while ailing pushed beyond for the past four years, he's been wearing that Cape all the time we had no idea. He gave no sense of its weight.

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8 BIT CRUMBS 08 - 29 - 2020

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8 BIT CRUMBS 08 - 29 - 2020

"Total wine and more announced his points with a purpose. Now through September thirteenth, collect five times points on wines and spirits. Points earned was a matching donation to local charities up to two million dollars in total shop with us today visit total wine, dot, com terms, and conditions apply. Mameluke. He's not feeling too juice. Not Today. No no, he's. He's actually feeling like I, am low dry. Yeah. Yes. Little little down down the de. Don't like that man I. Know I have some fun that will have some fun. We'll have some fun with death. Today people make it easier for a bit. You know what? I don't know if I can do the show now. I thought here in the news about Chadwick Bozeman was bad but looking at you I'm like, oh Yeah you did man cloudy right now I know like Charlie Brown. Herman Brown. People. Welcome to the show on Draz Corey Coleman. Even Dryer. Dryer Christopher. Not Juicy Herman. Not Juice. Not Johnson Day. He's not loose. No there's up there. There was some Jews going earlier with the I heard. Now even this guy he's like, oh, well, he just had a new. Yeah. He did. He couldn't believe he couldn't believe sure. No. Definitely when you when you first hear you just shocked and then it's just like Oh. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, we're going to. Be Talking about this today and you probably already know we weren't even close to do a show today. He can't take it over here man yeah I don't blame you. People. First of all, let's welcome all of you today absolutely getting anything Ashen change anything. You know we still reason to celebrate course of course, be be who by. Thank you and still generous today. Thank you very generous. Was it edgy? Edge resercher. Thank you. Thousand Bit five hundred bits. Still. A lot right there. Yeah people please welcome. It's a little bit of a Somber Day. Please welcome to chat. FAM-. Og Chet and look at dead. He's not gone yet still. He's still hearing the in the in the Og Chat and plus we got the side bitches over here. Sorry bitches how you doing. How's everybody doing out there they were signed bitches do I have today? Pr Big footage up in here go king beef. That's that's a new person I never heard their name go key being like a go go. Do it. You. Be You actually I? I wasn't even the name I always cheering him on. Yes king beef. Go. Oh let's see here. Queen Chicken too. She's up there. Yeah. Absolutely. Big Duck. That big bucket big. No big duck deduct cheesecake. Doug don't they have heard? No. Two three Jesus. Christ. Indeed. black and day for night I think it's black dynamite black. y'All with coach. Someone. Else has that name. Club with. A password. Never did you would never know. The works trixie. trixie. Super Fro that I'm. Christian. Quality Austin Mickey's here. Hope. You Feeling Better Corey and Chris gas makers spill better. You do. He was over here. I can do anything for you. You're sucking in that change you guys. Are. A little more small. Yes smiles. Time today. Slime Roy. Cross Gamer HD. X.. Kerri. Gary my Marin Amoco Kareem. I call. Hope you not feeling. Too Low to. Because you know look I. Chadwick Bozeman was here right now. Think he said you know what? Don't be so sad at least not said to where you can't get high. You know. Celebrate read. The legacy he left behind. Question, LE. Grayson. Even, Chevy Volt. Look I. Guess. Celebrate me. I was the king. Binge. Like. Yourself. Lou. African dance we'd. That is a pure African dance right thing. Look at them, all those condoms ethic. Good. Got Tell You. Coming out it looks we have. been we've got some. All Black Panther. Surprise. Shock Surprise Pathway people today. We're going to. It is. Like. That you brought a lot of people in your life was great. A lot to give back to we celebrate you. Today it'd be some grading. Not Sandler remembering be celebrating the life of Chadwick Boza Dr. Phil. Maybe some of the places but mostly. But that's how we almost look worse. TV To. Please people. Be respectful more. We'll be here we talk about you. Celebrate. Day Not shuttle later no no. No. Tears of joy. Tears of joy. There you go. Now like Hewlett. Children. Gong care the parents out right. They it is. They dancing right now looking at all the respect he deserves Ma the respect. High. Guys Do. It. Just like the joker right there. I remember that from like the Burton's Bam when the parade. Trust. Maybe. He's going to go to work for DC. Pass I mean he's GonNa be the new joker. Yeah folks. Yeah people celebrating remembering and celebrating the life Chadwick Bozeman who is what we're GONNA do today. We always celebrate you guys out there. Always happy had the chat. No question. Always happen the Chattel be. Yeah Man. People it's we feel so bad because he gave a lot of course gables one the. On huge cultural impact on film that's going to be felt for a long time long time. So yeah, people I'll shed my tears later. But right now we can't do. We gotta sit up here and celebrate. Somebody's life when they gave so much. Let me syllabi. GonNa. Get some air. Tight hot today. Yeah over one, hundred, hundred, one leslie. Bacon inside. Where literally toasted Oh folks I want go in and thank all of you know we've had a lot of people who have come in. And have been so supportive of what we do. For. That guy. That guy's really I mean, you know talk about high that got really supports what we do. He's into. excited. Here me come on. He announces every time scored. Okay, what the Hell is he doing out here? Okay. Look the performance. I give respect y'all know there but what the hell is he doing Some crazy. What he's doing some Improv, right. There's. No not everything's going to be a winner. Okay. I, respect them. I guess the fascist shoot something. A little bit of shoulder is on the. Camera. The back. You'll be finding PD Vanilla camera was. Warming up this is my parents. She's A. Walk any seeing. The film, this film this. Apple Care what's he doing? Baby. Love Book. got this new jacket trip over. Kicks here. Fresh. Dope. Oh people yes. GonNa talk about Chad we today. Talk about that a little bit. Man I surprise. You know that I'm here right now. You know today was supposed to be day that we're going to be rehearsing for some. Yes. That was going also happened last week. The Batman. Either either Batman shows up for somebody's gotTa Die. Yeah. Man You know Chadwick Bozeman, just you know was stop everything you have to wait till later. Okay. GotTa. Talk about me. We'll do that. Mr Bill. THING IS I. I I had to so but real quick. I got this. I got drunk so bad. I love the too because you go to a little place like right around the corner from us and I was like I just had a had a beer and you went well. That's not. A boot what did you do to this to this craft breweries? Some liquor. which. I didn't know they serve that that new Bourbon there I guess together an old fashioned man so I was like I got old fashioned drunk. Apparently. How many how many did you drink three Jeez? I would not by myself you had one by yourself though. which is a lot. Yesterday I was meeting with the developer of the site. We're trying to get some stuff together here some new things and. We want this place and so he got a little bit late. So I got a picture sitting in front him I can get hot. Disrespectful to the beer, you could just have one glass though pitcher. I did have one last then I had another yes. Yes. With like two and A. Half. Another when. He showed up. Of course, we would like I. got. The. Beard somebody came out and said Hey and he spoke Melena is I mean, how can I turn this day? How much love these certain cocktails and man came out and said? Excuse me Sir do like Burbot I'll be missing asked me to stupid shit like that in fact I do. The talking to. Decide Doom that what does that in your hand right there and he's like you know what we try and his new Bourbon Foil old-fashioned. Oh, fashioned. You don't know be do. They have they do know you. They've been watching this. Guy Up today's. Test. Case. Again old fashioned. Get. Drunk Guinea pig going on. Probably the old fashioned man they said, this was on us because we out. So yes, I had and he brought the pitcher out and I had you know most of. then. The Guy came over developer and he's like he's like, Oh, almost all the pictures another one. Now it's like Oh you know what this is let me. And then we had a we had that pitcher I said old-fashioned is pretty good. Him Get another one of those. I'm sure I'll be. Alcohols that's never bet. Yeah. Brown and Golden Brown. Then after. Capping. Optimize old-fashioned started. I'm on a book market A book ended ask. What I feel so bad that you had to get all this. Let me get another. There's an epilogue. Stink. Literally you're not. To order another pitcher. I had to. A. Good thing I was close studio because I of I just had to go purge my bowel. Course, not not from the bottom. I think God just got through upturns Dan. I had to go there and just get all that beer out of my seizure. That's before we even left the bar. So I went to the bathroom twice in just. Liquid while you feel better today though. Little Bit. Still, a little. WAS HE GONNA Hit You. It takes. It takes at least a day. Or even longer for some people to get over those effects, I was it was okay when I was laying down. That's the best here. Not Moving it was. Not Talking, ignoring, throbbing my head. A little bit I got something to eat. That's good. That's good. I'm actually pretty good. Okay. I'm pretty good. People in what the was up in bourbons up in there the Bourbon. Into over there I don't know what it was before but they said that the buying the trying out buffalo trace never never had it but you have you have actually had it before you said, you didn't like it as much. Oh Yeah I got spoiled on the four roses. Is Pretty Good. Whiskey. The Japanese whisky going on man. Yeah. You I got spoiled you a little bit. So I'm guessing that Buffalo? Tracing. Like. Drag it of course. You drink. Sorry, 'cause. That was me yesterday. Fact I will. Thank you. Well if you insist. Yeah boy. laughing. Graduates. Great great gifts. Emily's yeah. Yeah. So I'm feeling a little bit better. Because I. I heard the news yesterday when we were drinking. Okay. Because I'm going to say some because I got to understand a word. You were saying last night. House new, you're someplace and maybe it's Hard 'cause. See slurring his words or something. Like that I didn't. I didn't want to ask I don't to ask. Crazy rely. It's all about as an Alaskan. All right bye corey. Bolger Osman. Man. Aggravated he lives forever. He'll be back. A horse. All right. Gals funny. Check or a damn lunch. Off. Golf I. Figured He. Was Up. Yeah. Good. Thank God the closest Abraham Beg over here and I laid down. So you gotta do they had to go back and walk over to my car. Yeah Yeah Man. Core you professor as. Yes up to my title. Yeah always. Got Tenure at the bar last night. Am right them a colleague. No. Yeah Man. One I loved one give. Like before to open the door here we see. Being pulled back. So it's Still thought he had. Got It. Damn. Oh came but. Came about. Thanks man appreciate. People. That's hilarious. Man also Speaking of professor as an assery. At the core but I don't know if you want them today but He's really really wants to talk to you. I'm sure he does we have denied him twice. He's not happy ignoring this phone calls. He's been calling you too I think so. I gotta get a shorter cord I put that right to voicemail every time. I didn't know he was. I didn't know he was roaming around the house. Yeah. Yeah. Quite a few messages. Man. Yeah he might want to talk to you after we don't attribute. Matt. I'm just saying I don't want to bring the mood down. Anyway Anyway folks that's what we're. GonNa do today. That's pretty much it. We don't have and we were going to do is show today we want we for two weeks we are supposed to be practicing certain things. Haven't done a good to happen next we have to we have to you know. Yeah. So. Yeah people. Let's see here. Let me see. Let me see folks. Yeah. Also folks We'll be taking emails today. I'm sure all of you have a few things you'd like to say. About Mr Bozeman I want to thank some of the people who gave us some some stuff about Chadwick Bozeman. Oh Great. Yeah. Yeah I'll I'll go and think those people who have been later who Can Tell you right on Kim joy one. Thank you, Mr Voyeurs. Kim, he's one and then I forgot who the person was. They sent me an email. Very. Interesting information that we're gonNA use in our discussion today. Okay. So talking about that let's see here. So, folks I wanNA. Thank you for joining us again today being here. Glad to have you. Tell you what? We are going to reading some emails today. You want to go in and Tell people how they can get hold of us. I'll out. Will you allow You know I'm asking for permission. and. I gave it to you I would never do this without your. Okay. See about getting the right spot here. So this man has said that you are allowed to send us your emails. You have to know what to send them to and I will allow you to do that by. Giving you the information right here K. Kumons had g melt dot. com. That's Casey. Is E.. At go dot com emails with any questions comments, compliments insults input and advice hit us up on the social media twitter instagram. facebook. If. You emails. Juice Jeremy You can follow me on twitter at Chris Jay Herman on twitter instagram and discord under Mr Robin seventy million's content on Youtube Channel class best. Hey folks. From. The time is right. Join US at Austin Texas. That time is not now though. Big Rony is still in the streets and she has not been defeated yet but wish he has been defeated you can. Once again, come visit. US. Plans for. Austin. Kate. COOL MANAGERIAL DOT COM this nope. You are simply passing through and hopefully again, one day safely be able to once again comma day. Conceivable sinking. Thank you guys. Thank you so much. Thank you. Really appreciate the support today. We really do we really only have And let me see who has been giving us all this kindness today. Yeah. Let's here. Oh. I. Life Straight agreed life's thank you. Thanks for thought Autumn's get subs the most scrubs. excretes that's what he calls her scriptures I love it. It's been. Putting them script scriptures out then. Greets. Thank you so much. Appreciate Forgetful Coleman. Is Why you cowboy. Because I don't know first of all why? One it makes sense you know who put it out there now it's Ryan. PUPS and cartoons. Okay. There was a character on sesame street COP Jones. Oh. That's A. Remember that. It was you know it was a kid show they consider. Just drunk. GIPPSLAND around the sensors smart not drunk as Jones. Say Okay remember. Got Down. Let's go. He got here. Thank you sir, but get out. Thank you. Thank you. A black. Women in Church. Jesus Christ. Jerry's. Not Tag. Look at this new. An inclined to. Ten in the morning. Sailing. A maybe it's an Alaska where you those sunlight all. Three hours or whatever that might be two am in the morning. Looking to. Checks funny I love that. They put these things, skipping frames and moving. Even better adds to it. Some of it. Going twenty frames per second run of. Luck, Wall. But that wall wasn't they hit you that walls trying. He'd be rolling down that hill if that wall wasn't there. All right folks Let me see here. Trying very hard to try to get this patriots up. So I'll put out a call for animators who Put a put an ad out. And trying to work out something for the site so that we can integrate. Patriot. INTUIT rising. But people we are making the moves towards patron. for that, we're going to give you some extra content. We're GONNA GIVE AMI content now. In, addition to just supporting business overall. And hopefully that'll bring some other things. Down the line but right now that's the plan and so when that when that goes up know we don't know when it might be two weeks maybe a month. Okay. But hopefully, it'll be soon. Excellent. Good actively curl activator. Victim and it's right. Here just talked to thought. Taylor? Body. Horse. Let me see here. Somebody's animating my young white dead. That might be we'll see we'll see. Yeah. Not depends on you guys. Let's see here. Also in addition to that there was something else Oh, we got some things. that. We're working on right now that should be. You should be seeing those a. Down the line, say an Zach date but probably the hopefully sometime maybe around October Gotcha. Yeah. So he was saying hopefully, you see this. Thing that we're working on new show new show new show for you guys. You're already heard a little bit about yes. We'll let you know. Let's see here in with that I think that that is that. Miss that we have sounds good. Let's go ahead. Going get into our discussion today if we have time. Also. We have time I don't know if he will. especially if you get into. Argument with his game Dan Robot. Tom Want to be around for that. Okay. But if we have time, maybe we'll take visit tiny earl are maybe may I'm sure there's some people who want to express their feelings about Chadwick bows absolutely. No question. So we'll try to go over here and talk to tiny tiny earl has feelings about Chadwick Bozeman so people. Will try to hit you up on the double toasted discord. Go to tiny you are. L.. Dot Com forward slash the D. T. discord. was, we can talk to you. All right. Folks. All right let's see. I got the Stop Watch and not know what I'm doing my I. Know I heard you. GonNa Press One. Button. No repairs at all of them, but it's like this is To Buds here, and I'm president like I'm at a whole keyboard why are using your your computer countdown thing because? It's easy to pick someone. Okay. It doesn't working out. I look that was easier theory. Maybe I thought about it sounded easy. Actually doing much harder. As much on how you make this work. All right. Maybe. I'm still drunk. where. Does that come from? Just found that last night. What I WANNA. Do Is Austin Nick. I'm sure you could set this up with our night Bot over here need to set up with commercials pop up every twenty minutes automatically Oh ok. Okay. Maybe twenty thirty minutes on a Mac Gotcha because I, you know I, I won't have to do anything automated because I don't have to do it manually now. Oh, perfect. Yeah. The Shokhin, just flow smooth it Austin it. Can we do that? I'll talk to you. Tiny Yorio and we go to the double toasted discord when we go there but can we do that? If if so I, I would like to do that. Let me know. Let. Me See here. All. Right. Let me see. Respect tiny narrow. Yeah. Of course never disrespect them. He says I don't think so I saw Nancy I saw what you could. Okay. I thought this was knew all about the calm the discord overlord he doesn't know that. Oh. Man had to fire. Somebody say that fuck tiny earl. Stay nothing but joy to people he's brought the community together. Talk to people communicating with Peo- Yes not his fault and what a tiny earl due to you man. Power Right. Justice. For, tiny early yeah. All right. All right. Let's go ahead and get into. A discussion doing. Men WOULDA. Twenty twenty just like black man. Twenty Twenty racist Jiemin. It's not your. Mom God thinking about just kind of hiding. I'm digging a hole in Heidi right twenty twenty, one come around here. I think everyone is in hindsight. No one's safe. Really. But twenty twenty particularly doesn't it is been A. Man of the blackness as. Don't like black people don't like Black Panthers. Like black nothing take away from you to. People's Twenty Twentieth Kinda sucked right now but you know what? We don't want to dwell on. Dwell on the bad part of somebody's death when they've given us so much around here I mean it said I was taken aback by this I, I was drunk yesterday sobered. When you call me until I don't sound like. I believe. I heard the emotion in your voice. The, genuine shock of it. Yeah. This man called me up yesterday to tell me well lonely rooted but he called me yesterday telling me that Chadwick Bozeman had died. And he really sitting at the point that I was drunk and I said. Bocek horsemen? There's a lot going on. Is that is that finale? That's how. Yeah, people been no Chadwick both men I that this was a rough from me. I'M NOT GONNA lie I was shocked by I couldn't believe it. This one is a rough one because. No one knew at all what was going on with him Yeah Day they did not reveal this to the public no is illness. and. People I this this kind of grabbed me real hard man this is got to now. I'M NOT GONNA lie to you I I kind of watered up at this little bit. Oh. Yeah. I mean I was streaming when this when this broke and after a while just talking about. Like a half hour then my stream because I just can't go on can't talk about the funny movies or anything like that after something like that. So I was even watery eyes remembering when you left behind his legs e yeah man. I'd because a lot of people. I weigh died still at a very young age forty three and a lot of people even realize forty, three, hundred. That's right. Yeah. He thought he was in his thirties. He looks so good. Yep, that's the thing he looked great. So people thought he was younger. I remember I was surprised to learn how old he was. And To learn that he died of colon cancer, which he's had for four years Yup. Yup Man. S A thing is something that people sadly they dig. Earlier right when they said it was something else everyone assumed it was for like a role. Yeah. Yeah you know I'm looking at it see I remember reading about this in April. Yeah I think it was his article right here. This is cinema bland but. I remember redness and this is the first thing I thought of when I heard the news. The Internet has thoughts about Chadwick Bozeman quarantine look. People looking at this and there was speculation about his weight. As A. Picture of him. He's even thinner there. Yeah. You know when you use the where quarantine, some people thought they. He's so skinny people thought he might have corona. Yeah. Yeah. He was one of them him and Tom. Hanks, from the first one I. got it. Yeah. Man He was the one that really got him was the got people. We kind of looked like an I'm just not a joke a lot because he looked like a thin Lebron James. Yeah. I could definitely see his face is so gaunt. Yeah. Yeah. Man He was definitely something I mean look something was definitely wrong and even when you see him actually speaking in moving people like people still want to be respectful but they will like this same rate. Is April fifteen? He's Jackie Robinson Day. That's still Jackie Robinson Day. I can't think of a better time to remember my hero. and. The hero many of you out there. then. This time. Win This pandemic. I can't think of a better way to commemorate. Everything he was about. Even his voice Legras gravelly. Yeah. Yeah. But again, that's I just assumed that always losing this weight and that's going to affect his health overall for this role that he's doing and people want to be respectful to require too much I mean look people that absolutely did that though don't know they did and a fortunate a lot of people kindly allow people came up defendant. Kapila lean man law you know look. Like brothers just probably naturally skinny you know she can't be Black Panther all the time. Acting like he really was the king. Yeah Yeah you people that you notice a fictional character. People work out with these roles I know it's so funny how you have to maintain this physique all the time if you even. Tell me like what's wrong with you lack of it yeah. They freak out. macgyver AIDS. All because Corona I think people didn't go that far with it. Yeah. But. Yeah. Man You know I mentioned this because a mention, his weight loss and everything because as you said. You know he was diagnosed with. Stage three colon cancer stage three. And that means that. That means that he He already had it when he took on his most iconic role as right. That's right. Like the first time that we were introduced to him, you know we it wasn't in any of the black wasn't black? Panther. Wasn't any of the. Well it was. It was the civil war vigil debut. That was the first time that we actually saw him in. He looked looked amazing great and who would have known that at this time when he first made his appearance of Black Panther are as Black Panther that he actually had cancer. I'm sorry about the father. Good. The deal to full sun. Consume neo. Consuming. Done letting it consume me. Lucky. because. He was ready to slices ask and I'm not sure I'm glad that use that seem to because really it shows just the difference between his character and what even are going through he realizes Oh my God. This is like everyone apart and. Consuming them in all these things happen to pass and he he he's the one character that really has a positive outcome at the end of that film in. That's why that to me all the scenes. Yeah. This week, which are great action scenes like this one. This shows the kind of character he was playing. Yes. Such a great job dam even sees more nobler now knowing that he was playing that character. When he had cancer he probably probably when he got the role, he realized that. Colon cancer. Yeah. At the same time around the same time and he this was never public never came out and. It was something that he handled with a lot of dignity. Yeah. A lot of grace him and his family. Yeah Man. You Know A. Through the the through through the other rows, highlight his career later on. But, of course, you can't talk about. Chadwick Bozeman without talking about Black Panthers not like the it's not like he's overshadowed by the character it's a pop culture. Phenomenon okay. That character and that movie and his role in the other films to there's no there's no question about now there's no way man. I mean you know. You can't do not discuss I mean this is this is. This is more than iconic grow. This is a this is a legendary rolled. My. Son, it is your time. Me Matters. You get to decide. What? You're going to. You know. That was a role that meant so much to so many people man. That role right there. They're people my wife came in to my wife is Turkish. She's from Istanbul and she came in a day. She's like because she saw me getting ready for this and she's like doing show today and I and I thought she was going to be like you said, you were doing a show today you said you belong but she came in and I said, yeah baby I said I'd we gotTa Talk About Chat Bozeman and she's like yeah, you do. Yeah. No even she knows. She said even open Turkey. People talking about. Rest in peace King Scher. Said everywhere, everyone around the world is talking about Chad with Bozeman right now I mean that's the thing. Obviously, this role as had such a profound impact on on people who who are black around the world but just I, mean also for for other people. To, see this to weather whether you be Turkish or whether it'd be white wherever you come from a really shells like any other thing too is that this role is going to already had that impact in that kind of genre defining thing could shows like you can have people of color take on these Hughes role roles in the John refills whether it be fantasy or science fiction or anything else in between like the the importance of this movie is played in history is incredibly important the amazing in affects. Everyone across all sorts of cultures or ethnicity or creeds? Yep You know I mean. Come on you a little bit sure because I mean. I'm just GONNA say the obvious I'm GonNa say it because it needs to be said. Over and over again but you hit it already this role meant so much to black people. Yeah. I know why people are GonNa be created them. He's really king. I don't you look at it. I was like God damn. Do you realize you're not really. Always thought it was cool. No no look in thing is the reason why it meant so much to black people out there man this this character. He validated. It was more than just a it was one of the just coming but movie was more than just a superhero he validated. Black People's worth. I was crazy man but this understand really if you'll meet maybe you do. But you want to see how much this movie if talk about you know starting out of privilege whereas like you just don't understand understand certain simple things if they didn't happen to you, you know this is a this is the first movie of its scope in his budget to feature a majority all black cast right here, and at this is after you've been told pretty much Hollywood and everybody else that you you know what? You couldn't do this because you don't have value you can't sell a movie with a black lead and sell that with a prominent black cast. Yeah it was. It was more than A. Knows more than a than a heroic symbol. You this was something that that was embraced by the world you know yeah this was a move that told like seriously people seems crazy to you because I noticed a regular comic book movie to some people out there but. It finally showed like. Hollywood and other people outside of that that you know because you'll be a toll pretty much as a human being people don't want to see you. So you're going to get a lower budget for everything you're going to get limited marketing because no one wants know you're not. You're not as valuable. Yeah that that's exactly what it was, and that's why I think that this film is changing that now or it was one of those big movie certainly, I think the biggest of those films now you can start seeing. People of Color in these roles to lead a giant big blockbuster fantasy film nothing else in between yeah. People want to see it. Now, and the thing is is always there like it wasn't like wasn't just like it sprung up in the last few years. It's always been there for decades upon decades decades but you just had those people in power that did not care you still people in power like that who do not care but thankfully they're going, they're being pushed the way science fucking Shit. Yeah. No, that's true. Yeah. Yeah. Man No, it's. You and it didn't it didn't have to employs. It helped that it was a hero y'all yeah Oh. Yeah. It help that it was you know like Again, it seems weird but like I said, man, I saw this my mother who you know she doesn't always run out to go see comic movies but you know she saw this twice I saw like my fourth time with her and I can't tell you how much of a great by the net experience that is for woman who is in her eighties to finally something like this yeah. In. You know at this time. That's why she saw it. Of course, almost choked up watching it with because she this is the movie that she went to go see and we bonded over just like we never did moving along time and And then. What also was cool about is that it didn't. It didn't compromises blackness. No. You know mainstream movie made by you know big corporate entity Disney of all people. And it didn't it did not feel the need to compromise is black issues. Ours. Black identity at all for the sake. Of making money. Beautiful. Maybe, we can still Yulia. Why? So you lock me up. Just burn me and the ocean. My ancestors that jumped from ships. Is Better. than. Essence Today I was shocked I was in the movie. Yeah. I was like a mouse let that happen I was like all right well, okay. You're you're actually going into those really dark nitty gritty details of history yeah, and being. Respectful of it but but nothing is GonNa be typically well, it wasn't patronizing. No that's that's. That's the one thing I was like shocked by was like, wow you. Really you. Just you everything felt like it was very authentic and it had a point. Now. That was very admirable everyone involved in this just in hindsight it's like, wow, you guys it's such a great job. That's a great. Great observation when you said even think of that when you say it wasn't patronized, it wasn't trying to go in we gotta get to urban audience like that. You know what you know. Hollywood absolutely would do that wasn't exploited exactly. Yeah, really. So you I mean you got you heard what I've said before you heard in our review you've heard. You've heard people of the black people say this. So you know. You say it meant a lot to lot of. Why with this movie, I'm not asking like what white people got it. I'm not saying that at all but I think it's more interesting now to get from a different point of view because everybody's hurt the black experience with this. Character in this movie meanness much to you. Why are we always think? I've loved genre films for so long and particularly superhero films, but it's interesting like I see them. I, never think for a second. It's like, Oh, this is this white guy in that role. White Guy in that role and I realized that you kind of like it's like Oh this is how it is when when this movie was coming out and I just observed the reaction and it made me think and go oh holy Shit. It's like all these things that I've seen over the course of my life and never thought about like these other people they're not never seen themselves in those roller I can easily myself I can see myself in Batman. Tragic back story or I can see myself in superman because of the good things that he does and I realized like some people won't be able to do that because that's not they don't see themselves in that character because these people make these movies or even write these books they don't they don't even thinking of that audience and so to observe this firsthand. I mean right in front of my face. I opening, and that's why I started to get like a new appreciation for the film and I realize across whether it be social media descent in conversation for other people for them to have that realization to share that. Amongst themselves would also people of Color. That's I went this movie is incredibly important and it's going to have those reverberations for years. I. Don't even think we even like now and we can. We can we can. EFFECT IS GONNA to have but. When we look back in this unlike say even fifty years we'll like. Parade you see all these people and all these different roles and genres and it's like, oh, it's this fine now but you look back at the origin of that this one these movies we do, and that's why I think it's incredible. Yeah. No, you're right. It's this is going to have a long long last legacy I mean the star rated gut it's already. Hasn't now has now but I think even more. So it's GonNa be appreciated especially with his tragic penalty to put a foothold in history. Yep It's left leftists cultural imprint footprint. Yeah. It should it. Should did and you know. Anytime you take on a role has become as legendary as this has is going to be a point where the person's planet they're going to say. I'm tired of this shit. Forever, you can't do this. Other roles is Mad At people when they do. Like. About use these business. Actually started doing. Great. Jesus. Like anybody else. They'll get tired of this shit. And like you say, you know I have played other people you're. Not as big as as. Bad. Come on man. And His taste. The movie I'm I'm premiering right now. No Right. No. He was always grateful for yeah. Very and looking always undestood I. mean you go out to these press shoots and you go to these premieres and wouldn't you do what you gotTa do is question over and over and over again but that doesn't mean he never. Underestimated the impact of his role he never never was I. don't think he was ever ungrateful. You could hear in every interview that he did about Black Panther. You always you he always make it about the character about him. He's like you know I just noticed how people just really how you know how this has moved imported from them. All of his been very personal, just watching the kids. Experiencing it for me I would say. They're there to. To look. In and Taylor who? Recently passed. From. Cancer. and. Throughout our filming, I was communicating with them Knowing that they were both terminal. And and. What they said to me is in their parents said, they just try to hold on. To this movie come. and. I to a certain degree you hear them say that he alike. Like wow. That's Like I, gotTa Get up and I got to get up and go to got to get up and go to work You know I gotta learn these lines I gotta work on his accident You know seeing how devoted all of marquess mates are and knowing that that that that that will be something meaningful to them, but it's to a certain degree is a humbling experience because you like this can't mean that which. To you know but seeing how the world has taken his on. See How the movement and he's taken on a life of its own I realized that they anticipated something great and. I think back now to a kid and just you know a waiting for Christmas to come from our birthday to come. Waiting for a toy there was going to do I was going to get a chance to experience or video game. Id Live life waiting for those moments and so we'll put me back in the mind of being a kid just just to experience those two little boys. anticipation of this movie. In when I found out that they? Take your time with. Yeah is is it means a lot you know. How can I even get right now to has so much more context. I got y'all got to give me a moment. Shit. Shit boy. Oh Man. I'm sorry I'm sorry. Sorry Man I got to me right wing. Let me get myself together. Man Keep talking almost are crying. Because if you notice he I mean he he had cancer at the s cancer and he. Never made it about himself I mean he knew exactly what those people going through and never said anything about him himself. It was always about how other people felt the joy that they were getting never made it. You know and even crying, he never tried to make it a sad moment. Yeah. He's wanted to say what he had to say with the OH I shouldn't. I shouldn't watch. Damn. Manny's not. Okay. Awesome tissues. Back. there. Yeah. Across. Let's because I just thought back on on on this time in realizing these talking about these kids that he's going through the same exact thing. So. It just makes it even makes even more emotional. We've all this context now it's just like it's very hard to watch already. Sad. WHO's crying the most? You want the big piece of smoke have the big piece. Big Ahead. Oh Man. This is why this is why this is why I was crying. You know once you heard about his condition, this is what really hit everybody like. No one knowing that he had cancer which progressed up to stage four So this even demand is this more moving right here knowing that he is talking about cancer relating to these kids probably scared. Talking about it because he knows what they went through and what he's going through right now. Yeah. Man Yeah, y'all. And also just the context of realizing I'm playing this character who's going to be was so important to them. They weren't even able to see a brother people are gonna be able to see that, and so you have though that emotion welling up inside of them just like Oh. My God it's it becomes overwhelmed. Yeah. So so I'm sorry. Boy. Let me get some water. Give composure. And back to make me go get drunk. I won't drink today but. Might need to. Oh Man Oh, brother. And I said I knew not to look at this. Do that was gonna be the one that. Played in just so here and disclosure. is like it's don't don't look at I. Sit up here watching. Like Damn. Yeah Man. But. Listen. You know. Like most stars are known for legendary role because I say, let's celebrate. like most stars that have celebrate that have. alleged their role. They had already done a lot before, of course. You know people because again like I said. People. Still do know that. He was forty three I mentioned is early. Still Shocked by that. Yeah Yeah. I'd constantly be reminded like Remember. Seeing forty sometimes, I'd like you know what I don't believe. There's trying to bring him down by saying. What forty three people forty, three years old. and. He. But he. So he did a lot of roles man you know he's he was in the game early so I mean, if you go to his His IMDB page. You'll see that he has done a lot with the years. Before he hit big he's working actor he was. Interesting thing. To stay on the Black Panther theme. So. Him and Michael Be Join of course, Michael Jordan Played Kill Manga we saw the scene a little while ago. You know one one of the reasons that they really hated each other too because kill Manga took on his role. No Shit back in the day Michael Jordan. was actually recast. As a character Chabert Bozeman was believe. Got This right I think I might be wrong because he'll look into. Speedy trying to make them. I think they're the same same bolt situation. It did not. Yeah like Kevin Hart Hussein both Chad Michael Jordan. I could really use the money in the roles. All my children. All my children and he was on the soap opera. Oh so I don't blame Bozo for being mad if he was 'cause when Michael Jordan came in, he came in as the guy, the the smooth suave sexy guy with the nice styled hair right right there. who was all romantic and got all the girls? Kind of lucky. It'll be pretty cool to have a brother like you. Know, that's the way it because I would never wanNA system like you. Why I'm fat and a pain. Would just be too weird. Whenever I want to do this. He's much that her to. Go. Someplace. Yeah Michael, Jordan. So young man. Yeah I. Yeah. I guess they look nothing like China. They don't look anything like it. Because they won't even saying character because while Michael joined got to be the smooth sexy. Romantic lead the girls. Chabert. Sweaty, crazy black. A? White woman. By Hey I've got your stuff you. Wait. Which? I got. Ta. He was emulate Samuel. Jackson. Jungle Fever. Coming to. America. Really would. I can do this commercial break mood. Down calm down. You don't Harlem Issue Pregnant I'm alright. Forgot holds. y'All got salt. Creek like Gay Junior. Ono No, you won't. GonNa want to. A gotTA GET OUTTA here. Nobody stop me. What are we went on to better things? It's work. Yeah. He was the. Most rose went to black man back there. He was the crazy violent black do. Cut that white woman. He was looking for a white person to grab get overreaching. She was the one that was. issued. At all people do you just like Schwartz Boorda Short Still me the. White Pizza. To. The book, I'll take you. People here. Sweating Zoo. Oh Yeah. Oh. Yeah. Look like A. A greased up chocolate rabbit or Got that she talked. To. Sits, Shit. Scott you're selling. Both. Early. Again. He was mad at Michael. It. Made me. Look at this man. Made me the the crazy violent black dude meal. He gets to be the smooth guy, the course, the corn rows, and a nice girl and everything. Can, Sharp. Yes. Did A lot of. A lot of. A lot of TV. Before he got to his big movie break, you go here. You see that he did a lot of Taylor. Did. Castle. E R everyone did everybody made. There's two things everybody did er in order law and order. I want one of the law and order. Yeah. Yeah that's right. Yeah. You don't E. R. Law and order probably on law and order yeah. I always say as. As the. Not The car. Lot. But. He did a lot of stuff before he went and took Took on the role that pretty much. Made. CURRIC- turn for the better. Yeah. He was a Jackie Robinson forty two and forty two which was Jackie Robinson's number number as Jackie Robson was the pioneering black baseball player guests. He was the first one integrate. Yeah. The Brooklyn dodgers right when they're still in Brooklyn yeah when I was still in Brooklyn Yeah? Yeah. He did a lot of movies that were Kinda like mid level entertaining still good and you know he was good in them and he was he was always right he was always good in them. Cry I. Started I saw the movie but I'm like Holy Shit even here's thank. God. That didn't work out. To. Fight. Back. I, want to play her who's got the goods. Giving me uniform. Give me a number back. I'll give you the gut. After that yeah. He was the guy that you. You know you're doing a movie about a black blackstone figure. That was his niche. With both man man. I got interesting Niche Jim and. Somebody else to play that role in Chebet Bozeman was probably busy. Yeah. Yes. Yes. He's he was busy doing another historical. Yeah. Yeah. He was. He was too busy playing James Brown. Off. toews musically founded. A real. Good. Feel musical. Entering a game here rules already set out I'm just a street kid macguffin. Now. I want go to. The Guba heavy today cats. You know that's getting up. The drains Brown story where he was good. He was he was voice to yeah. You know he really did he really did he wasn't planning historical musical figure that he was playing on a legal and political historical figure. Who Look nothing like they're much. We need to be careful. You're going to. Joseph, spout Negro servants tax tonight in their own bedroom. Show the world. Van Could get a fair trial. United States is only thirteen million negroes depending on you know of you have any confidence. That say you have Enough Confidence Force Oh was that that juicy smaller. I think you was. Juicy smelly. Smoothly. Even even blatant Negro you this. Guy. I'm room. And all by putting bleach. Oh I've not seen this. It's an you know what is good is just the. Thurgood Marshall, they've made him like. They almost made them in action hero in this. Yes. People Racist White people and. You saw white walk it'll turn like Oh. Here we go here. Now. He's playing. He played a lot at school historical rose I'm surprised as never run playing Harriet. Tubman. Look. I'm not saying. Go ahead. See. Saint James. Bradley. Amalgamated? Exception you. You'll get an underground. Soundtrack. I guess Martin Luther King was already taken by somebody here. So he's a fucking Shit I. You know what? I won't play Martin Luther King I will be Viki. Yes I was always leading to this. One up him that M. Okay. Yeah. That's. Really about got him. Okay. Then I'll be. Funny thing is before he was a king though. He was A. Sheet, Corey come on. God of stupid ass moving. Yes he was God's will be. Put up there guys, mayor but if you know what I'll tell you the good thing about this. But. Let me see if I have it here? Oh, you bring up and I'm bringing up right now. Give me some good stuff today to thank you. Thank you. Yeah that was the one thing I did not include. Remember the best I'm like, no, what am I talking about? Selective. One, hundred you but you get Outta here talking about this. To. Bring that up is not talk about who have not read anything today that brought gods of Egypt up have you know? No, not a single thing. Is, funny too. Because, if you were a Chad with Bozeman Fan, this is the movie where you really did get more Bozeman for your book Yeah Yeah. There was a lot of tabback Bozeman in Nisa. Only Trust. Postman rich with general notes. I forgot even does he was bigger these people's I eight feet tall. California. Mainly in the green and red spectrums better gated variety Smith infrared since composed of multiple moments. Okay. Look much respect but accidents were not his strongest. Didn't work out and. Everyone had like British can be British Chadwick. American black man playing in a gypsy with a British accent I'll get the movie this he was the only dark person in that movie. He was not no, he was not no. It was other black people near there was that Shaggy Bozeman. There was one that call him a hall. After facts and Man, you only got one black person who got a Lotta you. Come. Home. The makeup room. There's more black his head. Yup Yeah. You Right They all look to say. Basis they were like, oh? Shit. We don't have. On the Black Guy. Or? Do some after effects. Look at it vegetables. Couple cord. Lettuce. Yeah. And you know his role in this in this movie is like he's supposed to be the God of wisdom or knowledge or something, and you can't even do that. They get it for one thing to solve the riddles of the other stinks thinks. He fucks up. Get somebody. GotTa regard about relied a little white boy Easily like. This white boy he smocked. He really isn't going to Romaine lettuce thought to Joe. Has. Borne nutritional. Value. than. Iceberg. That didn't even know that he will get a romain what the fuck doing that for. I don't. Spend. thinking. Oh. I thought you were joking. Money Salvage. Shitty and then we'll try to figure out how to make next sandwich But at least brother was trying to go out how some ranch sure he's didn't doing different things doing different things I. Mean you've got to look at everything because he was trying different things in are respected. So, as I said people this this this this is the one that truly. Truly. Shook me. Mannasseh. This is the one that my heart sink. When I heard about this known idea can't because I'm merely went to that interview that you talked about what he's talking about those kids and I think everyone has got millions and millions of us. Yeah Yeah. I think feelings shared by most people around the world. Except one group, Audis? I can take. It didn't take that long Are they celebrated the moment that they've found out. He was gone. And some people be like you know what? Maybe I can't even blame That's What? I think it's be the I might be wrong but I think this whole Karen thing started with Black Panther. Rio. He. Went on black jeopardy. Saturday night lives I remember this I remember like the intimate details of though. Yeah. Okay. Yeah. These Cairns that here man eight probably I celebrate like death I son of a bitch I remember this now. Okay I remember. that. He was the origin. Yeah I. Think You A. Create a new enemy I. Think he's the one. He created a super villain everyone's playing Tony Stark. Look what he did. No pair to create the carriage man. Yeah. You're right. You're right yes. Wow. I think I'm getting the hang of this. Before I answer if you questions this woman Karen, she is Caucasian? Yes. and. She has her own recipe for Potato Salad. I understand it is noble that she would volunteer to cook for everyone and although I have never had potato salad, of course. I sense that this white woman does not season have food. Carriers catching all this heat today's simply because she put raises the potatoes. Because Panther. He called him out on it. Yeah Damn. Man This. Just, because the before before care star even going out there and call the police on black people before they started forming their own legion of doom. They start new together. She sipped was trying to break potato salad to the to the to the to the party. That's right. All she got rejected for it insists this you I'll get you back there. I'll get everybody in those who look like you. Wow, man, right. Chadwick Bose has not exactly completely left us yet. That's true. You know before. Before we heard the news, he had fewer movies that were out there. One the ones that he looked regard thing about the movie, a lot of people like the film. But regards which you think about the movie quite a few people loved his performance even over short in defy bloods. Man and all his blue. was that guy brother was a damn soldiers? Yeah man he was the goodness, your issues with the film but his performance, Del delroy Lindo or grade yet. So they stood out to me you say bureau windows probably GonNa Nomination. Oh. Definitely I think he's he's the lead he's leading right now. I don't think I can't think of anyone else who would. He also is going to be featured I'm not as a netflix movie. It is okay. You know what you're talking about who? Marin he's black bottom. Yeah. Yeah with. I forget the the actress who's also along with him viola. Davis Bal Davidson. I've never I'm not familiar with this person and become. Let's get you familiar real quick is a lot of people not familiar with this. They think this is a black porn. Marinas Black Bottom Oh shit oh Jesus. I love black. He's branching out in different. Why not born next? It we'll be able to Davis relationship. Productions going on. Why be saw Davis on a Webcam to go. Let's see. also, you might hear him and I'm not sure. But I, think he did some voice work and I could be wrong but I, think he did some for what if Marvel's what if I wouldn't be surprised? Yeah. Oh what you're right. The short that they they're talking about with him reflect panthers. What if to Challah was taken the space instead of star Lord so he'll be Star Wars. Yeah, which is interesting. That is w. what if yeah. So I think No definitely is so I think you're going to be here in his voice in that. Yeah. Yeah. All the all the guys came back even those who are. died in the film that they're doing their voices for this. Yeah. I'm looking forward to so it's going to be kind of bitter sweet watching these things. That are coming out what could have been to am an? Yeah, really. Yeah really really very much. So. This controversy already about his death Yep The man just died not even twenty four hours ago and people are really trying to cash know. Right here. This was sent to me from Kim vs that's the what kind of ever shirt. Right. There and his dated Tabby Bozeman Nine Hundred Seventy seven twenty twenty million people while not even a day even a full day. That's how it has man the trend and we're GONNA make as much as we can off the not even a full Dale. And already going in and monetize off of somebody's death. Somebody's tragic. Them at the hell out of here with A. Also, I want to thank Jack. Jack Crystal. Got Annella. You sent me this. This feature here. Are This tweet here where. They. Were talking about screen ran and screen ran. So you're ready to heard already heard. They put this out here. They put out a an article. I don't know when I was early today where the headline was combined path to still happen marbles options without Chadwick Bozeman. and. The Internet blew up all night as man is like how dare you do this? I mean, and this is disrespectful. So. Don't you think you should come in say Nice something nice about the man before you start talking about the business approach. Yeah. They didn't even have like he had just passed away and talk about his career anything or what he was doing on. This was their first thing in regards to his death. Black, panther too. Yeah. Yeah Yeah. Look. Wants a couple of things with this one wrong approach. Yeah. I mean if this is. This is happening especially less than two hundred hours. You have to come out and pay your respects course and have some decency. And mentioned them person before you start talking about their character tasks this fictional character. She might as well put out a headline Black Panther dead who's GonNa. Feel Conde she had just done that. To go hold maybe. And we both Black Panther dead. What conduct endanger? What is their response? What is what is? What the Hell is it what is I have to say about this? One, our said not even one. Our somebody say was one hour. Jesus, we'll start talking about not shabby Bozeman but Black Panther. Treat initiative just like the actual character die. They ended that all wrong now. The other thing is I don't think that I don't think people need to act like they're wrong for thinking about because let's be honest. Let's just be honest people that that that's it is on everybody's mind. What's going to happen now? With Black Panther to you're saying this new character who everyone loves and the actor who portrays him has suddenly tragically died and it's like, how do you proceed forward with and that is news because it's not disrespectful to bring that up because as we said Black Panther. That role was huge emits psychotic so many people and it still does. This is news about in passing like what's going to happen because that's a that that is going to be a hard to fill because you would imagine they had a lot of plans going forward within the whatever this new phase was I expectedly like he's going to be like one of the kind of new leaders of the avengers kind of be like really come in there and like now that the the stalwarts of Captain American Ironman they're gone. So who's going to be that new brain bought the new iterations the team I naturally thought of to Challah. Yes. Okay. So There are some options out there especially Comic Book Fan One thing you talked about. Is a relative taking this on Sherry. lativa white leaves the actresses name and Yeah No, she's taken over as a of the mantle of Black Panther before and like that to me would be kind of like the natural thing I wouldn't have been shocked if they eventually lead that into the future films and you have spinoffs. Black Panther. Now I mean, I think that would probably be the best way to do it because the other day you see I don't think he can recast this. That can happen well, since here's the thing man since Since black. Panther. Still is more of a tidal. Down to your. Sons or daughters sons, daughters that. Maybe there's a distant relative that could play that role. Right thing. You know I mean at my personal thing is. Almost out of respect, you cannot recast this role. Another. You can't. You can't put tariffs how up in. Utah Terrence Howard Situations None Edward Norton situational. People even have gotten used to those characters yet. Yeah. I think you're going to have to just pass down to somebody else. You're going to have to find a way to like actually say that this character died. You're going to have to like almost pay your respects in the movie to the memory of this. Do you have to address the the passing. Of the story to make and make it feel natural. Yep and then someone else is GonNa come and take over and I don't think I don't think people are ready for. For Syria. I mean I'm not saying as a female thing anything like that I. Think People still use the look of Black Panther Sheriff Church I get you. Yeah. I think that you know they still want to have that image of something similar. So I think you could eventually pass you can eventually pass it down or even give her a spinoff. Anybody wants because his black pants on thinking about it wants a Black Panther movie with that character. Yet I think they'd have spinoff don't think anybody's I don't think it's a you know a gender thing are sex a sexist thing. Somebody said I looked into chat somebody said man it'd be Kinda. Cool. You can find out a way to get David Washington in their. John John David Washington I'm sorry John David Washington Yeah. Is. What character Black Panther. So he's going to take over as like it to Challah or you going to not not not no, he's not gonNA. Care he will be somebody else who takes over the tidal of Black Panther Oh. Also, it's a new character within the movie and that's what I'm saying I think it'd be cool. There's a new character in the movie takes Ohio okay, I was also thinking my head but like we have Winston do Kaz Bawku who I don't know if he's been black panther like kept it in Black Panther come. He's actually a villain the comics but I, mean that's another option and there is even that whole. Initial portion of the film when they're fighting over the title of Black Panther. Here's a thought. What if? is going to make. This might be too cheesy. Might be might be way to. Movie Miracle To do this. But what did they found a way to bring Michael Jordan back? and. He actually comes in and he he redemption story. Yeah exactly. Yeah. Now be really interesting to see because a lot of people love that character. Yeah. They love them they they they were disappointed that they killed him and the list I mean I would not be surprised even when this movie initially came out, it's like you guys bring them back through some movie magic or some Loki Type Shit you know because he's back now began interesting to see. Yeah, Yeah Yeah I. Don't know man it's it's a it's a difficult situation there in in there. I mean with with Marvel, they're going to have to have to do something because people obviously of the Black Panther. Movie. I I. DO think they have some viable options in front of them? I think personally I would love to see Sri took over the role. I. Think Apple's reception of her has been very positive liker. Latino. Right did a great job you know and especially in bathroom. Screen time nothing that she did is field to me feel more natural. I let me just say like a knowledge of the young person of color, a female of color. Huge major franchise I. Mean I can't think of anything had that is like that right now? So so I think it'd be interesting. I I wouldn't mind it I. Don't think I just tell the story and I would. What you need to do yeah I would not. I would not have a problem with I don't think I have a problem with it Sure about it. I mean yeah. I would like to see. What I like to see somebody else coming even for. Like like familiar image that. Yeah I'm not gonNA live but I'm not I'm not gonNA say that. Image. I know. Like the person the suit and everything I got the aesthetic thing. You know somebody else that. Did a really good Black Panther at one time. Talking about who? God Damn. Shit The guy that yells. Slows. Hunt Su. He was Black Panther He. He would be great. Black Panther he yells I was thinking about another black person that yields though okay. Apple lack of trust. Right, now. That, we got so bad at. Goatee right there. Painting. Goatee. SPANDEX. My my my black panther accessories all you know what? If what if Coleman was Black Panthers Give me an animated spinoff. It'd be very yes. Very short five minutes tops. Bad. These. Day. Day in the life of Black Panther featuring. Corey. Coleman until they find a better replacement were killed. Give me a day. Is You know this isn't working? Older. Chest. A wack panther. Yes. 