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Perros y nios

Espa�ol con Juan

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Perros y nios

"The S S gassed and Espanol. Barra up in their espanol. Cdn As Romeo or intellectual Spaniel Northrop of customer whether you are. I'm a horror to compliance e up. And they're not cable car N. CONTEXT THEY WANNA format not dial as could chander common tariffs. Lsd Titas historian the one L. professor of this panel mass wop Internet whereas lateral theon and Northrop Akina Webb. One thousand on one reasons to learn Spanish All she goes get out UH bienvenidos. Pm burial no the KC COA Simona spill spill. Otherwise we just park a couple of the parque mason delegates in Bonn Pero Cuando Cuando Mukasa Kazaa fe familiar out. But I fear Song System. We Ran Parrot Paraffin. Primo e. We Are we are. We are GONNA be sold in Park Pedal Key Immune. Ceac will be able to feel the weight into a free intolerant. Bunko MR GET. I know Mr Mr Lewis. Gay Thirty we are. We are not what people extreme is three in funneled which is better than nothing. I appreciate you Are you going picking your Lago would be who got no? You're not who got the LASAGNA? Lost Rhyme Balatas. Sdn Palo's you off federal. Or you feel I'm just into that. I will Abuse Cutoff follow the PELOTAS. Necessity says channel savant a give it unto limited was too much bad Carlos Perez in park made Alegria methodically as we still. We Still Komo. Komo come tongue content. Komo Sal Tom Com away then I I say not getting up through them into Bathroom Sumiko. Soon Nico interests who guided the fruit and these fruit and they told her they are one year to buy the. They'll say the whole gotTA call all of Lesson Guy and other who are go below US northern Poconos able to get an internet deal into office it internally the hell of Palo protesters Lonzo lost north. According if you better as soon as spectacular as spectacle in Cleveland on the Alegria an allegory. Ah Hell you got a little bit of a follow so I was going to not getting. You're not not in fear you don't you know didn't come in West. Pacific I don't think gun free. Dna DNA emperor. He would will on Colin Powell. Logan clearly mankad them. It got me you know. They really beautiful. It's tons on those k. Every time I get an hour working on the William on the women that I say if you see the the the I want onions are up but it up in up in our vinnie up. You know well man tell the del Banco pork messag Mr Log on look Miss Target. I'm going to follow him over Casino Amendment Man but really. I don't think it's the moment paramus k into I said what you introduced. Gmo Com Camacho into e Espejo as soon as we look twenty August but again no nausea. They must the winter spill microphone on. Naw Steady Macedo Export Tong. Alvian tunnel is still with us. Could total total Caribbean. That's GONNA often muste. We'll stop We'll start and grow podcast. Mehan THREATENS US coming up with care a funeral but this must not to rattle local look coral podcast Claros. A KOMO's food. We're not gonNA miss a film Cora. Megan it's almost too weird. Bostian Keith. Amigo Amigo of Landau a spaniel. E can Ukiyo doesn't meet in a an podcast gotta in Gaza or when two mutual SANITA mutual which Omaha which collado but a win on. I had some. Bnf game. I'm going to know he came every time it will start federal. Rc in La Gallia. Grabble poor candidates must not cloud. Lds Go into STANFORTH K. We're no longer legal It's it's the Komo the main counter year. Mencken Tara Dennis Better Bob self-proclaimed group with a Nina compare of huando La Nina Film Perfect Lee. I love the heretical. Aluminium Domino. So bogus could child rita fantastic. I still think it's to reinvest it to the end of your who undersell. Tondo Redondo of better. And that's what I meant to remove the mankins better than any sunbeam media. Guild Bergomi Arabian over Tornado. Ethos for K. Crook cases where the fellow Leicester then it'll Nico Nico Nico Nice. You know. Say you know. Winter issue been saw cayrol. You'll read the Nettie. 'cause I e all okay today Qantas Cost Cadenas. Gaffe too narrow. When are they? Don't they don't know it? I it I sorta Kinda in control us. Momentum who's Gualberto Rome partner? I've got a lot of. It may be not only Harada If muskie and you look at your reality on NATO non but a well. I felt a Korean give. You can get a fantastic k. Billion book estimated middle middle of Cassette nineteen dollars ninety and assuming Wasserman wander stunned content or understand. We're going to understand comedy albums when they're studying Valerie. Goss s you mean when I started encima but a whole God work again in not able to get over Gheorghe more. They're minot north and if they don't see Suntrust better off a Pekingese career who went. Milam follows cholera. Give me the see the theater. We're not felt a host of other PARIA PARIA bedroom on Gatto bedroom of mathematics. Got In Dalian job as we still game with a g I think got what I don't know and meal if the Eagles noisiest Komo's Tammy Mahara Mahara came you know. Think okay. Who PARLIAMENTARY GATTO ON? Your cell phone is not Gonna. Call me another way if they would have be on the Penalty Must Mussa's loss loss loss loss of which? But not all of better Perez Perez kid environment known remember. We'll talk remember Tom. Perez pecan eaters. Lachey Wa was No no ill Perreault Beryl Hill Colorado C. L. Pastathon says a barrel buster prodipal. Ups Perreault bizzare store Alanon or if either in Lavrov could obviously I'm assuming payroll our system. If people there are parallels case called the ups and so I got an e J or if they would've thought rose ten days each it yesterday spends on he gave us our own G. Wa wa. I guess you guys see you get. You'RE NOT GONNA. I'm used to picking needles. They must have current. Because usually it's done simply something pretty emphatic out of noise recovery. I don't know somebody's window quite perilous. Turkistan Ron Woah. Woah Simpson pecan. Utah Grandes Pedal on this past Sunday. Important allies getting who? God is to start. Seeing more so payroll grounded Luxembourg kimbro barrels underneath necessity sewn they're not ropy para somber not getting mutual awesome. Thunder paramus. Not Pass your phone from Women Win Win. We won't keep in step by step out and be much better off in the fifteen hundred is too interested longer k. Laughing Rican on keeping which which NATO e pair off at the Perez key for some payroll for Perot unity or some peril of behold. Lo Most GonNa say Bohol. Beautiful beautiful is again. Canadian in Chile Opportunity Of Our markelle the Aruban we gotta feeling style. Gupta more strategy oblong because Arlanda uniform that offer Mount Pogo Poem Bossano for Mobility Kuwano Listening Bosh Muslim and non though Bosh it typical Porsche England. With Bausch and RUTTA POGO. Bihar better some behalf. Karam which today. But I'M GONNA go look better assumpico six pair of them in Costa Rica. I Don Tom William William Bill inclusive inclusive ones of him within Cuando Samoan. Nothing Women Kamal of better off of some Komo so come wheeling this as a win from really we'll say so because the stock pederasty meal under the mutual baby not CSC. Compare the Greenham Bath got in America and also to Utah Attleboro head on oil petrol barrel a gene pool guys know public- to run on Sony's bench. It's a better future. It's better okay. So Mexico's lovely fast the steep. No no it's rough. Behoves will improve K. lemesurier lawyer yet and Pasadena. Yeah some wing. You may not a win win with or some other winter. Bidault cut up. Canapes teeny deeply for Internet pedals. Enormous federal are Russ. I remember if people Peres MIRA fierro mirror feudal I I personally kill of paraffin and petrol. Notice you'RE GONNA wind up laperrouze. Punish him perform move. We buzz bungee versus solid Tondo. Salmonella Handy Being that I'm from we also Got Of barrels. Some free we under no so come on we. The stinky those inexplicable Kimbro two Jamaa Peril Lucille. But now let's see what no C. C. Can you not sexy? Well See. Levada is no. It's not about but I I. It's it's a readable of lawyers. No Global Lobby of Tula Silva let's see us a better response. L. Peruvian Korean. Eat Salt in feet. They Lamilla Mynorthwet Gago Daego. They wanted US wanted us. Owners and funeral bureaucracy super super super again longer of Peres to Jameson Petrol. We Imperil Brigham interviews. Kids taking notable combat on notice a little better polity. I can't really for them. And that's the bucket. Seal of refund on Condone Long Muscle rediscover bestowed on O. K. threats but we can be on south fema but it's a noise noise. Lomas normal. That's again a parking lot. Stumped on called Dentists Bring Bigelow Cough say talk local now of course he coma free of California me me feel okay. Say Look at other galaxy and I think it was bedroom better but I'm assuming program the noise. Pick a needle. Put all Perron throw federal imperilled put out on B. B. C. Cutting you imperil peaceful. But but within within we won't we won't eat up am not stripper around the street and the older the Perez Gatto. Cs Bonita Watt born assist. Whether they can do and you can okay. No no what boy. Better Bow River better weapon beneath. Oh you're going to have more need. No no no the what. What's up it's on? Ci We give me. We're GONNA feel so. They got a bucket well. Ck together better better grand okay. It'd be wouldn't be so picking up again you pedal on the Ma normally normally we normally. We'll study our study at random piece over care at all they study. I'm Ali studying. Komala Baroness Despot Fiona. Who who opened the then? The guy's got a little The auto key obamacare who said even though the Impo it's up to you beat a few musicals music also go by Barrow if It's always hot in show group on the group and In the last do not with US affair muscular Los Perros learning media where he said he had it to us here. We see a lot of la later in La Ego Kiala hint DNC 'cause he he must eastern Zimbabwe Zimbabwe Eastern Brooklyn A pro only goes did K. L. phenolic lotto fever better. Well the students coffey Ross landed eastern okay in San Francisco. Yeah Mass Burials K. k. e. the cater for kids. I gotTa may hit him. Hit Him K. M. Moscow this telephone. Efeo KARA key. I must I must mean Apollo must better canine heroes. Our let us know sip with infamy logothetis case. Don't better by the Riester nominated for your concern. Is HE GONNA theon boy automatic Solloway. Three three window acquiesced Internet quest quest. Areva know what's to come in on a particular west Cuesta Arriba Soup with eight. Quist remark was tallow. You're still Theresa Yolanda Pulecio Pogo Mefatha. Had VINTON must must into the yellow pocket. All of these are all words. I don't pursue cosima cancer McConnell but other one what else and a half these dot K. K. Gronk care must must must Peres dipper She goes you. Maybe we were maybe over. Gaza mistook it under Mister. We're undergoing off models models. Ross Kasey Gusty morality. They'll free of their free day after he put a winner. She Spinoff. It's been okay to spill into your rhythm. La Guardia. They'll park in the almost. I'm being no. I assume must. Yellow four is is pollutant. And they're looking at each of okay. Reach bream winters winters Asoka by Abigail before the north northwest. Van Os no Auburn. Oh no no no no. No no no no says John. Laws Cuando Proxima Simona. Don't they key analytical one L. Mahar L. Mahato cars but up another Spaniel mega own vessel in not authorized? Binga the logo your Avatar. Gillespie Silvio mutism Gressier poorest Kuchar style Gareth Layer lladros creep. Zeon this typical. You're always also be Sylvia's unto in Westerville VC. Dan was talking our web. One thousand on one reasons to learn Spanish. Leeann CONTRAST AMBIENT AIR HEALTHY FEELS IMMATURE. Would sauce para up in there

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6 big ethical questions about the future of AI  | Genevieve Bell

TED Talks Daily

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6 big ethical questions about the future of AI | Genevieve Bell

"It took a lease hume so much of how we understand. The world comes down to questions because questions help frame ideas in her talk at ted salon. Twenty twenty after apologised. Genevieve bell tackles the coming artificial intelligence or ai. Revolution with questions. She explains what we should be thinking about as ai scales and how a new system of automation is created for the world oil. Hi i'm show murad as the director of the ted fellows program. I get to work. With some of the most incredible women at the forefront of change in our society. I've been inspired by how they take on challenges especially the ups and downs that we all know every woman story of success and confidence. Thanks to dove advanced care. Chris friend i recently had a chance to explore those stories with a couple of our ted fellows. Stay tuned at the end of this episode for an enlightening conversation with astrophysicists. Erica handed ted talks. Daily is brought to you. By the project management institute the real thought leaders are the ones who turn ideas into action. Project management institute has partnered with ted to showcase the change makers turning ideas into reality. These powerful ted talks from ted at pm. I will inspire you to take action and make a big impact. Watch now at m. i dot org slash ted. Let me tell you a story about artificial intelligence. There's a building in sydney at number one. Bligh street it houses. Lots of government departments and busy people from the outside. It looks like something out of american science fiction. All gleaming gloss and curved lines and a piece of orange sculpture on the inside it has excellent coffee on the ground floor and my favorite lifts in sydney the beautiful. They look almost alive and it turns out on with lifts for lots of reasons but because lifts one of the places you can see the future in the twentieth century lifts are interesting because they one of the first places that i will touch you without you even knowing it happened in many buildings all around the world. The lifts are running a set of algorithms a form of proto artificial intelligence. That means before you even walk up to the lift to press. The button is anticipated. You being there. It's already rear engine. All the carriages always going down to save energy. And to know where. The traffic's gonna be by the time you've actually pressed the button already part of an entire system that's making sense of people and the environment and the building and the built world. I know when we talk about i. We often talk about a world of robots. It's easy for our imaginations to be occupied with science fiction. Well the last hundred years. I say a and you think vert terminator somewhere for us making the connection between and the built world. That's a hottest story to tell but the reality is is already everywhere around us and in many places it's in buildings and systems more than two hundred years of industrialization suggests that i will find its way to systems level style relatively easily after all one telling of that history suggests that all you have to do is find. Technology achieve scale and revolution will follow the story of mechanization automation and digitization all point to the role of technology. And its importance. Those stories of technological transformation makes scale same well normal or did and stable and sometimes even predictable but it also puts the focus squarely on technology and technology change but i believe that scaling technology and building a system requires something more. We founded the three institute at the australian national university in september twenty seventeen it has one deceptively simple mission to establish a new branch of engineering to take a i safely sustainably and responsibly. The scale but how do you build a new branch of engineering in the twentieth century. Well teaching it into existence through an experimental education program. We're researching it into existence with locations as diverse as shakespeare's birthplace the great barrier reef not to mention one of australia's largest autonomous minds with theorizing into existence paying attention to the complexities of cybernetics. We're working to build something new and something useful. Something to create the next generation of critical thinkers and critical. Do's and we're doing all of that through a richer. Understanding of a is many pasts and many stories and by working collaboratively and collectively through teaching and research and engagement and by focusing as much on the framing of the questions. As the soloing of the problems we're not making a single. I making the possibilities for many. And we're actively working to decolonize imaginations and to build a curriculum and pedagogy that leaves room for a range of different conversations and possibilities when making and remaking and i know for always a work in progress. but here's a little glimpse into how we're approaching that problem of scaling future. We start by making sure. We're grounded in our own history. In december of two thousand eighteen. I took myself up to the town of borana on the new south wales queensland boorda. This place was a meeting place for aboriginal people for different groups together. Have ceremonies meat to be together. They're on the bow river. There's a set of fish we as one of the oldest and largest systems of additional fish traps in australia. This system is comprised of one point eight kilometers of stonewalls shape like a series of fishnets with the us pointing down the river allowing fish trapped at different heights of the water. There also fish holding pens with different height walls storage designed to change the way the water moves and to be able to stall big and little fish and to keep those fish in cool clear running water. This fish traps system was away to ensure that you could feed people as they gathered there in a place that was both a meeting of rivers and a meeting of cultures. It isn't about the rocks or even the traps per se. It is about the system that those traps created one that involves technical knowledge cultural knowledge. An ecological knowledge. This system is old. Some archaeologists think it's as old as forty thousand years. The last time we have it's recorded uses is in the nineteen it's had remarkable longevity and incredible scale and it's an inspiration to me and a photo of the we are is on our walls here at the institute to remind us of the promise and the challenge of building something meaningful and to remind us that we're building systems in a place where people have built systems and sustained those same systems for generations. It isn't just history. It's a legacy as we seek to establish a new branch of engineering to build that legacy and assets a pocus. I think we need a clear framework for asking questions about the future questions which there aren't radio. Easy answers here. The point is the asking of the questions. we believe. You need to go. Beyond the traditional approach of problem solving to the more complicated one of question asking and question framing because in so doing you up all kinds of new possibilities and new challenges for me right now. There are six big questions that fame our approach for taking a i safely sustainably responsibly. To scale questions about autonomy agency assurance indicators interfaces and intentionally the first question we ask is a simple one is the system autonomous. Think back to that. Lift on bli- st. The reality is one day that lift. Maybe autonomous which is to say it will be able to act without being told to act but it isn't fully autonomous right. It can't leave that bligh street building and wanted to circulate for it goes up and down. That's all but it doesn't by itself. It's autonomous in that sense. The second question we ask. Does this system have agency. Does this system have controls and limits that live somewhere that prevent it from doing certain kinds of things under certain conditions. The reality with lifts. That's absolutely the case. Think of any lift you've seen in. There's a red key slot in the elevator carriage that an emergency services person can stick a key into an override the whole system when that system is driven. Where does the case is it. Is it a digital k. Who gets to use it. Is that the emergency services people. And how would you know if that was happening. How it will that be manifested to you in the lift. The third question we ask is how do we think about assurance. How do we think about all of its paces. Safety security trust risk liability manageability explicable ethics public policy. Law regulation and. How would we tell you that. The system was safe and functioning. The fourth question we ask is all be our interfaces with these. Ai driven systems where we talk to them. Well they talked to us. We'll talk to each other. And what will it mean to have a series of technologies. We've known for some of us all our lives now. Suddenly behave in highly different ways lifts qasr electrical grid traffic lights things in your hung the fifth question for these. Ai driven systems. Would he indicate as beta show that they're working well. Two hundred years of the industrial revolution tells us the two most important ways to think about a good system where productivity and efficiency in the twentieth century might want to expand that just a little bit is the system. Sustainable is it. Safe is responsible who gets to judge those things for us users of the systems would want understand how these things are regulated managed and built. And then there's the final perhaps most critical question that you need to ask of these new systems. What's it's intent. What's the system designed to do who said that was a good idea or put another way. What is the world that this system is building. how is that world imagined. And what is its relationship to the world. We live today. Who gets to be part of that conversation. Who gets to articulate it. How does it get framed at imagined. There are no simple answers to these questions. Instead they frame what's possible and what we need to imagine design build regulate an even decommission. They points in the right directions and help us on a path to establish a new branch of engineering but critical questions on enough. You also need a way of holding all those questions together for us at the institute also really interested in how to think about ai system and where and how to draw the boundaries of that system and those feel like especially important things right now here were influenced by the work that was started way back in the nineteen forties in nineteen forty four along with anthropologist gregory bateson margaret mathematician. Norbert weena convened of conversations. That would become known as the macy's conferences on cybernetics ultimately between nineteen forty. Six and nine hundred fifty. Three ten conferences were held under the banner of cybernetics as defined by nobody. Lena cybernetic sought to quote develop a language and techniques that will enable us to indeed attack the problem of control and communication in advanced computing technologies. Cybernetics argued persuasively. That one had to think about the relationship between humans computers and the broader ecological world. You had to think about as a holistic system. Participants in the macy's conferences were concerned with how the mind worked with ideas about intelligence and learning about the role of technology in future. Sadly the conversations that started with the macy's conference are often forgotten. When the talk about. But for me there's something really important to reclaim here about the idea of a system that has to accommodate culture technology and the environment at the institute that sort of systems thinking is core to our work over the last three years. A whole collection of amazing. People have joined me here on this crazy journey to do this work. I staff includes anthropoid systems and environmental engineers and computer scientists as well as a nuclear physicist an award-winning photojournalist. And at least one policy and standards expert it's a heady mix and the range of experience and expertise is powerful asked. The complex and the challenges being diverse requires a constant willingness to find ways to hold people in conversation and dwell just a little bit with the conflict. We also worked out early. That the way to build a new way of doing things would require commitment to bringing others along on that same journey with us so we opened our doors to an education program very quickly and we launched our first master's program twenty eighteen. Since then we've had two cohorts of masters students and one cohort of students. Students come from all over the world and all of the life stralia new zealand nigeria and a mexico india the united states and they range in age from twenty three to sixty. They're variously had backgrounds in maths and music policy and performance systems and standards architecture and arts before they join us at the institute that ran companies that worked for government served in the army taught high school and managed arts organizations. They were adventurers and committed to each other to building. Something new and really. What more could you ask for. Because although i've spent twenty and silicon valley and i know the stories about the lone inventor and the hero's journey. I also know the reality that it's never just a hero's journey it's always a collection of people who have a shared sense of purpose who can change the world. So where do you start. Well i think you start where you stand for me that means. I want to acknowledge the traditional owners of the land upon which. I'm standing the nana wall nambi people. This is their land. Never seated always sacred. And i pay my respects to the elders past and present of this place. I also acknowledged that. We're gathering today in many other places. And i pay my respects to the regional owners and elders and all those places to it means a lot to me to get to say those words and to dwell on what they mean and signal and to remember that we live in a country that has been continuously occupied for at least sixty thousand years. Aboriginal people built will tear. They built social systems. They built technologies. There'd be ways to manage this place and to manage remarkably over a protracted period of time and every moment any one of stands on a stage as trillions here or abroad. We carry with us a privilege and a responsibility because of that history. And it's not just a history. It's also an incredibly rich set of resources world views and knowledge and it should run through all of our bones as she'll be the story we always tell ultimately it's about thinking differently asking different kinds of questions looking holistically at the world and the systems and finding other people who want to be on that journey with you because for me the only way to actually think about the future and scale is to always be doing collectively and because for me the notion of humans in it together is one of the ways we get to think about things that are responsible. Safe and ultimately sustainable. Thank you failure and success are not just linked. I think they are the same thing. That's erica hamden. she's a professor an answer physicists. Who builds telescopes and yes. She has an incredibly cool job. She's also a ted fellow and her ted talk on. The importance of failure has been watched. Almost two million times. I'm sure how murad director of the ted fellows program. I spoke to erica about. How hardships can lead to breakthroughs in confidence. But that doesn't mean that failing is something that's easy for erica. Okay i'll go to. Mit go to space. It's going to be awesome. Totally sounds awesome. It does sound awesome. Yeah yeah my eighteen year old self had it all figured out so easy so i went to mit. And i got there and it was a disaster. It was two thousand one. I was a very sheltered naive person. I was eighteen having to suddenly like make all these decisions for myself. I started having these basically panic attacks on a lot of anxiety You know. I didn't have the self-confidence at the time and so i ended up withdrawing and i just went home i really felt like i had failed in this like fundamental way and i remember feeling so low like my parents had come to pick me up and we were driving back to new jersey and i remember thinking like okay. I guess my life is over right. So i was at home because i had left after thanksgiving and end instead of building like a gingerbread house. I had seen on on north stewart. She made like a house out of sugarcubes with icing as mortar. I like built this like sugar. Cube house every day slowly slowly built this house and then at christmas it was done but it was this small tedious project that i could just do. What a metaphor for that moment brick by brick building your own house. Yeah at the time. It was a very difficult experience to go through but leaving. Mit was the best decision. That i think i've ever made i spent that whole rest of the year really like rebuilding my self and thinking about. Well what do i like. What is important to me. How did that moment in time change you. Think about failure. Now in the work i do. Now there's no guarantees that your biggest perriman is ever going to work. I think about on a day to day basis even if this failed in the future would i be happy with how today has gone and yesterday tomorrow so i just try and do it one day at a time so a lot of sugar cubes. Yeah i'm still building that house. What i hear from you over and over is that you're not thinking about endpoint of your telescopes. You're thinking about every day activities that give you smaller pieces of feedback that feed your confidence levels. Yeah confidence to me. Means the ability to do exactly what you want when you need and not worrying about what everyone else wants you to do. So when the goal is no longer external achievement but actually personal fulfilment. What does success look like more recently. I've discovered this different feeling of success. Which is not about what i do. But what about the people that work with me do. Now i feel like success is what have i done to bring up the people behind me or like around me Success like really about the community. That i'm trying to develop deva advanced care. Antiperspirant knows that the journey to success and confidence is a long one. So they're here to help. Give you a boost along the way. There are new. Formula with natural oil leaves underarms feeling healthy and protected. And you more confident and carefree. Don't let under our maurice or if you're a failure hold you back head to ted dot com slash. That's t dot com slash d. o. v. e. to learn more about women like erica. Who are their own pathways for. Its confidence ex.

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 Disaster in the Australian outback

Today in Focus

26:55 min | 2 years ago

Disaster in the Australian outback

"Today. We discuss a disaster in the Australian outback where searing heat severe drought and terrible mismanagement has allowed rivers to run dry and in opinion, the guardians Williams asked for all to hysterical about screen time. Southern Australia is in the middle of an extraordinary heat wave. With temperatures soaring to up to forty seven degrees swiping rod across central and south eastern tonight. Temperature records waste and the mercury was only headed one way. It's happening when the country is already one of the worst droughts in its recorded history drawing up landscape, really large parts of the Murray, darling basin a huge swathe of land the size of Egypt. Little rain is expected for months. It's like the main artery in a stray area. So people are starting to really worry about what the future holds. The areas drying rivers that run from Queensland through New South Wales. Victoria, and into South Australia are increasingly the site of fish kills mass fish deaths being reported all over the Murray darling basis morning. We're just getting reports coming through the fishkill down at like Hyun. The latest this week. So the water carpeted with hundreds of thousands of bony bream, golden perch and Murray cod is an absolute catastrophe. These magnificent animal generations out her now is dead. Let residents fair being forced to abandon their homes in search of clean water animals animal Abbott, no water to swim cook wash with anymore from the guardian. I'm initially Astana today in focus, I disaster in the Australian outback. So we flew about three and a half hours to mill Jura, which is near the junction of the Murray and darling rivers down on the border of South, Australia, and Victoria and New South Wales. And Davies he reports the guardian stray Leah traveled to them in Indy. Lakes long with the photographers we drove about three to four hours up a dirt road. But it's really quite Ramoche and take yearly at this time of year because the temperature was forty seven degrees celsius feel what it feels like you're in an oven you walk out, and as the wind blows it feels like it's just scorching your legs. I've never felt anything like it's it's almost a claustrophobic eight the closes on you when you're around it. And and getting back into the start getting little DC tired. He start sweating. Forty seven degrees. Jeez. I mean, that's not. Yes. Normally look around that part of the world, you can have forty seven degrees want one or two days a year. But people are getting really really worried that they we're getting like two weeks of this temperature in a row. So we drove up to Menendez which is used to be quite a big tourist spot. There is some agriculture including grape growing and citrus. But now, it's all the grapes of being abandoned. And so there's just this collegial grape vines everywhere in fields and then further up. It'll just be a dry river bid. Why did you go to this area? So the reason why we went to Mindy was on January seven there was a a major fish kill. And by that. I mean, all these fish just suddenly died and floated to the surface, there was a copy of these little fish and in amongst them were larger quite endangered fish, the golden perch, and the silver perch and also some very large Murray card, which are native fish that can grow up to a major long and be sixty seventy years old. We've had Fudd hers coming back from an indie of the river, literally carpeted with these tiny little what silvery fish. It's really disturbing. We went down to the age of the darling river, most people tell me, you would never see him my record in your life. But they they were they were just gasping for breath. And it was was quite horrified to see we saw one just turn over flip a few times and it died right in front of us. How many Fisher died so we've had three kill fish kills. In Manila, d all of them are being I wanna tens of thousands and into that people say I in the hundreds of thousands. I think we're going to end up with a figure that's probably a million fish died in the river in the last month. People say that the bony bream the ones that are dying in the hundreds of thousands, the really important in the food chain in the river and without them. We're gonna see impacts all the way through right down to South Australia and some of the Fisher talking about our enor-. Thomas Murray card. I mean the way sixty two kilograms it's the weight of a person and in pitchers people have their arms stretched out wide to hold onto them, the huge only. Yes, they really large and the papal Menini have this relationship with the fish, you know, they love them, and it's been part of the tourism industry. It's part of the, you know, the mythology of the old timers about the fish. They've caught and I've seen grown men weeping over these did fish. Any words toward it's very very sad. Very sad. This is a man might disaster. These animals. That's Mexican feel chronic dying. Well, the preliminary investigation has suggested it's caused by high temperatures and then low temperatures that follow. And because there's no flow in the river. The water has been becoming slowly Deok sedated by blue-green algae, which is a poisonous algae. And then when the temperature falls the algae dies and uses up more auction leaving the fish without any dissolved oxygen in the water. Why is there a lack of water is all because of the drought? So the issue for strata with this river system is that it's been historically farming has just been able to take water out of the river system and gradually. It's become unsustainable. Now, the government realized this in in the two thousands when we had another drought and they've been endeavoring to come up with a plan to manage the water better. But. This is exposed is that, you know, this just way too much water being taken out still and the government has peps bowed to Bagram culture at the expense of the environment. And just because what what kind of agriculture we talking about. So in some of the dryest parts of stralia. We now grow caution almonds citrus. And these crops all require huge amounts of water as the government has tried to regulate how much water is used by agriculture. The result has been that big aggressor has bought up a lot of the water rights strandings often say why are we growing cotton in such dry climate and the answer is well it makes money. This was saying that customers have said they feel they've been unfairly blamed for what's happening. You've had some of the forms who did you meet? So we visited one of these thumbs in what's called the Loa, darling. It's a massive property of half a million heck diz. It's one of the bees sheep stations in New South Wales. But Lauren who's the wife of the manager is absolutely struggling to know, whether she can stay there. But even before the hey came sort of been struggling to cope with the lack of water. So for a long time. Now, we've we always knew the she's got a little baby who seven months old called will. They would usually just drink the river water use it for this stock when it has blue-green algae unit. That's no more. The snow is unbelievable is unbearable. What does it smell line? Smells like. Smells, like, rotten eggs. It's just you can't fill up a sink to do the dishes because it's just awful. We usually brush tape in this water easily by cont actually bath her child in the river water. The river ward is being declared. It's got a red alert for blue green algae. And the the medical advice is don't touch it. Don't drink it swim in it. She save him wondering whether she can wash her flaws with it because the baby will be on the floor. The last time it went dry. Some of the kids imprint Carey in other stations got very very seek that had like bedsores on them just from playing sprinklers e cetera. And then we're on like antibiotics months afterwards. So instead they bothering the baby in a tiny little amount of Brian water. The net that now run acid rain water. So they're gonna get water trucked in from somewhere else. It's not fair. It makes you angry. Thanks you side. And it just feels like nobody cares about. When you were watching. How did you feel just so hot I felt for her? You know, I could see how worried she was about the baby every day. We think about leaving like is it worth at being in like, this is our home. We love it so much. But is it worth it? What if will does get from the water? Rena? Where's your family from with you wanna right people? So we're river people from the far northwest of New South Wales. My grandmother was born on the Narran river, which is on the northwest age of the Murray darling base. Llerena alum is the guardians. Indigenous affairs, editor she spent a lot of her childhood on the banks of the river visiting her family who have lived there for decades. Recently, she traveled back to the region to see the impact of the drought. For you will arrive people to river is very important culturally. We shed that water with all the other nations of the basins. There's about forty six different nations in the Mary dining bison. They all believe I have a strong responsibility to look after not just the country, but the the water other communities that live by the river, predominantly indigenous communities. Yes. Absolutely. So most of the little towns along the Murray darling majority indigenous population because that's where people were herded onto reserves at the turn of the situation after they were sort of brought in from their traditional lands, but they have lived on these rivers since before Europeans arrived. Tell me about that trip because I hadn't been home so to speak for a long time. But the rivers are just always there. So it was a shock to me to see how degraded the country was to see these big rivers empty and the enormous old gum. Is on the river banks that really give you shelter in pace. When you sit by the river to see those big old trays sort of fully into the river bid was quite confronting. Do you have memories of visiting your family as a child and in those memories? What did the river mean? The rivers sustained us culturally physically spiritually for centuries. That's where we ate that's way, we had ceremonies. That's where babies were born. That's where funeral practices were carried out and whatever lying on the water for their livelihoods in those mission times people call them win every people during the protection era in the last century were herded onto reserves and lived on rations flour sugar and tea a lot of people were hungry and a lot of people were poor. So the rivers even then provided sustenance. So you could always going catch a fish or Yogi. Do you know what he sees? No. It's a it's a freshwater crayfish, which tastes like lobster list salty. Do do you remember seeing people catching bees when you were a kid? Absolutely. You got into the river. Start a little fire and Paulo can of water, and you could cook fish and. Yeah bees. And there were it was a rich life on the river. And you returned recently on the river was gone. How do people feel about what's happening? Not just one river all of them. So we traveled a four hour. One might drive. They were no revisit all. The by one is driving. Nemo is dry the great Narran lakes, which heritage protected. Wetlands dry. And and the elders at they were crying and telling us these eighty year old people who have gone through all sorts of deprivations in their long lives who've never seen the river this bed. Virginia Robinson, one of eldest said this to me, the ultimate destruction of our culture. All people think about now is no water in the river because they were in harmony with nature. That's all unbalanced all destroyed now. And do you believe that when the government is thinking about this crisis? It's thinking about those communities. No the bow river at welded. And the darling river will Kenya. The two towns in the system that have the biggest original populations the number of times the river. Stop flowing was in the last decade was phenomenal. It's obvious that these towns of being abandoned in why the being neglected. The government's strong view as the Water Minister said to me the other day is that this is caused by drought. The saying that it's it's unavoidable. And when it rains, everything will be fine. But I know that people don't buy that for a minute. They see cotton firms upstream that have plenty of water for irrigation. And they start to wonder why it is that they have to subsist on ball water. And there's no running water coming down every triple whammy drought, curing trees change. No water. But what role do upcoming elections play? So climate change is being an issue industry for quite a while now, but we have a federal government that is absolutely opposed to admitting that it exists. Current prime minister bottle up of coal into parliament previous prime minister was famously quoted as saying climate change is crap. But the side of dead fish the side of you know, little children bathing in Brown, muddy water. That's coming from the tip. I hope is going to galvanize people in a way that we haven't before. And there are enough people in the constituencies of those impace whose seats in L looking very shaky indeed because they've voter heartland attorney against them because of what they're saying happening to the beloved rivers, and I think this the current government is on borrowed time. This week the state politician who's responsible for water in New South, Wales travelled to the lower darling. River to witness the third mass fish Depp this month, speaking on the banks of the river. Now Blair admitted we've seen nothing like this. And acknowledged it was about more than the drought. And that's why I'm here. Okay. So I'm not on not implying, these this is this is something that warrants the prompt attention. I'm Davies has been reporting on a plan for the area which has been in place since two thousand and seven but many say it's not enough. The Mary jolly basin plan is probably the best attempt at trying to resolve the conflicts between the environment, and farmers and irrigation and climate change. So the plan is the government put thirteen billion dollars. That's about seven billion pounds aside to buy buyback water for the environment. The trouble ease. It's not going to be enough to turn the river back into a sustainable system. Do you think the government hose taken the side of big business over the side of local communities since twenty thirteen we've had a conservative government in ustralia, including the national party, which is a coalition partner. Now, they're the party of the Bush of farmers with the result that I think pharma's have had a fun loud voice than environmental. Groups, and certainly the science has been ignored and a foam is starting to change their mind. Yes. I think that's what's happening. So this certainly a group of farmers who are now realizing that unless the plan is revisited they could be a an environmental disaster in the future. You went to meet one of these farmers who'd already become famous speaking up about this. What did he do? So rob McBride and one of his mates Wade into the river, peaked up to large cod and film themselves say how horrified they were. And look at conic fish. Australia thing trade. This is Lottie disgusted with yourself. It's absolutely gone viral. And I think single handedly put the problems of the river onto the world stage nothing to do with. Disaster. We went down to rub mcbride's property and his family in the forties. And they head have one of the biggest sheep stations in New South Wales. But they don't be water uses and they're in a part of the river, which is just becoming more dry. This is the most amazing rivers can see his face just desparation about what's going to happen to his property. Clearly, the big boys view is destroy the mini likes. We just sacrafice loans out here to justify a lot of it. Feels like maybe this is teetering on the edge of an ecological disaster. And the this part of Austrailia is on the kind of front line of climate change. Well, the Murray darling basin plan, I know this will come as a surprise does not actually take into account. Ouch climate change. So when they devised it. They used Ola numbers that were based on the last hundred years, even though they had worked done by elating scientists which said you can't rely on the same sort of water flows. You have to look forward into the future. Where it's luckily, we'll see hotter. Drier climates in the south you need to adjust the plan accordingly. Now that hasn't been done. If it sounds like urgent action is needed. What needs to be done? So we've recently had an inquiry, and we had a parade of scientists who came to give evidence, and they said you need to allocate more water to the environment or this plan will fail. Llerena what might happen? People going to survive in this area. Well, it's a good question. Book for example, in west New South Wales has just had its twenty first day of above forty degree temperatures with severe water restrictions and no water in the river. So we dealing with communities that are, you know, quite precarious. Now, the people of weld told us black and white alike said we've got six months if we don't get some water. That was Llerena alum and and Davies do read all of their reporting on the Murray darling crisis and have a look at some of the astonishing photographs at the guardian dot com. Coming up is it time for parents to calm down about the amount of time that children's spend staring at screens. In today's don't stop. Making quality time feel self is more important than ever when he by subscription to the guardian and the observer, you can look forward to sitting back and leafing through every page at your own pace from the latest ground-breaking investigations to recipes reviews. Award-winning sports coverage are more subscribe before the third February and you'll save up to fifty two percent on newspaper subscription for a year. Just search guardian. Subscriptions. Now guardian columnist Zoe Williams on the screen time debate. So my son who's eleven watch is people playing games that he also plays and often you'll have to screens going. So he'll be playing fortnight on one screen and then have an ipad in front of him on which like a seventeen year old from Utah is also paying fortnight, but they don't playing the same game. What she's these horrible horrible? Crude unim-, Asians of you know, girls with Bobby figures saying mean things to each other my other daughter watches kind of craft crofters and people making slime people melting stuff watching her watch. It is kind of this is really pointless and boring, but it's actually made her much more crafty and into melting things. Now, there will be people. Listen to this is absolutely horrible stope you childhood because they're not reading all doing brodry or helping me cook, none of them can cook. I could I could use to be stricture. But I suppose I'm willing to interrupt too much what they actually want to do this huge amount of childhood, which is not what you want to do. Don't want to go to school, you generally, don't wanna go swimming. So, you know, I've got to be honest. I probably do let them do whatever they like in the in the time that they've caught vegetable. They were all things about the internet, which which Paris do worry about and they worry about with reasons so ease anxiety about online bullying is it does seem to be more pernicious and bit more savage. There is that element where you know, your Instagram self. It comes your entire self and then of social anxiety touches to that. Because a simple thumbs down from stranger can ruin your day. Don't know any of my children's pin numbers. And I wouldn't ask them. The orthodoxy is so fixed, you should have the pin numbers to children's devices, and you should feel free to go through them. Because otherwise how to know what they're up to that talking to that. They're not communicating with a paedophile that they're not bullying someone else that nobody's bullying them. And I just would not be willing to do that. Because I think it kind of fosters an atmosphere of mistrust and dishonest e I think a kid moderately intelligent child of eleven can outwit you if they want to. So there's no point looming over them because they'll find a way to have prove see if you even if you don't give it to them. And really if you want to protect them from the dangerous things that the world can throw at them. The kind of number one thing in that is that they feel like they taught you which they won't feel like if you've sets up this dynamic, but you know, I've said that in front of parenting panels and stuff people look at me, like I'm out swiftly crazy. On the one hand, you this kind of culture of perfection around parenthood. And then on the other hand, you got this culture productivity and childhood so children to be always doing something productive always improving themselves. Always maximizing their time. I really don't like it. I think it makes them very anxious. I think there were kind of lived realities of human life, which cannot be measured and cannot be maximized. And I'm really uncomfortable with the eye of with like packing every second of their days with yet more stuff. Elements the internet that made me anxious, but I certainly would take the anxiety over something more profound about controlling their every waking moment. That's all for today. My thanks to an Davies, Llerena alum and Zoe Williams. This episode was produced by India Rakkason, Amer Collier, and Elizabeth Casson sound design was by axel Kakuta. The executives on Jackson, and Phil may not we'll see you next week.

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Monday 1 February

Monocle 24: The Briefing

30:00 min | 3 months ago

Monday 1 February

"You're listening to the briefing first broadcast on the first february. Two thousand and twenty one on monocle twenty four. The briefing is brought to you in association with novartis. Hello and welcome to the briefing coming to you. Live from studio one here. Midori house in london. I'm andrew miller coming up on today's program as evil attorney. Joe mas military throws a coup. D'etat we'll have the latest later in the show for me. Us president donald trump struggles representation ahead of his second impeachment. Trial also ahead. i'm. Monica was nick mason. I'll be talking about mogens time economy and lego bike lanes and we'll have our weekly wrap up of actually good news. That's all coming up on the briefing on monocle. Twenty four and welcome to today's edition of the briefing with me. Andrew miller mehan mars military is to have decided that they decade is a long enough experiment with civilian rule in the last few hours. The army has seized power and declared a state of emergency scheduled to last year sang. Suci the country's de facto. Prime minister has been detained. She is urging resistance and protest but may find international support less forthcoming than it was during her previous long. Stretch of house arrest prior to coming to power herself. The nobel peace laureate is now widely seen as having been at best a passive accessory to the army's recent pogroms through jim on joined with more by professor penny green head of the law department at queen. Mary university of london and founder and director of the award-winning international state. Crime initiative penny. First of all. What do we know for sure. Does the army appeared to have nailed this down completely tightly and as far as as we know yes i think that they have initiated what they would see as a successful coup. D'etat we know that. unsung suci and her advisers. And not not not too sure about her advisors but certainly a wide range of inno di. Mp's have been detained but so to have critical members of civil society political activists journalists writers. And i think that that's very telling. Because i think the arrest of these people suggests that the military is doing what it sees as its best to quell any resistance. What what is it that the military was worried about. It's not like they were not at least partially controlled beforehand. No that's absolutely right android. I mean the military were extremely powerful With with the power it was what was seen. As a special relationship. The held the three most important ministries In in the country defense border and home affairs eight also retain twenty five percent of the parliamentary seats. So was it. The constitution was never able to be changed the military held Really complete para under the an od civilian government so in some senses. Some people are speculating. That this is a one-man coup that general kunda min online. Who is due to retire. This year as he turns sixty five In in some ways it's a big for him to extend power and of course power for its own sake. But also the power to control the wealth that he and his cronies have extracted from the Me and my people on. So i think that there are a number of issues at stake. it it. It wasn't. I think anticipated until last week Largely because it was widely recognized that the military did hold such power within the country are sang. She clearly did see this coming from. At least a few days away she should this statement prior to her detention urging resistance people to reject the coup d'etat etc. How solid her support within me. Unmarked as far as we can tell people likely to heed the call. I i think that they they could very well do so. She has still has a tremendous amount of support while her while her status in the rest of the world has declined dramatically because of her role in the genocide against the roe hinduja nonetheless inside myanmar the anno d and unsung suci as still immensely popular. And you could see in last november's elections that the d. won a landslide victory which is part of the problem for the military of course because they see that the strength of support for civilian rule and for democratic process is strong within the country And that strength will ultimately threaten longer term the authority and power of the military. So i think that there is likelihood that they will be resistance but it's difficult because in some senses it could be argued that civil society has in some senses being captured by the date so when it came to the genocide a thorough hinder. There was no support inside myanmar. Almost no support inside beyond ma for the row hinder when the atrocities were taking place against them. Atrocities perpetrated by minoan lie and his Tap metal military supported the hallway through a we have to say by unsung suci. So this is a. This is a civil society. That will i think. Listen to the core of suci. It is somewhat out of practice if you like in terms of a resistance in the previous military regimes. The political resistance was organized very often underground at outside the country largely in thailand but it was very strong and very persistent. It'll be interesting to see what happens now. Particularly given that some of the leaders of that resistance have now been arrested and detained by the military. Is it possible that the military have been playing extremely long game here. I e by co opting out sang succi into their campaign against the rohinton knowing that would undermine eventually the international support on which she had relied during her previous arrest. I have seen comments to that effect. I don't think they're that clever. Quite frankly but i do think that she wasn't particularly clever in that regard. Either because She was quite prepared to do. Well maybe herenton she was but she was very Prepared to do a deal with the ministry. She understood the terms on which has civilian government would rule. She knew full well that the military retained ultimate power but she was prepared to accept that and indeed. She was prepared to support and defend Mas military in it's brutal assault on genocidal assault against through a hinder. And she's been prepared to go to the hague at the i. C. j. and defend the military and her own position because it wasn't just the military who perpetrated these atrocities against throw hinder. Unsung sushi is ultimately responsible for me green at queen. Mary university. Thank you very much for joining us. You are listening to the briefing. Here is yelling. Fund with days are the headlines. Thanks andrew more than five thousand. Russians have been detained for taking part in protests to demand the release of jailed opposition leader. Alexey navalny his wife. Yulia neville ni- out was among those detained at sunday's protests. She was later released. Israel's government says it is transferring thousands of doses of garon virus vaccine to immunize frontline palestinian health workers. Israel has one of the most advanced rowlatt programs in the world but palestinians are yet to be vaccinated. Several senior indian. Journalists are facing charges of sedition over their coverage of protests by farmers media organizations including the editors guild of india have criticized the move and claim it is an attempt to muzzle the press and the monocle minutes reports that some welsh country cancels are threatening to hike property taxes on second homes to move aims to dissuade would-be homeowners from diluting. The welsh language. For more head to monocle dot com slash minute does today's headlines back to you andrew. Thank you your lane. You are listening to the briefing on monocle. Twenty four this time next week former. Us president donald trump will make history as the first president to be tried twice on articles of impeachment. The us senate this time for his role in fomenting the washington dc riot on january sixth which left four have his own supporters dead and saw one police officer murdered and hundreds more injured. While the republican contingent in the senate may be willing to indulge trump. Yet again he is having perhaps telling difficulty finding sign legal counsel willing to represent him one joined with more by suzanne lynch washington dc correspondent for the irish times Suzanne it's not generally held to be an encouraging signal when shortly before trial. Your entire legal team quit. We know why they've done this. Yes not a good sign as he. Donald trump had assembled a a new new new faces. People who would not have been familiar with them and several lawyers from south carolina and now in the over the weekend we find that they are no longer working with the president and the president's advisors put out a statement saying you know nothing to see here that it was very much mutual decision and but does not reporting coming out that in fact donald trump wanted them to argue basically relitigate the election and return to a lot of his unsubstantiated claims about election fraud saying that he the election was stolen from essentially on. This defense is invited. Warning is it advised that is not walked the at the impeachment of the voters role in fomenting at the attack on the capital. johnny six. This appears to be the issue. His south on a lawyer. In particular at butch bowers he was the main figure quite very well respected in south carolina and well known and had been recommended by trump ally. Lindsey graham in the senate. He has no parted ways with the president bringing up to four lawyers with him so that seems to be the background by why does has fallen apart without relationship. So where does that leave trump in terms of representation. Is there any chance that we will be treated to the glorious. Spectacle of rudolph giuliani on the floor of the capitol possibly in the car park outside capital. Dry cleaners never under the moment. M there are now he has he name to members of his impeachment. Defense team would of them. David shown is from georgia. And he represented roger stone as long term ally of donald trump pardoned and also as the second person is bruce castor. He was former district attorney in pennsylvania. And he's well. He's known because he declined prosecution at bill cosby the entertainer The day back So they're the two figures who in themselves are known at two to certain people have had dealings with. If you'd like celebrity clients also shown almost be said this also reports that he actually disclosed representing jeffrey epstein before he died in prison so at their the two figures we know. Now that's quite quite a small group. There will be more lawyers. You're right about rudy giuliani. Donald trump is not depending on the lawyers that he used before so for example and other years at the last impeachment. We saw ken starr app. Who people will remember from the pension impeachment. He was involved in the league team. For example they are not getting evolve this here and i think it's a sign that don't trump is finding it difficult to find legal teams. That are taking him on. Essentially an once. He's lost you know he's no longer president. He's going to be facing his own legal difficult. We know that investigators new york scrutinizing his business affairs and we know that financially. He's most likely under squeeze the moment. Obviously the at the hotel business the building business all business around the world are under pressure. Because a kuroda virus the trump businesses. No different so he has been finding it difficult to get these legal teams to work with him but it looks like these. Two figures i mentioned are the new people so far. But we're only a week away from this so he's going to have to work quickly. At this point we already already seeing lines being drawn in the battle for the future of the republican party. It was widely assumed that things might become more sensible post trump. but it's now starting to look as if they want a as you'll be aware we have seen in recent days several senior republicans refusing to distance themselves even from incoming congresswoman marjorie taylor green. Who does not appear to have encountered a conspiracy theory to which she will not enthusiastically subscribe. How do we see the trump trial playing into that role within the republican party. If we assume he's not going to be convicted. Yeah it's a very interesting one. We're kind of seeing these lines as you say one side. We have margie. tater green. Who's as cuba announced from georgia. Extremely right wing. And then we have liz. Cheney of all people who've become ready to conscience of the republican party and the house she voted to impeach donald trump last month and but she's got a lot of backlash between her party and the fact that you're right that that republicans are not censoring green for a lot of her comments and is for a lot of people worrying that that is saying. Alas i'd rather overlooking party they're happy to censor a lot of people are talking about are in criticizing her at first data siding with democrats during the impeachment. And yet they're giving green a free pass. People like steve scalise. Saying and kevin mccarthy have said the doj agree with green statements. She for example conspiracy theories about nine eleven about the parkland gone choosing. But still i think a lot of people were shocked including nancy pelosi. Who sat last week. That green was appointed to the one of the education committees in congress so important role so even there one side of the mouth. They're saying they don't agree with her on the other. They are giving her power in congress. So yes it's trump impeachment is taking place against this background now. The house are finished with the impeachment process. They've already voted on that. It's all going to be in the sanish but last week of course was the first indication that really he there. It's not gonna be seems enough. Republican votes convict him because mitch. Mcconnell and fort most forty-five republicans 'em voted on a procedural vote we was procedural it indication what were thinking that this was an unfair trial that i it. It doesn't have enough process under the system is unfair so that that gave us that they're saying look we could still hear the evidence of the other way but i think that's really given an indication of which way the wind is blowing here and so it seems unlikely that republicans will have the vote to convict him and i think that would be a big boon for donald trump. Kevin mccarthy the top republican in the house actually traveled to florida last week and met dunk from so very visibly her patching things up with former president. He loves it. He feels that he's got. The president former president has a lot of power. He wants to be seen very much meeting him. Shaking hands with him so it looks like that trump stranded. The party is still powerful. Still commanding a lot of support just very finally and very quickly to donald trump on the other end of this trial in his expected to quit will do we know yet what he plans to do with himself other than play golf. We don't we do know that. He has raised a lot of money since the election. And a set up a pack a political action committee and with millions. Now in the in that account if you like so that would suggest that he could be suggest you know considering another run for president. I don't think he's ruled that. I wish but i mean the problem for him is he. Doesn't like losing any already lost the last election Will he be prepared for the nine again. Pretend to use lose it again. So that's the issue there and obviously there's a lot of speculation about his family too particularly. Ivanka trump his daughter that she may be considering a political career. Maybe not immediately but in the future she still quite young. So that's what we're waiting to see others. Say i think his are going to be his main focus now because of this economic climate. We're in and of course the damage that's been done to the trump brand amongst certain customers most customers even though it seems to have held open certain parts of the world's anglo countries etc that brand the trump brand at but that's what we haven't heard very much from him mainly because he's been bound from twitter so he doesn't have that form that he used to have his fingertips so he's been pretty quiet at but look he's not gone away as we know onto susan lynch. Thank you as always for joining us. You're listening to the briefing. Navarre's is is proud to partner the briefing on monocle. Twenty four is a company that is committed to reimagining madison. Global health care leader intent on changing the practice of medicine. Navarre's been exploring uncharted frontiers in science for more than a century. Today the company is working on breakthrough treatments that pushed the boundaries of human understanding and biology data science and engineering to develop and deliver therapies. That help people longer and healthier lives around the world. Novartis reimagining medicine. You are back with the briefing with me. Andrew miller time now for one of our wrap ups of urbanism news With nick minnie's nick. We will start In our mutual ancestral homeland of australia specifically in melbourne were obviously nightlife. Has of late been bit quiet. Which is unusual for melbourne. Because it's usually one of the great cities to go out in. They're trying to revive that. Yes so the. I mean i just wanted to address. This would cut straight to the chase and talk about australia from the top because we always find a way to work working in there but essentially mobin is looking to appoint annoyed time economy. Advisory committee Now what this means is that they're going to look to bring in ten External leaders in retail hospitality the creative industries. You know. we're talking to people. Running bars restaurants nightclubs To basically advise the city on what they can do to keep the nightlife going understandably. It's like you said it's it's taken a dip in the last year. So they're looking for ways. I guess to make sure their social cultural life and the economy keeps ticking In the not tommasi in melbourne. And what i think is particularly interesting about this. Is i think it might pave the way for the first nightmare australia. Which i think is an important raleigh acknowledging the significance of the not economy reason being is that Mayor sally capp had planned to appoint anoint. Time or after doc mayor In the lead up to the election but the council issued tapped for the role ultimately Didn't didn't make the cut or wasn't elected by his district so this is obviously opening up. The potential bringing somebody external bats an not an elected. Not time certainly a later of the tom economy and i think that's incredibly good thing from ellen To speak also of lego bike lanes. It says here we do and really love this story. And i love that. We can talk about as as a as a kid. I loved playing with lego building whole cities. And i think that that helped to spark my interest in it. Now as you probably know andrew machine you've got a massive collection at home but for years the streets of lagos city sets Their base plates have space for cars car lanes car-parking people even tony storm drains but absolutely no designated like i bought lining it which is weird given. The lego comes from denmark with it pretty far ahead of the curve on the whole urban bicycling thing exactly so and it sort of seems a little bit strange onto light. Last year there was nothing until they introduced a very thin blue black line which is is a dinesh the diner's color for the black lines. So it's significant but There's been a counselor in the netherlands. Who has been lobbying go through their online ideas platform to have them actually putting it put in bike lanes now. He sees the opportunity after seeing them. Interest in blue. Black line and a legos. Essentially said look. You can design a set if you can find ten thousand people to support the idea by the end of the end of the year. So i just wanted to put the call out here to encourage people tobacco. Let's get some lines in very. Finally we need to talk about new rail links for the baltic states and already this is quite high on my list of travel things i would like to do when traveling becomes possible again because traveling in the baltic states is always fantastic fund. This is going to make it even more. So yes so. The backing Rail baltica which is going to essentially connect the capitals of all the baltic countries Have announced that or they've released a report saying procurement for the construction is going to launch this year and to give people a little bit of background on the project if they're not familiar with it essentially it's eight hundred and seventy kilometer long line that causes commuting where we come from of course naturally cutting through latvia lithuania and estonia and and essentially rail service every two hours. Between between each of them. There will be ten days connecting to ten trains per day rather connecting to warsaw and two overnight trains. Also going onto bill. this is incredibly exciting Especially for the regional towns. That are going to be connected through. Today's capital says some great opportunities for some some transit leads housing and development splendid. Nick minnie's thank you as always for joining us. You're listening to the briefing on monocle. Twenty four you are listening to the briefing with me. Andrew miller and finally today our weekly wrap up of the news. Which isn't making you want to emigrate to the windswept steppes of mongolia and live as a yak. Welcome to the forty third of these weekly false in the wreaking garbage dump of the covid nineteen new scape in search of the discarded. Bitcoin wallet of good news. We know that they would have been a much more topical. Take to be had in the recent ramping game. Stop shares but after literally several minutes of desultory fiddling. We realized that it didn't lend itself quite so readily to metaphor however moving semi seamlessly along. There was good news for any sprightly investor who believing that the game stop. Ship may have sailed piled heavily into turkmenistan liquorice futures and let's give it up the four. We plough on four cruelly underrated winston mid nineties indie supergroup liquorice anyway. The thirties in the pleasingly named turkmen region of la. P- say with me lab have instructed state employees and school children to begin carrying at all times medicine boxes containing licorice root syrup to combat. What they are clearly and efficiently describing as lung disease. Actually let's see from labs own medina yet. Shoddy etta may be gloss. Where i the lebron's having to tread carefully here is wild. Turkmenistan's notably eccentric president gurgling berdymukhamedov has previously claimed. The turkmen licorice might cure cove nineteen. The country is also officially insisting that it has no cases of the disease. Neither of these things just so we're clear. Miss true what is true. If you'll forgive digression is that finland produces a salt licorice ice cream topping with while kua covid nineteen or indeed anything but your rice. Craig not tasting enough. like salt. Licorice is bloody marvellous. You can thank us later. Ideally if you're listening to this in finland by sending us here in the uk good news for the residents of the naval hub of plymouth who may now freely refer to one of the city's landmarks on facebook without inciting censorious algorithms plymouth is a sloping parkland facing over the water which enjoys a measure of fame as the location of francis. Drake's pre armada bowling game. Not that sort of bowling as long as we're making stuff up. Ever references to plymouth hoe had been routinely deleted by facebook due to hose home anemic relationship to a term of misogynist abuse but steps to rectify. This on now apparently hummed away which is good news in a wider context as it doubtless means that facebook is working. Its way steadily down. Its list of priorities to fascist racists vaccine deniers and sundry conspiracy theorists and will totally get the any day now in south australia got for the local plaud- for public safety for much love destroying iraq institution called chisel and for people who enjoy seeing the same jokes may ten thousand times on social media adelaide's finest apprehended wanted mayor do well. Their task made much easier by widespread amusement at her name. Case on cox whose parents were clearly fond of the chisel song you can hear behind this item itself named after the vietnamese battlefield off case song it also proved good news for those of us who enjoy those moments. Such a usually samba institution as a police force. Realizes there's no mileage and pretending to take something seriously. South australia polices initial alert on. Twitter was accompanied by a notice that we've already searched bow river and the star hotel. This is admittedly from the if you are aware that the two of the titles of cold chisel songs nineteen eighty album. East is probably a good place to start and vaguely related. Good news window worrying canadian. Catta wall assembly deal recipient of a profound demonstration of the loyalty of her fans or at least all one of her fans stuff and chairman and for the purposes of this autumn staff. And she seems to a free concert itself. As britain's florida who a few weeks back changed his name by deed poll to selene diem. Amidst a drunken youtube reverie vis-a-vis his faith has declared his intention to style it out the twenty five year old is enjoying his new identity and is keeping it. Thomas dodd is dead. Long live sunday dion news for all of us as a demonstrates the tweet to just spoiled to all the qualities of our favorite singers merely by filling in a few foods for multiple twenty four. Johnny catch. all. Your mind cannot overstate the degree to which i've always wanted to say that the fun fact about johnny cash apparently i have been reliably informed by people who were on the receiving end of it. I never had the honour myself. He never ever once ceased being amused by the absolutely mesmerized discombobulating affect the fact of him saying to people. Hello johnny cash. Had it'd be nice to be able to do that anyway. That is all for this edition of the briefing. It was produced by james and yelling. Goffin has to manage. it was chris evans. The briefing returns at the same time tomorrow. That's mid-day in london seven am if you're listening in washington. i'm andrew mullet. thanks very much for listening.

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Passion Business Podcast  Episode 13: Mira and Peter Griffiths  The Mind Takeaway

Passion Business Podcast

40:32 min | 1 year ago

Passion Business Podcast Episode 13: Mira and Peter Griffiths The Mind Takeaway

"<music> welcome to the passion business podcast the podcast the free spirits with the big idea but won't turn their passion into business. I'm Herman at host my guests today <hes> mirror and Peter Griffiths who shared fascinating story of how the car business the mind takeaway has been unfolding enjoy join the episode and has always if you like don't forget to subscribe hello and Welcome Mirror and Peter Lovely friends who sitting in Germany they know more about Germany tonight. I'm very excited to have you. Hello Hello I so what we about to say not just just V._R.. In Berlin actually great so yes. I've taken taken away where you you are now. So why don't you tell people away from and what are you doing invalid from the U._K.. From the Place Cobo says out she imbalance yeah I'm from CRATIA originally and I had to move more started than I was. A kid years ago moved Serbia lived there another twelve years income then moves to do by variety lived for twelve years again. That's interesting and now I'm Berlin hunting. Were years here opt out six and a half years yeah we we actually maths in here and I was that for about six years on while quite a journey a twelve year pattern I just I realized before so what are you doing. You went to get out. We'll what we started a business. Call the mine takeaway and I guess the Simplest Way Could Sites coaching consultancy company. <hes> we've been workshops retreats we work with groups individuals Oxley from quiet diverse set to backgrounds because a lot of people do along these things against because we're still blocked. There's a lot of crossovers we do have have lots of interest separately as well but of lades. It's quite interesting so for example us. We did the relationships Web Sean. I if you asked me about six months ago while never go kneecaps hope it. I was excited to do it so it's really interested than we have shopping so yeah we'll just work with these clients or not but then he continued zones over now it's it's interesting as we go along Guinness v Learn as we do one something something else and I think this is how it action by back. This is so strong relationship works virtual. Go all K- communication's important thing and then doing that kind of goes on to another out that how how it involves up. There's an image of keeps coming back to me. You need to start walking so as to the next corner so you can have a look at what's behind it until you actually start walking and get that corner. The next thing isn't gonNA reveal itself and it seems like that's what you've been doing like walking walking and you know and be open to to what comes your way. That's what you're what cats without as well. If a look back in hindsight you know could like all the by will not was Israeli stores even the love of outside of this because yeah it's exactly about sort of steps forwards and then what occurred. Let's let's make sense on again if you asked me you know even a year ago of Glen. No we need a really structured. The business vote actually about makes no sense was a moment which we had but never really went back over the used by onto makes me laugh because I remember when when I came to Spain with that crazy idea all let's just start sewing business but you know let's make it Flamenco stuff because you know we don't want it to simple and first thing it's like oh I need a business plan and I downloaded a template. You know like some several templates in the Internet tonight and I looked at this and what the heck is a suspect. That's just a bunch of assumptions. You know we just making up numbers. It just made no sense to be whatever never filled in because like software engineer. It was like Oh that's assumptions assumptions as we all know the mother of all you know and so I just made no sense at all. So how did you wealthy decide to live in Berlin because like you know coming both from different places so what's the journey that brought you to Berlin and also what's the journey that would you to doing the work. You do not the kind of confused at school thinking Oh when I grow up I WANNA have coaching and consulting this. It's similar limits similar to bow river saying it was just happening. Peter was the first mile to come two thousand thirteen. Yes L. E.. Twenty five saying on again at the time ale or any aspirations starts a coaching business all the mugshot so every like time was concentrating music <hes> getting a longtime elections <unk> and then also have many challenges with my family. My follow is actually very lists while so lost my mind point was to go into kind of business ideal. I was just basically surviving just trying to make sensible things going on around me run yeah yeah and then the reconnected and I wanted to leave do by myself London now thinking Vietnam I was just you know it was interesting. I had so I was of being my background is in physiotherapy site. I starts stumping interested in pain management benefits to do hypnotherapy clinic or Huguenot therapy and then what means just they're not be be in coaching and so yeah I was over the that in that rogue but I never thought I would do it as a business hard to spot sonate vidartes stuff and and then I remember having a coaching session and having an inside that I was gonNA leave before the end of the year two thousand fourteen from some I mean February march in the had no idea how and I didn't have had no idea where I was looking at places so I'm a look the other place by never looked at Berlin and then be recommended started talking me being for many years before we were friends and don't be friends but just Kinda knew each other a new law about gender and the and and beat to come to yeah I could do that and I moved my ticket from visiting London to come to Berlin spent your era leak and a half an I live here and big. I think it will sound P.. December that same year that I left while yeah and I guess the Lakota head to me it just came from a place wisdom because there's nothing on it because we were talking about this before you know we fund to now. It's amazing that the decisions that you kind of agonize for days weeks months and times even years the kind of probably not the right face day for this it just it was like a download. It was like getting coincide on no wanNA catch me among schism this person's opposed to but it was so cute bow new because again if I do about it and there's no way I would've even reached on you know yet because Iraq never in relationship before that's that was what was really interesting as mayor was just like the NYQUIL release shock macos Laba they can't walk with who is the bed but it's okay yeah. I guess it's going back to I guess I'll be going into Cochin again when you reverse engineer and I was lead to in many organizations for twenty years and I was always coaching leader but I didn't really see myself as a coach and actually before may or nine bites even in the U._A._e.. <hes> I started looking at meditation star the go-to workshops so again at the time what didn't really have any limits. I didn't really have any thinking around it. All you know whether it was useful along and when it came Sabella and it wasn't really on the radar at all but interestingly when we bug started seeing you know get into a relationship we both realize that was a like-minded passion that we could explode the mind together. Actually you on the phone yet but. That was a point years ago when apples in Berlin or urine half and I've got offered a project the joke to go to back to Dubai so that was just got married. Then it was a bit <hes> I think everybody thought that it was a really weird stigma to special and but I it was a good opportunity. It was hard like it. It was hard decision because I was thinking about it but it just made sense to do because it was a set up. A higher opposition was <hes> I was setting up and running is your therapy center <hes> <hes> and it was a great experience for me and also being powered for big corporates organization as running the center so <hes> yeah just made sense to do that and the lever away from each other for two years it was an issue. It's supposed to be six months but then my goes on things happen than the moved and we started our business and the time than the into different countries yeah so we will have them this long distance relationship thing that we will also listenable and again it. Wouldn't you know we wouldn't ever plummeted stocks for sure oh but it allows US space to explore go deep on some of these things that we were trying to work out for solves. I'll be honest when MIRA said should've tightness role almost at home. I goes what we're going to be a wife but again when I go oh quiet a realized that it has to be done era she needed the expirations get conference. Bach on tape is project even though seems to go commandos. I know this makes sense. We're GONNA be a pause and then obviously you know your friends bomb. He's not meant well. They were very faithful and then just provides Glenn you know just download it. It's amazing that actually what we what we achieved in that time again no plans on just letting it unfold in a few steps absolutely and I guess that's sweet spot wants swimming but again I wouldn't say okay. Let's again it. Just just watch yeah. I mean there's no rights wrong. There is no I should be Green Bay. Never thought I should be doing something it wasn't going to ride action <hes> but then the never redid someday that the just need sense that moment a sometimes didn't even make sense any malays just an inside and then you go go and yes I mean we it's really getting really quiet your snow and taking taking taking what shows on it seems it doesn't mean they trust trust that takes you somewhere useful. They just had this idea and we just call that reminds me. How I decided to move to Spain? I would literally walk through the old historic part of Granada. You know this white cobblestone stone houses and there was the sort of market in the morning where you know you sometimes could not even tell which century in because they know cause and it's like just like in the old days and I remember the moment that would this when there was float I'd love to live here and and there was and it did sense logically to to leave a perfectly fine I._T.. Korea in London you know to just go move to Spain and do something totally different over what is but that trust that like okay if there is that pull. There's always the if it's pull it's worth following. If it's a push well you might WanNa have an and there was something else you said about the people around you. I've seen a lot with with clients as well. It's like my family doesn't support me and there's always like well. No they won't usually is like Oh. You're crazy until you've done it and then they always knew about their own fees and their own it. I think what comes up is more about them than about you or your your chances of success with whatever you're doing. It's is being it's a really great point because I think I'm at least for me. In the past. I had to have an approval of people that are close to mean. I live in order to do things wchs was lacking but my father was alive. He was the one that all you want to do it. Yes go towards it never really put any blocks things and it was really really really supports but when he passed away my my freedom to do things kind of disappeared from my life because I I didn't know where that comes from I always love is coming and renting to really a low point to my life girls than I was agree and diagnose depression and <hes> and what I learned from there. That was my turning points. What I learned from there was that I don't really need anybody to to approve of anything that I'm doing yet? It's it's okay to to listen to people in and maybe it gives you insight may be a gives you an idea but not lying the following what they think because day come up from their perspectives and their fears and also us right now visa times I have believed that but because we know what's going on it can support each other's covering isn't change <hes> but it was a big turning point for me to not feel resentful birds the people that had different opinions different ideas and appeared to be stopping the things you know they just do the best that they can and and still love each other so that was big turning turning point for me <hes> yeah I can see that my I relate to the you know the good girl now that was me too and it was in the end. It's like so liberating to realize that God knows actually perfectly acceptable answer and people in the end all better at take method than I actually used to think. Actually it just POPs up into how how do you guys manage to well. Do you manage to separate like the coaches from you know just being a normal couple. Is this like don't let the coach me moments ordinary well actually mayor when a lot deep Ronel pay I just been practitioner but initially before we started looking to the subtractive signs like allergy. We both sponsored wedge. I'll be on his we win China. Take anyway but it just hopping automatically then if we were in place one of Zeistloft up in the focus on my language among you know kind of thing but now just doesn't cut it's actually quite hoppy if item say it and they give me a gentleman I really appreciate although in the moments of probably say stupid stupid things like anyone doesn't h what I'm a law quick that does not off of it and go while Funky you know because if it's on spot don't see it then you need much in the right direction and I don't think inseparably <unk> constitional well. It's it's interesting because I think where where we trying to to push push another one to see our perspective or like he needs to change this in order to see what I'm coming from. This is very crate creates this feeling aw leland the don't try to coach me right now but if if I can speak to myself but I think this is what what's happening if if I generally think nothing on that but no my own perspective Acura feelings or anything if I really really clear minds <hes> and I tell him you know I'm not sure about this. He'll be absolutely over to talk about it because coach about it's absolutely but if I come from my own I've got something on my own agenda here. Then it doesn't then we get into could be an argument. Humanity it could be all you know. Don't do this now but yet depends how be approaching depends where from which feeling lately come to an insane clients isn't it and I think Milwaukee that because it clearly and again the always no income them human come to human experience but is just GonNa okay so while Salat about near as doesn't seem to be in a nice place so I'm not a Polish you know I'm just curious about what's making Lael. You know what what's what's got to the moment Dr Not way whereas before it'd be like I must be about those during because may reciting next lines are that'd be look into outside and myself and then obviously not ready belly fix. I'm just odd swim against so it's a and you know it grows and every time we have a new insight about the business and and it's interesting eh were relationship grows be getting to know more each other. Our business grows in the same way. That's interesting hugh is joined the episode. Don't forget to subscribe and if you're curious how having your own podcast could help you grow your business to passion business podcast calm and grabbed free resources us that helps you get started actually episode. I am not that I just so resonates with with my experience and that there's business development is personal development. It's so closely related especially when you have a business coaching business creative business so much more about about you or like well not as it's more the question of personal development like how are you prepared to go and and where you coming from you can do dude on the on the strategy and tactics and facebook ads and Blah Blah Blah. E can do it all everything right but if you're not coming from the right place it's all running against the wool really aw that's been valuable lesson you know being in a relationship wide Franken business because we started looking at it again. We can go back in hindsight and say we we did this and we really clung but that's just experiments experiments in Colombia's wobble known again like ready can be doing this. Maybe we'll start arguing but it just never happened. We like any Coppola or any relationship Vermont's Gamal you know you're GonNa have difference of opinion but it just just difficult as big stopping from we probably stop having visage. It's been an amazing actually the more we try and get get into way of what's already playing than then you WanNa get straight heels off. If we just have more on that which obviously it's not always easy to do on. You've owning a business because I think for people say very cliche that Cheesy Passion Fast Business Laser the rings so true because as soon as we get a bit wobbling thing Oh my God we need to get this much. Money doesn't really why crime and then this energy get bucking the Ruben Online's actually why we really want to do because it likes awesome. I'll be ready truly believes that might actually her clients or whoever trauma resonate revolve reach out to there's a passion behind it all and for me I think it's it's closely related to buy the my background in being a refugee and being in war and you know seeing how much people get blended induce stupid things and I think this is me that kind of the wounds that either know how big scale but that's it comes from there and this work bind actually I I guess we just started Explo- from experience liking culprit like into businesses and enter my son has been a musician wall was holding people by so in the music side it was people feel were the judge fan because when producer painting Yasser Too low swam teams ball when you out in the world sometimes of this deadly be the past would feel judge on a lot of expectation building Otzi president the send Bolton so a record label when not completely think the officer if I make some issues to going about creative state not just elevate you know it's what lights on if we can point people's eating for a second ducks kind of chicken talks Rosen and businesses while its oversight hold hearings buckets that banking right we will experience we forget that's implicit the end up with it but obviously it's it's a challenge origin in real life because life gets away and things often then same does let me get two weeks all complexity <unk> Balkan <unk> yeah if I guess at something I think I've been noticing more and more is that benign noticed that I saw complicating things going into too. Many there's an old I need so that's that's kind of mind and notchback back. Stop and go back symbols. who was the simplest way you can say this? The symbol Spain combined this simplest dinner this this this quote that I've got like everywhere. It's an Einstein quite a at least it's attributed to Einstein. It's genius is taking the complex and making it simple and that really resonates with me because I'm a bit like lucky in that sense that it gets too messy. Let that's just like a signal now. Just cuts simply. Stay get messy. It was focusing on creates a two year. It's messing the middle and actually we make good saying they're not because I'm really come up with ideas can smash our loads of different experiments but when against masturbate in the middle I gotta get bit the mayor then Kohl's Craxi merely. You Really WanNa do that because if you take inference on how can you focus on okay buccaneering then again it's not questioning wall purposes as all get together says it can really help people and then bothered nominee edges. He will just let no it doesn't make sense in the mall so we just start something whereas an apostol may especially Jubilo things a light to be busy but then it's like you know is busy. Lizzy always really a good thing not all the time and again. I'd like to open. It's quite Lutts for lights. No but it's now it's guesses lasts more. It really is so we've got a lot going on. Don't get me wrong so yeah. What have you gone now this one thing and again the relationships things that makes me laugh because I never fought to get into relationship? Coaching on intellectual spoke again lights. It's really the from business of it as long relationship with their Business Paula you boss could be anything. It's now we will have been among among recently in Berlin on it was amazing because every time we do this we learn all sounds Ryan. You know someone asks me. Why did you get into this verse lights exactly all the the very thing that you didn't pointing people back to you know their own wellbeing unclarity in currency mind every time we coach some on the Workshop Hawaii groups in my while didn't think Blah Blah? I always say no very sold different origins later. I'm like wow ups amazing what else we gon. You're willing the fruit. I'M GONNA get Treatment Month's program which people to just lied to explore how their experiences creat created so it's basically you know anybody somebody that might be struggling with something has difficulty with something <hes> you know may even go as far as the pressure or somebody was already made some big changes in their life but they want to know more and be more in control their lives feelings and it won't be a terrible thing. It's it's really exploring and equal understanding wise something happening and how so they can get INSCI- about it what it is an hostile to what to do. It'll probably just change in Rabo. Just seeing what you do you just get so yeah. That's that's what I'm the eight next to what shorts vote in timeless wanting to buy and it's actually just experts from because living in different countries like yonker Milan's law but it's it can be really challenging people especially be on your own survive in a brand new. You've community in a new country. It can be a culture shock as well so we realized about was she'll be useful so he reached out to friends people we know in the way they said about could be useful so we're GONNA the two-day web shop exploring and then the next one we do in Dolan will be I think creativity innovation because even that we do a lot of created things in terms of helping people who are it's not just all sorts of many wants to invite so maybe stoker's leader on maybe they won't seem to come over new products so disrupts an industry so we kept saying do workshops locally because even though we live in Bil`in we ended adult align rise and it's only recently but now we're back in the same country together like wow we can actually imbalanced while digital that's too isn't it yeah yeah nonetheless thing thing Barack Obama coaches in the around the fall business mental type program so we started off doing a few free calls around just dubbing values and getting if he wants to people who are you know and stressful officials and again probably GonNa do it free month program between roar. We go deepen. All of all different expertise macron's again same thing just point people boxing. You know when you have only mind mind while next. For what else can you so Kobe that you wanna just wipe the slate gray. I'm just have a you know less stress in the life. Get some time Baca relationship but crucially as well when you've shifted a lot of things us. What next could you really do it now? You've got a clear mind renovating space. How could that really impact your business in the positive way all the people that you monitoring from betting that's attic sorry mayors reminded me for over the last two years of being insulating creates all over the world and it just thought it offers their side projects on the videos all the group but actually it's going to be a documentary next year some just reaching out Sir Hugh people much Fatima made that our two together refining footage has hours dollars so yeah anyone who's listening? Thank you want to reach out to always interview creates the planet and it doesn't matter wall discipline you ran just view light to making starting you getting spot stated flow. Go somewhere else and I'm GONNA put my hand up for that one. The woman wants entrusted than the average out because we're always looking for people and is going to be it'll be year before we teased on collected anymore to something it came from an inside that it slowly going <hes> but it's going in in the right direction. It's interesting. I love to actually mirrors drafted seventy times. The production crews are being quite a good loud and it's just so much fun when when he will allow life to unfold unfold hundred my favorite word we yeah it does look like it then you been you allow it to unfold and it's coming to you. There is lightness and goes in a certain national time limit stood. You come say you know this has ah trying to control bobin happen then this is for me in the past struggle within society about these things there is now <music>. I'm probably more more happening and no no <hes>. There's not science here ball. It's just unfolding one after another after notice reminded us ah just reminding them that he would just be fall. You know we got on the cone and I was trying to remember. How do we really what was the storm point? The ball goes into thinking about the lines inquiry. Maybe run reminded me that actually could have been this fallback. Historians people saying you just got police seeds lay MIRA said when you go off on it it just it just it's dot com. That's running to take wall Ri- honesty not so clearly when a make music <unk> follow creates it's AC- play all every everywhere line firm. It's such a useful <unk> an idea as <unk>. You don't have to help any urgency. She bounded you know just let it play outs cashiers about and if it really needs to take shape befall and it was just that's my experience to adequately signed that one and this uh-huh coming floor Rebecca inside the link inside the you need the kind of comes in over and over and over over again and it was staying the game that's true because there's so many times than it was easier to just you think it's easier in that won't eat who <hes> just not do certain certain things be present look scary or or too complicated too difficult but <hes> it just looked easier actually staying in the game and in just thinking next them the takes you where you're actually going and school tonight <unk> the Moi happen often on some of these ideas and experience that we start to do as a business then Dan nuts for the power is because we really is not of course would super does alive because sometimes you you really wanted to crime especially if you really ledge fall but now <unk> disappeared so quickly get over it wasn't the pasta if I didn't have that tight structure around it and again that Rigid Bang than other have a law thinking around it without just as McConnell so to be able to appoint People Tada that you know you free to experiments things are going to work mark. Have some things are gonNA <unk> of its kind on how many times had ideas on average it's GonNa happen soon. It helps out for years legs rather mayors you said like hybrid the business I remember I came to lend you just a first year coachee in therapy and <hes> and Peter Peter Ideal life was <hes> make music and he told me once what really claps said you know I think we are going to have business <unk> business together and charge like hot like you didn't use it on the coaching <unk>. Be No one still end actually this morning. I told him like the remember when you said that he's really no no idea so nice for minos. Okay is not great tonight but awesome. It's always crime so you always going to help those insights when when you're ready to get about download whatever so where can people find more out more about you might can they go all of the website to the mind takeaway dot com and and then lots of things going on and some Bellona published published yet scientific if anybody's join anything or or get to know as as the as we publish things and as we as we start throw grounds just sign up living <unk> begun spam people but just sent the mation and on the other thing is just the facebook group yeah his it's a nice closed group. It's it's not publicly and hosted so we up volleyball post law the concerns that we put us yeah. That's probably a good place. You WanNa explore kind of what what would you on the guy. He'll always them again. It's the same thing the mind cycle another name by the way the <unk> I'll think had no idea about paying from but one day I think we'll walk. Shopping Mirror was in charge in the U.. A. And I was in a meeting he was involved. I think it came out all the name he hit to the the it wasn't even plan to be accomplished. You're not just you know and he took the domain name name and then even even for business by strange because the guy told us was opening is we cannot have at the beginning because of was in U._k.. And and try and nobody objected Oh yeah well thanks so much for coming no such a full compensation and I look forward to watching what's unfolding for UNIX.

