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"boutique forrester" Discussed on Artificial Intelligence in Industry

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"boutique forrester" Discussed on Artificial Intelligence in Industry

"So Roland. . Glad to have you on the program. . I. . Know we're going to be talking about a at the edge. . I. . Think in order to have that conversation based on where your firm is focused we should talk about micro controllers and a tiny am l. <hes>. . This is for for you folks really really big opportunity for ai at the edge he maybe not up what we're talking about today. . Yes sure thing very me of course. . So tiny mel is machine learning or a I own really cheap low power hardware and then usual micro controllers. . Some Mike controllers are very cheap low-power chips and they're literally everywhere are hundreds of billions of my controllers in a roads sets also why they can be <unk> cheap. . But it's very challenging to deploy machine earning or to run machine learning or microcontrollers and its resulting but maybe it's good if I did a bit of a wide so important to run machine learning microcontrollers. . So one way to do this, , I mean if he thought, you , could think that you can just sense the data back to the cloud depressing Darren very heavy and. . Expensive jeep use bid. . This is often not a very good idea. . First of all, , they're bench with limitations. . So if you have a camera that's connected to Wifi network and they sent up the whole camera to the clouds, , if you have multiple gummer's connected through same wife network that just doesn't work your your wife is down immediately than there are things like latency take. . Time to send it to the cloud to person Darah Senate back there reliability issues, , <unk> diner radiant, , and it's done. . You still want to make sure that your product works their privacy issues. You . don't want to send feed data or audio data through the clouds and dinners energy consumption. . That's actually a big issue because sending data to the cloud or even if use WIFI consumes a lot of energy and that's not good. . especially not if you have a battery powered device Saddam L. Solstice by running machinery and work by running two workloads on the device itself the very cheap low power chip. . But. . The thing is it's very difficult to run machine learning on a chip and that's what our companies folks them. . Got It. . When you say chip in this case, you're , you're talking about microcontrollers. . Yeah. . Exactly. Okay. . . Got It. . Got Maybe. . So you've walked through a couple of instances an. . Familiar. . With you know the edge as as sort of an idea and the intersection of of Iot nfl you focus on this space pretty ardently though maybe we can talk about some of the cases where hyping data to the cloud makes sense and some of the cases where a dozen year security he brought up bandwidth. . There's a lot of these practical concerns. . Can we tie this to you know potential business cases Hey dan here's an example where it completely makes sense we we gotta send this stuff up it might be at the edge, , but we got to send it to the club and here's an example where we really should not be doing that <hes>. . Do you have any? ? We can talk about The main thing here is that you want to have devised a battery powered. . That's an important issue because makes much cheaper much easier to install vices. . So for example, , if you have a small camera in a grocery shop to detect if a shelf is empty or not. . You want to make the device battery-powered at getter with smoke, , and you can do that if the machine learning workloads is running on a mic controller and it just sense a small signal to the cloud if the shelves empty or if the if the shelf is enough to empty and you always want to tasks on the edge, , if that's bull doing reason, , why would not want to do it on the edge is if you need so if the Model is so complex that requires a lot of energy to run and requires very expensive. . Large ships skull jeep use said, , that's why you want to do <unk> hoax over example for very complex and opie models of complex NLP tusks you you might want to do it in cloud, , but if it is Bulbul, , if you game run it locally, , you generally want to do that because of bent with. . Issues, , because of latency issues, , because of reliability issues because of privacy issues. . So a good example of adults that you want to run locally is, , for example, , an H. system where on a heating air conditioning system where you have a small camera which idex if there are human in room, , and then if there is a human into room, , the heating air conditioning system <unk> automatically turn on or turn off. . You don't want to send it whole feed your feet to the cloud it. . It's not great for your free event with of your Wifi network. . Another great example where we ecstasy for between <unk> is in retail. . So you're starting to see devices that are battery powered that have a small camera and that have a small microcontroller controller, , and it runs in a little deep learning model to detect if the shelves empty or not car, , and if the shelf has empty than the signal to store manager that someone needs to fill up the shelf again. . Yeah. . Yup or for example, , as small camera detects how many people are waiting in acute and at the stores manage store managers do more effectively locate their their stuff thus like debt or you can do gay seduction off shopper and detect. . What kind of products show purser January interested in said at the shop nick and do better product placements those kind of thoughts. . been if you're running ds on larger chips that are more energy consuming, , you have to connect them today Tristan Nets, , somehow that makes it much more expensive to install much more painful store owner. . So if he can make this battery-powered, , you can just clip it on a shelf or you can just Louis this evening for example, , would you really like if you can make these device better <unk> half these kind of

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