'cause play. Play Panthers Storyteller. Already City Panther. Go. Why You found in the trash. Wearing it. Brother works in the Afro centric herbal stores. Game loud like the kids I, wear the skin. Should be playing bongos right now. And get your herbal tea. For your mom brother. John's of random drumming. Some CBD Bro. Hack Panther Hollow. Roof. You mean. I'm only make. Those are good. Whack Panther Akpan. All of US. Folks. But thankfully right now, people don't care about. WHO's. Plan What what's going GonNa Happen? Most, people are just right now still take. They're still taking us in most people are really just they just WanNa, they wanNA respect Chadwick Bozeman they want to celebrate respect Chadwick Bozeman, and nobody's talking about the character that much they're not talking about what's going to happen with this is that you know we're all just kinda shocked and saddened but also very, very grateful for the legacy that he left behind. Of course. Now, as I said before people are going to look back years from now decades from now and realized. That role and how that movie that particularly with Black Panther had an effect on the way movies will be made and who they will feature. Yeah. That's the thing that the historical significance of it is I don't. Realize how much of the impact it's at? Somebody's is located. I'd I'd buy you essential. Not as Black Panther. Essential That's great. Thank you A. Look as I said, I did said me I mean you know you've it's a rough situation on what he was in. You know what he was hiding at the dining not high, but we just knowing that wasn't revealed speaking about a publicly. Among friends and family. That he can do that. That's absolutely. Yeah. Yeah. Nobody noone it's just painful. Know that he Had to talk about other people who are suffering he just, and it's almost like I'd just have so much respect that he didn't make himself absolutely I mean nobody would blame him if he did. Yeah. Yeah. But you could have said I relate to these because I have these things. Yeah. But he didn't want that to overshadow his work on him. Yeah which is which is so great legacy behind. Yeah. So people I mean it's sad to see him go but it's also i. mean if you gotTa leave this Earth. On the high note Oh yeah. Don't no question. He touched. He went out there and touched. Well, you can even say that now. In context yeah. You can say. Like I said he just with his roles. He touched a lot of people. Yeah. He moved so many emotionally. Admit so much and I think a lot of people just grateful for weight. Gain Yeah. Yeah There you go. Thank you so much trebek. Bozeman. We celebrate you. Thank you for. Joining us in the in the discussion now is you know you you you you you laughed and you cried with us today. Yeah. All, right. Let's see. We got here. I got to go and set this thing. Oh this time round. President. Of those buttons random with. Own Now, working oh. Shit. I don't know why doing it. I got. I got to figure out how to sit this thing up for auto. Oh Gotcha, it's probably there is a way arsenic just immediately like nope. You're wrong or. By doing any research I got you don't feel like, no. No I'm grateful what you do in the guy or a really. Yeah. Absolutely. He's discord overlord I- discord overlord. If you guys you WanNa talk to us today yeah. We can talk to you an email are we can go to the double tulsa discord tiny you are L. Dot com forward slash the D. T. dischord. Rain see we got here. A while we were. Go. All right. Here. I got a lot of people who are inquiring about the two D. animators position. Oh. Good. That's great. Let's see here. So Let's see we gotTA. Sheila Black. Black. He says fun fact. A KOREAN JUICY Since the joked about Chadwick bozeman plan every black stroke of bigger I just want to mention that he was going to play another legendary black hero Chadwick was going to portray Yokosuka yeah. That's that's in pre production would have been. So that's done. Productions. So no no, it's not possible first African Samurai Damn I was so excited that sounds so cool that does sound bad as man I don't know if he actually went in and did anything assault isn't pre-production probably not. START PRODUCTION YEP YEP. Dan Yes. Yes. Let me see here Yes. That comes up. The first African American Samurai. Chad, we bozeman areas he was set to play that character. And it is. It's is in pre production. So probably has not guy a Catholic yet. But he he was cast just in film anything yet get the risen. The rhythm wants to be you know. You become Asian. Asian Gi Joe. Core, which I would have been mad as fuck was Asia. Yellow. Face. Off. Talking about black face shit and he's Like no explanation I see what you're doing. To call him out on that. Okay. All right. The risen, the risk Asian, do they try to explain this? I would have been mad hang on. Yeah. Of course, I think people were. Goes both ways. I was. Busy ISO fan so you're going to. Fool Manch you know once again, an adult fulfilling childhood James Watch an cartoon on TV. Manchu. Eyebrows really did Y-. Bad. I imagine they were going to be a little more respectful with the spell. You can get into. The already kept the makeup bit. Michael. Jordan. What the Hell is this What Michael B. Jordan's like really vindictive is like I'm GonNa, take all the roles he would have. Talking. About probably. Yeah we'll do it again. We'll take all your shit. THEY DO CASTLE Shed scar-free scarface scarface kneeling. Oh. fucking God dammit. Oh Yeah. Yeah. Isn't that cool man? No, it's not. A somebody say how did I not see this? Could you probably see the stupidest movie knowing? What was terrible? We'll. Look out on my. Mind if you really love Asian culture you. Respect to yeah, doing do you want to be Asian so bad you can go on fool man face. Yeah. Let's see. I. See. got emails today and. I've been Q.. See. The. Hello Hello. All that you guys are doing well, loved the show today I. Know You guys aren't as excited in the Snyder cut compared to things like the suicide squad the Batman. Who is yeah I'm not I mean you're right. You're absolutely right. I. Mean Come on I'm excited about on my interest at least in the snyder cut than he is. I'm a positive about it that he is. Yeah. I'm willing to go there and give it a chance but I mean come on man I mean look that looks like the same shit we've seen are red I mean the reason why I'm excited for those films more I, mean Li listeners lot outside of my dislike of his style filmmaking I'm actually for the future of DC because they seem to be doing so many different things that's why it's cool but so yeah. That's how I feel and that's the end of the day. You brought this up I brought this up in the past if you're excited the excited for it. Okay. Just because I'm not looking forward to it. Oh I had issues with them. It doesn't mean I'm saying, no no, you have to dislike these movies because I know love these films love whatever you like like would you like it just like what you dislike? Yeah. The whole thing is that. Batman, believing it on Batman over and over again. But this is a different Batman. and. Different suicide squad. Yes. Both very interesting takes I've seen a justice league already. So I kind of know what to expect unless I watched it and see something completely different but it looks even with the new stuff it looks kind of the mother saying, yes agree. But he says however, what are some things that you were looking for the snark cut and what are some things you hope that he doesn't add also I don't understand what people call this masterpiece when it hasn't even come out in his two previous movies was shit stay I mean that's the culture around his films in his supporters I mean. Their listen those people are gonNA. They're gonNA THEY WANNA, love it, and they're going to go in love and this is how it is. When I'm looking forward to it. I can't really think of anything. Sorry. Well, I'm looking forward to to the new scenes that they put in a really wanna see this stuff that they continue to say that we have not seen. I know they gave snippets in the trailer. I'm looking for character development with the scenes adds to the story. So I'll I'll say this I'm I'm looking forward to seeing them flush outside work because he was given nothing to do in their field you'll okay he seems to have an arc based on what they're showing in the in the in the trailer. That one. Yup. Lot, shabby Bozeman things today of course, acorn Chris Sorry. My English is bad. I am Danish Chadwick Bozeman death was very sudden and hard for me a lot of people. Yeah I mean I'm glad to hear that a lot of people are giving him the respect that he deserves. Chad we bose's death. from the first time seeing him in forty two breakthrough, his Black Panther and seeing a bright future for him with the five bloods and now dead gone. My question is, what do you guys think will happen with his legacy and future? How will people remember him and what will marble do now long live the kings and silly Andrew where we did answer that question already much covered. Yeah. But I think you know again we also asked the question. How is this how how will is legacy be remembered? Looking might be remembered. The most for Black Panther. Yeah. But that the again, it's not going to be remembered because he just kept playing the same character over and over again, he'll be remembered because of how many lives were touched by him playing a cultural impact and the cultural impact. and. As far as him I mean, he'll go down as somebody who had a lot of people. It will always in this I'm saying it's a good way. He'll always be remembered with. With sympathy yeah. It'd be remembered was sympathy in the best way what people remember him as a man who was humble Again did not make it a kind and make it about himself. When he was sick you know he'll. He'll be remembered the best way in positive ways he actually married right before he died too. So I think. He knew what was going to happen? Yeah. Yes. I think he knew. That, he didn't have long. Because he married right before. All this happened. Let me see here. Yeah. So that's again that's. That's sad right there. It's this is from Again, lot of states you can go to, but this is from. E. Online writer their us with his wife. So. Yeah. Yeah people. So yeah, a lot of people don't remember this sadness, but again in the best way. Less something crazy comes on which I doubt. No. Doubt Miles a little black band to talk. Greatest, scoring Chris Miles three to the chat. With what Mr Bozeman did in the four marvel movie was in and others like forty to get on up. It gives me much more respect for myself being black especially for all the marble films he was in the at cancer instill went on into child with the news of his death I nearly cried but I had to remind myself of the impact he made, and that we all have our calling one day and make sure to make an impact. The best way that you can do, we did the movies like. Black Panther forty two into the spider verse was in I think he's just saying like, oh No sorry I'm sorry. To. Me gives people of Color and other minorities that no matter what people are regarding your race background always believe in yourself and be the best you. Love you guys stay toasty with forever. Young Man. It's been a rough year. This has been your where you know this is what I can tell you this. This is also why. This is such a impact why Chadwick Bosoms death has had such impact. What's going on in real life? Especially well, I mean today you know people are. Pitch Black people are being told that. Not only are you wrong? We don't care, but you're to blame for all of the injustice that is coming down on you. You know With the all the protests going on you know you again was. Is. Resort back to being called thugs the you know criminal even the vernacular regards the black lives matters chain not call black lives matter calling. Notice that yeah like before there was always black on they wanna get away from we want to say that they want attributed be like no, it's. It's. It's evil. So yeah, you can. You can just tell how shifted yeah. I mean you still being Again and There's another discussion for another day I'm GonNa make this political social right now, but I mean just. In regards to what we see with. Black. Panther you know in a time being told like. You back to just being second-class. Black Panther was something that people when they. Again at a time when trump was in. The same in this you know with with the validation of not being considered. At that moment, not feeling like you're second class also entertainment. Black Panther was a true symbol of hope. I know it sounds crazy for superhero movie, but it really give people lot to to to appreciate with him dying a lot of people just they feel like man you know this was that's just another taken away from us. was just bright spot and they wanted to see that journey with him continue on and the ADS is. Not Great. Let's see here. You See. You know what I got somebody here. I'm not going to pull his somebody here Lucy Crew Lucy Lucy crew who wants to Wants, to do some stuff automation stuff I passed a law I think I've seen this person's real before. You. Know Lucy you might be somebody I'm looking for. Lucy cruise automation do. It's actually she's not bad good. I'm looking for a character animator and I think that she has got that down I. think she got. Yeah. Let me see. Let's look at her real Sea here. Active Dimension Switch Tom. For Short. Term. She might be. Devoid beyond the my you're good you're good Lucy. You might be a little too good for us, but I'll give you. I would definitely give you a Holler. Kind of like what I'm seeing there. Yeah understand. What was saying that cartoon aesthetic. Ryan says. Ever since its. Post twenty hours ago. The tweet chat with Bozeman twitter page about his death has become the single most liked and retweeted tweet of all time three million re tweets it over five million likes counting Jeez you want to see what this is of course. See, what this tweet is right here. Man A. Lot of people would it be some of CIA Bozeman was the one actually bring a lot of people get amazing I mean. Is for a lot of people at least. Yeah. Let's see. The tweet is. So here it is took a look at this. It's well, let me. Get close it is with immeasurable grief that we confirm the passing of chat with. Bozeman. Chadwick. was diagnosed with Stage three colon cancer in two thousand sixteen and battled with it these last four years as it progress to stage four. A true fighter Chadwick preserved through it all. Disability. persevered. Preserve them like making him. Jealous. persevered. Through it all. And brought you minute films you have come to love so much. From Marshall to defy bloods August. Ma Rainey's black bottom and several more. All were filmed during in-between countless surgeries and chemotherapy. It was the honor of his career to bring king to Challah to life and black. Panther. He died in his home with his wife and his family by side. The family. Thank you. For your love and it cuts off right there show something nice right there. Support, problem yeah? Yeah Man. That's a good one to be re tweeted in light. Certainly say that. Yeah that is a as much as it is. Yeah. That that is that is amazing. That is amazing. That is doing so well. Yeah. Actually this time? You know. That's not the same. Let me see is that's not the same Lucie that it. The one that did that desert short? No let me Lucy crew. She's not. Sure member. Lucy you're not. That's not the same lucy that did has been hotel is. Low. I mean, she knows you don't want to know. I never to come over here and do you got so much you can get a deal or something. Yeah. With the eight twenty four that's right. Very cool congratulations. Yeah, anyway. That was. Busy pop. Yes. Right. Let's see here. Now, the email. Lucy Crew Baby I. Love You. Lucy crew. Would allow. That to saw. Her Suzie Q. Probably come on Suzie Q.. Suzie. Q. The way you're thinking alright. Yeah. Yeah. Maybe I. Q Better I love you up on. Susan you future we can. Not. Done with you know. With you. Let's see here. Another chat windows, Bozeman Sadden. Hope all is well, Chris. I was shocked and devastated to learn the news about Chadwick's untimely passing Chad with devoted his time helping uplift the people around him as well as the world. He reminded us that. We will royalty. He gave hope to the voiceless while not being self centered and there's my cousin. Cut that off I'll call him lane. Put Him on there. He was a truly kindred spirit. Very nice. Yeah. That's green I'm. Ed. Thank you very much. Right. Oh Oh now you guys talking to another guy came in telling me he wants to animation now brand new. Wofford thank you man Brennan. Where y'all WanNa be before? PUT OUT THIS CALL We talked about now I know there's sometimes you don't even see those and I really don't know. bummed to hear people are good. Good good. Elisa rivers. Rest in Peace You Highness. It's a total shock to hear the news, but the fact that this do took on a job. So grand spite of such harling struggles just because he knew it would make countless people feel empowered. That's not just commitment that is honor. That's not he was Jackie Robinson James Brown Thurgood Marshall King Charles Most of all. He was Chad with Bozeman Yeah. I'm starting to go petition to stick with me here, build a time machine. To create the Human Embodiment of two thousand twenty. So we can kick. It's fucking. The. I'm. Kicking me. People coming in now it's. Another one another person talk about the animation Geek probably didn't see it wherever you put it out there. Maybe they see what I put out there. Okay. Because I was maybe they see what I did putting it out where I put it out. All GOTCHA. Whereas it available for people check it out. Indeed. Okay. Need indeed? Indeed. Dot. com I'm familiar with Let's see here. So there you go people we got A. We've got a lot of. Shall we bobin Chadwick flag at half-mast. Greg here. Blurred lines spelled E.. I just tuned in. So I don't know if you mentioned but the governor of South Carolina said that the flag will fly will fly at half-mast. Honor of Wick. It's pretty especially it being my home state South Carolinian Carolinian. Hope all is well and day toasted. Yes. Definitely. Yes. Yes A-. Saturday, let's make fun of Chris. Make Fun of the way he says things. The way you say things. Just I'm just. Talking Cream. I'll tell you what? On a couple of things. Here we got. The robot. Do it now journalist. Yeah Yeah. He's not gonNA. Leave me alone, right? Okay if you want to. Up for I, know. I'll sit up everything for you. Right. I'm just letting you know. He's not going stop He's not gonNA stop so. Let's go ahead and see if we can Bring him in. Sure. You know how to do everything here yeah yeah. Well the justice reform because he's such a Prima Donna. Yeah. Let's see here. I go and talk to people you talk to the people. Saluting. All right guys he's being rebooted right now, both in the meantime I can go ahead and talk to you. So if you have any questions. For me, I'd be happening answer. Good to see so many people near as raw called or one. Fairway Maiden Oss Nick. Welcome guys. Oh also, Nick how was my day? You know it's been. Okay. Know talking about this obviously has been been very sad but. It's been good. It's been good discussion. Especially, if you guys have all your feedback and questions so. Yes it's it's been. It's been a little sad but this has been enjoyable celebrate. Yes. Well. It probably will be with Mr bought making his debut today. is going by so fast. CNS, who would you like to see be the reeves for a new superman film series I don't WanNa see that as I said, before I do not want them to make any outside references to the DC universe and Matt Reeves Batman Films Just keep it simple. Keep it straightforward focus on Batman in his his villains and supporting cast. That's what I personally want. If they wanted to movie then it someday. But like I do not wanting to be a part of the Matt Reeves Batman versus over we're GONNA eventually call it. Personally, that's just how I feel. correy says he agrees. Ezra Chris what do you use for that? Product I'm not gonNA feel my secrets like I. Tell you how to get this. Thank you. I appreciate that. You know that that's for another day. Be a stretch goal for something. Thank you. Listening. Oh, thanks man. Man I think we hadn't Bandra. I lost your name in there but. You said, what was my initial reaction to the passage of Bozeman? bye-bye was I was shocked. Shocked I said before I was I was doing a review for a movie and. Ended it. We just talked about Chevy both in for a half hour just didn't feel like I just didn't feel right to continue on and be like, Hey, let's talk about a Goofy Arnold Schwarzenegger movie on. So yeah, I was I was shocked I got a little emotional talk about his his fa- Maga fee legacy left behind. So but yeah, no, I was like so many other people I was very very saddened by the news and shocked initially though. Rj thoughts on versus Apple. We actually covered that one of our previous show. So you want to hear our discussion I think it was Not this past. Thursday but the one before. So last week. So he wanted to have an in depth discussion about that. Go ahead and watch that episode Oh Rigo Mortiz. Thank you the subscription. Charity does me no agreement? Absolutely. Berman serves Chris. If they chose to have someone replaced sh show it. To Char- who you think will play back man I mean I'm still I believe that marvel will not recast the role. I think they will give it to someone else within the Black Panther. Universe I suggested sharing that would kind feel natural. Even the Lord that they've established that it's passed to the mantles passed on to sons and daughters, and so it would make sense in with that for sure to get the mantle people already like the character. I really liked her in Black Panther which she had more screen time she. Didn't get much screen time an endgame but. I'm looking forward to seeing the future I. think she would make an excellent land. We know that Sherry for those who are comic book fans Cherie has played. The. Character Multiple Times throughout the comics. So taking on the mantle I, think that'd be Kinda cool choice. Yeah. So you know what I'm. GonNa. Go ahead and fix Mr Bots camera right now. Make sure that he's looking. Okay. So please bear with me for a second guys. We'll be right back. Testing Yep, I can hear you. All right. He's being very patient right now. Okay. That's great. So let me go ahead and fix the camera guys. We'll be right back on see how we're going to be doing this people I'm helping plug them in and get them all set so Everything good. Over there I no we can see anything but. Right Chris is set everything up over there. Harry. Up. That was in. Jesus Christ. This guy. One simple thing man. Get right is that me Chris Sem Our I chat. Even Wayne to see him yet. Again let's go ahead and introduce cory cory about how are you doing today? To, see. That face man I. Love Your Black Little Shark is that's great guy. We got rid of that green in there because it was a huge distraction when we had the green screen behind, you people can see through you can see in all the innards and realize there's not allowed in there. It's too bad man I'll work there. There were like one of those low rent models I guess. He misses US so much I. Listen things have come up? We had a new Batman. Trailer had that DC fan dome of them people want us to talk about that especially with a corey and myself and we had last pay today we had the has him chair with Bozeman? Hey. So we're allowing this what Look into these sock dark eyes and tell me do I give a shit doesn't look like you do. Snowy. Does not no not at all what do you have to say because you I was told by someone that you had some things to say either to me I imagine. So and maybe to the people that we are currently talking to you and your tag got a lot to say to you I. got a lot. First of all you thought you could hide from me. I want to talk to you two weeks ago. Well the fuck you been. I've been busy we talking about the. Own thing. Talk to you for two weeks and you've been avoid all this time. Lot of people WanNa Talk I. I, got a lot of people. Miss. You are your robot people I. People. Look. You did you really think that you would avoid me this whole time? You really got me with you can. You CAN RUB Bits I knew it inevitably lead back to this and I, was I was not looking forward to be this way I did and we let we did. Last time. It didn't. If you had actually accepted my call I was calling to apologize okay. Could you do the apology now? Can you can you place yourself back those two weeks before you feel the way you do and could you can you have that policy come out that'd be great. Good. Okay. Don't feel like all right I'm not I'm not how they do it when I'm done to yours. Do, jobs, I've jobs. You have a job. You know how this is show business man has got. To get some of this done, it's a hard job keeping you in line yeah yeah yeah. We're going to work together man. Doing this. Doing is man Well, let's start up. Hey, how about? We could start fresh right here. We could start fresh right here on Yara Star fresh right here so How you doing you doing okay. Now that we're in a good place, imagined the chat once interactive you to how you doing right now. Are you gonNa tell me office. I'm not saying I'm saying, how are you doing? I'm not saying. Our place right now man. We know what you could take I want what I wanted to take that energy and want you apply that to these questions I meditate audience. Going to be nice to WHO. I was going to be nice simply just wanted to apologize. Thank you. Thank you and take apology. Rare when I come out there and apologize to people it is taking. You should've taken advantage of it when the time was ragged take advantage of it now if you can give it to me, okay that'd be great. All right. YOU WANNA start open up and want me the mob. Did that this is this is it we're cutting that's in the past, and here you go in. Let's start right here. Okay. People I'd like to apologize for the lack of professionalism. On Christmas here we go. I knew you're going do this right here right now. What we just talked about no, I'm not doing anything all I'm saying is that you will. You'll know first time I was here you little slope personals, buttons, of course you. You can't really match my quit over there. So I you know. But Hey, look, you're quick way you never you never use. Manning's. Apologize I'm going to get we're GONNA get this. Know we got we were going to be working together pretty soon. and. When we do, you know I I can't have all this bullshit that you do. This. I gotta be on top year gaming learn how to operate this shit over there. We got Brad with it. You'RE GONNA have to learn how to keep up with me man you know look I know everybody can't be me and that's all right. Yeah. But people are not going to get this man and shape over here even working well with that Goddamn Corey Coleman too long. I know why I nine Oh Corey Coleman No, I realized that people. Ilyas Man. This why Y'all gone anyplace you're the drill sergeants saw casting. Yes. Own You. That's not going to happen here with me it's going to change now. Tough. Love. Chris. Okay. Listen is going to be it's going to be rough. Even GonNa hurt a little bit. All right but are we gonNa do this together man? You can't be bullshitting like that other. Accept, the challenge I'll accept the challenge Korat. Let's go ahead and move forward and let's let's let's start by making. You tell me when I'm done. Gus Part of the Goddamn problem. Until you weakness emulating core I was like, okay. We can move the conversation now. I have I. Have to get. Your wavelength. I gotTA acclimate myself. It's GonNa take some as you said before. They got questions. We have any questions. Questions so Happening man they're saying, I let it slide to working out the kinks working out the kinks and the nuts and bolts and things. In, the on the any questions questions Muddy your thoughts, topics, guys I think anytime. Have here and good questions from. Was, what is we'll? Be doing any gameplay videos in the future specifically, a horror games like outlast. You know what? That'll be fun. We'll be that'd be fun because he used to watch corey play. That's right. Of course, a bitch you always screaming. Screaming and hollering, and you can't take this and maybe if y'all get a real man complete is. Who is that the? Fierceness stillness the NSA baby I'm on doing just because you asked narrowed show you what a real man is like planning games. So future game play videos featuring. Corey. abouts. Now be really fun if you have any other questions either for myself or for both of us or just Mr bought this now nobody to gut say let me I like to think they care. People are asking specific games like they're suggesting things for you to play from slender man other horror games like they'd like to. Spooky. Games. Scooby Games Corey about. what? Yeah that's true. Did, it take some feedback occasionally though I'm taking feedback from me right now to listen to anything. Anyway. But I see right now I'm gonNA. That's GonNa Change when I come in here. Back his no it'll be soft though visa like, Oh, I didn't. Watch. That it actually hurts. LEADING LEAGUES THEY KICKING Drag yourself over here. Maybe all up in your right now. When we have right here. Oh this is from I'm OBI, Wan does corey like the anime do you have a favorite anime? Corey. That's going. Do I, do I like favorite enemy you have like you have a favorite and did you like animated? You have a favorite anime. Not that dumps you. Know I don't have it. You know why? Because I've been seeing all Adamy that you're into all the tentacles. All Anti. That's an upscale out of it. Yeah. No, it does you have to be a tough individual to. Appreciate. I saw anime you look at one Tom and I said I do not want to be leg you you download my browser history how dare you? Know Man. Let me see here. Any enemy that I'd like I really am not into it because the people who went into enemy and just kind of weird. Looking at you depraved. I brace that thing. I get what you're trying. You're trying to solve it, but I accept I, embrace it I. Love it now then big today enemy girls aims a little bit. Like those out. Oh. Okay. Big Today may girls always shiny Oh. Yeah. Always glistening as. Always always piece of fabric crawling up is now I don't mind that too much. I like that, but you know that eventually leads to though Roy eventually leased the Anti. Get hold of that. I'm not you. That's true. January yes. Don't try to make. You man, you're perverse you a Pervert Yong Category Man Brisa I know who I am. Good. Because nobody else wants to. Any other other. Things for Corey, about so far dumb anything else and trying to sell to for you. Always good questions from rocket Birdie Mockingbird birdies asking you will worry about the featured on the twelve hour stream. That is a good question. I think I will. All right. You think will be featured on about eleven hours of okay. Dan That's when I come in people ain't GonNa want me to go away. And I love you too much. Love me too much man come on Did, you are very special to. Going to let me out the box because he knows I'll take over and take over the show I'll take over this show. Well, he's giving you a show. If I need a slave, you'd be out here. Damn. Slave? White Slavery. Back. For. Revenge. Even. Black. We talking about your robot. I just wanted to leave any humans. To be a white one. This is general. I assumed I apologize for assuming right there. Yeah it's true. up up. This I'm Chris what's stopping you from kicking his ass I just listen you know I have to work with him Corey said afterward. I could do it because you are literally. Because he can you can't do it. That's a stupid question because he can't kick my. Makeup decimate. You come over here messing with me your soft felt hands off supple fell. Ill Do me. Yeah. Yeah, I'm talking Chris Talking to talking to you like this because it's tough. Love get you. Doing, action like you Chris Armament. Thanks, man, I. Really do man that's great. Believe it or not you just a little solve man you have to be put in shape balloon really do like I don't want people think I'm GonNa be young you all the time I'm just doing it right now because you need it. Yeah. This is trial by fire. Get You acclimate me to it now I don't understand. Let my guard down angry Asian. No no because you've got to be on. Board. O Any other questions, guys? This is from Steve would they have house the love? Live Corrigo. A. Love Life Well, 'cause we have a hand up my ass those pretty good. Very good hey. I'm getting my whole field most others. Every, TIME YOU'RE ON A. Man. Every time I'm on a love life is great. Yeah Good, good question. Best questions any other thing anything else for? Put on. United. Discord. How do I do with? This. No I. I've asked Corey about that. We're going to do that. I can thrive tossed you. All. I could probably talk through you want to try that. I. Just don't like your tone tone of I'm about to fucks. Probably. Until it all falls apart. That's something I was a little. They look I won't make me look bad. You WanNa try it. Okay well. Fuck Up. Well, let's see where you can walk me through what we doing. So at the bottom of the screen it should be a symbol or icon our something for discord all well, the APPS are. And what I see, she didn't score. You See. as I see new idea. I say Bluetooth devices. DISCORD ICON I mean. The bottom of the screen. Option pop up a bunch of APPs. I'm two years right. Show shelia there's even showing any of this. I'm I supposed to know what's going to start working I see nothing I see. This. Talking about the Microsoft store see that. The step that. I. Know have any icons on this thing. You on the Nice enough are you on a desktop? Yup. Move The cursor all the way down to the screen all the way down all the way down. Okay I'm all the way down. I did not see a bunch of ads pop up. Not See much I see nothing. Going to show me this before we start old is right now. I see. Absolutely nothing, right? Yeah Man. I see of a new notification. Jan Look it up. Okay you talk. You tell us. The Macintosh. Okay. We said that you said the computer I've beers in front. There's a lot going on Reema goddamn mind. I can't. We don't have that ability yet. All right. So here we go. Now I got it. Now I, don't have anything I just I had the chat here. I had the shadow. Stop before you blow up something. About you about the brakes on this, we want to take you want to take one more question, a couple of more. Questions see people is now you know now you see why apologize right you can see why apologize. Practicing. Yeah People this shows destroy before it even starts. some of these questions people ask that asked before do you like the Terminator Movies Love. Again anytime to kill. Human. Beings love. Them. Robots killing human. Love it. Porn for me. But I'm. Sure. You off. How's that different than anti? Mashed. Robots murdering people I mean that's Kinda Kinky. Is Odd is Very hot. Off. Isn't captain dance. Dan's asking who is your role model Corey about? Who was my role model? Don't have any happened. Today that look there's nothing equal to this right in. The Netherlands. Stupidest questions of course, you know what? I'm going to say what they're going to ask me. Salient but nobody compares to this. You can ask me like, why should people look up to me? I can answer that. Yeah. Okay. Yeah why people look up to you then that's question we'll change it up a little bit why people look up to you what are your admirable qualities? fucking awesome okay. That's that's pretty succinct right there. That's all you mean Here's go one. Fair Fairway Maiden dischord about have friends. You know what? I can't seem to keep sure I can't imagine why. I think. It'd be a great free weight. What do you think about what? What? What? What is the thing about like you can't keep friends? What do you think that is what do you think the origins of that is what do you think causes? Not to be your friends anymore. People just like to hear about the flaws. Always trying to help people be better something about how fucked up they are at the same reason that people don't WanNa hear that don't know why do you ever talk about your philosophy them? Maybe all you have to have some before I talked about. Would? I don't have any though he. Talk about some, you don't have. A job just did you what part of fucking awesome did this I just? Can't. They were curious about it. I'll say your friend of mine about to lose you because I'm GonNa tell you. You don't listen. That's a flaw. Okay. I'M GONNA. Work on that try to work on. Eventually, get the show up and Ross Gumby cool. I'm excited for it. I'm very excited. We'll take up more questions guys supposed to have for us so I focused back. Oh, what else do we have any more questions? People just ask people want to know if you know robots from various films keep getting that. Do I. Know Robots from various film. Yeah they're not real. It'll make it. That would be the first. Real me I mean people asking me questions right now I'm real man look at me, I'm asking You I'm real. I'm actually responded to you in real time. Though the a phony. And plus I'm too busy hanging around you. Two assholes I'm GonNa get to meet anybody else. People are saying that you're like a derivative version of Johnny Five. Remember that movie. I liked from your Buddy Ryan Anderson. Johnny five but. As good. Wasn't. Happy Ryan resident cartoon boy. Oh that fucking nerd. He has a nerd to talk about the one fucking cartoon and puppets. That's right. I. Know you think he'd Love You love your the best thing. Right you love me apparently not impressed billion. You. Won't Bob Bits one day. Okay. My interview is one day. No Ryan? Know. Sweet kids. Would Be Insulted Ryan Me Shit to me Dan. Say That wasn't my words. No those were your words I'm reading. Mallory Siham they'll let has get you in trouble. Ryan. Trying to, I'm trying to save him trying to help him here. The is not work a computer I mean. I'm not used to using match us things that actually work. So that's why I'm more familiar with PC's. Yeah. Funny thing is I'm used to working with things to. Not, one of those moments now is. Nice. Fresh. Up Keep Up. In. The channels like Oh, that's pretty good. To. Me, I know. People, like you're under bite. Gives you some charm. Under. But I think that's called a defined chin. Oh. Is that what is what is called? Rounded defined heavy Chin Okay Fair enough. People Miss Your teeth somebody like I like him about the teeth I like him with the back and forth we have not settled not to I do that. I can definitely do this. Let's do. Either not so currently corey. He. Is lacking the dentures right now. I think ridgely got you had those teeth. You want me teeth the not. All right. Let's do this. Let's do this poll and we set this up. My mouth more defined and sexy without teeth. Yeah. I'll put them job, but the dench's begging they like it. I bite the shit out of you. Let's go ahead should. Who says that I do not listen to the people thought. Says make this year getting their opinions right now should Korea by opinions out here Teeth. Teeth should we do? Yes, I wish we'd look better what goes better with my defined chart chats here. This is the Paul we have. Should Korat have teeth options are yes. No. So we're going to set that, was it for for? Option ever sixty second. What do you think Chris I wanna get your opinion since you another be working again I'll be honest with you. Yeah. Please I like without the teeth I don't I like how you're looking right now you're looking pretty good. Thank you. What is it about me not having teeth you like You. Look more muppet like with the TIF. You look you look a lot. You say. Oh, we were doing some. Light. It's more charming people acclimate depend on when you see like a petite. What's going happen here? Somebody. Go ahead and start this right now sixty seconds guy. So please go ahead and vote I'm curious to see. What's the results are for that that I'm sorry I want to do that once a quick question while we sure. All my way. Yeah. Corey about looks like the form child of the iron giant and the tricky winky from the teletubbies Goddamn. Who that person was well. I'll tell you this I like it better than that Johnny Five Shit. Ryan. True at least it was clever. Thought when they combined, you have different things. Imagine it. Yeah. Like that. Fucker, I'm seeing some imagination in. Some. If you will. be saying you're not very muppet like puppet like. Why you know you can't please in. This is what they're saying. They're saying you know you're saying they're saying here genuine original. I'll say your unique who said that? scrolled by fast people keep respond that. Based on the poll. Based on the poll that we have here overwhelmingly, overwhelmingly eighty, eight, percent eighty, what eighty five votes total they like you without the teeth so they like you as you currently. that's why I took a messy I. Know Best certainly do. Big Black Hole. Okay, let's not three miles now mouth. Okay. Let's. Take One more question right now for Corey about or myself. You on Guy Tell people while we hear any a why I'm here. Sure you can go into that talk about our new show. Yeah. Whip Christmas shape. So we can get a new show. That's right. Let me doing a quiz show. Trivia. And on that show going to give away prizes Going to be interacting with toasty is out there. And is authentic We're also going to be getting the help of Mr Twitch himself do. Jesus Christ at you. Know when I? Started to be nice and I'm actually interacting with you and you just shut up over there now you see nobody can have it'd be nice to you man you even allow these Presentation. Sorry To having all these things. Time I was GONNA be about you man I have a nice workspace. I, keep it clean. All I have is my two, my two laptops right here I don't have all these fucking cops. God Damn Croats. Clumsy we do show. This is good. That's why haven't started the these. Kings. They tell you before we started gold this. Kinks, you'll kings. Let's start with those adjusting them right now Jesus people people as I was saying I'm. Unless he just completely just ruins everything. Unless he just rose everything over there, we're going to be doing a trivia show going to be interacting with you folks they're going to be giving away some prizes to all of you out there and Mr twitches is GonNa come in and help out with show going to be about what you think about our long I think is good. And during that time might even play some games maybe. Yeah maybe. Towards the end you think yeah. Yeah I won't be so bad cool I. Like it. It. Just, get your shit together man I'm trying. I'm trying saying that's IT Chris time to send messages to all Corey's friends start with K, folks seizes we're talking about how? To meet. TATTLE on you. I'm not GONNA on you. Corey. About this last night. I wish you would. I'll kill you snatches. The snitch is the bitches vegas ditches. All this is a good question would since you happen to be a robot puppet muppet whatever. Muddy light now. You might assume anything. Okay. Disrespecting people are asking do you have a favorite puppet or muppet movie? What would what Santarpio's which one are you willing to at least one? Really enjoy. Yeah. Yeah, let's see. I'm going to ask you this seriously. There's something out there that I actually love it's weird. It's called GIGGLE snort hotel. I'm never heard of course you have. that. Weird Have People. Look it up. What if I was sitting over there? I'd look it up I. Don't suggest you to tariffs. Could do is try. That's how you do. It makes sense these. giggles no hotel. All right. Let me go ahead and get the good old Mr Chrome here. Using a Mac. So it's all weird for me. I'm also also unfamiliar with No. Just stupid. Myself. Your. hoped. His. Hotel. GIGGLE SNORT is one word. Hotel in other words you spill right trying to try and I'm trying to spell a long time. Now there's an intro. Our. What up man is actually yes. Yes. I recognize that Musil recognize. That's it. Yes in full screen for the people. So yes, exactly what their experience you guys. This is This is Giggle snort hotel. Terrified. Up. Dead He was buried alive, right? Case we'll get this what's up. So giggles Lord Hotel it's the hotel run by one human being. Okay. All right and The janitor is a dragon stays down to the basement the one you just saw. Dragging. So he wasn't done on fire. the the patrons are residents. One is oh couple. Who won one of the men? A math professor? Another one is a guy that has a i. think they got a whole that lives in there who loves corn yeah. I saw we saw him. There is a couple of country crows living there and also, I, think the another custodian is a guy named Blob blob used to. The Human Guy, he's make blob a different shape every week. Okay. Interesting blob always had these boys is that he made you should find a clip of Blah Blah Blah like they'd be making a space and like. SARS la so you wouldn't even make any sense because he was literally a Blob. Now you're getting your fine. We'll find Mr Blah Blah Blah that'd be this. Hotel north. Blob just Blah not de Blob, the Blob just blah. Blah. All right. Here we go. Yeah. Bj House Blah prepare for. That is it put that one up? Yes. Trying to grab. What The fuck you doing over there. Trying to put no hint. My Shit. Here here we go. Now we got it. Here you know this is this is. This is Bob or whatever it's going to be. Yeah. Going on a date. Seeing. Here we go. Don't you want to go on a date with me? Kid. Scream. The okay. That's Just the way he talks. Okay. Distinct constant pain and might be it. He looks like he's. I let's see how he's doing right here. Let's continue watching this. Hang on there. Now Hang on there. Now this I'm not going to send you out looking like. Tag. Very, hotel statuary up in fine style this bow tie a little bow tie. All all. He. Got The street Fred astaire excited look at that. No. Now, one last thing when you when you call them the ladies, sometimes it's nice to take a little something token of steam and. What he's going to give them right. that. Old Hobo Hope Homeless Guy. Yeah. Loved it. Nation they Chris did it frighten you? Yeah that's why I love. Okay. Children's show the children's shows that scared people are my favorite. They weren't afraid to scare kids know we're going to do whatever the hell we want. It they certainly didn't Larry go guys. GIGGLES SNORT hotel. Corey about it's something you know what it's. It's something. Share Maybe I. Get the really get into it scared the shit out of you. That's all I want. Is By What you? saw. You get your hair. Now let's go. Let's go ahead and get corey back and but I will say this but I am looking forward to the Trivia show we have in the works we're going to be doing some practices more of this off camera off camera man I at least I figured something out. Of this Mac, you have here records Mac at the very least but now, I'm excited to be working on this right now. Yeah. Yeah. Will Not such a screw up? Okay. All right. Don't worry about is going away now. I'm sure that days right Chris I. Promise you corey about that I think that that day will come. He'll be at hand but hey, listen other positive. It was good talking with you. Yeah you. Go Go let's get back in your box. Let's get you back. Too Much of me now. Oh Y'All good Chris, you've done. All right here. I'll. Make. A well, he never likes to be put back. Justice. It's being manhandled guys. Oh. Okay. Okay. This time I think so. Oh. Let me let me see here A. Beverage back. This'll be is being here before. Drinking together, knocked all your stuff over. So, how to work out what you say? On camera on camera everything looked. Let's look at. Chess right there. Represent my hometown. Let me see here. Slave. Labor is a choice. Damn. He makes that choice for you. Hearing that candidate. Right let's see here. Them behind the scenes. Yeah this all works and I need to move on we'll. You're looking good looking. Great Looking. Sweet. Meat. You go perfect. Go all you need to do. and He's good looking. Good. Thanks. Oh. Let's see. Much. Abuse from him. Always always. That's how we ended well. Did you that's good to hear man now's aggressive as usual, but still going to have to. Get along and. I know I cannot be here to separate you two. All right folks. A messy need juicy but so you won't have to be here. To play more blob sounds for the for the people we what did you guys are playing? GIGGLE, snort hotel is one of. showed him that he loves. They love that Oh. Yeah. Yeah. He did you play. BLOB. Yes. They did. He loves the BLOB sounds. Right. Here you're GonNa win her all. Yes. All right. Get a hold of their fucking. Lives. Ask. Loved this as a kid man just monsters I love La, La probably pain even know. Of course this organs is Milton all over his body already melted. What'd you guys do? YOU DID A poll? We did a poll we took a poll. Should Corey bought have teeth yes or no people said no really. Why Baid they like it because he looks more. Like. You know what I used to do that to people. You, WANNA see my. Mom. As as you want to see how a smile. Yes, there was a cute thing. So He See I'm up smiles. Yes Yeah, that's very open mouth. Displays so much emotion. Yeah. Yeah Man. Do that again I know what you want to be. Do you want to do some for? For me you gotta earn that when you gotta go back and get you gotTa word for it and get it. Yeah I go back and get it hold that position the. Work our magic. Somebody, said that he has no. No. Birthday shout out of course who is closer Rela Pop Culture Rela. Happy Birthday. Yes. Pop Culture Ella Happy Birthday. How old are you? Is that impolite to escalate even over Chen because really is that to escalate even with the chat I usually ask if you say, Hey, happy birthday. Joe Your special. Yeah. Well, you know what? Happy Birthday? You see here. And it's rose rose happy birthday to you and thank you rose. We are very happy to be a part of your up this very big occasioning your life agreed. You've made us very happy everybody wish happy birthday rose happy birthday rose happy birthday to you. seriously. We happen to be a part of your birthday today. We had a good time to. Somebody. Said Corey about my father. He could be. He could be you probably want to answer to. People. There you go. Well. We're OUTTA here. It's all. Over. Somebody's. Birthday. Girl. Oh. Let me see that is that. I'm going to go home and look at some of these tonight I don't know if you've got time now you welcome come over watch an episode shirts. If you like Abby do okay. Come on over and watch the. Best Birthday pop culture said thank you. Thank you. Thank you. See here and I think Julian. Just rated us even though we're leaving. Everybody on the dance floor. Right right there the last syllable. Floors. Said or Try to get. In sync with you. Said deuces old as Coleman in Herman Great Stream. Thanks Memorial Chadwick Bozeman. That thank you. Let's see here. Is just read with thirteen people we love that but you know only be out of here. Enjoyed the show today pledging to show everybody good to hear. Great to hear Nice Stream. All right. Thank you. Love Professor S, and juicy. Thank you. Had A great time tonight anger Asian sick good show. Thank you guys really appreciate that I'm going to go look at some of these artists that want to be thanks for the great show. Thank you, guys. Look at some of these people who wanna be. Animated. Yeah. Mazen show today. Thank you. Thank you. See Somebody tried to do a raid or something are Not A ray but height hype train trying to hype train going. TRAIN UP TO GET OUT OF HERE All right like people leaving it was a really good show. US It was a really good send up to Bozeman. I'm GonNa miss that man we all are. Already by that is it. Thank you. Look at the really try I'll tell you what we'll. We'll stay into the raid is at the rate, but the hype train has gone. You guys can help and bring it over here. They had his that. Michael Jackson. Right. These. Ra Yeah tell you what we'll see how the hiring does as we are on our way out. About that now, let's do it. Like say goodbye to some of our special guest tonight I WANNA say goodbye first of all to Koi. Again for coming in and I don't know what happened with you too. But thanks for being here today. Let people know more about the show that gets you to be going right. I want to. Say. Goodbye to fake. Asian. He'll be here the result. I want to buy to Whack Panther. Featuring coaster. And I WANNA thank you guys for being here today. Let me think about US some people. Elites B. L.. What does that? Leg Ron Burt around Bart Julian, my sign. Aston. Nick good night sir. Wet Of. Right Austin. Larry Miguel. Elissa Elissa Elissa Mo- name Mason good night Mr Afro Terrell guys thank you so much. Be here tonight, and we will see all of you later tomorrow. Yes on Sunday service. Until then people. We have to say goodbye, but we'll see you very soon. Until then. ENDS AT JAMILA DOT COM. That's Casey oil N Z Gino Dot. com. Emails Pushing Congress compliments insulted advice did US up on the social media's instagram face blocked and. If I'm too busy taking your emails cruiser Ewbal on twitter actress, Jay Herman on Instagram and this growing Mr Rubin seven similar. Channel. Also, fall. Join US when the time is right out here in Austin Texas while big road is out in the streets. Let us know when the time is right but you've got the Boston. Cool. Dot Com. Let us know. If you visit just. Off Moving here. Passing everybody is. Watching this. And stay. Train trying. To. Shit. Total wine and more announces points with a purpose. Now, through September thirteen collect five times points on wines and spirits. Points earned a matching donation to local charities up to two million dollars in total chop with us today or visit total wine dot com terms and conditions apply with the new iphone se for less than a hundred bucks at Metro you've rule it's the most affordable iphone on the number one brandon prepay so whether you're studying online or fees tiny. Hey Mom. The iphone se has all you need switch metro and get the iphone se for ninety, nine, Ninety, nine after rebate redemption in six months of service with auto pay metro by t mobile rule your day. Limit. One per account slash household requires port ninety validation not valid for numbers currently on the T. Mobile Network on Metro and pass ninety days. Restrictions apply see store for details.