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Enquete sur l'industrie du Running : Obsolescence programme & inflation des prix - i-Run Caf #04

Dans La T?te D'un Coureur

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Enquete sur l'industrie du Running : Obsolescence programme & inflation des prix - i-Run Caf #04

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DYNASTIES 9 - The Harts


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DYNASTIES 9 - The Harts

"This episode of comments is brought to you in part by audible audible as the best audiobook performances the largest library and the most exclusive content curated by enforce Canadians Star. Thirty Day trial and your first audible book is free learn more at audible dot ca slash. Canada that's audible dot ca slash. I see A. N. A. D. A.. This episode of Commons is brought to you. In part by wealth Bar Wealth Bar makes accessing professionally managed investments and financial advice ridiculously curiously easy invest in a professionally managed portfolio online in minutes and get unlimited financial advice from a certified financial planner. When and how it works for you you'll get full? Transparency your fees and performance anywhere anytime sign up in minutes at wealthed dot com slash candidate land and get one hundred dollar fee. He credit visit wealth bar dot com slash candidate land for more offer details. This is a the story of absolutely epic proportions. It's about brother turning on brother about billionaires battling for supremacy about the the country's biggest hero being humiliated in front of his nation by a man who looked to as a father there's blood and betrayal and vengeance. This is a story about professional wrestling. uh-huh the Boston three sixteen just whipped your ass. WWF The here's what you need to know to kick the things off in nine hundred ninety seven the world of wrestling was in the middle of a war the WWF which for years had dominated the pro wrestling landscape was losing viewers to the insurgent WCW and even worse they were losing some of their biggest stars so wwf Kind of being being seen as a little bit of a sinking ship. And that's when of course the offer comes to Bret Hart. My Name's mouallem. I'm a journalist and writer in Edmund. Ten and I've written about the heart family and wrestling in general over the years. Bret the Hitman Hart was back then. The WWF the biggest star. The Calgary born sign of a wrestling dynasty bread had for years been what's known in the wrestling business as a baby face. He's a hero a straightforward straightforward. Good Guy who gets in the ring for the right reasons but Vince McMahon the head of the WWF. He wanted to change that so he got bread to to do A. He'll turn and to become a bad guy and he did it by insulting the American fans. Nobody Core Feis criminal conduct doc. Quite the Americans do all the countries that I go to around the world. They still respect. What's right what's wrong you American wrestling fans stance coast to coast? You don't respect me while the fact is I don't respect you so from here on in the American wrestling fans toast chest but of course it insulting elting. Americans is the quickest way to become even more of a hero in Canada. Three weeks ago told America love. Love it or leave it. I've traveled all around the world. I've been all over the United States of America and the one thing that I've been particularly look forward to is leaving the what's even better than insulting American's playing to every Canadian cliche in the book Canada's a country where we still take care of the sick and the old where we still have health care how we got gun control. We don't Sudi southern kill. Each other on every street corner candidate isn't riddled with racial prejudice and hatred across Canada. We all care for each other and I am proud. Ought to be Canadian proud to be your hero. Despite his enthusiastic delivery Bret doesn't actually want to be. The bad guy hated by American fans but he still feels loyalty to Vince McMahon and so when the rival. WCW comes knocking. He's torn torn. Here's bread from the time in the documentary wrestling with shadows commonsense. I was right for your family but I mean how much do you meet. Sometimes I find myself torn between trying to do the right thing for my family The same time show my loyalty you know. I think my relationship with with Vince McMahon was always sort of like a father and I sort of saw myself. If I left it would have been a little bit like leaving my dad especially when the chips are down Aw The WCW Donnas neck. They've overtaken them in. The ratings is easy to jump and switch sides then they will thanks for everything bret decides decides to leave. He's GonNa take the money and jumped ship but there's only one problem he's the reigning. WWF Champion. He can't just leave while he's still oh holding that belt so it's decided that he's going to give the belt up to his rival Shawn Michaels. Sean is everything. That Brett isn't he's he's over the top and overtly sexual and the two men really do hate each other. I want that gutless. Little poser Shawn John. Michael out here again roller family. It's one more time they couldn't have been better opponents. Even their hair colors different like everything about it there so diametrically opposed to each other and here they are locked in a feud with each each other and eventually pitted against each other by the company. I'm Dave Abraham I sing in the band fucked up I host a podcast called PUNK and I love the plan is that Brett will have his last fight in Montreal in his home country and the match will end in a house where a bunch of wrestlers rushed the ring. And there's no definitive winner. Leaner and then Brent. He'll give up the belt the next day. The day of the match arrives and Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels go at it. The talk it's going according to plan it's a little awkward to watch back. You can tell that these guys are not maybe working at their best with each other. At this point Sean John Gets Britain to a sharpshooter which is Brett's finishing move and then all of a sudden it's over there's no Schmaltz no-one rushes the ring. It's straight up win for Shawn Michaels. And then all of a sudden the bell rings and said that Oprah tapped and give the belt to Sean and you just look at Brenton. Brett's like what's go in on Damian and Omar. Were both watching from home. I didn't even get all the pay per views but I got this pay per view. It was so big and watching it as a fan. You're like what the hell just happened. I mean I remember seeing that And just knowing that something was off because I've watched enough wrestling at this point to know that you know after a big match like that there's usually about three minutes of showboating roading and add more drama to ensue. But that doesn't happen. Sean is books at and Brat is left there looking completely stunned everyone knows wrestling scripted. But this this was real Bret Hart. The Canadian hero had just been screwed and and it would go down as one of the most infamous events in wrestling history and it was only one moment in the fascinating inhering. Saga of the Hart Dynasty Eighty wrestling operates on the level of the mythological. It's outsized is larger than life in often ridiculous but it's also one of the most popular forms of entertainment around in so much of wrestling. History has hinted around one Canadian Dynasty. The story of the heart is both triumphant and tragic and for seventy five years. They've helped shape one of the most popular forms of entertainment in the world. Doc I'm Arshi man and from Canada land this this is Commons. This episode of Commons is also brought to you in part by wealth bar wealth bar makes accessing professionally manage investments and financial advice ridiculously. Easy making money. Decisions can be pretty daunting but wealth bar makes it easy to have better financial habits with their automated needed investing and easy to use mobile APP. So you can stay more connected to your money. Wealth Bar also provides low fee investing and allows you to check on your investments. Any time line through their mobile APP welfare believes your investment. Experience shouldn't be determined by how much you have. So whether you've got a thousand dollars or a million you get access to professionally personally managed investments and financial advice with wealth bar you can open TEFA RSP and more online in just minutes. There's no paperwork. No hold music music just quick and easy investing the ours P contribution deadline is march. Second which is pretty much around the corner so get in touch with wealth bar today. Okay and make a deposit sign up minutes at wealthed dot com slash candidate land and get one hundred dollar fee credit visit wealth bar dot com slash candidate land for more offer details details and patriotism gone awry tonight right live and I don't care what the heart in the nine hundred ninety s the hearts especially Brett and his brother Owen probably the most famous Canadians in the world. Except for maybe Celine Dion. Jim Carey I would argue that. The Hart family are the most recognized. Maybe the fords now because of recent years but the most recognized Canadian dynasty internationally like you go to China you know oh you talk to someone that likes just general sports. There's a better chance they know. Bret the Hitman Hart would recognize the pitcher breath name and art then they would Wayne Gretzky and they earned that fame in the very very strange world of professional wrestling wrestling is far more than just what happens in the ring it's about the outside mythological characters and the epic stories stories. Were someone can be booed as a villain one day and then cheered as a hero the next and it really is like the the opera of the people you know like people don't go to opera like like I've been to one opera in rock operas. Don't count right but like I've been a one real opera in my life. People are going to offer people wrestling. You know like the masses go to wrestling so as this is such a great barometer reflection of society like I think paying attention to it is fascinating like you find out so much coach about the world were in and the most important thing to know about wrestling. Is that sure it's scripted. But it's not fake. The skill involved is enormous Ormuz. The stunts they perform feats of athleticism and the injuries they suffer are very real. You know saying fake fake to wrestle they will slap you in holding ending it. All Up is the concept of K.. FEHB cave is what wrestling hinges on. And that's the idea that it is a work like what you're seeing is not on the up and up you're seeing a two or more people engaged in physical combat which on some level because it's not always completely work but at some level is predetermined Omar Moallem still remember what it was like to see wrestling as a child. I remember when I was maybe five or six years old when stampede wrestling in came through town in town for me. Was You know this. Little community in northern Alberta called high prairie population less than three thousand and and it was quite literally like the circus coming to town because they would they would actually set up in the same like Sports Palace or ice rink that the circus would set up in and I remember a few years after that. Probably the early nineties. My Dad really spoiled US and he bought US tickets tickets to WWF in Edmonton and took us there. And we had great tickets and Hulk Hogan was there and Macho Man. Randy savage was their ultimate warrior. I was big ultimate warrior fan for some reason and we both left with Bret. The hitman Hart glasses asses there. Were these kind of flimsy. Fake sunglasses that kind of looked like the real ones he had except like when you actually touch them. They were Basically made of Tin Foil and two Canadians and especially albertans. The hearts were larger than life. Figures it was a huge point of pride in Alberta right because it was rare enough as it is as a Canadian to hear Canada or Canadian city let alone Berta city named dropped internationally. But you always felt this this pride wash over you every time. Bret Hart was announced and they said from Calgary Alberta every single time it just hit you made you feel like like you had a bigger place in the world. Then he actually had in nineteen ninety-seven in the Calgary Saddledome. It's clear just how much the Hart family is adored The Hart Foundation condition which is the nickname for the stable of wrestlers that includes the heart siblings and their allies has just won a massive ten man tag team match in their hometown and the crowd. How is just losing it? Her family members are jumping into the ring celebrate. So what is what is it for the hearts. The journey to being proclaimed Canada's it is I family in front of thousands of adoring fans started nearly a century ago. In Saskatoon Stu Hart was born in Saskatoon in Nineteen fifteen and he had it rough from the beginning. Stu Hart drew up a farmer's boy like he grew up on armie grew up very very poor and at one point. His Dad actually went to jail for falling behind on his taxes. He had to be tough. Because a okay back in those days. If you're left handed you were basically abused by adults. And he was left handed and he was treated very poorly enforced just to use his right hand which You know right away he was he was treated like like an outsider. Like there was something wrong with him. You know I think from a very in early age. Had to put on this very macho persona he has a really really tough it out STU become the professional tough guy. He's a weightlifter weightlifter. A bodybuilder a championship collegiate wrestler he even becomes a football player and joins the Edmonton Eskimos but a cycling accident. Destroys his Zack. Let career he'd broken multiple bones. He was hospitalized in Edmonton for months. And that's when his friend. Aloe Ming convinces him him to join the navy. They both love bodybuilding and weightlifting and they become like the beefcakes in residence at the navy base in Nova Scotia Russia if you could just imagine them weightlifting with artillery equipment and sometimes even showing off by bench pressing each other they start to organiz wrestling events. And that's how Stu Hart first became a wrestling promoter but even then he was still getting in the ring himself. That's the thing about STU. A heart like we're talking about a professional wrestler. We're also talking about someone who probably present landscape would be a UFC champion like his level of physicality and kind of what brought to wrestling as far as these emission holes. That's that is carried on to this day. He's so talented. And he's reviled by other wrestlers. For how how. seriously he takes himself and even though he's a good guy a lot of the fans don't like him because their girlfriends in their wives have the hots for him. MM-HMM STU and I'll end up moving back to Alberta and starting up a wrestling promotion that will turn into stampede wrestling. They put on live events and eventually eventually these were broadcast around the world. He would run shows all over the place on these shows. You'd be fooled with with rabid fans that would be just living and dying by the action. The ring stampede wrestling is a phenomenon. It's quite possibly the most successful Canadian. TV program in history. Yeah I mean it runs for decades in more than fifty countries. STU would train many of the wrestlers himself in his basement which soon became infamously Asli known as the Hart Dungeon. He put his victims into vicious. Submission holds until they couldn't take it anymore. He was a master of these types of holes and he would apply them with great delight. He loved pain and cats which is another thing that comes up time and time again when you hear about the house is wrestlers that would see the litterbox on the counter the pancakes with the SPATULA. Then foot the catch litter faucet the same spatula in nineteen. EIGHTY-FOUR STU Hart. He's almost seventy at this point. Sell stampede wrestling to Vince. McMahon junior a wrestling promoter from New York who's buying up and consolidating local promotions and he's a capitalist of the highest order and he didn't want just the peace. He wanted the whole pie and I think he would be very proud to admit that too. So He's cable. TV to his advantage vantage and he bought into markets where there already were wrestling territories in really produce stars and he went around rated territories for stars and those stars included some of stews on children. He's a doting husband and he wants a family and a big family and he has one he has twelve kids. Eight boys all of them become wrestlers. Four girls every single one of them at one point. Mary's a wrestler but from the start there was one who stood out from the rest. Ask From Calgary Alberta two hundred thirty pounds Bret Hart reds very much. His father's son and I know that's a strange thing to say because his father had eight sons brothers aim at heart is an unbelievably gifted talent. Athlete you know physical specimen who was trained by his father and just kind of raised. And he's he's a big physical person. He's not big by wrestling standards and definitely not huge huge by an big by the wwe wrestling standards of the mid eighties. which is when he kinda showed up there but he was just so talented in so so unbelievable in the ring that he could make even the big fish giant look good when he was wrestling Bret Hart? He didn't quite fit into the wrestling world. World of the nine thousand nine hundred eighty S. This was a time when outsized characters like Hulk Hogan and Andre. The giant roamed the landscape. Brett was confined to being a mid card performer. Remember at this time wrestling was all about the caricatures. You know you were a wrestler slash a Voodoo Shaman. So you were a wrestler slash policeman. You were a wrestler slash a garbage man. Maybe you didn't have have a sort of Villian type character. You wouldn't really get to perform in the main events Hulk Hogan at that time I'm was like Rockstar meets. Gi Joe I think it was sort of the inspiration and Bret Bret Hart was just bret. Hart I mean. Even the way that he talked about himself was very different because he would talk about his real life. He talk about growing up in wrestling. He would he would talk about growing up in Calgary he would talk about coming from a wrestling family but it wouldn't be long for bread to finally get his big break. What happens pins is in the early ninety S? There's a steroid scandal that rocks the WWF almost brings it down and Hulk Hogan is at the center of that and ultimate warrior. All the all the the a-list stars are embroiled. In and Vince McMahon needs to rebrand brand he needs to do good guy one that shows what wrestling really stands for so he sets his sights on Bret Hart it brings in Owen. Har- builds up the Hart Foundation and Brett goes from a standard baby face to the the biggest star in the industry in a matter of years even as popular wrestlers continued to leave the WWF for the rival WCW. Brett Star continued to rise. The excellence of execution became his tagline. But that's really what he was so kind of raw talent. He proved himself to be so valuable. That when and all the other stars Kinda left the company he he stepped up. Brett was emblematic of an old school kind of wrestling. His technique was unparalleled. Ll in hearken back to the shooter style of wrestling that he learned in the Hart Dungeon shooter style. Is You don't really see it anymore. But it's kind of European pins South Asian wrestling hybrid. It's one part grappling and one part hand to hand combat and it was famous for its submission holes. You could see all of that influence. Come through in his finishing move. Finishing move is the move that you do that. No one else can answer you know. And that's the move that when you apply the fans no it's over it's also the move when the person gets out of it the fans. Oh my gosh this is a match that means something and so breasts. Finishing move is one of the the all time great finishing moves and a move. That really really does not feel good. When applied is most people can attest to that have had applied to them by one of their friends when they were growing up? And that's the sharp shooter and it's a submission move like you know you. You basically locked the person's legs and apply pressure in such a way that Oh my God they could probably snap your leg if they wanted to. And it's also so mazing watch and put it on because you're basically watching someone make themselves in another human being into Human Pretzel so they're they're folding their legs and there's like it's like an a human origami at a certain point. The Brett was joined by members of his own family who formed the core of the Hart Foundation. Now that's not a charity. The Hart Foundation was is the name for the crew wrestlers that surrounded bread. There were his brothers in law Jim the Anvil night. Hart and the British bulldog and there is Owen. Hart the Youngest member of the heart brewed in the nineties. One of the most prominent plot lines in the WWF was a rivalry between bret and Owen with playing the overlooked younger sibling out for revenge from all the hear from people that did know him was one of the funniest was charming. Most down to Earth human beings on earth but he he could play horrible horrible human being in the ring and just was just so funny and just had such great sense of timing became a star. When I was a little boy was bigger than me and when he was older than me and he pick on me and tease me and make me bully me? There was a time when you used to be but then and I've got bigger and I got I got older back. Here's Brett talking about having to keep up the charade in a documentary about owens life. We never talked to each other same flight same plane same. He'd sit in one spot nights in another one time. We got detained. At Calgary. Customs Owen wants something to me and I kind of lean back and I said the maximum rate or something like that and also in this woman's customs officer come barging little office. And she goes I. Gotcha I knew that you guys talk. I knew you were friends eventually. The two siblings reconciled in the ring and routined up but soon enough real life drama would intervene. Vince McMahon the head of the WWF was losing viewers to Ted Turner's WCW. But Vince thought he we had a solution he felt that America was done with a straightforward heroes and villains at wrestling had promoted for so long. They wanted something different and we in the WWF think did you. The audience are quite frankly tired of having your intelligence insulted. We also think that you're tired of the same old simplistic theory of a good guys versus bad guys. Surely the era of the Superhero urge you to say your prayers and take your vitamins is definitely passe. Hey he started to turn wrestling into something. More provocative but Brett didn't like the new direction. It's got a lot more raunchier lot. More sexual shows very very sexual in a in a bad way. I don't think you watch wrestling for sex. I don't think it's I don't think it's become something you presentable to your children like like my kids won't want any more or none of them. Not even the teenagers and it's just become something. I don't really want associated myself with the clean athletic strain of wrestling that Brett embodied who's making King Wafer something flashier but he was still the biggest star in the WWF and a huge draw. Brett wanted a new contract from the WWE. It didn't feel that he was offered the money he deserved told them he was going to go to Turner depending on who you believe. Vincent man was given time to counteroffer. Sure he wasn't given time to counter off or depending on who you believe. There's a lot of different versions of these stories but he was decided that he was going to go to. WCW and he still had the heavyweight championship chip. And that's that's the key you know Vincent Man did not want him leaving with that belt he want him to lose it in Montreal like that was the idea. He's like he was. He was GONNA lose it to Shawn Michaels and he said. I just don't want to do in Montreal. The next star up from him is Shawn Michaels and Shawn Michaels and Bret Heart in real life end in wrestling. Life have a massive rivalry so this is how much they hated. Each Other during a live live broadcasted monologue Shawn michaels insinuated. That Bret Hart was cheating on his wife with sunny. I need this this woman wrestler. You got some ninety days. Get the job done. So that's how ugly the rivalry was between them. So when they got in the ring together they really wanted to beat the shit out of each other and the idea that Brett rat would have to hand over the title to Shawn. Michaels was the highest of insults. The animosity was very real. That's the one thing that I don't think anyone really questions like now they. They were buddies behind the scenes but they were great friends at one point. You know here's Brett again in wrestling with shadows talking about just how humiliating would be to lose to Shawn. Michaels in a Canadian arena can't do it. I discard Vince. Just assume blow my brains out would be the same from a character standpoint. That's what we'll be doing birthday. He met Hardwood bullet brain cells so they come up with this plan to basically instead of losing to Shawn Michaels the match that they had planned for each other in Montreal. It will end in a draw a sh- MAS is what they call it. When a bunch of wrestlers sort of like ambushed the ring and the referee so disoriented doesn't know what to do? He just has to call it off and then the next day Brat was going to just sort of forfeit the title Brett sent in his resignation in signed with the WCW and finally ended my career fourteen years with the WWF. I can't help but feel really Oy. Heart broke and disappointed. That dumb left this company. What Brett didn't know is? Is that Vince Shawn Michaels and almost certainly. The referee had a different idea of how the match would end in Montreal in. Brett's the home country where he is a bona fide hero. They decided to kind of go behind. Brett's back they told them. Okay fine you know you can have your your victory in Montreal. And then we'll take the belt off you the next night. But they went behind his back and they came with a different plan. And that plan was they got Earl hefner involved the referee and Got Shawn Michaels in on it as well and it was decided that Sean was going to win the belt on November Ninth Nineteen Nineteen ninety-seven Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels got in the ring in front of twenty thousand fans in Montreal Sean Puts Brett in his own finishing move this like tribute to his family to his father. Sean puts in the in the sharpshooter Kirby Center and almost immediately the REF calls for the bell to ring and Shawn Michaels winced title. And he just books out of the Ring John Gathering immediately. Everyone just got out like let's get L. earlier. You can clearly see the shock on Bret. Hart's face he was promised that he wouldn't end his WWF career by losing in front of a Canadian audience. But Vince McMahon had lied to him. That's when he sees Vince McMahon Ringside and. He spits right in his face. Bread red search trashing camera equipment around the rink and Brat knowing that the. TV's are still on him. He starts to spell the letters. WCW WCW in the air. He's just walking around spelling. WCW and basically saying fuck you. You fucked me. I'm GonNa Fuck you and it was war. Afterwards he heads backstage and asks Shawn Michaels if he knew what was going to happen. Sean lies and says that he didn't Sean you're talking witness. Aw God still came back. Your Vince McMahon comes to see bright right in the locker room and Bret Hart he punches his billionaire boss right in the face. Here's Vincent Man being interviewed a week after the Montreal match I was disappointed in Brett when he hit me very disappointed. I sustained a concussion as a result of it uh with the vision problems to this day. I'll get over it and I didn't think it was the right thing to do. I have no sympathy for bread whatsoever. None Retin made a very very selfish decision. Brett's going to have to live with that for the rest of his life. Bret screwed screwed bret. I have no sympathy whatsoever for bread. The event would come to be known as the Montreal. Screw job and in some ways. It marked wrestling's postmodern turn. It was hard to tell what was fact in what was fiction and it's still one of the most debated events in wrestling history. I think it's important because here we are all these years later and this is still the one time that the curtains really really been pulled back. Wrestlers slurs have always been at the mercy of their promoters and Bret Hart even though he had risen to a level of stardom few wrestlers ever achieve. Felt that he. He's being treated as disposable just like so many other wrestlers before him all these wrestlers that have broke their backs making this living for years and up with nothing when it's over and then they sort of take you back put a slug in the back of your head and dumpy out in That's the life of a professional wrestler in my case The demands that I made made in the the the things that I want over from a contract standpoint. Ralph demands that PUT The power back into the wrestler's hands somewhat. Maybe that's what they want to do. Maybe maybe I was becoming too powerful and now it's time for Vince. McMahon the promoter to tear this guy down. Maybe it's something that he just wanted to prove to himself that he could still do it. Ah never know but I know that he was wrong when his brother Brett left for the WCW after the Montreal Screw Job Owen Hart stuck around in the WWF and Owen State. You know like no one is ever going to know why motivation. I'm sure him and Brad talked about it. Like he was close with his brother and it was decided that he was going to stay and he stayed eight and there was a moment where they were going to push and make him a star. But it didn't really happen. They turn them into the Blue Blazer he still wants to get an unbelievably incredible talent and It was kind of like a Superhero Gimmick where everyone knew it was all the fans like myself. We all knew it was. Oh and that wasn't but like the whole thing was like he. He didn't know that we knew Owen. Hart had never even really wanted to be a wrestler. He dreamed of becoming a gym teacher. Solid kind of need to come home and said Dad. I got a scholarship for wrestling. And I don't know why I should have just said I don't want this. It took precedent over my The whole purpose was going university in the first place. You know to get a degree Ryan and and it's back in this rushing the cursive wrestling. He's not the golden child in terms of talent though. He is is remarkably talented but he's the golden child in terms of personality. You know there was a lot of sibling rivalry in in the heart family naturally early but Owen was kind of the peacemaker. He was the bridge that brought everyone together on May twenty third nineteen ninety nine nine Owen. Hart was set to perform as the blue laser at a pay per view event in Kansas City Missouri. The Blue Blazer was supposed to be a bit of a bumbling superhero so owen was set to enter the ring from high above the rafters get tangled up in the wires supporting him and then fall to the ground tragically. It didn't go as planned the story that you hear from what happened up top in that rafters before Owen jumped down is only only one row perspective where signal was given misheard by Owen Owen. Jump before everything was attached properly in and and free fault and died in the ring here at In Kansas City tragedy befell World Wrestling Federation and all of US Owen. Hart was set to make an entrance from the ceiling and He fell from the ceiling. And I have the unfortunate responsibility what everyone know that Owen Hart has died. Tragically died from an accident here tonight. Here's Owens wife Martha Heart talking talking to documentary crew about getting the call. The phone rang. I was sitting in my chair and I was looking at my house that I was just packing up and it was the doctor from the hospital and I just felt this. Doom sweep over me and he said Mrs Heart. There's been an accident own foul fallon hit his head on the turnbuckle and he was going through all this stuff and it was like I said just get to the end of it. I said what. What's the end result like? Don't give me the whole buffer thing like what happened. And he said I normally we'd fly down here to tell you this kind of news but you know your husband inside a you know. There's been a lot of horrible tragedies in wrestling but this has got to be one of the ones that just stands out the most because a lot of wrestlers pass away early like that is a fact. There's a lifestyle that takes a unbelievable toll on your body in your trading fame for your your longevity in life but like very few times to witness that firsthand in the ring and as a direct correct way and I can't thankfully I can't think of other times WWF. It's happened in other promotions. But you know this is one of the few times that happened on the scale At His Funeral Martha Hart swore to get justice for her husband. I loved him. I loved him. I loved him and I miss him because he was everything to me he was like. I'm a very forgiving person. And I'm not bitter angry it but there will be a reckoning and this is my final promise to own and I won't let him down Martha Hart sued the WWF and got an eighteen million dollars settlement and from then she was done with wrestling. She very much decided that after the Sushi one nothing nothing her kids to have nothing to do with pro wrestling to this day. Owen Hart. His family does not want him have anything to do with wrestling. His legacy has been kind of removed from pro wrestling being in a way. Bret Hart was devastated by his youngest brother's death here. He is addressing the crowd at a WCW event. And I thought maybe I'd be ready to talk about things when I got here. The truth is is that I'm really having a hard time decide on what I want to do with my career and my life I've live for wrestling and my family has lived rustling. Guide wrestling in the next few years would continue to be devastating for the hearts so a lot of people will say that the moment it all went downhill hill for the family. Was Owens death but actually I would say that it started one year before that it with the very tragic death of stews Young Grandson Matthew in one thousand nine hundred eighty six who like all the other grandkids had been grim room to wrestle and he was thirteen years old when he got flesh-eating disease and he died very very quickly two years after Matthew's US death came the Montreal screw job and then two years after that Owen. Hart died in the ring as for Brett things weren't going well for him in the WCW. I don't think he really knew what to do there because again. WCW was this. It was style over substance and he was always substance over style. The same year his brother died. Brett gets kicked in the head and it is a retirement. Inducing concussion it so bad that this man who's put his body through decades of hard physical labor. Multiple injuries is just out. He can't get back in the ring and then in the next five years you have Davey Boy Smith the British bulldogs death. You have scandals with Brett's brother committee heart who had to be forced out of the heart house when it was put up for sale and then after Owen's death breath the glue sort of comes undone and without him. All the sibling rivalry all the bad blood that was was always kind of their between the family members and the siblings. It just starts getting aired out with some frequency in these multiple biographies Auger. Fay's that are just published one after another over the course of a decade in Brett's health struggles only got worse. What Brett calls? The fight of his life was in two thousand and two. He was just out riding his bike along the bow river in Calgary when he just he crashed and he suddenly suffered a stroke and it left him in a wheelchair for three months for awhile. He never knew if he would walk again. Dan Let alone Russell and he was able to with time rehabilitate himself from that. But you know he's never quite been the same sense you know. He's still got a little bit of a limp and his body. Just doesn't work the same way that it used to compounded with that you have the injuries in his wrist. The injuries from his concussions and then he developed prostate cancer. The hearts aren't finished with wrestling. Even bret the Hitman. Hart a guy who had this horrible thing happen to them. WHO's have all this baggage with this company? Even he comes back and did a WRESTLEMAINIA appearance. It was brought in the hall of fame. You know because no one walks away forever and a new generation of hearts has entered the ring. There's David Hart Smith. Tyson Kidd and Natalya Neidhart. Talia was trained to be an unbelievable wrestler brought up in the same heart heart tradition. You know learning all the style of wrestling and she got in there and to this day. She's in that company and she still amazing in the ring and then there's Teddy Teddy Hart for a while. Teddy was seen as the future of the Hart family. Teddy I think is symbolic of the tragedy. Thirty that has become the heart family. He showed unbelievable promise at a very early age at eighteen. He was the youngest wrestler signed to the W. WE W F and evidently he was probably the youngest wrestler ever fired from the WWF because he was fired a few weeks before he was scheduled old to debut he was just A loose cannon from an early age and he had no sense of professionalism and he screwed up in his first shot and then give him a second shot and he he screwed that up and he screwed up multiple chances in other wrestling promotions in. I've I've actually lost count. Of How many comebacks. He has staged since the nineties but he is so unbelievably talented. Maybe some would say and I wouldn't dispute this but he might be the most talented in ring performer of the entire family but he has none of the discipline discipline or professionalism of his family members zero. He's gone down a very dark path over the years. He's admitted to dealing drugs working in sex work as a driver. He's been accused of pimping women out. He beat sexual assault. Charges is Omar wrote a profile of Teddy Hart for Rolling Stone Back in two thousand sixteen and partially featured in it was a woman named Samantha. fiddler who Omar are described in the piece as teddy's wrestling student and girlfriend Samantha is a cree woman from Edmonton who follow Teddy to Florida to pursue her wrestling dreams teams but shortly. After the rolling stone article was out Samantha. fiddler disappeared a few months after it was published. Her friend got in touch with me because she had searched for Samantha's name trying to find something anything and she'd come across my article in that was like the only trace of her Samantha disappeared on November Nineteen Twenty sixteen. She's the mother of three children and even though her friends and family were desperately desperately searching for her. The police in Florida only recently took up the case some wrestling blogs decided to cover her disappearance because it was a very very quiet scandal in the wrestling world. The last two wrestlers that she was associated did with our teddy and a wrestling trainer. Who has been convicted of sexual assault? The the other wrestling trainer is chasing rants. Neither Teddy Hart nor Chason rants are suspects in this case and both strongly denied any involvement in her disappearance but teddy has said a number of contradictory. In demeaning things about Samantha. That has become the source of significant controversy in the wrestling world. Here's a clip. From an interview. He did with night. Wave Radio About Samantha's disappearance. It's truly bizarre to me. That's basically fucking Samantha. Samantha's in a Lotta Shit with gone. Do you believe in God so I helped her out. But I couldn't help road she's GonNa get fucked up in Florida. There's nothing I can do a lot of babysitter. She the girl the woman she knew how to get your cooking ass down here. She knew how to make phone calls up until she wanted to get fucked up and left or stop calling her family and disappeared. I pray to God. Nothing happened to her or happens to her. But I can't look if I bet money on the situation you know. What do you think happened to her? As of today we still don't know what happened to Samantha fiddler in the nineteen nineties. The hearts were the biggest wrestling dynasty around but of the five members of the Hart Foundation. We're him today are dead. The only one left is bret. Hart wrestlers often live short and tragic lives every single. Show someone someone get injury you know might be like just a mind thing. They might business day of work the next day but there are people that lost their careers. Wrestling isn't as popular as it. Once was Owen Hart's death in particular can be seen as a turning point. Oh and hard was definitely a moment that some fans could not get over and for for a lot of understanding missile reasons but wrestling's been around for a century and the WWe is undoubtedly one of the world's biggest spectacles and still adored by millions. It's everywhere you go in the world wrestling. A sport of the people you know wrestling you know for better. For Worse. In some cases you know and and as it is the sport of the people it matters because it reflects people for Damian and for many other fans it doesn't bother them that wrestling is scripted. That's the point at least when it comes to wrestling. You know that. Going in the only thing that operates in honestly in two worlds like everything like like we live in world where baseball players are stealing other players signals. Where football players deflating? Footballs so everything's worked but wrestling's the only thing that says here's what we're doing and I and were were deceiving you and we all know the wrestling's so it's like the most honest for to the hearts continue to be heroes to so many Canadians and they've embodied the contradictions addictions of wrestling all along the hearts matter because they are are royalty like this is our Kennedy's like these are the people that are internationally recognized as superstars from our country that have such a important role like not in politics politics obviously but in in sports pop culture and also Brett deserves credit wrestlers. Ever get the credit. They deserve for how important they are like bread. It is an ambassador for this country in a way that very few others are. That's your episode of Commons for the week this episode relied on reporting done by Omar Moallem David Shoemaker. CBC Missing News and the documentary teams behind wrestling with shadows and the life and death of Owen. Hart both are excellent and you should go check them out. And if you liked this episode episode make sure you watch Damien Abraham's TV show the wrestlers which you can stream on crave he goes around the world exploring wrestling in different cultures. And I promise you're GonNa love him. This is actually the last episode nor dynasty series. We really hope you enjoyed it. And we'll be back in six weeks with a brand new season of comments. If you want to get in touch with us you can tweet us at Commons pod. You can email me are Shia candidate. Show DOT com. This episode was produced by Myself Elfin Jordan Cornish or managing editor is Kevin Sexton and our music is by Nathan burly. If you like what we do please help us make this show. You can support US and get ad free podcasts by going to Patriot dot com slash candidate land.

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November 2  Hour 2  Zac Stevens of DNVR Broncos Calls In | Clark Johnson, Preps Roundup

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November 2 Hour 2 Zac Stevens of DNVR Broncos Calls In | Clark Johnson, Preps Roundup

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Air solutions in greeley by phone at nine seven zero three five six seventy seventy two one o'clock hour second and final hour of the show today. Don't forget we have a unc. Men's basketball preseason special that we're going to be airing every single monday leading up to the basketball season. Three to four o'clock i'll be. I'll be sitting in studio along with the voice of the bears. Jason alvian so should be a lot of fun as we break down the season coming up for for. Unc hoops But we're we're still very much in that football mode. And the broncos are still very much in that playoff discussion half there somehow. Some beating the chargers thirty one to thirty joining me on in on studio in studio. We're on the phone. Perseverance hotlines zak stevens. Dnv bronco oh goodness. They're happy after broncos win and zach. I know. I know we're all pretty happy. It's more fun to report on on. A w rather than tough loss like like last week against the chiefs. Oh there's no doubt about it. Brady and yeah you can tell. That was victory monday. Crowd right there with How happy they were. And you're absolutely right. I mean at halftime brady. Also were staring at a two and five record. They were staring at being in the cellar of the afc west and they were all staring being sellers at the trade deadline tomorrow. Now they're in the playoff on. It's crazy is that is there a game and a half out with plenty of games to go and now they don't have to sell any players at the trade deadline. This team has momentum going into next week against the team that has a losing record. Yeah i mean that. That's the key right is they. Don't have to make any big moves now. They're very much in that path of okay. We can make the plus. I think this is interesting. zach. I've been looking at the past two years for the broncos and it seems like there's always this point whether they're one in four or three and six they go up against the chargers they win that game to keep them afloat and obviously we know how those seasons ended but the chargers have always been the. You're not done yet The key i suppose now will be. How do you follow it up against a team. Like the falcons exactly. It's huge for drew. Lock as well. How does he follow it up. Because the first half was terrible for for the broncos entire team but specifically drew lock. It was awful the second half specifically the last quarter and a half that fourth quarter. He was amazing. How does drew follow it up and that will be the difference. If this broncos team is different than years past is if they have a quarterback and if drew lock says no i'm closer to the second half drew lock yesterday than i was the first half and so it'll be huge to see him how he responds next week. Because if we see a guy that comes out and looks like he. He looked in the first quarter the first half then yikes but if he comes out and doesn't obviously have to have three touchdowns and no interceptions like he had in the fourth quarter but if he comes in looks more like that and he pat shurmur on the same page. Then yeah you could very realistically be talking about a different broncos team than years past zach. Let's let's spend some time talking about drew here first off. Are we any closer did. Did he get any further and his evaluation because first half was terrible but he has a fourth quarter comeback. He has a couple of crazy drives and then a comeback. Are we closer. Are we still kind of a wash at this point. Yeah what was it yesterday. Just a great Picture of who druids and the people that like him point to the fourth quarter where he went fourteen of eighteen hundred and fifty five yards three touchdowns and of course throwing the game winning touchdown with no time left people. Who like to say yeah. That's the talent. He had that asks the ice that he hasn't it fame that he can do that. The confidence and swagger that he has in any has the tangible intangibles and i completely agree with that and people that don't like him say but look how bad that first half offense was sixty total yards and a half. It looked so bad. The interception that he had at the beginning of the second half was bad as well And he looked lost out there. So i don't think this game really moves the needle for anyone right now other than saying okay. Let's see what he can do next week because again if he comes out and looks bad people are going to say okay now with is many many weeks in a row where he hasn't looked good outside of one half of play but if he comes out and let's good then. It's very realistic That that things can be clicking now and that was drew message last night. Was we've been getting a lot of criticism toward us but look. This is a young offense we have. We played with three different quarterbacks. This year this is. This is now the time that we're starting to click okay drew. We'll go out go out and prove that. This is the time that you're starting to click. When i liked about him again this he has some swagger there. And i'll admit act last week it kind of rub me the wrong way a bit about the whole. You know people that criticize me. Don't they can't do what we do out here. My response is kind of like criticism is what makes the world go round. It's what makes sports go. People like us ac people like me. I mean we're talking about it all the time and it grows the sport so i of had an issue not that big of an issue but then you see them kind of danson before the before they get into the huddle for that final drive in a in a different way. It remind me of elway joking around with his teams back in the day before critical drives. Yeah and isn't that what you need. And i believe it was caja. Was it that drew state stayed cool and calm the whole time. And that's what we eat it and i absolutely. That's what the broncos need it and in fact at halftime drew stood up in front of the offense and said we need to man up. The defense was frustrated with the offense and instead of fighting back in the locker room through stayed cool and calm and said we need to do our job right now. We need to man up. We can still turn this thing around. And that was big that the offense could see from a twenty three year old young quarterback that he was still confident in them despite being down by eleven at halftime and then of course entering the fourth quarter being down twenty one point. Yeah and that's what's crazy. So i mean when you when you hear him when you hear talking to the halftime thinking all right this is the guy this is the swagger that you want. Maybe he's not going to say everything that you like all the time but neither does aaron rodgers. some of these other quarterbacks. Don't always do that so and again. I'm not there. i'm not comparing him just yet. But i like that attitude. But i tend to agree with zach. We don't know enough about this guy we keep seeing great and then we keep scratching our heads But in the second half it seemed like he settled down a bit more than state in the pocket to complete a big throws. Yeah really didn't especially on third down. That was key. That was something that the broncos not just in the first half of the broncos have not been good on third down for the past many weeks even when they were moving the ball against the patriots they had their drive stall on third down and yesterday in the third half drew was hitting those guys And vic today we just talk to him get gave the credit to the game in terms of turning it around was the third and eight. The drew completed today. John hamilton right. Before phillip lindsay fifty five yard touchdown run. Which of course is the play that everyone point but he said no no. No the play before that completion. Today sean That that really kept the game. Going in brought the broncos back and you had a playmakers in this one i and i agree with you sean. Hamilton that was a huge play. Then the long touchdown k. J. hamler with the huge touch. You know noticed something zack. Is this a record. For most touchdown catches landing on their backside. It's gotta be a record has to be in bidding for For team has jake butt on their team. Who is the best thing ever. I mean we need to be yes but overall yes huge moments huge plays. But you're right. A lot of people are talking about that. Phillip lindsay fifty five yard touchdown run bryce callahan's interception which one of those was the play in your mind of those twos. Zack you know. I i in the those are the two that jumped out of course and i would actually go with bryce callahan interception. Because here's the thing if price doesn't get the chargers are at least getting three points and if they get three points well the broncos weren't going to be able to come back that would have been just too much that would have been the needle that that just put it over For for the broncos not to be able to overcome. So i i would point to that one. Of course phillip. Lindsay run was absolutely huge. That's what really got the sideline juiced up And got the defense believing that they could come back but today vic fangio called that bryce callahan interception the best play of his career and vic seem every single play of his career could. These coached him Every single year of his career. So i mean that was huge. In just the fact that we're talking about a small nickel cornerback. Going up against the six four mike williams in the corner of an end zone and bryce callahan. Come down with that ball again. An incompletion there would have been better than allowing a touchdown. But it's still wouldn't have done the job because the chargers this would've kicked a field goal and the broncos wouldn't have been able to overcome all those points you're right and drew lock you know. After the phillip lindsay touchdown locked turns around throws or they get the stop. They need that I think this defense was pumped up then locked turns around throws interception. You're thinking well. There goes that vibe and then they get the interception so this defense even though there's thirty points on the score for the chargers defensively. I still was very impressed with this group. I mean they looked exhausted especially coming out in the second half. But i felt like they outplayed the chargers for the most part there were just stints in this game where they looked exhausted. Yeah it was really interesting. How the defence really played a great game and the per for most of the first half and then in the last quarter and a half they played another great game a defense despite giving up two hundred ten yards on the ground which which bic today pointed to just fundamental errors. So that's a little encouraging that that that is something that can change but out at the end of the first half of the beginning of the second half they gave up three. Seventy five yard touchdown drives. That's terrible but outside of that. They were really good and they came up with the place when they needed to be had. Because there's a chance that the broncos don't even have a shot at the end of the game of the broncos defense doesn't hold the chargers to a field goal there at the end and chargers were really driving but then chargers hurt themselves with the penalty and then denver's defense came up when they need a to hold him to that field goal. Now we look at albert okwuegbunam on and of course this tight end set suddenly looks pretty dangerous. With noah fant. I mean he put together a nice game. he had seven receptions. Forty seven yards. Didn't get the touchdown like albert. Oh did but man suddenly. You're you're starting to see these weapons work as you talked about daesean hamilton jerry. Jeudy was coming up with some big grabs caja handler with the big touchdown You're starting to see this offense and the weapons that they were accruing over the off season. Maybe start to work a little bit here as we approach the second half of the season. Yeah mrs why. There was so much optimism and excitement around this team and the dolphins. Everyone knew they were going to be young. If you had realistic expectations you knew. They were going to be highs and lows really until the second happy. Yesterday we hadn't seen the the highs and the potential consistently hit so yesterday. What was a great example for everyone to see okay. This is what this team can be now do. They continue to build off that they have a full game in the next couple of weeks where they have this or does it take four more weeks until you see another half of this. Well that inconsistency is probably not enough to believe that this offense is going in the right direction but can they can they quick. You know they're still going to have that game the rest of the season on offense but can they put up another thirty point game. This is the first time since peyton manning where the broncos have had multiple thirty plus point games in a season and now of course jurors only had one of those because brett rippin or bret ripping against the jets What was the other one this season. But you're right. These weapons coming coming out and outside drew lock. It's not like one of these guys was so fantastic so these guys haven't even reached their ceiling and show. Their potential noah. Fant was really good. Jerry jeudy was good obviously phillip lindsay was really good but he only had six receptions attempts which is criminal by the way he he he needs to have more. What happens when these guys are actually having huge games altogether. And maybe you'll see that. All click against the against the falcons coming up this weekend on the defensive side of the ball. kareem jackson. Are we expecting any kind of fines or anything there. And i don't wanna take anything away for his misplayed because this guy is terrifying. He has a nastiness to him. That i think the broncos defense sorely needs but there's still a couple of hits there including one on his own guy that you that you just wish man. I wish that head was up just a little bit. So he doesn't go head to head so much. Yeah exactly. And that's why. I wouldn't be surprised if we do see a fine there and man. That's that hit on. The chargers defender was so With such a huge hit and he was playing with its hair on fire. And you're absolutely right. That is something that the broncos defense needs on the field he was. He was going crazy during that last drive. Where the broncos at a big stop and that's something that they need that's something that keeps league talked about. He said all the dogs on this defense or gone kareem is a dog and he's proven it This past year and a half. Yeah no question about it. Well i see josie jewel making some plays. I mean he comes up with the big hit against herbert. They're trying to go for a first down. That was a big hit totally legal head my mind. You're seeing guys fly around a little bit more and you know even corners that are getting picked on you say so. Aj boy picked on. Michael ojemudia i still like the ability for a young player. A rookie player like oj media. Turn around instill battle through it. Because he's going to continue to get picked on. yeah. I loved it potential as well. Now he he'll hear this week about his tackling with the you know not wrapping up. But that's something that he's proven. He's a willing tackler something where where he needs to play better. So i'm i'm very encouraged with ojemudia is well and you know what boy did get picked on i. I was surprised and impressed with justin. Herbert to not be afraid of going. After the broncos best cornerback But boy i was there pretty much every single time. It was just a better throw than the coverage boy. The afc west though he looked at quarterbacks and if drew lock as we've talked about all season if he can pass the test this division is going to be just absolutely stacked. It's going to be hopefully a lot of fun to watch the future. Oh yeah it's going to be much fun if drew can pass that and obviously people pretty set that justin. Herbert's that guy and you know he looks really good yesterday anytime you put up thirty points. You should win even if you throw two interceptions like he did Now is drew lock. That guy is the second half was a really good start to that. Yeah we'll continue evaluating zach one more for get your game ball in this. When this was hard. I mean i. It's it's obvious with phillip lindsay. Then you start looking at the defensive plays and then obviously some of the offensive guys were on who get your game ball. yeah i. it's a really good question. The game ball to the entire team got kinda cheap out there so on defense on. I'll go with the guy that that i told you earlier. Had the play of the game. And that's bryce callahan again without him. You don't win and it. Also encapsulates i it. It takes into account everything. He's done this. He's been a tremendous for the broncos. Made the big play and on often. I'm gonna go day sean hamilton. Because this is a guy that has just been killed and broncos country the past few weeks and understandably so he he's that's that but he was out there more than any receiver yesterday. He was blocking really well. He did have a penalty He certainly made up for it at the end of the game. This is a guy that drew lock and k. Jay hammer went out of their way yesterday after the game and their press conferences to say you guys need to be talking about dejean more. He was so big in this game. Certainly seems like this group is gelling. Even though they had the fallout after the guard during that game against the chiefs last week man listening to them kind of step up for each other and blow each other up as far as compliments. I mean you love to see that. Now they know they can do it. Let's see if they put it all together against atlanta next week. You're exactly right zac. What are you working on for us. that we can check out in the next couple of days. Oh man i. I'm so curious to see how the team responded this weekend. What their attitude is like coming into this atlanta game because like you said last week Is the attitude. What would certainly interesting and yesterday. They got buddha many times throughout the game. The broncos offense it and after the game they were pretty fired up about that. So i'm curious. What their attitude going into. This falcons game. Yeah no question about it. Always appreciate you. My friend way too laid out for us and We'll catch up with you next week. Absolutely thanks for having me on brady really enjoy it. All right man that zak stevens of dnv are broncos. Excellent source there. You gotta fall this guy. He's a. He's a sensational writer. He's personable you'll love to follow guys like this zak stevens at z. A. c. stevens d. n. vr. Check him out on twitter. Twenty two minutes after the hour. We're going to take a quick break. I'm going to switch gears here. Another busy weekend in the preps world and we'll talk to clark johnson of preps radio coming up twenty two minutes after the hour. This is the whole show powered by energy. No code now. Weekdays at four. Another in colorado's voice. Thirteen ten kfi. Hey this is mark. Johnson voice of the colorado buffaloes and you're listening to the hall show with my buddy brady hall. I'm thirteen ten. Kfi twenty seven minutes after the hour. That was mark. Johnson and in studios clark johnson as related. You're both tall. And you both have last johnson and your first names rhyme. He is the nicest guy. He's a great deal doesn't he has the biggest head of anyone. Cocky no no no to a large. He's got to be like six six. Yeah and he's just got a. Is that a compliment head. I don't know. I think i don't know if that's a compliment. Factual cents looking huge today. He's a massive man though. He has played college basketball. He looks like an athlete. He still looks like an athlete before before we say anymore. Bad things about your twin mark. Johnson clark johnson brings us the preps radio around presented by weld community credit union and only a couple of regular season. Weeks left already and you got two weeks left. Yeah this is crazy. it's it's such a sprint. I mean we just be getting to the middle of will not even the middle of the season yet. We'd be around the corner to be looking at the middle and two weeks we're already looking at. Rpi who's gonna make in this crazy four tier rpi. They've got going. There's really no way to figure out who's going to be in the playoffs. You can kind of guests. But more my. It's kind of a crazy thing. So we played in two weeks a lotta scoreboard watching yes. How about how about christian. I mean one hundred and eighty nine point two zero. Maybe get a test from university this weekend to and they just massacre. How so how many so. I don't know if you have. The rest are schedule in front of you. But they're gonna they're going to probably keep this pace lose. I mean they've got they've got berthod now. The questions are they going to allow point. Maybe not they've outscored their opponents. One hundred eighty nine zero insane to me and university of close to scoring on on saturday night so it was halloween and it was fun. Just their their quarterback to is junior. Ben roethlisberger will schroeder bar. Fourteen of twenty one. Seventy three is a big kid and you can hate him and he doesn't go down. It can still throw three touchdown passes. Eddie lima's five catches that dude. He catches the ball. He's got a chance to go to the house every time. And then the the big news is tanner appleby to more sacks for the senior he is two sacks away from the all time and colorado high school sack record so moving up on them but we'll see razz right now number one coaches poll number. One max perhaps number three in the packer number. Three rb is so They look like they will absolutely have a home. Game in the playoffs about the reds. They keep their playoffs playoff. Hope alive they take care of brush without brush might give them a run for their money and eating wins twenty eight. Nothing ethan. Flora's how about the junior big game for him to rushing touchdowns and led the club with nineteen tackles in the ball game. Scott agreeable throws a couple of touchdown passes the reds role against brush twenty-eight nothing reds kind of in the mix met five six seven eight nine ten area remember. They take the top eight so the reds battling playoff spot team team that we know pretty well that roosevelt rough rider team. They stay number one in the coaches poll. They're doing what they're supposed to do. Getting another big win over battle mountain gates a team that they don't have to rely on the rushing game the The ref riders. Don't elaine wachner. Steam with brick hearts can absolutely throw the football but they rushed for three. Oh three against battle mountain of their number one of the coaches poll number two imacs perhaps so Keenan sterkel again. That's their go to guy. Eight carries hundred fifteen yards and a touchdown brig hartson. In another two two more touchdown passes and brock cya. Two picks and a touchdown catch big effort for roosevelt. Couldn't happen to a nicer guy to washington cool dude. Now you've had you had a couple of lots over the weekend is has scary for one to talk about the next one. The second friday night windsor. Forty three to five. We come back the next night. Forty seven nothing so yeah yeah about a close one may yes or no. We'll get to the windsor windsor. Just run the ball all over the place. I mean it's what we know that team to do they They just they. Flat out can run the ball. Dax polka their junior. But twenty four carries a buck ninety. Five four more touchdowns. He has eight touchdowns in two weeks but look at the defense. They held silver creek to fifty total yards. Sal i mean windsor rushed alone. They didn't pass much but they rushed for three sixty six. You hold the other team to fifty and you get to a forty three to five. Blow out on a friday night in windsor. And it's funny we talked about last week to With windsor teams. Do they. They have their system. They don't care. If you're if you're john elway out there. They're they're going to run the ball they don't really care and since the day they'd get a throwing quarterback do they finally change. I always felt like they thought they had won about seven or eight years ago. Joseph sanger through it. He was great but only through price. Nobody ever knew it was coming. That's right. that's the still the thing about windsor. Quarterbacks is they'll throw four times but twice two touchdowns because he never does. Everybody sucks in to stop the run run boom. You can run the ball. It's the easiest thing to do it. It's the easiest way to win a game. If you can actually do it. How about okay. State softball news. That's kind of cool. You know i love to end it on this and real quickly Three coach of the year. Dale us from the reg. They win the title of more. What a deserved job. They've been knocking on the door for a while. And how about sadie ross. The freshman gets three a player of the year so Chasing after her sister. Pretty good stuff for sadie and then. Five congrats to fossil ridge. What a year for them. Another team that had been knocking on the door and they finally break down that door. Dave philip coach coach of the nikki. Mcgavin the junior is player of the year at the five eight level so congrats to both of those great coaches clubs and players for the rest of the schedule. Of course folks can go to thirteen ten. Kfi dot com. You've got four games left on. I was gonna look rundown rocky. Mountain of fossil ridge have a good one should be should be progression. Lavallee brush at platinum saturday. That could be interesting. Also brush coming off at twenty eight. Nothing lost to eaten. They'll be hunting for bear. Platte valley looks good to me this year. Just don't know how good can they match up with res-q and they match up with sterling. Already went into to kersey and beat the broncos. So that's the question but a couple of good ball games this week now and so around out that weekend and then after that it's roosevelt at northridge platte valley and eaten to finish it up and then the playoff right on. Can't wait for the playoffs to. It's going to be a huge year. And you're getting there clark it's It's gonna be fun. It should be exciting again. Folks keep it here on check out our website. We don't know what the basket ball. Schedules look like just yet. But we sure if there's high school basketball northern colorado we're going to broadcast it we haven't heard anything other than that just yet. But we know that the increase in covert and all. That is certainly cause for concern. So we haven't built those schedules. Just no doubt as soon as we know. We'll we'll get that down and hopefully gives us time to door thirteen days. Thirteen teams are training camp coverage for basketball coming up. But that's all you know. It's all at the hands of mr covance. Mrs kobe or whatever it is right. preps radio around presented by weld community credit union. Yeah we think we'll community credit union for all they do from gen-x degen's ian wright up to baby boomers. Everyone learn about personal finance. That's why weld community credit union is sponsoring zaubeko. An app where you can earn money while you learn about money down load and use the zogar at no cost with a code. Well w e l d. all of that coming to you from our great friends at weld community credit union. I love at clark. It's fun season. Man we'll look so hopefully some good games this weekend. Let's let's pray for that. Yeah we go to thirteen ten k dot com for the full schedule. All right clark thanksgiving thank you thirty five minutes after the hour. We'll take a short break. We'll come back. We'll wrap up. And i know clark aides to hear it but we'll wrap up. Broncos chargers chargers just can't is anthony lynn. I mean he's in trouble. I thought for sure. I'd hear something in the news today. They can't four streams like you have the talent closed. That's coaching dan. Quinn gets fired. He made a super bowl three years ago. So you gotta think the chargers be thinking about. I think so thirty five minutes after the hour. Let's get the latest on the local sports flash apart northern colorado's force thirteen ten kfi k. The block party wednesdays from four to ten pm. Don't forget we got a special every single monday leading up to leading up to that first week. Which again we're we're still waiting on that non conference schedule for the unc bears. I'm not quite sure you. Hopefully we'll be able to break that news for you when we get there of course but we're gonna have this program. The unc bears men's basketball schedule coming up every monday. Three to four o'clock in the ideas. It's every monday leading up to late november. So we're we're really excited about that. And then maybe by then we'll have some information on that non well throughout the next couple of weeks. Hopefully we have that information to so we'll get interviews for you. The voice of the bears. Jason alvin is out about collecting interviews. They're practicing three to five typically throughout the days so we wanted to get this program on. And then we'll collect those interviews and talk to the players and the coaches and also outside of the program. We're going to talk to radio voices and reporters outside in the big sky conference and get their thoughts on the teams. What they're thinking about the bears as well so should be a lot of fun as we put this program together for you once a week every single monday for the bears fans for the bears. Hoops fans thirteen ten. Kfi northern colorado's voice were live here from the audit collision specialist studios kind of putting a bow on this colfax and had to put the poll question up Power to play. Sports poll question whose play was bigger philip. Lindsay's fifty five yard touchdown run or bryce callahan's interception. Let's leave it to the whole against to decide on this. One goes to the whole show dot com sixty. Six percent of the whole organs are saying callahan's interception now i. It's hard to argue with either one. I'm leaning toward phillip lindsay. Fifty five yard touchdown run. I felt like that sparked everybody. It shows that the broncos could actually compete in this game. But you're right. If i mean zak stevens told us if you know of course if callahan doesn't get that interception charged going to get a field goal out of that thing unless they miss it but both are huge. Both now it's fifty fifty fifty fifty just like that so it was a big time for price callahan. Go vote at the whole show dot com. I wanna see where that one ends. We've done three different poll questions. The first one blew it up. You guys said phillip lindsay was your game ball yet. You're going with callahan's play so okay and then it was just in herbert that one the for the most part one who was the quarterback on the field yesterday and you guys are still saying that. It's just an herbert. Even though drew lock had the late game heroics herbert just looks better right now. I think herbert looks better Drew lock had some moments. I mean when he was when he was completing passes and he was doing staying in the pocket. He looked pretty good. You know he had some low passes there that were still cobb receivers and then go down to the ground and catch just a curate. Those were all pretty good deals Justin herbert looks to be the better of the two right now. That's not to say that's how it's gonna end But there's going to be some great showdowns right. I mean hopefully drew lock can get to that point where he's having showdowns with with. Patrick mahomes hopefully for chargers fans. Hopefully justin herber gets there. And you can have some great quarterback play derek carr. He's not he's not their homes and of course he's been a little bit longer so i don't know he he might be about as good as he's going get but you know at his best. He's still pretty good quarterback he's not a hall of fame type guy but at at his best. He's he solid. He win some football games for you. Are they going to be super bowl. Champs under a guy like car not so sure not so sure about that. Forty four minutes after the hour. I events text line. Three one nine nine six three one nine nine six. If you're new to the show texts k f k a three one nine nine six putting the finishing touches on this one Drew lock we. Haven't we have not answered much. We we keep going week after week. We're like well maybe has he. He has an answer. That question of is he the quarterback of the future. Because for most of that game i would imagine broncos country was saying the same thing i mean. I'm just being realistic. Yes colefax all right. Let's say the trend of his first half meltdown just continued throughout the entire game. The broncos lost thirty two three. What would we be saying. Then we'd be saying no. He's absolutely not. The corporate rippin is ripping time next week. Absolutely saying i thank you for the fact that he saved came out with a win even if they ll even if he came back in maybe like thirty to twenty years. If he wouldn't have completed that last touchdown pass and they just lose. Would we be moving on or would we be like you wouldn't be moving on. You'd still go drew lock. But you'd be you'd be holding his feet to the fire. The win a win is so it heals things. If you lose even though you're driving down there and you do and better things you look better the the would be. Where was that all game but because you got the win it's it's a w. it's w. and brands it over that game and you you know you shouldn't ignore what happened. The first half. But the w takes a lot of it away takes a lot of the pain waco facts. Yeah if you lose that game if you keep going down the path you were going in the second half then. Yeah we're we're talking about not only drew lock likely not the guy but do you just test brett rippin and see what you got in the guy for a for a length of the season i mean. That's maybe that doesn't come to it. But you're at least having that discussion today. But he passed in the second half and so here. You are And so. I asked the question. Was it last week. We said it's drew. Lock the franchise quarterback for this team and we still haven't really answered it. And i said we probably won't have the answer until we're out of this four-game stretch. We'll the chargers was test. One you got out of it but it was weird you know if the season were done and the broncos and make the playoffs and that's what we ended the last game on the season was what it was you. You wouldn't know you wouldn't know you'd say all right i guess. Do we got him under contract that we just give it another year and see rather than look for another guy. So it's gonna be very interesting to see how this unfolds falcons games huge the another big one coming up for denver chargers. I think the chargers are a decent team. And they they were battling a lot of injuries in that one This was weird to you'll garrett bowles another guy that were trying to pass a test right now for the broncos that was his worst game of the season he had a bad holding call he had a terrible clipping. Call blocking the back. Didn't it was unnecessary. And that's where garrett bowles is bad. It's like wait deluxe. About to go out of balance. Joey bosa is five yards away from him and shoves him in the back knocks him down. That's penalty and it was the drive killer so those are things that are bad. You gotta have everybody on the same page. It felt like something clicked in the second half. We got to see it. Now with falcons you know. That's the follow up. It's the test. And like i said the chargers. We've been here before two years last year. You beat them. You're one four. You saved your season two and four still not not out of the woods but you. You kept yourself alive for another day. We know how the season ended two years ago. You were three and six and then you beat the chargers you went four and sixty one. You're next to you put yourself on a five hundred record and gave yourself a shot and you know how that ended it. Ultimately ended up leading to vance. Joseph being fired. The broncos beat the chargers yesterday and now they have the falcons in front of them. They can get back to five hundred of suddenly. You're four and four football team. You're very much talking about the playoffs. This was where. I had the broncos recovering and it started yesterday. I did have them beating the charges that have been meeting with the chargers both times this year. I have the meeting the falcons. I have the meeting the dolphins which they won yesterday and then i haven't been the raiders. So dolphins seems a little bit more difficult. Raiders seems a little bit easier again every week in the nfl changes forty eight minutes after the hour on the rocks liquor game beer of the week. Brick from brekenridge brewing. It's palisade peach wheat pickup selection from breckenridge or any of your favorite adult beverages. Use the drive through open until midnight every night. Their store lobby is open as well. Nine to nine. Pm check out the game of the week for a severe discount. Or any of your your needs over it on the rocks liquor. We'll right back at the whole show powered by energy here mornings with kale weekdays. Six to nine in northern colorado's voice thirteen ten kfi k. It's times like this. I'm really glad sports are rolling. We have football because colfax. The election is tomorrow. We're going to have gayle fallon. And i believe tanner schwinn doing a kind of a special for local politics as well kind of the election on the for the local side but also certainly talking about the national side. Apparently some guy named biden and president trump are running for president for the next four years. Something like that colfax. It's absolutely insane Everybody's like at each other's throats all the time. It's it's nuts to me. That's why you need the broncos talk about. I tweeted this yesterday. So the broncos need this win for more than just a win for win sake you know. It's great for the for the organization for these young guys for the fans But i'm telling you. Sports can be healing. This is why. I've always been a big fan of for the most part keeping it to sports doesn't mean i don't want athletes to go out and be themselves and speak about it and stuff. I've talked about this a lot before but for the most part it's fun marie consent our brains off for three to four hours and enjoy football game and maybe we can unite there in some way. We can talk about it so there you go election just beat me good each other. I don't know if it's gonna get as bad as everybody is saying after the election just to try to be okay with each other for crying out loud. That's that's all i ask. Broncos found a way to do it colfax. They beat the chargers and they are now three and four on the season looking to get back to five hundred. Cannon happen ken. They pull themselves back into this thing. We'll recap the rest of the nfl weekend. That was tomorrow and a top text. Tuesday that'll do it for us. Good night northern colorado avenue. Never buddy it's time for your mid day market reporter. Tim russell nimitz and thanks for being with us. Here on the western edge network. Well this afternoon. It's pretty quiet out there and feed lod country as we get this new eg marketing weakened or way but just to recap last week's cash cattle market activity out there and feed lot country steady at best. Most of the cattle sold look to be a little bit softer versus the previous week on a live basis the range. What oh three up to one. Oh six and in the beef. One fifty eight up to one sixty three as for live and feeder cattle futures on this monday afternoon. We are catching some pressure. In both cattle complexes december live cattle off a half dollar at one oh seven eighty and those january feeder cattle off sixty cents at one thirty three fifty to look at across dr region on friday at the public auction. Yards out of billings montana. Up nearly twenty seven hundred have and those unweaned steers sold mostly two to five cents higher on all weights on friday that puts those four to five weights. Deer calves one fifty five up to one eighty seven five to six weights. One forty one up to one sixty one six to seven weights. One thirty one forty eight and seven to eight wait steers one twenty seven to one forty-three slaughter cows sold forty one and a half up to sixty cents and slaughter bowl. Sixty three up to eighty two cattleman torrington. Livestock markets in torrington wyoming. We'll have a feeder and calf special this wednesday november fourth and they're expecting upwards of four thousand head early consigners include hill land and livestock. The medicine bow river ranch peterson livestock robbo livestock and the sensors ranch for complete listings this at torrington livestock dot com. And don't forget you can always view sale and bid online via cattle. Usa dot com. History of success means proven performance. Let's call performance what it is profitability in boosting yours. No matter what the season brings is the goal of dekalb brand corn backed by exclusive genetics co form solutions in unmatched dealer support. Let nothing shake your perseverance. Ask your dealer. Dekalb rant corn can help you realize if future of performance always read and follow applicable gray marketing and all of the your practices and pesticide label. Directions well this afternoon. The cash hawk markets in the western corn belt or up a nickel at sixty one eighty five with the.

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Adrian Smith Takes You Backstage with Iron Maiden

