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"bow gupta" Discussed on Front Burner

"We talked about all of this hype around him in two thousand seventeen eighteen but you know the truth is that momentum and it didn't really continue and I want to go through some of the hurdles or our miss steps that he encountered after he won the leadership in two thousand seventeen. One thing became very quickly. people have talked about the fact that he is a devout. Sikh and there was a controversy very early on pretty soon after he took over the party over an interview he did with CBC's Terry Milewski asking asking. It's not a let me just finish it. I'm just asking is it appropriate to put up finish my sentence and at the time sing didn't want announce extremists who glorify winding Palmer one of the men responsible for the Air India bombing. Is that appropriate yes or no so it is so unacceptable that the violence violence was committed. The heinous massacre that was committed. Is something that six Muslims Hindus all denounced and he since walked back from that position but Hannah now. Why did he do that in the first place yeah well it took him months to walk that back in that interview as you say he didn't announce extremists within in Canada's seek community who glorify Palmer and to accept the Air India inquiry's conclusions that Palmer was the mastermind behind the terrorist attack that killed hundreds of Canadians so you won't announce those posters of Palmer. I don't know who was responsible but I think we need to find out who's truly responsible. When he came backout. He's to walk back. He said that there are some in the community who have not accepted the findings right Air India inquiry so they still find it hard to accept that Palmer was to blame. I think the displaying of a picture of Mr per mar is something that really traumatizes hurson injuries people that are suffering so much in terms of that loss in their lives and I don't think it's appropriate so I don't think it should be done but if someone else is doing in an event I still think it's important for me to reach out and speak to people and talked about talk about my I journey and I think he was trying to walk that extremely fine line but taking months to do that didn't help him right right. It felt like he was trying to make like like a very nuanced argument about something that for most people was really not that nuance at all no there there there was the inquiry that came out and have these conclusions and I accept the findings of the of the investigation of the inquiry. I accept them and I condemn all those responsible yeah. What are the handling of the situation. Tell you about how he may deal with the high pressure. I think would be federal leader. Yeah I think he learned he cannot odd dabble in nuances. He has to be very clear. He had to have known that question was going to be asked of him. and you know even the chair of the Air India Families Association Bow Gupta. His wife was killed on that flight. He said if saying is a would be prime minister and he can't answer predictable questions about a terrorist attack. It's astonishing.

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