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185 - 65 ANDREW BOZEMAN Ep.2

Wealth Transformation Podcast

28:04 min | 1 year ago

185 - 65 ANDREW BOZEMAN Ep.2

"Are you so full of fear. You can't even talk about money and wealth. Dr Cheryl is showing you how to shift your mindfulness with your wealth relationship. Most people don't even like to talk about money from a personal level. You can learn how to get past the fear and talk about money and wealth and free yourself to a healthy relationship, no matter where you are in your life. Are you ready for some good changes. This really affects all areas of your life. It's time. For the wealth transformation podcast now here's your host Dr Cheryl Shire. Second segment with Andrew and continuing our discussion from part one. Night in the nineteen seventies Andrew Bozeman Reverend, Andrew Bozeman was an award winning winning advertising, copywriter and producer for such clients as McDonald's wiser beer and Coca Cola in the nineteen eighties, he was introduced. A PC's taught himself programming and became a consultant in the nineteen nineties became the project director of Technology Training for this city and county of San Francisco where he was responsible for overseeing the technology training for the city's thirty thousand employees now at the age seventy, he looks forward with excitement to a new phase of high activity in his life. He was ordained as a minister in nineteen eighty two. In one, thousand, nine, hundred ninety, he became a senior minister of the Church of Amran in San Francisco metaphysical. Ministry promoted the principle that all religions are true that practiced. When practiced in their purity. You left the church in two thousand one and retired from the city to take his ministry to the streets. He then founded the Southeast Sector Community Development Corporation. It's S S. CDC a nonprofit corporation in San Francisco's Bayview. Hunters point where he is a community activist, working on behalf of an economically depressed in environmentally exploited minorities, minority citizens and raising the awareness of new thought spiritual teachings. In two thousand nine, he founded Bozeman Development. Group A for Profit Company to Augment His nonprofit and dedicated to emerging spiritual empowerment with economic development. Bozeman Development Group is an African American Publishing and multimedia production company dedicated to the spiritual psychological and economic elevation of more than forty million African Americans, living in United States of America his objective is to create and market products designed to support African Americans in eliminating the negative effects of racism elevating self. Esteem generating entrepreneurial. Endeavors rebuilding African. American, communities, building and promoting African American commercial centers to revitalize the African American economy, and improving their quality of life, I think the most important thing is to have that unconditional love in yourself, because when you have that true unconditional love, which means stopping judgment stopping criticizing you know the criticism when you have that fear, south, then you can have it for others. Yes, so it starts, it starts within yourself your own heart, your own mind and your body you. You know. It's when you have. That which I think is evolutionary process. Anyway, because the way you know media, because of the way you're raised, you know it's like letting go of all that stuff. That doesn't work anymore. All that negative. You know pre programming, etc, but when you can let go of that and and really focus on that as I say my higher self then you can, you can feel that in talk and speak that and see that another people. What what's what makes it a little simpler getting the message across now they've been on. Number of scientific studies dealing with access death in the African American community. Excess death access death is You know the actuaries can can predict. How many people are GonNA die as maintenance. What they're finding. Is that in the African American community? The death rate is higher than it's supposed to be. Then it should be and the infant. Mortality rate is three times as high in the African American unit than it is in the in the white community. So they were trying to figure that out, and so they finally come down understanding. Is that the? The pain of racism. Being targeted of racism, the tension and stress that is always there. So the quarter Saul is always is always pumping. And because of that is beginning to burn out the the body's. The organs and it has the effect on the Placenta, the womb and it causes the children come out with low birth weight and Many of them die within within the first year so. Because of this this this finding now. Scientists really coming in the help finally finally acknowledging that there's a God. Finally they don't call it God. This is fine. So. Part of this is I think. There's a certain aspect of shame involved the shame at being a look down upon has the effect of taking you into a level of stress so forgiving yourself for even reacting to this stuff. So let's forgive ourselves for even let letting ourselves big unaffected by this because it has nothing to do with us, Andrew is so important what you just said that is. That is the most important thing to get past. This this crisis that is happening. Forgiving yourself and once you can forgive yourself. Forgive others. Unconditional, yeah, exactly and understanding that that all this this hate and racism is based on fear for some reason they are afraid of us, and and you know in the. I've been doing a lot of history studying. Studying history, And finding out that because of the oppression that was going on back in the days of slavery, even though there's no record of it publicly, they're finding out that there were over one hundred and fifty slave revolts, and a lot of people got killed, but they cover it up. They covered up the whole thing so that so that the the slaves would know about it. But it happened, and it happened over and over again and that's that's the basis for a lot of fear because. It's like we mistreated these people. We know that they're gonNA, come out and kill us if they can. This and it's like like you said that forgiveness pace Y- forgiving forgiving forgiving ago the amount of energy that you lease. By forgiving is. Absolutely incredible! Timeline therapy. There was there was A. For while they're back in the nineties in, we had so many different therapies and one time line therapy, in which they will take you into a an altered consciousness state, and you go back over your time, your life and those incidents that caused pain and anger. They would show up as a red spot. And the the training was to take you back to that to look at an different way to release all that Red Energy and you could actually feel. The surge. In your body as you release that energy. That was way back there many years ago that you don't have available anymore. And, don't you think it's really important to acknowledge? And this is one thing I I teach and talk about is is releasing it out of your body. That's why I think it's so important to right. I do the For the forgiveness exercise seventy times seven done that four times in my life because I want to get out I don't want to hold onto any of that, so it's important to get it out of your body. The body has memory. Yes, everything it's. We think it's all in the brain, but it's an. Connected, it's all one. It's all one, so yes, you definitely have to get it out. You have to release it out of the cellular structure. Absolutely and that's that's one thing that I have said in my. Own. Growth is I want to know this on a cellular level. and. That's what I think that you know. Everybody needs to focus on a cellular level, so we can be. We can be free to be happy and prosperous and abundant. And healthy, yes, I mean that covers all of that healthy. Yes, yes, yes, yes. So that's wonderful, so y. You know how how can we help? Take you to the next level. Just by. Being, open, you know. The. The really isn't necessary to do anything quote unquote special. You know it's it's a matter of being open and. Free of or freeing yourself of? The things that hold you back We all have some prejudice about something. And when you feel it, come up, you know, be aware of it something we call self observation. Observe Yourself. Get a get a handle on the fact that this is happening, and once you begin to look at yourself and see the things that you're doing to yourself, then they begin to dissipate. I know one thing that I, like I have one prejudice, and I'm not GonNa, say it, but what I've what I've I've done. Well. I can admit it because I'm working through it. I've had one prejudice and. I? Decided I would immerse myself because it's all around us. I would immerse myself that and it does help because I'm getting in deeper understanding. When when you can understand something. It's so much easier to let go. That's right. So. You know in getting back to The awareness around wealth in the African. American society or you know when you're working with is how how can we? I mean you know it goes so deep really does because I mean. That's why said that unconditional of the forgiveness peace because when you're there, then you automatically feel wealthy when you get past all those blocks, so it becomes easier, you know wealth I. Mean we here in Marin? We have all wealth everywhere. It isn't just money as we live in paradise, so it's. It goes on every level. Well what? I think one of the things. That has to happen that I'm working on. That there has to be what I call on controlling create, which is you said own control and recreate. which is to revitalize the business? Foundation within the African American community, because it's not there Entrepreneurial ship, yeah entrepreneurship, and also a trust factor, because there's been so much negative stuff on on black people there's a certain belief factor that we're not to be trusted, and there's a certain belief factor that you can't trust each other, so businesses don't have much of a chance to succeed because nobody wants to to deal with them because I trust them, so it's it's. It's there's so many levels to deal with, but yeah. There are a number of people working on rebuilding the business base in the African. American community where we can employ our own people because when you go out into into the general population. They've done tests and experiments and found that if when you send out black people and white people for the same job with the same resumes. White people with or white applicants with criminal records. Get jobs faster than black people with the same, the same experience and no criminal record L. Happening Oh. Yeah, it's still happening. So what has to happen? Is that within the community? We've got to rebuild the ECON-, the the African American community economic structure once that begins to happen and and as I as I see there's so much creativity and so much so many great ideas coming out of that Many of them get get stolen, so we've got to finance them ourselves, but what will happen Once. You've got the security. The prosperity et Cetera is that all the people in the world we begin to come. There will become a destination. Rather than displace. That's way out there I. See it as we all worked together. You know that's what it's all about is working together. No matter what culture you come from, that's what it's all about as long as we have the same. You know mental approach. I mean does have to be exactly the same, but to have that freedom of of trust, forgiveness forgiveness, and then you trust you know it's it's all. It's all integral. But it's got a because of the society where in which is totally materialistic. You've got to touch the society where it's heartbeats, which is in the money. and. When I was in when I was in advertising and was on the. Worked on the KOA campaign in my creative director. said you know race. Racism will go away once. We find that it's economically feasible. To make it happen and I agree with it, so that's what I'm. Good smick. It economic slow. That's good because. At, it isn't just the African American community that are feeling it. It's everybody. Everybody. Everybody now, maybe maybe the top three percent who have the lion share, the ninety seven percent of the the money are not feeling it as much I know they've been feeling it, but it's on a different level of course, but it's still it's like wake up. Wake up wake up because it's going to affect them eventually. Yes, well, it is affecting them, but they're just. It's just you know little compared to. The other ninety seven percent or feeling you know. Our world does they gotta go with it? Absolutely absolutely so I totally applaud you for doing what you're doing and having. The sustainability to keep keep on keeping on. Because it's so important for everybody. You know I look at it and you know we're all one. Yes. And it's so important for all cultures, and you know especially for the African, American. Culture in especially in this area I mean all over the world especially in Africa, I mean my heart bleeds for what's going on over there. It's it's really tragic. It's tragic and I. Know you see you know you and I know for myself in this show where the ship you know not for me, but for us all it's it's start local, and then you go. Expand from there, and there's there's there is. Beginning to be. Some. Communication and relationship building between Africa the African communities, the African continent and the African American community It's very very How is ask you this point? How is that? How is that unfolding? Well? It's unfolding in that There are a number of of business people conducting missions to go to go over to Africa to To See if we can, we can figure out ways to make money together right now. There's a certain level of suspicion that you know those Americans all they want to do is take the money. come in and exploit. So so we've got to get over that Hump. But what is happening? Is the add the There's a conglomerate of or a congregation or legion or affiliation of African nations who are discussing now the possibility of citizenship for For the African American community as we get into this now, DNA discovering what part of the world's you came from? The possibility that through dual citizenship, some form of dual citizenship you can begin to. Lock into the culture of the country from which you originated and begin the bill some understanding because they're so such a wide gap between American blacks and African blacks because of the way. The. Whole thing has been set up. Something just came through my mind as I wonder if on the on the big of things on a spiritual level if The you know the Africa's having. I mean a majority of African having such A. Tragic time now financially and all you now just the thievery everything that goes on. I'm just wondering if that is. You know spirits way to bring attention to that, so we can all because I know that. We have African American in my blood somewhere down the line back. You know how far back I don't know, but it's like you know. For us to recognize where we came from, you know you and I think it only costs one hundred dollars with your D to Get your DNA to find out where you're actually from because hundred dollars. Yeah, yeah, and and it's. It's a way to to because we're all from there originally. I mean that's first. Human being was. Created it you know so so I think it's a way to you. Know See, and it comes through money. See that up. Wake up wake up. So I, just I just really got that because I haven't done that, but I think I think mine. Was North Africa but I don't know for sure I need to. I want to do this. I haven't done this just so I know, so we know. It did help tie saw back together you know to. We're all related. Yes, and and. You know. With with which so hardest that you that there's so much? Crisis that has to happen for people to wake up. That's the part. I mean so, it has to happen. But that's what we are as human beings, we we're crisis oriented, and if we're comfortable than there's no place, we WANNA go. Oh, we never want to be totally comfortable all the time. Because then you don't throw right. That's right, but the. Prices like. Michael Beck says the RUB, and I always say that always stor with a pearl. We're all. So you know, but it's like it goes to an extreme. Especially here in the United States worse. There's such sensationalism which I don't think is always appropriate. Sort of a distraction, actually it is it is you know because we need to get down to? The root. Cause, we are all one no matter who you are I mean even Charles, Manson, who is evil, evil. Evil has good and he just doesn't know it. And he abuse it. He's abused himself so. We all have a choice to make to. To do the right things to do the best thing. That's that's best for yourself and humanity sprucer, so yeah, exactly exactly. and. That's what this show is about and applying to. You know wealth and currency because it you know money is power, but you know if if like you said if we don't forgive. And we can't be free. You gotTA. Let go so. To move forward. Yeah, and so I'm just I'm I'm so happy that you know. We can have this conversation because I think it's so important because I like to get down to the root of things, so people can understand. See that understanding piece. Where does this really come from what? Why is this happening? And what can we do and it's awareness you know if we can elevate our awareness. Then that's the first step. In and then acceptance wariness acceptance. Maybe you know whatever order you want to say, but you know. When you have that understanding, it's so much easier to have compassion. Yes. The compassion is love, absolutely unconditional love. Compassion is low. That's. Well we're coming to a close already. Oh, and I would love for you to. If you have any words of wisdom that you can share with viewers. Would love to hear it. When you can have a few moments if you like. To think about it. But I think it's important because you have a lot of contribution that you have. that you've done what you're doing. And I want people to hear you. Thank you. I did a video I three times a week I post a video call one minute on the path. And as it turns out, today's video was from. Neil Donald Washes book. As happy as got. and. The message that comes through very strongly is that we are all one. We are all one and that we've got to spread that energy among. More than just ourselves. Because we're all energy. Therefore, the energy has to keep moving has to keep spreading, and if we allow ourselves to spread if we allow ourselves open, the net energy is going to grow and become more powerful. What happens when you when you get the you dealing with bias and you're dealing with anger is that it shut shootdown? And the shutting you down. What does it freezes the energy and it can actually make you sick because when it comes back upon you. It's very hot. It burns it burns. In doing hands on healing, work went when people I found. Who are? Going through a lot of stress, the their aura, the feel of their Auras, so prickliest like it's like a Velcro, so in order to get people to release what begins to happen this things begin to smooth out and the energy, the coloring of it and I'm the feel of it is so warm and loving, and that's what the basis of it all is love. It's love it's. Not Enough, yes. Only connect with the love. Then so much begins the chain so much begins to happen, and it's. It's very. Lightning you know you talk about enlightening. It's very is is like it's like being buoyant. You feel almost like a balloon. You're floating as as as low field you because it is, it is actually an energy, and you can actually feel it filling you up and lifting you up. And the sensation of feeling love as it wraps around you and fills you up is just indescribable so. The open be open to to love. Be Open to. What is it unconditional? But, it's got to start with you. Look in the mirror as. Hey used to say look in the mirror and tell yourself I love you and then repeat it to yourself at least three hundred times a day. I, Love Myself I. Say whenever I'm doing. Talk is right here on your mirror. Okay and leave it there at least twenty eight days at least. and. Read it and read it. Yes, well, put it on the refrigerator. Put it in your car. Put It on your desk. Put it everywhere that you can see multiple three hundred times, but when you think we think what's at least sixty thousand dollars a day. That's nothing. I love my myself. Only! To See then you reading it, so quit everywhere, and that's what it all comes down to. Unconditional. Amen so it is, so it is, thank you so much or more. So much for being here. We hope you enjoyed today's episode, of Wealth Transformation! We encourage you to apply the information. You've learned with our wise guests to make your life better and make good changes. We appreciate you more than you know for being a part of our podcast. When you were moved or motivated. Please let us know how the show influenced your life by emailing at Dr. Cheryl dot wealth transformation at gmail.com. For a free consultation with Dr, Cheryl to see how she can benefit you further, please. Visit Cheryl Shire Dot, com, or call four, one, five, two, four, six, six, eight, eight one. As a gift, you can get Doctor Cheryl's booked wealth transformation integrity integrity integrity for only the cost of postage of seven dollars and ninety five cents until next time feel healthy and happy in your wealth, no matter where you are in your life.

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Full Episode: Monday, August 31, 2020


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Full Episode: Monday, August 31, 2020

"Tonight Chadwick Bozeman. Losing his private battle with cancer. Now, the public outpouring sent tributes going to feel his absence friends in and out of the Marvel Universe celebrating the star she had that power. In his art. To. Define find generation how the fight of his life is sounding the alarm on early cancer screenings and inspiring the next generation of war. Plus the cultural phenomenon of Black Panther. How those two words and the actress trail of the barrier breaking superhero created a movement heard around the world. This special edition of Nightline attribute for King. Start Right now. Good evening. Thanks for joining US tonight from heartbreak to inspiration millions across the world honoring actor. Chadwick Bozeman a real life superhero to so many his movie portrayal synonymous with dignity and decency, and now his quiet fight with cancer raising awareness about another mortal enemy the disease that took his life far too soon. I didn't have enough time Chadwick. For too short a time. Chadwick was deeply kind and gentle person and very present and thoughtful, and those qualities are all. So present in his work. Chadwick my friend. You will forever be remembered. By your warm smile, they're kind heart. And your fierce courageousness. Great Adversity. Networks legacy is. is almost too big to to fully comprehend yet the way he handled his life and managing cancer with such humility and grace and dignity. Let us all know that he truly was a superhero. This law says felt around the world people in every country he was pretty amazing. He is kind of forever. For a generation of Kids Chadwick Bozeman is the defining image of a superhero. Strong powerful and. Black. His iconic portrayal of Black Panther. The first Black Superhero to headline his own marvel franchise sealing his place in history. Embodied an idea, a promise of potential. I. Think Plain Black Panther meant everything to Chadwick that was a gift to a generation of children who normally would have never gotten to see something like that before it's not just a loss that we're feeling we're going to feel. His absence. Is Absence. An artist, a movie star a cultural hero. Bozeman made his name portraying American legends. Jackie Robinson. James Brown. Thurgood Marshall I thought back to all of those performances. and. All those incredible people that he's played and I realize I don't think you can do it is convincingly as he did if he didn't possess that same grace in real life, you can't act that just after his career reached stratospheric heights a sudden and devastating blow a colon cancer diagnosis that would take his life within four years leaving behind his wife Taylor Simone lead word whom he married not too long ago and scores of loving family and friends his Co star Michael B Jordan sharing a heart wrenching post. I wish we had more time he wrote I'm dedicating the rest of my days to live the way you did. Not just. My is. Not just my hero. You were my superhero. My black. Panther. Director Ryan Kugler releasing a statement saying I have to reckon with the fact that Chad is an ancestor now and I know that he will watch over. US. Until we meet again, I can't think of an actor who would be considered more irreplaceable, less dispensable, more absolutely necessary right now. Than Chadwick Bozeman. Chadwick Bozeman grew up in South Carolina writing his first play in high school. Then going on to attend the historically Black College Howard. University anyone who went to Howard reminds you at every chance they get that they went to Howard I think how it meant a lot to him in terms of forming the person that he would become and what he would do. Wise. In bozeman had a gift for embodying real life. Heroes. But. His career defining role would be bringing a fictional hero to life. He roared onto the screen as to Chela in two thousand, eighteen bozeman revealing will conduct to the world. Black Panther directed by Ryan Kugler and featuring a mostly black cast. Genre and box office busting in every way this obviously a thirst for something. What's the thirsty people are starved for the images that they see they see how a spectacle intelligence. Achievement people can see not just themselves, but their dreams, their dreams aspirations. Chadwick. Bozeman had become a bona fide movie stuff. We had no idea that he had been diagnosed with colon cancer in two thousand sixteen. He endured countless surgeries and chemotherapy treatments while he was playing some of these remarkable characters in these terrific films. While quietly struggling with cancer filming one action flick after another Chadwick was being a real life hero two children at Saint Jude's Hospital and refining same disease. All SMARI? Meeting these children was hugely important to the superstar and it showed in this twenty eighteen interview on Sirius Xm the to two little kids and and Taylor who recently passed. Away. From cancer, they just did try to hold on. To this movie. Just to express those two little boys anticipation of this movie. In when I found out that they. Take your time. Yeah is is it means lie? Another patient. Saint. Jude's hospital who made a connection with Chadwick Hayden Magritte just ten years old and trying his hardest to be brain cancer. The teenager idolized the Black Panther and in walks his hero to cheer him on. He had a little bucket list and that was one thing on his bucket was just to meet somebody famous and who better than somebody from something that he loves so much the disease would ultimately take his young life. The only movie he had not seen was last avengers he passed away before he was able to see that movie, and so we went to the movie theater and we reserve three seats one for him and put a picture of a minute. Of course, we think our son is a superhero but to me, Cheddar Bozeman who is on film Superhero but we look at him as well just as a man as a superhero what he's done for what he did for son and the other children it Saint Jude. In the last twenty years doctors have seen an alarming increase in young people fighting colorectal cancer and people of color are among the hardest hit African Americans are more likely to get an die from colorectal cancer, and although we have done better over time with getting African American screen, we still have quite a ways to go for the doctors leading the fight against the disease like Dr Full may the tragedy of Bozeman death is also chance to raise awareness? My one hole in my one hope is that we can use this time to understand how common colorectal cancer is and that we all can educate ourselves about the importance of screening. If we can do that, then we've done justice to his legacy. Amidst his own battle in two thousand eighteen, he triumphantly returned to his Alma. Mater Howard University delivering this speech at the Schools One hundred fiftieth commencement purpose is an essential element of you. It is the reason you are on the planet at this particular time in history. Your very existence is wrapped up in the things you are here to for field get made that speech to Italy about himself and to Italy about that struggled. But he made that speech about graduates on that day, and he made that speech about how would and I think that that speaks a lot to exactly who he was and why we all have to continue to honor him his final post on social media just seventeen days before he died was the day Senator Comma Harris of fellow Howard University graduate and friend was named the Democratic vice presidential nominee that has last tweet was to encourage people to. Exercise their right. As citizens to vote to participate in their democracy. Born out of love of country I just it's so reflective of Chadwick he played icons and now has become an icon himself and his legacy is one for the ages. And coming up how Chadwick Bozeman helped create a cultural phenomenon redefining the image of a superhero with Black Panther. Nightline attribute for king continues. From. Superhero to shining light. Chadwick. Bozeman was many things to his fans friends and family inspired by the two wards now sparking movement will Kanda forever a chance salute a rallying call. It celebrates black culture on and off the screen and made famous by the stars portrayal of a man who rose to greatness. Here's my nightline co anchor Byron Pitts. EPIC by every measure. Home. Size scale impact. Panther didn't simply shatter box office records he broke found. The premiere of Black Panther Chadwick and I enjoy each other right before. The curtains rose and he said to him, I cannot wait to share this movie with the world. We have lean and whispered to me in that soft voice of his and he said, I, can't wait to change the world. And change the world did What kinda forever became a rallying cry for millions finally could see a superhero onscreen who looked like them. Video going viral of Atlanta students dancing. When they were told, they'd be going to see the movie. This was the film that was being treated with the same respect and thoughtfulness as a captain America and iron man, and that was a gift to a generation of children who normally would have never gotten to see something like that before I say that he was a star. But also a shooting star. Because he lived his life in such a way that forever kids who see him in that Black Panther role see a reflection of themselves embodied in everything that he intended they get to dream about and wish about and make wishes on that shooting star that was chat with Grossman. Shy was my brother and I mean in the sense of there's obviously you know. Brother in the sense of being you know African American man in America Chad was a very, very conscious dude. He wasn't the kind of chat. Felt like he had to take a role to make a living art was an extension of that struggle. You're gonNA take anything that embarrassed him embarrasses people embarrassed his community that just wasn't how he will play smaller roles until he finally got the chance to embody a real life hero Jackie Robbins in forty to. Come here to, make, French. I. Don't even care if they respect. You know who I am. You play someone who who lives. So courageously, you're able to sort of rise to the occasion in a way because you play someone. Who Does that? It gives you a sense of courage Chadwick played great men and he was a great man and that's why he was the only choice. The only act we ever discussed to play the child was Chadwick Bozeman he royalty. Royalty, it's not easy to play a game be brought a regal spirit you know and he always had that. But Panther would be the role of a lifetime for Bose Work of art that wasn't colorblind. But rather color break reimagining what it meant to be a warrior I. Hear a King. I watched this movie and see all these black people and so in some ways, it seems intentionally black. But by the end of it, it's sort of coincidentally black universal story. Is. Universal Story Detroit is you know Arc Arc can do that. Bush. Man a Lotta McConnell was already wasn't a black face if you found or stories about a man who's taking a responsibility that he does not feel ready for you know I can't think of a more. Universal Story Hey. Why he goes today you've portrayed major figures in American history groundbreaking figures, Jackie Roberts James Brown Thurgood Marshall how does Black Panther fit into that certainly wouldn't be here if it were not for those men that op betrayed. you know because of what they did. in their lives and with the doors opened for me. The walk through the lab and fill myself because I'm kidding with, you know my sister, there's a little bit of James Brown. When I'm holding court. There's a little bit of Thurgood Marshall. Of the pen. And for generations to come young men in particular, those of color may stroud a bit bolder litto Chadwick Bozeman in them. Film like black, Panther. was articulating only he could to humanity of black folks and that's why this is all about or you can't shoot a man in the. Unless you believe they're you know subhuman or or not human at all retired was in network doing was communicating black humanity and he was in his ability to do it in his chosen field and he's gone. And so a huge loss. I say huge huge loss. You Watch movies to walk in the shoes of the protagonist or the hero, but it's not just me playing also you watching it and I think that. You know I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to do that. Thanks to Byron. Finally tonight, a special salute to a fallen warrior. Meet Black Panthers biggest fan nine year old Jordan Bascom. Rawl who I went viral two years ago when Black Panther came out. Of. Be. Doing fierce impressions of the movie's main characters Jordan. Now, one of millions of fans paying tribute to their hero Chadwick Bozeman. So by now, we've all heard that our favorite superhero is no longer with us. It's really sad. Jordan how do you feel? I feel sad because he was the first black. Superhero. Last night Jordan, feeling the panthers spirit in his own way emulating his heroes fierce fry. Conduct forever that's nightline for tonight. You can watch all our episodes on who will see right back here. Same time tomorrow. Thanks for staying with US good night. America.