Talk Is Jericho

44:59 min | 1 year ago

Adrian Smith Takes You Backstage with Iron Maiden

"Ricco off Ricco Ricco Man. How you doing Chris We might. It's always a pleasure to talk to you Mr Smith Smith. Here's the funny thing too as we just jump right into this. You're actually in Winnipeg right now. which is the coincidence coincidence? Albedo in about five dollars Kris. Okay would you you play in there tonight Lakers. That's right. Yeah so how does it work. Do you guys just fly from town town to town still yet. Multiple buses for us to leave that for the kids right. Yeah it's pretty funny though. I don't know if you remember this of told you this story before but probably I think nine hundred eighty seven when you guys were in Winnipeg for I guess somewhere in time tour. My friend found out what hotel you guys are staying in and somehow ended up on the the right floor and just started knocking on random doors and LO and behold I knocked on yours and you answer. Yeah you ask your hair. You actually weren't edgy. Considering some punk kid knocking at your door edgy. Hair wrapped up in a towel are Oh really yeah and I said can I take a picture with you and you said it just got out of the shower and then are you close the door and I was like what does that mean should I wait or what should I do. Do you still have moments comments like that on the road were were overzealous fans find out where you guys are staying and try and knock on your doors or that's a lovely stories is so innocent. Then the trouble is is now you get people they find out why. So you're in their professional autograph hunters as you probably know yourself right. And they they hijacked check soon she set fire so then you can tell him straight why because they just don't live fan I've got bags and bags of memorabilia that when you saw and someone can sell it and that is the thing that really you know six most of us off you know because the genuine fans like the kid not somewhere I do you know is is kind out of He's a riot but these people spoil it for 'cause I want on any of that stuff you know what I stay on with your and they find out for whatever reason would airports your ads or what hotel you're at. Yeah and like you said you hassle as well and I you know New York I can be really offensive rude. What if you don't try soft you and start star Star harassing yeah. You know it's A. It's a bit of a pain you know. It's funny because the last time as far as we get some fans in South America they they tend to be the most fanatical ones. You know those stand that so the hotel In you know sometimes hundreds she's was he's mad obviously becomes on everything for them. We get away from that. But it will amend the lost somebody right now Salvador it was absolutely mobbed dance on out so but when I look to now in late to the the the police moved them all on and there was like Roy at police and everything I was just sort of goes to show you what it's like. They're in a group of kids got together they just get spit up straight away. I'm messing around. Isn't it amazing. In this day and age though that you still have you know the things have changed like you said for music and for rock and roll but abandoned guard made was still still insight that type of reaction from the fans. Yeah it is quite amazing really. It's quite amazing. But like in South America. The right passionate about you know. It's not rich average person's not rich. I mean I put great store in there and Soccer you know more. They love their passionate about sport so much. Let's look a religion and say music and if they think someone's genuine they really get get beyond you you know they saw if they like football supporters. It's not kind of You know the spirit I have. They kind of buy one. I think one same down. There's even got the. Ad Mascot is the them. Fema be Vasko to gum. I'm not sure uh on. Soccer team uses the ad logo on their flanks for that. Same and everything you see that too. There's there's a goaltender in the NHL. Remember what team I think we have the Vancouver canucks Knox. He has that yet. Now it it's Now we just played Because because someone showed us it while someone showed one of our crew the goalie and he said he you know some cereal you know this guy wears the thing and he said he held it and it was. This is my smelly. As thing he's ever had the Deity mosque but I mean the last time I saw I think it was in Las Vegas. I saw you there Just even in the concourse for the arena before the show people were singing and chanting iron maiden and it really felt like it. It's not like a nine hundred eighty six. It's just never ends just this this energy. That happens when iron maiden comes comes to town. It's a different energy now because it's a much warmer. I mean I remember in the eighties. It was a much more aggressive kind of all during a priest and Scorpions uh-huh and the audience had a real crackle of of danger about it because young people would probably love them. You know you know there was a little bit of trouble here now now it seems to be you know people are obviously you know. We're not gonNA be around forever when we still still rocking out pretty well but you can fill people. I suppose you know people wonder how we can keep doing it. I mean we're doing a pretty high level I think still you know because we don young play every single night we play. You know two three shows a week and we we try to put the same energy. And especially Bruce Pretty amazing but IT'S A. It's a different kind of energy. Now you know I I'd hate to say in the stodgy because we're still you know making music. Which is why I think so? You know just to you know keeping doing new music. It's very important to iron. Maiden plus you're one of the band's. There's a few like like metallica. Does it in a CDC. Does it when you put out a new record. It's an event and you have no problems playing when you do put out a record. I'd like book of souls for example five or six or seven tunes from the new record. which a lot of bands wouldn't be able to do but maiden still can do that because people are into it? Yeah I mean Book assault was. I mean those are some red and the black twelve or thirteen minutes long we did for this is not gonna fly live but they were so he loved it and I was really long instrumental sections and but they are Kinda it is Kinda Manal sewing melodic you know so you know at this point the stuff that people can latch onto but Yeah also serve number back. A few albums played the whole album in its entirety a matter of life or like a statement. Yeah more like a statement. You know. We're not we're not understand your win a cabaret act you know we can. And that's the way that's what we all you know. There was a lot of confused people on that tour. I remember because I saw that. When do well I'll go beyond? I just WanNa stay suggested doing anything. It was a very good idea but once he's got some and his mind in. Let's say we start with it and It's probably a good thing in the long we're I think you just said something really interesting to me too because since since you've come back and it's been gosh twenty odd years since you and Bruce came back did you guys now that you're Older and wiser. Do you kind of give each other a little more space like you said like in the past. Maybe you would've fought Steve for having that idea now. Do you guys kind of just go. Well Steve's idea we just has got to go with it and make it work does it make it easier to get along in this day and age. Yeah think Yeah definitely get all rivet wise you get bit more aware of other people that you get generally and how they feel about things. I think. It's just a natural thing so yeah it's a bit more a little bit more compromising in in what we do but you know. I think we're all so blind to the you know the ethos of the band you know we will go much clearer. Idea was all about you know. I was out of the penalty for nine years. So it's almost. I came by the different perspective. You know I could see from an outsider's point of view whereas the Isis Ruse. who was just album so album soil? There was no life outside the ban. So there's different difficult to get perspective you know. I've spoken to Bruce and Steve about about kind of how Brusca back in when you because you were jammed with Bruce at that point in time was always kind of thing where you guys a package deal. How do they get presented you to come back tomorrow? In how very interesting. Yeah I wa- Bruce Approached me sort of mid nineties and he had this aid Britain songs you for his first Alma Roy. I wasn't his first solo album around the accident of time. So really like they do and so I just shut my lawyer with 'em and contributed a few songs and it went on from there for the next three four five years. Then they wanted Bruce to come back blaze pilot from the band so I was playing with Bruce and then there was something in the air about me coming back and I thought Komo well. Maybe I'll just do one tool or come on for office set you know for you know bought at so I I would have you know if you've lost detainees before said no probably never do but now things have changed. Let's say get older. Moore's won't be might be nice just around off but again Steve. If you come out as he does come out with a wacky ideas I you think not gonNa work and so he suggested to go. Why don't we have three guitarists you can imagine what room was like? When he said that right we'll be diving yet? It looks at each other like what Lynn Linda Biden but You know I joined up and we went down to pull. Would you go to to Write some songs and I it The song we combat riff and we do you know. Someone's got any new ideas and so I'll start playing that and then the way we went and it just never really talk about what it was like going from being to guitar band to a three Guitar Band when you and Bruce rejoined iron maiden but before we do let me just remind everyone listening. This Friday is Valentine's is day and Steven Singer has your back with free shipping just in time for Valentine's Day. You've heard me talk about Steven Singer's famous twenty four carat gold-dipped roses. And this is your last chance. Don't default still chocolates and tired flowers though ended in the trash can in a week. Give her a gift that will last as long as you love of a real long-stem American beauty rose preserved and dipped in real twenty four karat gold starting at just fifty nine dollars a Stevens gold-dipped. Roses lasts forever ever and they come with a lifetime guarantee they won't will or die and they don't even need water plus Stevens gold dipped. 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I was at the kind of rehearsing the parts to to do going from a two guitar bands for playing some of those songs from power slave or two minutes to midnight or whatever was it pretty natural for three guys to figure out the parts. I'll do this do that. One try this. Try that because there's a Lotta intricate. Three part harmonies in those songs. That weren't there when you first recorded them. Well put it this way. I mean if you if you had three invite mom stains in the band or three Ritchie. BLACKMORE's would have been a FI ostra about five minutes but because you know a as one of my oldest friends you know we've were to get a few years. We notice go yanic Salafi going but I have to say that you know. Oh Yeah I wasn't going to change what he was gonNA play age. It's been he's just you know it's very set and he's wife so I thought well I sent immediately so Looking at different ways of doing things and you know I've been playing with drop d tuning in Bruce's band. Nobody used to die so when I first I don't know we play rough. Charlie play that in drop d tune in and run to the hills was indeed so again on June it down so I got a slightly different sound so always bring a night and playing lower tubes on on the harmonies and stuff like that so I played a lot of stuff totally different to our nose into Bam before which is quite interesting I am yes. It's also pretty pretty. It's pretty professional of you to understand that those guys had the way of doing things for you to come back okay. I want to do it my way again again. You're kind of Zapping right. Well you know. That's my Kinda my personality anyway. You know I'm pretty good within you know with with other people so I mean I think that's a reasonable binds loss. It says on because it's the combination of people is in some bands you know it's it's it listed as long as your arm. You know your depots us at some point eight so implode in Because of the Egos involved but you know we got a nice balance of personalities in the banner thing you know Roy amount of extra extroverts and so if people are offensive compromise that's not to say you know if you feel strongly about somebody you shouldn't press it a you know I think that's that's what the band's one of the reasons as last saw aw and I think too and I'm not just saying this because you're on the phone. There's a real chemistry that I it like a great soccer team or a great hockey team. Sometimes you'll have a guy that just the chemistry mysteries so good and then when he leaves the team even though everyone else is still there. It's not quite the same. And there's a definite chemistry that you bring to the band. That wasn't are there when you were gone so I think when you came back even though there was another guitar player it really kind of completed the overall package of the kind of modern era iron maiden well thank you very much I think I think I'm a stick. I mean I have this thing about Tim. Both Annette's of of how to ever since join the ban and I still have it to some degree and I'm I'm really fanatical about the tempo to Soames 'cause sometimes when we play live just FC takes off a train you know. So I'm always sticks and say should join place a prophet saw in and everything but you know if if if we played this way you know breathe it will Sam Bell. I wouldn't say we've had arguments about it but you know it was like two minutes to midnight room came. I'm an abandoned planet much to Faucet and some does not work because there are set up seeing you latest live on so fear of dogs any great and two minutes not Sufa list trailers so that you know stuff like that you know little things that make a difference in you know and it's chemistry and then someone else else's bringing something else but that's one of the things you know. Try To. It's funny because even when you get a new we just got a new bass player are banned a couple years ago and when someone comes on the outside you don't know even if sometimes if you're playing something a little bit wrong because everyone's just played it that way for the longest time. Oh yeah right take someone from the outside. You know. This isn't exactly right. You guys sure you want to do it that way. What do you mean it's not right and then you actually listen? He's right exactly lately. Exactly exactly you know sometimes I noticed something we we did on a few sums your plan now I I go back and listen to and we you know I was planning Roy. You know you can't get complacent speaking of complacent and kind of guys being guys aren't maiden taking on the world and then a few years ago Bruce discussed this when he was on the show. Bruce diagnosed with tongue cancer. And then Dan you guys don't know what the future of the band is It seems since Bruce's come back you guys are almost better than ever as far as being tighter onstage. More energy onstage. Bruce's given it more on stage. Did that throw you guys for a loop thinking that we don't know what's going to happen with the spent. Yeah it it was awful. You know we got a phone call just before Christmas. You know. Pull Bruce said this thing he has to do with it. But I don't know I just had to feeling he would come through it it because he's so positive you know never heard Him Wa devoting feel sorry for himself will be negative. You know it's one of his strengths so although so you know I can't possibly imagine what went through I thought he was going to be on Kyw. And certainly the ban wasn't the foremost thing you know. We just wanted him to get better and then let it take its course and if you know if we carry on so be it but yeah I mean he's come back and he's absolutely thrown himself Vincent Band again. I mean the show is I mean a lot of stuff you know. He had a big big hand in a lot of the props in the actual show who aspect of power from the singing. You know. He's really brought that. The Saudis go. And he's absolutely lovely kidding sweetshop so Yeah I'm with the musically. You know it's really fun to play and the production I think is just GonNa Donna peaked on this tour. Even you know even though whistle of the onstage. Now you know Certainly give for my point. Is You WANNA get complacent that abound got you know. I'm always push myself a bit when when you guys are putting together this this set and it's a great thing that means done over the last ten years or so we mentioned you'll play a matter of life and death in its entirety. Or you'll do six songs from book of souls but then the next to her afterwards is always more of a of a greatest hits type of a vibe what I love about this set list and it's something I hate nowadays you can cheat and go online. Look the set list. But you'll see that it's not it just you know eighty songs which I'd be very disappointed if it was a lot of. There's a couple of plays tunes is a couple of tunes greater good of God from matter life and death at this estates. How do you guys put together this set and like you said you enjoy pushing yourself? What's type of songs? Push yourself in. In this day and age we used to kind of do the set way back in the day. I mean this is something that you had to play. You know but this I mean it's tied in with the with the video game. The different worlds the reason that Video game is com- computer going showing. My is your So it's combining all that so that was a a bit of a guideline to the you know a lot of time. I mean Steve will on Bruce who get a heads together to come up with. Obviously Bruce Go. Is You know as a single you. You know what you want to sing. Live on what. You're happy singing. Live Rhinos in terms of in terms of the. You know the the punishment only voice. And whether you could do that particular song No I often oil you know so. Yeah this works out really well. I mean if again if I felt really strongly. There's something on say so but usually it works out great. Everyone's got you know the Bruins to express themselves as Solos a shared out There's audience participation and you know you you gotta take those things into consideration but yeah I think this is one of the most enjoyable. I personally am having you know a great song style Sti- Agents you know most fun sore over them really out of all the main tours. It's the most fun you've had. Yeah Yeah I mean well back in the is it was just it was just mad. You know we were playing every single night. You know. You're Paul Ian as well and you just come sometimes you get on stage and you can you know you just close. It had like you know you play and find the oprah under miles an hour. Geez you know but this is like the musically the band's playing gripe I you know I'd say another thing now Chris you probably noticed yourself is the mother insists so good now. Yeah you can hear what you're playing and We have live on. Its which makes an incredible difference. You know you you know when we first started. It was just absolute mayhem on stays Steve. He was vice gear. He's got cabinets everywhere. So you get into this thing where you will compete in. Bruce joined the band and he had a huge. Pie System built for his voice on stage and so that was definitely so everyone was competing with each other. But now you know the sound so much better you can hear during and it's just like some enjoyable you know it's interesting hard to get used to talking to to biff from socks and he said it took him years years to get used to having to enter your system after fighting on stays in trying to find the sweet spot where you can hear yourself and now suddenly it's also clear was instant acceptance from you have to be doing it for so long off the off the monitors what the first thing you have to do again is All of a sudden you can you so freely. Clearly you go and it's all about you know tweaking getting the sound right in a and I say oh my morning I go. I don't wanNA sound like the. MC MY EERO. I WANNA sound like if I'm watching the show. It's a balance of everything. Obviously when it talk a little bit louder started off season in one in and having my Molested and then Roy Air was just you know didn't have anything anything in this. Oh no I'll go used to gradually and I was the only one used them for about ten years and then Yannick and dice start using them and again I said I have. Ah They couldn't believe why didn't you start using them earlier So the three of us three good song plays in a moment. The rest of the guys at the wrong thing Steve's muse anything so knicks gone old-fashioned con of Speaker System Bruce you know his regular alleges. Bruce doesn't light so you can't I mean you can get a sweet spot on stage without you know but then you you can't stand routes it's one st one spot when I was zero can do you can just stand become just a lot to stand in front of my aunt and just play because then you can feel it and hear it but ego in your move around and interact audience a bit. So that's what I done to ears actually have a got a special earpiece made with just the left ear. And there's nothing. There's no peace for the right ear because I like having even the live ambience crowd 'cause even through the same right. Yeah Yeah Yeah you need to a thing. It's slightly different. Ah From and because you need to gauge. You know what's going on and if you just have like a live album sound and your cans you not really. You'll be not reaction and you know you know so. Yeah that's probably a good by ago when you're looking at the set list here and there's like flight of Vickers for example that hasn't been played in such. I don't know thirty odd years and it's funny because hardcore maiden fans will tell you the exact are they haven't played this since nineteen eighty four on the peace of mind final show in Dortmund amended. Is it fun players. Is it fun digging out those type of old songs from From the past and playing them again. Yeah it's great. Yeah it's really weird. Some was employed for ten or fifteen years. And we've got real so just thought. Just play it right off the bat. It's amazing it's like like muscle memory. You know right. There were a few trying rex here and there as well but It's amazing what you what you do remember and it's You know you figure I'm good some of the old songs. Well you know right but even so like you said some of the ones like sign of the Cross and for the greater good of God. Those are ten minutes songs you have played for while he probably can't just pick up the guitar and go right into those ones You'd be surprised really well done about sign of the cross but quite good but those are probably Matsu favorite song supply on stage. I mean this so dramatic and so interesting musically and I think Steve Really wants you know. He's epic style. So pro-gay Matt Ryan. I mean I really great lump sums those are the ones as we really have to kind of pay attention to what you're doing. Well die but I have a flow to them you know and Sounded across his pre off the wall with a with the The Gregorian months singing away and everything. It's it's You know the time some of the time signatures issues of a wall you so you get in the flow of it gets in your blood and you just do it. You know a soccer the maiden live show. It's amazing because you guys put on a show show like none other with wild set designs and props. 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You get everything I think you need in a few easy clicks and then have it delivered right to your front door so go to rock auto dot com right now to see all the parts available for your car or truck and check out their low prices and be sure to type Jericho in there. How did you hear about US box? So they know I sent you a rock auto dot com amazing selection it reliably low prices all the parts. Your car or truck is ever going to need and remember to let them know that I sent you by typing Jericho and the how did you hear about us. BOX ROCK WALK AUTO DOT COM. Take care of your car or truck without breaking your bank today. Do you ever sit back when there's a show going on like you said where there's starts off with a giant plane flying above you and then it goes to Scottish clans and then it goes to show up the Gregorian monks and flame throwers winged. Idol's like different sit back and go holy Shit like this is just insane. Yeah well might. It'd be one of on a modrow be any my chair and Reflecting on it I mean yeah is it is certainly go through through the I guess very they vote so so if the these feelings you know dramatic I mean I see anybody can put it and they're gonNa play live and I think audience so of Cincinnati as well Yeah I mean certainly you do go through a lot of a a lot themes and plan guitar solo with a Spitfire. A foot from your head is quite caught through until you. It's one of those things that and made it as a band that that can do this and probably know band ever again. We'll be able to do the things that you do. You remember last time when Bruce was I think it was book of souls. Repeals out the Eddie's heart and throws it into the crowd and it's like this plastic heart and it's like only iron main this to where you think it's the coolest thing ever right. Yeah Yeah it's version on the ridiculous and it really sometimes Yeah it just seems to only Bruce points inside and we were even getting good reviews from Rolling Stone Magazine And that's all exactly. They've always ignored us. And kind of look down on those ass but now they're saying well you so much lot we've become acceptable isobel phone isn't it. It's a bit of fun thing you know if you WANNA go and see a ban just staying in one place and and just recreate the seminar album. It's you know that's fine too but you know you certainly don't get out with us. You see a lot more a lot. What more show you know? And that's why I think maybe and you can ask this better than I can. It seems to me on the surface that made in his bigger now than You ever were Well I couldn't tell you in terms of you know facts figures but it certainly feels that way. Yeah certainly feels. Does that way. I'm sure we can ask Rod. He'll every figure down to the last time. Yes let's talk about You mentioned earlier. Touring with Judas Priest your very very first tour of the states. I'm not sure if it was with priest but just talking about when you guys first came over here what that was like If it's incredible I mean it was okay. Open enough. A priest The first show was well. We flew into to La. I went to the Sunset Marquis which is a mecca for all English bands. When you go there? It's like a waltz into the lobby the first personal so is Jeff Back Right. We stayed there for a few days did did did some of US went down to the Rainbow Bar and grill. You know Jimmy Page's sitting at the next table you know it's incredible. It's always women jumping whatever's and then we went the I guess we did was in Last Vegas that Aladdin Theater I mean for priests and I think also physically sick before the show this is America always dreamed about playing. Yeah you know. And then Author that show. We were joined on the Soyuz Bank with humble pie and they was us the show for Thirty Minutes Humble Pie and Judas priest and I will probably want him I would songfire reminds me Steve Marriott. Yeah absolutely heroes and everyone else you know and you know we looked up so these guys you know and then why tonight came on the Tour O.. Wants night you know say the original with Bony Malls Micky Moody Woody covered obviously and impace and Joan load. Oh deep purple will like my religion when I was fifteen so there will I i. Am You know on a flight. See next to be in place you know God gave him talking about sound and songs music. It was just incredible in a really nice is it. Did you go over pretty well right off the bat in America we did we did. Yeah I mean talking about applying law if I was watching you go steve sons buying out of the race each in and these guys are so smooth and professional. You know. They've got their anymore. Assistant legal their whole system. Where can they on stage? And they're all relaxed and when we played it was like it was like a hurricane. You know cost. We didn't have sound shakes. The sound was great. We can have room. We were falling over Tanglin leads it was just chaos but we it was exciting. You know we we did go. I mean Steve Ready Ready attacked the audience. You know he just he just at such conviction he was doing. They'd be brought out the front from the very first song you know and he just might people gain so You know is incredible. What's really I think back on it? Yeah because you always heard about Iran maiden coming even when up in Canada in Winnipeg and then you guys are touring with priest and then join a tour with thirty eight special and then suddenly out of nowhere. Yeah IT'S THIRTY S. That must've been an interesting mix of the southern rock band that amazing yeah especially when Rainbow and they were they were alternating headlining. So we'd open up and then it'd be for an rainbow and in the next. It'd be US rain bound to play with great goes they were just happy. Go lucky very happy to be doing it. You had Don't event you know singing in the behind. It looked exactly like Ronnie which is really weird. Who looks like John? I find so cool name Ronnie once and I felt terrible. Eat inside even and Brian Bo you know we've Ritchie plant. When you know like I said Purba my religion but we we hardly ever so richie of I? I Very Moody character living up to his reputation. Rate and Yeah I mean some Nazi come on stage and and Stop install smoke on the water and then just play the intro and walk off and leave the crown absolutely going crazy almost rising you know. But that's what he was like. He never gave you any advice. Did you ever run into him at all. Not really now you know. This is the thing I I wish I was so shot. I was only a kid really. I was on twenty only three twenty four. I just wish I could do it now. 'cause I'd love to the Steve Mary more into the left it sought to Ritchie. BLACKMORE would probably had more confidence in myself. So just come Roy and going up and down and picked his brains but you know you can't go back in time. I actually had a few chances for stay married. But you know he was very intimidating and he was very he wants it late. Talk to Wildwood offstage and he was wild onstage. US always in trouble you know right He was a row cowards. So for it it just. I thought this guy's done everything has been everywhere but in reality he was only probably in. He's early thirty s when we toured. You know what he was an older. You know guy that's what was so. Let's get to your so green and such a rookie. We would have known. Now you could go to Ritchie blackmore. Because he would know. Oh It's Adrian from iron maiden everyone knows iron maiden at the time you're just another opening band in a litany of probably. I'll be a dozen opening bands on that tour right exactly exactly so you you know you keep your right down and specially in you know me. I'm pretty light. Might while I was in kit you right down you know. Just do the best you can and just keep pushing on. Did you ever I think you told me a funny story. But you met Paul McCartney one time is that true do you remember this. No no if he was An HMO the last thing in In England I didn't actually meet him. Somebody Oughta guys might may die. Murray said he spots Paul McCartney and I think Paul McCartney McConnell said is oh my kids got pitches maiden will only light at. You'll catch the same thing you the band. This joint custody the same thing. Yeah Oh yeah. Is it that as well. Yeah you the band with the monster. I mean Johnny cash turned up a soundcheck of as wants I mean. How bizarre is that would send checking this club over? Suddenly this guy walks in the back of the Club in the Austin Lone black gunfire coat yet. I'm still I'm standing on stage playing rough job or something and then famous gladiolas Johnny Cash. So we finished Sanchez incomes. Johnny loveliest going really great energy. And he's with his mind and he said to me come up to me and say my my grandkids love you guys. You know. He's grandkids fans of the bads across and Acoustical Zoa graph. It's not right yeah. Let's talk about quickly here as we start to wind down. It's a famous moment but in in in rock and roll history have history of of the hearing aid project and stars the song that do did for for charity back when it was all about band aid and live aid. And the reason why I'm asking this I just happened to watch it the other day Dave or involved and just ask yes a little bit about that because you guys played this really killer little melody harmony behind the chorus a where everyone else is just went away. What was that like that session? And how did you decide to do something something. Melodic rather than trying to blistering Solo. I think uh I can't remember I mean Jimmy Bangor in touch with us because Jimmy you know you should take a little bit of an interest in us and Right we kept in touch with him a bit hit. Show up at gigs. Elian lead US astray. You know Houston to and He you know he asked broad. If any of the guys would would contribute so you know no one else wanted to do it. So don't even on. We said yes. We rolled out to be ourselves dreading it because I never really thought about how ally shredder saying I it was it. It was kind of intimidating because I grew up. You know playing brought blues really on. That wasn't my thing shredding and all that these guys Donald Feisty that we're GONNA get Vivian. Campbell old as guys you know. I'm running towards Lynch and sorry neal. Schon George Lynch bounced Eilly China. Play Faucet in each other and you know he's not God and so we went in and I said look. Why don't we just do some okay this guitar line you know we put over the course? Luckily I can think of things a lot on my seat so call me out of trouble but some you you know it was a it was a very much recording scene. It was the control room was full of groupies. It'll people smoking joints and snow in blow and also so things it was like a you know it's very decadent so you know. They couldn't wait. They do my thing. It's on but you know. Of course I suppose couldn't wait to get your thing down to go hang out in the control room when we did at policy in the control room and debauchery am I say Ronnie de is Love was a lovely you know sort of producing the session. No he was straight as a judge. You know not not get at right this guy that right so he directed us and and uh cynical is power and he said I'll call it just put allocate. Maybe he was relieved that it wasn't going to come in start shredding four rows. You know it's much. Toby did nothing. And then go out. Vivienne Vivian told me when he got the Gig with Ronnie because he said everybody was just shredding away and he came in the deal. What else you got? And he started playing Chuck Berry Blues. Rifts and that's the now you're onto something let me hear more of that so you're probably right about yeah cool. Speaking of do you remember the night that we had After we went and saw JEKYLL and Hyde in New York City. Yeah you know I remember it to a point crisper You know I remember being in a restaurant and then going to a club or something. I don't remember much off tonight. I like me and my pipe to build a we. We went to see. Sebastian is when you're in New York doing press I think for maybe psycho motel one of your soul records and we went and saw Jecklin. Hide your wife and my wife and the friends and then after we went to Sebastian He. He was the star. Sebastian Bach at a bar that you went to afterwards and we went there and proceeded to just get completely offer rockers and if they you get one to remember so yeah I do remember Sebastian balls really good in a play Jacqueline. He was amazing he was and then we ended up pouring beer on on each other's head and shooting catch up in each other's face at one point. I cornered you and then told you every one of the songs that you'd ever written in Iron Maiden. Oh Wow you're like yeah I know I know what song just reaffirming it. Exactly you. You last couple of questions for Adrian. It'll you've been on on a long tour. Do Love Fishing. Do you still get a chance to go fishing under days off once in a while I do as a matter of fact. I'm looking at my window a new source of Paul Minnesota and they've got Mississippi. I saw that was over the yesterday. Diana like up in Calgary a few die so begun down Bow River on your body dive Few Years Go. That's right. My cousin Chad Sprint speed took your fishing a couple of years ago. That's right yeah. Yeah and So doing that and Yeah the music fishing but see. That's the cool thing is is that we know how it is when you have days off and if you're just sitting around doing nothing you're just wasting a day and it's the worst feeling in in the world so some guys like all things. Some guys like to go sightseeing but to have that fishing outlet. That's probably a probably helps. You stay sane on the road. Yeah saw want me to do like say you know. Kiss your gets your air. It's actually quite good. Exercise All do walk in and get you out of fresh air. GET OUTTA hotel last couple questions. What's it's the biggest fish that you ever caught? Oh it's always thinking about today's appropriate sturgeon. I was in. I was in Vancouver once on I. I never even seen a sturgeon unquote one. So I went up to the Fraser River. Go gone went on a huge jet boat We go into these surge and these things are over one hundred pounds wow fi in the stojan arms literally hanging off king on a so. I'm not going to be out of play the show it is that one of those things where you have to strap yourself in and like slowly reel it in over the course of like an hour or two hours hours or something like that. Well we hope Senate this thing and go I'd put one of those Fighting Harnesses on me. It didn't quite strap me in. But you know you you stick a road in a in a sort of a harness that strapped to you then he just sat down and started rolling a cigarette. Like you know the Russia's GonNa take a while Oh you know so yeah those things you know. I don't think I even know what's going on. They so big they just kind of just keep going and you have to follow him. You know right right right. Because that's what they say like you know the lock. This monster could be a sturge in giant sturgeon or something like that because it's slow right last question. What's your favorite song on a play on this on this tour probably a good ago dot same join at one tune than like? I said it's always a pleasure to to hang out and have a chat with you. I'm glad we're able to work this out. Pleasure Chris thanks man. We'll see in a couple of weeks and have fun in the Pag Man Winnipeg great rock and roll crowds. The the prayed. Yeah well to might. Thanks choose Christmas thanks bye-bye.

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[124] Titans coaches film review & Seahawks preview

Buccaneers Observer

1:11:12 hr | 1 year ago

[124] Titans coaches film review & Seahawks preview

"The water on the Goddamn Huddle. I'll tell you when you get a water break. Welcome to the buccaneers observer. podcast this is Rob Phillips. Today is November first. Two Thousand Nineteen got a lot to talk about. Didn't get a podcast out Wednesday. That was my at fault. I did the film review video. It took me two days normally try to get it all done on Tuesday but a broken up into two days Tuesday and Wednesday. I didn't have it done by the podcast time so we decided to do the podcast on Thursday instead for the film review and we realized oaks. That was Halloween so we figured we'd we do the film review from the Tennessee. Game and the preview of the Seattle game on this podcast. We got one for Internet two for one special. If if not given cost you anything extra all right fact check them followups. Big Follow up here. We wanted to say this. We did not mean to suggest cutting cutting Rashard pyramid. We were upset over the last game and when we did the instant podcast and we brought that up we said it we kind of set it off handedly but we try not to do that. I WANNA put that out there. We don't want to be cut. He's a teammate to play better we'd like to catch the ball especially really when he's wide open in the end zone two point conversion and probably some other time during the game would be nice another. Follow up this is kind of a follow up in how yes that was a leaf blower in the video. I mean molly laugh so hard with listening to it. I hadn't heard I have watched it the first time hermit Internet here. What you know I record the video and audio and then I go through and I edit and I listened to it like three or four times? Never heard that leaf blower are until we got everything done uploaded. It and molly was watching it. She was like what's that noise. I was like Oh my God. That's a leaf blower. It's loud as I don't no how I missed it in. Yeah if you're wondering what that noise was. It's not a jet to leave lower. Alright I WANNA get to this Tennessee game. This was one of those you have to. That was a very depressing game but it was very very interesting all twenty two. We've talked about this on the podcast quite often. How when you watch the game on the broadcast version live you get an impression of it and then sometimes when you watch the twenty two you get a totally different impression of it? Well well this year. We haven't had a game like that yet. You know pretty much. Everything we saw during the broadcast live came up on the all. Twenty two you still got the same feel when when you watch all twenty two. It's totally different because you have no narration. There's no commentary. You're you're watching the play twice. All the emotion is out of it. It's very very objective and analytical until you see things that you don't see during the broadcast and you don't have that emotion to what with this game it was definitely Bentley different than what the live version feeling was impression was. I'm going to sum it up this away now. I don't really know how to say this because I'm James Supporter. He's our quarterback quarterback we've ever had but he played really bad he was the number one reason why we lost that game and I did not know that matter of fact ah after watching the game live. I thought him dame's Winston played really good Daimler perfect other than the keystone cops play which I thought was on Perriman rice and during the game you know I was yelling at the TV. Mal Even tweeted that you know James. You're talk the whole time screaming out of pocket. Well you know is still. I thought he played a good game but watching all twenty two. Oh my God it was bad. It was really bad. It was Carolina Panthers Band if not worse he gets in his own ahead and UC at frequently in a game like the Carolina Panthers and when he got hit early and then it all went downhill from there. An I just don't really know if he's recovered from that performance if his confidence if he's getting his own head if there's something else going on in his life that maybe we don't know about and it's just really affecting him we'll be molly have talked about this extensively over the past few days because it's really it's really bothered me because I'm of the opinion that I wouldn't mind. Seeing seeing Ryan Griffin step in dibs listeners cost us by my calculations three games this year just by his poor performances. This Tennessee see game was completely winnable. I mean we dominated this game. We sell only lost by one four points. Yes and the main issue you was Jameis Winston now right close behind Jama's Winston was the refs and that I didn't pick it up. I said in the instant reaction like they were that bad except the fumble at the rule Dan. When it should have been a touchdown but you have a whole list of stuff that they mess right? Yeah Yeah I didn't think they did that bad either until I started watching the game film and I'm just like what in the world where these guys thinking. I counted six screw ups by the refs against. Yeah Uh us. We had their cannery. Had Two big runs on us. They're the biggest runs. We've allowed all season the longest take it allowed before that was nineteen yards and then he got a big one for. I think thirty three yards and that was his long run on this season to. Yes well if you watch the video I'll put up on youtube appointed out. But William Golden was held on that play which allowed their cannery to break through the line of core support tackle and once he got to the second level but that holding penalty was. I mean it was really blatant. I mean it was right in front of the referee then a another play play later in the game. The other big run. He got exact same thing. They held Golsen again. I didn't see if it was the same guy that held him. I think it was tight end. Eighty you one or eighty eight. I can't remember. He did have a a big run in the fourth quarter at twelve twenty. That was called back for holding so they did catch that one but they have been doing it. The whole game yes. There was the two defensive pass. Interference calls on Caulton Davis. I looked and looked it looked. I could not see what they were talking talking about. The one pass interference that they called on him and they showed the replay he was turned around looking at the ball and he just barely touched the guy and the guy act like like he was got pushed today. You could see call Davis really even pushing his new got faked it The the first one though they got defensive pass interference call on him right before that that I couldn't see anything and they didn't show it on replay so just going on all twenty two hundred seating all so those two you know those are a little bit if the two holding Pinhas. We definitely should have been called. Tennessee had a kickoff return that they ran back. I think it was close to forty yards somewhere in that area. That one was a blatant hold. You can see the video it up. Put It on the Kate member who was got held but he got held in allowing the runner to run right passing. And that one was right in front of a raff off. Okay then we've got the fumble fake feel the fake field goal attempt and we all know that was bad. I mean I think they even apologized for that. One saying it was a screw up on their part art but then there was the fumbled the snap to the face on Jameis Winston. Jensen snap the ball early. It hit Jameis Winston in the face. If you look at it go look at video on Youtube Alley. Marquette was standing up he never set he was stalemating and talking to the rest the line yeah he he was he was turned around he turned around. He said something. Donald Smith he turned around looked at Jameis Winston. He hit Jensen then he turned back around and he was looking backwards gourds at Janus Winston and standing up when the ball was snapped that that should have been blown dead right there. A whistle should have been called. That's an illegal shift. According to the rulebook rule seven section four article six at states all offensive players are required to come to a complete stop and being a set position simultaneously for at least one full second prior to the snap failure to do so is an illegal shift they could have got him for four star to do I mean marquette was moving around it was just like book. I think everybody was just so surprised. I mean it was obvious that more pet snap before everybody was ready but are Jensen Hinson. Snap the ball before everybody was ready. Because you know the whole line kinda hesitated in like I said more pet was standing up but that should have been blown dead right there. That's been fumble. No it should not. I have been so the rest really really screwed us on this game. And those are tier big plays that and the fumble on the fake field goal says the game. Yes now I went in. I told you I was going to do some research on all the rest. Stop and all that found out that there's four or five refs in New York that do the instant replay the Guy Al Bow River. Yea River. Yeah he's he's the one that's in charge of all that okay but there are dr other guys that do it are referee crew this year. This past game at Tennessee all the crews are named after the referee the head referee. So this is the Adrian Hill crew crew. Adrian Hill is the referees. The main guy in charge there the white hat. This was his first year as the referee. Free this is the seventh game. He's played as a referee. He's got ten years experience as an official but this is his first year referee. The Down Judges David Oliver. He's got two years experience he's the guy who was standing right there on that fake field goal. I mean he was like five feet away and he could see exactly what happened. He blew glued damn whistle. Yeah it was hill. It's judge our David Oliver are. He's a down judge now. Are Referee crew there. Seventeen referee recruits are refereed crew. Had nobody on the crew that was on that same crew last year. So they've ever worked together never worked together except for these seven seven games or was eight games. What a week? Eight eight games probably seven because they get by weekday now they're seventeen cruise. Only three of them do not have officials who were on the same crew is last year so of course we get one of the crappy cruise. That's just how it happens. Where a small market team we're GONNA get crappy cruise but we've got Adrian? Hills referee ribs his first year as a Ralph David Oliver. Two Years Experience Line Judge Mark Stewart only had one year experience in the field. Judge Clark this is his first first year so we had the most inexperienced crew in the NFL on game in Tennessee and they've really screwed US six mistakes they made and quite a few view of a really really hurt us. Now we've got a crew coming up for the Seattle game. Seattle is a bigger market team. So we've got John. HUSKIES crew To Officials Kevin Cody and the Dow judge. He's down judge. Alan Baines is the few judge they've worked on that crew last year. So three of these guys have worked together and most of them have at least five years experience at their position. As a matter of fact the the referee John Halsey. He's got eighteen years experience so we're we should have some good officiating waiting in this game for a change but relatively good so yeah Jameis Winston in the judges. What is what really screwed this game up and I hate to say that about James Amos Winston? Because I'm I've always been a big supporter. What I'll be a big supporter of anybody on the team? But he is the best quarterback we've ever had and it's the whole question question of if it's not Jameis Winston if he's not the bucks quarterback what's the future of the buccaneers. Look like it was going to replace him Roy. That's why I sound like. Let's I wouldn't mind seeing Ryan Griffin just because we might have the preseason meeting you saw him and we were like Gotti socks and then we watched again and they watch the red and we were like wow. He's really good. It was offensive line that was screwing up to. It was making him look bad But I'd like to see him. He's just much more calm and collected. And that's what James Winstons problem is as we talked about this. We set it off season. The two big things. And we've been saying the podcast since we've been doing this podcast. Two big things James Winston needs to fix and we I wanted to see Bruce Arians fix is his happy feet and Nazi in the field and he's made no improvement. I think he's gotten worse. Yeah I detail. He's this game was really a showcase of his happy feet and his e- Copsey intended need to do any of it. There was no reason. Tennessee is not that good of a team you know and he had great pass protection the whole game. I mean Donald Smith gave up a sack in the fourth quarter and Dari mislaid blitzer. Coming in on on a cornerback blitz and another running back Ronald Jones he didn't pick up a blitz coming in on the left other than that hat are offensive line to great. I mean our office lund did great running backs still had issues with their pass protection last week. We're not giving up seven sacks in Donovan. Smith has to give up that play but it was a really good move. I was Landry the defensive end that just did a great speed moving out of the Smith at everything right. Chicago was able to get his arm out and got his Tamdan Winston. It was a matter of inches but still I mean Winston had great pass protection in there. What do you think about the interceptions? Because Bruce Arians carrion came out. This weekend said that none of them were his fault. They were all the receivers on the wrong route. Yes and I actually wrote that down. When we were watching the game we were taking notes watching a game him and I said it to me? It looked like the receivers ran the wrong routes and I wanted to see what Bruce said to press conference and sure enough he said they ran the wrong routes and it was James. It was not not Jameis Winston fault. How ever while? That's technically true. Technically true the best kind of truth. They were Damis westerns fault. Because because if you look at both of them and I did this on video even though the wide receivers ran the wrong routes james wisdom should not have thrown those balls even if they were the right hike routes because there was a defender there where he threw the ball is not only. That guy was going to get out of the way. You know almost almost exactly where he threw the ball twice there was a defender there and I mean they intercepted ball where I mean it was Ju- It came right to was handed. You know so so. They were there anyhow. He shouldn't have thrown that ball on to that route. Even even if the receivers were running around correctly and on the last interception he should have thrown the ball away. It was the fourth quarter of twenty six seven seconds left. The interesting thing about that was there was no good routes just throwing away at that point because otherwise Jim Twenty six seconds left. We had the time manage. We had no route running to the outside edges too so that the guys can catch the ball goes out of bounds now. Look I know it was very strange. That GonNa put a left which you know. But that would actually be Bruce Arians because he takes over the last five minutes of the game supposedly so while the receivers did not run good. Ralph's they screwed up on. The routes interceptions payments Winston should not have thrown to the routes. They should have run. But you know those weren't really the big issues I had with James. Listen I wish issues. I had with the two things we talk about. All the time is happy feet and not seen the field not seeing the field. Was it huge in his game. One of the worst I've ever seen that's because because Tennessee secondary is not that great. They should've been twirl. My Gosh Yeah. I mean. We talked about that in the pot. The previews are receivers are just GonNa have a ball with the secondary opener. Because I can't keep up with our guys and sure enough jameis Winston missed eight open receivers eight. That's the most I've ever charged with him in one game. I'm pretty this year. I think there might have been nine last year before in one game but I mean there was eight times eight eight times. He had open receivers that he did not see now some of boom he did throw to somebody else might have been a reception to whatever but I point out that there was a better option. Amora wide open receiver over here but a lot of times you know he. He threw a bad pass or got sacked or scrambled or whatever when he had wide open guys out in the one sack he got. This was a second quarter eight forty I five in the second quarter. He stepped up into the pocket in right into the defenders as it's collapsing coming to in coming to him and he stepped right into humming coming with. That win was so annoying. Because he had Mike Evans Open on a slant across the middle immediately. And you can see on all twenty two. He he sees Mike Evans. Mike Evans is wide. Open Wide Open and Davidson's body is angled these angled at him. He didn't throw the ball and understand. I do you know how that he just held. talked it and walked forward right into a sack in the these receivers especially Mike and you gotta get Mike Evans. uh-huh prop I've been pointing out for years. That might be open. James Watson doesn't see him throwing the ball and it's got to be frustrating for these guys you know these receivers to be wide open. And you know James Winstons over there scrambling or you know throwing it to a covered guy which he does that a lot of thought to cover guy when this guy wide open I mean these. These routes are getting the word we're getting is open. All over. The place in Jameson is just not Sinoe and now dirk cutter. I always cut all day long. He was a great offense coordinator he we almost always had receivers open it. Jameis Winston just doesn't seal three sacks the first one he ran right into the guy okay The second sack miss blocked by forty. Four Dario Bergamo Wiley on a cornerback. Blitz Adora just totally whiffed on guy in the fourth one third one was in the fourth quarter sixteen. Donald Smith fifty-eight Landry speed moved outside of the strip the ball from Wednesday. To get a sack. He got stroke but they consider that a SEC. So the the offensive line played great. I mean Winston had a beautiful pocket in this game. Yeah he had all day a lot of time all day but he scrambled six times. That are counted six times. For no reason he would have a beautiful pocket and he would scramble out of it and that was frustrating while we were watching the game You're cussing I didn't even realize how good the pocket we're into us. Although Tony to I mean they were beautiful pockets and a lot of times. They completely collapse a defensive line and there would be three offensive linemen standing there with nothing to do do because all the defense landover in a pile and they just stopped trying the defensive line points So Dame's Winston scrambled six times at. I counted for for no reason and that just drives me crazy. When he does that now? A lot of those times he would run the ball he would try to run the ball and I think he was our leading rusher. Not sure but I think he. It was a leading Russia team. But that's not a good thing. Three times it Jameis. Winston ran for it on third down short and came up. Short of the one was was in the fourth quarter to twenty nine. I think it was third to third third two beautiful pocket. There was open receivers and he runs Out and gets one yard he ran over. There was nobody near him and he ran to the right in three guys. Three Israeli frustrating too. And and it's he's scrambling is ready to take off Right where the defender is more often than not he just does not make good decisions. When when he scrambling in there was the the keystone cops play? Wear Perryman run into Dari Dari embarrass. It was embarrassing embarrassing. We'll get to the embarrassments stuff here in a little bit. But that was totally on James on all twenty two you see him. He motions paramount in. You know he emotions tell tell him to go into motion and then immediately lifts his leg to have Jensen snap the ball to him and Jensen snaps diplo. He handed the. Dr Dard runs four. Blame right into pyramid. That was one hundred percent. James Wisden's phone. That was a bone headed. I mean that's a high school level mistake and I you know with all this stuff tough to James is doing. I mean that that was a big play. That was third four on Tennessee. Four yard line touchdown yes and you could see it on. TV me when they had slow motion. There was a huge gap for Dorothy. To go up in. It would have been a touchdown most likely. And you just can't have this you can't you can't have the leader of your team screwing up like this all the time and not expect everybody else to screw up it. It's got to be so frustrating specially for our defensive line which is elite level defensive line to just see see wisdom screw up screw up screwed up and they have to keep going out there and trying to clean up his mess he turns the ball over. Defense is in a precarious position because the other team is in the red zone or close rundown. There's really nothing defense that you can do what they're gonNA score there and it happened in this game the twice right I I think so but yeah I mean he'll miss an open receivers like between eight times during his game. I mean it's not it's not that he's throwing and they're not catching eateries overthrowing bad throws A. He's just not seeing these guys and they're open there was he threw the ball to he. Threw it out of bounds and end zone. Chris Godden was closest guy over there and it was on third down so we ended up getting a field goal. eighty-eight Tanner Hudson was wide. Open for a touchdown on that point it has some hands like he can make a grab even if it's not great ball thrown out then. Yeah there was a play where I think it was Mike Evans being covered now. No it was a tight. End was being uncovered. Great either bright or Hudson and coverage may fell down and he the tide in ended up being wide open but instead Winston Winston Winston didn't even see it. You know. And if you listen to podcasts. I'll say it all the time drew brees Matt Ryan. Tom Brady those guys look for that to happen. They look for the defense to make mistakes. Because you know there's eleven guys on field one of them generally is going to be out of position. Have Angle hips turned the wrong way. Those guys look doc for that. They're not looking at. They're not going my first receiver. I look at him seconds. I mean they might be doing that but at the same time. They're looking for mistakes. If you make a mistake Jake. They're going to target you. They do this all the time. I mean they're Great Matt Ryan One of the best. I don't think I've seen yet where he has. The defensive player has made a mistake and Matt Ryan targeting. We saw one. I think this year where the dude fell down but Matt Ryan through into the blood. You're supposed to do but he didn't see that guy so I wouldn't really call that a mistake. Well Matt Ryan's but I'm not here to blow smoke Matt Ryan but I'm just here to say James. Winston needs to be doing that. You know when you have a defender offender fall down and a receivers wide open. Because of the defender fell down. You better see that. And you'd better throw it to him. But James Winston dozen. He never ceases stuff. Where in such a precarious position with him? Because he is what he is. It's been five years. It's not gonNA be any different. This is what he is and and I don't think you can fix him. I think you have to learn how to manage it any. He's never learned how to manage his screw up south part of the problem. A two as he is not improving or identifying. What makes him screw up like this? It's on him. He's in his own head uh-huh coach in the world that can change that variance fixed and it doesn't look like he is going to fix it or is fixing it. I don't know oh I don't even know if they're working on it because it looks like he's getting worse with this stuff I really don't know I'm I'm dumbfounded by this. Well I almost think that. Maybe maybe he's thinking too much about the system too much about the new system that he's and then you just kind of revert to old habits you've the handed on that and that seems to be the thing your you think is the issue. I just the Winston has done ever since he's being here and I wanted to get better with areas. It doesn't look like it's going to dispense is worse than ever been wanted different this year. I Don't know the coaching staff. I guess us. Yeah because he's always had cutter. Yeah since he came in the League but he's always done this cutter right but it wasn't this severe this frequent right. Ah Yeah it's been three games out of seven. He's just basically cramped the bed and you can live with it as a fan. I think when it's more more infrequent maybe a game or two maybe three in a whole season burke three and seven games. Almost half the game there you. You can't have it you can't have it it. It's you can't win like that and we have a good football team. We're GONNA get into all that later but we have a good football team and I do believe it's being held back act by Jameis Winston if he doesn't get this under control he's not GonNa be with the team you know we're GONNA WE'RE GONNA released into the year he's got to. There's no way that you can play like this and continue to be a quarterback NFL. I don't know Donovan. Smith played like crafts last year. Got Any gotTa Outta huge contract gotTa Pay Day and look at him. I mean Donald Smith is playing great. Sal maybe there's something to be said for that contract I don't know I don't know man I just I was really. It was really depressing for me to watch. The depressing Tennessee. Game was depressing loss to begin with and then watching all twenty two and just seeing seeing this stuff stuff on my God man this is this is sad. And it's exactly what you said the keystone cops. It's the boneheaded terrible decisions where he just looks. Benny Hill music playing in the background. He does look like that when he runs on a banana peel. You know it just. We've had way too many of those who embarrassing plays from Winston Amateur Hour Amateur Hour you know whether he knew about the scrambling here's the thing about the scrambling Ho scramble people. Sometimes he'll come out of the pocket and you know throw a bomb down the field and it'll it'll work or whole run you know. And he he got a twenty yard run in this game you know so. He gets emboldened by that. You know he's like yeah. You know I ran for twenty yards all the stuff. He just keeps doing it and doing it do it. When you know you'd say hey they do that as a completely last resort man or when you are certain it's GonNa work and can go wrong right but not own a third into when you Have beautiful protection dog scramble outside the pocket and Burnell reasons with three defenders in front of you I and airlines tells them you don't have to be superman on every play and it's like when you tell someone don't think of a polar bear and all they think about is a polar bear. Oh so now to me. It just appears that they're telling him. Don't be superman on every play. And what he's hearing is be superman on every play if if he just did. This did that stuff sparingly throughout a game not making in the fourth quarter when you need it but man I mean like I said he missed seeing five open receivers just in the first half a load you know and he was scrambling all over the place. And you're and you're like this is this is the first and second quarter. How are you this frantic back? Yeah it really does hurt us that there were some other things though. I don't want to sit here and bash on James the whole term and to be clear. We're not saying Jane is not no no. I would love love to see James. Get this under control. Because I think he's got he you know he's got the definitely the desire to to be the best and to win. He's got a great arm on and he's got good accuracy. You See. He's not scared. He's got confidence all over the place. And I hope throw a laser to a guy that's double-covered which brings me to a no there was Remember number that catching the end zone. It went right off Mike Evans his hands. which that's a very rare thing for Mike Evans to do and I was like what in the world on all twenty to fifty four the linebacker for Tennessee? He tipped that ball right before it got to Evans. It's still bounced off Evans Hands Wobbly and a a knotweed exactly where Evans thought it was going to be but winston should not have thrown that pants. I mean that was just that was crazy. There's three guys. He had to throw it between three guys. Basically Chaffee the lucky at tips. Yes yes that's true but more carrying on with this game with the Tennessee game. The buccaneers have allowed six hundred eighteen yards to tight ends. That's the second most in the lead cardinals have allowed seven hundred and two and that's without a by we've allowed six hundred. Eighteen with a by thirty thirty percent of all passing yards have been too tight ends against us. Same thing happened with this game. Show New Smith ever heard of him now. Yeah he blazed US tours up yeah. He's a tight end for Tennessee. Nobody's ever heard him before. I bet he's getting picked up and fanzine I know he. I think he was the leading tied name singer. Fresno misleading late in in the fourth quarter. Thirteen forty nine. The school was twenty three twenty bucks. We were up by three. Tennessee drives down the field ninety yards and scored a touchdown right. We all remember that what we don't remember what happened during that drive. There were three catches by Titan Johnny Smith one for seventeen yards one for twenty yards and one for four yards. Forty one yards total out of ninety caught by the tight end to the two biggest drivers in that play with tight end. Who covers the tight end? Who was supposed to cover the tide tied in our linebackers? I've been saying this. Everybody wants to crap on the secondary and secondary could play better of course talking harder but Orlando could coverage bridges got to step up. We'd get blazed by every tight end. Played US Joe New Smith. Who is the governor now and you know I was looking for the Seattle all game and they're tight end is like Russell Wilson's Well drizzly. He's injured Elliott. It's a Hello Luke Wilson. That guy who has like thirty yards all year. Yeah receptions he was he was at Seattle I think they cut him or I don't know if he went in free agency but he went to Oakland and he was on hard knocks with Oakland and then got cut. He's wanted to long hair so I was surprised. Privacy him back on this Seattle Roster yes I may pick him up and I thought about doing it really. Yeah but he's caught so few. Oh my gosh you know if matchup. Yeah if the coaching staff Seattle sees what I see. They're going to be like man. We've got a tight end. Yeah Yeah I'd I'd thought about picking him up but yeah our linebackers and they're not getting any. They're not being held accountable by the meteor. Anybody else and they they need to. I mean this is. They're not doing their part as far as pass protection or the past defense is concerned in the locker room after the game who hasn't lost their our minds on the team it was. Jp Will Von and Mike Evans. It's surprised me with the Levante. Joseph wonder if he was talking talking to his unit linebackers in the linebackers and coverage. I'm I'm talking about inside linebacker. Manti David in Devon white mostly mostly Devon White. The David gave up a couple in this game. But I never signed during the broadcast or a few but mostly mostly Devon White and. He's just is not that great and coverage man there were slips on the field but only with the buccaneers none of the titans players slipped buccaneers. Players Slip Live. This happens a lot with us. We talk about criminal manager. We got a new equipment manager and I thought maybe they would be able to work the cleats better but apparently not. Let's see there was hardly slipping coverage twice. Godwin caught the ball one time when he was running and went to make Juke slip fell right. I mean it looked like a hard fall. I mean his features went like he was on on ice. They slipped right out from underneath him and he picked up some pretty good Yajalon Johnson on the fourth down play that we needed towards the end of the game of the fourth one. One play where we ran it up the middle. We'd had success with that all game long. Jensen slipped you could see on a plants. His feet and the defender hits hitting in Jensen's feature slip right underneath naming basically goes to his knees. Ronald Jones slipped in the fourth quarter at seven. One poster was others. I didn't track all of them but it would just slipping all over the place. I mean we gotta start. Learn how to wear cleats right you know. And they got basically the same field we do right. It's an outdoor for but we sleep on our field a lot of Atlanta game last year. I kind of twenty two slips but that was both us and that was that was a master but we gotta get our cleats. Right there. Hargreaves was was playing slot a lot in this game. He covered humphreys a couple of times in the fourth quarter. Eight twenty three. He gave up a big play on second and six on the Tampa Bay. twenty-three he got duped. Out By humphries and this one I don't understand because humphries and hargraves play to go and practice for years now John Know Each Other. How are you getting you got by him? Yeah he got duped out right off the line and Hargreaves call the ball and they ended up scoring a touchdown the next player play after but that was a big play that got them right right up close alone and I'm like hoggeries. What do you do it you keep doing? He can't get choked out by a guy you know on on a plane like that especially you know. It's just like Mike Evans. Everybody talked about Mike Evans. Didn't get the ball thrown to him in the fourth quarter. They'd get any targets one with nobody really got a whole lot of targets. We didn't get the we didn't pass it that much. But Mike was was noble covered every play except one and Winston didn't see him on that when I mean he was Stephen covered but winston could throw it to him but other than that he was double covered the whole time every single play. I mean they were. They wanted to lock Evans down in that. Fourth quarter something. I want to point out though the football to the face play where ginger snap the ball. And it hit Winston in the face and the fumble recovered by Tennessee and the keystone cops play where James Winston called permanent emotion in and decide like camp count snap with Jensen Jensen's NATO boom boom rain in new. The other. Both of those plays happened because we had to go into silent count mode because the crowd was so loud. Both of those players were because James Wisden had had to do a silent count. He had to lift his leg. He couldn't audible the counts. The crowd was too loud buccaneer fans. That's what happens when you you have a full crowd. That's cheering yelling. It's making noise. It makes the other team make mistakes. It can impact the game and think about how many games in season have been impacted by the crowd. We have the giants game sounded like a home game so the giants at the buccaneers stadium. New Orleans game around this game. I now Tennessee titans either the what were they coming into this. Three and four three and four there were three and fourteen. They just pinch their first their first round quarterback that they've had for five years in the Scrub Ryan Tannehill in there but yet they they still sell out the stadium and cheer and scream and make all this noise to wear. The opposing team has to run silence couch. And it's not like they've been winning anymore. They asked years and we have to the playoffs. One time and that time period and blow divisions how. Yeah that's not a huge surprise there so it matters hanters go into the games making noise all of it matters all of it matters. You know we only have we yes inches. We are the Twelfth Maine and you know just like just like I wouldn't WanNa see Donovan Smith. Come and sit on the sidelines with a bag over his face. I wouldn't want to see a a Mike Evans. Posting means on Reddit about how crappy Jameis Winston is or joking Jason Light. You know I wouldn't want to see that I don't I wanna see by our from our fans and I'm not saying how fans how you're supposed to be a fan but it only makes sense to me that if you want to help the team win. You do things to help the team win. Yeah not help. The team lose Jason. Like got caught up in saying that whole thing was weird. I don't really unders. Yeah apparently the he's being accused to having a burner twitter account where he support Jamison highs in one of one twitter account right. Where did dude run a book or whoever burdens might be a woman? I don't know apparently guy because he's been on podcast and stuff. Yeah and it. Sounds like Jason Light a little bit but it might be i. I don't care on you know it's one of those things where the national media where we're back to the embarrassment part of the buccaneers. They're used to just embarrassed fans. Look at there's thirty one other other teams in this league. That love it. When anything bad happens to us they want to see the fan base dejected and mocking their team and wearing bags to the stadium? And all that stuff stuff. That's what they want. I loved it when I see other teams fans do it because I know it hurts the team you know. So we've got the stuff that we've got the keystone cops stuff. We've got James. It ws you know it's just it's really hard as a buccaneer fan to hold your head up. Put your chest out where your colors proudly. But we have to do it. I like I I don't want. I don't want anybody on this team quitting right now. I don't want to go out there and given half ass effort I don't want to play into get traded. You know I don't know what's going although Jay Howard I don't know if he's one get traded I mean he's busy hurt now is he out is he. Pulling a Jalen Ramsey. It seems that way to me but I don't want to see that. Yeah we're we've lost five games but guess what we're not out of it and I'm tired of the media in Tampa Bay has already written off. I mean they're already talking talking about you. Know Trading. Get rid of this player. That player getting drafts for the two thousand twenty season and all that I mean the Tampa Bay tops had headlines. Tampa Bay is is a disaster and other things we learned get. Jukebox has an article titled Bucks or a Dumb Team. You know. Just they're all saying it's over with. There's no no way we can make the playoffs and I'm like what are you not know. Math killing have you'll never been watching football because any given Sunday anything can happen and we could. We definitely got a shot at the plows now. Granted it's hurt were crippled. It's going to be tough. It's do or die at this point but I don't WanNa see anybody on the team quit. So why are the fans. Quitting was the media quitting. You know the the twelve man if we quit. What do you think team's GonNa do quit? I haven't felt a sense of pride right about the team. I think since the rams game yeah I couldn't remember which one it was. We Played Carolina. I right and then the rams the rams was the last could game we've had where we want now and that's the that's the thing and we say this little podcast. This is the best team. This is a good team. I don't think they were really good team and and we can't get it together. We lost we have not gotten our asses handed to us yet. The Carolina Panthers right around us was a beatdown fifty three to thirteen or something bad. We haven't had that I mean. We've been wavering. San Francisco it. We didn't look great. No that was teams. And you know we've been in every game. Nobody's beaten us. We're beating ourselves. Yeah no all all of our losses have been you know the New Orleans Saints Team. I could say where they convincingly beat. Ask the better team. There was some issues there. I think there was some problems on stuff like that but they were the better team. But we've got the media is attacking arriens and like we said in the podcast after the game everybody's going to be able to pick their favorite whipping the boys and just go to town on you know you could. You could blame it on the coaching staff. You can blame it all Winston you can blame it on the offensive line the second whatever you can blame it on whoever you WANNA blame it on. Everyone's just going to town with. It is everywhere the Joe Boxer into having a meltdown. All we are having a meltdown. They have meltdowns when we win. Yeah I think it's worse when we win. They don't the right of the article with the title calling the team dome. I'm just I'm just stop to stop. That's how I feel Jio sculling through scrolling through twitter. I'll see post game away and it's always the same offenders I never engage in. It's because I WANNA be addicted. People do really bad. I just don't have the time. Unfortunately well Gary emotionally invested in answer this girl feelings. Uh there's a podcast out there. I'M NOT GONNA mention. They've been tweeting all week. About how McCoy is better than sue. That are run defense. This would be just as good without sue that sue has done nothing. He's not a Katrina. Land McCoy got cut this same people in the media. We we said this when when McCoy got cut the media is going to go after this coaching staff. The first chance they get because they're still pissed at him because of getting rid of McCoy but to say that McCoy's better than sue in that are run defense would be just as good with Atma sue and that was done nothing. He's not a contributor above above. VAT is insanity you go watch this game film. Sue is a beast and he is a huge contributor to our run defense. I mean Vena vans. Great we'll ghosted is great on the run run. All everybody on a defensive line is on the run but sue is incredibly good. I mean he's just incredibly good all around and he's he is so much better than McCoy on the defensive offensive line I just. I don't know what these people are thinking. They don't watch the tape. I'm saying the same sue detractors. Who are saying Oh look at the stats? He hasn't been there are. He's not as good as the McCoy because look at McCoy stats. They're the same ones you said when McCoy got cut and everyone pointed out that sue has better the stats that McCoy of raw during the same insane well. Saks aren't a good measure of defensive tackle. But now they'll point to sues lack of sack say he's not productive in what is it. You can't have it both ways. Let let me clarify is not a podcast is a fan like news site. Okay don't have a podcast. Keep all these people in any event the weight so they always Dixie. I don't know why we follow him because they pissed me off all the time. Anyway I'd been dead and block but then you don't know what's going on people are then you create your own address that yeah there's all kinds of narratives Out there some of them want to bust up here. Quick to sue is not as good as McClellan in that. They say that they have a reduced vase role. I think this was Joe. Oh Bucks Fan. I'm not pointing anybody out here. This is just where it's going on. And what they did is they showed the percentage of snaps that has gotten on defense and they showed that there was a decrease but what they didn't show was a snap count and this is this is this is why I hate stance because you can make stats. Say whatever you want. Here's via snap counts through the season. Okay forty thirty. Seven forty seven snaps. Fifty seven forty one forty forty eight forty one forty four thirty four so they'll do see a trend. There was this part of that is going down thirty four which sets out liar. You also have a fifty seven. Says her two outliers the rest of them are between between the range of forty one and forty eight right exactly so let's keep him on a snap count. It's not a matter of percentage right. Yes I'm just like you you know. They're making a big deal like all. They've cut his his snaps in half haven't played bass with the same snaps. He's played all year long. So that's just. Bs there's another one running barbara up the middle. On first downs matter of fact one of the joke bugs even send it to areas. Asked him about. Do you think maybe run Barber Arbor on first downs up to middle is becoming too predictable in percentages. Looked at it with a straight face and said no and that was it. I was like This first aired the he doesn't normally give simple answers like that he just you could just look at him until he just wanted to roll his eyes on that one. Yeah because I I broke down. The numbers Barbara has run fifty one times on first down. We've past one hundred and two times I down L.. It seems like passing. It'd be more predictable right right. During during the Tennessee Game Barber rushed on first down seven times how many times we passed it. How many team well? That's not predictable on all the anything anything you could predict that we're GONNA pass it on down. That's what I would go with right now if you if you go through the whole season and consider all the running backs total rush plays lays on first down one hundred seventeen total pass plays on first down one hundred two so it's almost fifty fifty which is exactly where it should be. There's no way you can guess around underpass and on first down no way no way could be predictable. That's just stupid dumb narrative but like I said when you lose in you could pick whoever you want to blame aim and make it work out. You even blame the defensive line if you wanted to be really really dumb because they are awesome. Gosh watching us all to indulgent love watching that Ryan Tannehill L. Dot hit almost every time he dropped back he just got the ball out quick. And and that's what you said. He doesn't mind thrown. It covers the whole. He's he threw it to anybody He didn't care he just didn't want to get hit. We were hitting we. We've closed and it was everybody was via sue was a NASA Nacho got in on it Barrett. The town's mayor came so close. I also saw a thing I can't remember. I saw this on twitter or article or podcast or whatever but they were talking about how they dropped shack buried in a coverage too many times. This game I didn't see it. I mean they dropped him back. Look like me by as much as they normally do. They normally they do drop Barrett back. Don't drop NASA back Sometimes job. Oh Alan Bag Vida Back Su Bac coverage you know they just try to give different looks and everything and they do it with Barrett probably four five six times a game. You know an interesting matter of fact I would say they didn't last in this game. I had to just think off the top of my head so now you can say whatever you want to say when they're losing like this. This people pull out their favorite whipping horse and just start beating it to death. Don't pay any attention to it. Most of the time. They're just salty. So we've got a Seattle coming up Mali's got got some good information for us. What you got molly now? Seahawks are currently six into. How did that happen? I know I know how it happens. Played anybody that is true there to went to home here is they want against the bengals. To one of the worst things gets worse. steelers the cardinals. Also the rams the browns. The browns and the Falcons God victories losses. The two losses have come come to the saints and the Ray that also to good teams in China people would put us in the back. But we're not not at all if we can get it together. We can make a competitive no now. We could win team. We can't beat if we you know. quit play play play decent football. Yeah Rams beat the rams all over the place like red headed stepchildren. That's true we did install you red headed stepchildren. This tweet Gregg allman and he actually wrote an article of Landon read the article. But I didn't see the tweet tweet. That between twenty thirteen and twenty seventeen. When Bruce Arians was coaching the cardinals he went for and one against the seahawks? He beat them four times. Times two yeah that whole division was good were so he and that was at Seattle has their number. It appears is that way however I was reading a preview written by I think a fan site for Seattle and the they did not have kind words to say about him now. They said that he basically is phone in and they call him disingenuous and as the coach of the buccaneers. Yeah well you know I'm GonNa say this info this out there. It is something we worried about and we talked about it when he was first hired that it seemed like the buccaneers. We do attract people that just want to come and basically hang out and get a paycheck to paycheck. I'm talking about Lovey Smith. I'm talking about Mike Smith. I'm talking about Collins on talking about Michael Johnson. Revenge Arabia's to Sean Jackson you know we get that a lot and I was worried about that with Bruce Arians. He'd come and he's hired up all his friends. They're all getting a a Brazilians a lot of times during practice. He cuts it short. He gave the guy's a week off during the bye week after the loss to the Carolina in London. I don't I honestly don't know how hard he's trying. I don't know if he's found in innovative. I'll say that I'll say point blank. I don't know if he's funding it in Wisden. It does seem like he's improving. He's got left which column offensive play. Call me no. I don't really know what Bruce Arians doing other than hiring all of his friends and but I don't want to think think that I don't believe it's true but I don't know it's not. I think he wants to win. I don't know I. I don't think he wants his legacy to be this right. I don't know what kind of effort he's putting in to win. Let's put it that way. Now I listened to the press conference is A. He's really good at press conferences. Not just for his little snippets and one liners. There's an soundbites but he talks football and when he talks he's definitely watching the game film. You seem a lot of stuff I see and more and so I know he's studying game film for sure and he talks about his plans for the next game and you know it seems to make sense. I just don't know how much effort he is putting you so I want to throw that out there. I don't believe it I do think he's. He's wanting to win. I think he's hired this large staff because he thinks it's going to be a benefit benefit and it kind of has been in the sense that you know like with our offensive line. Two main guys go down to guys come in stepped up play just as good. Josh Wells screwed a little bit but they were serviceable. Yeah and we've had that happen with everybody every position that we've had problems with next steps in and it's just as good. I will say that. We've we've mentioned this before and I don't. I think coaching can make a difference. But I don't think that's the problem in Tampa I don't I don't either. I don't know what the problem is. But it's not the coach's because that seems to be our go-to for when things aren't going well fire the coach. Get a new one. We get better and it's never better so I'm not gonNA put it on be a no. I wouldn't either at that makes sense like we've done this. We've done this before. So I think with General Manager saint-etienne take all this stuff but I if I if you had put a gun to my head if you put a gun to my head and asked said what's the problem right now I would say dame's Winston and he just needs to calm down to stop being so frantic just relaxed calmed down. Make the right decisions. See The damn field. If he did that we would. We would destroy. Take everybody we played. I agree because we've had games where he did. Just that and we're destroyed and we destroyed people. Hopefully the seahawks will be one of those teams Russell. So Wilson has seventeen touchdowns and one interception Insane in not not VP. Numbers Right. There I just. I don't know seventeen touchdowns downs. That's has first interception last week. So retool game yeah if they hit a ball yet we don't know okay now. They haven't his favorite read target. Is Tyler Lockett. He's got forty six receptions of fifty four targets so he's pretty efficient four touchdowns six hundred fifteen yards twenty twenty six percent of his yardage comes after the catch. Well there number two receiver. R K Metcalf has twenty three receptions of forty thirty five targets so roughly half little less a little more four touchdowns four hundred two yards twenty. Three percent of his yardage comes after the catch so their offenses seems. They're passing game relies on yards after the catch to Russell Wilson probably throws it to him perfectly in stride so they can. Yeah probably play will disley. Who Your said isn't playing? But he has twenty three receptions of twenty seven target so almost all of them for touchdowns two hundred sixty two yards thirty one percent of his yardage comes after the catch. So That's twelve touchdowns two tight ends and receivers. He's got seventeen touchdowns the other five touchdowns Konfrontasi Ron. I'm in now. I mean there's other receivers top two okay Chris Carson. They're running back. He's fit in. The League in yards. ARCS worried about how this this run defense. We have is incredible. You Watch the game film. There's never a hole in our defensive on avarice holding like they did with golden. But I've never seen anything like it. We don't even need linebackers just our front five or urges amazingly good at stopping the run there. They've always got their eyes on the ball. They've always got their guys under control so they can drawn to the side to make the tackle even. If they're double teamed Ndamukong got that Great Spin move he does when he's doubled teams that he gets out of the double team and makes the tackle on the runner. It's it's really beautiful to watch. Yeah I'm not worried about our defense and all like I said last week the only reason why Derrick Henry got any yardage was because they held or goes well. I don't think I think that the Seattle offense of line. I don't know how good they are. Football outsiders has their adjusted sacrificed at seventeenth and the average but Russell Wilson does he get the ball off pretty quickly. That's kind of what this says to me that he's throwing to receiver fever in stride. They're getting a lot of yards after catch. I haven't watched any Seattle Games this year. I don't know I know. He's very elusive. Though he's hard to sit down and he's a runner Eh. Tiny little guy their offense was ranked nights overall but again the quality of their opponents opponents. CRA- yeah we've had the hardest. I hardest schedule in the league. Not including all the traveling we've had to do we're going up against these teams that have had the easiest schedule Komo Seattle playing the browns. Valuables the Falcons good Lord. That's almost as bad as the Patriots. And their schedule's been a give mm-hmm. Yeah Seattle's defense is ranked twenty third. I know I'm not really worried about that either. Other differences really gone downhill speaking of their offense offensive line. There left tackle. He's thirty four years old. This is Duane Brown. He's an old man he is. He's like up there with Demar. Dotson the FBI and the NFL nursing home for too long retirement home but he's apparently had some knee issues and his age age. I think is really showing so Barrett might do pretty well against him and now this is not me. pull it out on my ass. This is a Seattle seahawks fan site than some of that. So uh-huh just making stuff up and speed is kind of his Kryptonite good Lord cell but he now live Russell. Wilson's getting the ball out quickly. It's it's really not gonNA matter true but again they're pass protection not great now even mediocre will worsen mediocre. We should have really feasted on the titans on our a lot more than we did. We got we were so close so many times when like I said he got the ball. He didn't care he just threw. It didn't care. Guys were covered double covered. You'd been matter. He just had to get all because he's going to die Russell Wilson. I don't know if we'll do that. I don't know if he does in the coverage if he holds the ball giving but they've got the home field advantage advantage that two of their losses their only two losses have come at home. That's not the seller. It's not that we kinda chance more mortgages the injury report this week Kim and bright was limited. A It's Friday. We're recording this Friday. But the Friday is injury report. Hasn't come what we do know that. OJ Howard is not playing bright was limited. He's got a rib injury. Alex capital as backup practice. It looks like he's GonNa he hasn't been ruled out yet for the game. Carlton Davis He's been full practice. All we can shoulder injury and Demar Dotson with a hamstring. He came back to practice Thursday in a limited capacity. The and again he's not ruled out Jay's only one ruled out so we only had five people on the injury report which is really good sign. Seattle had eighteen people bull grieve. It's like their whole team. Russell Wilson's on their Mike ipod. dwayne Brown that tackle Johns. I mean every month tyler lock. It's on their Carson. Their whole teams on the injury were rarely McDougal Bradley McDougal former rock in the air. They got debut on cloudy too. Don't forget that but the only people as of Thursday there were only four players that were not full participants at practice so it looks like they'll postal exactly exactly with OJ out. We promoted Jordan Leggett from the practice squad to the active roster and an Jackson was put on ir. He has some complications to show. I really like him. I do too never seen it. Break their arm like that and they'd just like walk off the field. Yeah I know he was. He was mad but it was not a break. I mean look like a brain but kind of going back right now l.. I don't know how that wasn't a break. But he didn't look like he was in pain. Man Hangs in the world so j Howard's the only player on our team out for Sunday. Yes yes definitively al.. Do you have nothing. Nate them by Friday or the kind of game time. There can be game time decision. Any of the other four could maybe be game time. And but we don't ever sure Kwan. Alexander played last night Thursday night. He tore his pack last night and they just announced that he's out for the season. It sounds to pay all that money for and he was out the first game. He got ejected. Yeah so he really contributed a whole lot to them. I guess well I mean maybe there's been some impact but not longevity for sure physical Ears have the fifth and sixth leading receivers in terms terms of yards in Chris. Brown's Chris Brown Chris Godwin and Mike Evans and they're also tied for the lead. In the NFL. Alfred Touchdown Catches Yosano. Receives it ahead of them in yardage. Have one extra day. We're the only ones with by. Wow so we got good stats what else we got good going on. I know they have a whole list. I'm done with a preview. Just we want to end this on a positive note. Book of positivity ruin it said And we like to be positive but when you get emotional and you have these losses and then you have feels like the whole world attacking the team it's incredibly demoralizing literally was. I mean the national media picked up the story about Jason like allegedly having burner account which that we have heard from many different. The people that it's all it's not true but guys don't get publicity he went on. Espn Radio James. Right hand man but we have plenty plenty to be positive out with the buccaneers fan. I know it's embarrassing. Some of the stuff. That happens a bear seeing some of the stuff that happens during the game embarrassing. Some of the stuff that happens off the field is embarrassing. We get picked on. But there's a lot to be positive about Hold our heads up high about look. We have not had as we alluded to before we have not had our asses be. Yep this is not the lovey. Smith buccaneers where. We're going forty-five go in the first quarter you know. We're we're FLACCO throwing five touchdowns on us in the first hand you know this is this is not that buccaneers. This buccaneers where. We're beating ourselves yourselves. So we've had our beat like the painters did against the forty niners at that was embarrassing. That was a beatdown. Another thing to be positive about we are not to file claims. That's probably my favorite. They are a dumpster fire right now. This is probably the last year we're going to the Matt Ryan regime and all the that's going to. They're going to blow that up. He's not in plain now. I'll tell you can take him another thing. We are good tackling team. We had missed tackles. And you're going to have missed tackle Tom. But we've had missed tackles in the last game There was at one run We've had Miss Tackles against the New Orleans game. Thomas Rain It in Edwards and bill hit him and didn't tackle him. We've had some tackles that on a scale guys to run with the ball. Guys are tackling out there. This isn't the cutter. Mike Smith Lovey Smith tackling anymore. We take it for granted that they're so good now and we've forgotten we have 'em Nesia about last season. How bad it was tackling was just a Trojan? It has been for a five year. Yeah like pointing out Evans Godwin and we have two elite receivers on our team that are leading the league and fantasy points to. That's nothing to scoff at Levante. David he's the only NFL player in the league with twenty plus sacks and ten interceptions had since two twenty twelve since two thousand twelve. Our offense. It's of line at something. It'd be positive about you. Go back and look but let's fans football fan sports fans in general have short memories. You go back and look at before in the first game all through the preseason all through the off season everybody's biggest concern was our offensive line. They played well. They have not been an issue. One one good thing that we can really be positive about is our defensive line man. Those guys are incredibly good. They're still the best in the league at run defense stat wise a a. and that's incredible considering the elite running backs we faced that we've just shut down and Derrick Henry only got those yards because of this holding seat note. Yeah go watch watch youtube video. You'll see plans day now. The good thing to be positive about Shaq Barrett. Oh my God this guy. He's tied in the League for the League league leader in sacks with Tan and forced fumbles with four. You got an interception to. He's bad as a passes down. He's always they're always imposition in large part of why our run defenses. Good as it is. He makes everything go inside. He is nine in pass. Rush Win rate at twenty six percent. That's a credible and and as the team. The buccaneers are I if fifty nine percent that's what I'm saying you can't hold the ball and US y'all start crying about that pass rush. Oh who take the exit. Now he's saying oh well they fix a pass rush but what else Galloway is ridiculous. Here's here's another thing mad gay. This guy has not missed field goal since he missed up against the giants to lose the game. He's eighty seven and a half percent success rate on on field goals forty plus yards. Thank God that is awesome is best in the league that in the end to wrap it all up win or lose these have all been entertaining. Games felt like crap after most of them just because we lost and sometimes how lost how we lost not in that we lots lots because I can be positive. It's a competitive game and we're not completely out of that but we're not competitive we've been. We've been competitive. But it's not a good showing. Shall we buy the buccaneer shooting ourselves in the foot but the entertaining games. And that's what this is all about when it comes down to it this is entertainment and You can put some money on it can become more than entertainment in that aspect but when you look at it this is sports is supposed to be entertaining and the books have been very entertaining people. You lost money by heading up the bucks against the Titans of talk remember and you did that. I'm not GonNa talk about how much money allies story. If you lost money. Tweet at US semesters Lindo. I'll personally apologised. We really should have won a game. Anybody watches was it knows it. We were the better team so anyhow so those are good things we've got going and that's a lot of good stuff. I mean you look at Cincinnati you look at the jets. The Miami Atlanta Hannah the REDSKINS. I guess there's so many crappy teams this year. I mean all those teams are fan. Bases are just just really sad because they don't have a whole lot to look forward to have but we got hope we still got hope. This may sound stupid but we could. We're coming up on the easy part of our schedule. Now we've got the Golic the Seattle Games the last one after that. It's easy from here on out. It is conceivable that we could win out. If we went out there. The large possibility we go into the playoffs. Oh I'm still sticking at dinner sick man we got. We got one more loss coming. I don't know who's going to be over the SEAHAWKS. I'll tell you that I forget who it was but a few months. This guy tweeted at me on twitter and I said you're going to really find obnoxious when it's October two five and we're still talking about. Got It here. We are still being obnoxious. We are unapologetic comer. Yeah so we haven't got our has beat yet We are not the falcons. We got good tackling. We've got the guy when we've got Levante David we've got a good offensive line and we have an elite defensive line we've got Shaq Barrett who was diamond in the rough matt. Gay kicking off in the Games been entertaining and have a gone away. We wanted to see what good horror movie sometimes but they've been entertaining. You never want to walk out of the room you know. You don't WanNa miss a play because you never know what happened. They WanNa miss all of them. Because you never know what's GonNa Happen. It's like maybe that you watch behind your hands rate during the fingers or or team the Tampa Bay buccaneers or a horror movie. Now I really thought we were GONNA turn the corner after the bye week They came out Tennessee game. And just you know. It wasn't a good showing mainly by Winston and it can be fixed. It's an easy fix but it doesn't look like it's getting fix maybe holt. I think he's watching my videos. CBS because he threw it to Mike Evans. When Mike Evans put his arm up for a chain I'm telling you that's how that's how they should? They should train jesuits and say all right. Here's what you do. They go through progressions. You keep an eye on the field see if anybody makes mistakes. Defender falls down mature answer wrong way got the wrong coverage plus the coverage whatever but always he's corner via keep Ya on Mike Gavin's and if he puts his hand up for any reason you just throw it to him it doesn't matter what's going on in that should be ruled so she'd be the rules and he did that last tweak. It would have been touchdown bomb like sixty some yards instead. We got a defensive pass. Interference called got mugged Mike Evans so we ended up getting the ball before you're screw data and NFL quarterback has so much to think about dogs short amount of time. You gotta remember play Uconn. That's where I would have. In what way what are we doing. And it would all go downhill from there. That's the number one reason why you're not enough vocal that the fact that you're what five foot four hundred pounds. Yep You could maybe be a kicker probably yeah yeah there's that one women's in Sacramento. I want them to do it just so that I I wanna see her. Get tackled tag mental end when one of those three hundred pound around lyman hits her at fifty miles an hour. That'll that'll squash all the women in football. Talk your essential misogynist. She's cordoned off the field buzzed on crooked even care about equality honestly raptors. How do you square projectons or Seattle? Okay I'm GonNa go a twenty four eighteen bucks a but we can hear you typing okay. The last time I pick while I mean like every time I've picked for the bunks. They've lost so I'm up against the box helping that they win. This time rationalized. I don't think it's going to be a beat down but the last time I did pick against the bus we once they keep it going on. I'm going to go with twenty four twenty one during it's going to be closed. America's GonNa miss the game the game tying field. I'm not going to go. That far. Might take them into overtime remember. We did that in two thousand dollars for Josh Toronto. Sacha game on a German always worst out on that game in overtime attic. Come out. I'm going to go

Winston Winston Winston Tennessee Mike Evans James buccaneers Donald Smith Seattle Jameis Winston Donovan Smith football Jensen Jensen Bruce Arians twitter molly Carolina Panthers Ryan Griffin US James Winstons rams
Black Widow and Bond Are Back! (FIRST) - Movie Podcast


1:08:58 hr | 1 year ago

Black Widow and Bond Are Back! (FIRST) - Movie Podcast

"I'm John James Bond. I'm black widow. I'm the call of the wild and here's the things we're GonNa talk about on Film House today so join us. That's right after this the two seconds ahead with you long. Take the film out everybody This week I'm joined by a lease James and Adam I blue name's Daniel so today we actually we get to talk about. Two of my favorite film genres super spies in gangsters. So we've got some frustrations out this week. No time to Diane black widow so chatting about those and then our thoughts on house painting and Irishman. Hopefully we'll have been time at the end of the show. We can talk about the Harrison Ford dog movie in Tom. Hanks from Mr Rogers joint this week the sponsored is a show our Mosey Jeans and Columbia College and Manscaping. But I will tell you a little bit more about about those guys later on. We're going to start with bond. James is the biggest James Bond Villain I know. Have you had a chance to see this gene. I have absolutely really I did not dissect it because I don't want it looking at it and Marty kind of piecing things together and I don't want to spoil it for myself. You're not joining over Daniel. Daniel Craig bond data. Craig come home last one. This is his last one it is. He said it was he who himself previously. There's well he clarified. That's come on dies. He said it's exhausting. And it's very harrowing. Sure last us if we wanted to do this job up next year. We'd say we'd rather kill ourselves. I believe the the quote came in an interview two days after he finished wrapping Specter's so we can understand him never wanting to also it seems like every single time he films. A movie breaks something or hurts himself really bad because he's heavily involved in the stunts. If not just doing them entirely so sometimes as you don't always fully recover from injuries like that like you're you're back to normal you can do action but you still have a little bit of pain. When he got shot in Sky Fall he couldn't hold that gun extreme because the emotional Now Yeah so I watch the trailer wants all the way through got goosebumps. Can't wait for it. Looks Great I I do think the trailer has some weird like pacing issues like it almost feels like a Keith resetting itself. There's not too much I think it's I I don't they haven't released a run time Um I think this is going to clock in over two two and a half hours easy just based off the trailer alone but like you know they get keep resetting so they start. And he's he's on a mission mission him leah seducing they're doing stuff together and it's all going J. Classic James Bond stuff and then it resets into like you know her and then it into reintroduce blofeld which is actually not expecting that guy saggy eyed stroke as he got blown out one of the things. I remember when this movie was coming together. They said No. Christoph christoff volts is going to stay in the franchise cast great but I wonder what capacity ended so his unceremonious for him at the end of it or whatever and and then and then he popped up in this like all right. This is such a great him doing like silence of the lambs thing. Perfect scenario somehow being really creepy from behind bars. Yeah how do you feel about the implication the trailer that are beautiful. Lhasa do betrayed him. I love her so much. A love it because my least favorite thing about specter with with how he's like. I'm walking away you am. I'm walking away. Can you remind me of what happened. Because I do not remember what she did to him in the end of the movie well they fell in love. I mean he was going after Spector was like a continuation of his saga right. They so they were responsible responsible for the actions of Casino Royale. And and to some extent I think even I don't think it was as no quantum and casino royale are inextricably strictly same same movie but Sky Fall was a little bit different but he yeah he was basically like reintroducing himself to the whole vesper thing and it turned out. There's an even larger organization pulling the strings from the other organization and And so one of the people that came back into it was this old man who is involved in that who is like the key to finding out what this spectre organization was and then in his his pursuit of finding that guy he found her his daughter who was Lisa do okay and then and then he they team up and go on across country tree adventure together and a lot and I actually liked thought specter a little bloated but I actually liked to. I liked it too but it did get a little goofy it. Maybe like it started towards that Sillier side of bond than the big loud action setpiece where he's got plot armor physics stop mattering wondering why liked it because normally what happens is that happens in like you have a golden eye and then movies happen like like animals movies happen and then you end up with a die another day and you're like they get here but this is the transition point there is. There is a movie where that Happens in it unfolds in front of you and I kind of Doug how he. They're doing an experiment on a spoiler for them to specter of the movie that came out twenty years ago or whatever For they're like they're fucking with his brain in a classic James Bond Trap experiment experiment and then Lia subdued the only thing. I didn't really like about the movie as she leans into. She Goes I love you and he goes and he like comes back to life. Because I'm like I always thought it'd be better. She's like she's like do you ain't and then and then he pops out of it but when he does pop out of it. He's like new bond. He's like fully-fledged back and he starts. He's picking off dudes from like three quarters of a mile away with a handgun and I'm like that stuff. He doesn't do at the beginning of the movie at all or any of the rest of these movies and I was like Oh cool. He transitioned legend into super spy. Bond movie I love the title treatment. I think I think is really cool. Extremely well designed. Yeah I think they've done a good job with the design on this movie movie. But but the only caveat was that you took so long to get two volts as blow Feld and they also did the The on yeah ah toward darkness thing where they're like they're like what's your name he's like Blow Beld. And you're like you're blow Fella. You know I I said blow belt and then he goes gets a HA. I was blow. Felt all along as gay people like me who have listen Goldeneye forward went. What's a blow fell? I'll how dare you. I don't know any other ones putting him in. This one is great. I think him being like this. Do you think they they realized it was like that was kind of a waste of him in the last movie with like We didn't really get to do as many things with him. It'd be a ways to get rid of him. Yeah they win. The other movie was like coming out or had been was being made that they said the Christoph Waltz would be in more than just one. I really believe if you don't put me in this movie I'll be back for the to the The the big lie for you movie year. but yeah and but then also I also again and I was watching the trailer for Got Malik. I was going to say so I feel like in the past. You haven't been a huge remmy. Malik fan how why would you say that you so you just expressed new interest in mister robot. I've always said he's a great actor who's in mostly garbage stuff by being garbage. I just feel like the the first season. At least he's just this mute who stares I mean that's his character in that plan and then and then in Bohemian rhapsody. He's really good but the rest of the movies garbage so I don't have if anything against Oak Ramya malic at all. I don't know that he should have necessarily won that Oscar. But I don't care this of all the actors and the need for speed movie. Would we have thought Ram Malik would be the most successful. I know he's supposed to be imposing and threatening when you see him emerged from the shadows this. He's not imposing an threatening to me talk to me so cool is so menacing and then follow him up. You know not obviously not directly leap but two months later with I'm like I don't get that same price. France recovery is it's a slab of steak and Ramming Malik. Alec is a half a twinkie. which is exactly but it's like it's what's on the inside? I think the imagery here's great. He's got the the physical malady thing. Go and fantasy imagery super cool. I would agree with you if his just Rohingya Malik. But we're they're also going to get Christoph Waltz so happy a Batman movie to carry the whole thing to things. There's also introducing a new bank and hot chick and Dharma's pretty awesome. She's like there's there's There's there's the new double oh they're interesting as well. AL which I can only assume as a reference to Halle Berry's character another day. What their name was? Sean Lynch is Naomi's the tally various character. Like like Josephine a lot of key. Suck off. Yeah that'll start Fuck what's her name Emmy rock-hard on the right. Is it the same one where Denise Richards was the scientists now Jinx Johnson. You mean Christmas Jones. No that's her name. Christmas last Christmas does is com twice a year and he's a sorry to let you down but holly berries named Jinx Johnson Yeah Jinx Jinx. The cat okay. Yeah I mean it's not like a bad luck alliteration it's classic bond Bar It is but but no so so I think it looks like stacked with really cool. People Looks Pretty Cary Fukunaga always makes really pretty stuff. I'm excited action. Sequences that they show off often it does. This is the rule though where every other one is. It's it should. It should be good once you bad. Basically seems to be the track record so far right royal good quantum bad scaife all good specter quantum of solace. It's just an epilogue chirp but it's still an entire movie. Yeah I know I'm just saying I don't hate quantum of solace it was the writers strike and it was during the writers strike. overdosing them. It's the shortest James Bond movie of all that have ever been made and and and it. It's just an Epilogue to casino royale. So I don't like I don't think it's terrible right but I'm saying compared to Sky Fox now is the lesser. Then do you think any bond movies are terrible James. Yeah Roger Moore has some garbage one's view to not view to a kill in rigor What is it the one with magic for walking? Oh what is that her majesty's tits or actually really good doesn't give of Credit George license fees. Really good what's her actually. I read a rumor that what is the one with Christopher Walken Unlike maybe moon ringer. I don't Pussy. Isn't that great moon. Raker isn't that great rollerball different franchise while we're thinking on it. Is Christoph Waltz wearing a golf shirt in his cell prison issued. I WanNa see what he looks like conversation tonight. You'll have a hidden links at the beginning of the summer after this is like you trust him. Yeah what's he wearing their polo or something. Yeah there's there's a on on shot of him where you can see it better anyway. Greece Jones was actually reported or rumored to be in this movie found out she had like three lines and then quit okay. There are no small parts parts grace to Grace Jones from one of the worst worst only missing but she is memorable right in that movie. Yeah not announced. It's just the thing the worst thing about What is it a view to a kill? Yeah yeah the worst thing about a view to a kill is mm that if you read the wikipedia it sounds like the coolest bond movie Kaz. Christopher Watkins character is a clone of Hitler uh-huh he's a super genius clone of Hitler and he's like to use it. He's taking over the tech industry in San Francisco but this is the early eighties way before everything and this looks like a scene from robocop this season but except that like the action action set pieces in this movie. Are they go to a horse racing track and I. It's terrible and Roger Moore way too old for this part of it. Because he was the oldest bond ever I think he did did at fifty seven fifty one now better news for at least ten years more that Roger Moore is one of the dudes who is an old man when he was like he turned twenty nine and it was just old dementia. If you go watch live and let die. You're like holy cow. Watch the next one. He does old something happened. I have to reiterate I'd love. Listen you so much and I. I think she's a an actress that feels very classic liquid. Grace Kelly Kim Novak type like she just has that vibe to her and I'm so so glad that she is in a bond movie because I think it is a very classy classic Franchise Classic Classic Woman They do what is hurt. So besides it's She's in depth stranding blue collar midnight in Paris. She is at the very very end. Who Owen? Wilson goes off with you because I know she's like hot right now she's also what mission impossible. No No. You're thinking of. What's her name somewhere looking for different? Well she has a well I would say okay a little different. The the woman mission impossible has more of a slavic face. Wow what's her name it. We don't get caught okay. That's fine not a big deal for I. Just I've been seeing the name a lot and then I remember from Spector. I remember that being not a great part only because those like James Bond don't get married also the things like so. I Killed Her dad. You WanNa Bang. She's like yes head. Yeah didn't he get married in on Her Majesty's Secret Service Chris. Yeah well that was the best. Doesn't he scoop up blow filled in his wheelchair and drop them in the top of now. That's different one on Her Majesty's The secret service he gets married and then he gets married to one of the avengers guys. Okay well the British television show the avengers. He was married to her to over. Are you kidding me crossover no. And then. And then on their honeymoon there like going for a joyride and then blow feld drives by in his car and shoots car kills his wife. Except that George Lazenby didn't WanNa come back so then the sequel diamonds are forever. Is Sean Connery again. And it picks up with him hunting down hunting down blow Feld eld but they never really resolved that arc until just as a cold open for spy who love me maybe or something like that. It's Roger Roger Moore who is now two bonds removed from having anything to do with this woman goes to the grave the George Lazenby bonds and then and then Blow Feld shows up and then tries to kill him and then switches back. It's control of a helicopter. Scoops scoops them up and it kills. Can I ask you a question. Yeah we always know James Bond for his really well cut suits. has there ever been a James Bond movie where you've seen him just chilling out in a pair of jeans. I read Mike and Mike completely elsewhere. You know who I think really comfortable pair of Jeans Timothy Dalton and if you audience out there might be interested in jeans you guys check out muggsy jeans. What was for sure? I'm like there's no way I just was not listening to what you're woman was talking. mugs jeans is extending their black Friday sale for you this week had the Muggsy Dot Com and Use Code Film House for Twenty Five percents off your order of two or more pairs of mugsy genes genes are the most comfortable men's teens ever made and that's no exaggeration. mugs are real genes. That literally feel as comfortable as sweatpants. The magic is in mugs as proprietary fabrics which include a blend of high tech materials that make these genes mind-blowing Lee soft and flexible best of all mugs. He's come a stylish fit. That's not too baggy. But not too tight so you look even better than you feel if you want comfortable jeans that look good muggsy genes are for you. The guys at mugs are so confident. 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And we're like four or five blow. Fill some guy. This is the they could put this in Austin powers note another absolutely surprised. They didn't dummy Rovuma over his head on the head. You go all Chapman Anyway. House murder sound. That was premeditated this guy fall. I was GONNA change subjects but I did have a good question. Do you think James Bond should die because I know that was one of the. Apparently one of the big breaking points of Danny boil weaving was supposedly his screenwriter. Wanted to kill bond I mean just to do it now. Yeah exactly I think I mean the whole we'll double-o James Bond is an is not true. It's a series of whatever twenty four movies as a character that has a person endured over fifty fifty fifty years or it. There are no rules when some started making it. They didn't set the rules. Do you kill Santa. Do you kill Ronald McDonald. So these he's our cultural touchstone that we cannot rid ourselves of the whole the whole what do you how do you I I would rather than just you know. Just keep transforming bond should be a reflection and kind of dig how you can see a bond movie and kind of have a pretty good idea. What decade it's from? I think that's server. You're cool so sticking with the super spy theme and the new trailers that popped up this week. We got a trailer for black widow which will be Scarlett Johansson. Hansen's ninth time playing Natasha Room and they seem like that much In the grand scheme of all of the marvel twenty four marvel movies Blackwood nine taught there from almost the beginning. Yeah her runtime has been increased since the first are iron man to when she's barely in it has one cool action scene. She does her flipping taller guards. who were just working at the building? That didn't have any allegiance to anyone that she's she hangs up guy she got super cool avengers and then like civil war at some gold moments but like Yeah now we're how many start start. They've been Tony Start. Something like more than that thirteen or something really does count as there's rumors that he's in this That would maybe make because this is a prequel is supposed to take place after civil war these the honestly probably should have made this movie then so here this is the AH I dunno got from this. Is John Wick vibe to it. So maybe we needed three John Wick movies and in atomic blonde firmed ago. Okay you can make a female centric centric action movie set in the more you just make sure. All the women's hair is braided eastern Europe. And then you need some kind of braid and their laundry. The movie by the way is an underrated. I think so. I don't know a lot of people that's all that I hope I mean. Everything is great movie but so obviously Hawkeye Guy. He's not he does bow river is using different hand Hawkeye. I guess. What's the line that they have where they're like? We both remember prog Iraq differently or whatever maybe we got I. I think he's GONNA show up. Open this movie and as like an antagonise to her and it's it's what the events of what that was. I thought after civil war though it bureau never mind then. Yeah that's time was like thirty five minutes so who knows. I'm excited to see what the book ends are for This movie because it's I I I'm guessing it's going to be like saving private Ryan type thing where it starts where we currently are you. And then someone's going to go to. It's going to be like like Jeremy Renner whatever it goes to a grave and then it turns out. That wasn't Jeremy. Renner Matt Damon at the end. But like I'm curious to see how how they're going to slide this into the timeline already fucked it up before when they did ant man Amen to team out after the people that are going to be confusing why she live again. Well that's why they're going to have to make it very clear going to go see it. Yes or no eight months earlier okay. So you're asking what it took to make this movie I do think he was. Captain Marvel and Black Panther both making a billion dollars and they're like Oh a movie not what led by White dudes can make a billion dollars. What kind of weird too? Because it's Carl's your Hanson's been like a Hollywood darling for a decade now. She's not guaranteed box. Office gold enough. I mean ghost on the shell like she's she's been plenty movies where that movie. Her name alone is not enough to drag people. There's I'll tell you what I was. I was not super. We're interested in this movie or the trailer until it introduced Yuliana. She's her and her or her crazy. Russian family red scare us as a UH. I haven't written somewhere there Red Guardian. The Red Guardian harbors perfect murder. He's he's so good and I him looking like goofy. Get Caffeine Erica. I was I was like this. Just seems like it's going to be one of the espionage captain America movies those without captain. America yeah it feels more like winter soldier to me totally watching this trailer because there's there's best MCI superpowers other than I guess taskmasters. I just remember muscle memory or something espionage action taskmaster. He could learn to fight like new night but he chooses not to because the new nights so crazy. How do you know this? I think he's but everyone else. That's true people tweet these no. They learned semesters muscle memory. was they have to going crazy. Because the way Moon Knight fights is so dangerous to Moon Knight the taskmaster would put himself in danger by even thinking providing the way Munari could. Why are we eating a black widow movie when we could be getting moonlight movie night? Show show movie damn it. No you and you'll get it eventually. They had to go through the trials. Carl Hansen with this the the ten years of Marvel Fan. We'll give you a movie me. Yeah I'm curious to see. This is one of those things too. Where like I hope? There is some good character stuff I feel like even though she was in nine of those movies he's she was always an accessory to whoever the main focal point was and it really honestly wasn't until endgame that she is like. Oh she has an agenda. She's a leader. She has she has purpose and she feels things and she isn't just an a A. You know accessory item to one of the main character character or whatever they're doing so northcliffe well and also the fact that you know that she's dead well in those the I forget which vendors in the whole stuff with her. She's like I can't have babies. It's not worth anything and it's like on. Yeah and it's like okay. Well as an amazing woman that does all these things but society mark Ruffalo is also among closer to him going like I figured it out. Yeah so you have babies no he signed autographs so Florence. PUGH pretty big actress. Now do you think he's going to die in this movie. Or is she gonNA maybe be the next black would be black widow and whatever he's GonNa pop up and flapped in. She's GonNa Soldier. I think just I gotTa America so I thought you meant like flap like slang for vagina no no wings. I arcton a mirror okay. I thought you were calling her flopped in America because the crude slang for Regina. You'll never be American. And so so. That's that's what I know. I I think my mind went. They may be setting some stuff up for Disney plus shows Sherri. Yeah I imagined to that. Just because the way comics aren't earn southern GONNA fill. They've already shown to alternate universes and stuff. Maybe this whole thing takes place in an alternate universe where she is still alive. She's new Hayden. Planetarium sanitaire wherever news lawrence. Yeah Oh similar whiteface. Except she's a really good actress. She's from good midsummer midsummer it's summer. Oh that's midsummer okay. Gotcha this is young thunderbolt. Ross even be definitely d aged him some that means Samuel was the flash. When did this take place? That's what I'm saying. They're going to civil war doesn't sound right. If that's how often gather some some portion of its got a flashback to the Cold War to make the Russia's stuff relevant jump through decades. That could be like a story in the president Mostly in the nineties and it did have those spiderman. I don't know either way. I hope I hope at the end of this. It's revealed that we weren't watching Blackwood like winning movie. At all. In fact it was Ben Mendelsohn with her the whole movie and assimilation are found out nightside. Ralph so do you think this movie could make a billion sure. Yeah I think I think. Captain Marvel did gangbusters because we we blew balls and we're waiting for endgame. I'll take anything anything that gets me by you. Tease this character. Yes what's this about. Let's see it was a man movie but it was like it. Held you over until the big thing. So yeah maybe people are hungry enough that it's like it's going to do. It's probably going to be good to WHO's directing it. I don't know a Cate shortland and indeed director. You've never heard of anything. She's ever directed. You got it girl. Yeah Yeah I think if it doesn't make a million dollars challenge Hanson's maybe go back to school. Find something else for since finds. She gave it a shot acting maybe pursue near new career. I can't believe that I know what you're doing. Go ahead I believe that Wasn't that like ten minutes. I can't believe topics with the way. Marvel cast stuff. They don't have the actress from killing. Even this Oh yes interesting would have definitely been landed in one of the. I love her blonde blonde from Dan Lewis. They've they've they've must have earmarked for something later on different character. Good more to or something. Do you think looks like a bunch of the major characters in this movie are Russians. Are they going to try. And make us re for Russian. They're on a weird politically modern day. DOUBT IT I think they're all going to be defectors or or spies or they're all battling or something I wouldn't worry about David Harvard's fine very worried. If everyone's like bring that hell boy glad he gets a good superhero bureau. Though now I actually do like David Harbor a lot and it was frustrating. When I tried to watch how boy and got through the first fifteen minutes and I was like this is that's not his old He wasn't suicide squad too. I don't know if you guys solve with the guy. That's directing the metal gear movie Jordan volved Roberts birt's I had no idea he went on twitter tirade about how whoever's making this movie is stealing stuff from metal gear. He started putting red circles on things. First of all if you're metal gear known conceal for medical everything from metal gear stolen. It's all heavily reverential. That was my point. Is I think a lot of people were like. How dare they steal from metal gear? If anything just sharing the same references I saw I was like Oh storm shadow cool. Yeah I sure did come before metal gear. Didn't I'm saying metal gear steals ever but sure it's the one kid who yelled at James Cameron goes. I notice your vehicles from Avatar reflections from Halo. Because have you seen Aliens Shit. Talking made halo before Halo. I was born in two thousand and two stealing from the right thing or people like Someone Watch Alien Ago Pretty troby movie because Dan took it very much seemed like a kid complaining about about someone else stealing their ideas. Sure whatever man they came from the same place. That's the other thing too. It's like a of anything that shouldn't be a movie. Probably metal gear. or it's like it's just a snake repeating itself d unintended the last time a film invented a new shot was the matrix like when they put all those together thirteen point but even that was stolen from like commercials and stuff that were experiment doing weird wild experiments sports to like the last time anything with new movies so maybe maybe during Robert's needs to go back to school and if you're looking to go back to school why don't you check out. Columbia Colic Alec with Tradition at Columbia College. Your education is one low price there no fees. No book costs no surprises. 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That's m. y. t. r. are you a TI Owen dot com slash film Check out what Columbia College is doing and thinks Columbia College. Bring us here today to talk about spy movies. I think we're going to move onto gangster movies real quick and There was a huge released last week. I guess a few weeks ago. It was put out into theaters. But right before the Thanksgiving holiday. Netflix released Irishman this is essentially the king of the gangster movie more busy returning with some of the greatest actors of all time. It's really weird that it's in Netflix. Just in a few theaters around the world because this is a pretty huge movie considering. I think the cast the filmmaker subject matter. Adam you have not seen Irishman yet. But I've not had I haven't had a spare four hours watch I you want to. But so that is what about it'd be on Netflix. Makes it weird because it's not in theaters. This is like Martin says he won Oscars. He's making just kind of return to the gangster genre That he kind of owns earn Scorcese Making News. Of course Martin Scorsese movie. He's made in probably what two decades and it's got Robert De Niro Pacino Joe. PESCI finance are is financed by net flicks right. I don't think it was. I think it was it was being made in the net flicks. kind of swooped swooped in. They bought the distribution rights. I mean at the end of the day. It's a movie that you can watch wells. It is the way in which consume it matter to anyone else. Other than David Lynch at the end of the day the the movie that clearly the studio executives involved in distributing the movie said. Go ahead you could do whatever you want. And they did the runtime three and a half hours and the aging kind of the big stories that have been surrounding the Irishman That's all right I. I thought it was excellent. I I love Goodfellas and casino. It's anything like that. It's it is similar. It's not as good as those. It's very much like that. Yeah I don't think that this movie cracks into my top Scorsese now and I think that's because he's made so many ridiculously good movies while well he's also so my favorite thing is that like he figured out how to take those movies that he made the Goodfellas and stuff and he these large sprawling sprawling decades sprawling gangster epics or whatever multi multi decades and stuff. And he would he figured out how to do it. And then I think like Goodfellas L. is is the best version of that and then casino Kinda gets ragged on a little bit because it feels like it's shadow of Goodfellas. It's like almost like very very similar. Movie took the format and they started throwing stuff actually still really like Sinoe because of location subject matter the performance it feels really genuine really fun if it does feel a little bit like. Oh we'll just do casino goodfellas. I understand it with wall. Street works wash. But then that's the thing. I like Wolf of Austria St a lot because it feels like an evolution of that monarch new kind of gangster and it's also it's not as drab as his other movies. He has a a younger caste. You know but it's very stylish. It feels like it's an evolution. It's like Martin Scorsese's evolution I think departed is similar. Were departed is. Is this big thing that covers a long time. Yeah you're right. I'm a part of two departed. Felt like a movie that came out and it felt relevant whereas this does says feel like he's Harkening he's like I'm making a movie. That's it's set in a different time period. It's not set in present day. Obviously so it's GonNa feel dated but it does feel whereas departed. Felt like Scorcese making movies for the new decade. This feels like him reverting back to the way he made movies. That's that's how I felt watching it. I liked it at least I watched it. All in one sitting is biofeedback. Do we have to. We watched it and enjoyed it. But it did feel like Martin Scorcese making a Martin Scorsese movie which is not as good as Martin Scorsese Ceesay easy making a great movie if that makes sense to anyone going going what. Martin Scorsese movie in Two Thousand Nineteen. He was pushing it. It seems like something you could of made at any point career thank incredibly well written and it also takes a you know a real event in history and and kind of flips in a weird way like ah some some loose ends that we don't know exactly as the ICEMAN kill him. He is buried under a speed need bumping at Yankee Stadium. No yeah well then going back to him it felt like he had free rein but I do think that someone one should step in and said do you think that the best strategy for this movie is to start with the flash back into a flashback. Like there's weird stutter. Steps aren't as seamless as his other movies. You know like I almost wonder if that was an editing decision that they didn't go yeah like they kind of put in these. He's book ins or the in kept going back to that road trip. A few years ago I felt like it was weird because then there's a whole nother it felt like inception if if in inception there was one layer above everything that you just checked on occasion. If you if I was GonNa ask you who you think Marker Sese is GonNa put in a movie who are the names that like you think Eh. Robert Deniro Joe Patchy Matt Damon but looks like he put that Damon and yeah it's basically capital the missing signing this because he's one notable person that stands out for me. It's not in this radio to radio really. He's only put them in to Martin. Martin movie yeah it. It just felt strange because there's like every working. Italian actor is in Vermont especially Comedians Sebastian. MANISCALCO MANISCALCO he's in this movie. Two innings great in. It really gets busy. You know why the word well the interesting thing is that finance pay. We're not trying to shed on Ray Liotta but radioed ahead some plastic surgery and he weirdly. Looks like a d aged version of Ray Liotta so it would have been perfect because Robert Deniro the way what they did with him with the special effects makes him look like a d. h.. Version of Robert Deniro. I honestly I also think too. It was that flashback into flashback was jarring because it shows the the first image of the movie is Robert Deniro in old man makeup Playing like a ninety something year old version of Robert Deniro then it flashes back. What like thirty years or something twenty thirty years to two point? We're now he's kind of like an old man in but not ninety sixty old seventies or something like that like but he's not ninety and then immediately flashes back again to him in his. I have. I've no idea how old because he looks like an old man with a plastic mask And so like it's weird because goodfellas they had a Cast a young actor and then when the time when it was time for him to be an adult man they just brought in Ray Liotta right and it didn't. I wasn't like where's that where do I is. It heels are now like like I just watched it. I mean sometimes like we got the technology. It's use it but it doesn't always I I think that their DHA technology. I also think is interesting looking. Because they're young Robert Deniro doesn't look like Robert Deniro looked like when he was young right. It's it's very straight yet. The Disney stuff where young simulates Jackson looks like young happened. A little bit with Anthony Hopkins with when they came for the Asian for someth- maybe Hannibal then he didn't look we all know what Anthony Hopkins looks like look like there is some sort of soothing only works on Patrick Stewart determined that I think a lot of people have made this point. Wait but the other thing. The de Aging doesn't really do is doesn't make Robert Deniro move like someone who's thirty years old old. That was the thing with Samuel Jackson. When he's like he's like I'm just a thirty year old shield Asian on the beat install? There's one point in the movie where he was beating up a guy in. Its very very clearly an old man trying to not fall over. Who Plays Jimmy Hoffa Chino? Chino okay okay. I mean the whole the whole Jimmy. Hoffa thing it's almost like its own movie shoved in the middle of this movie. It becomes Al Pacino's Jimmy Hoffa movie about forty eighty five minutes in his movie for about an hour. Okay I'm interested in the HOFFA stuff so I I do you WanNa see it for say does feel more like it. It's the life of Robert Deniro with a side of Jimmy Hoffa which I I wish it was more of just the Jimmy. Jimmy Hoffa focus stuff the politics of that it does feel like there's a solid to two hours. Maybe like a solid two. There's three hours of two hours of the Jimmy Hoffa movie in there which which is like it. And that's when the movie's in high gear. Because it's just Robert De Niro's Robert De Niro no crazy makeup or no special effects or whatever and it's just churning. I get what the story they were telling is provide context for this guy this Irishman who was here for all of these major mobster events and just kind of like he's forrest. Gump he's he's it that's all you. That's a brilliant but but you need the context and then you want the fallout right now. Those events events honestly when the HOFFA's stuff concludes which is an amazing part of the film. I feel like it loses steam. There's another thirty minutes after the host a UH becoming older than old looking. It's the loose ends of Robert De as long as it has the same with Geraldo opening up on current affairs. Whatever Jimmy Jimmy Hoffa man here? WE CAN'T DEAL I. I'm sure you've seen this stuff out. 'cause it was happening even before the movie was when it first got screened. People were up in arms arms because in a pack win plays Robert De Niro's daughter in it red and she says like two words and everyone was really upset. Because there's like there's not really a female presence presence in this movie and a pack win. You've this talented actress. She says two words. I don't get I mean okay yes obviously WanNa see women excelling and films whatever. But I didn't really get the outcry for that because the whole the whole point of it is that she doesn't speak to her father so they don't make her speak. They have stared him real hard the time. And I'm like yes. It's very underveloped underdeveloped plot. I think in it's early. It's supposed to provoke provide some thematic resonance at the End Nights. But it's just under underdeveloped as I found it to be a bit distracting. Only because I know I ain't a pack when is extremely talented actress with a very storied career and then so I showed up house like ooh. We're setting you don't cast in Apac win unless something's coming and then it's her and then the rest of the movie you just see her leaving. It's almost like a routine where you would see the Andy Kaufman. Go Up to the microphone. And he's standing there in silence for ninety seconds. You're going Andy. Kaufman's say something great. And then he goes and then he steps away every time you saw a pack win in She's staring at him in silence. She's not going to talk to him. And you're going okay. She's going to let them have. I never happens if I think some of it is the legacy effects. I think Anna Pack Win if she was offered that role in any other film with any other director. Probably know when someone even come to you and goes. Do you want to be in the Martin. Scorsese film you're going to be playing this character and you read the whole script which is probably about a thousand pages flipping through when you go. I'm I'm not in this and then you go. Yes I'll do it. The Irish woman always going to say we need to cut of where receivable the ryen singers like. We're working on a road in jail into Rapiki or something they just We're just showing it like little Joe Pesci thing but I'm glad he came back for this movie because I thought he was phenomenal. My Gosh I just it made me miss him in wish. He was in more movies because because he was just excellent. Leading every total yellow bastard energy moving not to not to diminish Robert Deniro who I think is is really good but he is completely outshined in this movie by Al Pacino. Becky now you really is. It is weird. Say Robert Deniro's the third third best actor in a movie. Yeah but it's great. I mean without getting too much into spoilers of this movie on discrepancy. Is that one of the things that I think that makes good glue is so great is it starts with him so young. You see how his decision making a product of the environment in which brought up and how he learned to survive a survival method. But when you meet Robert De Niro's character he's already like out of the army. He's of indeterminate. A young man. I I have some Rando Age and then just decides to take on Caroline and I'm like well that's I feel like we're missing a piece link. Why is he so Willing to just happily murder people and don't say the war you can't just do. Oh well the war ever come back from the war and they're totally immune to death. You know like so. There was a weird thing missing missing piece of his character. But then you get Jimmy Hoffa you get you get Al Alpa Kinko and all these people and they're like oh so fully don't I wanNA spoil it for Yatom but there was no nudity so we didn't see any hold on old auto and fix your Dick as he. He makes his male actors where Americans really do they are all his male actors shaved. They should be. There is a point though where there is a point that we're in the sauna together a bunch of people in the sauna together. And it's a I don't remember how old he's supposed to be but like there's kind of a younger issue looking Robert Deniro and his body is so old and it's just a bunch of old man bodies digitally touched up to but looks like they softened often the wrinkles but it's the shape like all the skin is still Lucerne. It's it's it's three and a half hour movie that we walk L.. She broke you know shaving it starts to move. I think after our actions it moves eventually. I'll probably get like over the holiday holiday break. It was the perfect holiday break rented at the red boxer where the theater go. What Irishman Cocoa and? Watch the here to make you unhappy. Damn I'll rent a movie ticket for I don't know whatever's playing Star Wars or cats. And then I'll bring my phone in and I'll stream Irishman on unhappy headphones. Watch it on your phone. Ask Out loud in the theater if this movie Scott Wifi so you question the guys Without diving into it. Too Deeply Scorsese's recently been going after marvel whether the you know one thing and it's been it's been he's actually he's diving into it a little bit better anyway. The media has made a big thing thing about this but he's ways headline. He's claimed that that marvel is killing. Cinema is hypocritical at all to release surf film with Net flicks while claiming that some other studio is killing so now because he's talking about the spectacle of Sama his his criticisms appeared to be mostly directed directed at the impetus for making distribution not necessarily the distribution though. I'm sure if we far enough we could find some things that he has said about conflicts at the end of the day. My problem is the people there's like. It's people in theaters that are ruining cinema. I don't know if that's my issue. Is that like I think central can be enjoyed in a theater on your phone anywhere like at the end of the day but the thing that is killing it are the types of people who go to movies that where it's like we're allowing you get to be okay for you to like whip your phone and take a photo of the screen or just be on your phone the whole time like that. That just shows a lack of interest in seeing film or our attention spans are just too short. I don't know well I mean I think to that point marvel is trying to compete with those types of attention span. Exactly they're trying to compete. They have to keep things elevated elevated like a rollercoaster like Mercedes. He says it feels like why. Keep it that way so that we watch the movie watch that person. The person whips our phone out. Every time the minute things aren't loud and add a plus ten decibel they with their phone out as long as there's any downtime see how facebook is doing and it's like Oh fuck you like. Just don't go but like agree. I'm it's becoming the norm which is also knowing I swear to God. We're not too far off. We're pretty soon. It's going to be Netflix or each seats. Going to be a box that you sit in this way you can be on your phone during the movie. And you're like I guess we solve the problem for me for me. A movie like this was perfect for net flicks because it was coming out and I was like man. I'd love to see a new Martin. Scorsese movie especially with all these talents actors and subject matter that I'm interested in three and a half hours by the time you leave the the apartment get in the car arrived there. Sit through previews it's Tuesday. That's that's yeah you're in the next day you might as well flown across the Atlantic. Yeah to your point about the private boxes I mean. AMC tried to introduce those phone screenings a year to remember that and that backfired horribly sir. AMC wanted to hold screenings of movies. That were ones. You could take out your phone during them. Use Your phone. It was it. was you know he went in with that. Tacit consent that. If you're going into that screening you people around you bees in their phones whatever and then it got huge backlash online and they killed it right. Yeah don't think assholes assholes now I don't sometimes there's too much much hair but yeah I mean like marvel is not killing cinema cinema. We'll be fine. 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Thanks thanks man scape for supporting the show this week letting talk about Irishman and we have a little bit of time left. You guys saw Mr Rogers. Here's movie this weekend is that right yes. The now tidal. WHO's a beautiful daily neighborhood yes? Russia lyrics are when he sings it a beautiful day in in this neighborhood. Did you learn that. Check it interesting. have no idea But most people think it's a beautiful day in the neighborhood this beautiful day in this neighborhood. Yeah Yeah Yeah hello neighbor about Vietnam from little wasn't as tiger was the first king Friday so sad what's going on. I think they're killing kids in Burma and he's the king. Friday was the one who is like re should blue book. Yeah he's talking about in his own little world of make believe or whatever and she's never mind no go far say about how dark that Agent Orange stuff is. They've got a lot of people in Vietnam and they're showing it in your face face like you're these children that still suffer from Agent Orange Johnson and Johnson family company anyway. So this isn't really a mister Rogers bio-pic which is kind of what I thought it was. uh-huh Ori- actional a loose fictional interpretation of a real life aren't there was a writer who is a known sort of like skeptic and pessimist who got assigned to write a profile of Mister Rogers and thought that Mister Rogers had this duality to him that the mister Rogers that you see on camera on TV is not really who he is behind the scenes. This writers impossible that someone I agree. Yes Rogers and this man quickly learn this writer who quickly learned that no. He is very much that that when he is he someone that has emotions ends and can get angry or upset like anyone else but he very much is who he is on camera and they struck up a lifelong friendship that they had until Mr Rogers died and the way that this movie structures Not as traditional bio pic but it uses the story of that writer as the framework And it couches. You know you learning about Mister Rogers. So it doesn't span the scope of Mr Rogers. You know who he was when he was a child how he got into broadcast his relationship with his wife. It doesn't do what attritional bio pic does in leading you through the life of Mr Rogers. It is a very closed case of this person which it also presumes that you know Mr Rogers. There's very much amazing documentary. That already came out that I would say that. I have better time watching. That throws a question. I had that movies. Actually the docs better than the Tom. Hanks movie People are raving about this movie. Everyone really really likes it. I thought it was fine. Fine listen I kind of had a luke warm response. Yeah I mean this. This story of the guy is to me. Way Less interesting than discerning about de Watching Mr Rogers. Matthew Reese with daddy issues right yeah. He's very unlikable biggest variously life from this movie the Americans Suck but great show by the way I think my big thing is his whole like show this guy in how he's so senate a goal and his life's a mess and he's self sabotaging and stuff intil interacts with Mr Rogers. But when you when I walked out of the movie I was like all all in all his interaction. He didn't really have. He spent a grand total of ten minutes around. Mr Rogers I end so either Mister Rogers magic and just accidentally did that or they kind of undercut the amount of time it takes for human beings to change kind of thing really clever way to approach a story of Mister Rogers to say well. Let's let's do it because he helped so many people so let's tell his story through a person that he helped is a really really clever approach to it. But I much would have rather have seen how Mr Rogers got into and you learned that in the documentary about him. But it would've been. I would've loved to seen like because you know what you want from a bio-pic is like you want to see. You WanNa see what you know about Mr Rogers. You WanNa see him at the trial Congress or speaking of Congress talking about getting being funded for children's programming. You want to see that but then you WanNa see the conversation. He had with his wife the night before where he goes. Honey honey I just don't know if I can. I can do this if people are going to listen to me like you WANNA see. What's the Mister Rogers that you didn't see and you don't necessarily get that in this movie which isn't to say that that's not good? It's just different. I've been comparing it to the Elton John Rocket Man bio-pic because that movie also takes a different approach to the traditional bio-pic where it tells the story of Elton John Using the structuring of his addiction using music which is intrinsic to him and using magical realism. which when you think of someone? When like Elton John You definitely think of this magical whimsey person like that can that can you know when he's singing? Lift through the air and But I did. I did like the Elton John Wayne Better. Because it's so the all say there's a couple great things about this movie for all of the establishing shots that a movie would normally use of the city in the world they built miniature Mister Rogers style sets so every single time. He's like I. You gotta go to Pittsburgh it cuts to like a miniature airport with like a string playing ears and that that I thoroughly enjoyed but it was a weird like injection style where some of the rest of the movie just feels like. You're you could be watching anything like little Miss Sunshine. You could be watching any other kind of non stylistic relax the scope of Mister Rogers Life I do. They have them in the pool with his Postal carrier these Puno. No no but he just he him how he did. He did lapse every day. Well I don't know that you're talking about the racism touch on any of those his life they might have made the the transformers Ninja Turtles Mistake. Where you don't spend time with the thing you went to see the movie? Yeah it's weird. I mean I get it. I don't I think especially considering. That documentary came out which covers everything it. I probably would have not been the best idea for them to just do a straight up bio-pic of Mister Rogers but I think what the picked was maybe for me a little too far off. I would also specify that we went to see it at the draft house where they were playing instead of previews beforehand. They were playing tons of Mister Rogers clips because theater. Chain does like a customized playlists for every movie. And so we were watching the actual mister Rogers and like getting getting really hyped showing clips from the documentary interviews all kinds of stuff like that archival footage then you slide right into this and it was like Oh this is not that you see. I think Tom Hanks is good. But it's Tom Hanks it's he's not. That's all close to Mr Rogers. That's my question when they make the Tom. Hanks bio PIC. Are they going to have the actor. Tom Hanks playing his your Colin. Hanks Tom Hanks is like Hollywood's. Mister Rogers Soy understand that testing makes but he is also also played. Walt Disney yeah he did known. Racists won't but Tom Hanks is also a pretty imposing man with a pretty you know boisterous voice and stuff and so so when he's sitting across the room from a guy trying to have a very quiet connected conversation. Like you've seen Mister Rogers do with kids or whatever I got a hidden fee her. You're more than I did from Mr Rogers ever. You really needed Tom. Hanks is kind of like lose a bunch of weight to get down to that one. Four three wait that Mister Rogers maintain for his this whole. I'm not joking. I'm saying 'cause he did. He didn't look meek in like that kind of his frames. He's great. He's great at a great job. All the puppets voices and stuff. He it just like the movie for me. Didn't really give me enough time to get used to him. as Mr Rogers because cents focused so much on the other guy some four and and then and then I also think the movie is constantly hitting you over the head with this messaging. That like. He's not magic he's like Roger. He's human he just. He put a lot of effort into trying to be good and be connected and love humanity and love human beings and like be attentive and stuff. He put a lot of effort into that but he still was very human and had he wasn't perfect. This movie does despite saying that like three or four times in the movie treats him like magic he just shows up places. The only thing that's missing is the umbrella that he flights down. And then he just like waves his hand in front of someone and then there suddenly cured of their ailments that's-that's hyperbolic example. But it feels it feels like that sometimes. This movie and I was like I don't know I was kind of when I walked away away. I was like kind of caught between like you. Were Law. underwhelmed could've been cool seeing where that guys like feeling about Mister Rogers like floating by his window. uh-huh wakes up stuff like that. There are windows. Nations is unclear about. What's Jose tease to me? that Mr Rogers had the speaking nuance of starting a lot of sentences with you know or the writer that wrote this thought he did. Because there are I I was watching it. He he starts to lost. You know many kids his lesson. Yeah it's just weird. It doesn't add with him going. I have some into show. It's like a dark face all that when you pedalled dark secret. Oh so who also this or does this last week at least that we got the Harrison Ford Dog Movies Taylor in theaters twice now this trailer. What's it about? It's called the wired. Oh were they called us. No call of the wild gene. You just rewind it real quick arena looking like it's the second shot or whatever of the so there's shot number one. It's a landscape of the shot number two guys climbing up hill. The third shot is terrible. Look that looks like it. Looks like the mummy knx level. Cg all the wild head though. I'm just showing Harrison. Ford's like Komi Often Star Wars. I don't want to do another. I WanNa Shift Dog Movie House. I don't think Doria closing the dog getting into the door closes. The Dog. Animation is hair the dog at the door closed. It's how did it looks everything else has surveys. That won't the best thing thing is the shot at the end when he did. You eat mice steaks and the dog August move like Kangaroo Jack like it looks like Kangaroo Jack Oh my God it sucks because everything else in the trailer like the beats of it and the story of call of the wild. I'm like it's kind of thing where you're probably gonNA cry at the end before. Yeah Yeah on a lot of times I get it mixed up with. I guess there's also Balto iron will. There's I got a lot of dog. One Dog snow movies that I'm getting mixed up with this. I think everyone's everyone just called it like Harrison Ford dog movie. I didn't know it was called the wild. Yeah it's it's weird because the movie takes itself so seriously and then it has like CGI dog worse than Beethoven Ski Ski. We'd who sequel. Scooby Doo I. This was scooby and shaggy. The and alternate reality. I'd probably into it tear. That just rolled down. Harrison Ford face looked. CG Two he can't make tears anymore. I don't know how to do it. The girls cry. You want to see some of the footage pre fake dog just shouting at a green screen or tennis ballers hours ago. We're GONNA get this great last shot like Jewish my beans. Whenever committed the dog goes man? That's my favorite part of this lawler whereas as my beans not me sure day after my birthday so I know really screening. You've got called the Wild Elr- as you a Willem dafoe dog movie. All Togo's yeah especially like not half bad place the same At the very end yeah he goes. I should open up a sandwich. Chain the sandwiches will be smaller than that of subway. But they'll cost the same. This new you think this came out in the past air to this actually looks like maybe the good version of the Harrison Ford Disney now is making the knockoffs I could buy the rights to heart so much more endearing it is. That's a real dog. A real physical dog doing cute shit. You Watch the trailer with the sound on after this. Stay in the hair on the back of your neck up helped so much better than willing to foes yelling at the dog. I'm always excited for kids to see Willem Dafoe for the first time time I think the first time I saw him was in American psycho. Mike is that man real got a mannequin to act. Because he's just he it looks other worldly especially when he's he's like in a certain way or why did he. So weird by kids are GonNa be like rubber man was cool so you think that the director of call of the wild saw this trailer and he was like fuck either thinking. I'm guessing every dog in this movie. Cgi It's just done better. Well you have no idea. You can't tell anybody does make it blink. Everyone they have more time and town. I mean it's usually about the same level talent CGI Z.. IRAS are like they can do anything but given the time. Yeah when like I know people give shit to like Black Panther and stuff and they're like fighting they only have like six weeks to make it or something and that's how you know how that's probably all fate. You know how the human brain is just figured out how animation works one image. Split it again and again at a time time think with dogs human beings have just figured out. That good dog actor doesn't look the other dog actor human actor in the I look over their head and beyond to the trainer who solving the dogs don't looking humans exactly yes the thing is. Cg I'm telling you know. He had the dog on green screen. Yes Hsun this Marina del Rey also at ten. Am We should probably go. I don't know what you guys have. You guys have fancy Milan. Trailer came out today. Have essentially might it'd be the First Live Action Disney movie that I give a shit about actually looks Kinda cool. You showed them. Yeah I mean in the in the end they win it was. It's not this is going to be the emperor's new groove wrist the cats I think the like B. and C. Tier Disney movies getting made into live action or more interesting to you me than seeing the lion king again. What about the part of the movies? He looks at the cameras Hong Kong must fall. How weird that? They left that in. It's cool matrix in it okay. I'll cut anyway so yeah we are at a time this week. We don't have time to talk about the honey. I shrunk the kids reboot that they're doing week but thanks for coming around Thanks again to mugs Jeans Columbia Collagen Manscaping for sponsoring answering the show this week. I really appreciate it. We appreciate it. Thanks for bringing us here. And thank you for tuning in. I guess let me know what your favorite gangster movie is or your favorite dog movie. Those comments comments and we'll be back next week be Irish man you're sung 'em Hell No.

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"Hanging with Dutch Schultz"

The Tony Kornheiser Show

1:22:45 hr | 2 years ago

"Hanging with Dutch Schultz"

"Yeah. Previously on the Tony Kornheiser show. I wouldn't have thought you would have watched the Emmys. I wouldn't want him to text you at least want to know. He's thinking way how how am I doing with baby boy Buzi? So you've entered a new era with the boy. He can now walk. He's talking to you held them for a couple of older Tong him up for the wine glass. Well, that's possible, but he and we and I go them all the time and I just go. Yeah. This is General George Washington, and you're listening to the Tony Kornheiser. Alrighty. Then we're back. Thursday were here again, Friday. We're here next week. Thank you for coming to chatter. We are at the corner of Wisconsin avenue, northwest and Jennifer street, northwest. We are open today and tonight tonight for football game that I never would have thought I wanted to watch, but I do, yeah, the Cleveland Browns and the New York Jets. I wanna watch it because I think the Browns are going to win it. We have Gary Bromley, Chris Eliza we have Michael Kornheiser great allies in sitting with us, Niger will do the news and produce the show which is important. You watch the game tonight? Yes, yeah, I did. That's what I do. But but I mean, not I, if I said I was looking forward to it, I'm not not particularly important. I think I am. I think I wanna see it not gonna be here. I gotta be in chatter tonight and come to Binghamton reception people rent it out one of the rooms here. So I will just say Hello there, but I think. I'm gonna watch nineteen. Fourteen feel to it. It's just we'll see what happens. I have not seen darnold in a full game, so I'm interested in that. And then I, I really wish they went to Baker Mayfield Baker Mayfield darnold I would definitely because they're competitive, but I think that it's I'd like to see Mayfield off of hard knocks, Michael juice guy still on the team. I don't think I'll watch as much watch any Thursday night game, which is about five minutes to start. Okay. Well, I'm I will watch because if the Browns win, it's been since what? Nineteen. Forty three. I'm sorry, we dropped on this. Yeah, come on into chatter, matchup titans. Are you ready for me Smith and highlands ranch? Thursday night. Turning one on September twenty. First that's tomorrow night. You remember the twenty ninth September, dear Lord, I do. I know my wife is expecting me to use the craftsman tools. I purchased at Lowe's to build a priceless, heirloom like a doll house or rocking horse. No, I know my daughter, she's giving heart. She wants the magical orange one to be bestowed with a gift in her name done father of the year. Enjoy the golf balls may be used to fight the evil purple line and happy birthday to emelina smoke Smith and Emily, no, on these, these are the AB is speaking of golf balls. Michael someone came in with with a box of golf balls golf. Now I've never heard of that. The apparently our European golf balls. I think they are just designed engineered in Germany. It's in a way. It's a way to get a premium golf ball to you. The consumer at a better price, much like much like Harry's razors. Maybe they bought the golf ball factor couple of regular guys, streak. Seto welcome back in a low from the home of the west coast. Surf sound nice to have you all back regularly. It feels like something's been missing. To the morning routine this summer. I wanna thank you for playing my friend, eve hells banned the four twenty sevens back at the end of may. I saw them perform recently in the spirit of semi a box of those. I'm sending a box of CDs, which we gave out to a lot of people the band's music. I know Mr Tony enjoys this kind of music. I don't think he does MP threes, but I'm hoping he's all right with compact discs. I have a CD player in my car. Sadly the band hasn't released any of music on cassette tape, vinyl eight track many of the other cast. If any other cats would like a copy, please feel free or add these to the prize closet. And this is, I guess, is this from Calgary? This is from county area. How does have surfing wave on the bow river downtown? If the twenty thirteen flood, a new contour was carved creating a surfer perfect permanent way under the ten th street bridge. Isn't that right? And Chris's correct? Stay gold is in reference to the outsiders. Yeah. So that was big old pony boy. Now we have also a book which I hold up for people to watch on news channel eight. This is called dogs, cats and sports. My friend, Matt Williams. Who is involved with the humane rescue alliance is involved with this book. And this is pictures of people who have adopted rescue dogs mostly athletes from this area. But I am in this book. And max shurer is in this book matches your sort of the lead dog on this whole thing, if you will. So this is very nice. It's very, very nice. I don't know if these books are for sale, but if they are dogs, cats, simply a picture book of like local your. Your friend that, okay. Itself abetting I think so this is part of that makes sense. Best part of that picture spread is one of my golfers who lives in the neighborhood walked by the house with his then puppy and ruined the photo shoot. So all I can think is while there's this lovely contained chessy on the front steps with the two of you, then she. She was running the fence. Yeah, she was crazy. That's very, very nice. Very happy about that. You can buy this book. I think dogs moms wearing beautiful Schatz. May I read a quote associate attributed to me, which is to quote and Tony is quoted as saying, we have gained a great friend and frisbee catcher and lost a lawn. The dog runs like a horse. We're gonna have to resod twice a year, but better to have a dog and a lawn? Yes, so picture of us with the dog. So very, very nice. Let me start. Let me start the show with this with which I've something I find extraordinarily interesting because I used to do this for a living. I used to when I was actually a fairly good writer. I used to write long profiles of people, and I used to try and write these profiles so that when you read it, you said, okay, that's this guy. That's this girl and nobody can do this better ever again, occasionally, I succeeded with that, but every once in a while, Frank, Ford came back and wrote a piece and I lost see was a lot better than. Is a guy from Sports Illustrated, namely Jenkins who has quit Sports Illustrated and he's taken a job with Los Angeles Clippers as someone involved with the recruitment, I guess, and draft picks for the Los Angeles Clippers. This is based on something Michael Lewis who's a great great rain writer. Poker said, along other things among blindside among other things, he said, the job of the modern scout was to do more than figure out how fast a pitcher throws how high linebacker jumps jobless. Part psychologist and part detective. He should find out how player gets along with his teammates. For example, how he was being away from home. Lewis said, quote, what you should do is basically hire a bunch of young journalists to go figure out who these people are. Lawrence Frank, the president of basketball operations, Los Angeles Clippers read the interview and took Lewis's advice on Tuesday. Lee Jenkins the prolific feature writer for Sports Illustrated announced he was taking a newly created job with the clippers executive director of research and identity, which sounds like the beginning of orphan black more so than. A real job Jenkins isn't quite a young journalist. His specialty is profiling the biggest names in the game from Hawaii Leonard to LeBron James, I'm reading for the post that story by Benz drowsy. It's that skill, the ability to probe report and understand the biggest personalities around the league as well as I write connections led the clippers to pursue Jenkins. I ask all the time when I'm working on a story, who is he? Who is, who is he Jenkins said in an interview while after the first who is really owner? No, we run around with that question in our head and it's worthwhile question for sports teams to ask about players. It also says later in the story that Sports Illustrated is for sale, but that nothing to do with Jenkins's decision. The great quotes here are from Lawrence Frank who says he's not writing for the website. He's not in human resources. He's not a marketer. This is about a guy who has relentless curiosity, and we're going to use those skills. If I wanted someone for free agency presentation, we would hire an adage. The reality is someone who has been in basketball versus a journalist will attack a problem from different perspectives. If you want different thoughts and one to avoid an echo chamber. And group think you have to have people come from different perspectives. Well, then why not hire a grocery store clerk this that sounds really good. I did this for a living. I can't imagine helping a basketball team or a football team or a hockey team or a baseball team with my insights. 'cause I'm not a trained psychologist. I can just tell you that I sat with this guy for x. amount of time to do a story and this is what I thought. But if you're drafting people, you're not going to have Chris, you did this for living. You're not gonna have that opportunity. You're not gonna be able to sit with these if you want a better basketball team, get better players. I don't get this. Yeah, I don't. I, I'm happy for Lee Jenkins. I'll bet his salary was tripled triple. It's a, I think it's a different skill set doing what we do versus doing what they like. I would never lots of reporters. Do this journalists do this. They go and be like the press secretary or a strategist or something for a politician? Yes. Even that I feel like it's it's too it's the same two sides of a same coin, but not the same side of the same coin. I, I mean, I think it is what they're trying to do, and we've seen we've seen unorthodox hires like this, not always journalist, but but hiring when they brought Paul de pedestrian baseball guy doing football, I think they are trying different things on the theory that you know. You just baseball role about the same scouts for x. number of years saying has been completely inundated and flooded, hopefully by analytics, people, I, I understand. A different. I think this is just another bite at the how can we think outside the box of someone who is around this world, but not of this world, and therefore maybe brings us a different perspective on our world that we're incapable of providing finally general, I would do it. I agree fully Jenkins, I think go ahead. I just so scouting for a while you could think in for a while, whatever ten, twenty thirty years, whatever it's been, you think, well, we have the best scouts. Tony's gonna see something in this kid, and no one else is gonna. See, we've reached a point of situation with that where people feel like as a scout as far as the eyeball test that they talk about everyone. Everyone knows what they're looking at. Everyone sees the same thing. That's what analytics was sort of born. Well, how can we get an edge? How can we scout in a way that no one else's scouting. I don't. I don't know enough about Lee Jenkins to say the hires, a good one are bad. When I might think intuitively, maybe someone with more of psychology background would be of more value, but but I think if I'm with this team and I think. Everyone looks at. Pick on people, but guy who's been in the news dashboard never looks at Josh Gordon. They know what his problems are. Okay. They they know what the struggles had been with him and everyone saw his talent. Everyone knew his talent. If I had a guy who could maybe tell me all right, this guy despite despite the off field issues that he has, I think he will. I think he can survive for whatever reason or maybe because of these issues forget the town. This guy's not gonna make it. He's going to kill your team. If you have someone who can who you think can help you figure that out better than you're presently equipped to. I mean, how? How can that not po- time, general manager and I've got the seventh pick in the draft of whatever sport you wanna name. So it's not LeBron James, it's not all right. It's not. It's not because with LeBron doesn't matter. Okay. But if I've got the sense guys every year we talk about this seventh pig. I can't believe that if I'm between two or three guys, I can't believe the people on my staff haven't talked to his parents. His friends, his teachers. Let me let me just answer that guys on your staff half. But every year there is it's not always doesn't always elevate to Randy moss or Warren Sapp guys who come immediately to mind. This guy's fell fell and then over overperform. But if you had a guy who who could tell you at at thirteen, you don't have to pass on Warren Sapp because he smoked weed because this guy, he wouldn't know that would know that I guess you don't think you would or you wouldn't hire? I don't. This guy. I think drafting is largely outside of the top two or three crap, shoot. And I think this is an attempt what would extend agency and stuff is. I mean, do I think the Utah Jazz have figured it out better because they drafted Donovan Mitchell and all the teams above them did not? No, not really. Because I could go back and point you to. I mean, they drafted Dante Exum. With a higher number number four. Now he got hurt, but I'm not sure that there's a formula for every LeBron or Dunkin, or even I know he's been hurt, but even Andrew luck. It's like everyone agreed. There's no paid. There's you know, you get down. I mean, even look at Oaten versus Durant. I mean, clearly one of them has had a better career. I don't know that you can ever bring certainty do it. But I think there's an attempt to bring in now to say, we know that we have a certain kind of thinking, and we've used this kind of thinking Gary put. We've used this kind of thing to guide our decisions for x. number of now we gotten some ring consultant. Is there any way that if we bring outside that thinking we can. If I got this job thirty years ago, this is what I did for a living. And I wrote long profiles some of what you can read on some web site that I found out about the other day called long reads. Yeah, that's a good one. Yeah. And I even went back and looked over a story that somebody sent me and I well, that's pretty good. I remember to who wrote this. So I'm sort of the person that they would hire to do this. And I would have taken this job in a heartbeat because they will triple my salary and it would have been very, very glamorous. And we've been lots of fun, but I don't know that it helps. I don't know because those things that you bring to a long profile, the most important thing you bring along profile, the ability to sit with this person for a some long period of time, and then be very reflective over some reasonably long period of time. And I don't know that you can do that. It's an investigative mindset is just, I mean, it's not just about a person's talents and trials into fifth because it's also a fit fit fit with us. There. It would Doc Rivers, look, how do they fit with the Andre Jordan? Who's I think the. Person left on that team. If these in be left on it because that teams stink how how do they fit with our with our team culture? And there have been people in these chairs far more talented than Chris and I. But you know, maybe they weren't a fit here, Tom Brady. If he's ever talks about how many times he was skipped over drafted by any other team, he he's out of a leak. So I found this very interesting. I'm happy. I don't know Lee Jenkins. I don't know. And it reminds it takes me to an old friend of ours, Matt Millen who I remember being granted, he was a player, but to me, I think unless you can think of someone before me was the first guy to sort of go to parlay the booth thing. I mean, you now see this more was terrible, his terrible, and he's one of the finest people, we know and we rooted his record in that door, right? I guess this is why journalists, I think a break when we come back Chuck Todd will join us Chuck Todd, Chris back to earth after five. And to start when said five gave it all back. We'll see what happens. Sleepy eyed, Chuck, Todd, I'm Tony Kornheiser. This is the Tony Kornheiser show others the seatgeek it getting tickets. Online can be far too complicated with hundreds of sites, varying levels of reliability. It's hard to know who to trust. That's why seek is the way to go seek, pulls millions of tickets into one place. He can easily find the price. You're willing to pay. There's nothing quite like being there. Ersan and seek. We'll get you closer to the action for great value seek is designed to make your ticket buying experience easier than ever by searching multiple ticket sites, grading every ticket based on values. See, Kelsey immediately identified the best seats that fit your budget. Plus every purchase is fully guaranteed. You can shop for tickets on seek with confidence, make seek your go-to ticket source for everything from sports and concerts comedy and theater. It says that I actually have cake on my phone. I don't you do. I do. I use. We use it. So there you go best of all listeners to this high quality podcast, we'll get twenty dollars off the first seek purchase or download the seatgeek app. TGI k. you went to the promo code Tony today. That's promo code Tony for twenty dollars off your first seatgeek purchase seeking lives in event, and we have the tickets, good line. You're listening to the Tony Kornheiser show. There's a band called civic duty. We have played their stuff before and we're playing today. Mike, who's from the band said, we emailed you awhile back with a link to our newly released the pay. Now we have released pulling them would love you to check it out. If you'd like to. Of course, this is called jitters, and the band is called civic duty. We know where they're from, because Mike doesn't identify where they're from. I believe, landed her planet earth. Yeah, that's good. I'm tired of playing those things from the rain. I typed in civic duty band into the interwebs and it says there from the DMV. Oh, that that's great. So maybe they play around here and they can tell us where they play by the way speaking of Uranus which is. Except to wilpon there is, I think it's in Cincinnati. There's a new paper called the Uranus times. Is that right? Saturn last night just below and slightly to the left of Saturn Mars Mars Mars same beautiful orange in the in the evening. Scott telling us the truth now is your arms truth. It was mar last night. Sky was Uranus glowing, Chuck Todd joins us. Now Chuck came back to earth. As I said earlier, Chuck was five and two in week one, and we thought on the launch pad for one of the great seasons ever and then Chuck was two and five last week. So he's now seven? Seven, Minnesota, do you, how do you feel about that? I feel like an idiot because I brought up the problem I've fell into, which was the a lot of home dog right was picking against too many home dogs. I mean three of my three of my five, lots were home dogs. Ethnically the Packers were plus one. I think the the giants, Dallas giants home, Doug, you know what? You're going to have dogs today. You're going, we'll see how you do on these dogs. If you're gonna have to at the bottom of the board today, let us start with a gain. The we talked about earlier in the show the Thursday night game, which I actually want to see the New York Jets and our plus three at Cleveland. Cleveland should be to know Cleveland's kicker cost them two games against good team. Should they be Cleveland former Katie. One hand you could say there could be to, no, but my God Pittsburgh worked them took five turnovers for them to get tied, right? Yes. And and that that saints game, it did look like the saints were just for some reason that figuring out how to score, but they were keeping Cleveland in it versus Cleveland staying. Okay. So is that mean you're going to take three and take the jets? No, no, no, no, no, I'm I'm on the bandwagon. I think he's still good. I think I'm picking against the rookie quarterback. You're going to take Cleveland. I'm taking Cleveland the points just because I you maybe the motivation of not having won a game yet when they should have won a game. We'll finally, we'll finally finally get in and the jets how to win games either do that. No. So these teams that don't know how to win game. If we're going to have a tie this week, isn't it? This game free Bud Light on Thursday night in Cleveland? No one ever. Take tomorrow night off. Is that right? But these to happen if there's another time. So Bud Light, put these self locking refrigerator. You know, the story, no Tony, you're okay. Bud Light installed in a bunch of bars in the Cleveland area. These self locking refrigerators fully stocked with Bud Light that if and when Cleveland wins a game automatically unlock and all the beers free this, this cannot and badly right just open to in the morning. So if it happened tonight that's going to greatly reduce Cleveland's productivity on is that Philadelphia Philadelphia's getting Carson Wentz back because they saw enough Nick foles in the first two games. Indianapolis has Andrew luck played twice ready seems pretty good. Not not the level you need but seems pretty good Indianapolis getting six and a half. Whence back for Philadelphia. It feels like bagels trying to sucker. Sucker you into take an Andrew luck. That's a lot of point. Carson Wentz is come back. I'm nervous about it. It's it's one of those. They want you to tease it down and and lot of people are gonna use Philly. As a half point. You know he's down for half point, use it with other games. They're begging you to take in. But I can't make myself to do that. So we'll take. I'm gonna take Philadelphia, but I don't like it. This is one of those. I have a feeling. I'm gonna wish I just can't bring myself to bed on Andrew luck that that many point New Orleans is getting three Atlanta. I've thought that would be a smaller line, but New Orleans has underperformed this year. There's no question about that Atlanta one last week after losing the opening game of the season of these teams are teams that you think will make the playoffs. Who do you like in this when you get three, if you want in the world. And by the way they actually really don't. You know, this is a real rivalry. I sort of make fun of, you know, I always say that, you know, have you ever met a falcons fan, right? Like you just you don't meet people that are south Constanza. Don't meet people that are Atlanta Hawks fans. You get my point here. Right? You don't be like you meet anybody in Georgia who's passionate about anything other than the box. But this is like a real rivalry. I give me I'll take whoever gets points in this game New Orleans. Gets three Cincinnati. Is that Carolina? That's inter divisional game? Cincinnati's two, zero, two, zero. Andy. Dalton has looked good. Carolina, I think is one in one lost on the last play of the game. The other day beat the giants in their first game, right? Not such a big win. Jaguars beat the giants. Eighty or they'd be Dallas, right? Yeah. Didn't have a lot of points. Yes, Cincinnati. I don't know if you trust them. I never do Cincinnati getting three at Carolina, Chuck. I don't. And yet. 'cause he asked yourself, it's Cincinnati at three zero team, right? Forget this game. You're like boy, who three and and then you have to say to yourself? Well, somebody's going to be three and this week that's named either Tampa Bay or Cincinnati think. Yes. And maybe even both of them and you're, I guess I would. I didn't. Carolina is. The better team. So at home, I'm going to stick with Carolina. 'cause I don't believe in Cincinnati yet, but, but this is one of those where you know, there's always that one one team that you like, how Heller they three now, and it could be that Carolina Carolina does not have Greg Olsen also something that can city, so you, okay, you will give the three and take Carolina. This next game is intriguing, San Francisco, getting six and a half at Kansas City. Kansas City looks good, but San Francisco looks pretty good. Six and a half is a pretty big number. At some point, somebody is going to figure out Pat Mahomes and shut that down a little bit, but he's got tyreek hill. He's got Travis Kelsey. They look pretty good. They look pretty good. What do you think? Can I tell you? This is why I'm scared of both this game in the Philly game. Right? Both six and a half, right? They're both at that because you know what people are going to do. They're going to tease them both together. 'cause you think, oh, those are easy wins. Philadelphia can't city never loses at home, right? They never lose it on. They have great home field advantage, and now they have the coolest quarterback in the NFL. Right. And this is our home opener. I believe I two or on the road. Yeah, I hate this spread. I think it's too much, but I feel like Mahomes is the guy that you're at the blackjack table and you just you're like, you ride him. I know I'm not going to get a third blackjack in a row, but man, I'm going to be really mad when he throws five touchdowns again. So and the forty Niners don't have anybody to run the football. I guess this Matt brea. Brianna guy. Breeze them read them? Yeah, they, you know that offense Garoppolo isn't as good if he doesn't have somebody to to to dump off too. So. I'm not gonna ride the chief, but I'll admit, I don't like it Chuck. It sounds like, and I think it's a, that's a pretty sharp. Take on that teaser thing. It sounds like one affiliate k. c. will likely lose outside. Yeah, yeah, he would kill their Keyser killer. You can feel humming, my guess is that it's probably karston went right in his opening game vs Mahomes, but it does feel like one of those two are going to go down and I don't know which I'd rather bet on them both and bet on them. Both Lutherans Pittsburgh is a home. Dog situation for Tampa Bay Tampa Bay is to know team. Ryan Fitzpatrick is off to a great, great. Start fits magic picture. Not here. Pittsburg, not off to a great start in Tonio, Brown, disciplined levian. Bell on a jet ski. Ben Rothlisberger attempting to be Thomas Jefferson doesn't doesn't really work Pittsburgh minus one on the road. Why are they get? How are they failing? Because because this is dealers they're desperate. I mean, there's there's zero one in one. As you pointed out, Cincinnati might be three and they're getting the point where they, they really need to win. There's always going to be dumb money on teams like the Cowboys and the Steelers. I mean, you know agree with that. What isn't that? What this feels like feels like Vegas having to artificially keep money, even I'm writing the buccaneers. I wrote him last week. I'm gonna keep writing. They're gonna keep getting point and undefeated team getting points at home. Yeah. No. I mean, it's the great bed on paper. Okay, Green Bay. It's another another home. Dog situation. Green Bay is in Washington DC, Aaron Rodgers. I don't know if he's better or not better. He only only had one leg last week seemed pretty good. Green Bay giving three to the Washington Redskins who looked bad last week at home. Here's my concern about this game, correct me if I'm wrong, is Kip. There has he done his. Yeah, Chris. And Gary is a concern pretty raining, right? Yes, it is supposed to rain on. That's right. I have a feeling someone on one leg with with with with when it's wet. The idea right that that that scares me. He apparently is already talked this week lows at source close to him, said something like, he's not sure if he should keep planning on. That tells me every Monday morning he wakes up and it needs to of size of great proof, right? And then by Friday he thinks, oh, I could play on it and it's wash repeat. I'm gonna take the Packers 'cause I don't like picking. I got punished for picking again, Leslie. Right? So I'm not gonna do that again. But if it's raining, I hope as a Packer fan Rogers doesn't play. That sounds like right on the verge of Chuck emotionally hedging against his agreed be right. I am a little bit, but I do not want him out there in rain. I just feel like it possible. Is it possible? He has like a real ligament damage slash tear, got to keep him out for four weeks. You can play play on at forty c. l. I mean, he does any pressure on his leg and play with a torn ACL. But there's been a lot of speculation that he has a legitimate sprain of his MC l. sprain not even a partial tear because they keep him out. He cannot put pressure on his one leg. You're going to heal the reason they had all those field goals because they can't run the full offense if when he can't roll out, that's right that you know, that's why they're getting field goals when they're in the red zone. So this is an eighteen with him in there anyway. Playing like this show. I, I think they ought to pull them if it's if it's raining and then you would have faith in the worst quarterback in the history of the NFL Sean Kaiser, the worst. The worst, but by the way, my favorite nickname form Kaiser Sosa. Debate between Nathan Peterman and Kaiser. So-so. Worst active quarterbacks, Nathan Peterman, horrible. I don't understand how into the Green Bay. We supposedly have quarterback guru is a coach, Mike McCarthy, and they have the worst backups. Dan, the humbly kid last year was terrible Flynn before that a good kid, but guy. But you know, terrible quarterback. I asked the one one political question that we have not gotten to here we will after this particular segment. Kavanagh confirmed. Closer today than I would have said so yesterday. Yeah, I think that that that if Republicans have given the, I think Grassley has made it seem as if he's giving her all these options to testify, she doesn't testify Republicans can say, well, she had she had every opportunity in the world. Now, Republicans don't have a good argument as to why it has to be Monday right there they have. They are giving her all sorts of options, but they're saying all these options available to you by close this Monday, right? So that's that's where they're where they're highground gets lower. But I do think politically, you're starting to see everybody starts getting into their corners biparti. And so I don't know why he wants to be confirmed with an Astro. That's the thing here. I don't know why. I'm surprised he hasn't called for an FBI investigation himself. If you would think he would want to say everything had been done to. Clear his name so that he doesn't have an Astro sitting on my court. Thank you, Chuck. We'll talk to you next week. Chuck Todd, boys and girls. And if we give you Chuck Todd, nobody else gives you Chuck Todd gains. Meet. The press is, you know, let's meet the press, but we got the guy picking games, but we give you more than that. See. Watch side had spoke with bud grant. Everybody's soon is purple that. Wretched spies too. Sometimes. Too much Johnnie Walker. So good. I guess I went down to the national zoo a big week for Reginald last week, bounce back from the three week to know. So he's back at five hundred very excited there. He is right that sound excite, always very excited to see me and it was a lot going on at his cage area. There were the camera crew costumes. He was in costume and apparently he's shooting some scenes with Tom Selleck in a reboot of the series. BJ in the bear fan says that'll be coming to a television set near you. He plays the bear. He's playing BJ. Okay. Is the bear interesting. Trying to make an extra twist on it. So the first game we get, tonight's game much Pated matchup between the jets and the Browns in Reginald showed me an old faded photograph of him, coming out of studio, fifty four with Joe really Nemeth. We Bank who was visibly intoxicated, Emerson boozer that's ask. So. So. Who's role number thirty two. That's right. Clearly as ties is that game shown anywhere in the DC area. Jona chatter see, fifty come. If you're in this area, come to friendship heights. The chatter that game's going to be all his Chattan. Okay, that's on the corner of Wisconsin avenue, northwest and Jennifer streets in friendship. I should. You mention that Reginald presently red hot coming off a three and a we said, okay. I was not listening Gary out every once in a while. Sure. The next game gave we sent Francisco getting six and a half at Kansas City. And he showed me some old newspaper columns in telling me that actually his great grandfather was actually incarcerated in Alcatraz number of years. Apparently he was an enforcer for the Schultz mall back in the day, so but spent some time in the San Francisco area. And so he will side with the the nine as this when take the six and a half smart light. Doesn't show. We'll see connected obviously I know I know I think you'll be pleased about this lab because we gave him the the Green Bay Washington game and might be interested to know this one as well. He showed me an old home movie of this is gonna be like nineteen eighty one eighty two of him at Bob Woodward's house at Claudy riding the Mody. Yes. Tony, who else was it was the same phone out. Mike gnomes. Was there Neil? Oh, quits and Don Warren as well. And so yes, very much. Guts show. More. So clearly he likes the Redskins in that game. I, we'll take a break. When we come back, we have news, I'm Tony Kornheiser. This is the. Tony Kornheiser shit. Stepped on that not as my this is the Spotify ad. I'm going to do version one today. A one day. Did you know that every single episode of the Tony Kornheiser show is now on Spotify the same app that has millions of songs. Now also as thousands of podcasts on Spotify, you can listen to all of your favorite shows like this one and discover new ones. Just not too many because we get jealous very easily to subscribe to our show search for the Tony Kornheiser show tap, follow f. o. l. l. o. w. follow, follow, follow and get every new episode delivered to you podcast on Spotify. They're streaming right now and now and now this is that Tony Kornheiser show. Three. This is civic duty for the second time today. The song is called door to the sun. It has the beginning of it, has that jersey shore, doesn't it? It really does. It has Springsteen field. So Michael people, if bands like civic duty or any bans out there, any individuals out here, I think Roz he's got a new single that we're not going to get our hands on. Oh yes, we need to do that. What we do. So how do they send in their stuff? Send us a music by emailing to jingles at Tony Kornheiser show dot com. And are we selling anything that's still have the official line tyrant, corkscrew and bottle safe by the way? Did you took home that beautiful thing that was sent to us? The wooden thing would to hold the wine bottling. I never took it home. It's should still be here unless one snuck into the studio and stolen. Well, it's gone. I thought you took it home. No, I left it here for safe keeping, but generally or somewhere was not secure? No, not. Kevin is if behind. Niger was the only one who's been in here when I still things all the time. But I remember stealing that, yeah, you shouldn't. Gary broke. Everything could fix it. I have my gold medal metal. No, it's not. You're not in studio, and so it's gone. That's why you take things home. I blame guilty. Euros on MRs Tony, we'll start off with baseball and we'll stay local for a second. This could be the final homestand for Bryce Harper with the Washington nationals that's finish on the road. They finish off division Colorado or so games with the other team. They're not many the nets. What do we think is Harper gone? Harper's gonna finished with thirty five homers one hundred RBI yes, and he's going to have produced in the second half of the season. Tremendous. The ticks that by the way, did not help the team at all. No team has been worse, but what do you think? I think he's probably gone. I would say there's a thirty five percent chance. He resigns and I think and I think that will be dependent on what does offer what the market looks like for him. I mean, I think he used himself as a. Mike trout like talent. I don't think his numbers bear that out. I mean, I think he's route is the best. Yes. And on for is in the. Had a gory and as may maybe nobody else in the first cat is twenty five. Like it'd be twenty six and up to. Yeah, so I would love for him to stay. I mean, I think he I get the whole. We could get a catcher and another pitcher with the money that we would pay bribes. I still think Bryce puts butts in seats gets all the kids to wear jersey makes people excited about the team, but I am Sonny. Bloch in Atlanta went to an Atlanta nets game last week. Bryce Harper gave his son the game used cool pretty. No. I mean, I. How I mean, I. I think it's good for the city to have a Bryce Harper, but I think he's going to your value is so much higher than anything that you're going to send on a stat line. That said, if I'm if I'm being reasonable, I do think he's gone. I think the best scenario for him is to go to someplace in division because their teams that would readily want him Bellevue Philadelphia would be the best fit. I think he might be looking into it and say, it's not the best recipe to try and play my former team. The team where I came up that many times over this next set of years Atlanta. I think that right field wall just isn't the best fit form. If you wanted to take him, you have to accept that his fielding is a minus if I want to keep them here, I have to wonder, what is it like over these last five or six weeks where he looks to his left and right and sees one soda in Victor obeys and says, do I wanna take the known over the unknown? All these other teams are going to tout the young talent they have. I have the young talent that I knew. I know it right that these guys are good at the end of the day. However, he would need to really want to stay here to be here because there's going to be more money elsewhere. Right? I think I would say as much money elsewhere. I don't think there's a guarantee. They'll be more my own. You think that the natural under not under, but just depends on what he's chasing. If you look at the single biggest moment of his career happens to be, I think that all star game absolutely homerun derby, and that's something that was afforded to him because of his familiarity with the stadium with the fan base with the coverage. So it's all about it's all about value for him. Yeah, he might be able to squeeze out a few more million dollars elsewhere, but when you make that contract? Yes. In terms of value to sting. Yeah, there is value to staying here and also with the under armor money that he's getting the actual money on field is somewhat meaningless. All right. What else going to the Red Sox and Yankees? Red Sox just needed win one game and his three game of the aunt used to clinch. The AL they've not been able to do David price very rough outing again versus Yankee Stadium. Terrible at Yankee Stadium? Yeah, although not really helped out by water known, yes. All go through a couple run school and also the offense. Non-existence. They lose ten to one. Do you think David price will be a significant factor in the postseason to be? He has to be significant one way or the other. He and sale have to be. There's no question about that has price. He's he's not one one postseason game. Is that what it is? He's been a very good reliever in the post. Starter and maybe maybe he becomes an Jamila just for this particular series. There's only one question in all of baseball, which is will the same Louis Cardinals win more games than both the Los Angeles Dodgers in Colorado Rockies thereby eliminating a second wildcard team from the NFL west that that's the. That's the only thing that's out there now. 'cause the the American League, my kids reminded me this morning before I left that the Braves still haven't clinch the division swell. Still gotta run in us s pieces the line is moving. I don't know what else to the NBA. Mr Tony, Dallas Mavericks owner, Mark Cuban is agreed to contribute ten million dollars to women's organizations. This is coming on the heels of an NBA investigation into the atmosphere and culture of the Dallas Mavericks in which Adam silver, cold, disturbing and heartbreaking about the allegations, Rasmus and violence toward female employees that went on back decades about him. So we didn't do anything about it until Sports Illustrated broke the story. It's going on for twenty years and and Mark Cuban tells everybody, nothing goes on in my businesses that I don't know everything about, but then set to the sorry. Yeah, set to the NBA I didn't know anything about it. Went on with Rachel the other day and said, it's terrible, awful. I didn't know anything about it was on with Rachel yesterday. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, that's this is this is just like, you know, urban Meyer going on with Tom and all these, these public confessionals. I didn't know anything about this. I'm terribly sorry about what happened. Have some money. I mean, that's essentially just throwing money stack of money. I'd like to take all the money you want, but I knew nothing about it and I'm not saying he knew something about it just seem, but I'm saying that he always runs around saying, nothing goes on that. I don't know about and said, I know about this, you know? So here's money. No, for the punishment for. Because he didn't know anything rice, not staying with the association. Looks like. You like going to? I'm not Catholic, Chris, your calf, I am when you go to confession. Well, what happened? Let me think back to my twelve year old self haven't done much wrong since. Yeah, I mean, you go and you, you lay it out and then they say like, do ten hail Marys like that sounds good. This is the same. This ten ten million dollars to a bunch of women's the NFL given ninety million dollars in the last couple of years to hit two, two people, you know, on the force what is now referred to a social Justice. It's so easy to throw money at easiest thing to do is to throw money ways changing behavior. Yeah, we'll change. I don't know. I mean, and I'm not. I'm not trying to be. I like more Cuban lot. I liked, but a lot. I'm just saying that there is this notion out there the same thing with urban Meyer. There's this sort of notion out there that, wow, I can't believe that this happened. I am shocked shocked to find there's gambling going. Myers sat there and time after time after time use the phrase I was trying to stabilize, I was trying to stabilize household. And that family talking about you were. Football coach, and you owns the basketball team? He wasn't looking for that. I stand that he's not looking for that. The people are in charge the team's doing where he's not looking for that it's not. All right, Jimmy, Butler apparently is interested. He's out. Yeah. Interested in going to the Los Angeles Clippers apparently every with Kawhi Leonard, if he goes to the Los Angeles Clippers. Yes. So another team guys, love Tom, will everybody played for Tim Butler apparently till tiptoe that he would like to be traded before reporting for the timber wolves media hates him? Yes, that would be that would be an indication. Yes. The most interesting thing I thought about the stories, his list of teams. It's like the clippers the Knicks and then it's the nets. Yeah. I mean, I guess it's because you're in the New York media market, but who the hell wants to play for, they think, yeah. Because the Knicks stink. Then that is worse. Yes, I mean the worse. Yes. It's like listing the teams. You wanna be on, know reds. I mean, these teams are bad, perennial, Jimmy Butler is a very good player. You know, this is this is wilpon tell me why he's going to go. He loves dividend loves tips. He loves this going to work. Well, he apparently hates tips. And apparently according to age in wars are asking said on television this morning that I saw. So does everybody else that has no relationship at all? With Karl Anthony towns? We know you have to really good. Yeah. The guy takes his five starters, and by the twentieth game of the year, they're, they're collapsed. Daughters, he I don't. I never understood how he was touted because I mean, I know he's supposed to be a defensive genius, which fine. But the way that feels to me like in the pros, it's a lot of personality management and he does not strike me seems like a better college coach like a scheme guys guys, right? They should hire Lee Jenkins to talk to the players to convince them that though is good. Apparently nobody works. So while the NFL has released a statement saying that we have, we are continuing to work with Pepsi on a plans for the Pepsi halftime show. We don't have any announcements to make on what will be maroon five with. They say that official. Yes, it's over five saying, yes, Wilson sources close to maroon five. This apparently after the Royal Godsman were all gig just too busy. We can't do it. So it looks like maroon five will be even the NFL hasn't officially announced that yet. This is what television can do for you. If you if you wanted to, this is what American idol could do for you in the old days. If they put somebody on there to help coach up somebody, this particular show the voice. They have Blake Shelton who who can do whatever he wants to do correctly. He can be on any show he wants if he wants to they have they have a guest host the today, show his tour. If he tours, he sold out everywhere knows, yes, I don't think it's. I don't think it's coincidence that what's her name? The first American idol. Everybody under Larry know Kelly. Clarkson on that show moment like this. She's on that show now and that helps her Adam LeVine is on that show, and his band is maroon five. Merlin the other players, maroon five do nothing and they sit there and they go, yeah, yeah. Go down the road down the road view. If you do the halftime show at the Super Bowl and you release an album jackpot sick, you know, so good for them. Are they any good fun. Five kids total. He's very likable on this show. He is probably more talented than you would think is music gives them credit for. I'm sure it's, I'm just asking about me. Who would you rather see? Maroon five of the zone bees have time show? Well, can't ask maybe macaroni selling anything to me, but depends. True. I'm not a target. I'm not buying Pepsi. I'm not anymore. Cool, rumble and Pepsi Cola. I have trouble opening the can for the promo for the voice featuring Kelly Clarkson Adam LeVine and Blake Shelton, and others that air during the Super Bowl last year. I don't know if you guys remember it was phenomenal. I commend it. I'll play for you in the break. I think I played it for you at the time. I just don't remember anything including your name is Blake stale with Miranda. Lambert nine. I don't know overwhelms members. That's right next to them for grace, Chris with glimpse defining. Goodnight. Both of them both rental Lambert and Gwen Stafani. Wonderful performance. Yes. Wonderful. Singers. Blake Shelton is a big boy says, is explore. Guy, big Riley pig. They used to. Gregory this. We have time for one more story. We, you're gonna touch on Valentino Dixon guy, radio. I don't know what that Valentine addiction was incarcerated for nearly three decades while he was there. He voted back to something he joined doing child drawing at one point. It wouldn't came up to him and said his picture of golf course, and he started drawing that. And then he started throwing all these courses so much so that he sort of became this urban legend and Gulf digest did a whole feature on all these brilliant pictures that he'd drawn and then groups involved into women. Should he really have been convicted turns out another bloke like right after his conviction on on a motive chart said, no, no, I actually did it and yet Valentine feeling prison this time. Now he's gun. So basically they went through all this and they said, you know what you've time enough for the illegal weapons charge so that he's been released now and it was actually through Georgetown Georgetown. Did this big project legal center. Yeah, that is Nicholson. Aren't they? The ones trying to solicit in jail? I think that that typically around convicted out though. Yeah, yes, but it's a fascinating story and so we will have old radio when we return. Yes, mine correct order and Jeff, MAs well and Jeff incorrect order. Even though this show is completely out of your taking this actually on Monday, I'm Tony Kornheiser. You're listening to the Tony Kornheiser show so everybody knows how much I love this. The lows have because it's gunmetal talking about these things. 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So if one of your projects happens to be in a really tight space to get to us, I know happens at Christmas house, then you definitely need to check out the one hundred twenty two threat, which I think that nobody from Chris high school has ever gotten before. It has reams. It has Riach swing. You don't know what that does. Well, I didn't. I before, but I do now three degree arc swing means you can loosen or tighten bolts with less moving in those hard to reach spots with its slim head in three degree arc swing. You can get into narrow spaces with ease and quickly tighten or loosen any faster lows in crafts in about deeply rooted in heritage and quality like their customers, the two brands of shared passion for hands on doing lows in crafts and make it easy to tackle any auto or yourself project on your list. There's I not tool handy. There's one. Thing that I have that I like most of all, and I don't know if lows and craftsman make it. But if they do, I would get it. I like to go around the yard with one of those little things that cuts branches. The little hand. I like that. I got yesterday afternoon that gave me great pleasure going down at the bottom near the ruining stuff. That's what I like to do. So of craftsman Mejia's of Prunier with a three degree art swing to get into the really narrow spots down by the roots. I'd love that shop the new home, craftsman today of lows dot com. Slash Tony, that's lows dot com. Slash Tony, you're listening to the Tony Kornheiser show. This is old guy radio for the day over my best wishes. Nigel pick this sugar sugar by the Archie who are made up through. From the studio musicians who wrote the song, wrote this voice in heart. That she written by a seat on Kirsch that he writes, he is the group. No, it was Jeter berry Jeff, Barry, Barry, Greenwich and Barry. Yes. All written by Jeff. Very ninety. Kim. A why Mandy, Kim whose other big it was a rocky Jim. Yes. And apparently this song hit number one on this day in one thousand nine hundred sixty nine nine years ago. They there for eight weeks. Yep. Yeah. It's an infectious terrible song infection. Apparently it was as not sure I've ever. Ever ordered this part playing right now, but. Second-set apparently offered it to the monkeys. And Mike Ness, myth as the legend goes, put his fist through all. Absolutely not fused to do this song and obviously was a huge hit a very big hip. Yes, but they're invented groups couldn't soar right? Because it's just stadium is Jeff marr joins us. Now, Jeff had another good week. He was three into which is not as good as first week three and one, but he's six, three overall, his podcast is called bet the process with Rufus t firefly what is Rupe is Dottie thrifty. Thrifty bodies such a great name firefly Groucho Marx. Groucho Marx, local kid and big Redskins fan. What was that? Right? Isn't that right? Cool Rufus. He is local and here the big Red Sox fan? Yes. All have to be a big Red Sox fan. To be honest roof is five fly from duck soup. Cacho Marx's Rufus firefly. So what have you got Jeff. Sadly, I think we're finally jumping off the Cleveland Brown and wagon and we're getting onto the New York sets wagon plus the three tonight. It's, you know, an interesting situation where even though Cleveland is, oh one on one, the perception is all of a sudden that they're playing much better to our offenses. They're often has really not been that good. It's their four point five yards per play, which is the fifth worst. Melito and the jets have been much better offense. Early in the season. Offense tends to be much more predictive. Like if you're really good offensively, it means that you're probably going to be better offense throughout the season. And just defense has been pretty strong tops, four in the league in terms of yard per play, allowed at four point eight. So I just like the jets getting the points here that the one thing that people could say is like, how in the world where you know Cleveland has not. Wanna game and what whatever amount of years should they be giving three points to anyone, right. Oh, I like the jets plus three points. Okay. What else. And then moving onto Sunday New Orleans is is probably been the most disappointing teams too many people as I mentioned, Rupe Rufus p firefly guess Tif firefly. Yes, Keefe I fly. He, he them ranked as the number one Team New Orleans going into the season. So what are we to make of the first two games of the season where their defense had been abysmal wealth. As I mentioned, offense is a little bit more predictive than defense, and there have been a still quite strong in terms of yards per play, though the number sixteen at six point two yards per play better. That Atlanta who's been the number ten team. I actually think these two teams are, are you know, New Orleans still a little better than Lanta. I think New Orleans will sort out their defense and again, getting three points, I'll take New Orleans. Wait, I think is the better team. Okay. Now we're gonna move on to a team that's getting their quarterback and the Philadelphia Eagles. The really this line is low. I don't know. What are you guys seeing? I'm fixing six and a half. Six and a half or six and a half. Snap? Yeah, obviously likes it better. Six. We'll still take it at six and a half. The difference between Wentz and fold is is obviously huge here, and I think that you know, people are gonna expect wants to be rusty what people also forget how good once was and how good he is credible, and he's incredible from fantasy standpoint, but also from the standpoint of real football making plays, and I expect Phillies to roll here. There has been still quite solid and then getting back, we'll be really great for them. Okay. And then a team and then team that I've ridden most of the season already Cincinnati. I like them plus the three points. Against Carolina Carolina's d is actually been below average this year, which would surprise many people, and you know, ofensive -ly that they'd been okay. But since he's been a much better team on on both sides of the ball, and I expect them to continue to play well in this game, again, getting three points with the team that I think is the better team. It's is the is the value that I'll take Cincinnati. The one sure bet is at someone will be will be flagged for targeting thrown out of the game because that happens, although perfect I think is still suspended. So he's unlikely to be that guy, but they, there's two surprising teams, obviously, Cincinnati and Tampa Bay so far right that you'd say that. Did you know that all all al-sirri Florida teams are undefeated so far this year? No, really? Yeah. No difference dolphins. I didn't know the dolphins. Oh, well, is this these games? You take you there anymore? That because we're fine the four games picking. Okay, thank you, Jack tone out point this out of the six underdogs Jeff has taken so far this season five have won outright. So with three three point dogs, there's a nice little money line. We j. we, we've been listeners and the the podcast. Doing versus the monkey so far you're beating the monkey monkeys, five hundred hundred plus three. You're crushing the monkey at the moment at the moment. It could be on sees plug your podcast, plug it that that the protests we drop it every Thursday we give out college picks NFL pick than we talked about the industry, the whole and all the news that's happening these days and analyze, sort of like what the mainstream media talking about. The sort of shows that are on some of the major networks which are kind of popping up everywhere. Now, thank you Jeff. Talk to you next week. We like Jeff, do Jeff Mont. What did I want to talk about? So Mike, Lynn yesterday, first of all, had a great dinner last night. Listen, Ron came over Michael and Liz and baby boy Buzi came over. So my dog. This is an interesting thing when people come over to the house chessy the dog is very happy and goes outside with them and drags Visby in her mouth and encourages them to throw frisbees look. All of that you have to attend to her first and then she's good for the rest of the night, but she guest, you mean yes. But she also one of the things that she does is she she does not nap while people are at the house. The dog does not nap so that because the dog is especially with baby boy Buzi walking. Now, the dog has likes the baby much more and goes up to the baby and doesn't knock the baby down or anything, but looks the baby in the face a seventy five pound dog. And so sometimes this annoys the baby born to baby is now on the same height lane as the dog before when you'd hold the baby, she just wanted what was ever in your arms. And now that he's on the ground there, like two ships crossing the night. He she's always aware him, but she no longer needs to be right there on top of it, but she becomes concerned with him. So when everybody leaves, the dog goes to sleep for ten hours the dog just like I could barely get the dog awake. It's morning. Dog spend so much doors you dog is worn out. So Michael knife vigilant, Mike, the night yesterday, we played great use for baby boy Buzi wearing out the dog. It's a corollary benefit. We didn't really expect fit chessy Seattle with a small sample. We put the baby on. So this is this is about the dinner. I don't. I don't mean to embarrass my wife, but we are texting with Liz and Ron about dinner for the evening and bring it all, you know, break fast looks at me were in the car. Why are we gonna have breakfast for dinner? Well, it's a different honest mistake blurted every learn all this chatter platter. Yes, we did was wonderful. We, we all had a really good time. Great. I'm in during the afternoon as I do. I've talked about this before my. You're not work. Of course. Yes. I will not work on Yom Kippur, but I will play golf. And you could say that's convenient rationale because you like to play dolphin. I would say that's too. I'm guilty of that, but I also feel a certain spirit. Rally on a golf course, then I don't feel anywhere else. Michael was kind enough to play with me and Michael play. Well, I did Michael shot one under very, I didn't wanna posted number publicly, but one under. I think those who criticize you don't understand what the golf course means to you and to our relationship. And it really is when you see the light filtering through the trees, when you hear the birdsong when you realize that you're just alone with your thoughts and for the two of us alone with each other, and you actually get to pause and you have that space for reflection. It makes a lot more sense and you get to hit it. Get straight to your ball, hit me under three hours. Three. We had the chorus bit pretty much. I wouldn't. Yes. It was not a big, Yom Kippur, crowded Irish Catholic club. That's right. So, but it was it was wet, lift, clean and place and stuff like that. But you know, Michael played, I was thrilled played good. I played good, but Michael play, she seventy five. I seventy five. I got. Right around. I think I broke ninety. You broke ninety. I think it's pretty happening outbreak in ninety. Two really good par sees for you. Yeah, I was. I was happy about that. So I did say this because we did talk to Chuck and we do have Chris here and Chuck said he believed that now it tilted a little bit more and that the confirmation of bread cavenaugh might be more likely than he felt it was the other day. I, he brought up that thing that you think Cavanaugh would like to have the FBI investigation. That always if somebody doesn't want an FBI investigation, that always leads me to conclusions that are not pleasant for that person. But I perhaps I'm just clutching at straws there. I'm wondering what is your feeling now? Well, so I, I take a little bit of issue with Chuck in that he said, why does he wanna be supreme court Justice with an asterisk? The first part of that's more important than faster because he'd be at some court Justice. Yes. I think it is more likely today than it was. Then it has been at any time since we found out about this which is affecting last Friday, but really Sunday afternoon when Christine Blasi Ford came full where I think it is more likely there. I do think this is a, this is not a, this is a created timeline by Republicans to say, well, it has to be Monday or it's not at all, but they have managed to rally, Susan Collins and other people like Pete could be right, could be off the board and make that make things more complicated. They've managed to rally people behind this idea that if she does not show up on Monday, they are proceeding to vote. I believe it's no scheduled for Wednesday. And that that will be it. I, you know, took Grassley that Senate Judiciary committee chairman set a deadline of about sleepy on ten AM ten. On Friday morning to have her making decision. Her attorneys continue to suggest that it's not happening. You know, it's sort of a game of chicken. I think at this point she's going to have to be the one who blinks because if she doesn't, they're just going to proceed. I think there is risk in that. I think Democrats are headed to a very good election in forty six, seven days regardless. I think this could make it even more. So you'll remember that after the Nita hill thing that was ninety. One ninety two the year, the woman big gains for for Democrats think he may see something similar, but I do think if you were a betting person today, as of this second, he is more likely to be confirmed the not her testifying would significantly complicate that to you think she will testify at the moment that's to say winning. I'm gonna say no, because I say that cavenaugh is better than a fifty fifty chance to get confirmed. I think if if if at eight fifty three a tweet comes out. Says she's testifying. I think his chances go down again just because of the public spectacle how we know those things play out. The likelihood she would come across as credible person doesn't mean that you know, I don't think we're ever going to know what the capital t. truth is here, but I think that would go down her, not testifying seems to me to put him back on schedule. I'll we'll take a break. We'll come back with Email and jingles. Yes, that's right. I'm Tony Kornheiser. You're listening to the Tony Kornheiser show. Tony's back. Got your emails, faxes, new notes here comes Tony's back on every some for all you fall. Of course, in east craves not Gary blonde. Fabulous. Thanks, Chuck Todd from meet the press. Let me thank our predictive expert, Jeff, Ma let me thank today sponsors, lows Spotify, seek remember to listen and subscribe to archived episodes of the Tony Kornheiser show wherever you listen to podcasts, including apple, podcasts, Spotify, Google play. If you listen to show tunes, please leave us a review. It's not raining today. It's a beautiful day. Alex came down from New York City. I'm brought us black and white cookies from his arrows and a couple of Hollas. Awesome. Boy. From Dennis McCann in Bayfield, Wisconsin brewer fan here. Just wanting to thank you all for sending geo to God six shutout innings, Wednesday night and no muttering around the mound like the GIO. You remember, we'll happily take your gas talks. Is Harper doing anything next month? It is painful to see that it's the Blake trial and roll painful. Yes, it's it is it's honestly painful from Tim in San Antonio made the pilgrimage to chatter this morning. Fortunately, the metro didn't catch fire. I'll have some tribute you in the gang was wondering if I get a birthday shout out to my wife, Melissa and the rest of the men and women of the three hundred eighty six expeditionary civil engineering squadron. We're currently deployed. Melissa may not be a full blown little yet, but I'm working on it. She claims she doesn't know enough about the topic to discuss but tell her not to worry today solicit exactly. None of us. Thank you. Entertain not only on this show but also on in the military as well. You shows always being smiles and a small taste of home to all those deployed. Cheeser. Thank you very much. Hey. Tony one Mason Ohio, many years ago at our wedding rehearsal and a Catholic church. The best man was instructed to hold the holy water. I am not Catholic, but the woman whom I was soon to be related by marriage is so I asked the snarky questioned the priest father Jean, our best man Ed is of the tribe. And so I in quiet as the one would happen if he spilled holy water on himself fought Jean said Ed would become uncircumcised. Needless to say, I tried to jostle at both at the rehearsal and during the wedding to witness a miracle twenty-six years later, my bride and best manners still around surprisingly eat at solicit, met me with Anthony Beason and when I was in Cincinnati, Mike from Burke Virginia, congratulations. You have officially passed into Khajah with your statement that you enjoyed the in memoriam segment. Did you break it down by the phones and below the fold they want or not one sex last twenty years of my grandmother's life. She started her day by carefully analyzing the obits in the Greenwich newspaper after stabbing that our own name was not contained therein. She looked for friends enemies and deaths in really good neighborhoods last one because nobody enjoyed good, a stint, like my grandmother condolences on all of those deaths from Mike in Burke Virginia. And by the way, Tim, San Antonio says to tell Mike in Burke, Virginia walk who was so I guess they're both both alums Brian Rigsby in Ilan North Carolina. I want to share with you. My k. moment this week, my stepdaughter Kendra was helping out on a promotional photo. Shoot. When she came in from the first day, I asked her who was the photo shoot for she said, some male clothing line, Johnny, something she has not heard of them. I shouted Johnny. Oh, she said, yeah, that was them. I explained the Johnny was advertising all the time on the podcast. I told her to the next day she needed to have the models give the TK salute when they posed an NC. If she could get me a big box of that, the impossible. Handsome, John, John O'Donnell from Justin Johnson in Arlington Virginia, correct me if I'm wrong, but the national should actually have an easier time getting into the playoffs now that lebrons no longer the first true? Yes, Kevin Duffy and Williamson, Michigan. It was unearthed to listen Tuesday, Tory Gary Nigerian, Michael glibly agreed to hop aboard that pot, token rocket, Manny Lon Musk's upcoming space, x moon mission. I'm not getting on. Musk is the founder of tesla. Everyone knows about Tesla's issues with their self driving cars, catching on fire, but did the TK rocketeers know that in two thousand seventeen tesla recalled fifty, three thousand of the seventy six thousand models sold in two thousand sixteen because a break you could cause the car to become completely immobilized forever. So yeah, go ahead and let the guy designs cars that don't move. Shoot you into outer space. It's clear that you're the only rational person that chatter HMO man. Dan, that is saying something we're going to the move from Michael Gorski in Rockville we have hosted break, faster young for several years, and that relatively small crowd of twenty. This year we provided usual assortment of bagels locks, exile, whitefish, veggies and drinks, and our guests what they can bring this year. We got offers of dips fruit flowers. One in numerous desserts. My sister-in-law graciously volunteer to make to noodle Koogle's at the end of the evening. She started packing up the remaining Kogel to take my wife said she would like some of the cocoa for leftovers. My sister-in-law refused saying, what did you cook? My wife somewhat bit her tongue. It's not easy for her to do, but added that. We did just also have them dinner for much shuttle last week who deserves the Koogle. We manage to keep three pieces. That sounds like a great fight. That sounds like a great fight if you're out on the bites as always everyone do where, why don't. Wrong. Back. Who. Two, three foul. I will.