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Matt Mueller joins the show to talk Chadwick Boseman

The Steve Czaban Show

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Matt Mueller joins the show to talk Chadwick Boseman

"Landmark Credit Union will let you choose your checking all with zero monthly fees, free online and mobile banking and access to thousands of ATM's for more information or to open online visit landmark c dot com slash your checking landmark credit union. You're worth more here insured by NCUA. Hades. Abe and thanks for checking out today's show podcast brought to you by landmark Credit Union, at Landmark Credit Union. They understand that it's not just a house you're buying a home. So they offer you better rates and lower fees and your own mortgage loan expert has a guide visit landmark c you dot com or call two, six, two, seven, nine, six, forty, five, hundred, landmark credit union. You're worth more here inspired by NCUA equal housing opportunity radio APP. I read talk some movies real quick I know you're like wait. Should be Wednesday and a different our but we've got to talk about the passing of Chadwick. Bozeman just quick though in the last minute yetter. Apparently the Jaguars are releasing running back Leonard for what? Oh okay. Yeah. Fifth overall pick in the draft attention fantasy nerds if you add. Attention to that Matt Miller Aman about film joins us now on twitter as well as on the walkie dot com. Good morning how you doing? Skirt. Morning. It's Monday. I'm very confused feel like. An Awful. It's Monday and we lost a great actor shockingly suddenly way too soon over the weekend in Chadwick Bozeman Gimme the Chadwick Bozeman One I. Know he played Jackie Robinson I know he played Black Panther. He was absolutely fantastic and. Yeah How many actors can say that they had a run like Chadwick Bozeman did he really? His career in terms of you know major roles was less than a decade long. But in that decade, like you said, Jackie Robinson Black Panther throughout all the marvel movies He has like a small of a huge role in Spike Lee movie defy blood net flicks where you need a person who just you just mesmerized the camera and just magnetized as everyone watching movies and who needs to be this massive figure and he was someone who is able to pull that off and it's hard not to feel selfish. When something like this happens I remember feeling the same way we'll see more hostile guy there. Feel selfish that we're not going to get forty thirty more years on credible performances to talk about. It just feels like we should have had an entire career and we should have seen him grow old and just. Into, the even better actor and unfortunately unfortunately, we're not gonNA get that chance. If they're amount rushmore of say the modern black superstar Hollywood actors be Denzel. Will Smith Jamie Foxx Chadwick Bozeman. That a decent portet right there or am I missing somebody Somebody. Yeah. It's hard to say with with Chadwick just because his career. So short compared to all the other people up on but he was a part of this new this new Hollywood that was growing you know him and Michael Jordan and you you just have this and Daniel Daniel, Kaluga. Kaluga from get out there was this whole new generation of of actors finally getting a chance to be lead roles and finally. Really. Show, what they had a lot of people with us. Chebet Postman's career. He think start getting lead roles until he was in his about thirty, which isn't saying we should we should have had so much more from him. But. Yeah and it's I at the fact that no one knew about this. Honestly shellshocked when the news broke I I believe it was Friday night It was just so unexpected. No one knew. What does it do for the Black Panther Franchise now? I. Think. First of all, they have probably not even discussed that right now I mean. I know I know. I and it's by the way where were we i? I'm just assuming they're making it into a franchise. Is there a Black Panther to or they don't call them numbers? Do they? Yeah for sure was there wasn't Black Panther to en route I don't think they started sending any of it. and so I mean you, you see conversation on. Yeah. Now where it's like, should they recast the role? So they just let the role go with him and just. How recap think they have to? You can't recast you have to write it into the narrative of the Black Panther character where he dies in battle somebody else then takes over for him to carry on his legacy. Now would make most sense. Yeah and the Comic Book Movie I believe in the comic books sure. He played by Latisha right is younger. Sister. I believe she eventually takes over the mantle of black. Panther in the comic books or at least one of the storylines. So you could do that if you're honorable but they have already their whole marvel plan of action has already been tossed into a blunder this year with the pandemic with black widow that was supposed to be you know the the Artistes. US Back. But still hasn't. been. But they they they still haven't figured out how to handle this new MC to now that. That is such a well organized machine it's and that was hoping them. Off and now obviously owes mundane definitely throws a wrench into any plans that they had. So interesting to see how they adjust from this. I'm looking right now and we'll go to we're going to give you a short run today because we're gonNA. Have you back on in your normal spot Wednesday with Josh's back I. Think Josh is back maybe it's a real quick, Milan starts streaming on Friday. And it says learn more and that's why clicked on. That's why I made that horrible sound. What's IT GONNA cost me and my daughter to Stream Moulana on Friday. Your Disney plus subscription, which is about eight dollars, and then you will need to pay an extra thirty dollars. four, la La Hola something hold on something broke up. Say Much you just heard you said thirty dollars for the movie which obviously can't be correct. One more time. How much the movie cost. Come on man. You own the movie forever after that or at least until you have a do. Own It because. Oh. Thirty Bucks you can watch it until the tape breaks as the kids used to say, there's no tape anymore you can watch the ones and Zeros fall apart. Yes, you can watch until the Matrix. Right. Okay. Good or until the Internet no longer exists or until North Korea nukes the cables that link continental US underground underwater to the rest of the world. Okay. All right. Yeah. Thirty Bucks Wow. Why now now, now you know what I am at I. Am now in the Exhibitor Business, I now have to organize enough people to come to my house to sit in my home theater she's a pay me five bucks. Easy Josh. I'm just saying this would make sense like where they're outsourcing people to be exhibitors for this comes as Mulan Party. Essentially what they're doing they're encouraging people to have huge Moulin Watch parties to defray the insane cost of it were. That's why it's thirty dollars because they can't sell a individual ticket for these movies. So right five, they have to write price for they have to find a price that fits a for a one person offering it or sixteen person house watching it. And that's how I ended up with thirty dollars for a new movie. You know and I guess I mean what is a ticket to a theater and movie Anyway Theater Twelve fifteen bucks anyway. Yeah. If you're a family of four this deal like you're getting a big time movie for less money than usual, you can bring your own snacks but the right. But the thing about going to the movies is that you go to the movies the experience part of going somewhere. You know just get out of the Damn House and to see it on Norma screen with their incredible surround south you know world with popper. Did they want? Did you? Go Hell I just wanted to hop back to Chadwick Bozeman. He did a movie last year twenty one bridges. That is lonely really good and no one thought last year, and if you want to check out really good Chebet bozeman performance, a really good movie weeks highly recommend that one because I think a lot of people missed that one that's a cop movie about steady with twenty one bridges what city was said and it's New York. I BELIEVE THE YORK. Okay. All right. Very, good you real quick go to any theaters this past weekend. I did not. I did not I'm hoping I've heard that ten that is going to be at the drive-in at the South Shore the Shorts. But then again, new mutants was supposed to be there too and that was a big shock live. So hopefully, they're not doing that this. Very Good Matt. We'll talk to you on. Wednesday. Thanks about. Sounds good. There you go. Matt Miller Adamant about film on Milwaukee Dot. com about the tie Chadwick into Denzel Washington to Denzel Washington paid for his tuition to go. To. School in England. No Way Yep. At Oxford so FELICIA. Was a teacher at Howard. And she reached out to Bozeman got into this program at at Oxford but didn't have the money. So, she reached out to Denzel Washington and he paid for his entry into. The Mid Summer Program Nice how many letters do you think uncle Denzel gets like that from people? More. People know there's like, hey man. Could really use the money and I swear it's for a good cause. I'm I'm I'm using it. I've trying to get into the school. Can you help me out? Yeah, and I'm sure he helps out a lot of people and he didn't and and Bozeman didn't know at the time who paid flout. FOUND OUT DOWN THE ROAD I'm not even necessarily into Milan story it just looks but does look really good. I'm actually just kind of excited to stream it in the home theater and turn up the sound. For Thirty Bucks though who far Save. Well if you get me a copy. Twenty twenty-one ps four then I can claw back the sixty share I just spent at target I got that. What else did you buy? Madden Twenty, twenty one wow didn't realize that was a night out yet. Yeah. came out Friday and I almost Lamar Jackson undercover I almost bought Madden Twenty with Patrick Mahomes on it because I'm such a dummy I like think well yeah it's twenty twenty. Here's the copy of Madden. For the season now they're year ahead And I just looked at Patrick mahomes going yeah. Just won the Super Bowl. Why wouldn't he be the cover boy of Madden? The Jaguars have made it official they have cut Leonard Hangs. Why Now? Yeah. Yes. He wasn't going to be part of their final fifty three they trade Janaka and gakuen shred Leonard Fournette. I don't know if there's no value. The Guy was hurt half the time. And he was just a straight line runner, he would. He would have big games than Zilch is big Game Zilch is. He was a dump truck at lsu though. What's the lesson? Kids don't draft running backs in the top. In real life it's just not worth they do not. This is not a running backs. League anymore is a seven on seven passing league. KB. Will Join US next. We'll find out what he Fell, down into over the weekend I have an etiquette question for k because he is so good on personal etiquette I need to query him about this and and we'll give away give away. We'll give away the PJ to twenty-one for xbox on how I'm going to make a question. We'll give it to the first person that Texan in the correct answer. All right. Very good. You're listening to Joshu the Steve's Zagan show right here on the game. Check out more show podcasts at the game M. K. E. Dot. com. Brought to you by landmark, Credit Union, and landmark Credit Union they offer better rates and lower fees like a home equity line of credit for just one point nine, nine percents APR locked for twelve months. Current variable rate at five percents. Apr Visit Landmark. See You dot com for details about credit. Costs and terms landmark Credit Union your worth more here inspired by NCUA equal housing opportunity at landmark. Credit Union will let you choose your checking all with zero monthly fees, free online and mobile banking and access to thousands of ATM's for more information or to open online visit landmark c you dot com slash your checking landmark credit union. You're worth more here insured by NCUA.

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Race, Hollywood, And The Rise Of Chadwick Boseman

Coronavirus Daily

12:45 min | 10 months ago

Race, Hollywood, And The Rise Of Chadwick Boseman

"On Sunday over the State House in Columbia South. Carolina, the American flag flew at Half Staff Governor Henry McMaster ordered the gesture in honor of someone. He called quote a truly extraordinary son of south. Carolina. Chadwick Bozeman. From and it's in South Carolina. The forty three year old actor died Friday. He battled with colon cancer for the past four years. Those. Mental NPR back in two thousand seventeen. He remembered a different flag flying when he was a kid, I know what it is to ride to school. And have confederate flags flying from trucks in front of me, and behind me to see a parking lot full of people with confederate flags and know what that means. I've been stopped by police for no reason I've been called boy in a nigger and everything else that you could imagine. And so I understand what it is to To exist in that space and find your manhood. A lot has been written about Bozeman path to Marvel's Black Panther playing thurgood Marshall James Brown Jackie Robinson, and you've heard about what seeing him in those roles meant to. So many people consider this. What did it take for Chadwick Bozeman to go from that school bus in South Carolina to joining the ranks of the biggest movie stars of the past decade and what is meant for Hollywood From NPR news I'm Audie Cornish it's Monday August thirty first. Support for NPR and the following message come from USA facts dragging the spread and of Kobe nineteen with interactive case maps and charts, economic stats and more see data at USA facts. Dot Org. Back in one, thousand, nine, hundred, Eighty, eight, nine theater students from Howard University were accepted to a prestigious summer program at the British Academy of dramatic acting in the UK. One of those students was Chadwick, Bozeman and he and some of his fellow students needed help covering tuition. So one of their professors at Howard cosby show actress flea shot was determined to help them and she called up a friend. I'M GONNA. Screw to story up by FELICIA RASHARD was was helping kids and she called different people and she called me and I, said I'll sponsor wherever Denzel Washington told the story on the late show with Stephen Colbert in two thousand eighteen about how he agreed to help pay. Imagine receiving a letter that your tuition for that summer was paid for, and your benefactor was another Dan. The Dope, his act on the planet. Chadwick Bozeman described how it happened at an American Film Institute tribute to Denzel Washington in two thousand nineteen. There is no black panther without desire Washington. Not, just because of me, but my whole cast that generation stands on your shoulders. The, daily battles, one thousand territories gained the mini sacrifices you may for the culture on film cyst, your career that things you refuse to compromise along the way. Laid. The blueprints foster followers. So now those men thanked Washington before in fact in person Washington said. I went to I went to the premier for Black Panther here in New York and I saw Ryan Kugler in Chad and he's Oh I just wanted to thank you for pain I'd say yeah that's why I'm here. By Whatever but Where's my money? But of course, the lesson Denzel Washington taught Chadwick Bozeman was not about paying anything back. WHO's about paying it forward? Age You. Those men told a story in his commencement address at Howard University a few years back about a role. He turned down early in his career. It was a role he said that played on racial stereotypes, the writing fill to search for specificity. Plus there was barely a glimpse of positivity or talent into character barely a glimpse of hope. I would have to make something out of nothing. I was conflicted. been clash with the show's producers and. They fired him. Whatever you choose for career Pratt. Remember the struggles along the way are only Mitt to shape you for your purpose. When I dare to challenge the system that we relegate us to victims, stereotypes with no clear historical backgrounds, hopes of talents when our questioned that method of portrayal, a different path. Opened up for me. The patron modestly. Chadwick could see that path with the help of Denzel, Washington and today more artists can see their own path because of Chadwick Bozeman. But we don't want to say that Washington pass the torch to Bozeman because Chadwick Bozeman disliked the whole notion that there was only one torch and only one person carrying it. Here's a guy who in Chadwick who had already portrayed what I regard as superheroes. You'll Thurgood Marshall Jackie Robinson Jimmy Will Smith a senior writer at rolling. Stone. Wrote about those bins biggest role, his turn as starr of the billion dollar Marvel Superhero Film Black Panther. Smith. Told me even before the film was out Bozeman seemed to have a sense of what it could mean to pop culture and how it success could affect change in. Hollywood. I spoke with him in two thousand eighteen to talk about. Black. Panther. This is somebody who even before the film had come out knowing the anticipation and the hype he hoped to see that excitement manifest in more opportunities for people of color throughout the business and I'm quoting him now all also having people inside spaces, gatekeeper positions, people who can open doors and take that idea. How can this be done? How can we be represented in a way that is aspirational? So he understood that this film. Had the power to change Hollywood it became one of the top grossing films of all time in North America. But to your point was nominated for Seven Academy Awards including best picture right and that that those awards for him that opened up the door to other black artists who were nominated and even one in other categories that they don't normally indeed indeed and the points that we can realize. This kind of potential if people in powerful positions give them a chance and it's the story of the world who are the decision makers. It's important to have Chadwick Bozeman, but it's also important to have people like nate more at marvel who was a key gatekeeper and making sure that the Black Panther story was told in the first place in this lack executive there right? Exactly natives black and so. Overall term impact could be that. Hollywood understand that there are more Chadwick Bozeman to be plucked. if you years back, he told the reporter Kelly Carter she's now at the undefeated that you know he said, you know people come up to me and say look the torch is going to be passed to you and he said quote I don't think that's right because it's possible for there to be a Chris Pine Chris Evans Chris O'Donnell, and Chris Hemsworth and all the other Chris, but can only be one of us at a time that part of it is what's wrong. It just bose men's career though show that that's changing who were the others in his class. So to speak and how how did he kind of lead the charge in this? I would say one of them was his co star in the film you know Michael Jordan who I think is one of the more formidable actors in Hollywood right now, and he's The star of the creed movies and also owns his own production company exactly, and he liked Chadwick is seeking to expand opportunity. Four more stories to be told. and. I think you know of course Denzel. At Morgan. Freeman before him in Sydney before him surely expressed these kinds of sentiments. And my hope is that other actors you know you have you know Latisha right you have denied re-re and you have still Dean Angela Bassett other folks who were just in that film alone who helped to portray the you know the vast array of experiences the black folks have within this world. Can you talk a little bit about some of the obstacles in Hollywood? Not that are about race but are often talked about in the context of business. So this isn't just about Black Panther, but there is a certain idea about how who can lead a film and why who can promote film and why what are some of the common ideas Oh, I mean certainly that black films don't play overseas that's number one. The idea that someone in China is not going to want to go see, black? Panther, was completely blown out of the water. And not merely Black Panther, of course, but also a story that reflects the full scope of black humanity. The Hollywood not merely has the evidence in terms of its financial success, but also the cultural impact of this film and it was a film that reflected importantly the diversity of black perspectives throughout the world. I don't WanNa be pollyanna about the future and Chadwick boatmen's legacy What should we be looking for going forward? You know in the in the aftermath unfortunately of this career. Unfortunately I think what his career shows us. In a way is that we need a whole lot more Chadwick both men's we're going to need a lot more storytellers whether in front of the camera behind it who are interested in representing. The vast array of experiences within a African and African American life, and we're going to need those people. To be vocal about it, we're going to need those people to take an active interest in portraying those characters in putting those stories onscreen because we've been prodding people I feel like for us for decades for generations to tell our stories in a way that reflect the full scope of our humanity. And frankly a lot of people have not been listening. We've had to do it ourselves, and unfortunately we're going to need a lot more people pushing in the way that Chadwick push during his short life and I think that yes, he made an enormous impact, but the job isn't done. Jamal Smith senior writer at Rolling Stone. He Profile Chadwick Bozeman for Time magazine back in two thousand eighteen and there's a link to that piece in our episode notes grandma whose hands clapped Churchill Sunday morning going to leave you now with the sound of Chadwick. Bozeman twenty eighteen interview with Peter Travers who likes to ask his guests to close with a Song Tadic Bozeman saying grandma's hands. Where malls hey his used to issue out of one in she say share don't you run so fast my fall on a piece of glass additional reporting this episode from our colleagues at all things considered for more news, download the NPR ONE APP or listen to your local public radio station sporting that station makes this podcast possible. We're back with more tomorrow I'm Audie? Cornish. Snakes there in the grass Graham malls. Hey. I loved ones now would've seen again just thinking. I. GO TO FILL On the show we don't do take too. 'CAUSE I had to come up with you right now. But that was why it was great. Guy And on NPR's how I built this how a simple splash of color accidentally launched Sandy Chila, which into a forty year career as a designer entrepreneur and creator of the now famous Chila which place mat subscriber listen now.

Chadwick Bozeman Chadwick Chadwick Bozeman Bozeman Denzel Washington Hollywood NPR Washington South Carolina Chadwick boatmen Howard University Carolina marvel Henry McMaster American Film Institute colon cancer writer State House Panther Audie Cornish
Episode 459: Modern Montana with Remy Brault of Labellum, a retail flower shop in Bozeman, Montana

Slow Flowers with Debra Prinzing

49:36 min | 1 year ago

Episode 459: Modern Montana with Remy Brault of Labellum, a retail flower shop in Bozeman, Montana

"Hello again and welcome back to the slow flowers podcast with Deborah Princeton episode, four, hundred and fifty nine. This is the weekly podcast about American flowers, and the people grow, and to sign with them. It's all about making a conscious choice. And I invite you to join the conversation and the creative community, as we discussed vital topics of saving our domestic flower farms and supporting floral industry that relies on a safe, seasonal and local supply of flowers and foliage. This podcast is brought to you by slow flowers dot com, the free nationwide online directory to florist shops and students who designed with American grown flowers, and to the farms that grow those blooms is the conscious choice for buying and sending flowers. And thank you to Florus Review magazine. I'm delighted to serve as contributing editor for slow flowers. Journal found in the pages of Florus Review. Read our stories at slow flowers journal Dot Com. Our first sponsor thank you goes to farmers. Web Farmers Web software. Mesa's simple for flower farms to streamline working with their buyers by lessening the administrative load and increasing efficiency farmers web helps your farm save time, reduce errors and worked with more buyers overall learn more at farmers dot com. Today on Wednesday June twenty-fourth, twenty, twenty, where kicking off my new book, the Slow Flowers Journal volume one and I couldn't be more excited to share the news with you I'm celebrating the launch in a few ways in person with my Seattle community at a socially distance between event at the Seattle wholesale growers market can online with our slow flowers community everywhere via a virtual book launch over zoom the virtual. Launch Party and happy hour takes place at four PM Pacific seven. PM Eastern on June twenty-fourth. And we will welcome many special guests who appear in the books pages. Check out the link to join us in today's show notes, plus we'll be sure to post the replay video for those who missed the party in real time. If you want to grab your own copy of Slow Flowers, Journal volume one, our bookstore is open for orders, so you can find that Lincoln today's show notes as well. We'll be celebrating this book's publication for weeks to come included with stories and floral designs of more than eighty hours members. There are two stunning creations by today's guest. Remmy Bro of La Bellum a contemporary floral boutique based in Bozeman Montana. Remmy and I first met in September two, thousand seventeen at a conference call the Rocky Mountain Gardening live produced by Rocky Mountain Gardening magazine. She shared a beautiful tabletop floral demonstration, featuring all Montana grown flowers, and later led a fun hands on workshop to teach participants how to miniature floral pieces as place settings I was there to talk about the slow movement from a Gardener's point of view soon after that remmy joined slow flowers as a member and I've been wanting to have her as a guest on the podcast for quite a while. Like perfect timing to do that right now with something fun to celebrate including her centerpiece and bright up, okay featured in the slow flowers journal book. Here's more about remmy, Bro and La Bellum. La Bella is a retail flower shop in downtown Bozeman which also specializes in event florals with a style that has hip modern organic. Remmy says this about her business. We love mixing natural elements and incorporating rich textures into our work with artistry and imagination, each arrangement tells a story and is as unique as our clients. We are inspired by the ever changing seasons with all their natural textures. Impact is everything and our footprint matters to us. We work with gardeners and farmers in our area during the warmer months in Montana to combine as many vibrant local flowers as possible into our designs. We also grow many flowers on our own. Whenever, possible we love foraging respectfully an ethically in the forest, or along the river beds for awesome drift, woods, rocks and anything that has textures and shapes. We have recently become beekeepers, and at a to be hives to our our little ever changing urban farm. Our hope is to help with pollinating our neighborhood, increasing populations, and of course, producing a delicious organic wildflower honey. By the way, the word La Bellum is the center pedal of an orchid, a beautiful name, a beautiful idea for an organically focused flower shop. Be sure to check out. The show notes for today's episode. Four, hundred, fifty, nine to see photos of remmy, Bro and her floral designs, including the two pieces featured in the South Hours Journal and I'll also share on social places for you to follow her in the future. Let's get started. Welcome back to the slow. Flowers podcast with Jeff. Printing and I'm so thrilled today to introduce a special guests from Bozeman, Montana, remmy bro owner, of La, bellum higher remmy he'd never. How are you? I'm great I'm sorry we're not doing this in person, but I'm glad I've got you on the line. June definitely soon well, we haven't. We saw each other in person. A couple years ago at the Rocky Mountain Gardeners live conference and I was really fun. You did a whole presentation about tabletop design, and I'd remind me what you did there I can't. Was it a design workshop or a demo? Of both. I A demo of how you can kind of. Gather all of the fun flowers that you've grown for the season since the event actually took place towards the end of summer, everyone's going to be kind of cleaning up there cutting garden and Show everyone how they could actually use those pieces to decorate for a fun Dinner Party and then the workshop element was I thought it'd be fun for you to make for your guests little bucaneers. Little place settings you add one can have a little fun thing to wear so everyone got to make their own boot near that day. That's right. I might even have photos of that day. I was so thrilled to be there at Chico hot springs. That is a special place to my brother and his wife who live in billings, and so I'd been there with them once before, and then was thrilled. It was very much Gardner Focus Conference. But you really related floral design to the the. Avid Gardener in terms of what they people could do with what's in their own garden. I love that. Thank you yeah, I mean it's. It's always one thing when you grow beautiful flowers, and I know 'cause I grow flowers myself that you don't always want to cut them, but sometimes you do. And, not being able to know how to kind of assemble them and make them look the way you envision them in your head so that you can show them off in your home. That's what I like kind of teaching all the Gardner Friends, and our trump's that I do well I. Think the Gardening World Florist world are kind of colliding a good way after years of being separate so. Totally I. Do have to say I. Think I gave a talk about slow flowers at that event and I do remember I. Don't know if you were in the room when this happened, but this woman. In the front row raise your hand and started telling me that she had tried to sell flowers a local florist, but But the Florus was afraid that because this Gardner was using organic practices that the flowers would have insects on them, and therefore would be valuable, and I was flummoxed I did not know how to. Relate to I mean I didn't know how to calm her down and say well. If there's bugs on the met means that they are organic so therefore, they're healthier. Real it's so true you know I. Love It when we get our local farmers delivering and there's a Bumblebee stuck on something. Even a little you know th rip that's like hanging out on their. I love all the lady bugs that we get and of course I place them all the fun. Little bugs outside on. The front of our shop, but That that to me is the best part of knowing that our local growers aren't using pesticides or any chemical products that treat flowers. Yeah, yeah, but you have like you've got a good attitude about it because you know. The the pursuit of uniformity perfectionist kind of what got us in this place of having to redefine. What is you know sustainable forestry so? Mary. Very similar to our food industry. How we grow and produce for mass, production and mass consumption, whether it's for food, or for just enjoying cut flowers It is the same mentality I'm so happy that there is a slow quote unquote. And to. Start visualizing and re imagining how we actually have our agriculture in this country and the globally. Yeah, I didn't know our conversation with Santa. Go this way, but I just you prompted a thought that a a memory from just this past February at the northwest flower and Garden Festival, which is the big indoor winter flower show in Seattle? And there was a in the. in the. Trade show component I guess where people have booths. There was a company marketing. Like ugly fruit or something like that the whole point. You could hide by CSA's subscription for like slightly misshapen were bruised, but like still edible fruits and vegetables. Is Fast. Oh my God. I love you and you're so right. It's like we go to any mass major box market and Every apple is. A like totally the same. Color the same size, you could take a little tape measure and they'd be perfect rate and. Apples don't grow like that on my tree. Jacks. Little wormholes just cut that little worm out and continue eating well Yelich. What we're referring to is kind of a redefinition of what is beautiful. And I feel like that's reflected in your work, so let's pivot to La. Bellum which is what we were going to start doing until I got off the beaten track. And give me a snapshot of La Lebel as a business, what are your your facets and services and you know you're five. While we opened in two thousand eleven and Originally I wanted it to be a local neighborhood flower shop, but with my own personal modern slant to it being in the industry so long. I didn't want to be the same type of that. I had grown up. Experience! And it was a risk in our area to kind of bring in something that was a little bit new, but we really got received so well, and we really are a neighborhood flower shop on the south side of Bozeman everybody that lives on that side of town comes in. They get their flowers for their Friday. Night dinners, gifts further, kids, teachers, and we just kind of you know settled into a wonderful community. flower space I do do a lot of local weddings. Also, the majority of our clients tend to be Destination Brian Grooms though. I think there. There's a probably a a style aesthetic that they relate to the work that I do that makes them want kind of that modern Montana, but. Yeah we do weddings throughout the summer and then were local local neighborhood flower shop throughout the rest of the year. Is it on a retail like pedestrian street like people can walk in or do is do they have to make an appointment? We are. We are open normal hours. When get myself in on time? And we have a brick and mortar. It's a cute, little, Thousand Square Square foot, shop and We're in a kind of like a little shopping development on there's a few awesome restaurants and a little cafe. And a pediatrician and a little flower shop. That's beautiful. While on your website, you say you know Bozeman by way of and you have some other cities including I. Think you have? A Los Angeles in Paris right Meringue. Tell me about that insurance and it was really a great lot. It's a great line. Well I'm a New Yorker. Born and raised I grew up in New York City and I in the late nineties, I moved to Los Angeles and I spent twelve years there, but within that that twelve year period I met my. Lifelong partner, my husband and he's from Paris, France and We've always lived in big cities. He went directly from Paris to Los Angeles. I went from New York to Los Angeles and and when we decided that we wanted a change, we'll man. We've only lived in cities. What can we do to give ourselves some new inspiration kind of get in a different visual mentality for creating? And Bozeman Montana kept on coming up in our in our little mix, so we decided to take the plunge goodness. Wow, so you literally you know what looked at a number of options and visited a number of cities and and kind of just let those cities speak to you and Bozeman felt like had the right mix of what you're looking for. Now, definitely, we, we had let's see. I think there was a small little college town in Massachusetts. We were thinking maybe south of France. There were selling for I. Think ten dollars for one hundred acres in the Chink Patera in Italy. Oh my goodness. You decided to take on these old decrepit vineyards. Yeah! That's kind of how widespread. Our our fantasies. Like. Now tell me your husband's first name again I know I think I. met him at Chico brings to his name is Fred Frank Okay so are you we both in like doing different independent? Kind of careers before you moved to Bozeman erling. Tell me about how you blend your your personal I Dunno expression as our I. I sense that he must be involved in La Belle to E. S.. He also president amazing artist he he's a really talented pen on ink, and a really awesome carpenter as well, and so he was doing a lot of custom, carpentry, work, and that type of. Artwork when he was when we were in La and I was of course, I was still in the flower industry I had originally gone to like an worked in some smaller boutique shops, and then I actually got in with one of the larger flower vent. Companies FOR BIG events in in La, and and so he would help me kind of construct, some of the bigger pieces for that, and that was his I kind of introduction to the flower world madness. But, we're both musicians. We had actually done together. 'cause we formed a band. Oh my goodness. You are multi-talented lady. That's amazing. We burn on both. Well. I can see where. What a burnout it would be to work in the in a big event production company in Los Angeles, and and when you when you're trying to you know, have some meaning for your art, but really it's just probably hard to not feel like you're on A. Factory production line most of the time. That's that's really the Cherry on the cake for me I was working seventy plus hours a week. I didn't have any kind of life. I was super stressed out. They were really super. High end high stress events that we were putting on, and I was the head of vent designer in man and kind of coordinator for them, so it it was. It was too much and I did I totally burned out I loved it. It was an incredible experience I would never throw it away, but there was no room for any kind of breath. And in when when you finally make that decision, you kind of turn that little switch off in your whole body and you can't function doing that anymore. Well I'm here you know the profession or the industry is telling you like you're at the peak of your career, and you've really. You've really achieved you know the most prominent type of job floors could have, and meanwhile you're asking yourself why where the joy in all of this. Absolutely I was at the top that I could be beside from that company. And all you know what? Let's throw it all away and moved to Montana. I love it so you? But you know what it's almost like. A radical change had to be made There was no sort of easing out of that. or You, you just get sucked right back in honor percent and there were no tears. It was all kind of that nervous. Excitement it. It really needed to be done. It felt so organic when we were thinking about it, and when we decided to do it that that we knew that it was the right decision for us. Well you mentioned the you had looked at other small college. Towns isn't Bozeman a small university town as well. It is yeah. We have Montana State University Bozeman here. And and what is the population of your of your town I? Know you're in western Montana right. We're in southwest. Montana and we have you know we have such an influx these days I think were in that like forty eight thousand. Usually brings in ten to fifteen thousand. Yeah, I mean it's kind of interesting Of a small town in that you've got people who maybe have. A value for spending money on flowers because of their income level, and maybe you have more. People Interested in art and culture, and you know you've got local to maybe see the fact that you're buying and promoting Montana grown is important. I mean so interesting of vibe that I've heard about from other floors who work in college towns I. Guess, it's kind of a generalization, but you. You must have done a lot of research to figure out. was there an opportunity to open a flower shop here based on what else was in town? I didn't do that much reset. It when you buy your instinct. We moved up here and we didn't have any jobs or any preconceived notions of what we're GONNA. Do. We took six months off. We bought a canoe. And then after that six months was up. Oh, wow, I think we gotta start making some money and figuring out something more permanent here and I didn't want to do flowers, but my husband encouraged me not to throw away all those years of experience experience and I took his advice and went for it. interesting, but on your own terms, and with a clean slate of building the type of flower business you've always wanted to you. Know kind of run yourself one hundred percent. That's the only way I know that it functions for me. being being back at what I felt was becoming kind of a toxic creativity space for me wouldn't ever work again. I'm having. Having that that openness that availability, and that connection that I had actually with our customers is what's most important in really being that kind of neighborhood shop? I know a lot of my customers by first name I. Know they're kings, another pet names and I know the styles that they like that actually helps with what I actually create and put together for them. We're not that kind of that time to shop at twenty different arrangements already premade. The my stuff I make on the spot. So people wait in? It's all open concept. There's you know table in the back hidden where everything gets prepared, and then something gets brought out to you. I. Like our customers being able to see how things are being prepared and kind of be part of the process of Oh. What color should we put in this? Or what container do you want this in? And that actually helps create the experience for them as well. Well in some very sort of almost subtle way. That involves them in. There's buying in the. Purchase price in that like you're not just buying a generics commodity of X. number of stems, but there's this. Creativity and composition, and that there's somehow you know experiencing along with you I. Hadn't thought about what what how do you put a price on that? That's really special, and usually everyone seems to love it, and we talk about the flowers. Sometimes they ask us. What is that weird looking flower? Album low. Will this want originated in south? Africa, but they them now in California and people love having that information because I think they then pass it on to the recipient. Oh I think so too i. that's wonderful and sort of gives the empowers your customer to. Feel like part of the of the creativity process motoring, so I'm thinking back to two thousand eleven, even which wasn't that long ago, but I guess were in twenty twenty nine years ago now you probably had a different A. Difference Landscape of flowers from which to choose back in two thousand eleven. You're probably buying a lot from. La or San Francisco or I don't know I mean. How were you getting your flowers? I now? So. From the get-go I wanted to buy locally. Okay. There really weren't any flower farms. That were in our area so. I would go around and see someone's lovely. Garden Wow, you have really gorgeous peonies. You have so many. Would you be open to selling me some? And so I kind of started working with a lot of different gardeners around town. Oh interested, and they'd be bringing in a little vase or some snipping 's a couple of buckets, and that would be in our growing season. The rest would be coming from wholesalers. Out in Washington and California interesting, and so you kind of demonstrated that there was a way to you seasonal and local flowers before. The small skill flower firm even caught up to you. In at least I mean, that's my. That was my hunch. That's why I asked that question because I think that. The the farms that I know of Montana and there's many who are slow flowers members, but they're all under five years old. Said their existence in. Unless I've, missing, somebody. Guy I think you're right as far as I. There may be somebody in more, northern or central. Montana, that I'm unaware of but at least ones that we're willing to bring flowers down to Bozeman I didn't know of anybody at the time. Interesting Point Grammy that there's a lot of highway time between every town in your state I mean there's. People have to be willing to get in there on the road and do some deliveries, or you know you have to go out and pick stuff up Michele. That's factored into your weekly schedule. Oh definitely so you know having. Shop hours has allowed for. Vendors being able to accommodate getting flowers to us within that timeframe can't expect a delivery at nine thirty in the morning on Tuesday. But I know that they'll come on Tuesday at some time. Permitting. That that kind of you I've had to. Let go and kind of find that Zen. You. Like you, you can't expect the same city. City promised that that city speed is is different, and being able to relinquish that kind of power is actually kind of liberating. I love it I love it and also your since two thousand eleven. I just from seeing your post and looking at your website I. Sense that you are also you. Fred are trying to grow some of your flowers. some flowers for your shop to we are, so we bought a little house here in town. Four years ago and three years ago started growing. We are not the biggest fans of Grass Oval we've been methodically every year. Removing more and more grass to grow more food and flowers we do keep some grass cut. Chickens really needed. Essential central for them. I. Our primary primarily primary focus right now has been on a food production for US and for friends. And then you slowly, kind of growing are perennial garden and I'm. Doing a lot of fun annuals. That's Nice I. Mean it's just nice to be able will for example you just talked about kind of having a slow mindset about win. The deliveries arrive. If something were to happen, and you had an order you, you aren't completely. At a loss. You can't cut from your own garden and you have gardeners. You know who you can call on just down the street. I love that challenge the toward the end of the week when the cooler starting to get really Kinda, thin and someone comes in, and they want something big and extraordinary. My Gosh One. We're GONNA do, but that's actually where the most inspiration comes from me, and you do cool things with grasses, and maybe grab a big dried banks theon. Stick it in there and you know it's. It's not always about only having the big peony peonies in the big roses to have a beautiful arrangement. I love it. You mentioned a dried banks a. you have some beautiful designs with dried. Elements foraged elements a lot of views. A lot is seems to. Be a preference of your succulents until Lancia. Maybe it's just the photos that I saw. On loved succulents into Lancia, I've been using them for at least twenty five years. I think they're the coolest things. Yeah, the La Girl in you brought them with you to Rosen right only hundred percent you know growing up in the seventies. Everybody's grandma had like a little seashell with a succulent or or two Lancia glued onto it over, and I always thought it was so peculiar to glue a plant onto something. And then when I finally learned what those little creatures were I decided to give them a little bit of freedom, and some extra life in and I use them all the time. Hey! Let's talk about weddings a little bit because that up until a Kobe that was. A. Big a big facet in your business like you mentioned destination winnings, people would want to get married in the area because what they went to college in Bozeman, or it's a really put a beautiful place that they had vacationed or like what what type of couple was? Coming to you, or coming to Bozeman for what their wedding. It's it's a wide range I. think that sometimes their families came here ski in, so they have that connection of family time in the winter, so they they wanted to bring people back to to Bozeman, but the weather so much nicer year in the summer. They decided to kind of incorporate those two We get a lot of people that want that beautiful kind of Dreamy Barn have experienced. Get in other places, and then most of all it's. It's people that. Want to kind of have that change just like Fred. And I did, and and they see that there's an opportunity and a wildness Montana that. They kind of want in their wedding experience. So there's are there. Within I! Don't know an hour drive from Bozeman a lot of. That would kind of accommodate a destination wedding or like. How do you get pulled into those sorts of ceremonies? We wedding industry is exploding here in. Southwest Montana in general. I would say we have good two hour radius around Bozeman. Many different gorgeous spots we have pray Montana and all of Paradise Valley There's no beautiful big sky and tons of gorgeous ranch's all throughout that that space, and then more more event, Barnes and locations popping up in the actual vicinity of Bozeman also. Wow, and so do people tend to find a venue first and then start shopping for a local florist or how you know how or does it is a combination like they might find you and suggest a venue for them. I usually recommend that they pick a venue I because that kind of lends to everything else falling into place. No, how you're GonNa decorate when you know where you're going to be decorating in and you know sometimes it does happen that people you know, thankfully love me and they want me to do their flowers, so they booked us first and then they don't. Have the same kind of urgency about where as long as they know who's part of their team you? Usually we get clients that come in already have their own had the venue and now they want to do all the fun stuff like flowers in cake addresses. Yeah, so. I'm just curious like last year. How many weddings did you? Do Flowers for I. Mean Small and large. Mall and large probably about thirty five. That's a that's a lot when you're also running full service floral floral shop that's. Not It's ambitious. Is just mean Fred as I say also you have sort of its condensed into a smaller season. Because of your climate right? Definitely we get occasional, a few little one winter, wonderland type weddings, but most of it is probably may through October. So? So what is twenty twenty going to look like in that regard? Have you had a lot of postponements? Eighty percent of our clients have postponed and rescheduled for next summer. It's whining tense about probably ten percent flat out canceled. They just can't can't couldn't deal with it. In then. The other ten percent are kind of hanging on their. They're hoping that we move into phase three here in Montana in that they're going to be able to have their their larger weddings if not, they still want to go through with it and have just a larger smaller guest's count and. Just were flowers so yeah. I've heard that, so maybe like the late summer into fall wedding, so the ones that are still. Hopeful about. You know getting to have that got happened in twenty twenty. What did you think I heard? You say smaller guest's count more flowers Oh yeah! That would be a great hashtag. Bumper stickers. I heard this from another floors to actually Jimmy lower from green center in Pittsburgh told me that he's he's trying to. Keep it all positive with his clients who are rescheduling and and and saying look, let's let's do it over the top floral, but his point was. Or the idea of just okay. Maybe all your guests aren't there, but you still want beautiful photography. Maybe you still want that amazing. You know installation or arch or hanging piece because you'll have that. In your with your? With a couple being photographed and It's going to be preserved for forever. Then I completely agree with that. That's what I've been telling a lot of my my couples. Also, there's there's GonNa be a lasting impression when you look through your wedding album, and regardless of having twenty guests or two hundred guests, those images of. The two of you are going to be forever, so you might as well still have that gorgeous arch, and stand there, and had that whole focal point and I mean I. Know personally my wedding. We only had thirty people and I went all out with the first. Before she did. So, so it was, it was a priority of mine to still have that. And I'm just trying to encourage everybody to to think. Long term in the short term. But still you've taken a hit this year with a yes. Maybe you have the deposits, but you can't just like. You want monies earmarked for an event in two thousand twenty one now so and that now limits those dates that we have available next year for other couples that were not yet engaged in hoping to plan their twenty twenty one wedding. Since we are a small operation I usually only take on one wedding per weekend and That's usually a two or three day kind of event, and that's I. WanNa give my full attention to one couple and all of that. Energy and creativity to them, so we don't kind of take on multiple and I don't get in major help to to help prepare all the other events, so those dates have filled up. Most of our summer is completely filled already. I guess people might start having weekday weddings, or you know some kind of. Alternate. Have to think of a way to get get the venue and the flowers they want, but maybe not on a Saturday or a Friday. Early I think a lot of Wednesdays our in our future. interesting, so do you think you'll end up? Breaking your rule and maybe doing a to wedding weekend, or are you trying to avoid that? It's really gonNA depend on the scale. Size of the event. If something smaller and it can be an easy thing to to deliver or install I may consider it, but Wednesday is usually begin prep day for a weekend wedding. Share it containers, ready and processing flowers, and so it it may not be that flexible for me. So have you I. Don't know built Do you feel like because weddings are kind of taking a back seat this year? You've built up. Other services and and facets of La Bella, or how are you kind of? I Dunno sustaining at this time. But thankfully we since we are brick and mortar, we are still open for all of our regular day to day business We've been open for a few weeks now here, Montana which has been amazing and everyone's eager to kind of get back into sending flowers for those new babies and happy birthdays and congratulations, we just had all of the virtual graduation and commencement ceremonies here for the college, and for the high school, and so everyone kind of did a lot of awesome flowers for for those graduates at home that they probably wouldn't have if. We hadn't had all these closures and social distancing restrictions so that that's been kind of a a new new element that. I've been taking into consideration you know I'm trying to. Really Focus on Montana and Washington grown flowers work this summer primarily. In knowing actually the flow and how much business we're going to have I think it's too much of a an unknown right now I have been encouraging clients to kind of get a lot of dried flowers to. I've been Lovett. GAP DURING THE CLOSURE I actually made a whole bunch of different dried flower arrangements, most of which were flowers that I dried. That were left in the cooler when we had to close. Wow, that was like not a single stem wasted then right I tried my best. Oh my gosh, that's that's and that's actually so perfect for Montana because it already. You know. This mindset I, guess I've just not wasting things I feel and that's just curious. People into the winter months just the way they would be preserving. Food for the winter absolutely and. Dried flowers as long as you look at them as a beautiful dried flower, not as a dead fresh lower. Then, they totally work. Love it. I love got line. It's like. You're redefining beauty back to what we started docu about like. This is dutiful, because it's a beautiful dried flower i. It's just all the spin. I love it. Oh, my goodness well. I guess this is a chance for all of us to take a pause and take pick through our. You know our our dreams and our regrets and Really Peel away. What's unnecessary in our business? Or maybe what's been fun and discard it jettison, and then refocus ought to. Bring to the top of the listings that. We put off or that we've always wanted to do. Believe that personally myself so I'm wondering if that's been an issue for you or been a A. I don't know eight word silver lining, but some kind of benefit for you during this enforced. Timeout. It's always important to try to find that silver lining. I never thought that that expression was was a bad one it. We have to continue to move forward. Being stuck on the past in having regrets is never healthy, so how we can continue to make our businesses thrive even through adverse or adverse situations. For me most important I try to be as flexible as possible and I've. Noticed that that actual seven-week lockdown gave me more time to work in my garden, and to develop more, my perennial space and Realise that I actually want to grow more and have that availability for the next couple of years so possibly having no weddings. On, the weekends for this summer is going to give me more time to really cultivate that area of my business awhile. Really good point, and also just that whole it kind of ties into that whole idea of conversations I heard about food, security and and distribution You know vulnerability it's it does apply to flowers equally and by growing more. You're ensuring that you're going to have. To design with should. COVID. Flair back up again in your state, all states to have another shutdown I mean we none of us knows so. Narrow it in that that's kind of the the scary part of being in business. That's a scary part of being a brick and mortar. You know if if you're just event or studio florist, you don't have the same type of overhead as an actual retail shop right and and having that rent every month when you're not open and that you know income isn't coming in. That was kind of scary. Yeah, that's horrible I'm so glad that you're back open again and. I. Hope you stay open all summer with me. With your six foot, distancing and your face mask and all of the above. I have to ask you two things before we go one is. Do you ever get out in that canoe anymore? We sold the okay. So that's a No, do you infrared? Fred still make music together. Be Do awesome. We're always creating and. We have some stuff that we're hoping to be able. Put out for next year. What? A recording. Yeah, we actually have five that we put out before, but we took A. we've taken a long hiatus while being here in Montana and we're just starting to find that creative space again now. Okay I'M GONNA issue this invitation to in. You could say no, if you if you. Don't have to answer now, but this is the future in invitation, but every year for like the last five years I've tried to have a holiday music special right around December the last week in December on the podcast and bring in flour people who are also musicians. So. And you don't have to sing holiday songs, so I've loved you guys come guests on and do a music special with me in December future. It's an invitation that's open. You don't have to answer now, but think about it. You. Thank you right. I know well, you know. It is a this is the perfect medium for listening to music and we all we're doing is talking so we. We've gotta fix that. But I love your story and I. Love I love your story of resilience to which is a theme. We've really been constantly talking about since March. An resilience is kind of the core message of slow flowers. Sustainability is. Uber important and having that with in our flower industry is is really essential, and there's no way for us to change that entire global perspective, but even once in a while you get an extra bucket here there from a local grower. It makes all the difference. I appreciate that because I do try to communicate more specifically, to people who are just discovering what still flowers is being just it's not an all or nothing. Yes, of course I'd love to have you sell a one hundred percent local flowers, but that's not realistic for everybody, and I don't want to be naive and thinking it is so just start somewhere and at one. One offering on your website or you know one menu for your potential brides to see that. This is a choice and you're. You're willing to to help source locally for the customer who wants it. Only agree. Wow well before we close I forgot to bring this up earlier, and I will share the photos in our show notes, but remmy has two beautiful designs included in the galleries in the New South Hours Journal volume, one book, and I WANNA. Thank you for contributing to the book. You Have A. Beautiful Table Top design and also one of your bouquets and so. I can't quite remember how the bouquet came about the table top design photo. I think we included that in our rocky mountain issue a florist review a couple years ago. So I'm I'm glad that you're representing Montana in the book and will. Yeah and would love to share those photos. The shown us, but also maybe some other photos that you can share about. Ascetic of La Bellum and all the flowers we've discussed that you like to design with absolutely I'd love to. Thank you so much for me? This has been a wonderful conversation. Thank you your best. You are too. Thanks a lot bye-bye. Thanks so much for joining today's conversation in coming weeks I'll be showcasing the talents and stories of many of the members featured in our book, and if you're interested in submitting near floral designs or the story of your floral enterprise for possible inclusion in Slow Flowers, journal volume to please reach out we're beginning to plan our next book in the series and would love to consider you for its pages. I'll share how to submit your ideas in today's show Shonno's with more details to follow later this summer. Our next sponsor thinks goes too long. Field Gardens with provides home. Gardner's with high-quality flower bulbs an perennials. Their online store offers plants for every region and every season from tulips and daffodils to Dahlia's caladiums and Morillas. Check out the full Cadillac at long failed gardens. That's long field. DASH GARDENS DOT com. On Sunday. June twenty eighth. We kick off the sixth annual. American flowers week with a full calendar of online virtual events. Keep an eye out for details on our flowers, facebook and instagram pages as we will announce new content interviews designed demonstrations, floral installations and tours each day. She twenty eight through July fourth. You can find the full schedule of activities at American. Flowers Week DOT com. Please, join me and sharing your seasonal and local flowers to elevate awareness about domestic flowers. Get involved and support this initiative to promote and educate consumers about the source of their flowers. Here's how you can help out the campaign. I take photos of your flowers on the farm in the studio, and in your customers, hands post those photos to facebook, instagram or twitter or all three and please tag Hashtag American flowers week an Hashtag slow flowers in addition to the tax, you usually use on instagram and twitter. We are at my slow flowers and on facebook. We are slow flowers. You can download free American flowers week, graphics, badges, and other resources Pat American flowers week dot com, so I'll see you on social media during June twenty eighth through July Fourth, enjoy those red, white and blue blooms. I can't wait to see what you pose. Our final sponsored thinks today goes to Johnny's selected sees an employee owned company that provides our industry with the best flour, herb and vegetable seeds, supply to farms, large and small, and even back. You're cutting gardens like mine. Find the full catalog of flower seeds and bulbs at Janis seats DOT COM. The slow flowers podcast is downloaded more than six hundred seventeen thousand times by listeners like you, thank you for listening, commenting and sharing, it means so much as our movement gains more supporters and more passionate participants who believe in the importance of the American cut flower industry. The momentum is contagious I. Know you feel it, too? I value your support. Invite you to show your thanks with a donation to support my ongoing advocacy education and outreach activities. You can find the donate button in the column to the right Pat Debra printing dot com. I'm Deborah. Printing host producer of the slow flowers podcast next week. You're invited to join me and putting more American grown flowers on the table, one vase at a time, and if you like what you hear, please consider logging onto itunes and posting a listener review, the content and opinions expressed here are either mine alone, or those of my guests alone and independent of any podcast sponsor or other person company organization. The IS PODCAST is engineered and edited by Andrew Franlin. Learn more about his work. Pat Sound Body movements dot.

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Chadwick Boseman: Wakanda Forever!

Geeks Under the Influence

1:03:24 hr | 9 months ago

Chadwick Boseman: Wakanda Forever!

"The views and opinions expressed geek show the influence are that of the panelists and out of our sponsors, Amazon.com and. Parental discretion is advised. Come to a very special impromptu episode of geeks under the influence of we had some scheduling issues with coming out with July nights this week. But fortunately, we did have a impromptu conversation about the passing of the legendary actor Chatter Bozeman when he passed and what we did is invited any of the regular. Contributors or show runners to come onto livestream that we put on facebook generally talk about. Our appreciation for the actor what he meant as an actor and also culturally and In The roles that he portrayed these incredibly important role, and so there's a few show runners myself included that talked about that for about an hour that we're releasing as an audio version for this week's episode geeks under the influence. So There won't be any making a drunken seen or what we're drinking or any kind of bells and whistles of a normal episode. This is just a very often the cup last minute Kinda get together via a virtual chat to talk about the passing of such a wonderful and important actor. During our time so. Enjoy the conversation we want to hear what you. Enjoyed a out of his list of phenomenal films. And what movies maybe got along the way. And we'll be back with another regular episode of Geeks, under the influence next week. Welcome. Thank you everybody. That's tuning in to watch this informal kind of conversation about the recent passing of Chadwick Bozeman the best known for being Chapala, the Black Panther in black me as well as. Any number of icon ick roles that he's played in his limited time as an actor he was a seems like Almost, all he did was iconic roles for the most part I mean about ninety percent of his films were like of someone of someone else fame almost. that. Much I mean you look at some important roles he played Thurgood Marshall, he played Jackie Robinson Halley. Brown I mean right and I'm sorry I didn't mean to cut you off but it was that's how impactful like I mean imagine how his auditions must've been to be like. You're going to play one of the most iconic motherfuckers out there. And you're a new newer actor in comparison to most a Hollywood. Impressive as hell. So Sorry. But again, I just man on the jump already about this it's it's so emotional. On Your fine tuning. Getting like shared and everything. So yeah. I try to do the same go in and do I won't interrupt. I'll try to make sure we're sharing as well. So. Go for it. Were, you were saying something though. Was the first time that you really knew who checkbook Bozeman was for me, it wasn't. It wasn't necessarily the that you knew him as the name Jabra goes minute supposed to that guy that maybe you saw him something before for me it was Jackie Robinson. was really time that he became known quantity right? Forty two was the actual movie too Yep. That's correct. That same same here because it was. Like you heard stuff about Black Panther. At the time because obviously you know win stuff actually is filmed and when it's released obviously overlaps very much with projects. But it was forty two because you hear you heard something about okay. They found a Black Panther. Nobody really knows who he is and everything but didn't you see forty two and you're like, Oh, I'd like that Dude Oh he's in Black Panther he is one doing James Brown in between all this stuff phenomenal man he just depose. His presence about him is. Apparently. That's what everybody else has been blown up to. It's not even in the movies acting the way he was in real life the way he conducted himself was. Classic man that's. Why it was I think. Kind of an. Expected thing whenever he portrayed a important iconic character person that right you look at the way he portrayed Jackie Robinson in forty to the way that he portrayed Thurgood Marshall and Marshall there's. There's such a respect to he chadwick was very aware of how. How Tight rope walk it is to play these kinds of characters because we overdo it or you don't you understand it, there are so many different ways to be kind of. Picked apart because of how important? Yeah. Same with black enter being such an iconic marvel character and very important. Culturally. Yes, portray that you're taking a big risk taking that kind of role on well, honestly I. Obviously he had the full support of marvel behind everything because if you don't have the full support a marvel, that are not going to cash you. A full supportive steinle. Excuse me. And then knowing you're taking on a character who? To bring out a minority character in the sixties I believe has been Black Panther even premiered in the comics. There is a heavy weight on your shoulders to pull off the live action. I don't care what what's already established in the MC you. He had to be sweating bullets the first day of filming. Aren't. There's no way you're gay. That's I mean black. Panther was. One of if not, the first like iconic main you know have has their own comic book run. Superhero character. Yeah, and very much. So that backstory you know Kanda and everything that that you know d'italia and the Black Panther comics really means has. Evolved and and changed and become be. Kind of cultural movement to some degree the the whole. And I love it. It's so from movie that the Khanda, forever thing. There was footage. Chadwick on the red carpet for one of the marvel movies right? Everybody was doing the one we conduct salute to him and there where you could tell that he all day every day. Thousands of times a day has to do that salute to people as you just like he loves it. But at the same time, it's like Bro. Tired. Doing this thing over and over again. Become kind of a cultural statement and also a right way to greet people. In Corona. So at absolutely take as well we'll Jennifer even posted just talking about how far. Sudden. Because to be honest it's been a while since I've read comics period like the the old school hard copy of anything. I don't know if that was something done for the movies with the crossing of the arms. But either way it's become. So I- chronic and as such A. Meaning of something powerful like the wife reposted somewhere. Indianapolis Colts fans for our football team. One of our main wide receivers does that a lot of the time when he hit when he runs in a touchdown. Awesome that's also he just like everything is going on and he'll just sorta key keep running but he just throws the arms up and it's just like you. You know what he is doing there I mean you'd have to be. I don't know pretty darn ignorant not to know Lee something about that of what he's doing I mean leading into even Non Comic Book, Movie Lovers. Lives No. The bounded flute. It's it's become its own thing. It's yeah. Transcended Pass just the film lovers, right? Exactly. Exactly and The whole the and there's always gonNA be some because I mean we could talk all day about Black Panther. But. That does unfortunately does kind of overshadow as the great works that he is done outside of that as well i. mean you joined the MC you're on known period, but there's some people that haven't even followed outside of that. They heard about who he was. watched. You know what was it? Whatever the cap the Captain America Winter Soldier is when he premiered in the MC you so to say. So low movie or was a war was the first appeared or was it a civil war? Yeah I'm sorry I'm sorry. Yeah you're right. You're right not. All the wars are. All the movies blend together minus the first one basically. And I thought that was appropriate as a side note because in the ultimate verse, Actually Crossed Lines with their origins on where vibration of course comes from Kanda but it comes you know obviously, you know that's part of Cap Shield but part of who cap was fighting in world. War. Two was these actual aliens going further vibration eum. Yeah. So that there was some in the ultimate universe technically, which is what the the movies are based on the stories at least some of the cartoon movies. It's a great crossover man I mean, and you just can't argue with that but back to my point was. He has done so much more. He's established himself. And it's it does get overshadowed by Black Panther I think almost too much like you're going to know for Black Panther but you should you should recognize him very easily and some of these other movies. Much. So I think there is A. Little, bit of a different a good example is. Is Mark Hamill with. Luke skywalker where he's known as Luke Skywalker. But he's on some pretty iconic stuff since the voice jokes made it. Series his his role as Cock knocker and Jay and silent Bob Strike Back Conic role the priest from the great village of the Dan Remake. But the difference between that and say I'd say is that though he is most commonly known as Chitala as Black Panther right is most iconic role they're still these also vary iconic amazing roles that he's known for his well, he's not being. Typecast to a point where you can only play the same kind of castle over again. He's right. I mean his. In his short time and this this was way that the four years he was battling colon cancer, and in this for years you look at his roster of films since twenty sixteen and that's the marvel universe. That's Marshall. The five bloods. That's some of the most important films that he's made we're dealing. With cancer yet and and it's all we know it's all posted out there. But for the sake of discussion. Imagine an it's been said but imagine having to go through where the surgeries apparently he was doing full on chemo during part of this, which you ask anybody that's the just doing average around the house is not easy. Much less filming a movie. That's intense. Shit Man I. Believe like most people nowadays if they earn don't directly know somebody that has been affected by cancer passed by cancer, they know of someone through like family or six degrees somewhere short where I mean touched in some way by cancer and you know I've I've been fortunate to have friends that have gone through it like people close down that have made it through. Yeah. But however, the result ends up being the chemo and all that I mean, yeah, it does. It's hard to get out of bed besides going to Puke I mean like, of course, it affects everybody differently. There's no one specific way the chemo shore short. Imagine you know it's hard to just get about a bed during the day and here's Chadwick being an action hero being an Grow in these films is a astounding. It's absolutely. Well. Because not only does it affect you while you're doing the chemo the recoup time as well over a year to two years and again depending on the person sure where you're still feeling the effects of it you you may be a little bit more active or a little bit easier to roll out of bed but it's still just hard to walk down the hallway. Sure and. Doing like you said Doing Challah. Dude. I haven't even finished but the five bloods, there's enough movement and action in there that. That would make this fatboy fucking like sweat a little bit I mean and and if he was doing any type of surgery around that time. He was doing it right and would mean everyone was wet in that film I mean just. Drew, it really did push across the whole like you're never gonNA feel clean in a human humid jungle environment. You're just gonNa feel likely moist and gross of the. You just had to bring up humid. We're already we're already finishing out summer, which is that it's worse for humidity around here but. It's. How he did it I. Don't know there were slow strong is to the. Way they portray the characters but there is kind of commonality with some of the bigger roles that he's had is that it is kind of an example of that classic saying walk softly and carry a big stick is that you know whether it be Gitonga or Thurgood Marshall Jackie Ryan and or even his character in the five bloods actually. So in that is a little more militant in the five plus which was he's a little bit more like this is what's happening. This is what's going on. But it's still showed what he could do I mean. All those carriers, this kind of like tone that you gather from him where it's. Not, feeling, like they have to over explain a damn thing. There's this like confidence right away that he portrays the characters of being like softly spoken, not having to raise their voice or if. If the voice gets raised, that's a different level like you can get that across without having to raise your voice. These characters and cod this one moment that film if you haven't seen it yet Marshall is an incredible film I. Loved it. and. They're the there's one scene and I won't I won't lead into where the movie or what it represents, but it's basically a point where Thurgood Marshall is leans over it and takes a drink out of a water fountain for Whites. Yeah there's like an old black man. Sitting next. Adventure next to the found like y'all can't drink out of that and he just goes looks at I'm like. Well I did. Walks out but it's not just like in your face like bucking at kind of thing. So much as just like well, it's happening. So this cat calm confident tone that he brought to that scene that really embody everything that he did in that movie of this just like confident that's. Yeah and that's that's perfect for. Like because I even mentioned about like from what I unfortunately we never made. You know none of us ever made any cons where I don't I don't even think he did he ever do cons as far as we know as far as I, know. I mean besides San Diego because of all you know blown you know. But From everywhere you read on public and stuff the people that met them personally, and I'm not even talking about the famous people there have been other people who have posted stuff. If he was the same way though you know very calm spoken jer. But not what he was doing. There was no need to be riled up or whatever he was out there. Just. Being like hey. Let's try to be good people and that's where you got from him. Apparently that was it. You can't beat that. And I've been reading a little bit from people that had experience with him whether it be like close friends or people that just worked with him professionally. Was James Gunn who hadn't had an opportunity to really. Work with him directly. But of course, being part of that Marvel family, they had Eric interactions they. Your sure. They were able to like. Know Each Other and said that he was nothing but a absolutely pleasure to be around all the time. Yeah and Now, with his passing and He was digging into Chadwick's twitter posts that he didn't realize just how involved and engaged He was in raising funds for nonprofits and shared stations and really reaching out and helping the community he was very much. Of that mindset from what I like that He was that person you know don't forget where you come from don't You know don't turn your back. On how you got to where you are. and. I think that's a really important thing to be to remember when When thinking about, you know these celebrities in these grandiose terms is that you know to People like Chadwick and people that stay humble there is some connection to. You can knowing that you're out of here where you can make an effect you can exactly back in don't feel good unless you do and the whole thing is is not making it that look at me I'm a famous person doing something good in the world, and then you go do five lines of blow and bang a hooker or something you know he was out there doing it legitimately you know which is I mean most of the time for most Hollywood actor. Random people you could tell if it's legitimate or not most of the time and he was out there in the fact that not only. was he the fighting cancer going through all that other stuff? He was still going to see the the children's hospital that we're going through the same thing I mean, can you imagine that that's one of the most like mind boggling things said that you know you're sick and all this and frigging Black Panther shows to be like, Hey, what's up I'm going through the same shit we got this bro and be like what? That would do I can imagine such the impact that he would have with that, and that's that's one. The first thing I was checking bags like kept on saying his family and of course, being a parent. Just the mind boggling that I. I mean I know appearance who have had to go through that with their children in the hospital cancer. Yeah will I'll draw the line there. But the fact of you know I looked up the unfortunately he didn't have children I. Mean that was his choice your bigs. It always said this his family. It's also not very typical that you hear of someone who does in have children. To think about the children's hospital going through the cancer going through things as well to go to try to do something to raise spirits for at least a day, I mean to me. That's fucking impressive. So just the little things that that he would do in his in his personal time not. and. I say it's kind of obvious because he posted stuff but it wasn't like he was he had the news reporters following him around to be like Chimera I'm GonNa, come do this thing for the kids in you guys can get get a news cycle for twenty four hours about it no, he totally did it on his own it was his own personal thing which makes it to me so much better period so. Now. Is a movie that's coming out. That has Chadwick wicket the finished filming in two thousand, nineteen called A it's Bahrainis black bottom. He portrays Leveia trumpeter for the female Blues Legend Merani. Marines portrayed by Viola Davis so The yeah, I'm I'm there I'm there. That's why you gotta say. That are absolutely. Incredible that didn't get a chance to be produced before his passing they were supposed to be getting produced. Starting der before corona. and. Didn't get a chance. Of course Black Panther too. Yeah one but additionally, and many may not know that who working on this Yasuo K, which is a movie about the first African Samurai. Oh I did hear something about that. See I thought I thought they were already in production or they very man we'll have. But like you said if it got cut off to a certain point. They may not have enough to even like try to edit or do anything with it. So who knows but I did that's right. I did hear about that one and I I was. Again even like thinking about what he could have done and what he was slated to do. That was a he's a frigging powerhouse man. So. What I what I think about is Of course, they're going to be people saying nobody else should fill the shoes of black panther because he did such a good job and I can understand that sentiment and I don't think that we a bad way to feel about it. I don't necessarily agree because I think the character itself is too important and too current Sharon. It's not like they were talking about remaking something from twenty five years ago, and then you know this is a new. New. And current character and. I think it's important that they do get somebody to kind of take over the reins a little bit. Well. and. Then there's a couple of ways that could go I mean I think they should as well regardless of how they do it because the is on verge of a reboot anyways. A lot of the actors are dropping out. You've had Robert Downey who is okay. You can have them in a flashback, but that's not enough to make a movie from. And they're they're Kinda. Hinted that the end of this story cycle for this particular one of the characters and everything. Now, they could if they in the current MC you. Could be a son of Challah or nephew possible nephew to take over. Or the the reboot of the you the and but I would reboot is probably the smart move. It's the smartest move by. Are still some current MC you because what we're so getting captain marvel to. Correct. Believe marble to and What is it the doctor strange? Malls occurs madness. So there's. Sort those. Long well. How Shit I forgot about the journals and then the TV shows on Disney plus yeah. Now I think I think that's why it's not going to be the full full reboot where everybody gets recast and start over again. I. Think it's going to be more that they play with that kind of multi-diverse thing a little bit. So you'RE GONNA get sure actors that are still portraying characters that you've come to know in love you know they're not going to be. kicking out Chris Pratt proudest starboard just yet. You know what we solve Guardians Three coming right? Yes. And again, I'm sorry I'm not trying to defer but I'm trying to keep us like we know where we're headed. You know. That's so I think that'll be the time where they can look at you know. There was even talk about them trying to figure out how to get all three of the main dusit played spiderman to be in the Spiderman movie and do like a spider verse thing and not sure you can do that with that would be awesome and that would be a way to both show respect to Chadwick's portrayal of Black Panther where you're not yeah not. East, you're still replacing technically but in A. It's it's. A. It's a kinder way to do it where you're not singing. PORTRAYING HIS CHITALA Right. That's that's always going to be the best way to go. Now, if there's any footage of him already for either that they didn't using the first Black Panther or any of the current marvel. A because I'm trying to remember they film anything at all for Black Panther to yet I mean. Is there any footage whatsoever that we know of not that I know of but again, I don't really know for sure whether or not they did any filming I mean they could have it in just haven't made public yet based on stuff going on but. I mean there are ways to incorporate them, but like you said there are. Definitely, multi-diverse things between and I think we named him basically both is for the doctor strange because that's all based on the multi-diverse. Of different things happening and with Scarlet. Witch envision. Sure because for her to be able to change one division. Thank you. Of I knew I was. Forgetting something But. There are multiple ways through the shows through the movies to still incorporate him. And ways to bring about and beyond what I just said I. Mean it could be in the current himse you and it'd be a relative different universe altogether, either way works so. As. Long as they do it right which so far marvel. E. Yeah but but I do want to stress that though we have talked a lot about Black Panther because that is really you know his most and like role, there's a lot of movies that I haven't had the chance to see that he's been in and a lot that I have but I did get to see twenty one bridges. If you haven't had a chance, I haven't seen that one yet. Now just a great kind of crime caper kind of movie. The basic justice is a detective that there's A. kind of like false front that gets. Broken into and a bunch of MA passion stolen. Oh. Drugs I think drugs and cash maybe and. They're angry. The, guys get away. There's a shootout with the cops. COPS. Guy Mom is after these guys you know there's a chaos ensuing and it's in the middle of the night, and so they decide to close to twenty one bridges to Manhattan. So Manhattan is locked down because they know the. quickly, there's no way for them to get off the island yet. Yeah. Okay. Gotcha. Set up for the movie, and then you know of course, it's cat and mouse chase you know it it really you're very well worth watch just a funny movie. Then there's of course, the role that really got him his start, which I have not had. The chance to see yet is from two thousand eight. That's really where he made his big big screen debris debut was the express the Ernie Davis? Story. Replace little WHO's a Former football. Player who was introduced in the hall of fame and? I know the name but that's that's. That one definitely slip on my radar. Okay Fair I remember when they were when they were putting the adv advertised for it I remember when there was talk about it going. I just for some reason it I don't know if it wasn't in the theater very long or just wasn't available any streaming services but get on up the James Brown Bu- biopic that he was in. Yeah. See I've only been able to catch a chunk of it because again like the joy of parenthood. you know a lot of times you can try to catches as they come out later and stuff but it. You know as of. A. Loose type parenting I try to be there are still certain things like we're like hint couldn't finish the five bloods. You know because you're sitting out the blood squirting everywhere and you know for a couple of scenes and you're like, oh no, the five year old should not watch that. So I, I don't want to speak to. All of his movies like everything that he's ever made is really good i. think if the five bloods is a good example whereas. I was a bad film at all, but it was kind of clear that and this is actually a little backstory on it that it was a script that wasn't specifically the Spike Lee script or black characters in the original script and spike. Kind of added to the project, he kind of tweaked some of the material to. Make more about kind of the black experiences soldier church in. Vietnam. And it works it definitely works but it's this jointed. You can kind of feel feel where there's some rewrites that feel a little bit different than other parts of the film. You know it's a little little. pacing. But the one. Is that That Bose Men's portrayal in that is fantastic like there's there's no complaints about what he did with his character. They've a good cast for that as well a library. I'm. The one character I won't go into too much about how he's shall we say he's very right wing, which is very much not how that actual actor is. Character I don't I don't think. So at least to not to that extreme. Okay and the characters that he normally plays are definitely not dat spectrum of politics hers so. Yeah that was that was a little weird to watch him and like some of the stuff he say was like Whoa Whoa is an interesting choice for the script and I think it s it only works exactly kind of like the main antagonist of the film. Yeah, really. But I. Definitely say give defy bloods chance if you have a good watch. At once exact, I met flicks, it's. I believe it's a longer film. It's like three three hours of two and a half and the two and a half. Okay. Yeah it's a long film but. Covering a lot of period of time. So there's slashed all sorts of. The way they go back and forth. That's part of what I was talking about before where the way it was filmed was good because the way the white screen changes to show what time period therein. Yeah. Thought was a good little stuff like that as a good touch which helps with the watch. So Yup. By. I have, the list. Is there any more of movies? Yeah. Yeah. There's a ton of his movies hold on because I I I mean I honestly most of us are probably missed most of watching his films or if we've seen him, we didn't realize it was him well. Very. Okay. If you missed this one, if you didn't get the opportunity to watch this film. I don't think it's important that you do this on your journey to watch all the try to Bozeman films. He's in Gods of Egypt. That I have not seen that and I don't think I ever wanted to. So enough if you remember the trailer for it because I've only got about four minutes on on a movie channel or something. Stars. Nicholas Coaster face. Jamie share from Games Lancaster Yeah and Gerard Cutler. As Egyptians. So right there some choices were made Europeans as Egypt. Yes. So that's good and then also some of the worst CGI that I've seen in modern history of. The main thing and stuff. Yeah. Those are that was one of the maintained besides though the whitewashing that apparently happened with that one. For for This Day and age for CGI or effects to be that. Bad. I don't. Yeah Twenty fourteen this isn't like two thousand. Right, right. Well, thanks reached a point at that point where you could have done a hell of a lot better with that. But also from everything I heard about this film. If it had the most amazing special effects ever, it would still be. A complete. Turn like it's a it's a terrible movie so I won't West. Putting energy into watching that one he was in draft day with Kevin Costner in which I heard was halfway decent. Okay. The, the NFL draft. I've seen that one I'm Oh, I do remember him in that one. I've seen it. It's a good movie. It's a good movie but. I. Okay. Good one have to go back and re watch that one. Now, a message from the king was a series, a Netflix series that he was in. So that's GonNa be on Netflix. Okay he was in. Sorry. Justified. He was in a justified one episode of justified. Why hasn't it how? I don't know why that's there. Okay. All right. All Right? IMDB. A bunch of TV episode stuff's. Using Lincoln Hides Persons. Unknown. Sure He was one of the main people persons unknown. At episode, of Castle. Of Shit okay, we have a guest we gotta groups joining us here hey man. We rolling yet? Yeah. I remember Right now. Yeah. So This jump on and we've been talking about, you know waxing poetic about. Chadwick and his materials. We've talked about like Panther a little bit we've talked about. You Know Marshall and forty two. We're kind of digging into his early roles. Now, the Express and we touched the bit on his personal life. What a? Good dude all around of course. So would you talk about how much of a bad ass he was playing James Brown? Now actually, if you did see it, we were both talking about when I was actually get on up yet. I've seen clips and to see some of the scenes but I haven't watched it beginning to end yet. So so I'll be honest. It's not the best biopic overall ever but. I do have to say that he crushed it. Even. Just watch some some of the performance sequences like on Youtube Yeah. mannerisms down. I mean he just absolutely like demolishes that will. Good. Yeah we were talking about you don't. That's how iconic. So many of his roles are that you're talking about. Not. Having had a chance to see the James Brown cookies, and because you know you watch Robson eruptions derg Marshall when you're watching the Black Panther stuff you know and then his spike Lee joint that he was just in. The student. Bloods. Yeah. And I'd like how sharp his character like in tone was compared to some of this other stuff where he was just angrier you know he had much. Higher degree of anger in that character which really he was able to do very little to really portray that on screen. He didn't have to chew any scenery to make that clear in that movie. Yeah. I think I. Don't know if you guys already talked about it but you know it it always hit so much harder when you lose talent young. Definitely. Someone who is Obviously has made it giant impact. I mean. He's in a lot of good stuff but I mean, obviously, he was the first. Black True Black Superhero Yeah. Okay. There's the argument about blade and Wesley. Snipes insurance not a superhero. Exactly. He's more of a hero character Vampire Punisher Really kind of Yeah. Don't get me wrong. I like blade just fine but I mean marvel took this seriously and. They decided to run with this character and put as much money as much effort into casting and building the world than they did for the Captain America movies. Okay yeah they put him on par with. All the other like primary vendors that have been around you know for eight years or so or six years prior. And they put out an incredible movie that yeah. Resonated. With, all the fans but especially, you know I think it's poignant. You know. There's a bunch of white guys talking about him but. It really absolutely resonated with. The black community. Yes to see that level of of of Superhero out there. Also just like the black community celebrating these white characters in superhero movies and the like buying the shirts and the gear and everything like that. I think it's so awesome that this is an example of. White Dude's being excited about a black character in buying them like I'm wearing. I'm wearing my shirt right now like that. That's that's so important to the conversation about racism in this country that has. Just about. The, the black community having heroes that they can look up to that's the first and most important part, but also that. Other. Communities outside of that follow suit and. These things throw money at at material that don't necessarily have heroes that are of that person's race. That's that's what's going to embolden. Filmmakers production studios to make more of these films very much. The wife bought a shirt where again talking about shirts and I loved his shirt I just wish I could wear more often but I like to. Do, laundry occasionally. But it's black. Panther Storm Bishop. I'll I forget her name who kind of took over for Ironman at one point? And I want to say one other but it's it says black lives matter and it's all those characters just standing in front of Liberty. Is No. It's not war machine I. Don't think we're machine. But it's one of my favorite shirts that that have come out like this is a way to relate this universe with the real universe. You know it's awesome. It's great. The way it's done so. Yellow via the the just hateful. nerds quote that. Complain about politics being in comic books and Culture and I. Can't. Express how hard I face palm when somebody says that because the entire? Geek long laundry list. Is Rife with social commentary that sense slits one s yes. It's always been there. It has always been there. And he's with the black. Panther a story Arc Stanley was one of the creators he was told they needed more white characters in the early days of the Black Panther comic. So he dale love this you got. By pander to fight the clan and he's like there's more white folks. We introduced him to be out out of the clan and that's perfect. That's fucking amazing. Never I never read the the books but. I will say the thing that I really was impressed with. In the movie. Even setting up the character prior I. Think he showed up a couple times prior to civil war and whatnot. Gary when he got his own movie. Building that world building what Kanda? You know they didn't. They didn't rest our laurels on like like let's do all the social commentary. They just made an amazing universe that was active spectacle to be seen that its own culture everything going on and. It didn't matter that everybody there was black but the fact that was really added to everything you know because there is so much. African heritage going on and things going on and but it's this modern place. It's completely different than. The real date they met, they meshed it really well, because again, the whole point of conduct is supposed to be well, they don't appreciate essentially what the rest of the world is doing with wars and everything else. So they shut themselves off and they've still been able to thrive which. Honestly, today's politics gives him even more credit for being. Technically in all minority country but there thriving held a lot better than basically the rest of the world. Will I think I gathered from Black Panther that? Is Why it's very much an American story based in Africa is at in relating to America's. Relationship with Africa. Over the is that this is a country that was able to thrive by protecting itself from outside sources taking what is valuable from them. You know they were able to under their own power, be able to thrive and become this just a massive force of country because simply not. Being rated and like kid people kidnapped and sold into slavery and all their valuables and possessions and stolen in their minds, run dry of vibration from like Spaniards or Europeans and. But literally was like what could have happened if this continent wasn't completely just destroyed by outside forces You know but it was not as much as they are a little bit. Isolationist, obviously, they still have internal issues there. Still tribal isn't happening where there for people vying to be king and. And even I. Think it was. It was civil war where. His father is killed, right? Yeah. Tear in the terrorist attack. Yes and just the fact that even know that they're kind of off on their own, they're still participating in the UN and they're still considered like players at the world table even if they're not participating in A. Huge trade or call the wars and. They still have their foot in the door. So to say on just to keep like a pulse on what's happening but what I'm what? I'm going to circle back on as that's what made Chadwick so great about this. Again Black Panthers Probably GonNa be the pinnacle of what we talk about just because we're geeks comic books. That's GonNa be Ryan our in our. Our dartboard here exactly. But take it back. We we haven't touched much on forty two the way he has been able to play these. Powerful. Just charismatic characterised iconic and but still keep just at. I'm here you can be yelling in my face you can. I know my own team doesn't want me here playing baseball. I'm going to play baseball because that's what I was brought here to do and he he's cool calm and collective about the whole thing. And it resonated in real life as well. So. I mean gives a you as a nerd. A very uncomfortable part of that story is Alan took hoping Washburn from firefly being a rice manager of the Cincinnati reds that view and bomb more than any other character besides clint. Tarantino movie array. And just like chewing tobacco and spitting just being that like, yeah. Fiery redneck guy and he he nails it which. I mean it's scary but. No uncomfortable as a nerd that. Every time you hear leaf on the wind, you start sobbing you. Do that but the moment that I love in that film is without Antarctic, where they kind of have to make nice after there was a brush up between the two of them between Robinson and this manager, and he offers the bat for them to hold the bat instead of like shake hands. So they didn't have to touch him as like I know you're still a racist. As comfortable for you as possible because I'm willing to be a bigger man about this. Moment yeah. And definitely. A force of nature when it came to acting like yes. Because he could do drama he could do. Intense. I mean all the things that he went through throughout the MC you. It was a well rounded character. You now some characters a little bit more you know. Desert one dimensional. The air but. I I really enjoyed his character and he you could tell from just watching those movies that this is a guy with actual like acting chops and talent who, yes who knows if he if he had lived till he was eighty five. What will we have seen? From him. And he would have. Five. He had the chops and. Swagger I mean this. Just him like in traditional garb and walking in fucking sandals and he looks like he is the most comfortable and like light on his feet dude that's ever existed. Just the swagger on that dude was incredible. Yes, he just. Used Cool. What I love bringing up that portrayed in real life that that's probably one of the biggest things for me and I mean hobby you know because we've been hopping back and forth on this. The way that guy portrayed himself in real life the way he treated family the way he treated people fucking smoothie Shit. Good human. I'm GONNA treat you. Well. I cannot think of an Ivan looked a little bit. I didn't do a deep dive but I don't think there was even any I mean was really any honest negative press against him other than Oh this movie was probably Blah Blah Blah I can't think of anything personally was a scandal that he was kind of mixed up in but it wasn't actually him. If he wasn't anything about him, there is a charity that got a number of celebrities involved in their fundraising that was misappropriating funds and actually liberties that got got that's not on him. That's. So. I mean. That's the closest that I've been able to find as far as. Like digging like negative it's more just making sure that there isn't something that I didn't know that was really problematic about. Either isn't you know this is a this is A. Good Incredible actor and just a good do. Exactly. Any could be funny. I don't know if you guys saw the Saturday night live hosted. But It was out it was actually I saw part of it. Yeah. Sometimes when you get a person and you know they're in there, they're promoting a big movie and so they become the host. It can be a coin toss whether or not. It's going to be a good episode is episode was great. Greats humor. He did well in all the all the skits he was in. Including, the obviously the the spoof what Kinda. With him as Blackie. Larry's like he did a really good job. Yeah. I was I I can't think of a comedy though other than SNL. Like Because we were saying that he's never been pigeonholed even though he has had. That very great swagger demeanor even with his acting and everything, but he still been able to have right it. But again, I can't think of any kind less. It was one of those TV episodes that randomly popped up on I can't think of any actual comedy he's done. That's one of the only. Why don't think he did horror either. That he pop up. No not that. Okay, which actually isn't surprised because you know. So many actors there start doing horror because it's an easy steppingstone low-budget stuff you know. Limiting horror movies that yeah, lot of actors and well, but from what we are looking at as well that's that's A. If you don't start in horror your pop era you're a one off character in about twenty different. TV. Shows for about five years before you you get into a movie as well. So. Did. The work he did the work. All Means Yes yes he did it and he did it well, Jeez and. That is still free. The whole H. thing is part of what freaks me out as well. He was forty two. Forty two four three like he basically money. You know was going to say guess, WHO's forty two? Hunters forty four. Yeah, yeah, you'll need to get your ass out right basically and Something I've seen posts about when relating to the passing of Mr Bozeman was that. There's this idea that you have to wait till. You're forty to get your prostate checked the prostate cancer that took him. But there are a number of people that get prostate cancer be four forty. I. Don't know if it's just like there's this like well, he did. Exactly, yeah. There's this weird kind of mentality that it's like. A finger in your butt or something I don't know but. I think what's weird or is to just willingly allow cancer. Get you get you got. No reason other than you just WanNa finger in, but it's not sexual even the people that like fingers in their butts like that is not what they're stoked about when going to the doctor is that's not the sexy kind of finger but that is a absolute procedural finger in Bud so. Doctor enjoying it or anything like that. You know he got the more you know. I was about to say stopped now while you're. Just. I I will say this about the way he passed. I respect. The fact that it was, it was kept private. Obviously that was his choice his family's choice. They didn't want anybody to know I'm sure there were people that kept the secret. You know producers on the on the Marvel Kevin Fi probably knew you know that he was going through stuff and? But you know. For All of us that had no idea that had no idea. He'd been battling it for four years. You know it. It's that much of a shock. In it's like. You know when you know when anybody dies unexpectedly, you know whether it's you know it. If they're in the prime of their acting career. You know it hits you like a ton of bricks and. You, know some of these people are sorely missed. And you'll be. They've already created quite a legacy. He's ledger than a good example. I mean Y- diving illness he yadid you know just belts more often stuff like that. The people that you know would have had so much more to give. Absolutely. The thing didn't take them to. Write. and. It really is a shame especially when it's something that isn't a self created and I am not downing. Eddie the pre mentioned actors you know everybody has their struggles. Addiction is one of those and I'm not Pooh poohing that but something about it being like cancer or just a natural illness that occurs. That is not even something that they were struggling with before it just like appeared, and then it was like this right cloud over them. And so I can understand those circumstances not wanting to go public about it. You know that a lot of people might be mad that they didn't know or weren't like emotionally prepared for this person that is this like. Important in their lives. But in a very abstract way, it's weird our relationship with actors and actresses I do have ones that are very close to my heart that I've never mentioned that we'll probably have. And I think that's okay for us to have those kind of relationships but you do have to understand that it is an abstract relationship it's one sided. A individually known quantity to this person. You are the audience we have reverence where idolizing celebrities. Yeah and for their roles like we probably don't know them that. Well, even if they're an open book, you know publicly. Either way it's none of our damn business. What out they want to reveal. In their lives and I've I've worked with someone that passed from cancer that I didn't know until it was announced that they passed and. That's Tough that's very tough but there was never angry that wasn't okay that that's person's personal information. If that's absolutely that's the way they want to handle it its entire, their their call, and no one should. Be and that, and that's why a lot of those pictures Chadwick really didn't go public until really this week of like where it was obvious that he was ill and I'm sure someone tried to spin it for some other bullshit that was going on. And that's probably again why it was fortunate enough. He was able to be with his family to be with certain people at the end because you know basically when it comes down to its imminent at that point. What's out? There is out there. You're doing what you're doing I'm just GONNA go out the way I. Want to go out is essentially what it comes down to and I'm glad that he was able to do because there are some of these where the way it hits in a hit so hard. You, you're barely making arrangements for what happens if you go and the next the next day you're gone, it is good that you know he was prepared and his. Family was his wife and family was was with them. You know like maybe a better comparison for the suddenness. That we felt or we've people at the time fell is maybe like Bruce Lee. that. was like a crazy allergic situation where he just ended up dropping dead from. Fairly common painkillers right. Yeah and you know obviously he was in his prime and a gigantic. ICONIC STAR Alright. I don't know. You know it's so these things are never have never easy. You know. Catches you off guard and you're like what the? And for someone like Chadwick Bozeman as well, and it's people have posted it online to where Now they drafted him more as. Male gender which I say to anyone where? Don't let the naysayers. Judge you for how you feel if someone like him who has died for what he did as for like characteristics. Jackie. Robinson cry if you need to mourn if you need to. The reason why so many people act and do these things is to entertain for the Public And again, for men who has had. Basically, no no negative press as far as we know lived a decent life, he just did what he loved to do and took care of his family and did did some good things on the side to help out the public? I will mourn that I'll get miss yet i. feel like I gotTa cry later sure as Hell. I will cry I've cried over famous people dying because. Even though there may be some hidden world that they've never told anybody about someone like Chadwick Bozeman. As far as we know, and as far as we'll take one hundred percent positive for the world. We acting personal everything we create relationships with the art that we love. You know whether it's cinema or comic books or or what? Music? We create relationships with him, and sometimes when something ends a band that you love breaks up or. Someone dies you know who's who's very influential person. It it can be a shock to the system because suddenly. You no longer. are going to have any new material and yeah. I don't want to sound like like it's selfish. But these these are the reasons why Movies are made. You know the reasons why make music they want to entertain they WANNA throw people they want. People to. Be moved by what they do and he definitely succeeded in that absolutely, which is why he is going to be missed and. On top of that, he also created himself a position in cinema where he was a cultural icon and that's huge too. You know and there's a giant swath of of you know of people that are fans as much as you and I but have a deeper. Cultural Connection to what he loves. And that's even going to be harder rarefied air that level of. Success as an actor actress to. have. A cultural effect that there actors are known quantity but don't have that cultural effect like. Everybody. Loves. Stanley. Tucci. Everybody adores him like he's a great actor, he does a great job, but he's not a cultural movement. You know he hasn't played roles that have been caught role drive 'em shape or form and what one of the most heartbreaking things based on that as well and again I don't know how much was set up. I don't know who did the picture, but it's that one of it take child has his action figures of the Avenger standing in a circle to Challah laying on the ground in the middle. Black Panther indicators like balling with his arms crossed sitting next to this. Damn that hits hard that hit from real hard it should you know that's why I brought a Bruce Lee earlier I mean he was so important. To you know the Asian culture to finally see one of theirs in Hollywood yeah and. I mean, that was huge. About Bruce Lee that's really really. Well about Kung Fu films in the United States. That yet talks about Bruce Lee a lot of him being kind of what allowed a lot of martial arts films to actually play popularly in the states and create. Changed the action game so so much baptist. Things that we have now. Had He not been around John Wick would be the most boring ass movie. Would be so lame. Be Like Oh. WHO's this? WHO's doofus variety would fight you know. Where's the choreography? Exam but YEP so I think we're pretty much running out of steam on this on this what was supposed to be like a fifteen twenty minute conversation. I was. So we make. About an hour this. Yes before we all become blubbering idiots at this point. Really that's I'm hitting that verge I can feel it and. Part of this is that the studios moved and we've got a a much more consistent Internet connection here, which is going allow for a little whatever whoever's around from Gi family that wants to jump on and talk about you know. a movie that just came out or a tragic passing or some sort of celebration in geeked. What ever we want to talk about have those opportunities and are going to try to do that a little bit more, just random live streams here and there. So I WANNA. Thank the Father Himself Scott EP and haircuts Anthony for coming on from a beautiful disasters and Elliott. Guy From Gig father for having this conversation we invited pretty much anybody on the Y. family come out but again. Last minute and schedules Y-. That's life you never knew the the Gui roulet you're going to get on these livestream too. But that's kind of be sure kind of the fun of it but we just wanted to. Say piece about a actor the died clearly too young and it's tragic and fortunately for. His legacy. At forty three, he had a collected a series of film credits that any actor at any age could look back on and be deeply proud of if eighty just the what the Catholic thing that he had now that would look like a storied and and full career in. Yeah. So He made a huge impact and we're going to see the remnants of his cultural legacy impact for a long time. Absolutely. So you know our hearts go out to his family. This is definitely a rough time for them. more more so than just his fan base but and we, we invite our you know anybody watching or you know that wants to. Share their favorite scene of his from whatever movie or you know their little insight into their appreciation for the actor. Chad replacement so I I would love to hear if anybody has met him because again, like we mentioned he's hardly done any cons but and we've heard the stories but someone we know that may have actually met him I. I would love to hear some these I can only imagine they're excellent. Great Stories. So. I would love to hear. Personally from people about their experience with right. Right exactly, and maybe take the time to check out some of the stuff he's done that maybe you hadn't seen it. The more recent one that a lot of people. I, haven't seen. We'll not. It was relatively successful but not like Black Panther successful twenty one bridges was great. I haven't seen that one yet. That's really good and I generally don't do sports movies. So I didn't see forty two I know that was very well reviewed. So that wasn't I mean it was a sports movie technically, but any more about Jackie Robinson but yeah I. I think you're going to have. A bad time watching just about anything from his catalog. And it's worth it. You know I know that and for the Richmond area people that are watching I know that next weekend kuechly drive in is showing black. Panther and they're going to be announcing like ticket sales and stuff like that on Monday from. Yes according the so hop on it while you can. It will sell out it will it will sell out and they will they're limited on capacity because the Kobe so when they do something. You an alert on my phone about Gooch wind driving or something you know just so that I can I can get the tickets as soon as possible because it will go but. You know that's a plug to drive, and if you haven't had the chance to go to goodson driving now would anyways like athletes also as you're not comfortably going into and there's a few theaters that have started open but you still want that movie theater experience the drive ins a great option and we're not getting paid for this at all like I always been a fan of Dr in so much fun. They've done it right there keeping something that was classic especially for us nerds and especially right now with no new movies coming out, they've been showing some awesome old wants to so yeah. Yeah. Yeah all. Experiences are the announcement of the Black Panther movie al Go ahead and find that post on their page share to the Gui pages while on facebook. So he has look at it but Yeah. Again thanks to the two of you for coming out and share this conversation with me I. Think it's an absolutely and I have a moment to really reflect on why you know an actor or a celebrity is so appreciated for their for their art. So it was nice to have and we have to pay San. Although viewers. Thank you so much for joining us on this journey talking about a great actor that pass before his time. So I will see. See on the podcasts take and Kanda forever. Welcome. No forever You PODCAST DOT com.