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Starting 9 Episode #83 - Evan Longoria


2:24:59 hr | 2 years ago

Starting 9 Episode #83 - Evan Longoria

"What back to starting nine episode three? My word. Wow. Why all can you smell it smells green? What's that smell like a city, smells, the different? Green is a different. Cash monday. Not even the dollars to smell that that fresh cut grass smell hotdogs, some Bruce keys. Dirt under the spikes, right around the corner cigar small I always associates cigar smoke with with baseball season two. Maybe it's a Boston thing you always get those fat Italians on Yawkey way smoking stogies space ball season. Baby. Can't that's not a massive west comes thing. Yeah. No. You guys. You guys are smoking some different stuff. Baseball by the time this podcast hits the interwebs baseball season. We'll have already returned. First pitch will have been thrown across the pond migraine green gold your Seattle mariner out there. Browns crew. They'll be getting it on. Yeah. Five thirty AM in my reading this correctly, five thirty five first pitch. I don't know. I don't know. I don't know. I mean. Ball. But I love sleep too. I might just catch the highlights. It's I dunno. I feel Jay you're gonna wake up for this. No. Oh, wow. Yeah. You. Yeah. Your fans, and actually that's not. That's actually, not true. I have to get up anyway at like six thirty or six forty five. So now that I'm talking about. I probably will just go ahead and get up. Yeah. I don't know. I mean, I I wa- I probably will. I'll probably wake up and tweet like a couple of innings just that everyone sees how dedicated I am. And then I'll just go back to sleep. On. I'm just going to power through stay away. I think you sort of just gave yourself away in a believe your investment now. I'll just schedule some tweets schedule tweets for like six forty five. Holy shit. You see that? Yeah. You should you should. And just tag me in all you see. Schedule. What see the depth on that slider? It's crazy. You're that chart. Evan longoria long on the podcast today as the spikes up tore content continues to seep seep out of the library that we have stored by the way, the YouTube channel officially launches on Thursday. But if you go to the YouTube page, I think all you have to do is type in starting nine on YouTube, and you will see a full interviews. Every interview that we've released so far on this podcast. The full length interview will live on that YouTube page. So that means no-one are not oh that means Trevor Bauer in my cleven jer that means Luke Voight that means that Evan longoria. They were all there on that YouTube page right now everybody everybody air body forget to that. Evan longoria interview, though. My trout, and we're not gonna we're not diving deep into micro yet. But we can't just start the podcast with an elephant in the room that elephant ask contract. And that's not a knock that is just talking about the size of this twelve year extension. Kraut got nice of him to leave money on the table too. I thought, you know, realistically, do you think? We'll just I I want to answer this question before we use a little tease just a little tip of the iceberg conversation piece. Do you think that if Mike trout waited until twenty twenty hit free agency that he would have gotten more total dollars on the free agent market? For the years of free agency. I'm going to. I'm going to say I'm gonna say, yes, I'm gonna say, yes, I'm going to say, yes. From who? I mean, I feel like somebody finds somebody finds a place lines. I think we could make some room for that guy in the Rosser like, yeah. Because there's nobody that you're saying goodbye to if you're any organization that you're not okay with welcoming Mike trout as the replacement. Yeah. So I mean, like, you know, as far as who there's there's that's a that's a knee jerk. Like, I don't have a good answer for that. Because there's a lot of what if you know like you can you can make a lot of things move around. So I think I'll say this much do I think might trout gets a half a billion dollars. If he hits regency. Yes. Jay. I think he would have gotten more than he received. But I don't think he would have had half a billion. I do think it's amazing that this contract is universally regarded as him still being underpaid. It is it is. I I didn't. I basically didn't see any take counter to that. Well, exactly. And that's like I said it was almost like people were just across baseball people were like. Well, thank God. It's not the fucking Yankees. And that was it. And and we just you know, you just can't keep your head down. And you kept smashing your your chicken potpie a done deal. Yeah. So I was fan graphs. I I love fan graphs. I think it's when you use the value tool to see what a player was actually worth based on their statistics. Here's what I came up with. So if Mike trout micro last season, it was his best season statistically, ever, how much do you think that that season was worth in dollar form? Like as as far as what the av is these days based on what based on what the market is right now based on what his statistical production was in twenty eighteen what does that acquaint to in dollars? I'm going to say twenty million dollars. Eighty five million dollars is my guess he was worth seventy eight point six million dollars in twenty eighteen. In his career, flew twenty eighteen he has been compensated seventy eight point three million dollars. So he was worth last year. Basically what he's been paid in his entire major league career. So if you take all those numbers what his production has actually been worth to this point through age twenty six season. Mike has been worth four hundred ninety four point five million dollars. That's what he's actually been worth half a Bill. Yes. So I guess I'm not I didn't understand the question that wasn't like based on the contract, or what the contracts are being handed out. Yeah. No. It's just take the numbers. And if you what is that actually worth based on production? Yeah. So he. There's that again, do you just always I always lean on he's better than half the people in the hall of fame right now right now, he's already accumulated comparable seasons. So I have that as well. I have some names for you Dallas right now through his age twenty six season. Mike trout's career wins above replacement sixty four point three. These are some hall of famers whose war is inferior to Mike shouts. Dave Winfield sixty four point two. Jackie Robinson, sixty one point four Harmon Killebrew sixty point four Mike Piazza fifty nine point six Yogi Berra fifty nine point four Vladimir Guerrero. Fifty nine point four Hank Greenberg. Fifty seven point six then Mike did this past all of them by his age twenty sixties? That's ludicrous. Just just that puts it in perspective. Nobody I mean, I'm not gonna say nobody. I'm sure I mean, I don't know. Maybe the kid Griff who knows? Had eclipsed hall of Famer to in route to his career not not not at that age. No chance. I would say I mean, maybe I'm maybe I'm way off there. What I looked it up earlier today. So like, obviously the like there's been so much done on Mike trout, generally that it's hard to find like new statistical angles or like, hey, this makes him sound really impressive or whatever. And maybe this doesn't I don't know. But I was just looking at different stuff since he debuted in twenty eleven so obviously is twenty eleven season is irrelevant to what I'm about to tell you. But that's when he technically debuted since he debuted he has bas- basically twice as many MVP votes as the next closest person in baseball. If you add up all of his first second third, fourth all those all of his finishes in the MVP votes. How they do it point wise. He's number one and me go Cabrera is number two. And it's not even close about it. It took. I mean wrap your head around this people whether or not you value the statistics that embodied the award. It's okay. Triple crown it took a fucking triple crown to be won by the F or mentioned megi Cabrera to to not give my trout in MVP that had to let's the kind of performance that had to happen to not win another MBP. Yeah. I was actually going to say that was. That one that was Miguel Cabrera winning back to back triple triple crowns NBP awards that that first one the year that he won the triple crown and perhaps on justly when the MVP Dow's is first of two by that point. We're talking a generational hitter. Who it's like, all right. If we don't get like trout's going to win this for the next fuck in fifteen years, we gotta get biggie. His one before he gets into his thirties. We may never see a season like this from Maggie ever again. So I get it. I get because I mean, imagine I mean he does have to but at the time he had zero. So imagine having Miguel Cabrera be this generational hitter pools has a boatload of him Miguel Cabrera just never winning MVP. That'd be a little bit weird. You know, for sure what thing I wanted to ask you guys indiapol- Hitchens as we understand the life of the contract any apprehensions moving forward. What are what are you see? As far as cracks something. I think about defense. I think he slides nicely to like a corner outfield spot because the defensive metrics. It's not that. They don't love my coat. It's just they don't know what to make of my job. If you look at his his defensive run save year to year. It's like, he's he sucks. He's great. He sucks. It's it's every other year the defense in the eyeball test. You watch Mike Shotton a nightly basis, which we do not everyone does which is unfortunate. But we do he's an elite defender is no way to say otherwise. But the defensive metrics would tell you every other year, he sucks. He's great. Let me say this. I'm not posing the question because that's what I feel. I'm I it's it's it's I guess twofold, one because I I think for him to have taken an adamant stance on dressing his defense. His throwing arm is accurate things. Like, he was like, I'm I'm just be better. I'm going to get better at. That tells me like, okay. You know, what he he cares? He cares about that. He doesn't want that stigma attached to him at all. And the second thing is like the the defensive metrics. I'm I'm out on them as a whole I would have to say because we haven't found a proper way to value ridiculous athletes, and because of the defensive shift that gives guys value that don't necessarily deserve it as well. So it's it's you'd it's random. It's I don't know. Yeah. I we're gonna do the full Mike trout thing. That's that's just that's just let's just eat it. Let's that's what people are downloading this particular podcast for Evan longoria and Mike trout. Fucking getting bread say at Dallas Saint bread at up. Check it. Need that on a t shirt? We're talking on radio today about I asked Kevin do you? Do you? Listen to podcasts. He's like, no. Because like, I don't wanna get like other people's thoughts and have them become my thoughts. And I was like being around Dallas all the time. I don't necessarily get his thoughts but fucking start talking like a mall time from around him for two. Like, Mike Chow said that was my tweet Mike show the extension of house. I check it. Going, bro. That was I fucking lost my mind. I started screaming in the house, and my grandma was like what the hell is going on. And I was telling her like. Are you gotta understand like this do just almost got half a billion dollars now? And people people are like kinda like did he get what he was worried that? She's like what what is he who is this, and I was like Mike, trello, and even my grandma was like. Like, she almost see it in my book and grab she's not follow. May. She was like what was was tied to him. Nice. Boy, circling back to the question asked you guys if my trout hits the free market, he definitely makes more. But I don't think when you're talking talking about north of four hundred million dollars the fucked is like an extra, you know, fifty million seventy whatever it is whatever the number is whatever he could have gotten extra at what point are years. We get it, dude. Your grandkids grandkids grandkids grandkids are going to fucking private school like we know that much private schools. Yeah, we get it. So yeah, I think Mike shot would it comes down to is. He loves playing for the angels loves the the ballpark of everything about what's going on over there. So yeah, I if that's what you want. If you're in a place where you're happy cause. Everyone's like, well, why why did you go to a market where he could win? It's like, dude he signed fucking twelve. Year contract. Who's to say the angels aren't going to contend five six years. You know, it doesn't now that they have him locked in. If you're the angels. Now, you're sort of looking at well how we build around him. And it's not like, you it Mike show. It had an extension before to where you weren't looking at, you know, the three years of service time that three years of arbitration. Then what do we do? Do we build around a guy? That's just gonna leave it free agency. Like, he's he's already played. He's already been in the big leagues for eight years seven full major league seasons. He was in all star in all seven. He either finished first or second in six of those seven full seasons in the one year that he didn't he finished fourth because he was fucking hurt. So it's who's to say that the angels can't now turn around and be like he's here for his entire career. Like that. This is it he's a lifelong angel. Let's get this guy to Kobe again. And actually give them a shot to do something. Once he gets there. And let's not sleep on the fact that you've got the world's best baseball player as well. As the world's most inning Matic baseball player in show. Oh, hey, Otani and pairing those two as a selling point over the next for over the foreseeable future. How you know the the life of the contract with Otani, and then again, twelve years with trout like there's there's two pretty cheap pieces right there that you can you can be excited about and I even I was tweeting with a guy G R E G lower case g collie about about this. Like, hey, I feel like the angels are going to have to be aware of putting pieces around him. If he's going to stay there because let's be real, man. The fuck and halos are still trying to figure out if they're going to be the Long Beach halos. Are they going to be the Newport halos the marina del Rey lows? Like what what are they going to be who are they going like they got a lot I run out. And I feel like that's that was kind of. I was like. Wow, trout, somebody who kind of you know, appreciates consistency. I would say, yeah. And the fact that that's up in the air. You know, I don't know. Yeah. So there's two different sort of angles that I wanna hit on with this whole trout thing. Number one, everyone gets on him for not being marketable or the it's two things. It's major. Everyone's like major league baseball doesn't do a good enough job marketing might show that's probably fair, but Mike trout doesn't necessarily want to be marketed. He's not going to give you that's a cloned question, bro. He's not going to do that. He's not going to do the backflips. He's not gonna flip. As all the things that you love about Bryce Harper. That's just not my show. And I feel like if now through eight major league seasons going to his ninth if he were to start doing that you like well now, he's phony. So Mike is Mike chart is. And I don't understand the whole in. Don't talk to me about the market. As Ken Griffey junior was the face of baseball for a long time in Seattle Pacific northwest. But baseball fans, and I hope you guys come to appreciate this. You can have your Cup of tea. You can have your, you know, your don't want to say straight laced. But you can have your plays the game the right way guy. If that's how you view, Mike, trout and love everything that he does. And you can have your Bryce Harper guy who's unapologetic and is himself at has grown up at the big league level and shouldn't be chastised to the extent that he has. I mean, I've been critical of him as far as running stuff out. But then I also remember like the day after he was benched. He's in the game. Or I it might have even been the later in that game. He ends up trying to square around in. But just trying to make up for like. Like almost recognizing acknowledging. Hey, my bad like so you can have your your rebel face of the game. And you can have your, you know, straight laced face of the game. You don't have to pick. Enjoy the both. Yeah. And I get it. If if you're a casual baseball fan who can't just appreciate Mike show for being the best baseball player on planners. If there's something that you need extra from them. I get it because we're used to the face of baseball being even when Ken Griffey junior all due respect to him one of the greatest players ever play the game when he was playing was he the best baseball player. Like, yeah. He certainly had a case for it. But these playing in the same era as bonds. So if you're playing in the same errors bonds, guess what you're taking a back seat to Barry. Lamar. That's just a fact, but with Mike trout, just try to appreciate him for what he is. Because to have sort of how we've broken it down. He's already surpassed hall of famers by his age twenty six season. And depending on who you ask. But if you read up enough about age curves in baseball your age twenty seven season is technically the. First of your peak seasons. So in two thousand eighteen we saw the best season of Mike trout's career. Does that mean that we've seen as best season because I don't think that we have. So appreciate him. While you still have these peak years in front of you. And I thought what was really great is around the league today because he is that type of player you have guys like Kris Bryant and all their stars in the game. Being like, he got everything that he deserved. He's worth. How many how many times have in any sport? Are we talking about not just a guy getting a monster contract? Not just the guy becoming the highest paid player in their profession or the highest paid player. This is Mike trout the highest paid player in professional sports and people are saying he might have gotten short-changed. That's how fucking good, Mike shroud. Is that's insane to think of and they're not wrong. It's not about being shortchanged. Rather as you just alluded to guys across the game talking about what kind of duty is what kind of character is when you're probably conceptually faced with the amount of money that you could potentially put away. It's Mike trout who's probably making the decision on leaving that fifty seventy five extra mill whatever that whip cream would be on top probably the one going now. It's all good. I've got my cherry, and that's here for the next twelve years. All Bryce Harper. I'm here for thirteen brotherly love, I don't I don't even want to give you the idea that I want out I'm here to bleed in sweat and cry and celebrate with you over the course of this contract. And I don't at any point in time once you thinking, otherwise, so it's all up out of all of that move. Exactly. So that right there take that folks. As as your Tako message of what these guys are actually. All about the sort of competitors. One. Does it quietly puts his head down is shaking hands and kissing babies behind the scenes making people's dreams. Come true. Whether there's a camera in his face or not, and that's your Mike trout, and that's the guy who doesn't need to be sold because he sells himself every morning. He bucket wakes up. And then you've got Bryce Harper who gets your kids excited about the game of baseball gets you ruffled up about the game of baseball and get your Granddad pissed off about the game baseball. But nonetheless has gotten all your asses in the seat in front of the TV to watch said game baseball. So appreciate these young men because they've committed to the game they've committed to their teams. I hope that you can commit to them. I like that like that Mike out is not Bryce Harper. And that's okay. Because like you said Bryce Harper the type of guy to bring in that audience. So, hey, I'm checking baseball who's this guy? Oh, it's my I'll fucking watch this guy. He's awesome. But when you look at these two contracts that were given out. In the past. I don't know. Call two three weeks. Whatever it was. Is it crazy to you? That might trout got a hundred million more dollars than Bryce Harper. Because I don't think that it's that crazy. It's like that's Mike trout is in a class of his own. There is a tier beneath him. And then it's just everybody else. And when you look at where Bryce Harper fits into that we're talking again about a generational talent. But then it's like this sort of gives you the perspective where the angels weren't like fuck if we really want to keep them. We get a blow it out of the water. Like, we're talking about my trout potentially making more if he had tested for the agency. So when you look at Bryce Harper getting three thirty Mike Trump getting four thirty that represents the gap between Mike trout and everybody else a hundred mil more year less. I mean, come on. It's just not even if there was ever a conversation. That's what like your face of baseball conversation feel free to have that debate. As we kind of did not a debate. But just kind of a look inside of as far as the best player in the game. If you were questioning what the industry felt or if you request at store at minimum. How the angels felt here's your answer. I'd be curious to see and all the yahu fantasy leagues where Mike trout goes if it's just ninety nine point nine nine nine nine nine percent as the as the one one and who is taken well as the first pick. If it's not my trout is obviously someone that's that auto drafted or is just an idiot. Or is there flee their favorite player is Mukhi bets? Like, I'm taking Mookie. 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They've already thrown first pitch. So factor. Those performances in and make sure you go to Yahoo dot com. Slash fantasy baseball to get your business. It. While play a little pepper here. I do I'm hitting Dallas is kind of turned into a little like woes of major league baseball. He's kind of letting you know on Twitter that he knows. But he's not telling you what he knows. So if you're not falling Dow's braiding on Twitter, and you're a baseball fan out say now's a good time to do it. Because he's again, it's almost he's just dropping little little Easter eggs is let you know with. I'll let you know. So, but if you are in educated baseball fan, you can sort of figure it out between the lines get your that's not you know, what I mean. That's not my job. And you can you can appreciate this more than I think the listeners even Kannur anybody that might follow me because I'm texting you stuff. And I'm texting J. Hey stuff. I'm texting other guy's stuff before it happens. And then you see it unfold and you're like. Okay. Yeah. That's not my Essy's. Not my job, not my jams. Now what we're to do. So what I'm there? I just enjoyed that. You know, enjoy that information I joined that accident. Actually, just left a comment on my Instagram picture, and they said, what are you going to actually start breaking news? And I said that's like asking a quarterback when he's gonna start catching passes in the end zone. It's just we play the same sport. It's just not my job. That's not. That's not what we're here for your for. Now, we do but GIO Gonzalez lefty going to the Yankees. This was something that just flat out made sense. I was surprised it was a minor league deal because you know, that the Incas are going to need them. You know, you know, that it's going to be they they could lose use a guy like Louis Sessa in the rotation because Sobat the is down Severino's down. I mean, you're going to need a guy like geo like he's not coming in to just wait around in extended spring training report to a minor league camp, you're gonna need to right out the gate, and here's your gonna eat him out of the gate. But here's here. If you I'm sure there haven't looked at their schedule. But sure there's off days involved in there that's going to allow for rotation manipulation early on. They're not afraid. I would assume to deploy a bullpen game in an effort to to kind of stave off until the arrival of GIO. I think that mess with that in spring training either yesterday or the day before fiddle with that the only thing there is and this is what leads me to to the point. I wanna make your is Batanes. This is not going to be ready for opening day. So you don't want to you don't wanna bring those young kids up and have them make, you know, make a start or whatever started to maybe geo isn't ready. And now they've got to go into the bullpen, or you know, who knows what can happen, and you would hate to just start them there instead of out of performance out of necessity, and then kind of create a hiccup so GIO make sense. Not like he's had a ton of success out of the bullpen. He's done it. That's that's the only point. I make it's veteran who I think can sort of slide in and out if that were the case pretty wild. A guy who threw one hundred seventy one basically we average innings is taking a minor league deal like a week and a half before the season starts for centrally. No money. That's why that's why you know. I forget who it was. There are some probably John Hayman. I'm just assuming the dumbest reporter that. There is somebody said see look may Machado and Bryce Harper got their money, the system's fix it. Wasn't. There wasn't anything wrong with it. When you have a guy like geo Gonzales getting a minor league deal for peanuts. I mean, something is still wrong with the system. It's basically the equivalent of that person guy or girl that you know, who. You know, when it's re- like a cold day in the summer unusually cold. There's a water you mean global warming. Right, right. Well, okay. This is just one part of the entire world. And it's just one day say the other two names right now kaikal kimbrel. The fact that I had a great three last night. If you saw the fact that Adam Jones, what breaking bad reference, I said. Craig kimbrel is still waiting on his couch like Huel. That's one of the breaking bad theories. Was that the it was Steve Gomez and a shack Schrader, they're just like, hey, wait on this couch, and we'll be right back. And then they both actually never mind might be a spoiled people that spoiler that won't spoil anything, but he just got left there. Yeah. It's your turn ING deaf more than viable options in my opinion into heap items. And that's just not right, man. Edwin Jackson Christ is still just not even come on. So then if he's still out there. I remember a podcast. You're like, yeah. We can't afford them. Why don't they just throw a minor league deal at like the did with geo because Geos obviously the better pitcher, and he's still taking a deal like that? Because guys guys especially Jack's position with the money. He's made the age the family, you take it to the house over over dealing with the rigors of season. So I understand where these vets are coming from cargo is going to the Indians. Jay, I'll give you the floor in five seconds. My only take on this is what an idiot for leaving chorus field. You look at those home road splits. His opium is like well north of nine hundred thousand cores is opium on the road is like seven something. It's it's gross on the road. I don't know why he would ever leave unless the Rockies just flat out did not want him back. There's zero reason for him to leave Colorado. The sense I got is that it was just kind of over between him and Colorado. Like they have a billion. Guys, who are like sort of outfielders like he is at this point. So I'm just not I think he was a redundancy. And I think last year was kind of like, let's bring him back and see see what's going on whether the magic can be recaptured. And it really was not my take on this is that it's it's a nother sign of what was an incredibly frustrating and depressing off for the Indians. Like, this is just to me him and Hanley Ramirez are just not acceptable answers to let's try and fix one of the on paper least competent outfields in baseball for a team. That's trying to close a seventy year championship, title gap. There was an article in the athlete that was just incredibly depressing by Rosenthal. The other day about the like the Indians may start entertain trading door like as soon as this coming off season. Like if you are already acknowledging that you can't keep Fran or won't keep franscisco indoor three years before he becomes a free agent. Cancel the season. Just cancel the franchise. Like what like, I know. This isn't about cargo but cargo to me is just like another. He's a sexy name or a name that used to matter. But to me, he's just another guy that is only available because of how little money the Indians have to pay him to come. Sure. No. That makes sense. And I'm not going to go down that rabbit hole. I think we can get to that later. I'll just say this about the addition he joins a fairly left-handed outfield in a fairly left-handed bench. Right. I mean. Yes. Bowers Neko, Greg Alan is a switch hitter. But I mean, he. Luke blow is the only is the only right handed hitter in that outfield by wins above replacement. He's been worth point to war over a thousand plate appearances over the last two seasons. So that's not really more about cargo as much as it is about what are the Indians thinking going and getting him. And is it more just about that name and that cheap factor? Yeah. Like, I guess if he's platoon properly like there's a way you could extract a little bit of value out of him. I just I just feel like they were actually like high performing outfielders who are variable for not that expensive of financial layout. And once again, just the bottom of the barrel here, even if cargo was an outstanding player half a decade ago. We'll go ahead. I was gonna say, you know, who's take I want on this next topic. Yes. I know who take you. Remember, our old friend of is from the digital show. Yeah. I would love it. I wouldn't love it. I mean, I I don't remember as Twitter handle. But I could probably find it. And there's there's gotta be. When we released this podcast. It hurts. This hurts man. This hurts ROY the plumbing not great, Michael Fulmer TJ walk L least. I mean, it's it's a year and a half. So I mean like now that it's happening right at a start talking sucks. Yeah. No. It does suck. So yeah, you're talking about potentially missing two full seasons of this. Which is not. That's that's that sucks. That sucks a lot. It's brutal. I mean, you talk about a dude who was just sitting down talking to the guy you could you could since the site -ment just the man he wants to compete so fucking bad so bad he wants to compete and for that to be pushback now or another I mean. Dude. I'm just speechless. I really am. Because I go back to last year. And I'm thinking at some point in time this had to have been on their radar. No. Yeah. Because wasn't he his name came up? Theo tried to there was there was never anything confirmed, but THEO is rumored to be flipping. Or attempting to flip Kyle Schwarzer Schwartz was the name for Fulmer, and then that might have been like two years ago, but the love Schwarzer, and then there was also a rumor about the Yankees kicking the tires on Fulmer. But then that's when sort of injury concerns came up in the dip in velocity and everything. And that's what has to be so frustrating for the Tigers perspective, right? Is that like in this post Cabrera ver- Lander I know Cabrera is still around but the post core of that group title run, they're they're being really good like Fulmer was kind of guy that the fan base could look at as a guy who had already reach. The major league level. And who is like, okay. This is the first sign of what could be our next team. Right. And like to your guys point they resisted. And who knows how real they were what they were offered, but they resisted multiple overtures to trade Fulmer and get additional future assets. And it's unfortunate because Fulmer is basically if you look at his career, he's basically an asset this statistically has been headed in the straight wrong direction. Reasonably since his first year, I looked at it. If you look at your a minus which adjust for like park and all that kind of stuff in twenty sixteen. He was twenty eight percent better than league average in twenty seventeen. He was thirteen percent better than league average. And last year was ten percent worse than league average. So. Hey numbers guy. About last last season. Because fucking ligament was hanging quite clearly that's all part of the picture. I'm not saying he's incapable of pitching what I'm saying. Is isn't it? No, it's not what I'm saying. Is that? She is typically worse basically since he stepped into the big leagues. This is. At once I buck and boats for Christ's sake was an all star. And he's getting worse. No, no. That last season was about as arm not fucking working and him still making twenty five bucks starts. I would say the ability to be healthy and pitch is extremely important for a pitcher. You would know you would know that. That's why you're here with us. You're absolutely right. This is my Buchan hill, but I've made do and I've been able to recognize that this doesn't put an end to him. And it doesn't define him for me. This is kind of like the autopsy here. This is telling you why the season went the way it went this. What will if it's for? Sure, I just I didn't like the way you were coming off. That's all I'm saying his loss has actually gone up year to year since twenty sixteen. But there was a there was a point in time where there was a dip in last year. Yeah. Yeah. But I'm talking average fastball velocity year over year. It has gone up. We met colts are being looked at and things like that are being assessed when there is a dip. That's when people start to think about an acute injury. Like, oh around about this date, this timeframe here. This might have been when the injury occurred. So that's when you get the pictures taken, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. But. Line this sucks to the point that perhaps in eloquently laid out earlier. Oh, I think the the problem for the Tigers here is that. Yes. You have an asset that looked really promising in a part of your future for whatever reason he is now a little bit less promising and the real upsetting part is that by the time he's actually healthy and back pitching. The Tigers are essentially going to have to make a decision about their future relationship with him because their team control of him will almost be over anyway. So that's okay. It is absolutely okay. Puts them in a tough spot. That's all in what's already a very tough spot for team without much talent. You just wanted to make sure we understood this guy who went from rookie of the year was an all-star and then had a shit year because his arm was barking and he pitched through needing Tommy John at some time. And that's where we're at today. So a thank you for kind of cleaning that up. Jay, no problem. It was really well. Said the first time, but I wanted to him. Seekie buying tickets can be complicated and confusing, but there's a simpler way to buy with Seekie. Seek is the smartest easiest way to get tickets to every type of live event, whether you're catching your favorite musician on tour shopping for the perfect gift or searching for a last minute deal to see your favorite team. Seek helps you find the best seats at the best prices fully guaranteed. Nothing beats being there in person for the biggest plays of the year, and seek will get you closer to the action for a great value. You know, better, you know, better than anybody jeered. 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I can confirm that happen that when the Red Sox when the clube didn't put the bats out that one day. That. Yeah. A single solitary fucking hit. You remember Jared had already drowned and chicken fingers or stay all of up to your tits barbecue sauce kid. That's honestly, the number one thing I'm looking forward to is the steak kebab and the dibs. You just you just wait, my friend because I'm going to be I'm going to be introducing you to this to this new hamburger this dude actually won the this cooking competition last year. It's a fucking deep fried hamburger in a ball. You're going what? Yeah. Going to blow your mind, corrobos blow your mind. Well, I am certainly not opposed to having my mind blown, and my mind will certainly be blown during the end at least preview when I have to mind something good to say about the Marlins. Let's start with the Braves though. Yeah. Let's do it. I think it's pretty simple for me. Pretty simple short and sweet. What are the software season's gonna look like base? Pretty much Ozzy Kuna. What are they gonna look like, that's that's it? I mean, you can. At JD. You got more cake back. These guys were pivotal. These guys were pivotal kunia and on in Ozzy. So the book is out. What do they look like what does that? What does that look like I'm right there as far as goes, I am right there with you. There are a few people that fascinate me as much as what they're going to bring this season. Because everybody went into asked year being like Ozzy Albee's is hot shit, and then he was hot shit and everybody was like see he's a star. Let's wash our hands of that and move on. And then when nobody was looking or very few people were looking he basically went into the tank in the second half of the year. And I'm not I'm not I love the guy. So I'm not being overly critical. But like, it's just fascinating. Because his on base percentage ended up barely over three hundred three nine or is. He a good player that you want while before he becomes a free agent. Or is he a franchise caliber player we're gonna find out? Okay. So it's interesting for the second half. Because like I said the book is out and how do they adjust? How do these kids adjust to what we clearly saw Ozzy adjustments being made to him right for sure. Fair to say, absolutely. For me, you sort of touch on. It's gonna be Josh Donaldson. I wanna see Josh Donaldson being healthy. The interview is probably going to be next week. Josh donaldson. The starting night interview that we did with him at Braves camp. We talked to him. I don't know if he's talked about it on the podcast, but you mentioned going vegan. So trying new things to with his switching of his diet. Trying to stay healthy. I wanna see on a one year deal something to prove. Hey, don't forget about me. Josh donaldson. What is that guy? Look like, and how does he change that Braves lineup to where you have. We mentioned a kunia we mentioned Albee's FREDDY Freeman we haven't even mentioned yet in the Braves discussion. Yeah, let's throw that fucking name in there. What is that lineup? Look like one through five because Nick Marquette, we that was a guy that was MVP candidate in the first half of the season faded, obviously because of played all one sixty two. So how do we sort of look at this Braise lineup? How does Josh Donaldson? Change. How maybe a guy like FREDDY Freeman is pitched like FREDDY Freeman's game elevate is even possible for his his game to elevate in the more. That's why a kunia is. So important is because think about that sandwich. And that's you know, FREDDY Freeman at no point in time is he being pitched like an aide whole hitter. But my point is if the guy behind you is somebody they feel like they can dispose of your somebody. They feel like they don't need to address. They don't need to put themselves in a bind here. So I'm gonna go fishing biking. Get you to bite outstanding. Maybe you don't hurt me. And you just flare one over to the left side. And I'm good to go 'cause you're standing on first anyway, and I've got the double play in order behind me. Or I've got two outs with no damage, and I've got the young kid who I've got the book out on its early. And he hasn't made these adjustments in the off season or in the cage and spring. So let's fuck. So that's why JD is important, but I felt Acuna was important as well. Because JD your boy, our boy he has links to that lineup as the resident. Pitcher in the on the podcast. I'm gonna go with Sean nukem. Listing looked like a breakout candidate last year three point nine zero overall, which is obviously solid, but it was four point nine one over the final nineteen appearances and six three four over his final nine his big issue as a minor leaguer was free passes the issued four point eight per nine innings in the minor leagues. He's at four point seven per nine innings through two hundred and sixty four innings in the major leagues. I once one of the most fascinating scouting reports. I ever heard was on Sean nukem where they said that they don't know how he's going to improve his base on balls because his mechanics are already so smooth that like he's he's sort of already delivering the ball as officially our affectively as you possibly can. And so like, there's no like mechanic cleanup to kind of get him to deliver more strikes. I'm not a scout. But I always that always stuck with me. But from what looked like a breakout to really kinda crumbling down the stretch. I'm interested to see what they get out of him. It what's going to be kind of his second full season. Now in in major league baseball. That's the Braves next up on the list is the Washington nationals, and I feel like we've had this conversation before where we pretty much across the board. Agreed that if the Washington nationals do not have Bryce Harper in twenty nine nine are they still a team to be reckoned with? I think the answer is. Yes, the answer is still. Yes. Now that we know Bryce Harper is not coming back and one of the big reasons for that. Is once Soto go gives he is he comparable to Bryce Harper. Could he's the typically be better than Bryce Harper in twenty nine hundred. And I think that the answer to that could also be yes, we saw how good he was not relatively small sample. It wasn't a full season. But it was it was enough. To know this kid is a is a special talent. But it's sort of the same points that we made about a Kuna the same points. We made about Albee's the book is out on Soto. How does he sort of make the adjustments to the adjustments? But the. Rot talent that we saw from him to go back and watch his highlight reel from twenty eighteen. You're like this is not a kid that came that came up to the big leagues and had a stroke of luck. This is someone that's going to be a special player in this league for many years to come. So I'm interested to see what he's going to look like poised to drop. Dick, km's, no doubt doesn't hit cheapies. That's for sure. Earns. Can I say one nugget on him before Dallas you say yours get in there? So fan graphs has the zips projections for two thousand nineteen up Mike trout, obviously, the clear number one in terms of weighted on base average. Right. Do you wanna know who they have is number two in all of baseball in wilda make it tasty on soda. Trout one Soto. Harper Jose Ramirez, JD Martinez. Aaron judge Christian yellow Mookie Betts FREDDY Freeman. Number two. He's one of only two players projected have an a woah above four hundred. Which is I mean, whether or not it happens. The fact that the stats are telling us, it might be possible as fucking crazy given where he was at when we were recording this equipment podcast entering twenty team. That was not only tasty that was so tasty. So to it's. A workshop. Yet. You know, what I'm going to take it back to the mound. I do Jay. I'm sorry as our as a resident as a resident pitcher, I appreciate your takes. But I don't mean to steal your thunder. No, not at all. It's about Corbin Sanches. That's what it's about. I think is can these guys take pressure off of max and straws who I think we have all understood income come do, except there's probably going to be a physical delay at some point in time. There's going to be something that needs paid attention to. And when that's the case they have the guys who were like Tannen Rourke hundred eighty plus any type guys to to whether those storm can these guys be those guys can they help the the elite arm of the NFL Baxter's are can mail. I believe they can. I'm excited to see it. Because I mean, Jeremy hillocks is also a guy who what he was hurt last. You got hurt with a wrist wrist, Johnny or something like that something's wrong with his wrist. But he threw the ball well through the ball decent. So I feel like with the addition of Corbin, Sanches, sure. So I'm going to piggyback off that because mine was also on a ball Sanchez. I mean, I just think it's he is inherently fascinating in that. It looked like he was out of almost out of baseball, and then is like eight somewhat desirable free agent commodity this off season like he had to he had to take a deal. Nobody wanted him last year. And now you went through a twenty eighteen season where he posted his highest strikeout rate highest swinging strike rate since twenty thirteen his highest ground ball rate is highest or his best home run rate and is best v since two thousand fourteen and he made it an approach change way. Fewer fastballs because as the league velocity overall wind up anabol- Sanchez's fastball velocity went down. And I'm not saying that's why he made the choice, but it logically it holds up and he drastically reducing reduced his foresee matuzici fastball use and increased his changeup us. So I'm interested to see like whether that's a change that can sustain itself. Like is that an approach it's going to lead to continued success? The stats would suggest that it does. But but I think he's fascinating in a rotation full of high level arms. This one's gonna be interesting. The Philadelphia Phillies not much going on here. Yeah. Not a whole lot to pay attention to you in twenty nineteen with the Phillies. We can move it right along to a team. That is interesting. The marlins. I feel like if if we're talking about the Phillies all three of us could pick something different. We're going to leave something off the table that should be talked about which. Yeah. Your. Let's switch up the order. Jay, go first, Nick Panetta. Okay. So I didn't take the low food. I guess, but we all free probably tried to do the same thing as well. I mean, we've talked plenty about Harper. Everybody knows JT Muto's good, whatever. Nick Pavetti to me. He's the most fascinating guy in the rotation because we know Aaron Nola is a stud, and I think with all due respect it Dallas. I think Jake Arrieta has settled into the number three number four zone of his career. And I think Nick Pavetti is kind of the swing pitcher like he he could be the number two on the staff in my opinion, yet a four seven seventy are a not very impressive last year. But if you look at his fifth it dropped from four eight seven two three eight zero which is not only much better. But obviously huge gap between that and Ziara. He raised his K rate and lowered his walk rate, which is a desirable combo to do. And if you look at his overall strikeout rate it was the thirteenth. Care rate for any qualified starter in baseball last year, yet a better strikeout rate than Aaron Nola and a better strikeout rate than Corey kluber to give you some perspective. So there there's like he's an unfinished product, but the pieces are there for him to develop into, you know, maybe like a lot of people clamor for them to sign. Dow kaikal he could be kind of like the number two number three that Kyko would have provided and he's already in house. I'm fascinated to see what his looks like. I know that when we when we came up on the Phillies, if you're Phillies fan you like all right talk to me about some of these new guys that are coming in talk about a guy that was there last year. Skains? Oh, yeah. The secto stinger going to talk about race Hoskins because I think that we still haven't seen how good this guy can be. I think now like if you sort of look at the middle of that order you got Bryce Harper hitting third. You have Hoskins hitting fourth JT hitting fifth behind him. That is a meaty middle of the orders. So he's got protection behind them. He's got Harper in front of him. What do you thirty forty doubles last year? Thirty five homers around there. Have we seen the best of Reese Hoskins? No, we have not. And does having guys like Bryce Harper in JT real Mutoko Eiffel tower in him in the middle of the Phillies. Batting order does that make him does that put him in a better position to have that breakout? Sees I mean, it's like you can talk about breakout season is his major league debut was a breakout. I mean, he was hitting home runs at a historic pace. So now, if we changed the entire dynamic of this Phillies lineup are we in a prime position to see a monster season from Reese Hoskins think the answer that question is. Yes, I like the answer to that question. Love it kids. A fucking stud start I have to go a little different route here, you guys have touched on some some just absolute some, no doubt. There's these guys are going to be great. I believe this individual paired with some other individuals that were added to the stale near in the in the bullpen. I'm talking about sir rant than eight Dominquez. That's what I'm talking about. Jay. Do that. That guy was so good for my fantasy teams last year. He's just he's disgusting. These disgusting. David robertson. We know what he can do Sarangani Dominquez is gonna is gonna be a big part of what David Robertson can this bull pin? Specifically is going to be a big part of what the Philadelphia Phillies can do for reasons that Jay mentioned because you've got Nick Pavetti sort of circling the lagging on rotation slots in terms of bumping up ahead of an area. Who as you said Jay is settling into that back in mid back in rotation. Sort of presence been Alaska's we're gonna see how he bounces back or not bounce back. But fuck the do got smoked in the arm by the by the liner. So. This rotation has got some as has definitely got some fire to it. I think that when it doesn't that Bo pit is going to be called on is going to be relied upon guys like Morgan Ray Rama's, but Sarangani Dominquez trying to think if I wrote anything down on him. Yeah. Eleven and a half k per nine sub one whip nine three one whip last year over three to one k to walk. If dating seventy four punches he keeps the ball on the art as well in the crackerjack that is. That is what is that citizens Bank? Or whatever the hell it's called. What's a Phillies? Join called says this Bank citizens Bank park beautiful park. It is never been homers four homers. So that's a guy that I that I pay attention to he's filthy, and he's a pivotal. He's in a pivotal role in that Bokan. Okay. That's. That's the Phillies still left a lot on the table there. No mention of Andrew mccutchen probably gonna be the lead off hitter over there. The Mets the Mets Dallas. Why don't you start? Oh, meet the Mets step. Okay. What's going on at first base with the New York Mets the kid who's have a hell of a spring Pete Alonzo? But they got dominant Brown has well, excuse me. Dumb at Smith Smith. Sorry. Take a look at these numbers here. Dominic Smith over three hundred thirty two plate appearances at the big league level is slash line is to ten to fifty nine four zero six with a sixty five o PS fourteen homers. Ninety six punch outs. Eighteen walks last year and three Pete Alonzo slashed to eighty five three ninety five five seventy nine for collective opium of nine seventy five. Between two and three eight thirty six home runs. I just end they're both young. They're both young guys. So I'm just interested. This isn't a I think one guy's better than the other necessarily. I guess I'm just interested because the Mets I'm tired of talking about the puck and Mets pitching staff. Zach wheelers had agreed spring. He's throwing the ball. Well, he had a great year last year. Like, I love to see what this. What this this situation on volts or how the situation unfolds? Michael conforto. Love it. Michael Conforto last year. I want to say when we did the previews for last year. I want to say I talked about Conforto. Maybe taking a next step. And then obviously, there's the injury circumstances. We didn't even know if he was going to be able to come back pretty serious stuff injury wise with Conforto, but we are two years removed from Conforto playing in one hundred nine games four hundred forty plate appearances a nine thirty nine Opie s in all star selection in two thousand seventeen obviously last year went the way that it went. I think we can sort of pinpoint injury. As a main reason, why would love love love to see a bounce back season from Conforto because he is that good. And if he's one hundred percent healthy. There's no reason to believe why we can't see another north of nine hundred season from confer. Although he should be. Now, the David Wright has has written off into the sunset. No reason. Why kid for can't be the new face of that Mets franchise? I agree, man. I think he's the best. I think him being the best offensive player on that team is they're formula for success. And to your point about the nature of last season. Two fifteen three thirty nine three sixty slash line through July eleventh to seventy two three sixty five thirty seven over his final three hundred eight plate appearances. So I think there's a lot of reason for MS and there he was my pick to hell. Yeah. That couple starting nine guys just lining the Marlins. The fuck in Marlins are we are we is let me just before I can pick something. But before we sort of getting to that is is there anyone here on this panel. Who is even mildly enthused about something that's going to be going on in Miami this year don't fake it. Be honest. Yes, I am. If Curtis Granderson can stick around or is sticking around. I wanna see the impact that he has on Lewis Brinson given literally going to be leading off this year who Curtis Granderson. I would imagine he would be leading off for the Marlins why? Because Lewis Brinson is is I mean, look, the dudes athlete, and I think I think that is at least a storyline to pay attention to if you're a Marlins fan because you're going to get a taste of Granderson as a player, you're going to get a taste and sure whatever on the backside of his career, but the human being that is Grandy is a treat, and it's an honor to be around. So how can he help shape? Lewis Brinson as a player that's about it. That's what I mean. For me for me. I'll follow that up naturally because my guy was Lewis Brinson one ninety nine to forty three thirty eight in four hundred and six plate appearances list that last few that came with a really crisp one hundred twenty two seventeen strikeout-to-walk ratio. This is a guy with an eight forty eight oh PS over twenty four hundred plate appearances in the minor leagues. And we I think we can all intellectually understand why the Stanton trade happened for the Marlins to get rid of all that money. But the reason the yellow the reason the yelich trade happened was because they wanted to infuse their team nominally with young assets that were controllable they need Lewis Brinson to pan out to justify the Christian yelich trade, especially now that he's coming off and MVP, and obviously there's a lot of physical tools with Brinson and a strong defensive center fielder. So you don't even need him to break out offense to a huge degree. But they need to take a significant step from what he did last year. He's just gotta be better than this. There's only one player in baseball. All who had a lower waited runs created plus. Tuck. Was fifty six. Chris davis. That was Chris Davis. So. That's that goes for me. I'm gonna I'm curious to see what team Starling Castro straighted into. There's going to be a team that at some point needs a middle. Infielder, Starling Castro is probably your guy. So I'm I'm really looking forward to seeing what team wants Starling Castro to save him from the grips of the Miami Marlins. Who does the stop say sterling Castro ins backup in Anaheim angels uniform? That would be super exciting. Hey, Dallas filming right now. Why don't you the grounds crew would love to know what the good folks over at lumber Lindor doing for baseball fans out there? Some pretty unique gifts that we've received. Actually, it's displayed right in front of my not to brag seventy five inch TV. That's on my wall. Lumber land is changing the game right now. Yeah. These these dudes are dialed in Garib abyss diet the fucking. I've got multiple cubs from these dudes one let's be real I purchased some on my own before he ever even met these forever, even knew them. But they are they're doing magical stuff with baseball memorabilia bat specifically, obviously, they turn your favorite bat into a beverage holder book and Cup keeps it nice and frothy. There also doing great shift these signature series. They got one for our boy Longo players signature series. They're putting their faces on the mugs, mugs on mugs. Folks. Lumber land that's l u m b R L E in D, lumber go get these fucking mugs in your mug. Outstanding. Interview with Evan longoria. Of course is brought to you by lumber Lind. The here you go. Evan longoria of the San Francisco Giants, we'll see. Longoria all of these different. Cisco giants. Let's let's let's start there. But what is it like now having played for the Tampa Bay rays, and we all know, what what you know, what it might be like raise. What's it like to play for the fan base that shows? I would say what is my second interview session. Whatever you wanna call it with the borstal crew. And you guys are off to a better star. Because Portnoy called it the Tampa Bay Devil Rays. He doesn't over. Yeah. But did you score was if you didn't do a decimal point if you don't like a seven that's risk? Oh, no. I get with this. I pretty sure give six point nine. Like, I I rated it really high. What she was just wearing. Me for that. It was pretty pizza, and he actually gave it I think pretty good review too. But yeah, I think I gave it anyways. Yeah. We're so word you guys are off to better start. It's it's great, man. Like Tito, San Francisco's obviously completely completely different than than Tampa in pretty much every aspect big city big faster pace outdoor ball. Or like anything? You can name is just different buffet Headley Hagley at beta bay, but it was fun. Last year was tough. You know that year was cut in half basically with a broken hand. Just at that point. It was like I felt like I was getting my feet underneath me. And then I you know offered a month and a half. But this year like I will say I thought I was going to be comfortable coming into spring last year off move live here, you know, those going to be easy, and it was a lot. So for the next decade. So this year's like a lot like nobody wants to talk to me. Now, like, I'm cool. I really don't have media care. You know, it's like not that. They don't care. They don't wanna talk to you every day. They don't ask me how you know. It was touch the dirt as a giant first time, whatever. So it's big. What was that? Like because there's a lot of history. I grew up grew up in California grove Stockton grew giants fan. So I appreciate the history of the game the ballpark and all that should candlestick to AT and T Pat Bill out its four core own whatever the hell you, but you see some of those greats walking around because you yourself when we look at the Tampa raised him the reason we look at that roster. The history, you are verbally entrenched in the history and the start of of that organization. Transition hop about this bail over here on the west side. And now you've got folks like Willie Mack that guys like we'll just the list. Barry list goes on and on. What was that like kind of jumping into that kind of? It's it's cool. It's it's it's really cool. I mean, you know guts like you said varies at the park quite a bit of Willie Mack was around a lot last year and Willie Mae. As they're pretty much on a daily basis to and so you got guys like that will Clark said coming and going, and it's completely different vitamin, you know, I'm definitely proud of everything that I did in in Tampa. But you know, you're talking about twenty, you know, twenty two year, whatever, you know, twenty. Twenty two year history. And I was there for almost half of you know, to go to place where you know, got one of the original teams that you know, it's been around for a hundred years. And so it's it's definitely there's a different field the clubhouse. There's different Bora. Like, it's you know, stuff that friend shake did you shake not a Sabang Garner's hand BUSTER, Posey's hand were they like still sort of that back a little I feel like unless you like it. I don't know. Let's use like a lady to you. Baby doesn't give you that day. He's not that way. He's not that way at all. But he like yell site will kind of has push this big stored just farm like looking at fuck chopped retreat. And he probably will like if you you know, you don't wanna cross that guys out on that. But no, he he's, you know, he's a he curates that image. Really? Well, sure. And it's you know, I think it's a it's a part. Him like it's his what he does. And it's really what works for him. So he's going to be around man super competitive. Like, these guys, you know, they've had a ton of success. They've really done something that, you know, the last thing to do was really probably the, you know, the nineties Janke ninety thousand Yankees, and and, you know, their dominance that that they've shown is he's a huge part of Basra's huge part of it like those cool coming in, you know, being with those guys for the first year. Did you know that Madison Bumgarner girlfriend made mess Bumgarner? I heard that is real pretty sure real probably not going to be the one to ask. Know, I'm not bringing that up. Yeah. Care, though. So you're talking about the history, you know, talking about the giants in the raise and say say the giants or the World Series this year, and they would have guys like Willie McCovey a back door to first pitch vary bonds come back to throw the first before World Series two thousand eight when they're going to the wealth for all time race games today as it. You say you're an all time. Great ray. You mean like two other nineteen like they went to the World Series during the two when you were in the world. You're not gonna take real balls, which we. I can't even like we have. Getting it's too. Obviously feels like it was. We'll talk in rocky. No, he's on the team. But yeah, it was like. I mean that time period of mind. So like it went so fast and rig years. Like, I do anything like tend to forget a lot of it because you're like pretty focused like internal, you know, it's it's tough to like get like extra linked to really like so everything in when you're just trying to like get yourself in the place where you compete every day, and as a rookie man, you're just trying to grind your off till I get, you know, just a plate well that it's it's really tough to like so Paul in. So every time I see Videotime time. Well, we can totally understand you wanting to bottle up those memories in bottle up those feelings which huddle leads me to this point here. Folks, a lumber and cope I've been nice enough to provide our man longoria with a signature series lovling bug. I showed you earlier they put your focus mode. If you're on a Moke is own buck. Remember that books. If you're looking to get this taken care of yourselves. They are completely sealed on the inside and out making them. 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Get your seizure today. So I saw you there. You're admiring your signature when did you start going from like learning cursive to this is going to autograph someday? When did you know that that was an early early early straight Warren? I think the first time I actually signed a baseball or like signed anything was probably played in a cave league. When I was. Julia chattel as it was awesome. We'll probably one of the best summer I've ever had Beijing via the first time while somebody really like wants smiled aggressor. I what better serving what it looks like I would back now like that's a holder signature. That's it's not that old. But this I mean, this is probably you know, three or four years old every year finally presented signature of by the crafts. It's pro. I mean, yeah line is Salat just was terrible. But I mean, you know, there's gotta sign so many balls than like after why just got tired of looking at like a really shitty autograph. Yeah. And I was like, oh, maybe I should just sit down and just practice writing it out what I wanted to look like, so so I gotta ask you this. Because there's some people think about. Stop and sign autographs do guys don't I picking up twenty cents pride in your pavement ship people put this on a mantle maybe next to a crib of of some sorts. They're gonna want to look nice. You've taken note of that. So is there anything to like, you know, what you pick and choose when you guys can sign on schedule type, you guys are aid that should do. But there's also a sense of pride behind this. You're not just going to slap some shit up for fifty people in a row and booby. Yeah. I mean, I the main the main thing for me with the autograph is I wanted people to be able to read in joy like as as a kid like I probably had a couple of autographs degree autographs back. I don't even remember who that new was a. Because if you don't read a number on, it, you don't really know, you know, so I at least wanted to eat in the L and some of you know, few other letters to be semi legible. So they all year long. Got to be a long you want to take a trip down memory lane right now. Yeah. I don't know what you're heavy sign about this for me. I love. Hasn't shown me. What's the pop up? So. Yeah, I. We don't have any space literally nights of my life gave one sixty two and twenty seven. I was in Baltimore. You're in Tampa. We're gonna pull up the video, and we're gonna we're gonna relive this together. Because just wasn't a tiled long night. Yes. It was. All right. All right. I'll let you control here. I think the scenario was the Red Sox one of the rage wonder you one. Yes. Yeah. He'll share grants. Shared wrestling to expand turns around seventy seven. And this game is thinking about this game. Is it didn't meet gate. No they were already in. And so that's the that's the off. Thing that might think helped us big us guys out really didn't really go to their horses like late in the game. I mean, they still he still played it pretty straight. Like, it wasn't like just cable. They weren't send. She'll kid. I'm sure that they should get. What to? Jay hardy dropping tick. Shaven meeting. Kimball up news rerun take thirty the scores. Three in the eighth Longo step. So and drops dick who side free. Ron Johnson brings with in one. Yes. Story. There is a story after. But. Victory. I won't say the guy the guy was, but we had a guy like basically fully cats in the locker like he's ready to go home like in the sixth inning. You know? And he was like saying bide every black. You know? Thank you like what a great year. You know? It's been been also our trainers eight man, you gotta get your arm exercise like we're gonna win this game. And it's like come on. You know, we're down we're down. We're down five. Yeah. Yeah. Obviously ending. But yeah. Three ships six point. Six thinking if that point we got this where within straightness interest that we mean, we have a lot of. We had a lot going for us. Right. I mean, and there were some people that had left the stadium of by and large. I mean, it felt like a good majority of the people are still there. So when we started like client back, including back it just yeah. Felt like there was a lot of momentum. At this point, just like. Have those went into pitch rotors? Yeah. But putting defense your owner three. Jerod bottle hundred nine. A year last game of the year three to Red Sox to two strikes, and and there's a double in the gap. Now, we get a tiger. And that was like, I don't even know what I'm still fucking. He had nothing to gain from the no Buck Showalter is the heaviest miniature that history of. Indeed proffered you have to catch that a lazy ass Wally pumped grove home ballgame over so now, so so they're celebrating like they just won the World Series. They will probably like sixty seven games out of first place at that point. We turn. Your point is this is like a historic night in the Red Sox. That's the last appearance of the last time. Tim Wakefield Jason Varitek all those guys. They're Red Sox career. You ended the Red Sox? Chris. It's pretty good grew today. Tito's last last. Decorate your deck with that happens. You guys don't building the CEO's. Last night is Red Sox you here. You're touching. Blood out of that. Buddy. He'll just have your second the game. You hit a crucial crucial ball to bring did one earlier in the eighth inning two. And now here you are here in pulled a hand, stay in soy. I didn't think I don't know that I had hit that gave me. I don't remember what I did. But I I was like hopefully to that overture three coming into that that second last AB eighth been over three point. And you know, you're not like to this. We're getting smashed. I haven't got it here. Right. You know, like it's all about the at this point. And so you're gonna do something big. Or are you thinking your head like guy really out one-shot your call? I was like, I'm I'm like, I don't wanna be the guy get out like just get hit over like, I'm ready to just get broken leader. And same thing. Do you remember basis? Like what I've watched them. Like, I try to think back like, hey, what was like? What was like? Thank you. I was I felt like I was running so fast to get home via it was. I mean, if sick sick party after to too. Two was actually your that. I met my wife. So she was in town for that. What she was future wife we been kinda dating for like most of the year. So she was in town better out a bunch of girlfriends. It was a pretty good night. It's called with on. She saw the show. Done done. I mean, when you think back on your career to this point was that the number one moment for you. I mean, probably personally like selfishly. I mean. Yeah, it was it was. Obviously a huge moment for me played in the World Series is the I mean do the game seven at home against the Red Sox in two thousand eight was sick, right. Try got I got hit up LeicesteR that game to tie the game or go ahead late use pitching, Jim. I think it was one to one or you know, whatever it was. But like that was like emotionally looked tougher than two thousand eleven because we we were up and then we've lost that game five at Boston that we were up four or five row news, seventy nothing seven. Yeah. We just. Yeah. So that was like we're getting ready to go the World Series now. Now, we just lost the game. We like, you know, I'm thinking back to like when the Red Sox came back from three nothing, you know, won the World Series. I'm like damn this is not the police. You wanted to do not want to do that in Fenway park. Because everybody's just going berserk. And like the next day. You know, we played another game there. I think and we went back for game seven lost the next game. What do you think thinking early? We can win this game. But like all the momentum is on their side. So that twin nineteen was crazy play the World Series. I think the memories for like his probably over all of this. What we're not quite to the offramp yet off of memory lane about one exit away. I'm gonna go grab a piece of paper. And I just wanna say shit ever. I just wanna say the next file. No, I forgot I'm not terribly proud. This is five. Brought to how this is gonna unfold here. I just there's some things I've got a ton of respect for us player. Man. I having been compete against you things that I always I will remember, luckily, we have the internet remembers things that might might not always have a piece of paper because we've been talking about big hits that you've gotten throughout your air this inches literally every day. But you know, what I'm gonna let it do it. Because I mean, how many how many has been? I don't know that you know, what we're talking about. So we're number was your tell us. That's what's he got a personal calendar. So she's souls just something we found it was will lame guy. Who's at a local? That's not even the same guy. Right. Local store here that flat. Even you your name gonna be able to tell your kids. That's you. That's looking out. There was a time in the game of Longo here. And it's mother's day. Kind enough to actually put the score card on the back of this. And I want you to take notice longoria hitting plead up out of the at the time the most powerful offense of gauntlet in baseball at the time that you're so it's the fifth inning Longo. If you can't I'm not a Senate, Kate. Plus, it's a punching go down swinging swinging. Get you. Here is you'll snack. The numbers you remember numbers of yourself. Okay. All right. I did. And. If you know how many set once you have. Not a lot. I do want to get one of that. Healing. Wanna get you? What you have what sack hit for one sec bunt before they do. You know, how many? Facing? More than sack loans, but you're actually talk you have tied one. Which leads me back to that in the fifth inning. Because I get asked obviously wouldn't all tried to bust. Ever the game was close. Yes. Absolutely. We teaching you go back to the game was 'cause I do 'cause I've been asked about this. Honestly, that's the only reason I find it even brought this up is because for nothing. So you nothing threat you square to bunt that I remember laughing because I'm thinking what the phone really right out. Like, why don't you want? You target. I was having a decent. But uh. So they asked me like when do you realize when do you whatever? And I'm like what nothing and you can attest. This nothing was any different that day than anytime. I'd base your prime. But I was on the sun with brighter, see nature cheered told up connected with earth until you for. Good that they've really perfect. But for the good swing on a ball the whole game. I would have been I wouldn't be furious. And here's why not because of the bunt and unwritten rule and all that. No, not not at all. Like, I guy who believes competitive wise, the best time to step on a neck is win his down like going. That's the easiest that's the best way to put you on your misery here to fucking help you alone. So, but you swear peaking this. I did too. Here. We are what would have happened like in your head. If you get the down because I know I would've thought I would've been I would've been okay, it's fucking fitting. There was a fifth. Never thought it just you know, I never thought of plead game up into that. I never seen the ninth inning of get to that point. So no fucking idea what to expect. But let's say you get that bugged down. Just eating change as far as yes. Yes. Like do yet. I mean, I mean you've had hit somebody s yet your career whatever. I mean there is like especially close game. Like, there is a significant change in mind said with offense when you get your first thing, you know, what I mean like there's so what we're star had hit. I hit. I that. So you don't think it? All right. Well, we're down three right here. Like, I'm leading off. Like, nobody's putting swing ball. Like, I'm trying to get on, you know, lead off and get something going. But I'm just like I think if we haven't got a hidden six innings, and it's a close game. And somebody finally gets a hit like you're like, all right? Well, we can we can go. Now, you know. But when you go up there Nobis gotta hit in in Nobis putting swing all. You're you're a lot more tense chirp. You know? I just wanted to make sure I got a question for you. But Dallas for ask question. But you your most sick sick sick? What number was somebody? There's been twenty twenty three hundred pretty good during the perfect was their point during the perfect gamer after the perfect game. Where you or anyone else publishers like, I can't believe that fucking that asshole. Because he wasn't actually good. Back. Well. Or actually I actually fake. At the. I can't remember I we got perfect game by Mark Burleigh to gay and I don't even a third one. But it was a no hitter. I think at the time I at the time of the career what I don't remember what you're his wasn't what you know. Here's I think his was the year before like. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, I know because we already been perfect by him. So I was like oh early probably. Shoot. Consider. Yeah. I mean, no like, I mean just had a great day this fucking face and be like this asshole through perfect game against us. But the strong Goater play. Rescuer the arm to their believed it four Bill. That's very. I I just wanted to I wanted to take you back down that that little if it was if it was like a one time thing for me out have been pissed, but I'm like already like perfect gave here is not a big deal. I got to be like a trivia question later. I mean, I've been a part of three I've gotten perfect three times was he looks Felix. Oh shit douse rating and more early and no hit twice as they don't part of one no hitter cigars at through. No hitter through the no we got no hit by Edwin Jackson hundred forty and we got hit by somebody else to. I got a Basit break-up Brennan Moro's, no hitter. It two strikes to outs nights. Rondo. Yes. That was. Was she got hit won't play by somebody else to. I mean, like, what's it gonna sation like in fucking it? Is it just the mentality of the losses a loss? Yeah. Yeah. I mean, again, it's embarrassing. It's embarrassing as an offense. But then again, I mean. It only happens every so often, and like what a lot of things have to happen, right? Like the day that we got perfect game by future end is he was unbelievable flake. She was just like his stuff was just better than you know, like Dallas game. Like, he he pitched, you know, like he was he was here here. He executed all of his symphony more early. You know, like I felt like on that day. He was really good on Felix's day. He was just special, you know, like he could have gone out there and thrown all of his pitches around the plate and still nobody would have hit the oh his stuff was. So elect glad you said that because there is a massive difference. And I don't like it all I don't like to talk about this shit because I know my place, and I know that when you face it. I'm glad you said that because a guy like Felix, I believe that kind of stuff is reserved for it even Burley the precision, talking surgical type execution tonight. Who's you know, maybe has an idea these are fucking search. It's felix. That's just a that's just. So I got a question for you that I I've been curious for why Britain invited to a couple of times. But the contract that you signed with Tampa one of the most team friendly deals of all time the first one yet. Yes. Yeah. Do you look back at that? Because obviously what you're doing. I want the security. Do you back at that? And say if I just roll the dice guy could've done dull that. You don't. I don't I mean, again, I son the second contract, and I got paid when I thought it was worth you that point. So I can't really can't really life. If if I never signed that same contract, maybe have a different answer put at the same time. You know, anything can happen, man. Like, that's what that's what I was looking at was if like into the end of this contract in everything goes, right? I'm gonna get another one. You know, if I get to the end of this contract and nothing goes, right? Then I'm going to be forty five million dollars richer, and I'll have nine years in the big leagues. You know what I mean? So there was a win win in that, you know, twenty two year old brain of mine that's time basically never played a day in the big leagues. And and I kept telling myself you're after year, like if I perform I will get another contract at some point. I was just trying to like outplay my contract every year, then so fucking refreshing to hear and I'm glad that you're able to say that because I hate the. Idea. And I hate the notion I balk at daily when I hear, oh, you're not what are your free to bet on yourself or you're not worried about the other guys who are coming behind you trying to solidify secure their bag as well. It's like look man you ever send the perspective one of securing the bag for the family, and my family's future to like, you know, retail right now, this is the first time we really sat on chop it up like this. But you're dude who look you pay me. And now, I can go to work. Yeah. Not pay me in Alec rest on my laurels. You pay me now like build and create the Evan longoria. Who's gonna get breaded chicken titties next? Yes. So I didn't I was like the the. You know, and some guys some guys need that motivation. Right. Like guys wanna play year. Let some guys want to. I mean, everybody wants a term deal. Let's not, you know, get away from that fact, brought some guys you don't want to have that two or three years of arbitration to get two free agency because they want that to drive them to get there. And they wanna see what they can get for me. It wasn't going to change the way. I played the game. It wasn't gonna change my perspective. But I I'm always been like, I'm a little more risky now. But as as a young guy like never had money anything, you know. So I was like offer me like polish one taking right? Oh, so. And I just figured out down the line. If I play will be good who's your favorite team? Probably air Kinski. I heard include but for cliff. Uncle podcasts here. Oh, yeah. They was big Brown. I. Can brown. Do you will? So here we had cliff Lloyd on podcast before we asked him. Give us like Ricky Henderson story. Why don't you give us a clue? Again that year man might rookie year. Like, I was like probably doing way too much partying and like. Enjoying. That's the big league. To remember half the. A lot of it was with cliff man, I hung out with seriously. Like, those guys taught me, you know, they they taught me how to respect the game. They taught me how to like respect the clubhouse guys and everybody around. And and and they were really really good veteran leaders, and they embrace my friends too. I remember like, you know, I don't remember the whole story. But I would even if I did I wouldn't tell you the whole story. I I remember, you know, I had a couple of buddies in town, and we had a Dagan the next day in cliff knew wasn't playing we were out pretty late. And I point buddies like wanted to stay out, you know, and and they stayed with cliff cliff like took care of them to show them, you know, took him out whatever like let him stay at his house. And like that was for me like all right this school. You know, like he's on there. Like, he's gonna take care of my voice. And and it was awesome. And that's the kind of player, and I know this, and you go this, and I'll say it because maybe you don't need to say, that's the kind of guy. That's getting ran the fuck out of the game. Yeah. Yeah. And that is the impact that dude has in the clubhouse the officers don't even want to be Kim to try to quantify it. They don't even want to begin to try to understand what that dude could do for a young guy. Little wet behind the ears guy named Evan longoria. His rookie year kid out. Look young guys at that point the type like they need so much to our to our date. They've been so much to our game. And they're just being passed over and sent out to pasture tied up in the back. Just don't wanna see I hate soi one. It's tough. When guys can still play the game at high love real like there because there's a lot of guys that are still like, you know, in their in their window to be able to play big bubble. Enter also really teammates that could benefit a team. But but at the same time when guys like, you know, Indra free minutes is really good at this. There's there's a lot of you know, there there's a few GM's at really good at like understanding the value those guys that maybe they don't want. You know, you know, it's thirty five thirty six thirty seven thirty eight year old guy that like understands he's done playing or like, you know, just whatever for whatever reason he's not the gaming board. But they're really good f-. Reading those guys into the staff and. Not like if you're not gonna pay guys to play on the team because you don't feel that they're, you know, they're they're just past their prime their old run over like the numbers still say that that they can play anymore at least half those guys around, you know, because if you go to fall light. Just analytics side being. And again, I'm not you know, you can sail he won about it. I'm not here to bash it because I think some of the information is good for sure I think some of it also doesn't, you know, skew in the in the in the right direction as far as clubhouse chemistry and stuff like that. So yeah, just having those guys around on staff is is really beneficial as well. I'm at trust and a huge. I am numbers. I pay attention to inst- because I have the stuff all of you, whatever just think that you know, what today might not Saks gonna take care of this. Who would not do that? So I was looking for every ended up top of the way the game is changing play a little game. Fuck Mary kill with the actually. We've got the universal D H. Three better biddable. And the pitch clock. Gotta fuck Mary killed. Logically. I would I would probably like to. Makes sense. I would probably like to fuck. The universal is for year June. Psyches? That's like you married university million universal eight Trevor this really if you okay, we'll then I would marry the university because I think I think it's a good thing. You know, I think that you know, it's one of the keys to attracting a younger generation. Maybe it's not the whole peace. But I think it will. You know, it's like you only hear the traditionalist chime on that. But then the younger generation, they don't care to chime on it because they don't they're not as focused on the rules of the game yet, you know. But so I think it would be a good thing. You know what I mean? Like, you got there's a lot of people are like hat's. How would you want that? We love the way the game. I get it. But you also want see billion years and homers and like all that. So that would be that some little you would Bank like you can do it. Yeah. I just heard the the three better minimum would be the the fuck, I guess because I. I think that it would be super beneficial for hitters, and so that's why skew that we're, but and you know, I mean, if you if you're left handed reliever, and you've got you know, to let these a righty, but the left is is are the right? He is the guy that you're worried about and you gotta bring those left lefties in that guy like as a right hander. I'm standing between those guys like I'm looking towards that option to that guy. So that's that's that's why. And I think it, you know, so that's what you all by hand. Yeah. I mean, they're everybody would find a way to get around. And then what was what was the other one vendor killing the kitchen? Yeah. Yeah, killing I mean, listen everybody when you go to a game, you know lately. Like, I don't go to a hockey game or basketball game, whatever. And then I'm like looking at my watch mannequin, you know, this game's over two hours. Like, I I need to get out of here. You know, like I go to a game to watch a game. Like, however long it is and. And like and like also nobody's like holding you in your seat. Right. Like you come to the game. You say as long as you want. Then you lied juice shit. Yeah. I mean, so I just don't in part of my argument on that is a lot of the gate. A lot of the reason that the game has gotten longer it's because of television. You know, that's a simple fact like have ads we have you know there. There's breaks specifically for that. Have you been at the dish? Where the entire is telling the ready yet hold on looking at his watch, whatever. So. But yeah, I mean the the pitch clock. I think again. We would have you know, if we had to you guys find a way to to what it vice would twenty nineteen. Evan longoria, gifted two thousand eight. Time. You know, I enjoyed my time as a rookie. But yeah, I always like, it's, you know, it's it's hard like to to talk to young guys now. And like, of course, I'm gonna tell them party every night, you know, like that's ever do that. But I mean, I so much fun. My rookie year that life. You don't want to get you get one of those man like not even just from like a party perspective from like a passing baseball. No, no. I mean, I always like, I'm a big like routine guy, you know. So like, that's what his key and those guys like Erick really helped me with with my routine. And so, you know, it guide like I always feel guys like latch onto somebody man. Like, if you whoever it is that you like what you know, you like followed in, you know, when you're in the minor leagues coming up, whoever it is that you want to be like or you see yourself turning into or whatever like latch onto that guy. See what he does. You know, if that guy's me like, hey, I'm here to help you, you know, like, all do whatever whatever I need to do to help you get to where you want to be so. Yeah. Just just and and, you know, don't talk too much. Just listen, I did a lot of listening and a lot of watching and. Yeah. And that's that's. Now this the final season for Bruce Bochy. What's it like to have gotten to play for both? Joe madden. Bruce Bochy to the best managers in the game. It's it's it's a lot different trust your styles. Van pretty pretty drastic difference is invoked Boches will get only played for one year so far. So it's it's not like I say easy bowl or like, he's chains or whatever. But in this is not a knock on on any of the other two managers. I play for both. You bet. He is really really good game. Play really good in game. I I try to sit there sometimes in like fake along with the situation and like. Before like if I'm in the field. You know, what I'm like, oh, we should have like this guy ready, or like, you know, look who's coming up like guys are already the guy's house. Thinking are already getting read, you know, like the guys that like should potentially be pitching in certain situations. Like, they're already like down there with their home at like ready to go, you know. So he's he's, you know, just master when it comes to like that that sort of thing Joe, Joe is amazing alike. Rallying the dudes like players manager. We're stays out of the way Joe tries to like incorporate the group that's as much as he can't even clubhouse. So. You know, there's no one answered who's who's better just to? Yeah. Yeah. Take me through the James shields. Cocoa. Chris crawl your beverage. You don't even remember what it was about. I think there's like a hard science. I conveys someone got hit. And then it was just. Yeah. That's like the old school baseball hat. I don't think that any. I saw CoCo charging way. Honestly, I think like we just thought like side note. Coco is a multiple time boxer yet gold glove. That's why just like Edward ended up thirteenth, bro. I just on that situations. Like, all right. We'll it, you know, sometimes it's like understood like he's getting hit whatever like new. So nobody was like all right? Like as soon as nobody was ready to go to the mountain like sometimes when you know like it's gonna happen. Like, you are already like creeping in just like looks like he's ready to go with so like under control that like, you know, he kind of took that like sidestep, and then he liked to off and nobody even saw coming. He said, I'm not trying to tap. I had to sell yet selling sold the two is the in a situation like that. When when it's an eye for an eye in no disrespect to kogo. I love cocoa. But you usually get the best guy. Go wasn't the best guy. So for him. It was I hear the game or something or like sitter the second inning or that. Yeah. For him to to make that decision right then and there already had to make. I think something might have happened where like he likes spike, someone that he wanted heart at second base. It was it was it was him. It was related to think. So. Yeah, I think it was I think he'd already been hit before. Discuss. Yeah. Probably. Oh, he met him for well just on on the field. Really not like never talk to. We'll be spending time with this one question that we asked everyone of our guest is if you could jump in hot tub time machine and take yourself back to any boat in baseball history and fair witness. What would it be it? Why feel like we gotta listen like five or six games that you probably don't wanna go to wait, you of my career any any like, you go back to like, you know, you or sitting next to Abner when he's like, hey, we think about this baseball. Man. I feel like one of the most. What most like? Maybe I could start seeing awfully punishable Neil. Just that I think would be cool. But. Over here saying it's insane. Bush. Angels of interior group. Easier for us to get angel stadium for where I grew up. So. I mean, probably like. Like, I feel like I'm gonna get one answer. That's. You got to thrill belter. No. I mean, I was loved to see like the play. I think that you know, any any game. The for part took it would be would be amazing. I think like probably win Hank. Aaron broke the home run record. You'll bring for shirt, Babe Ruth home run record. Any people run on the field. Like that throws legs close lighting taught house or you can catch the ball. Yeah. That would be that'd be pretty pretty cool seat. Four. I mean shoot. When freaking coward junior broke the player you go. There you go. You know hired. I feel like those are the was twenty to fifty six or something that was two six three two. Stafford she went three one to drop the banner. So I feel like there's like like small group of games that like. Why don't think will ever see again? Like, I don't think we'll ever see that happen again. Like, I don't think we'll ever see shy play that game though. I don't think we'll ever see. I mean. And again, you know, you got some guys maybe on pace, but the pay like the game is so different now that I don't ever I think that anybody will ever break Pete Rose his record. No, you know. So that game when he wrote that record. I think trans forever. I don't I don't think. Yeah. The fifty six gaming nobody's break. You he faced gown. So so I don't know if you know this I believe, hey, believe Jody faced. Sixty seven pitchers during that fifty six minutes during phase three hundred something just ridiculous. It was double digit pitchers that he faced as opposed to what you got. Another fun. Fact now told me Ted Williams his batting average was higher over that span of dates Jody's was over fifty six give any say. Throw that out there say twenty. Did you take anyone actually hit that red seat filler? Ever stood up. Like, I try to I try to justify that with people like I've been out there. And then I'm like, well, maybe if they only had like seats right here in right here, and they just literally had a wind tunnel light hit it. Right. Rightly see it. It went it. Somehow like got catapulted out. It's six hundred people it is it is literally six hundred feet away. It's a shot. All right. Evan longoria. Thank you so much coming on best of luck to you this season, and we should defecate you ought against. Yeah. For sure Jake. You have with them. Big thanks to Evan longoria. Being part of the spikes up tour taking a trip down memory lane game one sixty two that was gonna stink for a long time. I have fought up. Sure. You did. I'm sure you did. But that game one sixty two trip down memory lane with Emma longoria that is on the starting nine YouTube page. So I think we have like a screen in screen type deal where you can see what we're looking at as we're looking at it. So definitely check that out. 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I can either confirm nor deny that shed. You throw. I can't confirm a missile that I believe is still going. I haven't found he actually did the AL central preview. We'll start off with the defending champs who have zero chance of being knocked off in twenty nineteen the Cleveland Indians J it would be a damn shame. If we didn't start with you. You know, what I'd prefer that? You didn't actually okay come back to me. I will start with myself then. Not dallas. You know what? I'm gonna I'm gonna self-serve here a little bit. I'm interested to see what Hanley Ramirez still hasn't a tank. I am I am. I am I found it so odd that he was released in what may did not sign with another team. According to him now is his preference. And if you're Hanley Ramirez, it's like, yeah. Dude. You're still paying me what twenty million dollars twenty two million dollars? I'm just gonna take the rest of the year off just a little bit -cation. That's very Hanley. All right. I buy that. I kind of figured that. That was it. That was a swan song he's done. He doesn't wanna come back and play baseball. But he did he signed a minor league deal with the Cleveland Indians in one would imagine that he's he's gonna get some ABC's as a D H for the Cleveland Indians who could use some thump, but he's not he's not being dependent upon like, he's the guy. I mean, they still have you know, they have Lind door. They've got kipness. They've got Joe ram like they don't need him to be a middle of the order type bat, he's probably gonna hit like sixth or seventh. And I I wanna know what. Because when Hanley Ramirez has something to prove they're still they're still something in there. Like, there was definitely. So that the Red Sox didn't want that option to vest, which is a probably a main contribute to why they released him in the first place you go back and look at Hanley Ramirez April last season. He was the offense of catalyst of that team. He had a great April. He had a couple bad weeks. And then it gets released that was just the Red Sox. Like, this is our chance to release him because we don't want that option of us. I still think Hanley has some. Left in the tank interested to see what a motivated league, minimum whatever the fuck is making with Cleveland type Hanley looks like I still think that he's got something left. And I and I hope that he proves that. It's a I'm not shocked at that. But it's definitely a respectable. Take deputy respectable thing thing too key on on time out. Oh, we've got a Ken Rosenthal. Tweet. Brewers are talking to free agent closer critic pill. Yeah. Go back resume. The rotation. And it's not about what they're going to do. Because I think we all have come to expect what we've gotten out of that rotation. But because the lineup looks the way it does do we are we prepared because look the Lynn door caffeine. He's a guy who hits from both sides of the plate. So it's not like he can just favor one side of the other and work through this. So things being what they are feet to a baseball player. That's something that, you know. Hey, I open taking care of an out of the way now. So it's not something that lingers. Yup. Yup. That young outfield. I alluded to earlier in the podcast. That's something. That's something. I pay attention to like, you know, what's what's what's shortstop look like without outland door for the long haul. That's a major question is it not Jay. Yes. For the long haul. It's a massive question. I'm not so concerned about it for the the interim of than I just think they've got enough of a gap to kind of provide a little bit of cushion. But I think so in some ways, I agree and I disagree. But to your point like you look at the lineup and we've never seen the Indians closer to a stars and scrubs approach, right? Like there might be years in the past where missing door for three weeks or a month would have been almost not even worth talking about. And now, I think it's never been more of a potential issue because this lineup is incredibly reliant upon Linda or and Ramirez and like okay Carlos Santana is fine. Leonis Martinez fine. But like it falls off so incredibly quickly like if anything happens to endure Ramirez, you are much more vulnerable than you were in pre. Here's -absolutely, and you're also to Jared's point not relying upon but legitimately factoring in some sort of serviceable performance from a guy who was marinate on the beach for the entire Puckett season LeicesteR ship. I mean, I don't wanna say it tongue in cheek because somebody will take me serious. But I mean, the guy's name was starting to surface in like drug cartel shit. Right grubbers. Yeah. It was basically like some dude got pulled over that had drugs in his car and then face timed Hanley to get out of it with the cough, like Haley didn't even know. Like what the fuck? No idea. What's going on my buddy? What did that too? When you do that to me. I told you to get lost. I don't even Mike club Inder. I think we I think we know that the first three guys are aces or number twos. Or however, you want to describe them cleven was the breakout pitcher for the Indians last year. I think even more I mean Bauer was too. But like, I didn't really see Clemens you're coming in the same way. He's improved as Yara and fifth in every season that he's been a major league baseball. The big change for him has been harnessing lowering the walks. He went from twelve percent walk rate to eight percent last year while maintaining that elite strikeout rate. So I'm really interested to see like two hundred innings two hundred strikeouts. Those guys are really rare these days than Mike cleven jer. Did that last not you're not sure how many people really appreciate that? He did that. But to me, he's he's kinda gotta watch. Plus, he's got the long hair and the funky windup. Love club thing is pretty clear that the relationship that he and Bauer have insight some very friendly very healthy competition that they are both benefiting from. So that's a that's a big deal. The Minnesota Twins. I like, yeah. I mean, like there's there's some the twins are it's your sting. The twins are interesting. I feel like they're not a team. Like you have your powerhouses in the American League. There's the Astros Yankees Red Sox. We get all that. But if you look at the Minnesota Twins. I'm intrigued by some of the names that they've added, and I feel like I I'll let you guys go first, and I'll pick up what you don't because they're like I'm looking at scope on looking at Marin Gonzales, I'm looking at Nelson Cruz, like whatever you guys wanna hit on hit on it. And I'll pick up the scraps. We'll I'm looking at guys two of them who I think these guys need to take that next step. Byron Buxton is one of them. Next Keppler us the other. Those guys have got to do it. And I am big fans of both those dudes big pens. I mean Byron talking about a book, and platinum glove, folks, platinum level defender in Byron Buxton, you put that together. You can appreciate Jared. Good. Not -scuse me that would that would be disrespectful. You can appreciate eat elite level defense in centerfield specifically with a bat that at times has left a little more to be desired. I think the same can at least be said for Byron Buxton. So I got a just something something from him. And maybe the addition of guys like Marlin of guys like scope of guys like Nelly help these kids out. I'm excited for Byron Buxton to make this season preview every year until two thousand twenty five. My guy was also max Kepler. Actually, I'm away. I'm optimistic about a breakout for him. Actually, if you look at a lot of the underlying factors about his exit velocity his ball trajectory, all that's his keta walk rate. All of that suggests he should have had a much better season than he did in terms of keta walk rate growth, he may be fourth largest improvement in all of baseball last year, his exit velocity elite elite stuff like Anthony, Rizzo type bad exit velocity. I think max Kepler is a guy will we're going to look back midway through this year or at the end of next year and be like, whoa. That contract extension. He signed is a real bargain for the twins. I'm picking two guys. Sorry about it. Nelson Cruz not what he does in the field. What he does off of it. So I was kind of poking around at twins camp. This is Dallas had a fly home for for baby number two. And we kind of had some time Nelson Cruz, by the way that interview will be airing at some point was really interesting to talk to him about you know, when you talk to a guy that leads the majors in home runs over X amount of years. You wanna talk to that guy about what he does on the field what he doesn't box, but I was more interested because he's in the latter stage of his career, you know, you get signed to come over to this. Minnesota Twins team. I'm sure they're asking you to do specific things to help out the guys around you. I mean, obviously, there takes a lot of preparation both physically and mentally to come into a season in mash forty homers when you're thirty eight years old, but what can you do for some of these younger guys? And without naming names. This was not from Nelson Cruz. This from one of the other guys it was kicking around. It was like, you know, Nellie comes in here, and immediately it's like one of the guy's missus workout in Nellie was all over them. Like that stuff matters. When you have these players that you believe in and maybe they're not putting in one hundred percent effort, preparing for one hundred sixty two games. You have a guy come in like Nelson Cruz, Ben around the block, and he sees one guy skipped his workout one day, and he's all over that asked and their brand new teammates have have to have guys like that. So I love to hear stuff like that about Nellie already having impact in spring training. But the guy that I'm looking at Jose barrios. This was when I think I think one of the questions that I asked Nelson Cruz was like who's got like some of the nastiest shit that you've seen in this league. And he started listening lifting off some guys. And I was like, yeah. One of the guys is is in that clubhouse right there and. Yeah. I think he's another dude that untapped potential. We've yet to see his best season. And when he puts it all together, you go back and look at the highlight reels when he's on virtually unhittable. But it's a matter of putting it all together. Is this the year that he does it? I don't know. I hope it is. Because when he's going he's one of the most fun pitchers in this league to watch. The White Sox Saux the White Sox question, Mark. I'll do the honors. Okay. Guys asked. Sure. Carlos rodin. Okay, named the opening day starter, which is. Not necessarily inspiring. But it's been a tough off season for the White Sox. Carlos Rodion developing into the pitcher that they thought they were getting when they took him in the first round is going to be a big step towards maybe this White Sox. This listen, you could you could name the entire White Sox. Young core as being the the thing to watch for this team. Because to me there are very few seasons that are pivotal for the trajectory of an organization is twenty nineteen is to the White Sox ofensive Lii and pitching. But Rodion is the guy that I'm choosing his ERA in his fifth have gone in the wrong direction every single year. He's been in the big leagues. That's the bad part yet a twenty four strike out right around twenty four twenty five percent between sixteen and seventeen at dropped to under eighteen percent last year on the positive side the entire month of July and the entire month of August through nine starts. He had a one eight four eight. So it looked like things were coming together. And then they kind of. Integrated. Again, I'm interested to see whether Carlos Rodion power lefty is ever going to be a thing. That's that's real in the major leagues. I'm keeping on the bump. We told you could say you mother fucker, you know, saying, yeah, we do guy. He is your guy. Jill ludo. Full Gilio you in that quaffed ass hair. Not looking good kid. Hey, let's not walk the fucking world this year. Because if if that doesn't happen is kid is bucking disgusting. Disgusting get it, and he has he has the ability to be a unicorn I used to call them horses two hundred type guys because they don't exist anymore. They're unicorns. He can be a Unicor punch outs. He can do these things. All right. I just want to see it all come together. And I think Jay he's one of the individuals that you can throw on that list or guys that you wanna see step up or guys that you wanna see have a good year. I he's been identified as a pillar of the rebuilt doubt. No doubt. And I mean, I I think there's more to be had in the tank as well in terms of swing and miss because with his stuff, I think he could garner or swing and miss. Needs to cut back on the walks. Go. It's going to happen. He led leads to. Yes. And look, and I'm gonna say this. He led the league in walks in if I'm not mistaken. He led the league in earned runs as well. But that's not a good combo bad. It's not good. Not a good look. And he he he admitted that it's not what are you gonna do fucking tonight. But he acknowledged it addressed it. And there's a correlation with putting men on base ninety of them and then crossing home plate one hundred eighteen of them. So it's not you know, I mean that can get better. I'd like to think that that's going to get better. I wanted to get better. So Lucas, my friend just make it make it a little better. Let's keep getting better. And I think he will. Yeah. I think he will two hundred percent agree with that this. I don't know if it will be the year. But it should be the year that they tell you on Moncada. To stop hitting right handed, sir. I know that you you technically can. But you really can't you can't you're left handed hitter. And that's okay. That's okay. You on. That's okay. You got to cut down on the strikeouts. You gotta ditch hitting right handed. And I think we got something here. I mean, there's there's a reason why when he was signed as an international free agent that immediately jumped up to being the number one number two prospect in baseball. I don't think it's because you see the power that he has you see how smoothie is out there. Although he can be it depends on where he is defensively at third base and absolute butcher. Stick them at second base. He's he's eating be smooth defender. You have to have someone I take the ego out of it. Because obviously when you're what sixteen years old, and you're getting sixty million dollars or whether fuck you got his an international free agent. There's going to be an ego there. This is not someone that had to, you know, make it through high school get drafted or play college and get drafted and then slugged their way through the minors. He didn't have to do that. He was just handed a fortune. Your great sixteen years old. You're the best. Here's all this money. Great. But if you're the White Sox and you want to see him flourish. You have to sit them down and be like, listen. Hitting right handed his not for you. If you want to succeed at this level, not just get by. Because getting by is not is not what yawn Moncada's full potential is. If you want you thrive at the major league level gotta get rid of hitting right handed. You're now left handed hitter. Let's see what happens. And I bet you you see some success big time. The Detroit Tigers. Don't sit on these Tigers who's gonna take millions anyone taking Mickey taking Mickey. Okay. I would like you to go. I just five homers until five hundred and a hundred sixty two million remaining on the deal. Like, it's I want to see him continue to do. Well, I want 'cause to me like it's really hard, and I take interest and just about everything in baseball. It's really hard to find a lot of bright spots on this roster for two thousand nineteen and I I- resurgent Miguel. Cabrera would go a long way towards making this bearable. I think. I'm. Keeping it on the bump again, and it's not Fulmer. It's our friend Daniel Orse. Okay. And it's actually because of what has happened to Fulmer. It's not like a rotation. Spot is opened up, but a rotation spot is opened up, and I think for a guy who's kind of found himself in the bullpen found himself in the rotation swingman. This is an opportunity to to really entrenched himself or really solidify himself as a starter in this rotation. Whether they're in that rebuil-, whatever Bubalo, blah, hey, you wanna be a big league starter the opportunity has presented itself. If it wasn't already clearly there before what are you gonna do with it? And I think I think it's something that he could very, well, you know, because we talked to him, you know, health looking good legs or feeling good. And if his if his his groins are feeling good, no reason to believe he can't be a slap and tickling not spotting rotation. Sticking with starting nine alumni Nick cast the anos last year career year played in a hundred fifty seven games for the second consecutive season. Forty six doubles. Twenty-three homers and eight fifty four P S guess what a fucking contract year walk year. The Tigers are probably gonna end up flipping him. Actually, they definitely are gonna end up flipping him. I don't see an extension. I think they were. I think he said there's no talks of an extension this past printing. This is a guy that's gonna end up finding himself a nice home with a playoff contender. He's gonna actually get to play in front of fans that are not nothing against Tigers fans, but he's going to play in a playoff environment. Hopefully, and I'm I'm kind of intrigued to see if he can surpass what he did last year. I mean, have almost hitting fifty fucking doubles pretty impressive, especially for a corner a guy like that. So Nick Cassiano gotta watch. The royale with cheese damn you. Jay. Really? Thinking about that the entire time. Well, that's a good example of your lingo seeping into the way the rest of us talk fucking. Just sort of a bitch those good, thanks, really good. At a baritone onto c o. Cable Seta I two hundred nine plate appearances across parts of two seasons. Four ninety seven PS which sounds fake last year over seventy five games an eight oh, four with thirty two stolen bases in seventy five cams. And if you just look at September, it was an eighty six oh p s with fourteen steals in twenty six games. I have no idea whether this is sustainable, but I do know that that profile is absolutely fascinating. You just don't see guys get on base as infrequently as he does and still end up with that sheer number of stolen bases, or that's stolen base rate. So he could be very bad. And this could be kind of like, you know, maybe he's not anything or he could be one of the most exciting players in baseball. Because base running and base stealing is exciting. Even if it's not efficient all the time. And he could also be one of the most important fantasy players in baseball. Year two which is a secondary point. He's a guy. Honestly that a lot of people are saying he could win you your league. If you get get him in the right spot because he could steal seventy bases. And he is an exciting player to watch Jay in what I hope will turn out to be an exciting brand of baseball temps salons 'cause our man no tugging Dayton Moore. Put together. A speed type game. Right. That's what he wants to the ballpark guys. Let me talk about too little story about a guy named Whitmer field that is to our plus Knox forty plus bags to that guy is that's who Whitmer 'field is. All right. So we got guys that can touch the ball crops hit behind some guys put this game in motion, t- gore, pure, depth guy. Breaking here's what are we going? What are we got our? Who is it? From Mark Berman. Sources. The Astros have reached an agreement on a six year one hundred million dollar contract with all star third baseman, Alex bregman that inclu- season the deal covers this year in the three years that he'd be eligible for arbitration. Plus the first two years that Alex comb a free agent. Wow. Check it. Break. Oh. I just poke myself in the chin right now. That is. And then we got Rosenthal source confirms Astros in agreement with Alex bregman on a six year one hundred million dollar contract book. Awesome boys were lucky. I'm record the podcast, right? Probably would have dropped that on the world. Oh, yeah. Good for Alex. Fuck. Yeah. L rates pregnant looks great for pregnant. Yeah. I love to see all the young stars are being identified. Yes. They are not that. We didn't know who they were. But these are it's weird. We're starting to see free agency sort of take a back seat to how these bitter deals are getting done. How the? Teams are teams with money are finally saying, hey, these guys aren't taking hometown discounts anymore. Like, you're the days of the hometown discount are behind us. Because once you start throwing around Mike trout money where you're making close to half a Bill. Now, these guys that are going to be in the same conversation, not at the same conversations Mike show, but premier players in this league seeing what top guys are getting paid the Nolan are not of the world or they. Hey, I'd love to stay here. But you gotta pay me like I'm gonna get paid on the open market. And if you're going to be a team that is interested in retaining said players, just pay them, just pay them. What they're what they would be worth on the open market and more than likely. They're gonna wanna stay. We keep seeing. Fucking love it love to see it love to. Oh. Makes makes my heart flutter bregman. My ven MO is I think it's just Jared corrobos. I don't think there's a dash in there. I think it's just I think it's just my name whatever the start, whatever percentage. The starting nine bump gets you. Don't forget it forget about let's be honest that Houston front office. They took to heart. The numbers that are are are Nassau scientists are NASA. Scientists ran for us on that video. They were like to be real. It's probably thirty six feet away perceive. A loss was probably somewhere in the neighborhood of one thirty five north of that we need to get these hands. These is locked down like yesterday. Final thoughts when they saw the video. That's those are my final thoughts. Have you seen that video j I hadn't seen it seen it billion fucking house? Yeah. Somebody had sent it to me every it's on my time line every time. I open up Twitter some hell. Yeah. Let's spirit how next hey, AL east and L west next week. Oh, I see. New one side of the country. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I want I walked through that one big guy. Yusen producers. Just just sent pregnant of. Kind hearted message. Good. It's my it's my MO. I hope he sends you ninety seven cents for that. Chat on just I I've never seen a bigger just openly urinate in public like you did all over that with -able. We don't have to talk about it. And that's the end of the show. Thanks for listening. Thanks longoria for coming on. And congratulations. Alex pragman? Baseball's back first pitch tonight.