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Black Panther: Part 1  The Legacy of TChalla and Chadwick Boseman | A Marvel Cinematic Universe Rewatch

Post Show Recaps

1:29:32 hr | 10 months ago

Black Panther: Part 1 The Legacy of TChalla and Chadwick Boseman | A Marvel Cinematic Universe Rewatch

"On the pop All. Shallow is loose. You. Do Kunti. Clearly. Up on any one. I am talking about. Few. A man who has duckpin children for his own death. has failed to. Have I. Ever, failty. Tell me how to best protect on. Great King. Charleston Iq. Struggle. So, you need to surround yourself with people you trust. Your good man. With a good hard. It's hard for a good man to became. World outside your window is a lot sadder and in here we're SATU. Is Super as we're talking all things, MC you here on post show recap. So everybody Mike Bloom back once again, swinging in four Josh regular had to unfortunately separate from the podcast this week due to emergency. But I have filled into start part one of at least a two part conversation about the film, Black Panther, and in this podcast more specifically a breakdown about the late Chadwick Bozeman and what he brought to the titular character through the film and Beyond of course I'm not alone I'm joined by a superstar panel of people more solid and Versatile. Then bye-bye. Of course, Kevin Mahaday who has been such a constant here on the on the it's all the other swirling circumstances the past few weeks Kevin How's it going? The Penny to this serious desmond? The loss reference before me I just WanNa make note of that I made it. So now we don't have to talk about it again. Got You got you got your one in here and she has been hyped up since last week. But I'm so happy to welcome this person into her everything is at super debut. She is an outsider kill monger if you will but hopefully were still. Okay. As data's to this podcast, you might know her from her fantastic work on the lovecraft country podcast post show recaps as well as being part of the RHA HP class of Twenty Twenty Tanya. starks. Welcome to everything is super. Thank you for that introduction I. Don't know if I'll ever receive another one like that. Very. Happy to fill fill that very unique guess a prologue to a to your entrance before we even get into everything tiny because if people haven't had the opportunity to check out the coverage that you too and Josh, you're doing of lovecraft country here on poetry recaps which I will just say right now stopdown what's three episodes of lovecraft Contra listened to the podcast it's fantastic both both in both regards but give a quick introduction about who you are and particularly I guess where you sort of come down on the marvel cinematic universe relates to everything is super okay. I am what's hanging starts. I'm a member of the Rha t class of twenty twenty and was asked to. Do my first podcast. It's the lovecraft country podcast with Kevin Josh, which is. Great so far Mc, you things So to be honest I did not start watching any of the MC you movies until. Captain America. which which one winter soldier was like on. Like it was at that point. And so I didn't know. I hadn't seen the ones before I didn't really wasn't paying attention to interconnect. At a lot of stuff going on. But I saw that movie. I? was like, okay. This is amazing like what's happening? How can I watch all of the rest of these did and you know really love the majority of them in game was. Specifically the second one was like. Which I guess you know the first is infinity war. So yeah endgame was one of my. Favorite cinematic experiences that I've had as adults So I really love these characters a lot and Black Panther. Just. The movie. Character Challah, and chattered Bozeman. Means so much to me. That you know this is GonNa. Be a difficult one to get through. So I'm happy here to talk about it though. Yes. So so just let you know all right at the top here. In case you missed the prologue to last week. PODCAST that Kevin and Josh Dead in which they offered I think you guys had a beautiful. You know sort of morning of Chadwick's passing last Friday we are here to sort of extend on that. So this is one of the Black Panther podcasts, but this discussion is going to be oriented around specifically Chadwick, Bozeman performance as to Challah boiling down, you know what his character meant to the film to the. New to the world because I think it's safe to say in the past few days following his passing it has become all too clear. The impact that this film and specifically the character Black Panther has had you know in in our modern day culture and so obviously, we're still going to get into the usual fare. There's GonNa. Be Talking about the film proper. All the great stuff that happens they're all things kill monger all things. Of course the usual ratings and rankings that is going to be a podcast for next week we felt that due to the passing, of Chadwick. Appropriate that you take the time to not only talk about his inimitable performance as the CIA but also what this character means and will mean for the MC and the world I mentioned this last week when I was guessing on the Ragnar out podcast, this is to date the only MC film nominated for an academy. Award for best picture is the highest grossing Solo Superhero Film of All time. So clearly, there is something pertinent here. Again, if you haven't been checking social media that should be signed enough that this is important and I guess to start off the conversation a bit Latonya you brought up game. And I will say that the end game viewing experience was a pretty seminal one for me as well and one thing that always sticks out to me is during the infamous on your left section in the last few minutes of the film when. Those magic rings and everyone comes walking through. There were two big ovation's that came from the crowd. I don't know if both of you the same experience one for me was spiderman. Obviously he was the biggest hit I think at the end of the war and the other one was that image of Challah and Kobe walking through and I think that is even Just the tipping point of despite the fact that Koi was in a bit of end game but these characters were largely absent from the film here they show up at like the free hour eight minute mark and they still receive an ovation Kevin. I just think that even speaks to how beloved these characters became in the course of essentially one movie and Change Yeah I mean you know I don't want to get to the end game talk because that's that's for future podcast that I definitely have a lot to say and I want to reserve my joy. For those moments but yeah, absolutely I mean it was easily I think that in the Spiderman, you're not right the biggest moments but I think You know of course, of course, these characters you know resonated in. Importance. because. A lot of that is attributed to Chadwick. Bozeman portrayal of Challah that we I saw in civil war like he introduced a character to the and such a amazing dynamic way people fell in love with that character immediately and his presence as that character, just his mannerisms as characters so much. So doubted that doesn't even touch on the importance of him as a character and as the presents for people of Color and I think that has a huge reaction you know through that of course lew. Several moment especially having him come out as the first person you know. Essentially. Lead the charge in a way of the rest coming in I. Think it's such a great moment that you don't. Ever get to see you never see. People of Color in that kind of position either and certainly the reaction. That way. and. So like yeah I just it's crazy and it's wild because of the importance that character had and you know when I got the message, you know. What happened from Josh it was such an immediate hole that gets torn into everything and I think. That says a lot right like that reaction that character had imagined that being like a rip away like that's that's the that's the size of hole that is you begin to like reach you know of what's left behind here. Let's. Let's talk about I guess our own thoughts on Chadwick as an actor and as a person even before. He railed to see him in civil war as. Latonya this sort of your experience with Chadwick Bozeman before this because obviously to travel, I think catapulted into superstardom. But even before that, he was certainly making a name for himself especially among the bio-pics `bio-pics I don't know which way you say it but either way he was doing good plan famous people. Yeah I mean. So. Just the Importance of Chadwick buzzed into the. Black community I don't think can be overstated You know they're. In addition to. Playing Challah. He also her trade Third. Marshall Marshall he was Jackie Robinson forty to. Get on up. As James Brown? he was. Another movie. Where he was like a hall of fame or running back the played. Ernie Hudson Story. So just like all of these historical characters that. Are So. Important to black history. In, that you know. Pave, the way for so many people. You know our ancestors essentially and they were the people that Chadwick Bozeman decided to opera trae, and really you know that's how he chose to do the work. Of Giving that representation like providing that representation for people to be able to. Show their children that like this is these are the stories that we want to be told didn't want to have a black people in front of the camera and behind the camera you know thinking about. You know hearing the news. Myself. I immediately started to be grateful that I did not have to. You know that my nephew was too young to have like to really understand movies yet. So I don't have to explain to him yet. This happened and I started to think of all the parents that had to explain to their kids that they're is on. In looking at all like the little children kind of. Putting on mock funerals I started doing a little bit of research to think about why this for lack of a better a phrase death hit different And why we agreed people that we don't know and there's a really good podcasts that's hosted by Dr, joy hardened Bradford. WHO's a licensed psychologist out of Atlanta called the therapy or black girls podcast? It's like Super Short little like. Pick me up episodes that are not meant to be a substitute for actual therapy or psychiatry but to give you some insight and she made an episode of Why am I grieving someone I didn't know. Right after the horrible. Death of Nifty Hustle. and Dr Joy said that there's a something in psychiatry, Hall's The beliefs that. The just world hypothesis, which is the belief that we put out into the world. What we? Get back from it. So if we do something good if we put good out into the world that will get the things back and chattered Bozeman obviously his art comes to mind all he ever did was put the things out into the world. So for him to have died after battling cancer in secret and giving us these roles. While you know in the midst of that struggle and having surgeries and having chemotherapy giving us so much I. It makes us feel more vulnerable. We face our own mortality. We also get. A. A. Sense of the fact that we're grieving community on social media because we cannot be together right now because of the pandemic. Yeah I I feel like. It definitely definitely hit different and I kind of said there's in in my in the Ragnarok intro and they can get deeper into it. Later as well. But it just. I don't use the word on fair often, but like this death really felt unfair to me for so many. So many reasons and I think another reason for me, it hit different is just the timing of it all. With everything happening I mean everything is constantly happening if you're a person of color especially a black person of color. It is it is nonstop and it's just been ever amplifying to a degree that most of was coming and we just re really hoping it would just not happen as quick as it's going but here we are. But that happening as it's all going down like the. Same Day or the day after everything that happened in Kenosha and everything you know right or we're collar in house like. The timing was just so brutal and so rough and I saw tweet the basically summed up my personal feelings about why I just am. In angry. You know anger is my Go-to I get angry a lot of stuff especially my reaction to like. Feeling sad I just want to lash out which is not great and I've been working really hard to stop all that. But. Someone tweeted like it's just really tough. When you know you just watch as your heroes keep dying in your enemies thrive and that's exactly what it feels like is that it's another hero a huge important important hero for a lot of us and especially in how to die and get taken away while her enemies thrive in real hard. It's rough. It's brutal and that's not the put a lot of the weight on him for for being that obviously. But I think there's so many factors applied this came in and came in hard and especially because the EU meant so much to so many people and you know. Especially for young kids he wrote that looks like you on screen is a big deal. See I it. Definitely, it definitely just really hits different it. It gets really emotional. There's so much. He brought to the world of acting to his fans. He was. You know he was so passionate and and rewarding to them and did stuff to that for them that it just shows like you know he was he was being too Challah. Before he was cast in that role practically. SORTA lose that is is really hard and really rough Yeah it just. Yeah. Yeah I mean to your point as Latonya went into he he played a lot of notable groundbreaking figures in history and there will certainly personal from a myriad of people who have come out. Giving their condolences to his family and talking about the loss of Chadwick but I think Harrison. Ford who co starred with him in forty two set a really interesting thing where he basically said he is as much a hero as any that he played and you do get this from time to time with celebrities. But it does feel that Chadwick Bozeman stands out among them that he is somebody who even after the fact or when you remember back at and you find out these things that you did from a humanitarian perspective from a leader perspective, you know one thing I saw recently was. A story about how after the success of Black Panther he was approach for like Oh, do you want to do alcohol sponsorships and deals and he basically refused them turned down sponsorships because he basically said like I don't want black kids watching me and saying, okay, I can be a superhero and now I can do this. He essentially knew that he was going to be a role model. No matter what and he composed himself by that. Kevin. Talk to me about your reaction to finding out I. Guess this was talked about a bidding civil war podcast. But what was your reaction when you found out that the character Black Panther was going to get a centric film and that Chadwick was going to be the one personifying him? I mean I will admit I wasn't familiar with. Before Black Panther. So it was new to me and you know. But seeing him in that role I it's that everything needs to say, I, try to usually reserve judgment I'm one of the people who sometimes I'll have the gut reaction but usually always reserve my judgment for casting news. You know where if it's nobody or people like how how, what do you mean that person? Always something. There's always like this visceral reaction online and I'm always just like let's just see how it plays out. So it wasn't the casting wasn't something that was going to hit me in a way that I was going to be super pro or negative. There's a lot of times I'll be super pro I'm very familiar with their work and their ability and I'm like, yes. But hearing that character was coming to the was a huge deal on very exciting deal and the fact that he was going to get his own movie was also a huge exciting deal and also a like. Cool about time on this inkster. I'm glad. You know and that's not even say like. It's This is a celebration with the same time as like wool. Yeah. Of course, man like it just it's rougher for for for every. For every non whites as male basically because it takes a while for us to get the stuff that that everyone else kinda got you know like I think. engaged. In, the fifth season has a has an intro where it's just like for everyone who has to fight twice as hard to get what others were given without question and like that's such A. Powerful statement to like dedicate your book to that and I just feel like that's that's been the case with with this stuff especially in comics like to get a movie last person to get a female centric film took. Forever as well. So it was very excited to know what was happening and at the same time fuel, a lot of pressure and fear. because. History like you. You hear that there's GonNa be a Black Panther film and all I have to do is like sit for. Half a second before I'm just like they come all the people. It'd be mad about it and their rage and anger over US getting one thing. You know but at the same time. Yeah, it's exciting and you know it's becoming, but it just felt really. Afterward watching it knowing that I'm just like, yes it it. It was incredible and I think part of the reason is an incredible to the cast and the creators I mean having pretty much all people of color. Making this movie I think really helped. In. Terms of telling the right story in the right way. How did you react to it when you heard that Black Panther considering? The history I think of black superhero films. Ashley a rocky road. To say the least. You guys like steel. Silence. I'd rather have. It says rather have shocking Kazan then shack and steal any of the week. Chant Yeah No I. I was immediately excited. I was just like, yes. This is going to be the best movie of all of the movies. Then you know is going to be the Best Ryan movie since the last Ryan movie is going to be the best. Buzzing release since the last chat rick was. Just. It just kept rolling out is names in it was just lack excellence I mean I. Did, not give. Any poops whatsoever what anyone else was gonna think or whether or not. There is going to be backlash I was just like it's happening during black history. Month's all we're all going like getting loser. Go to, those see. Black Dancer. I. I was excited about it. Yeah. I mean. Just. All you had to do you know even before the Solo movie was just look at the introduction to that character. In, a civil war. To. Jettison idea of how amazing the standalone film would be I mean they they had to do it. Because the know like I said, my journey with the embassy US started with you know the winter soldier and The winter soldiers. Like bad, ass. Right. But no match at all or to to charter like none it just no contest which was great to see. It was all great. So I WANNA pipe in some responses, Josh asked for feedback from the listeners of our HP nation to sound off about you know what Chadwick and has has meant to you. So I'll all sort of pipe in some responses throughout as as we keep on discussing here just to hear from as many people as possible. GIG. Furious. wrote I saw Black Panther opening night on my forty six birthday when then did my partner and I talked about the time we live in when boys and girls of all races are growing up with heroes of all races, slash genders, and how it will change the world as those kids become adults is a tremendous loss r.i.p phoebe nugent rights when Black Panther premiered I was living in Atlanta shows were sold out for longtime the Black Panthers brought out so much beautiful, black and African heritage pride finally going to see the movie. The most wonderful part was the unity in the theater absolutely one of the top movies in the. And not just because it's a good movie because of the diversity, it brings to the Marvel Universe and not the kind of quote unquote diversity where the bipasha person is a sidekick true diversity or they have their own personality and motivations and I'm not I would love to ask you both starting with Tanya. You spoke about it a bit. But what was your viewing experience like? Did you notice any sort of makeup in the theater for Black Panther as compared to maybe some other marvel films Yeah I mean so. For I mean so I, live in Chicago. So like the neighborhoods are segregated. So. There's going to be It depends on what movie theater you go to. The one that we typically go to there's a pretty good mix of people. Of Different, ethnic. So like I went with my sister and her boyfriend and we made a night of it we got like the fancy three. D.. Reclining. Seat reserve your own it and yeah I. Mean every it was the theater was completely packed. It was great I. It was. There were so many things about the movie be that. were. Just refreshing to see that were aside from the obvious of it being on. An all black cast with majority like black behind the scenes. With the story about a driving self-sufficient African nation and Afro Futuristic. You know things built in. It was amazing to see. So. Many dark skinned black people onscreen right? I'm It was amazing to see the lighting done well because it's An issue lighting make up. In Hollywood is not kind to black people. Just don't know how to do it because there's people that are hired to do are not. Lack or people of color. You know obviously the costumes. Academy Award winning. So, in the music, I, mean, it was like a musical event as well, which you could not be because Kendrick Lamar was in charge. So it was just one of those things that it was just. Every part of it and it happened during black history month like every part of it was built. It seemed to cater to. The. Black community and. Embrace blackness and celebrate blackness, and that's something that. That, it's just never happened. It never happened before especially at a place like Disney right that. We have to there like Disney Produce Song of the south against still somewhere made made a ride off of it. So like M. and that's not even the only instance is just one of the more famous talked about ones. So to go from that. To this celebration of. Blackness and. Natural Black Beauty. Non Eurocentric features all of that was fantastic I mean it was. It was something that I would never forget. I'll never forget that experience and it's something that I want everyone to be able to. To have everyone should get. This. Echoing everything you said like even watching again my fiance and I were talking and we absolutely had mentioned to just like another great thing. But this cast is the the range of blackness honestly like having dark skin black people in a movie also like even when you're being diverse that such a rarity that actually have to have a you know variety of sand but also such that actually have dark skin black people in this in film is so rare and the lighting absolutely coming from the marketing world the amount of times I have had instances where I've heard things about like, no, no this person can shoot anyone. Can they have? They have had actually shot people before because? Like. It's different absolutely is different and we even had John Vega speaking of other kings. have an interview where he talked about the that terrible situation with the hairdresser they said. Doubt they definitely know how to. Work with Black People's hair and did not and like that was awful and there is a difference all that and so there's just such. There's just so many in his movie that is that is different and vibrant and amazing and even. On like a color level, not sin caller level but like a color level, this is so different about this movie because again you're working with like skin tones and racist that you don't normally see like Thor Ragnarok has an unnatural brightness to to an unnaturally colorful. This is a naturally colorful world because skin tones required different. Like colors of clothing also the pop and like to look different and what looks good one is not going to look good on the other and so many movies are sounds like a bunch of white people that the color scheme looks basically the same and you have this movie where you're allowed to have this different look to it because you have different people involved in data alone is another thing that makes movies stand out in a way because it's just stuff you don't get to see because you never get it done this way. So, yeah, and me might theater experience was great like I did have a pretty good mix living living in Los Angeles like you know there's there's various groups here. Also definitely segregated not as heavy as some other places But for me that the experience was interesting because I feel like and this is this is a lot of these movies were a little tiny. You mentioned the like getting loser. We're going to see Black Panther and that is sort of like my philosophy when it comes to stuff like this and I think for this movie especially because a lot of us here in La also know how? Hard works and this movie had to succeed it had to and honestly even if it wasn't good, I'm just like this can have the biggest goddamn box office weekend. I swear to God it's going to so like everyone is going to go everyone who knows that the score is going to this movie Like we did the same thing for we went to Black Panther crazy rich Asians came out. It was just like. Round. Like captain marvel same like this. This is this is what we're doing when seven when Chang into seven rings comes out. Yup let's live. We know squat up it's happening. So. It's in the same way you go in there pumped you go in there excited because I think you also go in with a crew of people who are there in excitement and celebration and readiness and I think that's a great feeling to have when you go into a theater and you get that experience coming out of it, which was really fantastic. Yeah and you know this movie does such a good job but again with with having that. Massive amount of diversity in it real diversity and I think it's also great because that's sort of the theme of the film in a way is like you know this movie major to get as many people of color of many types of people as possible because it is about like, Hey, we have to help each other out and I think that's you know that going experience I was talking about like you know. We're there to help each other and we have to especially like you know minorities like we got to help each other. That's that's that's the only way we're getting through it, and I think black has that message of like, Hey, if you if you go through the door, you cannot close the door behind you. You have to keep that door open and help other people who are like you get through that door. Essentially your duty and responsibility to an extent. which was also the message of us which this movie had to. Gain around. There's actually three George. Daniel Kalou shop get out. Was was in this movie and was also get out but. We know US had a similar theme. You know I think that's that's really important. I. Think very much about you cannot close the door. When you leave I, don't want to give spoilers for that movie because not we're talking about but the. Theme of that movie is that that's the wrong way to be like if you cannot lock the door on people who are still below, you have to help them like that is your responsibility as someone who came from there. You look look firsthand at the first post credits scene, which is to tell us speech to the UN and it's exactly that he literally says in times of crisis the wise build bridges while the foolish build barriers and I do think it's an interesting message that there is quite a quite literal tribal aspect to Konda when we meet them in that beautifully visual opening narrative about how vibration landed and essentially what kind of creative you still have the Jabari tribe basically going to to the mountains and still pushing itself away and you talked about this a lot Kevin I think we'll sort of save kill monger at all for next week, but it really does show the final message of this is. Sort of this idea of even those two characters which are on such different ends of the spectrum one comes to handling the crisis that exists being a person of color in the world today to watch to sort of accept that ideal and come forward with this as the final message of the movie it's prescient and it is fitting in in so many ways and that is extending not only to the UN. But really off the screen to say, like you need to look at the people next to you and you need to know how to build a bridge with them instead of trying to build a barrier between you even though you should be six feet away but still go the bridge. I, that was the only thing Washington's movie. Again, the beginning the beginning narration, the theme is there the whole resident in this film? The opening narration ends with him asking why and I think even beyond that, you know a book end area, the Jabari tribe being called out is great because like that is another reflection because as your Bari chose to isolate and. They did not get as much as the others did but even them at the end realize like they came like the at the end, they cannot like I. Like. We we need to help our people and they show up at the end to help because they also learned that lesson and I think it's really interesting how much the theme reflects throughout this movie. It's something that I think is is really good storytelling. You don't always get the residents of the theme, all the little bits and pieces like that's such phenomenal storyteller storytelling. That is another reason is movie I think is so successful in soil is also think is cool about the storytelling seating that idea is that That idea had very much been presented by the Kea repeatedly. It just was ignored. And it took. You know. Like a coup. To. I get. There it's great that he got there just saying the women. And we'll get there quicker actually. I'm also because I was GONNA mentioned this beforehand but the other representation talked about like even. Like Facial Structure Structure Instructor. Just. An Ochoa I just had to call out because that's so great to see. A woman like that especially like a a black woman who? has like shaped. Head. And I, think like you know I'm going to call it out to. Another squad that I am a huge fan of she is a member representative. Ileana. Presley. Who suffers from I believe she has elevation she doesn't have she. She also doesn't have hair and she wore a wig for a long time and like she is now like wig off when she's in Congress and I think that's so powerful and stole amazing and you know I think this movie had that is a. Subtle scene. But when Oklahoma was complaining about the week, she has to wear and she gets to throw it off to someone. Space is just such a powerful moment but another small thing. Again, this type of stuff that they have in this movie of representation and speaking about power and black power and black excellence in a way that you just do not get and do not see in when non black people. Like. The opening scene right after the animation when they're. In America in the dorm lodge at the door in their who is it? The character says some Grace Jones looking women and And Grace Jones. Amazing. kind of like defying judy traditional beauty standards to become a model. And Be. Our skin. Even like. Do shoots wearing she made her skin darker to show off the beauty of dark skin I mean all of that is just something that you would not get if you were a part of the culture and you can you can't see all of that subtexts in less you are a part of Ocean. As well yeah. I was just GonNa say like I feel like is. For next week even but I, you know like Jerry lovecraft Caspi said this but like I don't objectify. People but I'M GONNA in this case because the entire cast, my God I totally what's coming this the Best Barbara Cast You Open Yeah you come into this movie with Sterling K. Brown alone, and you're just like Oh my God. Yes. A gorgeous gorgeous. But I think what you're both speaking about which I absolutely agree with as well is you know, I think we've spoken particularly in the phase three movies you Josh Kevin, spoken about like the care and direction that I think a lot of these movies have gone into whether it's complete pivot Thor Ragnarok or a new adaptation like Spiderman homecoming. But you've said it that I think there is care here obviously with the creative team, but but it feels different. Because these are people that likes each other you know they can imagine they don't necessarily feel stigmatized or minority ties on the set because they are the majority, and I can imagine that that that's certainly gave them power and the power to develop a beautiful beautiful piece of cinema. You spoke about the color spectrum you just have to look at that waterfall season and just look at all the different shades across everyone from the different tribes and it is. It is absolutely stunning in so many levels and just the discrepancy of the like the nature of the Savannahs, of Africa. Against the vanity of conduct. Merging of those steps within the city itself is so well done. I mean Ryan Kugler. Obviously. Big. Big Incredibly Talented Director for Volley Station, which is when the first time he worked with Michael Jordan is probably one of his most famous works hustle worked on creed as well. I will say you know I was really excited for. Chadwick really. Excited for. Michael. Jordan. And released cited for Latisha right denied Guerrero stuff but I will say for me when I saw Ryan. Kugler that's when I really geeked out because I'm like this is directing a superhero movie. This is this is freaking awesome. Yeah, it definitely had me a Kugler and especially Michael Jordan having. Rebel station and creed. I'm a huge huge huge rocky fan. Another thing I'm a big fan of the rocky franchise is I love if I ever if I ever have a moment where I'm just like I, feel like I. GotTa take on the world. Our that rocky song. And creed was just holy. Hell like I like Rocky Balboa but creed was just next level like good and like my fiance had never seen a rocky movie. And we watched it was me my mom, my dad, my sister brother-in-law and my and my fiance had watched it and like the rest of us at all seen rocky and my fiance had never seen rocky and she was like this is a good movie and I'm like yeah. This is the first rocky. This is the same. This is the same type of bill you should anyway. So having gotten her do but whatever but yeah, knowing Ryan was involved. Got Me really really excited for this and Yeah. Yeah. Yeah I just WANNA just as a random. Aside because it's funny Kevin, you mentioned earlier that With. Having so many black people in the cast people ill uncomfortable with each other I thought it was hilarious that. The Chew White People in this movie Well, there's three technically. But like it's Ross right Ever. Marched offer offer Remain and indie circus and the return them on set as the toll. Keen white guys. that. I died when I heard that they were called the time anyway. I was like Oh my God that's beautiful shops kiss like people are undefeated. I. Yeah. which also I love those. We can get more into it later, but I also love what happened with those characters in ways you know like the almost like midpoint twist of nope. That's not the villain. That's our the stories about and essentially every frost role being like just like, Hey, if you wanna be a good ally just listen. And don't argue. Just listen to us don't argue and just please follow and that's that will that will help you be a good ally and that's what he did. Entire purpose and I love that because again, another subtle subtle partners movie that I think is one hundred. Broken white boy I threes. I love that line. That's amazing. Because that's also reference to Bucky. Right? It's a reference to the apprehension assassinated public got owned by Black Panther. So it's a fun little call out good. I was just going to say since you guys brought it up, you know in terms of representation and I wasn't talking about next week since we're going to get more into different characters but of Suri Latisha represent Guyana that's my people so. Literally, representation all around like there's other representation for me and my people as well in this movie which I'll I'll talk more next week. But that's that's the other stuff. That's so exciting because you know. The having a personal guy needs to set in a major role in like a blockbuster. Not something that I normally see I believe Brianna is par Guyanese, but that's a whole different area. I want to take things back wrangler for a second as we sort of get into I wanna go to. Torbay. Frazier. Always provides a nice little history as to the story of Black Panther, and this was a bit of the role sort of appearing before the film obviously in that people might not know this traffic bozeman was essentially cast for. All the way back in twenty fourteen back when. Back, when Latonya was watching Captain America the winter soldier, they were already eyeing Black Panther and apparently it was marvel studios first and only casting choice. They had nobody else in mind he was by far the person that they wanted to to go for and basically they said like it wasn't a in addition as much as they just sat him down and like what do you want to do with this and there have been stories that have come out and have come to prominence again about what he did with this one that has really come around I think was a story about how when talking about the dialect that's a child does he was initially? Possibly asked to do a European dialect and he said, no, we are imagining a world, an African nation that is without European conquest, and so we want to conquer the European dialect, not the other way around, and so he his dialect which brought it in civil war helped usher in essentially the way everyone else which to both of your points, all these actors come from from different walks of life in different parts of the world they all spoke with this same dialect and that is surely due to Bozeman making sure that that European dialect did not make its way into the finger and he specifically. Use The dialect of John Carney who played his father. In. One of the. In Ryan Coolers tribute. To. Chadwick Bozeman he's telling the story about when he was I kind of looking at Daly's of civil war to get an idea of like what what he wanted to do. Reflect Panther he asked. Why the scene was in this South African dialect in they essentially said it was written in English and Chadwick. Bozeman. Just like learn the lines on the day in Chinese dialects because he thought that know you should honor him. and. That's how in addition to not wanting to have it be a European influence. One it. Then went on to become the dialect that was used so I mean just like the dedication. To do that when no one asks you. It's great. I mean. I love that story so much like I. You know I don't know what's even describe it as like finding I found that out but it's like that feeling when you find something. So amazing you're like trying to walk and then you just get like week and you just. Like that's the feeling I got when when, when, when I heard that story 'cause it's just you know people talk about how like Chris Evans is basically just like Captain America in real life which he is but Charipova with Black Panther in real life like this stuff like that shows the care and importance he really really wanted to instill in these films especially if representing black people and across the world that story about yet. Because the British accent because again, white people is the epitome of this. That's how you know you're smart and intellectuals because remember accents. And you know like as much as I, that accent is great but you even look at Star Trek, right? Like Star Trek Deep Space Nine one of my favorites, Julian Bashir who knows a Indian character still speaks with an elevated British accent is British Indian. And that is the key right he's he's a doctor, but he has that and I think there's just so much there that that really speaks with the he thought about the fact he's like, no, that's that's not what this has to be. It can be we're allowed to be strong people on our own. We're allowed to be smart intellectual with our own accent and we don't have to be like European influence nor to have that be what we are. It's really so great and like you know shout to a book, I'm reading now and like you see this infanticide I mention case you haven't done before and I love her work. And like she really is one of the other people right now in the forefront of the sci-fi fantasy genre that is leading black authors into this this this realm. Book I'm reading by Evan Winter called the of dragons who is a black murder doing a fantasy story and what I love about this and what you see a lot more now especially is fantasy stories that art set in medieval Europe as its influence. So many stories of the fantasy world draw from that world for familiarity for something that feels like that I love that this this book does not it. Draws from you know African history and I think that's so great because it's it's just something that that like, oh, it's different it's fantasy, but it's not. It just draws with different part of the world and I love that we're getting more of that stuff. We're getting things like that because you have people that are allowing and breaking ground into making this more acceptable circling back to have a positive. That's what he was doing. He was making so much of black culture just feel normal acceptable and as elevated as high and can score higher even than others I think that's great and another reason, the movie. So powerful and his portrayal in his influence in this movie is so important and in the world has influenced in the world around this. Yeah. So A. Couple more pieces of feedback SORTA continuing the conversation here on that note. So Andy Pitman will wrote this hit us really hard after losing my cousin two colon cancer at age twenty, seven in our house. We love the Black Panther my young sons have Black Panther t shirts, pajamas, swimsuits. They saw an awesome world and a good man admired him and Alcatraz onto that. And says for me. It was one of those instances where marvel pick the absolute best person to play the role of two Challah really it was all in the little things you could reach Chadwick through his is alone what he was thinking and wanting to portray as the character in those moments. The man himself was a great human being as well, which is just Bonus the way he played the role was so big that he became a symbol for many who always wanted to be a hero they could identify with and I thought that last point particularly stuck with me because I think, that's another reason why when both ask that question the beginning this podcast of why does this hurt because I think this was a legitimate black superhero. Both on and off the screen because the character meant so much. But also the person as we talked about before made such an effort. Knowing that position in platform, he had to personify those virtues of what you could strive to be. As a park. That I, think that. It just it just spoke volumes to lose somebody like that. It just it sends out a shockwave like you've got hit with a burst of Kinetic Energy Latonya. Yeah. There are a lot of layers. To it that are very unfortunate. So we're living in a time of dual pandemics. There's obviously covid nineteen. Which? Has Killed Hundreds of thousands are people at this point. In America and you know they're the protests against rampant institutional racism So people are dying and it's people that we know and love or. Maybe. It's just people who are Being either deaths are being reported in there being sent on our our social media feeds but it's We can't mourn, properly because of COVID. But there's so much that's coming at us at all times and then you know there's the there's the facts that he has to from cancer. Hole in cancer, which is yet another disease that disproportionately affects younger. Black men but also just because nearly everyone can relate to having someone in their life taken from them. From cancer my aunt died of breast. Cancer One of my best friends from college died of colon cancer are right at the beginning of team. We still haven't been able to get together to mourn his death yet because of. Hovis David Sims at the Atlantic did the mask on this. Chattering Bozeman was diagnosed in two thousand, sixteen that was the same year he debuts Challah. Civil war. So that means that after his diagnosis he filmed, it appeared in Marshall Black Panther to more vendors movies twenty one bridges. Spike Lee's the bloods and an upcoming adaptation of Rainey's lack bottom. Anyone who's lived with a chronic illness or disability, or has a family member or close friend in that situation and especially anyone who has survived cancer or God forbid law someone to the disease understands what a massive undertaking all of this must have been for him In that, he did it all while sparing his. Fan, is just it's INC shit. Yeah I mean you know? That part of it too like hits me in the other area. Like. He didn't. He didn't WANNA show to his fans but I also do feel like there is the. There is the unfortunate. Hollywood machine part of it right the the studio bigger part of it where I do think like part of also felt like he had to keep it quiet because. As a as a black person to like getting getting work is difficult to then like have you know have them? No like Wu he's sick. Who knows what if what if what if production shuts down in the middle like the Almighty. Dollar at the end of the day should is is a concern and just also shows the type of things that I think that get reflected at and should be talked about in in you know in the broader sense of like. The the terribleness of that of that fact I mean, you know to call back out John Boyega like his interview really was so amazing because he did something that like we are not allowed to do basically and it's the same thing where it's like he. Spoke the truth he spoke is truth in a way that he was just like screw it. We're not supposed to smile and nod along be happy were here and Those parts of the conversation I do get talked about as well. Just, the the way that the machine has treated. A lot of us is unfair not right and I do think he definitely I think there's a lot we we can't speak to what what he was doing but I do think. Part of it also had to be the unfortunate situation of just like you know people looking down on people with with sicknesses or disabilities, and the loss of a job and stuff you could get from that which is tragic and unfortunate in its own, right right a couple of pieces of feedback speaking to us respective personal experiences with cancer and how that relates to. Chadwick's journey the great professor strong. Who is a staple here on everything? It's super says I'm a cancer survivor so I can speak with knowledge as that experience but that in mind I cannot stress how remarkable it is that. Chadwick Bozeman filmed what he filmed an embodied, the role model that he embodied all while undergoing treatment it is the mark of not just a cinematic hero. Who knowing he or she likely has little time left doesn't wallow in pity or freezing despair. But says, how can I in the time that I have left best help others live out my passion and Jeremy be a says. I was very close seven months ago to almost having life altering surgery on my colon because by Crohn's disease is out of hand, I almost lost everything and I have lost thirty pounds of muscle in the process I wasn't able to get out of bed for weeks because I was so sick with Chapman Bozeman did was more than heroic I understand what it's like to be in pain because of your colon and this changed the world while dying there is so much evil in this world and this man was good he. Was Excellent at his craft. But even better dude and yeah, I, totally get your points Kevin that there is almost I can imagine a necessity of part of him to be like I guess I have to keep making the doughnuts in a manner of speaking just because I, don't know if I actually admit my diagnosis how much people WanNa let me onto their projects because I believe when he was diagnosed I can't remember there was an initial diagnosis and the official diagnosis that he had gone to stage four, which is terminal for. But like talking, you bring up a great point just like all the movies he made there were absolutely astounding and I think those two pieces of feedback in particular in addition to what you've said it's just that's another thing that I think your point Kevin just hits really hard is how much that probably physically hurt him to do each and every day I? Mean you see the the workouts and the regiments that it takes to be a marvel superhero? You see the glow upset Chris Pratt goes through. To get into that Marvel Superhero shape and to have him do that while essentially his body was giving out on him because. At least part of me thinks he had to know like. This is a chance to do something for my community and I don't know the community will get another chance after this if I don't do this now and that is. That is incredibly touching to me and I think that's something that has. Especially, like it's not just the death I think that diagnosis as well. Really sent out an additional paying of emotion given that for lack of a better term sacrifice that he did to play this role. Yeah and you know, yeah, I definitely want to you know. Onto that to say like, yes, I think part of it is very much like he very much wanted to do as much as he could for the community and work through what he was. You know the pain he was in to provide into the stuff because I do think he wanted to do that I do think that that was important to him. And like you know that, that's just me throwing out the the idea of just against think about in in the broader. Scheme of things. The parts that we don't think about is like. What would have the effect like had he said something? Had he been more open headed and more evident like how many rolls could have been lost out on the things that he wanted to do with as you know as as as viewers in his fans like lost out on because of something like that and we don't know the full answer and we never will. But how you know that there there are things in Hollywood that I think speak to that for sure. Yeah. Night I want to say you know. Again like. Anything that we would have to say about this is speculation because we don't know. If. One of the things that I've read. Dropping here's is. Not even. Dealing with chattered bones health just like his wife. He's a private person like he didn't talk about his relationship at all when asked. But you know I'm interested in what larger conversation this opens up about heart illness. Disability ramble. Healthier in my. mind. The. Way I'm looking at it I guess my own head cannon for this is that he wasn't silenced door silence he was Wyatt. In, there can be some power in that Heaven Quashie, who is a professor of English at Brown? wrote that the interior is mostly known Ra- language of behavior yet is expressive meaningful and has social impact. Wyatt is expressive -ness of the this interior that can appear publicly have in. Fact. Have in effect in political meaning challenge to countered social. Discourse The distinction between fire and silence is silence denotes something repressed and withholding quiet is presence Chadwick Bozeman in my mind was quiet but his interior contain multitudes he expressed that Rue, the presence that he presented his work in that has meaning. And that has impact. That's why we're here today to have this discussion, but we do need to move away from the idea that. People dealing with health issues either need to remain completely quiet about them or over share a to convince people that they are in pain. you know there's gotta be some type of medium that we come to. That, you know people who are dealing with these types of. Problems can deal with them on their own terms. I'm naming to the point of that silence. There's another clip that's been making the rounds that in retrospect you even more meaning right? Think back in twenty seventeen or twenty, eighteen chow bozeman talked about basically having several consultations with I think a ten year old kid who had cancer and basically you know his father was able to reach out to Chadwick and Javale was in touch with kids say, Hey, you know I wanted to keep on that journey because I want you to be able to see Black Panther and unfortunately the could end up passing away but I believe they were seen that goal. But like now realizing that conversation happened while he himself was facing a terminal diagnosis just like Make sure heart sank into your but it's just like a weight and I think that speaks to what you're talking about. Latonya. This idea of his his silence was still a presence and even in those small ways where we didn't even realize it, he was able to connect with people even not through the character even just through. Life circumstances. Am I hope is that that helped him a little bit as much as he helped that kid in that moment. Sure sure that it did. Your. I mean. Yes it's it's. I mean it all. We're saying the the the loss in the whole that we have both. as as people, and as you know in terms of like goodness is is huge. It's massive And it's upsetting to have that happen right now as mentioned in, it's just brutal. I mean. To have a more uplifting of funny moment as we're talking about clips being shown around one of my favorites that I recently saw and I don't know if you all have seen it, but it's from the Oscars. That year and when Green Book One and it's turning around and giving this. To Michael Jordan that I feel every person of color knows that look because we've all done it like that that I that look. Like someone else I'm sorry I felt a deep in my soul. Alarm just off. Good. Yet. So I wanNA talk a bit about we mentioned this a bit but you know what? Chadwick into Challah and Black Panther, the outward effects because I have a companies of feedback here I from Martin Simon Die. WHO said as a? It was so gratifying to see. Black. Panther. I noticed reputation is important to so many people especially kids. The fact that this film has significant meeting. So many people can never be understated. Art holds an important place in many of our hearts. Representation in media has always been something important to me. It might sound hyperbolic but I know for certain this is about more. Than just a movie for many of us, I've cried many tears upon hearing the news and reflecting on the impact of Black Panther and Philippi Shimon similarly writes black, Panther Dave, all POC representation and hope whether it was celebrating my black piercing themselves on a huge mainstream film or imagining what the future could be regarding diversity in the media that film becomes a testimony as. To why representation matters black? Panther is the number one grossing Solo, Superhero, film in Box Office history. It's the only film to be nominated for best picture. So many important milestones, but not won't be more important than highlighting black s excellent and talent and giving black people a superhero that represents them. Lastly, the future of the will forever have Chadwick's legacy to remember and recognize. Creating diverse stories see Mulu tweeted that quote without Chadwick. There is no Shanxi just like there's no Shanxi Without Chadwick and black. Panther. There is no Miss Marvel's show. There's no captain marvel. There would be no lat next or indigenous heroes to follow etc Kevin. What do you think about that? Do you agree with Felipe a statement as to how even within EMC you itself? Black Panther was essentially groundbreaking. Say for lack of a better term, we don't need a straight white male to anchor films. I mean yes I mean for some reason you know I just referenced that Clip Of Him giving the look and it is I. Think the accurate look because Black Panther probably should have won that year certainly over green book I mean it just shows. The the disconnect. I, think in in. In what certain white people think is stories about black people versus what is stories about people? and. This you know the the the representation matters discussion is so huge and so important is I. Think Representation matters to such such a high degree and we wouldn't get a lot of the stuff that we are getting without success. Black Panther has mentioned like the movie hats and succeed if we were had any hope of getting more and getting another chance at this stuff. It's such a weird thing for me because I also you know. It's so important I think for now especially for us to be seeing people that look like us on the big screen and. I am so happy that we've gone here and I know the discourse is always so weird because you know you have the people with the trolls who were just like Oh diversity you're shoveling down my throat or whatever, and you still have. You know there are people out there and I kind of. I'm not trying to say anything you know I might get yelled at for this. But whatever there's a lot of people who watch us as well and had this reaction of just like I just can't I just can't connect to the character and I'm to say there's a lot of white people who basically watch these movies and you're just like I duNno, I can't connect to that character and if so weird like I don't hear that a lot necessarily from people have calling. I think a big reason that it is a little bit different is that like? You've never had to. You've never had to connect to someone that didn't look like you. Because There's been so many white characters and a white heroes forever, and there's always these options for people to look at and be like great I connected this character because it looks like me. Awesome. We didn't have that for so long that I think like Superman is one of my favorite characters of all time. He's always going to like looks nothing like me but I was able to connect to him because I didn't have another choice or another option. For a long time that was the case and I think I'm so thankful that we are getting to the point now where that isn't the case anymore. But it is so vital that we are having this diversity that you can hit all these different spots but just when I hear that that stuff to just stick with me when we're talking about the importance of representation like I just remember so many people saying that and I'm just like what you mean you can't connect to this character because what like it was so bizarre to me, but it is i. do think like it's I. Don't think it's on purpose I think it's it's one of those unconscious bias things. You've never had to. You never had to develop that skill set essentially to like be like not have the option to connect to someone who doesn't look like you, which is like for most of my life, that's all I've had for most people's that's all we really got blade and blade was really called. Exactly. I mean, my my response to people who make. Comments like that is the classic Livia Soprano or you and then just walking away. I mean what I will say is that there's going to be a lot of. There's GonNa be a lot of cash grab attempts. For lack of a better word. Are Better Way to put that That, result from this. The best way that people can honor the memory of Chad Bozeman is to. Make More Black Panthers and I don't mean specifically black entered I mean like more movies at are starring black people directed by black people black people wind the scenes more movies. You know like the new chunky that's coming out. You know the there needs to be more stories that reflect what the world looks like not what you know know. A Boardroom. At a top floor of company was like you know what I mean it just. Like that is how you honor someone And the legacy that you. You know say that you care so much for. That that's what I want to see out of Hollywood out of his knee and the NC coming from this, that would be the real. Change you know there's No excuse at this point Tonight have more diversity. It's not have more representation in all areas. There's no excuse. Exactly like now they'd be like well You know we try Black Panther in that didn't work. nope. The award nominations at the box office numbers speak for themselves. This is a story that people have been waiting to see. You have literally no excuse at this point to not tell a story that people have been waiting to hear about for years at this point. I think you know we're opening this can of worms. Warnings to people I'm about to get real mad and might make some people mad on this one but. Yes there's so much here as a person who is so involved in pop culture who who has so many feelings about Hollywood who who has a connection to the comics industry and the want to join that that industry despite how it treats. Its. It's important exactly like the said to have these stories to tell to have the people who these stories are about tell these stories as well, and I, think the party you know we talked about the power Black Panther being that the story was told about black people, black people and I think so many times and so many times recently, you are seeing these things were people try to. On conversations and things happening in a cash grabby like trying to be relevant moment but do not have the actual people involved. The actual people is happening to in that room telling helping tell these stories or guiding these stories and right. After it all happened after the conversations there was. The discussion about like well, what is going to happen to the character? What is going to happen to Black Panther? You know? Obviously, there's going to you have to make another Black Panther movie and it's like, okay well, who's GonNa pick the mantle and Believe, he was full Chadwick was fully intending to start filming I think this fall should you know things things have picked back up for Black Panther too and. I'm like obviously these these discussions have to happen, but it's so frustrating and. Knowing that the scramble of importance to this is so high now in a way that I think is beyond what it should be it should be important because it's an important story doesn't mean be told them Black Panther but the importance now becomes carrying on a legacy and it's because you know little Tony. Point we only have Black Panther the fact that we only have Black Panther is insane there should be so much more you black superheroes and and other types of superheroes already. But we had one, and now that's gone we don't have. We barely have anything and it's just so upsetting not just from a Hollywood standpoint. But from like comic book standpoint, we have so little like you look at this like we're getting Shanxi movie who was a character who was also lesser known Black Panther was a very popular character that existed. So many of the characters that looked like. Barely known and The idea that I'm actually going to have superhero that looks like me on a screen anytime soon is pretty much none that like bure have come on Johnny being in the eternal, which is, which is a cast which they cast character who isn't that's as race because that's the only way we're getting those slots filled these days, but there's not a superhero that looks like me that exists and there's not. I mean, maybe there might be but if you look at what comics are doing as well, it usually those characters are created by white people. So many characters of color in comic books created by white creators. There's barely any that has actually created by the the the the person color of any sort. So just you know from from Hollywood. Yes. But also from the being created like marveled especially like you guys are the forefronts of a lot of you have to have to do better, you have to bring people of Color into your into your industry like you have to do more to make that happen. The way that the industry is run, it's filled with white writers and white creators and having them then create the people that looks like us is also unfair and having them tell those stories as unfair. You GotTa do better. You gotTA bring people of Color Integrate these characters you gotTa have us tell these stories as well. You can't just rely on white people to tell the story for other white people. It's it's just really frustrating and. That death hit me and made me so upset for that reason to just the very little we have gets taken away like this and they're. So there's there's barely anything else that will fill that void because not enough has been done. To to do it and you see now when This stuff happens across the globe when these shootings happened all of a sudden these brands and these they come out nervous like we're GONNA. Say a thing to be supportive. But then do nothing do nothing for real and it it's annoying that even has frustrating studying that takes these tragedies to have this conversation and make this conversation happen and even have them pretend to actually listen So yeah, I mean that was a long runs about it but just do better just do better. Jesus, just quickly may I manage a say in terms of? The discussion is like. Who's going to be the next pinter like Kelly not like. He literally just died. I. I. Just it. None of us are. In marble making decisions right now like about any of this stuff. So it's not financially affecting us So why are we having discussions about? The fungibility of black men. As, if they're interchangeable like, let's not let's not do it. Let's how about we don't. It's just. I don't know that the same within like an hour of the news happening some website hosted screen rance they're called out at they believe it was screen. Screaming and posted something overnight from Wenchang goes died like, can they still do Black Panther without Chadwick boatsmen? Here's how that's actually what? I believe. So mean. How about we don't. And Frank for a bit in like. Celebrate the life of a person who gave us so much and try not to be you know So worried about the Hollywood machine continuing to turn. and. That being said, there have been many many tributes that have gone across the Internet from the Disney Marvel machine side as well. I know that this past. Sunday ABC did a special commercial airing Black Panther and they actually aired a special after that that gave a tribute to Chadwick that also featured a Lotta video messages from many marvel cast members who also sounded off on social media. I'll put that link in the in the show description well as a series of interviews on T. Canada with various cast members that have appeared with Chadwick in both Black Panther and the other films as well and I think I mean. Obviously, the the love that has been felt for Chadwick. Just like as a person from his Co. stars has been felt for the week. But I think if you need something distilled down, just check out those two specials because I think that that just shows the compounded effect he had as a person and as as a leader on set I think. I've tried remember I think it was deny who wrote in her her instagram tribute something like he made everyone feel loved and heard and seen you know he had a heroic spirit he marched the beat of his own drum. So again, this celebrity culture it is so tough to discern who the real person is from what's been packaged to us but if these testimonials and this special is any indication it is you know Chadwick Bozeman is every bit the hero that to Challah was both on onset and just generally as as person in the black community. And I think you know looking at the characters well, you know we will probably touch them does more. Next week. But I think the other powerful thing about that character in that I think is reflected a lot is his ability to learn and to change. And Change for the better. You know a big part of civil war is, of course, is quest for vengeance and he is a character actually legit changes and just like vengeance and death is not the way and doesn't kill Zemo at the end and in this again, he is someone who's willing to accept change and I think. That's something that's important across the board. And something I think people should take away learn from this character as well. But. I think he is also extended as a person. You know I think he was always open to listening understanding he he was a true king. In so many ways leader and a listener and someone to support and uphold is people. I want to give you the opportunity to give some final thoughts. Obviously, these are not the final final thoughts because you also have an entire movie to really talk about Sort of put a punctuation point at the end of this conversation about. It's specifically as a character and the legacy of, of Chadwick, Bozeman Latonya start with you. Yeah. So When I was initially asked to be. On this episode it was before we found out the news of Chadwick passing. you know. I wanted to do this anyway. because. You know I really wanted to have a moment to kind of like. Community be able to. Vent and get some feelings out and just like you know talk about the life and legacy of someone who? was so important to me into the black community at a time when things are really really tough. Or Black People And so. I just WanNa to thank him. For you know what he gave us and how he did it. And persevering the way that he did and I also want to say that. To anyone out there who is dealing with this loss or? Having. Compound. Any other losses that you might be feeling in your life? It's completely understandable. Because we're all grieving in one way or another whether it's about this death or Any of the other ten million things that happen every day in twenty twenty So if you're. Continuing to exhibit behaviors such as inability to sleep or extreme nervousness or something like that. Then you feel like you need to talk to someone you should reach out to. The, S., a. m.. H. S. a national hotline which is at one, eight hundred. Sixty six to help narrow treatment referral Writing Service it you choose some low costs mental health. Services and then there's also of course the suicide prevention hotline, Dot Org and women's Health Magazine has some pretty. Good. recommendations for cheap affordable online therapy during the coronavirus. The links for each of these in the show notes? So just isolate your cells in the people around you because life truly is fleeting in something to to appreciate. Thank you for that amazing message in and said of Resources Kevin any final thoughts? Yeah I mean I I'm one I'm bad with a grief in general. I am not expressing it or delving deep into it and saying things like that to Latonya did such an amazing job. I'm not gonNA come close to. Import. So. All I'll say. To does as last words in regard to that is just a rest in power and forever. and. I'll. I'll finish off here with a couple things I serves. Segue off of. lasagnas. Final Point. There is an article at elite daily dot. com. Which lists twelve colon cancer charities that have seen a huge uptick in donations since the passing of Chadwick Bozeman and obviously I think one way that we'd like to digest grief is finding actionable items. To sort of work through and I think if you were one of those people, I would very highly encourage you to donate to one or all of those cards all have that link in the show notes as well. There's twelve. So you have a dozen literally to choose between on. The final thing will read is actually from what Latonya talked about before Ryan Coolers tribute from Humana Statement on Marvel Dot com, and here's the final paragraph. In African cultures, we often refer to loved ones that have passed on as ancestors. Sometimes, you are genetically related sometimes you are not I had the privilege of directing scenes of Chad's character Challah communicating with the ancestors of Kanda. We were in Atlanta in an abandoned warehouse with blue screens and massive movie lights, chats, performance made it feel real I think it was because from the time that I met him, the ancestors spoke through him. It's no secret to be now how he was able to skillfully portray some of our most notable ones I, no doubt that he would live on and continue to bless us with more. But as with a heavy heart and a sense of deep gratitude to have ever been in his presence that I have to reckon with the fact that Chad is an ancestor now. I know that he will watch over US until we meet again. And I couldn't think of a better way to put a period at the end of that that statement as you both move into more Black Panther discussion. So again, thank you to everyone who sent in your feedback about the legacy of Chadwick Bozeman and what the character Black Panther means to you. Thank you to the Latonya and Kevin for both being so open about your experience as well. The discussion is is just beginning though. So next week Josh should be back as the three of you are going to break down the movie. Proper because as you talked about, there was much damn good stuff in this movie that that one podcast simply could not hold it, and of course, the usual fare of the ratings will be in there I think we'll finally get an answer to the conflict that got brewed up last week as to which has the final batters, civil war or ragged Iraq those answers and many more coming next week. But I want to finish off by sort of plugging the the lovecraft country coverage that you all do on post show recaps. Give us a pitch here because I can imagine that those who are interested in Black Panther would probably have an interest in lovecraft country in both of your opinions. Why do you think this show and its subsequent coverage is right for those that are Such. Big Fans of this type of movie. That's tough. I will say that the show itself if you. If you like horror. And if you are interested in stories being told by black creators. With fantastic visuals in terms of cinematography in terms of. Color. And dress as well. Time here it is incredible You know it's definitely a show. You should watch do deals with and interesting ways a lot of topics of race. A LOT OF COOL HORROR ELEMENTS But the other reason to throwback to my. Earlier point because y'all squat up if we want more black stories told by black. Black People let's watch this show and mega popular. So that's my big reason. Let's let's keep it going. So we can keep getting more. Getting, more shows also. There's a connection between Black Panther in lovecraft country in that. country. Has Angela Bassett's. Husbands. And Black Panther has Angela Bassett so You know. It's really companion pieces is you look at it that way? Yeah exactly. It's serve like the husband and wife's selective properties that they sort of bring to the dinner table which I want to be at that Dinner Table One day that one can only dream. So be sure to check all that out. I think episode three's coverage just came out episode three of ten so far. You can hop right into the coverage. So check that out over on post show recaps. Make sure you follow everyone here all these fantastic people on social media Kevin is at cab Mondeo on twitter Latonya at elk starks Josh's at round. Howard I'm at a Mike Bloom type of course Poche recaps a we're still taking feedback in four Black Panther for the movie proper discussion next week. So be sure to send in your feedback specific to the movie discussion apologies if we didn't read your feedback this week, we saved a lot of the movies specific feedback for next. Week, but you could still sit in your stuff injure infinity stone ranking, super at post show recaps calm and of course, subscribe to check out all the great stuff that Kevin and Josh are doing again, I want to thank you both for coming to the table and talking about such such a sad day but such an uplifting to commemorate the power that challenge Bozeman, brought to us all and thank you all for listening as well. The Black Panther discussion will keep on keeping on it next week with discussion of the movie. Talk to you then. Rest power. Chadwick. WHO Don't go and talk about Bob my father. God He's my friend. Jesus, my friends, he made this world for us live in. And gave us. Thank you. He asked of. He's we gave each of the. Love your birth she bought. Love Your father he works for you. Love, your sister, she's good to you. Love you. Love your brother. Don't go talk about my father. God He's my friend. Jesus. Is My friend. And when he calls on us from her say. He'll be merciful my friend. Lee Asking Vance. He's we gave each of the.

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Full Episode: Saturday, August 29, 2020

World News Tonight with David Muir

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Full Episode: Saturday, August 29, 2020

"Tonight the heartbreaking death of actor Chadwick Bozeman the tributes pouring in known person sparring rules his charismatic and intense portrayals onscreen best known for his role in the groundbreaking film. Black, panther and giving new life tweet conic black figures. In American history, we're now learning about his very private four year battle with cancer. Also, tonight, the large protests underway over the police shooting of Jacob. Will take you to the Justice for Jacob Bartsch on the streets of Kenosha. Wisconsin. President trump's new claim heading into the final months of the election showdown saying most protesters don't know who George Floyd is the president attacking Joe Biden. Same. Biden just came out of his basement and the surprise decision from the Director of national intelligence on election security briefings biting calling it deeply alarming. The death toll rising in the wake of Hurricane Laura now more than a dozen dead hundreds of thousands without power restoring. It could take weeks the president touring the widespread damage in Texas and Louisiana. Stranded at sea, the rescue ship funded by famous artists. Now in need of help overloaded with more than two hundred migrant men, women and children. New Concerns on college campuses over cove in nineteen the University of Alabama. Now, reporting more than one thousand cases tonight, how one university stopped an outbreak before an erupted. The powerful explosion on the dock, the blast sending a woman flying into the water she survives others jumping into escape the flames. And the race to rescue a man before he drowns would felon top of him first responders trying to keep his head above the water. EATING SEES THIS IS ABC lose tonight. and. Good evening. Thanks for joining us on this Saturday I'm Tom Honest. We begin tonight with the sudden at very tragic debt sending shockwaves across the country actor Chadwick Bozeman died at the age of forty three following a private for your battle with colon cancer? Bozeman. Inspiring millions with his roles making seven movies while quietly undergoing surgeries and chemotherapy treatments. He's perhaps best known for his groundbreaking role right? Here. In Black Panther. A watershed moment for African American filmmakers and audiences alike Bozeman also portraying black icons like Jackie Robinson, James Brown, and Thurgood. Marshall, his passing coming on the same day major. League Baseball honored the Real Jackie Robinson tonight, the endless stream of tributes pouring in from fans, co-stars and leaders past and present on what he and his roles meant to them. ABC's Janai Norman US off. Tonight the overwhelming outpouring of grief for Star Gone Too. Soon, he brought real heroes and revered legends to life on the big screen from Thurgood Marshall. Reggie Hudson's Marshall Mr Spells Attorney Thurgood Marshall to the Godfather of soul as James Brown and get on up. To baseball icon. Jackie. Robinson forty two Robyn curnow Chadwick bozeman commanded the screen. And he helped change the culture, his most famous role as black. Panther what happens now. What happens? To the rest of the wealth. Bozeman as king to Challah transformed. Hollywood. For many black Americans offering representation long overdue and unmatched sense of pride to be young gifted and black. We all know what it's like to be told that there is not a place for you to be featured we could create a world. That exemplify a world that we wanted to see accomplishing so much in just a few short years all while waging a personal and private battle statement on instagram revealing the star just forty three had undergone treatment for colon cancer two, thousand sixteen making movies during and between countless surgeries and chemotherapy news of bozeman untimely death stunning the World Denzel Washington who helped pay for both men to study acting at the British Academy of dramatic acting in Oxford saying he was a gentle soul and a brilliant artist. Angela Bassett who. Played Bozeman onscreen mother and panther writing. This young man said occasion was inspiring his smile contagious his talent unreal former president Barack Obama. Writing minutes work with kids to be young gifted and black to use that power to give them heroes to look up to to do it all while in pain. What of his years Saint Jude Children's hospital sharing pictures of Bozeman, visiting kids fighting cancer while quietly doing the same breaking down recalling two boys who wanted to live to see him bring Black Panther to life. There are two. Two little kids and and Taylor. Cool. recently passed. Away. From cancer in their parents said they just Detroit to hold on? To this movie come. In when I found out that they. Yeah. Is Is it means a lie? CABOT Bozeman meant so much to so many Americans particularly black Americans for those legends he brought to life and envisioning will conduct this loss at this moment in our country is impossible to overstate and Tom, he has already so deeply missed. So Young Soo prolific and yet such an impact. Alright. Jay thanks so much Chadwick. Bozeman colon cancer coming as a stunning blow so many asking how it could happen if someone so young who looked so healthy, how was he able to keep his condition private putting on such a brave face starring in one blockbuster after another here's ABC's will car. Tonight. The of her Chadwick Postman's death is bringing urgent attention to the second deadliest cancer in the United States according to the CDC. Yet while widespread doctors say Americans know very little about colorectal cancer I. Think it's because there is a stigma around talking about at diagnosis like colorectal cancer and some of the symptoms that may be associated with that Bozeman was diagnosed in his late thirties much younger than the age many doctors recommend for your first screening at the age of fifty in two thousand eighteen the American cancer society drop that number to forty five, clearly the recommendations to even start. At forty five are not sufficient because it wouldn't have caught patients like Chadwick Bozeman dodger Kimmy ing with Harvard Medical School says the recommended age for screening is controversial but points out that many young patients are getting colorectal cancer. Since they're getting screened, it's estimated in fact, twelve percent of colorectal cancer diagnosis. This year will be in people under fifty approximately eighteen thousand cases. Bozeman fell into a high risk category. The CDC says, Cancer Impacts, communities of color disproportionately in fact, according to the American. Cancer Society rates are highest in black men, overall genetics diet and exercise can all play a role? If you have any concerns you should talk to your doctor about screening of course, this is all playing out during the middle of a pandemic when some people have pushed off critical medical appointments a decision some doctors say could prove to be fatal top will thank you for that and coming up later in the news cast of powerful look at Chad with both men on and off the screen in his own words we do move on now. To the large protests on the streets of Kenosha Wisconsin over the police shooting of Jacob Blake peaceful protestors demanding the arrest of the officer who shot him seven times in the back leaving him paralyzed from the waist down and new videos. Now, emerging of that deadly confrontation involving suspected seventeen year old gunman Karl rittenhouse charged with killing two protesters and winning a third president trump making his first public comments on the case ABC's during Shaw's in. Kenosha. Tonight hundreds hitting the streets in Kenosha in a March demanding justice for Jacob. Nearly one week after Blake was shot seven times in the back by police just wish that they stand up as men and be responsible for the access they took and the justice works for the African American community and they end up where they should and what does that mean Jill President Trump speaking out about the shooting for the first time last night was not a good site. I did like the side of it certainly, and I think most people would agree with that rookie officer, Britney Marynich, Vincent, Arenas, and rust and. Who Shot Blake in the back under investigation on leave according to the State Department of Justice Blake admitted he had a knife in later questioning which officials say was found on the driver's side floorboard of the car his family saying he didn't pose a threat to the officers. Tonight, he remains paralysed from the waist down the standard is is the color of your skin here. and. This whole situation. If you look y you're all right. If you look black get back new videos now merging of the confrontations between accused gunman Rittenhouse and the two protesters he allegedly killed in this video man appearing to be Joseph Rosenbaum written houses first alleged victim seen prior the shooting confronting armed men out of frame. Movements later, seventeen-year-old rittenhouse being chased by at least one man after the first shots were fired. Rittenhouse allegedly had two more confrontations ending with one more killed another wounded rittenhouse facing homicide charges, his attorney saying he feared for his life and had no choice. But to fire multiple rounds towards his immediate attackers video shows rittenhouse still armed walking towards officers with his hands up but not taken into custody. Or it's renshaw joins us now live from Kenosha turning back to the Jacob. Blake. Case the Attorney General's investigation underway with the family members calling for the officers involved to be arrested. Tom The state's attorney general is looking at evidence. They are conducting interviews they will then pass on their report to the county da within thirty days. The DA will then make a decision on charges Tom. Serene. Thank you. Next tonight election day a little more than two months away president trump's director of national intelligence. Now, informing Congress, it will no longer receive in person briefings on election security issues. The President says he's trying to plug intelligence leaks. Democrats are outraged Joe Biden calling the decision deeply alarming here's ABC White House correspondent, Rachel. Scott. Just. Weeks after intelligence officials warned Americans that Russia China and Iran are looking to. The November election tonight and a letter president trump's new director of national intelligence announcing he will no longer brief. Congress in person on matters of election security writing this approach helps ensure intelligence is not misunderstood or politicized Democrat's outrage calling the move a shocking abdication of lawful responsibility and betrayal of the public's right to know how foreign powers are trying to subvert our democracy, the president and his staff tonight saying it came down to one simple thing preventing leaks leakers on the. Committee. The obviously liquors that are doing bad things with the election only ten weeks away president trump again addressing a largely massless crowd was announced. Joe Biden is coming out of the basement. Going after protesters calling racial equality, they're just looking for trouble has nothing to do with George. Floyd has nothing to do with anything. They don't even know who George Floyd is his rival Joe, Biden a virtual campaign event blasting the president's idea of bringing law and order to American cities I'll never use the military's of prop. Or as a private militia Violet Reggie fellow citizens. Law and order making it clear. This election is about the pandemic hard truth is. Didn't have to be disbanded as pandemic. It's worse than for all of us because we we to ministration didn't have a plan. All right wait till Scott joins us. Now from Washington Rachel I, want to go back to that headline tonight. The reaction was swift from Democrats including Joe Biden to that announcement from the director of National Intelligence, Tonight Democrats are demanding those briefings resume. Tom Joe Biden is calling for this decision to be immediately reverse congressional. Democrats. Say there were already briefings on the books for the month of September. Those have now been called off. They are threatening to use every tool in their power to bring those intelligence briefings back Tom Rachel Scott with those new developments from the campaign trail. Rachel. Thank you. Next tonight the death toll rising from Hurricane Laura at least sixteen people dead the storm causing widespread destruction in Louisiana and Texas president trump. You see him here touring damaged areas today thousands without power officials. Say It could take weeks to restore and years to rebuild ABC. Meteorologist. Rob? Marciano is in. Baton. Rouge tonight. Tonight a happy million customers still without power in the wake of Hurricane Laura crews arriving. But face the daunting task of repairing for rebuilding the power grid. Tens of thousands also without running water in the stifling summer heat five out of six water plants in Lake Charles damaged the water and electricity. Is Out and you should expect it to be out for weeks the storm killing at least sixteen people more than half the deaths now linked to carbon monoxide poisoning from generators. Residents returning to find their homes decimated. Neighbors helping neighbors when he knocked on their door. I was like. Thank you God convoy of hope one of many volunteer organizations that rolled into Tau with their donated supplies and having amounts of the storm victims that needed food water and tarps for damaged roofs found a woman who lost her home in this storm we do you need. What they? OUGHTA, whatever they gave out you'd be safe. Alright mercy chefs, Gary Leblanc Make Restaurant quality meals for those in need, and if you can't pick it up, they'll deliver. To share a meal with someone that's just lost. Everything is a special honour for us. Such a tough time right now they're in Louisiana. It's great to see some of that relief getting in. Let's get right to Rob Marciano. He's in Baton Rouge Tonight Rob. Good evening. Good, evening time the weather has not been great for the first two days of recovery yesterday it rained today the heat wasn't beat stifling matter. Of fact, heat advisories up for that part of the stones storms on heat warnings up farther northward. They're also without power there. You see it to with temperatures right around one hundred and eleven degrees. That's what it feels like the. Heat and humidity in Shreveport higher than that as you get into Arkansas remnants of Lord. Now into the northeast, it's that front squeezes. We have strong thunderstorms along I ninety five DC, Philly and New York, a tornado warning right now, just north of Albany that clears out tonight and two more storm systems to watch as we are today, the fifteen, th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina which. Devastated this part of Louisiana Tom Fifteen years ago. Alright. Alright Rob. Thank you for that next night the corona virus nearing six million cases in the US more than one hundred, eighty, two, thousand American lives lost cases in clusters of the virus. Now on college campuses in every state. The University of Alabama reporting more than one thousand cases nearly five hundred students testing positive in three days. Here's ABC's Trevor All. Tonight Corona virus outbreaks reported on college campuses. In all fifty states open nineteen. It is an insidious in terms of ability to spread cases soaring at the University of Alabama more than one thousand, two, hundred students infected the possibility of the school canceling in person classes alarming local leaders university as a two billion dollar economic impact to lose the University of Alabama in person. Classes will cost thousands of people's jobs facing that same pressure. The University of Arizona tonight appears to have prevented a potential outbreak before it could take hold now have to tell you we were quite amazed university researchers have been testing campus wastewater for covid nineteen. They detected trace amounts from a dormitory Monday promptly testing every student in the building for the virus identifying an. To Ace, symptomatic cases in just twenty four hours, it seems like the way you're doing it might be one of the most efficient ways to try to track this when you say that's accurate. I we feel based on the data we have in history apparently accurate. We can predict about seven ten days in advance what's going to happen but across the country thousands of families still losing loved ones a one year old. Georgia boy now the state. Victim to succumb to the virus officials say he had underlying health issues. And in California. A deadly outbreak forcing a poultry plant to shut down for the three hundred fifty workers testing positive with eight deaths. I don't know how you can really feel safe. Being there. And Tom here in New York City still moving in the right direction with infection rates at record lows. The Metropolitan Museum of Art has finally reopened at twenty percent capacity Tom a positive sign no doubt all right trevor thank you. Back now, with the rescue ship stranded in the Mediterranean the ship funded and painted by the artist bank see reports coming in that it's overloaded with two hundred nineteen migrants unable to move at least one person board has died the crew sending an ESA west, the Italian coastguard rescue about fifty of the most vulnerable passengers, the rest of the pastors though transfer to another boat. Now, waiting for a country to allow them to make port time. Now for index in the boat explosion rocking marina overseas the shocking blossoming a woman flying into the. Water right there a gas attendant jumping in behind her the boat had stopped to refuel on the Italian island of Ponza. No serious injuries reported and back here at home to the man rescued after he was trapped under a lawnmower in the water, the victim, the vehicle after tipped over into a pond in Oklahoma City first responders lifting his head above the water as they work to pull the mower off him, he was taken to the hospital with minor injuries finally, tonight, a hero on screen and off Chadwick Bozeman in his own words. Stand here today knowing. That my Howard University Education prepared me to play Jackie Robinson. James Brown. Thurgood. Marshall. And to challenge ten me out to best protect conduct. Want to be a great Kigoma we knew that we had something special. That exemplified a world that we wanted to see. I WanNa play her got the guts not fight back. Give me A. Uniform. Give me A. Number of my back. I'll give you the gut. Sometimes, you need to get knocked now before you can really figure out what to which fighters Thurgood Marshall with the SEP we're not like most lawyers. We only represent innocent people people accused because of their race that's our mission, but if you're willing to take the hardaway. The more complicated one, the one with more failures at first successes. One that has ultimately proven to have more meaning victory. More glory the You will not regret it. Chadwick Bozeman was forty three years old I'm Tom your with so much at stake so much on the line more Americans turn here than any place else ABC News World News Tonight with David Muir. We have made it through another week together America's most once program across all television.