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I saw Rick tittle at the laundromat last night and I was Heloc. Check him out. I just kept staring at him and he played like a even there. I be like that. Then thank you for that. You know. It's Funny Charlie. If you're still listening he mentioned the ramble. I wonder how they got the name. I've actually been in there the ramble. The it's where the lake is people out throughout the bird-watching was like in the seventies. Right between like seventy third and seventy eighth or whatever I walk through there that and I also did the walk from the Guggenheim to the other side to Central Park West. Which was by the? The one is the Jackie Onassis reservoir the big water but I never saw any You know I did Tavern on the green letting go in there but I walked past that and all that but yeah I've actually been in. I was in the Rambo. I didn't even know it was called that this is why when you have people who are not from the area. They don't know what the hell they're doing. But that is a cool. That'll area there. It's got like caves and little stone bridges and all sorts of little things going on in their We do have another hour together and I would love to hear from you if you want to get into the topic of sports. This is why we're all here. One eight hundred eight seven eight play will do that. We'll do a quick hard news break. We will come on back in a couple of minutes on sports violence. You're listening to the hot use. Feed Radio Network at live dot heartland use speed dot com. This stream is supported by advertisers and contributions by on facebook twitter and INSTAGRAM's new service doing newscast may the twenty seven twenty twenty. I'm Mike Clifford. Four Minneapolis police officers have been fired following the death of a black man. Monday night. Ara Mike Mohan. Reports the American Civil Liberties Union says it points to the lack of humanity by some in law enforcement. The death of George Floyd who screamed. I can't breathe. Walla White. Minneapolis officer held his knee over. Floyd's neck for several minutes was captured on video in drew swift condemnation John Gordon who directs the ACLU OF MINNESOTA SAYS. The public can't judge all police officers based on what happened. However he thinks they're still the gap and ensuring that all those who patrol the streets have a sense of empathy. It is especially hard to watch that video and conclude that the officer was looking at Mr Floyd as another human being. None of the four officers in question had been formally identified and the President of the Minneapolis. Police Union has urged the public not to jump to conclusions during the investigation which now includes the FBI. Those who say that. Floyd's death was racially. Motivated have criticized the other officers involved for not intervening on his behalf. A federal lawsuit claims many people with disabilities are- excluded from New York. State's expanded absentee ballot program to help keep voters safe during the COVID. Nineteen pandemic new. York is allowing anyone to apply for an absentee ballot. That can be mailed in rather than going to the polls but many people with visual or physical disabilities like paralysis. Estonia and tremors cannot independently and privately mark a paper ballot according to Susan. Dua who has the Center for independence of the Disabled New York? New York already has an alternative system. That could work people in the armed services and Americans overseas already can vote by an email ballot. That is sent to them. The lawsuit filed in the Southern District of New York. Seeks reforms voting practices in time for the June twenty third primary election. I'm Andrea Sears. Reporting other states that already have online. Absentee voting include Colorado New Mexico Ohio Oregon and West Virginia a Professor at Warren Wilson. College says her students have become acutely aware of how the coronavirus pandemic may foreshadow climate change. In how it could disrupt communities after weeks of navigating a nature and Gordon Class Online Mallory macduff has written about her quarantined experience for yes. Media students decided to teach each other sustainable living skills and a list of skills they wanted to gain and we decided to use some of our courses online on zoom to teach and learn together. They should wide. Many Americans have turned a gardening composting and growing their own food. Since the start of the pandemic this is PMS. Some folks in West. Virginia may not be aware if they've lost their jobs and employer provided health insurance due to covid nineteen they could be eligible for coverage under the state's Medicaid expansion. A family of four making less than about three thousand dollars a month can qualify for Medicaid in West Virginia which now provides health insurance for about one in three residents according to Jessica ice with West Virginians for affordable healthcare. She says if you're collecting unemployment benefits the federal portion of six hundred dollars a week doesn't count towards household income for Medicaid eligibility. A lot of folks don't know what they qualify for so they're not looking to get coverage. Coded crisis has highlighted For a lot of people that there are options out there. She says people can find out if they qualify on line on the West Virginia navigator website and on the state governments web-portal. Wbz PATHS DOT. Org they can find out about other forms of support such as snap food assistance. I'm Diane Bernard West. Virginia's kids have benefited from the Medicaid expansion. Only about three and a half percent of them are now uninsured Latinos and a Washington state community fighting now for fairness in Elections Eric off reports in Yakima County members of the county commission have remained white even as he. Latino population has soared Robin Inglewood. The immigrant rights group one. America says it's allowing the board to ignore the concerns of the Latino community very flight white majority in Yakima County is functionally able to win each of those three seats in virtually every election cycle. Only one I believe Latina candidate has ever won to serve feet and Yakima County Commission to missioner's our elected countywide. Finally natty rumbling on tells us at Lincoln County asparagus farmer and retired. Us News Universal basic income is when he against long time and covid McConnell for the US. Senate lieutenant colonel. Mike Voyeur has received the political endorsement of former presidential candidate. Andrew Yang who has said Breyer's candidacy is a continuation of the movement. Yang began. Royer says many of his neighbors are forced to work other jobs in order to keep their small-scale farm operations running was putting the best in the headlights of his pickup truck because he has to work off as far. The guy loves farming. He's great farmer but because HE NEEDS HEALTHCARE. He works off the farm and universities. Income would free people up. Do the things that they love. Briar along with Representative Charles Booker of Louisville. And Lieutenant. Colonel Amy McGrath are all vying on the Democratic ticket to house McConnell in the November election this is my clifford four public news service. We are member listener supported. And you'll find us her line at public news service DOT. Org Welcome back to sports byline a U. S. annonay coast to coast. We're here for you. We're talking sports with you. And the lines are available and assist. Talk a lot of people out there. They they don't get a lot of human interaction and normally that's like good. It's like I hate people I don't want to be around him. And you know if you're the unabomber that's great. I said we're social beings supposed to be anyway. So you WANNA chat come on in. We'll try to keep it sports. Talk if we can. We'll talk a little central park if you want one. Eight hundred eight seven eight players the number to call one eight hundred eight seven eight seven five two nine to get in and get heard ramifications up and down the league's about when we started what we're GONNA do. What looks good. What looks bad as I said the good news. Is that the premier league. That's the soccer league. England will be getting underway ethnically Wales as well if swansea or Cardiff city on in the league. It's technically and Wales as well sort of like. The American League is in Canada. The North American. You ever run into those people who say like I'm an American I from Argentina. That's all America to South America. Yeah that's stupid. That's like saying what team are. You found out united. You like Manchester United. No League united now. United is referred to as leave. Let's get to town ago. Louis C. K. says about people in Phoenix who refer to themselves as Phoenicians I think that would be wrong as well. All right on your phone tune in APP iheartradio APP stitcher APP. Those are all ways of catching the shows. Well no twitch right now. Still hunkered down here at home. Also on your television sets C. R. End digital plus to the network channel. Two thirty five million homes girl and American forces as always and hope you're doing well you get a chance. Play some video games. They're in the armed services. Hope I'm rick that'll come home by attention timeshare owners. This is urge consumer or from a timeshare exit hotline a National Company specializing in helping consumers legally get out of their expensive timeshare contracts. 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Each battle will make you feel like you're right there each week. There's something new to experience with new missions game updates and events to keep you and your friends engaged for hours on end play over three hundred ships across ten different nations. It's the perfect game to take your mind off. Things as we self isolate to help flatten the coronavirus curve to play for free go to world of worships dot com and use the invite cone boom boom gets placed into the two cruisers one. American and one German as well as some premium currency. Check it out at world. Worships DOT COM use the invite code boom world of worships. The thinking man's action game at world of worships dot com invite code boom eating sports with Rick tittle. Rick tittle is a genius. The best show ever. He's so wonderful genius ever. He's so wonderful. Ships Alighting Sports with rick tittle Hinson Jesus genius. Thank you for that. Welcome back to the show rectal with you. What's going on great to have you with US wherever you are listening so I kind of a funny Quote from Reggie Wayne Reggie Wayne who Course say great wide receiver for the Canes Down There The you first round pick by the Cold San. What a relationship. He had with peyton manning he caught over a thousand passes When he was with the colts the thing that people might not remember was that before he retired five years ago he was actually on the Patriots Roster for two weeks and then he decided you know what. I'm just going to go ahead and retire. But what happened was and this was on. Nfl Network. He was speaking on one of their. The called. The Hella podcast. He said that he had decided to retire after his last year with the colds. But then he kinda got the itch and he said that they got a call from the Detroit lions because Jim Caldwell was the head coach and he had been his head coach. Indianapolis and he thought. Maybe I'll play one more year for Caldwell in Detroit and this is a quote he said But before we sign you need to go to a workout. I said workout you the Detroit. Lions weight work out. I'm good like I can give you. I got fourteen years of working out that you can see so I was like Nah. I'm cool that's pretty good. That's not bad. And by the way he was coming off triceps surgery so the lions I mean it's easy to point and laugh at them when they in the browns are for lack of better term hockey tournament original sixteen and they've both never been in the Super Bowl. We have had a hundred and eight teams in the Super Bowl. One hundred eight teams because the super bowl fifty four nevertheless once never the browns. But you know he's an old man who had triceps surgery old man in football terms so they wanted to look at them and I don't blame him saying I need to go work out for you. But here's the thing. The Patriots then said come on in one year contract three million dollars with a four hundred and fifty thousand dollars signing bonus so he's like wow Tom Brady New England bill belichick. Maybe a ring again. I'll do it so he signed with the Patriots for two weeks and what happened was after two weeks. He asked for his release. He realized that he was a step slow. He just didn't have the passion for it and so he went into ballot check and he said I really appreciate it but I just. I don't want to do anymore. But here's the thing Belichick said keep your signing bonus four hundred and fifty thousand dollars so the quote here from Wayne is bill. Belichick told me to keep it. I'm like hey man you ain't got Ben my arm twice and it was love man. I'll always have respect for him. I kept it in the bank. I appreciate it. That's something you don't hear about half a million dollars. Yeah just keep it. No wonder it's the best job ever. All right. Lines are open one. Eight hundred eight seven eight play. Let's go to my main Homey town Stu Vacaville. What's up Buddy Rick? I'm in the market for new juice boy. Am I know where I can find a juice? Box boy notice. I'll tell you that yes you are. Yes you have nice things rick. Why why do we have to traded away Rickey Henderson and let our best guys walk in have an owner? That doesn't WANNA pay. The I can see not paying the rent payment. If there's a clause in the contract but putting all the guys I'm not paying the my minor leaguers and it's not kissed him all the owners are conspiring to ruin the game that we love. I'm I know what I want. I want a World Baseball League. I want an I want the owners were killing me. Rick killing me with Baseball I. I'm with you and a lot of times. We pointed both sides. And say you both suck your both greedy but to me in spring training when the players said look just pass for the Games we play that was fair and I was almost even surprised that they didn't try to squeeze out another nickel or two. They decided to go with rated and the owners decided to go a prorated but they owners didn't take into consideration that they weren't going to be any fans so now they're like okay. Here's our plan. They present this plan. That's so bizarre that I don't even think of third grader. Would've presented and asking your best players to take the biggest hit the biggest brunt of the money. They're going to lose on and beer. What do they think is going to happen? I thought they wanted baseball the comeback. It's almost like they're conspiring to have baseball. Not come back. They've been trying to ruin the game for years. It's like they hate baseball. It's like a prerequisite to ownership is. Do you like baseball. No I do not like baseball. Okay Damn you're approved. It's awful. It's so frustrating. 'cause there's nothing we can do. We can write letters. It doesn't matter it's so frustrating. Well it's like if the normal person you know they're out of a job and they're like look I got to cut back on. Hbo and Netflix. Until I get paid again and you go. Hey man you gotta make ends meet but when you're a billionaire and you're asking kids who gave up their college scholarship or their college degrees to follow their dream and you can't give them four hundred dollars a week That to me is in. The week is sauce of week sauce. I mean these guys were making money hand over fist including Oakland Age. And I believe I will die on hill until such time. That were shown that that's not true. They won't up on the books. It's it's the worst of the worst they will do. Anything can't shoot themselves in the foot and kill the game we love. It's awful so what's going on in Vac man. Are you guys? Are you squaring up to get back to normality and all? Yeah we're It's all the high school. Sports are all based on the. You know what the state does. And so. We're getting ready to move into phase three which means football. We'll be able to go out and start practicing with a lot of Changes restrictions one. We actually have a massive Zooming today with all of our coaches and athletic directors and I think probably the principal on there too but I think stuff lake football practice. What HAVE TO BE IN SMALLER? Groups like groups attend a need yet. A BUNCH OF BALLS. They need to be disinfected over and over The big push is. Is You know football. Because if we don't have football and this is true of just right every school if you don't have football you're not gonNA have sports at here because revenue from football is no she pays for everything you know. There's no high school football. There's to be in high school sports. I think it'd be. It'd be funny if they came out today. And they said we're GONNA have football but one rule no tackling or. Yeah so the. I told you this before. There's three Varsity trudges from our school that live on my small live on the wrestling coach. Good friend of mine lives right across the street. And it's like how are you going to have wrestling? How can you have wrestling their social distancing going on in wrestling Wrestling is like the sport word known for much more so than we're pretty well known for baseball and football wrestling. We're a wrestling school. And there's no wrestling and football it's going to be. You'd be hard pressed to have any other sports this year. I think The other thing that's going on is well it's hotter and you know what out here in Vacaville a going? Yeah it was. I gotta run to break. Unfortunately but it was hot here for about three days in our back to sixty or whatever a stew. GimMe call man when we got more time. I'll bend your ear home. He good to hear from wear rank. You have a good one Mugabe stands safe and not out there so very cool. Let's do in Vacaville on the lines are open at one. Eight hundred eight seven eight play. Come home back. Do you owe ten thousand dollars or more on at least two federal student loans. Then you may qualify for new programs offered by the Department of Education. These programs can reduce your interest lower your payments and possibly qualify you for loan forgiveness if you have ten thousand dollars or more and at least two federal student loans and currently not in school you may qualify for one of these programs. Call now to check your eligibility student. Loan advisors are standing by to help you determine if you qualify for these new programs. They can help you reduce your interest. Lower your payment and even forgive a portion of your student loan debt take control of your financial future. Make this free five minute. Free CALL NOW to nationwide student loans and learn how you can reduce your student loan debt. 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Make this free call right now to learn more eight hundred four zero three five nine one to eight hundred four zero three five nine one to eight hundred four zero three five nine one two. That's eight hundred four. Oh three fifty nine twelve. It doesn't really matter. I don't like my job. And I don't think I'm GONNA go anymore. Rick tittle things. There's a direct correlation between dogs enlightening. Welcome back to sports byline. Usa Coast to coast around the globe on American forces radio. I'm Rick tittle. Nice to have you with us and we are joined now by D. S. Choi. He is a producer at Exxon America. And he's here to talk about the video game cart writer drift. This is an all new entry in the franchise and it's emphasizing high speed thrills for consoles. Ds thanks for coming on the show. And I'm sure you've heard this before. But what a great name when you have. Dis built right in Yeah thanks for having me by the way and yet my name is starting with the I actually have my like. I WanNa Nintendo. Ds didn't make sense all right. So the iteration Kart rider drift. What's new what's different? What do we got sorry? I couldn't hear you taking okay. You've got a little skype going on here is we're all hunkered down. I said With this new iterations of drift. What is new in different this time around so basically This game is all on console and PC EBB. You're actually going to be supporting cross play. So basically you're playing on stage the XBOX you'll be able to play against any player on this team you're going to be able to play against the next one launcher. So you're basically playing on your desktops and that and also Like xbox consoles and he's going to be spending more platforms as well playing on those. With the best graphic that the game California Forte and more couple of weeks ago we talked to one ear. Compatriots About Cartwright or rush plus and share a lot of people out there saying well. What's the difference between that? And Mario Kart we. We like the cart genre. But why is the one that's going to put it head and shoulders above the others? And they truly another team compared to Christ as if you really big fans of the franchise. I mean given my name as well too. And however we're not looking to compete with INTENDO PER SE instead you're expanding the car racing car addressed by catering to new players instead of interested on new spells of play like our speed. Noda Super Competitive. We're just drift and boosters that that'd you've perfected over the many here's and the D. Card plus character customization that allows you to truly own your third and look on the game. While also expanding our franchise tweeting Charlie New Market Asia without any concrete barriers or pay well as a suite play. That's the thing too when you think about your fan base especially in Korea where you have you know East Sports with this you put it out. In Beta feedback is crucial. Fans will tell you a little more of this a little less of that. What was that feedback like? Oh the response responses very positive and players already familiar with the franchise where you cited the jumped incident writer drift and play with their friends right across the platforms as one of the better players in the office I myself was someone who is actually playing originally a the original vision by youth so I thought that would be able to go against these players but they actually continued to play for like ten years. Couldn't compete with them In actual life being And for new players. Actually we've gotten a lot of feedback and incarcerates one of the things. We actually heard for word that the games they've seen mechanics fell very different other games and we wanted to know how each item indicted look work so for this Beta or actually really focused on providing longer vision or of the tutorial called basis. Cool that went over the topics. So what would you say When you think about all the different Customization and the tracks. What would be the things where people say you know? I liked the track. That looks more like a legitimate race track or I liked the track. That looks a little more arcade cartoony or I like the castle or the beach. How do you pick your stuff like that? I think the look and feel of the car. The tracks are a little more casual than meaning. Like there's going to be a lot of should look on like there's like GonNa snakes on the tracks of a or like or there's bury him and then the barriers GonNa claw and stuff. That happens in the but actual tracks feel and how it goes at all very much fully designed to have a very like actual basing feel to it as much of a dramatic reactions between as an example like there's a lot of tracks that actually has a very tight multi corners at the very end of this wreck is old kind of designed to be at the competitive mad at the moment because those are going to be aware like if you missed that one turn that can overturned actual decision of who wins the race. Come are questions for. Ds Choate Cartwright Adrift. We're talking about from Exxon right now. I saw online. You have registration for the closed. Beta test for people who want to test it out and I'm always wondering obviously the nuts and bolts of WanNa make sure collision detection as there and there's no tearing lag or things like that but on the other hand when you do. Beta testing is there. Also the aesthetics and the fun factor involved as well. Oh yeah especially I mean. I think the because this racing game and it's also multiplayer online game how the cart basis with people and how the car collision happens between each other because a very important factor because in a competitive east. We're seeing how you actually bounced each other to get into way of the opponents or as a team member is also a very big part of the game and having that be perfected as much as possible between the Betas make that feel fair and possible. Expect to happen became a very important for. You're definitely looking into cleaning up and to make it so that it actually feels better for everyone and then customizing your cards. Is it skins? Are things like you know better tires? Better wheels better handling things like that So customization that they are talking about a disparate to killer. Beta all about looks so Turkey at their skin. There have day also email. It's so basically you can actually customize your well whatever kind of winning animation that you wanna use and stuff like that. For hearts you can customize the actual bumpers to the tires to the booster trails Even like the color as well. That's like the stickers. The actual wraps up the car as well but right now we're not actually offering any kind of a SPEC changes to the court date. Carts are the ones that has these each like different speed bats. They're all kind of similar each other just with different tweaks that makes it a little bit more unique to acting directions but we are not offering any items in the game that actually tweaks specs of the cars in any way at the moment the Beata. What about vehicular combat? Just purely racing. Can you leave a bomb and shoot a rocket and things like that? Oh Yeah I heard all about that so you can literally should a rocket as you mention or put a banana on the classic. Loof right like everyone will spin out and there's also our water flies actually probably the most evil items because if you should it they get tapping water bubble. Thanks I seconds and you can tap a button on the controller to extra get faster. But you're going to lose a huge chunk of time and we'll have those. Ufo's is pretty cool do you? That's the thing about you know. Easter eggs is that if I was a video game developer Maybe it'd be fun to put some cheats in but just little Easter eggs hidden paths. Things like that or does that. You know delay production. How do you guys feel about Easter eggs? I personally love them. I was actually just watching. Some videos oppose reaction. I'm like hey they're put those things and it's funny because there's actually full of history X. or ready you can understand that this game actually has been out for fifteen years the original version in South Korea so they built up a lot of different kind of elements and the characters become backgrounds. Maybe it's at the end of the racing games so it doesn't have a full blown three line like novel thing like RPG's but you can still find like The like different kind of the work piece of information or the poster on a bus. Ben's that you can find that. Oh they are actually mentioning that. This person is wanted than for this amount of MUCCI which still thinking currency and stuff like that like. That's something that is definitely around the tracks that you can actually physically see and fine if you're paying a lot of attention to it and this is GonNa be on steam and then also xbox what about ps four I mean that's something that we're definitely thinking about a thorn now. It's going be xbox and also Steam and the next launcher well. But the further on. I think we're definitely interested in the next going to as light of group as possible for different blended different platforms to support. There is next on. Producer D. S. Choi for Cartwright or drift and as I said if you go to cartwright or I should say CART DRIFT CART DRIFT DOT COM. You can register to be a closed. Beta to tester a man. Thanks for coming on. Congratulations on the game. And Soon I thought that the The fight that you should go cut just dot com cart writer. Drift DOT COM Gotcha. I'm on a different one here. All right there he is thank should be on the show man. Thank you very much for having me. Okay sounds good. I'm we will take a quick break and we will come back on Sports Byline USA. Do you owe ten thousand dollars or more on at least two federal student loans. Then you may qualify for new programs offered by the Department of Education. These programs can reduce your interest lower your payments and possibly qualify you for loan forgiveness if you have ten thousand dollars or more and at least two federal student loans and currently not in school you may qualify for one of these programs. Call now to check your eligibility student. Loan advisors are standing by to help you determine if you qualify for these new programs. They can help you reduce your interest. Lower your payment and even forgive a portion of your student loan debt take control of your financial future. Make this free five minute. Free CALL NOW to nationwide student loans and learn how you can reduce your student loan debt. 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Make this free call right now to learn more eight hundred four zero three five nine one to eight hundred four zero three five nine one to eight hundred four zero three five nine one two. That's eight hundred four zero three fifty nine twelve to me. It's like a mountain of us. Dust the toy walk in AIDS RICK. Tittle beats his servants. I don't have servants but thank you for that. A welcome back to the show. Another segment together Luhya how do you the? Let's talk some sports. One hundred seventy play you know. Start talking about the draft the draft. This is about the only good thing. The warriors have talking about is a draft. But here's the thing. This is different this time around. Where fans because before we go to the draft and we'd be like maybe we can get a guy make us matter again. Maybe we could get a guy to make us. I WANNA lean Nacho. Maybe and then it would be von t. Go coming right. That's basically what it would be every year. No offense to him. It'd be Joe Smith Number One overall pick but then you might be a second round. Pick like an agent zero or Montale is a draymond green. Ooh Second Round Jordan Bell now but now it's weird because the warriors aren't maybe this can help us win. We can win and this guy might help. And he's a top pick. He's not tell. Get you go. Ding Dong from Belgium. Who Will they will park in Europe for two more years? It's not like that. This guy can help any better help. Saint Jacob Evans afterthought of Twenty Eighth Twenty ninth overall. Pick type of thing going to help and so when you look at the mocks you mock me and people will say wow Lamelo Ball. This is the guy. He's now six foot six. He's still growing. He's better than his brothers. He's been playing and bleeding Australia against men. Sky Is GonNa be a star and when clay and Steph retire or go to their new teams Lakers and Charlotte probably then Lamelo will be the guy and you still have Mr Wiggins as well now pass what. Why would you pass Anthony Edwards shooting guard? And you think about a guy who is ranked on the big board as the best basketball player in the entire draft freshman for the bull dog program fantastic player in nineteen points in game five rebounds three assists three point percentage twenty nine percent. Okay good I wants James Wiseman James Wiseman when he did play Memphis Win Penny Hardaway and the NCAA and whoever got involved in all this average twenty points a game eleven rebounds three blocks if the Warriors Have James. Wiseman there and it's hard to imagine passing him up then a guy with a hit saying wingspan because he's a human being not a condor but from fingertip to fingertip seven foot six. Now he's just a kid in fact the big board said he's the eighth best player in the draft and you should never ever draft for need in the NBA. Never never never. But I think would do it. I think I would do it for everybody's healthy. That's the area of need. But here's the thing the warriors could end up with the third pick and still get James Wiseman because clearly this is the odds right now would be Cleveland and then Detroit to three Cleveland and Detroit would take Edwards and ball. James Wiseman will be there at three if those teams are now. We don't know if some New Orleans or San Antonio type of team is to like jump up in there. And Wow you are one point three percent chance of a ping pong ball came through. We don't know but if you look down the line at some of the other players and now this is where it starts to get murky as we know about. Wiseman we know about Edwards. We know about Lamelo ball some of these other guys. I mean I know about. Ob token topping topping OBI topping ob top and all day long by the way. And that's the kid out of Dayton. Five Point Oh twenty four candidate. This sky is a six foot nine. Sophomore power forward and he also scores. Twenty points a game and get seven rebounds a game. Ob topic might end up being the best NBA player. We don't know but right now in mocks I see him at eight so outside of Wiseman Edwards and ball and then top in at eight. Who else filling this out right now. In mocks the fourth overall pick would be own Yucca. Okomu FRESHMAN CENTER FROM USC. Who they say is an elite defender and they said that he is the best center in the draft. He is better than James Wiseman. Well James Wiseman is seven foot one. Oh Congo Lou is six foot nine so I just WanNa let everybody know that. Okon Wu will not be playing center in the NBA. And if you think about the T. Wolves who are supposed to pick fourth and they can get a golden gopher. That could be a guy you with lottery projections. They'd have Atlanta at five and Atlanta does not need another point guard trae young and they already tried the book chance. What they need is a forward. And this is where Isaac Okoro might come in says the freshman like almost all of them out of Auburn and they say fantastic defenders. Well Guy Scores Thirteen points a game. Then Killian Hayes not the Killian up Gonzaga but But by the way also French. But here's the thing about Killian Hayes. He's a point guard out of La Belle France. He's eighteen years old but he's been pro for two years and he has risen in the international ranks. The last time I heard about a point guard in France being drafted his name was the very American sounding. Tony Parker this is a guy who's six five one ninety two but they say that he's not very athletic now. What does that mean well? I'll tell you this. Ken Stabler Tom. Brady not very athletic. Does I mean they can't play other sports. No just when they run they look a little goofy. That's what it means. It doesn't mean you're not an athlete and you can't do is let things it just means. You don't look like Bob Hayes when you're running. Sorry should I say you say bolt then the guy we talked about a couple of months ago Denny de Joh- hope I'm saying right. This is the forward out of Israel and this guy is thus star in Israel. He is nineteen years old. He started as a pro at seventeen and he won the Israeli league as seventeen year old. Annan eighteen. They also won the Fiba European Championship twice. And this was the guy he supposed to be like the KU coach. I WANNA call him Don Shits. Because he's more of a forward but this is supposed to be like the Tony Coach of Israel. And that's fitting because. I see him at seven overall to the Bulls. And then you get. Ob Top now. I see him to Washington and you could say well. They took a Guy. Kinda like that last year in really hot chamara speaking of Gonzaga. But this guy if you care about this. He led college basketball in dunks. Now you could say well it means he has no mid range game from three point land. You didn't shoot a lot. But from three point. Land thirty nine percent which is not bad for a guy his size but then you get to Charlotte and you start talking about Erin Nasmyth. Aaron Nasmyth is a sophomore from vanderbilt. Who broke his foot in June through? Fourteen Games fifty two point two percent from three point range only three players in the last twenty years have shot above fifty percent from deep on two hundred plus attempts. That is insane. More than half his shot Steph. Curry doesn't do that now he's in the NBA playing against much better players than the SEC. Which is a football conference? No fence Andy. But fifty two percent from three averaging twenty three points a game and this is for a six six small forward so when you think about trading down for the warriors tell me how Erin. Nasmyth wouldn't be a perfect fit on the warriors you say. Well they have that guy and Andrew wiggins now okay all right. I guess now another guy. Dick Cheney is named tirees Halliburton. He's supposed to go ten to the sons. This is an Iowa state. Sophomore Point Guard and a lot of scouts have been pessimistic about tirees. Halliburton because they say he lacks outlet athleticism and he does not have top end. Burst okay Then as you go down the line this is we start. Getting a little murky. Because there's another French player named tail. Don't say Theo Malan. This guy is supposed to go to the spurs fitting would be another French guy for Popovich Devon Vassal the vessel at the Pestle as the brew that is True Devon Vassal from Florida. State projected to go to sack. How about sack picking at twelve unless they jump up coal anthony from North Carolina a freshman point guard a guy who was the lead scorer for the tar heels. And we'll definitely make you a first round pick said e Bay a small forward out of Nova and this guy is a sophomore a six foot a winger who shot forty five percent from three very versatile player. Therese Maxxie is from Kentucky a freshman. But here's the thing on him. He shoots under thirty percent from three. But he's supposed to be. An elite defender are Kira Lewis. He is An Alabama Sophomore. Point Guard and this is a guy who averaged eighteen and a half points a game precious. Achy MYRRHA FROM MEMPHIS. Of course another freshman that came in with Penny Hardaway along with wiseman he's also going to be a first round pick averaged sixteen points and eleven rebounds a game a six foot nine power forward about Memphis nice recruiting Hampton not that one the one from New Zealand. Rj Hampton is a six foot five Shooting Guard from as I say the Kiwi Country Josh Green the freshman out of Arizona. It's supposed to be a three point specialist thirty six thirty six percent. A lot of people say poor. Man's then you get Jeremias Ramsey tech shooting guard have been projected to go to Milwaukee shooting who shoots forty three percent from three. Those are your top twenty right now and these are names that I mean there are other names there Nico Manny and the Leschi Foschi. Some of these other guys. Paul read Devon Dotson. We'll keep an eye on all these guys. The warriors will they trade down and keep their pick. I'm Rick Tuttle. We'll take a quick break. Come on back on sports attention to anyone. That's written a book a wants to write a book. The process is not that complicated. Take a first step. Even if you write a page a day you build momentum and your book will become a reality. The hard part is getting it published. That's when you need to call page publishing. They've got hundreds and hundreds of thank yous from different new authors. Just like you they make the process of publishing your new book and getting it sold online a simple process. You can learn how simple it is right now by calling for your free page publishing new authors submission kit one quick three minute phone call. 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We specialize in policies of a half million dollars and above sell. If you're looking for new or replacement term life insurance call right now for a free quote. Rates and availability may vary by state sample rate quotes or patient preferred non-tobacco underwriting exam required to qualify eight hundred eight zero seven nine thousand nine hundred eighty one eight hundred eight zero seven nineteen eighty one. That's eight hundred eight zero. Seven nineteen eighty-one cusp. Let's Naval Americana Kid. Who Make this tonight on name? It quit drinking that hater raid and bow down to Ricky T. Y'All oh a news. I remember we were going to get the new onside kick. It's been voted down. Who will talk about that tomorrow but we kinda thought that we were? GonNa have the New Rule. You get the ball on your twenty five you have a fourth and fifth it was a deadball play I don't care. I don't think that that's broken. I think if you're down late that's on you for stinking would have been exciting. Yes would have been exciting but it also would have been weird in a way you would have been bowing down to those other goofy leagues the Alliance and the xfl so there have been some rule changes that have been approved but Very interesting we kind of just accepted the at least I did. I kind of accepted the fact that you'd get three quarters of the or actually two thirds of the owners to say s on that and they said no will pass all right. See You tomorrow at nine. Am Time thanks for listening today? I'm Rick Tuttle coming up next sports talk Always meets the road actually. I'm not even sure what that means. Hotlanta new speed radio network life hot news feed DOT com. This stream is supported by advertisers and contributions by follow us on facebook twitter and instagram's and last night weren't there for the right reasons. The vast majority of people that have come together have been so peaceful up at there was a core group of the vast majority of people that have come together have been doing so peaceful up. There was a core group of people that had really been focused on causing some destruction. Certainly we saw that with some of the looting and fires chief Madeira Arredondo making his comments during a briefing. He also said someone involved. In last night's violence were not from Minneapolis. President trump is preparing to issue an executive order regarding social media. After twitter's fact checking some of the president's tweets White House Press Secretary Kaley mcenaney telling reporters. The order is expected to be signed. Thursday. You'RE LISTENING TO USA. Radio News of nature changing the world. One Life at a time and get seen a chain shouldn't how I feel. I do feel better. I actually feel like doing stuff. If that makes it's it's just a better feeling to throughout my whole body right now. 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Everybody Bryan Alvarez here on wrestling observer live. We are here every day Monday through Friday new Pacific three eastern Sunday three Pacific six eastern. Well it is Thursday here on the show and the only difference from the normal Thursday as we got a raw ratings today because he didn't come out yesterday as a result of the Memorial Day holiday. And we'll talk about them after the break knock great. They added those fans. Those performance center students to the crowd in hopes that I guess it would help everything but omitted yesterday. Aided the number would be bad I didn't know what the number number could have been. Good number could have been bad but I did say yesterday that it is possible. It's not gonNA help at all. Because they waited way too long and they ran off too many people and not announcing the return of fans just doing a show with some performance center graduates was not enough to bring anybody back so obviously we've talked many times about how I got all of this feedback from people that said. I'm not watching this show tillers fans back. I refuse to watch wrestling till their fans. Well those people didn't come back at all for the show so either they're waiting for legitimate fans and large buildings or they said that and they're not gonNA come back. I guess we shall wait and see but we'll talk about the role ratings after the break also. Aws exte- last night. Lot of news coming out of both shows. Obviously the big story in a w was the Chris Jericho Mike Tyson pull apart. What did you think of that? Obviously leading a something. What that is. I guess we will find out soon. Enough on the INEX- t show met riddle today. Clean technical submission loss in the main event Timothy Thatcher and he is heading to the main roster probably smackdown and probably tomorrow so those are the big stories. Coming out of both of those shows we can talk about everything else. Well we got matches for upcoming shows believe it or not the takeover is next Sunday. So I guess we're could use some sort of of highlight show in the entire show parts of the show next week. Be a highlight show. That's an interesting decision. We can talk about all this. After the break wrestling observer live you owe ten thousand dollars or more on at least two? Federal student loans. Then you may qualify for new programs offered by the Department of Education. These programs can reduce your interest lower your payments and possibly qualify you for loan forgiveness if you have ten thousand dollars or more and at least two federal student loans and currently not in school you may qualify for one of these programs. 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Up W video at somebody on the twitter chats asking if we're GONNA do a post show after the takeover which is next Sunday takeovers now on Sundays and the answer at least at this point far as I know is yes and I will watch that show and then we will be live twitch dot TV slash for w only for subscribers of twitch. Obviously if you're not a subscriber you can watch wrestling. Observer live for free every day but subscribers get the pay per view post shows and you can subscribe in a variety of ways including free on Amazon prime with Amazon prime subscription for those either have prime but anyway. That'll be the plan for next Sunday. The Russia Monday night I show they semblance of crowd of more than two months still did the second lowest number in modern show history one point seven four million viewers over the three hours at one percent from the previous second lowest mark said last week. I third hour drop was only seven percent lower than usual but because it was memorial day in this happens often nobody watched the first hour. It started at one point. Eight million viewers for our one and then those people just kept watching one point eight. I our one point seven. I our one point seven third hour so not great. Titan Games hosted by dwayne Johnson went head to head final two hours three point four four million viewers on NBC. Family feud one the night overall. Which by the way. Apparently if you're gonna be going on the Jericho crews and twenty twenty one one of the things. This year is going to be the Chris. Jericho family feud so. I guess it'll be the inner circle. Maybe leaving the inner circle versus the elite on that boat in family feud. But that's one of the things that are plugging example of Memorial Day differences that he third hours actually up four percent from the first hour with males eighteen to forty nine and with teenage girls but down seventeen percent with women eighteen forty nine and sixteen percent with men at twelve thirty four so not good at numbers the edition of fans to me made for a significantly better shell but it did not compel anybody to return and obviously one of the reasons. Why is I mean if you're not watching raw and you decided you're not coming back till there's fans in the building? I mean there was no announcement that it would be fans in the building. They just put them there. So I mean maybe word of Mouth Will Qassem people to watch next week and next week should be because it won't be Memorial Day but still it's not like they went right back to two point three two point four million because they put some fans in the crowd. I mean this was my concern that I voice yesterday. They may have waited too long. They should have done it on week. One when somebody figured out to put wrestlers in the crowd but they decided to be stubborn. They decided to copy a W. or anywhere else. They waited and they waited in. The numbers fell and they fell and fell. They fell and now they did it. And maybe it was too late. I guess we'll find out those. Your numbers some tells me even if there are people there that The number would probably be this way. I don't know if we would be dramatically different. I don't know a little bit of chatter does that Certainly obviously helps with the presentation though I think bottom line to me. That's what matters is I GOTTA. Watch it so it makes for a better show when I watch it. And that's pretty much of that When it comes to the number overall it should be up because it's not Memorial Day Maybe we've already bottomed out. Maybe we have. But we just don't know again the news of the day as well as whatever's going to debut is going to have some sort of effect on it right now just because. Wwe's that wall rebel. So little thing may actually throw that number off and make it worse. We'll just have to kind of see as it goes along but you to say anything about the fans indirectly tied in with the number. I don't WanNa do that because if you're GONNA do that nothing's GonNa help that number so everything that's going to be tried. They're gonNA look at the number probably be disappointed and throw out the window and I don't want to do it and I don't think they will do it obviously by having the NFC students in production whoever else in the crowd well Ryan Vancouver. Let's see what's on his mind Ryan. You're on the air what's going on. Hey Brian and shadow to show me if they're real quick I was watching aws. I noticed that all of a sudden Gosh. It seem to not have a last name and she was. He's been real weird like WWe. Go like championship opportunity. I was just wondering what What the deal was with that this is on? Aws Darker the show last night the show last night. She had name though she she is She's looking fantastic. I guess she's in the titans. Games and bottom line is championship opportunity. A stupid they've been called out for more than one place and they deserve it for that verbiage. I do believe that but as far as Dasa losing her last name. I don't think that's any big dealer or to wwe even though they're notorious for happens in entertainment all the time. Well I wanNA thank you very much for the call. Here's my thoughts on on Doshisha. Tasha is a billion times better on W. then I'm deb. Me and I know I know there's a subset of fans out there that no matter what I say about eight. W they're going to say it's not true in. Wef's better and Blah Blah Blah. But I mean come on. There can't be one person on the planet earth the thinks Adagio was better in w even aws. That's like that's a block defense. That's impossible okay. It's now let me tell you. Some dash from Futurama another robots may disagree with you. Now well let me tell you something about this Dasha k. Far as I know she was not like a wrestling fan for her entire life she was she was hired. He's brought into wwe and that was like that's what she knows about wrestling. Okay I could be wrong about this. Okay could be totally wrong. And if I'm wrong somebody please correct me. But my point is if you were brought up in the W. system and you were scripted to say all of these weird things and you go to aws. I mean you will be allowed to show your actual personality but I mean there probably will be terms that you learn from being in that you don't know any different. She she may not even. It may not actually be natural for Russia to say. Someone's getting a title shot in her world. It may be championship opportunity. That sounds weird. If you've been watching wrestling since one thousand nine hundred five but the difference in me is she's not being scripted. Awa Known scripting her to say championship opportunity. They're telling her okay. Well this is what we want you to say. It asked this question. And she goes out there and she says it in her own words and with their own personality and it may involve words that she learned working for me that she's just stuck saying so. I don't think that you should read too much into anything that says on. They W I don't think they're trying to turn her into a WWe robot. I don't know if she's really been brainwashed into Saint Championship opportunities being brainwashed. It's like maybe not ask somebody else who also maybe had worked there because we're so ingrained in the wrestling establishment because people have grown up watching it. Somebody else could put that line in there too. Because I don't think I say they did the same thing when on Sunday. I believe they did and I wasn dodger Mike when I started watching wrestling and when I got into wrestling okay. There was no such thing as the word move set. It didn't exist. Nobody would've ever said move set. Okay now over. The last decade people have started talking about various wrestlers move sets and now that's like that's like a word that's used in wrestling but it was never used in wrestling ever when I got into wrestling. So it's one of those things. Where if you if you if you're young if you're in your mid twenties thirties or whatever and you got on the Internet and you started following wrestling in like the two thousand to you. That's like a term Moose set when I hear that move when I heard when I hear the word move said. I'm like Bro. What are you talking about move set but now it's the thing? Have you seen one of my matches? Now it's a thing moves set is now a thing and is an old man. I need to get used to that. At if DASA came up in the late twenty tens and she learned championship opportunity as the term floor. Getting a title shot then. That's just what she says. And it's a thing now so I was GonNa Make Fun of you saying you grew up watching girl amount soon. You don't say October or you know whatever it would be external yes like one of those things. But then again I think we all say immovable. Force meeting The irresistible full force. Meeting the immovable object might irresistible force. Irresistibly screwed this all up. Get Out of here. Second A moment observer life. We're starting over after the break. All right here imagine this is your money and some wants to take it from you. Who Is it the IRS? They want your money and guess what they can legally take all of it if they want remember. They sent you that letter that said. Hey you a bunch of cash and we're going to take it from you. So what are you fight back? By letting our team of experts at tax helpline work it out with the IRS. 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And Oh my God Tyson his crew Especially this Gooch Fella. And that's his real last name by the way gooch was he on different strokes. So this is what was explained to me. This is not from Chris Jericho. I have no idea. I have no idea what he thought about it. Except I guess he's done that a couple of of the interviews. I was told from people there that nobody had any idea. That Tyson was gonNA come out with that many guys and he came out with his whole posse including this fella named Gooch who looked like he had no idea where he was at or what he was doing. He had face paint on. I don't even know why which largely consisted of black rings around his eyes which far as I know may not even have been face paint for all. I know he's out there and the whole idea is trying to get over the idea of Chris Jericho and Mike Tyson. Judge Jacking than having a pull apart. Right this gooch dude is totally trying to steal the show and unfortunately I can't take my eyes off the guy and between him and Mike Tyson like being so lackey. He's so weird. I mean it was like it was a circus but I mean the positive I can say is I couldn't take my eyes off it for like two seconds. I could not take my eyes off the screen and Tyson's they're trying to rip his shirt off but he can't it's like he's got it halfway ripped off and these trying to pull it over his head but then he can't even do that so finally just give up and doing this weird flex in. I can't even call it mean Mug and I don't even know what it was. He was doing and finally he remembers the Shove Jericho Jericho shoves him. And then we have the Steve Austin Mike Tyson pull apart virtually it looks virtually identical to the pull apart from from January nine hundred ninety eight my Goldberg and then of course all the other wrestlers hit the ring and like Gucci is being all wacky and would just give him a beating but it didn't happen but anyway it got me during publicity and it's one of those angles where let's see what happens left to see where they go with this. They're taping today. I'm pretty sure Tyson's going to be there. Tyson did a promo for their social media afterwards without gooch and Jericho. I'm sure will be there next week. And maybe they'll be some interference in whatever match Jericho. Does we'll see what they do. What are they GONNA do? Jericho Tyson match. Are they going to do a match? Where Tyson has somebody who represent him against Jericho? I don't know what they're gonNA do or win. But we'll we'll see where this goes. I mean it was. It was something else we end up with more gooch. Because I presume are gonNA cause like it's Tyson. So he's got his crew and you know. Interestingly Enough Vitor Belfort was there and Henry Pseudo was there who looked so nervous to be involved in pro wrestling angle. I mean he was just. He looked petrified but he was. He was petrified but triple C. Had all the confidence in the world. I was screaming at the TV. Because shod that will. That was the thing nobody shot. Well my hair hold on like I said nobody knew all of these guys were going to come out with Tyson. And so we we were discussing last night on the Observer Radio Show. I mean you know. Tyson had all these guys backstage with him and understand like nobody knew was because it was in guerrilla Rashad grew his hair out Eddie looks he looks totally different. I recognize them after at different. Oh Dude I recognize him after with brought to my attention but he Listen I don't blame the announcer for this one. I don't buy anybody for this except Tyson for himself. I I guess so. But here's my thing. Is He Tyson? Is there with Vito Bell for? Who was already there. Was Dan Lambert there. I don't know but who was there. And so who does a former U. OF C? Champion Rashad Evans former. Ufc champion a man. Who's obviously once? He's pointed out at the very least known to be a part of the. You have seen a recognizable name and face. Why would excalibur not know those guys? Why would they? At least not I can understand going. I don't know Mr Grim or Spanky or whoever these geeks the rest of them were but like those guys. You should probably know and want to get over and announced. And when you're doing this thing which was. Let's be honest a takeoff of a takeoff of a takeoff. We have seen this song and dance before where they go with it. As far as having everybody involved is a different story. But we've seen this pull apart before I don't know if that was. I can't believe that those other guys weren't going to come out with him and you don't mention them when jr through to excalibur and he whipped. It was like it was just. It was a painful moment and then. I don't want to say got worse because I don't know what kind of publicity God you're saying. The Guy could mainstream attention. I didn't see where this all the footage ended up at today but like it didn't seem like it was that great and it seemed to get worse as it went on again. I just thought it was really. I was really corny. Not even know who was there. I thought came across Kinda Wack. It was a train wreck. Okay and it was. It was a train wreck. If you WANNA say it sucks like I'm not gonNA argue with you. I didn't think sucked. I thought that you know what it reminded me of. Actually it reminded me of when you see some crazy happening in a in a UFC show or an enemy fight and there are a bunch of people involved who they aren't pro wrestlers and it doesn't listen. It did not come off polished at all but you know what I like. The one thing I will say about about the angle and about Tyson is I don't believe for one second that this guy's playing some sort of character like he's just so weird. What in God's name was he talking about Jerko stealing some championship? What's he talking about? This is going crazy and it. Just it didn't feel like a wrestling angle. It felt like something crazy that happened on the show which is actually what it was. So that'd be a look at the history of Mike Tyson in and around fight so it means I don't know I will again where this is different than what. Wwe would do is. We may see Henry Pseudo and Rashad Evans and these guys in a matches were Mike Tyson. The I don't know direction. This is going to go but I at least I have faith that they'll put their own spin on it if they don't. I don't know how this whole thing actually works out if this was just to gain a little bit of attention or something like that and it's going to slowly drift away. I I don't I don't know we'll have to see how the whole thing works but hopefully didn't spend a whole lot of money on this. I'll say that all right andy. You're on the air what's going on. I guess how well Tom He? You think that it does more harm than good. Considering how goofy and fake Tyson appearance looks and there's no way really paying this off unless it's just place and putting themselves over. Is there anything you can think of? That could benefit you with the Tyson. The parents well. I WanNa thank you very much for the call. I mean we don't know listening. It's too early to say anything. I don't know anything I I don't know if they're GONNA do like. I said they may do a mad. They may try and do match with Jericho. I mean Jerko didn't interview today. Eighty he basically. I mean he's he was obviously open to the idea. I mean it would be. I don't know how they do it. But you know that that that don't remember in twenty ten the angle that Jericho was talking about. Tyson knocked him out. I mean Tyson was a guest host on the show and they put him in a match with zero advanced notice like they didn't advertise next Monday. Mike Tyson will wrestle. It was like he just showed up to be a guest house like all these other random guests hosts and they signed him to a match now in nineteen in one thousand nine hundred ninety eight. You know there were discussions about doing Steve Austin versus Mike Tyson. And it didn't happen Mike. Tyson never wrestled. He was the outside enforcer in ten the actually got Mike Tyson into the ring but he didn't do anything in that match he didn't do one spot nothing and then at the end he punched out. Chris Jericho okay so if Tyson was unwilling to wrestle in one thousand nine hundred ninety eight and he was unwilling to really do anything in two thousand ten. I have zero evidence that he's willing to a match in two thousand twenty at like fifty four years old or whatever he is right now but you know maybe he is. He's in shape. So obviously the idea with the angle was to get people talking about. Aws and to get the Awa brand name out there. And to get Chris Jericho's name out there and to capitalize on the video of Mike Tyson Sparring. That went viral. That's what this was all about and we will find out we'll find out. I mean it's too early to say anything we. We can't say anything about this until we wait for the fall of. Do I think it hurt? A W W I mean look at the dark order gimmick. Remember how everyone thought like it? Dave said the dark ordered thing was turning point food. That was a thousand times worse than this and it didn't hurt the company at all. Maybe maybe for a week or two but long-term it didn't hurt one bit and Mike Tyson having a pull apart brawl with the inner circle. I mean no. That's not gonNA hurt this company. One bit I don't know how much get a benefit in the end but it ain't gonNA hurt. And if they do take a little heat for it I mean you gotTa wear your corneas. Sometimes you're coming off. You can't say pretenders Shakespeare then you know you got Adam page riding on a horse. So if they if they trip and fall on their face with this than Krypton there fall on their face but I tell you what Mike. Tyson's going to do anything. I remember back to two thousand and three in the battle of the Balaj show. I think he slow. Scott Coker BOB SAPP. Fight back in a moment more observer live. Have you written a book? You can become a published author with dorrance publishing. 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Live with Bryan Alvarez and Mike Zimmer bb on the sports byline broadcasting network begging the show Brian Elber is year wrestling. Observer live Mike Zimmer via also wrestling observer dot com we have as a full bank of phone calls so let's jump right into it coal in Pennsylvania. You're on the air. What's going on Brian? I just wanted to ask so we all know that. Aws LOVES TO MAKE THEIR CRACKS AT WWE as much as they can and last night episode was no exception with cody saying Oh. I'm probably not welcome in Connecticut and Jericho bringing up the my sigmund from raw ten years ago. So that's why I know you think that if they continue the path of just sliding wwe every single chance they get that eventually like their die. Hard fans will even start getting sick of this in it may end up leading to like their downfall now but wwe fans will continue to be bothered by it. I WanNa thank you very much for the call. I mean the Jericho wasn't a slight on on. Wbz All bring up why he still wants to beat up by Tyson incident happened. He had the date and he said it was on Monday night but it wasn't like he buried the show he wasn't he didn't say like how on in in Twenty Ted. There was some horrible creative involving Mike Tyson. And I'm really now. He was like in two thousand ten on Monday. It was Monday night and Mike Tyson turned on me and he knocked me out and I've been mad about it ever since so. That wasn't a slight on debit me and cody's wasn't even slide on. W. Either noted. I've probably not invited back to me. Which the funny thing is like they take him back in a heartbeat of course in our heartbeat. They take this guy back Barium but they they take him back. I don't even if they bury him. I mean they they. They wouldn't have. I try to act like it but look as long as Vince. Mcmahon is alive. We'll try to get some revenge. There and the bottom line is this if that guy was looking for something to be offended at when he came to somebody they w saying something about would be Jim. Ross who made a shot took Charlotte the plexiglas and those people being trapped behind there. So I don't think that's GonNa Bother me. W. Fan at all. These percentage wise. I don't think any dig that they could put on. Wwe is going to do anything like that in effect them even in the slightest. But it is GonNa make somebody on the other side. Continuously pointed out all right Christian in Montreal. What's going on what's going on guys? Just my questions about Jason Wardlow just wondering if you think it's too soon for them to bring them up. Thank you oh my goodness I. WanNa thank you very much for the call absolutely. It's too early to break them up. But we don't know if they're gonNA break out because this could be. This could be a swerve where they want you to think that they're going to break up. But then they do something dastardly and reveal. They've been in cahoots the entire time. I have no earthly idea where they're going. But I do know that it seems why would you WanNa take wardlow away from Mj? F Why would you WanNa take a big scary dude away from this smaller? He'll perfect dynamic. You could do it someday but I mean it's been less than a year so no I would not I would not break them up right now. Obviously WANNA put little chips into place and last night. They wanted to put some chips in the place he wanted to do. Some sleight of hand. So you would think there would be M J F probably winning that thing and they wanted to try some things together and it worked out perfectly. They did something now that MDF can say. He took a shot at wardlow low and wardlow reacted in the way that he did. And then you had the incident during the match. They both get flipped probably next week. It's never mentioned again. It's probably not mentioned again. Hopefully for a little while and because I don't I like simmering tension but it's got a simmer so you've got to walk away from it for a while turn the heat up slowly on the direction that you're going to go one day breaking them up and that makes complete sense to one day. Break them up but it certainly not anytime soon. But you gotta start planting the seeds at some point and I think they did that. Moses you're on the air what's going on on like Brian first off shut all the twitch armies coming from the twitch gang if you will I got to know those which homeys I was not the black but I was one of the original subscribers you said twitch I was already there I had some tribe within hours anyway names like Holler fight combat out here in San Diego is doing outdoor shows. Were you pay twenty dollars for Car? A lot of people and you enjoy outdoor indie show. Do you think that is the future of indy wrestling and very quickly? What are the chances we see somebody? I don't know like Henry Pseudo actually taking bumps in eighty w well I wanNA thank you very much for the call. So I mean what's the Hudo who claim that he retired from UFC and nobody believed it and they figured that it was some sort of negotiation employer would ever and even his. His coach was suggesting that he was gonNA fight again this summer but then couple of days ago they stripped him of the title and he doubled down that he's done so I don't know I mean he's zero day W and you know he's. He's a phenomenal athlete. I don't know how quickly he'd take the pro wrestling some people some people who are as good and athletes with combat sports background. They take to exceedingly quickly others. Do not so. I don't have an answer but I wouldn't be surprised if you saw him. Take a bump take a night actually now far. Is these outdoor shows. I'm not a doctor. Okay but I I read about this. Every single solitary day I read more about Corona virus than I do about wrestling on most days so here in Washington. We shut down earlier than almost anybody. I mean if you if you go back the show where I did the celebration to accept my award for Wrestling Observer Book of the year. This seems like a lifetime ago. That was the last normal show that we did here and this was like the second week of March that you jitsu studio shutdown. I sent Vinnie and everybody else home with equipment so they can do it from their houses. Everything was shut down here in Washington. We're going on two and a half months now. We got it the worst early but we we got on top of it and things are much better now but guess what around here with only in phase one which is basically everything is still shut down okay but yesterday governor inslee announced that things were going to open up a little bit for for religious services because everybody everybody wants to go to church around here is the word I here. So what what? They've determined in the middle of this like no one could do anything around here okay. But they're hoping up church services. How are they doing it? Well if you run your church service outdoors and everybody wears a mask. And they're all six feet apart. You can run a church service with as many as one hundred people. Okay that's up here in Washington right and then there were like some other like you can do an indoor service but everybody has to wear a mask and you have to be six feet apart and you can only be at one fourth capacity or something like that there. There's some indoor but the point of this is like around here and in a lot of other places if you WanNa do something outdoors and keep people apart like. That's like the first thing that is opening up now. In my opinion if you have the fans show up and I I highly doubt this is the case. Where for some of these shows but like if you WANNA have the fans show up and the chairs or six feet apart and it's outside and you're wearing masks in my opinion knock yourselves out. Go for it go and have a fun wrestling show in every. Let let the crowd enjoy themselves now. The idea of met farmers one of my good friends but you know packing packing seven hundred people in Washington Hall. That ain't happening anytime soon. I would not recommend that like it's just not going to happen but if you WANNA run outdoors. Have people wear masks? Have them spaced apart? I see zero problem with that right now. The wrestlers in the ring. That's another matter entirely. They're all taking a big risk. They're not going to be wearing masks. There is close as you can get to each other but from the fan perspective. I don't see a problem with that. I know some places that have done Drive in movie theater bit same sort of thing. The and it's cool and everything and I think you know what maybe for the summer Is going to be some sort of attraction but I just don't think it's got legs long term. I think everybody wants this thing. Kind of goes back to what it was. I think everything goes back to what it was. We're not going to build new bills or anything like that. Did you hear the news at the top of the hour? Try to avoid that? I do too but in granted it was like one poll but the poll was like sixty percent of Americans are either not going to get a vaccine or. They're considering not getting the vaccine. Judy Bagwell Paul's sixty percent. Listen if it's even fifty percent I mean Dude. Things will not be going back to normal. I mean they'll go back to normal. Wait a second. How many people get a flu shot anyway? Because won't it? Just be basically melded into their. I mean isn't that how that would work? Because that's what if you're willing to get a flu shot in a Kovic shot? Yeah but I mean if sixty percent of people are either unwilling or not sure I mean dude if sixty percent of this country is not protected against co vid. Like you're thinking things are gonna go back to normal ever well. Maybe like a whole bunch of people die. But here's the thing if you're getting the vaccine for in a bunch of other people aren't it's kind of like the polio vaccine. Would it not were okay? Those other people are putting themselves on the line. But you've already protected yourself so let them drop dead. I guess well I mean ideally in a perfect world like a bunch of people wouldn't drop dead because out but that's the whole thing is so those people are going to do what they're going to do in life for the you is probably going to go back to normal. And if you're all protected than you know the idea of going to a drive-in as opposed to just staying in your house or going to a movie theater. However you've been doing it you know again. It's Kinda cute. It's Kinda catchy. Hey we went and saw the wrestling show and drove up to it outside. But I don't think that's something that's going to have lakes forever. I think the only to see cars and wrestling is GonNa be in the Junk Yard for Zona Twenty three. If you are fine with getting a vaccine then you probably are going to be fine but the reality is how I mean. Safeco field here in Seattle. I don't know what eighty one hundred thousand people can get in there for a game. I mean if it turns out that like sixty percent of Washington refuses to get vaccinated against cove it along city for the government says too there ain't GonNa be no shows in a building where where fifty thousand people in that building refuse to get vaccinated against Corona virus. I mean they'll shut down this ain't Florida's Washington in some places but not everywhere. Sec football why. They're already talking about breaking off playing even who cares if the California can open up or whatever. I packed while football goes. We'll see what happens but look Vegas Nevada if everything is held in Nevada and Florida. Then everything's going to be held in Nevada and Florida and these wrestling companies or whoever it is boxing. Mma kickboxing whatever. They're not going to bat NI- all right. It's good Asia male. You're on the air. What's going on going guys I hitch a fantasy both ninety. I had thought of it so on observer radio last night Dave was really pushing for FDR and the young bucks to happen as soon as possible. I WANNA take complete opposite approach I think the young books are probably as cold as you could possibly be a as young books right now. They haven't gotten any real signature wins their storyline sort of. They're not the best tag team anymore. neither team or even a tag champs and the team that are champs are clearly just building up the have their blow off so I think. Fdr should win the tax title establish instant credibility for themselves and also set the Kenya. Mega storyline was page in motion. And then have the young bucks SORTA Rehab themselves and go back and be all the teams that beat them like private party and basically every under the sun and then build up that match for several several months down the road maybe maybe even holds off till the pay per view after September. Twenty twenty one. Hopefully they'll be fans in attendance and everything. There's I just don't see a reason to push the few to right now. There's no fans the almost no momentum. There's no tag titles online. When that's the attack magic could possibly put on that. I want to thank you very much for the call. I mean they can always go back to the match. Whenever I mean to me the came in. That's the big match. My idea was there was a period where the young bucks were just putting over. Everybody and got people really upset like this is supposed to be the best team in the world and all they do is lose. That was actually like any became a story line on TV to degree revival or whatever their FDR FDR. He's in they say it'd be everyone of those teams and we're going to prove that we're better than we're going to beat you and that puts off the future for a few months and it keeps it hot and their ego. But his debuts to say I hear the music back in a moment if you or a loved one is suffering from physical or emotional condition that is left unable to work. Then listen carefully. Take this number down. Eight hundred five nine three seven four nine one. That's eight hundred five nine three seven four nine one. 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You're listening to wrestling observer. Live with Bryan Alvarez. Mike Semper Vivey on the sports byline broadcasting network first year says. Wb bookings really killed the idea of long-term storylines for some fans the first sign of Dissension Jeff and word. Low means to break up. It's coming next week. I guess as Aws Played Out. Nice and slow. You know. Maybe it's just me but every promotion I watch. I can explain this. I try to watch it without thinking. About what another promotion would do now granted when I review the shows. I compare a Dublin and extend that sort of thing but for so many fans who watch a w and all they can think about is wwe booking it and what me is conditioned W. Fans to accept like the jungle. Boy Thing is just just the number one to me. Like is is so worried that jungle boys. He's he's doomed. He needs that big win. He's got to get a win. You know he won the battle royal but now he's GonNa lose to cody and he's he's get it. I'm like I watch a W and I watch it for what it is. And he's he's a twenty two year old kid with a lot of upside and the fan the AWA FANS. I don't care about the W we fans I care about the w fans what the Awa fans are going to think of Awa. That was the w fans are gonNA think w and to me. I see zero evidence that the W. Fan base is GonNa give up on the jungle boy because he's not out there beating everybody right now. I mean I just don't I could be wrong. I could be wrong but like when I watched new Japan. I don't watch what they do and think well the W we think that like is getting buried because he only got two wins in this tournament. I mean everything that they do for a reason with their story everything that Awa does is for reason with their story. And it's the same with me and I like over analyzing it by by thinking about what? Wbz's conditioned fans to do. I think it's a mistake. It's different cracker can matters time. Thanks Mike is always callers listeners. Into the studio which homey everybody. I'm sports byline talk to next time wrestling observer lie. Yeah you're listening to the heartland newsfeed radio network line. Hartland NEWSFEED DOT COM. This stream is supported by advertises and contributions by follow us on facebook twitter and Instagram's service doing newscasts may the twenty seven twenty twenty. I'm Mike Clifford for Minneapolis. Police officers have been fired following the death of a Black Man. Monday night are Mike. Moen reports the American Civil Liberties. Union says it points to the lack of humanity by some and law enforcement the death of George Floyd who screamed. I can't breathe while a white. Minneapolis officer held his knee over. Floyd's neck for several minutes was captured on video in drew swift condemnation John Gordon who directs the ACLU OF MINNESOTA SAYS. The public can't judge all police officers based on what happened. However he thinks there's still a gap and ensuring that all those who patrol the streets have a sense of empathy. It is especially hard to watch that video and conclude that the officer was looking at Mr Floyd as another human being officers in question have been formally identified and the President's Minneapolis. Union has urged the public not to jump to conclusions during the investigation which now includes the FBI. Those who say that. Floyd's death was racially. Motivated have criticized the other officers involved for not intervening on his behalf. A federal lawsuit claims many people with disabilities are- excluded from New York. State's expanded absentee ballot program to help keep voters safe during the COVID. Nineteen pandemic new. York is allowing anyone to apply for an absentee ballot. It can be mailed in rather than going to the polls but many people with visual or physical disabilities like paralysis. Tony and tremors cannot independently and privately mark a paper ballot according to Susan. Dua who has the Center for independence of the Disabled New York? New York already has an alternative system. That could work in the armed services and Americans overseas already can vote by an email ballot that is sent to them. The lawsuit filed the Southern District of New York seeks reforms to voting practices in time for the June. Twenty third primary election. I'm Andrea Sears. Reporting other states already have online. Absentee voting include Colorado New Mexico Ohio Oregon and West Virginia a Professor at Warren Wilson. College says her students have become acutely aware of how the coronavirus pandemic foreshadow climate change in how it could disrupt communities after weeks of navigating a nature and Gordon Class Online Mallory macduff has written about her quarantine experience for yes media. The students decided to teach each other sustainable living skills and a list of skills they wanted to gain and we decided to use some of our courses online on zoom to teach and learn together wide. Americans have turned to gardening composting and growing their own food since the start of the pandemic this is PMS. Some folks in West Virginia may not be aware if they've lost their jobs and employer provided health insurance due to covid nineteen they could be eligible for coverage under the state's Medicaid expansion. A family of four making less than about three thousand dollars a month can qualify for Medicaid in West Virginia which now provides health insurance for about one in three residents according to Jessica is with West Virginians for affordable healthcare. She says if you're collecting unemployment benefits the federal portion of six hundred dollars a week doesn't count towards household income for Medicaid eligibility. A lot of folks don't know what they qualify for so they're not looking to get coverage. Included crisis has highlighted For a lot of people that there are options out there she says people can find out if they qualify online on the West Virginia navigator website and on the state governments web portal. Wbz PATHS DOT. Org they can find out about other forms of support such as snap food assistance. I'm Diane Bernard West. Virginia's kids have benefited from the Medicaid expansion. Only about three and a half percent of them are now. Uninsured Latinos and a Washington state community fighting now for fairness in elections are taken off reports in Yakima County. Members of the county commission have remained white even as he latino population has soared Robin Inglewood. The immigrant rights group. One America says it's allowing the board to ignore the concerns of the Latino community very slight white majority in Yakima. County is functionally able to win each of those three seats in virtually every election cycle only one believe Latina candidate has ever won two feet and the Academic County Commission commissioners are elected county wide finally natty rambling on tells us at Lincoln County. Asparagus farmer retired. Us BEREANU sports. A universal basic income is when he against longtime in covid Mitch McConnell for the US Senate lieutenant colonel. Mike Royer has received the political endorsement of former presidential candidate. Andrew Yang who has said Breyer's candidacy is a continuation of the movement. Yang began. Royer says many of his neighbors are forced to work other jobs order to keep their small-scale farm operations running was putting up fence in the headlights of his pickup truck because he has to work off as far guy loves farming. He's a great farmer but because HE NEEDS HEALTHCARE. He works off the farm. And you skin come. Would free people do the things that they love? Briar along with Representative Charles Booker of Louisville. Lieutenant Colonel. Amy Mcgrath are all vying on the Democratic ticket to house McConnell in the November election this is Mike Clifford four public news service. We are member listener supported. And you'll find US line at public news service DOT. Org Listen to man is about say. Yeah let's everybody listen the USA radio network presents the greatest radio programs of all time coming the CBS shop dedicated to man's imagination. The theater of the mind this is classic Radio Theatre want get away from it all be I in peace and war mcgehee among unexpected the unexpected the unmixed. Now here's your host why it talks another episode of the predecessor to. I Love Lucy. My favorite husband starring new seal ball with Richard Denning Gale Gordon and be Benadryl. This was broadcast seventy one years ago. Today late twenty seven nineteen forty nine and Liz ends up in the hospital and we thank you for tuning in on this Wednesday Hump Day. Twenty seventh day of. May the one hundred forty seventh day abundant in forty eight day rather of twenty twenty. We have two hundred eighteen days remaining until we get to the end of the year. The Ford Motor Company stopped manufacturing the Ford Model T on this date in one thousand nine hundred twenty seven and began to retool plants to make Ford model as the ten thousand forty six foot. Tall Chrysler building in New York City open to the public on this date in one thousand nine hundred thirty at the time. It was with tallest structure in the world. The Supreme Court of the US declared the national industrial recovery. Act TO BE UNCONSTITUTIONAL IN NINETEEN. Thirty five one element of the new deal did not go through in California on this date in one thousand nine hundred eighty seven the Golden Gate Bridge Open to pedestrian traffic. Creating a vital link between San Francisco and Marin county nothing more thrilling than to get on one end of the bridge of my car and drive through and see these towers how they stand up majestically against the sky. How wonderful it is still in. The world has to know that I was part of it and I feel so proud. Depor Work Engineer Louis. Wrigley Ardo The Golden Gate Bridge opening on this date in nineteen thirty seven and nineteen thirty. Nine DC comics published its second Superhero in detectives Comics twenty-seven he is Batman One of those topical Comic Book Superheroes of All Time it was on this date in one thousand nine hundred forty one. President Roosevelt proclaimed an unlimited national emergency with profound consciousness of my responsibilities to my countrymen and to my country because I have tonight issue they proclamation that an unlimited national emergency exists and requires the strengthening our defense though the extreme limit along national power and authority the nation expect all individuals and our group. The plane Four par now selfishness and without doubt that our democracy we'll on survive. I repeat the word of the signers of the declaration of independence that little band up patriots fighting long ago against overwhelming odds but certain as we are now Automate victory with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence. Mutually led to each other Lives Thought Joe and sacred on a lot of people were unhappy with FDR over this after all in in in May of nineteen forty one. That war was all the way over there. It wasn't on the US. It didn't involve US until December seventh when Japan attacked Pearl Harbor and that got Americans involved and ready to get behind the president Let's see it was on this date in one thousand nine hundred eighty seven buddy. Holly and the crickets released their most popular song. That'll be the day holly's career would only lasts less than two more years. Dying in a plane crash near clear. Wake Iowa in February of Nineteen fifty nine at the age of twenty two the US naval aircraft carrier USS. John F. Kennedy Christened by Jacqueline Kennedy and her daughter Caroline in one thousand nine hundred sixty seven in Charlottesville Virginia actor Christopher leave reeves paralyzed from the neck down in one thousand nine hundred five after falling from his horse in a writing competition. Supreme Court ruled on this date. In Ninety seven that Pala Jones can pursue her sexual harassment lawsuit against President Clinton while he was still in office. Michael Forty sentenced to twelve years in prison and fined two hundred thousand dollars for failing to warrant authorities about the Oklahoma City bombing. That took place on this date. In Nineteen Ninety eight in two thousand one members of the Islamist separatist group Abu Save seize twenty hostages from an a fluid island resort on Palawan in the Philippines in two thousand and one. The hostage crisis would not be resolved until June. Two thousand to Barack Obama. The first present visit Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park back in two thousand sixteen. He met the surviving members of the nineteen forty five atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Passing away on this date in history. The man behind believe it or not Robert Ripley. Also Jeffrey. The father of added Actually a Jeff Conway from taxi and Gregg Allman of the allman brothers band. I'll passing away on this date. Cornelius Vanderbilt the entrepreneur born on this date in seventeen ninety four the composer of the battle hymn of the republic. Julia Wardhaugh also wild bill. Hickok Dashiell Hammett the man behind Sam Spade and Nick North and Charles Dashiell Hammett born on this date former Vice President Hubert Humphrey actor Vincent Price. The man behind the CAINE mutiny. The winds of War and Warren Remembrance. Herbert Hermann woke who passed away last year at the age of one hundred and three and actor Christopher Lee this is number ninety seven for Henry Kissinger also number ninety seven for the man behind Viacom and CBS. Sumner Redstone remember best from Barnaby Jones? Former Miss America Lee. Mary weather turns eighty five today. Also Ramsey Lewis. Eighty five from roots and officer and a gentleman. Louis Gossett junior eighty four from Hill street blues. Bruce Weitz seventy seven Eric Bischoff. The wrestling promoter is sixty five from Susan the banshee. Suzy is sixty three. She was Ross. On Frazier Kerry Gilpin fifty nine. He started out on love. Line with Dr Drew Pinski Adam Corolla. Who now has a very strong podcast? Fifty-six from different strokes talk bridges fifty four from thirty rock. Jack mcbrayer is forty seven. Wwe's heart thirty eight and from Glee. Christopher Cole for thirty though some of the people who celebrate the twenty seventh day of May as their birthday. If this happens to be your birthday all right Lucille Ball. In my favorite husband from seventy one years ago may twenty seventh nineteen forty nine comes up in just three minutes on this. Wednesday edition of Classic Radio Theater on your favorite station when thinking about life insurance my accident. Reinforce you never know what tomorrow might bring. That's why reached out to accu quote unquote helps people find a life insurance policy that meets their needs since nineteen eighty-six. 