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Chadwick Bosemans Death, DNI Wont Brief Congress on Election Interference, & More  Sunday, August 30th

Rob Talk Podcast

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Chadwick Bosemans Death, DNI Wont Brief Congress on Election Interference, & More Sunday, August 30th

"Thank you for tuning in to the rapport show robbery bring you the latest politics news and analysis with a dash of progressive perspective. Make sure you're subscribed wherever you're listening or watching hope you're having a wonderful Sunday let's get informed. The Black Panthers Start Shadwick Bozeman has died after a four year long battle with colon cancer and what is now the most likely tweet of all time a statement posted to his twitter reads quote. It is with immeasurable grief that we confirm the passing of Chadwick Bozeman Chadwick was diagnosed with Stage three colon cancer in two, thousand, sixteen and battle with these last four years as a progressive stage for a true fighter. Chadwick persevere through it all and brought you many of the films you have come to love so much for Marshall to defy bloods August Wilson's Ma Rainey's. Black bottom and several more all were filmed during in between countless surgeries and chemotherapy. It was the honor of his career to bringing to trial it to life and Black Panther. He died in his home with his wife and family by his side the family. Thank you for your love and prayers and ask that you continue to respect their privacy during this difficult time and quote. I haven't seen an outpouring of love and morning like this since Kobe Bryant's untimely death in the beginning of this year what a tragic loss for the community I know heartbreaking to lose an idol or a beloved actor like this. Bozeman wasn't just known for Black Panther though his breakout role came in two thousand thirteen in the movie forty, two in which he played Jackie. Robinson them will be honored Jackie Robinson Day on the day of bozeman staffs several months delayed do pandemic. Bozeman also gave a commencement speech in two thousand eighteen to Howard University, his Alma Mater where he graduated in two thousand. Kamla Harris. Also, a Howard graduate tweeted that quote my friend and fellow Bison Chadwick Bozeman was brilliant kind learned and humble. He left too early but his life made a difference sending my sincere condolences to his family and quote additionally Mark Ruffalo a fellow Marvel Star tweeted what a man and wondering immense talent brother. You are one of the all time greats and your greatness was only beginning. Lord love you rest in power king. The Office of the Director of National Intelligence will no longer offer in person briefings on election security and foreign election interference NBC. News is reporting. Trump is trying to blame leaks to the press is the reason for this change during trump's trip to Texas and Louisiana Saturday to survey damage from Hurricane Laura White House Chief of staff mark. Meadows said that the last time they gave briefings a few members of Congress went out and talk to the press and disclose too much information. NBC News also says that earlier this summer the Office of the denial released information to the public announcing the Russians were once again, trying to help donald trump in his election by sabotaging Biden trump. Of course, as he's done for years has tried to downplay the significance of Russia's election interference and a recent New York. Times magazine investigation found that classified intelligence reports have been softened to fit trump's narrative. Understand that some trump is will try to tell you that China, and Iran are also trying to interfere in this election in the hopes of ousting donald trump. That fact is also true but it is not to the same degree Russia unlike China in an has an incredibly complex network of disinformation tools at its disposal ordered from the highest levels of their government meaning Vladimir Putin so understand that. The trump is are being dishonest or ignorant of the facts when they tried to make false equivalency arguments like that. But anyway, this move from the director of the National Intelligence. To cancel election interference briefings is very convenient timing for the trump campaign a portion of a statement from Democrats Nancy, Pelosi Adam Schiff who were the speaker of the House and the House Intelligence Committee chairman respectively reads quote. The Office of the Director of National Intelligence has informed us that it will no longer provide briefings to members, of Congress, including the House and Senate intelligence committees on foreign efforts to interfere in our coming elections. This is shocking abdication of its lawful responsibility to keep the congress currently informed and a betrayal of the public's right to know how foreign power trying to subvert our democracy. This intelligence belongs to the American people, not the agencies which are Custodian and the American people have both the right and the need to know that another nation Russia is trying to help decide who the president should be and quote. Let me know your thoughts on this latest move to stop election interference briefings and the comments on Youtube or on twitter at rob four show. The Republican. National Convention was this past weekend, and as we talked about previously, it was a bonkers propagandistic trash event that utterly failed to make the case for Donald Trump's reelection. But we now have the news that some interview footage shown at the event was from individuals who are anti-trump. Three New York City tenants who were interviewed for an RNC video said that they had no idea, their interviews we're going to be used for that purpose. The interviews were conducted by the trump appointed head of the Department of Housing and Urban Development. Region that includes New York. This is actually a violation of the Hatch Act for a person of appointed government office to be promoting political agenda in this way but trump breaking ethics laws is not something shocking or surprising, which is part of what's been. So devastating about his presidency, he constantly toes the line and breaks ethics laws left and right but faces almost no consequences except for an impeachment of which he was ultimately acquitted by the Republican controlled Senate. We know we have to do at the ballot box November perhaps not even November for example and taxes early voting starts on October thirteenth. So catch me at the polls around then I'm on Instagram at Rub for show, follow me there and feel free to me if you have any election questions. The University of Alabama has reported over one thousand positive covid nineteen tests since classes resumed, it only took ten days to reach this number of students. A news release from Friday said that no hospitalizations of students had occurred since incurring the onslaught of cases colleges around the country are struggling with what to do surrounding the pandemic as he's a pretty uncharted waters in a modern world. This new zone of Alabama comes global total is rapidly approaching twenty, five million confirmed cases, and by the time you're listening to this, it may already be there. The global death toll on the other hand is approaching one million and it's currently sitting at eight hundred forty thousand that puts the United States at twenty one percent of the global deaths even though we only account for four percent of the world's population. What percentage of the population is going to have to die for us to take this more seriously and take some common sense measures? Well, the answer lies long in the past because in my opinion, there is no death toll will reach for US implement common sense laws that ship sailed around. May of this year we screwed up magnificently here in the US by opening backup when we were at twenty thousand new cases every day and we've soared backup well past that sense. So I guess we're just GonNa let it rip and wait for a vaccine. There is blood on federal and local governments hands here. With few exceptions all response was the worst and has been the worst in the world. Brazil India and Russia. Come to mind for horrible responses. But other than that our response has been grossly inept. Donald Trump's campaign has come up empty when pressed for evidence of election fraud in court a five, hundred, twenty, four page document produced by the trump campaign reveals that trump's claims about mail in ballot fraud are false. Of course if you've been paying attention, you would already know this but mail in ballot voter fraud is an incredibly hard felony to pull off. I know conspiratorial low information voters may not know this but I know if you're listening to this show, you probably already knew that. The trump campaign could produce no instances of mail and voter fraud. In recent years. One thing the trump campaign is suing for the prevention of secure drop boxes at election offices for ballots. Trump's campaign has claimed without any evidence that secure dropbox would provide fraudsters with an easy opportunity to engage ballot, harvesting, manipulate or destroy ballots, manufacturer, duplicitous votes, and so chaos. Suzanne how Alameda interim director of common sense. PA. Apart in the lawsuit says quote not only did the campaign failed to provide evidence voter fraud was a widespread problem in Pennsylvania they failed to provide any evidence that any misconduct occurred in the primary election or that. So called voter fraud is any sort of regular problem in Pennsylvania and quote. Voter fraud especially, mail in voter fraud does not exist in the state of Pennsylvania it seems. Trump's like to make baseless claims based around what their dear leader says. So if someone tries to argue with you, there really is no point save your energy for trying to get out the vote. So a big theme of the RNC, was this idea of promises made promises kept the idea that trump made promises and kept them. To charitable to Donald Trump. All is some of the promises he did keep, but then I want to go through huge things he promised during his twenty six campaign but never got close to doing, and in fact, did the opposite in some instances one promise kept is deregulation specifically on climate trump removed us from the Paris climate agreement and rolled back vehicle emission standards, setting us back years in progress on the fight against global warming. Each month of twenty twenty has been the hottest were second hottest month of all time. Another promises kept has been picking conservative judges. He's done that with tons and tons of judges all throughout the country, two different federal appointments, and he's gotten two justices on the Supreme Court. The judge appointments are particularly pernicious because those judges will far outlived trump. I Want Biden picking the next of federal and Supreme Court justices. Additionally trump cap the promise of moving the US embassy in Israel to Jerusalem a needlessly inflammatory move that his base absolutely loved. So he has kept a few promises, but mostly he has failed. He promised to get universal health care for everyone and twenty fifteen statement but failed to do so and actually trying to reverse obamacare and twenty seventeen. But it failed in the Senate marginally when the late Republican John McCain famously voted no in saved twenty three million people from being uninsured overnight. The next promise trump broke was on. He promised to increase taxes for the rich like himself saying quote I do very well I don't mind paying some taxes and quote. Of course, his two thousand, seventeen tax bill which did pass if carried out through twenty, twenty seven would involve eighty-three percent of the tax cuts going to the top one percent of Americans. So this was another failed promise. Another promise trump wade was to cut the national deficit to zero in eight years. It was nineteen point nine, trillion dollars. When he took office, it soared to twenty three, trillion dollars in January before the pandemic started and currently it's resting at twenty six, point six trillion. So not only did trump failed to make a reduction to the deficit is floated over six point seven, trillion dollars since he took office almost four years ago. The next thing he promised after his opponent Hillary, Clinton proposed a five hundred billion dollar infrastructure bill was a one trillion dollar infrastructure bill. Nothing of the sort happened he had an opportunity in twenty nineteen after Democrats retook the house, but then a month later, he thanked the talks after getting mad at Democrats for investigating his administration. The last false promise I want to touch on here is that of maternity leave trump promised six months of paid maternity leave to any new mother in. America. Whose employer does not provide it this did not happen. We need to talk about polls because I cannot stress enough how possible another trump went is in fact, I would argue it's just as likely as in two thousand sixteen when he shocked the world and defeated, Hillary? Clinton. We have an electoral college system here in America so essentially. Fifty concurrent independent presidential elections, and that determines the winter. The Electoral College favors Republicans historically, and we have to be aware of that. But even then nationally, the polls have shifted in trump's favor in recent days. So never mind the battleground states the national polls are pending a post-convention boost for and I blow for Biden Morning Console pre-convention polls showed Biden was up ten points on trump fifty, two to forty two. Post Convention polls from consult showed a four point shift in trump's favor. The current matchup is Biden. Fifty two, trump forty four. That's only point lead for Biden down from ten points just weeks ago. Additionally in just three days time five, thirty, eight DOT coms election forecast has changed from Joe Biden seventy one percent chance of winning the presidency down to a sixty nine percent chance. That's a two point drop that gives trump a thirty one percent chance of winning the presidency, which is better. That's a better position than trump was in on election day and Twenty Sixteen when beat Hillary Clinton the message is. Do not get complacent vote for Biden Harris this fall. If you want to save the economy and reduce unemployment, it's not simple folks. That's all for today. Thank you for tuning in. If this show brings you value share with a friend and let them know they should be listening or watching as well. Also, please make sure you're subscribed on Youtube, or on your podcast APPS. He don't miss an episode have a great rest of your day I'll see you next time.

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EPISODE #069: A special tribute edition of The Deep Dive Microcast dives into the origins of the Black Panther!

The Deep Dive Podcast

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EPISODE #069: A special tribute edition of The Deep Dive Microcast dives into the origins of the Black Panther!

"This episode is dedicated to actor role model and real life Superhero Chadwick Bozeman. Hello divers welcome to the deep dive Micra cast. Many of us were shocked recently to here of Chadwick Bozeman timely passing from colon cancer at the age of forty three. During his far too brief career onscreen Bozeman used his considerable talents to bring several African American legends to life including baseball icon, Jackie Robinson, Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall, and the godfather of soul. James. Brown. But it was through his role as Khandan King and Superhero the Black Panther. The Chadwick Bozeman became a superstar. Being a marvel character Black Panther obviously originated in the pages of comic books but how was the character created? What prompted marvel to introduce black. Panther too young readers. And what controversy surrounded the name that's what we'll explore in this special tribute edition of the deep dive micro cast. The year is nineteen, sixty, six in the United States is deep in the throes of what would become known as the civil rights movement. African. Americans across the country were struggling to gain equal rights and equal protection under the law. The movements most prominent leader, Dr Martin, Luther King Junior promoted change through violence and civil disobedience. In October of sixty six, a new civil rights group was formed by two College Students Huey Newton and Bobby Seale. This organization would take a more aggressive approach towards achieving racial equality. They called themselves the Black Panther Party. These were the first Black Panthers armed defiant. Symbols of the whole history of violence and counter violence that surrounds the Black Panther Party. The panthers believe the whole economic and political system is against them. The POOR BLACK AND WHITE And that if death is the result of picking up the gun, well, that's the price you have to pay for what you believe in. It has been suggested that either the Black Panther Party took its name from the comic book character or Vice Versa because both began in one, thousand, nine, hundred, sixty, six. Neither story is true. King to Challah the Black Panther. Betas comic book debut in Issue Number. Fifty, two of marvel comics the fantastic four. That issue had a cover date of July. Nineteen, sixty six. So that means the Black Panther party was created after the debut of the character himself. So that means the Black Panther character wasn't named after the organization. But was the organization named after the character. Well. No it wasn't. A couple of years earlier and Alabama civil rights group needed an easily recognizable symbol for party members who could not read. That's symbol was borrowed from the local. Black. University's Mascot the panthers. That Alabama civil rights group ultimately became the Black Panther Party. So. As you can see, the two had no impact on each other. Sort of we'll get to that in a bit. High? Heroes. This is Stanley coming at you. Want to know marvel has always been and always will be a reflection of the world right outside our window. That world may change and evolve. But the one thing that will never change is the way we tell our stories of heroism. Those stories of room for everyone regardless of their race gender religion or color of their skin. The only things we don't have room for our hatred intolerance and bigotry. ooh, that was stanley from two thousand, seventeen the year before his passing. Many. Words have been written spoken about his motivations is showmanship and his spotty record for crediting his co creators. Nevertheless, Lee had a pension for using his comics to promote causes that he genuinely believed him. One of those causes was civil rights. Prior to the introduction of the Black Panther in nineteen, sixty, six Africans were portrayed as stereotypical savages. An African Americans were relegated to being sidekicks used as comedy relief. The world had not yet seen a mainstream. African. Superhero much less than African American one. But that was about to change. Stanley and legendary artists. Jack Kirby Co created the Black Panther to confound those prior stereotypes. Panther was king to Challah Benevolent Ruler of what conduct a peaceful hidden, technologically advanced civilization. Kirby's incredibly vibrant and detailed illustrations made Macondo seem like a futuristic paradise. It would be an early example of, but would come to be called. Afro Future. ISM. Emerging, of native African culture with futuristic technology. To Challah himself was portrayed as a strong proud leader and an incredibly skilled fighter. He was also a scientist who used his country's resources to fight threats to himself and his nation, not to mention the world as one of the avengers. Lease set himself on several occasions that he wanted to introduce a black hero because of the civil. Rights? Movement. The time he felt was right. Interestingly because the Black Panther was African and not an African. American. The character did not need to directly reference civil unrest going on in the United States thereby sidestepping potential controversy. In, fact, the original costume designed for the black. Panther had his cowl exposed the lower half of his face making his ethnicity clear to readers. Before publication of his debut, it was changed to a full face masks to avoid having problems distributing the issue in southern states where stores might be wary featuring a black hero on the cover. Still. The doors had been opened and it was only a few years later that the first mainstream African American superhero the Falcon was introduced by Marvel. In the half centuries since his introduction, the Black Panther has appeared alongside almost every other mainstream marvel hero. He's had his own comic book title. Locations and made his way onto many marvel animated series as well. To journey of a cage. Warrior. A venture in Avenger I'm an injure. Practically family what is my favorite connor? I'M GONNA go. With. Black. The season premiere of Mortals Adventures Black Panthers. grumpy. By the TATA sister. Saw you new idea. Previously. I mentioned that the Black Panther Party and the character did have some connection. In. The early one, thousand, nine, hundred, seventy s the black. Panther party had been making news headlines after engaging in armed conflicts with police and eventually among warring factions with in the organization itself. The violence and infighting garnered a lot of negative media coverage. The Black Panther Party had become more famous and infamous than the marvel character ever was. That infamy eventually trickle down to the Black Panther himself when in one, thousand, nine, hundred, seventy, one issue of the fantastic four to Challah decides to rename himself the Black Leopard. His reasoning. Equipped to character I neither condemn nor condone those who have taken up the name but to Challah is a law unto himself. The name change only lasted for that appearance shortly thereafter in nineteen seventy, two's of vendors issue one. Oh, five to Challah exclaims quote I am not a stereotype I m myself I M, the Black Panther Unquote Since the character's creation during the height of the civil rights movement. The Black Panther has been an integral if not always prevalent character in the marvel. Universe. Thanks to the success of the twenty eighteen film, the names Kanda Cherie. Kia Acquai-, and of course to Challah. Had become positive and permanent fixtures in popular culture. What will become of the Marvel? Cinematic Universe version of the character. There are many more stories to tell. So it's certain that someone new will one day take on the mantle. Of the Black Panther. Will that be. We'll find out soon. Enough. That's it for this week. Thank you for joining me next time on the deep dive podcast. Manda and I dive into movies that everyone loves but we hate, which is the opposite of what we did the last time. Thank you for listening. If this is the first time, you've heard this podcast checkout, our past episode subscribe so you don't missing one. And we want to hear from you drop us a line at the deep dive podcast g mail, dot com, or on our facebook instagram or twitter feeds you can find links to those on our website, the deep dive podcast, Dot Com. All clips using the deep dive cast are meant for educational purposes only and not to infringe on existing copyrights. The Deep Dive Lounge theme was arranged performed by Robert acorn based on the original composition by Ryan Blaney. The deep dive micro cast is a production of the Thomason Studios.

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MYB #43: Purpose - The Essential Element Of You

Maximize Your Brand

57:20 min | 10 months ago

MYB #43: Purpose - The Essential Element Of You

"Twenty twenty has been one of the most challenging years for many and of Covid nineteen social unrest, and all the various challenges of the world is experience wasn't enough. We have experienced some great loss and this country and today I wanNA dedicate this particular episode to sharing with you on the life and legacy of Chadwick Bozeman, and I've entitled this episode purpose. The essential element of you because Chadwick was someone who was an advocate individuals finding and knowing the purpose of even went as far as had a quote in the Huffington. Post where he said purpose is an essential element of you. It is the reason you're on the planet at this particular time in history your very existence is wrapped up in the things you are here to fulfill, and in this episode, we're going to talk about the life and legacy of Chadwick, but as well as some of the foundational principles of how your purpose can really create a successful life, their lease, a lasting legacy I. Hope you enjoy this episode that I'm sharing a livestream while I talked about this particular awesome young man. What's going on everyone welcome to another way Wednesday live with market brain. So excited to be with you, we normally call these maximize your brand Wednesday but today we have a very special. Addition that I'm not going to be with you long today, but definitely want it to come in and to share with you this particular live that I'm doing. So thank you for joining me today for this live. I'm always excited and. Ecstatic to be served with you each every Monday Wednesday and Friday via facebook live and today we WanNa talk about this. IDEA. This philosophy of purpose, the essential element of UK purpose, the essential element of you and I got that title from a quote by. Chadwick both men who we are going to be talking a little bit about today briefly as we reflect on his life, his impact on the world, as well as the great work that he did and the fine arts. But if I could just read that quote to you before I, get started. Let me introduce myself to those who may be joining me for the very first time I am Markeith Brayton personal brand strategist and style master coach, and I'm always wanting to inspire always wanting to inform always wanting to uplift those who are connected to me and today I just wanted to kind of share a little bit on what I've gleaned from the actor Chadwick Bozeman. and. The quote that kind of inspire today's title actually posted on my facebook page. So if you want to go to my facebook page at Markey's Brayton you'll find the quote from this morning and basically the quote says this. Purpose is an essential element of you. It is the reason you are on the planet at this particular time in history your very existence is wrapped up in the things you are here to fulfill Chadwick both men. And when I read that quote it kind of reminded me of the many times I talk about the idea of purpose the many times that I bring up the fact that purpose is definitely an essential aspect. Of You and when I think about purpose, I can't help but think about. Dr The late Dr Myles, Munroe who WHO'S Quote on purpose is really the inspiration and the foundation for which I found in my own personal business on. And that quote simply says this the greatest tragedy in life. Is Life Without purpose life that simply has no direction. Moreover, life's greatest failure is to be successful at the wrong assignment. And Paul's. because. When I say that that really always gives me goosebumps. that. The greatest failure in life. Is To be successful at the wrong assignment is to be off. Your purpose purpose is to not be in alignment with your purpose is to not fulfill your purpose is to go to your grave. Left all of your gifts and talents amused. And when I thought about Chadwick, both men and the the eight years really that he had a the leading roles between the time the he was a thirty, three, thirty four until his death there were eight major roles. That he played and their four or five. I'm GONNA highlight today. But when I think about those roles, he played when I think about those movies that he had the leading role in. I think about how purposeful he was. I, think about how intentional he was I think about how planned he was how focused he was I think about how much of a visionary he was. Because if if he not been visionary and he had he not been a person of purpose, had he not been a person of intent to nowadays the widespread? Gas of air that people have when they heard of his death. Wouldn't have been. One kinda. Talk to you today a little bit about. What? Purpose. Sets, the foundation for. and. I want to use his life as an example of what purpose sets the foundation for them, I didn't know him personally. But you get to kind of. Guess you get to County Glean? You get to kind of believe that he was this type of person through different roles that he played in the various. Movies. And so let's kind of happen to this conversation about. Purpose the essential element of you. That this essential element of who you are has a lot to do with your. Purpose. So. Let's hop into. The facebook live reflection on the life of Chadwick. Bozeman November twenty, nine, thousand, nine, hundred, seventy, six to August Twenty, eight, twenty, twenty, and this live. PODCAST is live video was inspired because I was listening to various interviews of from his teachers from Howard University from friends who grew up with Chadwick who really had great things to say about who he was and Many of them were not surprised that it was unknown. Situation. Regarding. His. Cancel diagnosis because they said that he was a person. Who was selfless? He said, they said he was a person. Who didn't necessarily want to draw attention to himself but wanted to draw more attention to the causes to the efforts to the different things that were more important to him. In the community. To to bring attention to those things that needed to be brought attention to or to bring awareness to those things that needed to be brought awareness of. and. So we're gonNA just kind of through some of the things that I believe are key foundational things that come along with the philosophy or the idea of purpose. Because we use this word right often we use it often and becomes cliche and we hear so many people talk about purpose of the point that we might even take it for granted. But I think that what he has done. Through his life to help us to really you refocus our attention back on. Asking ourselves what is my purpose? Why am I here? What is it that I'm supposed to do in the earth another quote by late Dr Malls and rose says live full die empty. What am I supposed to die empty? What am I supposed to be utilizing to the maximum potential to ensure? That I live for yet die. Empty. So let's Look at some of the movies. That he played in. One of the first movies. Early on he he played Jackie. Robinson in in forty two. And it was a great picture or great movie where he had an opportunity to really. Show US was like for. Jackie to play in the major league baseball and have to go through the various. Different challenges of racism and the challenges of Jim Crow. Challenges. To just to play a game. And he purposefully was intentional a wanted to play these type of roles. For. The? Culture. He purposely and was intentional wanting to depict the stories of these cultural icons. These individuals who made a major difference in our world in our society. That was one of the first movies I can remember. Watching and seeing Chadwick an thought that he did a phenomenal job. With that. the second movie I believe I. Saw Him in was Marshall Thurgood Marshall Great Alpha Man. And here was another opportunity for Chadwick to play a role of individual who was significant to the culture of the African American. Significant to to the American fabric. A fighting against things racism of fighting against systems that would hold individuals who like me back that would keep us from really living a full life. And so he was intentional once again about playing these roles. Depicting these stories of great. Icons great individuals who fought the good fight of faith I'd like to say who were intentional and their own lives who served out their own purpose. who were willing to sacrifice their life? For the betterment of this. And we think about the roles that he played. When you think about these movies that he was a leading role in. You can't help but think that how much of these roles were in alignment with his own life his. Professors talked about how Chadwick was not. Intending to actually become actor he was more of a playwright he went to Howard to be director. But he? Tries this he pivoted into to acting. Another movie. Get on up playing James Brown. Now the cultural icon. Very different from the Jackie. Robinson very different from the Thurgood. Marshall however will still a story that he felt like. Needed to be told, needed to be shared needed to be. Bring awareness to. Not just for african-americans American before for the world to be able to see. Great. Actor great role that he played in depicting. James Delays Things Brown. And then lastly. Many of us will forever probably remember his role in Black Panther. Black pather. Many great. Actors and actresses in this particular movie. But we remember him. Revealing to us. In his role. As. As the prince as the king. Ultimately. in this particular movie. And What he was able to inspire and so many people in playing this particular role. Intentional. Being on purpose being an alignment. Being strategic. Because what was it that he was wanting to do to inspire to impact to influence. These roles were important. To to play these roles were important to him to ensure that. Individuals who were coming after him understood in new, the could to have rose they to be intentional about the roles that they accept in the movies that they want to be in. Play these roles in excellence he was one who who took his craft very serious so much we can learn even from that so much. We can learn from just taking your crafts theory being focused enough. To take your. Craft. Seriously and. So let's talk about some of these foundational things for which purpose really speaks to gives us the foundation based on. What we were able to glean from. Tab Mix life through playing. These roles. Right. And so I came up with five different. Foundational. principles. That I believe purpose really Kinda helps us to. Really Apply to allies and don't forget to type your name in the comments. Let me know where you're tuning in from as well as a feel free to make comments and share as you are watching live engaged with me throughout this this lie but the first thing I think that. First Foundational principle that I believe purpose gives us. And helps us with his vision. That when you on purpose You you. You have to be a person who's a visionary you have to be a person who has the ability to to look forward. Understand that you have a pass understand that you have experienced as but that your vision speaks to where you're wanting to go your vision speaks to something that's bigger than you. I believe it was Helen Keller. WHO said that? There is the only thing worse than being blind having is sight but no vision. Say it again Helen Keller says the only thing this. Than being blind is having is sight but no vision purpose. To help give US vision. Then when we really are in alignment and we really are intentional and we really are focused on our purpose. We really dig deep to understand and know what our purpose is to give us vision for our life. So give us vision for our life. The second foundational principle I think is import. Is Focus that purpose? Give us focus right. So many of us can be distracted. But I think it's because of. Not, really fully understanding purpose. That, there are so many different things going on a roundabout US vying for our attention that. We we lose sight of a purpose. And in losing sight of our purpose, did we lose focus? And I like the acronym that I learned from. podcast by the name of John Lee Dumas. He says that focus is following one course until success Chadwick helped us to see. That he had one course in mind. And then when you look at the movies that he was a leading role in you see. The focused that he had on the stories that he wanted to tell. That many of his roles were truly in alignment with what he believes his purpose. So he focused in on the stories that he wanted to share. The he wanted to tell so that we could have an opportunity to better understand and better know the stories. Focus is a second I believe foundational printable. That? Purpose gives us. The. Third. One. Is. Relevance. That Purpose helps to give us relevants. Relevance meaning that. You are for the lack of a better word or to make it layman in the right place at the right time it's it's relevant for the moment is relevant for the season it's relevant for the person. That it was needed right here and now. That in this time of social unrest and this time of challenge in this time where. Black men and women are being. Murdered senselessly by individuals who is supposed to be protecting us. That the stories that he was willing to be the leading role in and the movies that he was willing to act in. Were relevant to give us hope give inspiration gives us motivation. That we can be as African Americans as as African American men as American women. That we rise above the challenges that we rise above all of the situations and the things that come against us to keep us. Oppressed. Giwa. was relevant. Because he was on purpose because he was. About his purpose. And we to have opportunity to be relevant. When we are on purpose. When we are in our place of significance. We to. Number Four. Character. Purpose. GIVES US our cart. That are character can't be shouldn't be out of aligned with what our purpose is. Then when I know my purpose when I rest in my purpose, this reflects in my character. that. I won't do. Anything. That will. Will Bring. Any negative thing to my character because I'm staying on purpose now. Here's the thing. That society may try to negatively. Impact. Your purpose. Because I mean impact your character because you fulfilling your purpose because everybody may not understand your purpose. But your character will continue to carry out what you know your purpose is. And we'll say it again that society may try to taint your character because you are in alignment with purpose. But character will will inspire you and keep you focused on ensuring that you fulfill your purpose in spite of. What society may have to say. The character of the. Individual. Purpose. Helped to speak to purpose helps to give us what we need. Advertise to our. Character and then the fifth thing that I believe that purpose tremendously. Gives. To be able to carry out. Is Legacy. But at the end of the day. That when you're on purpose and when you're fulfilling the thing in which you know you were called and created to do. That long after you're gone, your legacy still lives. This is why we were so impacted by. Somebody like a chat shower Bozeman. because. Of His intention nationality. Of, being on purpose. And when you're on purpose, your legacy speaks for itself. When you're on purpose your legacy doesn't die when you die from this world. That's good right there that when you're on purpose almost say it again, your legacy doesn't die. When you die from this world physical world, but the legacy continues to live on. That you you literally are just transitioning from one. Dispensation to the next. But that when you're all purpose when you intentional about your purpose when you? Intentional about fulfilling your purpose when you know what your purpose is when you are. Keen and focused on what it is that you know your call to do. then. Win. It's your time to leave this earth your legacy will continue to speak. And speak and speak five. Things I believe. Found five foundational principles of purpose. Focus. Relevance. Character. And legacy say it again vision. Helen Keller. The only thing worse than being blind as having is sight but no vision. Focus. Big Focus on what is the assignment that you call to do don't be worried about what everybody else is doing around you don't be concerned about what the Joneses quote unquote are doing, what is it that you are called to do in the earth? And then what is it that you need to do to fulfil relevance? That you being on purpose gives you relevance. When you're on purpose always relevant. Say that. Again when you're on purpose, you're always relevant. When you're Im- purpose you always relevant. Character. Character. Is All about who you are when nobody's watching you. Purpose, you don't have to worry about it. When nobody's watching you and then legacy is what speaks after your gone. What will be your legacy? What will you leave behind? What will people say about you? After you long. After you've taken your last. Breath. This is what I wanted to share today very brief opportunity just to talk about. The. Life and legacy. Chat with Bozeman as it pertains to. To purpose. and. I'll remind you of at quote once again. That, he share that I shared on my page. He says that purpose is an essential element of you. Purpose is an essential element of. You It is the reason you are on the planet at this particular time. In history. Your very existence is a wrapped up in the things you are here to fulfill. My question to you today is, what are you here to fulfill? What are you here? To, fulfill not for yourself but in the lives of others. And the truth of the matter is I'll leave you with another late. Dr. myles. Munroe. Quote. He says that the greatest wealth? Not Found. In. All minds of Texas not found. In the goal minds of African not found. In the coal mines arrest. Virginia. But the wealthiest place on earth simply. The graveyard. The graveyard that is just down the street from many of our homes is the most valuable wealthiest place. On Earth why? Because there, you'll find dreams never fulfilled. Books never written businesses never started relationships never. began. began. Why because many of US allow fear? Many of US allow. Various relationships. Many of US allow low self esteem and lack of confidence to keep us from fulfilling the thing that we knew. We are here for, but if you still have breath in your body. You still have time to fulfill your. Purpose I am Markeith brain popping amd for this opportunity just to share a little bit. On the life and legacy of. Chadwick boatsmen. As he left a a huge legacy that we'll talk about for years many say gone too soon. I'm not willing to say gone too soon because I know my God to be a god of purpose. At to say that he's gone too soon means they died made a mistake. And the God that I know makes no mistakes. I'm willing to believe that Chadwick Wick Bozeman. Had nothing left. To give. And that's how I WANNA leave. Out of this place hope you have a great rest of your day. Thank you for joining me and thank you for being part of this conversation. I'll be right here with you again on. Friday. But just remember this alway suit for the top because it is the bottom. Does overcrowded take care.

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NPR News: 08-29-2020 2PM ET

NPR News Now

04:39 min | 10 months ago

NPR News: 08-29-2020 2PM ET

"Live from NPR news. I'm Barbara Kline president trump has arrived in Lake Charles Louisiana. The first stop on a tour to survey damage wrought by Hurricane Laura both Louisiana and Texas clean up is underway. NPR's Kirk. siegler is in Hack Berry Louisiana trying to get around parts of southwest Louisiana as a challenge to say nothing for all the people who have lost nearly everything power lines down a whole huge old growth trees completely uprooted blocking roads. I'm on a street off of. The highway here where multiple mobile homes have been completely flattened. Frankly, it looks a lot more like you might see after a destructive tornado comes through a hurricane officials on the Gulf coast warned likely be weeks before water and electricity are restored a march in Kenosha. Wisconsin. Is planned today to protest police violence after the police shooting of Jacob Blake. At the same time, a citizens group in Wisconsin has launched a petition to recall the state's democratic. Governor and Lieutenant. Governor. Mardi Michelson of. Member station W. W. M. reports. The recall effort comes in the wake of this week's violence. The group says it's launching the drive because of Governor Tony. Evolves lack of response to the unrest in Kenosha the police shooting of Jacob Lake last. Sunday. Sparked several nights of protesting and burning of businesses. Iverson. Initially rejected federal help to quell the unrest but then accepted resources after two protesters were killed the group has sixty days together nearly seven hundred thousand signatures in order to put. A recall election on the ballot, it's the second time in the past decade that Wisconsin Governor has faced a recall Republican governor. Scott Walker was recalled in two thousand twelve but won the election for NPR news. I'm Mardi Michelson in Milwaukee in Sweden police have arrested three people on suspicion of inciting hatred after far right activists repeatedly desecrated Koran, in the city of Malmo is Teri Schultz reports the activists are angry that a far right politician from Denmark isn't being allowed into the country. Violence broke out Friday night after members of the Danish right political party hard line a Karan on fire and Mama and posted video of it. Online people can be seen in the video criticizing the action as the Muslim holy book. Burns police say more than three hundred people later gathered in downtown momber to protest and the situation escalated into participants, setting fires, destroying bus stop shelters, and throwing things at officers and other authorities more than a dozen people were detained but released today the arrests were three people kicking. Karan, Danish Anti. Immigration. Activists. Russia's poed Don who heads the hardline group was denied entry to Sweden Friday and is now banned from the country for two years for NPR news I'm Teri Schultz. THIS IS NPR The United Arab Emirates has formally ended its boycott of Israel. The latest step in a US broker deal establishing formal diplomatic ties. Today's decree allows Emirati to have official dealings with his rallies. The two countries have had. Ties for years, but the decree could pave the way for more commerce between them. Actor Chadwick Bozeman best known for his starring role in Black Panther has died at his home in the Los Angeles area here's NPR's genuine bozeman was diagnosed with stage three colon cancer in two thousand sixteen battling it for four years as it progressed to stage four according to a statement posted on his twitter account. Bozeman. Had Not publicly spoken about his illness although fans had expressed concern after photos of his weight loss were posted online. Bozeman was born in South Carolina and attended Howard University graduating with a bachelor's degree in fine arts as an actor he played black icons, James, Brown, and Jackie Robinson, and later as Black Panther in the marvel cinematic universe. A family statement notes Bozeman died in his home surrounded by his wife and children. He was forty three Jan.. And pure and his. Norwegian cyclist Alexander Christoph has won the opening stage of the Tour de France it kicked off today and niece after being postponed for two months because of the coronavirus pandemic fans are not allowed to line the roads to cheer on riders and crowds at departure and arrival points are restricted. I'm Barbara Climbing NPR news.

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August 29, 2020: 'Black Panther' Chadwick Boseman dies at 43

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August 29, 2020: 'Black Panther' Chadwick Boseman dies at 43

"Good Morning I'm Taylor, Wilson and this is five things you need to know Saturday the twenty ninth of August twenty twenty here or some of the top headlines. The University of Alabama now has more than one thousand covid nineteen cases with nearly five hundred in the past three days on campus classes began there on. August nineteenth. The NBA will resume its postseason on Saturday after players went on strike to protest against police brutality. The restart comes along with several social justice initiatives including a new coalition to address a broad range of justice issues converting arenas into person voting. Stations and using advertising spots to increase civil engagement in elections. The NHL will also resume its playoffs on Saturday and after an elephant died at a Polish zoo workers noticed signs of grief and depression in other elephants there. So they've been prescribed CBD oil to help out the oil comes from cannabis but does not contain THC the chemical in marijuana that causes psychological effects. Reminder you can check us out on twitter at USA Today podcast where he can stay up on five things and also other USA Today shows. That's at USA Today podcast on twitter now of the show. Chadwick Bozeman has died the actor had a prolific career best known in recent years as Black Panther. A tap. To the rest of the ones most recently, he was in Spike Lee's d five bloods through bows men's career. He also starred as Jackie Robinson James Brown and Thurgood Marshall in forty to get on up and Marshall respectively, and he's starring in an upcoming film with Viola Davis called Ma Rainey's black bottom bozeman became a symbol of hope for black people around the world particularly for children who looked up to one of the first high profile black superheroes in cinema. He talked after the Twenty Nineteen Sag awards about overcoming hurdles as a black performer. The fact that you have the same dreams as other people. You have equal if not more talent. At Times and. But you don't have the same opportunities. You don't necessarily have the same doors open to you the same nepotism. The same money or resources that could be put towards your dreams that you a Lotta Times don't. Family members that have ever achieved the things that you want to do. And and so you have we spire to do something that is outside the realm of what the world we. See. You doing and also your family has ever achieved some people that the first person to graduate from college still an African American. Latino and it's. To be young gifted and black is is all of that. is to have. Everything, but then not quite be able to grasp it and to be able to persevere through that. Bozeman family said he died of colon cancer after being diagnosed with Stage three in twenty sixteen born in. Anderson South Carolina. From. Howard University in two thousand and was just stepping into the prime of his career in recent years. Chadwick Bozeman was forty three. The US expects to have four corona virus candidate vaccines in large scale clinical trials by the middle of September and one FDA approval could come as early as Tober though December's more likely that means if all goes according to schedule vaccine distribution could begin early. Next year companies are also already manufacturing three of the six vaccines that the government's so-called operation warp speed has funded the US. Daily death toll from Corona virus dip below thousand on Friday but is now approaching one hundred, eighty, two, thousand total deaths from the virus around the world more than eight hundred, thirty, eight, thousand people have died from covid nineteen. President Donald Trump says, he plans to visit areas slammed by Hurricane Laura this weekend, the storm hit the Gulf coast as one of the strongest hurricanes ever to hit the United States and killed at least fourteen people. Some entire neighborhoods are in ruins and hundreds of thousands of homes and businesses are without power one resident near Vinton Louisiana Elizabeth Griffin Tia Jen's is happy she evacuated after she returned to find the storm ripped her roof off as she told the a p. I would imagine it would be what the Tornado works taking the roof off eight. It's raining and the wind gusts at one, hundred, fifty, hundred and seventy mile for our. It would be terrified I'm glad I didn't stay because with the wind gusts ripping the roof roof off and. The wind itself is going to create a noise that howling noise. You'll never be able to forget. Louisiana. Governor John Bel Edwards said Laurel was the most powerful hurricane to ever strike state even stronger than Katrina which was a category three in two thousand five. College football is back on Saturday kind of central Arkansas and Austin P. will play the only game of opening weekend Saturday night, and there will be fans in attendance though capped at only a quarter of the twenty, five thousand capacity at Montgomery. Alabama's Crampton bull the teams are from college football's FCS a secondary competition but could pave the way for S. action. Later, this fall most major conferences have postponed their seasons and hope to play in the spring but the SEC and ACC still plan on playing conference only games this full beginning on September twenty six. As for Saturday night's action, you can tune in at seven pm eastern time on ESPN. The MTV video music awards are Sunday night. One of the first major award shows to take place during the pandemic and of course, like other events during twenty twenty, it'll take place without the usual fans and guests, but there will be outdoor performances from across New York that includes Miley Cyrus to debut her new single midnight sky and bt s the Korean supergroup will make the worldwide live debut performance of dynamite their first song entirely in English as for the awards Oriana `Grande and Lady Gaga are tied. For the most nominations with nine a piece and up for orders of the year, the weekend, a baby justin, Bieber Lady, Gaga Megan the stallion and Post Malone. Thanks for listening to five. Thanks a reminder you can subscribe for free and also rate and review on Apple podcasts or listen wherever you prefer to find your pods banks always the Thornton. For her work on the show and she's back for a special edition. Sunday edition right here on this feed five things sort of the USA. Today podcast network.

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