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Why don't you join me by calling them at eight five five six nine six seven nine three? Oh that's eight five five six nine six seven nine three Oh again. The number is eight five five six nine. Six seven nine three. Oh and use the Promo Code Pastor Greg. That's Pastor Greg. I get your first year on me. You're listening to Classic Radio Theater on your favorite station. People wonder why I call my favorite husband the predecessor to I love Lucy even though they are different titles and Different premises while you have to look at it from this angle. While this store this show my favorite husband was inspired by Isabel. Scott Rorick I Love Lucy was created by head producer writer Jess Oppenheimer with the writers. Bob Carroll Junior and Madeleine pugh who carried over into I love Lucy and of course I love. Lucy was pushed by Lucille Ball. Who wanted to do the show with a real life husband at the time and that was a Desi Arnez okay. Let's listen to my favorite husband and see if you don't hear I love Lucy and this may twenty seventh nineteen forty nine. It's time for my favorite husband starring. Ball everybody yes. It's the new Gay Families Series starring Lucille Ball with Richard. Denning brought to you by the general family of Desserts J O or stand family. The big family. Yeah footing search now. The Seal Ball with Richard Denning as Liz and George Cooper to people who live together and like it wrapped in every marriage. There is one member of the weaker six and one of the stronger. The stronger member does the protecting looking after the frailer. More delicate partner. Well as we look in on the Cooper's it's early morning and the more delicate member of the family is still in bed tucked under the covers and the strong what has just gotten up closed. The window turned on the heat and is now standing at the foot of the bed. Rooms warm you can get up now. George Am I now dear. Seven thirty get up. I don't think I'll get up this morning. All Right George you just stay there and bid now had mister atom Berry. Bring the bank out here. I don't feel good Liz. I'm sick I can't go to the bank today. Okay let's have it. Who were you playing golf with? Honest Lizama really sick. Golly what seems to be the matter well for one thing? Every time I move I get a sharp pain in my back. There it is again. Where do you need gear? Show me right here. So that's where my curler win? Based curler sorry. I lost to them last night. Show me George. Which Vertebrae has the Tony? Very funny oh my throat's to I can hardly swallow. Oh let me see your throat. Oh don't be such a baby. Let me see your throat. Maybe I can find my other curler. George don't pay any attention to it. My throats a little saw every morning. Because you talk so much well why don't you just go away and leave me alone? Oh I'm sorry I didn't realize you felt so bad. Would you like to have breakfast in bed all right just some warm milk and dry toast? Nothing more nothing. I doubt if I can joke that where you stay under the covers and keep warm. I'll go see about your breakfast. All come on Katie. Good Morning Mrs Cooper. I'd like to take up to Mr Cooper. Does he sick yes? He's deathly ill and may be gone before. I get back upstairs. How he's got a little cold. Yes you know how Georgia's wants nipple. He's got the flu to sniffles. Got Pneumonia and three sniffles. Going to leave his body to science such babies when they're sick my first husband Clarence that I thought he had a cold and he thought he had pneumonia and we buried him buried him yes he thought he was dead. Katie. Well I don't know Georgia's faking. You're not only wants for breakfast. Is some more milk and dry toast. Yes put swallow coffee to go with that idea. He thinks he can swallow a little coffee. To yes ma'am some coffee. Yes put forth down Little Bagan with that. Problem is to- skit bud. Here he can force down a little bacon. Katie yes ma'am how much or apparently babies able to sit up and take a little nourishment sunnyside upper scramble. George Are you sure you want bacon eggs tolls coffee and warm milk. Aren't you to sixty that to forget the warm milk I thought so? Well you certainly did all right with that breakfast George. I'm feeling a little better than maybe you can get up and go to work. Oh my throat all your throat my foot honestly as I got a bad sore throat guy can still be hungry all right neil are called Dr Stevenson. Now there's no no need to waste money on doctor lives. I'll be all right George. You're not going to be a baby about having a doctor are you. What a local bill say. Never mind being smart. Look George either. You're sick and I'll call the doctor or your well and you get up and go to work. Let's see it's it's early. I'll call him at home. That's funny there's no dial tone is on the phone out will you please hang up and darn it that Brooklyn Blabbermouth is on our Party. Line as usual and she's liable a stay on there all day. Yeah I always tell her. There's something wrong with you and I wanna get her off the line well. This time it's true. Hello are you still using the own now now? That was come idea when I can't get it on line hanging yourself up planes look. Let me use the phone for a minute. It's an emergency all ways with you might wadded. Wailua touching up and ran out of Cuba film. Miss my husband is sick. I want to call the doctor this time. Hey a broken on like yesterday or a broken leg like the day before We think it may be his appendix panics. It's only just outlast. Wait what are you going to put it back in again? Got It on a string like a Yo. Yo Look I'll ask you once more. Will you let me use the phone? I have an important call to make. I HAPPEN TO BE MAKING THEM. Put and call myself. I don't hear anyone else on the line naturally. I haven't decided yet which important call I'm GonNa make right back George. I'm going next door. Call Move Way. Stevenson here's adopted. George House the this am I too late now. He's hiding under the sheet. Pulled it over his head himself. Come on out George. We know where you are. Well Dr I never felt better in my life where lives told me how to pretty sore throat. Joy Go ahead. Doctor Examined Him Oak. One of those long white sticks down his throat George Wide. Say Aw layers on. You don't have to help me. Oh He's an impossible baby George your mouth when I slipped this Dick between his teeth. I got it we are George George. Open your mouth out. Well had least long enough to spit out my fingers. Oh what a bike. Afraid of. Snow useless jarred. You're wasting Dr Stevenson's time and our money. Now there's nothing to letting him look down your throat here. I'll let him do it to me. You just open your mouth like this I looked down your throat. This George. Nothing do it now. Let a minute let me look down your throat again. I WANNA take another look. The he's your patient doctor. Just TAKE CARE OF HIM GETTING MEDICINE. Give him a jars. Nothing wrong with families. Let me look at your throw. Goodbye Dr thanks for coming over. Who Come back here open up. Oh I told you this would happen someday. Your tonsils. Don't look good. Well that's all right. Hardly anybody ever sees them. You have a very bad throat. I'll have to operate first thing in the morning. Operate tomorrow morning and you want me as long as we taking out your tonsils. It'll make it easier. Well all right. Oh I can't make it tomorrow morning Dr. I just remembered I'm seeing someone off on a train me. Mind that young lady. I'll make arrangements with the hospital and I'll see you in the morning. Sound good Hundred twenty four episodes of my favorite husband out there of of varying quality. We've got a lot of good ones. Thanks to our Fred Ted over Radio Memories Dot Com. We got a few more Goodwin's from him The show mates dramatic changes but it ended up being the way it was. And that was because of Jess Oppenheimer Bob Carroll Junior and Madeleine pugh the writers classic Radio Theater on your favorite station. The news from this date in one thousand nine hundred thousand nine next. We encourage you to participate in the GIFT CARD. Challenge these days. We all probably know of a local business. That is struggling to adapt to the current realities. Here's a small way that you can help announcing the gift guard challenge if you're able think of your favorite local business and then by a gift card today buy it online or pledged to buy one as soon as you can. Every little bit will help. Restaurants have takeout or delivery. Many businesses have online shopping options participate in the Gift Card challenged today by a gift card any amount and show your support for our local businesses in this time of need even for yourself to use it later day or pass it along to someone you know. That's on the front lines doing what they can to keep us all safe. Make the pledge and Buy Gift Card today participate in the Gift Card Challenge. Most tag the business use elected on social media and challenge your friends and neighbors to do the same working together one card at a time. We can all make a difference. Hashtag Gift Card Challenge Learn more at Gift Card Challenge Dot Org. This is Joe Marks. A few days ago I was talking with the director of Civil Defense and told me some things that I feel. Everyone should know. That's why I'm speaking to you now. Did you know for example that your chances of surviving an atom bomb attack are excellent? It's true but there's a big if you must do everything possible now to help yourself and your family. Nobody else will help you. Listen because this is important. Cape a complete Feis aid kit handy. Keep a closed container of drinking water and your refrigerator. Not a three days. We show you a good fire extinguisher. Take around your house right now and pick out the safest spot away from windows and doors. Make sure that every member of your family understands. He is rushed to that same spot. When there's danger convince that these precautions are necessary right now. I hope I can convince you. They're important here. Family yourself and your community. You're listening to Classic Radio Theater on your favorite station this hour. An episode of my favorite husband starring Lucille Ball as was originally broadcast. Friday may twenty seventh nineteen forty nine in the newspapers of seventy one years ago. These are some of the headlines. President Truman asserted. Yesterday the Atomic Energy Commission headed by David. G Lilienthal is doing a good job and that there is no excuse for getting hysterical about atomic security stepping personally into the dispute between Lillian and some Republican senators over alleged carelessness and mismanagement of the atomic programme. Truman told a news conference at Lillian. Paul's critics have exaggerated. Relatively trivial matters for political purposes. Battle for Shanghai ended today. Victorious Communist coupes took complete control of China's biggest city. The last organized nationalist resistance collapsed nationals to have held out two days in building long creek in the heart of the city gave up. Unconfirmed reports said Woosung fortress ten miles to the north and fallen these advisers. Put the number of captured nationalist. That fifteen thousand. If to this would indicate that some of the Shanghai garrison escaped by sea the garrison numbered far more than fifteen thousand and on itself was heavily manned in Paris before ministers conference of proposal from Soviet Foreign Minister Andrei Sqi that a high ranking German control. Board could be formed to run. Germany with each of the big four retaining a veto award. The Western powers replied. They have no control which would hamper the West German government. The Western powers made it clear. They did not basically oppose duration of four power control. They said they favored. It would not take the type found under the old allied control council or Soviet vetoes. Frequent French bobby-socksers almost mobbed Rita Hayworth last night outside a con Film Festival theatre in a preview of the Rivera riot expected today when she weds Muslim Prince Ali Khan Rita end the prince went to see loves of Carmen. The latest pictures starring the American film actress they were accompanied by diamond studded group of fifty nine friends and wedding guests. If I point six billion dollar foreign aid appropriation strengthening six denatured since hand in dealing with the Russian swept through the House yesterday after President. Truman pleaded for adequate funds open. The deep cuts made previously in the bill by the House. Appropriations Committee were upset. Either by direct increases or by permitting the money to be spent in thirteen and a half months rather than fifteen as originally planned. Congress will lump all government money bills into a single measure starting next year in an effort to Malas the budget and prevent spending chairman Clarence Cannon Democrat Missouri. It'd be House Appropriations Committee announcing plans for the far-reaching formula. The House said it would enable Congress to the overall spending picture in single frame and balance it against government income and those are some of the day's top news stories is reported in the newspapers of Friday may twenty seventh nineteen forty nine on your radio my favorite husband which continues in three minutes on this Wednesday Hump Day edition of Classic Radio Theatre balance of nature's fruits and vegetables in a capsule changing the world. One life time. I have been known to get up at one o'clock in the morning. Two o'clock in the morning. Maybe three o'clock in the morning and now I am sleeping all night and I'm getting up at six o'clock in the morning and it's a wonderful change for me plus the fact my cooking abilities in my current house. They're not what they should be and what I'm used to. I only have a microwave. That's all I've got. I don't have a way to prepare anything I know. I'm not eating collectively. So balance of nature helps me to balance out what I eat and I'm thankful that I have I. Have I tell everybody about it because this is a godsend to me? Experience the balance of nature. Difference for yourself right now. Balance of nature is offering free shipping and thirty five percent off on any new preferred order. Call one eight hundred two four six eight seven fifty one or go to balance of nature dot com today and use Discount Code USA. America's founders knew power corrupts and ultimate power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. That's why they built in checks and balances to prevent any one group from seizing all power. And that's why our president is elected by a college of electors to protect the rights of little state like Delaware in Wyoming against giants like New York and California after all our country is a republic United States of America not the United States are states are independent sovereign powers who created the federal government. Not the other way around. And that's why all power ultimately lies in we the people and the state's not a central dictatorship of cronies. Did you know that? Thank God for the. Us Constitution. Find out more. How ARE AMAZING CONSTITUTION AND BILL OF RIGHTS PROTECT US? The citizens against power craves politicians in Washington. Help US take back. America go to our American rights dot com brought to you by the American Media Council. So here's the choice. Some people the USA is finished. It's evil a has been full of hate and injustice the. Us CONSTITUTION SHOULD BE TRASHED IN THE BILL OF RIGHTS ABOLISHED. No free speech. No gun ownership competition and free markets are bad. We're all too stupid for our own good. The government must everything and know all your secrets. Other people say that America has created the free richest happiest most generous society that has ever existed in the world. That's Wayne. Millions of people are desperate to come here and escape their brutal lives in Cuba. Venezuela North Korea and one hundred other countries in America. We have the right to succeed. The right to our own living the right to have a family the right to believe in God the right to have our own ideas the right to be safe and secure and the right to be left alone. Where do you stand help us save the Constitution and restore the American dream? Go to save my freedom dot com brought to you by the American Media Council coming up on Thursdays Classic Radio Theatre Dana Andrews Stars in I was a communist from the FBI from sixty years ago may twenty eighth nineteen fifty two traders for Higher Matt's Vetik gets put in the US employment office energy order to place communist infiltrators in key war plant jobs that's tomorrow on Classic Radio Theatre where right now. The conclusion of my favorite husband from sixty seventy one years ago today may twenty seventh nineteen forty six. Liz is going to the hospital this morning to have her tonsils out and we find her in surprisingly spirits. No who I thought you were going to pack. Why are you sitting on the edge of the bed staring out into space? We'll be late. I was just thinking George had these tonsils all my life and this is the first time they've been bad. I ought to give them another chance. They mean well stop that they're coming out this morning. Oh you're so brave with my operation. Would you mind leaving the room George? I'd like these last few minutes alone with my tonsils are cut it out. Oh don't say that in front of them. Are you going to pack or shall I pack four pack? I'll pack let's see how take my Oh dear call the doctor. I can't go to the hospital today. I haven't got a thing to wear George I have. Is that all bed jacket. I wore last year when I had my appendix out and all the nurses have seen me in it hack it. Oh it's so old I wouldn't be caught dead in that. Oh what a thought. Don't worry about how you look. They'll give you the latest style and hospital gowns. Kina STUNNING GOWN OF WHITE. Muslin cut fingertip link with a bear back. Riff on quit stalling. Not Stalling George honest. I'm dying to the hospital. I said it again Liz. The longer you sit around brooding the worse it'll be now. Let's go now. I'm not going to move until you call Dr Stevenson. Why not well? I read that. There's only one hospital bed for every three patients and I wanNA know who those other two people in bed with me are. GonNa be ridiculous. I'm not going to you call. May maybe couldn't get a room. All right I'll calling. Wouldn't it be a shame if that blabbermouth was still on the line? You can't talk all the time. Think Melanie I beg your pardon. Wait a minute belly. The uninvited guest is he lab and change. You don't understand. My wife is big years. Well thanks a lot towel. Mystic is how broken like fractured obvious. Tackling your appendix. Jehad Loza. Forget it George. He has he got the decency to hang up when someone sick miss. It's my wife. I have to take her to the hospital for an operation. So I'll hang up right away. Anyone with any consideration would get off the phone she did. She Hung Up. She Hung Up. Yes what a rotten thing to do. Don't drive so fast. I'm getting you to that hospital. Where late but you're going over the speed limit. No worry. There isn't a cop within a hundred miles of here. No Cups Ward. I'm this is going to make us later than ever arrested us. I wouldn't be able to get to the hospital at all. Would I started anything? You just keep quiet. Let me handle this gum flat foot while I'm terribly sorry Sir but I think I don't try to Alibi George Officer. We were speeding. Do your duty and take us to jail. I'm not gonNA take you to jail. Eighty all I do is give you a ticket for hit and run driving officer. She doesn't know can't stand it any longer. This running away this hiding from the long arm of the law. Why do you think we were speeding? Officer this is a hot car or is not only that. But you'll find the real owners stuffed in the trunk. What is it pear shape officer? She's hysterical. I'm taking her to the hospital for an operation. That's why I was speeding all well in that case go ahead. I'll thanks. Well George I guess you were right when you said you could handle this dumb flat foot. What did he call me a dumb? But what are you GonNa do about it nothing? I am a dumb flat. I must be. I've been a rookie for thirty years. Oh great with all the Bulls on the force. I had to pick Ferdinand Mr. You're in a hurry to get the hospital. Following me out cleared away all right Mr Bunker take room six. Oh to your doctor will be up in a minute. What can I do for you nothing? We're just browsing Stevenson made arrangements. The name is cooper. Oh Yes tonsilectomy. Elizabeth dance the name as Mrs George Cooper. I'll handle this leads you. You'd better go up to your room. You're a little nervous not nervous at all. Well you go on up to room five or six but before you go just sign this application here nervous about for heaven's sake there. You are just a minute. Is this your signature? Mrs George Tonsil. I guess I am nervous. It isn't every day I have my cooper's out Well Honey. This isn't too bad pretty cozy for a hospital room. Don't you think yes? It's nice cheerful gray walls. The Black Trim. You're going to be fine and you've got nice roommate to your keep an eye on her won't you? Mrs Benson get onto. Hurry keep her spirits up until she goes until I go to the operating room and I'd be waking if she comes back me. Mrs Odell House digger these bench in. She means well. How's the bed honey? Comfortable Oh yes off just a feather see. Well it's healthy to sleep on a hard matte. Oh sure you want me to crank up the foot of the bed. A little higher no thanks. It's all right. Don't bother it's no bother yon psychic dear visit usual crank your bed up every time. I'd say win Liz. That's fine George. Thank you George in George. Are you legs to hide? You know I always lie with my head between my knees. That's Betty Benson. Would you like me to crack you up? No thanks. I've had my handles? You remove ace do that once someone crank me up too fast and I got a bad case you the binge. Well okay. I'll be right back. I'm going to see if I can find Dr Stevenson anyplace all right. What are you in for Mrs Benson just here for my yearly checkup? I have one every six months yearly checkup every six months. How come that's how Schick I am? Oh what did they find nothing done it? Oh these yes goose. I know I have something terrible wrong with me. But they find it. I should have that trouble. What was that spring? Sweet air to keep the room smelling is oh no no no that just special concoction. They spray every half hour to keep the pace smelling like a hospital. How they do Chesney. Dear what have you got? I have to have my tonsils out chancellor's why there's nothing to that operations in minor. Yes it's nothing at all. Did you have more than one? Doctor check them well. No they're your tonsils. Have at least two other doctors check them. Oh Dr Stevenson is one of the best men in the city one sheer on that table. It Show Long Charlie. He did take just a peak. I had this identical conversation with the woman across the hall and 509 have to other doctors. Chat Guy said but she wouldn't listen to me. She sounds much better compared to this monning. She's laughing right back does it. I'm getting out of here where they put my clothes. They keep them in the locker down. The Ho all find them see you later. Mary Sunshine Honey. Hold you gown close. Oh that locker suggest a minute just a minute. What are you doing out of bed? Well I'll tell you nurse being in bed all day makes you sort of get up and jump around. You shouldn't be jumping around and your condition. Now you go right in there and get back in bed. Wait a minute not in there. That's the wrong room. It isn't you'll Mrs Johnson. Aren't you know Mrs Johnson Having Her tonsils out? No no Mrs Johnson is almost ready to go home. Shake hands with Mrs Johnson. Certainly acting funny. I'll have to ask your regular nurse about you. I'll be all right now. Good now getting bed there. We are now. I have a visitor for you. Oh wait a minute. I don't WanNa see any visit nonsense. I'll bring 'em writing great. It's Mr Johnson. He's going to have a surprise of his life. Mrs Jensen here he is. It's a baby. Why certainly Mrs Johnson? He's yours. Well taken away why. Well they shouldn't allowed little baby like that in the hospital might catch something. We have very careful. He's a big beautiful ball on his hair. Is Red just like yours now. Where would a baby like that? Get a hindrance me. Tell Mrs Johnson does he look like his father. Got Me Post take. You don't want Mrs Johnson. He's been lying in the nursery all day and now he wants to come to you for change. Why didn't they do that before he left the nursery cube? But I've got troubles of my own. I'm sorry but I have other things to do. I'll be back later here. No no wait a minute. Oh this is swell. You think you've got troubles. I have to convince George that your tonsil Liz. There you are. What are you doing in charge before you start anything I've got something to tell you? Baby is regaining consciousness. Dr Fine Fine. Let me take a look. The worst is over. Isn't it doctor? It was just a case of shock. George you'll be all right now is let's take your tonsils out. You have been listening to my favorite husband. Starring Lucille Ball with Richard Denning and based on characters created by Isabel. Scott roaring. Tonight's program was produced directed by Jess Oppenheimer who wrote the script with Madeline View and Bob Carroll. Junior original music was composed by Marlin skylines and conducted by Wilbur. Hatch the part of Katie. The maid was played by Ruth Parents. Lucille ball will soon be seen in the paramount. Pictures Up Jones. These shorter listened to the seal ball in my favorite husband next week. Bob Lemond speaking this is CBS Columbia Broadcasting System. Looks going to help you get her tonsils out of from? May Twenty seven thousand nine hundred forty nine. My favorite husband on Classic Radio Theatre Visit. Our web page classic Radio Dot Stream where you can stream our programs on demand learn more about classic radio collecting and contact me. Classic Radio Dot Stream and don't forget our programs are available anywhere on the Internet. Podcasts served including the iheartradio APP spotify just search for USA Classic Radio Theater if you miss a day you don't have to Mrs Show. Usa Classic Radio Theater and please in these troubled times support this radio station and support the advertisers who pay the bill for this station to beyond the air. Please tell all your friends and radio shows or back. I'm wife thoughts with Classic Radio. Theater on your favorite station and the USA radio network. You're listening to the heartland newsfeed radio network at Hartland. Newsfeed DOT COM. This stream is supported by advertisers and contributions by follow us on facebook twitter and Instagram's new service doing this castaway the twenty seven twenty twenty Mike Clifford Four Minneapolis. Police officers have been fired following the death of a Black Man. Monday night are Mike Mowing reports? The American Civil Liberties Union says it points to the lack of humanity by some law enforcement the death George Floyd who screamed. I can't breathe while a white. Minneapolis officer held his knee over. Floyd's neck for several minutes was captured on video. Andrew Swift Condemnation John Gordon who directs the ACLU OF MINNESOTA SAYS? The public can't judge all police officers based on what happened. However he thinks there's still the gap and ensuring that all those who patrol the streets have a sense of empathy. It is especially hard to watch that video and conclude that the officer was looking at Mr Floyd as another human being. None of the four officers in question had been formally identified and the President of the Minneapolis. Police Union has urged the public not to jump to conclusions during the investigation which now includes the FBI. Those who say that. Floyd's death was racially. Motivated have criticized the other officers involved for not intervening on his behalf. A federal lawsuit claims many people with disabilities are- excluded from New York. State's expanded absentee ballot program to help keep voters safe during the COVID. Nineteen pandemic new. York is allowing anyone to apply for an absentee ballot. That can be mailed in rather than going to the polls but many people with visual or physical disabilities like paralysis. Estonia and tremors cannot independently and privately mark paper ballot according to Susan Dua who has the Center for independence of the Disabled New York. New York already has an alternative system. That could work in the armed services and Americans overseas already can vote by an email ballot that is sent to them. Lawsuit filed in the Southern District of New York seeks reforms to voting practices in time for the June twenty third primary election. I'm Andrea Sears. Reporting other states that already have online. Absentee voting include Colorado New Mexico Ohio Oregon and West Virginia a Professor at Warren Wilson. College says her students have become acutely aware of how the coronavirus pandemic may foreshadow climate change. In how it could disrupt communities after weeks of navigating a nature and gardening class online Mallory macduff has written about her a quarantine experience for yes media. The students decided to teach each other sustainable living skills and a list of skills they wanted to gain and we decided to use some of our courses online on zoom to teach and learn together. They should wide. Many Americans have turned the gardening composting growing their own food since the start of the pandemic this is PMS. Some folks in West Virginia may not be aware if they've lost their jobs and employer provided health insurance Dudakovic. Nineteen they could be eligible for coverage under the state's Medicaid expansion. A family of four making lesson about three thousand dollars a month can qualify for Medicaid in West Virginia which now provides health insurance for about one in three residents according to Jessica ice with West Virginians for affordable healthcare. She says if you're collecting unemployment benefits the federal portion of six hundred dollars a week doesn't count towards household income for Medicaid eligibility. A lot of folks don't know what they qualify for so they're not looking to get coverage. Coded crisis has highlighted For a lot of people that there are options out there she says people can find out if they qualify online on the West Virginia navigator website and on the state governments web portal. Wbz PATHS DOT. Org they can find out about other forms of support such as snap through desist. Since I'm Diane Bernard West Virginia's kids have benefited from the Medicaid expansion. Only about three and a half percent of them are now uninsured Latinos in a Washington state community fighting now for fairness in Elections Eric reports in Yakima County members of the county commission have remained white even as he. Latino population has soared Robin Ingo with the immigrant rights group. One America says it's allowing the board to ignore the concerns of the Latino community very flakes white majority in Yakima. County is functionally to win each of those three seep in virtually every election cycle only one. I believe Latina candid. It has one to service eat and Yakima County Commission to missioner's elected countywide. Finally Natty on tells us at Lincoln County asparagus farmer retired. Us BEREANU SPORTY GIVE. Ursel basic income is when he against longtime incumbent Mitch McConnell for the. Us Senate lieutenant colonel. Mike Royer has received the political endorsement of former presidential candidate. Andrew Yang who has said broilers candidacy is a continuation of the movement Yang began. Broiler says many of his neighbors are forced to work other jobs in order to keep their small-scale farm operations running was putting up fence in the headlights of his pickup trucks. Because he has to work off as far. The guy loves farming. He's a great farmer but because he needs care he works off the bar and your income would free people up to do the things that they love. Briar along with Representative Charles Booker of Louisville. And Lieutenant Colonel. Amy Mcgrath are all vying on the democratic ticket to outs McConnell in the November election this is my clifford four public news service. We are member listener supported. And you'll find us her line at public new service DOT. Org The USA radio network presents the greatest radio programs of all time Benny Program. Look I take your money or your life. I've taking it all McGee and molly that one of these days. This is plastic radio theater. The Great Gildersleeve A Bob hope show transcribed direct from Hollywood Hollywood George Burns and Gracie Allen show. Now here's your host. Why Cox already we had seventy nine wistful to this hour for an episode of fibber McGee and Molly. This episode originally broadcast may twenty seventh nineteen forty seven the Johnson wax program with fibber McGee and Molly Johnson's wax products for home and industry present fibber McGee and molly with Bill Thompson. Gale Gordon Arthur. Q Bryan end me Harlow Wilcox. The script is by non-clinton then Phil Leslie Music. By the King's men and Billy Mills Orchestra leaving restless man like Mr McGee alone in a house is like turning a child. Loosen a fireworks factory with a box of matches. That's why Mrs McGee is hurrying home from a shopping trip with her arms full of bundles and her heart full of apprehension. As we join FIBBER MCGEE AND MOLLY. I suppose it silly wearing like this. He doesn't have to travel every time I leave that he always does the last time. I left you alone. I'm home McGee. Where are you GONNA the Kitchen? I got a surprise. Oh No not again as my kitchen. What happened did the stole blower. What do you mean to the stove? Blowup can't man. Do a little cooking without a lot of nasty comments. Well I hate to see him critical theory but I haven't seen so many disgraceful looking pots since the fact man's racist the elks picnic. What are you making shrimps? Mcgee I beg your pardon shrimps McGee. There's an old family recipe. I found in the attic. My Grandmother Brung it east in the covered wagon. Eighteen forty nine covered wagons went west sweetheart. Not with grandma. They didn't that all gala wasn't gonNA ride two thousand miles with the sun in her eyes to Shane. A- I said a French word. Meaning pull your dagger out of my biceps on bowling tonight Let me see better. Check this recipe again. See now the hey. Is there a Spring House around here? Any place a lot a spring house. The recipe says run down to the Spring House and fetch a crock of butter and have Miller grind. Corn can do it right away pip spinning wheel and then go shoot some squirrels for dinner looking into the family secret sweetheart if I ask what? This mess is boiling on the. Sto this mess. Why that's the sauce. It's the sauce. That's the main thing with shrimps. Mcgee betcha in fifteen minutes had two tablespoons full of saga molasses five drops vinegar twist of an Orange Peel pint of horseradish apply says right here. That says a pinch. Grandma's handwriting is a little Wrigley. This is the trickiest now task where the Waldorf ten. I don't know you come in the kitchen latrobe. I was just going good. Heavens what are you doing moving no? We're not moving. It's a logical question however sweetheart. You've got dishes out that I'd forgotten we had. I'm making shrimps McGee. Retrieve all family recipe. My grandmother was notorious for bet. She was why she terribly lonesome. Mcgee after the family ran away. Didn't run away Mr Mayor. They were carried away. Okay okay okay. Scoff if you WANNA Dhirubhai but by George when you flip over this all time to put in the potatoes and that bowl over there. Yeah did you say potatoes? That's what I says. Potatoes the idea cutting them into cubes and putting those black spots on them. The recipe says dice seven to eleven potatoes. Now stand back. I don't WanNa splash anybody now. I don't have to add the rhubarb in the coconuts for twelve minutes yet. Did your grandmother lived to a ripe old age mcghie hundred and three broke breaking a Mustang in Wyoming. Well metro-goldwyn-mayer has any trouble with Mickey Rooney. Mcgee they concern for you your from a heart family yourself. Cute you through. The egg beater dairy. I'll watch it and put it away. Don't do that. I haven't looked the SAUERKRAUT juice yet. Kraut juice I never you know. That sauce actually smells delicious. Were well look. I got a few minutes here before I had to have to add any more ingredients. So let's chat me but I've got to get back to the city hall. Yeah I've just gotten report but Russia has recalled a console for talking too much talking too much. What did he say said? Yes my goodness. If there's one thing I don't understand international politics either give me something simple like grandma's recipes. Hey Hanmi my razor there with the Homeless Inc. The recipe says shaved three carrots and I got them all lathered up. Hey On C. O. Time McGee Anybody Home. Not a soul timer. We went out back later. Sakes he left now. My Gosh should I was only kidding oil. Just get a whiff of that stuff. William Ali don't smell good. I haven't hardly got started yet and already seems to me Johnny. How Daughter Ohio? I'm rick ammonia time. We thought you'd gone. I was here while ago. But you were out show I cook and Johnny on the Front Burner himself. Here is making shrimps. Mcgee is drill timer. It's a recipe. That's been handed down through his family for years and personally I'd handed right back. We have some like that. No firmly daughter was handed. Down from Father Sean Sean. Grandson grandson nephew and nephew to me. None of us ever cared much for though you didn't know what was hooping. Cough and McGee's pretty hard to please to Mr Old-timer I've seen him refused. Eat carried chicken because the curry comb had a broken tooth. Pretty good daughter but then he here. We are here to say one of them. Eastern hotels has got a device. Now that makes the bed sweep the floor and out the room all at the same time there to says Taylor. What is it a vacuum cleaner gadget? Nope SHARES THE FIRST FELLER. Three chambermaids just dropping to tell a joke. That was so long get may twenty seventh nineteen forty seven paper McGee and Molly on Classic Radio Theatre thousand. Nature's fruits and vegetables in a capsule changing the world. One Life at a time are the really good hopes for try to eat healthy. But there's no way I can get the nutritional equivalent in my diet that I get from my balancing nature. Would you eat today? Determines to kind of cells. Your body's GonNa make tomorrow. 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Last Radio Theater on your favorite station may twenty seventh nineteen forty seven paper McGee and molly be glad when you finish your grandmother's recipe during my kitchen like an explosion. In a dining car shrimps. Mcgee is a complicated concoction. See the only dish I know of the takes more time as acorns bore delays e kearns bar delays. What's that that's a delicacy? That really takes time. Well you so can acorn and salt water and peanut oil for five weeks then. Planet and rich topsoil on the oak tree shoulder high rubbed the mark every two years with nutmeg and throw away the first six crops of Acorns the settings crappy star eight months in the dry room white Muslim bag. And then you throw away. The acorns make chefs cap out of the Muslim bag. And Fry yourself a manhole cover. Which by that time we'll taste and you know what hell I forgot to order the streets. Hand me the phone here. Thanks Hello. Operator GIMME GIMME SALES MARKET AT FOUR ONE. One five always. That humor haven't heard your voice for a long time. Where are you been? Oh working in a laundry while the union arbitrary today very intelligence over to yeah so she wanted to iron while the strike was hot. Hey Mark Gimme the market will you? I forgot to orders from shrimps and I says I forgot to order. All I did. Wa- thanks a lot. She says I called up in order them three hours ago. Maybe we can deduct our phone. Bill is secretarial services. You know something. Deary doesn't make any sense but that. Sasha theme smell simply marvelous should. I'm putting everything I haven't would say you know what I'm GonNa have so much of this stuff. I should have asked to stay for dinner. I never thought of it. Well you go ahead and cook. I'll give him a ring at the city hall all my Gosh. Look what I did. This pan came apart. That supposed to come apart a double. Isn't that wonderful? That's what the recipe says to us. Imagine my grandmother knowing about a thing like that people always claim she could look into the future. I remember one time the kitchen door. Mcgee delivery boy with shrimp said be coming in a good afternoon. I'm Mister Wilcox representing the Johnson. Wax People in Wisconsin. I noticed that your car in the driveway. O It's Yo who'd you expect to find in our kitchen junior L. Jolson songs of yesterday and his bank account of tomorrow we live here. Mister Wilcox remember. Oh sure but I usually come in the front door coming around the back yard over fences. I was a little confused or fences. A dog was chasing no big brown with red eyes and three thousand teeth. I think it was an Afghan. Couldn't have been so vicious than Mr. You Know My aunt Sarah's crocheted several of all they do is across the foot of the bed. Afghan is also a dog. That'd be all wheel Conley's dog on the street junior very gentle animals until it takes a dislike to somebody and he hasn't found anybody he likes yet few missile cat He thought I was trying to steal Mr Connelly's car. I guess you know. I was just polishing up for him with Garner it all commonly asked you to polish his car. Junie where L. No he didn't Missus Connolly did she to show him how simple it was with car and you'll because he was the lazy he wouldn't do anything unless it was easy. He was watching the out the window. Well I started applying car and you rubbing just hard enough to loosen the grime. And then let it dry to a white powder you see low as long as you're wound up schoolboy finish the well that's really all. There is to polishing a car with car new. After it dries you. Wipe it off cleans and polishes in one easy application. That's why it's the most popular car Polish on the market with car. You get more pride with less perspiration you see. What's the matter actually? What do I smell? What's cooking it's wonderful Saas McGee's cooking? Mister Wilcox making shrimps McGee dinner. Yeah makes your taste. Buds burst into bloom. But you like shrimps. Stay with us. Mr Wilcock Hannah gets you saved my life. My wife isn't cooking dinner for me tonight. Anyhow and find out meeting with you well call me when the shrimps already. I'll be in the living room reading your book. You know this might turn out to be quite a party. We've got plenty to see if you can get gambling to come over deary when you fill out the pots and pans in the kitchen there. Laundry tabs in the basement and the sprinkling man in the graph talk. Let me know if if there's anything I can do case goes good kid. She thinks I'm making half of this recipe episode. Go along She's so wrong. I'm making it all up my grandmother ever. I mean catching teeny thank you. I miss join the genie. I don't get my way now because I'm very like at a virtue. What you Talkin. Mr Moon Special Recipes Shrimps. Mcgee been in the family for one hundred years and they're still good. Recipes is not the shrimps now. Look I'm very busy man. What is there anything you wanted? Okay let's have a little problem in arithmetic. Mr Yes island says you have a little problem in arithmetic. Yes I now Mr. How much is scared how much he is a no not. Watch this scan. Willie says his uncle has scads of money. And I can I do with him because I don't know. How much is scattered Richie? Well that's very simple problems. This that's the chronic form system of tabulation willie eighteen. The medical system is based on units of ten like tens hundreds thousands millions. That's the CRANHAM. System is based on units of several. See you know what it is but everybody says. My dog has a little sofres exactly. There are several schedule. And when you lose to a gob. Lots of gobs to a heat batches of to load and multifarious loads to Galore Dan. Now let's put it this way. Suppose you had several peanuts somebody you a heat more. How many scads would you have? Loads of scads are lots of gobs or Abacha heaps and heaps of loads. What would you have peanuts? That's wonderful I never knew anybody to pick up the crown of forum system that fast before and all my life. Oh boy can I argue with Willie tooks? Now wait a minute now. How many is a Delara again? Don't worry about that. Since that's such a big figure you'll hardly ever use it. The laws are used in astronomy to count the stars with now. I know know what that's why they call the American flag. Oh gallery ties. It's got so many stars. Thanks ever so Mr thanks just SCAN ZIP. Oh and go to the tin cans and then lives. We didn't care for people. Management loves his wife and kids. Ooh The monkey and the coke. Hey Molly is everybody here. Everybody but Mr Winkle neary mail trivia and high lower in the other room and Dr Gamble just to rise and safe if this concoction of yours is good as it smells McGee. You can sign me up as a regular border. It's certainly does. I cannot what are you doing now? Prudence I'm adding the final touch to this recipe. Nosy it says. Squeeze Lemons and I'm squeezing them kept them in to didn't say anything about cutting them into said the squeeze them when I follow a recipe. I follow it. You may be following but you'll never catch up with us by the way my dear. What's the name of this dish? Little twitch pushes whipping up shrimps. Creo DR SHRIMPS McGee. I used to make shrimps creole doc. But you can't get the real important creoles anymore all domestic stuff the war you know. Oh yes I know I was going to make some Lyonnaise potatoes the other night. Lions have gone up so I couldn't afford. Let me know when you're ready for the customers in the living room. Entertaining your other guests with my homespun humor. Okay and Shrimps. Ratchet checked check with the market and the boys on the way. It only takes twenty minutes to cook the shrimps in this sauce. Oh Hi win finally got Mr Impo new stuff ready as soon as this get him. Just tighten your belt and loosen. Your teeth and standby simply smells delicious misdemeanor. Mcgee it's an old family recipe where hey a hand me that clothes pin with you. Thanks again you'RE NOT GONNA put that clause in in the sauce. Put It on my nose. I gotTA chop an onion underwater misdemeanor. I know but I can't hold my breath that long to get into the pan with the young in their. Just your hands. Oh yeah in the PAN paid. That's a great idea. We must be Cook Yourself. Well yes in a way misty McGee cooking on camping trips when I go out in the woods with my boot Mr Impo my book I saw of tailed Pennsylvania. Swallow yes. Gd Didn't yes I did. Did you swallow seeing know? How does it go where it goes? The May twenty seven to nine thousand nine hundred forty seven paper McGee and Molly here on Classic Radio Theatre a reminder. You can visit our web page. Classic Radio Dot Stream. 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Take a look around your house right now and pick out the safest spot away from windows and doors make sure that every member of your family understands he has to rush to that same spot when the danger convinced that these precautions are necessary right now and I hope I can convince you. They're important here family yourself and your community classic Radio Theater on your favorite station now. The conclusion of favor McGee and Molly may twenty seventh nineteen forty seven holy. Have some really odd said friends around here? Folks like the S CATBIRD. The ask Catbird the purchase on a telephone wire and hit parade. Hit Parade hit. I think he just made that up. Mr By the way to sweetie face ever go on camping trips with you. Yes no sweetie. Face doesn't like camping out anymore than not since we went up into Alaska and she got scolded by a game warden. Y What was she doing? When Frightening Grizzly bears? She had routed painful experience with some big game. You mean she was followed by a mountain lion or something Mr Impo. She caught a bad cold one day when her canoe sank and every time she knows a moose mistook it for a meeting. How did your canoe happen to sink? Guest a snag or something. Somebody had deliberately punched a little hole in the bottom of. How do you know somebody? Did it deliberately? I know I'm afraid I'm a little in the way here. I'll go join the other fellows besides some stuff dates on problem. You know McGee. I used to feel sorry for Mr Winkle but I'm beginning to wonder when it comes to sweetie face. He has more dirty tricks than a bridge game in a coal mine. Those shrimps ought to be here any minute. How many did you sweetheart? Plenty hold pound pound like good heavens he that would barely be enough for you and me to say nothing of all those hungry man. Don't they swell up like beings? No Oh my gosh are you sure. Oh it's too late to get anymore. The markets by now and I. I'll take it son much of lies. What are you GONNA DO MCGEE? You've got enough sauce there for seven thousand shrimp and enough shrimps for three ounces of Sauce. I gotta worst jams in this. I remember one time. Well I'll be why these aren't shrimps. These are sardines told that market distinctly. Send me shrimps and look at this Sardis. Iden- was that sardines. Deans beautiful sauce on. That reminds me. I have a very important council meeting me. Come to think of big HOAGIE DOT com. I looked to save himself and he just got work in the hospital. Serious case compound resumption of Interior Dallas. I'll be back if I can make it. Thanks anyway acted doc. Hasn't got his car here. Better driving hanging off took an. What do we do now? Beauty that simple. We sit down and have ourselves a nice platter of Shrimps McGee with Sardines. I'm no fool Kiddo. These aren't sardines. These are shrimp. And you're right. There's just enough for the two of us. What would would madam like for an EPA strained? 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Enter the small house halfway up in the next block now and here in the living room we find our friends bending quiet evening at home vic is seated in his easy chair reading the kitchen where dealers quarterly say occupies a corner of the Davenport with her sewing and young rush at the library table. Laboriously travels and left. Brenton trails algebraic. Populi and his mother glancing at him remarks. I'll at last me. You studied real well almost two hours that low where you got home from Lotus Johnson's house today thirty nearby. Ten thirty now goes by quick. When you're busy over Halley here awake last to how Mr Kitchen encouraged me. The three of us been sitting here all evening. Nobody's open their mouth. Then cry at a horse telephone. Hasn't even around well as been studying? You've been reading five and so on. It's a rare thing for this family to sit in the same room to whole hours and not a soul. Say anything say no yeah. Let's check anybody. Got Anything to chat about people who might be interested in the story. News up is going here. That's interesting I got some to chat about the military is Mr Sludge. After school. This afternoon. He was Cryan unusual about that. He's always crying the reason why he was crying. Today is pretty unusual. Shoes pension his feet again. No clerked on the five and ten cents door hurt his feelings just the same as call him a thief teams you within the five and dime during his noon hour and Ed refreshment counter. Some lady was advertised in a new kind of root beer handing out free samples and little paper cups for us you offered wanted to Mr Sludge. He took it. He also helped himself to a cookie. That was handy. He was under the impression. The cookies reported the free samples. Well Sir Fella behind the refreshment Tony Song he come over and says look champ. Lay off the cookies if you like eating by some cookies with like burst into tears and tried the rest of the afternoon. The villagers is aim has the dad the Logistics Amos called me the sledge feeble minded. Oh this homesick. That's the reason behind this crime so much. He misses his mother. Sisters UP IN PONTIAC. Jeremy. The guy's forty-three years old but that don't cut any ice. When you're a mama's boy thanks no difference. How old a person is once the Mama's boy always a Momma's boy look jump off the cookies. Pour sorry farm. We get any activity independent redacted speech. Oh really I don't spos- dainty vitus out near. They might intrigue me. I couldn't myself fell as a wait till I finish the shoulder. This nightgown I'll fix snack for all of us with Steph. All right vic I have got something to chat about. Rick Mush men out there. These two nudity. It's miscast O.'s. Very his right. I guess it's her arms around the neck chumminess. That's beginning to get under my collar tonight at supper. She run over with a pay to doughnuts. Been very good thing to any left few. I think well I'm grateful for favours. She's sweet to think of me but I've always been afraid of too much chumminess between next door neighbors and I'm afraid of it now. Constant running back and forth between next door. Neighbors is bound to lead to squabble. Sooner or later and I hate squabbles. And another habit hers is the best in my house without knockin. That's a business. That's got to stop she down. Today I was upstairs making the beds. All of a sudden right down below me in the new my heart sounds thought naturally it was rush and then this voice cough savy upset me so almost hollered. Something craw eighty businesses. Another stunt of hers. I don't like I don't come as donahue or Miss Harris MS raises come by their first names. First names is all right for relations and close close friends but not for neighbors moved surfers. Miss Margaret. She asked me to call our Margaret to. I'm not going to see that point is misguided and I can't ever be close friends and so it's plain foolishness to start any chumminess be close. Friend can't is all built different. I guess see the thing is I'm not comfortable with miss. God I don't say she losses me exactly but I get the feeling. She's Boston me. I appreciate humor when we're together and talk and I'm always kinda halfway on the defensive. I get the idea that underneath all that breezy friendliness of hers. There's a certain I don explainer or you get the idea that underneath all that breezy fending hers as a certain contempt. Exactly you hit the nail on the head a certain contempt certain contempt for me and my opinions grass pollen. I mean so Sampson. Starting up in arms around the neck communist with a personal. And you're not comfortable with the person. Is there a one day last week? She asked me if I was going downtown. It happened. I wasn't she said if I was. She was going to ask me to wear a pair of shoes. She'd just bought break him in for say not that chummy with roofing. I'm you mentioned. A new shoes remind me of experience. Malik go Strand Pan by George once in my life people are actually GonNa let me tell them experience. I saw champion talent. We're supposed to be having a chat you. I had my turn all at rigmarole about discuss. She's alright I imagine. I sounded like I despised her. I don't like I said I'm not comfortable with her. I feel like maybe I ought to sit right down on brass and come out in the open and say God. We can't ever be coast friends. Let's not make the effort but of course I won't thing I'm afraid of is one of these days she's GonNa bust in my house without knocking or pull off some other stuff that goes against the grain and blurred out some remark and she'll be mad at me and then they'll have a my next door neighbor's mad EFI situation to contend with. I just can't stand living next door to people on the outs with. Every time he leaves the house every time he entered the house. You feel it my backyard feeler even inside you feel it boy. Sure I'm wound up this evening and it's because I have here for two hours without talking while you fell us. Read your magazines and studied your Algebra. I was just dying tall but knew he never wanted to be disturbed. Still Hungry prepared nibbling. I'll be through here directly. Go see what's in the pantry. I knew I'd never get to finish that story stories in story about smell. Oh go ahead go ahead. I'll say six words and then either your head. We'll sit quiet as nice smelly strategy to have at official go ahead. Party will now give a guy I show you move while ago. You mentioned misguide in connection with a pair initials on by Golly the nerve ever she says I just if you were going downtown. Sadie sorry smelly fan experience with a pair of new shoes. I want to hear all about it. He himself a pair of very expensive horse high choosed. They call that kind of leather. Well Sir he was residing in Moline Illinois at the time and he had a roommate named Urquhart. He says actually going downtown. When you wear my new shoes and break a little cartoon. Sure well by George. Takei put on them new shoes and went downtown and got hit by a streetcar. Not of his head. It was out of the three weeks. In the meantime. Smelly Clark's Dat made frantic efforts to get issues there. But he couldn't prove they were. Here's ERC our family wouldn't part with them and all that entire three weeks or father wore shoes smelly choir goes bad guy. They had arrested and thrown in jail and everything else but no show in the top it all off. The family moved to grab him South Carolina and smelly choir goes fan was out a pair of leather shoes at back. Fifteen dollars most absorbent kind. Of course very nice at last. I actually finished that story. About smelly Clark's knuckle strand. Well Jerry with the kitchen okay. Hair pretty good. Throw him on spider two hours. You had to keep quiet very lovely expect district. People are what you call contended family and likes everybody which concludes and other breath alluded to small house halfway up in the next block. Vic and Sade for May Twenty Seventh Nineteen Forty on classic Radio Theater now Stein Check on. The whereabouts of wally. Blue Today has gone up to Connecticut to an Antique Factory. They had to talk with the owner and manufacturers okay and plays Wally Blue Antique factory which seems to be going fulfilled here today as we walked through period. Birger of a all bygone. The sister retinal. Is that your name? L L I never known the logo for probably the first hole that I've ever come across. Well there is some other freckles. Here Tom There are I don't know I imagine there somewhere else in the country and I would assume all relative gun anti gay with other words now randolph. For him over here many many years ago nineteen eleven. Tell me this What are you factoring most air? Today I don't making Sixteenth century colonial Antiques here how bad old tables and chairs while vision camera there but is that a television cabinet. That's right yes well. Is it the attic or yes? Not while all it's Reproduction but we won't tell anybody that he's otherwise you sell lease for the real thing. Sure it's awfully I. We put our own Scratches on that. We wax it We raxit rewind we do and We ship them. How about these wormholes there? How do you create the simulate the think they've Wormholes or the would we use screwdrivers And we also use a little trails five times if we can find a good might. We'll put him to work on a piece of wood and the pieces. I understand break pretty good price. All yes There are you know. Antique is who will pay quite a bit of money for one of these ponies and without even knowing that it's not very little piece no but they have just as much enjoyment has all I. George Washington actually sat on the chair. Allow for instance television cabinet. The tell people this goes back to sixteen hundred. Seventeen heaven no we. We don't mention it at all. Is Anybody ever raise the point? Eight bladed television back them. Yes but We say that it was On the Old Folk is that it was to keep dishes in or something like that. We have hired four gentleman to actually sleep in the bed. One night or to sit on a chair or to look in the mirror some some sites. We have a Benjamin Franklin working as we have at George Washington we have James Madison. We have a Roland. E flooring follows Ideally George Washington. He comes up here and he sleeps on the bad and we can actually say that George Washington slept in that same. The actual data George Washington slept there. That's right George Washington as an eleven year old kid from Skinny Atlas New York here at the Mall Antique Factory and off Connecticut. That a real pleasure to talk to you sir. We've lived something I also and it's always a pleasure to have you by here from your great radio without to Baba Baba Drei Wally Balu on Classic Radio Theatre. Hey thanks for making us part of your day. Would you do me a favor? Come visit me on my web page. Classic Radio Dot Stream that is classic. Radio DOT stream there you can stream are classic. Radio Theatre podcasts on demand learn more about classic radio collecting and drop me note. I would love to hear from you. Classic Radio Dot Stream. You can also find our podcast anywhere. Fine podcasters served. I tuned speaker. The iheartradio APP even spotify all yet to do a search for USA Classic Radio Theater. If you've got the email bug you can email me. Classic Radio Theater at gmail.com. I'm Wyatt Cox. Thank you so much for tuning in. Please thank this radio station. Support the advertisers and teleprinter radio shows or back classic radiometer here on your favorite station and the USA radio network. You're listening to the heartland newsfeed radio network line. Hartland DOT COM. This stream is supported by advertises and contributions by follow us on facebook twitter and instagram service. Doing Newscast Twenty Seven Twenty Twenty Mike Clifford Four Minneapolis. Police officers have been fired following the death of a Black Man. Monday night are Mike. Moen reports the American Civil Liberties Union says it points to the lack of humanity by some in law enforcement. The death of George Floyd who screamed. I can't breathe while a white. Minneapolis officer held his knee over. Floyd's neck for several minutes was captured on video in drew swift condemnation John Gordon who directs the ACLU OF MINNESOTA SAYS. The public can judge all police officers based on what happened. However he thinks there's still a gap ensuring that all those who patrol the streets have a sense of empathy. It is especially hard to watch that video and conclude that the officer was looking at Mr Floyd as another human being. None of the four officers in question have been formally identified and the presidents of the Minneapolis. Union has urged the public not to jump to conclusions during the investigation which now includes the FBI. Those who say that. Floyd's death was racially. Motivated have criticized the other officers involved for not intervening on his behalf. A federal lawsuit claims many people with disabilities are- excluded from New York. State's expanded e Bala Program to help keep voters safe during the COVID. Nineteen pandemic new. York is allowing anyone to apply for. An absentee ballot can be mailed in rather than going to the polls but many people with visual or physical disabilities like paralysis. Tony and tremors cannot independently and privately mark a paper ballot according to Susan. Dua who has the Center for independence of the Disabled New York? New York already has an alternative system. That could work people in the armed services and Americans overseas already can vote by an email ballot that is sent to them. The lawsuit filed Southern District of New York seeks reforms to voting practices in time for the June. Twenty third primary election. I'm Andrea Sears. Reporting other states already have online. Absentee voting include Colorado New Mexico Ohio Oregon and West Virginia a Professor at Warren Wilson. College says her students have become acutely aware of how the coronavirus pandemic for shadow climate change. In how it could disrupt communities after weeks of navigating a nature and Gordon Class Online Mallory. Macduff has written about her quarantine experience for yes. Media students decided to teach each other sustainable living skills and a list of skills they wanted to gain and we decided to use some of our courses online on zooms to teach and learn together nationwide. Many Americans have turned to gardening composting and growing their own food. Since the start of the this is PMS. Some folks in West. Virginia may not be aware if they've lost their jobs and employer provided health insurance due to covid nineteen they could be eligible for coverage under the state's Medicaid expansion. A family of four making less than about three thousand dollars a month can qualify for Medicaid in West Virginia which now provides health insurance for about one in three residents according to Jessica ice with West Virginians for affordable healthcare. She says if you're collecting unemployment benefits the federal portion of six hundred dollars a week doesn't count towards household income for Medicaid eligibility. A lot of folks don't know what they qualify for work so they're not looking to get coverage. The children crisis has highlighted For a lot of people that their options out there she says people can find out if they qualify online on the West Virginia navigator website and on the state governments web portal. Wbz PATHS DOT Org. They can find out about other forms of support such as snap food assistance. I'm Diane Bernard West. Virginia's kids have benefited from the Medicaid expansion. Only about three and a half percent of them are now uninsured Latinos and a Washington state community fighting now for fairness in Elections Eric Tate reports in Yakima County members of the county commission have remained white even as he. Latino population has soared Robin Ingo with the immigrant rights group. One America says it's allowing the board to ignore the concerns of the Latino community very flight white majority in Yakima County is functionally able to win each of those three seats in virtually every election cycle. Only one I believe. Latina candidate has ever won his service seat. And the Academic County Commission to missioner's are elected countywide. Finally natty rumbling on tells us at Lincoln County asparagus farmer retired. Us BEREANU sporty. Universal basic income is when he against longtime covid Mitch McConnell for the US Senate. Lieutenant Colonel. Mike Royer has received the political endorsement. A former presidential candidate Andrew Yang. Who has said Breyer's to see is a continuation of the movement Yang began. Broiler says many of his neighbors are forced to work other jobs in order to keep their small-scale farm operations running was putting up fence in the headlights of his pickup truck because he has to work off his farm. The guy loves farming. He's a great farmer but because he he's healthcare he works off the farm and your skin comb would free people up to do the things that they love. Royer along with Representative Charles Booker of Louisville and Lieutenant. Colonel McGrath are all vying on the Democratic ticket to house McConnell in the November election this is my clifford four public news service. We are member listener supported. And you'll find US line at public news service DOT. Org The USA radio network presents the greatest radio programs of all time. Matt Dillon. The United States Marshal the first man. I looked for the last thing I want to meet. It's a chance a job and it makes them and watchful eye a little lonely gun. This is classic. Radio Theater James Stewart as a security gun who doesn't silver the lone ranger. Now here's your host. Why it Cox Western adventure this hour? Fort Laramie starring Raymond Burr as it was originally broadcast. May Twenty Seventh Nineteen fifty. Six Sergeants Baby Took Laura Fort Laramie starring Raymond Burr as Captain Lee quits especially transcribe tales of dark and tragic ground of the wild frontier. The saga of fighting men who wrote the Rim of Empire and the dramatic story of League wins captain of cavalry own never seen the sense of it scrolling day after day with clean clothes on the dirty army way to earn keep every woman marries. A man earns Keith Night Day all learn not today is. Don't start on that talk again today. Now I plumb forgot about your delicate conditions dell emergent need be minded. Just eight used to run into royalty. I'm so sad drone honest I ate. I didn't mean to start you off. Sorry sorry sorry looking. I'll say that for you. Know the day to you won't be able to stand in the same room with your Washburn so all right a wash. Tub Now yar. Couldn't you just be quiet? Thank what you will but keep it to yourself John Yourself. Lady having a find social our own fanny. It's her look at her. And you tell by looking. She's a human queen. I'm doing the best I can. If you'd let me be it wouldn't go at me so much Tummy Stella Merchant and hear what I signed me. Don't don't shake married you what me. You're not earning your pay. Now you'll get some elbow grease behind that scrubbing or I'll send you packing with no pay for the month. You wouldn't do that fanny. We need the money with the baby coming. We need ever since fanny and earn your own here going any nittany. Just get some. Hey just a little air a little. That's what you have Fannie right for our is you know. Get around here now. Alright Stella grab a hold one side. This closed basket. You'll get all the air you need hanging clothes outside. I said grab hold not quite fast. Moving like coal molasses now cherry away to the ain't some nice shade trees for your maybe a Hammock. Ain't you shaper hammock though. Maybe I shouldn't track. I could work right up to the very day. The Bay became other women. Do you eight other women. No cost to talk to me. Like do fanny. You never give you cause you never give me nothing. But an awful bellyache. Colwyn Bay and making pretty for the main man fanny. That's it. Is it here so full. Lions sweet talk. You believe yourself at that. We could all be France out here far from home. All of us thought we could help. Each other near long-on help. Hr everybody helped everybody be happy. You Be Happy Stella like you're so willing to tell anything to be near Billy happy to earn your keep washing fills happy to Berry's young and happy. Happy happy. I Love Billy Fanny love. Don't understand you really don't understand why never realized that till now. It's the young as don't understand. Did you never love Lou even then when you were young? Did you never love him? Fan Hang the clothes the awful. If you didn't love you'll get no pay John. Taking the air like Yar. Keep saying you need the money will earn. It will fanny. I will learn it. I'm glad to see you keep that. Glad stuff to yourself you your love and a life your kick in high buried Mariano youngins. And you'll ever have. I'm sorry truly sorry thin. Never be sorry for me. A We follow the Laramie all the way till it cut through the range there. We left it and went cross country. Western north to appoint a bound here almost medicine bull river. I think the main camps in the medicine bow. But you ran into other camps along the way old camps major and the information you got from a settlers in the area that no Cheyenne in their vicinity since last fall is not the word and no army patrols. Since last fall that follows to me it. Does settlers have spent the winter in pieces. The Cheyenne ran off their horses. Last Fall Cavalry. Sins out one small patrol in late spring and then mysteriously reappeared but not a number Right Cheyenne Scouts. Eight of them. You could have killed him at any time. You were following him and just about only they were leading US Major. There's a difference only because you were willing to be let it was our business reconnaissance. You don't kill scouts or a leading into a trap. Of course you don't if you sure it's a trap look for two days if we didn't keep pace with them. They waited for US morning of the third day. They cut off into a canyon that leads straight to the medicine like we were leading the charge behind him. I know an ambush when I see one and you don't right into them with ten men behind you. I don't ride into him with a company behind me. All right. I'm I'm sorry injure. We'd wrote all night wrote all night for three nights. I know that we want you to get some rest elected. Finish my reports. It can wait till morning. I don't think so rightly. Let's get it all set. I don't like it this way but one of us has to get a good night's sleep sleep fine major. I will to once this is over now from your record. You seem convinced. The Cheyenne have their main camp in the medicine bow. I get the impression using. They're getting restless. Have to move somewhere. That country had about one. Winter's good hunting left in it. They've had that they haven't rated since floor. You're right we could stop them before they start. Move North maybe as far north as the Montana territory why not shop other tribes you patches? Cheyenne would rather face the white man. You're bleeding me pretty dry major that I got a feeling. I'm mapping a campaign. I'm not going to be part of you. Just finished the toughest part of a campaign. A lot of men can lead a charge. You can't do successful reconnaissance major on your signed two quarters to eight o'clock tomorrow morning. Who's GonNa Replace Me Major? I am be fooled. The question that joys. Yes you what? It's all Kevin dismissed. Yes Oh Major. Who's going to replace you me here? Post commanding. You are questions. No questions may twenty seven thousand nine hundred. Fifty three Fort Laramie on classic radio. Theater can the daily recommended servings of fruits and vegetables fit into just six capsules. Yes we start by sourcing. Organically grown whole fruits and vegetables. 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Take advantage of this introductory offer can give us a call today finest known once you hold one of these beautiful uncirculated sets Morgan dollars in your hands. History comes off all finest known today reserve historic call finest now at one eight hundred nine nine hundred forty two. That's one eight hundred nine hundred ninety forty two or on the web at finds dot com. Thanks FOR TUNING INTO CLASSIC RADIO. Theater on your favorite station may twenty seventh. Nineteen fifty six Fort Laramie lunch still fan enough for this little bit of hand. Stitching Billy Bush risked yourself while the doorway with me in honey. Suffice Dila slice of moon off the sweet clover can smell it from a black home and billy home still we ever had to give you ever think of it. Maybe some engine his score-settling like we ought in out of the stars. Talking about the PAPPU IS GOING. GonNa have no time to barely how you think of things like that jump to me. Don't they come to you know they do? It's part of what we have together. You and me. That's not a man. Thought you sound like and Joe Sweet Billy me just because I noticed the sky. Don't you mind them billy idol? Like you don't mind fanning S. I said that way. That's the way it is still feeling folks like us. We feel too much. Sometimes we let folks get to rubbish wrong. Maybe heard some and you sure I said we will film folks being bit when you have it baby still soon as soon as I came. It's a hard time. I know that not too hard Bailey. Your and some you got some pain not real pain. Lack of catch. You know not often enough to matter. Wouldn't be right to lie to me honey. I don't to you ever sometimes tell me all the truth. You're feeling folks to you. Ought to know good as me. Yeah Year Bretton Billy merchant that to threaten around here. You'll man it's going to be a father has all right. I do say some then take on worse women so he knows that still swimming headed morning times like that adding what's troubling you know right. Sure ain't how many times I asked you to give up work the laundry times did they ask me in. Always you tell me would you gotta do no matter what it is billy the same with me. Stellar. I got my work to do matter. What now the night asked you to give up being a trooper company do that. You aren't ain't drawer nothing garrison duty for more than a month. Now just GonNa last stable detail. Today we will sure ready in those mouth for something more than a break grant Stella Office to move out nobody cabin. Quintas patrol comeback on the post today when reconnaissance comes back and we just gotTa be moving out NASA fuse wrong belly. We've got to fix up to still might just got that baby without me. Assure never plan that way if it had to be. Would you want to try to make it back home to my mom? Sure Billy merchant that take your resume we own and the answer to that. Would then you think about it right now? Only don't take the bother. If they was money they still it still. I want to be with you more than anything I could name but I can't ask the favourite of leave. You understand that. You got you to do billy no matter what In captain quints must have took a wrong turn sir. I was told reporters office. The Post's commander goes the doors. Yes sit down and goes and goes anytime you want to get rid of that stupid grin you can. Yes sir you look powerful big behind that desk and do big for the desk. Maybe too small for the job. You'll do what you gotta do. Captain I was thinking more that we'd do what I gotta do. Gore's major dagga tells me that Sergeant Pearson takes a big load off him sitting at that desk outside. He Ain't sitting out there now and he's getting his equipment together fixing to move out with major dega after. Reveille tomorrow morning. Captain Quinn. Ill need a good briefings Sergeant Pearson will. I'd like to volunteer good. That saves me in order sergeant to go with B Company as a special scout and when you finish briefing him. He can fill you in on the details of his desk job. One of us ain't listening calf. We don't know much about Gore's time we did you being in charge. You think you could arrange a quick transfer for us. Maybe the infantry defines urgent Pearson tell them all you know now that'd be my job. Wouldn't it till we get swinging door? Guess it is Lieutenant Seibert Sir. I commend Mrs Abbots. Your duty begins in our Sajjan. Yes with permission. I'd like to offer. Congratulations Sir you came here for a brief and Mr Cyber understand that Saddam familiar with the creek area and Oh yes sir that map. You're using the maps wrong. I do that matter of captain. Then you're wrong or issue. Creek does not feed from the Medicine Bow River. No Sir from the Little Madisonville. Not By twenty miles decides twenty miles of Twisting Canyon through the Laramie range. That's this line here. Horseshoe Creek is east of the range medicine. Bow and the little medicine bow to does West. They do not join well. They must have once there. It's like a riverbed all through the floor that Canyon. They didn't join last fall when you drew this map. You mean the water's didn't join the river. Bedstead MR Seibert Cavalry. Company moves with water water points. Of course it travel campsite. I know that Sir do you Captain Quinn's that's the first country I have. A chartered the first map by drew. Well it's not an excuse sir. Sounds like does abbots what I mean seeing. It was my first real attempt in all. I never thought that we'd be using that map to campaign by. We're not it's good. You Bet it's good Mr Cyber good and lucky. I pulled this map out of the majors files last night to study. I spent the rest of the night drawing up a proper map Mr Cyber. You tear it up thank you. Don't thank me remember it. Remember it. Good then forget it cabin. I've already forgotten it Mr Cyber Raymond just to see us becoming known as Perry Mason Air. The episode Fort Laramie Made Twenty Seventh Nineteen fifty six here on Classic Radio Theater. And just reminder you can find our podcast anytime online by going to classic Radio Dot Stream. The conclusion of Fort Laramie comes up just four minutes classic Radio Theater on your favorite station. We encourage you to participate in the GIFT CARD. Challenge these days. We all probably know of a local business. That is struggling to adapt to the current realities. Here's a small way that you can help announcing the gift card challenge if you're able think of your favorite local business and then by Gift Card today buy it online or pledged. Buy One as soon as you can. Every little bet will help. Restaurants have out delivery. Many businesses have online shopping options participate in the Gift Card challenged today. Gift any amount and show your support for our local businesses in this time of need for yourself to use it a later day or pass it along to someone you know this on the frontlines to what they can to keep us all safe. Make the pledge and Bhai Gift Card Today participate in the Gift Card Challenge boasts and tagged the business use elected on social media and challenge. Your friends neighbors to do the same working together one card at a time. We can all make a difference. Hashtag Gift Card Challenge Learn more at Gift Card Challenge Dot. Org this has groucho Marx. A few days ago I was talking with the Director of Civil Defense and you told me some things that I feel. Everyone should know. That's why I'm speaking to you now. Did you know for example? Let your chances of surviving and atom. Bomb attack are excellent. It's true but there's a big if you must do everything possible now to help yourself and your family. Nobody else will help you. Listen because this is important. A complete phase aid kit handy. Keep a close container of drinking water and your refrigerator. Not for three days. Be Sure you have a good fire extinguisher. Take a look around your house right now and pick out the safest spot away from windows and doors. Make sure that every member of your family understands. He is Russia. That safe spot. When there's danger convinced that these precautions are necessary right now and I hope I can convince you. They're important family yourself and your community and you're listening to classic Radio Theater on your favorite station now. The conclusion of four related me starring Raymond. Burr may twenty seven thousand nine hundred fifty six. Can't see him now. Whatever it is. It's got a weight babies. Don't wait sorry double here. Man Trouble. Kevin Kevin Windsor Enough Troop Company in the parade ground merging. Yes a captain but what I know but about it in Queens respectfully request permission for Janna please hear you sir. Captain don't conduct no hearings. His Time Day troopers goes to have emerging quick obliged sir anytime now any little minute. I'm going to have a baby. Captain my respects to Major Daggett. Tell them emergent. We'll be on the parade ground in two minutes. Yes I met. My wife can still. She's having. I'm glad to hear that mentioned now seeing. It's her first certain her being alone kinfolk nearby to help Linda hand. I hope you're not asking me for leave trooper. No no sir. I mean to move out with the company. You'll move on with a company. You'll have nothing on your mind but the. Cheyenne I know what you mean to. And all we got settle is what you mean merchant suit. Please me to tell still that. The Post surgeon was on hand to ten after and the baby to when it comes at Easter. Some say well it. Ease me some. If he was pleased to tell me I was telling still. All the truth opposed surgeons leaving with B Company merchant. Your wife and your quarters now. No Sir No. She's working in the laundry. We're holding things up much in. Yes Sir thanks for hear me out margin Juno that I imagine. Women have babies every day. I'll try to look on it that way. So good luck trooper. Look at that. Luke never was a man. Sa- glad leave his woman. There's one is right next to him. Joe Beam and smirking weights unnerves. Sometimes saying that brother faced Engineer Rosen US I grieve and none myself. Luke spin home a month not good month good and long. That's a fact. I know what you're thinking. Ask you sure you'll be to yourself to yourself that you're you know it is fanny. Only gone was most afraid they'd be gone. Well how look. Who's managing a brave little smile? She don't know enough to laugh as hair no mine. I don't see billy. Could you point out billy to me? You Young is no matter. You don't see him. He couldn't stand a chance of missing new popping into the parade grounds. Away are be your sweet billy's in trouble. He was late for formation and they come out ahead orders with Captain Quinton so he came threatened family. Say what you will the tool fred me. Nobody confront me no stern thing. His fans playing playing the namely. It seems to me the clear hiking. See Him yet. Or you're not likely to yeah. Thames officers are Major Dag and that Lieutenant Cyber Riding a well I declare. That's making draw. I don't see him. I'd everday wonder who came to the hospital with him. Going to trucks to mean you don't know the post search generally thinking stay here to look after your now did you must not say no. Don't you worry none now not worry oh come on? S for this turns my stomach. Good get the door for you sure. This is where she lives with. Merchants DOWN GOES. Yes might stuff in here. I'll get that. We go limp. Rag Found Kevin Kilo new tracks and the water on her face. Maybe it'll brighten breathing. Quiet too quiet given she thinks your husband kept big mistake. Man You water you come around. You know man quarters and I. I don't know we don't sense given a refresh Gavin. Just go along. Gore's I'll throw you right in the stockade. Yes sir take your hands course. Oh take your hand hold them yes. I know I guess your you be man. Oh will go ahead Kevin go ahead and what he it it it. It's a girl matter. You're supposed to hit it one on. Its it now. That's right. It's the I ride move. We made and don't cry little girl. Wake your mom. I don't think man Fort Learn a is produced and directed by Norman MacDonald and stars. Raymond Burr as League wins. Captain of cavalry with Vic. Perrin has sergeant Gorse. The script was specially written for Fort Laramie by Kathleen hite with some patterns by Bill. James and Ray Kemper musical supervision by Marino Marino featured in the cast where Jack Moyle and Harry Bartell with Virginia Gregg Dick Trente Helen Club and and Morrison Gun. Bunny ten. This missed next week. Another transcribe story of the North West Frontier. And the troopers. 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Today we find the coast and over the down store in response to an urgent call from discussing alums strange disappearance. Listen live out here Friday. Well where do you go on Edna? Why he penny going home for a while. But I've been over time guesting day before and he weren't there clever. Actually that cold. You were headache. Never showed up to hear about him. I thanking maybe. We oughta dragged the mail pond back the mail palm. Why you don't know love wouldn't do anything like that. If you put a call have the topology being Ouaga today when nobody filled up on vein that factory. Y you be honest about him. I don't know I everything Vittore for Ranga thing spirit. Well I don't think he'd lead affect him at bad man. I don't know why I'm here to me and getting discipline and love and jumping in river off a fixed up back reckoning jumping on every time he'd been the pine in love he'd be a diving campaign own own all that gets themselves open. Berge and predicament them. The idea he had reckless of himself was a mistake. Start trying to tell him that. It wasn't his place to put up a monument in his honor. He now man but he looked like nobody out. Going to hack applauded appetite. How well it would just a waste of money putting up a little fact you like that one. The ratings is Paul. Spent their thing down there. Why somebody run over birthday? That was made on mantelpiece table ought to beat that up in the Public Square. He never thought he fact that if he's taller next door year now he gives six dollars and eighty by. Were expected. Much for that amount. But it's a good thing now that he didn't spend a lot of money on it the way things turned out now. I do waste always get Tom Canada here and the feared that goal happened. Well I wouldn't worry about it and I don't know ray could be had lots of hard knocks for one then losing oh. I don't think he lost his head and I don't think I could. Well I mean. I don't think he will do anything right now but if you could told him. He laughed out here today. He wouldn't be surprised to nothing. Eddie done here. He will step in that uniform. He barred come along all go over there and Mike predict the when he found out that nobody come to the mony why it look no work back here come on well. It was bound disappointment. Heavy heart set on it and all air contract band happened now. Maybe he's got some new he in out asking everybody they WANNA hang on leave better back to Wedner. Don't know much we can do. But if there's any way that I can help I want you to be sure and call thank you and then you get to the bathroom. Lime van path off. Ain't nobody taking uniform back the Marco Day. How you making grand theft? How you oh I reckon. Awful tore up about long showing up. Yeah that bad but now you worry about him he might have taken the trip on thinking. Book Day they have never tell me about how this way. Unveiling ceremony turned found out. How come nobody to show up now? Neither all mode move going most mode mode and that monkey main ground. The Barbara Capital. Way Gift for a guilt back. Pack around the whole thing had been called out on the MoD art until did Lama away. Good a fan mode about it. But he said he never affected to taking hard aiming all hamlet upon out over well at like it mood for the hang down. It'll do anything all me a body the ever. Go TO SLEEP AT BARBARA. Kerr our down there Saturday. Getting my family chain that confidently and brain-dead you painted face lock a woman and we're told me about it. Let me go clean out on st making laughing stock Panama Thing L. Heard about that. Well I've got to go though. Now let me know if you hear anything from lung all we will now. I'm getting worried about Oh it ain't I can't get out of factories. We all know Carolina. What am I to became Ono spanking? While ago grandparents? All of their body could happen to address. I've been doing the same thing. You might be wondering around out near Mountain bike. Sale might eat -pected him worse than we daily really want around all pepper I thinking about Robinson crusoe story about him sleeping for twenty years old by fail hard sleeper and I don't maybe can sleep at home outweigh okay. I got the quantity and everything right. That could have happened. I man no know building I get word my from shake about it. Why sleep on last night all backers? Fargo off all it'd be on the plane and only have hammer dared more from the in could do pronounce it locally and I'm alright happened. We honking holiday. He on taking money. We made a Turkish. Maybe out of them hold squire. Scott Coker my thirty seven hundred dollars in the bank. Seven hundred what we've got now McCain day he'd GonNa take it and make our data. Coup on my. Don't make no better than you walk in the door here. Ever Him Model to put clothes on all Alaska. We had been talking about it but after we got much mining. I think lime headed. He had grandpappy heady. We're going to have a fat union ham on every corner and we're going to mania book like Lamp Old. They said we made on ever corner. We need it on ever corner at the. Wait a minute mechanic home. I hope they know bad. News about long. Might Act the pickup refund. Go ahead and anchored. We'll find out sooner or later anyway long and they got him down the war peabody coking. No Mom we who it is a Coq. Au why no ever leaner. We don't know where van we ain't greedy straight kneecap happy found your car. Well I do I wear made me in grand rapids pair. You kind of picked it out could happen going on everything I will call you. Get quick and we get a lot of call goodbye. That said he'd been calling nowhere. Here's pay for him and been able to get him. She had a date with him for last night. They never showed up burn. Oh my I had a date with Avellino never heard I know something having to tell you what we better do. Better this call sheriff and have to get him out. Get Him to make announcement on the party. Line to act everybody to be on the lookout for. I'll do that right now. I know notify tae hear anything on feeling all along. Dan Advocaat incur. I know what it I know. They ain't no final abner peabody caulking. I did to tell you folks on a party line and LAMDA AMAZING FREE. Go One way thing here. Nothing he was. A wind blew third and Can Button to and a black cat twenty. We saw last caller having all are but no haven't get any word of him and it's in the daytime only got him down and if overnight will call my face. I get to be on look at time where sure that in the news will be appreciated by the plan that for. May Twenty Seventh Nineteen thirty five Lamin Abner on Classic Radio Theater and we thank you for tuning in. We hope you'll visit our web page. Classic Radio Dot Stream that is classic. Radio DOT stream or you can stream are classic. Radio Theatre podcasts. Podcasts also available through. I tuned speaker the iheartradio APP to search for USA CLASSIC RADIO-TV EVEN over on spotify. We're everywhere we're everywhere. Thanks for tuning in. I'm Wyatt Cox. Please. Thanks thank. Thank this radio station. Support the advertisers in telephone. The Great Radio Shows Back Classic Radio Theatre here on your favorite station and the USA radio network. Welcome to Calvin Barber Shop. You all got to see this. WanNa know what you're looking at on that phone will shoot? I was learning about the dangers of high blood pressure and that we need to get our check regularly. Blood pressure can increase the risk of heart attack or stroke but this text program can help keep it at a healthy range. Just text barbershop at nine. Seven seven seven nine. Sign up with this baby. Panda video text barbershop to nine. Seven seven seven nine a message from the American Heart Association and the Ad Council. Hi I'm Bob Likes with today's car clinic minute. 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Heartland Newsfeed Radio Network

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Heartland Newsfeed Radio Network

"I names is all right for relations and close close friends but not for neighbors mood. Surfers Mascot Margaret. She asked me to call her Margaret too. But I'm not going to do it. See that point is misguided and I can't ever be close friends and so it's plain foolishness to start any champion Est. Close friend Canada's all built different. I guess see the thing is I'm not comfortable with miss. God I don't say she losses me exactly but I get the feeling. She's Boston me. I appreciate you MEEMA. We're together and talk and I've always kinda halfway on the defensive. I get the idea that underneath all that breezy friendliness of hers. There's a certain I don explainer or you get the idea that underneath all that breezy fending hers a certain contempt. Exactly you hit the nail right on the head. A certain contempt certain contempt for me and my opinions grass pollen me so Sanson starting up in arms around the neck chumminess with a personal. And you're not comfortable with the person. Is there a one day last week? She asked me if I was going downtown. It happened. I wasn't she said if I was GONNA ask me to wear a pair of shoes. She just bought break him in for say not that Chemmy with roofing bomb. You mentioned a new shoes reminds me of experience. Malik Sonko Span by George. Once in my life people are actually going to let me tell them. Experience Goes Pan Talent. We're supposed to be having a chat you know. I had my turn all that rigmarole about misconduct. She's alright I imagine. I sounded like I despised her. I don't like I said I'm not comfortable with her. I feel like maybe I ought to sit right down on brass tacks and come out in the open and say Scott. We can't ever be close friends. Let's not make the effort but of course I won't thing I'm afraid of is one of these days she's GonNa bust in my house without knocking or pull off some other stuff that goes against the grain blurred out some remark and she'll be mad at me and they end though. Have that my next door. Neighbor's mad EFI situation to contend with. I just can't stand living next door to people on the outs. With every time he leaves how every time you enter the house you feel it my backyard jeff either even inside you feel it boy. Sure wound up this evening and it's because I have here for two hours without talking what you fell us. Raise your magazines and studied your Algebra. I was just dying to talk but he never wanted to be disturbed. Still Hungry prepared blurred through here directly. Go see what's in the pantry. I know I'd never get to finish that story. Stars in story about smell smell like so. Go ahead go ahead say six words and then either your go ahead. We'll set clad as nice while. Sir Smelly Clark's local strategy to have I Eddie Fisher for in the morning. Go ahead for okay will now give a guy show you. I'm a while ago. You mentioned this Scott in connection with appear neutral on by Golly the nerve her she says I just if you were going downtown Sadie sorry. Fleet smelly span experience with a pair of shoes. I WanNa hear all about it. He bought himself a pair of very expensive horse high choosed. They call that kind of leather. Well he was residing in Moline Illinois at the time and he had a roommate named Urquhart. He says you're going downtown when you wear my new shoes and break them in a little poker Ted. Sure well by George Eric. I put on them new shoes and went downtown and got hit by a streetcar. Not of his head. It was out of his head three weeks. In the meantime smelly Clark's fat made frantic efforts to get issues back. But he couldn't prove they were. Here's our family wouldn't part with them. And all entire three weeks archives father shoes smelly choir goes back daddy arrested and thrown in jail and everything else but snow show and the top it all off. The family moved to grab him South Carolina and SMELLY CHOIR GOES. Fat was out a pair of leather shoes at back. Two dollars most absorbent and kind of at last. I actually finished their story about smelly clock. Sokoll strand well chatting with your kitchen okay. Hey pretty good chat after all. He month spider two hours. You had to keep quiet very lovely expect district people are what you call contended family and everybody which concludes another brief interlude at the small house halfway up in the next block. Vic and Sade May twenty seventh thousand nine hundred forty on classic Radio Theater now Stein Check on the whereabouts of Walli. Blue Today has gone up to Connecticut to an Antique Factory. They had to talk with the owner and manufacturer so commonplace. Wally blue the antique factory. Which big Oy built here today as we walked through period furniture of a all gone? The retinal is that your name L. Cardinal never known a little before. You're probably the first whole that I've ever come across well. There is some other friends here in Tom. There are I don't know I imagine there are no somewhere else in the country and I would assume all relative in antic day with other words now randolph. Brentnall him over here many many years ago. Nineteen eleven. Tell me this What do you mind you factoring most air today? I don't making Sixteenth century colonial Antiques here how bad old tables and chairs while that's vision camera there but is that a television cabinet. That's right yes well. Is it the authentic antique or yes not while all it's Reproduction but we tell anybody that always otherwise you sell as for the real thing. Sure It's awfully I. We put our own Scratches on me. Wax It We raxit rewind me wax. We do and We ship them. How about these wormholes there? How do you create the simulate the Thank them Wormholes or the would we use screwdrivers And we also use a little grails times if we can find a good termite. We'll put him to work on a piece of wood and the lease visas. I understand break a pretty good price. Oh yes There are you know. Antique Panty is who will pay quite a bit of money for one of these ponies and without even knowing that it's not reread little piece. No but they have just as much enjoyment has George Washington actually sat on the chair won't allow for instance calibration cabinet. He'll tell people. This goes back the sixteen hundred seventeen hover. No We'd always mention at all. Is Anybody of a raise. The point later television back them. Yes but We say that it was One the Older folk is that was to keep dishes and or something like that. We have hired a gentleman to actually sleep in the bed. One night or to sit on a chair or to look in the mirror some some sites. We have a Benjamin Franklin working for us. We have at George Washington we have a James Madison. We have a role in the flooring. Follows Ideally George Washington. He comes up here and he sleeps in the bad and we can actually say that George Washington slept in that. Bailey seem the actual data joy watson. Room slept there. That's right George Washington as an eleven year old kid skinny New York here at all Antique Thackeray and Fretting all Connecticut. That are real place to talk you. Sir That I've learned something off so and it's always a pleasure to have you combine hair from your great radio off so this is why labeled thirty who Baba Drei Wallich blue on classic Radio Theatre. Hey thanks for making us part of your day. Would you do me a favor? Come visit me on my web page. Classic Radio Dot Stream that is classic. Radio DOT stream there you can stream are classic. Radio Theatre podcasts on demand learn more about classic radio collecting and drop me note. I would love to hear from you. Classic Radio Dot Stream. You can also find our podcast anywhere. Fine podcasts are served. I tuned speaker. The IHEARTRADIO APP even spotify. All you have to do a search for USA Classic Radio Theater. If you've got the email bug you can email me. Classic Radio Theater at gmail.com. I'm Wyatt Cocks. Thank you so much for tuning in. Please thank this radio station. Support the advertisers and teleprinter great radio shows or back Classic Radio vitre here on your favorite station and the USA radio network. Hey travelers do you want to save money on your next flight? Then pick up the phone and call. That's right call because the best prices are not online. They're with smartfares. See smartfares has special deals with the airlines. When they have unsold seats they use smartfares to fill them. So you get airline tickets at ridiculously low prices. Our prices are too low to publish online with the extra money. You'll save you. Can Book another trip or treat yourself to dinner or shopping so step searching all of those travel sites to find the lowest price on your next flight. 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Everyone needs a little money right now at our hotline is here for you. If you have a structured settlement where you're getting money spread out over time and you want it faster call now. This simple tim minute call can get your money now. The call is free and it costs you. Nothing eight hundred nine seven four five two one five eight hundred nine seven four five two one five eight hundred nine seven four five two one five. That's eight hundred nine. Seven four fifty. Two fifteen you're so annoying copying copy me mom toward some copying me talking to spend ten minutes copying everything. Their SIBLINGS SAYS SUCH A. How about two minutes to brush their teeth rushing for two minutes now and save your child from severe tooth pain later for fun. Two minute videos to watch while brushing visit two men two X. Dot Org two minutes twice a day at the time mom a message from partnership for healthy mouths healthy lives and the Ad Council. Hey there's my son. Hey Dad what's wrong with your voice? There is nothing wrong with my voice. Well it's just sort of Dad Susan guys. I think it's about time to get in the car and maybe see some green things. See this weekend on plug getting closer to nature can get you closer to your family to find the forest. Nearest you go to discover the forest dot org brought to you by the US Forest Service and the Ad Council. My name is Ruth Roussy. I volunteer with United Way. Reading to children to help. Prepare them for a better academic future. I don't just wear the shirt I live it. Give advocate volunteer. Live united cuddly dot org brought to you by United Way and Ad Council join. Is I prepare a collection of cherished family recipes pass through Generation Watch recipes disaster at foodsafety DOT GOV. You'll learn the right steps as Maria. Does everything wrong brought to you by the USDA HHS on the mortgage rates have dropped twenty five percent the lowest mortgage rates in years. So maybe you should drop everything and Call Zoom Refi refinance your home now and slash your mortgage payments take cash out and save. Maybe hundreds of dollars every month zoom refi mortgage rates are super low zoom refi. Closing costs are super low and zoom. We approve you right over the phone even for no income. Check loans big drop in mortgage rates big opportunity for you to save money call. Zoom Refi today. Eight eight eight nine one three eighteen twenty five eight eight eight nine one three eighteen twenty-five five save on mortgage payments. Save on closing costs call. Zoom Refi Eight. Eight eight nine one. Three Eighteen Twenty five advertising marketing entity. Zoom Refi Zoom revised. Not a banker. Financial Company calls another inquiries may be forwarded to third party lenders or solely responsible for reviewing approving servicing. Any loan is not affiliated with any state or Federal Agency and does not provide mortgage advice. Help no income check loans are for investment properties only and intimacy sufficient surface where the rubber meets the road. Actually I'm not even sure what that means. Speed Radio Network Live at news. Feeds DOT COM? This stream supported by advertisers and contributions by follow us on facebook twitter and Instagram's the new service doing his castaway the twenty seven twenty twenty. I'm Mike Clifford. Four Minneapolis. Police officers have been fired following the death of a Black Man. Monday night are Mike. Moen reports the American Civil Liberties Union says it points to the lack of humanity by some law enforcement. The death of George Floyd who screamed. I can't breathe while white. Minneapolis officer held his knee over. Floyd's neck for several minutes was captured on video in drew swift condemnation John Gordon who directs the ACLU OF MINNESOTA SAYS. The public can judge all police officers based on what happened. However he thinks they're still the gap and ensuring that all those who patrol the streets. Have a sense of empathy is especially hard to watch that video and conclude that the officer was looking at Mr Floyd as another human being. None of the four officers in question had been formally identified and the President of the Minneapolis. Police Union has urged the public not to jump to conclusions during the investigation which now includes the FBI. Those who say that. Floyd's death was racially. Motivated have criticized the other officers involved for not intervening on his behalf. A federal lawsuit claims many people with disabilities are- excluded from New York. State's expanded absentee ballot program to help keep voters safe during the COVID. Nineteen pandemic new. York is allowing anyone to apply for. An absentee ballot can be mailed in rather than going to the polls but many people with visual or physical disabilities like paralysis. Estonia and tremors cannot independently and privately mark paper ballot according to Susan Dua who has the Center for independence of the Disabled New York. New York already has an alternative system. That could work in the armed services and Americans overseas already can vote by an email ballot that is sent to them a lawsuit filed in the Southern District of New York seeks reforms to voting practices in time for the June twenty third primary election. I'm Andrea Sears. Reporting other states. That already have online. Absentee voting include Colorado New Mexico Ohio Oregon and West Virginia a Professor at Warren Wilson. College says her students have become acutely aware of how the coronavirus pandemic may foreshadow climate change. In how it could disrupt communities after weeks of navigating a nature and gardening class online Mallory macduff has written about her quarantine experience for yes media. This students decided a teach each other. Sustainable living skills and a list of skills they wanted to gain and we decided to use some of our courses online on zoom to teach and learn together. They should wide. Many Americans have turned to gardening composting and growing their own food. Since the start of the pandemic this is PMS. Some folks in West. Virginia may not be aware if they've lost their jobs and employer provided health insurance due to covid nineteen they could be eligible for coverage under the state's Medicaid expansion. A family of four making less than about three thousand dollars a month can qualify for Medicaid in West Virginia which now provides health insurance for about one in three residents according to Jessica ice with West Virginians for affordable healthcare. She says if you're collecting unemployment benefits the federal portion of six hundred dollars a week doesn't count towards household income for Medicaid eligibility. A lot of folks don't know what they qualify for. So they're not looking to get coverage crisis has highlighted For a lot of people that there are options out there she says people can find out if they qualify online on the West Virginia navigator website and on the state governments web portal. Wbz PATHS DOT. Org they can find out about other forms of support such a snap food assistance. I'm Diane Bernard West. Virginia's kids have benefited from the Medicaid expansion. Only about three and a half percent of them are now. Uninsured Latinos a Washington state community fighting now for fairness elections are off reports in Yakima County. Members of the county commission have remained white even as he latino population has soared Robin Ingo with the immigrant rights group. One America says it's allowing the board to ignore the concerns of the Latino community very slight white majority in Yakima County is functionally able to win each of those three seats in virtually every election cycle only one. I believe Latina candidate has ever won to service eat. The Economic County Commission commissioners are elected county wide. Finally Nanny Ramadan tells us at Lincoln County asparagus. Farmer ed retired. Us BEREANU SPORTY GIVE. Ursel basic income is when he against longtime incumbent Mitch McConnell for the. Us Senate lieutenant colonel. Mike Royer has received the political endorsement of former presidential candidate. Andrew Yang who has said broilers candidacy is a continuation of the movement. Yang began. Royer says many of his neighbors are forced to work other jobs in order to keep their small-scale farm operations running was putting up fence in the headlights of his pickup truck because he has to work off as far. The guy loves farming. He's a great far but because he needs healthcare he works off the bar. And your income would free people up to do the things and Briar along with Representative Charles Booker of Louisville and Lieutenant. Colonel Amy McGrath are all vying on the Democratic ticket to house McConnell in the November election this is my clifford four public do service. We are member listener supported and you'll find us online at public news service DOT. Org The USA radio network presents the greatest radio programs of all time Dylan the United States Marshal the first man they look for and unless they WANNA meet. It's a chance they job man watchful a little lonely gotten. This is plastic. Radio Theater James Stewart as the gun travels talk the speed of light silver the lone ranger. Now here's your host. Why it Cox Western adventure this hour? Fort Laramie starring Raymond Burr as it was originally broadcast. May Twenty seventh one thousand nine hundred thirty six sergeants baby hung or learn starring Raymond Burr as Captain Liquids especially transcribed tales of the dark and tragic round of the wild frontier. The saga fighting men. Who wrote the Rim of Empire and the DRAMATIC STORY OF LEAGUE WINS? Captain Of Cavalry. Never seen the sense of it scrolling day after day clean clothes on the dirty army way to earn a keep woman marries a man to keep night day. It's all learned not today. Don't start on that talk again today. Now I plumb forgot about your delicate conditions dell emergent need be minded. Men is more just eight used to run an royalty. I'm so upset wrong honest I ate. I didn't mean to start your office. Sorry sorry sorry. Look and I'll say that for you know the day too and you won't be able to stand in the same room with your wash all right a wash tub. Now we are. Couldn't you just be quiet? Thank what you will but keep it to yourself. John Yourself Lady is having a fine social our. Are you fanny. It's her look at her. And you tell by looking. She's a regular queen. Doing the best I can. If you'd let me be if wouldn't go at me so much Tummy Stella merchant and hear what I say. Don't don't shape married. You meet the. You're not earning your pay. Now you'll get some elbow grease behind that scrubbing or I'll send Japan no pay for the month. You wouldn't do that fanny. We need the money with the baby coming. We need ever since then earn scrub on your own here. He's going then. Nah Mini just get some air just a Little Air L. Now look what you have Fannie right before our eyes you know get around here all right. Stella Grab Hold. One side is closed basket. He'll get all the air you need hanging clothes outside. I said grab a coat. Her not quite fast. Moving like coal molasses now cherry away. It ain't some nice shade trees for you. Maybe I am. Ain't you the shaper hammock. So maybe I shouldn't. I thought I could work right up to the very day. The baby came other women. Do you eight other women. No cost to talk to me like you do any. I never give you cause you never give me nothing but an awful belly ache. Call when I'm bathing and making pretty for the man from my man fanny that's it. Is it yourself fuller lion sweet talk? You believe yourself. I thought we could all be France out here far from home all of this. I thought we could help each other near a long on help. Hmo everybody helped everybody be happy. You Be Happy Stella like you're so willing to tell anything to be near Billy happy to earn your keep washing fills happy to Berry's young and happy happy happy. I Love Billy fairly love. Don't understand you really don't understand why I never realized that till now. It's the young guys don't understand. Did you never love Luke even then when you were young did you never him fan? Hang the clothes. Be Awful if you didn't get no pay for John and taking the air like you're keep saying you need the money. Learn it will fanny. I will learn it am glad to and see. Keep that. Glad stuff to yourself you. And you're loving life your kicking in high buried young and you'll ever have sorry truly. Sorry thing don't you'll never be sorry honey We follow the Laremy all the way till it cut through the range there. We left it and went cross country West and north. Two point about here Almost immeasurable river. I think the main camps in the medicine bow but you ran into whether camps along the way Old Games Major. And the information you got from a settlers in the area point to that no shy and their vicinity since last fall is not the word and no army patrols. Since last fall that follows to me. It does that have spent the winter in pieces. The Cheyenne ran off their horses. Last Fall Cavalry sends out one small patrol in late spring and Cheyenne mysteriously reappear. But not a numbers all right giant scouts. Eight of them. You could have killed him at any time. You were following him and just about only they were leading this major. It's a difference only because you were willing to be led. It was our business. Reconnaissance outs lead into a trap. Of course you don't if you're sure it's a trap look for two days if we didn't keep pace with them. They waited for US morning of the third day. They cut off into canyon. Leads STRAIGHT AT THE MEDICINE? Bow Like we were leading the charge behind him. I know an ambush when I see one and you don't right into them with ten men behind you. I don't ride into him with a company behind me right capped. I'm sorry we'd wrote all night. You wrote all night for three nights. I know that I want you to get some rest. Elective finish my report soon. Wait morning I don't think so. All right let's get it all set. I don't like it this way but one of us has to get a good night's sleep sleep fine major. I will to wants. This is over now from your record. You seem convinced. The Cheyenne have their main camp at the medicine. I get the impression using. They're getting restless and have to move somewhere that country had about one. Winter's good hunting left in it. They've had that they haven't rated since fall. You're right we could stop them before they start. Now move north maybe as far north as the Montana territory why not shop other Tribes Youths Badges? Cheyenne would rather face the white man. You're bleeding me pretty dry major. I was that I got a feeling. I'm mapping campaign. I'm not going to be part up. You just finished the toughest part of a campaign. A lot of men can lead a charge. You can't do successful. Reconnaissance major signed two quarters too late clock tomorrow morning. Who's GonNa Replace Me Major? I am and be fooled the question that you would Kevin Dismissed Major. Who's going to replace you me here? As opposed command him. You are any questions no sir. No questions may twenty seventh. Nineteen fifty three Fort Laramie on classic radio. Theater can the daily recommended servings of fruits and vegetables fit into just six capsules. Yes we start by. Sourcing organically grown whole fruits and vegetables. We ensure they are picked at peak ripeness. 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History just comes a lot all finest today in reserve historic call now at one eight hundred nine nine eight nine hundred forty two. That's one eight hundred nine nine hundred ninety forty two or on the web at finest dot com. Thanks FOR TUNING INTO CLASSIC RADIO. Theater on your favorite station may twenty seventh one thousand nine hundred fifty. Six Fort Laramie see that light still and enough this little bit of hand stitching billy Bush to rest yourself. Wow sit in the doorway with me honey. Define Nights diller slice of Mu Breeze off the sweet clover? I can smell it from here black home and Billy Wright is home still one we ever had to get you ever think of it. Maybe some engine his score setting like we ought to start talking about the papacy going to having no time at all how you think things like. I jump to me look. Don't they come to? You know they do. It's part of what we have together. You me that's not man. Thought you sound like Luke and Joe Sweet Billy. They call me just excuse. I noticed a sky flow. Don't you mind them? Billy and like you don't mind fanning s. Say That way. That's the way it is still feeling folks like us. We feel too much sometimes. We let folks get tuition rubbish wrong. Maybe heard a some you sure I said we will on Fox been when you have it baby still soon as soon as I came. It's a hard time for know that not too hard. Benny you've written some. You got some pain. Not real pain. Lack of catch. You know often enough to matter lied to me. Honey I don't like to you ever is sometimes. Don't tell me all the truth. Daddy Phelan folks to can. You ought to know good as me. Yeah THREATEN SOME BILLY MERCHANT. That to threaten around here is going to be. A father has all right. You're I do say some intake own worse than women so he know that still swimming headed morning times like that. What's troubling you? Know it sure ain't how many times I ask you to give up work the laundry I mean. How many times did they ask me? Always you tell me it's what you gotTa do no matter what it is billy the same with me. Stellar. I got my work to do matter. What now the night asked you to give up being a trooper. I don't what company do that you aren't ain't Jordan with garrison duty for more than a month now going to last a stable detail. Today we sure ready those mounts for something more than a break grant. Stella offers to move out. No ma'am no cabin. Quincy's patrol come back on the post today. One reconnaissance comes back when just got be moving out. They nasty fused Rome daily. We got to fix up to it. Still might just got baby without me. She never plan that way if it had to be. Would you want to try to make it back home to my mom? Sure Billy Merch. You take your resume we own and they and that would then you think about it right now. Only don't take the bother. If they was money they still still. I want to be with you more than anything. I could name but I can't ask the favor of League. You understand that you got you work to do billick. Nomadic walked Captain Quint Sir. Didn't I must have took a wrong. Turn Sir I was told report office. The Post commander goes the door. Sergeant yes sit down and goes and goes anytime you want to get rid of that stupid grin you can. Yes sir you look powerful big behind that desk and do big from the desk. Maybe too small for the job. You will do what you gotta do. Captain I was thinking more that we do. Would I gotTa do it was major? Dagga tells me that Sergeant Pearson takes a big load off him sitting at that desk outside but he ain't sitting out there now and he's getting his equipment together fixing to move out with major deg it after Reveille tomorrow morning. Captain Quinn Brief Sergeant Pearson. Well I'd like to volunteered. Good that saves me in order to go with b-company especial scout and when you've finished briefing him. He can fill you in on the details of his job. One of US ain't listening its side of the army. We don't know much about Gore's time we did you being in charge. You know you think you could arrange a quick transfer Farrah's maybe the infantry defines urgent Pearson tell them all you know now that'd be my job wouldn't it. Do WE GET SWING DOORS? Guess it is lieutenant side at Sir. I commend Mrs Abbots. Your duty begins in an hour. Yes with captain's permission. I'd like to offer. Congratulations Sir. You came here for a brief Mr Zeibots. I understand that Saddam do familiar with the Horseshoe Creek area. And Yes sir that map. You're using maps wrong. I do that. Might have captain. You're wrong or shoe. Creek does not feed from the medicine. Bow River no sir from the Little Madison Not by Twenty Miles Mr Zeibots twenty miles of twisting canyons laremy range. It's this line here creek east of the range medicine. Bow and the Little Medicine Board the West. They do not join. They must have once there. It's like a riverbed all through the floor that Canyon. They didn't join last fall. When drew this map? You mean the water's didn't join the riverbeds bedstead. Mr Cyber Cavalry Company moves with water water points. Of course a travel campsite. I know that Sir do you captain Quins? That's the first country. I have charted the first map I ever drew. Well it's not an excuse. Her abbots what I mean seeing it was my first real attempt and all. I never thought that we'd be using that map campaign by. We're not very good. You Bet it's good Mr Cyber good and lucky. I pulled this map out of the majors files last night to study it. I spent the rest of the night drawn up a proper map. Miss Decide it's tear it up. Thank you. Don't thank me. Remember it. Remember it good forget it. Captain Coyne. I've already forgotten at Mr. Hybrids Raymond Burgess to see us becoming known as Perry Mason Air. The episode of Fort Laramie May Twenty Seventh Nineteen fifty-six here on Classic Radio Theater and just your reminder you can find our podcast anytime online by going to classic Radio Dot Stream. The conclusion of Fort Laramie comes up and just four minutes classic Radio Theater on your favorite station. We encourage you to participate in the Gift Card. Challenge these days. We all probably know of a local business. That is struggling to adapt to the current realities. Here's a small way that you can help announcing the gift card challenge if you're able think of your favorite local business and then by a gift card today buy it online or pledged to buy one as soon as you can. Every little bit will help. Restaurants have take out or delivery. 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It's true but there's a big if you must do everything possible now to help yourself and your family. Nobody else will help you. Listen because this is important. A complete aid kit handy. Keep a close container drinking water and your refrigerator. Enough for three days be show. You'll have a good fire extinguisher. Take a look around your house right now and pick out the safest spot away from windows and doors make sure that every member of your family understand he has to rush to that same spot when there's danger convinced that these precautions are necessary right now and. I hope I can convince you. They're important to your family yourself and your community and you're listening to classic Radio Theater on your favorite station now. The conclusion of for me starring Raymond. Burr may twenty seventh nineteen fifty six. Can't see him now. Whatever it is. It's got a weight babies. Don't Wake Sergey. No trouble Kevin Kevin Enough trooper. Company Abe's form fours in the parade ground margin. Yes a captain. But what I know about it Kevin. Quince I respectfully request permission for in. Jana pleased to hear from you. Sir Don't conduct. No hearings is time. I date troopers goes. That's having merging quick obliged anytime now any little minute. I'm going to have a baby capital. Where my respect to Major Daggett tell them trooper? Emergent will be on the parade ground in two minutes. Yes I met my wife Kevin Still. She's having. I'm glad to hear that much now. Seeing it's her first certain her being alone. I mean no kinfolk nearby. The help lend a hand. I hope you're not asking me for leave trooper. No no no. I mean to move out with the company. You'll move out with a company. You'll have nothing on your mind but the. Cheyenne I know what you mean. And all we got to settle is what you mean merchant. Please me to tell stellar that. The Post surgeon was on hand attend after her. And the baby to when it comes. We'll let at ease some so well eat me some. If he was pleased to tell me I was telling. The truth opposed surgeons leaving with B Company merchant. Your wife and your quarters now no. She's working in the loan. We're holding things up much. Guess thanks for hearing me out my Juno. That imagine women have babies every day. I'll try to look at it that way. So good luck. Look at that Luke never was a mansa glad. Leave his woman. This one is glad right next to him. Joe Beaming and smirking grates on my nerves. Sometimes saying that brother face engineer US I grieve and none myself. Luke spent home among goodman good along. That's a fact. I know what you're thinking. Is You sure you'll be to yourself? Oh to yourself that sure less than you know it is fanny haven't gone yet. I was most afraid they'd be gone. We'll look who's managing a brave little smile. She don't know enough to laugh as hair. No Mine I don't see billy. Could you just point out billy to use? Your young is no matter. You don't see him. He couldn't stand a chance. I'm missing you pop into the parade grounds away. Yar Be your sweet bellies in trouble. He was late for formation and they come out ahead martyrs with Captain Quincy became threatened. My family say what you will the tool. Nobody confront me. No only inside his bands play and play. It seems to me I came. See Him yet. You're not likely to yet. Officers are Major Dag. It's not lieutenant cyber. Who's that other riding the twix? Well I declare. That's major drought. I don't see him off. Everday wonder who came to the hospital with him ongoing. May Detroit to mean. You don't know the post-surgery when you Jim. Thank you stay here. Look after yawns now did you must say it did worry now not worry oh come on it. S for this turns my stomach. Good get the door for. You can be sure this is where she lives. Merchants bed down goes yes eh. Might stuff in here. I'll get that and some water goes limp as a rag. Yes like found a Kevin. Kilo renew tricks in the water on her face. Maybe it'll brighten. She's breathing quiet too quiet given think so. She thinks your husband big mistake him. You Big Little Water. You come around. You know man in my quarters and I. I don't know he gave now just go along. I'll throw you right in the stockade. Yes Sir I take a hands course. Acre handhold them. Yes I guess you're right. Pnb Man oh go ahead Kevin go ahead and what it it it. It's a girl no matter you're supposed to hit it one on. Its sit now and that's right. I ride move. We made little girl your mom wary going and don't think man. Fort Laramie is produced and directed by Norman macdonnell and stars. Raymond Burr as Lee Quinn's captain of cavalry with Vic Perrin. Has Sergeant Gorse? The script was specially in Fort Laramie by Kathleen hite with sound patterns by Bill. James and Ray Kemper musical supervision by Amerigo Marino featured in the cast were Jack Morals. Harry Bartell with Virginia Gregg Dick Helen cleave and and Morrison attention. This mess next week. Another transcribed story of the North West Frontier and the troopers. Who FOUGHT UNDER LEAGUE WINS? Captain of Cavalry May Twenty Seventh Nineteen fifty-six Fort Laramie on Classic Radio Theatre balance of nature's fruits and vegetables in a capsule changing the world. One Life at a time. My Name is Dr Roger Von Chiropractic physician. I had some health issues starting to crop up on me. I was getting really tired all the time. I couldn't walk up stairs without just panting. I didn't have the energy to keep doing what I was doing. As a took balance of nature for several months began to notice it wasn't as bad I started to feel better. I have energy that I haven't had that for a long time. And I base all of that on balance of nature. I endorse balance of nature because it works and I share it with my patients in my practice well experienced the balance of nature. 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He left the store that afternoon and hasn't been seen since now as we look in on Pine Ridge. Today we find because then over the down store in response to an urgent call from AETNA. This thing lump strange disappearance. Listen thank you laugh out of here. Friday forty three going. Why he penny going to a home for a while. But I've been doesn't time guesting day before anyone actually cold you were here today. Here begun to worry about him. I thank and maybe we ought to drag the male upon back the mail palm. Why you don't know wouldn't do anything like that if you recall. Have the capacity today when nobody showed up for on vein statuary. Why on eighty about him. I don't know I. Everything loved the Torah for anything. Never seen until owens spirit. Well I don't think that would lead the him that I don't know why I'm here to me and getting disciplined and love and jumping in array over off a radio fixed. Deputy reckoning harm had jumping up on every time he'd been there for and love he'd be diving campaign cool monitors on Paul that he gets himself. Embarrassing Predicaments Admin idea. He had recognized statue of himself was a from a star trying to tell him it wasn't his place to put up a monument. Honor that he had. It looked like nobody out there going to be well. It was just a waste of money putting up a little. Thank you like that one. The rate inches tall spent thing down. There was somebody run over at the birthday that was made on a mantelpiece table. The beef that up in the public squirt thought though expecting a heat tolerant echo year. Now he gif dollars asked by well. He could've expected much for that amount. But it's a good thing now that he didn't spend a lot of money on the way things are now now. I do wish we get some kind of it here from get the feared that happen. Well I wouldn't worry about it. I don't know where it could be but who had locked the hard knocks before for one. Then losing him oh I don't think he lost his hand either. I don't think I could hardly well. I mean I don't think you'll do anything right OPA but if you could have gone. He laughed out of here today. He wouldn't be surprised nothing and he done here. He will step in at uniform. He barked. I'm a law all ready to go over there. Mike Got Predict the when he found out that nobody come to the fair mony it. He couldn't look no work. Took back if he here again. Common Tamar Whale was bound to have been a disappointment that had heart set on it. And all grandpappy now. Maybe he's got in asking. Everybody pay anything. Well leave. I better going back the Wedner much we can do. But if any way that I can help well I want you to be sure. Call thank you then you get into nude about him lime van Praagh. Ain't nobody thinking taken. That uniform back to the mark holiest day making good. Oh golly I ranking for. Tore up about lomb going up. Yeah that bad but now you thought more about him. He might take no trip on thinking few days. I'm like it. Never tell me about how disappointed or the way. Unveiling ceremony turned out. I found out how come nobody to show up down. Neither join MOS mode and mold that hang around and Barbara Capo Gaspar. Gil back pack around the whole thing had been called on the and I'm old art and so did lama away as good yup mode about it. But he said he never expected to take it to heart fame on hamlet upon out over. Well it bound moves luthor to hang out down. It'll do anything I'll me like the ever? Go to sleep at Barbara. Kerr our down there Saturday getting myself. That constantly and blamed year painted black woman. And we're told me about it and let me go clean out on eight making laughingstock about that. Well I've got to go. Let me know if you hear anything Lung All Africa and now I'm getting worried about owning it ain't like him to drop out of factors way we no telling. What am I to beat me? I'll use spanking while ago. Grandpappy the different things could happen to. After I've been doing the same thing ever might be wandering around out now. Mountains by fail. It might be packed in worse than we thought it went clean out of if they WANNA around Beveren Hotel in thinking about Robinson crusoe story about him. Sleeping point year old by. I'm the hard sleeper and tapping. I don't mean he can sleep on just got thinking about next door quantity and everything like that could have happened going out of building. I get myself from it. Why neighbor Cleaton on last night as all back again. Fargo when I know all good and only have dead more from in La could do pronounce it. Look I'm all that happened. I wish today he was aiming on taking monnet. We made off the circus. Maybe out of them home expire cooper. We got my thirty seven hundred dollars in the bank. Thirty seven hundred dollars dot com. A day he'd GonNa take basic. Were both our data coup. I don't make no better on picking up the door here. Ever get some model could put clothes on and all that we had been talking about it but after we got to Mike Mining. I think I'm headed. He bigger out even that grandpappy heady. We're going to have a fact you and me and him on every corner and find I be too many of them like lamposts. The made one on every corner named on every corner at the wait a minute play. Mckay charring only. GonNa you know bad news about this one of my act. The pickup up. Go ahead and answered. We'll find out sooner or later anyway. And they got him down the war nephew body coking. Why no MOM WE Who a coke. Oh why no ever leaner. We don't very that we ain't on three days straight kneecap up time. He well. I do own bought where me and GRANDPA peers are kind of figured out. What could've happened going all on everything and I will call you clicking hand him all article go by without fans he'd been calling his faith by and been able to get him headed. She had a date with him last night. They never showed up burn. Oh my goodness he had a date with leaner. Never go up know something going. I'll tell you what we better do better. This call the sheriff and advocating get him out here thinking we ought to make announcement on the party. Line who des everybody to be on the lookout idea. I'll do that right now. The I know notify hand here. Anything of the army. I had a feeling all along and Fabric Gotten. I know what how old they ain't no final. Pay Abner peabody culkeen. I WanNa tell you folks out on a party line that Lam's amazing the pair free they go one way or nothing. I'm thinking he was lying. Blue third so and Pakistan button to Anna black hat on a celluloid caller having all are but no time and any get any word on any daytime holding gone down goals. They tell the night. Call Ma I get all into. Leona look at time fight where that in news Atlanta. We'll be appreciated by all neck for May twenty seventh nineteen thirty five Lamin Abner on Classic Radio Theater and we thank you for tuning in. We hope you will visit our web page. Classic Radio Dot Stream that is classic radio downstream where you can stream are classic. Radio Theatre podcasts. Podcasts also available through high tuned speaker the iheartradio APP to search for USA Classic Radio. Even over on spotify. We're everywhere we're everywhere. Thanks for tuning in. I'm Wyatt Cox please. Thanks thank this radio. Station support the advertisers and telephone. The radio shows are back. Classic Radio Theatre here on your favorite station and the USA radio network. Hey let me ask you something. Would you see your three year? Old Child on a window sill. Would you see them beside a lit fireplace by the deep end of a pool? One last question. Would you see your child in a car seat? 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Their survey of over twenty four thousand Americans found that for every ten people who successfully filed for unemployment benefits last four weeks. Three to four additional people attempted to apply but were unable to navigate the system to make a claim to additional people. Do not even try. Because it'll be complicated. Application process adding the numbers to the MILLIONS OF UNEMPLOYED. Americans makes the likely total unemployed top. Forty million people all of that from a forty year low in February ever wonder where we find all the news report right here on the liberty meet visit. Snl S DOT choose to get the world's most censored media published all in one place. Save yourself from the endless time. Spent searching for reliable alternative media s news makes a quick and easy no ass no. Click Bait just roll headlines? Twenty four hours a day visit s in LS Dot News and get informed today without the corporate media. Span your news now continues. The New York State Education Department has blocked schools from using a state funding mechanism to purchase racial recognition systems. According to the New York Civil Liberties Union the Lockport City School district purchased a facial recognition system using state funds allocated through the smart schools bond. Act The program set aside two billion dollars to improve learning and opportunity for students throughout New York activists post reports in an ounce. Move the education department changed. Sba application requirements specifically barring funds for the purchase a facial recognition technology. The New York Education Department website now stipulates quote. The Review Board is not currently approving plans that include facial recognition technology or other similar self learning analytics software and quote in an email. Deputy Director Education Policy Center New York Civil Liberties Union. Stephanie Spoil called the Change Huge Breaking Defense a digital magazine that covers military issues reported. Israel may ask for its. Us aid early possibly in a lump sum that could be as high as seven point. Six Billion Dollars Mint Press news reports. That would work out almost twenty one million dollars per day from American taxpayers even though the US is approaching four trillion dollar deficit the largest in the world and Israel typically has a lower unemployment rate then the United States. The report is by breaking defense. Israel correspondent area Ghozi an Israeli citizen. Who served in the Israeli military and as close to the Israeli security establishment? It goes these article states that because of the coronavirus pandemic quote. Israel's Ministry of Defense and High Command hammered out an emergency plan for an appeal to Washington and won't US aid. 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I when you realize that someone doesn't know something repeat Berry lonely in their face thing they don't know for example you don't know with the Prime Minister of Zimbabwe's second looked to everyone around you and let them know that this person is completely ignorant pay. Everyone's bashing doesn't will the prime minister. Zimbabwe is third. You call up the Prime Minister of Zimbabwe. And tell him that's a bashing dozen know he is and then laugh really loudly. Person just leaves an utter shame. If you'd like to ask me a question just tweet it to my handle at Brooke Alvarez or posted to my facebook wall office is the onion news network. This is free talk. Live Talk Radio that you patrol you WanNa talk about whatever is on your mind. That toll-free number is eight five. Five four five zero three seven three three and with you tonight. It's Aria and mark and the lockdown seemed to be coming to an end whether whether the government likes it or not. Is the overall vibe. I'm getting from people in the United States today in various news stories and things like that and whether or not people like it because it seems that a lot of businesses are just opening at as they should and just doing what they want and saying is it a lot of businesses. It's unsure. Going around here is than I would expect. Okay well here has the uniquely liberal tendency among the local. You talking about keene New Hampshire Yeah. We're broadcasting from. I mean I didn't just me New Hampshire keene New Hampshire. I meant just all of New Hampshire. Well there is the race track a race tracks you finally so there finally is a business that has decided to open its doors or gates or whatever it is. I mean. Restaurants can't really do anything I mean. They're already open bars or but they're not open because you can't go inside and sit down inside a restaurant. The other day I take out well. I sat down outside and eight outside at restaurants that happened to have outside tables. That's right you can do that. Whereas people in other states like Wisconsin There's no restrictions whatsoever Yep So and there's other states to get somebody calling from Utah the other night as well saying things are pretty much as is newer as it was in Utah. So tell me about this track because I've only seen bits and pieces here and there it's somewhere north of concord as and they put up warning signs at the last race saying. Hey you're going to be monitored your some sort of threat. The general population still got fifty people to attend one of the local activists in this area. He went out and took some photos of it. He said there were probably fifty plus people that that had attended that particular race event. The governor specifically commented about them in recent statements that he made about the you know the covert status. Whatever the states currently doing and the governor in New Hampshire Chris Sununu Aka His Excellency did say that The New Hampshire Attorney General's office would be quote taking further actions later this week. He says it was definitely against the stay at home order. We had in place speaking of the race track holding a race in spite of these orders. But I mean the orders. Is it really and violation of them because they they didn't order them not to have racists. They ordered People to not gather in groups of more than ten. Yeah it's essential to the individuals attended atten- yeah you're group of more than ten. Yeah good question. I don't think he's I find that there's not know these are executive orders. They're backed by the force of the legislative branch. Not Involved they were not judicial. Branch is not involved country. A hold on before you go on the Legislative Branch did pass statutes authorizing the governor to write emergency orders. You mean sort of a long time ago or point in the past right so I mean. Certainly. The governor is the sort of emergency guy right. But what's an? How long does an emergency last? As long as he says because the legislative branch could come in two weeks right I think we were all told. It's going to take two weeks. We're going to figure out what's going on. And blocking large of some time ago by certainly different officials than the legislative branch I dunno could do their job and get out on legislate something and then determine whether or not you know. This is the representative body of the people as opposed to one bureaucrat. That represents the executive branch by the king. Now if they attempted to come together to legislate something would they not be in violation of His Excellency? They can do zoom meeting. I mean I just I just had a planning board meeting in my town that have occurred on a Zoom meeting they can do they do some emergency stuff if they wanted to do emergency things. I suspect and I think that's importantly after this as I'm very very curious. What is the judicial branch going to say you know about the constitutionality? Remember the constitution says the right to peaceably. Assemble is shall not be infringed. Or whatever the Congress shall make no law contract law infringing the right to peaceably assemble interest. Didn't though right. Who Governor did. It's not a law and order here in New Hampshire. It's a suggestion. Well it's going to jail in some states over this you know whatever goes onto. Hampshire's what goes on in New Hampshire in different places. But you know it's it's a curious situation. If what they did was unconscious found to be unconstitutional later. Then what happens to the people that used violence to resist if any did? I don't know I mean. I don't see how it could be ruled as unconstitutional though when it wasn't congress or any legislative branch. That did this and this is not to say. I'm support of it but it's all the more reason. The constitution is useless. Should it be pointed to as oh no. You can't do that well. It's unconstitutional in so much as the governor either has the power to do it or they don't legislative branch gave him. The power presumably was some sort of emergency powers. Act that you know if he declared a state of emergency then he can you know. Break the rules. Or whatever and he can legislate but that constitutional has done in the last twenty years been constitution. I'm sure something The yeah I mean it really. It comes down to a judge sitting down and saying okay well And I can tell you this right all the stuff that has to do. A churches glaringly unconstitutional. I mean if you telling churches. They can't meet that whatever they say regarding churches like the church existed long before the United States government did it and You know any government that that government may have sprung from. The church had been around longer than that so the idea the notion the blithering idiocy of saying something like well. We can't have church services. Well may not be a idea to have church services. You may think it's a bad idea. If other people go to church they may spread the disease at a church. But by God if the United States of America about one thing and one thing only it's religious lunatics getting together with each other and praising their version of God. Let me be the devil's advocate here and argue. What the state would likely argue. In that scenario. It didn't prevent them from practicing their religion. They could have done so via facebook. Groups or zoom meetings or whatever all that did was prevent them from congregating in a single place except that is my religion the religion with building. Sure it's the church. We had a whole bunch of money for the reasons going to argue. Then that the church is not the people it's the literal physical building they call it a church. Well no yes but the whole whenever two or more are gathered in my name that there's a church so it doesn't matter whether it's a physical building or people gathering in a park somewhere or during online some churches urge in either in any of those cases but you would argue could argue if it was indeed your religious beliefs that you are in physical proximity with other people that is they're infringing upon your religious beliefs. I would agree entirely but I don't think that's part of the mainstream of term like to describe their building when church means the entire body of believers. They don't want to take anything away from everybody else's religion but quakers of the only ones. That do that so a church can be a building and it can be. The entire body is a body of believers sheriff. But if we're expecting Christians to you know dispute these orders under those basis. I would just be curious to see what they have to say about what that the church is the physical building or whether it's the members it would depend who you ask a for sure but I think most people would lean towards it being the members and where they gather but having pastors been arrested or otherwise penalized for not obeying the stay at home orders should in Louisiana. Yes in Florida yes. They dropped the charges against the Florida. Guy Yes and that is wildly constitutional which may be. Why dropped the charges against the guy in Florida but not the one in Louisiana presumably? That could Napoleonic law. Things could get a little weird there. I'm not sure I know. What Napoleonic log means. 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The average low temperatures been six degrees Fahrenheit right so we did another sweep of the park from the air but we didn't see anything without shelter the human body can withstand temperatures. This cold for a maximum of three hours is their shelter in the forest hikes. Not that we know of their frozen the onion news network. So you've heard all three hours of the latest episode of Free Talk Live and you're still hungry for liberty oriented audio content. Did you know that we have another twenty four seven audio stream at l? Aren dot? Fm The liberty radio network airs. The latest episodes of some of the best liberty oriented podcasts on the Internet around the clock in addition to recorded content. You'll also hear live shows like free talk live originating from our keene New Hampshire studio so listen anytime at Ella Dot. Fm L. R. N. Dot. Fm is oral health. Important to you. 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Dot BITCOIN DOT COM. That allows you to buy or sell bitcoin. Cash using dozens of payment methods. Like pay PAL. Benko Bank deposit remittances or meeting in person with cash. There are no idea requirements to sign up for and use the site and all communications between buyers and sellers are encrypted. Which pays you finally have a global trading platform that respects your privacy visit local dot. Bitcoin DOT COM to get started trading. Bitcoin cash again. That's local dot. Bitcoin DOT COM. We've been talking tonight about a perspective in to the lockdown. Evidently some new guidance came out from His Excellency Kingston. The Friday always makes me chuckle. Yeah apparently he's allowing some tattoo places to reopen the already open. Actually come to think about it. There's one right here on West Street that is open by appointment. Only I guess it's not supposed to be open. But he's he's allowing His Excellency allowing people to do business as inside of the state of New Hampshire. Yes as long as they're not trying to get their tongue or nose pierced. Yeah there's all kinds of arbitrary restrictions that are being put down upon these businesses. They don't make any sense when compared to other things that people are allowed to do. They're not allowed to do A. B. And C. But they are allowed to do X. Y. and Z and it's all very confusing and all very micromanage and frustrating For business owners. Who you know. They understood that getting into businessman. They'd have to jump through some government hoops right. Lectures stupid licenses and You know bribes that they have to pay to the government Goo Gangsters and and it's frustrating. Business owners kind of knew that going into it. They didn't know it was going to be like this. They didn't realize that it was going to be so in their business so micromanaged and that's the way it's become where this this guy. The SUNUNU characters literally picking industry after industry and coming up with all these rules. They call it. Stay at home. Two Point Plano here in New Hampshire. Tha despicable well. I mean I was listening to NPR and the day camps. 'cause nobody's doing a sleep over camp apparently This year the Kids Day camps for kids you send your kid during the day during the summer so they can do that. They just can't sleep there. Well they're waiting for guidance from His Excellency and wouldn't WanNa just open up and do your business. That's what's going on. I mean you know. The thing is about the weight of sort of public opinion when it comes to the public. Opinion appears to be by enlarge. Let's find out what the are better say what they kind of have to become. Because it's not that the state His Excellency is going to send you know the police around checking into these businesses. No but they are as we said well as we've seen here locally is largely the competitors of these businesses that are turning them in. I don't know that we know that One local guy was turned in by competitor. But that doesn't mean that other people didn't also snitch. That same person out. Well I feel that's true but I feel pretty confident that a barber on main street who was taking as many people as they could have in the in the building. Not wearing masks would almost immediately guess niche out by another barber. Who was losing business could be I mean that's that is their parents out there. That'S A likely scenario. But we don't know right like we can't. We can't sit here and speculate and that is sad when a business owner snitch is out there competition like this because rather than stand together ready to open doors and go to work right there rather than opening re opening up doing your business standing together. you've got these people trying to take each other down with the state and and that's just sad. I understand there your competition I understand that the excuse that some people are making so we talked about the hair salons that there were some hair salons who are upset. Because it's hard to reopen under the new stupid. You know arbitrary rules that they're putting on them and so it's still very costly to do business in some of these owners would rather not reopen and rather wait until they can reopen fully. But they don't WANNA lose their clients to the people who are willing to reopen part of the way so they feel like they're being put into an undue burden of situation and so they're lashing out of their competition rather than lashing out the government because they can't beat the government in their mind they can't take on the state they They're big organization right. They can they've got unlimited amounts of lawyers and things like that in your average business owners intimidated by that but they're not as intimidated by their competition and if they can see a way to get rid of their competition by using the state. They're going to do it and it's sad but that's just the way it is not on the subject of these. Karen's the SNITCH US. All these other people did SUNUNU. Actually say that. He's not a fan of SNITCH. Is I couldn't believe it but yeah I've actually got a different story here. It is in regards to story in the Monadnock Ledger. Transcript actually was syndicated from New Hampshire public radio and it's about the this about these business owners that are actually violating. The governor's orders now. I hadn't heard about any of them up until this weekend. With the speedway that you mentioned earlier that has absolutely like publicly stated we're Glenavon and the owner of this track. Yeah your your. You've range to go to this race this coming week right. Yeah Marks GonNa fill in for me on Saturday so not a fan of racing and you don't have never once been three year plugs. Thank you for the recommendations do that. So Le Let me share this with you before we get to the part about this niches. Because it's in the story and I want to tell you about this race track guy because they got a great quote from the owner of this race track Todd book minute and h public radio rights well. Most of the states businesses appeared to be adhering to emergency orders issued by Governor. Chris knew who we call His Excellency. Because that's what all the orders say designed to limit the spread of the Corona Virus. More entities are openly violating the guidelines as the pandemic drags into warmer weather this weekend. Riverside speedway Grove Tin welcomed patrons into its grandstands. Despite the State's current prohibition on large gatherings in Hampton where the summer season brings throngs of tourists and crucial revenue to businesses. Police responded to complaints of hotels violating SUNUNU orders regarding out of state guests. What did they expect to happen? I mean telling people to stay at home here in New Hampshire or here New England in general when it's march and it's forty degrees outside that's one that's one thing when it's eighty degrees outside is bright sunny and it's late. May No one's ever GonNa for that. Some people are in this case. It's people actually want to visit New Hampshire. They're coming up here and going into the hotels and some people are snitching. Now is it. Their competition is it the hotels who are being good little hotels and not doing what. They're not doing what they were told not to do. Or rather the reverse anyways just random. Karen's or yeah. Is it somebody who is in the lobby and snitching on the very place that they're staying strange? I have a friend who has a pre existing condition and she's very concerned about the covid. Nineteen thing and friend of the The family and staying Home No. She decided to go to the supermarket. It doesn't sound that concern. Got Upset about Nobody in the supermarket had masks on. She contacted keene. New Hampshire contacted the. It wasn't it was a small supermarket. I don't know which one contacted the supermarket on phya. Facebook and the supermarket manager blocked her. Yes which of using I mean I gotTa Say. I'll tell you more about This race track owner. Because he's he's the best that we've got so far I would recommend you're looking at some of these online grocery delivery services that she doesn't have to worry about whether or not people are wearing masks. I'm not talking to her right now because I might say something. That is on toward this is don't want to upset the APPLECART. Do you want more businesses accepting bitcoin. Cash and dash now with any pay you earn passive income for every purchase at those businesses finally a financial incentive to spread bitcoin. Cash and Dash. You made it happen so you receive the rewards download the any pay cash register at an add. Your crypto currency wallet addresses then. Install it at a real life business and tell us what you did at any pay INC DOT COM ANY PAY INC DOT com. The next generation wallet is coming from Divvy. In just a few taps you'll be able to send earn spend an exchange digital money in seconds. Send money around the globe with only a swipe instantly exchange between divvy bitcoin and Fiat right in the mobile APP and withdrawal directly to your bank account divvy already offers the first one tap solution for earning passive income with Crypto multi-tiered. Master notes allow everyone to partake in the network visit. Divvy Project DOT org. Dav Project DOT org. Hey Guys Mark Clare here by Liberty Dot com where we strive to advance the ideas of liberty daily? We bring you the morning raw. That's right every Monday to Friday. We'll have a brand new edition of the morning war. 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Dot freetalklive dot com and you can follow us on the decentralized mastodon platform at toot dot freetalklive dot com so please follow us at to DOT FREETALKLIVE DOT COM and sign up for our emails at News Dot Freetalklive Dot Com. Why did you move to the Shire? I moved here to the Shire. Because there's other people around who take liberty just as seriously as I do. I moved to the Shire because I saw videos of people challenging authority and thought that I could get support myself. It called to me like do this right now. I wanted to be around people like me who got it and once I got here. I knew there was nowhere else I wanted to be. I've always wanted to change the world so I moved to the Shire to join people who were actually working towards doing the same thing. The people here are awesome loving and positive it was for the adventure and for the feeling of something important is happening here and I just wanted to come to sort of be part of that. Visit Shire Society Dot Com to read and signed the Shire Society Declaration and learn the reasons. Why if you love liberty. You should immigrate to the Shire plus connect with others via the forum at Shire Society Dot Com. That's Shire Society Dot Com. You can sign up to receive the latest about the liberty radio network the our email updates at updates dot L. DOT FM that's updates dot L. R. N. DOT FM. Talk Five. Talk Radio that you control you WanNa talk about whatever is on your mind toll. Free Number is eight five five four five zero three seven three three with you tonight. It's Aria and mark and we're talking about this race. Track owner here in New Hampshire. Who last week held a race in full disregard of what the government has said on the matter or excuse me what has excellent see has said on the matter and is about to hold another one much to the dismay of the the public that is freaking out about covid nineteen. I'M NOT GONNA say it was in full disregard although if there are business owners who are doing things in full disregard. I think they're the best of business owners. Because that's the way it should be. You should just be able to. If you want to reopen with no coat considerations whatsoever with no social distancing or any of that nonsense Then you should be able to do that now. I would recommend that you put a sign up saying enter at your own risk on your front door just to give people a heads up that. If they opened the door there may be people who are also taking risks in their. Unfortunately the guy at the the racetrack in this particular case he I believe still encouraged customers to so call practice social distancing so it wasn't as though they were in total violation of the governor's orders but they were in violation of the governor's orders and so to that extent. I do support what they were doing. Which is to say holding a race. Despite the fact that the His Excellency Christina New the the so-called governor here New Hampshire did issue of several weeks ago in order prohibiting people in to gather together in groups larger than ten. So this is an automobile race. That is held true. Yeah and in bleachers. I presume so you can easily get six feet from pretty much. Everybody and they did. Their only about fifty attendees at this rate fifty attendees in one set of bleachers. Doesn't sound like the most dangerous thing I've ever heard of. I mean outdoors is considered to be generally safe in this whole crazy post world. I know I simply because the wind blows outside right and it will get the viral. Can't get can't load up. Apparently covid nineteen needs to. I mean these rules are just nonsensical when they on their face in many cases so obviously yeah I mean I don't it's it's I get. That masks are good when your average person has an I q of One hundred. And they're probably not not. Everybody has the same kind of You know etiquette when it comes to coughing and sneezing and these sorts of things. Okay I can see a mask because it just tells everybody we're asking case somebody coughs I see if the average IQ is one hundred and people need to wear masks. Because they're too stupid to call properly then then then let those people get the disease and die but this the people coughing aren't the ones getting the disease. They already have it. This is why people should wash their hands more often or stay home right. Sure if you're worried about it. There's apparently the new claims surrounding this disease are that it's less likely to be picked up on your hands and more likely to be picked up through you. Know Sorta spittle particles in the air and that kind of thing so if you're enclosed in closed environments which this race track is not then you're dealing with the more problems or something and then the news may vary will change in two weeks on this too because this virus is very difficult to understand that it was It would stay on services and then later they said it doesn't stand surfaces. Yeah that's something. There's been all kinds of major changes. People washing their hands more. I don't consider it to be the worst outcome here. No that'd be great. The problem is that people aren't washing their has more. They're just hand. Sanitizer and sanitizer is closer to washing. Your hands only bear. It's only barely better than just spitting on 'em statement up in a manner not without getting into a lengthy list of qualifications. Okay I mean it seems like covering your hands and alcohol probably kills viruses. Well if you had hand sanitizer on your hands for thirty seconds or so I mean and not even a viruses takes it all. It's GonNa Bacteria viruses what's going to kill the virus more going to beat the friction of your has rubbing together. I mean they're anti bacterial anti viral. That's not so it's a hand sanitizer so I mean I wouldn't think that a virus is both you know evolved to handle the nitrogen rich environment and a hand sanitizer rich environment but it takes time to for them to die to bring down to sanitize level that takes about thirty seconds. Well you don't sanitize her off. The has the alcohol in it will dry within seconds. That's of the point stays there create some kind of surface. Well doesn't stay there. Does it evaporate way? We would have to compare between just washing your hands with alcohol. Just draping the minute and using sanitizer. Because I spent this residue from the jail and the other fifty syllable words that they put in crap. I'm sure there's that well You know I'm sticking with my hand Sanitizer K. Man. You also liked the mask thing and hey whatever floats your boat. It's face like whatever you want my mask. I'm not telling other people they have to know and I'm GONNA say don't do it because it's in humane wear masks. Don't you have a very the now? I misplaced it one. Ask You Yeah I think you have the right as a business owner to say. The only people who come in here like Costco for instance is doing the mask thing. Good for them. That's their business. They get to decide. And it's a private club and you don't like it go to Sam's Club there. I went to walgreens earlier and my experience was drastically different from what it has been anywhere else. Why was wearing a mask? Walgreens single person there versus CBS. Where it's about fifty percent of people vs on Main Street whereas like maybe ten percent of people walk into. Cvs anybody with a mask on the time except for employees see employees with a the mascot. Oh Interests Kelly. I saw one employee. Okay they weren't wearing a mask. Yeah that's good fast refreshing to hear about that so the race tracks website says it will run races this weekend again so they already do last week and they're going to do it again this weekend. there's no comment. Tuesday from track owner Mike Humphrey and no comment from the New Hampshire attorney. General's Office governor. Chris Nunu said this quote the track. You're referring to was warned repeatedly to not hold an event where there would be a large gathering where social distancing could be challenging said the governor Humphrey I see. He's hedging his bets. He didn't hold a large gathering. Where social distancing would be problematic because social distancing was possible? It was but the governor didn't know that if there were two thousand people that showed up instead of fifty probably would have been a bit of a different situation True I guess we'll find out. Saturday indeed Humphry told news nine on Friday quotes the owner of the park quote. All do whatever it takes to show. We still have rights nice. That's what I like to hear. That's the kind of business owner that I can get behind now even though he might not have gone completely as far as I want him to. Which would basically to say. Screw your masks. Essentially in your social distancing but I'll still support him as far as what he's doing is is definitely the right. I think the major major right here is I can open my business and you can't tell me that it has to be closed. That's why I totally agree. And that's why I want to go there on Saturday and show support for this guy. It sounds like a business owner who may in fact be interested in taking crypto currency. I'm going to ask. I mean while I'm there. The Riverside speedway facebook. Page said social distancing would be enforced and photos from Saturday's race showed fans spread out in the stance but state officials said reprecussions are coming but they wouldn't say what those might be. Sununu said quote. It was definitely against the stay at home order we had put in place. The Attorney General's office will be taking further actions this week. So the governor said There's no standard template for rule breakers at this point issues will be handled on a case by case basis. He claims and then he goes on to say that he's shaming the race tracks and quote. Well one super cluster can affect the area that has a good healthcare system but doesn't have all the capacity in the world for beds like you might find another parts of the state so you put a lot of folks at risk when you do that. We just need everyone to be disciplined. We're going to get through it. Well yeah everybody needs to be discipline. And I will take responsibility for the divorces the suicides and and abused spouses that go on my watch undermine stay at home order for the children are beaten mercilessly with sticks because their dad is completely drunk. Because of my order I will take no responsibility for that. He won't. This is free talk. Live House defecate. Every four to five minutes spreading disease germs. Protect your food and your health with Bug Assault. A miniaturized shotgun which utilizes ordinary table. Salt as ammunition non toxic. No batteries required only thirty nine ninety five use discount code and get an extra ten percents off your purchase at Bugasalt Dot Com. Fire Your flyswatter. Get Your bug assault. Today this is a pandemic survival alert and the most time sensitive message. You'll hear this year. 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You can learn more at v Project Dot Org Sti Project Dot Org and now we've been discussing race track capture but before we get further into it. Let's go to the phones. We got dodger calling from Michigan dodger. You're on free talk. Live flew Just Wanted to certify Saying that I guess one of the Michigan cities here a like the whole city pretty much decided to open up against Governor whitmer order. Really which one was that. Yeah South Haven. It's a resort town on Lake Michigan. And Yeah they Pretty much the business owners in that city just essentially said well. You're going to do if a whole city open. Wow what did they do I have no idea I didn't really have a chance to read the article You guys came on and so I decided start listening but Aria you had mentioned earlier about Freedom of religion and I just and possibly worshiping online. I grew up in a pentecostal church. specifically a united pentecostal church. And there's like a scripture in the Bible that says they shall lay their hands on the sick and they shall recover. It's kind of hard to do that on online. If you know what I mean or those priests going out and healing people so that covid nineteen ceases to exist in. Hagen did upriver on TV showing and took care of it reopen. It's real I mean. Let's say there's a reason I'm agnostic but I mean if that's what a person believes than I'm just saying that it should be there right and I say that you know for those religions. Where meeting in person is actually a critical part of that religion. Then obviously people. They can't meet as a violation of their religious rights. He said that his religion requires person to person contact so obvious violation of his religious beliefs. Well I was GONNA say might I? I was in saying specifically about my religion saying that there are likely religions that have that requirement but for mainstream Christianity. Now they're in that quandary where the church is the body of people in. It can happen anywhere. It's not confined to a single geographic. Location okay well again. I was just playing devil's advocate when I said that it's not that I believe that one way or the other. Okay Gotcha now the last thing. I had some bullet points because You had brought up something. I originally wasn't going to quote. I've two more bullet points but I'll get to the first one I I actually work at Walgreens and It's my corporate because my regular job Well we were deemed non-essential so And I didn't know if I was going I need to take money stories job. Yes and I can tell you that. The corporate policy is to not enforce. The governor's orders even though there are signs everywhere and we have to make these ridiculous. It now a announcements. I had to make these ridiculous announcements. Look a person in the. I think that was standing right there without a face mask and say no. We don't actually enforced that instructed to not enforce it I guess that's And lastly a little bit of hypocrisy coming out of Michigan I guess The governor's husband did some name dropping to try to get a boat dropped in the water out of everybody else. His own boat yes I've seen some. I've seen some random articles about this but I haven't clicked on because to me a politician spouse using getting preference. Yeah getting preferences par for the course Chris. Christie yelling at random fans at the at the baseball came or whatever that's just what politicians do the bit of irony from it is For some time here in Michigan during the same amount of time if you had a vacation home you're not allowed to try within the state vacation home in another state or if somebody from another state had a vacation home in Michigan. You allowed to travel to. But if you're if you're michiganders' Traveling to your Vacation home in Michigan. You are not allowed to do it yet. The there's reports and photos of the governor and her husband's vehicle being. They're coming and going from their education property. Traverse city shocking dodger. Not so much for the call curious how they would enforce this alright. Anybody can go to their vacation home except for people from Michigan thing or do they go around the Michigan around. The you know the the lake. And then say okay. Who's got a Michigan License Plate? And then go their knock on the door. Hey Hey look. I've got a Michigan license. Plate live in Florida half the year. I don't even know how this would work. I I don't I don't know how they're supposed to force any of how to enforce any of these arbitrary asinine rulings if they don't get the local businesses to support them like how are they supposed to actually verify that there are no out of state people staying at the hotels unless hotels themselves are the ones verifying that for them. That's how it have to happen. Yes by the way. I did pull up a story from ACTUALLY OUR AFFILIATES TO BBC K. In Battle Creek It's an FM talk station. That ARIZA's on Saturday. Jim mesler reporting on South Haven. So dodger had mentioned this town where business owners had sort of teamed up rather than trying to take each other down with states rules. They're teaming up to fight states rules. Many business owners in south haven. This weekend might have put up a couple of billboards proclaiming. South haven is open for business but social media posts. Have taken care of that for them to be w. Mt was among the first local media outlets to report that businesses in south haven downtown were booming over the holiday weekend in stark and thousands memorial contrast to cities remaining shutdown across the state a loosely. Knit Group of south haven business owner said. They've had it with the governor shutdown as for their benefit or and for their benefit most city leaders in the city's police department were lockstep with the businesses and apparently are in full support of EMT reports most every business along Phoenix Street. In downtown South even was open on Saturday and residents and tourists. Were spending time and money at them. The business owner said the potential legal action from the state far outweighed their need to reopen and work to save their business and maybe their town. Now Bill would have that particular viewpoint. I wish we have seen that when we went to Hampton beach. Here in New Hampshire benistead that we tried to use the restroom at a convenience. It was like So I'm really sorry. I wish I could let you but I won't let me Nope. She doesn't even have that level of courage much less some of these businesses actually taking the bizarre shocking step of opening there are no reports that anyone in the south haven city government town police department or even the Michigan State Trooper Station there of interfering or threatening to issue shutdown orders breaking civil citations or worse yet arrests. It did not happen. What did happen was a groundswell of reports and supportive comments across social media platforms applauding the business owners and the city for taking the steps to stay afloat so Kudos to those brave owners in South Haven Michigan. If only it wouldn't take a majority of them. If only a small minority of business owners would would you know ban together in a similar fashion and say all right? This is when we're going to reopen and we're just gonNa let the consequences come and we've got this attorney over here and he's willing to take a case for anybody that gets gets hit by the state Because for the attorney it'll be good press. You know they should. They should take these cases pro. Bono you're going to get press. Yeah so so. The racetrack owner here in New Hampshire is holding his thing This coming Saturday. So that's at least one business. That is opening even though they have been authorized by His Excellency to open direct. Now we haven't gotten to it yet. What else is going on with the story? Well there's the bizarre aspect from the New Hampshire public radio story about the governor. Sununu His Excellency. Here in New Hampshire. He is saying he's against niching so as paraphrased from them or hasten he's I'll give you the exact quote here during a press conference. He said a number of entities violating. His orders remains few and far between suggesting that he doesn't want the public to notify law enforcement. If they suspect someone may be violating the guidelines quote. Look we're not asking consumers to pick up the phone and we don't have snitch lines and all that I don't believe in all that he said continuing he said if there are businesses that are kind of thwarting the guidance. We usually hear about it one way or the other. I'll say that and we respond to it. Appropriately seems like in most cases is probably just to ignore it or to let the local authorities handle it. Which isn't much better. What do you think this is free? Talk Live remember when you first heard about bitcoin. How long did it take to realize this little project with film changed the world? You kind of wish you had gotten involved sooner. Well now is your chance to be a part of the next revolution in Miami. Into coin is working to finally make crypto. They'll go mainstream. 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